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 The New God-Image 
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Post Finding My Proper Hat Size
Thurs. 20 July 2017

I see my oldest sister when she was middle-aged. She is wearing her white nurse uniform and is bent 90-degrees at the waist towards me as she looks at the empty lower bunk bed pillow area (previously my association to this sister is that she worked as the regional coordinator for Hospice in Cheboygan County – a connection to attending to Gregory as the dying old King in need of renewal). Then I see Remo standing nearby in shredded looking clothes that hang off his body and limbs as if so many long bandages (Osiris reincarnating comes to mind). Comment: In Reconciling The ‘Hostile Brothers’ – January 2017 my wife was holding up a large pillow sized and shaped orange plastic container that was semi-transparent in places. This allowed me to see that the container was filled with lemons. Previously, a pillow has been stuffed with toxic abdominal spider hairs. Further, in 1999 I dreamed of sleeping in Jung’s bed and my head had made a deep impression in the pillow. In A Star Is Born – July 2017 sleeping on a pillow stuffed with toxic abdominal hairs from a black wolf tarantula (whose bite was connected to cause a psychological urge to dance) had managed to imbedded some in my neck. These toxic hairs serve the function of uniting Logos and Eros ego consciousness at the neck area; as if the head and the body are being reunited.

Down below I see a young woman in a tight fitting blue garment like a scuba diving wet suit. Three horizontal white lightning bolts pointing to the left side of her body are seen in a large circle on the chest area. Sudden, unexpected, enlightening, psychic change from the lower 3 chakras is meant.
Heart Lightning.jpg
Heart Lightning.jpg [ 24.05 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

The experience of an actively invading spirit is like being pierced by an arrow or being struck by lightning. Lightning symbolizes the impact of sudden passion, whether for good or ill. Marie Louise von Franz, Projection and Re-collection in Jungian Psychology: Reflections of the Soul, pp. 31-32

Fri. 21 July 2017

In a dark bedroom, I am observing a young couple lying in bed from its SW area. The naked woman has long wavy blond hair and lies on her back at the middle (Doomsday Hour) of the King-sized bed and is mostly covered by the bedding. The young man lies along her left side with his head in the NE area of the bed.

I see a close-up view of a display of items on a store rack that has a large black sphere attached to a hanging silvery metal chain; automobile keychains it seems. A hand reaches into the view and takes one of them as if to purchase. Comment: A Civil War cannon ball weighs against the Logos ego one-sided development it seems. Or is it a Eros Self Civil War that will lead to a new ego adaptation (car = ego adaptation).
Keychain Sphere.jpg
Keychain Sphere.jpg [ 22.1 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

I am observing the entrance to a red brick with white mortar building where I see steam emerging across the large cement landing of the six steps below.


I am interacting with WL (a South Korean man I mentored during my Aerospace career). I learn that I need to make contact with a former student I went to school with. The company I am working for helped me make contact by providing a phone number. I finally made contact when I see JM (shared a dormitory room with him in my sophomore year of college; he went on to earn a PhD in Chemistry) approaching me in a dark area as I stand near the top of cement steps. I am glad to see him and as I place my right hand behind his back I sense he wears a strange back support that has the spiral shape of the top part of a wood pew from a church. Further he wears Avatar colored contact lenses. He appears at the age I last saw him (20). He reaches out and touches my circular shaped eyeglasses as if interested in their design (he had weak eyes and wore very thick corrective lenses in reality). I explain that they have photoshade (the glass changes its color to sunglasses when in the presence of sunlight) as well as blended optics (corrects any out-of-focus areas without using bifocal or trifocal lens design).

End of Dream

Comment: It seems my eyeglasses are Eros ego friendly. Together with a JM part of myself that has a good grasp of understanding Chemistry (Alchemy connection) this gives me Avatar seeing status. This reminds me of having the desire to try to make contact with this man during the past couple years. It seems I have begun to understand how the World Soul likes to do “chemistry.”

I am in a dark laboratory where several foot-tall white baby T-Rex dinosaurs are being tube fed. Somehow the species has been resurrected from the dead. Comment: T-Rex is a connection to the reptilian psyche; the Eros Self is meant. The vegetative wisdom of the Eros Self has been awakened. This has spawned more such births.

In the darkness, I see a brown (tan) chicken egg (football shaped) lying on its side on a white flat surface.

In the darkness, I see a stainless-steel cube shape invisibly suspended above a flat square shaped stainless-steel surface. I reach out with my left hand and place the tip of my pinky finger into the opening at the bottom of the cube – as if it is a fingerprint reader which checks to see if you have authorization to enter a secret area. I immediately recall the following symbols on the alchemical hands. The left hand in the image has a wooden XMAS key shape above the pinky finger; something connected to opening an Eros Christ footlocker containing the lovE letters to my soul from the Eros Self. Similarly the right hand pinky finger has the Eros ego key used to open a footlocker that contained the Love letters from my high school sweetheart.
Hands.jpg [ 50.2 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

As I enter this into my journal I suddenly recall a recent article I read on the Internet titled Why Dogs Are So Friendly. I learned that it is because a 27 long gene segment is missing from their DNA. I immediately recalled how the World Soul said her new humans would have the friendly disposition of a dog. I guess She may have a gene editing tool like Crisper at Her disposal. Some kind of a matter-psyche lovE-letter influence that will undo the harm that creation has done.

I see a woman down below walking on the street between tall apartment buildings like we do here in James Bay of Victoria, BC. She makes a left turn and heads into the NW in the view.

On dark cement, I see an empty cardboard “box” like that which could hold a six pack. It is white with some red markings.

I hear, “I stopped asking.” Then I see a left profile view of a young white woman with straight blond hair that reaches to the heart chakra. She wears a knee-high green dress and is walking from the Doomsday Hour into the NW in the view on a city sidewalk. Her white shins are prominent. Comment: She contains Eros Christ consciousness colors; something enabled by the Holy Spirit entering one’s shins like it did mine in 1976. Her green dress suggests an emphasis on the vegetative body as if an effect on consciousness from that body is ready to incarnate in the NW.

In a daylight scene, I am talking with a man I have met on a city sidewalk. I am telling him how I have managed to block UV light, that is harmful to the human retina, coming from my computer screen by using a transparent UV light blocking sheet of material that adheres to the screen surface. Then I add that my wife has an Apple iPad Pro that automatically blocks UV light by turning much of the blue in the light to yellow. Comment: The UV light end of the electromagnetic spectrum is connected to Logos ego consciousness. The infrared end of the spectrum is connected to Eros ego consciousness. Like this the vision says I now have a "computer" that dims the Logos ego in favor of learning from the Eros Self.

I stand a short way from the NW corner of a brand new, deep blue, VW beetle that has a string of large “spherical” shaped beige sea shells the size of oranges that lie across the bottom side of the front windshield. I immediately have the impression this is a decoration on a honeymoon car. A new kind of “Love-Bug” than the old worn out yellow VW beetle that I saw in a vision as my first marriage ended. Comment: Sea shells are connected to the birth of Aphrodite.
Love Bug Wreck.jpg
Love Bug Wreck.jpg [ 40.48 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

I am standing in front of a small bathroom sink in a very tiny room like a lavatory on an airplane. Strange, but I am hand washing my genitals.

I hear, “You go ahead and start trimming up.” And then I see a heavy set (barrel build) young woman smiling at me. She has straight, shoulder length, dishwater blond hair and is sitting on the floor by the semi-circular end of a table. She wears a lime/pale-green colored dress which connects her to having a vegetative body. Comment: The colors are those of Eros Christ consciousness. I recall the IED barrel bomb sitting underneath such a desk – between its SW and NW area. It had a telephone cord attached to it as if it was a remote controlled innovative explosive device like the Islamic terrorists like to use. Barrel-bombs were used in WW 2 to destroy dams. I guess we now know that this device will unleash dammed up matter-psyche. These divine waters will allow one access to Eros Christ consciousness.
IED NW.jpg
IED NW.jpg [ 23.91 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

I am walking on a city sidewalk in a residential area that reminds of Victoria, BC. My wife is walking with me but keeps well behind. I come to the NE corner of the city block and wait for her to catch up.

I am holding a DOOM game pistol which is pointed at the NW corner of a room. This pistol has reddish copper clad bullets in yellow-brass casings; Ra color impacts in the NW are meant; something that will add matter-psyche from the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio to the opus.

I am looking down into an empty, large, deep, partially opened plastic rectangular container that is semi-transparent with orange designs. A hand just placed a small pile of cubed orange dried pieces by its inside NW corner.

Sat. 22 July 2017

In the darkness, I see a close-up view of the right side of a older woman’s suntanned face. The normal eyebrow has been completely removed and a black HEX Key shaped eyebrow is in focus and appears to be hand drawn using liquid liner. It’s a communication suggesting a use of sorcery. I then recall Her repeating refrain, “All that you see, becomes” (new consciousness) and further to the flickering right eyelash seen peeking out of the opening in the white burlap wrapped “mummy” head in my previous post.
Eyebrow.jpg [ 18.46 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

Then from out of the darkness, a young woman’s face approaches mine all the while looking at me with her light sky-blue iris colored eyes. I immediately recall the light sky blue colored sky the gray rat was seen moving through into the NW of the view. The color of that sky was connected to the caelum. It’s an effect from the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio entering Spacetime which is added to one’s existing unio mentalis and is the vegetative body equivalent to the caelum produced by the unio mentalis stage of the coniunctio.

In the darkness of the NW, I see a young white youth who has a full white goatee.

I see an empty dark gray leather recliner flying clockwise circles a short way above the ground while dispensing a streaming white mist in the shape of a growing cloud above the ground. On the recliner chair, I see a white rectangular cooler one uses on a picnic – as if it holds the contents of what is being sprayed. I am on the ground with a young family underneath this growing white cloud and am concerned it may be poisonous. We hold our breath and I watch as suddenly a wind comes up and blows the cloud away from our location. Comment: As I typed this in I was recalling the Red Barron who was flying a crop duster. Dusting humans to protect them from pestilence and diseases of the soul seems meant. I meditate in a recliner so it is as if that is creating this “crop dusting” effect. This helps to explain the vision of terrorists dusting hurricanes that travel along the East coast of the US as shared in Like A Thief In The Night – October 2016. “Crop dusting” with Her psychophysical radiations is meant, something that will produce an enlightened new Red Barron King as seen in the next vision.

I see an older man’s face which is very reddish and he has a full head of white hair in a butch haircut. Comment: The Red Barron it seems.

Sun. 23 July 2017

I am observing a black baseball cap from its NW area as it sits on an invisible head (subtle body head). It has a reddish-whitish design I cannot see clearly on the front of the hat. I suddenly realize this hat looks like the new one my wife purchased for me when we began our vacation here in Victoria, BC this year. The design is for the RCAF Canadian Navy as seen in the following “cartoon strip” (The naval connection reminds me of a joke I heard in my younger years; Join the Navy and ride the Wave’s; read - enter the water/sex chakra and “ride” the World Soul). The black ring enclosing a white ring with a red 11-pointed Canadian Maple Leaf (underneath the red is yellow) is a connection to the monstrance crucifix displaying the Eucharist seen in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh. Like this the World Soul continues to interpret Her own images; suggesting that a bipolar enlightenment, within the context of the Christian archetype, emanates from out of the unus mundus. Yin > higher Yang has reached the 6th chakra where the opposites (matter and spirit) are united as one. A Ra colored autumn maple leaf was also connected to the eyes of a snake ready to shed its skin (more growth, more evolution in consciousness promoted by the reptilian psyche is meant). This seems to be my proper hat size – an answer to a May 1999 dream in which I was having trouble finding my proper hat size. According to Jung’s comments on hat symbolism this hat shows the peculiar ideas that I am now operating under; with introversion of the psychological functions leading the way. It seems I needed to learn about the extension of Jung’s psychology pioneered by Remo, as published in his Holy Wedding researches, in order to find my proper hat size. Edinger would always say that one can tell the size of a person’s psyche by how powerfully the opposites are constellated in their material; that we come in different size psyches.
Maple Leaf Theme.jpg
Maple Leaf Theme.jpg [ 46.79 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

The RCAF roundel is an icon of courage which was designed in honor of the men and women who served — and who serve today — in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

5 May 1999 Dream

All The Hats Are Way To Small For Me
I am trying on hats but find them all way too small. The hats are so small that it reminds me of how a monkey looks when they put that little red hat on its head.
Monkey Hat.jpg
Monkey Hat.jpg [ 18.34 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

Reflection 1999: Psychological size not being realized. Having a hard time finding a point of view big enough to contain my psychological size.

It is an interesting fact that in several Gnostic systems, the definition of Savior is "the maker of boundary lines," the one that gives us a clear idea of where we begin and where we end. Most people don't know, they are either too small or too big, particularly when they begin to assimilate the images of the unconscious. C.G. Jung, Dream Seminar, p.13.

Down below in the darkness, I see an oblong “oval” shape on a white background that is mostly red with some white lines. I immediately recall the October 2014 vision of the “spoon” shaped fishing lure that was colored like this. Comment: A possible connection to the vesica piscis shape of the negative energy field in the throat of a wormhole seems meant for being under the ideas of the unus mundus would mean being under the influence of a bipolar God-image; of the Red King and the White Queen.
Fishing Lure.jpg
Fishing Lure.jpg [ 24.23 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]

I am reading the top area of the inside of a newspaper. In focus is “He did nothing illegal. He was a top-notch athlete.”

In a dark room by its North white wall I see a pile of keys having different shaped keychains lying on the dark carpet by the due North location (Doomsday hour).

In the darkness of the NW, I observe a man in a white shirt and black pants holding a pistol in his right hand by his right thigh. His long black hair is drooped partly over his right eye as if the mana of the right brain affects his seeing. Impregnating thoughts from the feminine principle effects what is being birthed out of his right thigh.

In the darkness of the NW, I observe the upper backside of a black man whose curly black hair adheres close to his head (equivalent to being a butch haircut it seems).

I am recalling the great farmland flood dream of May 1999. It announced the “flood” of dreams and visions that was about to be unleashed as if a dam broke; a “flood” that has continued to this day.

In a dark room, I observe the backside of a man closing a tall white wavy curtain over a rectangular window in the center of the North wall. The view changes and now I see a close-up view of the wavy curtain where the two sides overlap in the center of the window. It looks like a heel on a human foot sticks out between the overlap. Comment: This reminds me of a comment the World Soul made once when I was shown a vision of a green blood bleeding heel on a white woman. It was characterized as being “Her only Achilles heel.” Enduring the onslaught of the activity of the Apocalypse archetype is meant. Releasing like this predator blood where green is the color of the Holy Spirit and of the VNS. It’s a connection to “the milk of human kindness” noted in my previous post because blood and Virgin’s milk are connected and has a “Blood of Christ” healing effect.

I am recalling a new TV miniseries called Ozarks. The focus is on the male star who is being tested by a drug cartel to see if he can find new conduits for selling drugs in America. Suddenly, I realize it’s a metaphor for saying Gregory is a test to see if he can spread Eros ego consciousness to various parts of his soul.

I see a pair of my black/gray stockings (that are white on the inside) lying on a seat cushion of a recliner in a dark room.

In the darkness, I see a bust view of a young woman facing me. She holds a large gold ring in her left hand along with a cluster of small red pyramid shapes on its left side; a Tetrahedron Star Merkaba it seems; as if it is a precious stone on a wedding ring. This is held over her dark gray clothed chest area with the fingertips of the right hand touching the right side of the golden ring. I immediately realized this gold ring looked the same as the gold ring in Pauli’s world clock vision; something that when making a complete revolution filled him with a sense of “sublime harmony”.
World Clock Golden Ring Merkaba.jpg
World Clock Golden Ring Merkaba.jpg [ 25.47 KiB | Viewed 584 times ]



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Post Birthing The Homunculus
Sun. 23 July 2017

In the darkness, I see a new curving (towards the East; a convex shape like that on the Mayan heart sacrifice stone) cement driveway along the West side of the view and a black sphere just landed in the lawn by that driveway. When it landed it did not bounce but it did jiggle/oscillate side-to-side a little. A Civil War “cannon ball” it seems. Comment: A moving chainsaw blade was seen rotating side-to-side in When lovE Rules the World – February 2017. My father, myself and a woman stood on a side-to-side weaving railing above water in Take Away My Sins (SHADOW) – March 2017. Turbulent water issuing from a side-to-side weaving garden hose was cooling off a disk shaped UFO in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh. Like this the “weaving” black sphere (yin) is connected to these various weaving/oscillating aspects.

Something about, “What’s allowed” as I peer into a truncated cone bowl shape in the darkness. It is stacked inside another such shape and has a small vertical rectangular mark at its due North side. I glimpse a bit of yellowish color for the top bowl. Comment: Such a “cereal/salad” bowl has been connected to the lower side of the Lantern of the Telesphoros. I guess the lower bowl was red.

I hear, “What is my proper hat size?” Then in the NW corner of a room I see a dinner fork lying on the arm rest of a white couch where a person sits next to a lighted table lamp whose shade is a truncated (light) cone.

Something about “ice cream” (light cone connection) and then I see my wife sitting on a couch by the West wall in the NW area of a dark room. She stands and walks in front of a large, black, rectangular, flat screen TV which is angled 45 degrees across the NW corner. She wears tight fitting black Levi’s and a black shirt that goes well with her black hair. I view from her SE area.

I am experiencing the gentle sensation of warmth in the heart chakra.

I am observing a twilight cloud formation on the horizon of a dark earth. The flimsy black appearing wisps of thin clouds outlines a downwards curving thumb of a right hand. I realize it is a connection to the World Soul wanting to unite with the soul of humanity. It’s a lower sun “one thumbs down” Jnana Mudra enterprise.
Thumbs Down.jpg
Thumbs Down.jpg [ 33.24 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I see a square shaped clear plastic bag invisibly suspended in front of me. It is filled with a cloudy liquid. Suddenly, the liquid drains from the bag in the darkness. Comment: I have the impression that Her water has burst – a connection to a woman who is ready to give birth. The only thing left is to endure the painful process of childbirth.

Suddenly, in the immediate aftermath of the above vision I briefly experience the sensation of sharp throbbing discomfort along the left side of my chest area. A precursor effect for a heart attack comes to mind. Comment: This indicates where the painful childbirth process emanates from; a connection to the post titled The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse. Later in this post a vision of a cut in half “heart shaped” apple will be seen.

I see a woman’s hand open a tan cabinet door in the NE ceiling area on a North wall. Inside are various size and shaped stacked glass bowls; about eight in the stack in focus. All have a bubbly semi-transparent thick wall construction which reminds me of that seen used for the Hydrogen atom.
Electron.jpg [ 37.09 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I see my wife who is sitting and looking up at me with a questioning look in the darkness. She says, “Don’t you understand methadomina?” Comment: I understand this dyslexia pronounced word to mean “methods of academia.” Methods of “World Soul academia” seems meant. I find it a hard language to understand.

In the darkness, I see a young man reading a newspaper as he sits in the NE area of a room.

I see a close-up view of a painting of a black and white tunnel that extends out into the distance and to its far end. At the end of the tunnel is a milk cow in silhouette which faces West in the view.

I am observing a large field filled with tall pale green grass. In the middle of the field is a growth of tall dark green slender (V-shaped; Planck Time) leaf like plants that divides the field in two. The end of one of these dark green plants is curled into a circle.

I am looking down at a top view of a tan/white rectangular dinner roll that has a green rectangular flat ribbon piece sticking out of its SE corner.

I see the right side of a yellow plastic object that looks like a dog’s head.

I see a miniature sized man (a fraction of the height of a man) drop down onto the NW circular area of an exposed cut-in-half watermelon standing on end. This is like the lower half of a “football” shaped object which connects it to the vesica piscis shaped unus mundus in a spindle torus. Comment: A watermelon is pink/red on the inside and green on the outside; a connection to the feminine and masculine side colors of the wormhole heart chakra. A homunculus sized human seems meant. The “football/watermelon” shaped center of the spindle torus is the retort which is the unus mundus and harbors the Lantern of the Telesphoros which has been characterized as being a death/resurrection machine. In terms of this center approaching Planck Length it means the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros becomes a Planck Length dwarf. “Psychologically, dwarfs mean the innate spirit in things.” C.G. Jung, Vision Seminars, p. 446. In the following further amplification it seems this dwarf as homunculus bursts into flames as it incarnates in the NW.
Watermellon Man.jpg
Watermellon Man.jpg [ 27.89 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

Wagner (in Faust), the rationalist, installed in his former laboratory, where he is doing a marvelous thing, producing a little man in a retort, a homunculus. It was the dream of the Middle Ages to make such a little man, and Faust marvels. Then in the night Homunculus escapes in his glass bulb through the air and comes to the Elysian fields. Mephistopheles played a tremendous role in the Middle Ages, but here he appears in a bewildered condition, for he feels rather like an ass among these figures of Greek mythology, in the antique world where there is no evil and no good. Homunculus appears in this world of gods and goddesses and consults with them as to how he can manage to get out of his glass bulb into the real world. Only the old god Proteus, who is always taking on new forms, can give advice: "When thou wilt become, begin first in the smallest things," very wise. Homunculus is glad to receive such good advice and begins to jump about in his bottle, and then a wonderful thing happens. Galatea comes over the seas on her throne. You remember Pygmalion, who made a beautiful statue of Galatea, and then prayed to the gods to make her real. His wish was granted and she came to life as a real woman. Now Homunculus sees her coming, is delighted, and rushes to meet her; he hurls himself against the throne, his bulb bursts and he disappears in flames.” C.G. Jung, Dream Seminar, p. 189.

I see a left profile view of a young woman dressed in black tights as she comes running out of an apartment building and across the front of my view. She looks like my first wife when I first met her. She runs into the NW of the view.

Something about “health” and then I see a middle aged man wearing a red sweat shirt and white shorts. He weakly exits a raft onto a shoreline. He has crossed the “Jordan” river it seems and can now enter the Promised Land.

I see a left profile of a light pink skinned woman dressed like a queen Victoria. She wears a cone shaped sparkling white dress having alternating bands of red, yellow and white around its circumference in a vertical manner.

I see a closed right hand in the shape of a fist pointed towards me while directly in front of me.

I see an animated cartoon strip passing its images by me in a right to left direction. It reverses and plays again. I see the words, Mrs. Tan’s time is right.

I see a white woman dressed in a full-length heavenly white robe; her subtle body robe it seems.

I see golden apples on a surface.

I am looking at a hand of cards. The left one is the Ace of Spades, followed by the Ace of Diamonds.

I see a tall green stalk that sprouts a single white circular petaled flower off its end which has golden dots in the white.

I see a left profile view of a woman in a black dress with a fancy hair-do.

I am viewing the back of a station wagon whose hatchback door is open. Sitting on the black surface by the SW corner area is a red watering can filled with white flowers with yellow dots on long green stems.

Mon. 24 July 2017

In the darkness in a black and white view, I see a faint “twinkling” of a randomly connected network of whitish filaments like that seen in the cosmic web of the WMAP background radiation image. These are the networks of star formation “lines” as if the “first light” from a “Big Bang” afterglow is finally able to be perceived. Then, in the middle of this image there appears a narrow rectangular shaped 90-degree rotated pair of cyan colored eyes on a suntanned face with only the eye area visible – connecting the birth of this new universe with the Avatar maker for underneath cyan is blue. A Planck Length, rectangular/slit view of the creator it seems and a connection to the short cyan line seen above the heart chakra of the gray rat vision seen recently in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh indicating that this new creation comes from the chthonic/Eros feminine principle of the vegetative body. The eyes rotated 90-degrees from normal indicates this effect emanates from out of the unus mundus, the beginning of the hidden dimensions, which are orthogonal to spacetime according to M-theory.
Cosmic Eyes.jpg
Cosmic Eyes.jpg [ 30.19 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

Then in the darkness below I see twin circular yellowish glowing lights as if round eyes on the NW corner of a voice recorder in silhouette (a rectangular shape) like I use to record my visions. “Zombie eyes” seems meant; what has been used to observe Her new incarnations.
Eyes Voice Recorder.jpg
Eyes Voice Recorder.jpg [ 15.34 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I see a black, square, thick wood plaque having knife carved white “symbols” on its surface. All the symbols are very linear, straight lined, which reminds me of the rune alphabet that have magic charm or divinatory use. For example, stanza 157 of Hávamál (a collection of old Norse poems) attribute to runes the sorcery power to bring that which is dead back to life. The life of the vegetative body seems meant – a connection to the withering Blood Moon colored rose seen later in this post.
Runes.jpg [ 16.4 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

The first systems of writing developed and used by the Germanic peoples were runic alphabets. The runes functioned as letters, but they were much more than just letters in the sense in which we today understand the term. Each rune was an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological principle or power, and to write a rune was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood.

By the curb of a city street I observe a man walk up to the dirty passenger side of an orange and white stripped motor home of the early 1980’s. It reminds me of the GMC Empress model. Midway along its length is a large rectangular (monk spot of World Soul is rectangular) dirt covered picture window out of which stares two young women.
GMC Empress.jpg
GMC Empress.jpg [ 40.06 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I hear, “This time around it is just BOLD, BOLD…”

I see something crash in a vertical direction, as if a broad line (Planck Length), into the side of a skyscraper. The residents all have to leave the building and take up temporary residence somewhere else.

I am looking down at a concentric ring mandala carved into the dark concrete of a city sidewalk. It reminds me of the orbital paths of the planets in our solar system with a circle at its center.

I see people and cars moving through a four-way intersection in a modern city at night.

I hear, “It’s okay if that is what you want.”

On a city street I see on my right a man talking with another man. I hear one say, “I have created it so, if that is what you wanted.”

I see a woman approach the seat cushion of a recliner and pick up some unused open boxes. One is rectangular in shape and has outwards sloping sides. Something used for take-out food orders.

I observe a man walk down into a lower level restaurant.

I hear a young woman say, “It is gone.” Then I see a right profile bust view of an older bald headed man from his NE area. He is looking down at a table surface and is smiling.

In the night I see a man pushing an old style lawn mower as if cutting the grass between a sidewalk and the curb of a city street.

I am looking down at an empty pair of whitish used tennis shoes.

In a dark scene I see a woman arguing with a man about something.

I am observing a young man with a woman who appears in silhouette and seems dressed in a heavy black fur. He is standing in front of her and suddenly kisses her.

In the darkness, I see a hand reach up towards the NW corner of a white picket fence bordered by a residential sidewalk. The corner post for the fence has a large white wood sphere on top of its square cross-section.
Picket Fence Sphere.jpg
Picket Fence Sphere.jpg [ 49.34 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

In the night, I am looking up at a cartoon strip of rectangular shape hanging in a slightly curved arc between two high rise buildings in a city. The one on the West side in the NW is illuminated and colorful while the others to the NE are black.

In the darkness, I am observing a man talking on the phone about an oval opening.

A man with a full beard stands in the darkness while facing me and holding what seems to be a household hammer in his right hand.

I observe a man standing in a narrow, dark corridor looking at something.

I see the backside of a man in silhouette looking at the tall rectangular space between high rise buildings.

A small green shape lies on the ground by the SW area of the trunk of a large pine tree.

In a dark room, I observe a large spherical shaped woman in the NW standing by the West side of a king sized bed. She picks up a rectangular cell phone from the top of the bed.

Something about, “the return of the soul to the dead body.”

I see an old man in silhouette who is ready to marry his child bride.

I observe an old man approaching my location as he walks in a narrow dark corridor. He wears a pale purple untucked tee shirt and dark slacks. He carries an empty rectangular container in his left hand.

In a daylight view I am outside looking up at the end of two story home that has a wood deck on the end of its 2nd story. Two women sit at a table on this this balcony that is in the shade. The siding on the home looks like untreated plywood (compressed wood fragments held together by glue). Comment: It’s all the VNS (wood) bits and pieces represented by my dreams and visions of the vegetative body that covers the subtle body house.
Plywood.jpg [ 54.84 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

In a dark corridor, I see a right profile view of a young naked woman with large breasts who has her back to the West.

In the darkness down below I see an apple that has been cut in half such that the “football” shaped core containing the seeds remains intact and attached to one of the halves. The angle of the view gives the appearance of it having a heart shape. It’s as if the masculine side of the heart contains all the seeds of renewal given the “birth” of the homunculus bursting into Ra colors as noted earlier in this post. It reminds me of the tiny baby seen exiting the “exhaust” cone (light cone) in the heart chakra.
Apple Heart.jpg
Apple Heart.jpg [ 46.02 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I see a sleek1960’s orange car pulled up near the side of a building that has sand piled up against it. The driver’s side front tire (NW) is turned outwards and is at an odd angle as if the axle is bent. I see no fender damage. I have the impression that “colliding branes (brains)” have done this.

In the darkness, down below I see a dinner fork stab a whitish chunk of what could be apple along the West side of a dark container.

I see three men dressed in blue Levies and heavy dark coats and hats that are wearing knee high brown wading boots. They stand next to a large home in a sparsely populated rural area and the lawn is completely covered by a shallow layer of water (perhaps a foot), as if flooding is slowly taking place in the area. Comment: Flooding as if from a nearby dam which has opened its floodgates and now the rivers downstream have topped their banks. A flood of dreams and visions is meant – another more intense outpouring is going to be pouring through my psyche. Already I have notice an uptick in the material coming through as normally I make a post about once a week but now it is about every five days. And now this post is after only three days. It suddenly becomes even heavier on 27 July – reminding me of how the 9 June 1999 material began with a flood. Cutting open the apple (hole in the heart) seems to be the connection.

I see side-by-side different textured and colored surfaces. The one on the left is pale green and smooth while the one on the right is an irregular green-yellow surface. As I observe the two surfaces begin to wrinkle where they meet starting at the due North or Doomsday hour location.

Tues. 25 July 2017

In the darkness, I see a withering Blood Moon colored rose in the NW of the view.

In the darkness, I see the top side of an index finger pointed at a 45 degree angle towards me from out of the NW. Comment: As I type this in I flashback to how E.T. touched a withering flower with the tip of the index finger and brought it back to life again. Given the following image it seems “humanity” is the withering flower in need of renewal.
ET.jpg [ 29.88 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]


I am a psychotherapist in training and at the moment in a group session with others who are also in training. We sit in a circle with the middle-aged woman professional leading the group. She has long wavy black hair and eyes. I see that my first Jungian analyst, AK, is also in the group. There are only two men in the group and the rest are women; about six of them. I sit in the SW area of the circle while AK sits in the SE and the woman leading the group sits in the NE.

We begin discussing a case. AK has provided handouts of his 10 comments on the case and the rest of us are discussing them. I have no idea how to make such assessments about a person’s psychology and quietly wait to learn. But the woman leader inquires what I would like to share about the case. I threw out some half-baked comment which she immediately disagreed with. So, I’m waiting to hear what she has to say when just then AK announces he has to go to the hospital for some personal problem as he suddenly felt very ill.

The group takes a break and the woman leader approaches me with kind regard in the darkness of this place. She comes very close and puts her forehead against mine and we quietly sense each other’s contact. I sensed no energy or warmth – just the pressure of her skin on mine.

Then AK returns and inquires if he got all 10 points on the case correctly. I said, “Absolutely.”

End of Dream

Comment: Forehead-to-forehead reminds me of the RCAF hat rondel shared in my previous post Finding My Proper Hat Size. This “head-to-head” 6th chakra embrace indicates the opposites of matter (feminine) and spirit (masculine) have united in this chakra.

I am observing two tall trees that seem to be growing out of a common center. The one on the left is a mature pine tree while the one on the right is a cedar whose top half curves to the right a bit. This curvature reminds me of the convex shaped Mayan heart sacrifice stone. The curvature appears to begin at heart chakra height.

In the darkness, I am observing the feet of a man walking away in front of me. I am following directly behind him and observing near ground level. He wears brown walking shoes like I used to wear.

Now I see in the darkness a dinner fork in silhouette.

In the darkness along the West side in the NW I see a large red flower having a hemispherical shape. It is composed of many smaller red flowers whose structure I cannot make out (like how many petals do they have). Then the view shows a single red poppy flower with a black center where the large hemispherical flower was seen. Comment: Poppy flowers came up in Underworld Growth Beckons – July 2016 when such a flower was seen worn by the heart in the lapel of a Southern Civil War soldier. The south is a warmer climate and thus a connection to the feeling function. Further, red and black are the colors of the underworld and of SW where my inferior function is located. Once again, a convex shape (hemisphere) is being connected to the Mayan heart sacrifice stone shape.
Poppies.jpg [ 36.55 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

I am looking down into an open tan rectangular cardboard box that is empty except for another box sitting inside it along its West side. The end of that box is white and has a large red rectangular patch. Uniting red on a background of white seems meant. I recall that Pandora said that all that was left in her box after all the evils had been released from it was hope. Hope is now imaged as being a union of the new Red King with the White Queen.
Box in Box.jpg
Box in Box.jpg [ 22.76 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

Wed. 26 July 2017

I see my body has eyelets distributed along its length as if it is a fishing pole. I immediately recall the following image of the Logos Christ using a fishing pole with a crucifix as the bait to catch Leviathan in the 2nd chakra. Comment: I add the yellow-gold halo color to suggest this is the Eros Christ using his body as a fishing pole while in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
Crucifix As Bait.jpg
Crucifix As Bait.jpg [ 29.95 KiB | Viewed 565 times ]

In the darkness, I observe a man sitting from his SW area. His left leg is raised and the ankle rests on the knee of the right leg.

In the darkness I see the head of a Native American that is angled 45-degrees towards me in the NE of my view. His twin pigtails hang vertical on either side of his head as if “pillars”.

In a glaring white view, I see a young blond woman running towards the NW from the Doomsday hour while wearing a colorful one piece bathing suit consisting of horizontal colors of a wave of blue which is followed by a wave of yellow having white caps.

In a daylight view I am observing unusually long string green bean looking objects landing in the same general area on a green lawn as if the random pattern formed by where they fall is because of the probability aspect due to the collapse of the wave function. Vegetative matter-psyche incarnating into Spacetime it seems.

In a daylight view I am observing a lovely single story little house in a remote area all by itself. The focus is on all the vine growth of different colored flowers from the covered porch that reaches onto the roof.

I see a dinner fork whose four tines are inserted into the SW area of a clear, square shaped, plastic bag along its South side. Comment: This is what “broke the water” of the same sized plastic bag filled with cloudy liquid seen at the beginning of this post; something that suggested that a pregnant woman was about to give birth. What breaks the water is the conscious assimilation of the contents of the unconscious found in my inferior function that wants to give birth to new consciousness. Now all that is left besides raising the child is the painful process of giving birth.

I see a bust view of a smiling young woman looking at me who has light pink colored skin; the color of the color coded word [b]coniunctio[b] = an equal mixture of red and white = the union of the Red King with the White Queen. Such a light pink color skin (= soul) suggests much more input from the White Queen is what flavors this opus.


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Thurs. 27 July 2017


I am traveling through a devastated country side with some others. It looks like a war has destroyed all homes and infrastructure in a desert landscape like one sees in Syria. There is a lot of difficult and dangerous climbing required to traverse the place. At the moment, I am climbing a steep inclined long right-angle piece of what looks like steel reinforced concrete that was part of a freeway overpass. A man is here explaining the two sets of three electrical wires that are orthogonal to each other and that are attached to one side of the 90-degree angled piece of concrete. The wires are bare at the ends where they meet – revealing that they are made from heavy gauge copper; an expensive bit of wiring I muse quietly to myself. They are mostly covered in thick white insulation (Incarnating SE colors). The man tells me that it is done on purpose that the wires are mounted parallel to each other and very close to the orthogonal wires. This causes current to be induced in the orthogonal wires and one can then hear phone transmissions. Sure enough, I could faintly hear someone talking that was coming from the wires.

I became distracted from my journey and lost track of the others I had been traveling with. As I hang from this long piece of concrete using my two hands to continue to climb I suddenly notices a mild pleasurable sensation that was coming from my groin area. I look down and partly see that a line of young boys dressed all in white are clinging to each other and the leader in the pack is clinging to my left leg whose weight I had not sensed (suggesting they are in their subtle body). His mouth and face is covered in white “suds” and I see the head of my penis right next to his mouth. I continue to climb like this and the mild pleasurable sensation continues. I glance down on occasion and see that these youths are taking turns sucking on my penis which I now notice is strangely rather small (Later I recall the June 1999 dream in which it was announced that I had the smallest penis amongst men who were comparing the sizes of their penises). It is as if they are using it as a tit and milk is coming out. A man here says, “Well, that boy there currently taking his turn is the son of a senator. And that other youth is the son of an ambassador, and that other one is the son of a mayor…” On and on like this he conveyed these youths were sons of important men. I thought, “It’s the milk of human kindness” that they seek.

Then the scene changes and now I am standing in the desolate daylight when some men come up to me and clamp a square black shallow metal box (a black box) that has a couple of flexible white tubes attached. One is apparently attached to my penis as if I am a cow to be mechanically milked.

The scene changes again and now out of the darkness below in the NW of my view is the face of a Bengal tiger which looks strange because it looks like a flower with many petals all in the colors of the tiger. It seems to be smiling at me.

End of Dream

Comment: Apparently, having oral sex (psychological intimacy) with the World Soul produces “the milk of human kindness” that can save one’s soul. The 44-volt phone line into our home is made from this gauge copper wire and it is covered in white insulating material. “Phoning home” occurs at a 90-degree angle is meant. A connection to the Avatar eyes in the hidden dimensions (unus mundus) orientated at 90-degrees from normal on the background of an unfolding new “Big Bang” creation event as seen in my previous post Birthing The Homunculus. The vertical hanging pony tails on the head of the Native American is also connected to this 90-degree business. As I awoke from the dream I eventually realized that the small penis not seen but being used as if a tit, it was a clitoris! “The milk of human kindness” is coming from the clitoris of the HermAphrodite which explains why I have the smallest penis amongst men. This is the milk in the 100-gallon milk cans seen in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh. In mid-1980 dreams Bengal tigers (large cats are an image of the Self, in this case of the Eros Self given the tigers orange/2nd chakra colors) were seen hounding my paternal grandfather and my father. It was understood that these patriarchal dominated men were ignoring their Dionysian energies, their potential relationship with the World Soul. “The sins of the fathers” are passed down to third and fourth generations comes to mind (Exodus 20:5). Virgin milk has been connected to blood because in the 12th Century Virgin’s milk was seen as "processed (menstrual?) blood", and the milk of the Virgin to some extent paralleled the role of the Blood of Christ – which is said to have the power to cleanse, purify, heal, guide, and protect one from all evil, harm, sickness, and bless and make one as Holy (whole) as we can be. I mention the “blood” aspect again because as I prepare this post I suddenly recalled the November 2006 vision of seeing the clitoris of the World Soul radiating blood red rays of “matter-psyche” onto my 2nd chakra as I lay naked on the 90-degree corner of the alchemical stone. Thus, the young lads are being nourished by increases to their subtle body matter. This image came up in The New King Maker – July 2013 & An Electromagnetic Apocalypse of lovE – July 2013. In Twas The Night Before Christmas – September 2015 I shared a dream from March 2003 which indicated that only certain men could help others to become HermAphrodites. Further, in a January 2007 vision I heard, “In the time ahead all will become hermaphrodites.” Finally, this “milk” is the Logos Spermatikos of the Renaissance, and matter-psyche as Remo notes in Holy Wedding, p. 156
Yin.Chakras.Yang.jpg [ 57.77 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

5 March 2003


Certain Key Men Have Become Hermaphrodites
Something happened in the world that caused a great shift. From now on only men are able to give birth. The way children are born into the world has been completely altered. I don’t know how this was accomplished but women were taken right out of the loop.

Somehow men now had women’s eggs in themselves and the eggs were impregnated within themselves. But only certain key men had this ability. Such a man could empower another man to have a child but only through a ritual. This ritual involved the key man spraying other men with his stream of eggs and sperm. As soon as any of the streams touched another man he was impregnated and would eventually give birth to a child. It was not clear if these new men could empower other men.

Those men who could not or would not allow themselves to be so empowered became homosexuals and lived out their lives in this way.

End of Dream

I see a strange syringe (tit?) because it is in the shape of a sculptured hypodermic needle that is obviously filled with a white liquid; “the milk of human kindness” it seems, Paracelsus’ sperm of matter, the Logos Spermatikos of the Renaissance, and matter-psyche. The needle slowly grows as a curved surface as it nears the body of the syringe; reminds me of the convex curved Mayan heart sacrifice stone. It’s an extremely slender V-shape which reminds me of the V-shaped Planck Second seen on the clock face. Overall the “tit” looks suckable because of the rounded room for the lips to interact. Not much liquid can pass through this contraption – it’s more like a nourishing pacifier. The surface curvature also reminds me of that formed by a parabola – a connection to the “Parabola God” aka E.T. in my visions. Comment: A mosquito (the deadliest animal in the world) bites with a “hypodermic needle”. This needle shape reminds me of how the end of the Holy Spirit teardrop shaped looked as it was struggling to exit my 6th chakra during my 1976 Pentecostal experience. Further it reminds me of the tee shape a golfer uses to tee up his ball. Finally, it seems enemas are a part of what’s involved in releasing the “milk of human kindness.” Today (30 July 2017) I noticed that the needle geometry reminded me of my PhD thesis Newtonian Hypersonic Flow Past A Slender Axisymmetric Body. It's as if what happens to us in life is somehow connected to our fate from a Jungian perspective.
Syringe Enema.jpg
Syringe Enema.jpg [ 22.25 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Now I see an old woman wearing an ankle length white garment that covers her head. She stands on a large dark covered patio in the shade. She slowly sits at the 6 o’clock location of a large round metal table, as if her aging body is tired. Her white garment suddenly suggests a connection to “milk” – I guess she has given much of her “blood” for the sake of humanity.

The scene changes to being a fancy restaurant and now I see a middle-aged Oriental man dressed in a dark suit standing at the 12 o’clock hour of a round table. He leans over towards the 6 o’clock hour location and seems to be taking the order of the person sitting there.

In the darkness, I see a left profile view of the body of a young suntanned woman wearing a skimpy black pants and skimpy black blouse that only “covers” her breasts.

In the darkness, down below I see green vegetation in the shape of a large head with curved up “bull” horns as if on a demon or Devil like the huge Cyberdemon in the game of DOOM which is a boss class demon difficult to defeat. The tips of the horns curve to a Planck Second appearance. The horns are a connection to the potency of the vegetative body on the impact it will have when added to the existing unio mentalis.
Doom Cyberboss.jpg
Doom Cyberboss.jpg [ 35.46 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Briefly I see a yellowish six-pointed star in the darkness of a night sky in the NW. Hermetic alchemy comes to mind, something that has six pointed stars in Rosarium picture #1 of the fountain. Edinger notes that this fountain appears at the beginning of the opus and at the end.
Rosarium Fountain.jpg
Rosarium Fountain.jpg [ 42.8 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Down on the dark earth I see a left profile view of a black bird standing in the SE of the view. It is looking over towards the SW. I immediately recall that such a bird appears in Rosarium Picture #9 when the soul returns to the dead body of the HermAphrodite.
Rosarium.9.jpg [ 51.96 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Then in the darkness of the NW where the six-pointed star was high in the night sky I see the whitish head of Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General of the US) as if in his subtle body is meant. Comment: Jeff is a very honest individual from what I read in the papers. A part of Gregory it seems who likes to tell the truth and is responsible for bringing justice to all.

Now it’s like I am inside the hypodermic needle seen earlier in this post – looking out through its whitish semi-transparent liquid where I dimly see whitewashed blackness filled with filaments of connecting stars like one sees in the universe. At the far end, I see a small “circular” region of blackness as if that is the Planck Length opening diameter of the hypodermic needle. Injecting the universe with new matter-psyche is meant; something that will reanimate it with new matter-psyche. Comment: This “reanimation” reminds me of the following nozzle exhaust plume image seen in Pulsing… Towards Destiny – November 2015 where destiny is the inevitable or necessary fate to which a person or enterprise is destined. The repeating diamond pattern was connected to a beating heart such that new matter-psyche would be added to the expanding universe and once again cause its expansion to contract. Endless cycles of this kind of pulsing interaction seemed likely; with each diamond in the plume representative of about 14 billion years of time. This pulsing was connected to the 1/32 pulsing of Pauli’s World Clock vision which Jung thought meant the creation of new spacetime. How many "heart beat" creatio continua pulsings have already occurred in our universe I wonder?
The LovE Bug.jpg
The LovE Bug.jpg [ 21.98 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

The LovE Bug
I recall that the CERN particle accelerator can physically penetrate matter to 10-15 meters when colliding subatomic particles. Using Eros ego consciousness, I realize I have just psychophysically penetrated the depths of matter to its limit of 10-35 meters (a Planck Length). To accomplish the latter physically would require all the energy in the universe but psychophysically it is easy.

In the darkness, I see a very slender tube of whiteness (Virgin’s milk) that is angled across the NW corner at about 45 degrees.

In the darkness of the NW I see a right profile view of the whitish subtle body head of Richard Nixon at the age of when he was president of the US. I immediately realize that he represents that part of Gregory on the inner subtle body level who has been able to work out a constructive relationship with the Eros Self and her chthonic nature. In reality, Nixon is characterized as “having a dark side” (Used, “I’m not a crook defense” with the Watergate break-in that brought down his presidency) and was able to work out a relationship with China and Russian leaders; countries ruled by the matriarchal nature of the Eros Self. Interestingly, Nixon’s presidency was ended because of the “Watergate” scandal; a 2nd chakra connection is noted. It reminds me that the World Soul has Her own version of “Watergate” called “waterboarding”. It also reminds me of scourging at the pillar for some reason; the common link being skin = soul.

Nixon's visit to the People's Republic of China in 1972 eventually led to diplomatic relations between the two nations, and he initiated détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union the same year.

In the darkness blows a “circular” yellow leaf or is it a petal from a yellow flower. It is very close to me and seems it so large that it may wrap itself around me (as if to act like a burial shroud).

Then in the darkness I observe what could be a “key” made from right angle sliver metal objects like HEX keys or numeral 7’s fused together in the following shape which reminds me of the end of a skeleton key. The need to enter a profane monastery seems to be meant – like Gregory has been in these past 13 years in Weed, CA. This “master key” (which reminds me of the Greek symbol for pi that is used to compute the area of a circle; a connection to being able to “square the circle” it seems) replaces the pile of keys seen recently that were lying on a dark carpet by the white Doomsday Hour due North wall in Finding My Proper Hat Size. Further, such a key has often been connected to “opening the door” (a four-panel white door) between worlds (in the heart chakra) so that the renewed sky God Ra consciousness could flow into Spacetime.
Skeleton Key.jpg
Skeleton Key.jpg [ 33.43 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

A skeleton key (also known as a passkey) is a type of master key in which the serrated edge has been filed down so that it can open numerous locks, most commonly the warded lock (used prolifically on monasteries). The term derives from the fact that the key has been reduced to its essential parts.

Now I am observing in the darkness, a close-up view of the smooth dark handle end of a witch’s crook which has three wavy indentations in the wood for finger grips on the underside. It is as if a numeral 7 shape has been crafted in wood. A silver witches crook came up in Becoming A Skin-Deep Beauty – November 2015 which has been connected to the Ebola virus shape and a HEX Key. Further, the 90-degree bend has been connected to the fact that the hidden dimensions are orthogonal to Spacetime. It seems this upper portion is the rest of the skeleton key seen above. Something that can open all the “gates” to allow a flow of Her “Virgin’s milk” between worlds. The three wavy indentations for the finger grip suggest the flow is from the lower 3 chakras in the vegetable body.
Witches Crook BW.jpg
Witches Crook BW.jpg [ 30.64 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Down below in the blackness, I see the upper portion of a naked man from his NW area who is looking up at me. He is partway out from between two black parallel plates of square shape; colliding branes (brains) it seems. He looks like Putin. Comment: The Putin part of Gregory in his Eros ego aspect is meant. Hostile brothers no more in this new creation.

Then in the darkness I observe a slender naked young woman mostly in silhouette from her SE area. She has black hair done in a Cleopatra style. She may be a black woman. She is looking down at something – maybe Putin between the plates.

Briefly, I see the image of the DOOM Cyberdemon appear and disappear in the darkness of the NW.

In the darkness of the NW I am observing the end of a cucumber that has had its end cut off; exposing the white interior. I have the impression that the “bull horn ends” on the Cyberdemon have been cut off; connecting them to cucumbers which contain “seeds of light” from its vegetative body. Comment: Truncated bull horns came up in a 1999 vision and in Effects From ‘Dreaming About Genie’ – September 2014 which had spheres attached to the truncated ends of a Blood Moon colored sculptured wood (vegetative body) piece portraying bull horns.
Bull Horns.jpg
Bull Horns.jpg [ 35.71 KiB | Viewed 551 times ]

In a dark room, I see white noise playing on a small rectangular shaped TV. It seems the channel it is on is not sending a signal. Comment: The young girl watching white noise on a TV screen in Poltergeist was sucked into the Beyond and became captive of a monster in the light of that place. It seems one is going to have to earn a master key, a skeleton key before they can find their way back to Spacetime.
White Noise.jpg
White Noise.jpg [ 23.71 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Then in the blackness in a dim view I see the blurry head of a man wearing a white hat with a wide brim. Comment: As I typed this in I recalled Dr. Jung liked to wear a hat like this at his Bollingen retreat (his profane monastery).
Jung Bolligen.jpg
Jung Bolligen.jpg [ 48.86 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

What’s Good For The Goose (World Soul) Is Good For The Gander (Individual Soul)
In the blackness, I am observing a circular whitish plate that has only the NE area visible. It looks like the plate has partially melted. Even the edge is frayed.

In the darkness, I observe a barren tree in silhouette that has a large central trunk out of which grows about eight smaller diameter trunks which flesh out the limbs in the canopy. Comment: MLvF in her book On Dreams & Death, p. 148 notes some possible meanings for the number eight. In number symbolism eight represents timelessness and eternity. This seems to indicate that Eros consciousness is associated with this quality of being able to produce timelessness. In alchemy eight is the number of completion. Eight is considered to be an individuation number since eight survived Noah’s flood.

I am recalling the curved cedar tree seen earlier in this post whose convex curvature starting at heart chakra height was connected to the Mayan convex shaped heart sacrifice stone. This curvature is now being connected to what shaped the hypodermic syringe seen earlier as if a flow through the heart chakra is meant.

In the darkness, I see a man who has been “slimed” head-to-toe in a whitish medium as if in the form of milk suds.

In the darkness along the West side in the view I see a man facing me that is mostly in silhouette standing with his right side next to a telephone pole whose top extends into the NW. Suddenly sparks fly from the top of the pole and the man looks to have been affected as his face cringes and his mouth is open as if quietly screaming. It seems he was shocked by an electrical discharge from the wires on the telephone pole. Comment: An X-class solar flare can create a Carrington effect which could do this.

I am recalling the flow of clear water into a wormhole shaped vase in my June 1999 visions. A flow of matter-psyche it seems.

I see my high school female classmate BT from her NW area. She appears as she did when 17 with a full head of black hair worn in a Cleopatra style. She wears a conical (light cone connection) full length white dress having many red-yellow designs on its surface as if spiral galaxies. The dress is unusual since its smallest diameter is at her neck, not her waist. Like this I have the impression this is the tip of the hypodermic syringe seen earlier in this post. The blackness at the end of the view from inside that needle is being connected to the black hair or the knowing of the World Soul.

In the darkness of the NE I see a huge Cyberdemon that is mostly in silhouette. It just stepped over to the East side in the NE area.

I am experiencing a growing sensation of heat in my heart chakra.

In the darkness of the NW there is a “circular” region of whiteness that is mostly covered with black outlines of various kinds of vegetation. The view changes to whiteness everywhere and in the NW, I see a black representation of a fern as if it is composed of two opposing ferns that are bent such that it looks like a flying bird in the distance. I immediately realize that an essence from the vegetative body is being connected to spirit (flying) and thus to augmenting the unio mentalis.

In the darkness, a peeled orange rolls out onto the center of a dark wood table. I recall that an orange has between 10 and 11 segments; connecting it to the SE and to quantum leaps in consciousness.

I am standing at the top of a double flight of stairs in a dark view observing a man from his SW area as he descends to the first landing. He is carrying a rectangular “picnic” shaped basket by twin handles in his left hand. He pauses and then begins to descend the second flight of steps. Comment: I use such a basket when shopping for a few items in a grocery store. Normally a shopping cart would be used if purchasing a lot of items. This reminds me of the dirty old street woman dressed in black rags that was carrying for a crying baby in a shopping cart; suggesting this man is carrying a baby in this basket.

In daylight, I am observing an old style three-story white home with blue trim on the NW corner of a residential area. It reminds me of the older homes in SF.

I am standing on the west side of a dark pink marble surface in a shaded setting. A large tree grows on its NE corner.

I see a man walking a greyhound rescue dog.

In the darkness, I am looking down at a small colorful plastic bag of square shape that is covered in red, yellow and white colors of random order. I see faint white streaks in the darkness as if we are moving at a very great velocity. Then I see small curved pinkish chunks that looks like pieces of freeze dried fruit; watermelon it seems.

I am standing outside in a daylight view of a modern skyscraper having floor to ceiling glass windows on all levels. A short way up on the West side I see a trim woman with her back to me who has blond hair and is in a black business suit. She is talking with a man nearby who wears an identical looking black suit. I suddenly have the impression this is Hilary Clinton (as the Great Whore of Babylon and ambassador to the world) talking to Keanu Reeves who is a part of the Russian Mafia.

I am recalling the range of North Korea’s ICBMs as being able to reach Seattle which is located in the Pacific NW seems to be the connection. Victoria, BC is also in this area. Comment: The threat of a nuclear explosion in this area is meant – by the psychophysical radiations of the World Soul it seems.

I am sitting in the middle of the front bench seat of an older style car in the darkness. In the NW corner area of the front windshield is a luminous hand painted image of some green vegetation with a yellow petal of a flower peeking out at the top.

A man just grabbed a glowing white light bulb in the darkness.

On a twilight view of a golf course green with red flag in the hole I see a free standing black iron supported double sign. The one at the top is white with black text and has a horizontal rectangular shape. The one below and separate from the upper one is of the same size and shape but the long axis is mounted in the vertical direction. A backward numeral 7 shape or HEX key shape seems meant. Comment: A golf course suddenly reminds me of the tee shape a golfer uses to tee up his ball for it looks like the strange syringe “tit” shape seen earlier in this post. Recall that in the game of golf the goal is to sink a white ball into a black hole; Yang needing to enter Yin is meant in order for Yin > higher Yang becomes possible for the renewal of the old King. I wonder if this is one of Donald Trump’s golf courses? “Selling” the apocalypse it seems.
Apocalypse Sale.jpg
Apocalypse Sale.jpg [ 39.77 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]


PS Here is an interesting “mistake”… a sign of the unconscious times we live in for the chthonic aspect, when redeemed, would make such a golden appearance. Retailer apologizes after font makes ‘glitter’ appear to read as ‘Hitler’.
Hitler As Glitter.jpg
Hitler As Glitter.jpg [ 30.45 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

PPS When I saw the following image I immediately thought of the message in my visions since I record and store them on a computer.
AI Apocalypse.jpg
AI Apocalypse.jpg [ 39.35 KiB | Viewed 555 times ]

Alien Intelligence (AI) Apocalypse

Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:01 pm
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Fri. 28 July 2017

I am observing a close-up view of a man’s chest from his NE area. He wears a black tee shirt (like I do in reality).

In the darkness, I see a woman’s bare left foot and shin that is angled away from me at a 45-degree angle.

In the darkness, I see Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace white garments trimmed with gold as She hovers along the West side over the top of large, rectangular, empty, wood crates in a warehouse. Comment: In a 1999 dream these crates were filled floor-to-ceiling with unopened goods. Young women were crawling over the tops of these crates and at one point opened one containing chardonnay wine as if "from the first days of creation"; a wine known as a "rite of passage wine."

I am observing small black spots rising into the view from down below by the 6 o’clock hour that are seen against a white band shape background that extends to the 12 o’clock hour and it is surrounded by darkness.


I am meandering through many different closely spaced malls. Finally, in this one I was ready to purchase something and to my surprise the wallet I always carry in my front left pants pocket (over the top of my left thigh) was missing. I then recalled that a large man with two other men bumped hard into that side of me just moments ago. That must have been when I was robbed. After that three young women surrounded me and walked along with me.

End of Dream

Comment: Three aspects of my masculine side have managed to make friends with three aspects of the feminine principle; the lower 3 chakras are meant. Like this I have lost my “masculine only” identity. Now I am a HermAphrodite in my subtle body, my diamond body development. Individuation is a process that helps one find their true identity as they eat of their higher Self.

In the darkness, I see a close-up view of a straight razor (aka a cutthroat razor) used for shaving. The blade points into the NW. Comment: My father used such a razor in his early years. Cutthroat suggests “decapitation razor”. The patriarchal Logos ego needs to learn from Eros ego consciousness.
Straight Razor.jpg
Straight Razor.jpg [ 23.94 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

A young man about 15 years of age just walked around the NW corner on the sidewalk from its North side in a residential area and is approaching my location as I approach the NW corner along the West side. He has black hair worn in a butch.

Sat. 29 July 2017


In a daylight scene, I stand at the edge of a “swimming” pond that is really the beginning of a marshy looking bay. I am here because I would like to get together with a young woman on the other side who lives in a nice modern home on a road along that side.

I enter the water fully dressed and immediately notice it is like a watery foam of black earth which is swimmable but not like I was expecting. I cancel trying to swim to the other side in order to decide if there is a better way to proceed.

I soon notice that I have probably ruined my wallet which I carry in the left pants pocket (over the top of my left thigh). Sure enough it is filled with all this moist, rich black earth that is spread throughout as if in the form of soft black sand.

End of Dream

Comment: The marshy pond reminds me of the one I used to explore in my youth (caught a large snapping turtle in it once) and it was called “Paully’s Bay” a connection to Wolfgang Pauli seems meant. He was dogged by the “Pauli effect” of destructive paranormal activity in his surrounding environment at certain times because he was unconscious of what was highly constellated in him by the Eros Self. A positive paranormal activity could happen in the environment if the purpose of the Eros Self is sufficiently understood. Plumbing the depths of matter reveals how Nature works at a subatomic level. Jung said that the unconscious is nothing but pure Nature and we can only marvel at what Nature can do as seen in our dreams and visions which reveals its intentionality. Discovering how Nature works at its deepest levels may therefore release helpful magical effects into our world. These effects are found at the deepest levels in matter, some of which has been seen in the findings of quantum physics in which time can run forwards or backwards, etc. into our world. The deepest level is Planck Length – something achieved psychophysically via my dreams and visions according to my previous post. This may pave the way for a flow of magic from out of the unus mundus as suggested in Hermetic Alchemy and like this unleash a will-less Rainmaker effect. Paully’s bay is fed by a creek called “Maxwell Gully”; a possible connection to the electrical line seen connected to the end of the football later on in this post. Because of my science background I am familiar with Maxwell equations. In the aftermath of the dream I recalled the late May 1999 dream I titled, “Back To The Future For Our Civilization” – which came up in The Metamorphosis of the Gods – January 2015. In that dream, I was “floating” along with some few other men in a small “pond” of this exact foamy earth. I now notice that my head was not immersed – suggesting the influence of the body (matter), the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio was being emphasized. Earlier in this post my wallet was stolen by the feminine principle. Becoming a HermAphrodite is being looked at from yet another angle. These two dreams emphasize that it is a Dionysian nature that is being born out of my left thigh; mirroring the Greek myth that Dionysus (a chthonic/Eros birth) was born out of Zeus’s left thigh. Yang entered Yin. My patriarchal Logos ego identity entered Yin and Yin transformed Yang to higher consciousness.
Paully Bay.jpg
Paully Bay.jpg [ 26.39 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

Maxwell's equations are a set of partial differential equations that, together with the Lorentz force law, form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, classical optics, and electric circuits. They underpin all electric, optical and radio technologies, including power generation, electric motors, wireless communication, cameras, televisions, computers etc. Maxwell's equations describe how electric and magnetic fields are generated by charges, currents, and changes of each other. One important consequence of the equations is that they demonstrate how fluctuating electric and magnetic fields propagate at the speed of light. Known as electromagnetic radiation, these waves may occur at various wavelengths to produce a spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. The equations are named after the physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell, who between 1861 and 1862 (Just before the American Civil War) published an early form of the equations, and first proposed that light is an electromagnetic phenomenon.

I am recalling the Italian (feeling function connection) Mafia man in the frozen hydrogen line dream shared recently in The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse. The focus is on the fact that he lived in a 3-bedroom apartment; a connection to the lower three chakras is meant I now realize. This has helped me find my HermAphrodite identity. It’s a connection to “wallowing in the foamy black earth”.

I see an old style red car rim on a black tire of the NE area of a car. The tire looks low on air because it is parked on a shallow cement decline as if the entrance driveway to a home.

In a nighttime view, I am observing from a bridge the backside of a large three-story home built along the edge of a river it seems. The lights are on inside the home making it easy to see inside which is richly, colorfully, decorated and filled with elegant crafted furniture. Strange, but I see large white solid lightning bolts fired through the various rooms in the home, one after another from its front side. There is an impression that there is one coming that will go through the “heart” of the home. Comment: Electricity in the form of lightning bolts (psychologically understood represents a sudden change in psychic condition) – a connection to Maxwell’s equations. This seems to suggest that lightning is a metaphor imaging the soul’s return to the subtle body. The human heart is an electro-physical pulsing biology. MLvF in a vision connected the heart to operating on 4 volts.

I am looking at an unus mundus colored page, as if a page in my journal. At the top of the page I read what appears to be a title for a post which says, Arrival. I immediately recall the 2016 UFO movie by that title which was about the superior alien intelligence of two beings each having 7 limbs; the number of the Apocalypse. Recall that this was a slender oval/ellipse shaped UFO that reminds one of a “football” or the vesica piscis shape of the throat of negative energy that holds open the throat of a wormhole that forms an Einstein-Rosen bridge between worlds. I recall Dr. Edinger’s dream of being in a church attacked by terrorist during mass when the priest was elevating the Holy Communion host and dropped it. Ed fell onto the host as if it were a fumbled “football” (covered it with his chest – his heart chakra) in order to protect the sacred elements from being dissolved in the blood released by the attack. The World Soul is Islamic in Her psychology and can be a terror when not listened to (consciously understood) via our dreams. This movie came up in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears – February 2017. Remo's birthday is on 11 November and this movie opened on 11:11 - that should give us a Jungian orientated clue. Eleven in Chinese number symbolism is the empty center of a circle (or sphere) and is also known as the location of the intermediate world, the unus mundus. In my visions and dreams there has been given an E.T. "phone home" code that could be applied to letters in our alphabet (see your phones keypad). Like this love = 5683 = 11:11. Like this, the World Soul refers to Her coming (Remo's "Return of the World Soul" book title) as the coming of "lovE". The storyline of the movie suggests Earth’s inhabitants must learn the language of the Eros Self. It seems trying to understand my dreams and visions is a contribution to understanding that language. Recall that when two appears in a dream it means an original unity has been separated and that consciousness of the meaning of the One becomes a possibility.

Contact has been made with two seven-limbed aliens, whom they call "heptapods". It is soon discovered that they have a written language of complicated circular symbols, written in a substance analogous to ink, or dark smoke, and humans begin to learn their basic vocabulary. They soon learn that the aliens have come to earth to offer a tool. The tool turns out to be their language; those who master it have their perception of time altered, and they can see the future.

In the distance in a black and white daylight view I see a huge mature pine tree growing on the NW end of a small island in a vast sea. I immediately recall that “island consciousness” is different from “mainland consciousness”. The latter operates out of the collective viewpoint of a mass particle kind of psychology. The former operates out of an individual consciousness which apparently has incarnated in the soul of the inhabitant of that island. How this consciousness finds its way into the collective is not shown.

Now I see a dark view of the head of the man who starred in the alien invasion movie Independence Day (he died recently at 61 from a heart attack). Then I see a huge flying insect like a grasshopper, moving from East to West in the center of the view, on the background of an Apocalyptic sky. Comment: Such giant insects were featured in the 1957 movie Beginning Of The End. They became gigantic (bus sized) because they had consumed radioactive crops (read: Logos ego radiations infected the VNS with its willfulness - creating gigantism = repressed VNS influence) and now sought to eat humans because the crops were gone. To be eaten by the VNS, the feminine principle of the Eros Self is the threat. The vegetative body, mirrored by the grasshopper seeks to have its effects included in the opus.
Grasshopper.jpg [ 40.66 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

I observe a close-up view of the chest area of a woman from her NW area. An apocalyptic colored sky is in the background behind her. She wears a red garment having a yellow-gold blouse underneath (Ra colors).

In the darkness, I observe a human form covered head to toe in a white garment whose body is angled 45-degrees such that the head is in the NE in the view. I cannot see the darkened face.

Down below in the SW of the view I observe a top view of a right hand and forearm gripping something. The arm is at a 45-degree angle and seems to come from the center of the view.

I observe a pair of scissors cutting into a color image of a page in a magazine. It looks like a view of a bluish asteroid on a black background and the left side of the asteroid is being clipped. Comment: Clipping the left side comes up again later in this post when I see the top left side of a Hershey candy kiss is clipped. An effect coming from the feminine principle is meant.

I am observing the railing area on the deck of an old-style ocean liner (the Queen Mary?) where I see an old wood three plank bench seat is attached to the deck floor all along the side of the railing; using the railing as a back rest.

I see Kim Jong-un standing facing me with his hands held casually gripping each other behind his back (as if to suggest his hands “hold” the chakras in the feminine principle, the lower 3 chakras). He has a trim build (not overweight). The Kim Jong-un part of Gregory’s subtle body is on good terms with his outlook, his consciousness. Hostile brother’s no more. Comment: The unleashing of a nuclear war is in Kim Jong-un’s hands in the outer situation. It seems as an inner aspect it could unleash an inner release of the psychophysical radiations of the World Soul. A constructive will-less inner Trump presidency Rainmaker effect it seems versus the destructive will-full outer Trump presidency Rainmaker effect if he attacks the North Korea underground nuclear sites. Trump’s Got a Mega-Bomb Designed to Hit North Korea’s Deep Underground Facilities
Trumpapocalypse.jpg [ 52.82 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

Will It Be ‘A Trump’ or ‘A TRUMPED’ Apocalypse?
Will It Be a Death or Life Apocalypse?
I hear, “Amy knows Grand Doss.” Then I see a left profile view of a young girl in the NE of about three as if she is Amy at that age. She has a peculiar look on her face as if that “name” is meaningful to her. Comment: Amy is my 44-year-old daughter who represents the inferior FN aspect of my psychology which I find access to via my inferior function located in the SW by entering an Eros ego meditative state. To do so I have had to enter my profane monastery located in Weed, CA on the outer level and located in the desert of my soul on the inner level.

Doss - an instance of sleeping in rough or inexpensive accommodations.


I am a part of a pastoral group overseeing the growth and education of a young 15-year-old adolescent (the philosopher’s son it seems). I had made some input following the pastor’s input. The pastor became upset at my input and did not want it to be part of the advice going forwards. Then another member of the group challenged me on my input. He then made his input and so I agreed that we should go ahead with his input.

End of Dream

In the darkness, I see the upper end of a cigarette in a vertical position as if it is at the 12 o’clock hour. The tobacco has been tamped down as it is well below the top of the paper. Comment: In my youth I saw people bang the end to be lighted on a flat surface in order to “tamp down” the tobacco. It compacts the tobacco down making the cigarette burn slower and more evenly. Extraction of the psychophysical radiations (wisdom) of the World Soul from matter is meant.

I am recalling the Charlie Hebdo cartoon showing Hitler behind the image of a drugged or happy drunk appearing Logos Christ figure as noted in ’Evil’ Is Winning – 13 May 2016 when discussing the following image concerning “The 2nd coming of Christ” that appeared in the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo publication. Then I recall the image of Thomas Singer of a gorilla looking Trump which I connected to being next to Hitler who was behind the left shoulder of this Logos Christ figure, representing the chthonic shadow aspects of the Logos Christ. I interpret the drunken Logos Christ as a need for him to enter an Eros Christ consciousness which can integrate the shadow cast by the Logos Christ. It’s as if when the opus goes deep enough, to the realm of the World Soul, the unus mundus, the opposites then need to be united in the outer world. That will evolve the consciousness on “the planet of the apes” for the purpose of the renewal of the Christian archetype. These images were expanded on in The Ural Mountains – January 2017. Comment: Eros is about joining, “the ligament of lovE” according to the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio. A great deal of emphasis in my material is on incarnation in the NW. What is seen in the inner world must materialize eventually as a result in the outer world. Since we have been on vacation in Victoria, BC this year (starting 20 June and will end mid-October), which is in the Pacific NW (where a mega-quake/mega-tsunami is overdo to occur with the last one 317 years ago - sums to 11; a metaphor for a psychic mega-quake/mega-tsunami upheaval), I have periodically been experiencing the sensation of discomfort in my right knee (masculine side; incarnated side) - something I had never experienced before in my 77 years of life. This could be a meaningful coincidence, a synchronicity. Psychologically, it is as if the new births in Eros ego consciousness are taking place as if they are mild childbirth pains in this knee. Since I have never had such a problem in this knee before, I note this body sensation since my material is heavily involved in birthing the unio corporalis. Of course, it is likely that as I become older increases in bodily pains can be expected in my physical body. Nevertheless, it seemed important to consider the psychosomatic aspect of the opus for it may be connected to my subtle body development.
Hitler Gorilla.jpg
Hitler Gorilla.jpg [ 59.52 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

The SHADOW of the Logos Christ
I see a portion of a clear plastic bag containing ripe tomatoes with the green star shaped stems still attached. Comment: I see that tomatoes typically have a six-star-shaped-stem. Their very narrow V-shaped hypodermic needle like rays remind me of that seen on a clock face for a Planck Second which has now been connected to the timeless realm of the unus mundus (which has spaceless aka Planck Length and timeless aka Planck Second quality) and the twin star births of Ra and Christ consciousness from a “big bang” creation event in the heart chakra. Further, to the tips of the green head and horns on the bull head of the DOOM Cyberdemon (a Pan figure) whose horn tips were connected to the Planck Second shape. The truncation of those horn tips have been connected to the truncation of a cucumber which exposed its white interior and thus its white teardrop shaped (Holy Spirit shapes) seeds of light.
Tomato Six Star Stem.jpg
Tomato Six Star Stem.jpg [ 25.92 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

Sun. 30 July 2017

I am looking down at a middle-aged white woman’s left foot in the darkness that seems to be my own foot given the viewing angle. The toes are slightly bent – giving the foot a convex appearance; a connection to the convex shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. It is very illuminated and thus easy to see. The standpoint of what supports me from the viewpoint of the feminine principle is being revealed; meaning that the World Soul has put Her heart on the line in this sacrifice.

At night, I am walking on a lawn between two high rise apartment buildings (One on the North side and the other on the South side) and come to a dirt path that connects them (bridging the opposites; Logos and Eros). The scene reminds me of where we are staying in Victoria which is located on Superior Street. Then, I am in the same kind of night time scene looking at Superior Street but from in front of the South building where we are staying.

In the darkness, I see a right profile view of a man holding what looks like travel brochures in his hands as he stands in the NE corner of a room.

Then in the darkness, I see the back side of an elderly white man from his SW area who wears a train conductor uniform. Comment: Trains in my visions have been connected to be “death trains” as in the holocaust usage and as in carrying the dying old King into the unus mundus for his potential rebirth. I had a 1999 dream in which I saw Einstein with a putrefying head boarding what was known to be “the death train.” Looking out along the length of a railroad track gives one the impression of looking to infinity; it’s a “bridging of the opposites” enterprise.
Bridging The Opposites.jpg
Bridging The Opposites.jpg [ 50.42 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

In the darkness, I am looking at a close up view of a dinner fork whose tines are mostly melted by the FIRE into which they have been inserted. Eating of a renewed Ra consciousness from the lower 3 chakras is meant.

I am observing a daylight outdoor setting of a large, natural circular arc recessed area in the earth having a few tall trees on its periphery. The focus is on the three black calves lying with their backs (recently born it seems) to me on the ground in this recessed area. Some men are walking through.

I am recalling how light can display wave-particle duality; which one depends on how it is observed.

I seem to be in outer space observing a white disk-shaped asteroid rotating clockwise as it approaches my location. Its orientation gives the impression of being a car tire (which gives the asteroid a wedding ring torus connection) rolling towards me.

I see a cylindrical shaped bundle of many cooked half-width stripes of bacon which has that red-yellow Ra color. They remind me of “ties” one uses in a produce market to seal the end of clear plastic bags of (green) produce a shopper purchases.

I hear, “We have a problem.” Comment: As I type this in I am reminded of the comment made by the astronaut on board Apollo 13, the third attempt to land on the moon, “Huston, we have a problem.” A fuel tank had over pressurized and exploded.

Then I see a long rectangular “Messianic” banquet table covered with a white tablecloth, place settings, candles and flowers that is sitting outside in a garden area between two tall apartment buildings. It looks able to seat eight couples. I stand by the West end while looking out towards its East end. Comment: Eight is an individuation number. It seems eight HermAphrodites are to partake of this banquet.

I am standing in a dark living room observing the wood floor planking that has Ra colors. These planks of wood remind me of the half-width strips of cooked bacon seen earlier in this post.

In a twilight view I am looking at the entrance to a ground floor apartment that has a long rectangular shaped interior layout (as if made from a shipping container or a railroad car). There are four concrete steps that lead to the concrete landing in front of the front door of this used red brick building. Comment: Railroad car shape is being connected to eating at a Messianic Banquet table.

In the darkness, I see a right hand gripping the emergency brake in a car which is pulled up as far as it can go. I observe from the driver’s NE area. Comment: Logos ego needs to put on the emergency brake – it has become too one-sided.

I am standing on a slightly downward sloping white cement driveway at the end of a cul-de-sac where I see a line of young boys of mixed ethnicities in a convex shape as they stand by the curve formed by the curb and driveway apron in front of this driveway. What is involved in the heart sacrifice stone; a union of the opposites, of black and white, of East and West. Comment: The cul-de-sac reminds me of how Jung characterized our time in history. We have reached a cul-de-sac and must make a 180 degree turn; meaning the Logos ego is only half the picture in our psychological development.

In daylight, I am looking down at the top back of one of the yellow kitchen table chairs used during my first marriage – the one I used to sit in it seems. A small region of the yellow paint has chipped; revealing white underneath and then bare wood. The table cloth that covered that round table was always red. This Ra color scheme was chosen by my first wife. This table typically had four chairs around it.

I am in a work environment like engineering and MC (has Buddha belly) is here. He has brought me lunch consisting of a small carton of cream for coffee and two half-pints of milk. Further there are two sandwiches on wheat bread. MC is working on helping a young man who has committed a crime. Comment: MC and I often did not get along during our careers. He was very competitive. Over the years I have dreamed of him often and it was always a “hostile brothers” situation. It seems that inner relationship has improved. The young lad accused of a crime could be the philosopher’s son created by my opus; it always feels like a crime to “steal” enlightening fire from the God’s.


I am an active participant helping to set up an electro-mechanical robotic football game. Two side-by-side identical robots are being built that resemble a formation of players using broad white tape suspended above the gridiron at a scrimmage line. Strange but a large yellow electrical cable screws into a cylindrical adapter on one end of the football. The game with the opposing team has already begun but our robots are not ready to play.

End of Dream

Comment: The cord attached to the football looked like the following image except the cord was much larger in diameter that this football throwing trainer with elastic cord on a waist belt strap. A lemon juice container (as a grenade) was seen lying on its side in Wine From The First Days Of Creation – as if it is a football. The green cap would allow the contents to flow out. Apparently, those contents are electrical in nature. Eros Christ consciousness it seems.
Football Throwing Trainer.jpg
Football Throwing Trainer.jpg [ 26.72 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

In darkness, I see a mark being place in the four corners of a vertical rectangular flat surface and then something is placed in its center.

I see an artistic flat metal design made from stainless steel. It looks like a pair of human legs with a small portion of the pelvis area. The legs appear to be walking towards me with the knees bent to an unusual degree; as if there is a knee problem. Comment: When I look for an image I come across a “gently dancing” Shiva (associated with the creation of the world) whose “bent at the knee legs” very closely match those seen in the vision. Maybe this is why my right knee is in discomfort since vacationing in Victoria, BC here in the Pacific NW. My left knee is not involved. Subtle body sensations manifesting as physical body sensations? The “creation of the world” aspect of this image reminds me of having cast an I Ching in 2006; consulting the oracle told me that my dreams and visions would lead to Hexagram #1 (new creation) and therefore I must persevere in being a good scribe.
Dancing Hexagram 1.jpg
Dancing Hexagram 1.jpg [ 25.43 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

The two most common forms of Shiva's dance are the Lasya (the gentle form of dance), associated with the creation of the world, and the Tandava (the violent and dangerous dance), associated with the destruction of weary worldviews - weary perspectives and lifestyles. In essence, the Lasya and the Tandava are just two aspects of Shiva's nature; for he destroys in order to create, tearing down to build again.

I am looking up at the bottom of a clear glass surface where I see an extended index fingertip pushed vertically downwards onto the glass. Comment: When I saw the following image I immediately knew this was the one. It has the Sistine Chapel creation of consciousness aspect.
Index Fingertip Creation.jpg
Index Fingertip Creation.jpg [ 21.17 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

I am looking down into an open, rectangular, tan cardboard (Pandora) box covered with clear plastic. The view is restricted to the North side of the box. The bottom of the box is covered with a single layer of ripe tomatoes with the six-pointed green stars attached. A tomato at the due North or Doomsday Hour location is missing. Comment: Previously this box has appeared empty of all of Pandora’s ills and plagues and according to Pandora only hope was left inside. Hope as ripe tomatoes with six-pointed green star stems it seems; lovE-fruits from Paradise. Hope is being measured on the outcome of a lovE flow of psychophysical radiations from the hole in the heart chakra is meant.

I am observing a small clear plastic container in the shape of a truncated cone. It is filled with a red substance that looks like ketchup (read: ketch-up). New matter-psyche that will help one catch up with the development of their subtle body growth (Evol-ve their consciousness) with these lovE-fruits. This seems to be the made from the missing tomato in Pandora’s box. This container was falling into an open white toilet bowl as if it is connected to an effect of the World Soul sitting on Her potty chair and flushing new births of consciousness into Spacetime.

I see a middle-aged man dressed in his deep blue police officer uniform without a hat who sits in the back seat (SE) of a car behind the front passenger seat (NE). He says, “Lemon and aid” as if addressing the driver of the car (NW) which is where I am observing him from. I guess he is the lemon and I am the aid. Together the words are meant to spell lemonade it seems. As a suffix -ade denotes an action that is completed. Comment: The body of the lemon sits in the back seat (unio corporalis) while the head (lemon juice container cap seen recently in Wine From The First Days Of Creation) sits in the driver’s seat. Lemon has the color of intuition in Jung’s psychology and “ade” would be green, the color of sensation and the color of the driver in his Pan aspect may be one way to understand this riddle correctly. They are irrational functions. The excluded third is always irrational according to Jung. An effect from the vegetative body is meant. Together these colors describe Eros Christ consciousness.
Lemon As Football.jpg
Lemon As Football.jpg [ 16.65 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

In the darkness, I see a Hershey candy kiss sitting on the dark floor. Something has sliced off its top at a 45-degree angle and a large white flame is seen shooting out of the cut on the left side which extends above it as if that cut has released FIRE. I immediately recall the image of the light cone cutting through the heart chakra man as seen in The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse. Fire released from yin or Prakriti the goddess seems meant. Comment: I notice that the candy kiss (light cone shape) has what could be construed as a foreshortened hypodermic needle on the end of a cutoff syringe.
Cone Candy Kiss.jpg
Cone Candy Kiss.jpg [ 44.64 KiB | Viewed 539 times ]

A young woman approaches me from out of the NW in the view. She has large hips (large hips make for easy child birth) and wears tan pants with a dark blue blouse having small, regular spaced, colorful splotches in the fabric as if stars or galaxies. Comment: Her tan pants suddenly had me recall the dancing legs (Dancing Shiva) seen earlier in this post which were connected to new creation. I see that Scientists photograph BIRTH OF TIME with astonishing new dark matter camera which shows how the universe look 200 million years after its creation. That colorful pattern on a dark blue background reminds me of that seen on this young woman’s blouse as seen in the following time-line image of the unfolding of the creation of our universe.
Universe Unfolding.jpg
Universe Unfolding.jpg [ 34.76 KiB | Viewed 535 times ]


PS Shall We Fight Them All? During my aerospace career I worked on the engineering of the B1-B bomber. In a January 2011 vision, the inner meaning of this bomber was seen to be interacting with the water (read: 2nd chakra, the sex/water chakra) as if it were going to drop a barrel bomb and cause a dam (of damned up matter-psyche) to burst during an inner Trump presidency won by Gregory. This would release a constructive evolution of consciousness on the planet of the apes. The outer Trump presidency unleashing this bomber will create a very destructive evolution of consciousness on the planet of the apes.
B1-B Conundrum.jpg
B1-B Conundrum.jpg [ 65.08 KiB | Viewed 506 times ]

DEATH STAR Or Health Star Apocalypse
Sunday (30 July 2017), U.S. B-1B bombers flew over Korea, and the Pacific air commander Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy warned his units were ready to hit North Korea with “rapid, lethal and overwhelming force.”

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Tues. 1 August 2017

In reality, while in the midst of starting a 30-minute walk I do twice a day, I suddenly sense what seems to be weakness in my hip muscles; they do not want to swing my legs forwards with the usual ease. Comment: Later I recall the vision of the young woman wearing tan slacks who had wide hips as shared at the end of my previous post Arrival. Wide hips should make childbirth less painful. But now I wonder if wrestling with the unconscious has managed to “injure” both of my subtle body hips; not just one hip like happened to Jacob who wrestled with the Logos Self. It seems it is a twin birth wrestling match I am dealing with that reconciles the split between the Logos and Eros Self in order to realize a new God-image such as found in the symbolism of the buckyball and in the Seal of Solomon to mention a couple. This “new creation” discomfort has apparently also been caused by too much Shiva dancing.

I am recalling the vision of being inside the syringe shaped hypodermic needle that had a Planck Length diameter end opening of 10-35 meters which corresponds to a Planck Second (10-43 seconds). That “circular” opening was irregular/rubbery as if Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle was in play. The opening appeared flatter in the vertical direction and wider in the horizontal and “wavy” at the circumference giving it a “rectangular” shape.
Hypodermic Syringe.jpg
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I continue to notice the recent increasing “flood” (tsunami?) of dreams and visions with today’s onslaught being even more so. It’s as if the Eros Self is working up to another (clitoris) “climax” of Her psychophysical radiations in my psyche after over 18 years of being swept along on this “freight train” that never seems to end. It’s “The Ordeal of the Apocalypse” that accompanies my individuation as I continue to deal with the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio.

I am recalling the exchange between Ten Bears (a Comanche chief who apparently received his name because he killed 10 grizzly bears) & Josey Wales (an outlaw played by Clint Eastwood) in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976). They are negotiating how they shall be with one another; whether they shall have life (live in peace) or fight to the death (have war). They decide on life. To seal the agreement, they slit the palms of their left hands and become “blood brothers.” Comment: Eastwood could be thought of as East-wood; a play on words using an Eros Self perspective in order to draw attention to the benefits of undertaking a Night Sea Journey to incorporate learning from the wisdom of the VNS (Vegetative Nervous System) using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. Like this Ra is renewed by effects from the vegetative body when it rises in the East. Ten Bears seems to represent one’s higher Eros Self. This reminds me that Chief Mountain Lake of the Hopi told Jung that they thought with their hearts.
Ten Bears.jpg
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Ten Bears: These things you say we will have, we already have.

Josey Wales: That's true. I ain't promising you nothing extra. I'm just giving you life and you're giving me life. And I'm saying that men can live together without butchering one another.

Ten Bears: It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all Comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from (the hearts of) men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life... or death. It shall be life.

I am recalling that not long after I began exchanging emails with Remo in 2002 that I figured I would be the CERN and generate psychophysical data that may include new physics which he could then use to continue to refine his theory that extends Jung’s psychology.

I am posed a question from within, “Was the candle worth the suffering?Comment: The suffering began with the breakup of our little family unit with the ending of my first marriage. I can see now that it has led to much growth in my consciousness as the course of my life trajectory changed in a beneficial way. This question also reminds me of my question, “Why does there have to be so much suffering in this world.” The answer I “heard” at the time was, “We know no other way.” Prodding humans onto potentially more meaningful life trajectories to try to fulfill a divine purpose seems meant as it seeks the evolution of consciousness on the planet of the apes.

I’m recalling Jung’s comment to Fr. Victor White, “(The Logos) Christ is still the valid symbol. Only God himself can "invalidate" him through the Paraclete.” (Letters II, pp. 33-38) Comment: Today I would summarize my experience with the Eros Self and its impact on my worldview by saying, “Only the Paraclete can relativize the worldview established by the Christian message of the Logos Christ.”

The many visions which follow (about 60 of them) are almost exclusively gray (black and white) images in darkness as if to convey aspects of the opus of which I am still unconscious. As a color, I find gray means “an unconscious content.” The “work” is never done. This ongoing unconsciousness sends “rumblings” through my physical body via aches and pains in joints it seems as noted later towards the end of this post. A few of the following visions are suddenly “understood” as the Eros Self continues to interpret Her own visions.


In the darkness, I am observing the backsides of four middle-aged women who stand next to each other with arms around waists or over shoulders. They are looking at something hidden in the darkness in front of them in this black and white gray view.

I see a man grasp, with his left hand, a handful of candies (Hershey candy kisses?) from an open container and then quickly drop them onto the floor by the NE corner of the table. Comment: It seems intuition (an irrational function) will help coagulate the meaning of the following 60 visions. But intuition cannot be conjured up; the acausal nature of the Eros Self will inspire or will not inspire. It’s a crap shoot.

Wolfgang Pauli suddenly appears in the darkness off my left shoulder and is quietly looking at me. He appears middle-aged. Comment: After slowly, painfully scribing all the visions that follow I suddenly realized why Pauli appeared. He was plagued by the “Pauli effect”; destructive events in physical reality would sometimes suddenly happen because he was not consciously able to integrate the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio. My brief physical sensations that have begun to plague me seem to be a connection to his experiences. In what follows there begins about 60 visions which are all in darkness and mostly gray scenes. I understand little of what they could mean. At the end, I experience a few more bodily discomforts in my joints and then a paranormal incident occurs. It caused me to connect it to the appearance of Pauli in this post. One’s opus is never perfectly understood. There is always more. Apparently, I understand enough so that nothing serious is happening to my body – just coming and goings of sensations to let me know the this is a work in progress.

I see a tall, slender, young woman wearing tight fitting dark clothes in a black and white view as she stands in front of me.

Down below in the darkness I am observing a block shaped 5-point star having a white face in this black and white view. The way it sits on the surface gives the impression of a human standing on two spread legs with hands on hips and elbows outwards from the sides. Comment: I recall my 10 January 2011 vision of a 5-pointed star that was connected to a clitoris. I saw the outlines of many colorful five-pointed stars in the blackness with each outline having a different color from the RAINBOW. Later, I read Remo’s post about the fifth dimension shared in Dream of Marie-Louise von Franz and the Clitoris – like this the following caption emerged. The clitoris of the World Soul emits psychophysical rainbow-colored radiations; something that will enhance the subtle body. I did not see Remo’s post until after this vision, so it seemed to be a meaningful coincidence. A couple of weeks later a star within a star appeared along with a handless clock face. It seems the smaller star represents the Logos Self (unio mentalis) and the larger star in the foreground represents the Eros Self (unio corporalis). From the small, dark circular center of the large star face where the hands would normally be attached – I saw that a thin layer of (alchemical) gold begin to gild the larger clocks surface in an irregular manner; giving the gold the appearance of being an emerging effect from the lower sun. This flow was coming from the “black hole”, the space-less, time-less realm of the unus mundus; what I had been referring to as the edge of the circle of time where time will blink, connecting it to Planck Length & Planck Time. It’s a Midas touch effect. Like this effects from my opus gilds Spacetime, incarnates in the NW from out of the NE Her psychophysical radiations that are incorruptible aspects of higher consciousness.
Stargate Clitoris.jpg
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Stargate Clitoris Enlightenment
I see a voluptuous colored cartoon drawing of a young woman that immediately reminds me of the one in the cartoon strip Li’l Abner. She liked to smoke a corn cob pipe. She is sitting in a provocative manner and wears pale red tight-fitting pants and a pale green (lime colored) blouse; the colors on the ends of the heart chakra wormhole seen in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. Comment: The influence of the vegetative body flowing through the heart charka nourishes one’s Ra standpoint seems meant.
Lil Abner.jpg
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I see a large dark shallow bowl that appears to be a portion of the surface of a sphere. The circumference has a few small rectangular evenly space notches. The bowl contains a whitish-yellowish pasty or paint looking medium.

In the darkness, I see two middle-aged bald-headed men who begin to have anal sex.

I observe down below thin pink lines that appear to outline the top of a woman’s purse.

I hear a phone call that announces that a theft has been reported on the docks of a riverfront.

In the darkness, from the right shoe side, I see the heel area of a pair of side-by-side white tennis shoes like I wear. A pale, lime green, colored sharpened wood pencil tip area is seen lying on the floor parallel to the side of the left shoe that protrudes past the heel area. Comment: The slit heel on the World Soul in a 2007 vision bled luminous green predator blood. A high heel green shoe with gold trim was seen in a September 2010 vision. The colors convey that the standpoint of the left foot is connected to Eros Christ consciousness which will affect the renewal of Ra consciousness.
Shoes High Heel.jpg
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I hear, “Why would you do it?” And then I see a tall, thin middle-aged man with his hands cuffed behind his back; constrained to the scribing of the messages from the lower 3 chakras it seems. “Robbing them” of their wisdom in order to create a relativized worldview that incorporates the unio mentalis and the unio corporalis stages of the coniunctio as an irrational excluded third; the location of where the diamond body is formed.
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I see a man stabbed in the guts; he falls to the ground dying.

I hear a woman say, “I found him.” A man says, “Where did you find my kid brother?”

I see the vertical tail on a fighter aircraft as if I view it from the left-wing area.

I hear, “a millennium supply” and then I see a scarlet jacket tossed onto the dark earth. Comment: The color combination suggests a need to enter the SW or the inferior function. The Great Whore of Babylon was connected to the scarlet color.

I see a football slightly tipped forwards as it rests on the ground as if ready for kickoff – something that is done at the start of a game and after half-time. Such a shallow angled ball facing the foot is bound to cause the ball to bounce along on the ground when kicked. An unusual opening gambit that could cause the opposing team to fumble the ball.

I see a close-up oblique view of what looks to be an unusually long rusty railroad spike.
Railroad Spike.jpg
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I see a woman angrily yelling at a man.

I see a very tall, slender human bent at the knees and wearing shorts who is slowly walking forwards from a patio by a commercial building.

Down below I see a yellow tennis ball having its black construction lines in its surface. It rests in a shallow groove in an inclined steel metal surface.

I see a spoon style fishing lure that is yellow with black dirt splotches along its NW area. Strange, but I don’t see a fish hook on its broader end. The fishing line eyelet end is stuck into the ground as if a football to be kicked. The image also reminds me of the landing posture of the UFO in Arrival; as if this spaceship brings dirt to be integrated in the NW.
Fishing Lure.jpg
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I see many empty clear glass wine bottles being placed along the North end of an open tan cardboard box of rectangular shape. I recognize the bottles to be like the one’s chardonnay wine (rite of passage wine) comes in. It’s another aspect of the hope that is left in Pandora’s box after all the ills and plagues have been released. It joins tomatoes called lovE-fruits. Comment: Later in this post a box filled with Jung’s Collected Works will be seen; adding another aspect to the hope left in Pandora’s box. A couple of men will be seen sitting in open boxes suggesting another aspect of the hope left in the box as if “God needs man to help in this evolution of consciousness.”

There is an interest in the behavior of the people in the capital as I observe two men walking along on a sidewalk.

I hear, “Mission. There is nothing but training mission ready employees.”

I see a quarter circle of black pipe in the NE of the blackness. It is composed of several short pieces coupled together by flanges. It reminds me of a portion of the Tomahawk fusion reactor design which is a ring torus. A ring torus has been connected to being formed by a double wedding bands that are at a 90-degree angle to each other.
Fusion Reactor.jpg
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I hear, “Alaska is violently…” and then I see a tall, thin, naked man putting on shorts in a store as he stands in the NW of the view. Comment: Alaska was violently shaken by a 9.2 mega-quake on Good Friday in 1964 or 53 (=’s 8 the individuation number) years ago. I see that there is expectation of another mega-quake in the SW of Alaska. Alaska SW faces High Risk Of Deadly Mega-Quake Induced Mega-Tsunamis This reminds me that the Pacific NW is overdue to be violently shaken by a mega-quake.

I see a large black serving spoon that had a pile of three pancake looking objects on its surface. It is so dark in the view that I cannot make out any colors. It is held above the left arm rest on the recliner in our apartment in Victoria, BC. One falls off and onto an end table by the NW corner of the recliner. Comment: A pancake has been connected to something a mega-quake does to buildings like what happened on 3/11/11 in Japan’s mega-quake. Destroying existing structures means that support for one’s Logos ego worldview will be removed; new structures will have to be built.

I see a bald-headed man in the NE who is smiling at me.

I see a man standing in an open doorway who is pulling his pants down and bending over 90-degrees. “Mooning” me it seems.

Something about Brexit.

I see a man from behind his right area that is holding a corn cob in pinchers with his left hand. One end of the cob is towards the NW while the other is towards the SE. A truncated Arrival UFO comes to mind. Further, to the sexy lady in Li’l Abner who smokes a corn cob pipe. It’s as if these connections suggest that the UFO brings Eros Christ consciousness psychophysical radiations. This is why it is important to accept the “tool” these alien beings offered humanity; it will relativize your Logos Christ consciousness.

Suddenly, I sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit decreasing as if this meditation is coming to a close. It has been a very strong anointing this first hour.

In the darkness above I dimly see a five-pointed star. I recall that the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of the Logos Christ. This time around it announces the birth of the Eros Christ.

In the darkness, I see the stem and a portion of the upper part of a wine glass that looks like half an oval shape. The base is into the NW while the other end is towards the SE. I recall the following double wine glass image whose “football” shaped center contains the unus mundus as seen in The Witch’s Hammer Effect – 29 November 2014. This style wine glass is used to serve chardonnay (rite of passage) wine. The glass from the SE serves blue wine (Avatar colored) while the one in the NW serves red wine (Ra colored). The bases are understood to represent wormhole openings.
Glass Wine Two.jpg
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I am underneath a carport roof looking at a configuration of open “empty” boxes that are in a numeral 7 configuration and sitting on a dark concrete surface. The flaps on the top of the “Pandora” boxes have been cut off. A man sits in the box at the end of the horizontal part of the 7 not connected to the stem and is in the NW of the view. Another man sits in the box at the base of the stem and is in the SE of the view. The men are looking at me and smiling. Comment: Another aspect of hope that remains in Pandora’s box. That humanity will help her; be co-creators of higher consciousness.

In the darkness, I see a shallow circular transparent “dish” in the NE having three fingertips of a right hand touching into its center. Comment: This reminds me of putting my fingertips in Holy Water in order to make the sign of the cross over my body. Further, to the Iranian “three fingers of the Apocalypse” salute that came up earlier this year in UFO Tricycle Rider Abduction.
Iran Three Fingers of the Apocalypse.jpg
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I see a man from his NW area that is dressed only in shorts whose legs are bent at the knee by 90-degrees. He is sitting on a toilet in the darkness.

I am standing behind the naked left leg of a young woman that is sticking into the view – the rest of her body is hidden. The shin part of the leg is in contact with the ground while the thigh angles upwards; suggesting her body lies on a flat surface hidden from the view.

I see the backside of a young woman wearing shorts which are blue washed out jeans.

I hear a woman say, “You need this.” Then I see a large transparent liter sized empty bottle like soda pop is placed in.

I see what looks like a hand-hold one uses when standing and riding a subway. It looks like a truncated end of an oval. The end of this “oval” is pointed to the NW.
Hand Hold.jpg
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I see the open passenger side door on a car. On the ground by it are several containers having clear plastic lids like soft drinks come in. A different solid color medium is in each of the various containers that number about six or seven.

I have the impression, “She ain’t heavy, she’s my partner”. Then I see I am going through the middle between two swinging glass doors, each of which is opened to a 45-degree angle. There is a man standing on the other side in this black and white scene. Comment: The partially opened doors form the shape of a truncated light cone.

I see a slender young woman in the darkness along the West side in a room. She wears a pink, tight fitting knitted knee-high dress. Her hair is dark and forms an oval (like the UFO in Arrival) whose ends over-hang the front and back of her head in the right profile view. Her head is in the NW of the view.

I am recalling that my wife in reality said to me on 1 August 2017, “You should let your hair grow and pull it into a pony tail.” Comment: Psychologically understood this would mean that I should help the mana of my knowing to continue to increase for it could then be expressed as having formed a more primitive man appearance; reflecting the integration of the chthonic aspects of the Eros Self.

I am looking down at a black frying pan sitting on the SE burner of a four-burner kitchen stove. The "pony tail shaped" handle points to the NE. Comment: Understanding this vision suddenly came to me as I was proofreading this post a day after I had posted it on the unus mundus forum. This “delay” in understanding shows the acausal manner in which the World Soul interprets Her visions. It’s a crap shoot. It’s like going to Las Vegas. One is at the mercy of the acausal Nature of the Eros Self. The following image seems to convey a top view of “the head in the belly” (SE) with the ears as the two “pouring notches” on its side. The knowing of the head is being “cooked” in the belly brain is meant; something that will bring wholeness.
Frying Pan.jpg
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I am observing a man in a small raft out alone on the vast ocean. He has run out of water but has caught a sea gull which he was going to eat – the flesh would give him some moisture. But it begins to rain and he collects a huge amount of water. Comment: Sea gulls were seen in a 2007 vision accompanying Apophis (the destroyer of worlds) in a desert scene.

In the darkness, I see a woman mostly in silhouette who is walking away from me in a residential area and is crossing a street. It looks like Simcoe Street here in James Bay of Victoria, BC. Her shorts are deep blue and have thin red evenly spaced vertical lines in the fabric. Red is under blue it seems; colors that have been connected to turbulent (aerated) water and to LovE.

Simcoe is the name of the man who initiated the abolishment of slavery in Canada.

In the darkness, I see a larger version of a little red with white trim wagon filled with large bottles holding different colored liquids. It is mostly in silhouette but I see the one bottle holds a lime green liquid.

Something about “reconciliation” and then I see in a darkened room a tan rectangular cardboard box sitting in the NE corner of a room that has an open top. It is filled with Jung’s Collected Works. Comment: Another aspect the hope left in Pandora’s box.

Now I am noticing a sensation of discomfort in the joints of my hands (I don’t have this sensation normally in my every day existence but it joins the litany of my other recent joint complaints of discomfort in my hips and knees). Then I am recalling what MLvF said in an interview; that she got too close to a divine secret and suffered a lasting body affliction because of it (Parkinson’s). The divine secret, I was told by my Jungian analysist at the time, was probably immortality because she had just finished writing On Dreams and Death (1987). Immortality of the subtle body for the long life in the Beyond includes not just the unio mentalis but also the unio corporalis at our time in history. Comment: A few years before MLvF died Lore Zeller (of the Jung Institute in LA) told me she had a chance to visit with von Franz in the early 1990’s and that for her to be able to go to bed she was so stiff she just let herself fall backwards onto it. I guess she had arthritis which created stiffness in her joints. When working on the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio one can have dangerous physical conditions set up in the physical body. If one does not find a certain right attitude with which to approach the Eros Self physical problems can manifest in the physical body. Suffering the wounds that accompany Eros Christ consciousness it seems. If this stage of the coniunctio is able to be consciously understood there should not be lasting bodily afflictions. I consciously understand some of what comes into my view through my dreams and visions but not nearly deeply enough, seems to be the message. My introduction near the beginning of this post about the flood of material, all in black and white, that was about to be shared has bearing here for it means most of it is not properly understood. The return of the soul to the body, which presumably has been purified, should complete the subtle body reanimation but not without some complaints; it’s not a perfect process.

Now I notice that the last joint in the pinky finger on my right hand is suddenly manifesting a sensation of discomfort in that joint. I recall that my left pinky finger was inserted into a circular opening in the bottom of a small stainless-steel cube in Finding My Proper Hat Size. This fingertip has a green wooden key connected to it; something that could open the lovE letters to one’s soul from the World Soul. The right pinky finger has a yellow-gold key (the colors of the Eros ego; I was in Love at the time and so even though I am a thinking type in my psychology I was possessed by my feeling function and thus in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness) connected to it which opened the green with brass trim footlocker where I stored the Love letters from my high school sweetheart. Consciously trying to understand the World Soul's lovE letters as new incarnation in the NW seems to bring on this brief discomfort.
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I am observing a vegetable sized can that has a mostly dark pink label on a white background. I am looking down at a side view of it. I hold it in my right hand (my “ghost” subtle body hand) and as I raise my hand from my abdominal area I see the can move up towards my face. Strange, but it passes through the heavy blanket that covers my body I am using while I meditate. I then lift my voice recorder and it too passes through the blanket which I now notice is pink (the blanket is dark green in reality). I wear a black eyeshade – so how can I see I wonder? (not aware I am deep in the Eros ego state) I interrupt the meditation and literally lift my eyeshade and look but all I see is the darkness that cloaks the room for it is about 3 in the morning. Comment: I have not had such an experience before. It reminds me of the disappearance and reappearance of my computer mouse years ago that happened in reality. Paranormal phenomena accompany the unio corporalis stage of the opus is meant. Something Wolfgang Pauli had often destructively experienced in his outer environment (but which should have been constructively experienced as an inner reality if he could have accomplished the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio) as I noted earlier in this post when he appeared in the darkness in a gray view. Integrating the unio corporalis should bring feeling to my subtle body; a constructive inner development that does not manifest as a destructive outer disturbance in the physical environment as it did with Pauli. During the unio mentalis stage of the subtle body development (the Christian eon), I suddenly realize, was always pictured as cloaked in a white garment of the saints. But now feeling (redness) tinges it pink seems meant; where pink is the color of the coniunctio in my material.


I am with a lot of other people. A church group it seems. My high school sweetheart is nearby (at the age of 17). She has a young lad of about three years of age with her. The young lad addresses me saying, “Why don’t you have a nice-looking baby sitter for your kids?” I replied, “Boy, I would sure like one. I was thinking of asking your mother.”

The boy then comes up to me and kisses me; pushing the tip of his tongue partly between my lips. Surprised at this “French kiss” I said, “Who taught you to do that?” He replied, “I saw some teachers doing that to each other.”

End of Dream

A French kiss, also known as a deep kiss, is an amorous kiss in which the participants' tongues extend to touch each other's lips or tongue. The implication is of a slow, passionate kiss which is considered intimate, romantic, erotic or sexual.

I hear a man singing while playing a guitar. Then I see him kissing another man who is wearing a cyan shirt.

I see a young lad in a blue jump suit. He is my son which I had with my (inner) high school sweetheart it seems.

Briefly in the darkness I see an orange dragon behind a lovely woman in orange clothes as if she is a Buddhist.

I see an Avatar colored bird.

I see a thick book that has an Avatar colored cover. The book reminds me of a bible for some reason. A record of my dreams and visions seems meant; my personal scriptures from the Avatar Maker.

I see a tall black woman as if a native African who is very colorfully dressed head to toe. Her head scarf is purple and has white polka dots in the fabric.

I am observing the top of my wife’s head who is lying on a couch with her head up on its arm rest.

Wed. 2 August 2017

I am observing a black and white scene of city streets while standing on a side walk. I see people and cars moving about. The scene reminds me of the black and white movie that featured giant grasshoppers eating people in such a city street in the movie The Beginning of the End (1957). Instead of seeing grasshoppers I see a white fog that begins to fill the air. It grows and grows until a “white-out” condition prevails. I have the impression that the Red Barron is flying his crop duster overhead.
Grasshopper.jpg [ 27.16 KiB | Viewed 518 times ]

Comment: This vision suggests that a change in circumstance has occurred. The giant grasshopper problem caused by too much radiation from the Logos ego has found an antidote; consciousness.


I am on a farm, standing out in the middle of a large pasture with the lovely young woman who owns this place. I study the layout of the pasture – it looks to be about a 100 acres of cleared land in the shape of a huge cross that is bordered by a forest of trees. Her dogs and two white horses are with us.

Then I notice my oldest brother is about to fight a large bully of a man. I worry but my brother signals he can over-come him which he does.

End of Dream

Comment: Nature prevails, the feminine principle is nourished. My oldest brother is an Esau man; in touch with his natural instincts. He helps overcome the Logos ego part of my psychology. He helps me to integrate the wisdom of the vegetative body, overcoming the plague of locusts who became giant’s due to too much radiation from my Logos ego.


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Wed. 2 August 2017

I am observing the NW area of our apartment living room here in Victoria, BC where in a vision (with my eyes closed) I see at eye-level a counter-clockwise rotating ring torus of snowflakes that seem to be rotating about me as if I am at their center as I meditate in a recliner. This vision of snow immediately reminds me of the colors assigned to it. It’s a “Cold Day in Hell, before I make lovE with you” wedding band coniunctio product. I am at the center of the blue circle (suffering the hole in the heart chakra) and the World Soul is at the center of the red circle which traces out the ring torus shape. I guess this means that I should reverse the colors used in the following image to reflect the vision’s dynamic of Gregory being stationary and the World Soul being the one who circumambulates the empty “hole in the heart” in this wedded existence. I later recall that snowflakes can sometimes reflect sunlight into a “rainbow” of colors – something I have seen on occasion in my youth when walking in freshly falling snow in sunlight while doing my paper route. A possible connection to the Double Rainbow that appeared over the White House in Washington, DC on 3 August 2017 around 4 PM. If I had not seen the latter I would not have made the snowflake connection to rainbow colors. On 5 August 2017 I notice an alternant understanding would be that there is an invisible Black Hole in this center (in which Gregory and the World Soul are united) and a leakage of Hawking Radiation from it (a process of turning a Black Hole inside out into an accretion ring torus) gathers in a golden ring of new incorruptible subtle body matter for the diamond body in the symbolic form of a sparkling Merkabah which represents a union of masculine and feminine elements. Pauli’s World Clock vision comes to mind which was supported by a large flying black eagle which is symbolic of the union of introverted spirit (thinking) and matter. Trying to understand “new physics” here.
Golden Ring Sparkle.jpg
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The Bride Always Wears A Sparkling Diamond Ring
I was so surprised to wake up to four inches of snow with plenty still falling this Easter Sunday. A random survey of a minute’s worth of snowflakes on my dark-colored jacket revealed a variety of attractive six-sided and six-pointed shapes. Ice is a hexagonal crystal and can act like a prism in the right circumstances to spread or refract light into a rainbow of colors. Snow crystals (hexagon shape) do this too.

I see a man take a Pyrex high temperature glass cooking dish with lid from an oven by a man. Along half of one side I see a thick layer of blueberries. Strange, but they still look fresh (unchanged) for having been cooked. Comment: Cooking the Avatar aspect of the visions =’s trying to understand their meaning.
Pyrex Container.jpg
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I see a tall, thin black man with an Afro style hairdo sitting at a small rectangular white table for two. He sits by its NW area which is next to a wall in a mall restaurant.

I am experiencing the sensation of much warmth in my heart chakra.

I see Paul & Anne (my wife’s deceased parents) when they were out on a date before they married. I sense that they are thinking about getting married. Comment: They married on 20 September 1930 or almost 87 years ago.

I see an aluminum pie tin being used to serve food. A hemisphere of mashed potatoes on top of dark meat is located in its NW area while a serving of vegetable is in the SW area. Comment: The convex shape of the potatoes reminds me of the convex shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. I wonder if it is a cooked pound of flesh from the heart that is underneath the potatoes. Potatoes have been connected to a potato man in a tan skin. A need to tan the too white hide of the Logos ego came up in a December 2008 vision of a potato snowman.
Potato Dish.jpg
Potato Dish.jpg [ 35.96 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see a tall, slender man wearing a beige jacket walking into the North of the view on a city street.

I am viewing a new silver Porsche with a black roof from its SE area. It is parked by a curb on a busy street. Comment: The Porsche “coat of arms” logo is of interest. Six deer antlers are involved; three above and three below suggesting that the potency of the heart chakra is a union of the unio mentalis and unio corporalis. The yellow-orange color suggests a connection to Eros ego consciousness. The red & black colors are connected to the SW or the inferior function location. The black horse reminds me of the four black horse heart throb apocalypse image seen recently in The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse. The deer antlers (indicate the renewal of the Christian archetype) are along the NW-SE diagonal which reminds me of the conjoined chardonnay (rite of passage) wine glasses in this NW-SE orientation in my previous post Stargate Clitoris Apocalypse.
Porsche-Logo.jpg [ 38.41 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

The company’s headquarters have remained in Stuttgart, a city located in SW Germany that was built on a stud farm (a term for a horse-breeding farm, so “stud garden” in German is Stutt Garten, or Stuttgart). The antlers and the red/black stripes are taken from the state crest of Württemberg, where Stuttgart is located. The yellow has an orange hue to reflect the Württemberg-Hohenzollern state colors

I am descending a long flight of wide cement stairs with black anti slip safety strips on top while saying to a woman, “I am going home.” Apparently, I am going down into a subway to catch a train.

I see a fine white substance like sugar or salt flying through the air in a dark room.

I am observing a strange attachment to the second story on the outside of a very tall building. Outside stairs lead up to a large single story rectangular building. A wide orange colored cement walkway without guard railing surrounds three sides of the building. I was just inside this building and now I am descending the outside stairs.

I am observing the NW area of a stage down below which has three muscular young men in the midst of displaying their physical powers. They have the palm of their right hand placed flat onto the white stage floor while the toes on their feet also touch the floor. Like this their body is parallel to the floor. They are wearing black tee shirts and white shorts. Comment: From the Internet I see that this is one of the IRONMAN training exercises which reminds me of the metal worker in Greek mythology, Hephaestus, who was married to Aphrodite. Enhancing the subtle body is meant.
Ironman Training.jpg
Ironman Training.jpg [ 32.15 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

From Remo somewhere: Hephaistos - …is the blacksmith, and he is the one who knows the mysteries of how to make iron out of “earth,” of course a parallel motif to the making of gold out of lead in Medieval alchemy.

I am standing behind the SE corner of our white with black trim SUV in a nighttime scene while looking through the back window at the instrument panel in front of the driver’s side (NW) of the car. One of the black screens has pink text on it. The rest are blank and appear black.

I am looking down into a single tub stainless steel sink like in our apartment in Victoria. Many small streams of turbulent water are seen pouring into the sink from out of a swivel faucet nozzle aerator. They outline the surface of a rather wide cone – suggesting a light cone should have these colors. Comment: Shower heads have this spray pattern suggesting it is lovE that washes containments from skin (= soul, one’s worldview).
Swivel Faucet Nozzle Aerator.jpg
Swivel Faucet Nozzle Aerator.jpg [ 17.29 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see a 3# coffee tin having a blue surface with a white top. Comment: Maxwell House coffee comes in such a tin. The company's slogan is "Good to the last drop". What incarnates in the NW from out of the unus mundus is meant. “Wake up and smell the coffee” comes to mind.
Maxwell House Coffee.jpg
Maxwell House Coffee.jpg [ 34.73 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

Thurs. 3 August 2017

In reality, I just stubbed the little toes on my right foot in the dark as I was getting ready to sit down and meditate. The “pinky” toe throbbing made an impression as if it is connected to the discomfort I sensed in the pinky finger on my right hand which came up in my previous post and was linked to opening the lovE letters of the World Soul as an incarnated form of consciousness. I characterized it in that post as “Consciously trying to understand the World Soul’s lovE letters as new incarnation in the NW seems to bring on this brief discomfort.” Still stumbling around on empowering that one. It’s a painful process to let a will-less, spontaneous understanding of Her worldview be revealed.

I am recalling that the Lantern of the Telesphoros resides within the vesica piscis “football” shaped center of a spindle torus which is now known to be the size of a Planck Length of 10-35 meters which implies a Planck Second of 10-43 seconds; qualifying it as being in the spaceless, timeless realm of the unus mundus. This mean that what is revealed in my visions and dreams plumbs the deepest levels of matter; something CERN or future machines will never be able to do. Thus, psychophysically one who can enter this realm will be shown aspects of the deepest intentionality of the Eros Self.


I am with NS (a psychologist who I studied under when doing a Master’s degree in counseling psychology) in a well-lighted room. We go to a darkened room where she embraces and “French kisses” me.

End of Dream

Comment: Interacting with the feminine at a deeper psychological level is acknowledged.


I a man I know (but cannot remember) catches a football during a football game that turned out to be a black homunculus figure (the Lantern of the Telesphoros resides within a football shaped vesica piscis at the center of a spindle torus which contains a man). It was like he caught a home run in baseball came to mind. A hunchback youth was disappointed that he had not been able to catch the football because he was not fast enough. The crowd sighed because the youth was unsuccessful. The man who caught the “football” then wanted to give it to me.

End of Dream

Comment: The black homunculus figure looked like a blackened doughboy used in Pillsbury flour ads. In an December 2008 vision, I observed a doughboy being cooked in a camp fire (Ra colors); tanning his too white Logos ego skin was the goal. But now it has become a charcoal “blacking” it seems. My maternal grandmother always burnt her toast to charcoal slabs, saying that charcoal is good for your digestive system. The Logos ego man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros has been “singed” by the star birth of the new “big bang” creation event of Eros Christ consciousness.
Doughboys.jpg [ 33.53 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see an older man smoking a cigarette. He has a few day old white scruffy beard. He put on a beret style Naval blue hat on his head that has a dark blue ribbon attached to the back with a V-shaped notch in its end (a ponytail it seems). The V-shape suggests that this is a “Veronica’s veil” won hat. I am under the influence of the peculiar ideas of the Eros Self in the water chakra because I have “joined the navy and now ride the waves”.
Beret Navy Hat.jpg
Beret Navy Hat.jpg [ 25.46 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see a pair of (Navy) blue stockings lying over the NW corner of a flat square wood platform.

In the NE corner of a tan cardboard box I see several upside-down heavy thick beer mugs. Another aspect of the hope that resides in Pandora’s box.

I am observing across a city street in a city where I see floating on the other side the left side of the face of an elephant whose eye is in the center. The face moves from the NE to the NW in the view as if blown along by an invisible breeze. A man nearby is shooting a gun at its eye. Trying to accomplish an “elephant bullseye”. Comment: I wonder if this is connected to the use of my “ghost hand” vision which revealed my subtle body blanket was pink as noted in my previous post. Ganesha has four arms and has come up about six times in eleven years. Shiva dancing has paid off and produced a child with many abilities it seems. Remo uses “ghost hands” in his role as healer.
Ganesha Shiva Parvati.jpg
Ganesha Shiva Parvati.jpg [ 54.18 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati is Lord Shiva’s Shakti, his power. Once there was a competition between Ganesha and his brother as to see who could circumambulate the three worlds faster and hence win the fruit of knowledge. Skanda went off on a journey to cover the three worlds while Ganesha simply circumambulated his parents. When asked why he did so, he answered that his parents Shiva and Parvati constituted the three worlds and was thus given the fruit of knowledge.

I am observing my luminous bare right foot in the darkness below.

I see a man carrying a few long white packages in his left arm that could be weapons comes to mind. He rests their lower end on his left hip.

I see a rather white porcupine (white animals are sacred) walk over to the NW corner in the view and law down. It rolls over on its back exposing its vulnerable pink belly. Comment: It brings a quiver of “arrows”, a multiplicatio of them to produce holes in the hearts of humanity. It’s only vulnerability is its belly, as if to suggest entering the belly brain will be helpful.
Porcupine.jpg [ 71.38 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see an access code of five digits: 1740_ with the last numeral blurry. It is connected to blue and white colors.

I see a large curving structure as if from high up that is protecting a huge bay from the ocean waves it seems. Somewhere in Alaska.

I am looking up at the dark green canopy of a tree having a blue sky and white clouds in the background.

I see four roulette wheels with each in a square wood frame. They are snug against each other and form a large square. The wheels in the SE and NE are spinning. Their outcome is determined by where the white sphere (ball) drops. There are 37 numbers (0-36) on the single 0 wheel.

I see a two-story house full of light.

Something about how to obtain “shields” and win gold.

I see the words, Avery Solounghgr. (Avery Soul’n huger?)

Down below I see a casual white shoe that is rather luminous. It looks like one of my weather proof tan suede Thinsulate slippers. Then I am recalling the image of the Fire Sower. Comment: The tassel holds a short cylinder, a hockey puck has this shape as does nuclear fuel pellets. I guess that is why this foot is seen glowing white later on as if emitting gamma rays.
Slipper.jpg [ 31.11 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see a happy young woman with long curly red hair who wears black tight fitting pants and a scarlet coat.

I see a deep blue with white specks oval roaster pan with lid like my mother used to cook a turkey. Comment: Since the Lantern of the Telesphoros contains a man which represents the old Logos ego King; it means the soul of Gregory is being cooked; that tough old bird. The blue and white coloring suggests this is what will incarnate in the NW.
Roaster Pan.jpg
Roaster Pan.jpg [ 35.45 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I see the decorative upper part holding a Greek column in the blackness of the NW. It is pink. Comment: The “pillar of Glory” is no longer white but has been tinged with the red tincture, making it pink like the color of the pink blanket covering the subtle body seen in my previous post.
Greek Column.jpg
Greek Column.jpg [ 17.88 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

I have the impression that I am a poster child for the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio. Integrating the shadow of the Logos ego is meant.

In the darkness, I see a green plant whose red carnation looking flowers are arrayed as if they are “flames” on a menorah. The image contains the colors on either end of the wormhole representation for the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros.
Menorah.jpg [ 39.72 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

The menorah symbolized the ideal of universal enlightenment.


PS I see that a double rainbow has appeared over Trump’s White House in Washington, DC at around 4 PM; he was not there at the time. I mention this because it struck me that the higher RAINBOW is very faint (Logos) while the one closer to the ground (Eros) is very strong. Further, I suddenly recall the Sun-Moon chakra tree poses as a double rainbow of colors in my visions. Trying to read “the signs of the times aright”. Double rainbows are thought to symbolize a transformation in life. Rainbows, in a biblical understanding, are a sign of God’s covenant with his chosen people - Gregory’s winning of a constructive inner Trump presidency. The outer Trump presidency is a will-less Rainmaker activity according to the World Soul’s, “Trump Is God’s Instrument” which seems to suggest humanity will have to undergo the individuation process; a potentially very destructive business if not consciously understood. The Chinese meaning of a double rainbow is very telling.
Rainbow Double.jpg
Rainbow Double.jpg [ 69.67 KiB | Viewed 502 times ]

A Double RAINBOW Symbolizes A Transformation
In Chinese culture red is symbolic of the feet and violet represents the head. So, a Primary Rainbow (lower one) can be seen to illustrate a human descending from heaven (soul returning to body – a unio corporalis accomplishment). The secondary arc (upper one) in a Double Rainbow has reversed colors so, since the red is on the bottom and violet is on top, the human figure is ascending from the material earth to the spiritual heaven (a unio mentalis accomplishment). Therefore, seeing a Double Rainbow is considered a very auspicious occasion and a reason for reflection and meditation.

Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:25 am
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Post On Seeking A Be-Witched Inner Trump Presidency
Fri. 4 August 2017

A young person grips a large container that reminds me of a supersized Heinz ketchup bottle. He holds it at a 45-degree angle by the neck in the NW of my view with his left hand. The bottle is partly filled with a pure red substance. The missing tomato from Pandora’s box it seems. The ketch-up that helped Gregory obtain new subtle body matter.


I am in a packed auditorium and getting up out of my seat. I meet some of the young engineers I used to work with like D3 (who thought all could be solved with the intellect). They are all smiling and happy to be here.

End of Dream

In a dark view, I am observing an old white wood row boat from its NW area that is sitting upright on the black earth “high and dry” out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t see any water. It’s as if a flood has receded and left this boat stranded inland.
Row Boat.jpg
Row Boat.jpg [ 24.34 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

I hear Her say, “We are done.” I respond, “But surely the work must go on.” She replies, “It does, but not with you.” Comment: The flood (of dreams and visions) will continue by involving the rest of humanity in a great “Noah’s Flood” event it seems.

Fri. 4 August 2017

In the darkness, I see in the NE of the view a right hand reaching for a can of soda sitting on a cement ledge. The surface of the can has a reddish-yellow pattern as if of flowing lava. A lava energy drink it seems. When I saw the following video of a CocaCola can in the path of flowing lava it seemed to suggest what happens when the Red King and the White Queen get together; they produce a lava (Ra) energy drink.


I see a NE view of an older man’s white face who has short curly red hair as if in a butch. Underneath red is yellow is meant. A lava “drink” has affected this man’s knowing.

In the darkness, I see a hand weight. It looks like two wheels on an invisible axle because of the darkness. Working out with the Wheels of Ezekiel (the opposites) is a subtle body building exercise.
Dumbbell Hand Weight.jpg
Dumbbell Hand Weight.jpg [ 24.98 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

In the darkness of the SE area below I see a white plastic dinner fork – something that has previously been connected to consuming Chinese food.

I see a hand of playing cards as if I am holding them. I make out a long club suit on the left side. To hold this many card suggests I am playing pinochle (a pinochle consists of a Queen of Spades and a Jack of Diamonds and is worth 4 meld; SW colors), it seems.

In the darkness, down below in the SE area of the view I see what looks like a dim view of Saturn. The planet is white but the ring is black. Comment: The configuration reminds me of a sombrero; what one wears to shade/dim the Logos ego when mind-melding with the World Soul. Interestingly, in alchemy Saturn is the dwelling place of the devil himself. This reveals the peculiar consciousness one is under when wearing a sombrero style hat. I recall that an Eros Christ colored hexagon cloud formation exists on the top of Saturn (when the color image taken by the Cassini Spacecraft were inverted = incarnated) as was noted in The New INNER Winter Olympic Games – February 2014. Heart chakra consciousness is being connected to the wearing of this hat.
Saturn As Sombrero.jpg
Saturn As Sombrero.jpg [ 28.24 KiB | Viewed 481 times ]


I am at a packed church (symbol for the Self) which is sponsoring a dinner. I am some of the few who arrived here first for the feast which has yet to be served. More and more people are lining up for the occasion. It is now 4 PM and we have been waiting for quite a while to be served. There is talk that it is very close to begin. I notice that some of the people have handicaps; physical disorders.

End of Dream

Comment: A Messianic banquet it seems for the celebration of the incarnation of Eros Christ consciousness.

I see an index finger in the blackness that is very close to my eyes. It’s going to touch my 3rd eye it seems. Comment: The Eros Self wants to open the 3rd eye in humanity for the purpose of realizing Her agenda. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” comes to mind.

I see long black pins (long Hijab pins look like this) with black “football” oval shaped heads stuck into a white surface in a pattern that traces out an invisible sine wave inclined 45-degrees towards the NW. Comment: Stick matches have an oval “football” shaped head. The hypodermic syringe had a Planck Second V-shaped needle nose. Potential being hoping to become actual being (Yin > higher Yang) seems meant via the collapse of the wave function which only occurs using a single slit observation (a chink eyed man comes up later in this post). The Hijab pins (everyone must cover their head = dim the Logos ego) can be purchased at “I Love Modesty.com” I add the following quote to emphasize that “we can all be on the save wavelength” ...(I meant to type “same” but entered “save” and that struck me as a keeper). The frequency is the same but the magnitude of the opus will vary seems meant according to the following quote. It looks like She has a lot of matches to strike so She will not have to be careful about striking them. Comment: In a May 2010 vision “pin the tail/tale on the donkey” (a jackass) was of interest (one is blindfolded and spun dizzy before they can make the attempt; much circumambulation of the archetypal core is required first). One earns this “pony tail/tale” as new mana or knowing of the Logos ego by cooking potential being (the circumambulation images) in a black frying pan; something a January 2007 vison conveyed by having an egg seen dropping towards such a pan held over a Ra colored fire.
Pinning.jpg [ 34.12 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

The sine wave is important in physics because it retains its wave shape when added to another sine wave of the same frequency and arbitrary phase and magnitude. It is the only periodic waveform that has this property.

I am observing a large Chinese woman from her NE area in a lighted room. She has long wavy black hair and stern face (which reminds me of a hen brooding over her chicks) as she looks down at something out of the view in the NE. Her stern look and long wavy hair immediately reminded me of Medusa – as if her wavy hair were snake shapes. The Eros Self agenda seeks to be incarnated, i.e. humanized as Eros Christ consciousness. Like this the warring “hostile brothers” will be reconciled. More lovE will enter our world if we can all become a “Siberian candidate” and win an inner Trump presidency. It’s the Eros Self that is meddling in the elections – but the world at large is unconscious of The Return of the World Soul as Remo notes in his book.
Trump Putin Kiss.jpg
Trump Putin Kiss.jpg [ 44.88 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

It’s About The Imperatives of the Eros Self
It’s About The Winning of an Inner Trump Presidency
To Achieve an Inner United State
The (Logos) Christ event was an unmediated expression of a deeper process occurring inside the psyche of humankind that both literally, as well as symbolically, was dreamed up into materialization in, through and as this very universe of ours. In the life of (the Logos) Christ, an archetypal, transcendental dynamic “irrupted” into and out of this universe, incarnating itself in linear time so as to become visible and actualized. Through the Christ event, which is a higher-dimensional out-pouring of an atemporal process existing outside of space/time itself, our true nature is symbolically reflected and revealed… Paul Levy, Christ Would Not Vote For Bush (GJS: But the Eros Christ would. It’s not about politics. It’s a momentous Apocalyptic event trying to incarnate in humanity in a "Second Coming of Christ" event.)

In the darkness, I see a man mostly in silhouette who is walking away and into the NW of the view. He heads towards a white square opening in the North “wall” of this blackness. Strange, but the black fabric on the right shoulder and upper arm has a ripple pattern in its surface as if a gravity wave from a black hole has created this. Comment: Betelgeuse has been seen in this shoulder. This red giant star is destined to collapse into a black hole via a supernova event which will release gamma rays (enlightenment) as seen in this image of Orion slaying Taurus (clipping the pointed tips off its horns and releasing their potency of cucumber teardrop shaped seeds of light) with a Lightsaber (humanizing the chthonic Eros Self is meant). Such a supernova event would produce ripples in the fabric of Spacetime; something that could be recorded by LIGO.
Orion Lightsaber Bull.jpg
Orion Lightsaber Bull.jpg [ 21.39 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

I am observing a tall, slender, young woman from her SW area. She has long dishwater blond hair done in a ponytail. She wears a dark buckskin vest over a white blouse.

In the darkness, I am observing the top of a Popsicle stick can shape that immediately reminds me of SPAM – a pork meat product. It is aligned N-S in the view. Comment: Its name has been borrowed for unsolicited electronic messages, especially spam email. It seems the World Soul is going to be filling our “in box” with unsolicited messages aka “an alien invasion”. The shape of 3 Popsicle sticks (effects from the lower 3 chakras) were seen on a black Lincoln Memorial plaque.
SPAM.jpg [ 40.51 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

In the darkness, I see a woman’s slender black hand with long piano fingers. She is trying to open a thick luminous white square package that is mostly hidden underneath her hand.

Down below in the SE of the view in the darkness I see an unused HEX nut. I recall that such a nut is attached to the shaft of a fireplace flue lever; something that will allow a flow through the heart chakra, the hearth.

In the darkness, I see a large tall man dressed in a bulky whitish robe who is smiling at me. His left eye is open to a slit shape while the right eye is closed. The eye opening reminds me of those on Chinese people. He seems to be a Confucius figure. It appears that I am looking in a mirror. I immediately realize that “single slit” chink eye observation will collapse the wave function and create new consciousness. It reminds me of Wolfgang Pauli telling me in a 2003 vision that “only the living can collapse the wave function”. It is in everyone’s best interest to help in this enterprise.

I am recalling the image of the blackening of the white dough boy. It’s the nigredo phase of the opus. Blackening as in charcoal has been connected to aiding the digestion.

Suddenly, a sense of nausea is noticed; as if my stomach is upset.

I am observing a long cylindrical object in the darkness. The long black handle along with the overall shape reminds me of a modern “billyclub” (baton) police officers carry. The business end of this “club” is a long cylindrical piece of stainless steel that has a bit of red on its end and whose diameter is the size of the handle.
Baton.jpg [ 16.21 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

In a dark jail cell corridor, I see an enormous version of my older brother (has an enhanced subtle body). He is looking at his jailer.

I am having the impression, “This is not about politics, it is about the agenda of the Eros Self.”

I am in a dark room filled with wide black painted bench seats having some of the paint worn off and revealing the raw wood underneath. People in silhouette are sitting on these bench seats in a cement bunker it seems. I suddenly have the impression the sit in a sauna (sweating does deep skin pore cleaning; skin = soul).

In the daylight, I see a young girl with long wavy blond hair and wearing a white dress with blue design running happily towards me from out of the NW on an asphalt residential street while saying, “Daddy!”

I see a man and woman walking towards me on a city sidewalk in a daylight view. They are wearing casual dirty “olive” colored old clothes as if uniforms. The man wears no pants and his penis must be small because it is not visible in the black pubic hair. The woman has a large black Afro hairdo. It seems they are street people or recently out of a terrible prison. Comment: The cost of having the smallest penis among men it seems; i.e., becoming a HermAphrodite with a clitoris. The Afro hairdo is being connected to the “Afro” looking pubic hair on the man.

In the darkness of the NW I observe the head of a Sister of Mercy which is angled 45 degrees (the angle on a light cone) across that corner such that the back of her head is towards the corner. Her face is in shadow – not visible. The knowing of her monk spot is seeking incarnation it seems.

I am having the impression “the extent to which one understands my visions and dreams is to the extent that one will be protected from the psychic contagion (of inflation).” Comment: This seems to be a connection to the “poster child” business that came up earlier in this post; something that was connected to the “March of Dimes” and like this to lameness; a necessary wound to the extroverted ego. In Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye – May 2017 my inner Donald Trump was connected to being a poster child for the March of Dimes; a lameness which helped him integrate the shadow of the Logos ego. And now in the outer Trump presidency I see that he is becoming a “lame duck” president he is so boxed in with all the investigations and leaks that are consuming all the oxygen in the room. Congress will not pass any of the legislation he campaigned on as his party is lamed by its own conflicts.


PS It is truly amazing how the Hitler theme is playing out unconsciously. US T-shirt company sells swastika-rainbow design as progressive ‘symbol of love and peace’ Hitler rotated the swastika 45 degrees – the angle of the light cone for our universe for his malevolent dark purpose. A swastika appeared in The Exploding Heart Scenario on the end of a large cylinder flush with the ground as if it were a manhole cover. The colors reminded of those on a Black Panther with yellow eyes and of Zombie eyes. What the world fails to see is that this is not about politics but about The Return of the World Soul (the Eros Self) in the bipolar God-image. Already we are experiencing the tremors of Her coming which hopes to foster Her agenda; “The Second Coming of Christ”, i.e., of Eros Christ consciousness.

The swastika (as a character 卐 or 卍) is an ancient religious symbol used in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The name Swastika comes from Sanskrit, and denotes a "conducive to well-being or auspicious". The clockwise swastika is a sacred and auspicious symbol in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. In Hinduism, the clockwise symbol is called swastika symbolizing surya (sun) and prosperity, while the counter clockwise symbol is called sauvastika symbolizing night or tantric aspects of Kali. In Jainism, a swastika is the symbol for Suparshvanatha – the 7th of 24 Tirthankaras (spiritual teachers and saviors), while in Buddhism it symbolizes the auspicious footprints of the Buddha.

Swistika Tee Shirts.jpg
Swistika Tee Shirts.jpg [ 31.71 KiB | Viewed 490 times ]

Because the imago Dei pervades the whole human sphere and makes mankind its involuntary exponent, it is just possible that the four-hundred-year-old schism in the Church and the present division of the political world into two hostile camps are both expressions of the unrecognized (Eros Self) polarity of the dominate archetype. C.G. Jung, Answer to Job, in CW 11, §660.

Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:07 am
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Post Enduring The Tower Of Babel
Sun. 6 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a young woman from her waist down facing in my direction in the NE of the view. She wears black shorts and has suntanned legs. Briefly I see what appeared to be rays of light shining from out of her crotch area in the shape of a light cone.

I hear the World Soul say, “I am coming.” Comment: This reminds me of the scripture, “In those latter days I shall pour out my spirit on all mankind.” Acts 2:17

In darkness, I am looking at a sitting woman’s naked inner thighs as if from eye-level at her knees. The crotch exposes pubic hair suggesting she sits on a potty chair. Comment: The apex of this V-shape leg formation seems to be connected to a light cone shape emanating from the crotch in the previous vision. The apex V-shape of a needle of Planck Second shape also comes to mind. Given the previous vision it is psychophysical enlightening births that are being incarnated.

In the darkness, I see loosely stacked paper money about 6 inches high. I have the impression it amounts to $60,000. I immediately recall the following dream from 3 July 1999. It’s all about the need to win an inner Trump presidency by becoming a “Siberian candidate”.

It Is Important To Move East, Not West
I am traveling West on foot with my first wife (FN in her psychology; an image for the Eros psychology of the World Soul). It was like the times when the West was being settled (when male Logos ego psychology dominated).

We stop at a large restaurant to get something to eat but we could find no food we liked or wanted. So, we move on and I notice that she wanders out into the openings of the forest and I warn her about doing that because the Indians may find us. But it is too late. The Indians find her and they strip her clothes to her waist and sit her on top of a horse. Then they get branches from the trees and beat her on her bare back with them – but not so hard as to break her skin. (The Native Americans beat her back with VNS as if to draw my attention to that of which I am unconscious in order to enhance my soul, my subtle body = skin)

Then there is a bunch of Americans here and their leader takes over the scene. He sees me but goes over to talk to my wife and says, “Nowadays everybody is heading East. All these families you see with me are paying $60,000 each to move back East.” When he says that he looks right at me and is real close – face to face with me. I said, “That is a lot of money – one could build a nice home here with that kind of money. Why would anyone pay it just to move back East?”

Because it seemed safer from the Indians my wife and I decided to join this group and move back East (East as in nations dominated by an Eros ego psychology like Russia and Asia). We stop at that same restaurant again but this time a hearty meal of big shanks of meat, like pork and beef are served. It looks delicious. Also deserts of every kind – fresh strawberry in particular is here.

End Of Dream

Reflection: Going West is not following the instinct – the way of the Native Americans. The natural man in me knows something is out of order and tries to make that message known consciously by beating the unconscious side of my feminine side with branches from a tree. The adventure for more growth is in the East not the West. A reversal. Energy must be spent in the service of going back to heal the rift between Logos and Eros ego functioning.

$60,000 – a very large emphasis on the number six and is an emphasis on the union of the opposites of male and female as found in Solomon’s seal (The amount my first wife and I had invested in our home in 1972. The unconscious suggests that the inner house should cost as much the outer house). There is a promise of a large increase in psychic wealth if the ego adaptation can head to the East, to the matriarchal realm. West was the movement of Logos development. East is back to where the sun comes up from out of the matriarchal world. I need to enter Eros ego consciousness so that the arrow of time can be moved to the null point of no time, the eternal realm – then one can enter the unus mundus; the place of no-time and no-space. A Night Sea Journey is in the offering so that the old sky God Ra can rise renewed in the East.

In the darkness below I see what looks like the tip end of a glue dispenser. Comment: Glue is about joining things together. The feminine principle has a lot of glue. I like to use Elmer’s wood glue. The tip has a small inner cylindrical piece that is movable as if it is a clitoris in its sheath seems meant. Glue is being connected to becoming more consciousness and thus to the effects from the vertex of the light cone in the crotch of the woman in the above visions. Further, the shape of the dispenser reminds one of the Planck Second shape of the hypodermic syringe seen recently in Stargate Clitoris Apocalypse.
Elmer Glue.jpg
Elmer Glue.jpg [ 23.3 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

I see a man looking into a high white wall-mounted cupboard having three shelves. Inside I see various used items as if for cleaning. An emphasis on the three lower chakras cleaning effect on the upper 3 chakras seems meant.

In the darkness, I see a right index finger as if my own held high and vertical.

I see a clear plastic tapered tube having a red capped end. A “clear” liquid fills the tube and a small diameter gray appearing cylinder is within the large tapered tube. Comment: Again, another “sheathed” clitoris reference it seems.

Mon. 7 August 2017

Along the West side in the view I see a woman wearing a large cone shaped hat that has a weave pattern that is circumferential. Most of the hat is dark blue but at the apex on top I see many different colors that are in the NW of the view. Comment: Again psychophysical radiations from the “light cone” of Her knowing is being connected to Her climaxing clitoris radiations. A magic wizard hat it seems. The circumferential layers suggest different times.
Hat Cone.jpg
Hat Cone.jpg [ 39.05 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

Down below I see the tines on a stainless-steel dinner fork poked into sparse vegetation at the 6 o’clock hour.

In the darkness, down below on a white background I see a very colorful painting of what looks like the bodies of large snakes or of Chinese dragons. There are four of them emanating from a common center and their cylindrical bodies end at the four corners of an invisible horizontal rectangle. The scales on the bodies are of many different colors as if the colors in a rainbow and they all look the same. Comment: The “bodies” extend to the four directions of the corners of a rectangle; the shape of the monk spot on the head of the World Soul. The color of their bodies reminds me of the color of the “Pillar of Glory” I saw in a 1995 dream during the time when I attended Edinger's Archetype of the Apocalypse lectures given at the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles. It was understood to be an image of the living psyche which tinctures the individual soul with a subtle body garment of its colors. This image was amplified on in Dark Photon Grace – July 2014.
Pillar.jpg [ 57.15 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

The soul or bride in our text is thus a fiery, tincturing spirit who gives the bridegroom rising from the grave (i.e., the spiritualized body) a "garment" (colour)." This motif recalls the ancient idea of the soul as a coloured garment enveloping the material world. According to the Gnostic Basilides the World Soul is nothing but an "emphasis" or "colour" of light which has descended into matter. Aurora Consurgens, MLvF, p. 372-73.

[Apparently this is a view of the living psyche. To that extent it is a view of my soul as comprised of the “gods” or the archetypes. It is a direct parallel to the Manichaean statue or pillar of glory. “And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house.” Genesis 28: 22. (This was the stone of Bethel, which Jacob set up after his dream of the ladder.)]

In a white sky, I see many black football shaped bombs with tail fins like that seen on the first atomic bomb, Fat Man (dropped 9 August 1945 or 72 years ago on Japan). They are angled 45 degrees and falling from out of the NW and towards the SE in the view in a light cone pattern; following the surface of a light cone it seems. Effects emanating from the tip of the cone on the head of the woman seen above; her psychophysical radiations are entering Spacetime. Comment: The bottom of the Valentines heart is V-shaped as noted in I Love Modesty.com’s logo. Further, the incoming nuclear bombs set to release the psychophysical radiations have also been connected to be “coming” from the climaxing clitoris of the World Soul. Their 45-degrees inclination are connected to the 45-degree inclination towards the NW of the Hijab pined sine wave seen in my previous post On Seeking A Be-Witched Inner Trump Presidency. She “lovE’s modesty” of the kind that dims the Logos ego so that She can penetrate the individual soul with the knowing of Her psychophysical radiations. As was noted in my previous post “The sine wave is important in physics because it retains its wave shape when added to another sine wave of the same frequency and arbitrary phase and magnitude. It is the only periodic waveform that has this property.” This means that the opus of the many (each having a different magnitude) can be added together to form an ever-increasing level of consciousness in the collective.
Bombs Away.jpg
Bombs Away.jpg [ 26.85 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

lovE Bombs Away
As a further amplification on the above incoming psychophysical nuclear bombs it should be remembered that they are a connection to the tri-colored Mighty Mouse that has been released from Pandora’s box of ills and plagues. A mouse is a chthonic animal as has been previously noted in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh when a rat appeared approaching the NW. These chthonic animals are a connection to the nature of the World Soul. Because of its fecundity the mouse was symbolic of genitalia. The ancient Greek playwright Epicrates describes a lustful woman as a myonia, a mousehole. This is a connection to all the tri-colored Mighty Mouse balloons seen floating out of Pandora’s box. They are the climaxing radiations of the clitoris of the “lustful woman”, the World Soul who “lusts” for psychological intimacy with her creation so that She can “lovE” them with Her psychophysical radiations of new births in consciousness emanating from Her climaxing clitoris in a “to death do we part” holy wedded inner sacred marriage.
Mouse Hole Effect.jpg
Mouse Hole Effect.jpg [ 39.27 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

In a daylight view I see a young woman standing on a dark pebble stone walkway that is next to the front porch steps of a house that is yellow with green trim. She is bent towards the West as she grapples with a gray garbage can. Strange but her head is not visible.

Tues. 8 August 2017

In the darkness of the SE I see a huge gray thumb sticking up vertically towards the NE as if it is a phallus waiting to unite with the individual souls of humanity in a Jnana Mudra gesture. Comment: This reminded me of Jung's dream about finding a huge phallus underground.

Then in the darkness I see a cartoonish image of a donkey quickly move from the SW to the SE and sit on the floor. It had a “goofy” cartoonish look on its face. Humanity as a dumb jackass seems meant. Goofy suggests it has an Eros ego which potentially means it can become more conscious.

In the darkness of the SE I see a stainless-steel dinner fork in a vertical orientation such that the four tines point to the NE.

In this vision, I am approaching the Thrifty Food Store in Victoria, BC where we do our grocery shopping. I notice a man pulling a “train” of small open “railroad” wagon cars each being a large open cardboard box. I see that one is filled with a single layer of huge bell peppers of four different colors (red, yellow, orange and green). Comment: A “death train” it seems. But more hope that can be expected to be found in Pandora’s box; this adds to a growing list of HOPE items in Pandora’s box. Previously we have seen a layer of ripe tomatoes with green six pointed stems in her box. More recently we have seen Jung’s Collected Works in her box as well as humans in a numeral 7 configuration of boxes.

In the darkness on a “circular” whitish background or opening in the distance, I see a black and white view of capital letters starting with an S (SPAM begins with a capital S) which go tumbling into the distance from my location towards that whiteness. More and more different capital letters join to become a mighty stream doing this. It’s like so many pieces of shattered glass falling into this light. Bits of information entering Spacetime as if Hawking radiation from a black hole comes to mind. It’s chaos that accompanies the activity of the apocalypse archetype and reminds me of what it must have been like during the time of the construction of “The Tower of Babel” when the Holy Spirit unleashed chaos by causing everyone to speak in a different language (everyone will need to learn how to understand the language of their soul via their dreams and visions). The following image shows a V-shaped volcanic mountain peak (woman’s spread legs exposing the radiations of the climaxing clitoris of the Eros Self) as if a “light cone” that is creating a “Lance of Longinus” spear point (looks like an XMAS tree) of chaos. It’s the promise of a be-witched/be-deviled lovE enterprise. Comment: I later recall the many references in my visions over the years to the Yellowstone super volcano as if this psychophysical eruption of Her knowing will be of that magnitude/potency in terms of its psychic impact. On the inner level, it means a constructive Holy Wedding and the realization of the inner sacred marriage. On the outer level, it means a destructive Holy Wedding Inferno – a failed coniunctio.
Volcanic Chaos.jpg
Volcanic Chaos.jpg [ 39.31 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

Volcanic ‘Tower of Babel’ Alien Intelligence Invasion Chaos

I see two armies preparing for battle. Long high hurdles are positioned in front of the defending army as a form of defense. The opposing army advances and soon the last four of the hurdles, which have been very effective, are knocked down (the last defense is the use of the extroverted four functions it seems). Then it’s just chaos as wave after wave of soldiers continue their assault.

End of Dream

I see a battered and worn Lincoln head penny lying tails up (showing its sheaves of wheat side) on a dark cement street somewhat littered with trash from civilization. It has a large nick in its circumference at its NW location. Comment: The nick suddenly reminds me of that seen on a rim fired brass casing of a 22 caliber ammo round. Rim-fire was connected to the playing of drums during the American Civil War as the troops marched. A union, formed by separate states, is on the “firing line” seems meant. I used such around of ammo to put my King Charles spaniel, Cozy, out of her misery after she was bitten by a rattle snake in the chest (heart) - it pained me greatly to end her life with a shot to the crown area of her head. It’s like whoever called, “heads” lost the coin toss for the start of a “football” game (entering the unus mundus is meant). “Tails” won; the lower three chakras won. The individuation song, “Five Pennies To Wish On” comes to mind. Also, the 2011 vision of observing a spinning penny on a table that appeared to create the illusion of a heart shape.
Lincoln Penny Tails.jpg
Lincoln Penny Tails.jpg [ 37.27 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

E Pluribus Unum; “Out of the many, one”
In the darkness, of an outdoor setting by a stone wall, I see a white cup and saucer on a round end table that looks like a three-foot tall piece out of a pillar of dark stone. Steam is rising out of the coffee cup. “Wake up and smell the coffee” immediately comes to mind; become more conscious is meant. Then in the stone wall above the coffee I see a large capital letter F has been smoothly, but crisply, chiseled into the stone. F u c k u s a l l comes to mind; an expression that was used to characterize the 3/3/11 Fukushima nuclear disaster that released all the radiation into the environment. In my material NEWTOWN was color coded like this in that terrible “slaughter of the innocents”. The ISIS flag has this color code connection. The World Soul is Islamic in Her Eros psychology. It’s as if She is saying She is conducting a Jihad (Holy War) Holy Wedding enterprise. Her psychophysical radiations will subject one to the “ordeal of the Apocalypse”. For those who manage to contain this experience within the vessel of their own psyche they will have the potential to achieve a constructive psychological outcome. For those who live it out unconsciously on the outer level it will be a destructive outcome;probably in the form of projections which expresses itself as an inflation in the form of God-Almightiness and indignant righteousness.

In the darkness, I am looking into a large, long cylindrical tube that is arcing cyan filaments as if electricity. This reminds me of a 9 June 1999 vision in which I saw the “Gates of Hell” open and during that vision I eventually saw huge pillars extending down and out of sight into the blackness below. Arcing electricity having Avatar colors was seen going on inside those transparent pillars. I was about to be given a glimpse into the foundation on which the psyche rests.

In the darkness, I am viewing a large muscular man (has an enhanced subtle body) from his SW area. He stands in front of the end of an enormous cylinder that is closed off. He has a tuff of red hair on the top of his otherwise shaved head as if a red flame. He wear a black leather vest with no shirt and blue Levi’s.


PS I see that there is a Blood Moon prequel for the coming Solar eclipse on 21 August 2017. It looks like it is on Ra color fire.
Blood Moon Malta 2017.jpg
Blood Moon Malta 2017.jpg [ 22.83 KiB | Viewed 467 times ]

Lunar Eclipse Prequel

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Post Her Only Achilles Heel
Wed. 9 August 2017

In the blue sky mixed with white clouds I see a left hand reaching down through an opening. The hand and forearm appears to be made of silver and reminds me of how the Silver Surfer appears. The hand has the finger’s cusped as if holding the apex of an invisible cone and suggestive of a twirling gesture is seen (clockwise or counter clockwise could not be ascertained). Comment: Many colorful “light cones” have appeared over the years in my visions. In April 2007, a right hand was seen twirling one counter clockwise (indicates a need for descent, to enter the unus mundus) having a “rainbow” of colors. This has been connected to the “miracle of the rotating sun” of 1917 by Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace garment. The Silver Surfer who stars in the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer comes to destroy the Earth (read: human ego adaptation; their worldview). Perhaps another miracle will happen this time around via Her psychophysical light cone radiations raining down like so many Fat Man nuclear bombs. The union of Logos and Eros in the heart chakra is meant and that will relativize the Logos ego worldview.
Rainbow Cone.JPG
Rainbow Cone.JPG [ 4.69 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by a specific act of a (GJS: new/renewed) Pope along with all the other Catholic bishops of the world was ordered in an apparition by Our Lady of Fátima in 1917.

On the West side of a black earthen footpath in a nighttime view I see six green rectangular pieces of bonus armor like that which can be earned in the game of DOOM. Comment: This reminds me of the scripture in Ephesians 6:10-18 which is about putting on the armor of God. Learning from the green Vegetative Nervous System, the wisdom of the belly brain, will be the bonus “protective breastplate” from the poisonous evils of this world’s worldview and from the tormenting devil’s worldview of the netherworld; the Eros Self.
Armor of God.jpg
Armor of God.jpg [ 33.89 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil...

I see a right profile view of the head of Arnold Schwarzenegger (a body builder) in a dark scene. He wears a cyan eyepatch over his right eye (Wotan was blinded in this eye) as he gazes into the East of the view. Comment: Underneath cyan is blue in my material; suggesting this eyepatch covering his right eye allows him to view the unus mundus with a left “chink eye single slit” that will collapse the wave function and like this learn from the Avatar Maker – something that builds up one’s subtle body, one’s consciousness and makes of them a world class teacher.
Eyepatch.jpg [ 33.27 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

In the darkness, I am looking down at the inside of my right inside foot. I am wearing black slacks and a dark tennis shoe. On the ankle/heel area of the black pants is a large round white emblem/patch having a green design on its surface. It immediately reminds me of something one might see in Islamic art. It seems I am wearing a luminous white ankle length coat as if a subtle body shroud for I can see something like this parted in the view in order to see my foot.
Islam.jpg [ 48.47 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

Her Only Achilles Heel
I see a left profile view of the left side of a young muscular man who wears no shirt as he stands in the shade just outside a sliding glass door that leads directly to an attached gazebo balcony on the 2nd story or higher of an apartment building. Behind him is much green vegetation of trees and the white railing surrounding this gazebo. His head (has a full head of black hair) is bent down as if looking at his belly area where I see his muscular build and pronounced abs. His left arm is extended horizontally out to his left side towards the room and his left hand is gripping a horizontal black iron rod.

I am experiencing the sensation of warmth in the heart chakra.

I am recalling the rise in transgenderism (men sensing psychologically they are women and women like they are men) taking place in our society. It seems to be another example of the hidden activity of the Eros Self wanting to come into conscious realization.

I have the impression, “Every Christ has its Judas which enables the completion of a fated destiny.” Comment: In the aftermath of that impression I thought of Donald Trump and the fact I voted for him. A “Judas vote” it seems.

A young couple is walking towards me on a city sidewalk that has a park on my left. As they pass the woman’s right shoulder lightly brushes my right shoulder. I immediately experienced a sense of wholeness within my being. Just then in reality outside the open sliding glass door of our 4th floor corner apartment here in Victoria, BC a seagull flew past and let out a loud shriek. Suddenly I experienced the sensation of wonderfulness and wholeness as if by the hearing of that “sound of creation.” I immediately recalled the January 2009 vision of a flock of seagulls over a desert scene that accompanied the coming of Apophis (the destroyer of worlds, i.e., worldviews). Apophis came up most recently in Wine From The First Days Of Creation and was connected to bringing a new worldview to the sky God Ra.
Apophis Sand Dune Birds Glow.jpg
Apophis Sand Dune Birds Glow.jpg [ 21.13 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

I am standing behind the SW corner of a glass display case for pastries while looking inside. They all look delicious.

I see a folded blue bath towel in a square shape. The SW corner was picked up a bit and then released. Comment: This suggests that the 2nd chakra, the water chakra has helped clean off the dirt while being in the inferior function.

I see a young woman with blond hair that wears a cyan tee-shirt with blue Levi’s. She has the calf area of her left leg resting on the seat of a chair on a city sidewalk. I stand in front of her right side.

I see a naked young woman with dark hair from her SW area as she stands in knee high water of the NW area of a very large diameter portable wading pool that has a bluish-cyan bottom. It is the size for a city park. Comment: It seems this image says that the white teardrop shape that entered my shins in my 1976 Pentecostal experience is connected to Avatar colors; that it is the Avatar Maker.
Wading Pool.jpg
Wading Pool.jpg [ 33.98 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

I am in darkness that has a red hue - traveling counter clockwise down a spiraling cement roadway about 8 feet wide as if in a car or possibly on a bicycle. The central pillar appears to be solid concrete as is the outer wall. Down and down I travel for a long time. Finally, a “bottom” seems to have been reached. It looks like a huge prison with dim indirect reddish lighting. It has levels of concrete that reminds me of levels in a cement parking garage. The red and black colors are the colors of the underworld according to Jung and in my visions they are the SW; the location of my inferior function. This vision, like the 1985 Buick car dream that comes up later in this post, seems to be a part of a re-cap of the process of my individuation which involves a circumambulation about an archetypal core that has now been concretized as new integrated consciousness.
Spiral Shaft.jpg
Spiral Shaft.jpg [ 33.18 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

Something about, “unbelievable heart breakers” and then I see a long knife pushed into the left side of the chest on a man and a perfect Valentine shape slice of his heart is removed. Comment: “A pound of flesh” to pay a debt is meant. The expression originates from Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice. The cost of individuation is being characterized.
Heart Flesh.jpg
Heart Flesh.jpg [ 40.77 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

A pound of flesh - something that one is strictly or legally entitled to, but that it is ruthless or inhuman to demand.

Then I am in the prison down in the depths again where everything is dark and Spartan. Suddenly the scene transforms and now everything is luxurious and filled with the finest of foods and various items. Comment: The imprisonment in the inferior function has produced a transformation. Where there was hardship now there is life to the full. Another “re-cap” showing what the opus has wrought.

In the darkness on a dark surface I see a yellow-gold colored phone lying on its side. It is wireless. Comment: Yellow-gold is the color of the Eros ego so that makes it the “Phone Home” phone. What has made the unio corporalis phase of the opus possible.
Phone Yellow.jpg
Phone Yellow.jpg [ 18.55 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

Thurs. 10 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a left profile bust view of an older man in a black and white view who appears to be looking slightly downward. The image reminds me of the pose I’ve seen in a picture of Dr. Jung. Everything in the view is dark except for the whiteness of the left side (Logos side) of the head. I eventually realize that the Logos ego outlook of my previous Jungian worldview has been relativized by using an Eros ego to mind-meld with the wisdom of the World Soul. Comment: This same “head view” comes up later in the post but now the garment worn is pinkish-reddish and the head is clearly of Gregory. Further, it reminds me of the following 1999 dream.
Jung Pose.jpg
Jung Pose.jpg [ 29.52 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

1 July 1999
Vivid Dream
Those Who Have Risen Out Of Hell Are Here
I hear the following words while I am sleeping – having this dream – “Those who have risen out of Hell are here.” So, I wait to see what will happen. Eventually I sense pressure on my backside that covers me from head to foot (I was sleeping lying on my stomach). Whatever this is – it is vibrating – and the sensation of its presence is like it is more than one thing in this mass. It is trying to enter me.

End of Vivid Dream

Comment: At first, I thought maybe I should give it permission to enter me but then I thought no. I don’t know what it is that is trying to enter me. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It seemed more appropriate that it could travel with me but that it shouldn’t dwell in me. I will adopt it. I need to have a talk with it. So, I get up and am trance-like open to an Active Imagination encounter.

Greg: Who are you?
It: We are legion! (The Logos Christ healed a man by casting out a legion of evil spirits came to mind when I heard this reply.)
Greg: How can I help you many, who have risen out of Hell?
It: Let us come into you.
Greg: I need to know who you are before I’ll even consider that. Who are you?
It: Silence.
Greg: Waiting for a reply and after a few minutes.
It: I am Carl.
Greg: The only Carl I know is Carl Jung.
It: I am Carl Jung.
Greg: I find this very unusual. But let us get to know each other in the time ahead. Let us see what kind of reality can be negotiated for our involvement with each other.
Carl: I am Carl Jung and I have come to advise you. You are like me in many ways except one – the will to develop yourself further – there you are lacking.
Greg: I welcome your advice.
New: We are here. (Another group breaks in)
Greg: Look, it is the middle of the night and I am very tired. I need to do this later.
New: We have come to help you know you. We will not go away and we will not be kept waiting!

Suddenly I see myself wearing a special hat and robes, like I have just graduated from college. My wife is with me. Then I see a large walking liberty coin in a picture frame hanging on a wall. A golden light emanates from it.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar Obverse.jpg
Walking Liberty Half Dollar Obverse.jpg [ 56.09 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

First minted in 1916 (during Dr. Jung’s Night Sea Journey comes to mind) the coin is considered to be amongst the most beautiful of US coins. The design shows the goddess of Liberty (holding branches in her left arm and an American flag about her shoulders) striding towards a rising sun (the renewed sky God Ra comes to mind).

New: I am Sigmoid Freud
New: I am Bleuler.
Greg: Well, this is getting to be a quite a gathering.
WE: We have come to advise you.
Greg: You are all pioneers in psychology. How can I help you?
WE: You need to learn from us about what is to come.
Greg: Well I could use any help you have to offer on that. Is there a pattern?
WE: Yes, and we shall tell you.

I find myself falling asleep once again and I make a commitment to try to be open to them during the day if they would like that. The exchange ends at this point.

Reflection: The dead are interested in the future – they can help it seems. The dead also want to be elevated – taking along for the ride as the future unfolds. It is like when Christ descended into Hell – he redeemed some of the souls like Elijah – elevated their consciousness. I then had the impression that my following subtle body image was meant. The extent of my subtle body would be further enhanced beyond that of my ancestors by my opus because it would also include Eros ego wisdom.
Subtle Body Size.jpg
Subtle Body Size.jpg [ 34.83 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

I am observing several vertical strings. A hand reaches and grasps the cyan colored one as if to examine it closer but it becomes entangled with the black strings hanging nearby and now the entire mass of them are being pulled closer to my view. Comment: This “entanglement” reminds me of what it is like when the unconscious is deeply entered into – the entire thing begins to want to be pulled up into the light of consciousness.


I am driving the sand colored 1985 Buick I purchased in the aftermath of the ending of my first marriage in a remote area that is treeless and in twilight. I suddenly notice I cannot move my arms or legs. The drama continues and quickly becomes dangerous as I encounter traffic and many near accidents come and go. On and on like this but no accidents occur. Finally, I somehow come to a stop and as a man I know goes walking past my driver’s side from the NW of the car I inquire if he would turn off the ignition on the car. He reaches in and does so.

End Of Dream

Comment: The man that did this was Jim – an engineer I worked with during my career. He was a gentle soul who was married to a woman who suffered from a bipolar condition. It ruined his life adaptation. He was a feeling type it seemed to me. He eventually moved on and started over. Another re-cap. He represents the story of my life in many ways and that story has come back full circle from out of the future where incarnation is taking place in the NW.

I am observing the sole on the black dress shoe on my left foot. It is worn but still has life in it.


I have finished the course requirements for a PhD in a subject that was not revealed. Now I am getting ready to start on the thesis which is required to complete the degree requirements.

End Of Dream

Comment: As I was recording the dream I saw a large brown grizzly in the darkness looking at me.


I am observing a man undergoing training in the use of Eros ego consciousness. A picture is taken of him in order to show what this kind of consciousness looks like. The picture is a left profile bust view of Gregory wearing a pink dress coat.

End of Dream

Comment: The picture immediately reminded me of the vision of a man earlier in this post that was connected to Dr. Jung. The pink clothes reminded me of the pink subtle body garment I noticed I was wearing as shared recently in A Transformation In Life – which was connected to the following wedding ring rainbow snow torus and Pauli’s World Clock Merkabah ring. Finally, to the image of Mao Tse-Tung which appeared in a January 2011 “postage stamp” sized image. Asia and Russia are matriarchal or Eros ego nations. I include the amplification on Mao I made in 2011.
Golden Ring Sparkle.jpg
Golden Ring Sparkle.jpg [ 41.29 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

The Bride Always Wears A Sparkling Diamond Ring
Mao Tse-Tung.jpg
Mao Tse-Tung.jpg [ 35.92 KiB | Viewed 450 times ]

Mao Quotes

A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery.

Communism is not love. (but is lovE?) Communism (the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members) is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.

Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole.

In general, any form of exercise, if pursued continuously, will help train us in perseverance.

Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.

The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.

Association: I have often wondered if it would not take a dictator (read: the Eros Self), who knew what they were doing, to run our world and clean up this growing mess. Something that arises from an inner personal level that is projected out onto the collective level it seems by voting. Nevertheless, both arenas require strong medicine.

I see the backside of Lollypop lying on a surface. The red and white colors are in focus.

In the darkness, I see a silhouette bust view of many people except for one, a young blond woman wearing a black dress along the North side towards the NE.

I am observing black text being typed onto white paper in an irregular timed manner that immediately reminds me of a teletype machine doing this. Communications from the World Soul in the unus mundus coming through. I am able to read the words as they appear. I only remember “Jeri and David…” was part of the word stream starting to come through.

I have the impression that I should say goodbye to my outer wife (as if my death to that projection is near).

I see a right profile view of the head of a uniquely colored duck. It has a deep velvet purple head and neck with a pink beak.

I am observing a dark wall plaque having a mounted whitish fish attached with three fasteners on the top and three on the bottom.


PS I found the following article about high volcanic activity threat occurring at Mount Shasta an interesting connection to the volcano erupting capital letters in my previous post; something which indicated humanity learning the language of the individuation process.
Volcanic Eruption Chaos.jpg
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City of Weed, CA Is Over Shadowed By Mount Shasta
With 8 threatening volcanoes, USGS says California deserves close monitoring

Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:47 pm
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Post On Becoming A Judas Conscript
Conscript – a compulsory, lawful enrollment to serve in a war (read: for the betrayal of the Logos ego).

Fri. 11 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a sea lion in the NW of the view whose nose is pointed to the NW.

In the darkness down below in the SE I see a white capital letter T. I have the impression that T is for Trouble; a NEWTOWN color code connection. Comment: An effect from a lion of the sea it seems. A play on words is meant. The Logos Self, the upper sun, is represented by the sun-like colors of a lion. The Eros Self uses a sea lion to represent the lower sun, i.e., moon consciousness. This reminds me of all the interest in the United States of the 21 August 2017 solar eclipse (Luna dims Sol). Reading the signs of the times aright is difficult. But my visions and dreams have the major theme of the Logos ego needing to dim so that it can enter an Eros ego altered state a consciousness aka “Moon consciousness.” For the collective it is instead 180 degrees in the other direction. It is all about a chance to study the sun’s halo, the corona.

In the darkness, by where the T was seen, I see the face of a young blond woman from her NW area. She reminds me of Bonnie who starred in the movie Bonnie & Clyde. Comment: These criminal individuals were “Public Enemies” because of their thieving, murderous rampage during the Great Depression in the United States. It seems the “Bonnie and Clyde” part of Gregory in his subtle body HermAphrodite role is on the loose with a worldview that will be against the collective worldview.

In the darkness, I see a huge eye in eyelid and eyebrow that has a “football” shape. It is carefully looking me over. Comment: Looking at “Public Enemy Number One” it seems since Gregory has won an inner Trump presidency (a part of Gregory entered into the role of being a Judas which betrayed his Logos ego and enabled him to enter an Eros ego altered state of consciousness). This state of Tao will-lessly gave rise to an outer Trump presidency via a Rainmaker effect and thus to “Trump is God’s Instrument”. Enabling one’s life mission came up in An Infernal Wind Blows – 20 January 2017 and which came up again in my previous post Her Only Achilles Heel.

Pope Francis is warning against populism and “saviors” like Hitler. I guess he senses that the collective shadow (the “devil”) of the Logos Christ is in such populism. Unlike Jung, Pope Francis does not know about the renewed attempt by God to incarnate the feminine voices of the lower three chakras in the opus of humanity using “Trump is God’s Instrument”. “An Infernal wind blows” just as it did in the time of “Hitler is God’s Instrument.” This reminds me that “Judas was God’s Instrument” at the beginning of the Age of Pisces for his betrayal of the Logos Christ enabled the Logos Christ to accomplish his fate, his destiny and likewise all of those who followed in his footsteps. This suggests that a Judas conscript is always required in order to further God’s purpose on the plane of human history as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.
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Pope Francis, seen January 21, 2017, warned against the idea of using walls and barbed wire to keep out foreigners in an interview conducted as Donald Trump was sworn in as US president.

Pope warns against populism and 'saviours' like Hitler

In the blackness, I see a black and white image of the right profile view of the head of Donald Trump that is in the NW corner of the view. In front of his mouth is a gray cylindrical shape that could be a hotdog since in color there is a spiral line of mustard on this surface. Comment: The spiral line of mustard (has Eros ego colors) reminds me of traveling down a spiral shape in my previous post Her Only Achilles Heel - as if it were a huge drill, drilling into the earth it seems. A hotdog shape has been connected to the great line of volcanoes and the subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest. There is a secret connection between volcanic activity and earthquakes produced by a subduction zone which psychologically has been portrayed as being a bow with a zuchinni as an arrow; production of Eros Christ consciousness is being indicated.
Subduction Zone Pacific NW Zucchini.jpg
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I see a long piece of red meat like the tenderloin from a cow. In the middle area is the top of a heart shape. Comment: A tenderloin is located by the spine of a cow by the rear hind quarters. An effect from the 2nd chakra on the heart chakra seems meant. It is a “tender (compassionate; feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others) lion” that cometh seems meant.


A man approaches me while showing me a colorful equation on a piece of paper. I see the Greek symbol for alpha followed by a closed parenthesis which contains the infinity symbol surrounded by Avatar colors. The man wants to know what this means.

End of Dream

α ()

Comment: On awakening I realized that alpha is for alpha radiation or the color of the Eros ego. It is characterized as being a mathematical function evaluated at infinity; the place of no-time, no-space which is the unus mundus.

I see six very expensive chairs sitting on a cobble stone street. The back and seat are made of rich black fabric while the frame and supports are made from gold. They are owned by a wealthy woman. I sense it is soon going to rain so I move the chairs into her home.

I see a side view of an old handheld spotlight of square cross section having four black electrical lines coming out of its back side and a circular lens on the front (squaring the circle connection it seems). One electrical line goes off to my left while the other three go to my right. I flashback to Rosaurium Picture #10 showing one snake in the left hand and three in the right. Comment: This light shines from the 3rd eye it seems since the snakes are held at “eye” height.
RP.Hermaphrodite.18th Sm.jpg
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I see a side view of flexible yellow strands as if spaghetti hanging down onto a slightly inclined end view of a piece or red meat (a pound of flesh from the heart). Spaghetti has been connected to the sword of Domiciles being swallowed by a throat. Comment: The sword pierces the heart in order to release Ra enlightenment.

I see a man in a large supermarket. He wears a blue sweat shirt having large capital white letters. A Walmart employee it seems. Comment: The logo has the colors of NW. The six yellow lines represent a “spark” – a six-pointed star or a Seal of Solomon psychologically understood; as if this man wears the “spark” over his heart chakra. It seems underneath the yellow is red such that this “heart” emits renewed Ra light.
Walmart Logo.jpg
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I hear, “What’s doing this now is a back-lit.”

I see a pink brick home having two white Roman style pillars supporting a large covered landing from the steps to the front door. Two women carry a large 90-degree angled metal gift to the front door. The shape reminded me of the numeral 7.

I am observing a large rectangular dinner table covered in a white table cloth. The focus is on the large central oval shaped container that has no lid and like this I see there is a red substance inside. A small white object leans against the outside center.

I hear, “The tides you ate, the mast you lost.” Then I see a small human figure in silhouette which has huge insect shaped wings also in silhouette. A fairy it seems that is suspended above. The shape of the wing tips reminds me of those on a dragon fly.

A man hands me a few pages of hand written notes which he asks me to sign off on. They had to do with politics.

I am observing a long curved white cement sidewalk the extends out into the distance. A green lawn is along its East side.

I see a rectangular block of white material having holes here and there in it which reminds me of Swiss Cheese.

I see a hand reaching for what looks like a cow nipple. It reaches for the central one which is surrounded by four equally spaced ones. Nurturing from a five-pointed star it seems.

I am looking into a white rectangular cardboard container like McDonalds likes to fill with French fries. I see three small donut shapes (ring torus) on the bottom which has an oval or “football” shape. It looks like they are made from raw hamburger (meat from the pound of flesh it seems). Comment: Together they form Ra colors.
Donuts Box.jpg
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I see a young woman who wears a black and white shirt having white oval shapes in the fabric.

I hear, “on the brink.”

A motor cycle police officer stands looking at me while smiling. He has the visor up on his helmet. He reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger; the Hog Rider in the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

I see a close-up view of cut-in-half little yellow skin spherical potatoes whose interiors are white. Some diced green bell pepper is in the mix. Colors for Eros Christ consciousness.

Sat. 12 August 2017

I am observing a young woman sitting on the middle of the East side of a bed in a dark room. She wears a deep blue knee-high dress having a random spacing of stars or galaxy shapes in the fabric. Comment: Suddenly, the light cone emanating from the climaxing clitoris came to mind. It has been connected to being a “big bang” creation event due to the unio corporalis stage of the opus which provides new subtle body matter for the soul. This could also provide healing for the physical body according to Remo’s theory. Recently in Arrival there was a woman wearing a blouse of the same colors and pattern who had wide hips which suggested “easy child birth” for a new/renewed universe.

I see a Mexican man, who starred as a prison warden in a drug movie (Surviving Escobar) I saw recently, has a pistol in his right hand aimed at something just to my right and behind me it seems. Comment: The warden threatens to penetrate me with a thought about what is incarnating on the right or masculine side. Given what happens next in the following dream seems to express the message. It is about healing/fortifying the subtle and perhaps even the physical body according to Remo’s theory.


I am observing what appears to be out patient care. An elderly woman comes in and is soon diagnosed as being terminal.

Later, as I am walking along outside in a daylight scene I see several bonus pieces of DOOM armor lying on the ground which I pick up. Some time passes and I walk through this area again and now there appears to be double the amount of bonus pieces of this armor which I also pick up.

End of Dream

Comment: Some kind of health miracle magics going on here!

I am having the impression that all those capital letters spewing out of the volcanic eruption are for Names (like T is for Trouble as seen at the beginning of this post). Comment: Over the years other “Names” have appeared in my dreams and visions. F is for F u c k u s a l l, M is for MOM = Memories of Mother = 666, V is for Veronica’s veil, V is for Volcano; on and on like this.

In the darkness, I am observing a small circular region of illuminated text (as if a light shines from my 3rd eye area). I see a string of letters all connected together but focus on a few that spell “time”. Comment: From the spotlight seen earlier in this post it seems.

A man is talking about a song titled “Know that I love you” – it is about a woman.

In the darkness down below along the South side I see a small upside down black plastic fork. Comment: I have seen such forks used at a wedding when the cake is served.

I hear, “Everyone’s a donkey.” Comment: Everyone needs a pony tail/tale for it will enhance the mana of their knowing.

I see my wife and lightly pat her on the rump. Comment: Seems to be an expression of fondness for all the new births in consciousness the inner partner continues to deliver.

A woman gives me a large picture that is rolled up like a white scroll. I don’t look at it. Instead I place it inside my opened footlocker which I see has been partitioned with wood like one sees in a rolltop desk having “cubby holes” for different information. I place the picture by the due West side of the narrow side of the footlocker.
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I am having the impression, “Good looks and a classy chassis is not all it is cracked up to be.” Comment: I recall having made this characterization about Tinker Bell when she appeared in a December 2009 vision. It seems the dragonfly is really Tinker Bell. Her fairy dust has magical benefits. This implies that whatever is coming out of the hidden dimensions and posed to enter Spacetime is accompanied by paranormal effects.
Tinker_Bell.jpg [ 43.81 KiB | Viewed 433 times ]

Skin Deep ‘Beauty’
Though sometimes ill-tempered and vindictive; at other times, she is helpful and kind. The extremes in her personality are explained by the fact that a fairy's size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time, so when she is angry she has no counterbalancing compassion. Fairies can enable others to fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust (read: help them with their subtle body development).

Pixie dust, also known as "fairy dust", is the trail of sparkling material that is given off by Tinker Bell and other fairies. Pixie dust can refer to a new medical substance, used for the regeneration of cells. The new technology, still in its infancy, is processed from special cells taken from the bladders of pigs.

A woman stands at the SW corner in the view and with left hand extended motions towards the NE were I see a large UFO looking object consisting of two mated truncated cones (cereal bowl shapes). It immediately reminds me of the one that appeared to a man in Canada as shared in Climate Change Of The Psychophysical ‘Big Bang’ Kind – December 2014. Comment: “Bowls of Individuation” which reminds me of a compressed “Lantern of the Telesphoros” (that was occupied) and “light cone” shapes; one from below uniting with one from above as if a “diamond body” or “light body” is meant.
UFO Double Cone.jpg
UFO Double Cone.jpg [ 29.94 KiB | Viewed 433 times ]

I am observing a close-up view of a slice of blueberry pie in a thick tanned crust. The purple juice reminds me of the coloring of the words Holy Passion Week; what it takes to learn from the Avatar maker.
Blueberry Pie.jpg
Blueberry Pie.jpg [ 42.53 KiB | Viewed 433 times ]

I am having the impression that the white scroll (rolled up pictured) seen placed in my footlocker earlier in this post is of Gregory bagging groceries when he worked at a local supermarket during his high school years. His high school sweetheart was in the car outside observing him in the darkness in this picture (something that occurred on occasion in reality in 1957-58). Bagging food for the collective is meant.

Sun. 13 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a hand reaching into the view from the West side. It holds one of the scales of justice on a long string such that the hand is in the NW of the view and the scale is in the SW. The scale is a flat gold dish having half of a golden ring attached to its upper side. The string the hand holds is attached to top of the ring. On the golden scale is a small black bird. Comment: Pauli’s World Clock was carried by a large black bird, an eagle. A black bird suggests that the Logos ego has become dimmed and introverted. This carrier is what will balance the heart against an ostrich feather in Egyptian mythology; happens if one can become a birdman (Urban Legend: a drug dealer, and also a man who's sperm lacks the part of a DNA strand that creates brain cells) and enter the inferior function and learn from the Eros Self.
Scales of Justice.jpg
Scales of Justice.jpg [ 46.11 KiB | Viewed 433 times ]

In the darkness of the NW I dimly see a can of Coca Cola. Comment: The black bird on the scale is connected to Coca Cola. This “balance” is taking place in the heart chakra which has been surrounded by a buckyball in the Hershey candy kisses. Like this I notice that Coca Cola has a buckyball logo. The blackbird is being equated to a black man (with wings) standing in the pentagons.
Coca_Cola-logo.png [ 47.68 KiB | Viewed 433 times ]


I am in a university setting and see that I have finished the requirements for a PhD in mathematics. WC (a PhD educated man I used to work with in my engineering career) is here and I say to him, “Geeze, this is my 2nd PhD.” He shakes his head in disbelief.

PhD – Shit Piled higher and Deeper

I then see the young woman with long black hair and black eyes who has been helpful to my educational endeavor. I sense a mutual attraction.

End of Dream

Comment: The mathematics of my 1st PhD involved connecting various vastly different behaving regions in fluid flow. This allowed for first order results of the behavior of such a flow field to be predicted. Psychological “mathematics” requires one to connect very different regions of the psyche and like this one is able to predict its 1st order behavior. (First order behavior typically captures about 90% of the overall solution.)

Now I see the bare skin on the left side of a man’s chest. Regions are pinkish in color as if from sunburn from another kind of knowing.

I hear, “A part of the PhD thesis allows for a kiss of death.”

In the darkness along the East side I see the long blade of a knife whose tip points into the SE while the other end is in the NE.

Then I see a large woman wearing a gray sweatshirt and black shorts jogging away from me into the NW of the view.

I am looking down into a long cylindrical “stove pipe” pot of stainless steel. In the bottom I see a little liquid and a few yellow corn kernels that where white on their bottom side as if they were “teeth” roots.

In the darkness of the SE I see a dark skin martial arts type who has long black hair worn in the pony tail. Black cloth wraps both wrists and hands like black flags from his wrists.

I observe a young man light a cigarette and hold it in his right hand.

I see a middle aged Asian couple walk past.

I see a woman attending to long straight narrow tan strips of wood attached to a white wall. Another strip is being measured to the same length. Six of them it seems. Reminds me of the all Yang lines in Hexagram #1 – new creation having a tanned skin.

In the darkness, I see the backside of a young woman’s waist area. She wears slightly washed blue jeans and a purple shirt. Comment: I have often wondered how to understand the colors in “blue jeans”. Is it blue with white or blue with cyan. The piece of blueberry pie seen earlier in this post and its purple juice gave me this sudden insight into this vision. So, I now understand blue jeans to be color coded like blueberries. The purple shirt reflects the cost of uniting the opposites in the heart chakra – a cost that has been characterized as a need to endure Holy Passion Week which can actually last for 40 years or the time it takes to reach the Promised Land of a new worldview..

I am looking into a white paper sack and see that it is filled with fresh buttered popcorn. Comment: The hidden dimensions have been connected to being like the shape of popcorn. Last night I consumed a bag of popcorn with butter. Eating of the contents of the hidden dimensions seems meant.

I see many young women wearing black shorts whose bare backs are sunburned.

Now I am observing a lush green lawn by a home having a line of tall trees along the East and North sides in the view.

I see many women that seem to be marching in a parade. They wear white jackets and each is carrying a yellow grapefruit in their hands at belly level.

I see a left profile view of a large reddish rearing horse with rider in silhouette that faces West in the darkness. Its head is near the NW. A jumping horse it seems as if in a steeplechase. Comment: A “quantum leap” jump seems meant. One of the four horses of the apocalypse is red and its rider carries a huge sword indicating dismemberment in the interest of creating a discriminating consciousness.

When He opened the second seal I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” And another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another;
and there was given to him a great sword. Revelation 6:3-4

I see a woman dancing like Shiva. Comment: In Arrival – 28 July 2017 we learned that the dance of Shiva has two aspects; new creation and destruction of old weary worldviews.


PS Interesting article about an answer to Fermi’s Paradox, “Where are all the aliens?” Looks like a technological revolution could wind up being the last.

Technological Civilizations Should Go Extinct After 200 Years" - An Astrophysicist Answers the Fermi Paradox

Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:12 pm
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Post Psychic Contagion Is Loosed
Mon. 14 August 2017

I see a partial view of a 3-story home made from tan bricks and white mortar.

In a daylight view I see Lollypop standing by the NW area of a large earthen Popsicle shape having some green grass growing in it. I walk around to the NW area of the shape and talk to Lollypop but she just looks at me as if she is deaf (in reality she is almost deaf).

I am observing a large forklift truck pulling up hard on six large diameter black pipes/hoses that stick vertically out of the ground a few feet. This is taking place at an old abandoned gas station as if this has become an environmental toxic clean-up site. Many workers here are covered in black gunk from this site. Comment: Repressed chthonic material is being “cleaned up”. Six is the number connected to the heart chakra and the Seal of Solomon.

I see an edge view of a thin slice of lemon. Comment: Lemons are oval or “football” shaped. The one’s sold in Victoria, BC have 11 segments; the number of the unus mundus and of being in Tao where there is no difference between ego and non-ego. Lemon-ade (aids) came up recently in Arrival and was connected to being a grenade releasing Eros Christ consciousness. In Birthing/Nurturing Eros Christ Consciousness – July 2015 a woman on all fours was seen with six lemon teats. She wore blue and white clothes; the colors of the NW. She reminded me of our beagle hunting dog, Queenie, that gave birth to a litter of pups – one of which had a Buddha belly. I like to use fresh lemon juice on a fillet of fish; something that masks unpleasant taste fish can have (read: an unconscious content can have) and like this make digesting it more palatable. My wife likes to use lemon chunks when baking lemon chicken; chickens are dumb animals.
Lemon Aids.jpg
Lemon Aids.jpg [ 36.72 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

Something about Lollypop and 31 August 2017. That would be 17 days from the date of this impression. Comment: “When I was seventeen” comes to mind – something that has been sung by the World Soul from time-to-time in my visions. Seventeen was the age of my high school sweetheart. Princess Diane died on 31 August 1997 or 20 years ago from this date. She dared to live her unintegrated chthonic side; breaking the collective mold of royal norms that had imprisoned her.

I see a huge white right hand in the form of a fist that has blocked the two-story entrance opening into a large red building.

I see a hand holding a pair of green tinted sunglasses in a gold metal frame as I look down on them in a top edge view. The edge view of the thin slice of lemon seen earlier in this post had the thickness of the glass in these sunglasses. Sunglasses designed for unus mundus observing which releases Eros Christ consciousness.

I see a young woman wearing a pink dress who is “picking” at something above the backside of her right hip. Pink is the color of coniunctio in my material.

I see a naked man from his SE area. He has a reddish-yellowish “lava” skin that seems to be glowing. He has a long lion tail. He immediately reminds me of how the Devil is sometimes pictured. I see no horns. Comment: His skin color looked like the following “red horse” of the apocalypse which comes to take peace from the Earth with its Ra colors. The sword wielding rider of this horse shows up later in this post. In March 2015 there were images of a lava colored fist which denoted “Black (hole) Power”; of a man in lava colored “Hell fire” that was transforming him into those colors; and finally to the crucified man known as “the wrath of God” in Hell-fire colors seen in the SW which is the location of the inferior function.
Red Horse Lava Cartoon Strip.jpg
Red Horse Lava Cartoon Strip.jpg [ 53.86 KiB | Viewed 392 times ]

I am observing the “foot board” of a child’s bed that is made from metal painted white. The top of the footboard is a curved flat piece of metal. Mounted on the top center of the curved piece is a white sphere with four points to the cardinal directions protruding from its equator.

In the blackness of the SE of the view I see a rather top view of a black stick match having a black head with a red tip. This match will ignite the colors of the inferior function located in the underworld or in the SW in my material.

Tues. 15 August 2017

I see a few small “chewable” candies. Some are dark red and the others are pink; the colors of the head of a duck with a pink beak.


I am sitting in the SE seat of a car with the three other men in the car seated in other seats of NW, NE and SW. Somehow the car rolls backwards off a high freeway and falls a long time before landing on the top of a telephone pole. The top of the pole is between the SW and SE area of the car. No one is hurt. The area below has many large homes built into the sand dunes by the edge of the ocean. One of the homes is not presently occupied as if the family is on vacation. I see water and food has been left out for a dog which can come and go in the garage. Eventually I meet some young suntanned women in bathing suits. I become close to one of them.

End of Dream

In the darkness, I see what seems to be a dark staff having a reddish heart at its top that is towards the West side while the other end of the staff is towards the East (a connection to the SW colored stick match it seems which connects its red tip to the red heart). I immediately recall the DOOM 4 “Crucible of Hell” staff for it reminded me of that collectable for some reason. It can eject a huge reddish sword when its power is released by Dr. Hayden. The horseman on the red horse of the apocalypse, which takes peace from the Earth, will have access to this sword comes to mind. Dr. Hayden was seen holding this extended sword as he held the Crucible staff in his right hand in The Doomsday Hour – 23 January 2017. Comment: For relaxation I like to play DOOM 4 on my laptop. Gamer's playing DOOM speculate that Dr. Hayden is really Satan, the Devil in disguise. Psychologically, he would be “The Second Coming of Christ”, i.e., the Eros Christ; the hostile brother of the Logos Christ who will release Hell/Ra consciousness on Earth. This will take peace from the inhabitants of the Earth because the consciousness being released wars against the existing worldview. It reminds me of the heightened divisions taking place in the United States at this time as Confederate Civil War statues are being removed by the progressives and opposed to doing so by the white supremacists. Interestingly, one of the main factors for people who join a violent extremist group is because of any kind of childhood trauma, like physical and sexual abuse or emotional abuse. The body, the unio corporalis, wants to be included in the subtle body of the opus – not just the unio mentalis. “Undoing the harm that creation has done” comes to mind, a reference to the tikkun.
Red Horse Rider.jpg
Red Horse Rider.jpg [ 52.21 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

I see half a slice of dark rye bread. The convex shaped top of the slice reminds me of the Mayan heart sacrifice curved stone shape. Comment: Grain (barley) comes up when the 3rd seal is broken and the Black Horse (famine) of the apocalypse is released. Not sure why rye grain triggered the memory of the third horse of the apocalypse. Psychologically, a famine could be thought of as food that no longer feeds the soul. Dark rye bread was considered a staple through the Middle Ages (the Dark Ages).
Rye Bread.jpg
Rye Bread.jpg [ 21.4 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

When the Lamb broke the third seal a black horse (spreads famine on the Earth) appeared with the rider holding a pair of scales. A voice shouting: “A day’s wages for a quart of corn, and a day’s wages for three quarts of barley” Revelation 6:6

I am reminded that my sister-in-law (68, who is visiting us in Victoria, BC) experienced a physical healing by a missionary in 1985 (@37) at her parish of Saint Anastasia (Deliverer from Bonds) in LA. Her birth defect had the right leg shorter than the left and when prayed over by the missionary the two legs became of equal length (balance was restored). The activity of the Holy Spirit can be very healing of physical ills; as if the inclusion of the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio is being emphasized in the opus.

Wed. 16 August 2017

In the darkness, I see the chest area of a woman. She wears a V-shaped dress. Comment: Such a dress shows a woman’s cleavage (a sharp division; a split). Previously, V has been for Veronica’s veil or for volcano. The milk from such a cleavage is bound to contain the opposites of left and right breasts. When it enters spacetime those opposites fly apart and can only be united if they are humanized. The white color reminds me of the horrible whiteness of Moby-Dick; enlightenment without humanization is destructive.

I am observing white text being teletyped onto a black rectangular TV screen. Comment: ISIS communicating with Earth from out of the Beyond comes to mind. Inner SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has found a WOW signal. Interestingly, on 17 August 2017 I read the following article that appeared on the Internet which notes that 40 years ago a WOW! signal was detected by outer SETI in a star system 200 light years away in the constellation of Sagittarius in direction of the black hole at the center/heart of the Milky Way galaxy. The signal lasted 72 seconds and was digitally recorded in an alphanumeric string of six characters as 6EQUJ5 (or 637855 = 7). The World Soul, the feminine principle, is connected to the lower 3 chakras with the 2nd chakra (water/sex) considered to be the belly brain and entering it psychically is like entering a black hole.
SETI.jpg [ 32.67 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

A New Look At the 1977 WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 --A Message from the 'Cosmic Watering Hole'?


I see a “football” shape that is colored with streaks of red, yellow and white as if it is an Easter egg.
Easter Egg.jpg
Easter Egg.jpg [ 34.87 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

Then I see a woman’s left hand holding a golden ring behind a whitish head that is mostly out of the view. A partial view of a few white feather tips off the far right side of the head are also seen (I am observing from the left side of the head). I suddenly recall the Jumbo egghead on the Sun-Moon chakra tree as if this is Pauli’s World Clock golden ring that is behind that head as a halo. Comment: This golden ring “halo” appears around the circumference of the moon during an annular solar eclipse (the moon is too far from earth to completely cover the sun) which happens every 1 to 2 years. The golden “ring of fire” symbolizes the Eros ego hybrid "wedding band" union of Sol and Luna (only when a new moon; read - when the Goddess is a Black (hole) Goddess as portrayed by the dark skin Virgin, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in the vesica piscis “football” shaped throat of the unus mundus which She opens via the negative energy field of Her Eros consciousness and like this allows for a flow between worlds via a hyperspace wormhole). Sol is greatly “dimmed” during this coniunctio but not completely extinguished and like this the Logos ego can observe the new births in consciousness that may emanate from the unus mundus in the form of images, body sensations or voices. This was the Logos ego challenge faced by Wolfgang Pauli, as portrayed in his World Clock image, but he did not realize the need for passive imagination in order to mind-meld with the Eros Self. The World Soul continues to explain Her own images - even those of Pauli who died almost 60 years ago. Interestingly, I see that in Oregon a million people are going to show up from all over the country for what is being characterized as a "Stoner Eclipse" because pot is legal in the state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7QKjpHjoiM
Sun Moon Symbolism.jpg
Sun Moon Symbolism.jpg [ 64.96 KiB | Viewed 396 times ]

The Sun-Moon Woman of the Apocalypse
For one day, a fractured country will be united by sun, moon and history...
A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. The woman is pregnant and about to give birth, "travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered". Rev. 12:1-2


PS When I saw the following image of the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, I immediately felt it belonged with my material because ISIS is coming; a connection to Dr. Remo Roth’s book Return of the World Soul.
Liberty Hijab.jpg
Liberty Hijab.jpg [ 37.82 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

Hijab Statue Of Liberty

PPS The oval “football” shaped shadow cast by the 21 August 2017 solar eclipse across the United States brings new emphasis on the need to enter “Moon consciousness” as such a shape is connected to that of the unus mundus at the diamond body center of a spindle torus in my material. This shape is also connected to the double yolk Jumbo sized chicken egghead on the Sun-Moon chakra tree seen above. Notice the thin golden ring that surrounds the “football” shape in the following image and video; as if that shows Baily’s beads. Interestingly, this eclipse is happening with Regulus, in Leo the Lion constellation in the background. Jung was a Leo as I recall (a Logos ego emphasis being corrected it seems). Political correctness trying to remove shadow problems in the United States has a Sun-Moon egghead E.T. shadow cast on it; indicating that a union of the opposites is required. That which needs to be integrated in the vessel of the individual psyche is first projected into the outer situation in a God-almightiness of self-righteousness of left and right politics.
Sun-Moon Woman Uniting America.jpg
Sun-Moon Woman Uniting America.jpg [ 53.68 KiB | Viewed 399 times ]

Sun-Moon Jumbo Egghead Uniting America From Salem, OR (NW) to Charleston, SC (SE)

The Collective Deals With Shadow Problems Cast By The 1862 Civil War

I guess Thomas Jefferson and Mount Rushmore beheadings will soon follow - to say nothing about book burning and image destruction. It takes me back to Hitler’s Germany. Her psychic contagion infection (delivered by the bite of a female mosquito seen coming out of the hidden dimensions/popcorn; the deadliest animal in the world) has the infectious lethality of an Ebola virus.
Presidential Infection.jpg
Presidential Infection.jpg [ 40.27 KiB | Viewed 391 times ]

Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From George Washington and Andrew Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

Confederate Statues In Baltimore Taken Down Overnight

Brooklyn Army Base Is Urged to Rename Streets Honoring Confederate Generals

Dallas Mayor: Confederate Statues ‘Monuments Of Propaganda’

Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument after calls from activists and vandalism threats

White nationalist groups plan rally in Lexington to oppose moving statues

How to cope with ‘President Trump Stress Disorder’

The above reminds me of the movie Ground Hog Day which had a man repeating the same experience on the same day over-and-over again until he learned how to relate to the feminine (read: the collective shadow created by the Logos Christ eon). The ultimate “enslaver” cometh! And the World Soul is extremely “narcissistic” for She is extremely Self-centric. Brace yourselves.

Brace yourself - make (a structure/subtle-body) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support; prepare yourself for something difficult or unpleasant.

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Post Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall
“Helter Skelter” is an amusement park ride in London with a slide built in a spiral around a high tower (it’s also British slang, meaning “in disorderly haste or confusion”). Paul McCartney penned the song Helter Skelter. Circumambulation about an archetypal core is an important aspect of the individuation process. The archetype is the Sun-Moon Woman of the Apocalypse. There are individuals and movements that herald deeper stirrings in the psyche that are trying to incarnate. Psychologically understood, they are like canaries in a coal mine whose contrariness warn of one-sidedness in the collective if the signs of the times can be read aright. Hitler, Charles Manson, Trump, etc. are some such individuals according to the material that comes up in my individuation process. Being able to consciously carry the impending imperatives of the Self leads to constructive manifestations on the planet; otherwise they are very destructive.
Helter Skelter Ride.jpg
Helter Skelter Ride.jpg [ 62.69 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]


Charles Manson, heavy into drugs, gave Helter Skelter a very dark “race war” meaning when he and his followers went on a murderous rampage “slaughter of the innocents” in Southern California in 1969. “Going black” is something Jung (@ 50) feared was happening to him when he became immersed in the experience of his 1925 psychological expedition to East Africa. Psychologically, dimming the Logos ego means the “black man” part of oneself can be heard and that part operates out of an Eros ego psychology.

Manson had been predicting racial war for some time before he used the term Helter Skelter. His first use of the term was at a gathering of the Family on New Year's Eve 1968. This took place at the Family's base at Myers Ranch, near California's Death Valley.

In its final form, which was reached by mid-February 1969, the scenario had Manson as not only the war's ultimate beneficiary but its musical cause. He and the Family would create an album with songs whose messages concerning the war would be as subtle as those he had heard in songs of the Beatles. More than merely foretell the conflict, this would trigger it; for, in instructing "the young love", America's white youth, to join the Family, it would draw the young, white female hippies out of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury.

Black men, thus deprived of the white women whom the political changes of the 1960s had made sexually available to them, would be without an outlet for their frustrations and would lash out in violent crimes against whites. A resultant murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites would then be exploited by militant blacks to provoke an internecine war of near-extermination between racist and non-racist whites over blacks' treatment. Then the militant blacks would arise to sneakily finish off the few whites they would know to have survived; indeed, they would kill off all non-blacks.

In this holocaust, the members of the enlarged Family would have little to fear; they would wait out the war in a secret city that was underneath Death Valley that they would reach through a hole in the ground. As the only actual remaining whites upon the race war's true conclusion, they would emerge from underground to rule the now-satisfied blacks, who, as the vision went, would be incapable of running the world. At that point, Manson "would scratch [the black man's] fuzzy head and kick him in the butt and tell him to go pick the cotton and go be a good nigger”.

The term "Helter Skelter" was from the Beatles song of that name, which referred to the British amusement-park ride of that name but was interpreted by Manson as concerned with the war. The song was on the Beatles' White Album, first heard by Manson within a month or so of its November 1968 release:

Former Manson follower Catherine Share, in a 2009 documentary called Manson, for Cineflix Productions et al., claimed;

When the Beatles' White Album came out, Charlie listened to it over and over and over and over again. He was quite certain that the Beatles had tapped in to his spirit, the truth—that everything was gonna come down and the black man was going to rise. It wasn't that Charlie listened to the White Album and started following what he thought the Beatles were saying. It was the other way around. He thought that the Beatles were talking about what he had been expounding for years. Every single song on the White Album, he felt that they were singing about us. The song 'Helter Skelter'—he was interpreting that to mean the blacks were gonna go up and the whites were gonna go down.

In summary, one could say that Charlie Manson was a modern white supremacist, a racist, and played a destructive role of being “Manson is God’s Instrument”. Modern white supremacy has been linked to childhood physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse as recently noted in Psychic Contagion Is Loosed. The body, the unio corporalis, wants to be included in the subtle body development of the opus – not just the unio mentalis. I sometimes wonder if Donald Trump’s strict emotional but privileged upbringing and military academy training instilled a “white supremacy” component in his psychology. “Let thee who have not sinned cast the first stone” comes to mind. I guess that modern black supremacy, like the Black Panther’s, are a group having similar hate speech and racist’s tendencies caused by similar childhood abuse backgrounds.

Charles Manson as an undersized boy was a target for sexual abuse and beatings from older boys.

Thurs. 17 August 2017

I see a vision of the green blanket I use to cover myself when meditating in a recliner is lying in a heap on the floor in a bright daylight room. Comment: A need for my meditations is coming to an end?


I am walking alone through remote desolate territory which involves climbing over boulders and uneven terrain. On occasion, I meet a Mexican family traveling in the opposite direction as if we are all illegal aliens entering each other’s home turf.

Then I see that my oldest brother is here (the Eros part of Gregory) and he is having a great time being intimate with all the young Mexican women.

End Of Dream

Comment: Heading deeper South and into Mexico indicates deeper involvement with the inferior function and the feminine principle since I am Thinking-Sensation in my psychology. Being intimate with the feminine in a dream is understood to mean being psychologically intimate. Like this the feminine principle can penetrate one with Her knowing instead of the masculine principle penetrating Her with its Logos knowing.

I am observing a thick clear glass ashtray that is square in shape and has rounded corners. It seems to be filled with clear water. It sits on the top of a dark boulder (the philosopher’s stone) in desolate surroundings as if a connection to the above dream. Comment: Such an ashtray was first seen in a December 2007 vision. Cigarette smoking has been connected to being a burning nuclear fuel rod that releases the psychophysical enlightening radiations of the World Soul. This radiation is now being connected to “divine water” – the liquid version of the Self.
Ashtray.jpg [ 48.22 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

The divine water, aqua permanens, is that which we might call the liquid version of Self. It is the primal water which contains all four elements. Man's inner life is the "secret place" where the aqua permanens et coagulens, the panacea, the spark of the light of nature, are to be found. The alchemists put their art on the level of divine revelation and regarded it as an essential component of redemption. C.G. Jung

I am observing the left side of a stainless-steel kitchen sink that is filled with stacked used dishes. Lying on top of the dishes are three empty dark brown beer bottles (three is the number of chakras in the feminine principle). Comment: Beer can be intoxicating and thus open’s one up to Eros ego consciousness. That can allow much “soul food” from the Eros Self aspect of the unconscious, the feminine principle, to emerge into view and when consciously consumed it “feeds the soul”.

A brief flash of white light appears in the darkness in the due North (Doomsday Hour) of the view inside a dark stone enclosure. In the aftermath, I dimly make out silhouette views of several men who seem to be working in an underground mine. Comment: A black stick match with a black head and red tip was ignited comes to mind. “Light from the darkness” of the inferior function located in the SW seems meant.

I see a man raising birds in a cage. The birds are treated like homing pigeons as they are free to come and go. Comment: Birds are considered to be messengers of the Gods to humans.

In the darkness, I see the West side of the end of a Popsicle stick cement feature surrounded by green grass. Four steps in its SW area lead up to the wide cement walkway that surrounds the shape.

I see a close-up view of a large gray plastic tub filled with small white granular pieces in this dark place. It reminds me of cat litter.

In the darkness, I see a NE view of the head of RM (my high school class valedictorian).

In the darkness, I dimly see a huge red numeral 7 in the NE of the view, the number of the apocalypse that is “shouted” at one 7x7 times in the Book of Revelation. An evolution of consciousness beckons.
Seven Red.jpg
Seven Red.jpg [ 15.7 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

I stand by the driver’s side of a car in a daylight view where I see three young women sitting on the front bench seat. The left profile view of the driver shows that she is smiling as she looks out through the front windshield.

In the darkness, I see several pieces of what could be luggage. The one in focus is square in shape and about a foot thick. The square sides are black while the rectangular sides are pale orange (they have SE colors). They are mostly blocking a cement sidewalk by a cement wall in a city.

In the darkness, I dimly see a five-pointed star.

In the darkness, I see a baby bottle with golden nipple filled with white milk as it sits on a black surface. “The milk of cleavage” comes to mind which came up in my previous post Psychic Contagion Is Loosed. A possible connection to “the milk of human kindness” which came up in The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh – 15 July 2017. It’s the “milk of the opposites.”

I hear, “No matter how unpleasant or how dreadful.” Comment: As can be seen happening as the opposites clash in the streets and in the lives of Americans and even in the global community with recent radical Islamic attacks in Spain and Europe. The “milk” from those breasts is going to taste sweet as honey comes to mind, but will sour in the stomach.

I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. Rev. 10:10

In darkness, I see a close-up view of a cellphone screen being held by a left hand. On the black display are a few lines of text and colored symbols that lead the text. I see a right index fingertip touch the screen by some of these “line items”. Suddenly, I am recalling that IED’s in Iraq were remotely exploded by sending a cellphone call to the device. It seems the World Soul is in the process of sending a signal that will detonate the Barrel Bomb that will release the damned up matter-psyche from out of the “busted” gates of Hell. Consciously eating of that Hell-Fire is hoped for; making one a Firestorm superhero (seen in an October 2012 image) that releases nuclear psychophysical fusion enlightenment from the heart chakra. In a January 2007 vision the focus was on the alien in the movie Predator which used a touch screen to change the wavelength it hunted humans with using its index fingertip. This puts a “face” on what is behind “Trump is God’s Instrument.”
Predator Apocalypse.jpg
Predator Apocalypse.jpg [ 47.48 KiB | Viewed 353 times ]

I hear, “Feel no inferiority over this.Comment: This statement came up in the following context in a June 1999 vision as shared below along with the processing of it with my Jungian analyst at the time. [I was prompted to add an image showing an antichrist figure and when I came across Trump it clicked. Orange is the color of the 2nd chakra, the black hole where one mind-melds with the World Soul. This puts another “face” on the real source of our troubles unfolding on the plane of human history. She seeks an evolution of our consciousness. Her Eros Christ is not against the Logos Chirst; the term anit-christ is part of the language of the demonizing of the Eros unfolding that had to wait its turn.] With my analyst’s permission, I recorded our sessions and would later transcribe them into my journal; a workaround to help my comprehension since I suffer from a form of “dyslexia”. The audio neurolinguistic wiring in my brain gray matter cannot keep up with the normal conversation of hearing 150 words per minute. So, I lose track of what is being said and must continually reset and try to follow the reasoning once again. I learned, in the 1961 Winter term of my Junior year in college, to write and rewrite all my course notes in order to increase my comprehension (interestingly, this was just a few months before Jung died on 6 June 1961 I now happen to notice). I went from a struggling C student to an A student overnight.

8 June 1999 4pm Inner Voice Speaking To Me
Elected To Be The Carrier Of The Anti-Christ
The Antichrist Is Orange.jpg
The Antichrist Is Orange.jpg [ 40.45 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

My Higher Self: The stone that the builders have rejected was the corner stone. Just as Christ was rejected so is the carrier of the Anti-Christ. Feel no inferiority over this.

Analyst: Feel no inferiority over this. What does that mean to you?

Greg: I have an unresolved complex with what happened to me at the Jung Institute in LA. I know that the ground one plows is ground owned and to be denied access to the analyst training program because of the huge ever increasing list of requirements, like to be a licensed therapist – really was a big loss for me. It made me feel inferior. I would have done the huge load but I ran out of energy. I tried to be a good trooper by serving on the APC board but it was not me. A necessary work but it made me feel even more out of it. But now with this material, now I have life again. Now I feel alive!

Analyst: You have suffered a necessary wound to be denied becoming a Jungian analyst. You know what it means to be the rejected corner stone. Your wounded Eros is the conduit that the unconscious uses for this material. You have the Logos so the emerging Eros will work in you, find a suitable expression for its needs, its concerns.

They should be turned to pillars of salt and a great wave of consciousness should come and dissolve them all. Melt them all down to nothing. To have shut the door on all the gifts that are out there and create this ivory tower – I have no sympathy for them. The roads to Rome are many and they will be paved.” My wife in her Dark Feminine role, as if she is channeling the Eros Self, for me to hear.

Analyst: Does your wife often speak like this?

Greg: I had shared with my wife the above message from the Self. This was her immediate and unrehearsed reaction. She too has suffered in her Eros at the hands of the Institute. They denied her application for membership to the APC because her male analyst had died and she could not prove her 150 hours. Think of the stupidity of that. What an offense to relationship, to Eros. The analyst’s appointment log to verify her hours was lost so her application was denied. She eventually stopped going to all the functions and I don’t blame her.

Analyst: I know a person whose analyst died and they gave her credit for the unverified hours she claimed to have had in analysis. I am puzzled at this.

Analyst: What does the pillar of salt mean to you?

Greg: It’s what happened to Lot’s wife because she dared to look back at the cities of Sodom and Gomorra when they were being destroyed. The price Lot’s wife paid by turning to look back at her sense of this denial of Eros. This is the action of salt in its preservative mode. Preserving her feelings and sense of Eros so that it can be released at some more favorable time. A wisdom – bitterness (sorrow) experience I would imagine. But now we know it was a necessary psychological sequence that our species would need to suffer through in the interest of developing Logos ego consciousness first. A play off of that image is what I think works here except now the meaning is reversed. Here the penalty is for looking at Logos too much. And now Logos must suffer in a preservative form and the great wave of consciousness that Eros will bring will melt the Logos ego down and pour it, together with Eros ego consciousness, into a new mold in which the opposites are united. But first a vast enantiodromia – a reversal into the opposite – must occur. Then a level playing field where the opposites are united and equal due is given. I was thinking of publishing some of this material (never did, until now on the unus mundus forum). I would see to it that Eros and Logos were balanced. As much art and color as words and analysis would be the goal.

Just now on 18 August 2017, as I am preparing this post at this point my wife sends me the following video link. Everyone in the US has become so presidential as they all seem to know how to be a better president than Donald Trump. “Wherever laughter is, there the shadow is also” comes to mind. Individuation looms and not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger.


In darkness, I observe tall rectangular dark metal twin doors swing open towards the two men opening them (the Gates to Hell it seems). This reveals the huge dark interior which looks like the inside of a huge cement walled cylinder that disappears into the depths. I see a black ramp about where the depths begin in the NE area of the cylinder – reminding me of the vision of traveling down a helical/spiral ramp that led into the depths of Hell as if another version of Dante’s Inferno as shared in Her Only Achilles Heel.

In the darkness, I see the backs of six playing cards spread out as if an invisible hand holds them (my subtle body hand is holding them for me to see in a mirror seems meant). They are Bicycle playing cards that have a white background and a random chaotic red design on their backside. Comment: It’s the “hand of cards” I have been given to play. It means I have the challenge to unite the opposites of the Red King and the White Queen (as imaged in riding a bicycle; the Wheels of Ezekiel). It means to make sense out of the chaos of the visions aka “the milk of human kindness from a divided heart”, the massa confusa; to scribe the them and give them form and like this earn a pony tail/tale.
Bicycle Cards.jpg
Bicycle Cards.jpg [ 39.42 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

Playing the hand you’re dealt. Make the best out of a situation which confronts you.

massa confusa - the reduction to order, through reflection, of apparently chaotic fragments of the unconscious which have broken through into consciousness. C.G. Jung

In the darkness, I am observing a bust view of a naked young woman from her right side who is mostly in silhouette. She is leaning against the West wall in a dark dungeon of cement walls. Her head is tilted such that her face it angled upwards about 45-degrees. She looks lean, dirty and utterly neglected and in a state of agony. Comment: Trapped in Hell (in the depths of matter) comes to mind.

(Note: As I was proof reading this post at this point Dr. Jung appears in a waking vision off my left shoulder in the darkness and with a sorrowful sensation passing through me I “hear” him say, “Thank You.”)
Dungeon.jpg [ 23.25 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

I see a man move an empty metal shopping cart he was pushing out of the way in front of a large square tunnel opening in a North wall in the NW of the view. He then walks into that tunnel and enters its darkening shadow. Comment: The shopping cart reminds me of the one the filthy old street woman in black tattered old rags was pushing. Her head was covered in these black rags and gave her a witch appearance. She was looking for help to change the diaper of the crying baby hidden underneath a multi-colored quilt. A drop of the baby’s urine attached itself to my right index fingertip. In Memories Of Mother – 21 October 2015 this street person was now pushing a Roaring Twenties baby carriage (now we approach the 2020s) and not a street person anymore. She had found some help to raise her child.
Baby Carriage.jpg
Baby Carriage.jpg [ 10.05 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

I am having a fantasy as I meditate. I am near death and decide to will 100,000 euros to a foundation that Dr. Remo Roth has launched in order to help ensure that his life’s work will not be lost.

I am observing an open 3# coffee can that has a green on black design (decaf coffee). “Don’t wake up but do smell the coffee” comes to mind.

I see a hand rung bell that has a liberty bell shape. The handle is black and the bell is pink. Pink is the color of the coniunctio in my material. Comment: Such a bell was rung by the Sisters of Mercy nuns who taught at the parochial school I attended for the first 12 years of my education. It announced the need for the children to come back into the school after a play recess outdoors. I guess this image means that the collective is going to be called away from their childish endeavors in order to learn from Her International Islamic University – Her only Achilles heel.
Teacher Islam.jpg
Teacher Islam.jpg [ 46.98 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

I am observing a right profile view of a tall youth in a basketball uniform. He is leaning up against the West wall in a well-lighted room as if for a basketball court. Shooting hoops has been connected to psychophysical nuclear bombs as seen in the following backboard image. Releasing the new births in consciousness from Her psychophysical radiations is meant.
Basketball Backboard.jpg
Basketball Backboard.jpg [ 30.13 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

In the blackness, I dimly see a jittery moving view of what seems to be a dark five-pointed star that is outlined by a yellow-gold line; a connection to the color of the golden ring in an annular solar eclipse is meant. Previously, a five-pointed star has been connected to the birth of the Logos Christ. Now it is being connected to the birth of Eros Christ consciousness via the pregnancy of the Sun-Moon woman of the apocalypse.

In a round dark brown basket I see a few small green beer bottles that remind me of the Heineken brand. The surface of the bottles appears to be made from the rind of green lemons. Comment: Since beer has a yellow color it seems the colors imply that this product will be helpful in producing Eros Christ consciousness.
Heineken.jpg [ 28.92 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

I am observing a large circular white dinner plate filled with sliced in half ripe tomatoes that are face down. Sticking up in between the tomatoes are a few green Chili peppers.

I see a right profile view of a man standing on a street corner while leaning against the East side of a very tall black lamppost in daylight. He is drinking from a liter sized green bottle he holds in his left hand.

I observe a tall lanky young woman with long dishwater colored hair worn in a ponytail that is walking away from my location into the North of the view. She wears a black vest and an orange shirt. She is at a NE corner and is crossing a street to the NW corner on the other side. This movement represents a quantum leap in potential new consciousness as seen in the following October 2006 vision image of a Civil War cannon ball being handed across an abyss; from the NE to the NW as Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace garment stood by. It will create a potential constructive outcome in the evolution of consciousness if the inner Civil War it unleashes can be lived out within the vessel of the human psyche. Otherwise it will be lived out in a destructive manner in an outer manifestation of an outer Civil War. The street immediately reminds me of Michigan street in Victoria, BC that I cross when I walk. It is at the intersection with Menzies street. I immediately recall the black and orange “luggage” seen earlier in this post; the colors of SE or where the 2nd chakra is located. Comment: I learn that Menzies is a Scottish surname. An interesting limerick has been written using it. It invokes the “sting of a wasp” which has been connected to Wolfgang Pauli’s wasp phobia. The sting of the Eros Self that can help one enter an Eros ego altered state of consciousness seems meant. Something Pauli was never able to enter in order to be able to mind-meld with the World Soul. He was unable to dim his “master mind”, his Logos ego. The abdomen of a wasp has an alternating black and yellow color. When this color incarnates it becomes its opposite; white and blue. The contents of the belly brain of the wasp is meant. That is the contents of the “barrel bomb” that will release the damned up matter-psyche for the subtle body of the new Red King.
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg [ 47.21 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

There wis a young lassie named Menzies,
That askit her aunt whit this thenzies.
Said her aunt wi a gasp,
"Ma dear, it's a wasp,
An you're haudin the end whaur the stenzies!"

Or in English,

There was a young lass named Menzies,
That asked her aunt what this thing is.
Said her aunt with a gasp,
“My dear, it’s a wasp,
And you’re holding the end where the stinger is!”

In the darkness, I see a large white feather that appears to be invisibly used with which to write as if it is a quill pen (Ostrich feather it seems or what helps one weigh the heart in the balance. The horseman riding a black horse which brings famine, the 3rd horse of the Apocalypse, carries a scale that has been connected to being the one that weighs the heart in the balance against the weight of an ostrich feather). Strange, but the feather is outlined with a thin yellow-gold band. I immediately realize a connection to the golden ring of an annular solar eclipse is meant. The Sun-Moon woman of the Apocalypse is doing “the writing on the wall”. Comment: Such a feathered pen is used in weddings to sign the guest registry. The golden ring outline reminds me of “the miracle of the sun” in 1917 in Portugal performed by Our Lady of Fatima. That was not an eclipse of the sun but it did bring Sol and Luna elements together.
Ostrich Feather Wedding Pen.jpg
Ostrich Feather Wedding Pen.jpg [ 26.27 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

Handwriting on the wall, a premonition, portent, or clear indication, especially of failure or disaster. Biblically; King Belshazzar sees the words Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharin invisibly written on a wall. Belshazzar summons Daniel (who interprets dreams and receives apocalyptic visions) to interpret the writing, which Daniel translates as "Numbered, numbered, weighed, divided." Daniel tells Belshazzar that the writing means that his Babylonian kingdom will be invaded (read: by Islamic psychology of the World Soul) and divided among the Medes (an ancient Iranian people) and the Persians (an Iranian ethic group).

In the darkness in the distance I see a yellow five-pointed star in the NW of the view.

Then in the darkness of the NW I see an abstract hand written white numeral 6 whose bottom closure is done in a Fibonacci spiral as shown in the following image and in the orientation presented in this vision. Comment: The spiral cement ramp that led down into the depths of hell returns. In the numeral 6 the spiral leads to a “dead end” – to the empty center. It seems ISIS has written it with Her ostrich feather quill pen. As I mentioned in my paper Buckyball As Reconciling Symbol In The Unus Munds in footnote 15, “The Lantern of the Telesphoros…(is) a new six sided God-image for the (Eros) Self that lies deeper than the fourfold structure of Jung’s (Logos) Self. This … suggests that six is the most complete union of the opposites that is possible (in the heart chakra of the alchemical hermaphrodite), which includes the (holy) masculine trinity, and the (infernal) feminine trinity in the subtle body.”
Six.jpg [ 16.58 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

The Fibonacci spiral is best known to the modern world for the spreading of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in Europe. The mysterious spiral…said to be a magical path, but to what destination and for what purpose? Seems these designs flourished into what we call mazes as well. People go into great detail to design 3D mazes up to this very day. Paths leading to dead ends and islands upon islands, physically unconnected to the rest of the maze.

Dimly in the darkness, I am observing the rear wagon wheels (SW and SE locations) on a horse drawn carriage being driven by a young woman whose right side appears in the view. The rims appear to be golden “rings” – a connection to Pauli’s World Clock golden ring.

In the darkness of the NW I see a vertical dinner fork like that seen on the iPhone earlier in this post that was suggesting the need to eat of Hell-Fire.

I am recalling that the 1st horse of the Apocalypse was white. Such a horse had Arnold Schwarzenegger (as a body builder; subtle body building is meant) as its Vishnu rider as seen in The Incarnation Of Vishnu And The ‘Conversion’ Of Russia – May 2017. Gregory in his Arnold subtle body aspect is meant. Gregory is being herald as a poster child for the individuation process, of the coming Apocalypse of lovE, which must occur in humanity. Gregory is not the Avatar (Vishnu) – he is just a mouthpiece (a scribe) for the Avatar (world teacher), the World Soul who parades him as a Her representative for Her purpose. “Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth” comes to mind. Comment: In HINDUISM Vishnu is shown with a Discus and Conch shell. Both the discus and the conch represent the spiral. This is a connection to the need to descend into the unconscious (the depths of Hell) and be colored by the Avatar maker who stands on a bed of black snakes.
Vishnu Horse.jpg
Vishnu Horse.jpg [ 49.44 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. Rev. 6:1-2

The white rider is generally referred to as "Conquest". The color white tends to represent righteousness in the Bible, and the Logos Christ is in other instances portrayed as a conqueror. Besides the Logos Christ, the Horseman could represent the Holy Spirit. The first Horseman could represent the sending of the Holy Spirit by the Logos Christ as a “Second Coming Of Christ” in an Eros Christ role.
BambergApocalypseFolio014rFirstHorseman.JPG [ 45.25 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

The first Horseman, Conquest on the White Horse as depicted in the Bamberg Apocalypse (1000-1020). The first "living creature" (with halo and that looks like a jackass) is seen in the upper right.

I am working in a dark office area setting. There is a machine that has some strange elements to it. One of the essential features is a dark reddish cylinder whose length is about three times its two inch diameter. Strange, but I cut off a slice and see that it is light pink inside. I taste it and it reminds me of a very fine tasting baloney or Polish sausage (has a curved turd appearance in the shape of a toilet seat). I learn that MC (a fellow engineer I used to work with who had a Buddha belly) is in charge of making sure this piece of the equipment works.
Polish-sausage.jpg [ 45.35 KiB | Viewed 380 times ]

Everyone is working long hours. And now I see that my father is also here in this dark place. He is sitting in a large leather recliner (like I sit in here at the apartment in Victoria, BC when I meditate) facing the machine we are all working on (a rectangular object that reminded me of a computer mainframe). He has not taken a break in two days. I stand behind the large leather recliner he sits in. Leaning over the back of the chair above his left shoulder and by his left ear I say, “Dad, you should go home and get some rest.” He replies, “Yeah, I know. But the long hours have reset my clock so I don’t sense the need to take a break.” Then he adds, “Boy, the people here really like you.” Taken aback I inquire, “What do you mean?” (I didn’t sense that my job here was very important) He continues, “Well, I am hearing them say that of all the people they have ever hired you were one of the best decisions they ever made.”

We are all working on some project but it wasn’t clear what it was. Its importance, however, was known to be very significant. MC indicated that more talent may be needed to complete the project.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I was suddenly recalling what my wife said in June 1999 about the Jung Institute in LA. “To have shut the door on all the gifts that are out there and create this ivory tower – I have no sympathy for them. The roads to Rome are many and they will be paved.”


PS I see that Welsh pop singer Bonnie Tyler is slated to perform her 1983s hit single "Total Eclipse of the Heart" aboard a cruise liner as the vessel sails into the path of totality of the 21 August Solar eclipse from Florida on Monday. How appropriate as the challenge facing humanity, in its further evolution of consciousness, is to descend to the heart chakra and unite the opposites of masculine and feminine principles with a “hole in the heart” experience.


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Post Pruning The Tree Of Life
Sat. 19 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a small yellowish-golden bowtie. I immediately recall the ostrich feather quill pen image I used that had a white bowtie attached – something typically used at a wedding to record the names of the attendees in a registry. A yellow bowtie was seen in a September 2012 vision that was attached to a bluish picture window on the North side of the NW area of a pale yellow house (the subtle body) with white trim. It seems to indicate that it is being worn around the neck (throat chakra) of the subtle body of a human. It’s as if “what one sees, one speaks” is meant – a connection to “all that you see, becomes” because being in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness produces a negative energy field which allows for the throat of the hyperspace wormhole (the shape of the bowtie) to open for a flow between worlds. Like this the World Soul would like to say that the bowtie on the quill pen is not just about recording wedding attendee’s names in a registry. Instead it is about the message that is being “written on the wall” and that message is extensive for it means that all the images I have seen in my dreams and visions, BECOME incarnated as messages on the wall. Eclipse to the Greeks meant that the sun had abandoned the Earth (sky is dark).
Bowtie Pen.jpg
Bowtie Pen.jpg [ 31.2 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

I am recalling the possible nature of the Horseman that rides the white horse of the apocalypse. The focus is on it being the Holy Spirit that does the riding. This immediately reminds me of what Jung had to say about the reign of the Logos Christ to Fr. Victor White which was shared recently in Stargate Clitoris Apocalypse.

(The Logos) Christ is still the valid symbol. Only God himself can invalidate him through the Paraclete.” Letters II, pp. 33-38

The coming of Eros Christ consciousness will end the reign of the Logos Christ. Once a content has fully coagulated and incarnated it becomes lifeless with no further possibilities for growth. This does not invalidate the contribution made by Logos Christ consciousness but it will be relativized by the input of Eros Christ consciousness. Emerson expresses this idea:

Life only avails, not the having lived. Power ceases in the instant of repose;
it resides in the moment of transition from a past to a new state,
in the shooting of the gulf, in the darting to an aim.
This one fact the world hates; that the soul becomes; for that forever degrades
the past, turns all riches to poverty, all reputation to shame, confounds the
saint with the rogue, shoves Jesus and Judas equally aside. Self Reliance, p. 158

In a daylight scene, I am approaching the SW area of a tree with a very large canopy. I walk underneath the heavy canopy laden with an equal mixture of large green and brown leaves. Some of the brown leaves have fallen onto the green lawn in this park setting. Comment: Autumn is approaching. A human life is said to be like a leaf as it too has “seasons” in its life.

Now I am observing a large, “circular”, fresh, white wound on the West side of a larger dark tree trunk. It seems a chainsaw has just cut off a large branch. Comment: Pruning the “tree of life” it seems. It is as if the VNS no longer will support some aspect of growth in the subtle body. Since the trimming occurred on the West side it reminds me of the notion that “the sun is setting in the West on our civilization.” Like this it could mean that the Autumn leaves are about the coming and going of civilizations – not of an individual human life. When I saw the following image I knew this would be the image to select because "more lovE" (evol) is at work.
Trunk Trimmed.jpg
Trunk Trimmed.jpg [ 14.7 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Then I hear Her say, “Only you will survive.” Comment: This is a repeating refrain. I still do not know what it could mean exactly. Given the above tree trimming business, I suspect it means that I and others with a more evolved consciousness will be a part of a new sprig that will appear on this tree trunk; a new branch of a more evolved civilization.

I am observing a vertical dinner fork whose tines are poked up into a large mass hanging down into the view from the darkness in the NW. The mass appears to be dark red with a yellowish central region.

I am experiencing the sensation of an intense but strange “energy” that seems to be a white V-shaped formation pressing against my forehead. Strange but I then wonder what the shape of the frontal view of the head of a wasp looks like. I see it has a yellow bowtie shape between the eyes. The ability to see the opposites as one seems meant. Comment: Towards the end of this post a “sign in an apolyptic sky” appears of a cloud formation emanating from the far horizon of a V-shape that eventually curves and looks like horns or perhaps WASP antenna are meant.
Wasp Head.jpg
Wasp Head.jpg [ 8.44 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

In the darkness, I see the SW corner of a three-layer cake. The top and bottom layers are thin and of dark chocolate. The middle layer is beige and looks to be made of cream.

Falling into the center of the view from out of a white opening in the darkness above is a solid blue disk that reminds me of a casino gambling chip. Comment: The World Soul is acausal in Her nature. Things happen in the kairos (in the right moment).
Casino Chip.jpg
Casino Chip.jpg [ 25.39 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

I see a clear plastic bag that is Ziploc. It has an unusual shape for the Ziploc design and is angled 45-degrees across the NW corner. It is a black human sperm shape whose tail is in a wavy formation. The head on the sperm is the classic “football” shape. Over all it reminded me of a black snake. I am immediately reminded of the long hijab straight pins for they were also black. It’s as if these two items are being connected; suggesting that the new creation will have a strong Eros Self influence for the creation of Eros Christ consciousness.
Sperm.png [ 1.62 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

I am observing a man walking around in a modern office setting. He is looking for something. Finally, he walks over to an old-style wood office desk in the NW of the view and stands by its NW corner in the NW of the room.

The strange sensation of energy is persisting and now it seems it has sunken into my forehead and is sloped a bit towards the back of my head. Comment: A mass-mound or “head cap” from which an animal can grow horns comes to mind. The potency of the renewal of the Christian archetype seems meant and the horns are global in size.
Deer Horns.jpg
Deer Horns.jpg [ 36.25 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

I hear, “Tom had mentioned a reliable leader.”

Something about West Virginia and pulling down on the canopy of a large tree that reminds me of a weeping willow.

I see a gun shooting into an oval shape.

In the darkness, I see side-by-side aluminum metal 90-degree angled “rails” that are separated as if railroad tracks that end a short ways away. On the end of the one in the NW of the view sits a black baby bottle nipple having a bowling pin shape. On the end of the other rail in the NE of the view is a yellow-gold nipple of similar shape. Together they form WASP abdomen colors. Wasp consciousness, i.e., Eros ego consciousness (Zombie eyes) allows one to ride the death train rails seems meant. Like this the old king can enter the Beyond and seek renewal.
Baby Nipples.jpg
Baby Nipples.jpg [ 17.95 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

I see a hybrid puppy sitting in the NE corner of a room and facing towards the SW. It has the body of a beagle and a large dark brown and black head of a Rottweiler breed (has great intelligence and guarding instincts).

I am recalling a dream of 2003 in which I had time travelled 7 million years into the future while sitting in my recliner meditating. I learned civilizations had been destroyed by a great flood as if all the ice on the planet had melted and flooded the earth. I saw the earth from above and it was a beautiful and a lush green-yellow colored forest covered the landmass - even the poles. Comment: A global emphasis on the need to incorporate the vegetative body, the feminine principle, in the opus on the subtle body. It’s the inner “environmental movement.”
Planet of Trees.jpg
Planet of Trees.jpg [ 30.86 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Planet Of The Trees
Sun. 20 August 2017

Dream @ 1:37 am

HAL & his wife have decided to end their life in their old age. His wife has already done so and Hal is half-way through his “death with dignity” process.

Then it is like Hal, in his subtle body, pops up in my inner view as if he begins to cross the threshold and into the Beyond.

End of Dream

Comment: This couple recently sent me a safety tip on how to quickly deal with someone trying to break into your home at night. I immediately took the psychological view of what that meant, i.e., something in the psyche wants conscious attention and that should not be discouraged from entering one’s subtle body (home). HAL = 11 in Her phone home keypad code. More parts of Gregory entering the unus mundus seems meant. In reality, I project onto this Jewish couple an admiration of their great outer financial success as a result of their knowing how to invest. I have been fated to achieve great inner wealth seems meant, not destined to have great outer wealth. More vegetative body development is meant as I continue to "play the hand of cards" I was dealt.

I am standing on a sidewalk observing how it extends out into the distance in front of me – as if to infinity. A row of large shade trees grows along its East side as well as tall yellow (dead) grass. A street and curbs are along the West side. I see no cars or homes.

Something about “Kimberly” and then I see in the darkness a dark brown wood bowl (the vegetative bowl of individuation) having a few colorful chunks of fruit lying on its bottom in its NW area.

In English the meaning of the name Kimberly is: From the wood of the royal forest. From the royal fortress meadow.

I see a young woman from her NW area. She has long dishwater colored hair. Something about her dog in the Mediterranean.

I am observing a tall wine bottle filled with a dark liquid that sits on the West side of a table in the darkness. Suddenly, a left hand is seen gripping the top of the bottle and rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise. I immediately recall the vision of the right hand of a “silver surfer” woman rotating a light cone counter clockwise as seen in Her Only Achilles Heel. Further, I am connecting this to the counter clockwise Helter Skelter spiral descent motion seen in my previous post. Comment: The Silver Surfer activity in the movie “Fantastic Four” was to drill deep holes into the planet (such as the one in the Thames in London) so that his master “Supervillian Galactus” could eat/mine Earth’s essence (its Hell-Fire it seems) in order to sustain his life force; something that would ultimately create a dead planet. Galactus was frequently accompanied by a herald such as the Silver Surfer.
Galactus.jpg [ 67.12 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

In darkness, I am looking down into an open rectangular cardboard box which is filled with carefully arranged dark empty wine bottles. More HOPE in Pandora’s box seems meant. Some people are drinking the wine from the first days of creation at the Messianic Banquet (which was to occur at the end of time) as noted in Hitting Speed Bumps Is Good For The Heart – January 2017. Reading these dreams and visions of the World Soul could be understood as partaking of this wine.
Pandora Wine.jpg
Pandora Wine.jpg [ 25.76 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

In the darkness down below along the West side I see a wrinkled old black hand of a woman that has been placed on the top of the left white forearm of a woman. Then briefly I see a NW view of the wild head of a black horse in the NW of the view. Comment: The gesture of touching a forearm has a meaning, but I don’t know what it could be. My association to this gesture is it is what someone does when talking with compassion to another person in confidence; a laying on of a hand.

I see a middle-aged white woman with black hair and black eyes approaching me in a daylight view on a residential sidewalk. Her face is long and narrow and her body is thin and frail. She holds a baby on her abdomen with her two hands. She looks malnourished or anorexic.

In daylight, I am observing a strange yellowish two story building that seems to be made from painted cardboard. On the NE second story is a large rectangular picture window and a balcony in front on which sits a yellow dressed woman whose clothes match the color of the building.

I am observing the right-side waist area of a man that wears a black tee shirt and black pants that uses a wide dark brown leather belt. His relatively trim waistline is in focus. The impression is that he used to have a Buddha belly but has since given birth.

I see a wood recliner with seat cushions against a West wall. It is being pulled away from the wall as if to be used.

I am observing an old man walking away from me. He leans to his right as he walks. He wears a long tan swede coat and a floppy beige hat with a large wide brim.

In the darkness, I am looking down at the SE corner of a wood table at a pink circular slab of material like pudding (it has a rubbery quality - a subtle body connection to the inner UFO) that has some dark chunks in it. Its side is angled – suggesting it was formed in a pie tin and has been placed upside down on this surface. Comment: The shape remind me of a further truncated cone. A UFO with two such shapes facing each other appeared in On Becoming A Judas Conscript and was connected to a diamond body. Pink is the color of the coniunctio in my material. A pink UFO seems meant.
UFO Pink.jpg
UFO Pink.jpg [ 16.7 KiB | Viewed 345 times ]

I am observing a bald-headed man from his backside. A black line is drawn on the skin down the middle of the head as if to show the left and right sides of the brain. Comment: This is a possible connection to the pink UFO that unites masculine and feminine knowing.

In a nighttime view, I am observing two sides of a city street. The right side has no lights on while the left side has a few dim lights on. Comment: Right and Left brain functioning while meditating seems meant. A theme is repeating.

I am recalling explaining the psychological symbolism meaning of the solar eclipse to our visiting in-laws who are now in Columbia, Missouri waiting to observe it. Suddenly, I flashback to the anorexic looking middle-aged woman carrying a baby earlier in this post. My sister-in-law is built like this but she does not have an eating disorder. She is the one who experienced the miracle of having her two legs made equal in length as shared in Psychic Contagion Is Loosed. Apparently, our psychological talks about the solar eclipse have made her psychologically pregnant and already a baby has been born.

I am looking at an image on an iPad pro. It fills the screen and is of three side-by-side glowing yellow-gold astronauts in the foreground and blackness and outer space behind them as if they stand in their spacesuits on a dark moon surface. The middle astronaut is the taller one with the other two being of equal height. This remind me of the three lower chakras; having the 2nd chakra being the dominant one in the feminine principle.
Astronauts Moon.jpg
Astronauts Moon.jpg [ 34.96 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Eros ego astronauts psychically exploring Luna
Then where the astronauts were located I see a young woman with long red hair wearing a white sweater and black pants walking away from my location.

I hear, “We expect to see a bird’s nest.” Instead I see three side-by-side pictures with the middle one being twice the size of the other two. The middle one is of a King-sized bed in a lovely richly decorated room (the 2nd chakra or wedding (coniunctio) bed seems meant).

In the darkness along the West side I observe a close-up view of the West side of a large white trumpet flower having black line sized pistils in its center. The flower seems to begin out of the NW in the view.

I am observing a right leg only as if a uniped is meant. It wears a shin high tan leather boot and white sporting pants.

I see the backside of an older woman walking away from me. She wears a gray pull-over cotton cap and a black vest. She walks as if she is pushing a bicycle in front of her. She reminds me of the stature of my mother when she was in her 70s.

A middle-aged woman says, “Your turn again” as she looks at me in a close-up encounter. She wears a black robe with head covered. Her face is suntanned and narrow. Her lips are parted and exposes the teeth favoring the right side of the mouth - as if she is talking out of the right side of her mouth. Comment: As an idiom, talking out of the side of your mouth means “saying one thing but meaning a different thing.” Like this I understand her to say, it’s not Gregory’s turn again at doing the work (the opus) but someone else’s.

I am standing in a park setting next to some young trees and notice that around the base of one of them is debris from food cartons and other stuff as if homeless people use this area. Comment: A house in a dream refers to one’s subtle body. To be homeless suggests a proper subtle body has not been developed.
Homeless.jpg [ 56.96 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Slowly and emphatically pronounced, syllable by syllable, I hear, “Civ-il-i-za-tion In Trans-i-tion.”

On a wood table, I see empty cleaned aluminum pie tins with eating utensils.

I am recalling, “Feel no inferiority over this.”

In the darkness, I see a man walking away from me who is wearing black shorts. His mostly bare left leg is in focus. He appears to be carrying groceries in his left arm.

I am observing a long rectangular table as I stand by its West side near the SW area. It is covered with different colored table cloths plus a pile of loosely laid colorful dark fabrics that could be shawls that Muslim women like to wear.

I am looking up at a tall modern beige stone built building that has a large statue of a woman that is attached at about heart level height who holds a torch in her right hand. Heart Light it seems.

I see an opened food take-out carton of rectangular shape. A table knife is poked into its NE corner into a mound of fresh avocado and some is retrieved.

In the darkness, I am looking down at a rather top view of the West side of a wood table. A tall dark glass wine bottle with stopper in its top is in the view – one from the wine of the first days of creation it seems.

I am observing a close-up view of garden vegetation lined with small white stone on either side. A standing faucet is tumbling water down onto the area.

In daylight, I am walking on the West sidewalk along Menzies Street towards Superior Street where we are staying at Villa Superior. An outdoor farmer’s market is held on the corner of Superior and Menzies on Saturdays. I see that my in-laws are shopping in that “Superior Street” market (vegetable connection is meant).

In the blackness, I see a V-shape that appears to have “cleaved” itself into a pile of fabric of different colors. It does not cut them but folds them next to the sides of the V.

From the neck, down to the waist, I see a very large woman standing in the darkness along the West side with her head out of sight into the NW. I am standing in the SW looking at her. She appears to be a large black woman wearing a blue and white house keeper uniform. She is leaning down towards me and handing me something with her right hand that I cannot see in the darkness.

I am looking out at the sky to the far horizon as if over an unobstructed ocean surface where I see two strange “whitish brush strokes” that start at a point on the horizon. One stroke on the left widens as it approaches my location high in the sky and then ever more broadly curves down to the surface. The one on the right does the same. It looks like a V-shape with downward curled ends as if horns. Devil horns it seems. The background of the sky is filled with Apocalyptic colors.

Down below, (I’m viewing as if I am a very tall person; Galatcus height comes to mind) I see a middle-aged man wearing blue jeans and a tan sweater. White cotton is used to make a design on the sweater such that it looks like a vesica piscis shape that covers the chest and whose tips continue onto the biceps of the sweater on the arms (looks like armbands; reminding me of how the Jews had to wear armbands in Hitler’s Germany) held at the side of the body. The “eye of God” centered on the heart chakra it seems.
Nazi_party_leader_armbands.jpg [ 28.69 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

Mon. 21 August 2017

In the blackness, I am observing a huge white capital letter A (a color code connection to ISIS and to the slaughter of the innocents like that at the time of the Logos Christ birth when Herod the Great ordered infanticide) in the NW of the view that extends towards the SW. Then another white capital A appears in outline form at a 45-degree angle to one side such that it appears to be meant to be across the NW corner. I immediately have the impression this image is a black and white view and that the outlined letter has the colors of the golden ring in Pauli’s World Clock and like this the color of the golden ring in an annular Solar eclipse. “A is for Apocalypse.”
A Is For Apocalypse.jpg
A Is For Apocalypse.jpg [ 20.67 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]


PS Interesting amplification on the astronomical details in the following article; about how this solar eclipse is taking place with the constellation Leo in the background. Being born under the sign of Leo the lion (a Sol connection) is a Logos Christ consciousness emphasis (C.G. Jung was a Leo). What is coming with the new birth, in this "Second Coming Of Christ" of the Sun-Moon woman of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation (12:1), is the birth of Eros Christ consciousness.
Black Moon.jpg
Black Moon.jpg [ 34.26 KiB | Viewed 350 times ]

BLACK MOON: Does solar eclipse fulfill Bible prophecy of apocalypse and second coming?

Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:53 pm
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Post Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing
Confirmation.jpg [ 50.1 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

The roots of Confirmation are found in the New Testament.
Now when the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent them Peter and John, who went down and prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Spirit, for it had not yet fallen upon any of them; they had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then they laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit. Acts of the Apostles 8:14-17

Also, in the Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Christ speaks of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles (John 14:15–26). Later, after his Resurrection, Jesus breathed upon them and they received the Holy Spirit (John 20:22), a process completed on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1–4). After this point, the New Testament records the apostles bestowing the Holy Spirit upon others through the laying on of hands.

Receiving the Holy Spirit was biblically indicated as something that would occur at the “end of time”.

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Acts 2:17

Tues. 22 August 2017

The following flood/Fludd of dreams and visions took place during a 3-hour meditation. Much of it I do not understand. But there are a few nuggets that did shine through. The World Soul is “drilling down” into yet another layer of meaning connected to Her dreams and visions that have flowed into my view over the years. It seems this can go on indefinitely.


There is an offer to purchase our home for 56.

End Of Dream

Comment: 56 = 11; the eternal realm – the unus mundus. No mention of currency – just this dimensionless number; suggesting a connection to the fine structure constant for our universe (1/137; where 137 = 11) which is also a dimensionless number but which also explains how our universe can exist because all the forces are in just the right proportion; just like balance required for the union of the opposites in the eternal realm of the unus mundus.

In the aftermath of the above dream I inwardly agree to sell our home for this price. Immediately, in the darkness a man in a business suit in silhouette is seen standing in the NW of my view – but only his right shoulder is visible (where Betelgeuse resides). I sense he wants to shake hands to confirm the deal so we shake hands. It was inwardly satisfying to do this transaction. It seems this “sale” will incarnate in the NW as renewed Ra consciousness.

Down below in the darkness, I am observing a woman’s left foot that is radiating pink pixie dust into the blackness. Pixie dust has magical effects as noted earlier this month in On Becoming A Judas Conscript. It is color code connected to the pink UFO seen in my previous post Pruning The Tree Of Life. Promoting the coniunctio is meant – a connection to selling my house for 56. As shown in the following image, pixie dust is something Tinker Bell leaves in her trail.
Pixie Dust.jpg
Pixie Dust.jpg [ 36.18 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

Fairies can enable others to fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust (read: help them with their subtle body development).

Pixie dust, also known as "fairy dust", is the trail of sparkling material that is given off by Tinker Bell and other fairies. Pixie dust can refer to a new medical substance, used for the regeneration of cells. The new technology, still in its infancy, is processed from special cells taken from the bladders of pigs.

In the darkness, a middle-aged man’s face suddenly approaches mine. It seems he just sat up as if he just woke up. The right side of his slender face looks distorted as if rubbery. The distortion reminds me of what one sees when looking into a wavy mirror. As a HermAphrodite one could say his masculine side incarnated worldview has been relativized; given him a modified lens with which to see his world with, due to his contact with the Eros Self.
Mirror Distortion.jpg
Mirror Distortion.jpg [ 31.61 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I am experiencing all this energy – so much so I cannot sleep. I sense something inside me wants to get some message out. So, I get up and meditate and during a 3-hour period I record a flood of material of which I have hardly any idea what most of it could mean.

I see a stout middle-aged woman dressed in black. She is approaching a man from the NW corner of the huge square wood desk, which is located in the NW corner of the room, where he sits at the 6 o'clock hour (due South location). Many pieces of dark fabric containing colorful patterns lay on the center of his desk that look like the size of shawls; hijab’s Muslim women like to wear it seems. Comment: Diming the Logos opens up the empty center of the square clock face (which came up in The Double Bipolar, Double Barrel, Shin Shotgun Holy Wedding – 18 November 2015) out of which pour Hijab's that will psychically incarnate into our 4-dimensional world (the shapes of the Holy Spirit flames in the clock face center) helping the soul of mankind to enter Eros ego functioning seems meant – just like my 1976 Pentecostal experience did over time. It leads to a Doomsday Hour renewal of Ra consciousness as each learns how to become their own highest inner religious authority (pope) in this baptism of the “Hijab lovE Apocalypse”.
Hijab Love.jpg
Hijab Love.jpg [ 49.89 KiB | Viewed 318 times ]

In The Last Days I Will Pour Out My Spirit On All People
I see a young woman walking away from my location. Her head is down. She wears a light gray pull-over cap with gray shirt and dark gray pants. A broad tan swede strap is over her right shoulder suggesting she carries a purse I cannot see. Comment: A beige purse filled with an equal amount of red & green BINGO cards comes up later in this post. But for now, the woman’s gray apparel indicates another unconscious content is on the way seeking consciousness.

I see the right side of a woman’s face who is talking with someone. She is mostly in silhouette. She reminds me of my first wife at middle-age. Comment: My first wife, who suffers from a bipolar disorder, is FN in her psychology. Her Heart Light shone for all to see. This seems to also be a comment about my inner wife and what She has shone for the world to see via all these dreams and visions; healing Her of a bipolar disorder now that the HermAphrodite aspect of my subtle body has been consciously realized (healing my inner psychic split). Comment: XMAS has the same colors as those in Heart Light. As was noted in MLvF's eulogy, the remedy for our world would take place within a Christian framework.

In the summer of 1994 she had this dream:
She is working in the laundry at the cloister in Einsiedeln. She is given to understand that Jung would come down from heaven to the wedding of the Black Madonna. Marie-Louise is among the one hundred elect who are permitted to take part in the wedding.

She said that the unconscious was indeed preparing a remedy for the world and a union, to be sure not one “above in the spiritual realm,” but a union of above and below, a union of spirit and matter. Very early on the Virgin Mary was thought to be “the earth;” the Black Madonna was a nature goddess. And yet the union comes about in a Christian framework, which she (Marie-Louise) never could accept. But still the dream filled her with the highest happiness.

In the darkness, I see a short tan cylindrical object sitting on the SE area of a wood desk.

I see what looks like a portion of a wagon wheel rim. The outer rim is missing and like this I see the interior of the wheel rim is hollow. It has a red carpet on the inner rim surface and the sides are two short wood walls that follow the circumference as shown in the following image. Comment: In my previous post a four wheel horse pulled wagon driven by a woman had the SW & SE wagon wheels showing the two sides of the circumference rim was covered with a golden metal piece. Now we know red is on the 90-degree angled side; supporting Ra colors seems meant. Further insight into the “Wheels of Ezekiel” seems meant and to the golden ring of Pauli’s World Clock.
Wagon Rim.jpg
Wagon Rim.jpg [ 39.3 KiB | Viewed 317 times ]

Down below in the darkness I see a woman’s white left hand whose palm is placed flat down on a black surface. Her five fingers are long and very slender and the fingernails are long, slender and red and come to a point such that they remind me of old style ink pens. The overall appearance of each finger is like the V-size shape of a Planck second on a clock face. "The writing on the wall" occurs during a Planck second seems meant; an Eros Self originated "big bang" creation event of new psychic spacetime. Comment: The hand reminds me of the “chicken foot” hand seen in a February 2013 vision. But now it seems Her purpose has become more humanized in my psyche such that a “jump” to a higher species, i.e., to a human animal with five fingers is possible.
Chicken Foot.jpg
Chicken Foot.jpg [ 18.98 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I hear a woman screaming, “Police!” She is looking for something. Comment: Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as a police officer in On Becoming A Judas Conscript. He was a Hog Rider in the movie Terminator 2; Judgment Day. I guess the woman is really screaming “Judgment Day!”

In the darkness, I observe a modern, hand-pulled, black travel bag lying on a concrete surface. It’s the kind that is designed to fit in the overhead luggage compartment on an airplane. Its NE corner is in focus. Comment: NE is the next to the last step in the individuation process that leads to NW or incarnation.

In a daylight view I see a left-over fragment from a dinner roll. Comment: In Healing A Bipolar Disorder – May 2017 dinner rolls were being sliced in half because a psychotic condition (bipolar disorder) had been healed.

In the darkness, I see a man sitting on the South end of a couch whose back is to the West wall in the room. By his right side is a FatMan shaped atomic bomb (without a tail fin) of his height (a man-sized tactical nuke it seems). It has slid off the couch part way such that the nose of the bomb is in contact with the floor and it has a 45-degree angle to the floor. Comment: A “bombs away” of such shaped bombs was seen falling out of the NW at a 45-degree angle recently in Enduring The Tower Of Babel. The new image suggests humans can become like a tactical nuclear device in a constructive or destructive manifestation; depending on how consciously they have understood Her purpose.

I see my large coffee mug sitting on the SW area of my desk in the darkness. Comment: I drink decaf coffee which means I use a passive Eros ego to learn from the World Soul and that has made Gregory a constructive, portable, tactical nuclear device.

Then down below in darkness I see a man holding a dark gray “bomb” shaped object at a 45-degree angle that looks like a sea creature having the shape of a dolphin. The head of the creature was out of the view in the NW.

Something about Thursday (Thor’s day; his Ra colored hammer is V-shaped according to an August 2011 vision – a connection to a Planck Second; he is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, and the protection of mankind). Then in the darkness of the SW of the view I see a shallow dark bowl having a white Planck Second clock hand pointing to the NE or to about the 1 o’clock hour it seems. Comment: When I found the following clock-bowl image I realized that the vision must have had the minute and hour hand overlaying each other and maybe even a second hand. Like this the exact time of the clock hands are known and are being connected to the NE location. They overlap at 1:05:27, in one hour, 5 minutes, and 27 seconds or exactly at 1 hour and 3600/11 seconds = 327.27272727… or 327.30/11 seconds=5.45 minutes plus .30/11 seconds. See: Clock hand overlap times. The 5th prime number 11 (an effect from the 5th dimension seems meant) plays a key role in determining when the clock hands exactly overlap; perhaps this is the reason the World Soul draws attention to the fractional aspect of seconds as if a connection to a Planck Second is meant.
Bowl Clock.jpg
Bowl Clock.jpg [ 36.78 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I hear, “Do you enjoy it?” Then I see the left side of the face of a young woman. She is up in green palm trees looking out through an opening in the canopy towards the NW in the view. She is in a squatting/crouched posture. Comment: Palm trees have a canopy that only occurs at the top or the “crown” of the tree and with vegetative “rays” that like to point downwards. This suggests that the vegetative body effect on the enlightenment of the HermAphrodite is being anticipated in the NW by this young woman in the canopy of the palm tree.

I am observing a line of side-by-side empty guitar cases that are open. Inside the narrow part of the one on the far end in the NW of the view, I see a white numeral 99 on a black surface (located at the top of the guitar neck). Comment: Guitar “soul music”; 99>100 would be a quantum leap in consciousness. The 99 (=9x11) is located where the tension on the guitar strings is adjusted which “tunes” the 6 strings (E4, B3, G3, D3, A2 & E2) to the desired frequencies. In What The World Needs Now Is lovE, Sweet lovE – 8 April 2017 a man was playing a guitar while singing Civil War songs. In Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye – 30 April 2017 long yellow-green “guitar string” grass stems were seen and the focus was on the six strings that were over the hole in the “heart” of the guitar. Finally in Stargate Clitoris Apocalypse – 1 August 2017 a man playing a guitar was seen French kissing another man (his “hostile brother”; see Solar Eclipse image at the end of this post). Taken together these various aspects indicate that entering the Eros ego ISIS produces penetrating “heart felt” soul music (new consciousness) that heals the split between the Logos and Eros Self through a “Turn on your Heart Light” effect produced by Eros Christ consciousness.
Guitar Soul Music.jpg
Guitar Soul Music.jpg [ 32.88 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I am observing the right side of a nicely dressed young woman with a ponytail as she stands at a 45-degree angle to the NE corner in the view.

In the darkness, on a cutting board, I see a quartered piece of a green football shaped lime. Comment: Becoming a Limey seems meant; something that allows one to endure a long Night Sea Journey.
Lime Fruit.jpg
Lime Fruit.jpg [ 26.93 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

To prevent scurvy during the 19th century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of citrus, such as lemon, and later switched to lime. The use of citrus was initially a closely guarded military secret, as scurvy was a common scourge of various national navies, and the ability to remain at sea for lengthy periods without contracting the disorder was a huge benefit for the military. The British sailor thus acquired the nickname, "Limey”, because of their usage of limes.

I hear my wife saying, “It sounds exciting.” And then I see white text on a black background having the numeral 19 in it. Comment: 19 is the 8th prime number. The moon appears in the exact position among the stars every 19th year. The lunar and solar cycles coincide every 19 years. Etc., etc.

I see a woman who looks to be from India wearing a yellow-gold dress.

I see a woman approaching me. Suddenly she morphs to a smaller more delicate stature. She wears a tan swede garment.

I see many white notebooks having blue text on their outer surface that sit slumped (as if rubbery) on the NE area of an office desk. Comment: A rubbery medium is something connected to the subtle body development in the Eros Self realm. It seems these notebooks contain a record of the experience of the unus mundus that is ready to incarnate in the NW.

In the darkness, I observe a right hand whose fingers are at a 90-degree angle to the palm as they are bent over the edge of a surface.

I see a young woman emerging from a flared (conical) opening on the end of a cylindrical duct in the North wall of a NW corner in a room. She wears black tights. The flared opening reminds me of that seen in a wormhole where a black woman wearing a green dress was seen standing in its throat. Something of her knowing is entering spacetime.

Something about the word “HE” (= 7) in the blackness and then the H became a railroad track (a connection to infinity or the eternal realm) since the cross-bar is now missing.

Something about “You like to dance.” And then the man saying this slaps the dancing man along the right side of his head (his Eros ego side). I see a TV monitor sitting on a desk in this view. Comment: A confirmation slap – indicating that the effect of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit has awakened his right brain. See the "slap" confirmation image at the beginning of this post.

In the darkness of the NW I see a thin stream of a purple liquid draining into a plastic water cup having a truncated cone shape.

I see a young woman standing on the seat of a swing while tightly gripping the tan ropes and leaning backwards as if she is trying to get the swing – swinging. I suddenly recall the pendulum swinging cabri on Pauli’s world clock. Comment: It seems those "tic - toc" pendulum pulses in Pauli's World Clock are doing Planck Second pulses. “In a heartbeat” comes to mind, i.e., instantly; immediately will there be a creatio continua of new psychic spacetime.

A man walks up to a stage that reminds me of the one where mass is said in the Benedictine monastery in Valyermo, CA (a desert valley). He carries a large cardboard box and sets it on the North side of a couch whose back is against the West wall. One end of the box is partially open where I see plastic legal sized sheets of paper in the box. Comment: Pandora’s box has more HOPE in it; legal sized paper – a possible connection to “Judgment Day”.

I see a man working on the SE tire of a car.

I see a pair of white legs in tan shorts that stands by the SW wheel of a car on a hoist.

I see purple objects in the darkness as if in an aquarium that is behind a woman’s slender body.

I see a smiling young woman looking into her NW area as I observe from the NE. Something has been uncovered and I see a young man wearing a fluffy white hat.

I see my high school sweetheart as the 17-year-old when I last saw her. I view her from her NW are in the darkness.

In a dark room, I am looking over at my desk from my recliner where I see a rectangular electronic device like a modem. It has a small round white light coming from the top of the narrow rectangular end.

I see Ivanka Trump. She is tan and stands with her back at a 45-degree angle across the NE corner.

I see the pop singer, Celine Dion, is standing at a 45-degree angle across the NE corner.

I am looking down at some people standing by the planter next to the garage side of our home that is half a vesica piscis in shape. They are dressed in the olive colored military garb like the soldiers in Columbia who fight the drug cartels. A woman soldier stands in the planter apex by the NW area of the home.

I see a large rectangular (almost square) white road sign with blue lettering on it.

I hear, “It would be in safe keeping.” Then I see letterhead with the words, “Jungian xxxxx” and underneath that another short line of text.

I am observing a partial view of a mostly opened white door having four rectangular inset panels that is about to be closed. Strange but I see no door handle. It looks like the one that connects our bedroom to the rest of the apartment here in Victoria.

Something about not becoming involved in the drug trade in a prison.

I see an opened left hand holding a small round potato with dark red skin in the palm and over the top of the left side of a stainless-steel kitchen sink. Comment: A potato has a white interior. This seems to be the head of the potato man below.

Something about a dog blanket.

I see colorful rectangular packages in which potato chips are found. There is a row of them sitting on top of a white shelf that extend into the NW corner of a room as I observe from its NE area. The NE area of the shelf is empty. Comment: Tanning the too white flesh of a potato man (his head it seems, his Logos consciousness given the round red potato seen just above) is meant. It’s the relativizing effect of Eros Christ consciousness on one’s overall consciousness it seems.
Potato Man Chips.jpg
Potato Man Chips.jpg [ 56.73 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I observe a man (who stars as a drug lord’s hitman in Surviving Escobar) sit down in the NE area of a room and say, “Two-thirds.” A woman seated in the NW of the room says something in return. Comment: It seems 2/3rds of the shelf is covered with potato chips. This reminds me of the Book of Revelation when the first four trumpets are sounded and announce that one-third of various items are adversely affected. The shape of the following sign reminds me of the shape of the road sign seen earlier in this post.
Trumpets.jpg [ 37.72 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I see an oblique edge view of a black desktop that looks to be a large sailing bird coming at me head-on. The view is very slender or slit-like as if a connection to a Planck Length is meant. Comment: Pauli’s world clock is carried by a large black eagle. It seems my recording Her dreams and visions on my office desktop is like being an eagle carrying the World Clock that creates new psychic spacetime.
Bird Black.jpg
Bird Black.jpg [ 18.05 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I observe a short young woman with red hair saying, “Go Home!” She wears a blue and white checkered shirt. A connection to “Phone Home” it seems.

I am observing the back of a young woman’s head – her ponytail is braided in a herringbone or repeating stacked X-shape pattern. X-shape has been connected to a zipper and to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone that can unleash a mega quake and mega tsunami. The mana of her Eros knowing can have this kind of an effect on one’s evolution of consciousness; an XMAS effect is meant.

In the NE corner on a North gray wall in a room I see a white wall vent.

On a large table containing many different goods I see a clear plastic table sign containing a rectangular shape on which is written in broad black brush strokes the word, DISCOUNT (discount). “The writing is on the wall” is meant.

Now I am observing a sexy looking young woman from her NE area. She is sitting and wearing a black lace skirt.

I am walking down a flight of stairs having many levels in this concrete stairwell. I see a woman down below sitting on the top landing of the next set of stairs. She wears a one-piece length of whitish fabric that covers her head as if a robe. She turns to look up at me and like this I see that she is a thin, old white woman who presents a NW view of just her chin area.

I am in a very small living room of an old home that is filled with knickknacks and small furniture. An older person is sitting along the West wall.

I see a dinner fork taking a serving out of a mound of cooked gray rice. Comment: Gray is the color of unconscious contents. Rice has a “football” shape; indicating more wisdom from the unus mundus is on the table for conscious consumption.

I see three gray metal tubes coming from the due North wall (Doomsday Hour) in a room that are bent 90-degrees down to the edge of a kitchen sink. They are all in a row. Contents from the lower three chakras comes to mind.

A coffee machine was just turned on but I don’t see a carafe in the machine.

I see a man shaking a letter sized piece of paper side-to-side as he walks back into his office. Drying fresh ink comes to mind.

I am observing a close-up view of a gray moon looking terrain. Then I see a dinner fork lying on such a surface.

In the NW corner of a book page I see a woman stepping down.

A woman comes running up to a man and holding his right forearm says, “I will not abandon you again.”

I see three lean old suntanned men come up to be seated at a table in an outdoor setting. They wear large white cowboy hats.

In the darkness, a large gray wolf emerges from the shadows underneath an old wood desk in the due North (Doomsday Hour) of the view and comes running happily up to me as I sit in a recliner meditating. Comment: Antimony is the wolf of all metals. It is used to purify gold (get rid of “shadow” impurities), i.e., create incorruptible consciousness.

I am observing the East side of an oval shaped dining table.

I see a close-up view of an insect’s throat area which has an extended/enlarged area of whiteness that reminds me of how a mating grouse makes calls when seeking a mate. Comment: Entering an Eros ego has been connected to the VNS of an insect.

Mating calls in insects are usually associated with mechanical mating calls, such as in crickets, however, several species of insects use vocalizations to attract mates.

I hear a woman say, “I think accidents have increased since I am running for office.” Then I see a man who is getting undressed as if he is going swimming (in the water chakra seems meant). Comment: In The Wizard of Oz the Wicked Witch of the West says, “I can cause accidents too, my sweet.” Wolfgang Pauli experienced such paranormal activity in his life; something that occurred because he remained unconscious of the meaning of his inner life deeply enough. "Trump is God's Instrument" is another accident; a paranormal one due to a constructive Rainmaker effect since Gregory was in a state of Tao when this was announced.

I see the top of a large gray turtle while swimming under water. Strange, but the turtle is turned 90-degrees sideways in this view such that its circular back is in full view. Comment: Turtles are a symbol for uniting heaven (dome top) and earth (flat bottom). The hidden dimensions begin at a 90-degree angle to those of spacetime. The 5th dimension is the unus mundus in my material or the eternal realm where all the opposites are united; thus, the image of a turtle is used in order to convey that this information comes from the 2nd chakra; the water chakra.

I see a mother about to leave her apartment with her two young children (boy and girl) in tow.

I see a side view of a quart sized black plastic truncated cone nursery container have two (reminds me of the Sun-Moon chakra tree with its “feathered” limbs) side-by-side, tall, vertical yellow-gold stems with identical colored leaf vegetation growing off their one side giving them the impression of being feathers. Comment: Here the World Soul suggests that entering the VNS (Vegetative Nervous System) one can balance the subtle body heart chakra with an ostrich feather when using Eros Christ consciousness.

Feathered Chakra Tree.jpg
Feathered Chakra Tree.jpg [ 38.65 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I am looking up at a massive metal piece of a crane. This lifting equipment has this beam angled 45-degrees in the view. Comment: Increasing the consciousness on the planet of the apes is being characterized as a “heavy lift” experiment which incarnates along the sides of a light cone.

I see a middle-aged man with black hair sitting in one of the blue metal chairs in a backyard. He has his eyes closed as if meditating.

I see frontal view of a tall young woman wearing deep blue clothes. She appears to be pregnant. Comment: As I typed this in I suddenly flashed back to the blue vertical disk in Pauli’s World Clock as if this pregnant woman is connected to that “clock face” disk (underneath blue is cyan in my material; an Avatar color connection). Birthing new psychic spacetime is meant as noted in footnote 10 of my paper Buckyball As Reconciling Symbol In The Unus Mundus. Birthing in Planck Second heartbeat pulsing is meant.

Since the figure (Pauli’s World Clock) has a cosmic aspect – world clock - we must suppose it to be a small scale model or perhaps even a source of (psychic?) spacetime…” Jung, C.G., §312 In Collected Works Vol. 12.

I see a gray basket having a white interior that has some small items in it which I cannot describe. It’s like looking into a bird nest with eggs inside comes to mind.

I see a man holding something in his hands.

I hear a woman say, “Tracie, the only reason I give you some chicken is because it is done.” Comment: Kentucky golden fried chicken from Abraxas it seems.

In a gray dark view I see a person standing in front of a huge gray metal end piece that has the spiral shape like that seen in a cinnamon roll (contains the Fibonacci series like that seen in the numeral 6 in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall).

I hear, “People are not used to looking for this.”

I observe a man leaning on a large rectangular blue box while receiving a shipment of white powder in quart sized Ziploc plastic bags. Cocaine it seems. Comment: Here we have a connection to help that will manifest in the NW. A drug that transforms the Logos ego into an Eros ego. This is a connection to the contents of the IED barrel bomb and to the abdomen of the WASP whose stinger can transform one into an Eros ego state of consciousness. This reminds me of my youth when a young man I was with threw a rock into a large WASP nest. They stung him between the eyes and other places. His eyes were swollen shut for days and were black and blue. He could not go out and play so he was confined to have to be with just himself. It’s a Wotan blind in right eye with a left “chink” eye effect (observing the unus mundus with a single slit collapses the wave function; Pauli told me in a vision once that only the living can perform this service for once you are in the Beyond, the changless, eternal realm you cannot do this; only the living, pulsing World Clock can unleash the creatio continua of new psychic spacetime which, however, creates a nonlocal effect that effects the everywhere/always and thus even the Beyond). It’s a NE – Doomsday Hour – NW incarnation effect, help from the Beyond enterprise. A “bit of humor” if you can call getting a Wasp'ied confirmation “slap” funny.
Wasp Sting Eyes.jpg
Wasp Sting Eyes.jpg [ 53.17 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

WASP' IED Stinger Confirmation Effect
I hear, “It is against the rules to conquer the plate!”

I am observing a very thick silver colored couch seat cushion that has slipped with one end onto the floor such that it is at a 45-degree angle.

I see two dark golden fried chicken pieces down below. A wing is in the SW (read: cooked clipped wing) and a breast (read: cooked heart chakra) is in the NW.

In a dark room, I see an older bald man standing in the SW area of a room while a woman is seated by the West wall in the NW of the room. I hear the woman saying, “In the White House if anyone really knew the answers they’d be leaving.Comment: I think that was a verbal confirmation "slap". A bald man having a black line down the middle of his head (hairlessness suggests unbiased head mana?) appeared in Pruning The Tree Of Life just after a pink UFO image uniting masculine and feminine principles was seen.

I am observing many large stainless-steel cooking pots that overfill a double kitchen sink. Comment: The main course of a large meal could trigger the use of such utensils.

I am observing the backside of a dark skin (Egyptian) bald man wearing a white and yellow checkered garment about his torso and white slacks.

I am observing a close-up view of a pair of “vesica piscis” shaped sunglasses held by a left hand. A pink border outlines them. HermAphrodite seeing is pink; the color of the coniunctio.

I am observing a car at the top of Michigan street in Victoria when I hear, “You’ll have to carry her into the house Greg.” Comment: Carry the bride into the house it seems.

In a dark room, I see a Cyberdemon standing in a pose that suggests, “ready for action” by the West wall and it is facing South. Recall that this demon has Planck Second horn shaped tips that have been cut off and this allows white teardrop cucumber seeds to be seen.

I am observing an older man from his SE area who is wearing a white hat with a brim. He is staring into the NE in the view. His face seems to be glowing white.

I see a right profile view of a young woman in a binder of pictures next to the center line and half way down the page (due West location). She has fluffy black hair and Mediterranean colored skin and wears a gray pull-over hat.

I see frontal view of a young woman’s head. She wears pink lipstick.

I am observing the contents in a small shallow rectangular container having an empty SW corner while the rest was filled and having the NW area piled up. It reminds me of the one my wife likes to use to store her personal items in.

I see large diameter pieces of gray metal stovepipe; some straight and some curved; lying around in a junk yard.

I am observing the interior of an old whitish stone castle looking building where I see down below a woman leading children through a tall rectangular opening. The children run past her and down a flight of stone steps having metal guard rails.

I am observing a young, voluptuous, suntanned woman with long fluffy black hair (that hung down in the back in the form of a flat steep ramp) from her SW area as she sits on a bench seat at a picnic table outside. She wears black shorts and a white top.

I am looking down at a bowl that is whitish inside that is filled with clear plastic wrapped yellowish square candies.

I hear a woman say, “A nap didn’t do it two or three times a day.”

On a floor in a dark hallway I see a floor level arched sign (the convex shape reminds me of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone shape) in a clear plastic frame. The word begins with a capital black letter R but then I cannot make out the rest. Comment: R is for Roberta came to mind as I typed this in; the name of a hurricane – something that unites heaven and earth.

Suddenly, I am flashing back to my 2003 psychic journey while meditating that took me 7 million years into the future.

I am standing by the West side of the inside of an old store. I am looking towards the NW corner at the other end of a huge picture window in the West wall. I see two black metal boxes side-by-side along the North in the corner that have white text on them. A cornerstone comes to mind and it harbors a time capsule.

The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.

Over time a cornerstone became a ceremonial masonry stone, or replica, set in a prominent location on the outside of a building, with an inscription on the stone indicating the construction dates of the building and the names of architect, builder, and other significant individuals. The rite of laying a cornerstone is an important cultural component of eastern architecture and metaphorically in sacred architecture generally.

Some cornerstones include time capsules from, or engravings commemorating, the time a particular building was built.

I see a large pig (sow it seems) lying on its left side. The focus is on the white hair underneath its throat. It’s her “mating call” hairs come to mind.

Then I see a man in a white coat as if a physician has gripped the SE dark pink skin leg on the pig and hold it at a 45-degree angle.

I see a glass pepper shaker having an aluminum cap with a pattern of round holes in its top. On typing, this in I suddenly wonder what the pattern of holes looks like on the salt and pepper shaker in our Victoria apartment. I was surprised to see the holes form a hexagon with a upward (salt/spirit) or downward (pepper/matter) pointing internal triangle in them. There are embossed images on their sides; one of an eight pointed star with diamond shape at the end of each ray and the other is of a larger six-pointed star.
Shakers.jpg [ 30.07 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I am observing an old, dark tan, oval, shaped wicker basket filled with small present wrapped cylindrical objects (salt & pepper shakers?).

On the South end of a long rectangular table I see a layout of many coins I do not recognize. I recall that the archetypes appear on coins. I guess these are new images for the emerging Eros Self coinage.

Now I see the surface of an office desk having a large rectangular clear glass piece which covers a large black and white picture underneath. The image is partial and shows the SW to NW area. I wonder if this is the picture that was rolled up and placed in the West side of my footlocker.

I see a left view of a young man walking from the NE to the NW in the view. He is acting as if he is in charge.

I see a flat head screw driver whose end is waving around and pointing into the NW.

I am observing an athletic young woman’s right side who is wearing a white tennis outfit. She is suntanned and is leaning backwards with her right shoulder at 45-degrees – a posture which suggests she just whacked a ball that was a difficult return shot.

I see a part-way open white door as if for a closet. Only the SE end is in the view by the dark wood floor.

I see a large dark brown, fur covered, right leg and foot that appears to belong to a bear.

From the outside, I am observing the inside of a long dark hallway in an old building through the glass door. On the other side of the front door I make out a man standing there. The windows are covered with black wrought iron bars as if crime is a problem in this area.

I see a long clear glass tube lying on a surface that has something inside.

In a shallow beige wash basin, I see some thin, rectangular, yellow objects lying up against its NE area.

I see stacked packages of shredded cheddar cheese and to its right are stacks of green lettuce. A combination for producing Eros Christ consciousness.

I see a pink AAA battery being inserted into an electronic device. Comment: Two AAA batteries are in the voice recorder I use to record my dreams and visions. The following image is a 22 December 2012 vision of this recorder. A yellow Planck Second at the Doomsday Hour suggested an Eros ego gave access to this kind of apocalyptic information using coniunctio energy from a HermAphrodite subtle body (Red & White mixed together yields pink).

Something about “Russia today.”

I observe a woman placing a large black tire on a surface. A metal piece is stuck in its SW area when looking at the edge view of the tire thread.

As I observe white strips of paper I hear in Spanish, “Jesús.” There are faces on the strips of paper. These strips have come together to form a 45-degree leaning seven shape which appears reddish – an image that appeared recently in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall and was thought to be a sign that an evolution of consciousness beckons.

I seem to be King Kong on the top of a skyscraper in NYC – looking down to see fighter aircraft coming up from below towards me. Comment: King Kong would be an image for the Eros Self. Fighter airplanes would be an image for a Logos ego. It’s an image for a Civil War between the opposites.

King Kong.jpg
King Kong.jpg [ 11.63 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

I see cyan colored numbers in some black text.

I am observing spray/mist coming from a bottle dispenser that goes into a cup.

I observe the right side of a green and red horse drawn wagon pass from the SW to the SE in the view. A driver with a whip is in the wagon seat. But I see no horse.

I am having the impression that, “Nature knows how to do transitions” and they are usually very bloody as with the coming and going of the Roman Empire. Consciousness can help make such transitions less destructive.

I am observing a small circular disk-shaped island of greenery floating (subtle body connection) in the sky above a dark planet below. Some human figures are standing on it. A feminine figure stands off its SW area that reminds me of Our Lady of Fatima. A ring of white light surrounds this “island”; a connection to the golden ring of Pauli’s World Clock comes to mind; as if that golden ring glows white once it makes a complete revolution due its pulsing rotating movement. It’s new psychic spacetime being created. This floating subtle body “island universe” reminds me of all the floating islands in the movie Avatar.
Avatar Islands.jpg
Avatar Islands.jpg [ 47.7 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]


I am sitting on a couch with my wife snuggled next to my left side while I am next to the armrest. A bald man in black clothes sits snuggled next to my wife and a woman he is with sits on his left. Suddenly, the bald man kisses my wife on the left side of her neck. The next thing I know they get up and stand in the NW of the room and I see that my wife has decided to take up with this bald man. He is pointing a German Luger style pistol (9mm caliber) at something behind my right side while smiling at me. My wife had to decide whether I should live or die and she chose to go with him. I could tell from the way she reacted that she really wanted to try a new adventure with the bald man. Music begins to play loudly as the dream ends.

End of Dream

Comment: More soul music can be heard if my inner wife takes up with the bald man part of myself. He has previously been connected with having no hair because the opposites are connected in his consciousness as seen with the pink UFO. The bald man represents a state of Tao.

From his SE area in the darkness I see a man holding a German Luger pistol in both hands. It is pointed downwards.

I see a large stack of pale green or pale red papers being placed in a woman’s large beige purse. They look like paper BINGO (= 24646 = 22 = 4) cards. Heart Light colors. It seems whoever gets BINGO has turned on their Heart Light.
BINGO.jpg [ 53.68 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

In the United States, Bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers pre-printed in different arrangements on 5×5 cards with the numbers the game host draws at random, marking the selected numbers with tiles. When a player finds the selected numbers are arranged on their card in a row, they call out "Bingo!" to alert all participants to a winning card, which prompts the game host (or an associate assisting the host) to examine the card for verification of the win. Players compete against one another to be the first to have a winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot. After a winner is declared, the players clear their number cards of the tiles and the game host begins a new round of play.

I see dark red wine being poured into a glass “beer” mug. Wine from the first days of creation to be served at the “End of Time.”

I see a young man who looks like Charlie Mason when he was that age. A kid is arguing with Charlie saying, “I’m going to take my license plates off my car and give them to somebody.”

I am inside a fenced in place that looks like a junk yard while looking at its SW area.

I observe a dumpy area displaying various food items that sit on a red and white picnic checkered cloth.

I see a bunch of thick folded newspaper as if a Sunday edition ready for delivery. They are all encased in clear plastic – something only done if it is going to be raining.

I see a man eating from the East side of a large white circular dinner plate that has served cooked vegetables; broccoli was one of them.

I am observing a man from his SE area that is wearing a gray suit. Another man in the view is wearing a black suit. They are walking into the NE of the view.

I am observing the front portion of a bicycle from its SE area; the front wheel of a bicycle spinning.

I see a loosely hanging length of tan rope.

I see a frontal view of a tall, lanky, middle-aged man dressed in blue and wearing white tennis. His face is thin and he has fluffy black hair. He is approaching my location on a sidewalk.

Check out which way lightning works.

I am observing the tops of trees in a night view that line a city street. The tops of the tree canopy is purple.

I see a frosty root beer mug (octagonal cross-section) that is filled with a dark substance and having a white layer on the bottom and on the top. A root beer float it seems.

In the darkness of the NW corner I see a baby carrier with a baby mostly reclined in it with its back to that corner at a 45-degree angle. It is sucking on the right thumb.

I see a large numeral red 7 down below having a yellow wood pencil sticking up in the corner the top makes with the vertical stem.

I see a shopping cart whose basket is cyan while the supporting structure is blue; an Avatar colored shopping cart. The baby the old witch dressed street woman was raising was in a shopping cart suggesting that this birth in consciousness imparts “world teacher” status.
Shopping Cart.jpg
Shopping Cart.jpg [ 45.76 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]


PS Here is another image for a Solar eclipse as a “hostile brothers” image… The black man “rises” according to Charlie Manson and the Beatles and the white man “descends”/diminishes via the counter clockwise Helter Skelter ride.
Trump Obama Solar Eclipse.JPG
Trump Obama Solar Eclipse.JPG [ 23.23 KiB | Viewed 322 times ]

The ‘Hostile Brothers’

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Post The Bloody Mary Apocalypse
Thurs. 24 August 2017


I have won the bidding in a game of cards. I lead the play with the Ace of Spades from my trump suit.
Ace Spades.jpg
Ace Spades.jpg [ 18.28 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: It’s the Black Madonna’s, “Black Heart, Longinus “spear to the heart”, “writing on the wall” Apocalypse.” More adjectives in front of Apocalypse will be added in this post; such as "Bloody Mary" and "Hog Rider".

In the darkness of the NW I see a woman’s black high heel shoe. I recall that such a shoe came up in an October 2015 vision. The slender V-shaped heel is a connection to being a Planck Second; an ISIS color code connected phenomena.
Shoe High Heel copy.jpg
Shoe High Heel copy.jpg [ 23.67 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I am observing an older man walking away from my location in the SW and into the NW of the view. He stumbles a bit and sags to his left. He wears a washed out red shirt (appears to be a pale pink or reddish-white (HermAphrodite colors) and washed out blue jeans (that appear bluish-cyan; Avatar colors). He walks on a dark concrete pebble stone sidewalk that have some of the stone surfaces rubbed white; a black road that becomes a pepper and salt sidewalk - union of spirit and matter if one endures.

In a dark room, I see the NE area of a dining room table chair having a white seat and honey-wood construction. I am observing this chair by looking under the North side of the rectangular table while seated along the West side by its NW corner.

Fri. 25 August 2017

I see a small, petite, young woman wearing a black dress. Her black hair has the Cleopatra cut that goes well with her dress, suntanned skin, red lips and black eyes in the NE view of her face and body.

In a dark view, I observe a woman wearing black clothes and black hat with veil as she sits on the West side of a commuter bus. She seems to be dressed for a funeral. Comment: A bus is a collective form of transportation. It seems a psychological death of the collective way in favor of individuation is meant.

In a daylight view I observe a man standing on white city sidewalk while touching a “wall” of small pink flowers growing a foot tall above a tan wood fence on the East side of the view.

I see tall green stem plant growth by the front side of a white side of a single story modest home having a black roof. They remind me of hollyhock plants except here the flowers are of a different variety and are very large and of different colors along its height with a white, circular, V-shaped petal one at its top.

I am recalling, that in reality, our daughter-in-law (married to our youngest son; Eros ego in his psychology) is expecting their 3rd child. Suddenly, I have the impression it will be a boy (they presently have two girls). I immediately realize that an inner birth is meant in my soul, the birth of the Eros Christ child; the “hostile” brother of the Logos Christ. Comment: I then recall that from my brief foray in shamanism, I learned that the shaman in some Native American tribes would place their ear on a pregnant squaw’s belly and speak to the fetus asking, “What its role would be in the tribe? Warrior, shaman, chief, …” Psychically entering the depths of matter at Planck Length scale leads to synchronistic “knowing” it seems if our daughter-in-law is pregnant with a boy.

I hear, “There is a Christian man that was able to connect widely different regions in his psyche” (his 2nd PhD; which came up earlier this month in On Becoming A Judas Conscript) for a quantum leap in his consciousness.

I am observing an older bald man in the NW with his back angled across that corner at a 45-degree angle. I observe him from the SW in the view. He wears a wide, thick, yellow cotton scarf double wrapped around his neck; giving him a Buddhist monk appearance. “All that you speak becomes…” given the yellow-scarf about his throat as if it were the throat in the hyperspace wormhole.

I hear Her say, “You will see that I am right. You are the Savior of the world.” Suddenly, I begin to literally believe this is a true statement about my inner world and perhaps even true for helping the outer situation as a result of my opus. “God needs man to heal the damage that creation has done” comes to mind, via the “chink eye” single slit observation that collapses the wave function.

I am observing the floor in front of the recliner in our apartment in a daylight view. I see two side-by-side utensils. A long bread knife with black handle lies parallel to and slightly on top of a large stainless-steel serving spoon. The knife is to the right side of a man sitting in the recliner while the spoon is to his left side (masculine & feminine “tools”).

I see a giant, primitive looking man walk past in front of me from my left side in front of my SW area location. He walks on a dark concrete pebble sidewalk except for the white worn tops of the stones (a pepper & salt colored walkway with a great emphasis on pepper or matter; use of this walkway slowly releases spirit/enlightenment from its entrapment in matter). He appears to be entering a large university campus and he walks up to the foot of the many steps that lead up to a large, beige stone, Capitol “domed” building like that seen in Washington D.C. in the due North of the view. The Cain/Esau man comes to mind; that which was rejected in the Old Testament has found favor in the Age of Aquarius. I see another dark pebble stone walkway angles into the due North from the SE; together they form a V-shape whose apex is at the foot of the many steps that lead to the “capital” building (a connection to the downward pointing V-shaped triangle seen on the top of the pepper shaker in my previous post. I guess it is the University for Islamic Studies headquarters. Giants are a sign that something too long repressed has inflated an unconscious content.

In the darkness of the NW I see a drooping cone shaped (V-shaped) pink flesh as if from the tip of a heart lying on its side (at a 90-degree angle to spacetime).

In the darkness, I see a wide piece of 90-degree angle iron whose lower end disappears in the darkness below. Then I see a similar piece of 90-degree angled iron lying on its side and facing to the right (East). I see it has the shape of a numeral 7 and that a man dressed in black as if a ninja stands in the V-shaped apex that the lower and top piece makes with each other. I flashback to the yellow wood pencil with the red eraser seen sticking up out of the center of the square clock face for it seemed to originate from the apex of the blue numeral 7. Like this the ninja man is being equated to a Ra colored pencil that was influencing the right side of the head of Pope Francis. The ninja man is the shadow of Pope Francis it seems. One could also say that the ninja stands at the apex of a V-shape light cone or in the present or eternal now moment.
Clock Pencil Spirit Pope Sm.jpg
Clock Pencil Spirit Pope Sm.jpg [ 32.7 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare. Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the samurai-caste, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.

I see a large bronze key protruding from out of my belly region and into the blackness in front of myself. It looks like a sword pointed outwards. It reminds me of the bronze key to the front door of our home.
Key.jpg [ 20.07 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I am recalling that the baptism in the Holy Spirit can produce a “Honeymoon” experience. Depending on the size of the encounter it can last for a few hours to months. Mine lasted for about six months before all Hell broke loose. A long period of inflation accompanies such an experience. I experienced it as “Christ’s second coming” being eminent and like this a strong desire to evangelize (project an inner consciousness development imperative into the outer situation).

Sat. 26 August 2017

I am experiencing the sensation of increasing warmth in the heart chakra.

Then, in a bright daylight scene I am observing the tire tracks in the dead yellow grass of a dirt road that travels in front of a used brick and wrought iron topped fence of a large home. Water floods a portion of the tire track used by the SW and NW tires.

I am observing a round end that appears to be the result of a large horn having been cut off.

I am looking down at a mostly top view of a sweating (cold) “water” glass of small diameter like those seen used to serve exotic cocktail drink (a Bloody Mary comes to mind as I prepare this post). It uses vodka – a drink made from fermented potatoes; a staple drink in Russia.
Mary Bloody.jpg
Mary Bloody.jpg [ 45.67 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

A Bloody Mary is a cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings including Worcestershire sauce, Hot Sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consommé or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and/or celery salt.

A long red straw is protruding up out of the glass that appears to be filled with a dark, reddish, icy slush. Comment: As I type this in I now realize this cylindrical shaped drink is connected to the cut-off horn of the previous vision; as if drinking a Bloody Mary is the liquid version of the Eros Self and its consumption of the potency of that horn. I flashback to rhino horns being poached in Africa. They fetch $300,000 each for use in Chinese medicine; something noted earlier this year in A Green Thumb Effect Looms – 7 February 2017.

I see a gray animal ear like that seen on a rhino. Its shape reminds me of an air-horn; something used in World Wars to warn of an air-raid (of Ra colored meteor showers it seems). As I look at the following image I also “see” that the ear opening reminds me of an inverted teardrop shape.
Rhino Ear.jpg
Rhino Ear.jpg [ 7.41 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

Comment: In Towards Potential Being Becoming Actual Being – 3 July 2015 the medicinal potency of a rhino horn was connected to integrating Eros Christ consciousness. It was noted that in traditional Chinese medicine rhino horn powder when added to boiling water could cure snakebites and “devil possession.”

In the darkness of a black and white view I see a numeral 7 in the NW area.

I am observing a mostly left profile view of a very happy, handsome young man of Mexican descent sitting bare chested (tan skin) on a couch in a living room that is along the West wall. He has a full head of black hair with a mustache. He is looking at something on the opposite side of the room (TV?) which is out of the view.


I am at a hunting camp in Russia that Putin uses in his wilderness outings.

Putin arrives at the camp. I meet him coming up near the top of a flight of stairs I was about to descend. I greet him saying, “Hey, look whose here? It’s Ironman!” He laughs. We have a conversation. He is very friendly and comes across as a very pleasant man. He is eager to play cards and drink vodka (a bloody Mary ingredient).

End of Dream

Comment: I am on good terms with my inner former “hostile brother” who is Eros ego in his psychology.

In the darkness, I am observing the top part of a rectangular window screen whose lower part blends in with the darkness below. The focus is on the NW-NE portion of this screen.

I see the small circular “monk spot” on the back of the head of a young lad.

I see a right silhouette profile view of a young woman’s face in the darkness. She reminds me of a young Virgin Mary and also of the young petite woman seen earlier in this post who wore a black dress with her black hair and eyes. A Black Madonna virgin about 13 years of age it seems.

Suddenly, in the due North (Doomsday Hour) in the blackness, I see a glowing circular whiteness which then begins to fizz/radiate all these small white “projectiles” to all directions as if a “star burst” fireworks exploded. I flashback to the pink pixie dust radiating into the surrounding from the woman’s left foot in my previous post Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing.
Pixie Dust Star Burst.jpg
Pixie Dust Star Burst.jpg [ 24.37 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

Then I am observing the SE area of a backyard where I see green grass and a mature tree with green vegetation. A simple tan wood fence made from vertical parallel slender boards marks the East side of the property. Strange, but the fence appears ~ (wavy) as if rubbery. An effect from the 2nd chakra it seems.

I am looking along the West side of a single-story home in a residential neighborhood from its NW area where I see a weeping willow tree branches peeking out from behind the home in the back yard towards the West.

I am observing a lovely young woman approaching my location from out of the NW in the view. She wears a skimpy two-piece purple bathing suit and a large tan hat having a large brim that shades her head so much that I can barely make out her face. She is very suntanned.

Hat Bathing Suit.jpg
Hat Bathing Suit.jpg [ 30.29 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I see a long stretch of flat green lawn that extends out to the horizon that is bordered on either side by a row of mature trees having white bark trunks and deep green vegetation for leaves as if that are all birch trees (whose trunks shed their “skin” like snakes when ready to accommodate new growth). It looks like a “green road” extended to infinity.
Green Road.JPG
Green Road.JPG [ 63.14 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

Then in the blackness, I see a wide band of green lawn appearing, whose surface curves gently upwards to the left and right. A pathway into the distance is appearing and slowly filling the view as if I am looking out through the end of a wormhole. A zig-zag narrow green path appears along the left side that extends a short ways out into the distance.

Briefly in the darkness in front of me, I observe what looked like a tan wood spooked wheel lying on its side. The view changes and now I see a close-up view of the rear hub of a bicycle wheel having all those wire spokes in the view that attach perpendicular to the hub on either side. Comment: As I type this in I notice that the green lawn bordered by the line of trees on either side is like spokes attached to the surface of a cylinder that has been unrolled.
Bicycle hub.jpg
Bicycle hub.jpg [ 37.5 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I am observing the lower portion of a woman’s suntanned right leg from the right side. The lower calf area seems to be the focus. Comment: As I type this in I suddenly had the impression “tendons.” They are the body’s wires. It’s a way of saying that the subtle body walks the green road using its vegetative body tendons.
Tendons.jpg [ 42.08 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

In a daylight view, I see the frontal head area of a young nun wearing a dark gold fabric head covering. She reminds me of the young woman about 13 who had black hair and eyes with tan skin seen earlier in this post.

In a dark scene, I am observing a young woman in a long hallway over on my right side who is mostly in silhouette. At the end of the hallway in the NE I see three old men walking towards the NW from the NE corner and disappear behind the wall that the hallway wall corner makes with the far end. Comment: Three old men seeking renewal; as if the three masculine aspects of the upper three chakras is meant.

I see water falling vertical down out of a kitchen faucet. The view zooms in and where the water should be seen falling in the bottom of a sink I see instead some small objects two of which are salt and pepper shakers. The liquid version of the Eros Self unites the opposites.

I see the waist area of a young woman from her NW area. She wears a white blouse and a skirt having a pastel blue background with other pastel colors in it; pink is quite visible. I recall the colors in WMAP for they were blue and pink. Comment: The feminine side chakra tree colors are pastel.

I see a strongly built, middle-aged man from his NE area who stands in a fancy kitchen while wearing a colorful blue with pink bathrobe.

I am observing a young suntanned woman seated on a long wood bench seat as if in a swimming pool area’s NE corner along the East side. She wears a skimpy black bathing suit that reveals her left buttocks.

I see a beautiful rectangular gold plaque of the backside of a repeating man and woman standing next to each other in three sets. Strange, but a bolt lock, also in bronze, is on their backs at heart chakra height. Comment: The bolt apparently passes through the hole in the heart chakra is meant. “What releases the bolt?” comes to mind. Apparently the rectangular monk spot of the World Soul who created this joint triple lock configuration that opens the door to the heart of the HermAphrodite. The couple reminds me of the 1979 vision of a naked couple standing at the edge of an abyss while the Great Mother passed in front of us (moved from the left to the right in the shadows of the darkness).
Plaque Couple.jpg
Plaque Couple.jpg [ 45.31 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

In the darkness, I am observing the curved white backside of an old-style chair at a wood desk. Comment: I see that such a chair has six back support ribs.
Chair.jpg [ 23.3 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I seem to be standing on a balcony covered with a thatch roof while looking down at the city street below where I see a cluster of about 12 people looking up at me. Comment: As I type this in I suddenly have the impression I was wearing a straw hat like the Chinese farmers and was very tall and that drew the attention of the people.

I am inside a 1920’s vintage car looking out through the windows along its right side as if I am driving the car.

I see a small cluster of short, shiny, chrome cylinders lying on a dark red tiled floor with white grout in an outdoor setting. The tiles are square and about two inches on a side.

I stand in a fancy old-style bedroom by the SW foot area of a bed looking at its SE area. It is a King size poster bed having tall dark brown wood posts that reach almost to the ceiling which is covered by a beige canopy. The bedspread is pale lime in color.

I see a white sphere glistening as if it is a diamond whose surface is faceted. It is supported by three short black legs or “fingers” as if it is a bowling ball. Unity (union of Logos & Eros Christ consciousness) was seen in a June 2007 vision rolling black bowling balls (Civil War cannon balls) into Spacetime. Comment: This reminds me of the August 2009 Iranian, three fingers of the Apocalypse, Green political movement revolution aka the Persian Awakening (a connection to the awakening of Eros ego consciousness seems meant in order to turn on the Heart Light).
Bowling Ball Enlightenment.jpg
Bowling Ball Enlightenment.jpg [ 26.65 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I am observing, from the SW area, two older men standing side-by-side who are standing by the West side looking west while underneath the edge of the shade of the canopy of a large tree. The West side of the dark tree trunk is seen and it appears hour glass shaped as the roots grow out into the earth and the branches supporting the canopy grow up and towards the West. Comment: A vegetative hyperspace wormhole; from the earth (Beyond) to the sky (Spacetime) seems meant.
Tree Hour Glass Shape.jpg
Tree Hour Glass Shape.jpg [ 34.16 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I see the aft, right side of my head when I was 17. Comment: Seventeen is the 7th prime number; the number of the Apocalypse. I was 17 when my high school sweetheart ended our relationship so she could become a nun. This inaugurated the quest for the Sun-Moon woman of the Apocalypse in my soul it seems. In a May 2007 vision, I observed a red dragon lying across the alchemical stone as if in sacrificial posture. Jung comments in Answer To Job that the male child-figure born in the visions of Saint John by the Sun-Moon woman will remain latent for an indefinite time and that its activity is reserved for the future (§713). The future is now, since the red dragon no longer pursues the child in order to devour it in my material. The child is the Logos Christ’s brother; the Eros Christ and his time has come round at last.
Sun Moon Child.jpg
Sun Moon Child.jpg [ 80.73 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I see the NE area of the face of a young man. His face is twitching and making various strange “faces” including; blinking eyes, flaring nostrils, raising eyebrows, opening the mouth, clicking the tongue, grunting, etc. - symptoms of Tourette's syndrome which is has a genetic component. These “tics” are believed to result from dysfunction in cortical and subcortical regions, the thalamus, basal ganglia and frontal cortex. Neuroanatomic models implicate failures in circuits connecting the brain's cortex and subcortex.

I am standing at the feet and shin area of a huge sitting woman dressed in various shades of red, including red shoes and red nylon stockings. Her variegated red dress is of chiffon material and short stems with red flowers on their ends protrude from her garment. Her head is not visible as it is covered by more of the dress as if it is a veil. Comment: She brings new subtle body matter for the new Red King it seems. Further, her garment reminds me of the red dragon.

Sun. 27 August 2017

I see a left profile view of a young woman’s head wearing a broad rim tan sun shading hat whose rim appears in an undulated shape like waves on a sea.
Sun Hat.jpg
Sun Hat.jpg [ 35.09 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

Down below in the darkness I see the left side of a man’s head.

I am observing a woman sitting on a wood porch made from massive pieces of red wood that is attached to the front of a massive red wood structured home. She is slightly slumped backwards in her chair and wears a red leather garment – reminding me of the red skin on the red dragon (skin = soul). The red dragon, as noted earlier, now supports the birth of the Eros Christ child.

I am observing the inside of a large cement building. It has a pale green upward triangle shaped arc and walls and a long dark pebble concrete corridor. People sit on bench seats behind dark red pipe guards.

I observe, from the shin level of the right side, a man standing in a garden area whose head is out of the view. He is huge and wears a suit having a blue background sprinkled with many different colors. The colors remind me of those seen on the pillar of glory which is thought to be an image of my soul, my skin.
Pillar.jpg [ 57.15 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

I am observing the backside of a right hand (except for the thumb) above me in the darkness. It seems to be gripping something.

From behind a man, I observe a woman resting her head on the right shoulder of a man as she stands by his right side. She is laughing – causing her eyelids to form slits; giving her the “single slit” eyes of a Chinese person.

Down below I observe a man and woman standing on a porch whose roof is supported by two white Roman style pillars. They are elegantly dress in mostly white clothes from head to toe. They look strange the way they are dressed as if it reflects their subtle body. Comment: Another vision shows a seated man wearing the skin of a white chicken head over his head.

I observe a man lying on his back in the darkness with his arms and legs raised slightly upwards and out to the side. He wears white pants have some vertical red stripes and pastel colors.

I am feeling anxious. Comment: Anxiety is often sensed when the Self is near.

In the darkness, I see a clear empty water glass that has three yellow wood pencils with red erasers. All have their writing tips pointed downward. Two are on the far side of the glass and one opposite; forming a downward pointing triangle it seems. I recall the Bloody Mary cocktail drink; it is being connected to supporting renewed Ra consciousness.

I am reflecting on “How deep can an opus go?” No further into the depths of matter than a Planck Length (10-35 meters).

I see a white pillow lying on a single bed covered with a dark olive Army blanket. A red [i]vesica piscis[/u] shape (using red lipstick it seems) is hand drawn of the wide edge of the pillow facing the foot of the bed. The spartan quarters suggest that someone lives a monastic life.

I am inside a dark place that is open to the outdoors where I see it is daylight. The opening is half a vesica piscis shape. I am observing, from his NE area, a human built person sits at a table in a large lounge area and wears a chicken head pullover “skin” with red flesh on the top of the head as if that for a rooster. The beak is not included as if skin=soul is being emphasized. Abraxas, the rooster chicken God is meant; as if this human has taken on its soul qualities including a double yolk egghead. Interestingly, I see on the Sunday Internet news that chickens are becoming the new family pet. Chickens becoming new family pet
Chicken Head Costume.jpg
Chicken Head Costume.jpg [ 15.13 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

In front of me I observe the backside of a very suntanned, muscular (body builder) man wearing tight black pants but no shirt. He seems to be sitting on a black Hog Rider. This is the “Judgement Day” expectation for one’s opus it seems; the development of an enhanced subtle body. Comment: As a further amplification on the Hog Rider I add the 2013 “burning man” UFO Ra color image taken at the (Bad Day In) Black Rock desert in Nevada. It’s an “alien occupied” pink UFO in my visions.
Hog Rider Apocalypse.jpg
Hog Rider Apocalypse.jpg [ 54.97 KiB | Viewed 285 times ]

Hog Rider Apocalypse
In the darkness, I see a golden yellow star twinkling by the edge of a roof in the view. About half the star is out of sight above the roof. Its twinkles are so large that I cannot tell how many points the star may have.

I am observing the side of a home that is pale green and behind it across the street I see another home.

I see a large white numeral partially in the view on a black surface. It appears to be upside down.

I observe the upper half of a vertical nail stuck like a button holder in the shirt collar on a neck.

The nail now appears superimposed on the inside of a dark brown pillow case having a vegetation pattern in the same color. The nail suddenly disappears. After a few seconds, the pillow case disappears.

I am observing a cube shaped wood box whose sides are painted cyan and whose top is painted black.

I am observing a robust built man standing on a sidewalk in a city. He picks up a large white dog.

I see my wife sitting in a recliner with a clear bag filled with brown russet potatoes on her abdomen.

I see an empty glass coke bottle sitting on white concrete. It has an orange and white label. The motto of coca-cola is, ”It’s the real thing.”


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Post The Greater Coniunctio
Mon. 28 August 2017


A small red dog like one of the four colors of the King Charles breed comes up to me in a very friendly manner (reminds me of Lollypop. A man comes up to me and says, “Do you know where any wineries are?”

End of Dream

Comment: As I was preparing this post “wineries” suddenly reminded me of the dream Edinger shared about the mixing of red and blue wines. In the following dream I notice that the red wine comes in a bottle with a yellow label; giving this wine a Ra color code connection. Blue in my material has cyan underneath; giving blue wine an Avatar color. The red and blue wine as mixture implies a coniunctio which in my material is color coded pink; a connection to the rose-colored wine produced by the future man; the alchemical servator cosmi (preserver of the cosmos) as noted in the following amplification. In alchemy, the masculine principle is connected to fire or red and the feminine principle is connected to water or blue. The SE is the 2nd chakra in the feminine principle while the NW is the incarnated or masculine realm. A woman wearing pink lipstick came up recently in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing. A pink UFO connection (where the lips of the wine glasses meet; a 45-degree angle having a light cone aspect) also seems meant given the image of the united wine glasses (NW and SE). Like this UFO’s are psychophysical emanations from out of the unus mundus and herald a challenge to humanity; UNITE THE OPPOSITES! Note: Blue (0,0,255) + Red (255,0,0) = Pink (255, 0, 255). The following amplification gives another angle into these colors.
Wine Red Blue Pink UFO.jpg
Wine Red Blue Pink UFO.jpg [ 26.99 KiB | Viewed 251 times ]

Mercurius is conceived as 'spiritual blood' on the analogy of the blood of (the Logos) Christ. Mercurius also corresponds to the Holy Ghost which provides another link between it and the blood of Christ.

The (blue) wine of Dionysus shares with the (red) blood (wine) of (the Logos) Christ the qualities of reconciliation and communion. The dream of a young minister, which came to my attention, illustrates this point strikingly:


I am to celebrate communion. In the sacristy, which looks like a kitchen, the communion wine is to be prepared by mixing two separate wines - a dark blue wine and a red wine. The latter is in a bottle with a yellow label that looks like a Scotch label and is marked "Paul." At a round table, two men are sitting. One is a political leftist, the other a rightist. Up to now they have maintained a facade of social amenity but now they are becoming hostile to one another. I suggest that they ventilate at the gut level and resolve their feeling relationship. At this point the scene darkens as in a theatre play and a red-yellow spotlight focuses on a small table between and behind the two men. On the table is a bottle of the warm red wine with the Scotch label clearly marked "Paul." Then there is total darkness and the tinkle of glasses, sounding as though they've been clinked and perhaps broken. The sense is obvious in the dream. I think: they've drunk the red wine in their discussion, attained comradeship, became drunk in the process, fallen asleep and dropped their glasses. My response is delight in the aesthetic way this has been portrayed and anxiety about the fact that the service needs to begin and we do not now have the ingredients for the communion wine mixture.

End of Dream

This dream presents the interesting image of two wines - a blue one and a red one- perhaps symbolizing the separate spirits of Logos and or Eros. It shows that the dreamer has achieved a "lesser coniunctio," a reconciliation with the shadow, but the "greater coniunctio" signified by the full communion service with both wines is not yet ready to take place.

Jung gives the following commentary to Dorn's text

The "most pure" or "most true" man must be no other than what he is, just as "argentum putum" is unalloyed silver; he must be entirely man, a man who knows and possesses everything human and is not adulterated by any influence or admixture from without. This man will appear on earth only "in the last days." He cannot be (the Logos) Christ, for (the Logos) Christ by his blood has already redeemed the world from the consequences of the Fall.... On no account is it a question here of a future Christ and salvator microcosmi, but rather of the alchemical servator cosmi (preserver of the cosmos), representing the still unconscious idea of the whole and complete man, who shall bring about what the sacrificial death of (the Logos) Christ has obviously left unfinished, namely the deliverance of the world from evil. Like (the Logos) Christ he will sweat a redeeming blood, but ... it is "rose-colored," (pink) not natural or ordinary blood, but symbolic blood, a psychic substance, the manifestation of a certain kind of Eros which unifies the individual as well as the multitude in the sign of the rose and makes them whole… CW 13, §390

Edinger, Ego And Archetype, Chapter 9

I am observing a double kitchen sink that has a hand drawn image of open red lips on its bottom that looks like a vesica piscis shape except with the ends that have a short extension of the curves. A tiny man (E) stands inside the apex of the lips on the left side. Then I see another tiny man (L) standing inside the apex of the lips on the right side. Comment: On looking for a lips image I recalled the fish symbol for the Logos Christ. Like this it struck me that the lips portrayed a double Christ symbol; a bipolar God-image. Speaking out of the right side of the mouth is connected to Logos Christ consciousness or Love, while speaking out of the left side of the mouth is connected to Eros Christ consciousness or love spelled backwards as Evol. Speaking out of the right side of the mouth of a woman came up earlier this month in Pruning The Tree Of Life. She was speaking in Love about the Evolution in consciousness seems meant.
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A tall, thin, suntanned high school classmate, BR, wearing a white tee shirt, walks across my path from the left to the right as if a black cat just did this comes to mind. Comment: BR was always a good-natured, happy young man who I always thought of as “happy-go-lucky”. I recall my 1979 vision of the Great Mother (World Soul) passing in front of the naked couple that stood at the edge of an abyss for She moved from left to right in the shadows “as if a black cat” it seems (but in the motion of the orbit of the moon I now realize like that portrayed on a grandfather clock).
Wolrd Soul Man Woman Abyss.JPG
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In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person's path from right to left, is a bad omen. But from left to right, the cat is granting favorable times.

I hear a portion of Mary’s Magnificat, “the Almighty has done great things for me” … Comment: What happens when one agrees (is conscripted) to become a carrier of the Self. The Virgin Mary was the carrier of the Logos Christ. Now, all humans must be the carrier of the Eros Christ in this “second coming of Christ consciousness” enterprise.

In the darkness, I am observing a large black capital E angled 45-degrees towards the North. The letter appears to be melting as I see signs of imminent dripping off its lower edge. I have the impression that E is for ”Everyone.”

Tues. 29 August 2017

In the darkness, I see a left profile view of a raven standing on the black earth while looking to the NW in the view. Comment: Raven symbolizes a mixture of wines comes to mind as I look at the following image. The head is in the NW and the tail is in the SE; like the wine glasses seen above. “I” (We) noticed this connection on 2 September 2017 (or 3 days after I submitted this post) – an influence from my acausal inner partner. This revelation reminds me of the expression “No Wine Before Its Time”; in the kairos (at the right moment) is meant. This is a good example of how patient one must be when the Logos ego works with the psychology of the World Soul.
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In the darkness along my right side I see a large yellowish serving spoon that is invisibly suspended and pointed at my right side. It is full of clear water. I suddenly realize I am seeing this in a mirror, as if in my invisible subtle body, which means I am carrying this spoon extended out in front of myself in the opposite direction to which I see it in this mirror. Carrying “divine water” (liquid version of the Eros Self) to humanity comes to mind; something that will help them enter Eros ego consciousness via a WASP sting. This water was connected to Ra colors in my previous post. Comment: I found the following serving spoons on the internet; a rainbow of colors which were advertised as something to use at a wedding party. Carrying “Love Potion #9” divine water comes to mind.
Spoon Mirror.jpg
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I am observing a right profile view of a young woman walking from my left to my right across my path. She has long blond hair and wears washed out blue jeans. “The cat is granting favorable times” it seems.

In the darkness in the NW (left side) I see a narrow black screen, as if digital clock face, which reads in luminous Avatar colors 1:3X. The X numeral was blurry and not made out. Then in the darkness of the NE (right side) I see a black and white view of a whitish numeral 7. Comment: The “black cat” moves in a 1:37 unus mundus manner from left to right seems meant.

I hear, “My game, my perseverance, my balance.”

I hear (in Spanish), “Un momento.” (One moment)

In the SW corner of a shopping cart, I see an empty, used clear container that looks like one that the potato salad I purchased recently came in.

In the darkness, next to the driver’s side of a 1940s black Chevrolet sedan I am observing the luminous white SW tire. This car brand has a “bowtie” design for its hood emblem. Comment: All that one sees, when in the SW or when in the inferior function in the unconscious, one speaks. And all that “one speaks, becomes” seems meant.
Chevy Conundrum.jpg
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Faintly in the darkness, I observe a woman sitting on the South end of a couch (in the SW of the view) whose back is against the West wall in a room. She and the area of the couch she sits on looks to be made of shinny silver metal having thin horizontal black fabric lines through it such that a configuration of wide silver metal bands appear to make up the “fabric”; a silver lining. Comment: The black “bullseye” luminous white SW tire is being connected to silver metal; a silvery moon consciousness is required to enter the blackness aka the "Black Hole".
Silver Lining.jpg
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I am observing a white wall vent like that seen on the North gray wall (gray is the color of the unconscious) in the NE of a room in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing. The bottom slit opening has an Avatar color peeking through part of it as if an Avatar colored eye is doing this comes to mind. These colors have been connected to 137 earlier in this post. It’s a “single slit” observation taking place from someone behind the wall in the unus mundus (where ghosts and other unconscious contents are said to lurk in paranormal house phenomena). It's EvoL; a "collapse of the wave function" partnership with folks in Spacetime which we speak of as incarnated LovE; where the white letters indicate that a shared consciousness between worlds (between the conscious = Spacetime and unconscious = unus mundus realms) has made such an incarnation possible.
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I am observing a tan canoe shape which has the wood leg of a piece of furniture in its middle. I recall that a top view of a canoe has a vesica piscis “eyelid” opening shape.

I see a huge rectangular wall sized poster whose image shows many different styles and sizes of stainless steel cooking pots. It sits on a floor and is leaning against most of the length of the West wall in a room. The background colors in the image has Avatar colors.

I am observing a woman’s chest from her NW area. I see she wears a beige dress that has a green bowtie over the cleavage area. These colors suggest an Eros Christ combination.


I am sitting at a rectangular table filled with young people sitting around its circumference. They are excited and ask, “Have you heard about the Pope’s encyclical #202?” They report that it is in favor of Nazism! They inquire, “You are not really in favor of Nazism, are you?” I replied, “It’s not for everybody but it certainly is for the alt-left (black supremacy and more recently 2017 has been the year of Antifa, the masked anarchists in black ISIS pajamas (ninjas?), who advocate violence while battling “fascists,” defined loosely as anyone they don’t like; including run-of-the-mill Trump supporters) and the alt-right (white supremacy) groups.”

End of Dream
Antifa Ninjas.jpg
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Comment: Wholeness is a constructive union of the opposites. Nazism was a destructive manifestation on the plane of human history because “Hitler is God’s Instrument” was not lived as an inner event in one’s psyche. Apparently, the new inner Pope part of Gregory, has scribed encyclical #202 by recording his dreams and visions.
Flag Nazi.jpg
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Nazism subscribed to theories of racial hierarchy and Social Darwinism. It aimed to overcome social divisions and create a German homogeneous society.

I see what looks like a movie set piece portraying the front of a home. It is made out of thick white Styrofoam (a union of air & earth elementals for the subtle body) and has a cross-hatch pattern of thin yellow-gold threads that cover its surface (like a window screen). Standing on the porch by the front door is George Washington who is also constructed out of the same pattern of materials. It’s a movie set piece ready to be “screened” comes to mind. Comment: George Washington was the first president of the United States. The gold threads remind me of a dream Jung had at the end of his life; he was encased by a net of gold tree roots and a voice said, “Do not be afraid for you are protected.”
George Washington Roots.jpg
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Rooted In George Washington Ideals
Wed. 30 August 2017

I observe a reddish-yellowish mixture slowly flowing from top to bottom in the view. Some black vertical streaks are also seen as if this is cooling lava. Rotating, half submerged, in the flow at the 6 o’clock hour area is a horizontal truncated vesica piscis “football” shape (that harbors the Lantern of the Telesphoros). Rotisserie “chicken” style roasting in the refiner’s fire comes to mind. Comment: The shape also reminds me of the pink UFO.
Refiner Fire.jpg
Refiner Fire.jpg [ 50.03 KiB | Viewed 266 times ]

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried. Zechariah 13:9

I am observing a colored hand drawing of green grass that seems to have the upper 1/3rd on the whitish side. The view zooms in for a closer look and now I see that the Planck Second shaped tips are like whitish green semi-transparent flames. Comment: I recall the scripture in the Book of Revelation that said 1/3rd of certain things, like grass, would be burnt up. Transpersonal psychophysical heart chakra fire seems meant given this vision of “burning” grass. Same for the “refiner’s fire”.
Grass.jpg [ 14.3 KiB | Viewed 266 times ]

As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, And its place acknowledges it no longer.… Psalms 103:16-17

Then in the blackness of the NW I see emanating from the West in the view a few Planck Second shaped white rays from a curved white surface.

I am observing the outside of a building with a tan wall. A yellow quadrangular “foot” is seen attached to the base area of the wall.

From its NW area, I see a full-size wood model of a 1955 red Ford Fairlane convertible with white trim. It is invisibly suspended as if undergoing wind tunnel testing. Strange, but the model is not smooth. Length-wise cracks appear in the surface as if the wood has dried out. Comment: I realize later that this car is also being tested in transpersonal fire and this has tested/weathered its hide (skin = soul). My association to the car is that a first cousin purchased one in 1955 after serving unscathed in the Korean War (1950-53). The hood emblem’s triangular design and colors suggest an inner United State. A golden lion is in each of the colors.
Ford Hood Emblem.jpg
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I am observing a man standing by the SE area on the South side of a large table. A huge monopoly board game is being looked over. The squares all have color pictures on them. The man is studying the picture at the 6 o’clock hour.

A pale blue small dog with white fur trim walks from the SW to the center of the view. Comment: A small red dog appeared at the beginning of this post. I am reminded of a December 2008 dream in which Artemis (goddess of the hunt who is helpful to the strong but ignores the weak) was accompanied by a large, blue, bird dog who sprayed its semen (the Logos Spermatikos; it was conceived of as material, and is usually identified with God or Nature, or the law of generation in the universe) on me.
Dog Blue.jpg
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I observe many children under five years of age come running happily towards my location. A woman stands nearby watching this. She says to a man, “When do you hug me?”

I am observing the bare back of a young woman.

I see a young woman pull off a blue vest and throw it away as if she is angry. She wears a white blouse and dark blue tight fitting pants. Comment: She looks like the young woman who was the wife of J.J. that stars in the series Surviving Escobar. She was always angry with her life having to be on the run because her husband was a hitman for a drug cartel.

Now I see a close-up view of the left side of a bird wood carving. A flow of dark blue liquid moves in a streak down its cheek/beak interface and neck as if the bird is crying. I immediately recall the statues of the Virgin Mary that cry blood from the left eye like the wooden one in Japan. Tears from the feminine principle is meant. Something that happens in women giving birth comes to mind (birth to Eros Christ consciousness which requires one to incorporate its worldview; an apocalyptic event). Our Lady of Akita in Japan came up in the aftermath of a November 2012 dream in which a wedding in a church was about to take place. It had filled half the church with Japanese people sitting only on the left side (bride side seating). The right side (groom side seating) was empty. I amplified with the following in my journal. Keep in mind that earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, etc. need to be understood from a psychological point of view as aspects that herald an evolution in consciousness via an invasion of unconscious contents.

From Our Lady of Akita
Our Lady of Akita Shrine
In 1973, the Virgin Mary was said to have predicted a number of future events – including natural disasters even more serious than Friday's (3/3/11) earthquake and tsunami – during three appearances to a Japanese religious sister, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa at Akita, Japan.

The purported appearances of the Virgin Mary in Japan were reviewed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 1988. During his time as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prior to his election as Pope Benedict XVI, he let stand the local bishop’s judgment that the apparitions and the messages were acceptable for the faithful.

The messages warned of chaos within the Church, and disasters which could afflict the world. In 1973 on Saturday, October 13, the anniversary day of the last Apparition of the Virgin Mary to the three children of Fatima, that Mary gave to Sister Agnes Her third Message, the most important and serious one:

“If men do not repent and better themselves, God the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity,” Mary reportedly told Sr. Agnes. “If will be a punishment greater than the (biblical) flood, such as never seen before.”

“Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful,” she said. “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church, in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops.”

“Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

“Each day, recite the prayers of the Rosary,” she told Sr. Agnes. “With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests.”

Two years after the last message, the statue of the Virgin Mary in the chapel where the apparitions had occurred began to emit tears and drops of blood. The occurrence continued for more than six years.
The wooden statue, about 3 feet high, had been carved by an artist on the request of the Sisters of the Institute of the Handmaids of the Eucharist, founded by the local Bishop, Most Rev. John Shojiro Ito, of the Diocese of Niigata. This statue, from which the voice came, wept 101 times over a course of several years, from January 4, 1975, to September 15, 1981, the Feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. It also perspired abundantly, and the perspiration sent out a sweet perfume. Its right palm bled from a wound that had the form of a cross.

I add the following which appears in the comments section of this site…

Published Testimony:

Pope John Paul II in Fulda, Germany (1980)
The October 1981 issue of the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens reported on a discussion that Pope John Paul II had with a select group of German Catholics, in November of 1980. The following is a verbatim report of the discussion:1

Text of the Published Report

The Holy Father was asked, "What about the Third Secret of Fatima? Should it not have already been published by 1960?"

Pope John Paul II replied: "Given the seriousness of the contents, my predecessors in the Petrine office diplomatically preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves.

"On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired."

The Pope continued: "Many wish to know simply from curiosity and a taste for the sensational, but they forget that knowledge also implies responsibility. They only seek the satisfaction of their curiosity, and that is dangerous if at the same time they are not disposed to do something, and if they are convinced that it is impossible to do anything against evil."

At this point the Pope grasped a Rosary and said: "Here is the remedy against this evil. Pray, pray, and ask for nothing more. Leave everything else to the Mother of God."

The Holy Father was then asked: "What is going to happen to the Church?"

He answered: "We must prepare ourselves to suffer great trials before long, such as will demand of us a disposition to give up even life, and a total dedication to Christ and for Christ … With your and my prayer it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church sprung from blood! This time, too, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong and prepared, and trust in Christ and His Mother, and be very, very assiduous in praying the Rosary."

What it Means

When Pope John Paul II spoke at Fulda, he had not yet been the victim of the 1981 assassination attempt. Speaking of the Third Secret of Fatima, he did not allude to anything resembling a future assassination attempt (which in 2000 the Vatican announced to be the subject of the final part of the Secret that Our Lady revealed at Fatima in 1917), but rather to imminent chastisement and worldwide tribulation.

The Holy Father implied that evil is the force behind the elements contained in the Third Secret. The themes alluded to here by the Holy Father are consistent with those considered by leading Fatima experts to be the substance of the real Third Secret of Fatima.

Notes: 1. This report was originally published in German in the October 1981 issue of Stimme des Glaubens. It is given as a verbatim report of the meeting between His Holiness John Paul II and a select group of German Catholics at Fulda during his visit to Germany the previous November. The preface to the article states, "We know the name of the reporter and also that the document is authentic." This translation was made by Rev. M. Crowdy for Approaches Magazine, edited by Mr. Hamish Fraser of Scotland. It was translated from the Italian magazine published in Rome by Father Francis Putti. Both magazines are worthy of our trust.

Then I observe a small wood carving of a deer that is walking around! Comment: A stag is connected to the renewal of the Christian archetype.

I see prepared food is about to be served.

I hear a woman say, “No, no, no. Wait!” This comment is made as a man orders another man to haul away large tan burlap bags filled with bulging spherical shaped fruit the size of apples.

I observe a man in an outdoor farmer’s market setting as he stands in the shade underneath a thatch roof. The view shifts to a large ripe blueberry which quickly morphed to being green. Comment: It is not the kairos (the right moment). A reinforcement of the voice of the woman above saying, “No, no, no. Wait!” The apples are not ready to be consumed by humanity. The wedding is not ready to be celebrated in the church as the groom and his family members have yet to arrive. This reminds me of what Edinger wrote in Archetype of the Apocalypse about the activity of the red horse of the Apocalypse.

Then a second seal was broken; and there came another horse, this one “bright red.” And its rider was told “to take away peace from the earth and set people killing each other; and he was given a huge sword.” (Rev. 6:3-4).

Starting on verse nine, the Book of Revelation continues in a rather amazing way:

When he broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of all the people who had been killed on account of the Word of God, for witnessing to it. They shouted in a loud voice, “Holy, true Master, how much longer will you wait before you pass sentence and take vengeance for our death on the inhabitants of the earth?” Each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to be patient a little longer, until the roll was completed of their fellow-servants and brotherswho were still to be killed as they had been. (Rev. 6:9-11)

When you stop and think about this, this is kind of a rather amazing response. “Wait a little longer, until the roll is complete. The program hasn't been quite carried out yet, I have to kill a few more people.” Now, what does that mean? Does that mean that God is subservient to a predetermined program? There is a very similar passage in the apocryphal Jewish apocalypse, which is usually called 4 Esra and sometimes 2 Esdras. In the fourth chapter of that work we are told that God the “chambered” souls – souls of the dead waiting for their salvation – ask God: “How long are we to remain here?” They are getting impatient, just as the souls in Revelation are getting impatient. And the archangel’s response is "When the number of those like yourselves is completed; for (God) has weighed the age in the balance and measured the times with measure, and numbered the times by number; and he will not move or arouse them until that measure is fulfilled” (New Revised Standard Version of the Apocrypha, 4:35-37). In other words, there is a pre-existing pattern in existence that God seems obliged to follow. That corresponds to a remark that Jung made in Answer to Job. He is talking about the fact that Yahweh was considering the possibility of incarnating, but then Jung said he'd have to find a pattern, what pattern would he use to incarnate? Because Jung then goes on to say nothing can happen without a pre-existing pattern. (CW 11, § 641) That was a very revealing remark when I first came across it. It told me to what an extent that Jung considers the archetypes, the ancient pre-existent patterns of the psyche to be determinate, you see. God himself can only operate through the patterns that were already laid down and that seems to be an indication, if you reflect on it, of this particular passage, “have to wait until the roll is complete,” the program is already laid out, but the pattern requires certain more things to be done so we've got to have some more killings.

This passage brings up the whole question of vengeance. Vengeance, the motive of revenge in the souls of those waiting under the altar and the whole question of vengeance in the divine mind. That's the very idea that Homer brings up in the first page of the Aeneid: “Can resentment so fierce dwell in the heavenly breasts” (page 241) Well, there isn't any doubt that Yahweh is an “avenging” God. I bring this all up to reflect on the psychology of vengeance/revenge, because it's a psychology that is so rampant in the world today. Terrorist organizations of all kinds, and the cycles of revenge that go on and on, call out desperately for psychological understanding of what's going on.

I see a suntanned man putting on a pair of tan shorts.

I am observing a woman holding a end-table sized pedestal that has a blue cylindrical stone base and a thick, white, square shaped stone top on which rests some jewelry made from blue gems and white gems.

I stand inside a large, rectangular, beige marble room having a high ceiling. I observe a person throw a bound blue folder of paper into the NW area of the room. As this was occurring I heard, “Toronto” – as in Canada it seemed. Comment: My association to Toronto, Canada is this was the place in 2003 where I suffered from the peak expression of a very bad lung infection which at the time I thought was SARS. Toronto originally referred to a channel of water. The need to “channel” the water chakra comes to mind.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a serious form of pneumonia. It is caused by a virus that was first identified in 2003. Infection with the SARS virus causes acute respiratory distress (severe breathing difficulty) and sometimes death.

Now I am observing a beige colored caterpillar that is standing on a surface such that its body forms a semi-circle above the surface. Then it straightens itself out and stands on just one end at a 45-degree angle to the surface.

I am observing a natural outdoor setting where I see a man enter a black Jeep that soon leaves the area in haste.

I see a tall thin man gassing up his car. He tilts his head backwards 45-degrees and laughs. He reminds me of the man who stars as the CEO of a large TV station in the miniseries Surviving Escobar.

I hear, “deplorable.”

I see a gold vesica piscis shape having all capital letters inside that spells ALWAYS; Comment: ALL-WAYS seems meant. The Logos Christ fish symbol comes to mind. It’s as if the World Soul will use many different ways (no matter the present worldview/religion) to communicate Her purpose.
Allways.jpg [ 25 KiB | Viewed 266 times ]

I see two new bicycles with handle bar baskets lying at a 45-degree angle towards the NW in the view and at a 45-degree angle across that corner. The top one has black, white and red colors.

I see a deep white circular bowl filled with standing objects. One of the objects is a plastic bottle containing prescription medicine.

I am in a very large lighted cement basement as if of a commercial property. I observe a man being moved by other men to an elevator; as if he is being kidnapped.

I am observing a close-up view of the surface of a dinner plate having a thin layer of fresh juice from the meat of a chicken it seems. Pieces of cooked chicken meat are being dipped into the juice as they are being consumed.

I see the lower portion of a human shaped cartoonish figure. I observe a red shoe with yellow stockings and white shins.

I hear, “This has taken accumulative time that you might have finished in other ways.”

I am in a home observing the front door in the NW of the view. A middle-aged Mexican man comes running into the room and into the NE and then into the SE where I stand. He wears a gray sweat suit and has suntanned looking skin and black hair, eyes and full beard.

In the darkness, I see a yellowish-white football shaped light approaching my left side location in the SW from out of the NW.


I am interacting with RM (the valedictorian of my high school class). We are attending the two-year college in Sault Ste Marie, MI (the branch of Michigan Technological University, like we did in reality starting in 1958). He is very warm and friendly; not like his over achievement tone he used to carry – now more relaxed. He is very interested in learning about engineering (in reality he became a MD) which surprised me because it didn’t seem like we were studying engineering. I could not tell what we were studying.

End Of Dream

Comment: I have incorporated the “studies of the body” like a MD would have to do. The unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio is meant.

Thurs. 31 August 2017

I am having the impression that the “future is now”; that the time of the Eros Christ has “come ‘round at last.”

In the blackness, I see a gray dinosaur raptor whose snake shaped head is pointing into the Doomsday Hour and whose body is like a hand on a clock face. The primitive reptilian psyche invasion of unconscious contents “is a Doomsday Hour.”
Raptor Velociraptor.jpg
Raptor Velociraptor.jpg [ 16.13 KiB | Viewed 266 times ]

I see a drawing of a man colored red with a young woman standing behind him who has the palm of her right hand placed on the top of his right shoulder. The man stands at home plate holding a bat and ready to hit a pitch. I immediately recall that Betelgeuse is in his right shoulder. It seems Enlightenment from her darkness will empower his subtle body to hit a “home” run (notice that home plate - a pentagon - looks like a home outline).
Baseball.jpg [ 23.8 KiB | Viewed 266 times ]

Later on my morning walk I notice that I am spontaneously humming over and over again, “Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey, all fall down.” This is a “Black Plague”/”Black Death” nursery rhyme anticipating the “slaughter of the innocents” comes to mind.


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Fri. 1 Sept. 2017

I hear a woman say, “It’s going to be hard, that’s why all the practice”; she says this to a young man named John. A movie is being made that has some difficult acting scenes in it because they are so physically demanding. Comment: “Saint John of the Apocalypse” comes to mind. Physically demanding =’s requires the development of an enhanced subtle body. Looks like the many are going to have to scribe their own new scriptures for a new age. Learning how to ride an unus mundus bicycle will be part of it.

In the darkness, I observe a man in silhouette standing by the right side of a luminous white bicycle that is leaning against his front side.
Bicycle Apocalypse.jpg
Bicycle Apocalypse.jpg [ 23.71 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

Bicycle Apocalypse
I observe a large flow of water from just above my head that reminds me of how water flows out of a hand operated ground water pump. It issues out in front of me into a large gray garbage can sized container. I am holding the container steady. Comment: Hands are the vehicles that produce consciousness. The water is coming from my crown chakra it seems.
Hand Water Pump.jpg
Hand Water Pump.jpg [ 40.81 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

In a wavy surfaced, black asphalt, empty parking area, I am observing many whitish, rectangular, evenly spaced pieces of fabric that could be bath towels. A gas station is in the background.

I am having a fantasy that I am on my morning walk here in Victoria, BC. I walk past a bum sitting by the East side of the pebble stone dark cement sidewalk who asks me for some money. I give him $20 CAD. I decide to inquire how he found himself in such dire circumstances. He says it is a long story and now he is plagued with dreams that torment his sleep. I decide to invite him to my apartment I am renting and let him take a shower and have a change of clothes. He accepts and even shaves and grooms his hair. He stays with me for about five days and during that time we talk about his inner life. I decide to pay for a room he could stay in so he can try to get his life on track again. Soon I learn he is back to doing drugs. Comment: This fantasy seems to be a recap of that part of myself that could enter the Eros ego but which I could not find my way into at first. The bum does not want a Logos life style so he turns once again to drug use if too much of the one-sided Logos dominated civilization is pressed upon him. I guess I am to keep this in mind so that I don’t lose contact with this bum part of myself.

I am observing an old Iron Horse pulled train moving along through a green valley. The caboose (last car) looks like a glided stagecoach. It’s a “Black (Iron) Horse Apocalypse” comes to mind.

I see a small cluster of different sized black solar panels embedded in a 45-degree angled roof that seems to glow with a yellowish color.

I hear my older brother (Eros type) singing, “Last night, I walked up main street singing.” I say to him, “You should take up the guitar” (a heart chakra six string instrument). This is taking place at night while we are walking along in the ruts left by car tires in a foot-deep snow-covered road. Comment: It does not have to be the fat lady who sings; a surrogate will do it seems. This reminds me of the expression “It is all over when the fat lady sings.”

I am using my left hand to retrieve three small vine ripened tomatoes still on the vine out of an open cardboard box as a large heavy-set man on the opposite side observes (has a sumo wrestler build = one able to enter the 2nd chakra - the belly brain). Love-fruit help’s (3 chakras) from Pandora’s "empty" but HOPE-filled box comes to mind.
Atlas Entertainment.jpg
Atlas Entertainment.jpg [ 26.6 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

Atlas “Carrying The World” Entertainment
I observe a young woman in the darkness who clings to my older brother. It seems a great accomplishment has taken place.

I see a young lad with his backside angled 45 degrees across the NW in the view.

I see playing cards being held by others. The backs of the cards have a colorful oval shaped image on them which I cannot clearly see.

I am observing a dark pair of needle nose pliers. Suddenly I realize that they have the shape that a Planck Second sweeps out on a clock face.
Pliers Needle Nose.jpg
Pliers Needle Nose.jpg [ 18.51 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

I am observing a large green lawn of square shape in the back of a home. Strange, but two tall clumps of green grass grow along the East side of the lawn and next to a band of orange wood chips.

In the darkness, I see a left foot wearing a pink stocking and a brown penny loafer shoe.

I observe a man using a brush to groom the black hair on the top of his head. The hair suddenly turns blue! His hair is being connected to the Logos Spermatikos and the blue dog, seen in my previous post The Greater Coniunctio, as if the mana of its knowing flowed the large stream of water seen earlier in this post that was coming from the crown chakra.

Sat. 2 Sept. 2017

I am observing the front of a gray home with white trim. Strange, but the three steps leading up to the roof covered porch are angled 90 degrees to the right. Comment: The gray house with white trim reminds me of the white vent on the gray wall in the NE in my previous post The Greater Coniunctio which had a connection to being a single slit experiment. The porch steps are rotated 90-degrees because the 5th dimension is orthogonal to our 4-dimensional world of Spacetime. Like this the subtle body, one’s consciousness of unconscious contents, come into view.

I am observing vertical colored stripes on a tee shirt being worn by various people that come into the view. I saw red/white alternating bands as well as green/white & yellow/white.

I observe a ripe tomato with a green stem.

I observe the back of a man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

The alternating striped shirts are Italian made according to this group I am working with. I see an owl wears one. A white ring goes around the belly and the neck needs to be added to the wearing of such a shirt. I learn that “offense” in Italian is a “convent key.”

Then I see the front wheel on a bicycle in the darkness and it appears as a ring that is white metal followed by black rubber.

I am attending to the care of an agave plant (has protective thorns). Spherical tan brush rests here and there on its outstretched leaves as if small tumbleweeds. Comment: Such a plant first came up in an April 2010 vision and had the dark Virgin of Our Lady of Guadalupe contained within. Her crown of thorns requires one to endure becoming an Eros Christ and like this enhance your subtle body. It’s a “Evol – fest.” It seems the occasional tumbleweed that gets caught in this "thorny nest" is a human in need of renewal.
Virgin of Agave Plant.jpg
Virgin of Agave Plant.jpg [ 37.02 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

I am observing the backside of a body builder in the darkness of the NW in the view. He wears only pants like the Hog Rider did in The Bloody Mary Apocalypse. His upper body is shaped like a downward pointing triangle. The unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio is being emphasized.
Body Builder.jpg
Body Builder.jpg [ 27.64 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

Mon. 4 September 2017

In the darkness, I see a dark numeral 7 in the NW area. Then a backwards numeral 7 is placed to the left of the first one – forming a EvoL “bridge” that has a downward triangle appearance. Such a configuration of 7’s came up in January 2015. I recall the above body builder. Comment: It’s a connection to Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders that came up earlier in this post.
LovE Bridge.jpg
LovE Bridge.jpg [ 30.08 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]


I am working under my former engineering manager, the shin-kicker WB, on a project that had some very tough requirements. We are all exhausted by our efforts to perform up to the expectations placed upon us. WB has taken a few days off he was so exhausted. When he returned I saw that he still looked worn out. He held a meeting with the team to lean of the progress. But no one made any progress. Everyone needed a break.

Just before WB returned three women approached me showing concern for my health. They were sure that I had developed Tourette syndrome because of my antisocial behavior. The woman in charge handed me three letter sized pages about the syndrome and corrective measures that needed to be followed in order to alleviate the symptoms.

The WB meeting soon ended and I decide to walk out of the building to look for more results to report on our project. I walk out onto a freeway in a bright sunny day. Strange, but I see no cars or buildings or vegetation – just a white glare in front of me out to the horizon. I soon find the freeway descending into a sea of water. I walk up to its edge and soon the water rises and floats me away as if a fast-rising tide from a flood had done this. I am swimming now and seem to be out in the ocean with only water visible. I see an enormous wall of buish-cyanish water approaching me. The 90-degree corner this wall of water makes with the level of the sea I float in has a peculiar behavior; it sucks up water from my level into the base of the wall and that water flows up to the top of the wall. Soon I am caught by the wave and I am now raised to the top of its height. In the following image everyone in the water that is observing that little speck in the distance that is on top of the wave that is ready to collapse is Gregory.

End of Dream
Water Wall.jpg
Water Wall.jpg [ 79.17 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

Comment: Edinger used to remind his audience that “working on the fourth psychological function” (one’s inferior function) will almost kill you. The three women, the three pages, the body builder’s downward triangle shape all suggest a connection to the lower 3 chakras. It is what Evol requires. My encounter with the wall of water raised me to a new height; the collapse of this wave will lead to a quantum leap in consciousness.

Now I am observing a very thin black V-shaped triangle pointed vertically upwards to the Doomsday Hour against a white background as if a Planck Second hand on a clock face.

I see a jumbo sized brown egg being cracked open against the edge of a frying pan. Its contents are dumped into the pan. Comment: I have been using Jumbo sized brown eggs while on vacation in Victoria, BC. They all have double yolks; reminding me of the double yolks in the jumbo-sized egghead of the Sun-Moon chakra tree.

I hear, “Do you know what? Take some time off.”

Then I observe in the darkness a pair of hind legs on an animal about to disappear into the West side of the view. They looked like legs for a lizard.

I observe a bicycle being ridden into the NW from the NE in the darkness. All is in silhouette.

I observe a white disk-shaped piece of metal rise off the surface of a sheet of such metal down below and into the NW area of the blackness as if a UFO. I recall the pink UFO being formed by the lip area of the red and blue wine glasses. But now a thinner slice from those glasses forms a white disk as if consciousness has brought these opposites together and that consciousness makes it way to the NW or incarnation.

I see a man trying to help a young woman lying on her back to slide feet first across a short, flat, narrow whitish metal piece without guardrails (a moon beam?) that seems to have protruded from the NW edge of a “disk” shaped UFO having a spherical center. He pulls her towards himself (into his world of Spacetime) by gripping her ankles (her only Achilles’ heels). Her black dress pulls up as she slides, as if by a wind. She looks so happy and eager to enter his world. She lies on her backside with her elbows propping her torso up at a 45-degree angle.
UFO Woman Incarnating.jpg
UFO Woman Incarnating.jpg [ 17.83 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

Return of the World Soul
In the darkness, I observe above a tan wood shaft extended down towards me. Eventually a set of four wood rods extend off the shaft to the cardinal directions. Then below them is another set but these are rotated 45-degrees relative to the first set. A more complicated weaver’s spindle it seems; one that integrates effects from the Wheels of Ezekiel comes to mind. It reminds me of a barbecue spit.
Spindle.jpg [ 22.78 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]

I am observing my oldest brother in a room with a Sister of Mercy nun along with a few high school aged youths. My brother announces, “We are going to prioritize you and your pri-or-i-tizes!” I laughed because of the way he pronounced “pri-or-i-tizes” syllable-by-syllable. It immediately reminded me of the pronunciation of “Civ-il-i-zation In Trans-i-tion” in Pruning The Tree Of Life.

Prioritize - determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance.

I see a man in a large open area inside a large building. He is standing by the NW corner of a massive yellow metal tube frame that covers a large square area with its very high structure. A long rope hangs off the top of the yellow metal by this NW corner and the man has his feet in a loop at the bottom of the rope and is swinging side-to-side like the slow tic-toc of a pendulum which reminds me of those doing this on Pauli’s World Clock.
World Clock.jpg
World Clock.jpg [ 27.32 KiB | Viewed 226 times ]


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Post In A Heart Beat
Tues. 5 September 2017

In the blackness above I see a black tornado that starts in the NW (incarnation or Spacetime) and extends all the way down into the SW (inferior function or unus mundus). Comment: It’s “The Wizard of Oz” time it seems. According to the Good Witch, one must click the heels of their ruby red shoes three times (the third time is the charm) when it is time to return home. GOOD LUCK TO ALL
Tornado.jpg [ 17.73 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

The Union of Heaven and Earth
I am observing a left profile view of a motorcycle in silhouette that has the front wheel angled towards the right about 10 degrees. The Hog Rider is headed into the NW of the view.
Hog Rider Judgment Day.jpg
Hog Rider Judgment Day.jpg [ 31.64 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

Hog Rider: Judgment Day
I am observing the glass door entrance to a red brick building with white mortar. A large rectangular picture window is on either side of the glass door. A closer look at the glass in the door shows a “circular” dime sized sticker that is blue with a thin white border in the NW corner of the door. Strange but the text is upside down on the sticker suggesting it was previously in the SE. The window frame has been rotated 180-degrees clockwise.

I am recalling my paper route days (6-14 years of age) when I delivered the daily Tribune six days a week along a 3-mile paper route. The focus is on the weather. It was like being a member of the Post Office who delivers mail no matter the weather. Comment: It seems like the scribing of Her dreams and visions also are “daily mail” (one’s daily bread) that will be delivered to the individual soul regardless of the weather (read: the turmoil such news may create in the soul).
Mail Delivery.jpg
Mail Delivery.jpg [ 32.46 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

I am observing the West side of a dark brown wood table where two side-by-side columns of six plums each lie. The outermost column by the West side are red while those in the column towards the East are yellow (Ra colors; as if for the incarnation of the Sun-Moon chakra trees is meant).

I see my maternal grandmother standing at the bottom of a stairs on a dark gray gravel walkway by green lawn. I am exiting a major modern building and descending the long stairs towards where my grandmother stands. I recall that she liked burnt toast and I would observe a bluish haze in her home at times because of the smoke produced.

I am observing a body builder from his right side. He holds something in his left hand that is poised to throw – like one might toss a grenade (the lemon comes to mind).

Wed. 6 September 2017

I am observing the top area of pages in a newspaper that slowly moves from right to left. The movement eventually stops. When I tried to read the text in the “want ads” looking columns the text would jump from left to right and like this become blurry and thus I could not read. It was as if every time I tried to read a quantum leap would occur.


I see a frontal view of a slender middle-aged man from India dressed in a business suit that stands along the West side in front of me. A woman approaches him as he stands in a huge dark place like in an airport thoroughfare. She gives him a gold ring. Just then, I realized that MLvF had given this woman the ring. The ring contains the tiniest of diamonds, a Planck Second sliver, mounted in black onyx. The man tells me he has a huge interest in healing.

End of Dream

Comment: I later have the impression that this Planck Second sliver is in the shape of the Planck Second vampire stake to the heart that has that six sided mushroomed head on it as seen in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears – February 2017. It’s a man’s signet ring. It’s the inner new Young Pope “ring seal” – a symbol of his authority. The “pulsing” of Pauli’s World Clock comes to mind; something that could cause the unleashing of an alien invasion (of unconscious contents) for that would create new Spacetime.
Ring Signet Heart Stake.jpg
Ring Signet Heart Stake.jpg [ 24.94 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

In A Planck Second Heart Beat
In Ancient Rome, Greece and throughout history, the signet ring was one of the most valuable items a gentleman could have. The men who relied on them kept them under lock and key, only to bring them out as needed when signing a deed, will or other important documents.

I observe a tall, slender young woman from her SE area in a dark view. She is wearing a gray skirt and a black top.

I see my adult daughter Amy in a dark kitchen. She stands by the SE area of a four-burner stove. She is attending to something on that burner – a frying pan comes to mind. I go over to her to see but she stands in the way and says, “Don’t touch that.” Comment: This daughter likes omelets which in my visions have been psychologically connected to what tsunami’s & hurricane's produce when they make landfall; chaos.
Tsunami Chaos.jpg
Tsunami Chaos.jpg [ 16.19 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

I see evenly spaced pink wedges of “flesh” on a black surface in the darkness. It was interspersed with some gray wedges. Comment: Lime halves seen in The Wolf of All Metals – February 2017 came up after “The Young Pope” appeared; he who could work miracles with the help of the Devil. In Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing – August 2017 lime wedges were connected to becoming a “Limey”; a sailor ready to undertake The Night Sea Journey.

I am observing the SW area of a two-story home having a red tile roof with black tarpaper underneath. The home is built using various shades of tan brick with white mortar.

Thurs. 7 September 2017

In the blackness I see a yellow-gold numeral 6.

Then in the blackness I observe a large yellow-gold five-pointed star in the NW of the view. Comment: This star can be thought of as being the quintessence that flows from the hole in the heart chakra whose color codes indicates it is an Eros ego star – not a Logos ego star.

Quintessence - the aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of its character; a refined essence or extract of a substance.

In the darkness, I faintly see a few lines of text that start in the NW and extend to the due North or Doomsday hour. The ending of the word at the end of the first line shows an increasing size of a capital Z. The Z’s were black with a white outline. Comment: Snoring has been connected to the sound of “sawing wood.” There is an old joke that connects Z’s to being “sheet music”. See Boy’s Life: October 1927 It seems it is the quintessence that is causing this “sleep”; what helps one enter Eros ego consciousness or the edge of sleep/no-sleep. An ISIS color code connection seems meant.
Sleep.jpg [ 22.05 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

In the darkness, I am observing the backside of a young woman who just stepped down the last of three steps and onto her right foot with the left foot off the ground. She leans noticeably to her right as she does this.

In a nighttime view I am looking out along the length of a row of trees having a blue color in the canopy limbs. Small blue flowers are doing this it seems. It’s an emphasis on blue which is the color of the vegetative feminine principle or of water.
Trees Blue.jpg
Trees Blue.jpg [ 58.66 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

In the darkness, I see the face of a young woman looking up at me. She wears red lipstick with lips parted as if wanting to kiss. Her eyes are greenish-yellow and her face is rather “oval” shaped. She says to me, “Away from my home.” I immediately recall the woman being pulled by her ankles into Spacetime from a “moonbeam” shinning out of a UFO as seen in my previous post The Problem of the Fourth. Comment: A LovE kiss is meant; something that will enhance one’s subtle body with Eros Christ seeing of the vegetative body; the inclusion of the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio is meant.
Lip Men.jpg
Lip Men.jpg [ 26.43 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]


PS Secret Hitler (has ISIS color code connection) is a board game that has become quite popular. The goal of the game is to try to identify a traitor in their midst. Psychologically, I understand this to mean that one needs to get in touch with their Judas part and betray the Logos ego so that they can embrace Eros ego consciousness – their inner “Secret Hitler”; becoming, as Jung’s dream message noted, “Hitler is God’s Instrument.” It reminds me of what Marie-Louise von Franz said to me in a 2012 vision shared in Hitler In The Role Of Being An Anti-Christ – January 2015 which I repeat in the following quote.

In an August 2012 vision I saw MLvF who said to me, “We have gathered in this darkened room to be with Hitler who thinks that you are his son. You must act crazy or he will not accept you.” In reality, I later shared this comment with my wife. She said, “What happened to being Gandhi’s son?” I then recalled the dream message that took Jung 20 years to accept – “Hitler is God’s instrument.” Something that brought the world’s attention to the Norse God, Wotan, which Jung characterized as “breaking through the thin veneer of Christianity that cloaked the German psyche”. Like this Hitler was an outer destructive manifestation of the chthonic side of the Self because it received a poor reception (a very unconscious reception). See Birthing 'The Holocaust' From Her Left Thigh – 19 Oct. 2012 which explored this connection with Hitler.

Hitler Secret.jpg
Hitler Secret.jpg [ 44.37 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

Secret Hitler, a Game That Simulates Fascism's Rise, Becomes a Hit
Secret Hitler is a social deduction game, one that has caught on quickly since it began to ship to players last summer (June 2016). It's like Mafia, or Werewolf, or other games in which players try to identify a traitor in their midst. The game was conceived in early 2015 and briefly become the top-selling item in the toy and game category on Amazon when it launched, and it recently sold out its second print run, selling tens of thousands of copies.

PPS Hurricane IRMA (means "War Goddess"; the name sounds like “Irritated Ma”) approaches Florida. Like a tornado, a hurricane is also Nature's way of uniting heaven and earth. The mayor of Miami Beach gave it an interesting name. It reminds me of the vision and my comments I shared in Finding My Proper Hat Size – July 2017 which had terrorists seeding a hurricane with dirty bomb material. In fact, there are two nuclear power plants in the path of this hurricane along the East coast of Florida. See Experts: North Korea May Be Developing a Dirty Bomb Drone Radioactive drone that could sicken, make areas uninhabitable for years. This reminds me of my dream in which Ginny Mae's (home real estate stock) became worthless as noted in The Incarnation Of Vishnu And The ‘Conversion’ Of Russia - May 2017.
Irma Florida Landfall.jpg
Irma Florida Landfall.jpg [ 64.55 KiB | Viewed 188 times ]

Miami Beach Mayor Urges Residents To Get Out Now: ‘This Is A Nuclear Hurricane’

I am observing an empty dark gray leather recliner flying in circles a short way above the ground while dispensing a streaming white mist in the shape of a growing cloud above the ground. On the recliner chair, I see a white rectangular cooler one uses on a picnic – as if it holds the contents of what is being sprayed. I am on the ground with a young family underneath this growing white cloud and am concerned it maybe poisonous. We hold our breath and I watch as suddenly a wind comes up and blows the cloud away from our location. Comment: As I typed this in I was recalling the Red Barron who was flying a crop duster. Dusting humans now seems meant to protect them from pestilence and diseases of the soul seems meant. I meditate in a recliner so it is as if that is creating this “crop dusting” effect. This helps to explain the vision of terrorists dusting hurricanes that travel along the East coast of the US as shared in Like A Thief In The Night – October 2016. “Crop dusting” with Her psychophysical radiations is meant, something that will produce an enlightened new Red Barron King.

PPPS It's getting harder to tell the difference between the "left" and ISIS given the following article.

ISIS Supporters Celebrate Hurricane Irma: “May Allah Drown the Enemies of Islam”

ISIS supporters are celebrating the dangerous hurricanes heading towards the Unites States, claiming ‘Crusaders’ deserve the punishment.

Interestingly the liberals are also praying for President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida to be destroyed by hurricane Irma. Some liberals were hoping Trump and his family are inside of Mar-a-Lago as the hurricane destroys the place. It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the left and ISIS.

PPPPS I watched the timely movie Silence last night. It has a message that indicates a need to become introverted and silently observe the inner movie. It portrays a Jesuit priest gaining access to his Judas conscript part (con-script; as if a contrary script to the Logos Christ eon needs to be recorded) for the betrayal of the Logos Christ in order to incorporate Eros Christ consciousness.
Silence.jpg [ 7.1 KiB | Viewed 180 times ]


Silence is a 2016 historical period drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Jay Cocks and Scorsese, based on the 1966 novel of the same name by Shūsaku Endō. Set in Nagasaki, Japan.

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Post On Serving “Evil” Rather Than Good
Transformation.jpg [ 73.32 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

We live in a time of the transformation of the God-image

Fri. 8 September 2017

I am recalling that normally the Logos ego is colored blue because blue is the color for the thinking function in Jung’s psychology; indicating a cold rational outlook. The feeling function on the other hand, the Eros ego, is colored red because of the warmth and worth it gives to the surroundings. I mention this because the following “lip” image has reversed the meaning of these colors suggesting – an exchange of attributes has taken place. But in reality, the color scheme connected to the four elements in alchemy are being followed. Red is for fire/air while blue is for water/earth. Not sure why this is being emphasized.
Lip Men.jpg
Lip Men.jpg [ 26.43 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

I am recalling the year 2040; the year the World Soul announced in a 2006 vision as the year I would die (experience a psychological death and rebirth). A long time “before the mast” seems meant (involved in the Night Sea Journey of the soul); a connection to the book Two Years Before The Mast. Before the mast is the dark, cramped, living quarters of sailors aboard a sailing ship. The book describes life aboard the ship and at ports of call. It was a time of discovery.

Sat. 9 September 2017

In the darkness, I am observing a large colorless block numeral 7. The oblique angle view is looking at it from its open side for some unknown reason.
7 Oblique View.jpg
7 Oblique View.jpg [ 13.9 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

In the darkness above, I see a silhouette view of a baby’s right hand pressed against a glass ceiling from its other side. This immediately strikes me as being an image for the World Soul trying to break through the limiting “glass ceiling” of Her new births wanting to incarnate into our world of Spacetime.
Glass Ceiling.jpg
Glass Ceiling.jpg [ 31.92 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

Glass ceiling - an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement, especially affecting women and members of minorities.

I am observing the backside of a young woman wearing dark-pink/purple tight-fitting pants. She has the slender build of the woman who stars in Outlander who traveled back in time 200 years when touching a Henge stone circle and thus learned to live a more primitive life in the 1740s; a union of Logos and Eros = pink.

In the darkness, I observe a close-up view of the SW area of a tall white table lamp having no shade or lightbulb. The shape of the lamp reminds me of a clay water jar without the handles.
Water Jar.jpg
Water Jar.jpg [ 30.7 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

I am recalling that, “Vampires never die”; a reference to the long life in the Beyond.

In the darkness in silhouette, I see a person wearing a short Lincoln style top hat that is pointing two pistols directly at me. I could be looking into a mirror. Comment: The image reminds me of Clint Eastwood in a scene from the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales in which he used two 45 caliber Peacekeeper pistols; something which came up in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’ – February 2017. The reddish oval end (half a football shape and one end of the oval office shape) of the bullet combined with the yellow-gold brass casing of the cartridge contain Ra colors and reflect that which incarnates in Spacetime from out of the hole in the heart chakra. The rectangular shape of the cartridge box suddenly reminds me of the white rectangular monk spot seen on the head of the World Soul; Her penetrating worldview is meant.
Clint Eastwood Peacekeepers.jpg
Clint Eastwood Peacekeepers.jpg [ 46.28 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

The Double Barrel Peacekeeper Holy Wedding
I observe a close-up view of the top side of the ring finger on my right hand in the darkness. I guess this is the finger on which I wear the signet ring having the vampire stake through the heart. This ring finger is connected to the blue & white (incarnated) Lantern of the Telesphoros alchemical hand. The subtle body heart of the HermAphrodite in this death/resurrection coffin is meant. The mixing of their bloods due to the hole in the heart insures their immortality. Comment: As previously noted in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears – February 2017 - the “hole in the heart” inflicted by the Planck Second silver stake allows the red blood of the masculine and blue blood of the feminine principles to mix and create pink blood (rose wine) which makes it the blood of the Eros Christ and a savior of the cosmos and a deliverer from evil (including Trump issues). Anyone who drinks of this vampire blood obtains an enhanced, immortal subtle body for the long life in the Beyond. The combined blood could create "children"; essentially turning any human who drank this combined blood into an immortal vampire. Vampires eventually tire of being immortal because they are constantly faced with changing worldviews over the millenniums. This latter aspect seems to mirror what I have read in Jungian psychology about the long-life in the Beyond – that it is most probably not Paradise but a place where one’s worldview is constantly being renewed as the endless uniting of the opposites continues to be strove for by future inhabitants on Earth.
Ring Signet Hand.jpg
Ring Signet Hand.jpg [ 32.66 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

Sun. 10 September 2017

In the blackness, from out of the North I see a white fireball with red streaks on its surface approaching my location. It reminds me of those thrown by imps in the game of DOOM which is color code connected to those in a BLOOD MOON. Comment: As I looked at the following image I had the impression that I was looking into a mirror while in my invisible subtle body. Like this the fireball is understood to have been “shot” out of the hole in the heart chakra of my subtle body and into Spacetime.
Fireball.jpg [ 19.67 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

I observe a young woman wearing a sparkling white short-short wedding dress. She wears her black hair in a Cleopatra style. Comment: The short-short dress is like those I see some young slick-chick Canadian women wear in Victoria, BC. They as so short it is just shy of being able to see their underwear. It gets the attention of your sexual animal desires. The psyche seeks psychological intimacy in the Holy Wedding is meant.
Wedding Dress Short.jpg
Wedding Dress Short.jpg [ 23.42 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]


I have just become aware of a new book written by six retired employees (3 men and 3 women) of the Aerospace firm I used to work for. The energy produced during an earthquake can be predicted using the methods developed in the book. I meet the six authors and they are all very happy to have been able to produce such a book. I have taken a great interest in the book and have some ideas on how to apply their methodology that goes beyond their findings.

Then I see a man who hums and sings as an earthquake takes place. He recorded his vocal sounds as if they reflected the energy levels taking place during the earthquake. I was planning on using his recordings in order to make my own predictions of energy release using the books methods.

End of Dream

Comment: The climaxing of the clitoris of the World Soul has previously been connected to being the release of Her psychophysical radiations. This reminds me of how a woman’s body can shake/vibrate during a climaxing of her clitoris. The unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio can produce subtle body earthquakes is meant. Singing and humming have been connected to being “soul music” and that music appears as dreams and visions. The total energy potential that could be released in an earthquake is being connected to the message contained in that psychic material. This energy release has been characterized as being able to produce a mega-quake like that which could occur on the Pacific Northwest subduction zone.

Mon. 11 September 2017


Three men have a similar business interest that they have cooperated on over the years which made them all wealthy. But then one day, the 2nd man, in the center of the view, proposed a business idea he wanted to explore with the 1st man who was in the SW of the view. But the 3rd man, Bob who was in the NE of the view and who was a superior business man, had a better idea. He slit the left carotid artery in the neck of the 2nd man; forcing the remaining two men to follow this new way forwards in their business dealings.

End of Dream

Comment: It is a fact that cutting a carotid artery is fatal in about 8 seconds. A very quick way to die. Vampire movies always seem to suck blood from the left side of the neck of the victim; connecting the spilling of the 2nd man’s blood to the flow from the hole in the heart seems meant. Psychologically, “where the wound is, is where the healing needs to come from”; uniting the union mentalis with the unio corporalis comes to mind. This is “rose colored wine” (pink wine) or the pink blood of the rose-colored wine produced by the future man; the alchemical servator cosmi (preserver of the cosmos) as noted recently in The Greater Coniunctio. It’s as if the 3rd man, the superior businessman, had the idea that spilling the 2nd man’s blood would become a source of healing for the world as it could help “the many” (the 144,000) to unite the opposites. It’s as if “by the blood of the Eros Christ you are healed.”

I am observing a page in one of my inner life journals and read the title, “H i g h e r D i m e n s i o n a l B e i n g s.” The spaced letters remind me of the syllable spaced letters for “Civ-il-i-zation In Trans-i-tion” which came up in Pruning The Tree Of Life.

I am observing a paring knife (used to cut vegetables; a vegetative body emphasis) having a gray weathered wood handle and a gray metal blade that is in the shape of one-half of a vesica piscis (a spear point blade shape). The tip of the blade is pressed against a blank white letter sized piece of paper at a 45-degree angle. Comment: It’s differentiated “writing is on the wall” because the World Soul will interpret Her psychic material.
Knife Paring.jpg
Knife Paring.jpg [ 15.4 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

Differentiated Writing Is On The Wall
In the darkness, I observe a close-up view of long wavy white strings. This is a connection the above knife vision and means that the writing comes from the unus mundus level of the psyche which is wave-like (Eros) in nature.

In the darkness, I am standing on a white two-foot diameter spherical UFO that hovers next to a vertical black “granite” (gran-ite; as if “grant it” comes from the black stone) stone wall that extends out of sight above and below. Strange, but only the chest and above of my body “stands” on this UFO. Like this I realize that the right side of the vesica piscis is the upper part of my body; alternately it is the right side of the open lips image – the Lo side.

In the darkness, I am floating on the surface of calm water white seated in a red vesica piscis “spearpoint”/"football" shaped inflatable raft. My wife is on the nearby shoreline and I use my hands to paddle towards her. I see a five-pound fish swim underneath the raft and then I see a long dark tree trunk lying on the bottom. But then the shoreline seems to disappear and now I don’t know which way to head. Comment: Hands are the vehicles which produce consciousness comes to mind. I guess that production will eventually bring the shoreline to land on in focus.
Dingy.jpg [ 29.59 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

I am observing myself sitting in a chair in a dark room by the North side of a dark brown wood table in front of me and on the South side are Bicycle playing cards that have a white background and a blue chaos pattern design. A hand of five cards are spread face down on the opposite side of the table from my location. I am saying, “I made a mistake.” Comment: Playing the “hand of cards I was dealt” came up in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall. In that post, I suggested that the Red King was playing cards with the White Queen; but now it seems the alchemical colors of fire/air & water/earth union is meant where white is the shared consciousness of the players that allows for the union of these opposites. This is the two “hands of cards” I have been given to play; the union of these opposites.
Card Fate.jpg
Card Fate.jpg [ 43.2 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

In the darkness, I see a man reaching for a light tan colored puppy.

A woman says, “I am from Spain and my boyfriend’s name is Max.” Comment: The Ra colors in the flag of Spain captured my interest as well as the meaning of the names. I have the impression that her boyfriend is “Pope Gregory the Great.”
Spain Flag.png
Spain Flag.png [ 6.63 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

I am from the land of the setting sun and my boyfriend is the greatest
I am from the land where metals are forged and my boyfriend is the greatest
I am from the land of the rabbits (new creation) and my boyfriend is the greatest
Max is short for Maximilian (meaning "greatest"). Spain has many possible meanings; the land where metals are forged, the land of rabbits, the land of the setting sun…

In the darkness, I am observing a word in black text that reads, “bain.” Comment: Given the following amplification on bain = white; it seems yin>yang is meant. White hair often gives one the impression that the person of old age has become wise.

The Scottish surname Bain is derived from a nickname for a person with fair-hair. This name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic bàn, meaning "white", "fair".

I see the tip of a gray metal nail that is curved such that it forms a numeral 9 that is rotated 180 degrees.

I see a stacked structure whose front appears to flesh out the profile of a pentagon or “home plate” which appears as a frontal view of a home. This is accomplished using gray boxes in the shape of shipping containers. Black electrical wires are hooked to the front (NW corner) of each “container” as if power or telephone lines.
Home.jpg [ 19.66 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

In a gray view, I see an upside-down dinner fork pointed into the SW of the view.

Tues. 12 September 2017

In the darkness, I am observing, at eye level, the end of a Phillip’s head screw driver lying on a flat table surface. It seems the end of the screw driver is pointed at my 3rd eye. Comment: I am reminded of the “sexualized” verbal encounter I had with a young lady in the 7th grade as we sat at our study desks. She handed me a Phillip’s head screw (cross shaped end) and slyly asked, “Would you like a screw?” Our classmates around us all laughed. I flushed, but bravely responded, “Yes!” I then handed it back to her and asked, “Would you like a screw?” She then became slyly “indignant” and inquired, “Should I tell the teacher what you just did (a Sister of Mercy nun)?” Again, I bravely responded saying, “I don’t care.” She told the nun who promptly took me into the privacy of the hallway and demanded I go to confession immediately. This “failed coniunctio” has subsequently been seized on by the World Soul using the following “Hell” joke as if to draw attention to the “greater coniunctio” trying to take place in the soul of humanity.
Coniunctio Screw.jpg
Coniunctio Screw.jpg [ 38.6 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

A chemistry student was asked to explain if heaven or hell exists on a test...

The question was: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So, we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today.

Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell.

With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added. This gives two possibilities.

1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.
2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So, which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Theresa during my freshman year that "It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you," and we take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Theresa kept shouting, "Oh my God."


PS We all know that psychic torment is no stranger in human experience. A 17th century nun, thought to be suffering from schizophrenia, believed the devil was trying to make her serve evil rather than good. It’s what happens when the World Soul, the Holy Spirit, at our time in history tries to infect you with its knowing.

A ‘possessed’ nun’s 17th century devil letter has finally been translated
Devil Paradise Lost.jpg
Devil Paradise Lost.jpg [ 54.55 KiB | Viewed 132 times ]

The nun believed she was possessed by Lucifer: Image from 17th Century Paradise Lost

She believed she had been taken over by the devil who was using her hand to write with in 1676. ‘God thinks he can free mortals,’ it reads. She described God and Jesus as ‘dead weights’.

Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:20 pm
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Post Saving Time
Tues. 12 September 2017

In the darkness of my bedroom, in a very vivid vision with my eyes closed, I see a pure white light filling the darkness of my inner screen but the source cannot be seen (I have had this kind of vision many times over the years but now it continues in a most unusual way). It seems I am able to see through my closed eyelids as I lay in bed and like this can see the square wood surface of the end table next to the bed (psychophysical X-ray vision?). The white light continues to brighten and now it begins to peek above the opposite side of the end table and comes into full view (it came up above the 90-degree corner – from out of the 5th dimension seems meant - which is orthogonal to Spacetime). It has an oval/egg shape and is pure white except for washed out Avatar colors underneath its central area about the size of an egg yolk. I have the impression it is a fairy. All this light has illuminated the end table dark brown wood surface on which I now see is mostly covered with many little green trees whose green-gray trunks remind me of palm trees with dark green canopy vegetation. The white light rises and “hides” underneath the green canopy. As it does so it changes color for now I can see a dim reddish-yellow Ra glow that mostly fills the area below the canopy. The Ra glow does not move and after a few seconds slowly fades until blackness only fills the view once again.
Fairy.jpg [ 33.29 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

Comment: Tinker Bell has appeared on and off over the years in my visions. Most recently she came up in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing when pink pixie dust appeared. A Ra effect being released from out of the unus mundus is meant.

Briefly in the darkness I see a man mostly in silhouette who is wearing a sweater. He holds an empty, opened, green wine bottle, that has a large square cyan label, in his left hand. The open end of the bottle points towards my right side since he holds it horizontally. I may be looking in a mirror which would mean my right hand is holding this bottle – which apparently contained chardonnay wine (rite of passage wine).

In the darkness, I see a left side view of a black bowler’s hat aka bob hat, bombin (bomb-in; in syllables) & derby; tilted 45-degrees upwards towards the NW. A yellow skin man was seen wearing such a hat in a March 2009 vision and he was heading from the SW into the NW. Bowler (Bowl-er in syllables; as if pronounced “bowl-her” effects into spacetime), reminds me of Unity rolling black bowling balls (Civil War cannon balls) into spacetime. Hat symbolism suggests that when a person is in the Eros ego they are under peculiar ideas mind-melded to them by the World Soul. The color of his face was connected to the yellow circles showing the size of earthquakes on USGS earthquake maps. In a February 2011 vision, the half-dome aspect of the hat was emphasized as if half of a bowling ball. Later that year a young woman was seen wearing a pink bowler hat – suggesting that a coniunctio of a shared knowing was meant.
Bowler Hats.jpg
Bowler Hats.jpg [ 26.5 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

In the darkness of the NW in the view I see a red block numeral 4 and behind it is a whiteish glow that is moving around like the fairy light seen earlier in this post.

I hear, “Now we edit.” And then I see a young woman with a young man next to her left side as they walk away from my location in a daylight street view. She wears a white shirt and washed out blue jeans; the movement of her buttocks is in focus.

I observe a young man approach me on a sidewalk. He rides a bicycle that has an orange colored lower frame while the upper part of the frame is white.

I observe a young woman holding an eyedrop dispenser in a horizontal manner towards the front of her face. Slowly, a clear liquid is seen moving through the clear glass of the eyedrop dispenser. Comment: An eyedropper came up in a February 2011 vision as follows. It’s a connection to mixing blue and red wines and the pink UFO.

I see a man holding an eye dropper in his right hand that is full of a clear liquid. He stands near the SW area of a large pink flowering tree that has large diameter pink flowers on it – each flower being made up of tiny little ones. The green vegetation on the tree is “shaped” like they do in English landscapes – giving it a missile look. Suddenly he makes a “flicking” motion with his hand towards the top of the tree and squeezes – “shooting” like this the contents of the eye dropper onto the tree. The flowers magically turn purple. Purple has been connected to Holy Passion Week.

In the darkness, I see a black house cat walking from the left towards the right in front of me. Strange but it has a white curved set of devil horns that seem to be attached to its head but are rotated 90-degrees backwards such that they lay just above its neck. Comment: In The Greater Coniunctio we learned that when a black cat crosses your path in a left to right motion, the cat is granting favorable times.
Devil Horns.jpg
Devil Horns.jpg [ 18.03 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

I am observing tens and tens of short red-yellow dashes all over in the darkness that are moving about as if floating, glowing embers. Slowly the dashes shrink in length and become more yellow until they become yellow dots and then they have all disappeared. Comment: I have the impression that this is what the fairy transformed into that was seen earlier in this post; psychophysical pixie dust “radiation” of the Ra kind. I recall that pixie dust can enable one to fly – help one with their subtle body development is meant.
Embers.jpg [ 33.28 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

Then I see a “cartoon” representation of a man and a tree trunk. The man steps out of the right side of the tree trunk. Comment: The mythology of the man in a tree symbolism applies. It seems he is wedded to the tree, the vegetative body.

The man and the tree trunk returns but this time I see a top view and they are in a water glass and along the 6 o’clock area of the glass rim I see a small pair of bluish-cyanish dragonfly wings like those seen on Tinker Bell.

In the darkness, I see a “glory kill” ready pinky demon as seen in the game of DOOM. When glory killed the demon will release Avatar colored health bonuses. Such a demon came up in Healing A Bipolar Disorder – May 2017 when it was seen exiting a furnace of yellow-gold flames (the refiner’s fire). Pinky may be a demon but it comes out of the refiner’s fire or the hearth (the heart chakra) and thus represents the colors of the coniunctio. This reminds me of the green Christmas tree key and gold key seen above the pinky fingers in the alchemical hands. Those keys were connected to opening the green-gold chest (of Eros Christ consciousness) where I kept the love-letters from my high school sweetheart 60 years ago. Slaying a pinky demon releases the lovE-letters of the World Soul from out of the heart chakra seems meant.
Hands.jpg [ 50.2 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

Wed. 13 September 2017

I am observing a black “futuristic” toy car that has a V-shaped roof. It was just placed in front of me on a flat whitish surface. The V-shaped indented roof clearly separates the front seats from the rear seats.

In the darkness, I observe a body builder man from this SW area. He is bent over 90-degrees at the waist. He has his hands on his hips which cause his elbows to stick out to his sides as if small triangular wings.

Thurs. 14 September 2017

I am looking down along the length of my body such that I can see my stocking feet. Down below a few feet I see a dark pair of old style peasant made shoes.

I am moving through the darkness as if “flying”. On a regular basis, I suddenly pass through a thin whitish membrane that appears spherical.

In the darkness in silhouette I see a HEX key and a rose is “growing” off its vertical long end. A pink rose seems meant given that the HEX key represents a union of the opposites. I am suddenly reminded of Saint Theresa of the Little Flower (pink rose connection) who first came up in my visions in September 2006 and again in March 2010 when I observed her in the NW. At the time, I recalled smelling roses while on a 7-day retreat at the Mary & Joseph retreat center in Rancho Palos Verdes in 1981 while undergoing contemplative prayer training as practiced by Carmelite nuns. The smell of heavenly roses fell from above while questioning the priest about one of his teachings I did not agree with. That incident, I now realize, marked me as needing to consciously mix red and blue wines; producing the pink UFO (the smell of roses transported from out of the unus mundus). In high school, I used to wear a scapular connected to the Carmelites - it was green on one side and purple/pink on the other. “Take this Scapular. Whosoever dies wearing it shall not suffer eternal fire. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and pledge of peace.” Consciously wearing the deeper meaning of this scapular seems meant before its promise can be realized.
Hex Key Roses Scapular.jpg
Hex Key Roses Scapular.jpg [ 65.15 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

”I will let fall from Heaven... a Shower of Roses”.
Saint Thérèse was a French Carmelite nun. She is also known as The Little Flower of Jesus. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 24. The depth and novelty of her spirituality, called the way of confidence and love, has inspired many believers. In 1997 Pope John Paul II made her the 33rd Doctor of the Church (137 is the 33rd prime number), recognizing her exemplary writings, and life. She was the only saint he named a Doctor of the Church in his long pontificate, and she is the Church's youngest doctor. The Basilica of Lisieux is the second greatest place of pilgrimage in France after Lourdes.

Her “motto”: The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love."

Fri. 15 September 2017


I am an engineering work place in which my manager is a woman. She confronts me about spilling a little water and wants it to stop. She had warned me about this a few times already. She then shows me a rectangular purple wood panel that is used to partition bench seating along a West wall. She rips it open and sure enough some of the wood structure inside the panel has dry rot.

Because I am not immediately repentant she notifies TIME headquarters (we work for a company called TIME) and then lets me know that I have been fired! I was very surprised by this since there was no counseling and no prior serious consequence warnings had been given.

End of Dream

Comment: A bench seat has been connected to having the blue and white colors of the NW (incarnation location); an IED. It has been seen to have three boards in its construction; a connection to the lower 3 chakras. A picnic table, covered in a red and white checkered table cloth, has bench seats. Sauna’s use bench seats. Cars up until the 1960s had bench seats in the front and in the back; each able to sit 3 people. Like this bench seats are connected to the union of the opposites. TIME reminded me of TIME magazine which was first called Facts but later created the slogan “Take TIME – it’s brief” (articles are cryptic and thus brief to read).
Saving Time.jpg
Saving Time.jpg [ 26.31 KiB | Viewed 64 times ]

Saving TIME
My female manager is very concerned about my spilling a little water which has a corrosive effect on the structural integrity of the purple painted board, i.e., on the union of the opposites. I don’t know what this could mean exactly, but it is clear that water is being spilled; all is not being properly contained within the vessel of my psyche as new consciousness. It seems I can carry Her purpose to a first order approximation – like the accuracy of the results of my PhD thesis which managed to bridge two vastly different fluid flow behaving regions which captured 90% of the behavior. The Planck Second crucifixion “stake to the heart” sundial shadow pointing to the NW is the kairos (the right moment; the "saving time").

Sat. 16 September 2017

I am observing a gray cube shape invisibly moving over a concrete floor. It is stacked slightly to one side on a similar sized gray cube in the NW of the view. I immediately recall this kind of activity taking place in the game of DOOM. It allows the player to make three vertical jumps to reach the top of a roof beam where a secret DOOMBOY collectable in a spacesuit is found. Comment: Including the lower three chakras in the opus leads to the coniunctio. This DOOMBOY occupies the pink UFO – indicating that the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros has united the unio mentalis with the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio.
UFO DOOMBOY.jpg [ 28.95 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

I am having the impression that there is a strong pulsing vibration taking place in the feminine side of the Sun-Moon tree which pulses the masculine side and this releases a fireball from the heart chakra. The pulsing becomes like a Civil War Gatling gun rapidly firing ammo rounds into spacetime. This activity is connected to the Planck Second pulsing of Wolfgang Pauli’s World Clock.
Bridge Gatling Fireball.jpg
Bridge Gatling Fireball.jpg [ 36.96 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

Subtle Body Penetrator
I am observing a golden brown (like Kentucky fried chicken) colored round wood table, for two, whose East side is next to a green wall in a room. Comment: It has those “fireball” colors I notice.


PS I see in London news that another terrorist incident has occurred – this time a bomb unleashed a fireball on the tube train. I mention this destructive release of Ra radiations because it reminded me of the vision I shared in my previous post On Serving “Evil” Rather Than Good. In that vision I seemed to be looking in a mirror when suddenly a constructive fireball effect of Her psychophysical radiations shot out of my chest; from the hole in the heart chakra and like this caused it to incarnate in spacetime. Perhaps this is why I had the dream about being fired from my job. Others are needed to be conscripted into constructive release of fireball effects into spacetime. One individual soul cannot do it all. The 144,000 are needed; a symbolic number whose actual value cannot be known.
Fireball.jpg [ 19.67 KiB | Viewed 65 times ]

Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:59 pm
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Post Countdown To Inner/Outer Movie Time
Our home in Weed, CA has sold. For the next couple of weeks my wife and I will be very stressed out as we must empty the home and resettle in Victoria, BC. Not sure if I will be able to manage posting the ongoing inner material again until mid-October.

Sat. 16 September 2017

I see a vertical dinner fork in the darkness that is pointed into the NW.

In the darkness, I see the top of a left thumb pointed into the view from along the West side. Dirt is underneath the nail. I immediately realize that in the Jnana Mudra this means that the World Soul is communicating to the individual soul the Wisdom contained in their shadow ("In the dirt you will find it" - your wholeness).
Mudra Jnana Dirt.jpg
Mudra Jnana Dirt.jpg [ 17.73 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

In a black and white view in the darkness I see the top of a stick match that appears to have a white tip and a black head. I am holding the match between my right thumb tip and index fingertip; suggesting yin > higher yang.

Sun. 17 September 2017

In the darkness, I see the dark entrance to a square opening of a thick white concrete tunnel. Strange, the NW corner is the blackest as if a black triangle points into that corner. Comment: The “downward” pointing black triangle in the NW corner is connected to the dirt underneath the thumb nail. It is an image for yin > higher yang as it incarnates in the NW; into our 4-dimensional world.
Tunnel Square.jpg
Tunnel Square.jpg [ 16.99 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

In the darkness, I see a horizontal household hammer whose business end appears to be swinging towards the NW corner. The song, “If I Had A Hammer” comes to mind.
Hammer.jpg [ 15.73 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

Mon. 18 September 2017

I observe a black pencil sketch of a left forearm and hand lying on white paper. The hand is partially “clutched.” Comment: Holding the handle of an invisible hammer it seems. Another aspect of what is meant by "the handwriting is on the wall" (there are clear signs that something unpleasant or unwelcome is going to happen).

Now I observe a black pencil sketch of an apple with some of its leafy vegetation done on white paper. It's another aspect of what is meant by "the handwriting is on the wall."

I see a large whitish numeral 2 on a blackish background as if it is the leader in an old-time movie film. It seems Her movie is ready. The countdown is in Planck Seconds it seems. After 2 just a blank, black screen appears.
Leadercountdown_screenshot.jpg [ 20.52 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

In the mid-1960s, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) released the "SMPTE Universal Leader,” designed for both television and theatrical projection applications. It featured a continuous countdown from eight to two, measured in seconds.


In the darkness, I seem to be holding a partially peeled ripe banana in my right hand as if ready to take a bite. I recall that a banana is connected to the Buddha. Becoming enlightened by entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness is meant.

Banana Peeled.jpg
Banana Peeled.jpg [ 23.33 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

In the darkness down below I observe a top view of a right hand having ink pen tip fingernails that are outlined in red and yellow side-by-side lines. Strange, but these fingernails have such ink pen points pointing in opposite directions as if a union of the opposites is involved in the “writing on the wall” by this hand. An overlay of the hand symbolism in alchemy applies as well as previous three-toe chicken feet images.
Pen Points.jpg
Pen Points.jpg [ 15.81 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

We all have Abraxas knowing now
Tues. 19 September 2017

As I awoke this morning I observed a 5-pointed star high in the blackness by the NW area. It was a yellow-gold double outline of the star; perhaps a star behind a star is meant; a double star - suggesting a union of the opposites is meant.

In black font on white background I see the teletyped word truth.

I see a red-pink vehicle that looks like a Chevy model called “TrailBlazer.”
TrailBlazer 2002 Chevy.jpg
TrailBlazer 2002 Chevy.jpg [ 49 KiB | Viewed 12 times ]

Trailblazer - a person who makes a new track through wild country; a pioneer; an innovator

My daughter Amy and I are facing each other. She stands in the NW of my view. A large short-hair red bird or hound dog breed approaches her right side and lies by her right foot.

I am observing a natural setting in a daylight view while suspended above the only tree in the NW of my view. A dirt footpath extends out into the distance, towards the NW by this tree, whose surrounding terrain is covered in tall dead grass and shrubs. The tree has large dark green oval shaped leaves. I am immediately reminded of my 1999 vivid dream of flying over a pink flowering tree about the size of the one in the view. I titled that dream “Back To The Future For Our Civilization”.

I am observing a darkened scene of a slender middle-aged man dressed in black who is wearing a tight-fitting pumpkin head covering that has slits for eyes and mouth with dull white light in those openings (the single slit experiment; "all that you see, becomes" & "all that you speak, becomes"). The man sits at the SW area of a large round black table on a patio. Strange but there are many such tables in the view and this same man is sitting at all of their SW areas. A multiplicatio of his presence. Comment: Pumpkin head - the bearer of teardrop shaped white pumpkin seeds.
Pumpkin Seed Flush.jpg
Pumpkin Seed Flush.jpg [ 38.5 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

In the darkness, a see a left profile view of Unity (a union of the Logos & Eros Christ consciousness) who faces the NW in the view. He says, “Take your rightful place.” I immediately understood this to mean that I should now live my enhanced consciousness as an incarnated (psychically reincarnated) being.


PS As if one of the “signs of the times” I found the following poster for Mother of interest. It’s as if the World Soul offers Her heart to the world and awaits the hearts of humanity in response.
Mother.jpg [ 37.22 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

Darren Aronofsky talks about the metaphors of Mother! It was written in the eighth year of Obama, and it’s coming out in the first year of Trump. And that, to me, is interesting to see.

PPS On 18 September 2017 I received an email from “Unknown Country” which featured the following interview about UFOs. Trump & UFOs is discussed, starting around the 1-hour mark, in the following video. From the video interview, I see that some of the UFO community begins to believe UFOs are about consciousness. A July 2017 interview of Dan Smith also is revealing when they talk about UFO disclosure and how 32 information vectors lined up in September 2016 that pointed to Donald Trump becoming the next president. Strange stuff.

Grant Cameron interviewed by Whitley Strieber, Dreamland Aug 11, 2017


Grant Cameron interviews Dan Smith: Government Disclosure, Portals, Aliyah and Dr. Ron Pandolfi


PPPS I later became aware of the Mount Shasta portal and the following video about the appearance of a disk-shaped object that appeared over Mount Shasta in November 2013 – something I was not aware of but which seems very close in shape to the pink UFO that has recently appeared in my visions.
UFO Shasta.jpg
UFO Shasta.jpg [ 36.08 KiB | Viewed 28 times ]

http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo ... a_2013_HD/

Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:45 am
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