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 The New God-Image 
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Post A Struggling Black Swan ‘Chicken Birth’ Looms
Sun. 19 November 2017

I am observing a green maple leaf (has 11 points and heart chakra color) blowing along on an asphalt road (on a black road) along with some small fragments of dead leaves. Comment: Yang (Ra) and Yin (Avatar) colored maple leaves were color connected to the heart chakra in The Crop Circle Maker Cometh – September 2013. A human life is said to be like a leaf as it too has “seasons” in its life (of death & rebirth seems meant).
Maple Leaf Yang Yin.jpg
Maple Leaf Yang Yin.jpg [ 28.98 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

Above in the height of tall electrical transmission towers I observe a long black cable being laid onto the tops of the towers. Comment: Such towers and electric transmission lines came up in EARTH – Hell-Fire’s New Capitol – March 2015 and have been connected to effects from a Carrington sized Solar Flare induced EMP that could disable them; something that is a game of chance and connected to playing Russian Roulette with Clint Eastwood’s 45 magnum peacekeeper pistol as if it were firing solar flares at the earth. Interestingly, my daughter Amy sent me the following link on Saturday (18 November 2017 at 7PM which I did not read until after the above early morning vision) In 1770, the Sky Over East Asia Turned Crimson Red for Nine Days. Such an event today could cause a global power blackout that could last for years. Since 1770 marked an enormous X-class EMP event on earth and since 1859 marked another X-class event known as the Carrington effect - it seems we are overdue in the "game of chance" of Russian Roulette with this outer metaphoric inner “miracle of the sun” via a flow of renewed Ra consciousness from the heart chakra (a connection to the sun miracle at Fatima in 1917). “The sky is dark” comes to mind; a 2002 dream message conveying the condition for peace between the inhabitants of Earth and an otherwise destructive alien invasion.
Carrington Effect.jpg
Carrington Effect.jpg [ 50.36 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

In a daylight view I am looking down at the top of my left thumb which rests on a white sheet of paper between the thumb and its left index fingertip. “The writing on the wall” expresses the content of the communication between the World Soul and individual soul as if these visions are being emphasized.

I am standing directly behind a woman who is invisibly suspended to be at eye level in a posture of being on her hands and knees (all fours). Hanging underneath her genital area is a semi-transparent plastic sack filled with peanuts in the shell. A birth sack or testicle sack seems meant which immediately reminds me of the Pea-nut Man as a bipolar God-image which unites above and below in the heart. Comment: This reminds me of a woman with lemon teats being on “all fours” in Birthing/Nurturing Eros Christ Consciousness – July 2015. Unlike the image the woman wore blue and white casual clothes – connecting her to the colors of NW.
Peanut Man Woman Teats.jpg
Peanut Man Woman Teats.jpg [ 36.49 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I see some white spaghetti with diced green bell pepper mixed in. It lays on a black rectangular package having smaller rectangular packages within. Pre-packaged food it seems. These are the colors seen in comet lovE-joy.

A ragged dressed, walking skeleton approaches me in a dim narrow earthen corridor that leads down into the earth. The old king seeking renewal comes to mind.

I observe a rectangular slice of yellow-gold cheese laying across the width of a man’s palms up right hand. It is bordered by the dark red protective “wax” layer as if freshly cut from a Gouda cheese round.
Cheese Round.jpg
Cheese Round.jpg [ 24.75 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

On my right side, I observe a black sphere that is part way submerged into a “sea” of white light or energy that fills the view. I immediately recall the Salvator mundi holding a dark sphere in his left hand; suggesting that yin (World Soul) > higher yang is meant for the enlightenment of an Eros Christ eon just like it did for the unfolding of the Logos Christ eon. Something that could produce a more enlightened worldview. The image seems to suggest a black hole surrounded by a white event horizon – a connection to Lo:vE transmission from out of the black hole due to Hawking radiation.
Sphere Floating.jpg
Sphere Floating.jpg [ 15.37 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I see a top view of my right index finger. Its tip is resting on a white surface. It looks like it could be a pen “writing on the wall” if the fingertip with the double ink pen points (for a bipolar God-image) were also in the view. It seems it is touching the “sea of white” seen in the previous vision.
Pen Points.jpg
Pen Points.jpg [ 16.36 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe an aluminum piece of sheet metal formed into a rectangular box shape of three sides. In one of the sides is a large circular opening having an aluminum metal X-shape. Comment: The design reminds me of a desktop computer case with the circular opening for a fan to exhaust air used to cool the electronics. When I kissed a nurse (breath body exchange) our lips formed an X-shape as noted in The “Enemy” Is Within – June 2017. A woman’s ponytail had a herringbone X-shaped weave in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing – August 2017 which was connected to the mana of Her knowing can have a mega earthquake, mega tsunami psychic effect on one’s worldview. Most recently in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017 such a silver metal shape was seen covering the chest of a woman along with a raised pattern of concentric circles. Like this the psychophysical exhaust from the heart chakra is connected to the following image. Normally, such a fan duct opening has a pattern of concentric circles as seen in the additional image. The heart chakra exhaust being connected to the movement of air connects it to a Black Death style pneumonic plague which came up in my previous post The World-Changing Launching Pad whose title implied that (a flow from) the heart chakra was the launching pad. It's a connection to the X-class Solar Flare EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) as noted earlier in this post.
Sheet Metal Openings.jpg
Sheet Metal Openings.jpg [ 25.23 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

In a dining area of a high rise building I observe a young blond woman wearing a thick all white fluffy cotton “dress”. She would like to show me something in a storage rack in the NE corner.

Then I see a young woman dragging a large man behind her as she holds him in is open mouth with the fingers of her left hand gripping underneath the top front teeth. The man appears dead.

I am holding a pistol in my right hand and it is pointed towards the corner of a table. Many hooded black men stand just behind this weapon. A squad of hit men it seems.

I observe a man sitting on the NW corner of a table while facing at a 45-degree angle away from the table. He wears all gray sweats and has his pants down – revealing his left naked white thigh.

Now I see a semi-circular white area having a central beige square – all on a white background. Strange, but I have the impression that I am looking at a side view of a person’s buttocks with the square centered over the hip joint. An emphasis of this effect on the NW seems meant.
Hip Square.jpg
Hip Square.jpg [ 15.68 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]


I am in a discussion with some people. The focus is on the area of the skin on the inside of my left wrist area. When I touch it, I sense a course sandpaper quality. When I shared this with a large stout older man who was some kind of famous expert he immediately left the work environment and would never return. It’s as if he understood what it meant, and he wanted to get as far away from it as possible. I then saw some black text on a beige background where I was able to read the strange medical word “prodromathas” (spelling?).

End of Dream

Comment: It was a dry skin condition “disease”. It appeared like normal skin but a bit whitish. Some kind of bacterial infection seems meant. The wrist of the World Soul was recently seen covered in glistening white diamonds. Previously it was slit as if she were suicidal. It was connected to numbers tattooed on the wrists of holocaust victims. The medical term on the beige parchment seems to be connected to the beige square in the previous vision.

In a twilight view I stand on the SW street corner of a wide cement sidewalk that slopes towards the street as if bicycle and wheelchair handicap ready. Large dead leaves lie on the sidewalk as well as irregular wet cement regions.

Faintly I hear, “I can’t see.” I then see the top of a coffee maker with the lid removed. White steam rises from a black coffee grounds in the coffee maker.

I am playing in the yard between the house I grew up in and our next-door elderly neighbors (it was in this area where my left leg, just above the knee, suffered a semicircular gouge of flesh being removed by a mushroomed head of a metal stake I rand into while playing). I come across a few kittens in the grass that are partially hidden. The black mother cat is nearby, and I befriend the white kitten with black markings. Comment: The doctor said I had just missed being lamed by that encounter with the metal stake. What is involved in order to be on good terms with the feminine principle seems meant. The semi-circular gouge reminds me of the earlier vision of the beige square in the hip joint.

Mon. 20 November 2017

I observe a medium sized white fluffy dog sit on a dog bed next to the right side of a woman sitting on the floor with her back to the West wall.

I observe a middle-aged man in a basketball sized court room without furniture. Many electrical wires lay stretched out across the honey-wood colored floor in roughly an X-shape. He is untangling a couple of them and removing them. A few tangled ones remain.

I see a young man grab a fire extinguisher from out of the SW area of a basketball court sized room and walk out into its center. He stands behind a line of people standing several abreast that extends to the West wall near the SW corner. Suddenly, the group begins to rush out of the room through an opening in that side of the room and he follows.

Down below in a dark view I see the yellow head with red beak of a baby chicken. Its body is completely coiled with about six (heart chakra connection) helical coils by a small dark brown snake. I immediately recall the “simple device that saves the world” being a helical wound antenna shape. Further, I recall that in the Book of Revelation the new birth was pursued by a devouring dragon (snake body). The new birth had to be protected until it was safe from the dragon. The individual soul is the chick (a dumb animal; see Jung's amplification below) and must overcome the forces of the unconscious if it is to renew its Ra consciousness and grow into having Abraxas qualities. It must eat of unconscious contents without being eaten by the unconscious (viz. the snake; which psychologically understood would mean becoming possessed by the powers of the unconscious – giving one an enduring inflation of God-almightiness and self-righteous superiority). This also reminds me of Jung’s image of Aion and his description of how he struggled, sweating, against being “crushed” by the forces of the unconscious. Gregory’s enduring the 18 year long siege of unconscious contents mirrors something of Jung’s struggle. In my visions this lion-headed figure was replaced by an economist (Nouriel Roubini) who predicted the Black Swan financial meltdown. His red, open, oval, “kissed” lips were prominent (a vertical or 90-degree rotated bipolar Lo:vE breath body enhancing kiss having the shape of the yellow-gold oval Abraxas coin which was connected to a vegetative Eros Christ consciousness psychophysical nuclear explosion). He pointed his right index fingertip which is known to anoint others with a drop of baby urine from the new birth in consciousness trying to incarnate in spacetime and whose fingernail is a double pointing ink pen point “writing on the wall”. A Black Swan event of the psychological kind looms for all us chickens.
Snake Chick Aion Abraxas.jpg
Snake Chick Aion Abraxas.jpg [ 50.24 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

The Tiamat Goddess myth is one of the earliest recorded versions of the battle between a culture hero and a chthonic or aquatic monster, serpent or dragon.

Chickens are animals for which we can have no great respect. They are usually panicky, blind, dumb creatures which run into the road just as an automobile comes along. They are an excellent simile for fragmentary tendencies repressed or never come across by us, living autonomous lives quite apart from our knowledge. These bits of fragmentary soul, like the chickens, are working up terrible nonsense, all the foolish things wise people do, or like the spendthrift who saves his matches. You know any number of examples of people who have something absolutely inconsistent with their characters. All the things which escape our control and observation are "chickens." Dream Seminar, C. G. Jung, p. 108.

Then another wonder appeared in heaven: There was a giant red dragon there. The dragon had seven heads with a crown on each head. It also had ten horns. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth. It stood in front of the woman who was ready to give birth to the baby. It wanted to eat the woman’s baby as soon as it was born.

The woman gave birth to a son, who would rule all the nations with an iron rod. And her child was taken up to God and to his throne. The woman ran away into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. Rev: 12:3-6

Jung makes this comment on this birth (that it would be “safe” to try to incarnate in about 2000 years after this scripture was written),

This would seem to indicate that the child-figure will remain latent for an indefinite time and that its activity is reserved for the future. Answer to Job, § 713

The seven letters spelling Abraxas may represent each of the seven classic planets. The word may be related to Abracadabra (create as I say), although other explanations exist.

Opinions abound on Abraxas, who in recent centuries has been claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a short Gnostic treatise in 1916 called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas the supreme power of being transcending both God and the Devil and unites all opposites into one Being.

Now I observe a close-up view of the lower branch of a tree directly in front of the NW in my view. Most of its leaves are missing and the few remaining ones are large dead Autumn maple leaves.

Suddenly, I am recalling the song Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen (that the dice are loaded). A metaphor which heralds the certainty of the coming of the Eros Self.



PS On 12 November 2017 someone in Antananarivo, Madagascar read my recently updated paper Buckyball As A Reconciling Symbol In The Unus Mundus. Today I see the following article which connects the Black Plague outbreak on a Godzilla sized El Niño (means: the Christ Child); an interesting development given the emphasis on "The Second Coming of Christ" in my visions and dreams. This plague came up in my post The World-Changing Launching Pad.

UPDATE 21 November 2017; Madagascar Plague Death Toll Rises

Experts believe last year's natural phenomenon El Niño - dubbed 'Godzilla', triggered an increase in rat populations in rural areas, sparking the beginning of the epidemic which has so far infected at least 2,300 people. Professor Matthew Bayliss, from Liverpool University's Institute of Infection and Global Health, warned the particularly aggressive El Niño (the Christ Child) of 2016 may be behind the aggressive start of this year's outbreak, which has seen it hit two heavily populated cities for the first time, including the capital Antananarivo which has a population of 1.3 million.

Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:09 pm
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Post Everything Is Coming Up 'Mission Rama'
Tues. 21 November 2017

I stand on a dirt road looking towards the NW where I see a long, galvanized, chain link, metal fence and a parallel asphalt road on its other side that extends out into the North. The focus is on the layers of dead yellow-gold autumn leaves lying by the dirt roadside of the fence. Comment: A chain link fence forms a pattern of diamond shapes. The next vision emphasizes darkred leaves still on trees while the present vision emphasizes yellow leaves lying on the ground. These two colors unite and create Ra colors. This reminds me of the colors connected to diamond mouth for the “all that you speak, becomes” image seen in Christ’s ‘Crucified’ Color Coded Second Coming – September 2014. This “octahedron diamond mouth” was connected to the World Soul saying, “You are the Gem Supreme. You always have been. You will see.” The octahedron union of red and yellow suggests it is a coniunctio image showing the potential new Red King in union with the White Queen in a chaotic (volatile) manner in the heart chakra given the image of the mixing of red and yellow in the FireTornado.
Gem Supreme Leaves.jpg
Gem Supreme Leaves.jpg [ 51.77 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Then I observe wind rustling darkred autumn leaves still attached to the canopy of trees. Many dead tan leaves lie on the earth.

In the darkness I observe a close-up view of the backside of a left human hand that is mostly darkred. It transitions to yellow-gold near the wrist. It appears to be made from wax.
Hand.jpg [ 20.42 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Now I see what looks like white pieces of cartilage.

I see the backside of a left hand as if my own.

In the darkness, I observe a close-up view of a very red erect penis on its upper portion and that transitions towards yellow-gold lower down. It appears to be glistening as if it is sweating.
Penis Erect.jpg
Penis Erect.jpg [ 15.99 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]


I see Hillary Clinton is in charge of a work project in an outdoor setting. I see four large square white plastic bags filled with something very heavy that are tethered to something in the center which I cannot see. These “pillars” are being uncoupled as if it had to be redone. I inquired about how she felt about the problem, but she just walked away (she represents an aspect of the Eros Self so she is wave-like in her psychology – so talking would drive her away).

She then begins to fuss around with something in the back of the open white bed of a blue pickup truck (NW colors) while standing by its SE corner area along the South side. I stand by the due West side of the truck. Smiling broadly, she holds out to me a “drink” that partially fills a thick walled cardboard tube about an inch in diameter and six inches long. The hot drink looks like it could be coffee with cream. Her smile makes me suspicious. I said, “Wait a minute. Is this a trick?” She pulls the drink back. Some mixed adults have gathered around and they encourage me to accept the drink.

End of Dream

Comment: The World Soul in Her Great Whore of Babylon ambassador to the world role offers me a “tube drink” which suddenly reminds me of all the tunnels I traveled through during the early years of the visions. It seems like this that those tunnel journeys had the effect of drinking coffee with cream (I don’t like cream in my coffee). They woke me up to another reality, the psychophysical reality of the subtle body. The large white square bags I have seen used at high rise home building construction sites in Victoria, BC.

I am looking down at a large, beige circular plate having the remains of a thick dark pancake that covers the 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock hour area. I recall that pancakes are connected to mega quake effects on high rise buildings – it causes the floors to pancake down onto each other.

In the darkness, I observe the front area of a glowing plastic patio chair like we used. It has a thin red outline and a yellowish inner area. Comment: A patio is in the backyard area of a home. It helps immerse one into the natural surroundings. All these red/yellow Ra images emphasize that it is the feminine principle that renews the consciousness of the Egyptian sun god. The ribbed back of the chair suggests a union of the 3 upper and lower chakras in the heart chakra.
Chair Plastic.jpg
Chair Plastic.jpg [ 28.33 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

I observe a canary from its right side. It is yellow-gold on the top half and white on the bottom half except for the black outlines that partially surrounds some feathers. The combination of colors reminds me of the colors in the cross-section of the egghead on the chakra tree. A canary is used in a coal mine to warn of dangerous gas build up. Like this its colors suggest it is warning canary that heralds an egghead development.
Cannary.jpg [ 23.54 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

In the darkness of the NE I see a red outline of a yellowish gunsight for the DOOM plasma weapon (the Gauss Cannon when in siege mode). Comment: The gunsight colors match the colors of the patio chair (which is normally white; so underneath yellow is white). Normally this gunsight is white. The gunsight for this weapon is shown in the NW and is made up of a left (feminine) and right (masculine) pointing ink pen points. I show how they “overlap” in the NE of the view. This double ink pen point has been seen on the right index fingernail suggesting the fingertip is a union of left and right effects as being the “writing on the wall”. The “avatar” plasma colors on the electrical transmission lines caused by a Solar flare EMP reminds me of the plasma colors emitted by the DOOM Gauss Cannon weapon.
Gauss Cannon Index Fingernail.jpg
Gauss Cannon Index Fingernail.jpg [ 34 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Wed. 22 November 2017


My older brother (Esau psychology) and I are scheduled to pick some apples and sell my old 11 foot aluminum row boat. It turned out it was too late in the season to pick apples but at the last minute I found a happy middle-aged man who purchased the boat and he hauled it away in the long bed of a large pickup truck.

End of Dream

In the darkness down below, I see a piece of dark green skin fruit with a white interior. The stem end was cut off and it fell into my view. It may be a lime which has a
“football” shape (underneath green is yellow). Truncating the end of the vesica piscis is meant; something that forms one end of the Lantern of the Telesphoros using the Sacred Geometry diamond shape that is found in the center of a spindle torus.

Now I see a woman in whiteness holding a modern silver (white) metal 38 (=11) caliber pistol in the NW of my view. She points it to the right of my right side. It uses Ra colored ammo.
Pistol Silver.jpg
Pistol Silver.jpg [ 29.99 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Dimly in the gray surface down below I make out a numeral 1 slightly overlapping a numeral 3.

Dimly I see the four tines on a fork.

In the darkness I observe a side view of the top of a shade of purple gem (rather pink looking UFO coniunctio color) that looks like the beginning of a vesica piscis shape. It has flat features as if due to being faceted.
Gem Purple.jpg
Gem Purple.jpg [ 23.07 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Something about “total mobilization”. Then I observe a folded white towel having a pale green band of color in its surface.

The view is filled with clouds and in the NE area is a large oval opening having a small stream of water pouring down from its lower bottom (central area). It’s the “divine water”, the liquid version of the Eros Self that dissolves all substances and is the Catholic medicina.

On a long rectangular table, I see a colorful rectangular “tapestry” covering its surface. Suddenly, the table rotates 90-degrees clockwise from its 9 o’clock orientation to the 12 o’clock orientation.

In the darkness at the 12 o’clock hour I see the colored outstretched wings on a bird (a dove seems meant). The central area of the wings are red which transitions to yellow by its edges and then to red again. Underneath red and yellow is white comes to mind – indicating that this bird is a dove; the symbol for the Holy Spirit. Comment: The wings looked like ink pen points in the angle of the view given. The horseshoe vortices shed by these “ink pen point” wing tips are another connection to “the writing is on the wall” in a Doomsday Hour event.
Bird Wing.jpg
Bird Wing.jpg [ 17.26 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

I see a young woman sitting on a white toilet. She turns around and grasps at something on the top of the tank bowl cover. She conveys that she really does not want to take the action implied – which is to push the “Bombs Away” flush button of the toilet in yet another connection to “the writing is on the wall.” Comment: The toilet in the home we rent has that kind of flushing mechanism. I guess she tries to tell us that by flushing her new births into spacetime the effect may not be so pleasant to our existing worldview.
Toilet Flush.jpg
Toilet Flush.jpg [ 3.64 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

I observe a Y-shape as if I hold it in my right hand. It has wide blue fabric attached to its members and wide olive colored fabric as if rubber bands attached to the V-shape part. A sling shot that shoots alchemical stones into spacetime it seems. Olive color is a union of green and yellow and underneath that is white.

I observe layers of clear, rectangular plastic bags filled with dark brown almond nuts (have a vesica piscis shape). A stack of them. One is removed from the top and placed in the NW of the view.

I observe a yellow Chinese soup spoon that seems to be made from a sea shell.


I am involved in bidding on a project.

End of Dream

I see a yellow ghostly looking face whose oval shaped mouth suggests it is blowing. It rests on gray fabric of a chest.

I see a dark, long snake movement shaped object.

I see a long screw having a circular opening in its head. It would require an Alan wrench that was circular, not hexagonal.

I see a couple of women sitting at a dark brown circular table. One sits at the 6 o’clock hour. A human shape carved out of a thick slice from a ripe tomato lies in front of her with the head on the West side or the 9 o’clock hour side and the feet at the 3 o’clock hour area.
Tomato Man.jpg
Tomato Man.jpg [ 28.83 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

In the darkness I see a whitish crucifix superimposed on the back of a right hand.

In the darkness I see white outlined cartoon strip squares emanating from the 6 o’clock hour area that progress into the SE area. In the square that just appeared is a white outline of a man with hands forward by his sides having white rays emanating from the palms. It immediately reminds me of the Miraculous Medal Devotion of the Virgin Mary which also does this hand display which conveys that grace pours from them (grace - the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings). The nature of the grace pouring from the man’s right and left hands have been seen over the years as indicated in the following cartoon strip. Grace (enlightenment) accompanies suffering it seems.
Grace Suffering.jpg
Grace Suffering.jpg [ 43.06 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

Suffering Grace/Enlightenment
In the darkness I see a horizontal golden rectangle having a pair of open lips at its center. I have the impression that if one kisses those lips one is given an ecstatic experience.

In the darkness of the NE I see a DOOM game assault rifle ammo case that is green with yellow-gold trim. I recall that the footlocker which stored the love-letters from my high school sweetheart were stored in such a colored case. Comment: An assault rifle uses 223 caliber ammo. This kind of ammo came up in an December 2016 dream which had me in Hawaii (Paradise) as shared in A Flash Flood. The bullet has Ra colors and looks like a more modern “ball point” ink pen point seems to be the idea. Bullets in a dream are understood to be “penetrating thoughts” as a further connection to “the writing is on the wall.”
223 Ammo Round 50 Grain.jpg
223 Ammo Round 50 Grain.jpg [ 17.94 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

In the darkness at the 3 o’clock hour I see myself as a young man outlined in white which gives the impression of my being invisible as the interior of the white outline is black. This image stands in a room whose walls are outlined with white and are also invisible. I immediately recall the white outline of the man standing in a white outline square at the 6 o’clock hour. Comment: I stand in a hidden room in my subtle body it seems. A Japanese style Buddhist temple with an Auschwitz “Lincoln stovepipe hat” chimney that was connected to the clitoris of a hyena (has the largest clitoris of any animal; the psychophysical radiations from the clitoris of the World Soul is meant) and was seen at the 3 o’clock location in a March 2011 vision. It rested on a rectangular table top.
Temple Clitoris.jpg
Temple Clitoris.jpg [ 34.36 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]

I am hearing the singing of the words “how many …”; to the tune of the song Blowin’ in the Wind. It seems to be a connection to the various times in this post when another example of “the writing is on the wall” has come up.

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you can call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Yes, how many years can a mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
Yes, how many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
Yes, how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Yes, how many times must a man look up
Before he can really see the sky?
Yes, how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.


I am a part of a project that involves mostly new college graduates having many young women included. Couples are formed, children are born and community is established even during the working hours. All are so happy to be involved and excited about the discoveries made.

The scene changes and I am standing on a black road overlooking an ice and snow covered surface down below that extends underneath a overpass bridge in front of me. I see an animal with a gray youngster running behind its mother. They are being chased by a larger animal. Then another even larger animal is chasing after the growing line of animals and finally a larger animal, a polar bear, chases after the most recent tan furry animal that could have been a bear. The polar bear chases it up onto the roadway where I stand and grabs the large brown bear by its middle back (belly brain or 2nd chakra area) and slays it. The tan/brown fur torn off the animal forms a hood over the face of the polar bear and its face now looks like that of Gregory.

End of Dream

Then I observe a marvelous animated display. It looks like a vast movie theater curtain has been drawn closed. It is red with irregular black bands of wavy lines dividing up the red background. Superimposed on this curtain is a display of yellow-gold names, four leaf flowers and an animated splash of yellow-gold from a central region that grows into the four directions. I look closely as the animation comes and goes – each covering names as if Ra colored movie credits are being shown – but I could not read any of what was shown.

Comment: Everything is coming up (roses; red + yellow = orange) Rama colors. I suddenly realize this is a connection to my recent viewing of "Mission Rama" youtube video interviews of Sixto Paz Wells and his UFO/Alien encounters since 1974 in Chili by Grant Cameron on his website whitehouseufo.com. Wells is affiliated with "Mission Rama". The meaning of Ra-Ma for its members, on their spiritual quest to become one with the light with God through internal self-realization, is Ra (sun) on Ma (earth), sun on earth. Their symbol is an ancient symbol found in many old civilizations including the Star of David. Their understanding of their UFO/Alien encounters is minimal as can be seen by reading the following articles. Interestingly, the variant they like to use is the Arabic name Rahma, typically female, and it refers to the wife of prophet Ayyub (Job) in Islamic literature. Job (Arabic translation Ayyūb) is considered a prophet in Islam and is mentioned in the Qur'an. Job's story in Islam is parallel to the Hebrew Bible story, although the main emphasis is on Job remaining steadfast to God despite his apocalyptic ordeal. As Edinger has noted, “If one understands Jung’s Answer to Job, one understands what the archetype of the Apocalypse has in store for humanity.”

“Xendra” Domes of Light: Mission Rahma’s Dimensional Portals

Meditation, Spiritual Quest, Mission Rama, ET contact
Mission Rama.jpg
Mission Rama.jpg [ 47.57 KiB | Viewed 77 times ]


Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:12 am
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Fri. 24 November 2017

In darkness I am looking through several clear movie filmstrips laid over the top of each other in a vertical direction. All the viewing takes place on a reddish-white Chinese looking background. The top one is moving top-to-bottom while the lower one’s remain stationary. They all have sparse two-dimensional black vegetation on them (the vegetation on the lower strips appear gray). If I stop using my digital voice recorder (turn off the recording of what I am observing) the top film movement stops; if I turn it back on the motion continues. Further, the vegetation density piles-up on the non-moving frame when the movement ceases (recording what I see collapses the wave function; otherwise it does not). All the viewing takes place on a reddish-white Chinese looking background. Comment: This reminds me of Edinger’s comment: “Consciousness is the agency for all transformation, without consciousness there is no transformation."
Plant Film Strip.jpg
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I am out at sea observing a blue ocean surface having a large see-through greenish wave in the midst of crashing onto the west side of a yellow sandy shoreline. The crashing wave allows the yellow sandy shoreline color to peek through. Comment: Observing the collapse of the wavefunction emanating from the water chakra (ocean) produces Eros Christ consciousness.
Wave Crashing.jpg
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I am sitting at the west side of a square card table playing a “game of bridge” while my oldest sister (NDE hospice care person as aspect of the World Soul) sits at the north side. My partner along the east side is my older brother (the Esau aspect of my psychology) and a woman not clearly seen sits at the south side.

I open the bidding with 2 hearts (In my 13 cards I hold three aces of hearts and a 10 of hearts along with a couple of side aces; it seems we make up our hands using cards from a quadruple deck). My sister bids 2 spades. My partner bids 4 hearts and my sister’s partner bids 4 spades. I make a penalty bid by saying “double” (which means I think my sister cannot make the bid and for every trick she is set the penalty is doubled). My sister redoubles (meaning she believes she can make the bid and its contract worth will be quadrupled). We play the hand and my sister makes her bid; easily winning the round.

End of Dream

Comment: This “game of bridge” (read: that which bridges two worlds) is a hybrid game using cards from four decks of bicycle playing cards and played with bridge game rules. An emphasis on a bipolar God-image seems meant given the male/female pairs playing the game. Further, the four decks of cards suggest the four functions are involved.

I observe an end view of the green-gold DOOM assault rifle ammo case. A white glow surrounds the NE corner of this rectangular cross-section. Eros Christ consciousness colors. I am immediately reminded of the green footlocker with yellow-gold trim where I kept the love letters from my high school sweetheart. Comment: It seems the World Soul has heart-felt penetrating Ra bullet colored lovE letters that will enhance one’s consciousness.
223 Assault Rifle Ammo Case.jpg
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I observe a well-lighted tunnel ending. Peeking out from its right side is a huge blue bottle like the much smaller health & ammo bonus award used in the game of DOOM that gives 200% health and 200% protective shielding – something that only appears near the end of the game when the strongest of demons are encountered. It seems I am observing “the mother lode” of all health and shielding bonus awards – suggesting super-strong demons have been overcome.
HealthBonusD201.png [ 18.44 KiB | Viewed 69 times ]


I am attending a large “family” get together. My high school sweetheart is here dressed in a black pant suit. It is a darkened oval shape sandy earthen floor where the dancing will take place. I see my high school sweetheart doing an intense dance alone. I learn that she will not dance with me. I dance with a man and it is jarring and intense the way the steps are performed. It reminds me of the Irish Step Dance (Riverdance). I was glad when it was finished and decided I am too old for this kind of activity at 77 years of age.


End of Dream


I am in what looks like the first days of how my engineering career began. I sit at a large old wooden desk side-by-side with columns of others. Many young mixed adults as fellow young engineers are in my midst. We soon learn that the boss is about to make an announcement. We learn that the company encourages its staff to earn a PhD.

End of Dream

I am walking along on the street in a residential area where I see all the leaves are mostly off the trees and their yellow mass covers the area. A young woman wearing a blue head covering approaches a home.


My older brother and I are going deer hunting. We both ride electric bicycles. My brother decides to not use the battery.

End of Dream

I am observing the barrel of a DOOM shotgun pointed into the blackness as if I am holding the weapon. The vision repeats but this time I see it also contains a circular gunsight projected into the darkness of a city street. The gunsight is a yellow ring surrounding a black core. The gunsight reminds me of an annular solar eclipse as if Her double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding involves ring of fire solar eclipse. It looks like the cross section of the end of the barrel. I recall this gun uses Ra colored red shotgun shells having a yellow-gold brass colored casing. Another connection to the 1917 “miracle of the sun” at Fatima, Portugal.
Doom Shotgun Gunsight.jpg
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Sun. 26 Nov. 2017


I keep observing a single shape in the form of a parabola or a segment from a polarized wave shape. Strange, but it has an irregular thickness instead of a flat planar shape and if it matches an ancient artifact it would be extremely valuable.

End of Dream

Comment: As I awoke from the dream I was recalling the planar shape a linear polarized wave of light follows. Suddenly, it reminds me of the repeating pattern of a mouse hole. Edinger noted that if one encounters the unconscious deeply enough everything begins to become connected to everything. I also have the impression that a mouse hole is one half of a wave. Capturing only one half of a wave, either its upper part or its lower part, produces a positive or negative force as can be measured with Casimir plates. Somehow the mouse hole of the World Soul is able to do this. And if it is negative energy being captured it can open a wormhole. Using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness creates negative energy. The World Soul is Eros ego in Her psychology.
Mouse Hole Paraclate Incoherent Wave.jpg
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It seems the dream talks about an incoherent wave which is a feature of most sources of light because they consist of a random mixture of waves having different spatial characteristics, frequencies (wavelengths), phases, and polarization states. It seems “collapsing this wave function” is very valuable as if it is connected to the unfolding of an ancient archetypal pattern. I also amplify using the following dream.

4 Oct. 2002 DREAM
A Small Rodent Is Under The Skin Of My Right Hand
A small animal has managed to get under the skin of my right hand and forearm. I see the bulge on my arm as it travels around under my skin. It looks to be the size of a small field mouse. The creature moves from my forearm and into my hand and eventually crawls out of the end of my thumb. It is a small rodent of some kind, like a baby mouse.
Mouse.jpg [ 16.56 KiB | Viewed 58 times ]

This process repeats several times in which I help this little creature enter my hand again and then I help it extract itself by directing its movement with my left hand above the skin.

Comment: This dream prefigures the Jnana Mudra (direct experiential knowing) which becomes prominent in the years that follow. The thumb tip is the World Soul and the index fingertip is the individual soul. Touching these fingertips allows the World Soul to communicate Her purpose to the individual soul. Further, a mouse hole in the footboard of a home has a parabola shape, a horseshoe vortex shape produced by a dove, which becomes connected to one-half of an electromagnetic wave (light) and that produces negative energy according to the Casimir Effect which can open the throat of a wormhole.

A large white sheet fills the view. It has the image of the head of President Trump on a blue oval background in the NW area. Other images on a small blue region appear in other areas of the sheet. I hear, “Incoherent behavior.” The onset of a psychological disorder it seems. A person entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness temporarily exhibits many of the symptoms indicated in certain mental disorders like the following. Questing for attaining an inner Trump presidency seems meant by collapsing incoherent waveforms.

Incoherent behavior - Healthy people differ significantly in their overall personality, mood, and behavior. Each person also varies from day to day, depending on the circumstances. However, a sudden, major change in personality and/or behavior, particularly one that is not related to an obvious event (such as taking a drug or losing a loved one), often indicates a problem. Mental disorders include
• Bipolar disorder
• Depression
• Schizophrenia
• Posttraumatic stress disorder

In the blackness I am looking down at a whitish planer surface of some width that partially angles across the view from out of the NW area towards the East. It reminds me of a honeycomb except the hexagons appear to be circles (could be hexagons but the distance involved and the angle of the view makes them appear as circles).
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Down below I see a super-sized jelly cup (apparently the size of a box of Wheaties is meant) having a parabolic shaped handle (like that seen on a snow shovel) on its NW corner with which to peel back the lid. Red outlines of yellowish regions cover the top. It reminds me of a super-sized orange marmalade serving. I have the impression “Breakfast of Champions” as if the contents, a saying which was for a cereal athletes consumed and gave them strong bodies, will enhance one’s subtle body growth because the Ra consciousness colors of the container implies helps from the water/sex chakra.
Breakfast of Champions.jpg
Breakfast of Champions.jpg [ 53.36 KiB | Viewed 69 times ]

I observe two women kissing and then I see a small gold ring studded with a dark blue gem pattern that looks like petals on a flower. It is being worn on a woman’s pinky finger. Strange, but there is a small vertical taper protrusion off the top of the ring. I immediately recall that cocaine users scoop up a “snort” using such a device. Entering the Eros ego is made easy; promoting psychological intimacy for realizing a bipolar God-image.
Pinky Ring Cocaine.jpg
Pinky Ring Cocaine.jpg [ 38.6 KiB | Viewed 69 times ]

I observe a white dove flying directly towards my location at head height. I recall the business about incoherent waves.


On a clear day I am walking along on a sandy seashore when I see some people walking inland on dirt trails. I decide to see where they are going. The terrain is hilly and barren of trees and houses. Soon I am walking alone and realize I have become lost as everything looks the same; a repeating landscape of narrow dirt trails and hills. I sense that I am in a huge maze/labyrinth.

Eventually I come across a large group of people and we are carried up the long gentle slope of a hill. We then are inside a dark underground place where I see the floor is mostly covered with square regions (about 18 inches on a side) filled with large gold medallions that are being heated. I learn that they are being melted into new forms (new archetypal images will appear on the sides of newly minted “coins” it seems).

I am with the group again and offer to pay $50 if someone will give me a ride back to the beach. Only an elderly woman was mildly interested and she soon disappeared. I was invited to attend a church (apparently underground).

End of Dream

Comment: As I was awakening I had the impression that it was an underground house these people lived in.

Mon. 27 November 2017

I stand next to the passenger side of a purple VW bug. I observe the top of the head of a person shorter than myself standing by the driver’s side that has two large rabbit ears angled V-shaped off the top of the head.

In the darkness I see a white outline of a black sea bass in the NE of the view having its head pointed towards the NW. Comment: In a dream I landed a 777-pound sea bass in Mother of Satan ‘Tools’ – October 2017. It was connected to being new matter psyche for the new Red King. It is headed for incarnation in the NW. Invisible Popsicle sticks were seen in white outline on the black Lincoln Memorial Plaque. That gives an idea of what this fish heralds; the unleashing of an inner civil war that can lead to integration of unconscious contents.
Narwhal Vampire Stake Sea Bass Egg.jpg
Narwhal Vampire Stake Sea Bass Egg.jpg [ 44.96 KiB | Viewed 69 times ]

I observe the frontal top area of a white man’s bald head on a white background. The black/gray talon of a very large left foot on a bird of prey has gripped the mostly left side of this man’s head. Comment: I see from the Internet that only a snake eagle has black/gray talons. In alchemy an eagle carrying a snake is an image of the warring opposites; of spirit and matter. As Jung has shrewdly observed, this much-used image is an adumbration of homoeopathy - a cure effected by what caused the ailment. The serpent becomes the source of the healing of the wound caused by the serpent. This is why the eagle, which brings parchment and pen for the creation of consciousness, serves as a symbol of St. John of the Apocalypse. The opposite to the encircling (or triumphant) snake (as seen in the snake coiled about the baby chicken in A Struggling Black Swan ‘Chicken Birth’ Looms) is the crucified snake. This figure of the reptile nailed to a cross (Moses and the brazen serpent mounted on a stick) - or the chthonian and feminine principle vanquished by the spirit - is also represented mythically by the victory of eagle over serpent. Talons grasping the left brain reminds me of what Jung said about the reign of the Logos Christ; only the Paraclete can relativize the message of the Logos Christ eon.
Eagle Head Conflict Moses.jpg
Eagle Head Conflict Moses.jpg [ 45.59 KiB | Viewed 69 times ]

The eagle's alchemical symbolism can readily be recognized in that the goals of alchemy are the transmutation of base (impure) metals or spirits (GJS: my left-brain functioning) into more purer or finer ones. This called for the destruction of the base metals to release the spirit and the renewal or reunion of the spirit in the new one. This is a renewal process, the death and birth of the new, symbolized in the eagle.

As a killer of snakes and dragons, the eagle represents the victory of the light forces over the dark. The positive traits of this kingly bird are energy, renewal, contemplation and acuity of vision.

I observe several large, open, square box style trailers being pulled in tandem into the driveway of our rental in Victoria, BC. A white metal open grid fence about 18 inches high encloses the top surface. They are filled with belongings one might see to furnish a home.

I see a young woman wearing heavy black cotton clothes and head scarf standing on the NE corner of a residential block that looks like those in Victoria. The trees are barren of their leafy vegetation.

Then I observe a young woman wearing a tight fitting black dress from her SW area. She stands facing the NW white corner in a room such that her body makes a 45-degree angle to that corner.

I am walking on the Cook Village sidewalk when I come to some open cardboard boxes in front of a store. The contain yellow-gold objects.

I am observing the front of a white SUV where I see a young woman, wearing black heavy cotton made clothes (like sweaters), sitting in the front passenger seat.

I see happy young adults, several abreast, holding hands as they walk along on a street in a residential area.

I observe a close-up view of a wood garage door’s NE area. It is yellow with red trim.

I observe a lovely dinning area with no one in it.

I see the bottom of a black frying pan having red vertical streaks as it drips downward.

I observe the black surface in a NE corner and the words “not launched.”

I see a NE view of a spherical bodied Prince Harry. He wears a white cotton sweater. Comment: Prince Harry has just announced his engagement to Meghan. The image suggests the union of the unio mentalis (masculine aspect) with the wholeness of the unio corporalis (feminine aspect).

I observe a long gray weathered log having a gray weathered spherical wood shape sitting on the top middle of the log. Each has a black seared word on its surface.

I see a close-up side view of my left big toe. I see no toenail fungus in it. Comment: It seems the eagle’s struggle with the snake has cured it. The foreign invader has departed. This toe came up in a 2016 vision.

AH! – July 2016

I am observing a close-up view of the tip of my left big toe and see that all the toe nail fungus is gone. I trim the toe nail and it is soft and “rubbery” – indicating it is very healthy. Comment: The rubbery behavior of the nail suggests it is a subtle body aspect. In The World Soul’s ‘Cry Me A River’ Jihad - November 2015 – a rusty Philips head screw (+) was seen screwed into this toe nail on my left foot. My association to the big toe is that it is very important in allowing one to stand and walk with a steady balance. Like this the World Soul means to say that “screwing Her”; by being psychologically intimate with Her by entering the 2nd chakra and letting Her “screw you” i.e., penetrate you with her mind-melding radiations will help you have a balanced conscious standpoint.


PS Recently, I happened to watch the following video on “The Riddle of Antimatter”. I was quite taken when the lecturer noted a rather simple explanation to the riddle saying, “Unless antimatter somehow became separated from its twin at birth and exists beyond our field of view… scientists are left to wonder; why do we live in a matter dominated universe?” I mention this because the “big bang” creation continua new births of consciousness (new subtle body stuff) taking place in the heart chakra in my visions indicates that “spirit (matter; flowed into Spacetime) and matter (antimatter; flowed into the Beyond as if in an alternate universe) went in opposite directions because it took place as if via a vortex tube effect (which came up in The Flow Splitter – February 2015) separated them in the Planck Length center of a spindle torus (essentially a horn torus). I guess this bipolar God-image twin birth is an insight into the physics that created our universe since matter cannot be so different from psyche as Jung noted. If this proves out to be true it seems the World Soul will deserve a Nobel Prize in physics.
Matter Antimatter Separation.jpg
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Matter and Antimatter Became Separated During This Twin Birth
The Riddle of Antimatter


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Post From the Third comes the One as the Fourth
Tues. 28 November 2017


I am attending a president Trump speaking event with many others. At the moment the president is sitting by my left side a couple a seats away.

A woman from a foreign country, wearing a green and yellow dress, began singing America The Beautiful. I only heard the singing of the words, “from sea to shining sea.” (In 1893 at the age of 33 while on the pinnacle of Pikes Peak, the words of the song started to come to her, and she wrote them down upon returning to her hotel room at the original Antlers Hotel)
America The Beautiful.jpg
America The Beautiful.jpg [ 44.77 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

Then I see my daughter as a five-year-old who is lying by my left side. With my left hand I am fondling her clitoris. Something about making a modification to a car engine (the “heart” of a car is its engine).

End of Dream

Comment: The psyche expresses a deep intentional need and it symbolically underlies incest. Incest is a symbolic image referring to the need of the individual to integrate something that needs to stand very close to their soul – in this case the psychology of my daughter Amy who is Eros ego in her psychology (in a 2006 vision the World Soul indicated that Amy’s contribution would be decisive). This act of incest is with someone very close to my inner “family” so to speak and is thus very close to the core of my soul that I need to stand with in order to be whole. Sexuality in a dream is understood to mean “psychological intimacy”. Experiencing a sexual climax is like having a temporary OBE (like a drug induced experience) for it briefly puts one into an intense Eros ego altered state of consciousness. Edinger made the following remarks about “incest and the soul.”

When one reaches the place of incest fantasy it should not be taken personally. Rather, it refers to the realization that what goes on with the incest symbolism pertains to the psyche, not the personal psyche. The ego is needed as operator to witness what is going on. It is a vital part of the procedure. The danger is that the ego will fall into identification with the contents of the objective psyche. And that is the danger of deep analytical work that kind of identification leads to inflation. The ego must take responsibility for the objective material living out the longing for incestual containment in the mother is always followed by catastrophe. On the other hand, when incest is lived out consciously it refers to the union of the ego with its origins – the Self. The Philosopher’s Stone is born out of that. There are three ways of handling incest. The Christian level which transferred incest to the spiritual plane in the metaphysical, secondly the alchemical level which transferred it to the material plane through Sol and Luna and finally to the psychological plane which locates the problem from which it arose in the soul of man facing it as a psychological reality. The first two levels for a modern man are an evasion. The unconscious has an urge to promote and commit incest. The opposites once separated must be reunited (My NDE hospice sister, who I would have liked to marry when I was only 17 or 60 years ago, would be another incest image of the Luna & Sol image coming together) consciously in a coniunctio to recover the lost state of original wholeness. But the whole procedure is experienced as incest. So that proceeding with it means breaching the strongest taboo of the ego. And that creates the shame, despair and blackness. Freud interpreted incest personalistically. Jung took the incest motif subjectively and transpersonally. Subjectively incest refers to the fact that the ego has intimate connection with its own psychological mother, the unconscious. The ego in separating out is pulled back to its origins, its unity. Incest taboo also prohibits relation to the unconscious, to images. This is why Yahweh says, ‘Thou shalt not worship graven images.’ The unconscious is very dangerous for the immature ego and can result in death and dissolution. A personal reductive analysis is better for an immature ego.

I am looking down at the seat area on a recliner. The seat cushion is absent. I observe the large rectangular manufacture label in the NW area of the chair – it has a white background and a collection of different straight lines of wide width at odd angles to each other in its NW corner area. Comment: As I construct the image I have the impression “yarrow sticks” – like what one uses when seeking a reply from the I Ching. Since I meditate in a recliner it means that collapsing the wave function is connected to invoking a divination method. In my previous post Incoherent Behavior Leads To Success the head of Donald Trump in a vertical blue oval was seen on a white sheet in this NW location.
Recliner Label.jpg
Recliner Label.jpg [ 14.64 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

I am observing a top view of an open beer bottle (dark brown) in the darkness.

Then I see a hand holding a large coke bottle by its neck area as if to pour out its contents into the East of the view. The bottle is open and partially filled with water.
Coke Bottle.jpg
Coke Bottle.jpg [ 18.19 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

I am in an old building that reminds me of those built in the old West because it has crude wooden plank floors. Leaning along the West wall near the NW corner I see a large, modern industrial sized push broom having yellow bristles and a black handle. It looks like the one I owned for sweeping out our garage. Comment: A garage is a place where cars are sheltered along with lots of mostly unused stuff. The Eros ego (yellow bristle of the broom) helps one to clean up their worldview, their ego adaptation, in order to adapt to a more enhanced worldview. I notice that this broom has a capital T-shape (read: T is for Tribulation and Triggering of this kind of event). In The Cost of Making Progress – 2 January 2017 I was in a residential neighborhood looking down at the T-intersection; the end that an asphalt driveway made with the asphalt city street while standing on the street. Water was flowing in a slight depression on the street while rain was gently falling. I heard, “It begins.” The rain seemed to be a connection to a Rainmaker effect. Further, the wet asphalt gave it a "walking the Black Road" appearance - something the Native Americans, the Lakota Sioux (Black Elk’s people), had to do when driven from their lands by the invading white man. A road of extreme suffering is meant. “It begins” reminds me of the 19 June 2002 experience I had while reading about a terrorist attack that killed 20 in Israel for I heard, “It has begun”. A vast enantiodromia is underway. The old patriarchal ways are going down, the Old King is looking for his grave so a new ruling principle may emerge. The inner terrorist of the soul (the World Soul) looms.
Push Broom.jpg
Push Broom.jpg [ 24.27 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

Down below in the darkness I observe a gray object that looks like the end of a smaller cylinder protruding out of the end of a larger cylinder. I immediately have the impression this object is about “double speak” (bipolar activity) in a double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding; a connection to the union of the opposites in the heart chakra. Comment: A day or so later I have the sudden image of a cross-section through a vortex tube flash into my inner view. In this analogy, the outer annulus has hot air moving in the opposite direction of the cold air flowing in the smaller diameter inner cylinder. A clitoris in its sheath comes to mind.
Vortex Tube Cross-section.jpg
Vortex Tube Cross-section.jpg [ 41.74 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]


I observe the reddish-yellow glow of a campfire.

Thurs. 30 November 2017

I observe a close-up view of a black screen having very tiny diamond shaped openings on a white background. On the other side of the screen I vaguely make out movement.

In the darkness I am observing a round, glowing white street light on the top of a black metal post. Comment: The following image was taken in the harbor of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Light from the darkness of the South or the feminine principle seems meant.
Street Light Round.jpg
Street Light Round.jpg [ 15.13 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]


Richard Hammer (Sai Baba devotee) and another man with whom I work have been sent to a movie rental store. On the way they encounter a man who loves to play pool. He asks Hammer to play pool with him but he refuses and this really frustrates the man because he is bored and wants some real competition because he knows that Hammer is an extremely lucky individual and would therefor be hard to beat.

End of Dream
Eight Ball.jpg
Eight Ball.jpg [ 27.04 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

Comment: Playing eight ball in the game of pool has come up a few times in my visions. The colors on that ball suggest the need for yang to enter yin. That would be in agreement with 8 being an individuation number. This came up earlier this year in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’ – February 2017 when a young man was seen standing by the NW corner of a pool table and ready to shoot the last ball on the table (the eight ball) into the SW corner pocket (the inferior function). The player who sinks the eight ball wins the game. A woman was seen holding a huge black Styrofoam (a union of matter and spirit) sphere (eight ball connection) to her chest in that post – suggesting the heart chakra is the winner (the “weightlessness” of Styrofoam indicates this is about subtle body development). Recall that the Eros Christ was rolling black bowling balls/cannon balls into Spacetime; something that would have a devastating effect (extremely impressive; highly destructive or damaging; causing severe shock, distress or grief). Further, an 8 ball, in the drug world of cocaine, is 1/8 of an ounce of cocaine. A magic 8 ball is used in a divination game to “answer life’s questions.” Entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness makes one “extremely lucky” it seems. We have also learned that “H is for Hammer”.

I observe a woman’s luminous white right hand in the darkness. The palm is lightly brushing against the top of the head of a man lying down who has salt & pepper colored hair. I have the impression that the man is Gregory.

Now I see the tines of a dinner fork poking up through a semi-transparent white medium in the darkness.

Fri. 1 December 2017

In a dark room I observe a long repeating image of a crashing wave painted in the style of Van Gogh (who is thought to have suffered from a mental disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; a connection to incoherent behavior) in the painting of his Starrynight because the crashing waves appeared to curl-up like this onto themselves as if they had a cinnamon roll structure. Comment: A Fibonacci sequence (seen in the numeral 6 in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall – August 2017 like that seen in a sunflower (VNS chakra tree connection) seems implied – something which enables Avatar (bowling-ball Styrofoam/NEWTOWN head) enlightenment making. Recall that the “axis of Evil” included NEWTOWN and the shin of the “Witches Foot” that forms Cape Cod Bay in From Russia With lovE – March 2014.
Crashing Wave Van Gogh Sai Baba 6.jpg
Crashing Wave Van Gogh Sai Baba 6.jpg [ 41.63 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

Sat. 2 December 2017


I learn that the stock market is going to spike for a few weeks and that it would be a good time to sell into that rise because then it is going to crash.

End of Dream

In a well-lighted view, I observe a close-up view of the left upper body of my father when he was middle-aged. He stands in front of a West wall with his arms held straight out in front of himself while looking at that wall; a mirror it seems since it appears he is in a large bathroom. He wears only a white muscle style tee shirt like he always like to do in real life. The only time I would see him in such a shirt would be when he was shaving in the bathroom. The focus changes to a close-up view of the left backside of his head as if the left visual cortex is being emphasized as well as his left ear. Comment: As I typed this in I was recalling the comment I heard sometime ago, “Thy art thine own father now.” Like this I help give birth to my higher self.

I observe a large stainless-steel kitchen sink whose modern faucet is pouring steaming hot water into the basin. From my left side a large, circular, green plastic lid enters the view and is held in a vertical orientation next to the steaming flow. These are the colors seen in comet lovE-joy. Comment: The “disk shaped” lid reminds me of the pink UFO shape.

Down below in the darkness I see the top of a white woman’s left hand. The tips of the fingernails are painted dark purple. The “writing on the wall” by the alchemical hand symbolism is now representing a union of the opposites.


In a well-lighted scene, I am standing behind a rectangular countertop by its SW corner. Another man stands next to my right side by the SE corner area. The counter in front of us is mostly filled with small, square white boxes and white paperwork. I have finally figured out how to use a process to handle the flow of this kind of work along with my helper.

Suddenly, Dr. Jung’s face (in his late 70’s) is leaning towards me from the NW corner of the countertop. He wears a round white head covering like a medical doctor. Smiling broadly, he addresses me saying, “How are we doing? Do you have the latest ready?” I reply, “I am working on the last of the details but I believe we have figured out a working process for handling the medications.” Immediately, I sense a pleasant wave of energy coming from Jung that is experienced as a sensation of warmth in my chest area. The energy wordlessly expresses his satisfaction with my progress on working out a process. Jung inquires about one other man that was also involved in the process (apparently, he invisibly stands at the NE area of the countertop).
carl_jung.jpg [ 22.27 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: The “doctor of my soul” aspect has incarnated in the NW. It reminds me of the final interview Jung always granted everyone who graduated from the Jung Institute in Zurich. The three men around the table ending with Jung as the fourth in the NW suddenly reminds me of a late 2002 dream that had similar symbolism. It reminds me of the Axiom of Maria Prophetissa “from the Third comes the One as the Fourth” - the fourth as the heart chakra seems meant. Jung used the axiom as a metaphor for the process of individuation. Thus, “incarnated in the NW” means incarnation of an effect from the lower three chakras has taken place in the heart chakra.

14 October 2002 Dream
The Old Indian Site Reveals Four Heavy Gold Disks
I have come upon an old Indian site. Others are already here trying to preserve it and map its extent. In fact, I see a map of its possible extent. I walk around on the grounds and see at one point a small pyramid carefully made of “spherical” stones (cannon ball connection; a downward pointing pyramid is meant since this is an old Native American Indian site) that has toppled to one side exposing thick, circular, large diameter gold disks, four of them to be exact.
Pyramid Stones.jpg
Pyramid Stones.jpg [ 12.31 KiB | Viewed 48 times ]

I reach into this exposed center and manage to take out three of the gold pieces. They were so heavy I had to leave the fourth for it would take a second trip here to carry it out. Although I did not study the pieces I had the impression that symbols covered their surface. I felt guilty for removing these obviously sacred objects from this site. I was afraid the other piece would be discovered and removed before I could return for it.

End of Dream

Reflection: Picking up the wisdom or gold of the Native American Indians. A heavy task and one, which is pictured as being done to the level of three; the lower three chakras seems meant. The fourth is always so difficult or as Edinger said, “integrating the fourth psychological function almost always kills you.” But here it is the challenge to integrate the effects of the three as one in the fourth chakra it seems.

I had the impression the small pyramid was a burial marker. This reminds me of what Edinger had to say about the Orphic gold tablets for they pointed to a union of heaven and earth like that which takes place in the heart chakra.

“Quite early on, humankind began to think of itself as the offspring of both heaven and earth. Orphic gold tablets, dug up from graves dating back to the second and third centuries B.C. contained instructions for the deceased as to how to negotiate their way past the gatekeepers into paradise. Those Orphic gold tablets instructed the deceased to say; ‘I am a child of Earth and the Starry Heaven, but my race is of Heaven alone.’”


Like all of us, I have the impression that our culture and civilization is in a final stage, that it has entered a stage of decay. I believe that either we shall find a renewal, or else it is the end. And I can only see this renewal coming out of what Jung discovered, namely in our making positive contact with the creative source of the unconscious and with dreams. These are our roots. A tree can only renew itself through its roots. For this reason, my message is to urge everyone to turn back to these inner psychic roots because that’s where the only constructive suggestions are to be found — how to come to grips with our enormous dilemmas: the atom bomb, overpopulation. This is the best way of solving all our problems which appear insoluble.” – Marie-Louis von Franz, The Way of the Dream Video.

Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:34 pm
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Post A Double-Ring Holy Wedding
Sun. 3 December 2017

I see a man from his SE area, wearing a dark suit, walking away from my location and into the NW in the view. His head is down slightly as he enters a whitish mist that leaves only his backside visible. Comment: An emphasis on his backside, his unconscious or shadow side seems meant. It’s another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW.

I observe a close-up view of the right side of a lean white face whose eyelid is closed. The person wears an officer’s Army hat like that seen in WW II – an olive drab crush hat. Comment: A left profile view of a man wearing such a hat came up in The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse – July 2017 and it was noted that it has a crescent moon shaped front brim (eye shade) in the center of the view (note: the hat has an olive color = green + yellow or Eros Christ colors). In the present vision the right eye is closed whereas the left profile view showed the left eye open. The use of an Army hat suggests a military-like discipline is involved in questing for Eros Christ consciousness.
Army Hat.jpg
Army Hat.jpg [ 38.82 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

In a twilight scene a man in black kneels, with head bent slightly downward, on a lattice work of orangish wood lying on the ground by the edge of a pond in an outdoor setting. He is arranging a large number of large containers filled with food on this rectangular platform that is about 12 feet by 36 feet in size. My focus is drawn to a large hemispherical bowl that is heaping full of mashed potatoes with dark gravy coating some of the top surface. A buffet dinner served in a “grounded” Asian manner.

Now I observe a close-up view of a very thick, well-done, large pot roast being pulled off in long pieces and served. Long, cooked green beans lie next to the roast and are coated in its juices. Comment: As I typed this in I flashed back to the following pearl filled green bean which came up in a June 2017 vision. It featured a double sized 4th pearl for the heart chakra.
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg [ 20.84 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

I observe many adults, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, in many closely arranged rows that are facing in my direction. About half of them are black men and women.

I see a man standing in the midst of a large gathering of women. He carries an animal foot – as if that will initiate something. Comment: The only animal foot I carried was in my youth when I had a key-chain with a rabbits foot attached; something that was said to being a "good luck" charm. Psychologically, a rabbit is understood to be a fast-breeder and is connected to "new creation." Such a charm (on a necklace) came up in an April 2010 vision.
Rabbit Foot Charm.jpg
Rabbit Foot Charm.jpg [ 23.38 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

Mon. 4 December 2017

I observe a drawing on pale yellow paper using pale blue lines which shows a top view of a home with its landscaping – as if for the planning of the landscaping.


I see a middle-aged woman wearing a full length flowing white dress that has a circular blue-cyan emblem above her left breast. I have the impression that she heralds the renewal of the Christian archetype. Indeed, the emblem suggest she empowers the renewal of Ra consciousness.

End of Dream

In a white scene I observe a black line drawing of a long limp penis whose upper half lies facing downwards over the 90-degree corner of a white stone block while the other half lies flat on the top of the stone surface. It’s as if this man had a climax and now his penis lays limp.

I observe a man sitting on a toilet. I have the impression he is producing more Ra consciousness.

I see the woman in the above dream that wore the Avatar colored emblem from her NW area. She is eating a thin, dark, crispy substance which I see edge-on. A communion host comes to mind which will produce the colors in the American flag.

Tues. 5 December 2017

I observe the base border made of stone in a square opening. In the central area of the base is a cross of four equal areas in its quadrants.
Cross Base.jpg
Cross Base.jpg [ 15.65 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]


I see what looks like my first wife hanging onto a rope while being dragged on the sand floor of a mouse hole shape tunnel made of smooth surfaced stone and into the depths in a horizontal manner (this reminds me of the aluminum shaped “mouse hole” tunnel of a modern people mover to an airport seen in the 2003 dream about the “Simple Device Saves the World”). This leads to my home where I encounter my first Jungian analyst and my present wife who looks like my first wife. I shake hands with him and notice the sensation of his strong grip on my right hand.

End of Dream

Comment: The strength of his handshake made a strong impression on me as if it was indeed my first analyst (deceased). I had a similar reaction to Dr. Jung appearing in my previous post, that it was really him appearing to me. On a psychological level it seems that these are images that reflect my psychological development; that of being my own analyst now. Sand is yellowish and a symbol for something that is unconscious; the shadow of the Logos ego eon it seems. It has the color that connects it to an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

I observe the left side of a new modern black bicycle with black fenders. The view changers and now I see a left view of the front end which shows the tire (previously all black) as being a yellowish “white” wall tire on the left side.


I am the leader of a team of engineers tasked to develop software that will determine the optimum weight of hamburger needed to form a hamburger. The software consists of thousands of simultaneous, non-linear, algebraic equations that must be iteratively solved in an acausal manner in order to arrive at the solution. I realize that we have arrived at our goal to do so.

End of Dream

Comment: The thousands of equations strike me as being the thousands of ways the Eros Self has looked at the problem of integrating Eros Christ consciousness in the heart chakra of Gregory. Further, it reminds of the software developed in my 2003 dream for the operation of “A simple device saves the world.”

I am looking up at a twilight Western view of the dark clouds in the pale blue sky which has the shape of a left-hand palm down towards the earth.

In the twilight I stand on a residential city sidewalk when suddenly a car comes from my left side and turns in front of me towards a driveway such that I view the car from its NE area. It stops partway into the sidewalk and it is then that I notice the front end is completely covered by one large white rectangular light (effects from Her monk spot).
Car Light.jpg
Car Light.jpg [ 34.47 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

I stand in the center aisle at the back of a church when I observe my oldest sister (NDE hospice caregiver) enter and walk into the church along its right side towards the front of the church as if to be seated along that side. She wears a sky-blue scarf head covering that has some white dots in it. My first cousin Jim Sova follows after her. It seems I stand at the center aisle as a bridegroom about to be married. Comment: As is the custom in seating for a marriage ceremony, the relatives of the groom are seated along the right side of the church. Then a running human runs across the front of the inside of the church by the altar railing and throws something towards the back where I stand. It looked like a tongue of fire. Further, the cross-sectional interior shape of the church is reminding me of that of a mouse hole (how my unconscious is “seeing” it).
Church Mouse Hole.jpg
Church Mouse Hole.jpg [ 11.29 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

In the darkness, I see the right side of a kneeling, young, naked white woman whose knees and elbows support her prostrate posture on the ground.

Then in the darkness, I see a small, red, plastic water container whose lip is semi-circular. The middle of the “cup” rests on the knee of a suntanned leg of a young woman while the lip of the cup rest on her left index finger such that the vessel is horizontal and all is towards the NW in the view.

Wed. 6 December 2017

I am recalling the cosmic image for anti-matter and matter separating during the Big Bang that created our matter Universe and an anti-matter Universe. The question arises; “Are they identical shadow universes?” (or did they develop differently?)

Then in the blackness down below in the six o’clock hour location I observe, from its NW area, a flexing yellow-gold membrane in a black circular frame; a portal it seems. An Eros ego altered state of consciousness gives one access to the anti-matter universe seems meant. The Queen’s portal that gives access to the unus mundus from spacetime comes to mind. I immediately recall the similar colored portal that Rama followers report using when they meditate which comes in four different intensities. Comment: On completing the image I suddenly had the question arise, “What is the color on the other side of the portal (on the other side of the ‘coin’)?” The opposite colors would yield an Avatar appearance on the Queens side of the portal/Stargate; a possible connection to a double wedding band and to the “Wheels of Ezekiel” portal shared in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017.
Queens Portal.jpg
Queens Portal.jpg [ 35.83 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Double-Ring Holy Wedding
A “double-ring” wedding ceremony includes engagement and wedding rings worn on the left hand, the bride having both rings together.

I see a few-week old dark tan puppy that has something in its mouth. It was perched on the top back of a recliner and it just walked out onto the Doomsday hour location of a large rectangular white drawing board somewhat covered with drawings and drawing tools.

I am in the SE area of a large church observing a priest saying mass with his back to me. It is the time for the transmutation of the elements of bread and wine into the body of Christ as the white host is elevated by the hands of the priest above his head.

I am observing the due East side of a large number of people down below on a white cement area that surrounds the base of a mature pine tree – as if I am in an airplane.

Thurs. 7 December 2017

I observe a sitting person from their NW area that wears a red robe with hood up. The focus is on the pattern of colors on a portion of the fabric in a circular area on the outside left thigh which has a central yellow-gold area partially surrounded by small squares or rectangles of other colors like blue, orange, green, etc. “Birthing from out of the left thigh” comes to mind; something that came up in The Cost of Making Progress – January 2017 and which has been characterized in my 2012 material as being connected to “Birthing 'The Holocaust' From Her Left Thigh”. In Arrival – July 2017 I was robbed of my wallet which I carried in my left front pants pocket. That incident was connected to three men and women as if an effect from the lower three chakras was involved. In Greek mythology Dionysus (a chthonic/Eros birth) was born out of Zeus’s left thigh.

I am using a wheelchair (has a double-ring connection) as I exit my workplace. I immediately recall what the Eros Self said would be my helps with understanding her visions and dreams, “You will be blind, you will be lamed.”

Now I observe the thighs of a sitting man from his NW area. The tip area of the three, cruel looking V-shaped blade tips (Planck Second) of Neptune’s trident (Devil’s pitchfork) protrudes through the side of his left thigh – apparently where the multi-colored pattern was seen on the red robe. This gives another angle into the nature of what is being born out of the left thigh. The Dionysus effect on one’s conscious standpoint “lames” one’s existing worldview.
Trident.jpg [ 18.5 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

I am observing the inside of a tunnel having the cross-sectional shape of a mouse hole. It is filled with garbage (read: shadow material of the Logos Christ eon).

Fri. 8 December 2017


My uncle and godfather, Lou Costello (1906-1959) – a compulsive gambler, owns a restaurant in a casino in Las Vegas. I briefly meet with him as he sat at his office desk. It was my birthday and he was having a celebration party for me. I was to be given a free chicken.

Then I see a large landscape format booklet using heavy gauge purple paper that just flipped open a page to show in black font the words Donald Trump and associates. Previously I had seen Lou Costello in this booklet. I guess Donald Trump owns the casino.

End of Dream

Comment: Lou Costello is most famous for his baseball comedy routine Who's On First which so amply makes use of what happens when there is a misunderstanding in language (read: psychological language of the World Soul is meant as metaphor).


In the darkness, I observe a block numeral 7 whose face is red and whose sides are white. It is partially out of the view in the Doomsday hour location. Beams of white light penetrate the darkness around it as if search lights from Las Vegas are shining in the night sky.

I observe a truncated cone shaped lampshade on a table lamp in the NE corner of a dimly lighted room. The top of the lampshade is angled 45-degrees to the ceiling corner – suggesting a light cone is connected to that point of no-space/no-time.

I hear, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” Comment: I heard this once while in high school. I never knew where it came from. From the Internet I see it comes from the play Man and Superman (a “divine?” comedy) by George Bernard Shaw.

I see a close-up view of the right cheek of a young Mohammad Ali (American heavyweight boxing champion). There is a red splotch on his upper jawbone. Comment: As I typed this in I recalled how lambs blood was put on the archways of homes in the Passover in Egypt to spare the lives of the Jewish first-born. But now this blood marks the weapon to be used to slaughter all the first-born ego adaptations (psychologically understood) using the jawbone of an “ass” (read: an Eros ego consciousness) with which to slay God’s enemies.


PS I see that the outer President Trump has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Apparently, the goal is to let Israel have West Jerusalem and Islam East Jerusalem. The outer geographic battle lines reflect the deeper drama of unification trying to take place in the heart of humanity.
Jerusalem Quarters.jpg
Jerusalem Quarters.jpg [ 123.17 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

The balance can be restored only when a meeting takes place between East (Eros Self) and West (Logos Self). This meeting must take place at the deepest level of human consciousness.

The whole human race has now come to the moment when everything is at stake, when a vast shift of consciousness will have to take place on a massive scale in all societies and religions for the world to survive. Bede Griffiths

Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:03 pm
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Post The Burning Man Burning Bush Conundrum
Sun. 10 December 2017

I am looking down into a used empty water glass that has a truncated cone shape. A whitish substance coats the clear glass surface as if milk had filled it. The viewing angle gives the impression of viewing half of a vesica piscis shape; formed by the partial view of the bottom of the glass (or by the cross-section of the amount of milk left in the glass as shown in the following image).
Glass Milk.jpg
Glass Milk.jpg [ 21.89 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a young blond woman whose hair is long and straight and hangs past her shoulders. She plays with her two teenage daughters in a living room.

I see a middle aged blond woman standing in the NW area of an airport baggage claim carousel area. She walks towards the NE area past the large circular turning baggage system. She wears black tight-fitting pants. The scene is otherwise empty of people and baggage. Comment: In reality I had a lost bag on an airplane flight and I went to the NW area of the baggage claim area to report the lost bag; right where the blond woman stood. It seems the World Soul is saying lost incarnation material will manifest in the NW.
Airport Baggage Claim.jpg
Airport Baggage Claim.jpg [ 33.29 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I see a small frying pan that is red on the outside and black on the inside that is being held by its handle. The handle of a fork rest on the rim of the Doomsday hour location if the handle is at the 3 o’clock location. I interpret it like this because the a side view was given such that the handle was pointing directly away from me into the East and the fork handle pointed due North.
Frying Pan Fork.jpg
Frying Pan Fork.jpg [ 28.33 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

In darkness I observe a close-up left profile view of the head of a black with white trim wolf.
Wolf Black White.jpg
Wolf Black White.jpg [ 35.26 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Mon. 11 December 2017

I observe my oldest daughter (FN) sitting in the NW of my view with her back to me. Her one-year-old son stands by her right side. She is smiling and looking over her right shoulder at me.

In a daylight scene I stand in the middle of the dirt driveway by the street (US 27) of the home where I grew up. I am facing East (US 27) and my mother stands off my right side to my South. I hold my arms out to my sides such that they are parallel to the ground. I am slowly rotating counterclockwise as if my arms are hands on a clock that starts at the 6 o’clock hour. Eventually, I say to my mother, “Stop me.” She reaches out and holds my left arm as it swings past in front of her (the hour hand is my right arm) but my left arm continues to rotate until it comes to rest against my right arm. Now both arms register 3:3. Comment: 137 is the 33rd prime number; connecting 6 o'clock to the fine structure constant for our universe.

I hear, “Location, Location; that is how I got out…” Comment: My only association to these words come from real estate value; location is everything.

While the above comment was coming through I was observing a young blond woman sitting on the NE corner of a king-sized bed in a room. The headboard was against the West wall. So, she was near the NW corner of the room. Comment: NE > NW reminds me of the following “energy transfer” handshake vision of October 2006. The Mickey Mouse cannon ball hand is in the NE of the sheet of yellow-gold energy and the man leaning across the abyss is in the NW of the blackness of his location.
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg [ 47.21 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a beige surface (like seen in the above energy image that Our Lady of Fatima stands on) that appears to be the remnant of a portion of a vanished civilization which shows city streets and leveled foundations. I am slowly drifting over the top of this feature and see a human standing on the top landing of a few steps in its NW area.


I am near the back of a large church sitting in a pew along its right side (the Saint Joseph side) as if waiting for mass to begin. A young woman, PB, I knew from my high school days sits nearby. The church reminds me of Saint Mary by the Sea in San Pedro, CA.

Noon time arrives and all in the church leave for their lunch hour break as if it is our job to be in the church all day (reminds me of a vigil where people keep a 24-hour presence with the Holy Eucharist during Good Friday).

I leave the church and instead of seeking lunch I choose to enjoy the remote country side that completely surrounds the church. All the grass and shrubs are dead like one sees in Winter but here it is a warm sunny day. I begin to drift above the landscape a few feet and up the side of a steep mountain at a 45-degree angle (light cone angle). Mature pine trees line either side of the cleared area I ascend above the yellowish dead vegetation (whose colors reminds me of the “energy transfer” seen in the NE > NW energy transfer image above). It reminds me of how a path is cleared through a forest like this for power transmission towers to occupy. I am experiencing a “mystical” connection with this journey up the side of the mountain.

The scene changes and I have entered the church and sit in the back of the left side (the Virgin Mary side). I hear a commotion coming from the center area on the entrance to the church – a man says “f*** (something)…” and enters the center aisle area. He is tall, thin, with dark skin and a full close trimmed beard as if a Muslim. He smiles as he looks at me.

End of Dream

Good Friday vigil - a time to watch faithfully with Jesus through the way of the cross, and to make connections between the suffering of Christ (who was crucified at noon) and the suffering in our own lives and in the world.

I observe a close-up view of a black numeral 11 on a beige background in the NW of the view. Comment: Paranormal effects will incarnate.

In the blackness down below in the SW of the view I see a large capital Z as a block letter. It has a white line that divides the black surface. I have the impression that this is an image for Yang entering Yin.

I observe an empty dark wood spice “rack” hanging on a wall. It has wavy style woodwork which connects it to spices from the Eros Self. The World Soul has been seen using spices on chicken to be cooked. Individuation it the eating of one's higher Abraxas Self.
Spice Rack.jpg
Spice Rack.jpg [ 22.21 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I see a tepee in the darkness. Its shape is reminding me of a light cone; light from the Eros Self is meant. Further it reminds me of the sides of a capital A. This reminds me of the gunsights on the DOOM game shotgun which has a double A configuration with one A the “shadow” of the other in appearance. A is for Apocalypse.
Shotgun DOOM Gunsights.jpg
Shotgun DOOM Gunsights.jpg [ 35.5 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I am observing a computer mouse cursor on a computer screen that starts out as a white circle that is then filled in with a blue color. The transformation continues into other shapes and colors until finally a white sparkling from the center (heart) of a 3D red diamond shape materializes. Comment: The first two colors were those in NW. It seems the sparkling ruby diamond meaning will incarnate in the NW.
Diamond Red.jpg
Diamond Red.jpg [ 20.25 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I am playing a game on my computer when my wife approaches and says, “You are not going to like this!” I immediately thought she wanted to immediately go somewhere which irritated me because I was in the middle of playing a game. I wait to see what she may add but nothing more is said.

Tues. 12 December 2017

A bishop (only a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church can administer the sacrament of Confirmation; the receiving of the Holy Spirit) has given my wife and I 29 (=’s 11) yellow-gold “football” shape medicine capsules that will cure an otherwise incurable dis-ease of some kind. We are to use them to administer to people who come down with this otherwise incurable disease. We soon find out that very wealth people are willing to pay a high price to obtain a dose which is always for a sick female child in their family. But these capsules were charity and thus free to anyone who happened to come to us.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I found myself recalling the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying the Logos Christ. It’s as if these “29” pieces of yellow-gold will heal because it will open one up to Eros Christ consciousness.

I am observing my right hand, held palm up out in front of me in a twilight view. The finger are cupped a bit as if the palm of the hand holds something small that is not seen in the view given. A yellow-gold capsule it seems which reminds me of the movie Matirx when “The One” (Nemo) had to choose between taking the red capsule (awakening) or the blue capsule (unchanged). Thus the yellow-gold capsule is about “awakening of higher consciousness”.

I observe a left side view of a tall, slender, middle-aged black woman who towers above me. She has long black curly hair that is swept aft as if in a large pony tail behind her head. She wears a long, tight-fitting sky-blue dress.

I am looking down at a top view of the young, slender white woman who holds her right arm up along her right side. It is bent at the elbow such that the arm has a V-shape.

In a twilight view I observe a man sitting in a wheelchair with his back to me on a city sidewalk wearing a pale blue shirt (like the color of the dress worn by the black woman). He has a full head of bushy white hair. He is right next to the curb and adults are walking past him in the opposite direction to which he faces.

In the darkness below on my right side I see a crumpled but partially folded yellow-gold bath towel lying on a black surface.

In the darkness of the NW I observe a luminous jumbo sized white chicken egg whose blunt end is against the West side. A double yoke egg for the soft-boiled egghead on the HermAphrodite; a bipolar God-image.

I suddenly wonder what is the comb shape (the red fleshy shape) on the head of a chicken. I wonder if it has three triangular shapes. I learn that the Comb shape varies considerably depending on the breed or species of bird. Comment: In an October 2003 vision I saw someone cooking a chicken in a large skillet – flipping it over and putting a little seasoning onto it. I am to eat that chicken. Individuation is the eating of one’s higher Self; in this case it is portrayed using the image of a chicken – a connection to the chicken God, Abraxas (7 letters) who is the uniter of all the opposites. The anima mundi is revealing her chicken aspect as if she has shapeshifted!

Wed. 13 December 2013

I see two recliners (a van Gogh starry night colored one and a darkred one) in a room whose backs are towards the NE corner. They sit side-by-side and at an angle away from each other forming a V-shape between them. A gap at the apex of the V-shape positioning is evident. I immediately recall the gap in the V-shape of the gravity well of a Black Hole singularity and its overall Planck Second “vampire stake” shape. Comment: The following diagram seems meant. Of course, I meditate in a recliner using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
Black Hole Singularity.jpg
Black Hole Singularity.jpg [ 47.92 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I am looking down into an open jar having the shape of a clear glass, old-style, mustard jar. Lying on its bottom is a thin layer of orange marmalade (orange is the color of the 2nd chakra). Comment: The “bipolar” colors in the label on the mustard jar suggests that Eros Christ consciousness gives rise to the renewal of Ra consciousness. The narrowing shape of a mustard jar is being connected to the narrowing gap in the depths of the Black Hole singularity where the recliners are seen in the previous image. This indicates that the depths of the 2nd chakra are connected to the black hole gravity singularity as if it is the timeless/spaceless realm. A “tearing” apart the vertex of a V-shape has often come up in my visions over the years. This connects it to the realm of non-local effects being possible; what happens at “Point A” happens everywhere and always as Remo has noted in his writings.
Mustard Jar.jpg
Mustard Jar.jpg [ 29.21 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

In reality, I took a break on preparing this post at this point to read my email. I received one from my daughter Amy who sent a link to the article Precious Gems Bear Messages From Earth's Molten Heart. Patricia is the name of my wife. The gem is 12-sided; matching the number of petals on the lotus flower for the heart chakra and its Seal of Solomon center and its emerald green color is a connection to the color of the heart chakra and to the colors at the bottom of the mustard jar.
Emerald.jpg [ 32.93 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

The prospectors had unearthed what would come to be called the Patricia Emerald: a dazzling 12-sided crystal roughly the size of a soup can, with a weight of 632 carats - more than a quarter of a pound - and a verdant color so pure and vivid you'd swear the stone was photosynthesizing.

I see a left profile view of my high school classmate Jim Raymaker (who died from a heart attack in 2006). He has recently knelt in a shallow water because his beige pants are wet along the shin area on both legs. I immediately recall my 1976 Pentecostal experience in which the Holy Spirt first entered my shins before it dwelt in my heart chakra. I have the impression that his last name is being connected to a Rainmaker effect.
Man Holy Ghost.jpg
Man Holy Ghost.jpg [ 18.58 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Then I observe a close-up view of the darkred limbs on a thorn bush that partially overgrows a yellowish pinewood rectangular tabletop. A rosebush it seems that has yet to sprout green leaves or flowers. Comment: A “burning bush” comes to mind as I prepare this post – which has Ra consciousness colors like that seen on the upper part of the mustard jar label.
Burning Bush.jpg
Burning Bush.jpg [ 29.55 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Thurs. 14 December 2017

I am observing a middle-aged man riding a bicycle along the West side and into the NW of the view in the darkness. The focus is on the circular sheet of wavy multi-colored “paper” the surrounds the hub of each wheel which extends half the radius as it weaves between the spokes. The front wheel paper contains Ra consciousness colors that begins with red at the hub which transitions to yellow which transitions to white. Avatar consciousness colors are seen on the paper on the rear wheel. The bicycle wheel colors reminds me of the following which was seen in The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum – February 2016 that was “flying” an “ISIS” flag. This is another view into the “Double-Ring Holy Wedding” meaning.
Bicycle Portal Colors.jpg
Bicycle Portal Colors.jpg [ 40.74 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a wall in a room covered with square tiles of the unus mundus background color of light blue (223,231,238). One of the tiles in the NW area has a stem rose that is partially unfolded – a tightly compact bud whose end is circular. Blood red colors mostly cover the surface but a circular pattern of yellow-gold covers the center as if pollen and some small white tip areas are in between the center and outer diameter. Several other such roses on a green stem are seen in a row along the lower side of the wall. A hybrid rose that contains yellow-gold pollen pistils seems meant – suggesting that an Eros ego altered state of consciousness pollenates this species. Comment: A connection to the “thorn bush”/“burning bush” above.
Rose Stem.jpg
Rose Stem.jpg [ 23.57 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a close-up view of the backside of my two hands that are held up in front of my eyes. The thumbs overlap and they form an X-shape. Comment: As has been noted many times in my visions an X-shape is connected to the potency of the mega quake, mega tsunami potential of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone. The thumbs are the input from the World Soul to the individual soul in the Jnana Mudra (Wisdom Mudra) and hands are the vehicles which produce consciousness; a co-creative process is being highlighted.
Hands X Thumbs.JPG
Hands X Thumbs.JPG [ 27.54 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

In a desolate sage brush desert-like filled view I see a rabbit running away from my location and into the North.

I observe a slender young woman from her right side who suddenly falls down onto her knees in front of the open door of a refrigerator like that in our rental home.

In the blackness in the SE of the view I see the following luminous white neon sign block capital letters INN. Since SE is the location of the 2nd chakra it seems taking up residence in that “inn” is meant. To enter the INN of the World Soul is to come into relationship with ISIS, NEWTOWN, ANYTOWN, STYROFOAM, PLANCK SECOND, 6, 8-BALL, SHADOW, F U C K U S A L L, WOW!, HELTER SKELTER, APOCALYPSE, CORNERSTONE, SECRET HITLER, 2, Deliverance From Evil - to mention a few of the more recent similarly color coded words.

In the darkness along the West side of the view I see a trident in silhouette that points vertically into the NW. Such a trident was seen stuck into the left thigh of a man in my previous post A Double-Ring Holy Wedding – laming him.


I meet a man who is interested in “UFO Government Disclosure” information. He informs me that my name (used Joe) has been added to his mailing list for this kind of information. He went on to say, “You don’t want me to use your real name because you could lose your security clearance.”

The man will be anonymously making news broadcasts and other stuff to inform the public about UFO disclosure. At the moment the membership is 1,000.

End of Dream

Comment: My father’s middle name was Joseph. Everyone always referred to him as Joe. “Thou art thy own father now” comes to mind.

In the darkness I observe an invisibly suspended, freshly sharpened pencil angled 45-degrees downward as if in a writing position. More “writing on the wall” is meant.

Fri. 15 December 2017


I have apparently been chewing on some old, weathered, rotten wood. A small piece has become lodged between my two front teeth. I pick away at it and each time I manage to remove a sliver and the taste it leaves in my mouth is foul. I keep removing slivers and experience the foul taste. It seems I can never get rid of the wood no matter how much I remove!

End of Dream

Comment: As I typed this in I suddenly recall the “miracle of the loaves and fish” performed by the Logos Christ to feed over 5,000 who had gathered on a hill to hear him preach. The food never ran out despite having started with only a few loaves and fish.


Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:13 pm
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