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Post Eruption
Dear all,


Jean Markale :

<<Why Merlin accepted the enclosure? Because he understood that living outside of Nature, is to turn to destruction. Right in the twelfth century, when already beginning to draw the profile of capitalism in the new towns delivered to the exclusive power of money, the figure of Merlin was a warning. The bourgeoisie, on the road to triumph, rebuilt, sheltered behind walls, a world in its position, where the main building was no longer the Church, but the Town Hall, the principal location, either the cemetery, a symbol of the communion of the living and the dead, but the market place. A people who reject their dead on the outside of the city wall and leaves the sacred shrine to the Temple of Fortune was abruptly cut from its roots. And cut off from his roots, he does not know how to use nature. He believes the knowledge-exploitation: by clearing forests, digging mines, killing animals, destroying the ecological landscape. The aberrations of the twentieth century are already contained in the process of society from the twelfth century .[...] We regret that the world becomes sterile and are desperately seeking a cure for this terrifying evil. But the poets of the twelfth century had already understood not only by developing the theme of Merlin, but with emphasis on the description of the Kingdom of the Grail: because of the wound of the Fisher King,the lands of the kingdom are sterile and no trees produce more fruit. >>

In the early the morning of Sept. 16th. The following dream happened to me:

'In a big protective ancient forest, I am watching a line of people entering the earth through a natural opening. They are the Children of the Earth and I act as a sort of rear guard, seeing that everybody gets into the welcoming shelter before the opening closes.

I guess I am with them in a subtle body shape. I get inside when the last one passes the 'door' and the opening shrinks. I then notice that a little winged being is still outside. I tell her to hurry but she flies in without any problem laughing at the same time.'

I don't dream very often nowadays.

This dream came after I bumped by chance into the two following topics the previous day:http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/sign-of-the-times-adult-film-industry-builds-2012-bunker/ and http://www.physorg.com/news164915655.html

The winged being I also know as the representation of my 'healing capacities'.

Here is the content of the two above links:

September 15, 2011 – LOS ANGELES — A San Fernando Valley adult entertainment studio began construction this month on what it calls a “post-apocalyptic” underground bunker in anticipation of a global catastrophe rumored to take place in late 2012. A spokesman for Van Nuys-based Pink Visual said the bunker will be “far more than a mere bomb shelter or subterranean survivalist enclave” with amenities such as multiple fully-stocked bars, an enormous performing stage and a sophisticated content production studio. “Our goal is nothing less than to survive the apocalypse to come in comfort and luxury,” said Pink Visual spokesman Quentin Boyer, “whether that catastrophe takes the form of fireballs flung earthward by an all-seeing deity, extended torrential rainfall, Biblical rapture, an earthquake-driven mega-tsunami, radioactive flesh-eating zombies, or some combination of the above.” He declined to give the exact location of the bunker over “security concerns.” The studio is currently working out details on the selection criteria for all non-Pink Visual personnel who they will allow to take refuge in the bunker, but Boyer said it will “likely include both merit-based and random selections, with Pink Visual performers, active site members and Twitter followers getting priority over the general public.” Although no set number was provided, LA Weekly reported anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 people will be allowed into the bunker by its planned completion date of September 2012. -CBS


Work begins on world's deepest underground lab
(AP) -- Far below the Black Hills of South Dakota, crews are building the world's deepest underground science lab at a depth equivalent to more than six Empire State buildings - a place uniquely suited to scientists' quest for mysterious particles known as dark matter.

June 22, 2009 By DIRK LAMMERS , Associated Press Writer
Dignitaries and board members applaud South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, at the podium, during dedication ceremonies Monday, June 22, 2009, at the future site of the Sanford Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory. The event occurred at the 4,850 foot level of the former Homestake gold mine at Lead, S.D. In the near future, scientific experiments dealing with dark matter and numerous other ideas will be set up in the mine shafts nearly a mile underground, shielded from cosmic rays. (AP Photo/Steve McEnroe)
Scientists, politicians and other officials gathered Monday for a groundbreaking of sorts at a lab 4,850 foot below the surface of an old gold mine that was once the site of Nobel Prize-winning physics research.
The site is ideal for experiments because its location is largely shielded from cosmic rays that could interfere with efforts to prove the existence of dark matter, which is thought to make up nearly a quarter of the mass of the universe.
The deepest reaches of the mine plunge to 8,000 feet below the surface. Some early geology and hydrology experiments are already under way at 4,850 feet. Researchers also hope to build two deeper labs that are still awaiting funding from Congress.
"The fact that we're going to be in the Davis Cavern just tickles us pink," said Tom Shutt of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, referring to a portion of the mine named after scientist Ray Davis Jr., who used it in the 1960s to demonstrate the existence of particles called solar neutrinos.
Davis and a colleague named John Bahcall won a share of the 2002 Nobel Prize for physics for their work.
The old Homestake Gold Mine in a community called Lead (pronounced LEED) was shut down in 2001 after 125 years. Pumps that kept the mine dry were turned off years ago, so workers have been drying it out to prepare for the new research.
Before the labs are built, crews must also stabilize the tunnels and install new infrastructure. The lab at 4,850 feet is not much to look at yet. A rusty orange film covers the walls, floors, ceilings and debris left behind by miners.
The first dark matter experiment will be the Large Underground Xenon detector experiment - or LUX - a project to detect weakly interacting particles that could give scientists greater insight into the Big Bang explosion believed to have formed the universe.
Shutt, along with Brown University's Rick Gaitskell and nearly a dozen collaborators will work at the site to search for dark matter, which does not emit detectable light or radiation. But scientists say its presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter.
Scientists believe most of the dark matter in the universe contains no atoms and does not interact with ordinary matter through electromagnetic forces. They are trying to discover exactly what it is, how much exists and what effect it may have on the future of the universe.
Physicists have said that without dark matter, galaxies might never have formed. By learning more about dark matter, they hope to understand better whether the universe is expanding or contracting.
The research team will try to catch the ghostly particles in a 300-kilogram tank of liquid xenon, a cold substance that is three times heavier than water. If they tried to detect dark matter above ground, the highly sensitive detector would be bombarded by cosmic radiation.
Scientists hope to start construction on the two deepest labs by 2012 and open them by 2016. The projects are expected to cost $550 million.
On the Net:
Sanford Underground Lab http://sanfordlaboratoryathomestake.org/
Homestake DUSEL: http://www.lbl.gov/nsd/homestake/
©2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

The parallelism between the two links was reinforced by the synchronistic dimension of my bumping into then.

Remo told more than once about pornography in our age as an effect (regressive / destructive) of the non-recognized constellated coniunctio archetype.

The quest for black matter in the depth of the earth partakes of the rapist behaviour of Science Remo describes at length in his work, another form of porn.

What shocked me in the first article was the enormous stupidity of its pretention: ‘we will go through the catastrophe the same way we behaved before, and we will go on afterwards as if nothing happened. Let’s screw and make money.’

What shocked me in the project described in the second article was the obvious lack of transparency covered by a blinding display of transparency. It is not little money. The initial $500 million has already almost doubled and nothing is done yet.
And as with the LHC, HAARP, etc. (or more commonly atomic fission) they do not really know what they are doing: but they can do it and this is what matters the most.

Einstein said something like ‘atomic fission changed everything, except man’. I wonder what will be needed to provoke this change. Well in fact I don’t.

Anyway, if I smiled at the humorous synchronicity that equals science and porn, I felt quite sad at the perspective.

This is when the dream happened. A dream for the tribe I guess.
It describes a completely different way of entering the earth: these folks are called, they are invited. They don’t need heavy technology, They don’t have to bore, to drill: the way is there welcoming. Of course they are ‘the Children of the Earth’. Who else could could achieve that: you have to be related to the Earth and to the whole universe to be able to enter its (the) belly.

I will not expand about my personal part in the dream, except to say that it reminded me of a dream of mine I posted a long time ago: viewtopic.php?p=1117#p1117

Dream of the helping dead.
I was in a place attending to the dead and the near-dying.
I guess I was dead too, but it was okay.
I was welcoming the few chosen out of the newly departed that would belong to the first group.
The few chosen are individuated people in touch with the Eros Self.
Without speaking I instructed them about their role in regards to the living and the newly departed still to come.
It seems that this group has a special role concerning the living; a role like being in contact with them.
Within my un-worded instructions to the people in the first level was the idea that some of them could get back to earth for a closer (helping) relation with the living people that were “up to the task.”
Then I was with the second level group constituted of previous members from the first level, and once again I gave them instructions. These instructions were palpable waves of love in a swinging movement that swung from one group level to another and to the living.

The wave was extraordinary. I cannot express the feeling of bliss.
Still swinging the wave of love I continued giving instructions to all the groups up to the tenth level.
Going from one level to another seems to be a refining process; things getting more and more subtle and “un-word-able.” The levels had no clear boundaries, as melted by the wave.
There I was told telepathically that this was the eighth and final time that I would accompany the ten groups (levels.)

I would not say that the forest dream is necessarily good news. It shows another way of dealing with the catastrophe, the way of the introverted Eros as in Remo’s Body Centred Imagination.

The fact that the dreamer is present in his ‘subtle body’ form (psychophysical) also tells that this response is beyond matter. But what is interesting is that closing the line of people comes the healing ability: not as a consequence but as an independent, even ‘alien’ principle flying around and bound by love.

This is also how to free Merlin. I love this quote from Markale. Not many people are able to feel the spirit this way.
Very often I have felt very close to Merlin, especially when I went to Bretagne. And I guess he’s been kept in captivity long enough.

Freeing Merlin (AKA the World Soul or whatever) is something that will call for (is already calling for) a big kick.

Not so long ago, as I was perusing the daily miseries of the world and the growing line of pending disasters I suddenly realised that even in our attempts at dealing with planet-size problems we are still bloody inflated pricks.

Logos as the epistemological basis of our worldview is so strongly embedded that we cannot even suppose that maybe, synchronistically, we are caught in a series of cosmic events that are going to shake us very very roughly and give us the chance (if any of us left) to measure how small we are.

We are spoiled kids who cannot understand what the potty is about. So we cannot see beyond our toys (The Holy Stock exchange, the meaningless economical concepts of ‘work’ and ‘value’ that kill any humanistic worldview, the Holy selective whore-Science that has nothing to do with the consideration of facts, etc.)

A pity they are deadly. They are deadly for people (Fuck-u-shima is a good example), they are deadly for (all) other species, they are disturbing the universe. Really.

It’s a pity. We can do better than that. Or can’t we?

No long ago I read an article about a recent archeological discovery. Archeology is another domain where we know enough to be sure of what we say, isn’t it. So it was about bones, the old bones of Homo erectus (the happy one :lol: ). They had to consider that a very long time ago, much before the one exclusive glory of Sapiens, Erectus was able to make tools, yes, long long before Sapiens and even before Neanderthal . But something strange happened: the African Erectus who migrated to Asia ‘forgot’ about his tools that gave him so much power over his environment.

They cannot know why of course. But I cannot avoid asking: what if he did it on purpose?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Obviously Sapiens is too clever for that…

But maybe we do not relate enough to get the gist of it?



Fire over wood:
Thus the superior man consolidates his fate By making his position correct.
The fate of fire depends on wood; as long as there is wood below, the fire burns above. It is the same in human life; there is in man likewise a fate that lends power to his life. And if he succeeds in assigning the right place to life and to fate, thus bringing the two into harmony, he puts his fate on a firm footing.

I Ching #50

Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:41 pm
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Post Re: Eruption
Roger, all

Your “eruption” reminded me of what it is like to observe the ordeal of the Apocalypse, the experience of the coming of the Self. One becomes a vessel filled with divine conflict. If the vessel fails to consciously contain the conflict then the reconciliation of the opposites spills out onto the world stage as a projection and acts itself out unconsciously in various negative ways. Like this I agree with you that it is very disheartening to see how the world reacts to this inner challenge. Of course it took me a long time to realize that the inner way heals/heels the rift between the warring opposites in the ego. But eventually I began to see how the Self sees our collective situation and that was a different, but healing worldview then I had been operating out of. I guess the world at large will also have to learn this lesson – all at the same time. At least when I went through it and eventually found my way the outer world was still intact. Can’t imagine what it will be like to try to find the inner way solution when the outer structures are not able to support a safe environment.

These days going within has become a protection against the psychic contagion of discontent that is sweeping the world and tearing it apart. Every time I go within it is always to see the Eros Self sharing a very different worldview than the collective tries to live out of. Like this we witness a failed coniunctio on a massive scale and a Hell on Earth. It reminds me of Padre Pio who made certain predictions about future events.- about how to behave in the coming time of the ordeal of the Apocalypse - about closing the doors and windows and don’t go outside

For me, going into the Earth (head in the belly womb) could also mean containing the conflict within the sphere of ego of the individual for we are the incarnated aspect into which this divine conflict has fallen as the Eros Self tries to show us how to live. The coniunctio takes place in the hidden chamber of the grave according to the Rosarium pictures, i.e., in a state of willless introversion (not the willful porn approach of a bunker to protect an ego adaptation that is too willful) as we all know here on the forum.

As a further amplification on this problem of uniting the opposites I share the following taken from the transcribed audio tapes of the lectures on the Archetype of the Apocalypse which I attended at the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles in 1995,

…what happens when the Self comes is it brings the opposites with it, because that's - that's its essential content. And as long as the Self is unconscious the opposites lie side-by-side peacefully. The lion lies down with the lamb because there is no consciousness of their separateness. But as soon as the Self touches the area of consciousness the opposites split apart and then the individual ego is surrounded with conflict. And the whole question is whether the individual will be able to contain that conflict. Unfortunately, that is very difficult. As Jung puts it,

All opposites are of God, therefore man must bend to this burden; and in so doing he finds that God in his 'oppositeness' has taken possession of him, incarnated himself in him. He becomes a vessel filled with divine conflict. Answer To Job, § 659

Now if the individual is not able to contain the conflict of opposites then it spills out into the outer world by a projection and unfortunately that's the rule. And then conflict of the opposites that have been constellated live themselves out not in the vessel of the individual psyche but in the vessel of the society as a whole. Society then becomes the vessel you see, where the opposites live themselves out there. And this is precisely what's happening today. The God-image is living out its oppositeness in the fractional disputes that are breaking out all over the world. I jotted down just a few. Warring clans in Somalia; Huites in Rwanda; Serbs in Bosina - Yugoslavia; Palestine's and Israelis; etc., etc. Not to mention all of our own fanatical political action groups that are at war with one another on the political scene - these factions that Jung refers to as the wretched -isms. All of these are a part of the phenomenology of the apocalypse. Jung puts it this way,

The only thing that really matters now is whether man can climb up to a higher moral level, to a higher plane of consciousness, in order to be equal to the superhuman powers which the fallen angels have played into his hands (GJS: Jung is referring to the nuclear arms race). But he can make no progress with himself unless he becomes very much better acquainted with his own nature. Unfortunately, a terrifying ignorance prevails in this respect, and an equally great aversion to increasing the knowledge of his intrinsic character. . . . We can, of course, hope for the undeserved grace of God, who hears our prayers. But God, who also does not hear our prayers, wants to become man, and for that purpose he has chosen, through the Holy Ghost, the creaturely man filled with darkness - the natural man who is tainted with original sin and who learnt the divine arts and sciences from the fallen angels. The guilty man is eminently suitable and is therefore chosen to become the vessel for the continuing incarnation, not the guiltless one who holds aloof from the world and refuses to pay his tribute to life, for in him the dark God would find no room. . . . Since he has been granted an almost godlike power, man can no longer remain blind and unconscious. He must know something of God's nature and of metaphysical processes if he is to understand himself and thereby achieve gnosis of the Divine. Answer To Job, § 746

This ordeal of the apocalypse is now beginning to which all of humanity is being subjected and corresponds to Job's ordeal as Jung spells it out in Answer to Job. And even more pertinently it corresponds to Christ's ordeal. You see Christ was the first attempt of the God-image to incarnate and transform itself. Now the second time around humanity as a whole is going to be the subject of that process, not just one person. God is going to incarnate in humanity as a whole and in that incarnated form he offers himself as a self-self sacrifice to bring about his own transformation, just as he did with the individual Christ. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse, p. 177.

We will either evolve or devolve out of existence. If the latter, then Nature is left to grope for another incarnation, another potential vessel for the Anthropos - that quest of God who wants to become incarnate in the physical world.



Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:00 pm
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Post Re: Eruption
Roger's dream brought this to mind. Long ago I dreamt about a similar theme, the "Earth Dwellers". We were an ilk of people, a kind of élite, who daringly climbed down into the earth's interior on a rusty metal lattice, and we tried to get as far down as possible, close to the "Kernel of Danger", which was radioactive and also emitted asbestos dust. At a certain level, the Earth Dwellers parked themselves, clinging on the lattice, as they dared not go farther down. When the dream ended I was still climbing closer to the glowing kernel, intent on getting very close and to remain there. Our mission was in some sense a work of redemption. The world benefited from this sacrifice.

Mats Winther

Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:36 pm
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