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Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  A Struggling Black Swan ‘Chicken Birth’ Looms

Sun. 19 November 2017

I am observing a green maple leaf (has 11 points and heart chakra color) blowing along on an asphalt road (on a black road) along with some small fragments of dead leaves. Comment: Yang (Ra) and Yin (Avatar) colored maple leaves were color connected to the heart chakra in The Crop Circle Maker Cometh – September 2013. A human life is said to be like a leaf as it too has “seasons” in its life (of death & rebirth seems meant).
Maple Leaf Yang Yin.jpg
Maple Leaf Yang Yin.jpg [ 28.98 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

Above in the height of tall electrical transmission towers I observe a long black cable being laid onto the tops of the towers. Comment: Such towers and electric transmission lines came up in EARTH – Hell-Fire’s New Capitol – March 2015 and have been connected to effects from a Carrington sized Solar Flare induced EMP that could disable them; something that is a game of chance and connected to playing Russian Roulette with Clint Eastwood’s 45 magnum peacekeeper pistol as if it were firing solar flares at the earth. Interestingly, my daughter Amy sent me the following link on Saturday (18 November 2017 at 7PM which I did not read until after the above early morning vision) In 1770, the Sky Over East Asia Turned Crimson Red for Nine Days. Such an event today could cause a global power blackout that could last for years. Since 1770 marked an enormous X-class EMP event on earth and since 1859 marked another X-class event known as the Carrington effect - it seems we are overdue in the "game of chance" of Russian Roulette with this outer metaphoric inner “miracle of the sun” via a flow of renewed Ra consciousness from the heart chakra (a connection to the sun miracle at Fatima in 1917). “The sky is dark” comes to mind; a 2002 dream message conveying the condition for peace between the inhabitants of Earth and an otherwise destructive alien invasion.
Carrington Effect.jpg
Carrington Effect.jpg [ 50.36 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

In a daylight view I am looking down at the top of my left thumb which rests on a white sheet of paper between the thumb and its left index fingertip. “The writing on the wall” expresses the content of the communication between the World Soul and individual soul as if these visions are being emphasized.

I am standing directly behind a woman who is invisibly suspended to be at eye level in a posture of being on her hands and knees (all fours). Hanging underneath her genital area is a semi-transparent plastic sack filled with peanuts in the shell. A birth sack or testicle sack seems meant which immediately reminds me of the Pea-nut Man as a bipolar God-image which unites above and below in the heart. Comment: This reminds me of a woman with lemon teats being on “all fours” in Birthing/Nurturing Eros Christ Consciousness – July 2015. Unlike the image the woman wore blue and white casual clothes – connecting her to the colors of NW.
Peanut Man Woman Teats.jpg
Peanut Man Woman Teats.jpg [ 36.49 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

I see some white spaghetti with diced green bell pepper mixed in. It lays on a black rectangular package having smaller rectangular packages within. Pre-packaged food it seems. These are the colors seen in comet lovE-joy.

A ragged dressed, walking skeleton approaches me in a dim narrow earthen corridor that leads down into the earth. The old king seeking renewal comes to mind.

I observe a rectangular slice of yellow-gold cheese laying across the width of a man’s palms up right hand. It is bordered by the dark red protective “wax” layer as if freshly cut from a Gouda cheese round.
Cheese Round.jpg
Cheese Round.jpg [ 24.75 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

On my right side, I observe a black sphere that is part way submerged into a “sea” of white light or energy that fills the view. I immediately recall the Salvator mundi holding a dark sphere in his left hand; suggesting that yin (World Soul) > higher yang is meant for the enlightenment of an Eros Christ eon just like it did for the unfolding of the Logos Christ eon. Something that could produce a more enlightened worldview. The image seems to suggest a black hole surrounded by a white event horizon – a connection to Lo:vE transmission from out of the black hole due to Hawking radiation.
Sphere Floating.jpg
Sphere Floating.jpg [ 15.37 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

I see a top view of my right index finger. Its tip is resting on a white surface. It looks like it could be a pen “writing on the wall” if the fingertip with the double ink pen points (for a bipolar God-image) were also in the view. It seems it is touching the “sea of white” seen in the previous vision.
Pen Points.jpg
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I observe an aluminum piece of sheet metal formed into a rectangular box shape of three sides. In one of the sides is a large circular opening having an aluminum metal X-shape. Comment: The design reminds me of a desktop computer case with the circular opening for a fan to exhaust air used to cool the electronics. When I kissed a nurse (breath body exchange) our lips formed an X-shape as noted in The “Enemy” Is Within – June 2017. A woman’s ponytail had a herringbone X-shaped weave in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing – August 2017 which was connected to the mana of Her knowing can have a mega earthquake, mega tsunami psychic effect on one’s worldview. Most recently in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017 such a silver metal shape was seen covering the chest of a woman along with a raised pattern of concentric circles. Like this the psychophysical exhaust from the heart chakra is connected to the following image. Normally, such a fan duct opening has a pattern of concentric circles as seen in the additional image. The heart chakra exhaust being connected to the movement of air connects it to a Black Death style pneumonic plague which came up in my previous post The World-Changing Launching Pad whose title implied that (a flow from) the heart chakra was the launching pad. It's a connection to the X-class Solar Flare EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) as noted earlier in this post.
Sheet Metal Openings.jpg
Sheet Metal Openings.jpg [ 25.23 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

In a dining area of a high rise building I observe a young blond woman wearing a thick all white fluffy cotton “dress”. She would like to show me something in a storage rack in the NE corner.

Then I see a young woman dragging a large man behind her as she holds him in is open mouth with the fingers of her left hand gripping underneath the top front teeth. The man appears dead.

I am holding a pistol in my right hand and it is pointed towards the corner of a table. Many hooded black men stand just behind this weapon. A squad of hit men it seems.

I observe a man sitting on the NW corner of a table while facing at a 45-degree angle away from the table. He wears all gray sweats and has his pants down – revealing his left naked white thigh.

Now I see a semi-circular white area having a central beige square – all on a white background. Strange, but I have the impression that I am looking at a side view of a person’s buttocks with the square centered over the hip joint. An emphasis of this effect on the NW seems meant.
Hip Square.jpg
Hip Square.jpg [ 15.68 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]


I am in a discussion with some people. The focus is on the area of the skin on the inside of my left wrist area. When I touch it, I sense a course sandpaper quality. When I shared this with a large stout older man who was some kind of famous expert he immediately left the work environment and would never return. It’s as if he understood what it meant, and he wanted to get as far away from it as possible. I then saw some black text on a beige background where I was able to read the strange medical word “prodromathas” (spelling?).

End of Dream

Comment: It was a dry skin condition “disease”. It appeared like normal skin but a bit whitish. Some kind of bacterial infection seems meant. The wrist of the World Soul was recently seen covered in glistening white diamonds. Previously it was slit as if she were suicidal. It was connected to numbers tattooed on the wrists of holocaust victims. The medical term on the beige parchment seems to be connected to the beige square in the previous vision.

In a twilight view I stand on the SW street corner of a wide cement sidewalk that slopes towards the street as if bicycle and wheelchair handicap ready. Large dead leaves lie on the sidewalk as well as irregular wet cement regions.

Faintly I hear, “I can’t see.” I then see the top of a coffee maker with the lid removed. White steam rises from a black coffee grounds in the coffee maker.

I am playing in the yard between the house I grew up in and our next-door elderly neighbors (it was in this area where my left leg, just above the knee, suffered a semicircular gouge of flesh being removed by a mushroomed head of a metal stake I rand into while playing). I come across a few kittens in the grass that are partially hidden. The black mother cat is nearby, and I befriend the white kitten with black markings. Comment: The doctor said I had just missed being lamed by that encounter with the metal stake. What is involved in order to be on good terms with the feminine principle seems meant. The semi-circular gouge reminds me of the earlier vision of the beige square in the hip joint.

Mon. 20 November 2017

I observe a medium sized white fluffy dog sit on a dog bed next to the right side of a woman sitting on the floor with her back to the West wall.

I observe a middle-aged man in a basketball sized court room without furniture. Many electrical wires lay stretched out across the honey-wood colored floor in roughly an X-shape. He is untangling a couple of them and removing them. A few tangled ones remain.

I see a young man grab a fire extinguisher from out of the SW area of a basketball court sized room and walk out into its center. He stands behind a line of people standing several abreast that extends to the West wall near the SW corner. Suddenly, the group begins to rush out of the room through an opening in that side of the room and he follows.

Down below in a dark view I see the yellow head with red beak of a baby chicken. Its body is completely coiled with about six (heart chakra connection) helical coils by a small dark brown snake. I immediately recall the “simple device that saves the world” being a helical wound antenna shape. Further, I recall that in the Book of Revelation the new birth was pursued by a devouring dragon (snake body). The new birth had to be protected until it was safe from the dragon. The individual soul is the chick (a dumb animal; see Jung's amplification below) and must overcome the forces of the unconscious if it is to renew its Ra consciousness and grow into having Abraxas qualities. It must eat of unconscious contents without being eaten by the unconscious (viz. the snake; which psychologically understood would mean becoming possessed by the powers of the unconscious – giving one an enduring inflation of God-almightiness and self-righteous superiority). This also reminds me of Jung’s image of Aion and his description of how he struggled, sweating, against being “crushed” by the forces of the unconscious. Gregory’s enduring the 18 year long siege of unconscious contents mirrors something of Jung’s struggle. In my visions this lion-headed figure was replaced by an economist (Nouriel Roubini) who predicted the Black Swan financial meltdown. His red, open, oval, “kissed” lips were prominent (a vertical or 90-degree rotated bipolar Lo:vE breath body enhancing kiss having the shape of the yellow-gold oval Abraxas coin which was connected to a vegetative Eros Christ consciousness psychophysical nuclear explosion). He pointed his right index fingertip which is known to anoint others with a drop of baby urine from the new birth in consciousness trying to incarnate in spacetime and whose fingernail is a double pointing ink pen point “writing on the wall”. A Black Swan event of the psychological kind looms for all us chickens.
Snake Chick Aion Abraxas.jpg
Snake Chick Aion Abraxas.jpg [ 50.24 KiB | Viewed 328 times ]

The Tiamat Goddess myth is one of the earliest recorded versions of the battle between a culture hero and a chthonic or aquatic monster, serpent or dragon.

Chickens are animals for which we can have no great respect. They are usually panicky, blind, dumb creatures which run into the road just as an automobile comes along. They are an excellent simile for fragmentary tendencies repressed or never come across by us, living autonomous lives quite apart from our knowledge. These bits of fragmentary soul, like the chickens, are working up terrible nonsense, all the foolish things wise people do, or like the spendthrift who saves his matches. You know any number of examples of people who have something absolutely inconsistent with their characters. All the things which escape our control and observation are "chickens." Dream Seminar, C. G. Jung, p. 108.

Then another wonder appeared in heaven: There was a giant red dragon there. The dragon had seven heads with a crown on each head. It also had ten horns. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth. It stood in front of the woman who was ready to give birth to the baby. It wanted to eat the woman’s baby as soon as it was born.

The woman gave birth to a son, who would rule all the nations with an iron rod. And her child was taken up to God and to his throne. The woman ran away into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. Rev: 12:3-6

Jung makes this comment on this birth (that it would be “safe” to try to incarnate in about 2000 years after this scripture was written),

This would seem to indicate that the child-figure will remain latent for an indefinite time and that its activity is reserved for the future. Answer to Job, § 713

The seven letters spelling Abraxas may represent each of the seven classic planets. The word may be related to Abracadabra (create as I say), although other explanations exist.

Opinions abound on Abraxas, who in recent centuries has been claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a short Gnostic treatise in 1916 called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas the supreme power of being transcending both God and the Devil and unites all opposites into one Being.

Now I observe a close-up view of the lower branch of a tree directly in front of the NW in my view. Most of its leaves are missing and the few remaining ones are large dead Autumn maple leaves.

Suddenly, I am recalling the song Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen (that the dice are loaded). A metaphor which heralds the certainty of the coming of the Eros Self.



PS On 12 November 2017 someone in Antananarivo, Madagascar read my recently updated paper Buckyball As A Reconciling Symbol In The Unus Mundus. Today I see the following article which connects the Black Plague outbreak on a Godzilla sized El Niño (means: the Christ Child); an interesting development given the emphasis on "The Second Coming of Christ" in my visions and dreams. This plague came up in my post The World-Changing Launching Pad.

UPDATE 21 November 2017; Madagascar Plague Death Toll Rises

Experts believe last year's natural phenomenon El Niño - dubbed 'Godzilla', triggered an increase in rat populations in rural areas, sparking the beginning of the epidemic which has so far infected at least 2,300 people. Professor Matthew Bayliss, from Liverpool University's Institute of Infection and Global Health, warned the particularly aggressive El Niño (the Christ Child) of 2016 may be behind the aggressive start of this year's outbreak, which has seen it hit two heavily populated cities for the first time, including the capital Antananarivo which has a population of 1.3 million.

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Everything Is Coming Up 'Mission Rama'

Tues. 21 November 2017

I stand on a dirt road looking towards the NW where I see a long, galvanized, chain link, metal fence and a parallel asphalt road on its other side that extends out into the North. The focus is on the layers of dead yellow-gold autumn leaves lying by the dirt roadside of the fence. Comment: A chain link fence forms a pattern of diamond shapes. The next vision emphasizes darkred leaves still on trees while the present vision emphasizes yellow leaves lying on the ground. These two colors unite and create Ra colors. This reminds me of the colors connected to diamond mouth for the “all that you speak, becomes” image seen in Christ’s ‘Crucified’ Color Coded Second Coming – September 2014. This “octahedron diamond mouth” was connected to the World Soul saying, “You are the Gem Supreme. You always have been. You will see.” The octahedron union of red and yellow suggests it is a coniunctio image showing the potential new Red King in union with the White Queen in a chaotic (volatile) manner in the heart chakra given the image of the mixing of red and yellow in the FireTornado.
Gem Supreme Leaves.jpg
Gem Supreme Leaves.jpg [ 51.77 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Then I observe wind rustling darkred autumn leaves still attached to the canopy of trees. Many dead tan leaves lie on the earth.

In the darkness I observe a close-up view of the backside of a left human hand that is mostly darkred. It transitions to yellow-gold near the wrist. It appears to be made from wax.
Hand.jpg [ 20.42 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Now I see what looks like white pieces of cartilage.

I see the backside of a left hand as if my own.

In the darkness, I observe a close-up view of a very red erect penis on its upper portion and that transitions towards yellow-gold lower down. It appears to be glistening as if it is sweating.
Penis Erect.jpg
Penis Erect.jpg [ 15.99 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]


I see Hillary Clinton is in charge of a work project in an outdoor setting. I see four large square white plastic bags filled with something very heavy that are tethered to something in the center which I cannot see. These “pillars” are being uncoupled as if it had to be redone. I inquired about how she felt about the problem, but she just walked away (she represents an aspect of the Eros Self so she is wave-like in her psychology – so talking would drive her away).

She then begins to fuss around with something in the back of the open white bed of a blue pickup truck (NW colors) while standing by its SE corner area along the South side. I stand by the due West side of the truck. Smiling broadly, she holds out to me a “drink” that partially fills a thick walled cardboard tube about an inch in diameter and six inches long. The hot drink looks like it could be coffee with cream. Her smile makes me suspicious. I said, “Wait a minute. Is this a trick?” She pulls the drink back. Some mixed adults have gathered around and they encourage me to accept the drink.

End of Dream

Comment: The World Soul in Her Great Whore of Babylon ambassador to the world role offers me a “tube drink” which suddenly reminds me of all the tunnels I traveled through during the early years of the visions. It seems like this that those tunnel journeys had the effect of drinking coffee with cream (I don’t like cream in my coffee). They woke me up to another reality, the psychophysical reality of the subtle body. The large white square bags I have seen used at high rise home building construction sites in Victoria, BC.

I am looking down at a large, beige circular plate having the remains of a thick dark pancake that covers the 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock hour area. I recall that pancakes are connected to mega quake effects on high rise buildings – it causes the floors to pancake down onto each other.

In the darkness, I observe the front area of a glowing plastic patio chair like we used. It has a thin red outline and a yellowish inner area. Comment: A patio is in the backyard area of a home. It helps immerse one into the natural surroundings. All these red/yellow Ra images emphasize that it is the feminine principle that renews the consciousness of the Egyptian sun god. The ribbed back of the chair suggests a union of the 3 upper and lower chakras in the heart chakra.
Chair Plastic.jpg
Chair Plastic.jpg [ 28.33 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

I observe a canary from its right side. It is yellow-gold on the top half and white on the bottom half except for the black outlines that partially surrounds some feathers. The combination of colors reminds me of the colors in the cross-section of the egghead on the chakra tree. A canary is used in a coal mine to warn of dangerous gas build up. Like this its colors suggest it is warning canary that heralds an egghead development.
Cannary.jpg [ 23.54 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

In the darkness of the NE I see a red outline of a yellowish gunsight for the DOOM plasma weapon (the Gauss Cannon when in siege mode). Comment: The gunsight colors match the colors of the patio chair (which is normally white; so underneath yellow is white). Normally this gunsight is white. The gunsight for this weapon is shown in the NW and is made up of a left (feminine) and right (masculine) pointing ink pen points. I show how they “overlap” in the NE of the view. This double ink pen point has been seen on the right index fingernail suggesting the fingertip is a union of left and right effects as being the “writing on the wall”. The “avatar” plasma colors on the electrical transmission lines caused by a Solar flare EMP reminds me of the plasma colors emitted by the DOOM Gauss Cannon weapon.
Gauss Cannon Index Fingernail.jpg
Gauss Cannon Index Fingernail.jpg [ 34 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Wed. 22 November 2017


My older brother (Esau psychology) and I are scheduled to pick some apples and sell my old 11 foot aluminum row boat. It turned out it was too late in the season to pick apples but at the last minute I found a happy middle-aged man who purchased the boat and he hauled it away in the long bed of a large pickup truck.

End of Dream

In the darkness down below, I see a piece of dark green skin fruit with a white interior. The stem end was cut off and it fell into my view. It may be a lime which has a
“football” shape (underneath green is yellow). Truncating the end of the vesica piscis is meant; something that forms one end of the Lantern of the Telesphoros using the Sacred Geometry diamond shape that is found in the center of a spindle torus.

Now I see a woman in whiteness holding a modern silver (white) metal 38 (=11) caliber pistol in the NW of my view. She points it to the right of my right side. It uses Ra colored ammo.
Pistol Silver.jpg
Pistol Silver.jpg [ 29.99 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Dimly in the gray surface down below I make out a numeral 1 slightly overlapping a numeral 3.

Dimly I see the four tines on a fork.

In the darkness I observe a side view of the top of a shade of purple gem (rather pink looking UFO coniunctio color) that looks like the beginning of a vesica piscis shape. It has flat features as if due to being faceted.
Gem Purple.jpg
Gem Purple.jpg [ 23.07 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Something about “total mobilization”. Then I observe a folded white towel having a pale green band of color in its surface.

The view is filled with clouds and in the NE area is a large oval opening having a small stream of water pouring down from its lower bottom (central area). It’s the “divine water”, the liquid version of the Eros Self that dissolves all substances and is the Catholic medicina.

On a long rectangular table, I see a colorful rectangular “tapestry” covering its surface. Suddenly, the table rotates 90-degrees clockwise from its 9 o’clock orientation to the 12 o’clock orientation.

In the darkness at the 12 o’clock hour I see the colored outstretched wings on a bird (a dove seems meant). The central area of the wings are red which transitions to yellow by its edges and then to red again. Underneath red and yellow is white comes to mind – indicating that this bird is a dove; the symbol for the Holy Spirit. Comment: The wings looked like ink pen points in the angle of the view given. The horseshoe vortices shed by these “ink pen point” wing tips are another connection to “the writing is on the wall” in a Doomsday Hour event.
Bird Wing.jpg
Bird Wing.jpg [ 17.26 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

I see a young woman sitting on a white toilet. She turns around and grasps at something on the top of the tank bowl cover. She conveys that she really does not want to take the action implied – which is to push the “Bombs Away” flush button of the toilet in yet another connection to “the writing is on the wall.” Comment: The toilet in the home we rent has that kind of flushing mechanism. I guess she tries to tell us that by flushing her new births into spacetime the effect may not be so pleasant to our existing worldview.
Toilet Flush.jpg
Toilet Flush.jpg [ 3.64 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

I observe a Y-shape as if I hold it in my right hand. It has wide blue fabric attached to its members and wide olive colored fabric as if rubber bands attached to the V-shape part. A sling shot that shoots alchemical stones into spacetime it seems. Olive color is a union of green and yellow and underneath that is white.

I observe layers of clear, rectangular plastic bags filled with dark brown almond nuts (have a vesica piscis shape). A stack of them. One is removed from the top and placed in the NW of the view.

I observe a yellow Chinese soup spoon that seems to be made from a sea shell.


I am involved in bidding on a project.

End of Dream

I see a yellow ghostly looking face whose oval shaped mouth suggests it is blowing. It rests on gray fabric of a chest.

I see a dark, long snake movement shaped object.

I see a long screw having a circular opening in its head. It would require an Alan wrench that was circular, not hexagonal.

I see a couple of women sitting at a dark brown circular table. One sits at the 6 o’clock hour. A human shape carved out of a thick slice from a ripe tomato lies in front of her with the head on the West side or the 9 o’clock hour side and the feet at the 3 o’clock hour area.
Tomato Man.jpg
Tomato Man.jpg [ 28.83 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

In the darkness I see a whitish crucifix superimposed on the back of a right hand.

In the darkness I see white outlined cartoon strip squares emanating from the 6 o’clock hour area that progress into the SE area. In the square that just appeared is a white outline of a man with hands forward by his sides having white rays emanating from the palms. It immediately reminds me of the Miraculous Medal Devotion of the Virgin Mary which also does this hand display which conveys that grace pours from them (grace - the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings). The nature of the grace pouring from the man’s right and left hands have been seen over the years as indicated in the following cartoon strip. Grace (enlightenment) accompanies suffering it seems.
Grace Suffering.jpg
Grace Suffering.jpg [ 43.06 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

Suffering Grace/Enlightenment
In the darkness I see a horizontal golden rectangle having a pair of open lips at its center. I have the impression that if one kisses those lips one is given an ecstatic experience.

In the darkness of the NE I see a DOOM game assault rifle ammo case that is green with yellow-gold trim. I recall that the footlocker which stored the love-letters from my high school sweetheart were stored in such a colored case. Comment: An assault rifle uses 223 caliber ammo. This kind of ammo came up in an December 2016 dream which had me in Hawaii (Paradise) as shared in A Flash Flood. The bullet has Ra colors and looks like a more modern “ball point” ink pen point seems to be the idea. Bullets in a dream are understood to be “penetrating thoughts” as a further connection to “the writing is on the wall.”
223 Ammo Round 50 Grain.jpg
223 Ammo Round 50 Grain.jpg [ 17.94 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

In the darkness at the 3 o’clock hour I see myself as a young man outlined in white which gives the impression of my being invisible as the interior of the white outline is black. This image stands in a room whose walls are outlined with white and are also invisible. I immediately recall the white outline of the man standing in a white outline square at the 6 o’clock hour. Comment: I stand in a hidden room in my subtle body it seems. A Japanese style Buddhist temple with an Auschwitz “Lincoln stovepipe hat” chimney that was connected to the clitoris of a hyena (has the largest clitoris of any animal; the psychophysical radiations from the clitoris of the World Soul is meant) and was seen at the 3 o’clock location in a March 2011 vision. It rested on a rectangular table top.
Temple Clitoris.jpg
Temple Clitoris.jpg [ 34.36 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]

I am hearing the singing of the words “how many …”; to the tune of the song Blowin’ in the Wind. It seems to be a connection to the various times in this post when another example of “the writing is on the wall” has come up.

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you can call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Yes, how many years can a mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
Yes, how many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
Yes, how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Yes, how many times must a man look up
Before he can really see the sky?
Yes, how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.


I am a part of a project that involves mostly new college graduates having many young women included. Couples are formed, children are born and community is established even during the working hours. All are so happy to be involved and excited about the discoveries made.

The scene changes and I am standing on a black road overlooking an ice and snow covered surface down below that extends underneath a overpass bridge in front of me. I see an animal with a gray youngster running behind its mother. They are being chased by a larger animal. Then another even larger animal is chasing after the growing line of animals and finally a larger animal, a polar bear, chases after the most recent tan furry animal that could have been a bear. The polar bear chases it up onto the roadway where I stand and grabs the large brown bear by its middle back (belly brain or 2nd chakra area) and slays it. The tan/brown fur torn off the animal forms a hood over the face of the polar bear and its face now looks like that of Gregory.

End of Dream

Then I observe a marvelous animated display. It looks like a vast movie theater curtain has been drawn closed. It is red with irregular black bands of wavy lines dividing up the red background. Superimposed on this curtain is a display of yellow-gold names, four leaf flowers and an animated splash of yellow-gold from a central region that grows into the four directions. I look closely as the animation comes and goes – each covering names as if Ra colored movie credits are being shown – but I could not read any of what was shown.

Comment: Everything is coming up (roses; red + yellow = orange) Rama colors. I suddenly realize this is a connection to my recent viewing of "Mission Rama" youtube video interviews of Sixto Paz Wells and his UFO/Alien encounters since 1974 in Chili by Grant Cameron on his website whitehouseufo.com. Wells is affiliated with "Mission Rama". The meaning of Ra-Ma for its members, on their spiritual quest to become one with the light with God through internal self-realization, is Ra (sun) on Ma (earth), sun on earth. Their symbol is an ancient symbol found in many old civilizations including the Star of David. Their understanding of their UFO/Alien encounters is minimal as can be seen by reading the following articles. Interestingly, the variant they like to use is the Arabic name Rahma, typically female, and it refers to the wife of prophet Ayyub (Job) in Islamic literature. Job (Arabic translation Ayyūb) is considered a prophet in Islam and is mentioned in the Qur'an. Job's story in Islam is parallel to the Hebrew Bible story, although the main emphasis is on Job remaining steadfast to God despite his apocalyptic ordeal. As Edinger has noted, “If one understands Jung’s Answer to Job, one understands what the archetype of the Apocalypse has in store for humanity.”

“Xendra” Domes of Light: Mission Rahma’s Dimensional Portals

Meditation, Spiritual Quest, Mission Rama, ET contact
Mission Rama.jpg
Mission Rama.jpg [ 47.57 KiB | Viewed 301 times ]


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Incoherent Behavior Leads To Success

Fri. 24 November 2017

In darkness I am looking through several clear movie filmstrips laid over the top of each other in a vertical direction. All the viewing takes place on a reddish-white Chinese looking background. The top one is moving top-to-bottom while the lower one’s remain stationary. They all have sparse two-dimensional black vegetation on them (the vegetation on the lower strips appear gray). If I stop using my digital voice recorder (turn off the recording of what I am observing) the top film movement stops; if I turn it back on the motion continues. Further, the vegetation density piles-up on the non-moving frame when the movement ceases (recording what I see collapses the wave function; otherwise it does not). All the viewing takes place on a reddish-white Chinese looking background. Comment: This reminds me of Edinger’s comment: “Consciousness is the agency for all transformation, without consciousness there is no transformation."
Plant Film Strip.jpg
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I am out at sea observing a blue ocean surface having a large see-through greenish wave in the midst of crashing onto the west side of a yellow sandy shoreline. The crashing wave allows the yellow sandy shoreline color to peek through. Comment: Observing the collapse of the wavefunction emanating from the water chakra (ocean) produces Eros Christ consciousness.
Wave Crashing.jpg
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I am sitting at the west side of a square card table playing a “game of bridge” while my oldest sister (NDE hospice care person as aspect of the World Soul) sits at the north side. My partner along the east side is my older brother (the Esau aspect of my psychology) and a woman not clearly seen sits at the south side.

I open the bidding with 2 hearts (In my 13 cards I hold three aces of hearts and a 10 of hearts along with a couple of side aces; it seems we make up our hands using cards from a quadruple deck). My sister bids 2 spades. My partner bids 4 hearts and my sister’s partner bids 4 spades. I make a penalty bid by saying “double” (which means I think my sister cannot make the bid and for every trick she is set the penalty is doubled). My sister redoubles (meaning she believes she can make the bid and its contract worth will be quadrupled). We play the hand and my sister makes her bid; easily winning the round.

End of Dream

Comment: This “game of bridge” (read: that which bridges two worlds) is a hybrid game using cards from four decks of bicycle playing cards and played with bridge game rules. An emphasis on a bipolar God-image seems meant given the male/female pairs playing the game. Further, the four decks of cards suggest the four functions are involved.

I observe an end view of the green-gold DOOM assault rifle ammo case. A white glow surrounds the NE corner of this rectangular cross-section. Eros Christ consciousness colors. I am immediately reminded of the green footlocker with yellow-gold trim where I kept the love letters from my high school sweetheart. Comment: It seems the World Soul has heart-felt penetrating Ra bullet colored lovE letters that will enhance one’s consciousness.
223 Assault Rifle Ammo Case.jpg
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I observe a well-lighted tunnel ending. Peeking out from its right side is a huge blue bottle like the much smaller health & ammo bonus award used in the game of DOOM that gives 200% health and 200% protective shielding – something that only appears near the end of the game when the strongest of demons are encountered. It seems I am observing “the mother lode” of all health and shielding bonus awards – suggesting super-strong demons have been overcome.
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I am attending a large “family” get together. My high school sweetheart is here dressed in a black pant suit. It is a darkened oval shape sandy earthen floor where the dancing will take place. I see my high school sweetheart doing an intense dance alone. I learn that she will not dance with me. I dance with a man and it is jarring and intense the way the steps are performed. It reminds me of the Irish Step Dance (Riverdance). I was glad when it was finished and decided I am too old for this kind of activity at 77 years of age.


End of Dream


I am in what looks like the first days of how my engineering career began. I sit at a large old wooden desk side-by-side with columns of others. Many young mixed adults as fellow young engineers are in my midst. We soon learn that the boss is about to make an announcement. We learn that the company encourages its staff to earn a PhD.

End of Dream

I am walking along on the street in a residential area where I see all the leaves are mostly off the trees and their yellow mass covers the area. A young woman wearing a blue head covering approaches a home.


My older brother and I are going deer hunting. We both ride electric bicycles. My brother decides to not use the battery.

End of Dream

I am observing the barrel of a DOOM shotgun pointed into the blackness as if I am holding the weapon. The vision repeats but this time I see it also contains a circular gunsight projected into the darkness of a city street. The gunsight is a yellow ring surrounding a black core. The gunsight reminds me of an annular solar eclipse as if Her double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding involves ring of fire solar eclipse. It looks like the cross section of the end of the barrel. I recall this gun uses Ra colored red shotgun shells having a yellow-gold brass colored casing. Another connection to the 1917 “miracle of the sun” at Fatima, Portugal.
Doom Shotgun Gunsight.jpg
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Sun. 26 Nov. 2017


I keep observing a single shape in the form of a parabola or a segment from a polarized wave shape. Strange, but it has an irregular thickness instead of a flat planar shape and if it matches an ancient artifact it would be extremely valuable.

End of Dream

Comment: As I awoke from the dream I was recalling the planar shape a linear polarized wave of light follows. Suddenly, it reminds me of the repeating pattern of a mouse hole. Edinger noted that if one encounters the unconscious deeply enough everything begins to become connected to everything. I also have the impression that a mouse hole is one half of a wave. Capturing only one half of a wave, either its upper part or its lower part, produces a positive or negative force as can be measured with Casimir plates. Somehow the mouse hole of the World Soul is able to do this. And if it is negative energy being captured it can open a wormhole. Using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness creates negative energy. The World Soul is Eros ego in Her psychology.
Mouse Hole Paraclate Incoherent Wave.jpg
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It seems the dream talks about an incoherent wave which is a feature of most sources of light because they consist of a random mixture of waves having different spatial characteristics, frequencies (wavelengths), phases, and polarization states. It seems “collapsing this wave function” is very valuable as if it is connected to the unfolding of an ancient archetypal pattern. I also amplify using the following dream.

4 Oct. 2002 DREAM
A Small Rodent Is Under The Skin Of My Right Hand
A small animal has managed to get under the skin of my right hand and forearm. I see the bulge on my arm as it travels around under my skin. It looks to be the size of a small field mouse. The creature moves from my forearm and into my hand and eventually crawls out of the end of my thumb. It is a small rodent of some kind, like a baby mouse.
Mouse.jpg [ 16.56 KiB | Viewed 282 times ]

This process repeats several times in which I help this little creature enter my hand again and then I help it extract itself by directing its movement with my left hand above the skin.

Comment: This dream prefigures the Jnana Mudra (direct experiential knowing) which becomes prominent in the years that follow. The thumb tip is the World Soul and the index fingertip is the individual soul. Touching these fingertips allows the World Soul to communicate Her purpose to the individual soul. Further, a mouse hole in the footboard of a home has a parabola shape, a horseshoe vortex shape produced by a dove, which becomes connected to one-half of an electromagnetic wave (light) and that produces negative energy according to the Casimir Effect which can open the throat of a wormhole.

A large white sheet fills the view. It has the image of the head of President Trump on a blue oval background in the NW area. Other images on a small blue region appear in other areas of the sheet. I hear, “Incoherent behavior.” The onset of a psychological disorder it seems. A person entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness temporarily exhibits many of the symptoms indicated in certain mental disorders like the following. Questing for attaining an inner Trump presidency seems meant by collapsing incoherent waveforms.

Incoherent behavior - Healthy people differ significantly in their overall personality, mood, and behavior. Each person also varies from day to day, depending on the circumstances. However, a sudden, major change in personality and/or behavior, particularly one that is not related to an obvious event (such as taking a drug or losing a loved one), often indicates a problem. Mental disorders include
• Bipolar disorder
• Depression
• Schizophrenia
• Posttraumatic stress disorder

In the blackness I am looking down at a whitish planer surface of some width that partially angles across the view from out of the NW area towards the East. It reminds me of a honeycomb except the hexagons appear to be circles (could be hexagons but the distance involved and the angle of the view makes them appear as circles).
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Down below I see a super-sized jelly cup (apparently the size of a box of Wheaties is meant) having a parabolic shaped handle (like that seen on a snow shovel) on its NW corner with which to peel back the lid. Red outlines of yellowish regions cover the top. It reminds me of a super-sized orange marmalade serving. I have the impression “Breakfast of Champions” as if the contents, a saying which was for a cereal athletes consumed and gave them strong bodies, will enhance one’s subtle body growth because the Ra consciousness colors of the container implies helps from the water/sex chakra.
Breakfast of Champions.jpg
Breakfast of Champions.jpg [ 53.36 KiB | Viewed 293 times ]

I observe two women kissing and then I see a small gold ring studded with a dark blue gem pattern that looks like petals on a flower. It is being worn on a woman’s pinky finger. Strange, but there is a small vertical taper protrusion off the top of the ring. I immediately recall that cocaine users scoop up a “snort” using such a device. Entering the Eros ego is made easy; promoting psychological intimacy for realizing a bipolar God-image.
Pinky Ring Cocaine.jpg
Pinky Ring Cocaine.jpg [ 38.6 KiB | Viewed 293 times ]

I observe a white dove flying directly towards my location at head height. I recall the business about incoherent waves.


On a clear day I am walking along on a sandy seashore when I see some people walking inland on dirt trails. I decide to see where they are going. The terrain is hilly and barren of trees and houses. Soon I am walking alone and realize I have become lost as everything looks the same; a repeating landscape of narrow dirt trails and hills. I sense that I am in a huge maze/labyrinth.

Eventually I come across a large group of people and we are carried up the long gentle slope of a hill. We then are inside a dark underground place where I see the floor is mostly covered with square regions (about 18 inches on a side) filled with large gold medallions that are being heated. I learn that they are being melted into new forms (new archetypal images will appear on the sides of newly minted “coins” it seems).

I am with the group again and offer to pay $50 if someone will give me a ride back to the beach. Only an elderly woman was mildly interested and she soon disappeared. I was invited to attend a church (apparently underground).

End of Dream

Comment: As I was awakening I had the impression that it was an underground house these people lived in.

Mon. 27 November 2017

I stand next to the passenger side of a purple VW bug. I observe the top of the head of a person shorter than myself standing by the driver’s side that has two large rabbit ears angled V-shaped off the top of the head.

In the darkness I see a white outline of a black sea bass in the NE of the view having its head pointed towards the NW. Comment: In a dream I landed a 777-pound sea bass in Mother of Satan ‘Tools’ – October 2017. It was connected to being new matter psyche for the new Red King. It is headed for incarnation in the NW. Invisible Popsicle sticks were seen in white outline on the black Lincoln Memorial Plaque. That gives an idea of what this fish heralds; the unleashing of an inner civil war that can lead to integration of unconscious contents.
Narwhal Vampire Stake Sea Bass Egg.jpg
Narwhal Vampire Stake Sea Bass Egg.jpg [ 44.96 KiB | Viewed 293 times ]

I observe the frontal top area of a white man’s bald head on a white background. The black/gray talon of a very large left foot on a bird of prey has gripped the mostly left side of this man’s head. Comment: I see from the Internet that only a snake eagle has black/gray talons. In alchemy an eagle carrying a snake is an image of the warring opposites; of spirit and matter. As Jung has shrewdly observed, this much-used image is an adumbration of homoeopathy - a cure effected by what caused the ailment. The serpent becomes the source of the healing of the wound caused by the serpent. This is why the eagle, which brings parchment and pen for the creation of consciousness, serves as a symbol of St. John of the Apocalypse. The opposite to the encircling (or triumphant) snake (as seen in the snake coiled about the baby chicken in A Struggling Black Swan ‘Chicken Birth’ Looms) is the crucified snake. This figure of the reptile nailed to a cross (Moses and the brazen serpent mounted on a stick) - or the chthonian and feminine principle vanquished by the spirit - is also represented mythically by the victory of eagle over serpent. Talons grasping the left brain reminds me of what Jung said about the reign of the Logos Christ; only the Paraclete can relativize the message of the Logos Christ eon.
Eagle Head Conflict Moses.jpg
Eagle Head Conflict Moses.jpg [ 45.59 KiB | Viewed 293 times ]

The eagle's alchemical symbolism can readily be recognized in that the goals of alchemy are the transmutation of base (impure) metals or spirits (GJS: my left-brain functioning) into more purer or finer ones. This called for the destruction of the base metals to release the spirit and the renewal or reunion of the spirit in the new one. This is a renewal process, the death and birth of the new, symbolized in the eagle.

As a killer of snakes and dragons, the eagle represents the victory of the light forces over the dark. The positive traits of this kingly bird are energy, renewal, contemplation and acuity of vision.

I observe several large, open, square box style trailers being pulled in tandem into the driveway of our rental in Victoria, BC. A white metal open grid fence about 18 inches high encloses the top surface. They are filled with belongings one might see to furnish a home.

I see a young woman wearing heavy black cotton clothes and head scarf standing on the NE corner of a residential block that looks like those in Victoria. The trees are barren of their leafy vegetation.

Then I observe a young woman wearing a tight fitting black dress from her SW area. She stands facing the NW white corner in a room such that her body makes a 45-degree angle to that corner.

I am walking on the Cook Village sidewalk when I come to some open cardboard boxes in front of a store. The contain yellow-gold objects.

I am observing the front of a white SUV where I see a young woman, wearing black heavy cotton made clothes (like sweaters), sitting in the front passenger seat.

I see happy young adults, several abreast, holding hands as they walk along on a street in a residential area.

I observe a close-up view of a wood garage door’s NE area. It is yellow with red trim.

I observe a lovely dinning area with no one in it.

I see the bottom of a black frying pan having red vertical streaks as it drips downward.

I observe the black surface in a NE corner and the words “not launched.”

I see a NE view of a spherical bodied Prince Harry. He wears a white cotton sweater. Comment: Prince Harry has just announced his engagement to Meghan. The image suggests the union of the unio mentalis (masculine aspect) with the wholeness of the unio corporalis (feminine aspect).

I observe a long gray weathered log having a gray weathered spherical wood shape sitting on the top middle of the log. Each has a black seared word on its surface.

I see a close-up side view of my left big toe. I see no toenail fungus in it. Comment: It seems the eagle’s struggle with the snake has cured it. The foreign invader has departed. This toe came up in a 2016 vision as noted below. Further, in a 19 February 2004 vision a large snapping turtle held me by the big toe on my left foot. I barely manage to get free by hitting in on the head with an axe. An axe is like a sword – taking a discriminating attitude towards the turtle promotes the union of the opposites, as a turtle shell contains a union of heaven (dome top) and earth (flat bottom), masculine and feminine. As a synchronistic event on 3-3-04 my older brother (Esau type) told me out of the blue that he heard that the best way, perhaps only way for some animals, to get an animal to let go if they have grabbed you in their mouth – like pit bulls, badgers, turtles, etc. – is to stick your finger up their ass.
AH! – July 2016

I am observing a close-up view of the tip of my left big toe and see that all the toe nail fungus is gone. I trim the toe nail and it is soft and “rubbery” – indicating it is very healthy. Comment: The rubbery behavior of the nail suggests it is a subtle body aspect. In The World Soul’s ‘Cry Me A River’ Jihad - November 2015 – a rusty Philips head screw (+) was seen screwed into this toe nail on my left foot. My association to the big toe is that it is very important in allowing one to stand and walk with a steady balance. Like this the World Soul means to say that “screwing Her”; by being psychologically intimate with Her by entering the 2nd chakra and letting Her “screw you” i.e., penetrate you with her mind-melding radiations will help you have a balanced conscious standpoint.


PS Recently, I happened to watch the following video on “The Riddle of Antimatter”. I was quite taken when the lecturer noted a rather simple explanation to the riddle saying, “Unless antimatter somehow became separated from its twin at birth and exists beyond our field of view… scientists are left to wonder; why do we live in a matter dominated universe?” I mention this because the “big bang” creation continua new births of consciousness (new subtle body stuff) taking place in the heart chakra in my visions indicates that “spirit (matter; flowed into Spacetime) and matter (antimatter; flowed into the Beyond as if in an alternate universe) went in opposite directions because it took place as if via a vortex tube effect (which came up in The Flow Splitter – February 2015) separated them in the Planck Length center of a spindle torus (essentially a horn torus). I guess this bipolar God-image twin birth is an insight into the physics that created our universe since matter cannot be so different from psyche as Jung noted. If this proves out to be true it seems the World Soul will deserve a Nobel Prize in physics.
Matter Antimatter Separation.jpg
Matter Antimatter Separation.jpg [ 37.09 KiB | Viewed 293 times ]

Matter and Antimatter Became Separated During This Twin Birth
The Riddle of Antimatter


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  From the Third comes the One as the Fourth

Tues. 28 November 2017


I am attending a president Trump speaking event with many others. At the moment the president is sitting by my left side a couple a seats away.

A woman from a foreign country, wearing a green and yellow dress, began singing America The Beautiful. I only heard the singing of the words, “from sea to shining sea.” (In 1893 at the age of 33 while on the pinnacle of Pikes Peak, the words of the song started to come to her, and she wrote them down upon returning to her hotel room at the original Antlers Hotel)
America The Beautiful.jpg
America The Beautiful.jpg [ 44.77 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

Then I see my daughter as a five-year-old who is lying by my left side. With my left hand I am fondling her clitoris. Something about making a modification to a car engine (the “heart” of a car is its engine).

End of Dream

Comment: The psyche expresses a deep intentional need and it symbolically underlies incest. Incest is a symbolic image referring to the need of the individual to integrate something that needs to stand very close to their soul – in this case the psychology of my daughter Amy who is Eros ego in her psychology (in a 2006 vision the World Soul indicated that Amy’s contribution would be decisive). This act of incest is with someone very close to my inner “family” so to speak and is thus very close to the core of my soul that I need to stand with in order to be whole. Sexuality in a dream is understood to mean “psychological intimacy”. Experiencing a sexual climax is like having a temporary OBE (like a drug induced experience) for it briefly puts one into an intense Eros ego altered state of consciousness. Edinger made the following remarks about “incest and the soul.”

When one reaches the place of incest fantasy it should not be taken personally. Rather, it refers to the realization that what goes on with the incest symbolism pertains to the psyche, not the personal psyche. The ego is needed as operator to witness what is going on. It is a vital part of the procedure. The danger is that the ego will fall into identification with the contents of the objective psyche. And that is the danger of deep analytical work that kind of identification leads to inflation. The ego must take responsibility for the objective material living out the longing for incestual containment in the mother is always followed by catastrophe. On the other hand, when incest is lived out consciously it refers to the union of the ego with its origins – the Self. The Philosopher’s Stone is born out of that. There are three ways of handling incest. The Christian level which transferred incest to the spiritual plane in the metaphysical, secondly the alchemical level which transferred it to the material plane through Sol and Luna and finally to the psychological plane which locates the problem from which it arose in the soul of man facing it as a psychological reality. The first two levels for a modern man are an evasion. The unconscious has an urge to promote and commit incest. The opposites once separated must be reunited (My NDE hospice sister, who I would have liked to marry when I was only 17 or 60 years ago, would be another incest image of the Luna & Sol image coming together) consciously in a coniunctio to recover the lost state of original wholeness. But the whole procedure is experienced as incest. So that proceeding with it means breaching the strongest taboo of the ego. And that creates the shame, despair and blackness. Freud interpreted incest personalistically. Jung took the incest motif subjectively and transpersonally. Subjectively incest refers to the fact that the ego has intimate connection with its own psychological mother, the unconscious. The ego in separating out is pulled back to its origins, its unity. Incest taboo also prohibits relation to the unconscious, to images. This is why Yahweh says, ‘Thou shalt not worship graven images.’ The unconscious is very dangerous for the immature ego and can result in death and dissolution. A personal reductive analysis is better for an immature ego.

I am looking down at the seat area on a recliner. The seat cushion is absent. I observe the large rectangular manufacture label in the NW area of the chair – it has a white background and a collection of different straight lines of wide width at odd angles to each other in its NW corner area. Comment: As I construct the image I have the impression “yarrow sticks” – like what one uses when seeking a reply from the I Ching. Since I meditate in a recliner it means that collapsing the wave function is connected to invoking a divination method. In my previous post Incoherent Behavior Leads To Success the head of Donald Trump in a vertical blue oval was seen on a white sheet in this NW location.
Recliner Label.jpg
Recliner Label.jpg [ 14.64 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

I am observing a top view of an open beer bottle (dark brown) in the darkness.

Then I see a hand holding a large coke bottle by its neck area as if to pour out its contents into the East of the view. The bottle is open and partially filled with water.
Coke Bottle.jpg
Coke Bottle.jpg [ 18.19 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

I am in an old building that reminds me of those built in the old West because it has crude wooden plank floors. Leaning along the West wall near the NW corner I see a large, modern industrial sized push broom having yellow bristles and a black handle. It looks like the one I owned for sweeping out our garage. Comment: A garage is a place where cars are sheltered along with lots of mostly unused stuff. The Eros ego (yellow bristle of the broom) helps one to clean up their worldview, their ego adaptation, in order to adapt to a more enhanced worldview. I notice that this broom has a capital T-shape (read: T is for Tribulation and Triggering of this kind of event). In The Cost of Making Progress – 2 January 2017 I was in a residential neighborhood looking down at the T-intersection; the end that an asphalt driveway made with the asphalt city street while standing on the street. Water was flowing in a slight depression on the street while rain was gently falling. I heard, “It begins.” The rain seemed to be a connection to a Rainmaker effect. Further, the wet asphalt gave it a "walking the Black Road" appearance - something the Native Americans, the Lakota Sioux (Black Elk’s people), had to do when driven from their lands by the invading white man. A road of extreme suffering is meant. “It begins” reminds me of the 19 June 2002 experience I had while reading about a terrorist attack that killed 20 in Israel for I heard, “It has begun”. A vast enantiodromia is underway. The old patriarchal ways are going down, the Old King is looking for his grave so a new ruling principle may emerge. The inner terrorist of the soul (the World Soul) looms.
Push Broom.jpg
Push Broom.jpg [ 24.27 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

Down below in the darkness I observe a gray object that looks like the end of a smaller cylinder protruding out of the end of a larger cylinder. I immediately have the impression this object is about “double speak” (bipolar activity) in a double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding; a connection to the union of the opposites in the heart chakra. Comment: A day or so later I have the sudden image of a cross-section through a vortex tube flash into my inner view. In this analogy, the outer annulus has hot air moving in the opposite direction of the cold air flowing in the smaller diameter inner cylinder. A clitoris in its sheath comes to mind.
Vortex Tube Cross-section.jpg
Vortex Tube Cross-section.jpg [ 41.74 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]


I observe the reddish-yellow glow of a campfire.

Thurs. 30 November 2017

I observe a close-up view of a black screen having very tiny diamond shaped openings on a white background. On the other side of the screen I vaguely make out movement.

In the darkness I am observing a round, glowing white street light on the top of a black metal post. Comment: The following image was taken in the harbor of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Light from the darkness of the South or the feminine principle seems meant.
Street Light Round.jpg
Street Light Round.jpg [ 15.13 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]


Richard Hammer (Sai Baba devotee) and another man with whom I work have been sent to a movie rental store. On the way they encounter a man who loves to play pool. He asks Hammer to play pool with him but he refuses and this really frustrates the man because he is bored and wants some real competition because he knows that Hammer is an extremely lucky individual and would therefor be hard to beat.

End of Dream
Eight Ball.jpg
Eight Ball.jpg [ 27.04 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

Comment: Playing eight ball in the game of pool has come up a few times in my visions. The colors on that ball suggest the need for yang to enter yin. That would be in agreement with 8 being an individuation number. This came up earlier this year in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’ – February 2017 when a young man was seen standing by the NW corner of a pool table and ready to shoot the last ball on the table (the eight ball) into the SW corner pocket (the inferior function). The player who sinks the eight ball wins the game. A woman was seen holding a huge black Styrofoam (a union of matter and spirit) sphere (eight ball connection) to her chest in that post – suggesting the heart chakra is the winner (the “weightlessness” of Styrofoam indicates this is about subtle body development). Recall that the Eros Christ was rolling black bowling balls/cannon balls into Spacetime; something that would have a devastating effect (extremely impressive; highly destructive or damaging; causing severe shock, distress or grief). Further, an 8 ball, in the drug world of cocaine, is 1/8 of an ounce of cocaine. A magic 8 ball is used in a divination game to “answer life’s questions.” Entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness makes one “extremely lucky” it seems. We have also learned that “H is for Hammer”.

I observe a woman’s luminous white right hand in the darkness. The palm is lightly brushing against the top of the head of a man lying down who has salt & pepper colored hair. I have the impression that the man is Gregory.

Now I see the tines of a dinner fork poking up through a semi-transparent white medium in the darkness.

Fri. 1 December 2017

In a dark room I observe a long repeating image of a crashing wave painted in the style of Van Gogh (who is thought to have suffered from a mental disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; a connection to incoherent behavior) in the painting of his Starrynight because the crashing waves appeared to curl-up like this onto themselves as if they had a cinnamon roll structure. Comment: A Fibonacci sequence (seen in the numeral 6 in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall – August 2017 like that seen in a sunflower (VNS chakra tree connection) seems implied – something which enables Avatar (bowling-ball Styrofoam/NEWTOWN head) enlightenment making. Recall that the “axis of Evil” included NEWTOWN and the shin of the “Witches Foot” that forms Cape Cod Bay in From Russia With lovE – March 2014.
Crashing Wave Van Gogh Sai Baba 6.jpg
Crashing Wave Van Gogh Sai Baba 6.jpg [ 41.63 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

Sat. 2 December 2017


I learn that the stock market is going to spike for a few weeks and that it would be a good time to sell into that rise because then it is going to crash.

End of Dream

In a well-lighted view, I observe a close-up view of the left upper body of my father when he was middle-aged. He stands in front of a West wall with his arms held straight out in front of himself while looking at that wall; a mirror it seems since it appears he is in a large bathroom. He wears only a white muscle style tee shirt like he always like to do in real life. The only time I would see him in such a shirt would be when he was shaving in the bathroom. The focus changes to a close-up view of the left backside of his head as if the left visual cortex is being emphasized as well as his left ear. Comment: As I typed this in I was recalling the comment I heard sometime ago, “Thy art thine own father now.” Like this I help give birth to my higher self.

I observe a large stainless-steel kitchen sink whose modern faucet is pouring steaming hot water into the basin. From my left side a large, circular, green plastic lid enters the view and is held in a vertical orientation next to the steaming flow. These are the colors seen in comet lovE-joy. Comment: The “disk shaped” lid reminds me of the pink UFO shape.

Down below in the darkness I see the top of a white woman’s left hand. The tips of the fingernails are painted dark purple. The “writing on the wall” by the alchemical hand symbolism is now representing a union of the opposites.


In a well-lighted scene, I am standing behind a rectangular countertop by its SW corner. Another man stands next to my right side by the SE corner area. The counter in front of us is mostly filled with small, square white boxes and white paperwork. I have finally figured out how to use a process to handle the flow of this kind of work along with my helper.

Suddenly, Dr. Jung’s face (in his late 70’s) is leaning towards me from the NW corner of the countertop. He wears a round white head covering like a medical doctor. Smiling broadly, he addresses me saying, “How are we doing? Do you have the latest ready?” I reply, “I am working on the last of the details but I believe we have figured out a working process for handling the medications.” Immediately, I sense a pleasant wave of energy coming from Jung that is experienced as a sensation of warmth in my chest area. The energy wordlessly expresses his satisfaction with my progress on working out a process. Jung inquires about one other man that was also involved in the process (apparently, he invisibly stands at the NE area of the countertop).
carl_jung.jpg [ 22.27 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: The “doctor of my soul” aspect has incarnated in the NW. It reminds me of the final interview Jung always granted everyone who graduated from the Jung Institute in Zurich. The three men around the table ending with Jung as the fourth in the NW suddenly reminds me of a late 2002 dream that had similar symbolism. It reminds me of the Axiom of Maria Prophetissa “from the Third comes the One as the Fourth” - the fourth as the heart chakra seems meant. Jung used the axiom as a metaphor for the process of individuation. Thus, “incarnated in the NW” means incarnation of an effect from the lower three chakras has taken place in the heart chakra.

14 October 2002 Dream
The Old Indian Site Reveals Four Heavy Gold Disks
I have come upon an old Indian site. Others are already here trying to preserve it and map its extent. In fact, I see a map of its possible extent. I walk around on the grounds and see at one point a small pyramid carefully made of “spherical” stones (cannon ball connection; a downward pointing pyramid is meant since this is an old Native American Indian site) that has toppled to one side exposing thick, circular, large diameter gold disks, four of them to be exact.
Pyramid Stones.jpg
Pyramid Stones.jpg [ 12.31 KiB | Viewed 272 times ]

I reach into this exposed center and manage to take out three of the gold pieces. They were so heavy I had to leave the fourth for it would take a second trip here to carry it out. Although I did not study the pieces I had the impression that symbols covered their surface. I felt guilty for removing these obviously sacred objects from this site. I was afraid the other piece would be discovered and removed before I could return for it.

End of Dream

Reflection: Picking up the wisdom or gold of the Native American Indians. A heavy task and one, which is pictured as being done to the level of three; the lower three chakras seems meant. The fourth is always so difficult or as Edinger said, “integrating the fourth psychological function almost always kills you.” But here it is the challenge to integrate the effects of the three as one in the fourth chakra it seems.

I had the impression the small pyramid was a burial marker. This reminds me of what Edinger had to say about the Orphic gold tablets for they pointed to a union of heaven and earth like that which takes place in the heart chakra.

“Quite early on, humankind began to think of itself as the offspring of both heaven and earth. Orphic gold tablets, dug up from graves dating back to the second and third centuries B.C. contained instructions for the deceased as to how to negotiate their way past the gatekeepers into paradise. Those Orphic gold tablets instructed the deceased to say; ‘I am a child of Earth and the Starry Heaven, but my race is of Heaven alone.’”


Like all of us, I have the impression that our culture and civilization is in a final stage, that it has entered a stage of decay. I believe that either we shall find a renewal, or else it is the end. And I can only see this renewal coming out of what Jung discovered, namely in our making positive contact with the creative source of the unconscious and with dreams. These are our roots. A tree can only renew itself through its roots. For this reason, my message is to urge everyone to turn back to these inner psychic roots because that’s where the only constructive suggestions are to be found — how to come to grips with our enormous dilemmas: the atom bomb, overpopulation. This is the best way of solving all our problems which appear insoluble.” – Marie-Louis von Franz, The Way of the Dream Video.

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  A Double-Ring Holy Wedding

Sun. 3 December 2017

I see a man from his SE area, wearing a dark suit, walking away from my location and into the NW in the view. His head is down slightly as he enters a whitish mist that leaves only his backside visible. Comment: An emphasis on his backside, his unconscious or shadow side seems meant. It’s another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW.

I observe a close-up view of the right side of a lean white face whose eyelid is closed. The person wears an officer’s Army hat like that seen in WW II – an olive drab crush hat. Comment: A left profile view of a man wearing such a hat came up in The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse – July 2017 and it was noted that it has a crescent moon shaped front brim (eye shade) in the center of the view (note: the hat has an olive color = green + yellow or Eros Christ colors). In the present vision the right eye is closed whereas the left profile view showed the left eye open. The use of an Army hat suggests a military-like discipline is involved in questing for Eros Christ consciousness.
Army Hat.jpg
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In a twilight scene a man in black kneels, with head bent slightly downward, on a lattice work of orangish wood lying on the ground by the edge of a pond in an outdoor setting. He is arranging a large number of large containers filled with food on this rectangular platform that is about 12 feet by 36 feet in size. My focus is drawn to a large hemispherical bowl that is heaping full of mashed potatoes with dark gravy coating some of the top surface. A buffet dinner served in a “grounded” Asian manner.

Now I observe a close-up view of a very thick, well-done, large pot roast being pulled off in long pieces and served. Long, cooked green beans lie next to the roast and are coated in its juices. Comment: As I typed this in I flashed back to the following pearl filled green bean which came up in a June 2017 vision. It featured a double sized 4th pearl for the heart chakra.
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg
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I observe many adults, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, in many closely arranged rows that are facing in my direction. About half of them are black men and women.

I see a man standing in the midst of a large gathering of women. He carries an animal foot – as if that will initiate something. Comment: The only animal foot I carried was in my youth when I had a key-chain with a rabbits foot attached; something that was said to being a "good luck" charm. Psychologically, a rabbit is understood to be a fast-breeder and is connected to "new creation." Such a charm (on a necklace) came up in an April 2010 vision.
Rabbit Foot Charm.jpg
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Mon. 4 December 2017

I observe a drawing on pale yellow paper using pale blue lines which shows a top view of a home with its landscaping – as if for the planning of the landscaping.


I see a middle-aged woman wearing a full length flowing white dress that has a circular blue-cyan emblem above her left breast. I have the impression that she heralds the renewal of the Christian archetype. Indeed, the emblem suggest she empowers the renewal of Ra consciousness.

End of Dream

In a white scene I observe a black line drawing of a long limp penis whose upper half lies facing downwards over the 90-degree corner of a white stone block while the other half lies flat on the top of the stone surface. It’s as if this man had a climax and now his penis lays limp.

I observe a man sitting on a toilet. I have the impression he is producing more Ra consciousness.

I see the woman in the above dream that wore the Avatar colored emblem from her NW area. She is eating a thin, dark, crispy substance which I see edge-on. A communion host comes to mind which will produce the colors in the American flag.

Tues. 5 December 2017

I observe the base border made of stone in a square opening. In the central area of the base is a cross of four equal areas in its quadrants.
Cross Base.jpg
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I see what looks like my first wife hanging onto a rope while being dragged on the sand floor of a mouse hole shape tunnel made of smooth surfaced stone and into the depths in a horizontal manner (this reminds me of the aluminum shaped “mouse hole” tunnel of a modern people mover to an airport seen in the 2003 dream about the “Simple Device Saves the World”). This leads to my home where I encounter my first Jungian analyst and my present wife who looks like my first wife. I shake hands with him and notice the sensation of his strong grip on my right hand.

End of Dream

Comment: The strength of his handshake made a strong impression on me as if it was indeed my first analyst (deceased). I had a similar reaction to Dr. Jung appearing in my previous post, that it was really him appearing to me. On a psychological level it seems that these are images that reflect my psychological development; that of being my own analyst now. Sand is yellowish and a symbol for something that is unconscious; the shadow of the Logos ego eon it seems. It has the color that connects it to an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

I observe the left side of a new modern black bicycle with black fenders. The view changers and now I see a left view of the front end which shows the tire (previously all black) as being a yellowish “white” wall tire on the left side.


I am the leader of a team of engineers tasked to develop software that will determine the optimum weight of hamburger needed to form a hamburger. The software consists of thousands of simultaneous, non-linear, algebraic equations that must be iteratively solved in an acausal manner in order to arrive at the solution. I realize that we have arrived at our goal to do so.

End of Dream

Comment: The thousands of equations strike me as being the thousands of ways the Eros Self has looked at the problem of integrating Eros Christ consciousness in the heart chakra of Gregory. Further, it reminds of the software developed in my 2003 dream for the operation of “A simple device saves the world.”

I am looking up at a twilight Western view of the dark clouds in the pale blue sky which has the shape of a left-hand palm down towards the earth.

In the twilight I stand on a residential city sidewalk when suddenly a car comes from my left side and turns in front of me towards a driveway such that I view the car from its NE area. It stops partway into the sidewalk and it is then that I notice the front end is completely covered by one large white rectangular light (effects from Her monk spot).
Car Light.jpg
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I stand in the center aisle at the back of a church when I observe my oldest sister (NDE hospice caregiver) enter and walk into the church along its right side towards the front of the church as if to be seated along that side. She wears a sky-blue scarf head covering that has some white dots in it. My first cousin Jim Sova follows after her. It seems I stand at the center aisle as a bridegroom about to be married. Comment: As is the custom in seating for a marriage ceremony, the relatives of the groom are seated along the right side of the church. Then a running human runs across the front of the inside of the church by the altar railing and throws something towards the back where I stand. It looked like a tongue of fire. Further, the cross-sectional interior shape of the church is reminding me of that of a mouse hole (how my unconscious is “seeing” it).
Church Mouse Hole.jpg
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In the darkness, I see the right side of a kneeling, young, naked white woman whose knees and elbows support her prostrate posture on the ground.

Then in the darkness, I see a small, red, plastic water container whose lip is semi-circular. The middle of the “cup” rests on the knee of a suntanned leg of a young woman while the lip of the cup rest on her left index finger such that the vessel is horizontal and all is towards the NW in the view.

Wed. 6 December 2017

I am recalling the cosmic image for anti-matter and matter separating during the Big Bang that created our matter Universe and an anti-matter Universe. The question arises; “Are they identical shadow universes?” (or did they develop differently?)

Then in the blackness down below in the six o’clock hour location I observe, from its NW area, a flexing yellow-gold membrane in a black circular frame; a portal it seems. An Eros ego altered state of consciousness gives one access to the anti-matter universe seems meant. The Queen’s portal that gives access to the unus mundus from spacetime comes to mind. I immediately recall the similar colored portal that Rama followers report using when they meditate which comes in four different intensities. Comment: On completing the image I suddenly had the question arise, “What is the color on the other side of the portal (on the other side of the ‘coin’)?” The opposite colors would yield an Avatar appearance on the Queens side of the portal/Stargate; a possible connection to a double wedding band and to the “Wheels of Ezekiel” portal shared in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017.
Queens Portal.jpg
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Double-Ring Holy Wedding
A “double-ring” wedding ceremony includes engagement and wedding rings worn on the left hand, the bride having both rings together.

I see a few-week old dark tan puppy that has something in its mouth. It was perched on the top back of a recliner and it just walked out onto the Doomsday hour location of a large rectangular white drawing board somewhat covered with drawings and drawing tools.

I am in the SE area of a large church observing a priest saying mass with his back to me. It is the time for the transmutation of the elements of bread and wine into the body of Christ as the white host is elevated by the hands of the priest above his head.

I am observing the due East side of a large number of people down below on a white cement area that surrounds the base of a mature pine tree – as if I am in an airplane.

Thurs. 7 December 2017

I observe a sitting person from their NW area that wears a red robe with hood up. The focus is on the pattern of colors on a portion of the fabric in a circular area on the outside left thigh which has a central yellow-gold area partially surrounded by small squares or rectangles of other colors like blue, orange, green, etc. “Birthing from out of the left thigh” comes to mind; something that came up in The Cost of Making Progress – January 2017 and which has been characterized in my 2012 material as being connected to “Birthing 'The Holocaust' From Her Left Thigh”. In Arrival – July 2017 I was robbed of my wallet which I carried in my left front pants pocket. That incident was connected to three men and women as if an effect from the lower three chakras was involved. In Greek mythology Dionysus (a chthonic/Eros birth) was born out of Zeus’s left thigh.

I am using a wheelchair (has a double-ring connection) as I exit my workplace. I immediately recall what the Eros Self said would be my helps with understanding her visions and dreams, “You will be blind, you will be lamed.”

Now I observe the thighs of a sitting man from his NW area. The tip area of the three, cruel looking V-shaped blade tips (Planck Second) of Neptune’s trident (Devil’s pitchfork) protrudes through the side of his left thigh – apparently where the multi-colored pattern was seen on the red robe. This gives another angle into the nature of what is being born out of the left thigh. The Dionysus effect on one’s conscious standpoint “lames” one’s existing worldview.
Trident.jpg [ 18.5 KiB | Viewed 254 times ]

I am observing the inside of a tunnel having the cross-sectional shape of a mouse hole. It is filled with garbage (read: shadow material of the Logos Christ eon).

Fri. 8 December 2017


My uncle and godfather, Lou Costello (1906-1959) – a compulsive gambler, owns a restaurant in a casino in Las Vegas. I briefly meet with him as he sat at his office desk. It was my birthday and he was having a celebration party for me. I was to be given a free chicken.

Then I see a large landscape format booklet using heavy gauge purple paper that just flipped open a page to show in black font the words Donald Trump and associates. Previously I had seen Lou Costello in this booklet. I guess Donald Trump owns the casino.

End of Dream

Comment: Lou Costello is most famous for his baseball comedy routine Who's On First which so amply makes use of what happens when there is a misunderstanding in language (read: psychological language of the World Soul is meant as metaphor).


In the darkness, I observe a block numeral 7 whose face is red and whose sides are white. It is partially out of the view in the Doomsday hour location. Beams of white light penetrate the darkness around it as if search lights from Las Vegas are shining in the night sky.

I observe a truncated cone shaped lampshade on a table lamp in the NE corner of a dimly lighted room. The top of the lampshade is angled 45-degrees to the ceiling corner – suggesting a light cone is connected to that point of no-space/no-time.

I hear, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” Comment: I heard this once while in high school. I never knew where it came from. From the Internet I see it comes from the play Man and Superman (a “divine?” comedy) by George Bernard Shaw.

I see a close-up view of the right cheek of a young Mohammad Ali (American heavyweight boxing champion). There is a red splotch on his upper jawbone. Comment: As I typed this in I recalled how lambs blood was put on the archways of homes in the Passover in Egypt to spare the lives of the Jewish first-born. But now this blood marks the weapon to be used to slaughter all the first-born ego adaptations (psychologically understood) using the jawbone of an “ass” (read: an Eros ego consciousness) with which to slay God’s enemies.


PS I see that the outer President Trump has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Apparently, the goal is to let Israel have West Jerusalem and Islam East Jerusalem. The outer geographic battle lines reflect the deeper drama of unification trying to take place in the heart of humanity.
Jerusalem Quarters.jpg
Jerusalem Quarters.jpg [ 123.17 KiB | Viewed 254 times ]

The balance can be restored only when a meeting takes place between East (Eros Self) and West (Logos Self). This meeting must take place at the deepest level of human consciousness.

The whole human race has now come to the moment when everything is at stake, when a vast shift of consciousness will have to take place on a massive scale in all societies and religions for the world to survive. Bede Griffiths

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  The Burning Man Burning Bush Conundrum

Sun. 10 December 2017

I am looking down into a used empty water glass that has a truncated cone shape. A thick whitish substance coats the clear glass surface as if thick milk (a very nutritious cream?) had filled it. The viewing angle gives the impression of viewing half of a vesica piscis shape; formed by the partial view of the bottom of the glass (or by the cross-section of the amount of milk left in the glass as shown in the following image).
Glass Milk.jpg
Glass Milk.jpg [ 21.89 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

In a 29 February 2004 vision, nursing on the breasts of the feminine came up. It was linked to the two wise men doing this as seen in the following image from Aurora Consurgens by MLvF. The amazing aspect is the colors of the garments the two men wear for the colors correspond to the red/green colors of the wormhole ends for the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros.
Milk Aurora.jpg
Milk Aurora.jpg [ 38.96 KiB | Viewed 217 times ]

I observe a young blond woman whose hair is long and straight and hangs past her shoulders. She plays with her two teenage daughters in a living room.

I see a middle aged blond woman standing in the NW area of an airport baggage claim carousel area. She walks towards the NE area past the large circular turning baggage system. She wears black tight-fitting pants. The scene is otherwise empty of people and baggage. Comment: In reality I had a lost bag on an airplane flight and I went to the NW area of the baggage claim area to report the lost bag; right where the blond woman stood. It seems the World Soul is saying lost incarnation material will manifest in the NW.
Airport Baggage Claim.jpg
Airport Baggage Claim.jpg [ 33.29 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I see a small frying pan that is red on the outside and black on the inside that is being held by its handle. The handle of a fork rest on the rim of the Doomsday hour location if the handle is at the 3 o’clock location. I interpret it like this because the a side view was given such that the handle was pointing directly away from me into the East and the fork handle pointed due North.
Frying Pan Fork.jpg
Frying Pan Fork.jpg [ 28.33 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

In darkness I observe a close-up left profile view of the head of a black with white trim wolf.
Wolf Black White.jpg
Wolf Black White.jpg [ 35.26 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

Mon. 11 December 2017

I observe my oldest daughter (FN) sitting in the NW of my view with her back to me. Her one-year-old son stands by her right side. She is smiling and looking over her right shoulder at me.

In a daylight scene I stand in the middle of the dirt driveway by the street (US 27) of the home where I grew up. I am facing East (US 27) and my mother stands off my right side to my South. I hold my arms out to my sides such that they are parallel to the ground. I am slowly rotating counterclockwise as if my arms are hands on a clock that starts at the 6 o’clock hour. Eventually, I say to my mother, “Stop me.” She reaches out and holds my left arm as it swings past in front of her (the hour hand is my right arm) but my left arm continues to rotate until it comes to rest against my right arm. Now both arms register 3:3. Comment: 137 is the 33rd prime number; connecting 6 o'clock to the fine structure constant for our universe.

I hear, “Location, Location; that is how I got out…” Comment: My only association to these words come from real estate value; location is everything.

While the above comment was coming through I was observing a young blond woman sitting on the NE corner of a king-sized bed in a room. The headboard was against the West wall. So, she was near the NW corner of the room. Comment: NE > NW reminds me of the following “energy transfer” handshake vision of October 2006. The Mickey Mouse cannon ball hand is in the NE of the sheet of yellow-gold energy and the man leaning across the abyss is in the NW of the blackness of his location.
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg [ 47.21 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I observe a beige surface (like seen in the above energy image that Our Lady of Fatima stands on) that appears to be the remnant of a portion of a vanished civilization which shows city streets and leveled foundations. I am slowly drifting over the top of this feature and see a human standing on the top landing of a few steps in its NW area.


I am near the back of a large church sitting in a pew along its right side (the Saint Joseph side) as if waiting for mass to begin. A young woman, PB, I knew from my high school days sits nearby. The church reminds me of Saint Mary by the Sea in San Pedro, CA.

Noon time arrives and all in the church leave for their lunch hour break as if it is our job to be in the church all day (reminds me of a vigil where people keep a 24-hour presence with the Holy Eucharist during Good Friday).

I leave the church and instead of seeking lunch I choose to enjoy the remote country side that completely surrounds the church. All the grass and shrubs are dead like one sees in Winter but here it is a warm sunny day. I begin to drift above the landscape a few feet and up the side of a steep mountain at a 45-degree angle (light cone angle). Mature pine trees line either side of the cleared area I ascend above the yellowish dead vegetation (whose colors reminds me of the “energy transfer” seen in the NE > NW energy transfer image above). It reminds me of how a path is cleared through a forest like this for power transmission towers to occupy. I am experiencing a “mystical” connection with this journey up the side of the mountain.

The scene changes and I have entered the church and sit in the back of the left side (the Virgin Mary side). I hear a commotion coming from the center area on the entrance to the church – a man says “f*** (something)…” and enters the center aisle area. He is tall, thin, with dark skin and a full close trimmed beard as if a Muslim. He smiles as he looks at me.

End of Dream

Good Friday vigil - a time to watch faithfully with Jesus through the way of the cross, and to make connections between the suffering of Christ (who was crucified at noon) and the suffering in our own lives and in the world.

I observe a close-up view of a black numeral 11 on a beige background in the NW of the view. Comment: Paranormal effects will incarnate.

In the blackness down below in the SW of the view I see a large capital Z as a block letter. It has a white line that divides the black surface. I have the impression that this is an image for Yang entering Yin.

I observe an empty dark wood spice “rack” hanging on a wall. It has wavy style woodwork which connects it to spices from the Eros Self. The World Soul has been seen using spices on chicken to be cooked. Individuation it the eating of one's higher Abraxas Self.
Spice Rack.jpg
Spice Rack.jpg [ 22.21 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I see a tepee in the darkness. Its shape is reminding me of a light cone; light from the Eros Self is meant. Further it reminds me of the sides of a capital A. This reminds me of the gunsights on the DOOM game shotgun which has a double A configuration with one A the “shadow” of the other in appearance. A is for Apocalypse.
Shotgun DOOM Gunsights.jpg
Shotgun DOOM Gunsights.jpg [ 35.5 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I am observing a computer mouse cursor on a computer screen that starts out as a white circle that is then filled in with a blue color. The transformation continues into other shapes and colors until finally a white sparkling from the center (heart) of a 3D red diamond shape materializes. Comment: The first two colors were those in NW. It seems the sparkling ruby diamond meaning will incarnate in the NW.
Diamond Red.jpg
Diamond Red.jpg [ 20.25 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I am playing a game on my computer when my wife approaches and says, “You are not going to like this!” I immediately thought she wanted to immediately go somewhere which irritated me because I was in the middle of playing a game. I wait to see what she may add but nothing more is said.

Tues. 12 December 2017

A bishop (only a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church can administer the sacrament of Confirmation; the receiving of the Holy Spirit) has given my wife and I 29 (=’s 11) yellow-gold “football” shape medicine capsules that will cure an otherwise incurable dis-ease of some kind. We are to use them to administer to people who come down with this otherwise incurable disease. We soon find out that very wealth people are willing to pay a high price to obtain a dose which is always for a sick female child in their family. But these capsules were charity and thus free to anyone who happened to come to us.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I found myself recalling the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying the Logos Christ. It’s as if these “29” pieces of yellow-gold will heal because it will open one up to Eros Christ consciousness.

I am observing my right hand, held palm up out in front of me in a twilight view. The finger are cupped a bit as if the palm of the hand holds something small that is not seen in the view given. A yellow-gold capsule it seems which reminds me of the movie Matirx when “The One” (Nemo) had to choose between taking the red capsule (awakening) or the blue capsule (unchanged). Thus the yellow-gold capsule is about “awakening of higher consciousness”.

I observe a left side view of a tall, slender, middle-aged black woman who towers above me. She has long black curly hair that is swept aft as if in a large pony tail behind her head. She wears a long, tight-fitting sky-blue dress.

I am looking down at a top view of the young, slender white woman who holds her right arm up along her right side. It is bent at the elbow such that the arm has a V-shape.

In a twilight view I observe a man sitting in a wheelchair with his back to me on a city sidewalk wearing a pale blue shirt (like the color of the dress worn by the black woman). He has a full head of bushy white hair. He is right next to the curb and adults are walking past him in the opposite direction to which he faces.

In the darkness below on my right side I see a crumpled but partially folded yellow-gold bath towel lying on a black surface.

In the darkness of the NW I observe a luminous jumbo sized white chicken egg whose blunt end is against the West side. A double yoke egg for the soft-boiled egghead on the HermAphrodite; a bipolar God-image.

I suddenly wonder what is the comb shape (the red fleshy shape) on the head of a chicken. I wonder if it has three triangular shapes. I learn that the Comb shape varies considerably depending on the breed or species of bird. Comment: In an October 2003 vision I saw someone cooking a chicken in a large skillet – flipping it over and putting a little seasoning onto it. I am to eat that chicken. Individuation is the eating of one’s higher Self; in this case it is portrayed using the image of a chicken – a connection to the chicken God, Abraxas (7 letters) who is the uniter of all the opposites. The anima mundi is revealing her chicken aspect as if she has shapeshifted!

Wed. 13 December 2013

I see two recliners (a van Gogh starry night colored one and a darkred one) in a room whose backs are towards the NE corner. They sit side-by-side and at an angle away from each other forming a V-shape between them. A gap at the apex of the V-shape positioning is evident. I immediately recall the gap in the V-shape of the gravity well of a Black Hole singularity and its overall Planck Second “vampire stake” shape. Comment: The following diagram seems meant. Of course, I meditate in a recliner using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
Black Hole Singularity.jpg
Black Hole Singularity.jpg [ 47.92 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I am looking down into an open jar having the shape of a clear glass, old-style, mustard jar. Lying on its bottom is a thin layer of orange marmalade (orange is the color of the 2nd chakra). Comment: The “bipolar” colors in the label on the mustard jar suggests that Eros Christ consciousness gives rise to the renewal of Ra consciousness. The narrowing shape of a mustard jar is being connected to the narrowing gap in the depths of the Black Hole singularity where the recliners are seen in the previous image. This indicates that the depths of the 2nd chakra are connected to the black hole gravity singularity as if it is the timeless/spaceless realm. A “tearing” apart the vertex of a V-shape has often come up in my visions over the years. This connects it to the realm of non-local effects being possible; what happens at “Point A” happens everywhere and always as Remo has noted in his writings.
Mustard Jar.jpg
Mustard Jar.jpg [ 29.21 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

In reality, I took a break on preparing this post at this point to read my email. I received one from my daughter Amy who sent a link to the article Precious Gems Bear Messages From Earth's Molten Heart. Patricia is the name of my wife. The gem is 12-sided; matching the number of petals on the lotus flower for the heart chakra and its Seal of Solomon center and its emerald green color is a connection to the color of the heart chakra and to the colors at the bottom of the mustard jar.
Emerald.jpg [ 32.93 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

The prospectors had unearthed what would come to be called the Patricia Emerald: a dazzling 12-sided crystal roughly the size of a soup can, with a weight of 632 carats - more than a quarter of a pound - and a verdant color so pure and vivid you'd swear the stone was photosynthesizing.

I see a left profile view of my high school classmate Jim Raymaker (who died from a heart attack in 2006). He has recently knelt in a shallow water because his beige pants are wet along the shin area on both legs. I immediately recall my 1976 Pentecostal experience in which the Holy Spirt first entered my shins before it dwelt in my heart chakra. I have the impression that his last name is being connected to a Rainmaker effect.
Man Holy Ghost.jpg
Man Holy Ghost.jpg [ 18.58 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

Then I observe a close-up view of the darkred limbs on a thorn bush that partially overgrows a yellowish pinewood rectangular tabletop. A rosebush it seems that has yet to sprout green leaves or flowers. Comment: A “burning bush” comes to mind as I prepare this post – which has Ra consciousness colors like that seen on the upper part of the mustard jar label.
Burning Bush.jpg
Burning Bush.jpg [ 29.55 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

Thurs. 14 December 2017

I am observing a middle-aged man riding a bicycle along the West side and into the NW of the view in the darkness. The focus is on the circular sheet of wavy multi-colored “paper” the surrounds the hub of each wheel which extends half the radius as it weaves between the spokes. The front wheel paper contains Ra consciousness colors that begins with red at the hub which transitions to yellow which transitions to white. Avatar consciousness colors are seen on the paper on the rear wheel. The bicycle wheel colors reminds me of the following which was seen in The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum – February 2016 that was “flying” an “ISIS” flag. This is another view into the “Double-Ring Holy Wedding” meaning.
Bicycle Portal Colors.jpg
Bicycle Portal Colors.jpg [ 40.74 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I observe a wall in a room covered with square tiles of the unus mundus background color of light blue (223,231,238). One of the tiles in the NW area has a stem rose that is partially unfolded – a tightly compact bud whose end is circular. Blood red colors mostly cover the surface but a circular pattern of yellow-gold covers the center as if pollen and some small white tip areas are in between the center and outer diameter. Several other such roses on a green stem are seen in a row along the lower side of the wall. A hybrid rose that contains yellow-gold pollen pistils seems meant – suggesting that an Eros ego altered state of consciousness pollenates this species. Comment: A connection to the “thorn bush”/“burning bush” above.
Rose Stem.jpg
Rose Stem.jpg [ 23.57 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

I observe a close-up view of the backside of my two hands that are held up in front of my eyes. The thumbs overlap and they form an X-shape. Comment: As has been noted many times in my visions an X-shape is connected to the potency of the mega quake, mega tsunami potential of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone. The thumbs are the input from the World Soul to the individual soul in the Jnana Mudra (Wisdom Mudra) and hands are the vehicles which produce consciousness; a co-creative process is being highlighted.
Hands X Thumbs.JPG
Hands X Thumbs.JPG [ 27.54 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

In a desolate sage brush desert-like filled view I see a rabbit running away from my location and into the North.

I observe a slender young woman from her right side who suddenly falls down onto her knees in front of the open door of a refrigerator like that in our rental home.

In the blackness in the SE of the view I see the following luminous white neon sign block capital letters INN. Since SE is the location of the 2nd chakra it seems taking up residence in that “inn” is meant. To enter the INN of the World Soul is to come into relationship with ISIS, NEWTOWN, ANYTOWN, STYROFOAM, PLANCK SECOND, 6, 8-BALL, SHADOW, F U C K U S A L L, WOW!, HELTER SKELTER, APOCALYPSE, CORNERSTONE, SECRET HITLER, 2, Deliverance From Evil - to mention a few of the more recent similarly color coded words.

In the darkness along the West side of the view I see a trident in silhouette that points vertically into the NW. Such a trident was seen stuck into the left thigh of a man in my previous post A Double-Ring Holy Wedding – laming him.


I meet a man who is interested in “UFO Government Disclosure” information. He informs me that my name (used Joe) has been added to his mailing list for this kind of information. He went on to say, “You don’t want me to use your real name because you could lose your security clearance.”

The man will be anonymously making news broadcasts and other stuff to inform the public about UFO disclosure. At the moment the membership is 1,000.

End of Dream

Comment: My father’s middle name was Joseph. Everyone always referred to him as Joe. “Thou art thy own father now” comes to mind.

In the darkness I observe an invisibly suspended, freshly sharpened pencil angled 45-degrees downward as if in a writing position. More “writing on the wall” is meant.

Fri. 15 December 2017


I have apparently been chewing on some old, weathered, rotten wood. A small piece has become lodged between my two front teeth. I pick away at it and each time I manage to remove a sliver and the taste it leaves in my mouth is foul. I keep removing slivers and experience the foul taste. It seems I can never get rid of the wood no matter how much I remove!

End of Dream

Comment: As I typed this in I suddenly recall the “miracle of the loaves and fish” performed by the Logos Christ to feed over 5,000 who had gathered on a hill to hear him preach. The food never ran out despite having started with only a few loaves and fish.

Erupting into the blackness from the 6 o’clock location I observe an “explosion” – a fireball (teardrop shaped?) rising into the view. Suddenly the vision ends but it looked like it would rise to the Doomsday hour.
Fireball.jpg [ 18.61 KiB | Viewed 221 times ]

Now in the darkness I observe a residential area from an elevated position. Fire is seen burning inside through all their windows but strangely the outside of the homes are not on fire. It’s an image for what it means to be a “burning man” – his subtle body is being refined with new Ra enlightenment.
House Fire.jpg
House Fire.jpg [ 39.47 KiB | Viewed 221 times ]

Burning Man Burning Bush Conundrum


PS Check out these UFO stories in the NYTIMES. The naval aircraft aspect of November 2004 came up in my post The Black Horse/Black Fish Apocalypse – October 2017

The Pentagon's Mysterious UFO Program

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/p ... .html?_r=0
UFO Navy 2004 Nov.jpg
UFO Navy 2004 Nov.jpg [ 26.58 KiB | Viewed 221 times ]

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/p ... .html?_r=0

My thoughts are,

"The growing consensus among the mainstream UFO community is that these alien psychophysical craft come to help humanity evolve its consciousness.
Since these craft are able to exhibit varying degrees of materiality they are psychophysical - material and psychical; neither and yet both. They are paranormal and suggest being subtle bodied. Thus, they are able to exhibit anti-gravity and inertia free movements.

C.G. Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, wrote a book titled "Flying Saucers" in the late 1950s. Its psychic aspects need to be included as well as the Sacred Geometry shapes of these craft if the message the alien intelligence brings is to be understood.

The alien intelligence as far as I know is the anima mundi or the World Soul, the soul of the World that animates all of life and is also known as the Holy Spirit in Christianity."

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  A Great Wave of Consciousness To Dissolve Them All

Fri. 15 December 2017


AvH has been hired as a high paid consultant some years ago. My older brother and I now advise him on how to use a tax shelter to minimize his taxes. His consulting days are coming to an end.

End of Dream

Comment: AvH is a childhood friend who lived the chthonic life. The joints in his legs were affected by rheumatic fever in his youth.

Sat. 16 December 2017

I hear, “Run silent, run deep”. Comment: This is the movie title of a submarine trying to evade surface detection. A submarine has a “vesica piscis” shape which is the center of a spindle torus or the negative energy field of the throat of a wormhole and thus the location of the unus mundus. Staying with an Eros ego altered state of consciousness while meditating is meant.

I see a thin golden ring and on its NE area is another smaller golden ring that partly intersects it. Like this an invisible vesica piscis is formed. The resultant configuration looks like the left ear on Mickey Mouse. “By the hearing of the Word” the Virgin Mary became the carrier of the Logos Christ comes to mind.
Mickey Mouse Ear.jpg
Mickey Mouse Ear.jpg [ 19.04 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

On a sunny day I stand at the top of a sand dune on the sandy shoreline of a blue ocean. Some of the dune is covered in green seagrass while another area has a pathway growth of small green "cruel looking" Xmas trees whose succulent looking foliage is composed of thin V-shapes angled upwards at a 45-degree angle as if so many “rays”. The V-shapes remind me of Planck Second shapes and the Xmas trees look like 3D arrowheads or spearheads. Turning on your HeartLight looms.
Pine Tree Planck Second.jpg
Pine Tree Planck Second.jpg [ 17.36 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

I see a tall, slender woman who is a teacher. She is interacting with a man who has physical problems but is very gifted. The teacher wants to a have a sexual relationship with him but does not know if the man can make her pregnant. The man hands her a tall glass flask having an oval cross-section that was more vesica piscis it seemed. It is about one-third filled with his semen – suggesting he is very virile. The woman smells it and has a reaction that indicates – “maybe”. I have the impression that she senses she may have encouraged the man too much.

I am observing the backside of a tall well-built man standing in front of me in my recliner in a darkened room. He wears a Scottish kilt (bagpipe players) which reveals that he has a yellow-gold colored wood peg leg supporting his left leg from about the knee down. The fabric of the kilt is dark green with red lines. I immediately recall that Captain Ahab, in Moby-Dick (a white teardrop shaped whale), for he had a wood peg leg; a laming by the Great White Whale.
Captain Ahab.jpg
Captain Ahab.jpg [ 29.5 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

I observe several large spherical bushes having stem branch growth that produces a uniform surface of flowering ends – all along the West side in the view. The bush closest to the NW area produces yellow-gold roses while the one just before it produces red tips with white interior roses.
Flowering Bush.jpg
Flowering Bush.jpg [ 71.7 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

A young woman is walking out of a storefront and says to a man nearby, “It is important to connect the dots.”

I am observing a close-up view of the cuff on a yellow-gold pant leg that is just below the knee. It tightly surrounds the yellow-gold peg leg. The cuff is a series of wavy Mickey Mouse ear shapes. The idea seems to be that a small circle intersects the larger circular circumference of the wood peg leg to form repeating vesica piscis regions. On rendering the following image it came to me that this was not a pants cuff – it was a wedding garter that the bride wears.
Peg Leg.jpg
Peg Leg.jpg [ 30.75 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

In a black and white twilight view I stand on a city sidewalk looking across a very wide boulevard at a row of barren trees in silhouette whose canopy limbs end with V-shapes – giving them a rather cruel look that points towards the sky. It’s as if the VNS is at odds with the CNS and has a penetrating message aimed towards the existing worldview.

I am observing a long clear plastic bag with black markings lying on the NW corner of a King-sized bed. It has been opened and a few white rolls of toilet paper remain in the bag. I immediately recall the November 2007 vision of rolls of Bride & Groom Wedding print toilet paper.
Toiletpaper.jpg [ 30.36 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

In the darkness I observe a yellow-gold slice of cheese in the NW area. It has been cut along its outer edges with straight lines that removed rectangular pieces – giving the remaining cheese a key appearance.

In a black and white view a fog begins to gently move into the view. This becomes the background for an overlay showing the NW area of a spherical bonding of atoms like that on a buckyball seems meant.
Buckyball Fog.jpg
Buckyball Fog.jpg [ 23.66 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

I am observing the handle openings on a pair of scissors. Comment: A very large pair of scissors were seen used in ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of a new business in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017. The blades on a pair of scissors had dinosaur claw shapes in Opening Pandora’s Box Is Act of Psychic Terrorism – March 2017. A pair of scissors was also seen clipping out a picture of a bluish asteroid in Arrival – July 2017. It seems something of humanities worldview is going to become extinct in yet another “dinosaur killer” event.
Dinosaur-killer.jpg [ 38.95 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

I later notice that the finger openings in the pair of scissors involves the thumb, index and middle fingers. The “three fingers of the apocalypse” it seems; something seen during the Iranian Revolution by the people of Iran against the policies of their government. The index and middle finger opening in the scissors handle has the shape of two merging black holes. The thumb = World Soul = belly brain = black hole. Turning on your Heart Light is an Enlightening Apocalyptic event.
Scissors Apocalypse.jpg
Scissors Apocalypse.jpg [ 39.92 KiB | Viewed 207 times ]

Sun. 17 December 2017


I am participating in a technology show with many others who are of like mind. We gather in a modern dark gray one story building of immense size. I meet many different people from different disciplines. It is not clear why we have gathered together. As I meander through the place I stop to observe the back end of a modern yellow cased Schmidt- Cassegrain personal telescope (like the 8” diameter one I used to own) having a pocket camera mounted snugly to its backend.

The scene changes and now I am leaving the building and walking down a steep, rugged sandstone hill towards the emerald ocean many hundreds of feet below. Just then people in front start climbing back uphill. Seawater is rapidly rising to their level even though they are hundreds of feet above sea level. I also begin to flee to higher ground and just miss being caught by the waters that soon rush back out to sea.

End of Dream

Comment: A telescope has the optical power to bring distant things closer into view. Psychologically understood they are instruments that allow one to “see the future”. In this case the World Soul is saying a ghost mega tsunami (a Patricia emerald color code connection to the heart chakra) is meant since no earthquake was felt in our area. A ghost tsunami is something created in one area of the world far away that radiates its effect in other places. It brings Eros Christ consciousness.
Tsunami.jpg [ 38.83 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

A Great Wave of Consciousness Should Come and Dissolve Them All
The above “wave of consciousness” reminds me of the comment the World Soul made in an 8 June 1999 vision, “The stone that the builders have rejected was the cornerstone. Just as (the Logos) Christ was rejected so is the carrier of the (Eros) Christ. Feel no inferiority over this.” This comment was further amplified on by the World Soul who later added, “A great wave of consciousness should come and dissolve them all. Melt them all down to nothing. To have shut the door on all the gifts that are out there and create this ivory tower – I have no sympathy for them. The roads to Rome are many and they will be paved.” (The Patricia Emerald is connected to this comment)

I observe an elephant trunk sticking into the NW of the view from the West side. It extends along the North side a way and then the tip of the trunk curls up towards the North side. Effects from the matriarchal realm will influence incarnation events in the NW. Suddenly, I have the impression that the trunk is a tunnel. As if all those years of being involved in tunnel journeys are connected to exploring the matriarchal realm. Comment: New Creation is connected to Hexagram #1 in the I Ching, the book of changes.
Pillars_of_creation.jpg [ 31.66 KiB | Viewed 216 times ]

Elephant trunk is a term used to describe certain formations of interstellar matter found in space – such as “The Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula.

Then in the darkness of the NW I see the backside of a young woman wearing a pink dress.

Mon. 18 December 2017


I have shown up for my first day on the job in a dark, poorly lighted, headquarters in a modern building. I work for an older stout woman who really knows the ropes but who is not adverse to working around the system. Everything here is secretive as if I work for the FBI or the CIA. I am immediately thrust into an uncomfortable circumstance because it violates what should be normal protocol for secret work. A loaded Glock style pistol lies on a conference table surface for my use but it should have been issued to me with proper paperwork. A thick instruction manual for the coming years operations has another page of instructions lying on its top but should have been in the manual. I awaken, filled with anxiety.

End of Dream

Comment: I could see the ammo round in the chamber of the gun and it had Ra coloring. Further, the rectangular conference table reminded me of all the conference tables seen in a 1999 dream which were covered with thick manuscripts and each had a large thick silver medallion centered on its top page. These were in a “hidden room” and Dr. Jung was very interested in them. Anxiety comes from being near the Eros Self. It seems connected to the coming “wave of consciousness”.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  The Redhead, Wet-kiss, Blood-Family, Apocalypse of Lo:vE

Mon. 18 December 2017


A man keeps asking me how to spell his name. I don’t know. Then a Health Care Card with his tiny picture in the NW of the card is shown to me. His last name is also shown that reads something like Dcquie (which sounds like DeCroix – the aspect of my Logos ego which thought all could be solved by the intellect). Anyway, this man, who looks like Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes, is being advised to not get involved in consulting. And yet, he still considers doing so.

Suddenly his health care card is blown out of his hand and out onto the street below. I go after the card to try to retrieve it for him. Once on the scene a small four leg fluffy tan animal goes after the card. The animal has a narrow V-shaped black beak of a bird. It bites a young man on his right index fingertip who tries to stop it. The animal acts as if it is rabid.

End of Dream

I am observing the 8” long blade of a Chef knife having a split black handle held together by three stainless steel rivets. The handle end is invisibly held next to my chest such that the blade is horizontal to the ground. The sharp end of the blade points to the right. Comment: Eight is an individuation number. This reminds me of how a meat cleaver was used on my chest in a 1981 dream in order to undergo open heart surgery. The split black handle held together by 3 steel rivets suggest a union of the 3 upper and 3 lower chakras in the heart chakra.
Chef Knife.jpg
Chef Knife.jpg [ 15.49 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

In the darkness I see blue-cyan matchhead of a stick match that is pointed against the West wall in the NW corner of the view (as if it is to be "struck", i.e., ignited?). Comment: This is the type of stick match I used when growing up to light a gas burner flame on a kitchen stove. In the visions, the opposite color of this matchhead color and its flame incarnates in the NW as new FIRE or Ra enlightenment when the match is struck. It reminds me of the coloring in bicycle “Wheels of Ezekiel” seen recently; a “chariot of fire”. All who can ride it are "bridge makers" and can turn on their Heart Light for celebrating a "Merry Xmas" through the renewal of the Christian archetype in their soul.
Match Duo Bicycle.jpg
Match Duo Bicycle.jpg [ 31.73 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

Then, where the matchhead was seen I see instead a yellow-gold top hat whose top is by the West wall in the NW and the hat is at a 45-degree angle with the bottom of the hat lower down. Comment: Wearing an Eros ego mind-set opens one up to Avatar enlightenment. The top hat … makes the man appear taller. That is its purpose. One becomes more important because one is taller =’s more enlightened.
Top_Hat.jpg [ 33.56 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I am standing outside in a daylight scene on a white concrete patio where I see lying on the surface a large blow-up of a page out of my Word document having the background color used on the unus mundus forum. I am leaning down observing this page when Cozy (my deceased black & white King Charles Spaniel) comes running into the view which displayed her right side. I gave her a chewy treat. I sense warmth in my heart chakra as I miss the company of this pup.

Tues. 19 December 2017


I have become involved with two rival gangs in a darkened rural setting. Both gangs are peddling drugs. The leader of one gang offered me some drugs to try. I could not refuse him or I would be in great danger. I sensed he was very strong even though he was rather tall and slender. The drug came ready to consume in liquid form and had a yellowish color (it's the liquid version of the Eros Self in urine form; a connection to the teardrop shape of baby urine that attached to the tip of my right index finger from the new birth). It was in a very slender clear glass container that reminded me of an old-style eye dropper (Planck Second shape). I sucked on its end and consumed a small amount which almost immediately relaxed me. The man then gave me his silver metal looking switchblade knife and I was to protect it at all costs.
Eye-Dropper.jpg [ 18.59 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

The gang I was with and I left and as we walked past a foot square dug hole in the ground I was prompted to drop in the knife for safe keeping. The knife fell into the East side of the six-inch deep hole but instead of entering the narrow rectangular opening at the bottom along the East side it remained only partially inserted. This left the knife very exposed but we kept walking so as not to alert the rival gang that I had dropped it and tried to hide it like this.

But the rival gang was right behind us and the man that gave me the knife to protect retrieved it and immediately began to threaten me. With blade out he rushes towards me as I stood facing him. He aimed the knife for my belly. Although concerned for my safety I did not flinch. The drug seemed to have numbed my otherwise flight/fight reaction. I had become will-less. He did not attack and instead indicated he would use me to do something (dangerous?) for him later.

End of Dream

Comment: Using a silver metal knife to differentiate the images that arise in the belly brain was revealed in this manner. The feminine principle continues to explain her own images. The “drug” (Eros ego connection) came from the Planck Second/Planck Length “big bang” new births in consciousness from the Eros Self – from the tip of a “Point A” always everywhere, unextended intensity, which implies non-local effects.

Then I see the Chef’s 8” blade knife lying in the SE corner of a stainless-steel kitchen sink. The handle lies against the top corner while the tip of the blade lies in the center of the tub; orientating it at a 45-degree angle. The entire length of the blade is covered in a sticky white substance. I immediately had the impression it had been used to cut a cake (a wedding cake). Comment: This is the same knife whose handle was against my chest area and whose blade was sticking out in front of me as seen earlier in this post. As I prepare this post I am reminded of the 11 October 2006 dream (11 years ago) of a “face cake”. I turned 66 on that dream date. I created the following image using my face from a chakra aurora camera image suggesting a heart chakra connection. In the dream I had won a contest by guessing that my four hidden numbers were 2111. At the time I amplified on this dream with the following thoughts.
Face Cake 66.jpg
Face Cake 66.jpg [ 21.21 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

My association to the cake is that this is my 66th birthday (Oct. 11, 1940). Thus, a “face cake” is given in celebration of something. Cake is a sweet and thus I associate it to the alchemical operation of coagulatio – the solidifying “stickiness” that belongs to the symbolism of the earth elements. That which has been spiritualized due to heating in the retort (unio mentalis operation = active imagination) when cooled in the retort becomes solid again (unio corporalis operation =’s passive imagination) and thus NEW “matter-psyche” appears.

The number 2111 sums to the number 5 or the quintessence. The first two numbers sum to 3 or the lower triangle in the Seal of Solomon it seems. I also wonder if 2111 is meant to be a date or a year – like the 21st of November. But this is a “witches” brew of images and I guess I need to wait to see how She would like to interpret Her images/numbers synchronistically perhaps.

Quintessence – The pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing; in ancient and medieval philosophy, the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, thought to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things.

The first mention of “face cake” dates from the Middle Ages. In 1349 the knight Geoffrey de Charny hosted a party for Pope Clement VI. Even the Pope was surprised at the cake Charny presented, complete with an image of Jesus on it. http://www.ibiblio.org/mefron/writing/f ... eCake.html

Wed. 20 December 2017

In the darkness I see a close-up view of a fancy dressed lady who is pressed against my left side as she reaches across the front of me and adjusts some long black object I am carrying in my hands in a horizontal manner across the front of myself as if a weapon. She rotates an object on this object. She wears a fancy scarlet red dress with gold trim having a low-cut neck line and has white gold hair done up as if a Queen. Her finger nails are painted darkred and her right hand is prominent in the view.

In the darkness I am looking down at what seems to be a food tray suspended directly in front of me. A filled water glass that appears to contain a very dark substance sits on its SW corner and has a metal object sticking out of the top of the glass in this top view.

I experience the sensation of something lightly pressing against the length of my body – from the chest down to my feet. It seems something invisible and subtle is trying to enter me (the soul returns to the body?).

I am looking down observing my right hand which holds three eating utensils. A spoon is on top and it has a cyan handle. A dinner knife is underneath and to the left a bit and it is being held by its blade. A fork is underneath the right side and is being held by its handle such that the tines curve upwards (at a 45-degree angle it seems).

In the darkness I observe a woman’s slender left white hand whose palm is being held against the left hip area of a man wearing black clothes. Her fingernails are painted darkred. Comment: I recall the left hand having four 90-degree bent crucifixion nails sticking up out of a black hole in the palm. Psychic laming the left hip seems meant – walking with this kind of limp.

Thurs. 21 December 2017

I am recalling Remo’s conclusion that “the most complete union of the opposites at our time in history is a six-fold structure not a four-fold one.”

I am having a fantasy about the “love” word. If the world “love” was on one’s forehead and one looked in a mirror the word would read “evol”, i.e., backwards. It is as if the word was rotated 180-degrees clockwise which immediately reminds me of the 180-degree rotation of Jung’s green shape in the black fence. He was green on one side and black on the other as noted in August 2015. Love spelled backwards came up in a September 2003 vision on a cosmic egg – signaling that an evolution of consciousness was contained in its realm of potential being. The yellow tomatoes that appear below indicate that the evolution in consciousness is promoted by including Eros Christ consciousness.
LovE.jpg [ 43.44 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I am walking along with DJ (a man who has written a book in 2016 titled Jung's Global Vision: Western Psyche Eastern Mind, With References to Sri Aurobindo, Integral Yoga, The Mother) saying, “I am like a Johnny Appleseed sowing seeds of doubt into one’s worldview.” (Not as an insult but as a challenge to evolve one’s consciousness.)

Then I observe a right hand in the NW reaching down towards my left side from out of the darkness. It is partially grasping a couple of cherry sized yellow-gold tomatoes. Eros Christ consciousness Paradises aka love-fruits.
Tomatoes Yellow.jpg
Tomatoes Yellow.jpg [ 21.49 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I am looking up at a blue sky having the silhouette bare branches of the tops of the canopy of very tall trees largely in the view (a black and blue colored image; as if the VNS bruises the heavenly worldview).
Tree Sky.jpg
Tree Sky.jpg [ 13.77 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

In the darkness I am looking down along the front of myself which appears as a naked dark gray skinned body. Down below underneath my right foot are reddish-yellow flames affecting my conscious standpoint.

In the darkness and in the midst of being surrounded by black clouds (the numinosum of the Eros Self), I observe a capital block letter A that has a red face that is on a small circular yellowish background peeking through. A is for APOCALYPSE is meant.

Modern English dictionaries[11] define “numinous” several ways. It can mean “spiritual, holy, divine” and also “ethereal, nebulous, intangible.” In Otto's and Jung's usage, “spiritual,” “holy,” “divine” and “intangible” capture most accurately the qualities they mean. Numinosum is a word Jung used repeatedly. The numinosum is either a quality belonging to a visible object or the influence of an invisible presence that causes a peculiar alteration of consciousness.

I am in a dark room standing by the West wall next to the SW area of a large rectangular picture window in that wall that appears black. I am looking up at the glowing cyan-bluish ceiling where it intersects with the dark West wall in the NW area of the room. Hoovering in front of part of the window’s NE area, like a drape, is a red-yellow wavy configuration (looked something like the following image) of color as if in the form of a coat of arms.
Coat Of Arms.jpg
Coat Of Arms.jpg [ 27.08 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

Then, in the same view but with the coat of arms absent I see a black bear cub clinging to the curtain rod that was above the coat of arms. Its head is pointed downwards at a 45-degree angle into the NE area of the window. Comment: A black bear has been connected to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology. She is helpful to the strong but cruel to weakness. Such a cub was seen in a September 2006 dream a maiden from India I was with won a door prize – a black bear cub with an “avatar” colored bow around its neck. When the cub was handed to her one of its claws caught her left lip which bled profusely as if an artery had been cut (Goddess as libido). Entering introverted sensation releases healing effects from the Eros Self seems meant. Blood on the door jamb is connected to the death of the first-born ego; a killing off of something of its worldview as noted with the use of Mohammad Ali’s (boxer) right jawbone (slaying God’s enemies with the jawbone of an ass connection) in A Double-Ring Holy Wedding – December 2017. Ali had a smear of blood on his right upper cheek as if from a cut. My daughter Amy had a dream, when she was a young maiden, about a young man cutting her left and right cheeks with a razor blade. It foreshadowed the starting of her period which began a few days later.
Black Bear Cub Bow.jpg
Black Bear Cub Bow.jpg [ 25.22 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

Artemis believes in the survival of the fittest. She has no regard about being cruel to weakness, but is helpful to strength, and is growth-promoting to those for whom growth is possible. She is hated by the regressive side of humanity. I guess it is this aspect of the feminine principle that is approaching spacetime. I took a look in Wikipedia about her and see that in her positive side she is the goddess of childbirth and midwives.

Now I observe in the blackness of the NW alternating bands of red or yellow swirling downwards clockwise inside a “teardrop” tornado opening – a strong looking vortex that from the exterior reminds me of the following Apocalyptic view of a FireTornado seen exiting the heart charka of a cross over a city.
Fire Tornados.jpg
Fire Tornados.jpg [ 30.58 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

In the darkness I see a strange image. It looks like a dripping of molten metal falling downwards; it’s a vertical line of small “spherical” yellow objects outlined by a thin red line. Next to it is a lower-case block y-shape of yellow color.

Now I am looking down the front of the left side of myself and see that I am wearing a full-length dress having cyan and blue colors studded with small spherical shaped pieces of silver. A dress for a Queen it seems. Then in the same view, except now it is dark, I am slowly floating forwards above a green lawn as if in my subtle body is meant. Then I see a close-up view of the lawn. It is composed of a pattern of small circles and around their circumference grows green blades of grass. Then I see a dinner fork with tines curving upwards lying in the grass. Comment: Fairy Rings grow like this in the African Namibia desert. The bare central regions remain relatively moist as if the vegetation causes a “beaver effect.” A possible connection to the effects of a FireSower comes to mind; creating a Ra effect.
FireSower Effects.jpg
FireSower Effects.jpg [ 52.13 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

Sand termites create the fairy circle by consuming vegetation, and burrowing in the soil to create the ring. The barren circle allows water to percolate down through sandy soil and accumulate underground, allowing the soil to remain moist even under the driest conditions. Grass growth around the circle is promoted by the accumulated soil water, and in turn the termites feed on the grasses, slowly increasing the diameter of the circle. This behavior on the part of Psammotermes allocerus amounts to the creation of a local ecosystem in a manner analogous to behaviour of the common beaver.

I observe what looks like a complicated curving pattern of vegetation made of green with red outlines as if on wall paper. The view zooms in very close to this pattern and it becomes semitransparent which allows me to see that in the background on the other side is a regular pattern of equally spaced white pinpoints as if a starry view of the cosmos. Looking through the Wheels of Ezekiel it seems.
Wall Paper.jpg
Wall Paper.jpg [ 71.03 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I hear, “When you come along …”

Now it is like I am guiding the view of the cosmos through a telescope that is hand guided. Hands as the vehicles that help produce consciousness comes to mind.
Telescope Hand Guided.jpg
Telescope Hand Guided.jpg [ 40.59 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I see an old treated wood surface as if part of the edge of a wood deck. A row of unusually large silver metal kitchen eating and cooking utensils lay in a row along the edge of the deck. A man in dark primitive garments stand on the edge of the deck and walks off the 90-degree corner of the edge and into the emptiness of a blue sky as if this deck is on the edge of a cliff. Then a close-up view of the treated wood surface is given and it now has a fresh circular hole through it to the blue sky below. The east top side of the opening has two slightly overlapping, small, gray starfish having about 8 arms clinging to its surface. It seems that the man made a quantum leap and it is being connected to a flow through a hole. Comment: When looking for an 8 armed starfish I came across a 9 armed one. 9 > 10 on the circumference of the circular opening seems meant or a quantum leap and equivalent to the man jumping over the edge of the 90-degree corner as if from out of the end of a tunnel or 5th dimension and into spacetime.
Wood Treated Starfish.jpg
Wood Treated Starfish.jpg [ 25.39 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I hear, “The British of course, will have some guidelines …” Then I see what looks like an ancient Greek temple in the blackness of the East side of the view, having only remnants of white pillars that have mostly tumbled over. Comment: It seems the fallen pillars are connected to the legs of the starfish.

I see a youth sitting at a dark wood study desk. The seat is supported by a massive black metal cylinder with chrome plated inner cylinder as if a shock absorber design. The cylinder is supported by four black cast iron legs that curve down to the floor that point to the four directions. Comment: It seem this young man’s education has been a jarring experience leading to wholeness.

In the darkness along the West side I see a vertical gray small diameter tube shape that protrudes out of a dark floor (a connection to the hole in the treated wood surface it seems). Three or four equally spaced, circumferential wound yellow-gold (wedding?) bands surrounds a portion of the “leg”.

I see an opened magazine that is rather dark in color. Strange, but “steam” is emerging from its surface.

I observe a stocky bald-headed middle-aged man in a black and white image. White words are appearing near him as if I am watching a movie with captions turned on. I can read the text but cannot recall what it said as the text came and went quickly. He is talking to a woman whose backside is to me in the view.

I observe a right profile view of a woman sitting on a King sized bed with her back to the headboard in the NW area. She wears a cyan-bluish silk nightgown. A large format book lies open across her lap and she appears to be reading. The scene changes and now where the woman was sitting I see instead an invisibly suspended greenish-yellow tennis ball. It seems to be moving from the NW area of the bed to its SW area as whitish streaks accompany the ball movement as if through steam vapor. I recall that the white curved lines on such a surface have been connected to the curved skull growth segments of a human skull. More growth due to Eros Christ consciousness is meant.

I am observing the backside of a mostly shaved man’s head. The visual cortex area is cleanly shaved while the rest of the head not shave so close. His forehead rests against a vertical gray metal plate.

Down in the SW of the view in the blackness I see an edge view of a white bread sandwich as if my left hand holds it by my left thigh or hip.

Next to the West side I see a ripe tomato on a green vine next to a white vertical plastic surface.

I see the backside of a teaspoon lying on a dark surface down below along the South side in the view by about where my left top thigh area is located – above where the trident was poked through this thigh.

I see the red hemispherical end of the handle on a screwdriver as I look out along its length. The view changes in the blackness and now I see the red hemispherical end of the screwdriver again except now there is a white circular region in the SE quadrant. Further I can make out some yellow on the other end of the handle. Do you want a “screw” comes to mind; a sexual comment made to me by a young lady in the 7th grade. In an October 2011 vision I saw the following view of a handle on a Philip’s head (+ shape end) screwdriver. Sex in a dream means psychological intimacy with the other. That “cross +” intimacy has appeared over the years in various ways of my being on a cross – some of which are shown below starting in 1981 in a church when the sword of the bright shadow of the Logos Christ seared a charred bleeding cross in my back. A man lashed to a wood cross by a mass of black snakes was seen in a February 2007 vision as it moved through tunnels. Following an increasing timeline; a white light from the heart center of a cross was also seen in 2007. The “Saint John of the Cross”, a “Cross Apocalypse” and a “wrath of God” man in October 2014, a Blood Moon crucifix of September 2015, Gem Supreme cross appeared in June 2016. An ongoing “cartoon strip” all because a young lady handed me a screw in the 7th grade while inquiring if I wanted a screw. “Cross-Me” seems meant.
Cross Me.jpg
Cross Me.jpg [ 68.52 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

I see the tip of a right thumb in the darkness that is covered in blood. The libido of the Goddess, of the Eros Self, comes to anoint with wisdom, for an Apocalypic individuation experience. It’s a “Blood Family” (a connection to being "blood brothers, blood sisters, etc.) bloody wet kiss apocalypse.
Thumb Kiss.jpg
Thumb Kiss.jpg [ 26.46 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]

The Redhead Wet-Kiss Apocalypse of Lo:vE


PS On 22 December 2017 I happened to see the following UFO FLIR Clip Released By The Chilean Navy. FLIR = Forward Looking InfraRed. The far infrared or long wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum is the realm of the unus mundus. The UFO (two conjoined bright lights) reminds me of a spindle torus shape that has at its center a vesica piscis or “eyelid” opening shape. The contrail was emitted by the object.
UFO 11 Nov 2014 FLIR.jpg
UFO 11 Nov 2014 FLIR.jpg [ 22.2 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]


PPS After I submitted this post I read some Internet news and saw the following. The vesica piscis “eyelid/whale /Moby-Dick/Holy Spirit/Devil-Fish/submarine/football/Arrival movie” opening shape of this “UFO” caught my interest. It seems to herald "The Second Coming of Christ", i.e., of Eros Christ consciousness not Logos Christ consciousness. A synchronistic event? Suddenly, I link "contrails" to being evidence of UFO activity - inner and outer. It connects to inner effects that want to radiate as renewed Ra consciousness from the parabolic shaped mouse hole (unus mundus) of the World Soul (see Mickey Mouse in the "Wheels of Ezekiel" portal/Stargate image; a connection to the bicycle wheels seen near the beginning of this post). It seems I had to physically relocate to the NW (read: Victoria, BC; the lands of the Queen) before the incarnation effects of my opus would manifest. A need to "read the signs of the times aright"...
UFO SpaceX Scare California Freakout.jpg
UFO SpaceX Scare California Freakout.jpg [ 59.13 KiB | Viewed 191 times ]


The capital X in SPACEX has been connected to light cones for past and future expansion of our universe as well as to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest Subduction Zone that can create a mega-quake/mega-tsunami; a metaphor for the potency of the psychic effect of the Return of the World Soul on the evolution of humanities consciousness aka “The Age of the Holy Spirit”. Jung suggests that this means going “beyond the Christian aeon to the Oneness of the Holy Spirit,” which refers to “a restitution of the original oneness of the unconscious on the level of consciousness.” (C.G. Jung: Letters 2, p. 135) The latter reference is cited from Jung’s Global Vision by David Johnston, PhD, p. 123.
X-Files.jpg [ 50.46 KiB | Viewed 187 times ]

From The X-files: Turning On Your Heart Light
(The Logos) Christ is still the valid symbol. Only God himself can "invalidate" him through the Paraclete. (Letters II, pp. 33-38)

Further, my wife had a “Devil Fish”/”Black Fish” dream I shared in my post The Black Horse/Black Fish Apocalypse -October 2017. In the past she has often dreamed dreams for me as if she is connected to being my inner wife - channeling the World Soul. This is only the 2nd dream she has recalled this year. She had this dream the night before I turned 77 on 11 October 2017. Seven is the number of the apocalypse; a birthday gift for reaching a doubling of the number of the apocalypse it seems.

Tues. 10 October 2017 My Wife’s Dream
The (something) Nigredo Fish Delicacy
I am involved in an annual ritual where I go to a stream in the wilderness and manage to catch a salmon sized black fish that has black flesh and clear white eyes. The timing for the catch is just after the fish has laid its eggs and just before it dies. So, it is still a fresh fish. There is only one black fish in the stream amongst other regular fish.

This fish is a great delicacy. It is the most delicious fish in the whole world and was renowned for that. I cut it into 11 portions. The little bit of flesh left on the head and on the tail remnants is my portion to consume (I must unite the opposites). The other 10 portions of equal size/weight are from the body for the elites of the world to consume. Many very wealthy individuals petition me each year from all around the globe to attend this communal meal which I carefully prepare in the little restaurant I have in the back of my house where the 10 people gather to eat their portion. I cook the fish very lightly, for about 5 minutes. I look over the roster of names and select 10 people for the “nigredo feast” which best represent the global community each year. The cost for attending this “banquet” is $500 a person. That price indicates how rare and delicious the fish was. The cooked fish looked so nice on the dish. It didn’t require any seasoning or anything.

End of Dream

My very first dream in Canada where I am about to start my new life.


My mother always said (an old wives’ tale) that consuming fish was good for the brain because it contained some essential nutrient for the brain. Recent research has proven this “wives’ tale” to be true. The nutrient inhibits Alzheimer’s.


Catching a fish is to catch hold of an unconscious content that is ready to become conscious – ready to become enlightening food for the brain; for the subtle body, the diamond body, one’s consciousness for the long life in the Beyond.

It’s the “fish of great price” – like obtaining the “pearl of great price.”

The “pearl of great price” is a phrase from one of the parables of Jesus; he compares the journey to heaven (GJS: to enlightenment) to a search for fine pearls conducted by a merchant, “who, when he had found one ‘pearl of great price’, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Bringing More-Light/More-Love Into The World

Thurs. 21 December 2017

I am observing the left side of the face of a man from his SW area in the darkness. He has his head turned upwards at a 45-degree angle and seems to be sucking on the apex tip of a narrow, whitish, semitransparent membrane having a (vortex?) V-shape. It is not Planck Second shape nor light cone size. The tip of a light cone would provide information about the present. “ALL THAT YOU SPEAK, BECOMES” it seems.

I observe a side-by-side pair of faceted green knob shapes like those found for turning on hot or cold water in a shower or tub.
Shower Knobs.jpg
Shower Knobs.jpg [ 30.91 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

In the darkness I observe a yellow-gold rectangular region that could be the top of an arm rest. It is velvet or it is covered in a thin layer of gold dust.

In the darkness I see a finger-sized dark cylindrical shape snugly covered in black fabric having a pattern of short, white, horizontal dashes that sparsely cover its surface. Comment: The short white dashes suddenly reminds me of that used on a piano music scroll. A kind of Morse Code it seems but one having a steady sound at one frequency.

I view the right forearm of a black man. Comment: It is his forearm that is using this armrest. He has a Midas touch it seems.

I observe a close-up right-side view of the forehead of a man in the darkness who looks like Jung in his seventies. An emphasis of the right frontal cortex it seems. The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. Comment: Later in this post the right side of the visual cortex is emphasized. These two cortexes are to be taken together if the unus mundus results of Eros Christ consciousness is to be understood.
FrontalLobe.jpg [ 35.95 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

In the darkness I observe a horizontal dark circular area. Attached to its NE area are three coplanar, parallel dark lines like seen on telephone poles but these are slightly distorted (wrinkled) from being straight lines.

I observe a woman’s left high heel (spike heel style; a connection to a Planck Second V-shape and thus that which penetrates to Planck Length of 10-35 meters in matter) that appears to be made of semi-transparent whiteish glass. A Cinderella slipper it seems. A black spike high heel was seen in The Bloody Mary Apocalypse – August 2017 and was connected to ISIS.
Shoe High Heel copy.jpg
Shoe High Heel copy.jpg [ 23.67 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I am standing by the west wall next to a large rectangular picture window in a daylight view. On the honeywood windowsill in the SW area of the window is a couple of cyan colored cans (one is pumpkin can size while the other is vegetable can size) used as pencil holders. The NW corner is in the view on the other end of the picture window. A similar picture window is seen in the north wall. From the view to the outside it seems we are on the 3rd floor.

Now I observe another spike high heel woman’s left shoe made out of smooth seamless light-colored wood in the darkness down below.

I see a large rectangular floor care machine of an office building that is resting on a large dark blue carpeted area. A carpet cleaner it seems.

In a daylight view I observe a man walking away from me in a room who wears gray slacks.

I observe a black woman facing in my direction. She wears a full length cyan dress. She is leaning towards me as I view her from her NE area.

In the darkness I observe the front right side of a man’s head whose head is angled downwards about 45-degrees. A small black push pin having a small red sphere on its upper end is pushed into the middle of the right side visual cortex. The black shaft of the push pin has a Planck Second shape. Comment: SW viewing using the left eye in an Eros ego provides the “big bang” images for new births in consciousness.
Visual Cortex Push Pin.jpg
Visual Cortex Push Pin.jpg [ 33.02 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I see a metal bolt attached to the lower leg SE area of a red fabric recliner.

In an outdoor daylight scene, I am looking down at the NW corner area of a red used brick with white mortar planter box filled with black earth and some green vegetation. I observe a complicated “cylindrical” stainless steel object lying in some water starting at the SW corner and extending towards the SW of the narrow rectangular planter box. It looks like the cylindrical codex used in The Da Vinci Code – something that would unlock the greatest conspiracy of the last 2000 years; that of the true Grail, a secret (inclusion of the feminine) which could be the destruction (GJS: renewal) of Christianity.
The Da Vinci Code.jpg
The Da Vinci Code.jpg [ 37.29 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I observe an oxidized copper spearhead.

I see an astronaut in a spacesuit falling away from me and down into the below. Then where the astronaut dressed man was seen falling I now see a sitting young woman dressed in a white dress and wearing black nylon stockings. And then where she was I see gold pieces.

Then I see a gray metal oval shape attached to a darkred wood surface having a metal bolt sticking through either end of the shape.

I see an “equation” of numerical fractions in white font on a darkred surface.

I observe a left profile view of a stag having curved black wrought iron that pass over the chest area by the heart.

In a vision I check my voice recorder and see I have 87 messages on it.

On a woman’s left ring finger, I see a flattened gold wedding band whose outer surface is blue with an irregular pattern of small pink splotches in it. The smiling face on a young woman is seen standing nearby whose skin is “olive” in color. I view her from her NW area. I immediately recall the same color pattern seen in the microwave background temperatures for our universe. The “football” shape is a connection to the vesica piscis center of a spindle torus in the heart chakra and thus this image represents new “big bang” creations in consciousness.
Microwave.gif [ 51.08 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

In the darkness I observe a black stick pin having the above “oval” shaped black head. It is stuck into a dark surface in the NW area of the view.

I observe the left side of a woman’s foot that wears a pink flat shoe.

In the darkness a man holds a square flat object having a couple of black push pins in its NE area that he is pushing on. I have the impression it is a musical instrument.

From her NW area I see a happy blond woman wearing a pink chiffon dress that covers her neck who looks like the singer Doris Day (who is famous for singing the song “que sera sera; Whatever will be, will be”) who comes past the front of my left side from out of the NE. She was seen with a man and two small children exiting the bathroom in our rental home (as if freshly bathed) in A REAL Wave – October 2017. It is as if her song tries to tell me that there is no cause. “Whatever will be” will be acausal. The pink dress is a connection to the pink UFO. The chiffon is subtle – suggesting subtle body development.
UFO Pink.jpg
UFO Pink.jpg [ 16.7 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Now I see the index and middle fingers on a right hand that have pink color on their fingertips. The fingers are held in a V-shape gesture as if V is for victory (WW II) or V is for peace (Vietnam). I like the following image.
V Sign.jpg
V Sign.jpg [ 27.87 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I see a man in the NW corner of a parking lot of a commercial building. A huge tan stag is angled upwards 45-degrees on the north side of the brick building towards the NW corner. I cannot see its head.

I am observing a dark view of red outlined rectangles with hint of yellow underneath against a gray background as if the shape of a peacock’s tail. The rectangles are arranged in a “fan” shape which reminds me of a peacock’s tail feathers. Comment: A peacock’s tail has “eyes” in them. I guess those “eyes” are being connected to the small grass “urine water drop” circles in the earth’s surface caused by the Fire Sower as seen in my previous post The Redhead, Wet-kiss, Blood-Family, Apocalypse of Lo:vE. The rectangular shape is a connection to the monk spot on the World Soul.
Peacock Tail.jpg
Peacock Tail.jpg [ 56.24 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

In the NW of the view I see a brown bone style pocket knife hanging from a white string as if an ornament on a Xmas tree. A Granny Smith apple was being peeled with a pocket knife in a February 2011 vision. In a June 2011 vision I was using a pocket knife to cut M&M UFO shaped candies in two along their widest part.
Pocket Knife M&M UFO.jpg
Pocket Knife M&M UFO.jpg [ 47.47 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I am holding in my right hand an upside down rectangular card having a black drawing on its beige paper – a greeting card. There is a rectangular piece of paper inside that reminds me of a book page marker.

I see a close-up view of the SW corner of a reddish object. Then I see left thumb of a woman in the darkness having darkred fingernail polish.

I observe a tall, thin, young man from his left side. He is wearing a blue baseball hat. He is kneeling down next to the white footboard of a north wall in a room towards the NW corner. He is looking downwards a bit and I have the impression he is looking at a mouse hole in the footboard along the West side.
Mouse Hole Parabola God.jpg
Mouse Hole Parabola God.jpg [ 42.33 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I observe a long red piece of fabric lying along the North edge of a rectangular table; a theater curtain comes to mind.

I observe the lower aft end of a woman’s fluffy red dress from her right side who also wears sparkling red shoes. She is walking up some steep stone stairs. The dress has vertical pleats in its fabric.

In a darkened room I see a man who looks like Prince Philip interacting with Queen Elizabeth. He calls her Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s sister). I view him from his NW area as he sits in a chair wearing a pale green bathrobe. It seems Philip was having an affair with Princess Margaret who may also have had lesbian tendencies.

From shore I observe the NW corner area of an orange two-story home having white trim and a white roof and a white fence/guardrail around it. It is a boathouse floating near the shore on a blue body of water.

I hear, “Unparalleled access.”

I see a small chess board with pieces on the SW corner of a food tray. A sludge hammer is being swung upwards to hit the bottom of the tray which would bounce all the pieces off the tray as if caused by an thrust earthquake.

I observe a close-up view of a liter sized semitransparent whitish glass coke bottle filled with water on a SE corner of a table in a room with a white background.

Fri. 22 December 2017


I am working at a Jung Institute. I see Dr. Jung which I have been following as he roams around. At the moment he is interacting with a man sitting on the SW area of the 3rd floor office deck of our home in Weed that has windows all around – inquiring of him what u = 0 means. Jung sits in the center of this 20’ x 10’ rectangular room. I sit in the SE area. A smiling Queen Elizabeth at her present age or older, sits in the NW corner. She is up and walking past Jung towards my direction. I stand up to greet her and Jung also stands up. Jung turns to greet me laughing as if he is enjoying the interaction. I am next to Jung’s back and suddenly begin to sense an energy penetrating my being as if something of his unconscious side was entering me as consciousness. It was an intense experience which I sensed was being resisted by my body. Soon the sensation ceases. I had the impression that the knowing of his long years of struggling with the unconscious was now in me. The ability to work with dreams and understanding them was meant. I did not see into the NE area.

End of Dream
Velocity Profile.jpg
Velocity Profile.jpg [ 20.69 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Comment: U is a symbol used in fluid mechanics for velocity. I recall that the velocity profile goes to zero in its highly nonlinear inner region in a boundary layer. Such a layer has been connected to be the unus mundus. Reaching zero seems to mean reaching no space, no time – the “Point A” always everywhere at Planck Length (10-35 meter penetration of matter. CERN can only penetrate the depths of matter to 10-15 meters. The penetrating depth that Eros ego consciousness can achieve is being emphasized.

In the darkness I see circle of flickering flames as if from a round campfire.

Sat. 23 December 2017


I am part of a very wealthy family (inner wealth is meant). I spend a lot of time with a young boy, but otherwise I just lay around all day which was very boring (living the inner life in a highly introverted manner). After a number of years of doing this it was decided that I should leave. I felt such a part of them that I hated to leave.

I notice that the man in charge of the giant was emotionally aloof. All eventually just pulled away. As I was leaving I saw a football field on the property. It seemed the family owned a football franchise. The handsome, powerfully muscular, suntanned manager is wearing a yellow-gold jock style bathing suit and is entering the blue waters of a swimming pool. I had the impression that he was also bored and was waiting for football season to start again.

End of Dream
Alien Eyes.jpg
Alien Eyes.jpg [ 37.84 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Comments: Since everything in a dream is about the dreamer it seems I have developed an enhanced subtle body and skills in the game on how to interact and learn from the unus mundus. The manager is able to “bring more light into the world”. It seems he has those “alien football eyes”. As I recorded this dream I noticed high winds were howling outside. The eye colors anticipates the trinity eye colors that comes up later in this post.

Suddenly, I begin to sing, “When I was seventeen… (it was a very good year)” Comment: The World Soul has sung this phrase from time to time over the years. It has been connected to the age of my high school sweetheart when I last saw her. But now it seems to be connected to the year 2017 ending. As if this has been “a very good year.”

I am having the impression that I could write books about the UFO phenomena like the Chronicles of Narnia - a series of seven fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis written for children.

Narnia.jpg [ 5.77 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

In the blackness of an underground view, I see a black and white view of a large diameter water line that has been dug out. A central black metal sphere connects to the water pipes on either side. A large open hexagonal shape having whitish edges (cover removed) allows Dr. Jung, who is in front of me, to enter the sphere at this T-intersection (T is for tribulation). Another water pipe is opposite to the opening. What it means to be “behind the 8-ball” comes to mind as well as seeing Unity rolling cannon balls into Spacetime (something Unity said would have a devastating effect). The following caption comes to mind.
Waterline Hexagon.jpg
Waterline Hexagon.jpg [ 34.95 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Predator Tribulation Wormwood (Chernobyl) Effects On The Water Supply
I observe a rather large yellow-gold piece of corn (corn grows on a green stalk) having a white root area (looks like a tooth; has been connected to being the Buddha tooth relic in a Sri Lanka temple) that lies on the SE area of a darkred lunch tray (together the corn and tray alone form Ra consciousness colors). A huge yellow-gold sphere shape sits on the center of the tray and has a white glow that hides its top area (a yellow-gold tomato it seems, a love-fruit in paradise, – which connects it to also promoting Ra consciousness). The tray rests on the three stainless-steel horizontal tubes like one uses in a buffet style cafeteria to push one’s food tray. Food supplied from the lower three chakras it seems – something that creates a famine in the food production by Logos ego consciousness.

I am in the study area or library area Jung’s home when a solid built medium sized black and brown dog pushes its left side against my right foot in a playful manner. As if it were rubbing a scent gland against the shoe. I recall the dream of the huge red-yellow left eye of a rogue elephant (given what comes up in this post it seems the other eye is green-yellow) pulling a wagon wheel cart (The wheels of Ezekiel) in a parade that had its left wheel pressed against my right side as the elephant used its trunk to push me.
Elephant Pulling Cart.jpg
Elephant Pulling Cart.jpg [ 42.36 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

I am sitting in the NW area of the living room in the home where I grew up. I see that my older brother sits on the floor in the SE area looking at the TV in that corner. A large rectangular archway is in the SW area on the West side of the room. The doorway entrance to my parents bedroom is just behind me. I have the urge to engage in homosexual activity with my older brother. Comment: Uniting the hostile brothers, of Logs & Eros as new incarnation in the NW is meant.

Sun. 24 December 2017

I hear, “Still doing her ears.” Comment: Ears have been connected to “birthing through the ear.”

I am recalling my UFO time traveling ride into the future with the World Soul in a clear eight-foot diameter thick walled sphere.

I hear, “Larva, larva archetypal…”

In the darkness I am looking into the upper NW corner of a room where I see a recessed book case filled with books in a rectangular opening in the North wall high off the floor. The books look bound in darkred leather and each title on its front middle bound end has glowing yellow-gold capital letters. A library of many volumes about new Ra consciousness on its white pages comes to mind.

In the darkness, a small slender young feminine shape (looks like the size of a Roswell alien) is sitting on my chest and has her legs on either side wrapped around my torso. She wears a tight-fitting garment having a leafy plant vegetation pattern that completely covers it. The upper portion above her waist to her breast area is green on a shiny, silvery whitish background (I cannot see further up her body) while her hips and thighs have reddish vegetation on the same shiny, silvery white background. I have the sensation that her vesica piscis shaped vagina is pressed against my heart chakra. She moves some and the green and red colors shift in a fluid manner as if she is a shape-shifting chameleon able to cloak her form. A "Predator" cloaking alien it seems. Also, a fish body surface or lizard body surface comes to mind. It seems she is giving birth but she does not look pregnant (a subtle body enhancement birth it seems). I recall the FireTornado emitting cross that has a horizontal vesica piscis shape in its center. This new vesica piscis shape would form a vesica piscis shaped cross (+); what it means to be asked, “Do you want a screw?” This is a highly compactified image in its meaning. It could be an image for the introversion of three (sensation, intuition and feeling) of the four functions with thinking absent. On the other hand, it could also represent the feminine principle of Eros Christ consciousness (VNS contribution when using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness) which is at a 90-degree rotation angle as it overlays the incarnated renewed sky-God of the masculine principle or Ra consciousness (effect on CNS when using an Eros ego). The feminine principle is on top in this lovE making; forming a vesica piscis trinity colored eye. It also reminds me of the “Trinity eye” in the 1953 UFO movie War of the Worlds. Further, it reminds me of the Axiom of Maria Prophetissa “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the One as the fourth. Like this the two become One.” (Note: The World Soul is Eros ego in Her psychology and thus connected to the color of One) It's an Xmas, turn on your Heart Light "melody." For a further amplification on this axiom see Chapter 6.1 of Remo Roth's Return of the World Soul Part II where he discusses its meaning from the point of view of quantity and quality of numbers as well as energy. Energy in his discussion seems connected to the negative energy produced by entering an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
Trinity Eye.jpg
Trinity Eye.jpg [ 36.95 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

According to the Gnostic Basilides the World Soul is nothing but an "emphasis" or "colour" of light which has descended into matter. Aurora Consurgens, MLvF, p. 372-73.

I see a person from their SE area as they clean some white truncated salad bowls (two bowl joined lip to lip would form a UFO shape; a connection to the pink UFO shape seen earlier in this post), having a whole ripe avocado (oval or football shaped) inside, in the right side of a double stainless-steel kitchen sink. It seems this UFO brings Eros Christ consciousness to humanity.

In a dark room I observe the door in the North wall in the NW corner that has a square window in its upper part. In the semitransparent yellow-gold window I see a left profile of a waist high shadow of a man standing on the other side who holds a shotgun laid over his right shoulder. He holds a huge shotgun shell in his left hand and on the brass shell casing end I see capital letters BBDB = 2+2+3+2 =9. I have the impression Double Barrel Death Blow is meant. A double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding for the twin birth of a bipolar God-image.

I am observing the left facing page of an opened magazine. By the binding center is an add for a coin.

I observe mashed potatoes and grave with thin slices of cooked meat. The stack of mashed potatoes in in the NW area of the plate.

I see a man in a dark blue suit have some short white horizontal dashes in the fabric. He sits next to a crack in a bench seat next to the North wall. He sits closest to the NW corner and is wearing a hat.

I see a white picket fence gate having six wide vertical planks that make up the gate in the NW of the view.

Mon. 25 December 2017


I am attending a large gathering that seems to be conventions of different kinds.

At the moment I am enjoying sliding down a snow-covered hill that starts out remote but then enters wide city streets. I hardly ever touch the snow; it is as if I have anti-gravity. There are only a couple of others doing this with me. When we reach the city street I see a tan car coming up the middle of the snow-covered street towards me. I keep to the left side of the car but then a cyan-blue car recklessly speeds around the left side of the tan car trying to pass it. I am rapidly approaching the new car when all of a sudden it was like something pushed down on its hood and the car is thrown further to the side and out of my way. Something invisible saved me.

Then a strange encounter where a man was shooting people on the slopes with a double barrel shotgun. I myself was shot at close range from my SE area with both barrels firing simultaneously (a BBDB event), but somehow, I did not die.

I enter the convention arena and soon meet Eugene Saint Antoine (high school classmate) who was a weather forecaster and was looking for a man who managed to predict the 2007 weather correctly when no one else did. I happen to find the fellow he was looking for, a man named Welsh who had an armful collection of really old weathered books. On meeting the man, ESA pointed out to me a hospital bed which showed a baby that looked alien (had football shaped eyes) lying between a couple hidden underneath the white sheets. He said that the couple had given birth to twins but only the one alien child was present. It was a HermAphrodite seemed meant.

End of Dream

Comments: Welsh studied recorded weather history, its cycles, and that was how he was able to predict the 2007 weather correctly. A metaphor for predicting the future of the winds produced by the Holy Spirit it seems.

In the darkness of the NW I briefly see a huge plain tan wood crucifix invisibly suspended and at a 45-degree angle across that corner. Some of the “weather” to come it seems.

Then I see three young women walking side-by-side while carrying large bunches of flowers. As the pass by they are looking at me and smiling broadly. Comment: Effects from the lower three chakras it seems. Nectar/pollen producing flowers come to mind. For that part of the animal kingdom that seeks nectar for sustenance one is drawn to these flowers. It takes work to get access but the effort is rewarded. And the beneficiary is the flower which is carried by the consumer which spreads the footprint of the flower’s range. It’s a win-win. It’s an interesting metaphor for the challenge of a human to become a carrier of the Self. It requires a lot of work (opus) but the effort has its rewards. And the unconscious benefits because its message can spread to a wider audience. Fated to be a carrier of vegetative body wisdom, a feminine principle wisdom.

I see a small unlit table lamp, having a chrome dome base and a small black umbrella for a lampshade, sitting on the middle of a rectangular piece of wood furniture. The head area on a reclined darkred recliner is below the lamp next to the edge of the rectangular surface on which it sits. Yin > higher Yang in support of individuation (umbrellas have eight quadrants).
Umbrella Light Recliner.jpg
Umbrella Light Recliner.jpg [ 20.98 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Something about “the mystery and vibrancy of roses.” Comment: Roses have a “heavenly” scent and have been connected to Saint Theresa the Little Flower who came up most recently in Saving Time – September 2017 as shown below. The mystery and vibrancy of roses is being connected to enduring the ordeal of the Apocalypse.
Hex Key Roses Scapular.jpg
Hex Key Roses Scapular.jpg [ 65.15 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

”I will let fall from Heaven... a Shower of Roses”.
Saint Thérèse was a French Carmelite nun. She is also known as The Little Flower of Jesus. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 24. The depth and novelty of her spirituality, called the way of confidence and love, has inspired many believers. In 1997 Pope John Paul II made her the 33rd Doctor of the Church (137 is the 33rd prime number), recognizing her exemplary writings, and life. She was the only saint he named a Doctor of the Church in his long pontificate, and she is the Church's youngest doctor. The Basilica of Lisieux is the second greatest place of pilgrimage in France after Lourdes.

Her “motto”: The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love."


cafeteria.jpg [ 52.26 KiB | Viewed 163 times ]

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  A Remedy Has Been Prepared For The World

Mon. 25 December 2017

Something about, “turning on your light for all to see.” Your “Heart Light” effects seems meant, like E.T. would do.


I have decided to purchase all my groceries at a place that supports the poor in the community. Strangely, the way to go there is by boat on a river. I row my small boat up to the side of the pier and tie it off. I then have to climb a tall ladder attached to the tall pilings to reach the top of the pier. A short way away on the pier is the food store. I purchase 7 shopping carts full of food and on my way out I am handed some paper work to fill out that will be mailed to the poor in the community around 5th street in San Pedro, CA where a poor black family was selling their home which had been maintained in its original condition including the color of the walls. Each shopping cart came with the paper work to be filled out. I became annoyed with this request since I figured shopping in this store was my contribution to helping the poor. But now, all this additional work was being requested. A married couple, M&J (active in helping others), from Holy Trinity Parish where here. They were encouraging me to fill out the paper work and to take the time to mail it to each member in the poor community. “A hell-of-a-lot of work!” I refused and left the premises with my food.

End of Dream

Comment: Seven is the number of the Apocalypse. A grocery shopping cart carried the crying baby the old street woman dressed in filthy black clothes was pushing on a modern city sidewalk in a major city like New York. I helped her to be able to change its diaper – getting a teardrop shape of the baby urine on the tip of my right index finger in the process. I made a inner commitment that I would not try to publish a book on my experiences with the Eros Self when I began to commit myself to serving Her. I figured there were enough books in the world; What good will one more do? Further, the alchemist say, “Rend your books lest your heart be rent asunder”; the attitude to follow in order to integrate the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio. It seems my material will help solve the problem of the coniunctio; something Jung said he would be unable to do as the end of his life neared.

Just as some alchemists had to admit that they never succeeded in producing the gold or the Stone, I cannot confess to have solved the riddle of the coniunctio mystery. On the contrary I am darkly aware of things lurking in the background of the problem - things too big for our horizons. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, page 393.

It seems purchasing and digesting food for the poor in one’s self is not enough when it comes to enduring the “ordeal of the Apocalypse” for one must also address the needs of not only the inner poor but also the outer poor. This reminds me of the requirement - all that you read and learn you are ultimately responsible to consciously carry. Apparently, not just for yourself, but is to be shared with others as well. I guess this is why in May of 2006 I was asked by Remo Roth to inquire of the I Ching if I should post my inner life on his unus mundus forum. I used three Canadian quarters with the Queen image (Yin = 2 = even number) on one side and a Moose with a large rack of horns (Yang = 3 = odd number) on the other. I made six throws of the three coins listening to my feelings for when is the right time to let them fly.

Quarter Canada.jpg
Quarter Canada.jpg [ 34.46 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

Toss 1 2+2+3 = 7
Toss 2 2+2+2 = 6
Toss 3 2+2+2 = 6
Toss 4 2+2+2 = 6
Toss 5 2+2+3 = 7
Toss 6 2+2+3 = 7

This meant the answer was “yes” since this divination method produced Hexagram #42 with changes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strokes, which changes the sign to Hexagram #1 “The Creative”.

Since I have never used the I Ching before I asked Remo Roth if he would interpret my result – so Remo provided the following analysis.

The introducing text and the text of the strokes #2, #3 and #4 are relevant for answering the question if Gregory should post my inner life on the forum.

The idea of increase is expressed in the fact that the strong lowest line of the upper trigram has sunk down and taken its place under the lower trigram. This conception also expresses the fundamental idea on which the Book of Changes is based. To rule truly is to serve.

A sacrifice of the higher element that produces an increase of the lower is called an out-and-out increase: it indicates the spirit that alone has power to help the world.

For 7 years (since 1999) Gregory is serving now the unus mundus, which tries to express something new coming we do not yet understand exactly. But it seems that he should "serve" "to rule truly."


INCREASE. It furthers one
To undertake something.
It furthers one to cross the great water.

"To cross the great water" always means a connection with the collective unconscious. In our case I would say a connection with the unus mundus.

Sacrifice on the part of those above for the increase of those below fills the people with a sense of joy and gratitude that is extremely valuable for the flowering of the commonwealth.

Gregory sacrificed the latter part of successful career when he was a high paid engineering consultant! He lives more or less only for his visions/journeys. Thus, the community has joy and gratitude, and like this the "commonwealth is flowering."

When people are thus devoted to their leaders, undertakings are possible, and even difficult and dangerous enterprises will succeed. Therefore, in such times of progress and successful development it is necessary to work and make the best use of the time.

Self explaining!

This time resembles that of the marriage of heaven and earth, when the earth partakes of the creative power of heaven, forming and bringing forth living beings. The time of INCREASE does not endure; therefore, it must be utilized while it lasts.

Here we have it !!! The Holy Wedding, the coniunctio. The I Ching speaks even of "living beings", i.e., of the infans solaris, the red tincture, the quintessence as the result of the Holy Wedding. It seems that after seven years of suffering these visions/journeys alone it is now time to bring them into the public.

The time is ripe, a new quality of the incarnation has begun. Thus, one should not hesitate.

Further: In such moments one feels the urgency of such an undertaking. This is why one is perhaps in some way a little "inflated." But this is only natural, since it shows that one is deeply touched by the incredibly deep events that happen -- and can only happen in a constructive way since there are some few people who have the courage to observe them.


Wind and thunder: the image of INCREASE.
Thus, the superior man:
If he sees good, he imitates it;
If he has faults, he rids himself of them.

While observing how thunder and wind increase and strengthen each other, a man can note the way to self-increase and self-improvement. When he discovers good in others, he should imitate it and thus make everything on earth his own. If he perceives something bad in himself, let him rid himself of it. In this way he becomes free of evil. This ethical change represents the most important increase of personality.

Shadow work we all know a little I guess.


Six in the second place means:
Someone does indeed increase him;
Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it.
Constant perseverance brings good fortune.
The king presents him before God. Good fortune.

A man brings about real increase by producing in himself the conditions for it, that is, through receptivity to and love of the good. Thus, the thing for which he strives comes of itself, with the inevitability of natural law. Where increase is thus in harmony with the highest laws of the universe, it cannot be prevented by any constellation of accidents. But everything depends on his not letting unexpected good fortune make him heedless; he must make it his own through inner strength and steadfastness. Then he acquires meaning before God and man, and can accomplish something for the good of the world.

In my experience, when the I Ching talks of "good fortune" it means it. The "ten tortoises" have to do with the I Ching itself, which was first a "tortoise oracle." Thus, this stroke means in fact "GOOD FORTUNE", since only the positive aspects of the future foretold by the I Ching are included in this stroke. It is one of the most positive strokes I know in the whole I Ching.

Six in the third place means:
One is enriched through unfortunate events.
No blame, if you are sincere
And walk in the middle,
And report with a seal to the prince.

A time of blessing and enrichment has such powerful effects that even events ordinarily unfortunate must turn out to the advantage of those affected by them. These persons become free of error, and by acting in harmony with truth they gain such inner authority that they exert influence as if sanctioned by letter and seal.

This stroke seems to have to be with the Black Sophia. It seems that much negative events will come, but for Gregory and for our group this will be "a time of blessing." It seems that our "authority" will be increased, i.e., that powerful people [in my recent dream the right-wing governments (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)] will begin to listen to what happens here. Since "Wolfgang Pauli", the conscience of physics, i.e., of science is now convinced that UFOs are a reality, also science will change its habit concerning these strange events, as UFOs, messages from the deceased and incarnations out of the Beyond.

Six in the fourth place means:
If you walk in the middle
And report to the prince,
He will follow.
It furthers one to be used
In the removal of the capital.

It is important that there should be men who mediate between leaders and followers. These should be disinterested people, especially in times of increase, since the benefit is to spread from the leader to the people. Nothing of this benefit should be held back in a selfish way; it should really reach those for whom it is intended. This sort of intermediary, who also exercises a good influence on the leader, is especially important in times when it is a matter of great undertakings, decisive for the future and requiring the inner assent of all concerned.

The benefit is the "new incarnation" of Unity and Sophia, and only if people like Gregory spread it out into the public, they have also a benefit.

Our trouble is however that we do not (yet) know what this new incarnation really is. But perhaps we are not allowed to know this (yet). Perhaps we have only to listen to and read of Gregory's observations.

For me it seems that the time is ripe to talk about all this in public. But perhaps I am wrong.


PS: In this moment the Beatles sing (for a reason I don’t understand I felt that I should let play the White record of them very low in the background when I began to write this: "Your outside is in, when your inside is out; your inside is out when your outside is in..." Synchronicity?

In May 2013 or 7 years later, I felt it was finally time to make my ongoing inner life available to the outer world. And now some 4 years later the World Soul would like me to amplify on the “food shopping cart” dream above using this I Ching cast over 11 years ago.

In the aftermath of the dream I began to experience the sensation of liquid warmth in my heart chakra that persisted for some few minutes.

I am flashing back to the four-fold star “Trinity Eye” colored image shared in my previous post Bringing More-Light/More-Love Into The World. It is being connected to the star on a Xmas tree. On 25 December 2017 as I observed the evening news they showed the White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony. I was quite surprised to see that it had a four-pointed star (instead of the traditional five-pointed star) that resembled the four-fold appearance of the “Trinity Eye”.
Xmas Tree Star Trump.jpg
Xmas Tree Star Trump.jpg [ 68.84 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

Now I am having the impression that the “Trinity Eye” is a propeller. Suddenly, the propellers on the Enola Gay bomber used to nuke Japan is being connected to the Trinity Eye. Further to the Trinity site in Nevada where the first atomic bomb (19 kiliton) was tested at 5:29:45 a.m. Mountain War Time on July 16, 1945.
Enola Gay Combo.jpg
Enola Gay Combo.jpg [ 101.44 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

”The Remedy” Psychophysical Bombs Away
I am flashing back to the pattern of empty circles seen in the green lawn as shared in my recent post The Redhead, Wet-kiss, Blood-Family, Apocalypse of Lo:vE. It is being connected to the “rain” of bluish-white teardrop shapes (bombs of the NW color) seen falling everywhere in my next vision below. A Fairy-grass carpet bombing to produce holes in the heart is meant. A “bomber” version of the Fire Sower.
Fairy-Rings-Africa-Namibia-Desert-Long-Grass.jpg [ 54.07 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

In the blackness I observe a random pattern of falling rain; of bluish-white teardrop shapes as if to connect them to incarnation in the NW. I have the sudden impression as I type this in of “a vale of tears”. Releasing the waters of the unconscious into one’s soul is always an experience of a “vale of tears” for one must endure the weight of their own soul and that is not an easy task. Draining the damned up matter-psyche.
Rain.jpg [ 56.49 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

The best interpretation of the English word vale, pronounced similar to the word “veil,” is that of a valley of tears. The word vale should not be confused with a veil drenched in the tears of the Virgin because of her Son’s sorrowful Passion and death or as a result of the sins of her children. Rather, it is symbolic of our pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem, filled with both joyful and sorrowful moments.

Again, I sense a liquid warmth in my heart chakra. Comment: It seems that one of the drops in the rain of teardrops does this. But the rest are for the Christification of the many, the 144,000; a symbolic number whose exact numerical value cannot be known.

In the darkness of the NW down below in the view I see a gray view of a sitting bird that looks like a seagull. The left half of the bird appears to have been rained on. It has stained some of the feathers pink; the color of the coniunctio. Comment: On re-reading this post on 27 December 2017 I suddenly recalled the following April 2011 vision of a world map whose landmass was colored pink. A global effect is meant. Something connected to Dr. Manhattan (who appears later in this post) and his approaching the Washington Capitol. A seagull has been connected to the Pope in January 2014 when a peace dove released by the Pope came under attack by a seagull and a raven. What’s involved in “reading the signs of the time aright.” Notice the strange yellow line bordering SE China (by the south China sea) which has now become a point of conflict because of the Chinese claim to own this sea on which they build islands; a clear violation of international law about borders to which all other nations adhere.
Coniunctio Global Rain.jpg
Coniunctio Global Rain.jpg [ 61.81 KiB | Viewed 149 times ]

In the blackness in the distance of the NE I see a large “peacock” tail shaped and sized rainbow that is mostly white. Comment: A rainbow is a sign of a new covenant between God and humanity. Evolving our consciousness is meant.
Peacock White.jpg
Peacock White.jpg [ 66.25 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

In a daylight view I observe a small green lawn park area having a few mature palm trees. A wide pale yellow dirt path divides the park in two; a West and East region (has ocean on that side) in the view. Suddenly I see Cozy come running down the hill on the far end of the West side and she comes like the wind to my feet.

In the NW of the view I see a cutout of a heart shape on gray paper standing on edge. The shape is outlined with a thin red line with some yellow peeking out underneath. A neon sign it seems.

Now I observe a ring torus that is also outlined byred-yellow neon sign construction. A ring torus has been connected to being a wedding band.

I am standing by the East side of the SE area of a large darkred, rectangular table having many place settings. The focus is the center of the table where I observe a rectangular aluminum tin of six empty depressions for mincemeat tarts. Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison. Originally, mincemeat always contained meat. Meat from a pound of flesh from the heart is meant.
Mincemeat Tin.jpg
Mincemeat Tin.jpg [ 40.1 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

I hear, “Puff, the magic dragon.” Given the following storyline for this poem it seems all must return to the realm of passive imagination and learn from Eros Christ consciousness. In other words, we all grow up but that is no excuse for not returning to our imaginary childhood playmates.
Puff.jpg [ 45.85 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

The lyrics tell a story of the ageless dragon Puff and his playmate, a little boy who grows up and loses interest in the imaginary adventures of childhood and leaves Puff to be with himself. The line "A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys" is generally thought to imply only that the little boy grew up. The story of the song takes place "by the sea".

I observe a 10 gallon sized black plastic nursery plant container holding a young six foot tall white birch tree that has started to produce green leaves.

I see a clear glass hemispherical shaped mixing bowl filled with a white medium like thick cream. It is being stirred clockwise with a large wood spoon. A close-up view is given and I see that white eggs standing on end have begun to appear floating on the top of the fluffy white cream. Taking the cream off the top of creation comes to mind. Recall that a bowl has been connected to "the bowl of individuation." These chicken eggs are potential being meant to become actual being and in my material that means taking on the attributes of the chicken God, Abraxas – a 7 letter word, in order to evolve our consciousness. The process of individuation should give all pause about how this will turn out on the plane of human history, because it is not an easy undertaking.
Bowl of Individuation.jpg
Bowl of Individuation.jpg [ 31.96 KiB | Viewed 149 times ]

In a daylight view I am looking down at a 3 gallon sized galvanized pail with handle up that is filled to the brim of clear water. It sits on the NE corner of a dark brown wood rectangular piece of wall furniture. It is next to a white West wall in a room. It’s the aqua permanens.
Pail Water.jpg
Pail Water.jpg [ 22.55 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

Lapis Philosophorum: Also known as the ultima materia, aqua permanens (=its libido aspect), rubedo tinctura, filius macrocosmi or philosophorum, quinta essentia, panacea, medicina catholica, rotundrum, elixir vitae, lapis exilis (stone of no worth), everlasting food: the Philosopher's Stone, prized goal of alchemy. According to legend, the Stone, a freed form of the spirit of Mercurius trapped within the prima materia or initially unprocessed raw material, grants immortality, heals all disease, and transforms base metals into gold. Jung saw it as a Self-symbol - one compensating for the Logos Christ who was without sin - and the goal of individuation.

Suddenly, I am experiencing the sensations of my body being empowered. My subtle body is meant; a connection to the effects of the pail of water – a raindrops worth it seems.

Then briefly, I have a vision of an “avatar” colored Dr. Manhattan levitating in the darkness. Then I observe a slender, long gold snake slithering along in the blackness along the East side in my view – coming out of the SE and heading quickly into the NE.
Dr. Manhattan.jpg
Dr. Manhattan.jpg [ 33.95 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

In a well-lighted, large, fancy, modern bathroom I stand by the SW area of the West side looking out into the NW corner over the tops of a row of about eight white porcelain sinks. At the far end I see a middle-aged man wearing a black suit. He stands in front of the last sink while bent over at the waist 90-degrees. This places his head over the top of the sink. He does not wear a hat. I immediately recall how “Men in Black” are being connected to some strange UFO phenomena and other paranormal phenomena in the UFO community of believers.

I am flashing back to the hexagon opening in the black sphere that was connected to a underground water distribution system. Dr. Jung entered the center of this hexagon – meaning he entered the hole in the heart chakra.
Sphere Black.jpg
Sphere Black.jpg [ 23.98 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

I am recalling that the head on the rogue elephant was rotating through a 90-degree angle as it towed the cart in a rage while moving along in a parade. I also recall that an opossum (belly pouch connection; sticks head in belly when in danger) accompanied this elephant and it hissed at me while the elephant used its trunk to grind the right side of my body against the left wagon wheel (the yin side of the wheels of Ezekiel). I have the impression that the rotating elephant head was tracing out the cross-section shape of a light cone.

I am looking down at the West side of the edge of a black granite countertop. By that edge I see a beige place setting that includes an empty truncated cone shaped water glass. Another clear empty glass also appears – a cone shaped glass having the end rounded where it meets the surface. The latter is the end of a vesica piscis shape seems meant.

In the blackness I observe a close-up view of the tip of a spoon poked down into the view from out of the Doomsday Hour. It is coated with what looks like melted butter that has resolidified and is now mostly white. Comment: A spoon tip rests on the bottom of the bowl of individuation as seen in the image above. It apparently is coated with the residue left in the bottom of the retort after endless cycles of evaporation and condensation of its contents; it is the famous remedy of the Alcahest.

The, "Alcahest," his celebrated medicine for all ills, was made with freshly prepared caustic lime and spirit of wine, which mixture was to be distilled ten times. The residue left in the retort was to be mixed with pure potassium carbonate and dried. It was then to be placed in a dish and ignited, and the residue formed his famous remedy.

I am observing a close-up view of the NW corner of a piece of white paper suspended in the blackness. A hand-written number is on it in black font – it reads 1.110 (the value of the interger ratio of 11/9 to two decimal places). Comment: 9/11 was the infamous Muslim terror attack in the USA on 11 September 2001. 11/9 is connected to a movie about another “terror” attack – that unleashed by the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA. His election has been characterized as being “Trump is God’s Instrument.” I had won an inner Trump presidency the night before the election. And it was then announced that Trump would be God’s instrument. IF this means that Gregory is the instrument then a constructive effect of his opus can be expected to effect the world. If it means that Donald Trump is the instrument then it means that a very destructive effect will be unleashed in the world; like Hitler released when Jung was told that Hitler was God’s instrument. Let’s hope that effects from Gregory’s opus is meant.

Tues. 26 December 2017

A pattern of green plant foliage on a white background fills the view. It slowly disappears until blackness fills the view. Looking through Her “heartfelt” skin, Her soul consciousness is meant.
Plant Skin.jpg
Plant Skin.jpg [ 66.49 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

I observe the right side of man sitting in a recliner wearing a yellow short sleeve shirt (a connection to the yellow center in the “Trinity Eye”). He has his right arm extended out to his right side as if he is resting his forearm on an invisible armrest. I immediately recall the top of an arm rest that was gold in color as seen near the start of my post Bringing More-Light/More-Love Into The World. It seems this man has a “Midas Touch” – all that he touches turns to gold (consciousness as an incorruptible substance). A very lucky fellow – because he learned the Wu-Wei will-less way of Taoism and tried to let the World Soul explain her dreams and visions.

I hear, “Without thinking about it, ‘What is the meaning of the holocaust?’” I immediately have the inner knowing, “Enduring the ordeal of the Apocalypse.”

Then I see a frontal view of the face of a man who has the reddish face of a Japanese snow monkey with black hair worn in a butch style haircut. He is seated at a white table consuming a raw carrot. He wears a thick white sweater. Carrots (2nd charka connection) are said to be good for eyesight.

In a daylight view I observe the right side of a middle-age man as he stands in front of a huge wall clock on a North wall’s Doomsday hour location. The clock reminds me of the colors of those used in school rooms when I was being educated. He sets the time to 3 o’clock. I immediately have the inner knowing that Christ died on his cross at 3 PM. Comment: Christ died on a Friday. This coming Friday is the 29 December 2017. 29 = 11 or the number of the Tao, the realm of the unus mundus.

From her right side I see the front of the dress on a young slender woman that is knee high. It is reddish in color with some black markings (something which reminds me of the huge egg with piles of black yarrow sticks lying on its surface). As I observe the black areas disappear and the dress become scarlet red or crimson. Then it slowly turns to pink; the color of the coniunctio in my material. Potential being has become actual being. I notice that the fabric has become “see through” as the view continues to her knee area. It’s as if a connection to “seeing through the green foliage plant skin” of the World Soul is meant. Comment: That her dress has turned pink suggests that coniunctio events should start to occur all over the world map. Whether they are constructive or destructive depends on one of the Trump presidencies.
LovE.jpg [ 43.44 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

More LOVE Has Come Into The World
I am inside a huge building that could be an airplane hanger. It is storing a lot of items on its concrete floor as if ready for loading. I see many brand new green hunting boots with yellow soles and trim – like the one’s I wore when deer hunting. I stand next to a tall black metal wire mesh having a diamond openings pattern. I stand by its SW corner looking towards its NW corner. It has only three sides. As I type this in I suddenly realize that this is the shape of a soccer “net”; a buckyball connection.

I am recalling how the star in the movie Gladiator began to float out over a ripe wheat filled landscape as he lay dying on the Roman Colosseum floor. He was already having an OBE and his hands were slowly brushing over the tops of the ripe wheat (sprung from Osiris’s grave seems meant) in the huge field. His subtle body was journeying to his home in the country side to return to the memory of his lovely wife and son who were brutally slaughtered by the Romans. He redeemed Rome from an enemy within its ranks, the ruling emperor; a metaphor for redeeming the enemy within one’s soul from a psychological point of view. Comment: The dying Gladiator floating above the red rose petal covered sandy floor of the Colosseum is being connected to the vision of the Queenly dressed woman floating about the dark green lawn that was filled with small white circles where nothing grew except around its circumference. Teardrop shaped raindrops did this comes to mind.
Gladitor Wheat Field.jpg
Gladitor Wheat Field.jpg [ 49.5 KiB | Viewed 157 times ]

Redeeming The World From Evil
In a dark view I am observing the front wheel on a bicycle from its NW area.

I am recalling what was shared in the Eulogy for Marie-Louise von Franz.

In the summer of 1994 she had this dream:

She is working in the laundry at the cloister in Einsiedeln. She is given to understand that Jung would come down from heaven to the wedding of the Black Madonna. Marie-Louise is among the one hundred elect who are permitted to take part in the wedding.

Comment: She said that the unconscious was indeed preparing a remedy for the world and a union, to be sure not one “above in the spiritual realm,” but a union of above and below, a union of spirit and matter. Very early on the Virgin Mary was thought to be “the earth;” the Black Madonna was a nature goddess. And yet the union comes about in a Christian framework, which she (Marie-Louise) never could accept. But still the dream filled her with the highest happiness.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Obtaining A Chicken Subtle Body

Wed. 27 Dec. 2017

I am in a dark room looking out through its windows in the North wall and into another room, also not lighted, that is partially illuminated by the lighted hallway next to it. I sit at the SW corner of a narrow rectangular table that is along the North wall. One at a time, many different women of all different ages and wearing different style hats take turns sitting at the NW corner of the table and their faces appear large and as frontal views. They all look me in the eye and seemed pleased to make their individual appearances. I immediately realize that their different style hats indicate the many different ideas of these different aspects of the feminine that my consciousness is now operating under. Comment: Near the end of this post all these different hats are connected to being attributes of a chicken body, the chicken God Abraxas is meant.
Abraxgem.jpg [ 38.32 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I am observing a strange game of cards on the West side of a large wood table. The rectangular cards are unusually large and lay face down - covering almost the entire surface of the wide dark wood surface that has the surface area of a conference table (there was room for about three more cards). The place is huge as if a gambling casino. Comment: A conference table has been connected to displaying many thick manuscripts with a large thick silver medallion on each of their surface. The size of the cards suggests that they are Tarot cards; something used in fortune telling – it’s a divination method. Later in this post Maria Prophetissa appears on a Tarot card having a deep blue background.

I observe a six-inch deep depression whose surface is made from a stainless-steel curved metal bottom in a foot square opening in a dark wood table surface. The bottom South side is filled with frozen corn kernels along with a few small frozen chunks of a blue substance. The curved bottom reminds me of the curved bottom of the payout part of a slot machine or the drive-thru teller window of a bank.

I see a right profile view of a young Asian woman in the darkness and a fair way away in the NW of the view. She sits in front of something out of sight and goes through the motions of a switchboard operator. Comment: An image for the random plugging and playing of images that convey different attributes of the feminine principle comes to mind.

I observe a cartoon drawing of the right side of a middle-aged woman with a full head of long black hair. She is looking at something out of the view in the NW over the top of her right shoulder. The right shoulder is connected to Betelgeuse becoming a supernova. The look on her face conveys “surprise.”

I am in a shadowy place sitting at the SE area of a foursome; at the West end of a long rectangular table. Across from me is a happy middle-aged blond woman sitting at the NE area. She is interacting with a woman sitting next to my left side in the SW area. I cannot see who sits in the NW area.

I observe an attractive young woman from her NE area. She has long black hair and wears red lipstick. She is looking at me. She has a “glad to be alive” expression on her face.

In a close-up view I see a NW view of my daughter Amy’s face at her present age. She is looking down at me. Comment: The inner feminine has been integrated such that it has an Amy’s Eros ego consciousness. She looks excited and is saying something.

I am in a large store looking at a man behind a cash register in the NW corner. A man and woman standing near me and in the line of sight of the NW have a modern pistol lying 90-degrees counterclockwise from vertical that is pointed towards the NW.

I see a color brochure in a close-up view having an olive background. Many groups of items are displayed. I recall only one; four shotguns in a vertical side-by-side orientation at the top center.

I observe a young woman’s full oval white face and black hair from her NW area. The pigtails on the back of her head are in focus. They form a 90-degree angle when they intersect below the center of the visual cortex. The right pigtail has a bluish-cyan ribbon on it and makes a 45-degree angle to the top of the head a 45-degree angle to the side right of the head. I cannot see if the pigtail on the left side has a ribbon. These pigtails (chthonic emphasis) strike me as being connected to insect antenna; a sympathetic nervous system emphasis. Comment: These colors are a connection to those seen in the eyes of the Roswell alien and the colors in those eyes will be clarified in a vision later on in this post.
Visual Cortex Pig Tails.jpg
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I am looking down at a deep blue thick-walled shopping bag with handles lying on its side. It has two eyeballs. The eyeball is white with red veins while the iris match that of the pattern of colors seen in the bicycle wheel hubs.
Bicycle Wheels Flipped.jpg
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I observe two brown shopping bags. The smaller one is filled with items and sits inside the larger one on top of a few items in its bottom.

I am observing the NE corner area of a flat thick wood square having a long cylindrical wood piece sticking out of that corner. A similar wood piece is seen in the NW corner of the square. There are four of them which fill out the corner of the square.

Where the NE leg was I see instead a horizontal rotation yellow-gold light in a bulb that is rather classical in shape except this one appears faceted and reminds me of the hot/cold water bathtub handle shape. The light is slowly rotating counterclockwise.

Something about uniting white and tan objects that look like full length robes with hoods.

I see a large whitish “subtle body” man that reminds me of Dr. Manhattan who is clinging to the left side of a brown horse. His head is on the upper left neck while his chest is against the side of the heart chakra area on the chest of the horse. He clings like this at a 45-degree angle.

I observe three pizzas being moved along on a conveyor belt. Then I see white Pixie dust springing into the air from the surface of one of the pizzas.

I observe a pair of feet wearing thick black tennis shoes with brown stockings and brown suit pants. He stands next to the driver’s side of the car with the door open. Just then I see a Roswell sized woman’s legs being put on the car seat. She wears a pale green dress.

I see four black shaped duck feet connected together and worn like a bracelet around the right bare ankle of a person. Comment: In an October 2016 sharing four duck feet around a center was connected to four black hearts around the torso of a witch at belly brain height. The duck feet are an ankle charm bracelet it seems. Wearing it suggests a desire to unite the opposites of spirit and matter.
Witch Duck Heart.jpg
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If a woman wears an ankle bracelet on the left ankle it's a sign she is married and in an open relationship if it is on the right ankle.

I am at the SW area of a long dark wood bear bar that extends to the NW.

Once again, I discover a trail in a wood.

In a close-up view I see an open newspaper flooded in a pink color, the color of the coniunctio. In its glow I make out an image in silhouette along the East side that is the skin of the man flayed alive as seen on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Later I see that on 27 December 2017 it was announced in Israel newspapers that Israel’s Prime Minister Will Name the Jerusalem West Wall Train Station after Trump. A destructive coniunctio it seems in the global hunt for constructive coniunctio outcomes.
Newspaper Global Pink Flayed Last Judgment.jpg
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Risking Your Skin In ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ Ordeal
The skin of St. Bartholomew after he had been flayed (skinned alive) is part of the mural for The Last Judgement. It is a depiction of the Second Coming of Christ and the final and eternal judgment by God of all humanity. The souls of humans rise and descend to their fates, as judged by Christ who is surrounded by prominent saints.

On a dark wood rectangular surface, I see a rectangular cardboard box.

Thurs. 28 December 2017

I am sitting along the West side of a rectangular dinner table by its SW area. I am consuming a plate filled with delicious food. At the moment my fork in in the “bowl” of mashed potatoes filled with brown gravy that is on the NW area of the plate.

I am looking down at a top view of a used white coffee cup that is square in cross-section and cube in shape. A light-yellow substance clings to its interior. The stain of chicken soup comes to mind (what will “wake you up” when you smell this coffee). The incarnation into spacetime (our 4D world) of chicken God attributes (of Abraxas who unites all the opposites) helps one to “wake up and consciously smell the coffee”. This incarnation is connected to the New Jerusalem which according to the Book of Revelation has the shape of a cube. Further this is a connection to the Trinity Eye; as if it is the pall used to (partially?) cover the “chalice” containing the sacred elements in the mass. Things any new inner pope will need for the Eucharist service. The pall shown is embroidered with a sacrificed Agnus Dei (The Lamb of God) lying on a cross which lies on the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation. It seems MLvF’s dream message, that she could not accept, was right; the remedy the unconscious has prepared for our world to unite the opposites of spirit and matter will take place in a Christian framework for the renewal of the Christian archetype; a connection to Saint Francis of Assisi who was on very good terms with Nature. “The Logos Christ may have redeemed Spirit, but Nature was left undone.” C.G. Jung.
Eucharist Service.jpg
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Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Saint Francis of Assisi)
The pall (palla) is a stiffened square card covered with white linen, usually embroidered with a cross, or some other appropriate symbol. The purpose of the pall is to keep dust and insects from falling into the Eucharistic elements.

In the darkness I observe a white circle having two shadowed eyes surrounded by a reddish ring. A facemask it seems.

I am looking down at the SW corner of a red rectangular table where I see smears of a whitish substance – from mashed potatoes it seems.

I observe a fresh pie with golden crust and golden crust covering. It has been cut into eight slices and the slice in the NW area has the crust mostly removed – revealing it has a lemon filling with a slight green hue to it. An Eros Christ sweet for helping the coagulatio.

I am in a dark, fancy, modern, home filled with many floor-to-ceiling glass picture windows observing a lovely blond woman leaning against the West side of the entryway window. She wears a white top.

I stand by the SW corner of a large picture window in the North wall by the NW corner of a dark room while looking through it to the outside daylight. I observe the left profile view of a middle-aged man standing by the windows East side. He wears a white shirt.

I observe a middle-aged woman with long black hair wearing a cone shaped knee-high white dress with a pattern of small black circles; a polka dot dress indicating yin > higher yang. She is walking across a lovely, large, modern cement patio by the edge of a pool with a large green lawn and trees in the background.

In a lovely home I see another happy young woman with blond hair who was squatting but now stands while smiling and looking at me. She wears a knee-high yellow gold dress made of silk with similar colored chiffon fabric around her neck and the hem of the dress.

From the SE area I observe the head of a black man whose head is leaning forwards at a 90-degree angle. He wears a yellow beret style hat that has a crescent moon visor. Comment: The image conveys a “black head of Osiris” (dimmed Logos ego) that is under the influence and ideas of the Eros Self.

I am observing an abstract painting of a white “face mask” in which the left eye is in focus. A thin cyan arc represents the eyebrow and theiris is represented by a small darkred starry center having many short rays emanating from it. Underneath cyan is blue and underneath red is yellow comes to mind once again. It seems the following is meant. They eyebrow color matches the antenna pigtail ribbon color seen on the visual cortex image earlier in this post.
Alien Eyes Eyebrow.jpg
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In the blackness I observe a brilliant glowing white design in a circle that is composed of a complicated structure. The equator of the circle has an outline of a horizontal diamond shape as if the iris in an eye. White curved bands are attached to the Gem Supreme shape above and below. I don’t recognize the overall pattern. A “coat of arms?”

I observe left over crumbs of yellow-gold food on the lower half of a round black plate. It reminds me of crumbs from the crust of quiche.

I am observing the center area of a large rectangular coffee table. The focus is on the partially submerged right side of a slender petite human shape. Just the right arm is seen and it looks the tail of a snake whose body is covered in a pattern of scales consisting of short deep blue cylindrical pieces that abut with partitioning yellow gold rings giving it a segmented body appearance.

In the blackness I observe the yellow-white glowing open end of a pipe that is flush with a black surface and that extends into the depths. The yellow “fire” or energy fills the pipe. A pair of whitish, yellowish straps forms an X-shape across the end of the pipe. I have the impression this is the hole in the heart. The colors suggest heat or energy of some kind. Comment: This has psychophysical alpha radiation (energy) colors. It’s the center of the Trinity Eye. X-shapes remind me of light cones. The X-shape is seen at the center of the Sri Aurobindo image for the heart chakra.
Heart Fire.jpg
Heart Fire.jpg [ 49.65 KiB | Viewed 139 times ]

I observe a man sitting along the West side by the SW area of a circular clear glass table while having something to eat. He sits on a black marble floor in a modern high rise building of a condo. A small black case lies at the center of the table and its rectangular long axis is aligned North-South in the view as it to indicated the 6 o’clock hour. The black case reminds me of the one my oldest sister gave me as a present on a birthday; my first year (1963) in Los Angeles, CA. It contained personal hygiene “tools” like nail clippers, black combs, straight razor, toothbrush, etc.

I see a large sauce pan thickly coated with a whitish-yellow medium. Floating on the East side are many side-by-side whitish cylindrical objects that look like miniature codex devices like that seen in the movie, DaDivnci Code Codex. The other half is filled with the same object except they are dark brown in color. The sauce pan sits on the East side of the table. The objects may have been carved out of ivory.

I observe a black marble rectangular table. Two people sit along its long side at the Doomsday hour. They seem to be first arrivals for the Last Supper. It had several unused table settings. The man wearing a white sweater and sitting at the table by the Doomsday hour reminds me of Tom, whose lead role is as an innovative technology in the TV miniseries “Halt and Catch Fire.”

I see the blond, Cameron, who also stars as a computer code writing “gamer” in “Halt and Catch Fire”. She wears a white shirt and blue jeans. Her frontal view is strange; the chest to the waist is “downward triangle” in shape while hips up to waist is “upward triangle” in shape. I have the impression that this represents the apexes of touching light cones as seen in the following July 2017 image.
LightCone.jpg [ 27.5 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

A rectangular card is held up into my view. It has a deep blue background and the image of a standing woman dressed in old style white clothing with floppy hat I don’t recognize in on the card. As I type this in I suddenly have the impression it is a Tarot card and the woman is Maria Prophetissa. Since Tarot is a fortune-telling divination game it seems this card is a very important one. Its blue and white colors match those in NW so it seems GOOD FORTUNE is meant; something the I Ching I cast in May 2006 or 11 years ago foretold.
Maria Prophetissa Tarot.jpg
Maria Prophetissa Tarot.jpg [ 23.05 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]


Six in the second place means:
Someone does indeed increase him;
Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it.
Constant perseverance brings good fortune.
The king presents him before God. good fortune.

A man brings about real increase by producing in himself the conditions for it, that is, through receptivity to and love of the good. Thus, the thing for which he strives comes of itself, with the inevitability of natural law. Where increase is thus in harmony with the highest laws of the universe, it cannot be prevented by any constellation of accidents. But everything depends on his not letting unexpected good fortune make him heedless; he must make it his own through inner strength and steadfastness. Then he acquires meaning before God and man, and can accomplish something for the good of the world.

RFR: In my experience, when the I Ching talks of "good fortune" it means it. The "ten tortoises" have to do with the I Ching itself, which was first a "tortoise oracle." Thus, this stroke means in fact "GOOD FORTUNE", since only the positive aspects of the future foretold by the I Ching are included in this stroke. It is one of the most positive strokes I know in the whole I Ching.[/quote]
I observe a woman from her SE area in the darkness. She just turned her head so now I see her right profile view. It is Donna who stars as a very smart, very savy, high power business woman in the computer industry in the series Halt and Catch Fire.

In the darkness I am looking down the left side of a woman from her waist down. She wears a white blouse and deep blue with pink splotches slacks. Birthing a new cosmic creation out of the left thigh seems meant.

In the darkness I observe a right profile view of a tall, slender, middle-aged man. His head is shaved and he wears a baseball cap. He reminds me of Boz, the male business executive in Halt and Catch Fire who knows how to close a deal at a good price.

Halt and Catch Fire depicts a fictionalized insider's view of the personal computer revolution of the 1980s and later the growth of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s.

The show's title refers to computer machine code instruction HFC, the execution of which would cause the computer's central processing unit (CPU) to stop working (GJS: a metaphor for turning off the Logos ego).

In the darkness I observe a man’s bald head from his NE area. A small dark cross seems to have been seared into the flesh on the top center but on the right side of the head. A little red is seen in the cross as if charred flesh is meant. It reminds me of the huge similar cross seen cut into my back during mass in 1982 by a black hairy demon looking entity. The integration of the bright Shadow of the Logos Christ is meant.
Taw Cross Shadow.jpg
Taw Cross Shadow.jpg [ 62.74 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I am recalling what a Jungian orientated man mentioned to me the other day about the street address (1234 May Street) of the home we are renting in Victoria, BC. He was focused on the numerals as being a connection to the Axiom of Maria. A synchronicity with the appearance of the color-coded understanding of that Axiom. Further, for me May is the month of Mary and Mary wears clothes having the colors of NW.

In the darkness I see a partial view of what appears to be yellowish glowing 5-pointed star – but only the its right side is shown. Well, now it seems I am view a glowing man’s right side in that star orientation – the right side of the Vitruvian man is meant. Comment: It seems I should update my buckyball Avatar image to reflect that the man in the pentagons is using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

I observe a strange looking creature sitting on the floor in a living room with legs and head not in the view. It has short light tan hair and a strange shaped body that looks like a money sack. Comment: Days later when I see the following image for a Roswell E.T. alien I realize this was the body of a Roswell alien seen in this vision. An emphasis on the body or the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio is meant and that requires that the right brain or thinking when activating the visual cortex be dimmed. Like this the right becomes “blind” and the left eye views the unus mundus and the Avatar maker shows the observer new Ra consciousness. The observer matches the psychology of the E.T. alien who is Eros ego in psychology. At the end of the post I hear, “We now have a chicken subtle body.” Like this I realize the Roswell alien has a plucked chicken body shape connecting it to having the subtle body attributes of Abraxas.
Roswell Eyes Chicken Subtle Body.jpg
Roswell Eyes Chicken Subtle Body.jpg [ 57.78 KiB | Viewed 141 times ]

Thurs. 28 December 2017

On a white background I see different yellowish pieces or fragments of objects. I can only recognize one fragment – a piece of a large horn that looks to be from the DOOM cyber demon boss.

I see that one end of a rectangular, clear, thick plastic sheet of material that has been lifted up off the floor a way in a living room. A recliner rest on this material as if the plastic is a carpet guard. Strange, but dew drops hang off the underside of the plastic sheet. Suddenly, I recall the biblical story about the Gideon fleece test (Judges 6:9) in which the fleece remained dry but the ground was wet with dew. The “sign of the fleece” confirmed that God indeed had promised to use Gideon to save Israel.

I am observing the underbody and legs of an eagle. The view changes and now I see its head and in the background just behind the back of its head in the distance up by the ceiling’s NW corner is a white light from a light bulb. I recall that a black eagle carried Pauli’s World Clock. The vision seems to say that the bird is the carrier of new consciousness into the NW.

I observe a few small rabbits on a red blanket like I use when meditating. All are white except for a single black one. Rabbits as new creation are being connected to yin > higher yang.


I am in a professional work environment in a modern building. It seems the project I was working on has ended. It is time to find other employment. I am following McG, a former engineering supervisor, in the building as if he will lead me to another place in the building that will employ me. I notice he is not bull-legged (knee problems from skiing accidents) and in fact is young and has curly red hair. He is happy, fun-loving and excited about something.

End of Dream

In the darkness I observe a man invisibly suspended above my left shoulder. His head is shaved except for a thin black hairline down the middle of his head that has a butch cut. He keeps nodding his head in my direction as he looks down at me.

I observe a man holding a large white circular plate covered with food. The focus is on the two large pieces of broccoli on the NW area of the plate.

In the darkness I observe what looks like the bottom side of short rays from a sun that shine onto a blue water surface below. A dark sun whose red outline rays filled in with yellow are seen. But the sun barely gives off any light.

I observe rain falling on the earthen footpath of the park as I walk along by Cook Street near May Street.

I am observing the clash between two people. Then I hear, “We now have a chicken subtle body.”


PS When I saw the following image on 28 December 2017 I immediately connected it to the new birth; the energy of the Eros Self flowing as psychophysical alpha radiation through the hole in the heart chakra and into our world as an energy that supports the union of spirit (CNS) and matter (VNS).
Eros Self Fire Energy.jpg
Eros Self Fire Energy.jpg [ 32.83 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

Joy and woe are woven fine, A clothing for the soul divine... — William Blake

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  The Jesus Foot

Fri. 29 December 2017

Once again, I am observing a pattern of bits and pieces of pale green “see through” vegetation on a white background. I am inside the skin of an alien being while looking out through its soul, its worldview, comes to mind.
Plant Skin.jpg
Plant Skin.jpg [ 66.49 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

The scene changes and now I observe a flowing wavy set of green parallel coplanar lines from out of the NE to the SW in the view. It is like they are flowing down an invisible set of three stairs. A set of blue parallel lines flows next to them. It could be that I view this taking place underneath water.

A reddish bare right foot caked with black dirt on its sole is sticking into the view at a 45-degree angle from out of the NW in the view. This human is used to not wearing any shoes. It has a Hobbit life-style; a very grounded “close to the earth” lifestyle.
Hobbit Foot.jpg
Hobbit Foot.jpg [ 48.39 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

Strange but I hear, “A Jesus foot.” The repentance of the Logos Christ seems meant as it walks barefoot on the Black Road left by his bright unredeemed Shadow.

Then where the foot was located I observe a dark view of the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe looking downwards as if the “Jesus foot” is connected to the baby she carries in Her womb. Comment: In the image she is looking down at Juan Diego in the year 1531 in SE of Mexico City, a peasant man, a common poor man; a “salt of the earth” person. It's as if Diego is the kind of new birth Her pregnancy would like to give birth too.
Dark Virgin.jpg
Dark Virgin.jpg [ 10.49 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I am looking into a lighted room when suddenly along the East side in the SE of the view I observe the left side of the head of a middle-aged man with black hair and dark “olive” skin as if from the Middle East. The hair on the back of his head sticks out in a thorn like manner (The mana of the knowing that covers his visual center). His handsome face turns and looks at me with a smile.

I am looking down at a cluster of white birch trees with green leaves in the center of a huge shopping mall. A bench seat with a couple sitting on it is underneath the NE area of the canopy of the trees. Some children in red clothes are also under the canopy in its SW area. The floor is made with tightly packed darkred used brick as if pavers. A lovely scene.

Now I am peeking into a small area through the open doorway and see on my left side a set of about six long naval gray painted bench seats having people sitting on either side of a central aisle. The focus is on a young strange dark looking person that struck me to be feminine. She sits by the aisle on the 2nd bench seat from the bottom. She looked “alien.”

A close-up view is given of a branch on a bush having only a single branch it seems. Suddenly, it rapidly grows and blue-white flowers rapidly grow and cover the branch surface which sprouts more branches and now on a parallel set of branches growing ever taller are red-white flowers but the blue-white branches and flowers grow taller and faster. My view follows this growth upwards as I am able to float next to this and look down as it grows towards me.
Flowering branch.jpg
Flowering branch.jpg [ 47.31 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

The view changes and I see more plant growth that is long, wavy, and thin; some strands in blue and others in purple. As they flow as if under the sea above ocean bottom a new growth suddenly begins just in front of the end of the previous growth. On and on like this as if displaying a form of Morse code. The growth is occurring everywhere along the bottom in the view as it progress from out of the East side and towards the West side. It grows and moves as if so many snakes with out heads (worm-like growth). The growth reminds me of magical scenes in the movie Avatar.

Now it seems I am under water looking towards the surface where I observe a large, floating, circular patch of yellow-gold vegetation. As I observe the patch slowly sinks underneath the water and to near the bottom on the East side in the view. And even green moss like growth begins to carpet the bottom and out of the green suddenly tiny points of red appear. All this in the midst of very transparent bluish water it seems.

In a daylight view I observe my maternal grandmother seated on a light blue park bench – its SE area. She wears a white dress with blue polka dots. A lovely natural scene.

I am observing the right side of a young man with black hair standing in front of my left leg as he observes the East side.

Now I observe white church pews of about 10 or 12 rows on each side of the center aisle that are mostly filled with people. A stout woman in all green vegetative looking garments is seated near the SW area as I observe from the NE area. Suddenly many young adults emerge into the church from the SW area and form a procession up the middle aisle towards the due North or Doomsday Hour. They wear light blue hooded clothes with hoods up and are being followed by another similar sized group wearing hooded purple garments.

Then a very large well-built and tall man stands facing my left side a short way away. He wears a green-olive plastic upper garment as if rain gear like a bird hunter might wear in wet weather.

I am looking down over the edge of a floor I stand on to the old moss-covered cement steps that lead underneath where I stand. A man who looks like Steve Jobs is walking backwards up the steps and tosses a small dark brown object up to me. I barely touch it as it bounces off my hands and back down onto him and out of sight. The object reminds me of the codex in Da Vinci Code which was used to prove that the Logos Christ had married Mary Magdalene; a metaphor for the union of the Logos and Eros Christ consciousness in the body of the HermAphrodite.

I observe the black painted edge of a wood deck on which grows a thick layer of green moss.

I observe a large auditorium filled with conference tables. A wood cage looking structure is being lifted up off the floor and off to the side.

I observe small raw wood naked statues of females.

I observe a NE view of a man wearing a fancy red uniform with fancy wide brim hat. A King it seems, which reminds me of King Henry the eighth.
King-Henry-VIII-of-England.jpg [ 40.84 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I observe a fancy dressed woman standing on a sidewalk wearing a fluffy full blue dress and a large red hat.

In the blackness of the NW I see the white filter ends of a “circular” clutch of about 24 cigarettes as if held in the grip of an invisible hand. The way they appear strikes me as being rockets in a multitube rocket launcher used on a battle field (Her nuclear/radioactive tipped missiles). Also of ammo for a Gatling gun. Twelve is the number of petals in the lotus flower for the heart chakra.
Cigarette Cluster.jpg
Cigarette Cluster.jpg [ 34.76 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I am observing blue five-pointed stars in the blackness of the NW when suddenly red covers the blue stars. A purple, divinely proportioned, Vitruvian man is meant; one who unites the opposites contained in the red and blue states of consciousness as seen in my Avatar; the buckyball.

In a daylight view on a city street I observe a modern blue and chrome highlighted car drive pass in front of me on a multi-lane road in a busy modern large city. The view of the car is like it appears in very sharp laser light like that used to enhance pictures. It has the colors in NW.

It is night and I stand on a city sidewalk looking across the dark multilane city street that has no traffic. I observe a large gathering of people in a large fenced in rectangular area on the other side. They are playing some kind of game using a large glowing yellow-gold “beach ball” sized sphere. It is being bounce by some unseen means into the air; back and forth to either end. The rectangular field is packed with people so no one is moving about. A strange game is being played. Then suddenly the ball is hit high into the night sky and it hangs there motionless as if has become the moon! Like this I realize a game of soccer is being played using a buckyball which immediately reminds me of the following Hunter’s Moon image seen in an October 2013 vision.
Harvest Buckyball.jpg
Harvest Buckyball.jpg [ 33.06 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I observe down below the bottom of a spoon resting on the South edge of a black with white specks marble countertop in the SE area. The handle of the spoon is out of sight and at a downward angle. The spoon is being connected to carrying a union of the opposites; the color of the black with specks of white in the countertop. This is a connection to the meaning of the coating of residue at the bottom of the bowl of individuation.

I am observing a single tall green wading boot for a right foot that has yellow trim and sole. Ducks are hunted using waders. Ducks are the masters of two realms, air and water. A symbol for uniting spirit and matter.

I observe a glowing gold cloud formation. In its center is a large numeral formed by a thin red outline. The glowing color reminds me of the Columbia Picture introduction to a film. Since it is her right hand that holds the illumination incarnation is meant; something that came up in a February 2007 vision when the World Soul observed an object “plunging into the South Pole” (the feminine principle; the object is phallic in appearance) and spread a cyan cloud color effect over the entire globe. Underneath cyan is blue so it means that an Avatar maker effect has imparted this global effect which will bring about the union of spirit and matter, the union of the head with the body, as seen in 2016 Midas Touch visions quoted below.
Clouds Golden 7.jpg
Clouds Golden 7.jpg [ 48.94 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

From The Journey That Changes Minds – June 2006

I am observing a close-up view of the SW neck area of a young woman. I see a small metal ring torus clasp for a necklace. Next, I am looking down at a top view of a woman’s naked right breast. Then I see in the distance the naked right side of a young woman having her right arm and hand held above her head by her right side. Her posture reminds me of the Statue of Liberty holding a torch. This posture has also been connected to the New Olympic Games torch held by the Columbia Pictures woman as being connected to the Eros ego which came up in Darwinism Approaches -23 July 2015. This image was also connected to the “Really Big One” – the mega quake and mega tsunami that struck Japan on 3/3/11. I guess it is Zika virus mosquito infested popcorn time for Her IMAX movie opening.

Against a black background I observe a young land moving from my right to my left with his right arm cocked as if to throw a football.

I am observing a scene of destruction. I learn it is from the collision of two UFOs with the Earth.

Sat. 30 December 2017

In daylight I am observing the surface of the earth down by my feet. A strong wind blows into the view from the SW and into the NE (meaning a low-pressure front is in the NE). Dust and even small stones are being whipped along on the orangish surface.

I am inside a horn torus observing its central region. It looks like two light cone shapes whose apex meet. I immediately recall that a spindle torus becomes a horn torus at Planck Length scales. This torus is centered in the heart chakra. Previously I had thought of these two cones as touching light cones with the green region producing the future and the red region the recorded past. I notice that a bridal veil shape is like a light cone or a portion of the horn torus shape as if to say the flow of Her worldview comes from the visual cortex; something that has been visualized as a “big bang” creation birth of twin new universes emanating from out of the unus mundus at the center of the hole in the heart chakra. The flow line animation from a horn torus indicates that the future eats the past (ouroboros connection) which eventually disappears as if it never happened. The light cone metaphor seems to have broken down. I am now confused and wait to see how this new twist plays out in the time ahead.
Horn Torus.gif
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Torus Horn Creation.jpg
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Now I am observing a large circular white dinner plate having a broad darkred colored rim. The West side of the plate is in the view and is covered with a layer of dark green vegetation that looks like spinach (a Popeye strong arm food). A little of the white plate is seen between the spinach and the darkred rim. A top view looks like the following. Comment: Starting in November 2010 a broad darkred rim dinner plate began to appear; first as an Xmas plate with a dinner fork at the 12 o’clock hour and then as a darkred fringe pattern rim of a coniunctio colored plate. In May 2013 a golden ring decorated rim plate was observed. In February 2015 a broad darkred rim plate with dinner fork at the 6 o’clock hour was observed. In April 2016 overlapping dinner plates were observed. In May 2016 a Ra colored plate (as if white is underneath the red and yellow) was seen.
Dinner Plates.jpg
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I am standing in the darkness in the empty double garage of our former home in Weed. I stand by where the NW corner of the electric car was located. A couple of workmen are here to remove the garage doors. The final step is to peel back a rectangular piece that covered the entire width of the double garage door opening (something not there in reality). This becomes hung up in the NW corner of the garage as if the opaque covering was stuck to the clear glass rectangular glass louver pieces that made up this window. This is where the SE portion of the SUV would normally be located.

End of Dream

Comment: The backside of the SUV and Electric car are next to this rectangular opening as if a connection to the two sides of the visual cortex is meant. I associate the SUV to our outer world or spacetime car while the Electric car is the inner one connected to the unus mundus the World Soul wanted me to purchase. Revealing the new Ra consciousness is meant.

I am recalling the “spouse revenge” filicide of the four and six-year old girls by their father in Oak Bay of Victoria, BC on Xmas day. It brought tears to my eyes even though I do not know them. It has touched something deeper in me; a divine complex it seems. I begin to wonder what it would be like to visit him in prison and counseling him on the deeper meaning of this tragedy; the connection between his revenge killing complex and the divine revenge killing complex in the depths of the psyche. A revenge killing of the Logos ego seems meant.

I observe the NE area of a modern black car that is stopped at an intersection in a residential area. It is Autumn and yellow leaves lie all over on the wet ground and sidewalk. The view reminds me of scenes in Oak Bay of Victoria, BC.

I observe the left side of a lovely young woman walking along on a city sidewalk with some others in a daylight view. Her long dishwater blond hair is swept straight aft by a strong wind – suspended like this from her visual cortex area. I recognize the area; she walks along Menzies’s Street while approaching Michigan Street – heading North. I recall that Menzies has an interesting limerick written about it; one that connects the name to a WASP (has the colors of the black car and yellow autumn leaves as well as the colors on the abdomen of a wasp - Pauli’s wasp phobia connection – avoiding being stung by the World Soul) which came up in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall – August 2017. Such a sting is an antidote to an out-of-control Logos ego is meant.

I observe a woman standing on a front porch. She is looking at me saying, “Not you!” (or perhaps, “What – you!”)

I observe a man and woman clinging to the outside railing on the NW side of a large darkred container ship. The man lets go with his left hand and quickly rotating 180-degrees while hanging on with his right hand – leaps onto the back of the woman to his NE area who loses her grip; they both promptly fall down into the SE of the view and into the ocean it seems. Comment: The masculine or Logos ego must unite with the unconscious side of the feminine or the Eros ego in order to observe the inner drama taking place at the unus mundus level in the unconscious. Entering one’s inferior function in the SW is meant.

I observe an old-style dome covered (the Mayan heart sacrifice stone has a dome shape) aluminum cup, that reminds me of what a chef uses for a salt shaker. It is on the lowest shelf in the SW corner of an open darkred wood cabinet. Comment: Salt symbolism is a two edged sword. Taking things with a “grain of salt” brings wisdom (as in understanding the wisdom behind Her remedy for our world). On the other hand tears are salty and a sign of sorrow. This salt will be found in one’s inferior function and will help one to become a “salt of the earth” kind of person Our Lady of Guadalupe is looking for in her pregnancy.
Salt Shaker Chef Dome.jpg
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In the darkness I observe a pattern of radial lines that bend as they flow into a circular opening. About 24 radial or more lines are in the view. Just the NW area is seen.

In the darkness next to a white West wall I see a hand crank whose shaft is flush with the wall. A flue hand crank for a fireplace seems meant – something that will release a flow from out of the hole in the heart chakra.

In a dark scene I am looking into the open side of a dark wood rectangular box sitting on the middle of a dark wood fireplace mantel. Inside the darkness of that opening I observe a planet that is covered in an atmosphere that is mostly green with some yellow streaks; a connection to Eros Christ consciousness is flowing from out of this fireplace.

I observe a stream of urine as if from myself that is flowing down into the darkness below. Plunging towards the South Pole of Earth it seems.

I am flashing back to the image of the World Soul observing the South Pole being impacted by a phallic looking object as she observed out of the end of a tunnel, the hole in the heart. It seems whatever plunged into Mother Earth is being connected to my urine as a liquid version of the Eros Self; a connection to the urine of the baby in the shopping cart the old filthy street woman was seen pushing on a bustling modern city sidewalk. I then recall the three-story mural of a red penis (which lacked testicles for some reason; an enormous clitoris hint?) seen painted on the wall of a building on Xmas eve in NYC in a recent story. It reminded me of the red penis with a yellow base seen in a vision shared in Everything Is Coming Up ‘Mission Rama’ – November 2017. It was color-code connected to a left hand with wrist; connecting it to being “hands as the vehicles that produce consciousness” (it’s a “feminine left hand” job). Following this, in that same post, was the image of a limp penis (or clitoris), flopped over a 90-degree corner (a connection to the Logos Spermatikos emanating from out of the unus mundus is meant), was then seen – as if a man had a climax but it most likely is the clitoris of the World Soul that has finally climaxed (become “supernova” with gamma ray radiations) after 18 years of foreplay with Herself through all Her dreams and visions for the future of all creation. It is a connection to the computer hacking code HCF (Halt and Catch Fire) which halts CPU (read: Logos ego) activity through transpersonal FIRETrying to “read the signs of the times aright” continues. It is coniunctio colored newspaper connections that are occurring.
Penis Effect.jpg
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Logos Spermatikos - The pneuma serves as the vehicle which transmits the principle of reason (logos) from parent (Eros Self) to offspring (Her creation). The process represents the passage of the soul from one generation to the next, even to the entire cosmos.

I am observing the due south area of a rectangular darkred wood table where there is a place setting on which I observe a dinner plate covered in a thick white medium having some white standing-on-end white chicken egg shapes. Then I observe the SE area of the table and see it is covered with food. It seems this is whipped cream taken off the top of creation that came up in my previous post A Remedy Has Been Prepared For The World (meaning the World Soul is the top of creation). Comment: In the aftermath of transcribing and reflecting on this material it seems the white substance covering the plate is Her climaxing clitoris “whipped cream”.

I am standing under the shade of a large shade tree while observing the weeping willow branches hanging down along the bottom of the canopy in the NW of the view. The leaves are all green except for a couple of branches having yellow leaves (frost has changed them) that form an X-shape with the green ones. It forms a stacked double X-shape or herringbone shape that has been connected to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest Subduction zone; a metaphor for the potency of the looming mega quake and mega tsunami of psychic events that will be unleashed by the infestation of the imperatives of Her remedy for our world. Comment: Over the years various images have been seen of a weeping willow tree which connects it to being an Avatar maker because it brings Eros Christ consciousness. It starts with a “burning bush” willow tree behind a teardrop sweating crucifix in a March 2013 vision. Recently overlapping thumbs produced an X-shape – the following now seems meant.
Weeping WIllow Effects.jpg
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https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/californi ... -490-2017/

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  The Exodus Pattern Is Constellated

Mon. 1 January 2018


My high school sweetheart and I are planning to be married. In the meantime, I have invested in a housing project with TS (a male lawyer friend from Holy Trinity Parish in San Pedro, CA). TS has frustrated the marriage by insisting that the housing development be finished first.

End Of Dream

Comment: In a dream below I go behind a curtain that leads down a level deeper; from one lecture hall to a deeper one. More subtle body work (house development) must take place before the inner marriage, the coniunctio happens.

I am flashing back to the following image shared recently in Obtaining A Chicken Subtle Body that included the mandala connected to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo of Eastern alchemy that allowed the inclusion of the Trinity Eye in the hole in the heart chakra. The twelve lotus petals in that image could be thought of in Western alchemy as being the colors of the moons in the Sun-Moon chakra tree of the Rosarium Pictures as revealed in my visions a few years ago. The six petals on the upper side are for the masculine or upwards pointing triangle while the reverse is true for the lower six petals. It’s an amplification based on what MLvF shared in Aurora about the World Soul being “color trapped in matter” and like this begins to build a bridge of understanding between East and West version of alchemy. It seems I should update my Avatar to reflect these additional features to reflect the moon aspects (Mother aspects) of the Sun-Moon tree which includes having the feminine on top as with the Roswell shape-shifting female alien who sat on my chest in Bringing More-Light/More-Love Into The World – 21 December 2017.
Alchemy Bridge.jpg
Alchemy Bridge.jpg [ 62.42 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

According to the Gnostic Basilides the World Soul is nothing but an "emphasis" or "colour" of light which has descended into matter. Aurora Consurgens, MLvF, p. 372-73.

Once again, I am observing a pattern of bits and pieces of pale green “see through” vegetation on a white background. The pattern has a little more detail in the form of thin dark branches and it is a moving, wavy looking surface. I am inside the skin of an alien being, the shape-shifting World Soul, while looking out through its soul, its worldview.
Plant Skin.jpg
Plant Skin.jpg [ 66.49 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Suddenly, a close-up daylight view is given of a gray-white 3-foot diameter boulder lying on the ground which has a broken off branch with dead brown leaves that leans across its NW area at a 45-degree angle. Making room for a new branch on the tree of life is meant; one that includes Eros ego and Logos ego consciousness aka a union of matter and spirit. The new branch is a response, a remedy, to the problem raised by Dr. Jung’s reading of history, “(The Logos) Christ may have redeemed spirit but Nature was left undone.”

I am standing in a produce department of a supermarket while leaning my right side up against the edge of the long open refrigerated display case of fruits and vegetables. A right profile view of a middle-aged woman stands facing the display case a short way away. She turns her head and smiles at me. She wears a black truncated cone shape hat in the style of a lamp shade that comes down to her eyebrows. The mana of her knowing can enlighten the world comes to mind. The nature of the light that is hidden by this lampshade comes up later in this post.

Suddenly, I briefly experience the sensation of a clockwise rotation of my body as I am meditating reclined in my recliner in the early morning darkness of about 5 AM. The rotatio begins it seems; rotation is connected to incarnation as Remo has noted in his book Return of the World Soul using Pauli’s dreams. For those who know what rotation is it is a reanimating of the intermediary layer, the unus mundus. It leads to new incarnation.

In the blackness some few small purple splotches appear in various place in the view. The purple becomes rather pink suggesting it is connected to the coniunctio. Gradually the pinkness gathers and surrounds a black hole is a coplanar horizontal manner. The hole goes down into the depth and is located down below in the NW corner of the vew. and now I make out a


I am sitting in the front row of the NE area of study desks in a lecture hall listening to a tall, slender middle-aged professor speaking. For some reason the front row seats are right next to him as he stands lecturing at the blackboard hanging on the gray North wall. His back is at a 45-degree angle to his audience which reveals a good view of his right side. He wears a gray cotton suit of clothes. He keeps gently pushing against the seating that gently bumps him as he talks. He talks about how 40 years ago his journey began. And now that has led him to this moment of encountering all these strange symbols concerning the Star of David and the heart chakra. Apparently, the seats are levitating or on rollers. Suddenly, he steps off to the East and the seating moves as if connected together into the gray wall which turns out to be a veil, a huge drape or curtain like that used in a movie theater. The curtain has risen to eye level and we slide underneath the curtain and down a 45-degree angle and into another well-light lecture room and up to the front white cement block wall containing a room wide green-board on which to write or draw. I use my feet to stop the movement. We have entered a deeper level of learning it seems where we will be taught about the deeper meaning behind the symbols.

End of Dream

Comment: The levitation of the seating suggests all are in their subtle body and thus are weightless and can exhibit anti-gravity and no inertia – which is why the professor was so easily able to bump us out of the way. The way the professor moved off to the East remind me of the following quantum leap of an abyss for new incarnation in the NW from the NE as shared in Helter Skelter Handwriting Is On The Wall – August 2017.
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg
Energy Transfer NE NW.jpg [ 47.21 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

In the darkness I am observing the back of a left green hand having a square grid superimposed on it that is formed by outlines of red lines having yellow peeking out from underneath them. On observing the image I flashback to the green-board the professor would write on in the next lower level of understanding the alchemical images of Hermetic Alchemy that has come into his view. The Green Hulk also comes to mind.

In the darkness I begin to see purple splotches again. It fills the darkness and then gradually becomes pink.

Then briefly in the darkness down below as if in a basement (the deeper level of the student lecture room) and lying on its side I observe a huge white numeral 4 that spans the distance between the SW and the NW. I have the impression it is outlined with a black line – giving it an ISIS color code connection. The four-fold structure of the 3 colors in the Trinity Eye comes to mind.

Down in the darkness of the SW I make out a dark green circle on a similar colored background having an outer circumference of a yellow ring and pie-shaped yellow outline cuts. Some of the V-shaped tips at the center of the circle are pulled and back a bit. It seems I will be journeying underneath that center area.

I see what looks like an old dark reddish leather book halfway open. Its weathered old yellowish pages are blowing around in a breeze. A bible it seems that sits on an armless chair next to a pale cyan North wall in the NE corner of a room.

I observe a narrow cement patio having a few round tables with large round umbrelleas. A couple of men set at the table to the NE of us. I sit on the SW area of another table to its SW. The men are talking about symbols.

I observe a table light on inside the center of a wicker basket. It rests on many small colorful objects that look like gummies.

I see a woman’s left hand which holds two flat hand-sized beetles (Egyptian symbols for death and rebirth) that fills the hand. The one on the top is Royal purple (127, 0, 127) and the one on the bottom is Jade green (0,127,0) (if their colors are united they form gray (127,127,127) on the color wheel). A possible connection to a black scarab beetle it seems like that seen between the Ra and Eros Christ stones.
Beetles Three.jpg
Beetles Three.jpg [ 51.08 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

During and following the New Kingdom, scarab amulets were often placed over the heart of the mummified deceased. These "heart scarabs" were meant to be weighed against the feather of truth during the final judgement. The amulets were often inscribed with a spell from the Book of the Dead which entreated the heart to, "do not stand as a witness against me."

In the darkness I observe a frontal view of a head mostly hidden underneath a red hood that is pointed over the aft end of the head. Strange but the two circular dark blue eyes are like faceted gems that bulge out rather large from the face; well perhaps they are jewels covering the eyes but the person is standing and looking at me. The lines in the facets start at the center of the eye and extend aft like radial pie cuts (Planck Second V-shapes) until it reaches the face and disappears. Comment: A few hours after this vision I received an email from a woman detective who was involved in a UFO sighting and abduction case involving a young girl of 6 which began with a dream showing drawings she made at the time. It was a female alien that appeared to her in the dream and she drew the eyes like the facets seen on the blue gems. Further, notice the eye in the side of each UFO which has the “football” vesica piscis “negative energy field” connection to the throat shape in the wormhole, the realm of the unus mundus.

Francis Drawing Wormhole Connection.jpg
Francis Drawing Wormhole Connection.jpg [ 72.22 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

As I read her dream and viewed her images I suddenly recalled my very vivid “Back to the Future for our Civilization” dream of 1999. At the end I stood on a white concrete round with 3 others near by. Each had an outdoor shower head and a 6 year old girl stood next to me by the shower. I asked her if she would like me to help her undress so that she could take a shower. She replied, “You are the only one that can help me.” I now appreciate that comment more completely given all the material about the Eros Self flooding into my view.

Now in the darkness I see that the hood is white and outlined with thin red lines (underneath red is yellow). It seems the person in the hood is underneath the ideas brought about by that kind of “hat.”

Then in the darkness over in the NW below I observe a portion of a reddish vertical shaft (penis/clitoris). I recall the pink surrounding the black hole that went down into the depths earlier in this post.

I am having the impression that when the public reads my visions they should pay particular attention to the description of the images and the comments. The rest is like genetic material in long strands of DNA that science has yet to figure out its purpose.

I am standing outside on the surface of a large asphalt parking area in a residential area behind houses an alley way between the backyards of homes. I am looking out along the alley way at a see through wood fence and into the backyards of a few homes. It is raining at a 45 degree angle in the view, coming from out of the NE and into the NW. The intensity of the rain increases to become a white-out of most of the view. Then it is snow falling at a 45-degree angle and it slowly builds up on the ground and the top of the fence a few inches. Suddenly, the vision ends. Comment: A tremendous invasion of the waters of the unconscious into the unconscious side of humanity it seems. Then snow or is it mana like that which fell to feed the Jews in their desert experience meant. I think the latter. But symbolically snow has been previously understood to be the union of spirit (air, fire) and matter (water, earth). Feeding them how to unite the opposites it seems – like that contained in the eyes and hood of the person seen earlier in this post. The “Exodus from slavery” archetypal pattern is constellated.
Downpour.jpg [ 33.69 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Then I observe a frontal view of a lovely, queenly, Madonna looking figure standing and invisibly suspended a short way away on a white background. My attention is drawn to the strange “three-lobed” hat she wears. It has extended red-pink parabolic “rabbit ears” (new creation of consciousness it seems) on either side of her head. Filling the center between them is another structure I can barely make out because it is glowing white and on a white background. A light bulb comes to mind. She mostly wears red pleated clothes with some white as well.
Creation New Rabbit.jpg
Creation New Rabbit.jpg [ 22.57 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

She begins to disappear and at the same time a pulsing, luminous white X-shape bounded by thin black lines which appears having streaks or thin dashes of different color move from the NW – SE leg (in the corridor of the black lines) and also from the NE to the SW leg. A beating heart comes to mind. The dashes moved so fast I only occasionally could make out a color. A few cyan splotches are seen on the surface of the luminous white circle underneath the X-shape. I notice three of them to my left on the image – away from the X. The center of the X slowly develops a small green circle.

Then in the darkness down below in the SE of the view I see a luminous white disk standing on end. It has some few small bluish spots in its surface as if gems marking the four cardinal directions.

I hear, “Mercy.” (As if the white disk is “mercy” = consciousness)

I am flashing back to the lovely young nun I met at a Spiritual Direction certification series put on by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles which I completed. The nun inexplicably came up to me and wanted to tell me a dream! I listened. She said she is at mass standing on the Virgin Mary side of the church and noticed that pope John Paul who was saying the mass kept blocking her view of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Then someone shot the pope and she awoke frightened. I told her that the Logos dominated male clergy is blocking out the feminine principle and thus the Logos ego of these people could use some killing off. She was quite startled and walked away. I don’t think she understood it very well.

In the darkness I am looking down at a glowing yellow-gold rectangular open box that extends from the NW to the NE in the view. In the NW end sits a gallon sized can of fire igniting fluid (an accelerant). The side of the can is mostly red with some yellow design while the top of the can (rectangular shape) is steel (whitish appearing). “Bringing transpersonal Fire To the Earth” comes to mind – a scripture. It’s bound to help one own their highest inner religious authority, the inner pope.

Now in the darkness I see a close-up view of a large yellow-gold flower with a large darkred center. The yellow petals are outlined with thin red lines. It looks to have at least 12 yellow petals. Suddenly the red center is reminding me of the Hindu bindu spot worn on the forehead. I recall the maiden from India I was to marry in the dream “A wedding is about to take place in a cathedral” for she had this bindu spot on her 3rd eye.
Bindu.jpg [ 25.65 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Bindi in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism is associated with Ajna Chakra and Bindu[4] is known as the third eye chakra. Bindu is the point or dot around which the mandala is created, representing the universe. Bindu is considered the point at which creation begins and may become unity. It is also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifest state".
I observe a softball sized black sphere sitting in the middle of a King-sized bed on the sheet by the headboard; between where a man and woman would sleep. The outer layer of the sphere is flimsy and see-through. It has a reddish hue to it as if it is a fuzz ball.

I observe a red-pink rectangle having a textured hot gas appearance surface and in front of its lower middle area is what reminds me of being a nuclear power plant containment building of yellow color and of solid 3D shape. Embedded in the top of the shape is a thick blue rectangle. It brings Ra consciousness.
Rectangle Symbol.jpg
Rectangle Symbol.jpg [ 44.08 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

I observe a “wall fount”; a large orange rectangle high on a wall having a white luminous circle whose surface is textured (rough looking) in its center and pouring out of an opening in its bottom is a cyan colored flow of large amount. A “MOON mouth fount” it seems – something that brings the influence of the Avatar maker.
Wall Fount.jpg
Wall Fount.jpg [ 18.52 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Down below in the darkness I observe a white luminous disk having a textured surface like the white circle in the above vision. A blue stream of cylinder issues vertically upwards and out of the view from the center of the white disk. Together they have the colors of NW. The configuration reminds me of a Moon-Jet; like that seen emanating from the poles of a Black Hole - sending out Gamma Rays - but here Avatar making rays it seems.
Jet Flow.jpg
Jet Flow.jpg [ 19.15 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Now down in the SE of the view I see a purple mechanism having a central hub with oval shaped radial attachments like that seen on an old-style wheel on a sailing ship. Strange, but the radial hand controls only look to be along the West side of the hub.
Ship Wheel.jpg
Ship Wheel.jpg [ 22.34 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Then I see the waist and thigh area from the NE in the darkness of a young woman with black metallic or very dark blue looking skin who is wearing a purple-pink bikini like the color of the ships wheel. The focus seems to be where the right thigh joins the hip.

On a dark green background, I observe Pope Pius XII looking at me. He wears horizontal alternating color bands of red or white which also show up on the wall behind him. The red and white colors remind me of the pattern on the flag of the United States. An image for the new inner pope “Coming to America” it seems since this pope was connected to declaring Mary was body and soul in heaven (union of matter and spirit) and in What The World Needs Now Is lovE, Sweet lovE it was further revealed he, was an image for the new inner pope of Gregory, had dirty muddy feet like a peasant and thus had Eros Christ attributes. Making America Great Again.
Pope Feminine.jpg
Pope Feminine.jpg [ 36.47 KiB | Viewed 115 times ]

I observe a man from his NW area wearing a cape and dressed like Royalty in mostly yellow-gold garments having a black background and black trim.

Now a I see a left profile view of a woman of royalty as she descends a flight is stairs. Her garments match the man’s just above. Her descent reminds me of the seats in the lecture hall that slide under a curtain and into a lecture hall below.

I observe a man dressed in a black robe as he stands in the midst of a black background. His robe has red and yellow rain drop (teardrop) markings.

I observe red-yellow flames that appear on a TV station like NPR (National Public Radio).

I observe a large elephant walking away from my location and into the NW. I observe from its SE area with a focus on its NE leg.

I am riding a surfboard along on a wet sandy dirt country road. Actually, I am hoovering just above the terrain as I never sense rubbing. I am reminded of the Silver Surfer as if I am in the role of that alien. A powerful representative of the feminine principle seems meant and one who prepares the world for Galactus (read: the Holy Spirit) to consume.
Silver Surfer 2.jpg
Silver Surfer 2.jpg [ 34.85 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

I observe a close-up view of brand new silverware eating utensils bundled closely together and having the fork on top.

Then where the silverware was located I see instead a large numeral red 7 in the blackness as if it was lying hidden underneath the silverware.

In the darkness I see a close-up view of a large white ceramic handle (an attached U-shape) on a coffee cup that has a red with yellow design on the cylinder surface of the cup. It contains a witch’s brew of her psychophysical radiations in a “wake up and smell the coffee” enterprise.


PS My attention has been drawn to a 1 July 2001 “strange dream” of a 6-year old girl in “The Surrey Corridor” of British Columbia, Canada that involved UFOs and telepathic messages. It is a WOW! “signal” – like that SETI observes had when monitoring radio waves from the universe for possible contact with aliens back in 1953. I eventually intend to make comment on this article and the images in some detail. Perhaps those who have been following the developments on this thread and have been learning from “The World Soul School of Learning” would also be interested to trying to comment on the material for I am sure to not catch all the possible layers of meaning. Here is the link… The content is a little dark. When the unconscious is denied becoming conscious it acts more darkly.


PPS A late Xmas present – preparing the way for an Eros ego altered state of consciousness it seems.
Pot.jpg [ 45.41 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

PPPS Doomsday Hour News
Doomsday Hour Drudge NK.jpg
Doomsday Hour Drudge NK.jpg [ 76.99 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  EYES OF YOUR EYES

Tues. 2 January 2018

On a whitish background I observe a large green hanging fern that appears to be invisibly suspended in the NW of the view. On finding the following on the Internet I see it has an Eros Christ. Then the view slowly changes into small pieces of green vegetation on the same white background which reminds me of the repeating vision in the last few posts of the impression of being inside the skin of an alien and looking out at it; looking at its soul, its worldview. Comment: I notice a further detail in the vegetative skin; it has some of the vegetation pattern seen on the background of a computer game I like to play called “Hearts Deluxe”.
Fern Soul Hearts Delux.jpg
Fern Soul Hearts Delux.jpg [ 59.61 KiB | Viewed 110 times ]

As I continue to observe the green pieces some of them drift towards me. As they approach my left eye they turn black and drift on past the left side of my head. The observing has caused them to transform which reminds me of what happened on the great cosmic egg which I observed piles of yarrow stick; they turned color as if the wave function had collapsed.

I am recalling Emerson’s poem about compensation.

Life only avails, not the having lived. Power ceases in the instant of repose; it resides in the moment of transition from a past to a new state; in the shooting of the gulf; in the darting to an aim. This one fact the world hates, that the soul becomes, for, that forever degrades the past; turns all riches to poverty; all reputation to shame; confounds the saint with the rogue; shoves Jesus and Judas equally aside.

I (Logos ego in my psychology; TS) am making love with my younger brother Philip (Eros ego in his psychology; FS). Hostile brothers no more.

I am looking down at the counterclockwise rotation of white cloud tops having a black circle as its empty center; a hurricane it seems which only does this in the Northern hemisphere. Comment: Hurricanes unite “heaven and earth” Counterclockwise psychologically means it is occurring in the Northern Hemisphere or in the Logos ego. Yin energetically going to higher yang is meant.
Hurricane.jpg [ 26.92 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

A woman introduces a Maharaja (great ruler, great king) from India to another woman saying that he has all the answers. The man was of large stature and build. He wore traditional clothing including a huge white turban about his head. He looked very much like the Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Sing (1891-1938) who fathered 88 (Eight is an individuation number) children. Strangely, the man reminds me of myself as if this aspect of my psychology is to be the groom for the wedding to the Hindu maiden from India in the dream A Wedding Is About To Take Place In A Cathedral – May 2006.
Monarch India.jpg
Monarch India.jpg [ 26.81 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I place the black cover for my coffee mug into the microwave plate cover used to cover food. A pattern of holes exist at six equally distant places on its top - connecting like this “coffee” (chicken soup consumption and Abraxas attributes) to the heart chakra.
Plate Cover Microwave.jpg
Plate Cover Microwave.jpg [ 32.16 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I am looking down at a light brown shoe in the right foot of a small person like a woman perhaps. The leather is dimpled and the shoelace is purple-pink.

I see a statue of a meditating man – a Logos Christ (Jesus) looking man having a large white host held over his 3rd eye. On the host are off-white straight lines that outline a crucifix (a double-cross).
Christ Double Cross.jpg
Christ Double Cross.jpg [ 37.12 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I am recalling the Mouth Fount in the orange wall seen in the previous post for a white “host” was above the flow of cyan liquid. Further a blue shaft was seen emanating from the center of a “host”. Comment: This suggests that the white host on the 3rd eye of Christ above means his inner sight observes the opposites being united in belly brain; the mouth fount of the World Soul pouring out avatar colored waters into the soul.

I observing a single landing gear tire on an airplane about to land – the nose gear seems meant.

I observe a woman in the SW of the view. A man in black is approaching her from out of the NE. She has her legs spread. She says to the man, “I guess it is time to plunge me.Comment: I used the word “plunge” in my previous post to indicate that a phallic object entered Earth’s South Pole.

I see a black tornado on a Tarot card. Then in the center of the view I see the card over the top of the heart chakra. This reminds me of the FireTornado emanating from out of the heart of the cross.
Tarot Tornado.jpg
Tarot Tornado.jpg [ 22.05 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

Now where the Tarot card was placed I see instead a large red capital V as if V is for the alien Queen in the TV series that chronicles the arrival on Earth of a technologically-advanced alien species which ostensibly comes in peace, but actually has sinister motives.
V as Heart Tornados.jpg
V as Heart Tornados.jpg [ 40.46 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

For Every Gain A Tax Is Levied
In the darkness, I see twin black crosses outlined with a thin red-yellow line that have their long vertical lower ends crossing one another at a 45-degree angle to form an X-shape and a “V”-shape at the same time. It’s a “double-crossApocalypse for a bipolar God-image creation.
Crucifix X.jpg
Crucifix X.jpg [ 38.94 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

In the darkness I see a dark blue background is covered with small white raindrops and down by its base is the right side of a yellow bowtie whose tie is outlined with a thin red line.
Bowtie Rain.jpg
Bowtie Rain.jpg [ 37.27 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I observe a large six-pointed star that is red but has a wide yellow band near the circumference. Comment: I have the impression that the cross-section of the “bowtie” wormhole looks like the following image. This is also a connection to being the “mousehole” of the World Soul.

Star of David RY.jpg
Star of David RY.jpg [ 30.38 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I see a large red valentine day heart suspended vertically over the top of a green lawn having some yellow leaves on it.
Hearts-lawn-.jpg [ 25.8 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

Above in the NW I am viewing a faint thumb print on a flexible white background. Strange, but it has a black pinhole in its very center. Effects from out of the unus mundus are transmitted to the individual soul via the Jnana Mudra. It’s a connection to the tip of the push pin seen sticking into the right visual cortex (and to the top of the brain stem). It leads to becoming a Blood-Connected-Family. Comment: This reminds me of how I characterized the potential danger of CERN unleashing unintended consequences from out of the fabric of Spacetime by saying, “A pin prick will do it.”
Thumb Print Push Pin Family.jpg
Thumb Print Push Pin Family.jpg [ 40.75 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

A Pin Prick Will Do It – Transform the World
Falling in front of my eyes in the darkness is a “rain” of very slowly falling white “dust”.

Wed. 3 January 2018

In reality it is about 10 PM. The visions start coming but I decide I need to sleep and stay with a regular schedule. Then when I have almost fallen asleep all of a sudden a strong unpleasant and scary sensation seizes my body and wakes me up. I wondered if I was having a heart attack but now awake I sense no problems at all. I guess this sensation is a form of “alien abduction” indicating that I need to observe the visions. So, I yield to their coming which is non-stop for the next 90 minutes. The images are rapid and partial and I struggle to describe what I see. Helter Skelter comes to mind.

I observe a close-up view of the end of a cement car stopper in a parking lot. It is next to a dark stone pebble sidewalk on a city street like in Victoria. The cross-sectional shape reminds me of a “clipped” mouse hole and a horseshoe vortex shape.
Car Parking Stopper.jpg
Car Parking Stopper.jpg [ 33.14 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I see a top view of a left hand that is gripping something hard.

I observe a young female lying face down in a parking lot. She wears a washed out light bluish one-piece jump suit that is frayed around the cut-off short pant legs. Her legs are bare and well suntanned.

Something about monitoring a physical function.

I observe a long slender dark wood spoon that just scooped out some whitish contents from the top of a short opened cylindrical glass container. The spoon end appears to be a very slender vesica piscis shape.
Spoon Vesica Piscis.jpg
Spoon Vesica Piscis.jpg [ 17.5 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

I observe a yellow wood pencil. It’s sharpened end looks like a wood vesica piscis shape.

I observe the backside (visual cortex side) of two side-by-side gray stone bald heads on the top of a square pedestal that is part of a gray stone block wall in a gardens area.
Head Stone.jpg
Head Stone.jpg [ 21.49 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

Then I see a yellow bottle cap resting on the top of one of those square, tall, gray stone block pillars/posts.

I observe a young man standing outside at the end of a line of people. He wears a black top hat with a rather wide brim. He wears a purple shirt.

I see a three foot tall pine wood wall in a home that is several feet long and V-shaped. It may have been in front of a fireplace. A hand painted image of green lawn is on the panel facing my direction.

I observe “Polly”, the attractive actress that plays the book keeper for the Irish gangsters called Peaky Blinders in a miniseries by that name. She appears as a reddish line drawn image on a yellowish background. Her facial expression suggests she isn’t happy. Dammed up Ra consciousness seems to be the cause. In the series she was raped and that “punch” didn’t sit well with her. Rape being connected to Remo’s comments in a post from which I quote below.
Polly.jpg [ 7.25 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

Polly-Rant.gif [ 956.78 KiB | Viewed 111 times ]

…the nuclear bomb and the nuclear power plants. What they (physicists) do not see is the fact that (in a symbolic language) they rape the anima mundi and force Her to give birth to "children" she does not want at all (through all the very harmful daughter products produced by fissioning of the atom). This will lead to the revenge of the world soul, as Marie-Louise von Franz called this process to be expected in the near future.

I observe the sharpened tip of a yellow wood pencil (black lead) having a red eraser. “Ra writing is on the wall”.

I observe a white cone shaped hat on a youngster that slopes down over the ears. A “dunce hat” or a “light cone” comes to mind.

I see a cyan colored wood pencil whose black lead has become very blunted and is in need of sharpening. Underneath cyan is blue so it seems “Avatar writing on the wall” has been blunted because not enough humans are paying attention to their inner life.

I observe an exposed cement corner of cyan colored cement that has its corner knocked off – exposing like this a portion of a blue sphere hidden in the cement.

I observe a manikin in a store wearing a fuzzy brown fur wrap around the upper body. The lower waist and legs are covered by slick, tight-fitting, cyan colored pants. There are no hips for some reason.

In a dark scene I am looking down at a flower in silhouette – black petals emanating from a central black circular center.

In the darkness I observe up above in the NW a line smear of cyan with a line smear of red color right underneath.

I am standing outside on a large round of pebble stone cement that is covered by a large area overhang above – creating a lot of shade where I stand. I am about to step out from underneath this configuration and onto a narrow concrete when I notice all these horizontal thin wires in the scene at various heights. I stop and ponder if I should continue as it seems these wires could cut me to pieces. Staying in the shade (out of sunlight) seems meant.

I observe a face from its NE area which has squinted eyes that curve upwards with open slits to see through. The eye ball and iris appear black – I guess the following image is meant. Double slit experiment observing of the inner screen seems meant. Also, a “double crescent moon” that goes with the “double cross” image seen earlier in this post. The eyelid convex shape reminds me of the convex shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. The shape reminds me of the UFOs that appeared in the movie War of the Worlds. I recall part of the message contained in Jim Penniston’s binary code that read, “EYES OF YOUR EYES”. Finally, I recall the eyes seen on the “vesica piscis” shaped UFOs in the 6 year-old little girls dream shared in my previous post.
UFO Eyes.jpg
UFO Eyes.jpg [ 45.68 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

Now I see a close-up view of the right side of the face of a female doll with blond hair. The focus is on the right vesica piscis eye that is angled in the head like that on a Roswell alien at a 45-degree angle. It is mostly cyan in color except for a 20% area in the eye duct area that is black. It reminds me of the eyes in Tinker Bell. Further it reminds me of a football being tossed into the NW. Since blue is underneath cyan the image suggest that the right eye of Tinker Bell sees primarily with the eye of an Avatar. Previously, the left eye of a Roswell alien eye was revealed to be Ra colored.
Tinker Bell eyes.jpg
Tinker Bell eyes.jpg [ 34.67 KiB | Viewed 112 times ]

UFO.gif [ 6.32 KiB | Viewed 111 times ]

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  The Mark of Cain/Cane

God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and he created a Mark that would serve as both lock and key, which he entrusted to his most valued lieutenant, Lucifer (GJS: Light Bringer; the Eros ego). But the Mark began to assert its own will, revealed itself as a curse, and began to corrupt. Lucifer became jealous of man (GJS: of the Logos ego). God banished Lucifer to Hell. Lucifer passed the Mark to Cain, who passed the Mark to YOU, the proverbial finger in the dike.

Wed. 3 January 2018

I am observing a close-up view of the light tan skin on a naked front left shoulder area; Tinker Bell’s it seems.

A human left eye just winked at me from out of the darkness. The colors of the eye did not register.

I observe a woman’s face whose eyes morph into the vesica piscis Roswell alien eyes. Something about the mouth. Comment: Alien eyes were noted using Tinker Bell in my previous post; her pixie dust can enable you to fly, i.e., enhance your subtle body. Her lips could be a reference to “fish lips” or the double fish sign for Christ consciousness that includes Logos & Eros Christ consciousness; a bipolar God-image.
Fish Lips.jpg
Fish Lips.jpg [ 38.47 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

In the darkness I observe a man’s face that is wearing a dark turban.

I observe the left side of a young Asian woman’s face that has a slit connection to the Roswell alien eyes. She sits in the shade of a covered patio while several others are seen also sitting on the floor.

I see a woman placing business cards (rectangular shapes; the monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular) on the north end of a long rectangular gray/white marble table. Empty pen holders are positioned on the table as if place setting indicators. Now all the objects on the table are seen on top of a white lace cloth that covers the table.
Pen Holder.jpg
Pen Holder.jpg [ 18.27 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe a table fork lying on a white table cloth with tines facing the table. It lies next to a red napkin of a place setting for a dining table.

A black car tire (ring torus = wedding band) is mostly emerged in a cement surface.

I observe a man from his SW area wearing a wide brim hat.

I observe a cartoon strip of people. In one of them I saw a man flying horizontally.

I see a man from his SW area who is wearing a pull-overolive colored sock hat (he is under the ideas connected to Eros Christ consciousness). Comment: A stocking has been connected to a windsock which brings in the action of the Pneuma, the Holy Spirit.

I observe some older men standing around in a bar wearing large white Texas style cowboy hats.

In another scene I see a smooth dark tan bowler style hat (as if made from wood) having a V-shaped front on a man’s head that is tipped downwards as he faces in my direction. A “boat hat” or a vessel that can carry one safely across the waters of the unconscious.

I stand on a cement sidewalk of a patio area where a huge cut-off limb of an tree that was growing horizontal to the ground towards the sidewalk was cut off. Like this the tree trunk looks like an inverted 7 shape; a connection to the “Mark of Cain” which comes up at the end of this post.
Mark of Cain Flipped.jpg
Mark of Cain Flipped.jpg [ 16.93 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I stand in the shade of a cement enclosure having white stone chairs surrounding its circular circumference. Sitting by one of the chairs is a statue of a naked pair of standing legs from the knees up to the waist. As I type this in I have the impression I stand inside a cement shell of a turtle.

I observe little dome shapes sitting on the tops of the posts in a cement guard rail.

I observe a close-up view of some fancy white ceramic container surfaces that have some pink regions.

I observe, from close to the ground, a man’s left shoe. It just stepped up onto the black shallow convex curved surface as if a handicap ramp (wheelchair ready). I recall that a convex shape is connected to the Mayan heart sacrifice stone shape.

I am looking down at a close-up view of the top of an old rusted head of a household hammer whose business end is aimed at my chest as if my heart chakra is a piñata about to be broken open in order to release a flow of psychophysical radiations into spacetime.
Cross FireTornado Hearts.jpg
Cross FireTornado Hearts.jpg [ 31.38 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I am inside a theater looking out through the windows to the outside.

I see a drawing of a red horse wearing a yellow heart-shaped saddle. It’s the red horse of the apocalypse which comes to take peace from the earth with the renewal of the Christian archetype; the renewal of Ra consciousness.
Red Horse Rider.jpg
Red Horse Rider.jpg [ 52.21 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe a right profile view of a young woman with her mouth open and looking down.

I see a left profile view of a young Asian woman with head tipped backwards a way who wears black and gray clothes.

I observe a middle-aged woman from her NW area – her face expresses anguish.

I see a stout woman looking back towards me who wears a red shirt and blue Levi’s.

I observe a young lady dressed in gray and wearing a gray Santa Claus hat having a white fluffy ball on its end.

I observe a plain wood pencil whose black lead is moving along in a straight line as if it moves from the NE to the NW (incarnation in the NW; potential being is ready to incarnate as actual being).

I am looking down at the yellow fluffy edge of a square rug whose interior is a muted but colorful complicated pattern of green with some red dots.

I observe a yellow flaming crucifix on a reddish background.
Crucifix Flame.jpg
Crucifix Flame.jpg [ 27.29 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe a cupid figure in silhouette on a white background.

I am looking down at a circular formation built into a long, dark, covered cement walkway to the entrance of a building. Suddenly, the SE leg of a honey wood colored long rectangular table rests at the center of that circle and the table extends the length of the walkway. A banquet table it seems.

I observe a close-up left profile view of a dark bird having white legs.

I see a close-up view of naked legs of a human from the NE area. The gray skin is leathery and old looking – an Gray it seems.

I see the face of a man from India who wears large circular lens in his sunglasses.

A man wearing a broad brim hat sits in a chair.

A young lady wearing long black pigtails is looking at me as she twirls around.

I observe a business district of a large city at night having many skyscrapers but the central one is Planck Second and black and is twice the height of the others. The narrowest part of the slender V-shaped building points skywards. It reminds me of the Planck Second obelisk in the center of Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican.
Saint Peter Square.jpg
Saint Peter Square.jpg [ 61.77 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe a double head on a spear ->-> pointed into a yellowish circular region in the darkness.

I observe a large reddish clay building having similar colored and material built pathways and human statues that lead into the structure that suddenly reminds me of what an empty turtle shell would look like; having a possible connection to a UFO shape.
Turtle Shell building.JPG
Turtle Shell building.JPG [ 57.75 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I am looking up at a large woman wrapped in black furs who wears a tall black cone shaped hat; a witch’s hat (a connection to a light cone it seems).

I observe brown with black tip length of furs laid out is long rectangular shaped formations as if dashes on a green lawn; outlining the NW corner of stairs that lead up to a building. A strong breeze sweeps the ground from my location to the NW of this configuration – as if I am a high-pressure region (an Eros ego generates such a pressure field).

I see a glass lampshade lying on its side.

I am looking down at the dark gray cement corner of a large walkway that extends out to the NW and past a large shade tree to its North.

I observe a reddish crucifix having a circular yellow-gold center; a monstrance connection it seems.
Monstrance Crucifix.jpg
Monstrance Crucifix.jpg [ 16.65 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

Sticking into the NE corner of a wood chair with a fabric seat cushion is a Thumb tack, a large shiny stainless-steel push pin. I am immediately reminded of the tic-tac shape of the 14 November 2004 UFO sighted in the FLIR images by fighter aircraft off the SW area of San Diego. Comment: This seems to be a connection to one half of a vesica piscis shape having a Planck Second emanating from its center. It reminds me of the Planck Second obelisk in Saint Peter’s Square – a solidified ray of light. The convex shape reminds me of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. A tic-tac candy reminds me of a Popsicle stick shape (elongated oval) and is a 3D relative to the 2D oval in Saint Peter’s Square. The candies contain intersecting spheres or a spindle torus shape.
Thumb Tac Tic-Tac Spindle Torus.jpg
Thumb Tac Tic-Tac Spindle Torus.jpg [ 38.93 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I observe the NE corner of a wood walkway in a marsh area that is rotted out. A man sits along the crumbled edge with his feet dangling over the edge.

In a daylight view I am under the shade of a large tree. I am looking down at an old wooden stairs of three steps made from worn railroad ties.

I am looking into an open cupboard where I see a gray metal rectangular tray covered with many cupcake wrapped sweets. Coagulate this, the visions just seen. Good Luck it seems.

I observe a partial view of two zucchini’s down below. I immediately recall that such a “bowed” vegetable was seen overlaying the Pacific Northwest Subduction zone fault as if a bow ready to shoot an arrow into the inhabitants of the Northern Pacific West coast. Cupids arrow to the heart seems meant; something seen as being a blue-white blade of a light saber in an October 2014 vision.
Zuchinni Sword.jpg
Zuchinni Sword.jpg [ 58.03 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

In the darkness I see the face of a young man whose eyes are wide open – appearing as circles. The black iris of each eye is prominent and the eyes move side-to-side in rapid fashion as if oscillation is meant. Oscillation precedes rotation and incarnation.

In the shade of a park I see a row of adults sitting on a low dark bench seat of concrete. They wear golf hats and dark clothes.

In the darkness I see human eyes. The right eye is greenish yellow.

I see the side of a human naked leg, having upward triangle scars on the tan skin.

I observe a tiny tan stone feature in a black outline that looks like two small canoe paddles side-by-side. The paddle shape is rectangular – a squeezed oval or beetle shape in a top view.

I see an Amazon woman dressed the part. A long black horizontal pigtail hair is on the phone alerting the authorities.

On the outline for a bed I see a recessed rectangular area in which lays a beautiful blanket of many colors.

I observe the edge of a rectangle that has helped me to get ready for a double bed. Towards the NW area is a toss rug store.

I observe the hands on a young woman wearing red fingernail polish.

I stand underneath the shade of a large tree by its trunk. Many vertical black lines of vegetation hang down into the view from the canopy of the tree and each has several evenly spaced purple colored spherical fruit. A short gray stone surface is in the view which has many small objects on it surface.

I observe many reddish outlines of rectangles that form a surface that goes down into the depths as if the boundaries of a surface for an elevator shaft. A hint of purple is in the scene.

A man is sitting in front of dark rectangular wood trays which have poster bed posts on their four corners. He sits in front of one in a row of them. The surface of each tray is lined with a red velvet material.

A woman is a short way in front of me in the darkness. She is leaning way over and down towards her right as if falling in that direction.

I see a semi-transparent white piece of fabric that is pulled up to form a headdress for a bridal train. It’s as if Her psychophysical knowing flows out of the wormhole from the unus mundus as renewed Ra consciousness consisting or psychophysical radiations. On the matter side – is it equivalent to a propulsion system since psyche cannot be so different from matter? Reminds me the 2007 experience of journeying into the future one million years inside a transparent sphere with the World Soul operating it.
Bridal Veil.jpg
Bridal Veil.jpg [ 26.33 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

Then I see a diamond studded gold bridal headband as if a portion of the rim of a wheel in the darkness that has the shape of half a circular arc. On the top of the band are what look like hand-holds on a ship steering wheel. I recall the purple hand-holds seen on a ship steering wheel recently in The Exodus Pattern Is Constellated.
Diamond Headband.jpg
Diamond Headband.jpg [ 23.79 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I see the right-side silhouette view of what looks like the head of a rat. I have the impression of Cinderella and how the rodents were magically shape-shifted into horses.

I see a man dressed in black and wearing a black top hat as if a groom walking a wide gray path between a sparse forest on either side. He heads towards a large sandstone building in the distance. The scene looks like an impressionistic painting.

I am looking down at a large white diamond in the shape of the top view of the body of a scarab beetle. Thin yellow lines line the edges of the facets and emanate from a yellow ring at the center of the stone.
Scarab Beetle Diamond.jpg
Scarab Beetle Diamond.jpg [ 18.79 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

I am flashing back to the wedding diamond my first wife lost out of the setting of her diamond ring on a beach. We looked but it was looking for a needle in a haystack. A connection to the above diamond it seems – what it takes to find your way into your fate.

I see parallel rusty iron “rails”. A V-shaped piece of rusty iron that has the same form as the rails is welded in between the rails as if to fix their separation.
Rails.jpg [ 35.7 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

Green grass fills the view and seems to be trying to morph into a shape of an object.

I am looking out from underneath a couple of shade trees, having thin black vertical lines of vegetation hanging down into the view but without the spherical purple beads, looking at people sitting round stone tables in a garden area. There are also wood bench seats and rectangular wood tables all in the midst of a green lawn. The area is surrounded by a stone fence.

Thurs. 4 January 2018

I am taking a college class that involves certain results. I am not sure I did my analysis right but am learning how it is done.


I am playing the card game of bridge. I managed to lose badly. I was surprised because I am a good bridge player. Later I look through two days of newspapers devoted to bridge game results in tournaments and see I did not do very well. I lost a lot of money. I see that others here wondered what was wrong with me.

End of Dream

Comment: Bridge is a metaphor for connecting with the unus mundus. Something not working.

I see a fresh apple core lying on the ground. It is partially covered in ice and snow. The skin has a reddish-yellow color.

I am recalling how in April 2007 visions I found a woman hanging on a wall of flesh as if crucified. Earlier I had been in a whale (belly brain) It was at heart level on the spine. She fell off the cross into my arms and I carried her up the interior of the spine and into the right visual cortex and into my left eye where she took up residence.
Woman Left Eye.JPG
Woman Left Eye.JPG [ 3.65 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

Friday 5 January 2018

A man sitting in a large red recliner is using a fishing pole that has five white catgut strength lines. Fishing for a pentagon it seems.

I see a tall thin wide eyed (circular eyes) woman wearing a white tee shirt who holds the left hand of a young lad wearing a cyan tee shirt with her right hand as they walk towards me. They walk on red brick pavers. The philosopher’s son it seems.

I observe the head and neck of a brown horse from its NW area which is in the NW area of the view.

I see a single green stem plant having leaves growing to the four directions at the same level. This pattern repeats up the length of the plant four or five times. The large narrow triangular leaves are green but a white light illuminates their surface.

I see a dinner fork in the darkness sitting right side up and facing my chest area.

In the darkness along the West side I see an arrangement of seven objects consisting of three round ones next to another column of three round ones. At the top of this arrangement is an oval as if the head on a body. The shallow round objects are glass containers filled with fresh made avocado.

In the darkness I see what looks like a Disney Land colorful overlay on where the White House would be located.

In the darkness I see a red rose.

In the darkness I see a luminous white five-pointed star; a connection to the divinely proportioned man, the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci.

Sat. 6 January 2018


I am trying to fix a car but cannot locate the part in any store that I can purchase. But one day, along with my oldest son, I break into a man’s home because I heard that he has this spare part. I steal it but on the way out of the area he notices what I have done. I admit my guilt and tell him my name. He thinks he knows my father. He is willing to not go to the police with the matter but I must return the part to his home as well as a piece of paper on which I have written the word "gangster".

So, I go to the home and see that his family is there; son, daughter and wife. His nice looking, blond wife stands by the middle of the narrow rectangular, gray-white, granite island counter top in the kitchen. I stand on the other side opposite to her and lay the part & piece of paper on the surface between us. She is pretty upset with me. Wants to know if I was a “low life” or is my problem because I got mistreated when I was little? I said nothing. Then she takes a small square piece of scotch tape that has a folded piece of paper attached to it and sticks it to my forehead (3rd eye area).

End of Dream

Comment: As I was waking up from the dream I realized I now have “The mark of Cain”. Cain as a pun for Cane seems meant. I have killed off Logos ego functioning when using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. Like this I have become a crook (criminal; a Jesus Judas); wearing the seal of what looks like a witch’s crook or the number of the Apocalypse (Further amplifications taken from the following Y.M dates:15.10, 17.07 & 16.03).
Mark of Cain.jpg
Mark of Cain.jpg [ 35.54 KiB | Viewed 104 times ]

In Kabbalah, the Zohar states that the mark of Cain was one of the twenty-two Hebrew letters of the Torah, although the Zohar's native Aramaic does not actually tell us which of the letters it was. Some commentators, such as Rabbi Michael Berg in his English commentary on the Zohar, suggest that the mark of Cain was the letter vav (the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and looks like a numeral 7).

God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and he created a Mark that would serve as both lock and key, which he entrusted to his most valued lieutenant, Lucifer (GJS: Light Bringer; the Eros ego). But the Mark began to assert its own will, revealed itself as a curse, and began to corrupt. Lucifer became jealous of man (GJS: of the Logos ego). God banished Lucifer to Hell. Lucifer passed the Mark to Cain, who passed the Mark to YOU, the proverbial finger in the dike.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Holy Wedding as Union of FIRE & ICE

Sat. 6 January 2018

I am looking at a map that has a white ring of light projected onto its surface. The ring is moving around as if I am an aircraft or a UFO flying over this map targeting something on the ground. Finally, the “hunt” stops and the ring of white is centered on the tops of large gray buildings like that seen for industrial storage. It reminds me how nukes are stored in such colored Naval buildings.

I observe a rectangular arrangement of small objects on the SW corner of new concrete. One of them was red.

In a daylight view I stand on the NW corner of a city street like here in Victoria. Across the multi-lane street on the other side is the NE corner of the adjacent block. Three brand new bicycles are headed north by the curb. No one is riding them. One was red and white.

I am observing a tree having some small red spherical berries on it. Most of the tree is filled with what looks like ripe avatar colored berries – like blueberries. A little later I am by this tree again and now it is much taller and as I look up I see some of the “blueberries” have become huge teardrop shapes as if GM food gone gigantic. The color reminds me of concord grapes. Comment: Wine from the first days of creation to be served at the great Messianic Banquet at the end of time comes to mind.
Concord Grapes.jpg
Concord Grapes.jpg [ 35.54 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

Suddenly in the darkness I see a pie slice of spinach feta quiche that is orientated such that it looks like it was taken from the NW area of the quiche.

In the darkness I am looking inside what looks like the NW corner of an open computer case seen in A Struggling Black Swan ‘Chicken Birth’ Looms – November 2017. Where the X-shaped circular fan duct exhaust port is located I see superimposed on it the segments inside a sliced open orange (has 11 segments) which suggests this flow is from the belly brain (2nd chakra). As I observe it seems to be acting like an ion thruster – causing a flow to exit from that screen. The “misty” flow field suggest psychophysical body enhancement since a cross-section through an orange has Ra colors; something that will flow from the hole in the heart chakra. Coming up out of the fiery circle in the dark floor is the new birth. When I kissed a nurse (breath body exchange) our lips formed an X-shape as noted in The “Enemy” Is Within – June 2017. A woman’s ponytail had a herringbone X-shaped weave in Receiving A Wasp Confirmation Experience Can Be Eye Changing – August 2017 which was connected to the mana of Her knowing can have a mega earthquake, mega tsunami psychic effect on one’s worldview. Most recently in The Wheels of Ezekiel Heart Chakra Stargate Apocalypse – September 2017 such a silver metal shape was seen covering the chest of a woman along with a raised pattern of concentric circles. Like this the psychophysical exhaust from the heart chakra is connected to the following image. Normally, such a fan duct opening has a pattern of concentric circles as seen in the additional image. The heart chakra exhaust being connected to the movement of air connects it to a Black Death style pneumonic plague which came up in my previous post The World-Changing Launching Pad whose title implied that the heart chakra was the launching pad.
Exhaust Creature Ion Flow.jpg
Exhaust Creature Ion Flow.jpg [ 44.88 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]


I am in a huge darkened auditorium filled with comfortable darkred padded seats. A huge central white screen is in front of the seating. Strange, by high in the NW area of the place are stairs and seating that leads to a king-sized bed in a flat area. A similar but lower area containing a king-sized bed is on the due East side (3 o’clock).

I lay down in the East side bed. Later a couple enters the bed, woman first. I said nothing until they entered the bed – but then I silently left. Their bed was in the NW.

End of Dream

Sun. 7 January 2018

I observe a dinner fork in silhouette lying on its side in the NE with tines curled towards the NW.

A large truck is passing in front of me, going from my right to my left. I see three men standing on a platform just behind the cab. They all wear the same uniform consisting of a white helmet, a full length one piece blue work trousers on the back side of which is a couple large capital yellow letters – the first letter was a W. W is for Woman or feminine side of the men; their Eros ego.

I see a dim view of a large black bag in the darkness – a carry-on bag or duffle bag it seems – lying on a king-sized bed. I have the impression someone is going to take an airplane flight.

I observe a close-up of a left profile view of a well suntanned lean looking face of a man. A large circular lens in glasses is seen in front of the left eye. He is looking down.

Then I see a NW close-up view of a white woman’s lean face whose jaw is V-shaped and very prominent. Her reddish lips are parted revealing her very clean white front clenched teeth. The jaw reminds me of the one on the black female alien seen in the movie ALIEN.
Alien Animation.gif
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Now I observe in the darkness the mostly frontal view from above of the face of a tanned alien whose large round black eyes are each surrounded by a pink outline of a vesica piscis shape. Sunglass frames it seems. An alien baby.
Alien Baby.jpg
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I observe a black wallet with a few shiny silver Canadian looking quarters lying on its surface. Next to its bottom side is a green wallet. They lie on a large white table. I immediately recall that I used three Canadian quarters to cast my first and only I Ching as shared on Xmas day in A Remedy Has Been Prepared For The World; something which encouraged me to post my inner life on the unus mundus forum with the potential outcome of a new creation being the result.

I see a woman on all fours in front of a couch in a living room.

I observe a mostly left side view of a black iron metal piece bent into the shape of a horseshoe in the darkness of the NE in the view. Its top is angled upwards about 30 degrees.

I observe a rectangle containing a view of a portion of the top of the brown hair on a woman’s head. The rectangle us surrounded by a sky-blue color as if it is a rectangular container floating in a liquid sky-blue smooth sea.

I am recalling what Jung had to say about the 3rd stage of the coniunctio, the unio mystica and its connection to the caelum.

From ancient times the adept knew that he was concerned with the "res simplex," and the modern man too will find by experience that the work does not prosper without the greatest simplicity. But simple things are always the most difficult. CW 14, § 759

The One and Simple is what Dorn called the unus mundus. This "one world" was the res simplex. For him the third and highest degree of conjunction was the union of the whole man with the unus mundus (the world of potential being). CW 14, § 760

Dorn's caelum (a materialization of the spirit in the form of the liquid blue quintessence), which corresponded to the stone, was on the one hand a liquid that could be poured out of a bottle and on the other the Microcosm itself. CW 14, § 765

I observe the left side of a man’s head that reminds me of my father’s when he was in his early 20s. He is dressed in a dark suit.

A large piece of multi-colored tarp, which seems to have the colors of the male and female chakras of the enhanced color version of the Sun-Moon chakra tree. It lies over the left armrest of my recliner and into the SW. The rest lies into the NE. I then have the impression that this is a large rectangular flag. A connection to wearing a multicolored robe like Joseph in the bible; a connection to being a “pillar of glory” ( the indwelling of the Shekinah glory in one’s soul).

I have entered a hotel room with my first wife who undresses and enters the shower. I too undress and join her.

I hear, “California cannot afford to turn it into night.” As that was being said I was looking out through a large rectangular window and the half on my right was black while the half on my left was white.

Something about viewing the NE area of a rectangular window – it is known to help the world.

In the darkness I observe a young woman in silhouette facing me on my right side. She has her left hand on her hip and her right hand held out to her right side. Her short dress looks like an upwards pointing triangle (a light cone seems meant). Her stance reminds me of a cheerleader.

I am observing the end of a large wide reddish-yellow comb like the one I used to own.

I am looking down at the head of an old blood hound while I rest my left hand underneath its lower jaw. The dog looks tired. Comment: Blood hounds are known for their refined sense of smell. Learning from that part of myself that can follow the movements of the World Soul in my dreams and visions and their meaning.

In an outdoors daylight scene I stand next to the SW area of a chest high large machine that has a pull cord used to start it.

In a daylight scene I am standing next to the LAX runways with my deceased brother Phil; in the parking lot by the first engineering job I had at North America Aviation. It is towards evening and we notice a white haze limits visibility to about a mile; as if a low fog. He was about to start a long drive across country; I was hoping he would stay overnight and let the haze clear. Then I wondered why he wouldn’t just take an airplane flight instead. Comment: Twice now an airplane flight has come up in this post. It will come up again at the end (the 3rd time is the charm) where it is connected to the Holy Wedding.

I am holding a pint-sized chemistry lab beaker with the three middle fingers of my right hand inserted into the handle (6 o’clock location). It is filled with clear water and the small V-shaped tip is seen at the 12 0’clock location. I then see that the beaker has been tipped towards my right side about 90-degrees; emptying what now looks like chocolate milk.

On my left side I observe a crumpled, thick cotton, gray stocking having a single red band around its top.

I seem to be in India, standing on a wide, packed street between one story buildings on either side.

I am observing the V-shaped bow (end of a vesica piscis) of a tan wood boat the is against the West side in the view. A hollow tan wood tube about three feet long is angled into the V-shape as it rests on the bottom of the boat.

I have entered a place of commercial business in an office setting. I am asked to check in with the receptionist. I approach the young woman sitting behind the counter and place a plastic shopping bag on the counter which has the shape of a model of a nuclear containment building. I inquire, “What am I to do with the Kbob?” Comment: I later realize the Kbob could be a mouse hole shape.

Kbob - Usually, kebabs. small pieces of meat or seafood seasoned or marinated and broiled, often with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, or other vegetables, usually on a skewer.

On a white background I see the open cage structure of a golden buckyball. This "alien baby" (the child of Purusha & Prakriti) has been consciously redeemed from its entrapment in matter.
Buckyball Golden.jpg
Buckyball Golden.jpg [ 34.93 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

I am looking down at the top of a stainless steel lid on a cylindrical container which I do not recognize. It has large openings and many small holes in the surface of the lid.

A man holds up a large circular thick black ceramic plate whose surface area is “divided” by a long wave ridge. He slides the dish into a black slender box as if for shipping.

On a white plate I see a pile of cooked in butter many disk or coin-sized slices of zucchini; some are cut in half. Green surface skin plus yellow butter plus white center colors stand out. It seems the zucchini meaning connected to the Pacific NW Subduction zone has been cooked.
Zuchinni Cooked.jpg
Zuchinni Cooked.jpg [ 23.08 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

I am looking down at a top view of white wicker made object in the shape of a turtle shell. It has a white crucifix centered on the top of the dome. A couple of small blue-cyan ribbons are in the view.

I observe an ankle high yellow boot on a left foot having white shoelaces. The leather is perforated with many evenly spaced small holes as if to allow the shoe to breath.
Boot Yellow.jpg
Boot Yellow.jpg [ 21.36 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

I observe the top area of a metal electrical box attached to a white wall. On the middle top lays a rectangular piece of fabric having a red and white pattern. Comment: It seems the electrical is blue and white; the other colors in the American Flag and those on the left face of the young woman. Blue-white electrical colors have been connected to electrical discharge as in opening the doors to the unus mundus, to those seen on a lightsaber or to the electrical discharge from the huge disk-shaped UFO whose impact destroyed the White House in the movie Independence Day. It’s going to be a paranormal Poltergeist activity that will incarnate in the NW.
Electrical Flag Independence Day.jpg
Electrical Flag Independence Day.jpg [ 42.72 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

Making America Great Again
I observe the prow of a boat from its NW area. Just below the waterline the boat is darkred while above the waterline it is white. The water and the background are deep blue. These are the colors of the American Flag. An image for the container that can safely carry one across the waters of the unconscious.

I observe a man from his NW area wearing a woman’s white sombrero hat having a circular blue ribbon surrounding the base of the dome shaped top. The hat has a wavy, very wide brim (a ring of Saturn connection it seems). The hat reminds me of a classic UFO. Underneath the peculiar ideas of the activity of the Holy Spirit is meant.
Sombrero.jpg [ 42.36 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

In the darkness I see the white heel area on a foot whose surface has a yellow glow.

I observe a young slender woman in the NW of the view wearing green Levi’s.

I observe a close-up view of the red head of a penis (clitoris?) as if I am eye level with its shaft while looking forward.

Mon. 8 January 2018

In a brightly lighted scene I observe a multi-colored King-sized bedspread or blanket which covers my recliner whose back is angled 45-degrees to the NE corner in the living room of the Victoria home. The blanket and its colors are orthogonal to the chair as if it makes a cross. The colors begin with a few narrow white bands followed by a few yellow and so on; all pastel looking colors as if those on the feminine side of the Sun-Moon chakra tree are used.

In the darkness I observe a couple of pancakes stacked on top of each other. Their NW area has been cut off and that area faces the NW corner in the view as if angled 45-degrees to that corner. Comment: Pancakes were connected to the 3/3/11 mega quake that struck Japan because buildings would “pancake” like the Twin Towers pancaked in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The pancakes represent the coming together of the dimed Logos (which has assumed an Eros ego consciousness) with the Eros Self (who is naturally Eros ego in Her psychology). That coming together will have the potency of a mega quake on one’s worldview is meant.
Pancakes.jpg [ 16.98 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]


I am in an airport looking at the flight board. Strange but some of the flights have a line or Ra flames burning in front. I later see that the flight I should take will have a line of Ra colored flames in front and behind the flames a pale sky-blue color like that of a cold wintry silvery moon (a cold day in Hell it seems). The background was meant to include the Holy Spirit as well as something about a crucifix. Flights not so marked would be in trouble.
Fire Ice Holy Wedding.jpg
Fire Ice Holy Wedding.jpg [ 48.89 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

Holy Wedding of FIRE & ICE
End of Dream

“Fire and Ice” is one of Robert Frost's most popular poems. It was published in December 1920 in Harper's Magazine and in 1923 in his Pulitzer Prize−winning book New Hampshire. It discusses “the end of the world”, likening the elemental force of fire with the emotion of desire, and ice with hate.

Comment: It’s an image for the “revenge of the World Soul”. It takes a lot of foreplay before the coniunctio happens. My experience. As I was waking up from the dream I was recalling the dream titled “A Simple Device Saves The World” for that dream involved an airplane flight in order to test the device that had been discovered. It was shared in Holy Wedding Apocalypse – October 2017. It is about a helical antenna whose design would produce theta waves or an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. It is a connection to the need to mind-meld with the Eros Self in the unus mundus as portrayed in the metaphor of circular polarized light. The yellow-gold color of the wire means “united with the Eros Self in Eros ego consciousness” Green is for the vegetative nervous system (VNS), not the CNS which is connected to Logos ego knowing. Together they share an Eros Christ consciousness. It supports “The Second Coming of Christ” which will renew one’s Logos Christ consciousness.
Holy Wedding Weave.jpg
Holy Wedding Weave.jpg [ 36.09 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]

Now I see a backwards red block numeral 7 in the blackness in the NW of the view. Its top is angled 45-degrees across that corner and its base is angled downwards 45-degrees – giving the top line and vertical line in the seven a rather severe V-shape as well as a "check mark" shape; a connection to the jaw on the mother alien in ALIEN and to the jaw on the white woman wearing red lipstick seen earlier in this post. The shape is also a connection to the “witch’s crook”.
Seven Alien.jpg
Seven Alien.jpg [ 16.33 KiB | Viewed 83 times ]


PS On 8 January 2018 I happened to notice that the semi-transparent window in our bathroom (a Victorian paisley - a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India) has alien see-through vegetative skin. Logos Christ bright shadow problems being integrated from my skin by the Eros Self. Getting ready for the wedding with the Black Madonna.
Alien Skin.jpg
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Author:  Gregory Sova [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:17 am ]
Post subject:  A Green & Yellow Butterfly Appears

Mon. 8 January 2018

I am standing behind the SE area of a 1920’s style black Ford touring car observing the SE area of a woman in a white dress with black hair who sits in the SW seat of the car (directly behind the driver). The car is parked next to a curb in a city. I walk behind the car and approach the driver’s side where I see that the door is open by the SW seat. I see that her white dress extends “Victorian style” (The World Soul connects herself to being a Queen – of heaven and Earth seems meant) down to her ankles like at the start of the Roaring Twenties in the United States; a time of decadence and corruption which led to the Great Depression – an unconscious eating of the apple.
Roaring Twenties Dance Depression.jpg
Roaring Twenties Dance Depression.jpg [ 65.9 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]


The 1920s in the United States, was called “roaring” because of the exuberant, freewheeling popular culture of the decade. The Roaring Twenties was a time when many people defied Prohibition, indulged in new styles of dancing and dressing, and rejected many traditional moral standards.

In a daylight view, as I stand on a sidewalk in a residential area, I observe an old dark green bus that has turned into the T-intersection (T is for Tribulation and Triggering) from the new treeless residential area behind it. It stops and begins to back up for some reason. A school bus it seems. Schooling in “matters of the heart”.
Victoria London Country Bus.jpg
Victoria London Country Bus.jpg [ 43.79 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

My older brother and I are having a conflict we try to reconcile.

I am looking down at the surface of a stream and see that I have a pumpkin head. A pumpkin head came up in Countdown To Inner/Outer Movie Time – September 2017. A pumpkin head was the bearer of teardrop shaped white pumpkin seeds (Holy Spirit shapes) to be “flushed” into Spacetime. The color of the 2nd chakra is orange - suggesting this is an introverted, dimmed Logos ego "head in the belly" effect.
Pumpkin Seed Flush.jpg
Pumpkin Seed Flush.jpg [ 38.5 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I observe the end of a large diameter black pipe having a thick liner of white concrete. The black mark of Cain is on the NE area of the concrete.
Pipe Cain Mark.jpg
Pipe Cain Mark.jpg [ 23.74 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

Tues. 9 January 2017

In a well-lighted view, I observe a woman helping an all-white adult human sized ghostly form (subtle body) up the spiral staircase – they are approaching my location. Other adult humans are seen climbing the stairs as well. The width of the stairs is about the height of three humans and it seems they climb inside a tower. Circumambulating an archetypal core comes to mind – ascending to higher and higher consciousness.
Tower.jpg [ 9.5 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I observe a lit cigarette in the SE of the view in the darkness that is about half used. Recall that a lit cigarette has been connected to being a nuclear fuel rod which emits the colors of beta decay radiation; beta, alpha & gamma rays of psychophysical radiation is meant. Extractingthe spirit out of matter.
Cigarette.jpg [ 17.25 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I see a man jogging behind a wide rectangular wood “desk” as if “pushing” it with his chest as he moves along on a city street (as if it is the horizontal member on a crucifix).

I observe a large, empty, modern, 3-gallon plastic bucket sitting on a large round wood table in front of me in the 6 o’clock hour. A woman in the 12 o’clock hour location just placed a pile of mail (the one on the bottom was a letter size white cardboard piece lik that used for over-night delivery service) on top of the bucket for me to read it seems. Six o’clock seems to be the new “Doomsday Hour”. More “pennies” from heaven comes to mind; a connection to the individuation song “The Five Pennies” (To Wish On).
Pennies Five.jpg
Pennies Five.jpg [ 38.33 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

A yellow design on a red blanket is seen in this close-up view as the edge of the blanket is pulled up underneath my chin which covers my body down below as if I am reclined in my recliner.

A man is approaching me. He is carrying his large mature looking son who wears a tan leather jacket (who looks like Kim Jong-un) whose chest covers his chest area and whose head is over his right shoulder. He holds the man-child underneath the thighs which are at his waist level. It reminds me of Clint Eastwood carrying an orangutan in the movie The Pink Cadillac; where pink is the color of the coniunctio. It’s a Madonna with child image. There is a line of people following behind this man and they seem to come up to me for something. Comment: Ape on ape; questing to integrate the bright shadow (Nature = Eros ego) of the Logos ego.
Kim Jong-un.jpg
Kim Jong-un.jpg [ 55.92 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother
I enter a lighted, large, empty room whose walls are blue with a three-foot tall border starting at the floor that is red with a yellow flame pattern on it.

I observe a vertical column of names in white text on a black background. The last three letters in the names are rapidly changing.

In the darkness I see a V-shaped “cupped” left hand.

I sit at the 3 o’clock hour of a round wood table. A woman with blond hair wearing a green dress sits at the 12 o’clock hour. He lays a small rectangular piece of white paper (business card?) in front of her. Comment: The Logos Christ died on his crucifix on Good Friday at 3 PM comes to mind. This image suggests the Eros Christ is dying on his cross at the same hour; an archetypal pattern is repeating in this “Second Coming of Christ” Oneness of the Spirit renewal of the Christian archetype.

A woman takes a dark blue one-piece uniform out of a darkred wood chest and hands it to a man.

Standing in front of me in the darkness is a green plant having three large olive-green leaves from a Palm tree. Comment: Palm Sunday occurs one week before Easter and five days before Good Friday.
Palm Sunday.jpg
Palm Sunday.jpg [ 46.96 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

The symbolism of the donkey may refer to the Eastern tradition that it is an animal of peace, versus the horse, which is the animal of war.

I observe a racoon with its large bushy “pony” tail enter the open end of a large diameter pipe (a “Mark of Cain connection). I recall that a racoon is “a thief in the night”, a connection to the second coming of Christ.

I am driving a car in the fast lane of a modern freeway following a brand new black with chrome trim 1947 Chevy (the year of the Roswell UFO incident) having a California blue & yellow license plate. The car’s blue bowtie is an emblem containing red, blue and white colors.
Chevy 1947.jpg
Chevy 1947.jpg [ 48.68 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I observe a thin layer of water having some white foam on its surface as it descends on a car wide cement ramp filled with sandstone colored stones. It has a three foot high wall of similar construction on either side. A river is down below.

I observe a human sized stainless-steel numeral 7 standing on end. Forged in iron works comes to mind.

Then another large black numeral block sized 7 is observed in the darkness of the NW in the view. It has an “ear” on its NW and SW ends.

I observe a man in silhouette striking the tip of a pickaxe (a Planck Second shape) onto the concrete ramp seen above. Testing the strength of its structure comes to mind. The axe bounces off the surface as if to say the depths of matter cannot be penetrated further. Comment: I used a pickaxe to dig a couple of holes in the “concrete” debris left by the collapse of Mount Shasta 300,000 years ago that covers the land for 40 miles. My effort was by the lakeshore behind our home in Weed, CA where I planted two weeping willow trees. I didn’t penetrate more than about 18 (or 6+6+6) inches.
Pickaxe Willow.jpg
Pickaxe Willow.jpg [ 43.04 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I am attending a meeting with people interested in UFOs. It is so dark in here that I cannot see anyone. Suddenly, I hear, “Dr. Remo F. Roth has arrived!” A loud cheer goes up from the unseen crowd. Then I see the backside of my right hand held up in front of me such that it appears in the NE of the view. Only the middle and ring finger are held up and are separated which reminds me of the Vulcan salute. But here it looks like rabbit ears (new creation). Comment: The meaning of the symbols above the fingers on the hand of alchemy seems meant. They suggest the resurrection of Eros Christ consciousness which will incarnate in the NW. The rabbit ear connection seems to say, “live long and prosper”.
Hand Rabbit.jpg
Hand Rabbit.jpg [ 21.01 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

I see a green butterfly whose wing tip has a yellow band. Comment: Being raised Christian I associated a butterfly with resurrection which repeats the alchemical hand gesture meaning concluded above.
Butterfly.jpg [ 38.08 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of a miracle of transformation and resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.

Wed. 10 January 2018

Down below in the darkness I see a penis with testicles in silhouette.

In a dark view I observe a snake curled around something I cannot see.

On a honey wood floor, I see a crumpled purple sock – suggesting the conscious standpoint of the person wearing such a stocking is a union of the opposites.

In the darkness down below, I observe the upper end of a vertical yellow wood pencil whose red eraser is all used up and appears black.

I am looking down at a dark view of stacked unused plastic dinner plates and cups.

I am observing a young Chinese woman from her NW area. She wears a blue jacket and red slacks. A small round dark object was just placed in the palm of her left hand.

Then I see the numeral 7 in the darkness in silhouette.

I observe a man enter the NW corner of a room through a door in the West side. The door closes behind him. He has wild wide-open circular eyes and carries a jumbled palm sized pyramid of tan paper clips in his open left hand.

I see a small dome of green lawn on which a blue monkey stands in the NW area. In front of it is another similar sized blue monkey which has a white colored face. Together their colors are those in NW.

I observe five black circles that form an arch on the red background. There are three in a line underneath.

On one end of a white narrow rectangular teeterboard lies a black numeral 7 or is it the “mark of cain”. The board looks horizontal (balanced).
Teeterboard.jpg [ 24.94 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]


I am in a wharf area of a large modern harbor. I am outside when a red airplane the size of a Piper Cub (a Red Baron connection) flies just overhead and barely manages to clear the roof of the three-story warehouse. Then a huge blue and white ocean-going ship comes floating overhead as if it were a blimp and it had Japan markings. A large diameter flexible black hose dangles from out of its bottom and onto the ground. It has about six black very long electrical lines attached to its end. The electrical lines fall onto the roof and front of my subcompact cyan colored car where I sit in the driver’s seat. I exit the car and see that the bottom of the hose is spewing out water. The ship comes to a halt. I go underneath the vessel and see that from the end of the hose there is a column of semi-transparent bluish-whitish frozen water about 9 feet tall and three feet in diameter that seems to support the weight of the ship as if on this pedestal.
Ice Tanker.jpg
Ice Tanker.jpg [ 31.86 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

Then a huge rectangular cardboard box the size of a couple shipping containers floats down into the view and it moves as if under intelligent control until it settles on top of much cargo inside the gray warehouse building.

End of Dream

Comment The airplane and ship both exhibited anti-gravity. The ship seems to be carrying a load of water, the aqua permanens in the cold day in Hell experiment. In A Remedy Has Been Prepared For The World – 25 December 2017 a 3 gallon pail of water was seen and I amplified on it with the following. The gray warehouse building reminds me of the vision of a white circle on a map which settled on a cluster of such buildings a couple of posts ago.

Lapis Philosophorum: Also known as the ultima materia, aqua permanens (=its libido aspect), rubedo tinctura, filius macrocosmi or philosophorum, quinta essentia, panacea, medicina catholica, rotundrum, elixir vitae, lapis exilis (stone of no worth), everlasting food): the Philosopher's Stone, prized goal of alchemy. According to legend, the Stone, a freed form of the spirit of Mercurius trapped within the prima materia or initially unprocessed raw material, grants immortality, heals all disease, and transforms base metals into gold. Jung saw it as a Self-symbol - one compensating for the Logos Christ who was without sin - and the goal of individuation.

I observe a right profile view of a middle-aged man wearing a black hat with a wide brim. He is all excited about something. Again, I see the arch of five black circles on a piece of paper he holds.

I observe a thick slice of toast that is pulled apart as if it is very soggy.

I observe a light tan men’s hat with brim sitting on the West end of a narrow wood rectangular wall cabinet. It covers the NW-SE edge.

I observe a frosted, icy looking Merkabah having a pale pink upper pyramid and a pale blue lower pyramid.
Merkerba.JPG [ 16.6 KiB | Viewed 74 times ]

In a nighttime city street view I am looking across the wide street at a multi-story white apartment building that reminds me of the White House. Many young women are in the street in front of the building. They are carrying books and introducing themselves to each other. Activist’s it seems.

A three-gallon yellow plastic bucket filled with a white plastic bag was just dropped down onto the street below and into a little snow by the front edge of a covered porch. Young men in search of something just went walking past that area and to the back of the building.

I am driving a horse drawn wagon while looking back at a young lady standing on the dirt road. She is pointing back to where I came from which looks like a long tunnel formed by the overlapping canopy of trees growing on either side of the yellowish dirt road. Something is following us.

A spoon is held at eye level in front of me as if by my right hand. Lying across the top of the spoon are two thin slices from a golden delicious apple. Disk shaped “UFOs”?

I stand in at one end of a long corridor looking down its length and see a white door is opened into the corridor from a room along my right side.

In the darkness I observe the top and back side of an older woman’s white hair. The backside is in shadow while the top is in the light. Comment: The visual cortex part of the hair was in shadow.


PS Here is an interesting 1974 Canadian UFO incident.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  F is for FREEDOM

Wed. 10 January 2018

In the darkness down below, I observe a dark block numeral 7 having avatar colors – it is leaning against a north wall in the NE corner of the view.
Seven Avatar NE.jpg
Seven Avatar NE.jpg [ 15.3 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

In a snow-covered scene I make out a deep ditch having brown railroad tracks along part of its bottom. All the rest is covered in a massive layer of thick snow.
Train Track Snow.jpg
Train Track Snow.jpg [ 39.91 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe a Blood Moon numeral 7 down below that is angled 45-degrees across the NW corner in the view. It’s an incarnation of the opposite avatar colored seven seen just above. It’s a cold day in Hell emanating from out of the unus mundus “railroad” tracks that enter spacetime.

I am being reminded of the famous walnut shaped UFO that appeared on 17 November 1986. Comment: A walnut (contains winged nuts that look like brain material) was seen in the 3rd eye of a woman in The Doomsday Hour- 23 January 2017 and was connected to serving the wine from the first days of creation at the Messianic Banquet.
Walnut Analogy.jpg
Walnut Analogy.jpg [ 37.33 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

Thurs. 11 January 2018

I am holding two attached circular clear plastic disks as if Wheels of Ezekiel in my hands. The top disk (wheel) has the markings on a clock face while the lower disk has symbols at the various times. They are being counter rotated as if a divination method for predicting future events.

I am having the impression that every UFO incident needs to be treated as a “crime scene” for its various parts reveal the purpose which the World Soul has in store for humanity.

I observe a white semi-tractor pulling a long rectangular white trailer enter underneath a high freeway overpass. The cab has a blinking white light on top. Suddenly the rig veers at a 90-degree angle to the left and ends up on the embankment.

I observe a man holding a large rotating counterclockwise (from its left side) dark disk between he palms of his hands – it looks like a diamond saw blade used to cut through concrete. The “blade” rests on the whitish carpet in a room.

In silhouette coming over a hill I see two horses drawing an uncovered wagon of old. The front wagon wheels rotating clockwise are noticed when observing them from their NE area.

I am viewing the front upper part of a man’s head covered in whitish hair that looks like my own. A white light highlights the crown chakra.

I am observing the open black hub on the SW area of a vehicle. It looks to have eight black radial ribs that support the hub surrounding the axle which reminds me of the similar design seen on the wheel chair.
Wheel Chair.jpg
Wheel Chair.jpg [ 8.99 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

A young lad in silhouette is slowly walking towards me in the hallway as I stand in front of the bathroom door of our rental in Victoria.

I observe a man leaning over a large white rectangular drawing board looking at sheets of paperwork that describes a UFO encounter.

I am observing a huge mushroom from the base of its very long stalk. The underside view of one-half gives the impression of looking into a parabolic mousehole.
Mushroom.jpg [ 35.76 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I am standing on the opposite side of a double stainless-steel kitchen sink filled with used dishes. Some small items sit on the ledge on the other side and I am reaching for one of them. Then the view shows a recessed square in a small piece of stainless steel on whose center there is a vertical counterclockwise rotating wine bottle cork.

I notice that my penis has become erect – very unusual.

I observe a close-up view of a stainless-steel tube that serves as a hand rail in a modern building.

I observe a couple ceiling lights in a room having a blueberry color and shape. I have the impression, “enlightenment from Nature’s realm.”

Something about a UFO book whose title suggests “revealing”.

Then something about a UFO landing on the moon and leaving a tripod impression on its surface.

I am making love with the opening in the hub at the center of the eight spoked supported wheel seen above.

I hear, “If you enter the eight-spoked center then you have the energy of all.”

I observe a single large feather that looks to be from an eagle which has just landed on a rain-soaked wet dirt surface in the rain. The upper two-thirds of the feather is brown while the rest is white; including the quill. An eagle “ostrich feather” pen for writing on the wall it seems.

On a dark reflective surface I make out a faint image of a Sister of Mercy nun like the one that slapped me around in the 1st days of the 1st grade.

I am looking down at a circular arrangement in whose center is a flower. It is surrounded by eight equally spaced water glasses of two different kinds. At the 6 o’clock hour a plain transparent truncated cone shaped glass filled with milk is seen as well as at the 9 o’clock hour. In between is a pale transparent green glass filled with water. This pattern repeats in the other three quadrants. An altar it seems.

I am recalling that my oldest brother was my best man in my second marriage.

In the darkness and lying horizontal I see a small stick match having a red head. A match from a portable box of small such matches comes to mind – like those seen with all the pocket size small red books containing Edinger’s lectures on the Archetype of the Apocalypse. I am also recalling the admonishment to be careful where you strike your match.

I hear, “We are confident that we are in that part of the mass where we are offering up the body and blood of Christ for our sins.”

I observe a single tree filled with mostly red autumn leaves with some yellow around the edges. The shape of the canopy gives it a look of a spearhead.

I hear, “This is where I live, in the heart of Victoria.” Comment: Victoria is the tip of the Pacific Northwest seems meant as if something of the World Soul has escaped from its entrapment in matter.

I have the impression that reddish-white images (Chinese old fashion style) trump black and white images.

I observe a bright whiteness that fills the view and it has all these black lines in it that creates an alternating field of black and white as if an interference fringe pattern created by a double slit is seen – a pattern of constructive and destructive interference.
Fringe Pattern.jpg
Fringe Pattern.jpg [ 37.22 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

Then I see the alien vegetative skin but closer to my eyes; causing the vegetation to be out of focus.
Alien Vegetative Skin.jpg
Alien Vegetative Skin.jpg [ 36.22 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

In the darkness I am observing the suntanned naked thighs of a young sitting woman.

I hear, “This job is killing him.” Then I hear all this pounding. A very muscular young man is hammering away inside a cave for his employer -excavating the place and opening it up some more. It is like working in a coal mine and one becomes filthy inside and out from all the black dust.

Fri. 12 January 2018

I am examining a white chicken egg closely as I hold it with my fingers – rolling it up and down. The focus is on the pointed part of the egg which is narrow and distorted in a strange manner. I suddenly have the impression that it carries the “mark of Cain.”

I observe a black block capital letter F on a whitish background in the NE of the view. I then see that it begins to “streak” towards the NW; causing its horizontal members to lengthen. I have the impression that F is for Freedom from the World Soul’s entrapment in matter.
F Freedom.jpg
F Freedom.jpg [ 13.41 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I am looking down at a white paper cup that is half full of water. Two such flattened paper cups when joined at their lips create the hexagonal “Lantern of the Telesphoros”. They are a connection to the two wine glasses containing red or blue wine joined at their lips. A vesica piscis shaped “squashed” paper cup, “fish lips” UFO shape connection seems meant.
Paper Cups Fish Lips.jpg
Paper Cups Fish Lips.jpg [ 28.37 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe an unopened bottle of pink wine sitting on the NW corner of a rectangular dark wood table surface. Pink wine is the color of the mixture of red and blue wines as seen in the above image which has a pink UFO connection (as if a hamburger in a bun).

I am having the impression that the paper cup containing water is connected to the Trinity Eye quaternity. Comment: The Trinity Eye was formed by two crossed vesica piscis shapes on the heart. A hint to help consciously realize the above image it seems.

Sat. 13 January 2018

In the darkness I observe the right side of a human figure from their NE area that is wearing a pink hooded robe with hood up and who stands in the NE of the view.
Monk Robe.JPG
Monk Robe.JPG [ 16.29 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I see a long green plant stem that appears to be sticking out of the left side of a man’s head at an upwards angle. Maybe from the back (visual center) of his head is meant. It has pale greenish-white small leaves growing along its length.

I observe a close-up view of the opened end of a small bottle of Tabasco sauce. I see that its logo is “diamond body” shaped and contains the colors of an enlightened Heart Light. What spices up the subtle body.
Tabasco.jpg [ 32.95 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I am involved in an engineering project. Encouraging results are coming in from a man with red hair.

I tall, slender young man sits cross-wise over the arm rests in a recliner (head by right arm rest). A tan with yellow design blanket covers most of his body.

A young woman’s right forearm and hand reaches into the view from out of the NW. She wears a white robe and her hand holds a long green stem – all this as she reaches across my front.

I observe a sitting young woman on my right in the NE having her legs crossed while wearing a light blue dress that is at mid-thigh area (a mini skirt).

I see a standing woman in the NE of the view wearing a sleeveless white blouse and light blue slacks.

I see a young man sitting on a large yellow toss pillow. Suddenly he becomes colorized; his body has slightly curved (hint of being V-shaped) yellow interior “crescent moon” shapes stacked on each other on the red background of his body. It reminds me of the “start of David” (yellow six-pointed star outline surrounded by red) which came up in EYES OF YOUR EYES – January 2018. The birth of a new Red King image seems meant aka the philosopher’s son who takes on the color of Tabasco sauce.
Lad Star.jpg
Lad Star.jpg [ 33.4 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe a SE view of a large stout woman dressed in red clothes and leg tall tight fitting stockings who is walking down a cement ramp. At first, I thought it was Santa Claus but no white trim is in the view.
Stout Woman.jpg
Stout Woman.jpg [ 19.21 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I hear, “A human sexual woman – very rare!”

I am looking down at a short, darkred wood coffee table. Several colorful Mexican style dishes of food are on the table.

A lovely black woman is viewed from her NW area. She has a wide black bead headband that surrounds her black hair as if a “crown”. She wears a colorful tan suit of clothes.

I am looking up at the right-side view of the head and neck area of a white statue that is looking straight ahead. A pink light floods his form as if he is staring into the source of that light; the coniunctio maker is highly constellated.
Man Statue.jpg
Man Statue.jpg [ 22.46 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

A man is handed a 21” flat panel rectangular display screen which he rests on his lap and looks down at the images.

On a dinning room table, I see a large plastic emerald green bowl almost filled with steaming mashed potatoes having red-yellow grapes here and there slightly pushed into its surface. What’s involved in the “bowl of individuation”. A large silver spoon is stuck into the mass and its handle rests on the 3 o’clock hour rim location. Grapes have an oval shape which connects them to being effects emanating from out of the unus mundus vesica piscis shape. The image contains Xmas & Heart Light colors in the “brains” of this individuation process.
Bowl Green.jpg
Bowl Green.jpg [ 26.93 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe a yellow plastic dust pan by the East side in the view. Eros ego consciousness helps gather up the bright shadow dirt left by the Logos Christ eon seems meant.
Dust Pan.jpg
Dust Pan.jpg [ 18.17 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe a young woman, wearing a modest styled green dress, as she approaches my location from out of the NE. A bright white glow is pushing up against her from behind. She has a surprised look on her face as if she senses the pressure of the white light on her backside.

I observe what could be a wind-chime or a long necklace that is hanging down into the view on a gold chain. There is a gold sphere attached to its bottom end. Otherwise there are a series of flat metal bronze or gold shapes of various kinds as if charms that cover the bottom length.

A young woman walks up to my right side from out of the NE. She wears a tight fitting red dress. Standing behind her is another young woman wearing a knee high, dark purple dress of the same style.

Another young woman stands by my right side dressed for a “night on the town” in a fancy black low cut sleeveless dress and black knit stockings. Her right side is in focus.

In a daylight view I am looking into an adjacent room through the doorless rectangular opening done in white painted wood. The room looks like a basketball floor filled with sparsely spaced student study desks having people sitting in them.

I observe a large dark green block numeral 7 having a couple short dark green leaf shapes on the end of the horizontal member.

I see a dark brown wood rectangular dinning room table having a dense pattern of evenly spaced long black stems (about three feet tall) with a flower (no color noted) on their ends. It’s as if the stems are growing out of the table surface. It reminds me of wheat growing out of the top of Osiris’s grave.

I observe a large white bowl having a large dark chunk of cooked meat that fills the East side. Many different knives have their handles resting against the South side of the bowl with their tips into the center.

I see an empty black iron frying pan with an unusually long handle.

Then I see a long handle object that is steaming. It is dropped into an empty aluminum pie tin that is recessed in the SW burner of a stove.

On a white dinner plate, I observe brown gravy being poured onto the white surface of mashed potatoes whose 12 o’clock hour location contains a couple upwards pointing green bell peppers sitting in the mashed potatoes that are also wetted by the gravy.

I see a yellow circle enclosed by a larger white ring.

I see 5-pointed stars of the red, yellow and green variety. They are silver dollar plastic objects lying on a dark wood floor.

In a darkened room I observe a couple fancy dressed ladies with bare arms as the sit and talk with each other. One of them has blond hair and wore a black dress.

I observe a beige saucer having a couple concentric green rings in it interior. Comment: A “flying saucer” connection is meant; one having Eros Christ colors.
Saucer.jpg [ 21.69 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

I observe a 3D vesica piscis shaped light tan burlap “bag” as if a spearhead attached to the end of a dark brown wood pole that is pointed downwards. The burlap has irregular yellow markings or symbols on its surface.

I see an assortment of different dark chocolate deserts including a pie shape, square shape, rectangular shape and cube shaped ones.

I am looking down at a large clear round glass lunch table. A pile of rectangular light blue with white text “credit cards” just fell onto the 3 o’clock hour area of its surface.

I see a shapely young blond woman standing in the NE who wears a slick, black tight-fitting mid-thigh-high, low cut, sleeveless dress. She gestures with her right hand towards something out of the view.

I observe a left profile view of a young blond woman wearing a red dress who is kissing a man directly in front of me.

Now I see a young woman in a silhouette right profile view. Her hair is pulled up over the monk spot.

I am looking outside through an open front door of a home where I observe a large man walking away – he wears a red shirt.

I observe a young man wearing red one-piece work trousers along with a black pull-over hat (chuke).

I see a large, dark five-foot tall vase shaped object sitting on a floor.

I am having the impression that President Trump is trying to govern as if he is running one of his businesses. Like this he wants trained employees.

I see a young woman in the SE of the view wearing a knee-high dark blue cone shaped dress with white polka dots.


PS An accidental false missile alert shakes Hawaii (Paradise) – a national first. When I saw this I thought of the Paradises (tomatoes), the LovE fruits MLvF mentioned in one of her publications. A possible connection to a psychophysical nuclear missile strike emanating from out of the unus mundus (the ancestral Paradise) it seems for it reminds me of what the Wicked Witch of the West told Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “I can cause accidents too my sweet.
Missile Launch Hawaii.jpg
Missile Launch Hawaii.jpg [ 41.4 KiB | Viewed 57 times ]

https://nypost.com/2018/01/13/hawaii-mi ... ng-button/
The government of Hawaii scared the populace with a text message to cellphone users alerting them to an incoming ballistic missile nuclear attack. The alert was reportedly repeated on television broadcasts. It turned out to be bogus. Hawaii has been on edge this year over North Korea’s threats to nuke the United States that have been backed up by their missile and nuclear bomb tests.

Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Healing Pandora

Cast in popular accounts as the evil bringer of doom to humanity in divine retaliation for Prometheus stealing fire, Pandora is a much more complex character, who encompasses enormous healing powers as well as her better-known destructive capacity. Pandora’s true nature is dark but she is an all-giving feminine; of hope and destruction – a process which evolves consciousness.

Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology, which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened it and all the evils flew out, leaving only "Hope" inside once she had closed it again. Part of Pandora’s web is “Hope” which includes Jung’s Collected Works.

Sat. 13 January 2018

I see a couple of used dark wine bottles sitting on a chair. Some small items are being tossed onto the chair as well.

I am recalling when the chain broke when riding my bicycle in front of the Community Memorial Hospital in Cheboygan, MI when doing my paper route in 1953. I “hammered” one of my testicles on the cross-bar which resulted in a very painful experience.

I see a yellow wine sized and shaped bottle lying on its side in the darkness on a honey wood rectangular table.

A man has his right foot elevated up onto the end of the above table and is fussing with its shoelace.

I observe a young man from his left side that sits in a brown tweed fabric covered wingback chair. A young business man.

I see a priest from his NE area who is dressed in a black gown style garment with white collar. He looks like a man in women’s clothes.

I observe a young woman from her NE area wearing an olive colored dress that has an inverted “cone” shaped neck that surrounds her neck and lower jaw. The garment is pale yellow on the inside. I recall that Queen Elizabeth I of England would wear a white lace neck cover (white suggests consciousness; unites the functioning of the head with the body in a Logos/Eros unity). In my material the uniter is characterized as the union of Logos Christ and Eros Christ consciousness.
Queen Elizabeth I.jpg
Queen Elizabeth I.jpg [ 36.38 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I observe a dark-green wine bottle having a little liquid in its bottom. A large whitish rectangular, having short lines of different colors, label covers its surface.

I hear, “We will take your computers.” Comment: This reminds me of what the alchemist’s said about the second stage of the coniunctio, the unio corporalis. “Tear up the books lest your hearts be rent asunder.

I observe a King-sized bed in a bedroom. A man and woman sit on it with their backs against the pillows by the headboard.

I observe a man dressed in a red robe with hood up.

I see a man wearing a red dress hat with a wide brim.

I observe the left side of a dark skinned, middle-aged woman who wears a large brim hat.

I see a man sawing wood with a white rectangular tapered hand saw for a carpenter.

I see a red dust pan having a yellowish wood handle. It lies on a dinner plate at the 5 o’clock hour. Comment: Gathering up discarded Ra consciousness by the Logos Christ eon. Underneath red is yellow; the yellow color of the dust pan in my previous post where it was noted that the Eros ego allows for this kind of retrieval of lost consciousness.
Dust Pan Red.jpg
Dust Pan Red.jpg [ 21.78 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I observe dark chocolate having white frosting on its surface.

I see three candies having a green center with white encircling medium. A white candy.

I observe a woman’s bent bare legs. She wears red with mostly white muscular thighs.

A single layer cake is in the view.

I see a young lady in pajamas. She is being served thick pieces of lemon desert have a white chiffon on top.

In a nighttime scene I observe five or six young people riding their bicycles on an asphalt road that looks like the entrance to Disney Land. Street light illuminate the area.

I see a black pistol being held out as if ready to shoot (Ra colored bullets).

A nicely dressed woman approaches me from out of the darkness, She wears purple clothes with a white hat.

I observe a brand new red bicycle. Comment: A yellow bicycle appears later in this post; underneath red is yellow and underneath yellow is white seems meant.
Bicycle Red.jpg
Bicycle Red.jpg [ 45.33 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Being “behind the eight ball” (yang > yin) is reminding me of the opening scene in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. What it looks like when fleeing “the stone” - the opus of Alchemy. It’s another image for what it is like to be “behind the eight ball” of individuation.
Eight Ball Raiders.jpg
Eight Ball Raiders.jpg [ 44.14 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]


I observe a right side view of a man’s head whose hair is in yellow and red tipped flames – it looks like that of my deceased brother, Philip. I flashback to where he liked to fish for Brook Trout in Canada.

I am looking at the NE area of a van covered in a yellow plastic car cover that has a front tire cover in darkred. I recall my VW van having the white image of a descending dove on the black front tire cover as seen in a September 2007 vision. Beta, alpha and gamma radiation is meant. A repeating image of these colors as seen above with the bicycles and my brother’s hair (mana of his knowing).
Holy Spirit Tire Cover.jpg
Holy Spirit Tire Cover.jpg [ 47.05 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

In semi-darkness I see a man “hug” a slender young tree that is already twice his height. It is sprouting small green leaves and pinkish-whitish flowers along all its branches and trunk.

I am recalling that the top of a turtle shell is a convex shape – like the convex shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone.

I see a man in black working on the convex roof of a very tall building since I can see down below a lovely natural remote green country side. The roof has new tar paper covering it and is edged by red Italian tiles that are also convex in shape. The overall shape of the roof is rectangular and it reminds me of a wing in a cathedral. It seems the rest of the roof will be covered in red tiles.

I am recalling the following black hole computer simulation video showing jets issuing from its poles. The accretion disk shape reminds me of a spindle or horn torus (an apple) and like this an image for the heart chakra “wheel” which Eastern mystics says rotates. It’s another image for what has previously been shown for the plumes of opposite colors flowing out of the heart center of a crucifix.
Heart Chakra Dynamics.jpg
Heart Chakra Dynamics.jpg [ 33.16 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]


I observe a close-up view of a pile of red grapes having yellowish color underneath the skin on a white saucer. It is another image for the 3 colors of the beta radiation apocalypse. Wine from the first days of creation (a highly radioactive environment) to be served at the Messianic Banquet at the end of time. It’s an image for what the meaning is behind “Flying Saucers”; they are harbingers for the renewal of the consciousness of the sky God, Ra in my material.
Grapes Red-Yellow White Saucer.jpg
Grapes Red-Yellow White Saucer.jpg [ 29.21 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Flying Saucer Contents
In the darkness I observe a bluish-whitish slow-moving flow making its way down the side of a black irregular surface as if in a few “steps” and in about six side-by-side streams. The streams become one down below and flow over the circular lip of an opening in the bottom and down into that place where it begins to rotate counterclockwise.

I see some small diameter curving purple lines as if arteries feeding a mass.

In the darkness in a close-up view I see a slice of wheat bread standing on its East side. It looks like I am going to take a bite out of its NW corner.

I see a red spherical headed push pin stuck into the SW corner of a pink sheet of paper on a bulletin board. Comment: Something worth advertising involving the coniunctio seems meant. A flyer for joining a University Campus Pink Night Club comes to mind. Get ready to be flayed alive.
Pink Night Flyer.jpg
Pink Night Flyer.jpg [ 41.19 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Something about riding a yellow-gold bicycle.
Bicycle Yelow.jpg
Bicycle Yelow.jpg [ 33.74 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I observe a closed double latch white cardboard container used for take-out food. It sits on the SW corner of a surface (a color code push pin connection to the pink flyer). Association: Yesterday I had takeout Mexican food in such a container.
Container Takeout.jpg
Container Takeout.jpg [ 14.81 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

In the NE I see a darkred dark green vesica piscis shaped leaf on a bush whose branch curves back towards the ground as if to form a parabola shape (mouse hole opening connection).

On a white sheet of paper, I observe a black pencil trace of a palm down right hand that is located in the SE of the view. Comment: The image reminds me of how our ancient ancestors left signs of their existence through rock and cave pictures.
Hand Trace.jpg
Hand Trace.jpg [ 17.76 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Something about a vesica piscis “crescent moon” shaped loaf of bread that appears dark red on the outside but has a thin yellow layer underneath the crust and then the white core of the bread.

For a right hand I observe a white thumb in a black outline. Then I see a brown right thumb which is about to touch the white surface underneath it.

In a daylight view I am standing on a residential cement sidewalk looking out along its length in a city block. It is a single-story home neighborhood like here on May Street in Victoria. A stout twenty-foot tall palm tree grows between the sidewalk and the curb. The focus is on fruit or flower bud seen in the palm leaf tips that hang over the sidewalk. Comment: The large diameter trunk seems to indicate it is a Sago palm tree (native to Japan) whose fruit is poisonous to humans and animals.
Sago Palm.jpg
Sago Palm.jpg [ 43.14 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Sun. 14 January 2018

I seem to be embracing a man with my head over his left shoulder. I see a close-up view of the aft left side of his head which has white-gray hair that is close-cut military style.

I hear, “Help is on the way.”

I am looking at a white triple kitchen sink. The middle sink contains a pile of freshly made burritos. Comment: What unites left & right; a variety of ingredients.
Sink Burritos.jpg
Sink Burritos.jpg [ 29.69 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I am observing a woman, wearing a purple bathing suit, climb up a very tall set of steep steps in an outdoor setting. I have the impression she is about to do a “high dive” (diving head first into something).
Dive High.jpg
Dive High.jpg [ 31.03 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I see a white thumb down below “glowing” rays of light. The “Black Sun” seems meant.
Thumb.jpg [ 32.95 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

Mon. 15 January 2018

I am observing a close-up view of the back of the head of a young woman with dishwasher blond hair worn in a ponytail.

Now I am in the cargo hold of an airplane looking aft. It is filled with 3’x3’x3’ tan cardboard boxes with white rectangular labels on their surface.

I observe a webpage on the Internet where I see many small “ghostly” cartoon images draped in what looks like vegetable skin. They are floating around each other and interacting.

A middle-aged man of Eastern descent is looking at me. He wears a white dress shirt with blue markings and dark blue pants. A winged metallic pin is clipped to his left shirt pocket suggesting he is an airline pilot.

In the NW of the view in a white scene I see a woman’s left hand whose thumb is lifted up almost vertical. I guess she is going to leave her thumbprint on something not seen. The “carpet bombing” of Earth with those “Pandora” boxes seen in the cargo hold of the airplane above comes to mind. Releasing “ghostly” subtle body vegetative skins to be worn by humanity it seems. It’s a connection to “carpet bombing” with teardrop shaped raindrops which came up recently in A Remedy Has Been Prepared For The World. Recall that apart from all the ills Pandora’s box will unleash from the reptilian psyche via the VNS that which remained was hope. That hope included Jung’s Collected Works, wine from the first days of creation, the head of Medusa, humans stacked to form numeral 7’s (as if they had won “the mark of Cain”), etc. Like this a favorable condition is also available to help assimilate the ills.
Pandora Ills Hope.jpg
Pandora Ills Hope.jpg [ 56.56 KiB | Viewed 34 times ]

I wrote the following to myself a few months ago.

This Isn’t About Politics

The unbelievable defeat of Hillary Clinton, the most winnable candidate in the history of US politics is evidence for the notion that “this isn’t about politics -it’s about understanding the signs of the times aright”. These signs are growing more and more each day in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

It seems to me it is about Pandora’s box having been opened which has released all its ills and plagues (bright Shadow material) accumulated during the reign of the Logos Christ eon. The only thing left in the box is HOPE. In my visions and dreams that “hope” has been connected to being Jung’s Collected Works and to heart shaped bell peppers of red, orange, yellow and green kind to mention a couple examples. There is a pressing need for humanity to learn from the wisdom of the lower three chakras in the feminine principle and its resulting influence on the heart chakra. It’s about the activity of the be-deviling/be-witching aspect of the Eros Self polarity of the dominate archetype at our time in history! It’s about the “Return of the World Soul” (aka the Holy Spirit) that Dr. Remo Roth writes about in his book of that title. It is more than Paul Levy’s article about our personal complexes and inner demons - http://www.awakeninthedream.com/are-we-possessed/ - this is a collective shadow problem (not a personal shadow problem) and psychologically speaking, “no one is getting out of this alive”. All will have to undergo a death-rebirth experience in their souls. Jung’s thinking on this subject pertains.

Because the imago Dei pervades the whole human sphere and makes mankind its involuntary exponent, it is just possible that the four-hundred-year-old schism in the Church and the present division of the political world into two hostile camps are both expressions of the unrecognized (Logos/Eros Self) polarity of the dominate archetype. C.G. Jung, Answer to Job, in CW 11, §660.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:23 am ]
Post subject:  The House Always Wins; Know How To Play The Game

Tues. 16 January 2018

I observe an obese man in the NE of the view bending over 90-degrees at the waist towards that corner while looking at the floor. He wears blue Levi’s. His build reminds me of the comedian, Lou Costello, who came up in a dream recently in A Double-Ring Holy Wedding. The dream revealed that Lou was a gambler who owned a casino and that I now owned the casino under the name of “Donald Trump and Associates”. Enhancing the subtle body of the inner Donald Trump via the guidance of the dreams and visions of the World Soul; a union of the new Red King with the White Queen is meant.
Craps 7.11.jpg
Craps 7.11.jpg [ 62.25 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

It’s an Apocalyptic Game of Craps; Seven Come Eleven
What does the term "The House" mean in gambling?

The term “house” in gambling refers to the people that are running the casino. Basically, the controllers of the money that's inside the casino and what is being betted with. Gambler’s have learned that “The House always wins”.

In the distance in the NW of the view, I see the mostly bare canopy of a tree growing next to the East side of a home. Some red is seen in the canopy.

In the darkness down below in the SE of the view I observe an erect penis pointing towards the NW.

I observe the backside of a young man’s head. The visual cortex area is “shaved” while the rest of the black hair on the head is worn in a short butch haircut.

In the darkness of the NE and facing that corner I observe a young woman on all fours. She wears a dark blue dress having a cyan blouse cuffs and neck collar fluff sticking out. I immediately recall the woman on all fours who had six lemon teats. The Avatar maker is nurturing Eros Christ consciousness for the renewal of Logos Christ consciousness.

I observe a young man wearing washed-out blue Levi’s from his SE area.

I observe the NW tire on a car when suddenly the car disappears and only the tire is left still rotating counterclockwise while invisibly suspended about a foot off the ground. Then I keep “hearing”, “Auto. Auto.” Cooperating with one’s higher Self is meant.

Auto is a word-forming element meaning "self, one's own, by oneself, of oneself" and is used to form automobile.

I observe a few men in a tight cluster who are moving around in the distance underneath a square gazebo that hovers above them. They wear golf hats of old or a beret hat design. The hats are divided into four colors; one for each quadrant (the four functions seems meant).

Something about “the transformation of a man”.

I see a white towel lying on a surface. It is pulled back a bit and reveals that a small, newborn baby having red skin with some black hair is wrapped within. The new Red King.
Baby Newborn.jpg
Baby Newborn.jpg [ 21.79 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I am in a fancy modern building standing by the South side of a black onyx rectangular table in the huge cathedral ceiling lobby. On the due East side (3 o’clock hour) of the table I see three identical black-bronze letter sized wall plaques standing on their lower edge. I make out a large image of a carrot with vegetation in a vertical orientation on each.
Carrot Plaque Three.jpg
Carrot Plaque Three.jpg [ 25.26 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I observe Donald Trump sitting in the NW seat of a darkred leather booth for four next to a wall of picture windows of a daylight scene. I join him using the NE seat next to him. He wants a serious discussion on UFOs.

Then I see the “cube” shaped container which normally holds shredded parmesan cheese. On one of its surfaces is a red numeral 3.
Cheese Container.jpg
Cheese Container.jpg [ 29.15 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

Now the scene in the vision is criss-crossed by thin red lines. It is an uneven crossing of lines such that very slender rectangles to square shapes are formed.

I am discussing UFOs with a man sitting in a room.

Then I observe an eye-ground view of a small “stream” of water approaching on a dark concrete surface. Floating on the stream is a tiny white pillow sized object having a few thin red lines in places on its surface. I immediately recall the white pillow cases filled with toxic abdominal spider hairs and to the November 2007 vision of a toxic molecule (cyanide; a carbon atom triple bonded to a nitrogen atom; a very toxic molecule) being dropped in a mountain stream which made the waters poisonous like Wormwood (radioactive like Chernobyl). It gave off red, yellow white and green colors. A buckyball molecule of cyanide was being shot into the planet from outer space using a railgun in a December 2010 vision. The triple bond seems to suggest that the effects of the lower 3 chakra colors on one’s worldview is the nature of the toxic molecule. The colors in the six-pointed star (a reference to great star that falls from the sky) reminds me of the colors in the flag of communism (which is not love but a hammer used to crush the enemy). The aqua permanens raindrops that will carpet bomb the earth apparently contain this toxic brew and it will effect the knowing of the Heart Chakra. Injection of the buckyball bipolar God-image knowing is meant; it will have a bruising effect on your worldview.
Wormwood.jpg [ 44.18 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

The third angel blew his trumpet, and there fell a great star from the sky, burning like a ball of fire, and it fell on a third of all the rivers and springs; this was the star called Wormwood (consciousness): and the third of all water turned into bitter wormwood; so that many people died from drinking it. Book of Revelation 8:10-11

Now I observe black numeral 7’s emanating from out of the darkness down below as if a volcanic eruption of them is beginning to take place.
Volcanic 7s.jpg
Volcanic 7s.jpg [ 40.31 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

Lying folded on a rectangular honey wood table is what looks like a purple door knob sign with white text having a large circular cutout. It reminds me of a hotel room “do not disturb sign”. When I saw the following it conveyed that psychological intimacy was not to be disturbed when opposites are uniting and the number of the apocalypse (7) is being realized. Further, I notice that a side view of a doorknob has a slender oval or “vesica piscis” shape; reminding me of the center of a spindle torus. The “sexual” activity is a 7-letter word.
Do not Disturb.jpg
Do not Disturb.jpg [ 24.25 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I see a side view of the bottom of three pairs of bare human feet as if lying on a bed. The pair in the middle is for a child. It seems psychological intimacy has already produced a new birth.

I observe a cloud of hovering UFOs in the distance and some of them zoom past my right side in the sky. This occurs in the valley between two mountain ranges and against a blue sky.

I am observing the dimpled end of a dark bottle of wine. I immediately recall the dimpled tops of the cyanide canisters used in the Jewish holocaust and the convex shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. It’s a toxic “wine from the first days of creation” being served at the Messianic Banquet.
Wine Cynaide Heart.jpg
Wine Cynaide Heart.jpg [ 57.92 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I observe a large bunch of ripe bananas lying on the North end of a long onyx rectangular table. Buddha food.

Now I am looking at a close-up view of the vegetative skin of the “alien” being once again. But now I notice that the veins in the vegetation are red – not green. The soul is being fed - as if the rubedo stage of the coniunctio is meant. The diamond body is taking on the Tabasco Logo colors that indicated an enlightened Xmas and Heart Light.
Diamond Body.jpg
Diamond Body.jpg [ 54.51 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

Now I see a pattern of red lines on a white background as if a pattern left in the flesh of a flayed alive human being like that seen of a prisoner in a July 2007 vision. It gives the appearance of having a fish scale or reptilian skin.
Flayed Alive.jpg
Flayed Alive.jpg [ 68.22 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

On a white background in the NW of the view, I see many long wavy red lines irregularly spaced.

Then I observe a darkred fleshy sphere having what looks like red lines which outline white Planck Second areas which reminds me of sea urchin spines; only the NW area of the object is in the view. As I continue to observe the red lines turn purple.
Sea Urchin.jpg
Sea Urchin.jpg [ 41.45 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I observe a SE view of an Oriental man’s mostly bald head. A sparse pattern of long black hair sticks up on the top of the head. At the front there are two long thick black curving hairs that curve to either side of the head as if insect antenna. The plain long hairs reminds me of being “air movement sensors” insects use to detect their environment.

A yellow rectangular square cross-section block of material is holding two dark parallel planes apart. The corners on the block are round.

I see a close-up view of a stainless steel tube that has been jaggedly pulled apart near its end – leaving the saw tooth edges facing each other. Then I see this object once again and now the edges have been pushed together except they have been rotated relative to each other. This produced a tube again having an irregular patter of openings in its surface in this “ring” of material. That area has turned yellow in color. I look again and now the area is pink. Then it looks like stainless-steel again except for some few blunt ends that did not meet – those are purple.

I see a close-up view of a pink wedding band.
Wedding Band.jpg
Wedding Band.jpg [ 23.7 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I see a NE view of the right side of a man wearing a cyan shirt.

I see some mechanical components that could belong to an electric bicycle.

I observe a man’s face whose eyes are closed as if he meditates. A white light passes over the front of his face. Over and over again.

Something about the symbolism connected to a channel. Each view given reveals a different aspect of the meaning of the symbol.

I observe two different chest plate breast designs – both of which are square by not as flat.

I learn that Donald Trumps health has taken a hit.

I see Lollypop who is all white except for her red furry head.

The heart chakra has taken on the shape of overlapping dust pans.

I see the heart area of a crucifix which has square stainless-steel metal pieces front and back. They are rotated 45-degrees which forms a diamond shape.

I observe a narrow rectangular view as if I am looking out through clear vegetative skin at a night sky filled with green (Northern Lights? Holy Spirit? Heart Chakra). The vegetation is flimsy and appears black. The rectangle long axis is between my left and right sides or between 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.
Alien Skin Green.jpg
Alien Skin Green.jpg [ 19 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

I am viewing the nail side of a woman’s left thumb whose nail and finger is very white; a Roswell alien type of being it seems. The focus is on the nail which suddenly reminds me of the shape of a top view of a scarab beetle amulet. Effects from the thumb of the World Soul in the use of the Jnana Mudra on the individual soul is meant. A heart shaped scarab beetle configuration, like the one shown between Logos Christ and Eros Christ consciousness, was used to protect the heart of a mummy.
Thumb Roswell Scarab.jpg
Thumb Roswell Scarab.jpg [ 45.21 KiB | Viewed 27 times ]

By the early New Kingdom, heart scarabs had become part of the battery of amulets protecting mummies. Ra as the rising sun, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or as a scarab beetle-headed man.


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  Medice, cura te ipsum

Medice, cura te ipsum - is a proverb found in Luke 4:23 which quoted Christ.

You will undoubtedly quote me this proverb: Physician, heal yourself —meaning, “Do miracles here in your home town like those you did in Capernaun.”

As an idiom it means - before attempting to correct others, make sure that you aren't guilty of the same faults.

Wed. 17 January 2018

In a region in the darkness I am looking at the white background partially covered with green vegetation; the alien skin. Then the background becomes Northern Lights green but quickly shifts back to white where I see a tiny apple in silhouette on the whiteness as it sat on the greenness edge. The green background suggests I am looking at heart skin it seems.

I observe a close-up view of the thumb & knuckle area of a right hand as if my own.

I am looking through a galvanized chain link fence at the enclosed green lawn area surrounded by a fresh wide asphalt footpath. On part of the footpath and lawn lay many small yellow autumn leaves. Suddenly, the leaves all rise into the air as if anti-gravity did this. The sudden invisible presence of the Eros Self did this it seems.

I observe a close-up view of the top of a dark brown leather shoe on a left foot. The pinky toe (aka piggy toe, baby toe) area is in focus.

I see a large transparent Ziploc bag neatly filled with many narrow rectangular dark chocolate covered candy bars whose shape reminds me of the one’s I liked to eat in my youth called “Butterfinger”. Its advertising aspect seems to be of interest.
Butterfinger.jpg [ 30.71 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

Memorable ad campaigns include “counting down the end of the world” or “BARmageddon”, with evidence such as the first ever, QR shaped crop circle in Kansas, a Butterfinger comedy-horror movie called “Butterfinger the 13th,” the first interactive digital graphic novel by a candy brand starring “the Butterfinger Defense League”, and several attention grabbing April Fool’s Day pranks, including the renaming of the candy bar to “The Finger.”

I am about to address a youth group along with another man. One of the youths with the man didn’t want to hear it and left.

Something about “the three days of counting” and then down below on a white background I see a cluster of the open ends of parallel black pipes sticking vertically out of a black mass as if extruded from that mass by a creation event.

I observe the white-gray front legs of a horse sticking up alongside a conveyer belt which positions an open tan cardboard box in front of them. The (NE > NW) hooves come down onto the fluffy white cloth sticking up above the top of the box and pushing it down inside. A strange use of robotics. I later realize that pillow cases filled with toxic abdominal spider hairs are in the box. More HOPE being stuffed into Pandora’s box seems meant.

I am looking up at the nose of a black horse (Famine). It is the 2nd of four in front of me starting from my right.

I hear, “We can monitor Trump’s word, his responsibility…”. As that was being said I see a dinner fork poked underneath a small pile of melted shredded cheese along its 3 o’clock location.

I observe the splayed fingers on the backside of my left hand. I recall the outline drawing of the image of a right hand vision seen a few days ago.

My wife stands in the NW of my view holding a heated burrito with a pair of pinchers.

I observe the SW area of a young woman’s head with brown hair. She is laughing. I make out a white headband the covers the forehead crown of her head.

I read in white text on a blue background, “The calm starship exhaust” in a column along the West side of a page on the Internet. In Healing Pandora the same use of color code was used on “Tear up the books lest your heart be rent asunder.” These are the colors of NW – indicating advice to follow when the incarnation challenge of the World Soul manifests in the NW.

I observe two emerald green open Heineken beer bottles sitting side-by-side on a white towel (the new born red baby was swaddled in a white fabric) on a black kitchen countertop. Next to them is a large Chef style salt shaker. Then I see that the top of one of those beer bottles has white rays radiating from its NW quadrant.

I observe a young man riding a bicycle in an alley way approaching my location. He wears a purple, blue and white colorful modern vented bike helmet (has a teardrop shape).
Bicycle Helmet.jpg
Bicycle Helmet.jpg [ 39.01 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

In the distance on a whitish background I observe a small purplish fuzzy spot that is moving across the sky from my right to my left (from NE to NW). A purple UFO it seems; a Holy Passion Week ordeal.

In the darkness I observe four forearms and hands in silhouette, against a whitish background above, reaching up into my view from my body.

I pick up a banana peel (the Buddha ate bananas) from off the black with white specks granite kitchen countertop’s SE corner in our rental home.

I am looking through the front window of the first car I owned as I stand by its NW area (a deep blue with chrome trim 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix). I was telling someone that I drove the car from Weed, CA to Victoria, BC.

I observe a young woman sitting and reading in a multi-pastel-colored fabric chair. It has dark brown carved wood arm rests.

I see an unidentified small white object moving through a dark sky. Now there are many of them moving around.

I observe a black woman dressed like a Queen. Harry Potter is with her. An image for the Black Madonna it seems.

Something about “bodes”. Comment: Bodes - an omen of a particular outcome – but nothing was mentioned. I guess the next vision of a UFO is meant. That outcome can be constructive or destructive – depending on the consciousness of the reception it receives.

I am observing a UFO in silhouette in the NW of a gray sky. It looks like the one that appeared on 1 September 1974 in Langenburg, Saskatchewan. It reminds me of a hamburger in a bun with the bottom half of the bun missing. Comment: This is what is incarnating in the NW – an incomplete union of the opposites with the feminine principle missing. It’s the bright shadow of the Logos Christ eon. “Christ may have redeemed spirit but Nature was left undone, C.G. Jung”. This means that the unio mentalis (upper three chakras) stage of the coniunctio is sufficiently approximated (Logos ego development) and now the unio corporalis (lower 3 chakras) stage (Eros ego development) of the coniunctio looms for humanity; the need to include the lower half of the bun in this hamburger which will unite the two realms in the heart chakra. The lower part of the hamburger bun is connected to the lower half of the shell of a turtle. A turtle is symbolic for that which unites heaven (shell dome) and earth (shell flat-bottom); the latter symbolizes the feminine principle. This quest for the missing piece for wholeness desired by the transpersonal archetypal Self to be included in the opus has a connection to the chthonic wheel in the “Wheels of Ezekiel” – the fiery lava image representing the lower 3 chakras. It’s worldview purification by enduring lower chakra Hell-Fire, i.e., the dreams and visions of the World Soul. I recall the earlier vision of a purple UFO heading towards the NW location; the goal it seems.
UFO Heart Turtle Ezekiel Fire.jpg
UFO Heart Turtle Ezekiel Fire.jpg [ 47.34 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

On a left page in a newspaper I see four pictures arranged in two next to each other and in two rows. All these different white shapes are arranged in each picture as if on a large gray object but no shape is seen. They are symbols of some kind. Some of the shapes remind me of a snake. Symbols on the surface of a UFO comes to mind.

My understanding of the meaning of UFOs is coming about in a Christian Framework – my personal religious background.

I am recalling the repeating refrain of the World Soul, “You will see that I am right, you are the savior of the world.

Thurs. 18 January 2018


I am living in Rancho Palos Verdes and my wife and I have received an invitation to a party that honors a neighbor, Bob Grant. The invitation suggests that I could bring a gift; an item for his boat. I realized it would be a nice gift but the suggested gift had a cost of $800 -I felt it was a rather expensive one to be asked to give in order to attend a party for someone I hardly know.

End of Dream

Comment: My association to this man (who never called me on the phone) is that he called me one day out of the blue because he had read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Rockwell International had honored me in an advertisement for some technical achievement. He said to me, “I didn’t realize I had such an impressive neighbor.” The gift I was to bring to the party was not known but I have the impression it was a new compass; one that would guide individuation x 100.

I am picking blackberries when I encounter a brown grizzly bear. I hide in a black bear den underneath a large tree stump. The grizzly digs – trying to get to me. Eventually it goes away. I then send some of the blackberries to Bob Grant. Comment: An introverted sensation Eros ego conscious attitude (black bear) is in danger of being consumed by an extroverted sensation (brown grizzly) expression. The latter was my highly extroverted intellectual situation at the time of knowing Bob Grant. Blackberries have been connected to being a cluster bomb of Civil War cannon balls because they contain many black sphere shapes. They also have been connected to the orange color of pumpkin or 2nd chakra knowing and to the black spheres in a Ra colored shotgun shell connected to the Derringer that killed president Lincoln with a shot to the head (to the Logos ego).
Blackberry Wedding.jpg
Blackberry Wedding.jpg [ 37.56 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

Blackberry Carpet Bombing Holy Wedding
Something about, “Listening to Xmas (soul) music, part II.”

In the darkness of the NW I observe a very rapidly rotating tornado. I am reminded of how the movie The Wizard of Oz began with the appearance of such a violent storm (a wormhole that carried Dorothy in her house into the unus mundus). Comment: Another aspect of what is going to incarnate in the NW to help humanity unite with the missing feminine principle in their opus for the enhancement of their subtle body - including what is missing in the hamburger bun UFO looms.
Wizard of Oz Tarot.jpg
Wizard of Oz Tarot.jpg [ 41.28 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

An “Every Witch-Way” Psychic Experience Coming To Your Neighborhood
In the darkness I see a portion of a cut bone sticking out of some cooked flesh – a rib bone it seems. Eve was born out of a rib taken from Adam’s left side comes to mind; a metaphor for the birth of the awareness of the presence of the World Soul in the individual soul seems meant. An encounter with paranormal heart-felt “every witch-way witch consciousness” riding a bicycle (her weight is mostly on the rear wheel, the chthonic wheel of Ezekiel) is coming up in this Tarot card fortune telling reading.

I observe a left forearm whit hand, as if my own, holding a white plastic basketball sized bag stuffed with something not seen (toxic abdominal spider hairs it seems). Strange, but a black & blue varicose vein of long length runs up the underside center of the arm. Comment: Pillow cases filled with toxic abdominal spider hairs have been seen hauled on a long flatbed truck as if they were filled very heavy metal. Hand carrying such a load could have injured this vein. A basketball has been connected to “shooting hoops” and the net and backboard have been connected to being a mushroom cloud created by a psychophysical nuclear explosion.
Basketball Backboard.jpg
Basketball Backboard.jpg [ 30.13 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

Varicose - affected by a condition causing the swelling and tortuous lengthening of veins caused by poor circulation.

I am looking down into a dark tan-reddish six-foot deep hole in the earth that is about three feet in diameter. A small stream of water is flowing out of the 6 o’clock hour location and into the NW location on the bottom of the flat surface. The flow of water has the broad shape of the Hebrew letter Vav - “the mark of Cain” (as if a nominal time of 10:30 on a clock face is meant). Cyan-white drops are falling into the stream as if some rain coming from my presence (an unintentional rainmaker effect). Turning ground water into “bitter wormwood” seems meant. Many will psychologically perish their Logos ego on drinking it.
Wormwood Flow.jpg
Wormwood Flow.jpg [ 35 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

Briefly I view a gray silhouette head of a bear having those parabolic mouse hole ears.
Teddy Bear.jpg
Teddy Bear.jpg [ 39.12 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

I am observing two charbroiled red-yellow cooked pieces of meat. A “thin” circular disk-shaped piece (communion host connection?) rests on the center of a thick rectangular piece. I have the impression that the circular piece is for my monk spot and the rectangular piece is for the visual cortex.

I see a word that begins with a capital V and seemed to spell Vortex. The word has alternating blue and red letters.

I see my wife sitting in a chair in a room in front of a large black rectangular picture window that is in a white wood frame with white window sill. She wears a white night robe having a pattern of green vegetation in the fabric. Her black hair is raised up in a pony tail that emanates vertically off her monk spot.

I am observing a rectangular serving tray down below where I see many different sized and shapes drinking glasses that fill the South end of the tray.

In the darkness I see a silhouette view of a left hand with thumb prominent in the view. Suddenly the hand becomes red and the thumb is pressing down onto a yellow-gold flat surface.

On the NE corner of a white rectangular dinner tray I observe about a dozen corn kernels along with a few bits of green bell pepper.

I observe a couple of pint sized white porcelain containers. One morphs its cylindrical base shape to gradually form a circular necked spout shape whose upper end I cannot see – giving it the appearance of being a “horn of plenty”. The other cylindrical container has a normal shape to its smaller circular opening that uses a cork with a pull-lever as if it is a thermos bottle design. Comment: The first one seems to hold olive oil while the second on may contain coffee.
Olive Oil Container.jpg
Olive Oil Container.jpg [ 12.51 KiB | Viewed 10 times ]

My wife is meeting with a man in a large modern building like an airport terminal.

I observe a flat white paper bag having something about to be put inside in a shopping center.

The pope enters a hospital room to confront the Devil in a patient. I was surprised at the Devil’s response to the pope for it left the man without a fight. I am surprised at the authority the pope had over such devils (possession by Logos ego one’s it seems). “Physician heal thyself” comes to mind.

I observe a man wearing a white robe while sitting in a church pew. The man is talking with the priest by the altar. He is talking about sex and other matters when he falls asleep.

I am standing on a hillside looking down at the river below. The focus is on a fast moving boat plowing much water in front of its hull. Soon the craft is underwater and only the last few rungs on a vertical ladder in the boat are seen moving through the water as if a periscope. The boat operator has ascended to the top of the ladder as it continues to move in a clockwise circle in the water.


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