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 The New God-Image 
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Post Towards The Glorified Body
Glorified Body.jpg
Glorified Body.jpg [ 24.75 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

The aim of the philosophers was to transform imperfect matter chemically into gold, the panacea, or the elixir vitae “elixir of life”, but philosophically or mystically into the divine hermaphrodite, the second Adam, the glorified, incorruptible body of resurrection, or the lumen luminum, the illumination of the human mind, or sapientia. As I have shown, together with Richard Wilhelm, Chinese alchemy produced the same idea, that the goal of the opus magnum is the creation of the “diamond body.” C.G. Jung, CW 13, §161.

Thurs. 23 February 2018

I am standing inside a home near the front door when suddenly a white mist blows into the space from outside. The door did not open.

I am observing a paragraph in my word processor having the background color of the unus mundus forum and like that in my journal. Suddenly the left side of the image begins to burn as if a barbeque brisket began to smolder. It chars that portion of the page. Comment: Her message sears one’s soul seems meant.

I am looking down at my thighs – they are made from green vegetation.

I see my father who is all dressed up in his Sunday best clothes. He is ready to go dancing in the church basement where a party is being held.

I observe a left profile view of a white horse standing facing towards the West.

I see a cartoon rendition of a young woman wearing a beige burlap sack for clothes. She is like the white horse for she also is facing West.

I am observing a set of colorful pictures on a webpage. The focus is on the middle row of images which shows a repeating image of a box of cheerios (a ring torus). The following Ra colored image seems meant. It’s an aspect of the glorified body.
Cheerios.jpg [ 46.91 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I see an orange coca cola bottle sitting on the center of an orange plastic oval shaped dish. I recall the advertising slogan, “Life goes better with coke.” Effects from the 2nd chakra knowing is meant.


I stand in the living room near the front door of the home we rent and observe the purple stocking covered shins of a young woman’s legs as she walks out the open front door onto the cement porch landing. Lying in the snow on the porch is the Colonial Times newspaper wrapped in clear plastic.

Fri. 23 February 2018

In the darkness I observe alien skin again. This time it has a cyan background color with blue vegetation. Blue vegetation with a green background was seen recently in Red Bull Greening. This reminds me that Lord Shiva has Avatar colored skin. Another aspect of the glorified body.
Avatar Skin.jpg
Avatar Skin.jpg [ 47.26 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

Then I observe a left profile view of a slender young woman from her neck down to her waist. She wears a lovely, dark green, sleeveless dress having yellow streaks in the fabric as well as being studded with white diamonds.

I am recalling the wrist watch having a small wire sticking out of it (to record conversations for hidden surveillance). I flashback to the wedding ring having a Planck Scale straight wire sticking out of where the diamond would be located. The wedding ring “wears a wire” like an undercover agent does when trying to prosecute a criminal investigation.
Ring.jpg [ 19.29 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I observe a basketball sized ripe peach sitting on a dark stone cement surface.

Then I see a counter-clockwise rotating sphere sitting on a floor.

I observe several young male workers constructing a home.

I observe a slightly dulled yellow wood pencil pointing into the NW of the view at a 45-degree angle on a white background. “The Writing is on the Wall” …

In twilight I observe a lovely, long red brick patio on which sit a long row of black wrought iron round tables with chairs. The table tops are made with clear glass. Along the patio edge are small row house apartments which apparently share this common patio area. The place is empty.

I see the right side of a very pregnant young blond woman wearing a long pale green dress that covers her feet. She seems to be from a wealthy family.

I observe a long cement sidewalk partially covered with snow. Then I seen that the sidewalk has some rain water on it and a man wearing a red shirt and dark work clothes steps into the scene from along the West side.

Several cars pull up to the curb in front of me. I dimly see the driver’s who appear whitish.

I am observing the screen on a black laptop computer. Strange, but some snow covers the inside border of the screen.

Sat. 24 February 2018

Something about an “instrument” relaying new intelligence from the World Soul.

I observe the upper left side of a young woman wearing a sleeveless green blouse with her long dark blond curly hair. She is well suntanned. She holds the handle of a black frying pan in her left hand and another object in her right hand I could not make out.

I am recalling that a red giant star, Betelgeuse, is in the right shoulder of Orion and that a blue giant star, Bellatrix, is in the left shoulder of Orion. This seems to mirror the colors in the right and left eyes of Horus.
Stars Orion.jpg
Stars Orion.jpg [ 46.66 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

Towards The Glorified Body
Eyes of Horus.jpg
Eyes of Horus.jpg [ 84.97 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I see a man wearing a plaid shirt having red or yellow lines in a crosshatch pattern on a dark blue background. It’s as if he responded to #GONG and won a summon wrestling contest that has effected his “heart-mind”.

I observe the face of a Bushman that reminds me of the face scholars think the Logos Christ may have had. Except here the eyes are slanted 45-degrees into an oval shape – giving it an alien eye appearance – as can be seen in the following Logos – Eros Christ face images. It’s also a connection to the “Eyes of Horus” it seems.
Christ Faces.jpg
Christ Faces.jpg [ 36.72 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

What Evolution Looks Like
Individuation, the eating of one’s higher Self, involves detaching from values and attitudes of the spirit of the times while searching within for a hitherto new untrodden path. “The man of the present” writes Jung “must work for the future and leave others to conserve the past. He is therefore not only a builder but also a destroyer.” David Johnston, Individuation and the Evolution of Consciousness

I see a man kneeling by the NW corner of a long stone rectangular planter box alongside a cement driveway in the NE area of the front yard. A worn tan leather rectangular satchel lies on the NW corner of that planter box.
Satchel.jpg [ 26.36 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

In the darkness I see a dinner fork lying on its right edge. “Dinning on the edge of blackness” it seems.
Dinner Fork On Edge.jpg
Dinner Fork On Edge.jpg [ 14.25 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I observe the black hood on a jacket. It has a small green design on the top front center. When worn I see the green design would be over the 3rd eye area.
Hood.jpg [ 19.75 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

I observe a middle-aged man walking away from my location. The view is zoomed in on his right lower leg which shows that his feet are bare and that he wears a sandal.

From the SE corner I observe a crowd of people standing on the NE corner of a city street. A tall galvanized fence surrounds the empty grass filled area of the block.

Sun. 25 February 2018

I see a man lying down on a 3-foot high stack of 4’x8’ plywood sheets. His left leg shin area hangs over the side.

In the darkness I see a male right hand holding a 38-caliber pistol along his right thigh. Comment: In theosophy 38 = 3+8 = 11; the number of the unus mundus. A Ra consciousness effect is being birthed out of the right hand and this birthing is being connected to that out of the right thigh. The right eye of Horus, the right shoulder of Orion, the masculine side of the “Heart Mind”, the right hand and now right thigh birthing all mirror the same thing; a penetrating renewal of Ra consciousness.
Ammo 38 Caliber.jpg
Ammo 38 Caliber.jpg [ 44.65 KiB | Viewed 143 times ]

Towards A Glorified Body

I am in a high-end work environment like that in my engineering career. Everyone is so happy and glad to be here and glad to see me as well; especially the women who are kidding with me and very socially friendly. I then notice that I have a 38-caliber pistol in my possession.

It is time to go home and so I was offering to give some people a ride home in my car. But then I see someone is offering to give a boat ride home and so I decided to try that for a change. A sleek, black, speed boat pulls up next to the sandy shoreline on which I was waiting. The front of the boat is high out of the water at a 45-degree angle but as it powers on-shore it mostly levels out. It must have water-jet propulsion to be able to come on shore like that for a propeller driven craft would ruin its prop.

I enter the speedboat, sitting in the front NE part of the craft having women surrounding me. The river seems to be the Cheboygan River we journey on and it is low and is running very fast. It seems we are downstream of the Cheboygan dam which has burst and the rapid flowing green water smoothly flows past the yellow sand river banks where the dam used to be. We journey through that narrows and against its current and on the other side of where the dam used to be I see a line of red ocean shipping tankers coming past our NW side. Even semi-tractor trucks churn at high speed in the sandy shoreline towards the narrows where the dam used to be. All these goods and dammed up stuff waiting to flow past the dam are now able to find their way into the Great Lakes it seems (It’s an image for the flow of the damned-up matter-psyche being released). Even a huge turtle is hauling an enormous load. It stumbles and falls to one side in the sandy shoreline on the West side of our speedboat and a man goes over to help the turtle regain its footing. Each of its four feet end with a turtle head and as the man pulls on one the head smiles and is grateful for the help. The head is several times larger than the man and the leg towers above him. An impossible feat to help it become unstuck it seemed (subtle body help is meant).

As the journey continues I notice one of the women sitting by me gently rests the palm of her left hand on the top of my right hand (that held a 38-caliber pistol in an earlier vision). Soon we will reach the place were I can leave the boat and walk up to the house I grew up in. When the time comes we all exit the boat as if all are going with me to my home. We begin with a strange process. We must cling/climb along over a vertical surface having a revolving peripheral array of three-foot, side-by-side wood rods which move upwards along it. Many people go zooming up past me as I go slow, not wanting to fall. We start in the SW area of the wall and eventually I managed to reach the NW corner and as I turn that corner all stops. The wood rods underneath begin to move backwards and soon I am carried back to the SW corner.

As I wait for the process to begin again the dream ends. As it does so I hear, “those that made it made a run.” All those that zoomed past me made it to the goal it seems which I sensed was to reach the SE area.

End of Dream

Now I see people falling, one at a time, into a strange contraption inside the open blue hull interior of an ocean tanker style ship. One falls onto the aft end of twin clockwise rotating white blankets that extend the length of the ship. Eventually one is separated from the flat blankets and dropped unharmed into the hull of the vessel. A strange loading mechanism it seems. Comment: It seems this is what happens to the people who reach the SE area of the vertical wall in the above dream.

I see words that convey, “Enhancing one’s consciousness avoids disasters.” As I take in this message I slowly realize that there has not been a single incident in the history of the world in which consciousness was enhanced without it being accompanied by a disaster. The one promotes the other.

And now I see the words, “Towards The Glorified Body” (for the Christification of the many; the 144,000). Comment: “Death” of the Logos ego will promote the further development of the glorified body seems meant. Psychological surrender to the Eros ego that can mind-meld with the Eros Self comes to mind.


Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:30 pm
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Post Helping “The Two Become One”
Sun. 25 February 2018

I see a woman wearing a light tan large diameter sun hat. Attached to the brim on the back of the hat is a red ribbon with white wavy lines in its interior. The red ribbon hangs down onto her back and it crosses itself in a gentle looping. The hat is at a 45-degree angle in the view. She sits next to a large picture window in a room that has white light outside. Comment: The 45-degree inclined angle of the hat along with the red ribbon on its downside suddenly reminded me of a kite as I was preparing this post – suggesting that her knowing brings spiritual enlightenment that will enhance one’s subtle body, the glorified body.
Kite Hat.jpg
Kite Hat.jpg [ 28.98 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

In the darkness I see a young elephant leg standing in the NW of the view.

I am observing the left side of a young lad’s white face down below. He has black hair. The focus is on his left ear which immediately reminds me of my sister wearing the #GONG ear ring and thus the “birthing from the sound in the ear.”

Something about a woman having Ra colored hair.

I am inside a home looking out through the front open door where I see an open umbrella (has 8 segments; 8 is an individuation number) on the SW area of the cement porch landing in a nighttime scene. It is a black and white view.

I observe a shiny metal (aluminum) bag of square cross-section. It is dark blue on the outside but shiny white on the inside (has NW colors suggesting that underneath blue is cyan and underneath cyan is white). It is next to a white West wall in the NW corner of a room.
Bag Aluminum.jpg
Bag Aluminum.jpg [ 27.36 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

Mon. 26 February 2018

I observe an open can of cut green beans. Strange, but the can has a soda can shape.

Briefly I see a dinner fork in the darkness.

In a gray-white scene I observe Maria Prophetissa standing in the NW of the view. She holds a man in a horizontal orientation by the back collar of his shirt with her left hand and the belt about his waist with her right hand. Comment: I have seen a dog tossed into the water to go swimming by holding it like this when I was growing up. Learning how to navigate the waters of the unconscious comes to mind – it will tan one’s too white hide comes to mind. It’s another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW. It will help “the two become one (in the heart chakra)”; a connection to the Axiom of Maria.
Axiom Maria Scruff of Neck.jpg
Axiom Maria Scruff of Neck.jpg [ 29.75 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

In Remo’s book “Return of the World Soul, Part II”, p. 18

The Axiom of Maria, which, as I mentioned previously in Part I, is not complete in the published English translation of C.G. Jung’s Collected Works, goes as follows:

“One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the One as the fourth16. Like this the two become one.”17

16 CW 12, §209
17 GW 13, §187, footnote 160: “So wird aus zweien ein einziges“. For unknown reasons, the last sentence is missing in the English edition of C.G. Jung’s Collected Works, i.e., in CW, Volume 13, §187, footnote 81. Also, though the depth psychologist cites the Axiom several times, this is the only quote (in the original German edition) in which the last sentence is included.

I observe two pair of dark shoes standing on their heels whose soles are facing the West wall in the NW corner of my bedroom. The focus is on the black pair of penny loafers like I used to wear when a young adult. The individuation song (for Lincoln head pennies), “Five Pennies To Wish On” has been connected to these shoes. I saw a pair of such loafers in a September 2011 vision; one pair black and the other maroon (Blood Moon color).
Penny Tasselled Loafers.jpg
Penny Tasselled Loafers.jpg [ 43.59 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

In the darkness I see the top of the capital letter H. H is for Hell comes to mind.

Then I see a close-up view of a horse’s hoof. The way the hoof curves towards me reminds me of the lower half of a vesica piscis shape.

I hear that there is a group of statisticians in Vail, Colorado (a ski resort) who integrate the meaning of any object that is placed on their rectangular cyan coffee table. 3D scanning seems to be a part of the process. Comment: Looks like Jung’s tower in the image.
CO-Vail-Downtown.jpg [ 43.51 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I am recalling the March 2009 vision of Orion holding a Lightsaber in his right hand. The focus is on it being in the NW area in the view. With his “sword” he is poised to discriminate the contents of Taurus the bull, the message of the chthonic side of the Self, and like this integrate them into consciousness. This challenge is what leads to the realization of an enhanced glorified body for the long life in the Beyond. Like this the blue color relates the discrimination process to spiritual values and detachment.
Orion Glorified Body.jpg
Orion Glorified Body.jpg [ 29.24 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

In the darkness there appears some of that alien vegetative skin again. This time the background color is green-cyan with blue vegetation.

I observe a left profile view of the face of a young lad who is looking up into a white light, that is out of the view, that illuminates his face.

I see a left profile view of a young slender woman’s head who is wearing thick glasses and a sparkling red hat that goes well with her blond hair and fair white skin.

From the NE area I observe a very tall thin man who is strangely bowlegged (legs hooked to body looks like a tuning fork) as he stands in the NW area of an outdoor patio with guardrail. Riding a bull has done this comes to mind.
Bull Riding.jpg
Bull Riding.jpg [ 33.53 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

In the darkness I observe the NW view of the lower part of a white porcelain face with red lips – a China doll it seems. According to urban legend a china doll is a girl who is wholesomely beautiful, innocent, precious etc.

I observe a young woman with her back to me. She wears a gold-yellow dress covered with a pattern of small blue “spots”. Her dress is pulled up in the back revealing similar colored underwear. She stands on a side street next to an elevated patio with guardrail.

In the darkness I observe a long rectangular shallow glass tray on which lies a very ripe banana whose skin has turned black. It has been cut in half and the two pieces lie side-by-side next to each other. Comment: Over the years I have observed this “Buddha” making fruit in various stages of ripeness. Fruit > Fruit > Fruit or the assimilation of the Shadow of the Logos Christ is meant.
Bananas.jpg [ 48.77 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

I observe a man smoking. He tosses the cigarette butt with his left hand into the NW of the view.

In the darkness I make out an image on a Tarot card of a young woman with blond hair with her back to the viewer who is looking into the NW of her view. She wears a red dress.

I am recalling my dream shared at the end of my previous post Towards The Glorified Body about the dam bursting and the river flowing a line of cargo ships. I am reminded of the title of the book by Edgar Cayce called “There Is A River.” Comment: It seems the World Soul would like to compare Her dreams and visions which the 144,000 to be saved will scribe to the story of Edgar Cayce. Finding access to one’s psychic gifts is meant.
There Is A River.jpg
There Is A River.jpg [ 29.69 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

This book tells the story of how Edgar Cayce discovered his astounding psychic gifts and what led him to a life dedicated to helping others. Cayce's "readings," given in a trancelike state, ranged from phenomenal medical cures to advice on spiritual growth, psychology, and the prophesy of world events.

In the darkness I am observing the top of a portion of the left hand on a woman – just the first part of the index finger. I recall the February 2011 vision of this finger which flowed a white sphere and a Gem Supreme.
Gem Supreme Index Finger.jpg
Gem Supreme Index Finger.jpg [ 30.25 KiB | Viewed 134 times ]

Tues. 27 February 2018

I am observing a large oval platter of food. A large numeral 4 is carved in the food.

In a daylight view I see the NE corner of a cornfield whose dead stalks are yellow and whose tops have a reddish hue. Comment: A color transformation has taken place. What used to be green stalks producing yellow corn has through death produced Ra consciousness.

I observe a dinner fork lying in a shallow white bowl. The tines are at the center and the handle is at the Doomsday hour.


Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:29 pm
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Post Out Of Whole Cloth
Wed. 28 February 2018

I hear, “Long input lever hides get away.”

The vegetative skin appears once again.

I observe a close-up view of the upper body of a lovely young woman wearing a fancy black sleeveless dress. She is fussing with a hand sized gold and black object she removed from the inside top (where the water enters when flushed) of a man’s urinal in a commercial building restroom.

I hear, “Read the label” and then I see a strange old style aircraft taking off.

I observe a humming bird pecking at a black spot on a green tree trunk.

I observe a small black numeral 8 on a white background along the West side in the view.

I observe a frontal view image of my face at my present age that is in the NW of the view. Comment: It as if I am a “poster child” for what it means to endure the ordeal of the Apocalypse. Another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW.

I see a large black and brown dog facing West that is on a long leash I seem to hold in my right hand. The animal appears in the NW of the daylight view in the opening of a forest. A man stands just beyond the dog in the NW and another man kneels by the base of a small tree in the SW.

I see a pint sized clear plastic container filled with vegetables. I make out a few ripe cherry sized tomatoes on a green vine.

I observe the upper right side of a huge black man in a close-up view. A sumo wrestler it seems.

I am looking out along the length of a hallway in a home.

I observe a man and woman walking away from my location on a cement sidewalk in a residential area. She walks along his right side using her left arm to hold around his right arm.

On long vegetative stems I see about a six-inch length growth of small pink and white flowers on their ends.

I observe a man and woman with skis on a snow covered lake. A long rectangular foot deep pit has been dug in the snow to reveal the surface of the ice underneath. The length of the pit is about the length of a ski (6’) and has a width of about 3’. It reminds me of how one gets ready to ice fish.

I see a young woman sitting in the SW seat of a car. A large gray dog sits in front of her and another woman sits in the SE seat. I observe from the NW area or in the driver’s seat.

I hear, “We wish to thank Gregory for his service.” Comment: For helping carry something of the psyche into a conscious realization.

Then I see a cup of coffee sitting on the NW corner of a wood rectangular table. It sits on a square cloth pad that is white and heavily covered with a blue design. An Xacto blade rests on the NW corner of the coffee cup having its tip at the center of the coffee.

Now I am experiencing a sensation of warmth in the heart chakra.

I am recalling the symbol of “The Mother” for the heart and how it could be fit inside an oval or “football” shape; a vesica piscis connection as well as a Cosmic egg. Her symbol is also a connection to Edinger’s terrorist dream in which he fell onto the spilled sacred elements during a mass as if onto a fumbled football (covers it with his chest). In the aftermath of the dream Edinger reported he was strangely drawn to watch football games. He soon stopped as he felt he did not want to become a mass particle.
Mother Heart.jpg
Mother Heart.jpg [ 41.14 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

I am recalling the shape of the black speedboat seen in Towards The Glorified Body. I suddenly have the impression it is the shape of the top of a bicycle helmet.
Bicycle Helmet.jpg
Bicycle Helmet.jpg [ 39.01 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

I observe a cluster of green grass growing by the side of a white cement sidewalk. It grows in a ring cluster having a green dome shaped center – a convex shape – that connects it to the Mayan heart sacrifice stone.

I observe a close-up view of a yellow sheet of paper. Its lower half is covered by a dark red surface – as if to say underneath darkred is yellow. There are some thick darkred symbols on the yellow surface area – again the idea that underneath darkred is yellow.

Now I see in the NW a portion of a darkred book cover and to its right is a white page with black text. Some of the letters are dark red instead of black. Comment: Darkred has yellow underneath and underneath that is black text on white paper.

I observe a portion of a gray cardboard egg carton and sticking up into the view from it is a portion of a yellow-gold egg. I am reminded of the story about the goose that lays golden eggs.

I see a white page on which some has a yellow background with blue text on it. Again, it is suggested that underneath blue is yellow and underneath yellow is white. Another trinity of colors. Comment: Red + Green = Yellow. Red + Green + Blue = shades of gray (from black to white assuming an equal mixture of the three colors).

Next to a man is are two side-by-side small ovals. One is black and the other is pink (together they are World Map colors). The impression is that these ovals are connected to death and a twin birth.

Thurs. 1 March 2018

Something about Woody (the shin kicker) needing to see his girlfriend. And then I see water droplets rising in the air as if from a fountain that is not in the view. It looks like it is raining from below. A fountain of Youth it seems. (A fountain comes is seen in front of the White House later on in this post)

I am seated in the rear area of the middle seats in a daylight lighted movie theater that reminds me of the Kingston in Cheboygan, MI. Suddenly, I hear “Hey Greg!” I turn around and see a few others are seated behind me who are some of my high school classmates and TP is one of them who comes around to where I am seated to talk with me it seems.

I observe a man standing in front of a long sculptured horizontal black metal “lever” (a clock hand it seems). He pulls it down a bit.

In a dark scene water is falling from above and I observe a man walk into it. Aqua permanens it seems.

I observe a “sculpture” made of loosely arranged cloth. A black cloth forms a barstool style seat. A pink cloth forms a gentle feminine shape. “Out of Whole Cloth” comes to mind; a representation for the colors in the World Map. As an idiom I see the following is meant. The "accident" part is a connection to what the Wicked Witch of the West said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; "I can cause accidents too, my sweet."
Whole Cloth.jpg
Whole Cloth.jpg [ 53.22 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

The Jnana Mudra Made Him Do It
To make (something) up out of whole cloth is to fabricate something completely fictional or utterly false. A reference to tailors who would falsely advertise garments being "cut out of whole cloth," when, in reality, they were pieced together from different cuts. The fictitious material from which complete fabrications, lies with no basis in truth, are made. Example: Mr. Doe's account of the accident was made from whole cloth.

Buried under a jumble of various items lying on a surface I see a portion of the cover of Remo’s “Holy Wedding” - of the Mr. Red & Mrs. White Mandala.
Holy Wedding.jpg
Holy Wedding.jpg [ 36.9 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

I seem to be standing at the center of a large clock face observing a grandfather clock wavy shaped hour hand pointed at me from the 3 o’clock hour location. Its Planck Second tip seems ready to poke a hole in my heart. I recall that the Logos Christ died on his cross at 3 PM and the Lance of Longinus then pierced his heart. Comment: I later realize it is like two Planck Second psychic objects piercing each other’s hearts in this Holy Wedding enterprise. I seem to be in the role of a Planck Second obelisk standing in Saint Peter’s square. “God’s spear” come to mind. The number 3 suggests an effect from the lower 3 chakras in the feminine principle, the VNS, is meant.
Clock Face Spear.jpg
Clock Face Spear.jpg [ 53.99 KiB | Viewed 117 times ]

"Like this the two become one"
I observe a left white pinky finger in the darkness. This pinky has been connected to the wood XMAS tree key – something that releases lovE letters from the World Soul.
Hands.jpg [ 50.2 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Fri. 2 March 2018

I am recalling the 20 May 1967 Falcon Lake UFO incident in Canada. At one point the experiencer saw an opening in the side emitting purple light (union of red & blue states; of masculine and feminine principles) and when he looked inside of the UFO he observed a purple “pillar of light” in the form of a heart shape. Then many pastel colors flashing on and off and moving about in a random fashion also appeared. Pastel colors remind me of those seen on the feminine side of the Sun-Moon chakra tree – suggesting that UFOs come to announce the need to enter an Eros ego altered state of consciousness in order to learn from the Wisdom of the Eros Self. Comment: I just finished reading the book When They Appeared (2017) about this incident.
UFO Falcon Lake.jpg
UFO Falcon Lake.jpg [ 165.91 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

In the darkness I see a V-shaped lance held in a vertical direction such that the tip of the spear is in the NW of the view.

I am in a room approaching an open doorway between rooms. My attention is drawn to the NW corner of the white wood doorframe and the blue wall. Resting on the top of the doorframe by its NW corner is a pair of green sunglasses in a gold frame like I used to wear. Another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW is meant – a need for sunglasses in order to integrate the shadow of the Logos Christ eon.
Sunglasses.jpg [ 25.12 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

In the darkness I see the face of Charlie Chaplin wearing a bowler hat.

In the darkness along the West side I see an empty, used wine glass lying on its side.

I observe a young woman wearing a luxurious, deep blue velvet, shoulderless dress as if royalty. She sits with her back to a white West wall in a darkened room.

Then I see another young woman sitting in one of the hair salon chairs in a place of business. She wears a full length red dress and an olive (=’s green + yellow) colored hat (Eros Christ consciousness colors) stitched/weaved with large diameter cotton strands. The hat has the shape of a sewing thimble one uses for an index fingertip. The shape has been connected to the space-time diagram showing the expansion of the universe. Further, an index fingertip has been connected to an alien feminine hand touching Adam’s index fingertip in an act which indicates a new Genesis in the creation of consciousness from the mana of the knowing of the World Soul.
Creation of Consciousness.jpg
Creation of Consciousness.jpg [ 45.35 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

(There is) a Jewish tradition that Adam, before he knew Eve, had a demon-wife called Lilith, with whom he strove for supremacy. C.G. Jung, CW 5, §369

I am recalling that some UFOs exhibit pulsing lights like the Shag Harbor one that was connected to the Axiom of Maria in Generating Something From Nothing – a connection to a beating heart it seems. This reminds me of the purple “pillar of light” seen inside the Falcon Lake UFO for it formed a purple heart shape. This reminds me of the September 2008 vision of what was known to be “Dragon DNA” – the uniting of masculine and feminine principles in the heart chakra is meant. In November 2014 a purple neon sign was seen advertising “The Heartbreak Hotel” in the movie MATRIX which was all about individuation. It’s a “Kiss of Death” to the world as you knew it. In the United States, “The Purple Heart” is awarded in the name of the President to any member of the Armed Forces who, while serving under competent authority in any capacity, has been wounded or killed.
Purple Heart Kiss.jpg
Purple Heart Kiss.jpg [ 58.48 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Individuation involves detaching from values and attitudes of the spirit of the times while searching within for a hitherto new untrodden path. “The man of the present” writes Jung “must work for the future and leave others to conserve the past. He is therefore not only a builder but also a destroyer.” Johnston, David T., Individuation and the Evolution of Consciousness: At the Turning Point and Jung's Challenge.


The back of my head is itchy. I scratch and scratch and notice that fleas are biting me. Lollypop is with me sitting in the recliner.

End of Dream

Comment: Attention is being drawn to my visual cortex which has been connected to “left eye seeing” as noted in EYES OF YOUR EYES – January 2018. It seems Lollypop (her colors are those in the crown of upper and lower Egypt that Horus wears) has fleas. These “fleas” are an irritant – a connection to the World Soul being an irritant in the clam which causes the clam to produce pink pearls. “Irritant” as a means of producing consciousness is connected to the Jnana Mudra.
Thumb Print Push Pin Family.jpg
Thumb Print Push Pin Family.jpg [ 40.75 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

A Planck Second “Pin Prick” Will Do It – Transform the World
Sat. 3 March 2018

In the darkness I observe a region filled with the green on white alien vegetative skin.
Alien Vegetative Skin.jpg
Alien Vegetative Skin.jpg [ 25.44 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Now the view is filled with luminous white baking utensils which includes a shallow rectangular cake tin.

I observe an open book lying face down onto a large colorful mural that almost fills the blackness. The book has a white background and the front cover is mostly filled with a colorful arrangement of flowers and curved graceful designs. In the NW area of the mural is a left profile view of Donald Trump having a blue sky with white clouds above him. He is looking down at something that is covered by the book.

I observe a left profile view of a trim older man wearing a full length red robe with yellow markings on its fabric like the Chinese might wear. The focus is on his “headdress” which reminds me of how a Native American Indian chief wears a head dress of feathers. But here his black and white hair are pulled into a sewing thimble shape that extends off the back of his head.

In the NW area of a newspaper I see a column of words in red font next to other columns of words in black font. The red font text includes words like “drugs” “medications” etc. – in alphabetical order.

I observe a hand holding a human heart that is bright red blood covered on its upper half and darkred on its lower part (contains Blood Moon colors). It is dripping teardrop shaped drops of blood. I immediately recall the clock face seen earlier in this post having the Planck Second wavy hour hand pointing at me from the 3 o’clock hour as I stood at the clock face center. It seems the heart of the Hermaphrodite has suffered a pin-prick “hole in the heart”. The white vesica piscis in the Sun-Moon chakra tree for the heart now has a hole in it.
Heart Hole.jpg
Heart Hole.jpg [ 54.66 KiB | Viewed 117 times ]

I observe a right profile view of a young man in a cannon ball formation. I am right next to him high up above the ocean surface below. Comment: I used to do “cannon ball” jumps off a swimming pool diving board – a contest to see who could make the largest splash. I guess here that an “asteroid” ocean impact is meant – a possible connection to the World Soul observing the impact of a large object that created a white penis eruption of water at the South Pole which caused a “splash” to unfold that washed cyan “water over the face of the globe." Recall that the opposite color of cyan is red.
Cannon Ball.jpg
Cannon Ball.jpg [ 51.63 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

Bombs Away

I observe a close-up view of a tall black empty flower vase of square cross-section sitting on a table surface.

I am thumbing through the pages of hand drawings in an unused coloring book.

I observe a white index finger of a right hand pointing into the NW of the view in the blackness. Strangely, the side view leaves the impression of it being an intergalactic starship.

In the darkness along the West side I see a hand reaching down with a Planck Second index fingertip touching my laser sculpture of a buckyball in a nanotube. The buckyball glows a luminous white. Such a luminous buckyball appeared in a December 2010 vision. It’s as if a Planck Second index fingertip has “pin pricked” its empty center and released Her “big bang” creation event.
Buckyball.jpg [ 42.85 KiB | Viewed 120 times ]

The enclosure, the temenos, is an isolated sacred place. The inhabitant of the temenos was a god. CW 11, §157


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Post Dark Star Heart Apocalypse
(Fr.) Heiny says that St. Niklaus (1417-1487) told him that he had visions when in his mother's womb and had seen a small star in heaven which had illuminated the whole world and that later in life in his loneliness he had often seen a similar star. He interpreted this as meaning that one day he would spread such a light in the world. Marie-Louise von Franz, The Dreams and Visions of St. Niklaus von der Flue

Sat. 3 March 2018

I observe a tall, middle-aged man following after a young man who is carrying a tan cardboard rectangular box in the twilight. It seems the tall man was trying to see what was in the box. Comment: The box reminded me of Pandora’s box which previously has been seen to empty all its ills upon the earth in Healing Pandora; leaving only hope left in the box. This hope has been connected to Jung’s Collected Works, the severed head of Medusa, wine from the first days of creation, etc.

In a close-up view in the darkness I see a black rubber boot for a right foot. The sole is thick and has many parallel grooves that cover the surface – like a snow tire designed to give good traction in snow. Comment: I see that such a boot has a wavy groove pattern – suggesting that when one’s standpoint is based on the knowing of the Eros Self one is on sure-footing.
Rubber Boot Sole.jpg
Rubber Boot Sole.jpg [ 47.24 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I observe a middle-aged man with black hair sitting on the NE area of a rectangular wood conference table. He is not wearing shirt which reveals his trim, fit physique (subtle body is meant).

I see a man walking away from my location through a long corridor (bordered by the opposites). He has brown wavy hair in the shape of the bottom of the black rubber boots. He wears a plaid sport coat having a white background overlaid with a series of different shades of blue lines in a plaid pattern. The mana of his knowing reaches from “head to toe” seems meant.

I am looking down at a large blue with white specks oval platter having some left over cake on its NW area.

I observe a man pushing a bicycle along on a white cement sidewalk in a residential area such that only the front wheel of the bike is seen as the view given has me looking over the top of his right shoulder (where Betelgeuse is located). He walks along the right side of the bicycle while a young man walks along the left side. Comment: The front wheel of a bicycle has been connected to the starry background Wheel of Ezekiel – a spacetime or incarnated emphasis is meant.

I observe a close-up view of a man’s face in the darkness. His eyes are open and appear glazed over with a white substance which reminds me of how a snake about to shed its skin will cause its eyes to be glazed over. Suddenly his eyes have that glazed over look yet but now a bluish circle is seen in his left eye as if I am looking in a mirror. I didn’t notice what the right eye looked like. Comment: I recall the following images which came up in my visions in September 2013. They are connected to the eyes of Horus.
Snake Grapefruit Eyes.jpg
Snake Grapefruit Eyes.jpg [ 58.13 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I am recalling a recent comment a man made about my having won an inner Trump presidency – "it will effect the entire United States." When he said that too me I flashed back to the October 2014 vision of the following “sea to shining sea” lightsaber image. I recall that Orion holds this lightsaber and was poised to slay Taurus the bull (make its contents conscious), i.e., differentiate the bright shadow contents of the Logos Christ eon for integration into consciousness.
Lightsaber Slaughter.jpg
Lightsaber Slaughter.jpg [ 50.86 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I am observing restaurant seating in a large open dimly lighted interior space. Suddenly, the focus is on a glass of water on a rectangular table’s SE area. The glass is sweating as if the water is chilled. It has the half “football” or half “oval” shape as shown.
Water Glass.jpg
Water Glass.jpg [ 19.58 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

Sun. 4 March 2018

In the SW of the view in the darkness I see the right side of an angel whose white wing has a golden color along its top edge.

I observe an aft view of a short fat dog walking away in the SE of the view.

In a daylight view, I see a lovely middle-aged blond woman wearing a black velvet shoulderless knee high dress. Her skin is almost orange looking – reminding me of the orange skin on the face of Donald Trump. She faces me in the view.

Mon. 5 March 2018

I am experiencing the sensation of warmth in my heart chakra.

I am recalling a young woman who I met in San Pedro. She had a great interest in her inner life. Then I see a man swinging a long chain on the end of which is attached a long knife in a counterclockwise direction. It cuts off my head.

On a white surface I observe a small black circle that must be on a piece of glass for it is casting a shadow onto the white surface underneath.

In the darkness I observe a gray plain upside-down crucifix.

A man stands facing me (I may be looking in a mirror). He holds the handle of a round magnifying glass in his right hand. He is examining a hand sized “pie” shaped chunk of stone on a white surface in front of him. It is a gray scene.

I observe three adults facing East as they sit in a column along my right side starting in the SE. The one nearest to me I cannot see clearly. The next one is a woman and the last one is man. A man walks behind them as if he is a barber.

I see a night view of a busy city intersection having buses, cars and many people moving about.

Now I see a daylight view of a busy city street much like the above.

I observe what looks like a fuzzy photograph of stars in the night sky. One of gray-black appearing stars has a red heart-shaped outline about it. Comment: As I transcribed this material from my voice recorder I recalled the following comments I heard in a 9 June 1999 vision about my being a dark star. It seems “the hole in my bleeding heart” sacrifice that came up in my previous post is being amplified upon. Further, I recall what MLvF had to say about the dreams and visions of St. Niklaus von der Flue. It’s a Dark Star heart Apocalypse redemption of the bright shadow of the Logos Christ. More such “light” awaits redemption it seems. I understand that underneath black there is white.
Stars Dark.jpg
Stars Dark.jpg [ 107.69 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

Dark Star Heart Apocalypse
(Fr.) Heiny says that St. Niklaus told him that he had visions when in his mother's womb and had seen a small star in heaven which had illuminated the whole world and that later in life in his loneliness he had often seen a similar star. He interpreted this as meaning that one day he would spread such a light in the world. Marie-Louise von Franz, The Dreams and Visions of St. Niklaus von der Flue

You Are My Dark Star
Revelation: An authoritative voice speaks the following words into my mind.
Now, let me reveal who you are:
You are my shining star,
Hercules bent over afar.
One lips, one whips.

You are my Dark Star,
The one who was to come after.
Chthonic sun,
but sun no less brightly in Me.

In the following years I was able to amplify on this “poem” when, from time to time, I came across something that was connected to its message.

The stars of thine own fate lie in thy breast. Schiller, Piccolomini, II, 6.

A man’s fortunes are the fruits of his character, says Emerson, in his essay Fate, in The Conduct of Life (Works, VI, p. 41)

All the unconscious contents, the archaic, historical things are interwoven with the feeling (function), and when you try to pull up (inferior) feeling for use, why you pull up a whole world, the whole world shakes when you try to pull it up, and that is why the fourth won't come up. He (the patient) doesn't refuse to come; he can't come. You can't pull him up and therefore you have to bow down to him. You see, it is the story of Heracles, who went down into Hades and there he found Theseus and Pirithous, the two friends held fast to the rock. They had gone down originally on a peculiar errand, to bring Persephone up from Hades. They descended for a long time, and then they got tired and sat down on a rock and when they tried to get up again, they couldn't; they were held fast to the rock, and there they were. Then Heracles came down to liberate them and he took hold of Pirithous first, who was the lesser hero, but couldn't tear him loose from the rock. Theseus, being a big man, a big hero, a first-class man, was, of course, held much faster to the rock so that when Heracles shook him to tear him loose, the earth shook to such an extent that even the gods got frightened, and he had to leave him below and himself go up again. Since then, Theseus is down there tied to the rock. This is a psychological story, which means that the same thing can happen when you go down in order to get the inferior function. You see, the dreamer was forced, more or less, to go down in order to bring up his feeling, and then when he saw what the condition was down there he got frightened out of his wits, because he saw the whole underworld slowly opening up. And that contact which he had established was sufficient to bring up the contents of the unconscious, and so he got the big dreams. Now, if you do not understand what such dreams mean, you only can drop them and then the only thing that might help, the inferior function, drops down again into the unconscious and there it remains like old Theseus, and you are deprived of number four. Dream Symbols Of The Individuation Process, 1937. pp. 125-126. Unpublished Seminar by C.G. Jung.

The real hero is swallowed by the earth – the mother, the dragon, the whale – and apparently he goes under, down to the totemic ancestors, but he returns with them and brings them back. That is the proper hero according to mythology, not the one who runs away with a will (his head) and two feet (but no body). Nietzsche Seminar II, p. 1543

“One lips, one whips” The hero archetype is now in the service of provide lipping (read: a Logos ego activity) and must endure whipping (read: a silent Eros ego activity). Whipping seems like a strange choice of words. Whipping comes up in The Vision Seminars on page 352 when Christiana Morgan encounters a giant (giant because it is filled with unconscious contents trying to reach consciousness). The giant calls out to her:

You will fear me for I will rub your face in the dust and flay your body with whips.

“Scourging at the pillar” visions have come up in my visions over the years; a cat-of-nine tails connection. I have come to understand such “whipping” as needing to suffer “death by a thousand cuts” so to speak. And those are the many thousands of cuts in the form of dreams and visions one needs to scribe and hope to eventually understand.
Van Morrison.jpg
Van Morrison.jpg [ 28.63 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

Back On Top

And they shut him out of paradise
Called him Lucifer and frowned
She (Sophia) took pride in what God had made him
Even before the angels shot him down to the ground

He’s a light out of the darkness
And he wears a starry crown
If you see him, nothing will shake him
‘Cos high summer (reign of LOGOS) has got him low down

Van Morrison, High Summer, from his CD Back On Top

Finally, I see that in Chinese star constellations there is one called “the heart mansion”; one of the mansions of the Azure Dragon which has a Ra eye in its national emblem.
Azure Dragon.png
Azure Dragon.png [ 162.66 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

The Heart mansion is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the eastern mansions of the Azure Dragon (appeared on the Chinese national emblem, 1913-1928). It's prominent figure is the star Alpha Scorpii.

I observe a king-sized bed in a large luxurious bedroom. A lamp with a cylindrical beige lampshade is attached to the wall above the NW corner of the bed such that it illuminates the person desiring to read in bed.

On a gray tombstone having a convex top (like the shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone) I see carved into its surface the following date. I only see the upper portion so I don’t see a name or any other information.
Tombstone.jpg [ 43.9 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I observe Stefan Michalak (1916-1999) standing in the NW corner of a darkened room with his back angled 45-degrees to that corner. I am sitting at the West side of a small square table (bridge card playing size) observing him. Comment: Stefan Michalak is the man who had a UFO encounter on 20 May 1967 at Falcon Lake in the Whiteshell Park of Manitoba, Canada.

In a black and white view, I stand by the NW area of a car observing a young woman exiting a car from the backseat in the SW area of the car. The vehicle looks like a 1947 Chevy which has appeared several times within the past year in my dreams and visions. She wears the clothes and hairstyle that was popular in that time period.

I observe a long wire/rod rolling over the surface of the ground in front of me as if I hold this wire doing this. It rolls over large stones as well. I have the impression it is trying to detect snakes. Comment: A plumber uses what is called a “snake” to clean out clogs in plumbing. Such a device appeared in an April 2007 vision. Later in a October 2007 vision I was holding a blue and white contraption that seemed to function as an invisible plumber’s snake and was pointing it to the NW corner. Unplugging a “clog” in the NW of the view so that Her new births can flow into an incarnated condition seems meant. There is a “red” or Ra snake and a “blue” or Avatar snake in the images I used in 2007 which connects them to “snake eyes” (eyes of Horus) and to the heart chakra “light cone” colors for a flow out of the “hole in the heart”.
Plumber Snake.jpg
Plumber Snake.jpg [ 41.3 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I observe a right profile view of a young blond woman with fluffed hair.

I hear, “What made her do it?” Comment: This comment reminds me of how I characterized Donald Trump speaking “out of whole cloth” for I connected it to using the meditative Jnana Mudra in which the individual soul learns from the World Soul. The young blond woman’s fluffed hair (static electricity induced?) apparently shared the mana of her knowing using the Jnana Mudra.

I observe a page of black text on an unus mundus background color. In its NW area along the North side of the page is a long red outlined white rectangular region. I recall that a red outline about a white capital A in a neon sign has been connected to mean Apocalypse. There is black text in this rectangle.

I see a close-up view of a white left leg whose knee is bent 90-degrees. The blue Levi’s worn on this leg has been rolled up to just above the knee (the rolled-up portion forms a ring torus shape) like I have done when wanting to wade in ocean surf. I recall that the Holy Spirit entered my shins during my 1976 Pentecostal experience.

I am looking into a small bathroom like in the home we are renting. It has white woodwork and sky-blue walls. The focus in on the interior window door covering as the left half (a rectangular door) is open allowing a view through the square window panes to the outside daylight.

Suddenly, I am recalling that the two UFOs that began to approach Stefan Michalak from the partly cloudy blue sky did so at a 45-degree angle (following the side of a light cone seems meant).
FalconLakeUFO Landing Configuration.jpg
FalconLakeUFO Landing Configuration.jpg [ 47.92 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]

I am observing a man from his NW area as he crosses a street and walks over the curb while approaching my general location. The focus is on his gray pull over hat for it gives his head an elongated Down Syndrome or Jumbo (double yolk) “egghead” look.

Now I observe the right side of a 20-foot tall young woman stumble a bit as she crosses the curb and onto the sidewalk in front of me. She wears a tight-fitting knee high skirt. Her left knee has buckled to a 90-degree bend (like the left leg seen earlier in this post that wore blue Levi’s) but she manages to not fall down. She looks like a normal woman except she is scaled to giant size. Comment: Giant size means she contains much unconscious material that seeks to become conscious. Her bent 90-degree knee suggests her standpoint comes from out of the hidden dimensions which begin as orthogonal to those in our 4-dimensional world.

Tues. 6 March 2018


I am working with a few others on an Artificial Intelligence device. I see that D3 (Dr. David D.) is here (a gifted man of science who thought that every problem could be answered with science or Logos ego functioning; the casual Logos ego part of Gregory). Much progress has been made in developing robots with AI that can self-replicate, self-heal and self-lead to new adaptations such that they would take over the world. A sense of danger accompanies this development and I am reluctant to see this device released without further study.

But D3 is the one who ultimately will have to decide what will happen. I am with him near his desk as we wait to see if the “snake” (what he calls the device) will electronically “wake up”. The snake device is black and looks to have a head that is the shape of a snake but the black, small diameter, cylindrical body is too short and too small in diameter to make the device look like a snake – it looks more like a computer mouse with a Wi-fi antenna for a tail.

End of Dream

Comment: Psychologically speaking AI = Alien Intelligence; the knowing of the World Soul is meant. Before I transcribed this dream from my voice recorder I happened to watch the following video about the activity of the SWARM satellites which measure the magnetic anomalies over the surface of the globe due to pole shifting activity in the Earth’s magnetic core. Strange, but the satellites remind me of the AI “snake” device seen in the dream. Further, the bleeding “hole in the heart” has a snake head shape. A plumber’s snake has been connected the heart chakra light cone colors as seen earlier in this post.
Snake Heart Swarm.jpg
Snake Heart Swarm.jpg [ 40.27 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]


Interestingly, the video reveals that astronauts experience phosphenes (various colored dots of light) when passing through the South Atlantic anomaly due to strong radiation effects from the trapped protons in the inner Van Allen radiation belt. Stefan Michalak reported seeing red dots in his encounter and after his encounter with the Falcon Lake UFO suggesting it was the result of sensations of light produced by the activation of neurons along the visual pathway due to proton interactions. Proton radiation therapy to treat cancer is known to have some of the other physical complaints expressed by Stefan such as headaches, fatigue and digestion upset.
Phosphenes.jpg [ 37.43 KiB | Viewed 107 times ]


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Post Bridging Worlds Apocalypse
Tues. 6 March 2018

I am observing a young woman wearing dark, tight-fitting underwear. She faces in my direction. The focus is on the clitoris area – as if merely walking is stimulating this area.

In the darkness along the west side is a naked young woman with her back to the NW corner. Her white legs are somewhat spread as if waiting for her lover. Another aspect of what is incarnating in the NW is meant. The World Soul desires psychological intimacy with the soul of humanity.

I see a close-up view of a yellow door’s NE area where a stainless-steel mechanism is in focus in this area. A security door in which the mechanism has a quarter circle arc of gear teeth visible whose center is at the 3 o’clock hour. Comment: A green line in the form of a 90-degree quarter circle arc outlined teeth on a gear in the 12 o’clock Doomsday Hour on a yellow background in The Eyes Of Horus. The colors indicate unlocking Eros Christ consciousness is meant – something that is connected with the death of the Logos Christ at 3 pm.

I observe a smiling young man’s face from his NW area. He reminds me of my father at that age. “Thou art thine own father now” comes to mind. I am responsible for carrying the weight of my own soul.

In the darkness I observe a large block red numeral 7 in the NE of the view. I immediately recall the following block numeral 7 bridge – as if the Avatar colored 7 is in the NW. A connection to the Nut goddess of the sky “bridge” (firmament) which first came up in February 2013. It provides a daily transformation of consciousness.
Nut Transformation Of Consciousness.jpg
Nut Transformation Of Consciousness.jpg [ 64.32 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

According to the Egyptians, during the day, the heavenly bodies—such as the sun and moon—would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would be swallowed, pass through her belly during the night, and be reborn at dawn.

In the whiteness that fills the view there is a dark circular opening that leads into a dark tunnel. Emerging out of this tunnel (wormhole) is a young, boyish, wholesome looking lad that reminds me of a cartoon or Disney movie character.

In the darkness I observe a close-up view of the left side of a young lady in a white wedding dress with veil.

In a vivid view I sit in the driver’s seat of a new car while looking out through the right side rear window at the daylight city street on which we are parked on its NW corner. The view is of the NE corner of the adjacent block. There are four adults in the car.

Wed. 7 March 2018

In the darkness I observe a yellowish circular area on which is a large black capital X.

I am recalling the shape of seeds in pumpkin, cucumbers and zucchini; they all have a vesica piscis shape. Potential increase in consciousness from out of the vesica piscis shaped unus mundus at the throat of a wormhole is meant. The colors seem to be a connection to those in the wormhole for the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. Turning on your vegetative body “Heart Light” > Heart Light Consciousness is meant. It is a connection to the renewal of Ra consciousness due to Eros Christ consciousness knowing.
Vegetable Body Knowing.jpg
Vegetable Body Knowing.jpg [ 94.39 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

I am recalling that Stefan Michalak had finished lunch at about noon when the UFOs came out of the sky to encounter him. He had an apple, two oranges and sausage. An apple is connected to eating of the forbidden fruit; from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. An orange has the color of the 2nd chakra. Vegetative body knowing is connected to the UFO incident seems meant.

I observe a left profile view of a naked man. He is jogging in place in a galvanized wash tub (like I was given baths in when a youngster in the 1940s). Cleaning one’s skin (= soul) of unconscious bright shadow dirt from the Logos Christ eon by making it conscious seems meant. We are in our childhood stage of conscious development when it comes to integrating Eros Christ consciousness comes to mind.

In the darkness, I observe a freshly sharpened blue wood pencil which is at a 45-degree angle in the view – pointing towards the west side as if to the NW area. “The writing is on the wall” comes to mind in terms of what incarnates in the NW. Recall that a wood pencil is hexagonal in cross-section – linking it to the heart chakra and the need to turn on your Heart Light for all the world (universes) to see as Neil Diamond noted in his song about the movie E.T.
Universe HeartLight Big Bang.jpg
Universe HeartLight Big Bang.jpg [ 105.24 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

I am observing the orange rubber shock absorbing pad on the end of the wood stock for a shotgun. It has those same horizontal wavy grooves in it as the rubber boot soles. Making the encounter with the water chakra’s double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding as “shock free” as possible it seems. Comment: The “big bang” creation event erupting out of the heart chakra should be a counterbalanced eruption since the recoil’s are of opposite and equal size.
Shotgun Stock Shock Pad.jpg
Shotgun Stock Shock Pad.jpg [ 28 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

I observe a cyan paper sack sitting on the NE burner of a kitchen stovetop.

I see an erect white penis. Comment: This is the 3rd leg of the subtle body and a connection to the white phallic eruption that occurs at the South Pole which heralds a new Genesis in births of consciousness.
Cannon Ball.jpg
Cannon Ball.jpg [ 51.63 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

I observe the bulging cheeks on a black man’s face. It reminds me of how a squirrel carries nuts. Comment: The frontal view of his face is “egg shaped” – rather like the “football” shaped face on E.T. seems meant.
E.T..jpg [ 31.31 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

I see a cyan balloon on the top of the NW corner bedpost. The balloon is squashed a bit because more of the bedpost rests on its top. There is a smiley face on the balloon. Comment: A squashed circle gives an egg shape, football shape, vegetable seed shape appearance. New births in the NW is meant.
Smiley Face.jpg
Smiley Face.jpg [ 17.6 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

In the darkness, I see a cigar mostly horizontal in the view. Its ash lit end is in the NW of the view. A burning cigarette has been connected to a fissioning nuclear fuel rod. Comment: I recall Jung’s comment of a cigar shaped UFO that appeared in a woman patient’s dream as shared in his book Flying Saucers. On one end was a white eyeball with a blue iris; the all-seeing eye of God. This eye is being connected to Her enlightening psychophysical radiations emanating from out of the unus mundus.

I see a young woman wearing a cyan dress and long white gloves as if she is a bride’s maid. Her left hand is held up and her black hair is worn in a Cleopatra style.

I see a close-up frontal view of the face of a racoon – the thief in the night.

I observe the top of a bedpost. It has pink-purple colors.

I see a yellow and black bicycle in the SE of the view that stands on a large, dark concrete surface near a swimming pool.

In a poorly lit bathroom I see that the walls are pale green with white trim.

A yellow wood pencil lies by a single step on a large concrete surface as if by a swimming pool.

On a dark background I observe a luminous numeral 4 that soon becomes a luminous 44.

I observe a black bowler hat on a white background. Charlie Chaplin was seen wearing a bowler hat in Out Of Whole Cloth.

A speedboat is pointed in my direction. It rests on a long wide cement sidewalk.

I observe a left profile view of a kneeling woman fussing with something behind an obstruction in the view.

I hear, “I’ve figured out a way.”

I see what looks like a white map of Canada and down below is a black map of the US.

Thurs. 8 March 2018


The engineers I used to work with have come together to play cards. It is decided to play poker for substantial bets. I decided not to play as I sensed the players were too strong for me.

I watched the first evenings results. RS lost $50,000 and several others were big losers. They played again the next week and once again RS was a big loser. I then learn that he will sue the others to recoup his losses.

Then two women are here and one of them gives the odds of winning. It wasn’t very good.

I then find myself alone on a basketball court floor. The lights begin to turn off on the far side of the court. Just then BC approaches me from along the terminator cast by the differential lighting in the room. We vigorously shake hands and are glad to see each other once again.

End of Dream

Comment: BC (84) is in hospice. It felt like we were saying goodbye in the dream. BC is that part of me who was into science and thus into directed thinking as the only means for functioning in the world. This part of Gregory is dying seems to be the message. Directed thinking gambling doesn’t pay off. The acausal way is being emphasized.

I see the carcass of a dead animal about the size of a large dog being thrown over the side of a steep hill. A dog runs down and carries the carcass in its mouth back up the hill. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the smelly remains. Comment: Instinct has been denied =’s not entering the 3 lower chakras using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. It has been hard for me to follow the acausal way.


I am sitting in a waiting room chair when Dr. WC comes and sits on the floor in the NE of my view. He looks softer in his facial features and his eyes but still young, healthy and handsome which surprises me because he is my age (77).

He becomes more talkative then I remember him to be; telling me about a recent trip to Hawaii. Recalling that he has a young adolescent son I wondered how the lad liked Hawaii. But he remained silent. He then opened a newspaper and began reading large bold blue text on the white paper. I had the impression he was reading about stock futures.

End of Dream

Comment: Dr. WC (an engineer I worked with in my Aerospace career) is another part of Gregory heavy into science and the casual way of understanding. It seems this part has transformed and now resides in a healthy subtle body. The transformation has produced his son, the philosopher’s son of alchemy. Blue text on white paper = the colors of NW. He seemed interested in investing in the future. It bodes well for whatever the outcome is going to be of that which incarnates in the NW it seems. Money in a dream is about inner wealth, having enhanced consciousness.

I observe a man approach Dr. WC and says, “If you maintain your current attitude and disposition I am going to make so much money because I have placed a large bet on you.” Comment: Another unknown part of myself says this to WC – revealing like this that my hard won acausal attitude and long involvement with my dreams and visions must continue. Perseverance furthers is meant.

Now I see that I am standing on the sidewalk of the NW corner of a residential area. Across the street on the SE corner I see a large 3 story home having a thin layer of snow (Hot Ice comes to mind – a July 2007 vision that I did not understand at the time as being the union of frozen water with dissolved air (fire) – using the colors for these elements in alchemy) on some of its dark roof. The many trees in the area have no leaves. Comment: At the time of the Hot Ice vision I did not know that pink would be connected to the color of the coniunctio, of the union of masculine and feminine principles. This seems to be an example of some of the inner wealth the investor and WC was talking about as the World Soul continues to explain Her dreams and visions.
Hot Ice.jpg
Hot Ice.jpg [ 36.83 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

Fri. 9 March 2018

In the darkness of the SW I see a 6-pointed dark star in a white outline. I recall that a white outline surrounded 3 Popsicle stick shapes on the black Lincoln Memorial plaque – signifying that a Civil War has erupted between Logos ego development and Eros ego development. Its resolution will take place in the inferior function location (SW) in the unus mundus where one assumes the role of being a “Dark Star” and like this learns from the Eros Self about the bright shadow content of the Logos Christ eon. Being a "Dark Star" implies being a six-pointed dark star in the night sky. The image could be looked at as if yin is in the midst of going to higher yang.
Star 6 Point.jpg
Star 6 Point.jpg [ 16.48 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]

Light From The Darkness As "The Two Become One"


I slam my left hand against a closed door in the midst of having an argument with someone. It stings like Hell.

As I am waking up from the dream I sense that my left thumb’s large joint is sore. I touch the (MCP) joint and sense that a large bump has developed on it (like arthritis).

End of Dream

Comment: It seems this door is a connection to the yellow security door seen at the beginning of this post that had the strange 3 o’clock 90-degree gear locking mechanism on it which was connected to the release of Eros Christ consciousness. Opening the door for a flow out of the unus mundus into spacetime has been a reoccurring theme over the years. I see from the Internet that it is the MetaCarpo-Phalangeal joint (MCP) that is the problem. It is a simple hinge joint, essentially only allowing forward and backward movements (flexion and extension). In the alchemical hand the thumb signifies the union of the “crowns” of the King and Queen (as moon). Excessive use of that joint has brought on arthritis it seems. Earning the combined crowns of upper and lower Egypt on the head of Horus comes to mind.
Hands Joint.jpg
Hands Joint.jpg [ 34.41 KiB | Viewed 87 times ]


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Post Join The Navy And Ride The Waves
Fri. 9 March 2018


I am anticipating seeing my high school sweetheart as I stop at the church across the street from her home. Instead of encountering her inside I find myself looking out through a window at a young ten-foot tall peach tree that is sprouting almost full grown green vesica piscis shaped leaves. Peaches have been connected to being a fruit in the Garden of Paradise and to the color of the Harvest Moon. A peach pit has a vesica piscis shape. The production of a renewed Ra consciousness is meant by these colors.
Peach.jpg [ 42.57 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

End of Dream

I am observing a close-up view of a portion of the right side of a Xmas tree. Attached to the tip of a limb is a white rectangular price tag having a small black circle on its center. Comment: Normally the price of a Xmas tree is shown on such a tag. Here it seems to be the cost of being struck by a 38-caliber bullet (3+8 = 11) is to put a Planck Length diameter hole in the heart. The tag is apparently mounted at the height of the where the heart chakra would be located in the Sun-Moon chakra tree in Rosarium Picture #10 in alchemy. The black dot on a white background is also an image for yin > higher yang. Because it is a “Point A” situation the effects will be nonlocal.
Price Tag.jpg
Price Tag.jpg [ 18.16 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I observe a man and woman running into the NW of the view on a sidewalk from my location. The man leads the way. The woman wears an elegant ankle length darkred dress which has a thin red line which outlines the garment. I immediately recall that a thin red line surrounded a white capital A as if it were a neon sign. A is for Apocalypse. The dress colors are those seen on a Blood Moon and on the bleeding heart sacrifice.

I see a picture of an older man in a newspaper wearing thick glasses. He might be how my high school classmate TP would look like at this older age. The black iris of the eyes looks to be the size of the black circle on the price tag above. Comment: My main association to TP is that he had a talent for writing and unsuccessfully tried to publish.

I am observing a stain glass window in a door having a background of yellow-gold glass fragments fused together. A pattern of horizontal dumb bell shapes are along the diagonal between the SE and NW. The ends of the dumb bell have an interior that starts out with a cyan region and then a yellow region and then a white region and finally closes with a cyan region.

Sat. 10 March 2018


A Top Secret modeling of UFOs is taking place. Somehow the media has found out. The models I saw were mounted on a white wall about chest high above the floor. They all looked like complicated drones about two feet in diameter and of irregular shape.

End of Dream

In the darkness I observe water rushing over the west edge of a large diameter circular opening.

Something about bumping up the travel date for certain items.

In the darkness I am looking up along the length of the right arm and shoulder in silhouette as if a youngster is holding the hand of this person.

I hear, “John Lang is dead. He lost his life because of this.” Comment: From the Internet I see that there are several John Lang’s who were famous rugby players. The rugby football looks like a large egg – consciously carrying the double yolk, bipolar, Jumbo sized egghead in the Sun-Moon chakra tree comes to mind and that can cause a loss of life in outer world involvement.
Rugby.jpg [ 39.04 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

The Bipolar God-image
In a blurry view on a white background I see an invisibly suspended stick match with a blue-cyan head that is pointed into the NW in the view. Its colors remind me of those in the block numeral 7 of the seven bridge.
Seven Bridge.jpg
Seven Bridge.jpg [ 24.61 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I observe a man standing next to the SW corner of a large rectangular drawing table that looks made from chopping block wood. Comment: Making images for Her dreams and visions are being connected to chopping block activity. A metaphor for “what’s on the table.”
Drawing Table.jpg
Drawing Table.jpg [ 30.53 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I see a crowd of motorcycles on a black two-lane road.

I observe a few adults wearing blue uniforms that are working security for a port authority.

I observe a Jack of Hearts in the shape of a rugby football. Comment: A Jack of Hearts is a one-eyed jack showing the left eye.

I observe a small dark brown oval shaped object rotating about its long axis. Eventually I see that a small white Valentine heart shape forms on its surface. It looks like an apple seed something that resides in the vesica piscis of a spindle torus which has been connected to surrounding the heart chakra.
Apple Seed.jpg
Apple Seed.jpg [ 20.37 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

Apples Good for Your Heart. ... The study, which is the latest to polish the apple's heart-healthy reputation, found that eating apples daily appeared to lower levels of cholesterol and two other markers associated with plaques and inflammation in artery walls.

I see a rugby shaped latch on a door that is being rotated as if to open the door.

I see the tan filtered ends of a couple of cigarettes – one pointed to the NE and the other to the NW – as they lay side-by-side in a narrow rectangular, shallow tray.

Sun. 11 March 2018

I observe a flower bed in the NW area of a front yard that is filled with several rows of daffodil plants, having clusters of about eight plants and about eight clusters per row. I see no flowers yet but they have six yellow petals and a red center; a connection to Ra consciousness and to Narcissus. Comment: A daffodil plant’s biological name is Narcissus and is sometimes called the “Lent Lily”. The name is thought to have come from the Greeks who saw the plant bent over towards streams it was seen growing by. Since the images observed in the water chakra come from the World Soul it is clear that Narcissus is seeking Eros Christ consciousness by looking at his own reflection in the water surface but as with all encounters with the unconscious one struggles with the prospect of being “drown”, i.e., becoming possessed (inflated or deflated; manic or depressed, i.e., suffer from a bipolar condition). It is this effect that wants to incarnate into our world from the NW and like this all are “asked” to become Narcissus. Narcissistic personality disorder is a popular diagnosis for the psychology of president Donald Trump. Then I notice that the green stalks remind me of an onion having such above ground vegetation. Further, only a yellow onion has up to 11 rings – connecting this vegetation and the VNS to being an effect emanating from out of the unus mundus. Yellow-gold is the color of the Eros ego.
Narcissus Onion Daffodil.jpg
Narcissus Onion Daffodil.jpg [ 61.72 KiB | Viewed 53 times ]

Small, medium, and large yellow-gold onion specimens all have between 10-11 rings. Ancient Egyptians revered the onion bulb, viewing its spherical shape and concentric rings as symbols of eternal life. Onions were used in Egyptian burials, as evidenced by onion traces found in the eye sockets of Ramesses IV.

I observe a row of young ten-foot tall white birch trees which have no leaves as if winter is still in progress. However, the branches are very red suggesting that the juices are ready and so Spring must be near. Comment: Birch trees shed their bark (a connection to a snake shedding its skin) as it grows. These trees look like they are ready for more growth as if they have recently shed their “skin.”

I observe a dark green holly bush but see no red berries. I guess they will begin to appear in the Spring. Recall that holly berries are poisonous (to one’s existing worldview).
Holly.jpeg [ 29.5 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I see that the right edge of a dinner fork has “cut” through a chunk of ripe tomato that has some small chunks of yellow egg yolk on it. Comment: A chunk from a grape tomato comes to mind – which has an egg shape. Potential being produces red actual being as new Ra subtle body matter for the new Red King. Something like that it seems. In F is for FREEDOM - 10 January 2018 red grapes surrounded by a yellow hue were pushed into a green bowl filled with mashed white potatoes. It may have been red grape tomatoes used it seems. It’s the renewed Ra effect on one’s brain seems meant. Later in the post a teardrop shaped crown on a men’s dress hat (Fedora) is connected to the teardrop shaped Holy Spirit that entered my shins as if the Holy Spirit “swept” feminine principle knowing as renewed Ra consciousness to the crown chakra is meant.
Bowl Green.jpg
Bowl Green.jpg [ 26.93 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

Mon. 12 March 2018

In the darkness down below I observe the backside of a pink “fish” having a long vertical slender tentacle that is close to my face. A “whisker” like a catfish has comes to mind.

I see a young lad facing me as he stands in the darkness on my left side. A large heavy set Sumo built man comes and sits in front of me such that I see his SW area (angled 45-degrees towards me). He is looking over to where the young lad stands.

I approach a closed massive dark bronze door that extends out of sight above. The door opens and reveals a bright rural natural scene of trees and green grass “garden area”.

I group of adults come together as if to form a circle as seen in group counseling. A young woman stands up in the NE area of the circle. She wears a blue background with pink streaks pullover cap. I view her from her NW area while standing by the SE area of the circle.

I see a fresh unsliced loaf of bread wrapped in clear plastic as it sits on a shelf in a glass display case. Previously such a loaf of bread had a white worm in it. "Worming worms" baked bread is good for one's soul development as a worm will be your greatest benefactor according to Jung.

I am standing near the front door inside a home. Some people inside the home approach the door and open it to go outside. Young men and children leave.

I observe a middle-aged man wearing a pale blue shirt and blue Levi’s pick up a young lad.

Hanging down in front of me at eye level are dark red cylindrical lengths as if Alaskan King Crab legs in their hard shell.

A middle-aged man approaches me from along the side of a line of people. He has blond hair and wears washed out casual clothes.

I see a dark brown coffee mug wearing a tan cardboard sleeve – something one does when needing to hold a mug holding a hot liquid.

Down below I observe the tines of a dinner fork lying with tines on top of a blue foam material.

A large clump of vegetation is invisibly suspended before my eyes. It is filled with white vegetative strands and dark green leaves – all on a white background.

Standing in a backyard I see a woman standing by a row of wood boxes having black wire mesh on one face. A white chicken is seen inside one of the boxes.

I observe a young girl wearing a red dress with black hair. The focus is on her left bare foot which is deformed and unusually large. All the toes appear to be fused together.

Tues. 13 March 2018


I seem to be a part of a CIA Homeland Security team in a secure facility. People are being processed at the moment as part of an investigation.

A distraction occurs. I follow a strange pink shape. It is a large boa constrictor sized pink snake whose body is a long series of pink spheres (reminds me of the pink pearls formed in the clam).

Then I hear my daughter Amy declare that her mother is here. Soon enough I hear her mother’s voice and she sounds like she is riding high – as if in a manic phase. The team is going to process her as well for medical reasons.

End of Dream

Comment: When in a manic phase of a bipolar disorder the person senses that they are invincible and can accomplish anything. Like this my former wife is representing an aspect of the World Soul.

I observe a bouquet of white tulips lying on black earth. The flower ends are near the NW and the green stem ends are towards the NE.

Now I see a woman sitting on a barstool with her back to the West side and her head in the NW of the view. She is fussing with her dark hair that curls inwards at its ends in a Cleopatra hair style.

I see an older woman standing in the NW of my view who wears a cyan chiffon dress. She holds four “wine” glasses in her hands against her belly. Whatever is in the glasses has their lower half colored yellow while the upper half is colored red.
Wine Glasses 4.jpg
Wine Glasses 4.jpg [ 28.11 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I observe a man from his NE area wearing an olive Fedora dress hat with a red band. My father liked this style hat. Comment: Such hats are described as having a pinch-front teardrop-shaped crown. The teardrop aspect for the crown (chakra) reminds me of the golden-yellow teardrop that was seen in the tear duct of a woman’s right eye and also of the white teardrop shape of the Holy Spirit in my 1976 Pentecostal experience. The knowing of the Infernal movement of the Holy Spirit has “swept” the knowing of the feminine principle (Eros Christ consciousness) up to the crown chakra seems meant.
Fedora Teardrop.jpg
Fedora Teardrop.jpg [ 21.04 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I see a man’s chest and shoulder area. He wears a white crewneck style sweatshirt that has a blue stripe parallel to a red stripe on each shoulder. Comment: The US Navy was the first armed force to adopt the crewneck style shirt. Earning your stripes by “Joining the Navy and riding a collapsing Wave” comes to mind – a way to unite the opposites of Fire & Water and produce a quantum leap in enlightenment.
Sweatshirt.jpg [ 19.4 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I am in a lovely room with a lot of wood accents observing a few adults approaching my location when all of a sudden, a bright white flash is seen as if emanating from the reflection off a glass wall behind them. It seems I took their picture.

I see a left hand colored all red except for the phalanx (middle bone) in the fingers which are colored yellow. Previously this hand was seen with only a yellow wrist area.
Hand Red Yellow.jpg
Hand Red Yellow.jpg [ 22.33 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I am observing the chest-waist area of a sitting, trim older man who has a stocky build as his chest area is like a downward pointing triangle. He wears a cyan tee shirt and blue Levi’s.

In the darkness I see about eight cigarettes whose ends are not filled with tobacco. Tamping down a cigarette can cause this additional packing effect. Usually this is done to non-filtered cigarettes to avoid loose embers falling off. Comment: I later have the sudden impression that the diameter of a cigarette (is actually 8 mm = 0.314956 inches) is like that of a 38 caliber bullet (is more like a 31 caliber bullet but the burning charred region becomes 38 caliber in size seems meant). Cigarettes have been connected to being burning psychophysical nuclear fuel rods. It’s “caliber” thus ties it to being a flow of psychophysical radiations out of the unus mundus in a new Genesis “big bang” nonlocal creation event. It’s as if the lit end of a cigarette touched the Xmas tree price tag and charred it.
Cigarette Caliber 11.jpg
Cigarette Caliber 11.jpg [ 24.36 KiB | Viewed 63 times ]

I observe a church bell tower while standing outside. A glare of white light shines off the golden bell as I view it in a 45-degree angle position - causing the bell to appear white. “For whom the bell tolls” comes to mind. The church bell tower was to the NE side of the church and it had an obelisk (solidified ray of light) appearance. I recall the bell shaped interior of a building seen in a recent vision that had an oculus window made of fused shards of yellow-gold glass with a central red core.

I see a man walk past me carrying a white dinner plate on which sat a white brain and a square checked red or white pattern.


PS It has come to my attention that I could amplify on the meaning of the number 3 using material from MLvF’s book on Number and Time (1974). This is in regard to the number 3 on the clock face shared in Out Of Whole Cloth – February 2018. Jung had the working hypothesis that “number regulates both psyche and matter.” Previously I had noted the following.

I seem to be standing at the center of a large clock face observing a grandfather clock wavy shaped hour hand pointed at me from the 3 o’clock hour location. Its Planck Second tip seems ready to poke a hole in my heart. I recall that the Logos Christ died on his cross at 3 PM and the Lance of Longinus then pierced his heart. Comment: I later realize it is like two Planck Second psychic objects piercing each other’s hearts in this Holy Wedding enterprise. I seem to be in the role of a Planck Second obelisk standing in Saint Peter’s square. “God’s spear” come to mind. The number 3 suggests an effect from the lower 3 chakras, the VNS, is meant.
Clock Face Spear.jpg
Clock Face Spear.jpg [ 53.99 KiB | Viewed 56 times ]

Like this the two become one

Three is the “beyond”… The step to 3 is a step over the dark threshold (from out of the beyond). MLvF, Number and Time (1974), p. 107

The step from the lower three chakras is connected to being a step over the dark threshold from out of the beyond, the Black Hole. The third time is the charm.

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Post What It Takes To Have Your Card Punched
Aquarius.jpg [ 36.86 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

In the Age of Aquarius everyone is going to have to learn how to consciously carry their own water, the psyche, in an act of Individuation.

Thurs. 15 March 2018

I am holding an empty teaspoon in front of my mouth using my right hand.

Then I hear, “September 1910” (this date appeared on a tombstone in my recent post The ‘Dark Star’ Heart Apocalypse. I immediately have the impression that the date has to do with a significant event in Jung’s life. I wonder if this was around the time Jung began to have doubts about Freud’s approach to the unconscious. Comment: As far as I know the break occurred in 1913. I guess the seeds for its ending were already appearing by September 1910?
Tombstone.jpg [ 43.9 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I am observing the teaspoon again and now there are little chunks of apple with a syrup cinnamon sauce in it.

I am in a restaurant observing an empty white pillow case piled up on the top of a white four-foot tall wood partition. It seems the toxic spider hairs in this pillow have found their way into the food supply being served.

In a dark view I see an empty white plastic bucket placed onto a few inch-deep calm water surface. Strange, but the bucket begins to rotate counterclockwise.

In the darkness of the SE in the view I observe what appears to be a whitish planet surrounded by a broad whitish ring as if Saturn. But then it seems like this could be a sombrero. Comment: As I finished typing this in I wondered what “ideas” would one be under wearing a “Saturn” style hat. I find the following astrological information concerning Saturn. Since my sign is Libra I emphasize its astrological forecast. Regarding Capricorn I am reminded of the head of Medusa seen as HOPE in Pandora’s box for the red snakes formed into Ram style horns. It’s as if the psychological development in the Age of Aquarius will have a potent effectiveness well into the Age of Capricorn.
Zodiac Signs.jpg
Zodiac Signs.jpg [ 55.61 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Saturn will occupy the sign of Capricorn from December 19, 2017, to March 21, 2020; and then finishes up its transit from July 1 to December 17, 2020.

Dec 19, 2017 11:49 PM EST Saturn enters Capricorn
Mar 21, 2020 11:58 PM EDT Saturn enters Aquarius
Jul 1, 2020 7:37 PM EDT Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
Dec 17, 2020 12:04 AM EST Saturn enters Aquarius

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn from December 2017 to 2020 is bound to be a significant cycle for Libras. It marks a time of considerable inner “re-working.” In terms of outward signs of achievement, this transit may be one of the most unremarkable of all the Saturn transits. However, near the end of the transit, you’re likely to recognize this stage as a critical one in which you made some life-changing personal and psychological advances and developments.

In the darkness I see a business shoe for a left foot which is vertical.

I see a right index finger as if my own. My hand must be resting on my chest and the finger appears pointed towards the due North at an angle – perhaps along the side of a light cone.

Down below in the SE I observe the tip of my right thumb held vertically upwards.

I observe a black, hand drawn, capital letter T on a white background in the NW of the view. T is for “Tribulation and Triggering” immediately comes to mind as well as “the writing is on the wall.” It is an image portraying Yin > higher Yang.
T.jpg [ 13.45 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I see black text on white paper. I am able to read a small portion, “on April 27, 19xx“.

In the darkness I stand near the SW area of a black sports car that looks like a hardtop Miata design. Comment: My outer wife used to have a red Miata. It seems my inner wife prefers a black one. Together they have the colors my inferior function location in the SW.
Miata.jpg [ 29.08 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I am looking into the NE corner of a microwave oven where I see white cereal bowl resting on the metal rack. Its top cross-section is square. I cannot see what is in the bowl. In a December 2011 vision a couple of cubes of cornbread was seen in the SW area of such a bowl. Cornbread has the colors of Eros ego. It’s the Ego attituded necessary to access one’s inferior function to the level of a unus mundus encounter where “the two become one” according to the Axiom of Maria.
Bowl Cornbread.jpg
Bowl Cornbread.jpg [ 18.79 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]


I am in the home of James & Hilde Kirsch (who are Jews). She appears as a large stout woman (Hilde’s stature reminds me of the stature of Maria Prophetissa who is also a Jew) and I am observing her walking up some reddish-yellow varnished wood stairs (she is an anima figure leading the way to higher consciousness; a renewed Ra consciousness that supports her axiom, “like this the two become one”). Suddenly, she falls backwards and skids down the stairs and out onto the honey wood colored hardwood floor - skidding several more feet on her back behind a tall bookcase (She halts her ascent in order to try to show me something I am not yet consciousness enough about but need to be before further ascent is possible. She brings new wisdom hidden behind/beyond the stored knowledge in the bookcase as if to say “tear up the books lest your heart be rent asunder” comes to mind. She skids on a honey wood colored floor – the color of the Eros ego (and of cornbread) which is how I unconsciously observe her backside, my inferior function, and scribe her dreams and visions because my Logos ego is dimmed.). The crown of her head is perpendicular to, and barely touching, the white tip of a spring style door stop (I place my white tennis shoes by this style door stop) mounted on the white wood footboard (where mouse holes can occur; as if her crown chakra has access to knowing from the unus mundus and that knowing is transmitted to my shoes, my conscious standpoint). Next to her right side by the wall is an old-style music tape player like I used to own (plays soul music; a connection to the feeling function, my inferior function; Hilde is feeling intuitive in her psychology; my inferior functions). Suddenly the tape player rises above the floor and disappears – blowing air around as it does so – as if a UFO just left the scene.
Door Stop.jpg
Door Stop.jpg [ 49.65 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Now I am inside a large room where I see Jung. Hildegard gives Jung a large pair of white shorts. Jung pulls them over the top of the suit pants he wears. As he does so he says, “My knees, My knees – aren’t they beautiful” (Jung, is an aspect of my higher Self, who is emphasizing his beautiful knees which indicates that my opus is also connected to generativity (symbolic meaning of knees) – a concern for the future, a need to nurture and guide younger people and contribute to the next generation. Since this part of myself puts the underwear on wrong it indicates that I have too much false modesty when it comes to accepting my role in raising the soul of mankind. If Jung put on the underwear such that his knees are seen more of his beauty would be seen.) As he is saying this a young woman with black hair, wearing a dress that is white above the waist and red below, walks through the scene behind him (this anima figure is a coniunctio image as she unites red and white colors; a mixture of red and white produces pink – the color of the coniunctio in my material).

Then, where Hilde was lying on her back on the floor there is instead an “altar”. A spray bottle full of water sits on it and some is sprayed up into the air in seven vertical streams as if a fountain flow out of a Menorah. (Whose configuration reminds me of the six corners and centroid of a Star of David. When slightly rotated (15-degrees) the SOS aligns its six points onto the top of a menorah while the centroid aligns to the central or middle stem and represents the hole in the heart chakra. Interestingly, the heart slightly oscillates when beating (tic-toc) suggesting a very slight clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the SOS - exaggerated to +/- 15-degress to show effect.) Comment: Such a spray bottle came up in a Feb. 2015 vision and was connected to spraying the pups to train them against behaviors we did not like.
SOS Menorah Osscillation.jpg
SOS Menorah Osscillation.jpg [ 56.14 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Menorah Spray Bottle.jpg
Menorah Spray Bottle.jpg [ 43.03 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Heart-Oscillation.gif [ 123.65 KiB | Viewed 43 times ]

End of Dream

The Menorah stands for light, wisdom, and Divine inspiration. God commanded that the Menorah’s goblets be turned upside down on their stems, emphasizing the importance of spreading light to others. This design reflects the Menorah’s exact purpose in the Holy Temple, which was to spread the light of Godliness to the entire world, not to illuminate the Temple itself.

Now I observe a picture of the left profile of a middle-aged man’s luminous white face. He looks like the male actor with red hair who stars in Homeland (a very popular TV series about Homeland Security in the USA). Comment: Securing my inner Homeland enhanced state of consciousness seems meant. His role is complicated. After eight years of captivity by Muslim terrorists he is freed and becomes a war hero once back on USA soil. But during his captivity he broke. He became a Muslim in order to save his sanity. They recruited him to be their spy. He is eventually found out by the USA intelligence agencies and becomes a double spy - working for the CIA.
Homeland.jpg [ 34.82 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I observe a blank, white computer punch card like that I used with early IBM mainframe computers to record a line of computer code the machine understands in terms of numbers from 0 to 9. It was not like the card shown since it was blank. Then the card is turned over and I make out a hand written black font text “press” (pushing the “bombs away” button is being connected to Yin > higher Yang). Then the card is flipped over to the front side and now sitting on its SE to NE end is a strange luminous white animal whose large jackal pointed ears are pink on the inside like those on an Easter rabbit (Pink is the color of the coniunctio in my material). It’s Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, who suggests resurrection and a glorified body. As the head of a man Anubis’s main role was ''The Guardian of the Scales''. This was related to the belief that after death a person meets the gods who put his or her heart on a special scale. The scenes of the weighing of the heart ceremony from the Book of the Dead present Anubis - who measured if the person was worthy enough to live an eternal life. Thus, Anubis could decide the soul’s fate. As I prepare this post I am recalling the idiom “To have your card punched.”
Anubis Card.jpg
Anubis Card.jpg [ 38.87 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

To get one’s card punched means to have one's credentials, merit, etc., verified.

Then in the darkness facing me is a woman wearing a Sister of Mercy habit. Her face is blurred. I recall the Sister of Mercy nun, Sister Killion, my 1st grade teacher who in 1946 slapped me about the head because I was not able to read (understand the English language). It seems a many-year “slap” of dreams and visions is teaching me how to understand the alien language of the World Soul.
Sister Killion.jpg
Sister Killion.jpg [ 44 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Now it is as if I am looking through the lens of a movie camera that is recording a close-up view of a Xmas tree whose top appears to have been cut off. But that area of the tree is still pushing against the white ceiling.

I am having the impression that the date on the gray tombstone “September 1910” is “9 ‘10” – a quantum leap. What happened to Jung when he began to realize that he had to move past Freud.
Tombstone Mayan Heart.jpg
Tombstone Mayan Heart.jpg [ 55.93 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]


I am attending a celebration with many adults I do not know in a well-lighted room filled with tables for four. I am sitting at a table with Dr. Jung. He sits in the NE area and I sit in the SE area (between us is luminous Anubis with pink ears based on the punched computer card image). A couple of women sit with us.

I then move around the room talking with a few other men. I tell one of them that I am part of Dr. Jung’s family by marriage.

End of Dream

Then I see a close-up view of a large clear glass jar of pickles that is slowly rotating clockwise.

Next, I observe a young man walking up a flight of brick stairs to my level as if from an underground parking garage. He carries a 100-gallon steel drum and pours out a little whitish liquid that was left over in the bottom. The barrel bomb is all used up it seems.

Fri. 16 March 2018

I observe a side view of an upside down green wine bottle that is mostly stuck underneath the clothing on the right side of a man’s chest (as if “floating” there given the next vision).

Then I observe a semi-transparent green empty bottle whose surface is covered in many smooth convex “pillow lava” shaped bumps (Mayan heart sacrifice stone connection) as if heat has done this like when a bottle maker blows a shape in melted glass. It is being held by a right hand at a 30-degree angle towards the West on the West side in the view in the darkness. I suddenly have the impression, “A message in a bottle” which reminds me of the recent story of a 132-year old message in a bottle that washed up on the Western shore above Perth, Australia. Comment: Given the colors in the following image is appears that the message is about Eros Christ consciousness.
Bottle Green Pillow Lava.jpg
Bottle Green Pillow Lava.jpg [ 20.63 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I observe a young woman’s chest area from her left side. She wears a two-tone purple sweater where the darker purple color covers her breast area. I recall that darker purple is color coded connected to those in Holy Passion Week. Psychologically, it is a nurturing union of the opposites, of masculine and feminine principles.

In the darkness I observe a man over from over his left shoulder or SW area as he holds a woman in a posture as if they are doing a dance using “the dip” gesture. They are bent over fowards towards the NW in the view and she has her head arched backwards towards the ground as if in ecstasy.
Dance Dip.jpg
Dance Dip.jpg [ 24.75 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

All the visions that follow occurs in darkness with an emphasis on people in front of my right side or passing by my right side from in front of me.

I see a close-up view of the chest and belly area of a young woman wearing a light purple chiffon dress who stands close to the front of my right side. She uses both hands to hold a wide bouquet of many different colored flowers over her breast area. Behind her is another similarly dressed young woman. I suddenly have the impression that these are bridesmaids.

Then I see the knee and thigh area of another woman’s dress that is darkred. The garment changes color to a lighter red with black splotches as I observe.

Now I observe a red carpeted floor having fancy wood chairs on it. A large yellow-gold teardrop appears over the top of a orange wood floor portion next to the red carpet.

A sitting man wears a cyan tee shirt and gray pants. He holds a silver Italian horn jewelry piece between his hands. Comment: The amulet is worn on a necklace – apparently to protect the heart from the Evil Eye of God. Its wavy shape suggests unus mundus level protection from the evil cast by the bright shadow of the Logos Christ eon.
Italian Horn.jpg
Italian Horn.jpg [ 16.45 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

The little horn is an ancient Italian amulet worn to protect against the evil eye.

I observe a young couple down below with their backs angled 45-degrees across the NW corner in the view. She stands next to his right side. They hold a long “dinner fork” towards my chest (she uses her left hand and he uses his right hand) – as if to sample wedding cake comes to mind. The flow of renewed Ra consciousness is being equated with eating of the coniunctio, of the essential ingredients of the Holy Wedding. I am reminded of the cake frosting decoration that came up in an April 2016 vision.
Cake Frosting Decoration.jpeg
Cake Frosting Decoration.jpeg [ 26.45 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

I observe a man dressed in black, from his SW area, sitting on a barstool while hunched over eating something from the narrow wood rectangular elevated “bar top” using chop sticks.

A man in black clothes walks past my left side heading into the dark NW in the view. He wears his hair in a braided pony tail like some Chinese like to do.

Many mixed adults of all ages are approaching me and pass by my right side in the darkness. It seems I have my back to a large building behind me that they are entering. Soon lines of people are waiting to move on past.

Then a man dressed in a gray short sleeve shirt is standing in front of me. The woman next to his right side wears a lovely pink dress.

As people pass by I notice that some are holding large polished gemstones in their hands. I recall a green one and a blue one but many were multicolored. Some look like decorations in the shape of small toys – for a Xmas tree it seems.

I am recalling that when the heart of the Logos Christ was pierced blood and water flowed out. But the Menorah flowed only water, the aqua permanens it seems, the “divine water”.

I am standing in the aisle in front of the front row of seats near the middle aisle (the NE area of the seating on the right side of the seating) in a large auditorium whose seats are on a concrete floor which slopes towards the front like one sees in a movie theater or an opera house. People are pouring in, and are wearing many different colored casual clothes, to be seated but already all the front row seats are taken. Strangely, there is a large, tall, vertical black rectangular fabric that is invisibly suspended in front of me by the front center aisle. As I observe the shape becomes about ten feet tall.

A man is standing directly in front of my right side who wears a fancy gray suit of clothes. He wears a red blanket which covers about half of his right shoulder. I recall that Buddhist monks wear a red blanket over one of their shoulders.

I observe the left side of a man’s face. It is partially decorated like a clown might do. But now I realize that it is only his left eye area that is decorated using black eye shadow that gives it the appearance of being like the eye of Horus. But here much more eye shadow is used and it appears that his eyelid is closed as the entire area is black.
Eye Of Horus.jpg
Eye Of Horus.jpg [ 21.71 KiB | Viewed 45 times ]

Standing by the front of my left side is a young girl looking up at me. She wears large round black sunglasses that are so dark it is hard to imagine she can see anything.

Standing close to my front in the darkness is a young slender woman wearing a white wedding dress. The fingers on her right hand are moving about as if she is using sign language.

I stand in a large room near the SE corner of a large, rectangular, dark wood coffee table neatly filled with small decorations and potted plants as well as some food.

Then in the view I observed two parallel tan wood rectangular coffee tables that have various pieces of jewelry neatly arranged on their surface. I notice a pair of rectangular bracelets having a border of red gems and an interior of white diamonds. I am reminded of all the different jewelry items that have appeared over the years in the visions like pink pearls mounted on a ring or on ear rings.

The view has changed and now I am looking down at more jewelry lying on a large circular brown wood table covered with a white lace table cloth. I stand by the SE area of the table. Then I see curled up tree leaves being laid on the table having colorful green transitioning to purple colors.

I observe a seated woman holding a bunch of chardonnay (green) grapes above her folded arm on the right side of her body.

I stand in an old fashion tea house having long slender reddish threads hanging down from the ceiling that forms a division into “rooms” in this tan wood constructed setting. Small brass bells hang on the end of some of the small red beaded threads (Ra color combination).

Now it seems the above building interior has become more elegant having a black cathedral ceiling and nice furniture. The tables are neatly covered in colorful jewelry items and other items like small potted plants.

I am observing the SE area of a young lads blond head. His head is shaved except for the top. The youth turns to face me and as he does so the next thing I see a few feet away is the head of a large ape looking at me – in the shape of a gorilla but with dark brown fur.

In a daylight view I stand in the outside rectangular entrance way to a building behind me. The entrance way is bordered by plants and tall shade trees. People are coming into this area from the large parking area. I have the impression a celebration of some event is going to take place and is being prepared.

I am in a large room with many people scattered about. The focus is on three men standing side-by-side who are wearing cyan silk one-piece clothes. They are moving about in union with each other as if a dance is meant.

Then in this same place I quickly see many large rectangular coffee tables neatly arrayed with small white saucers having a single green stem of vegetation vertically growing up out of their center. Some have flowers appearing on the end of the stems. Then people are approaching me in front of my right side while carrying a small object from the tables as if parading them for my viewing. A man wearing gray and black clothes reaches towards my 3rd eye as he passes by.

A person stands in a strange manner wearing strange multicolored clothes in front of my left side. Suddenly I recognize the posture to be that of a gargoyle.

I stand inside a large atrium having a cement floor that is mostly covered with low rectangular cement bench seats and much vegetation. The place is crowded with many people. Areas are portioned using metal framework enclosures and I stand inside one. Again I see flowers of many different kinds and colors and pots to match. People are busily moving about as if preparing for some event.

I observe the black metal edge of a metal frame that encloses a large thick window that can swing open. The focus is on the short rods that are along the metal edge for about a foot. On the end of each rod is a small stainless steel sphere. The vertical column is separated as if an adjacent window frame has a similar arrangement of spheres that are slightly vertically offset – forming a locking mechanism when they close.

I hear dogs whining in the distance as if they want to be with their master.

I observe people sitting in casual wooden chairs with a glass of water.

I observe a gray painted concrete block wall. On an adjacent closed white door is a crosshatch of letters and numbers in black. Then were the letters and numbers were seen it becomes blank and then black text appears in its place.

I observe a blue area on a red ceramic container shaped for drinking a glass of water.

I see a container in which one would bake a cake.

I see black musical notes on a sheet of white paper.

I observe a single ripe red cherry in the darkness.

White text is appearing in the blackness.

In the NE area of a dark room I observe a lighted table lamp whose white lampshade is a truncated cone and the lamp is bronze in color.


PS Check this article out.

Earth View Life.jpg
Earth View Life.jpg [ 129.25 KiB | Viewed 44 times ]

https://www.theatlantic.com/science/arc ... ve/554513/

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Post Balancing The Heart Scales
Sat. 17 March 2018

In the darkness I observe a green pattern of concentric circles as If made from stained glass. The pattern reminds me of the 10 to 11 concentric circles one sees in a yellow onion.
Stained Glass Onion.jpg
Stained Glass Onion.jpg [ 54.02 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Comment: Earlier this year an Avatar blue such UFO pattern was seen and it pulled up into a wormhole shape opening in the NE in my post DO Go To Europa; DO Land There – 25 January 2018. Underneath green is yellow comes to mind. The 11th is the center that is the unus mundus. Like this a UFO is something that has a connection to the unus mundus is meant. Something can flow out of it into spacetime. An Eros ego altered state of consciousness can allow this incarnation to happen as an inner experience. Apparently not enough observers of the inner new births are happening and the potential new births begin to concretize in the outer situation as UFO phenomena and abduction experiences.


I am observing a nice community of people who have lived on a high meadow in the mountains for many generations. But something has gone wrong with the economy and now people are in dire straights as there is no money and no food. People begin to leave the area but for some reason one had to qualify to do so and many do not. Starvation and criminal activity via roaming gangs ensue.

I manage to accompany a group who begin to make their way down the mountain. It is an ordeal to be out in the elements as there are no roads and the terrain is steep and made of gravel. We are above the tree line. We meet one vulnerable group after another. At one point I hear that my high school sweetheart has been raped.

The journey seems stuck as now water and melting snow adds to our problems.

End of Dream

Comment: The black horse of the Apocalypse brings feminine. This has been understood to mean that in the time ahead food for the soul will be found in the valley’s or the feminine principle using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness not in the mountain tops of Logos ego consciousness.

I observe a luminous fleshy sphere attached to a similar rod. There are many long white tentacles that cover the surface of the sphere. Then a cyan or sky-blue color is in the background of this creature and it seems to be a liquid flowing past which sweeps the tentacles to one side giving the creature the look of a squid. Suddenly, the view changes and now I see a close-up view of what appears to be a large dilated iris looking at me from the surface of the sphere which is clear of tentacles in this one area. It has a red-yellow-gold iris with a large black circle in its center. Comment: Normally the mouth is surrounded by tentacles on a squid. I guess that says something about the “devouring” nature of its “all seeing eye”.

Squid Eye.jpg
Squid Eye.jpg [ 22.53 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Now in a close-up view I see the snout and eyes of a baby hippo that seems to be pressed against my heart area. As I continue to observe the snout and eyes begin to morph first into the suntanned face of a man and then that of a suntanned face of a young woman. Their eyes were always closed. The view of the woman’s face is now from her NE area and she still has her eyes closed but she is smiling and her lips wear pink lipstick. Comment: A baby or pigmy hippo came up in a January 2010 vision. It seems like I have had a protected coniunctio rebirth for the long life in the Beyond.
Hippo Pigmy.jpg
Hippo Pigmy.jpg [ 42.02 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

In Ancient Egyptian religion, Taweret is the protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. She bears epithets like, "Lady of the Birth House". Hippopotamus statuettes are placed in tombs and temples to help the deceased be successfully reborn into the afterlife.

In a daylight view I observe a man walking on a gray elevated deck on the side of a hill. The focus is on some green ivy growing up between the spaces in the deck.
Deck Ivy.jpg
Deck Ivy.jpg [ 40.19 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

In front of a picture of a modern kitchen I observe a six-foot tall, gentle 3-dimensional counterclockwise twister of various sized small white spheres.

I observe a snow-covered field with some people standing in it. Then I see the gentle 3-dimensional counterclockwise twister of rotating spheres hovering over the center of the field.

I observe a blond woman sleeping on the NW-SW side of a king-sized bed that has a pink bedspread. She is waking up and sits up looking at me as I observe from the SE area of the bed.

I am in a night club observing a display of a column of luminous white pieces that seem to be emerging from the floor as if a fountain.

I hear, “I need the certitude of a broad license wide open.”

I observe a woman wearing red and white is accompanying a man to a strange train station.

I observe the canopy of many trees consisting of pink and white flowers that are blowing about in a strong wind.

I see a cartoon character dressed like a sailor scrubbing a ships deck.

I see a few clear plastic bottles.

I am in a dimly lighted room whose one white wall has a stage in front of it. A colorful star fills the wall. It consists of several same sized stars of different colors that are slightly rotated relative to each other such that all their triangular tips are seen. I make out light-blue, green and yellow ones.

I stand on a sidewalk under a large shade tree in a residential area while looking towards the NW corner of the sidewalk. On that corner is a three-story white home having green trim. It looks like an apartment building.

A dinner fork is close held close to my face as if by my right hand. On it lays a small chunk of dried out cooked bacon.

Looking down I see the toes on my bare left foot.

I see a man holding a large semitransparent white plastic container that has a little liquid in it.

Sun. 18 March 2018

In a sea of white I see two bright red shoes approaching my location from out the North in the view as if someone invisible wearing such shoes walks on a white carpet.

Then I have the impression that there is a sea of white liquid and when it is disturbed it glows bright red. Comment: Bioluminescence, the biochemical emission of light by living organisms, displays such phenomena. Outer becomes Inner or subtle body when colors are reflected to their opposites. Like this the unconscious psyche says it is a living “organism”.
Bioluminescence Outer vs Inner.jpg
Bioluminescence Outer vs Inner.jpg [ 32.5 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Mon. 19 March 2018

In the darkness down below in the SE area of the view I observe the rectangular tops of two side-by-side boxes that are orange with yellow interior. Comment: This reminds me that the monk spot on the world soul is rectangular. Two box tops suggest the individual soul is on the same wave length as the world soul and like this are mind-melding in the 2nd chakra since both are Eros ego in their psychology. At the moment I am in Barcelona, Spain and I suddenly wondered what the colors of the Spanish flag looked like.
Box Tops Flag.jpg
Box Tops Flag.jpg [ 27.92 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Then I observe where they were, a ring torus that is orange on the outer side and yellow on its inner side. Comment: The 2nd chakra is accessed by the individual soul using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. The World Soul is of course Eros ego in her psychology so the above flat rectangle colors would capture these two-color aspects. The following animation shows how to form a ring torus using a flat rectangle.
Torus_from_rectangle.gif [ 262.13 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Previously the union with the World Soul by the individual soul in a “wedding rings” animation was characterized as being a masculine ring rotating in a perpendicular manner about the ring of the feminine principle. But now this wedded arrangement would like to take a new twist involving the above flat rectangular colored surfaces.
Ring Tori.jpg
Ring Tori.jpg [ 34.28 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

In August 2013 I was drawn to a ring torus composed of hexagons - formed using a rectangular sheet of graphene (hexagon pattern) which, when rolled up, forms a nanotube which can be bent to form a ring torus.
Torus Ring.gif
Torus Ring.gif [ 293.38 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

A nanotube can hold a buckyball. This leads to the idea that a buckyball circulates inside a ring torus as if a nanomotor. It’s another example of what a bipolar God-image can look like, i.e., a “snake” skin encapsulating a buckyball moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner within. The following color combinations have appeared in my material over the years. The red and green combination reminds one of the colors in the wormhole for the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. I should note that ZPE (Zero Point Energy) is most easily harvested at nanoscales and already scientists are talking about making nanomotors using ZPE. Science as longed to try to scale it up for large scale use in interstellar propulsion systems but without any practical success. The Casimir effect has demonstrated such energy is present.
Buckypods.jpg [ 76.15 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

I’m recalling a line out of the movie Darkest Hour I happened to watch on the international flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt today. When Winston Churchill initially gave the V for Victory sign to rally the English people against Hitler’s invasion he was informed that the back of the hand facing outwards was used as a gesture to indicate “up your bun” which Winston took to mean he was giving an “up yours” gesture to Hitler. As victory became more likely he reversed the gesture – with the palm of the hand facing outwards towards the British people. Comment: It seems a similar initial gesture will given to all those for whom “Trump is God’s Instrument” applies – a connection to turd production (new births in consciousness) is meant.
Winston Gesture.jpg
Winston Gesture.jpg [ 36.88 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

Tues. 20 March 2018

In the darkness of the NW in the view I observe a large right eye whose very darkred skin appears mostly black. Like this all that seems to appear is just the white eyeball having an iris of avatar colors. The gaze appears “intense.”

I observe a man with his mouth open. Hanging out of it is a black electrical cord as if it dangles down his throat.

Very dimly I observe a V-shape whose upper end extends into the NW of the view.

I observe an orange and white bicycle like I see they use here is Barcelona.
Bicycle Spain.jpg
Bicycle Spain.jpg [ 14.83 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

On a flat raised white circular surface I see a central open circle having a raised vertical circumference.

In the darkness in the NW I observe an eye with a green eyeball and large central black iris. The large diameter black iris reminds me of that seen on a squid as if its eye has been dilated to help it see better in the dark. Comment: Seeing like the Eros Self sees requires one to enter an Eros ego; as if that dilates one’s inner seeing eye.

I observe a long green limb growing up out of a colorful plant nursery pot – one to either side and they are sprouting bluish flowers. Then standing by the SE area of the pot is a left profile view of a little young feminine woman who is looking up at the pot. She wears a wide white diamond band under her chin and up over the top of her head.

I see the white top for a cylindrical container that has some red text on it.

I am inside a living organism and am able to view its internal structure. It is composed of flat layers supported by arches of vegetative branch growth. At its center is a pinkish sphere also growing vegetative branches.

Now I observe what looks like one of the scales in the “scales of justice”. This “platter” is covered with a thick yellowish substance and slices of red meat. The scale is supported by a series of black lines that emanate from its circumference to a central point above which forms an open cone wireframe. A man facing me has his right arm lying on the East side of the scale while it is in between a couple of the black lines. Comment: What helps balance the heart in Anubis’s “weighing the heart in the balance” is dependent on using the right arm to produce Ra consciousness seems meant. It’s as if the man’s torso is the central column in this balance. The three support lines for each scale reminds one of their being 3 upper chakras and 3 lower chakras as if this scale is for the heart chakra. It reminds me of the menorah’s structure as well.
Scales Menorah.jpg
Scales Menorah.jpg [ 33.78 KiB | Viewed 30 times ]

I observe a white Styrofoam sphere having a cut-away view into its interior where I see a red star. Strangely, some horizontal blue or red lines pass through the top and bottom of the sphere. Styrofoam being “light as air” suggests a subtle body emphasis is meant.

Then in the darkness I see a pair of hands carefully place a gravy serving shaped Aladdin’s lamp on a narrow room partition ledge.

I observe a dinner fork lying upside down on a black substance. The tines are partially hidden in the material.

I am looking up at a gray cloud covered sky through the limbs of the canopy of some dormant trees. A pattern of concentric circles are seen in the cloud cover and a pen point is touching one of the inner concentric circles which is a half-circle.

Now I see an interference concentric ring pattern of black and white and at its center is the tip of a pen as if the penpoint seen in the cloud cover is meant.

I see a right hand grasp the end of a shallow white porcelain dish. Then I see such a rectangular shallow shaped “dish” as the backside of the cabin on a blue and white pickup truck. I observe this from the SW area of the truck.

I see a white business hat having a black band.

I observe the NE corner of a city block. A white birch tree grows on this corner. A recessed shallow area is by this corner and has some water in it.

I observe a black screen on which is a rising column of white text like that seen on a movie credits trailer.

On a rectangular black screen, I see a man and a woman in its NW area.

I see the back of a white rectangular postcard.

I see a black line enclosing a white rectangular shape. In its center is a vertical vesica piscis “flame shaped” leaf in silhouette. The edges on either side of the leaf has tree sharp saw shaped forms. This is a vegetative connection to the “scales of justice” and the menorah.

I see a large ocean surface and resting on a shallow bottom in one area is a baby whale. The mother swims around this shallow area.

I observe a rectangular white box outlined by black line. The box is being extended from the NW to the NE along the top of a newspaper front page. It seems to be used for a huge address label for newspaper delivery.

I observe the back of a woman dressed in white. Her long black hair flows down past the shoulders onto her back. A “mouth font” of the mana of the knowing of her monk spot seems meant.

I observe the vertical pointed blade of a paring knife along the East side in the view on a white background.

I see the name Tonm. Not sure what language this is but when I use Google transalater it detects the language and reveals the meaning in English as “the resting place of” as in tomb.

I observe a man’s face whose lips are red and whose white teeth are showing. These coniunctio colors are being connected to what incarnates in the NW.

In the NW of the view I observe two pot pies, the upper one is stacked upside down onto the lower one. Chicken pot pies comes to mind forming a UFO flying saucer shape. Comment: UFOs are being connected to the quest to learn from the Chicken God – Abraxas – the uniter of all the opposites.


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Post She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Inner Holy Ghost Partner
Tues. 20 March 2018

I see the front part of a used yellow wood pencil pointed into the SW while the aft end is towards the SE. The tip of such a pencil has been seen with its lead at the empty center of a clock face from out of which emanates a flaming avatar colored dove as well as a black and blue numeral 7. The pencil lead is connected to the psychophysical radiations emanating from out of the unus mundus as renewed Ra consciousness for the new young Pope is meant. The new orientation of the pencil suggests the knowing of the lead tip comes from an encounter with my inferior function.
Pencil Clock.jpg
Pencil Clock.jpg [ 34.79 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

From her SE area I observe a young woman wearing a very short white dress as if she is a tennis player.

Down below I see the right tusk of an elephant that is pointed up towards me.

A black rod with gold ends was just handed to me. It looks like a baton field & track races hand off to each other during a relay race. Trying for Olympic Gold seems meant.
Baton Pass.jpg
Baton Pass.jpg [ 24.78 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I see a man tipping a couch forwards to a 45-degree angle towards the North. On the back of the couch there has appeared a rainbow of colors that run the length of the couch. It is as if a prism has splayed the colors in white light.

I observe the inside of a wire frame of red lines that define the shape of a bowl. The bowl of individuation is “outlined” in red seems meant – a connection to the red outline on the capital letter A which stands for Apocalypse. Red and white together indicate the coniunctio.

Wed. 21 March 2018

I observe the upper part of a double blade axe in the NW. Comment: Such an axe has been connected to cutting off heads; the killing off of the first-born ego in favor of embracing the Eros ego. Such an axe was seen embedded in a log and later a disk of wood with a hexagon shape in its center was seen. The wood disk was connected to being a movie reel as if the tree rings record the vegetative growth of the subtle body.
Axe Wood Hexagon.jpg
Axe Wood Hexagon.jpg [ 25.66 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]


I am working for an intelligence agency like the CIA. I simply observe what is happening. It seems the destructive arm is being destroyed.

End of Dream

I observe a dinner fork lying on a white surface.

I see a white surface that forms a wormhole entrance to a throat that is a small black circle. It’s another image for Yin > higher Yang.

I observe a close-up view of the end of a small diameter cylindrical wood object that reminds me of the style of wood spoons used in a kitchen.

I observe the end of a fancy shaped bottle.

I see the black numeral 15 written on a white surface.

Then I see some short branches that are arranged to form a Y-shape.

I see a black line with a black arrowhead ending on a white surface.

I observe a white honeycomb structure on a black background.

I see a plain wood pipe for smoking tobacco. It reminds me that Jung liked to smoke a pipe – something I briefly did early in my engineering career. Extracting spirit from vegetative matter comes to mind.
Pipe.jpg [ 24.28 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Thurs. 22 March 2018

I keep flashing back to my PhD thesis which dealt with the prediction of fluid dynamic values for the variables involved in a hypersonic flow over a needle (a Planck Second shape connection). I am to visit the house of the person who was involved with that undertaking.


I am on a date with a young woman and her friend who is a real anima figure as she appears mysterious in her looks. There is a man here who wants to meet this mysterious woman.

End of Dream

I am flashing back to the young woman wearing the pink lipstick seen in my previous post when the head of a hippo turned into her face. Then I recall the refrain of the World Soul who said, “The kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away” – the coniunctio kiss is meant.
Kiss of Fate.jpg
Kiss of Fate.jpg [ 34.01 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Fri. 23 March 2018


I am giving a seminar on sex with LS (a Jewish lady I know). It turns out the practice is to let the female “penis” (clitoris) penetrate the opening in the head of the male’s penis.

I then go outside and come upon three recently born moose calves. A large black and white house cat is after the runt in the moose litter. I pick up the animal and notice the sensation of its fur against my skin.
Moose Triplets.jpg
Moose Triplets.jpg [ 35.51 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

End of Dream

Comment: The chthonic aspect, the feminine principle, has birthed triplets – as if to say they are the effects from the lower 3 chakras; the infernal trinity, on the “heart-mind”.

I see a man ready to make an investment using an investment banker. The man wants to earn one dollar for every time he tells the truth.

I observe a young woman from her NE area. She wears a lovely white wedding dress studded with many sparkling white diamonds. The dress from her waist down looks like a bell shape or like the dress Cinderella wore. A wedding bell it seems. This is also the shape of an exhaust nozzle which reminds me of the image amplification on this shape seen in an October 2017 post.
Cinderella Nozzle Dress.jpg
Cinderella Nozzle Dress.jpg [ 41.5 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a spring-loaded clasp that has a narrow, almost closed V-shaped in its side view. A money-clip it seems for holding paper money like dollar bills for when the man above tells the truth. It has a plain metal disk shape on its ends. I immediately had the impression the disk shapes were UFOs, i.e., “flying saucers.” The Planck Second (narrow V-shape) seems to suggest the two discs, like Casimir plates separated by a Planck Length, are harvesting Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Comment: Money in a dream is psychic energy. The interior of the disks is revealed at the end of this post.
Money Clip.JPG
Money Clip.JPG [ 19.4 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Then I observe a close-up view of a green apple (Granny Smith variety) whose flower end goes to a V-shape (as if was forced to grow in a wedge; a Planck Second shape seems meant). It has the future light cone shape which contains the apple seeds for the renewal of the Christian archetype.
Granny Smith Future Lightcone.jpg
Granny Smith Future Lightcone.jpg [ 22.73 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a left profile view of a young woman, that reminds me of my wife at a younger age, as she enters a bathroom where I am located. She wears a white bra and a dark tan skirt having a pattern of cyan oval shapes on it.

I am looking up at a white ceiling that has a rectangular opening cut out of it – revealing pink thermal insulation is underneath.

I stand in front of a very tall, wide, brown lacquered, closed door that reminds me of those in the apartment we rented in Barcelona.

I observe a hand pushing on something on a wall (a “button”?). Then I see a black numeral 1 in a purple circle on a white background as if on a wall.

I observe a young woman and man standing by a car on a sunny day. They are on a narrow street in the midst of three story building like where we are staying in Pézenas, France. She wears a pink hijab and stands with her left side next to his right side. Comment: Strangely, the day we arrived in Pézenas I see on the news that there was a terrorist attack nearby in Trébes, France. I guess it is the destructive aspect of “the kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away” is the meaningful coincidence. This reminds me of Edinger’s comment in his book Archetype of the Apocalypse, “we will either be united in a mutual mass consciousness or in a mutual mass destruction.”

I see a dark brown rectangular food tray. On it are a couple of Cinderella dress shaped “mounds” as if the tops of buildings one sees in Moscow. They are dark purple in color and have that “ice cream” swirl shape. The inclusion of the Chthonic son in the opus is meant.
Moscow.jpg [ 37.52 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe a shiny aluminum corrugated (wavy) surface of a heating duct. It starts out horizontal and the goes vertical and out of sight. Such a duct is used in a home to distribute heat from a central heating system.

I see myself dimly reflected in a black granite wall. I am my present age and wear my usual black clothes. I recall that etymologically, one of the original meanings of the word “mirror” is “holder of the shadow.”

I observe tubular chrome coated guard rails whose pillar supports have a chrome coated sphere on their top which is mounted in a sandstone surface. I immediately recall such guardrails used inside the unfinished basilica of The Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family) in Barcelona, Spain (to be completed by 2026).
Basilica Barcelona.jpg
Basilica Barcelona.jpg [ 22.83 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I am walking up an incline as if to board a ship.

I observe a TV screen that has several windows open – revealing different views around the outside of a home as seen with security cameras.

I see a copper coffee mug whose surface is decorated with strange symbols. It sits on an outside ledge by a vertical sandstone surface.

A beige lace fabric is wiping the vertical blade of a steak knife with a black handle. Such a lace fabric has been seen used as a table cloth.

I observe two women facing me. The one on my left wears black and has black hair while the one on my right wears a red dress and has blond hair (Ra colors). The blond woman is riding down a sandstone water slide.

I see two lengths of 2x6 boards lying on top of each other on the ground such that they form an X-shape.

A small pool of dark emerald green liquid partially hides the attachment location of a sandstone colored rod.

I observe an eight-sided water glass filled with clear water. A white cloth napkin is placed over the top of the glass as if it is a chalice containing the blood of Christ.

In the darkness I see the NE portion of a snowflake.

I observe a close-up view of the right-side waist area of a young man wearing a black tee shirt and blue Levi’s. Like this black and blue covers the belly area.

I observe the contents of a white cereal bowl having a hemispherical shape. It is filled with freshly sliced wedges of apple. Comment: I suddenly realize such “wedge” shapes look like a gondola boat used on the waterways in Vienna and in a side view and in a top view have a vesica piscis shape.

I see the front half of small white boats stacked on top of each other with a setting sun in the distance. The have half a vesica piscis shape. Further, they half of an apple wedge shape.

In the darkness I observe a large wine bottle mostly in silhouette.

I am observing the fingernail on my right index finger and see that there is black dirt underneath it. Absorbing some of the shadow of the Logos Christ eon seems meant. This is the finger that wears the Planck Second silver stake through the heart signet ring.
Ring Signet Hand.jpg
Ring Signet Hand.jpg [ 32.66 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

I observe in the darkness in a close-up view the top of a thick stainless-steel device that has six small portable stainless-steel objects plugged into it. The portable pieces remind me of an IBM Microdrive I used to own for a digital camera.
IBM Microdrive.jpg
IBM Microdrive.jpg [ 21.13 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Sat. 24 March 2018

I observe an orange bowl sitting on a beige surface. It is heaping full of large cube shapes made from potatoes that look to have been barbequed and charred in the process. Like this the surface of the cubes are a motely mixture of black and white areas. I immediately recall that the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation is described as being a cube. Comment: The too white Logos ego has begun to incorporate some of the shadow of the Logos Christ eon. The surface on the cubes looks like that seen on the following sliced in half potatoes. Earlier this month in Join The Navy And Ride The Waves a green bowl filled with mashed potatoes had Ra colored grape tomatoes pushed into its surface. The “refiner’s fire” is transforming the too white matter of the Logos ego. Recently I saw a nanocube on the Internet and that seems to want to belong here. So, this addition suggests the transformation is taking place at the quantum level in matter.
Potato Transformation.jpg
Potato Transformation.jpg [ 54.41 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Now I see a white chicken egg sitting upright on a holder on a table surface.

Then I see a shallow, rectangular glass baking dish (like that holding the potatoes above) and it is filled with cooked corn on the cob. Eros Christ colors are connected to corn.

I observe a baked pineapple sitting upright on a kitchen countertop. A large portion of a green leaf vegetation (the size of the pineapple but not the pineapple vegetation) is stuck into its top as if to decorate it for being served. Like this it is connected to the colors of corn and corn stalk vegetation. As a sweet it functions as the coagulatio operation in alchemy – sticking together fragments to make earth. The cooked colors contain those in Ra and the green vegetation with the mostly yellow-gold baked pineapple seem to reflect Eros Christ vegetative body colors. The red and green aspects are those contained in the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros for the turning on of one’s Heart Light.
Pineapple Vegetation.jpg
Pineapple Vegetation.jpg [ 41.42 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Now I am looking down into a toilet where I see many tiny black poppy seeds and other small debris lying on the white surface. I immediately recall that “crumbs” like this fall from an Everything bagel which I like to consume (has a ring torus shape).

I observe a strange shaped beige/tan one piece Coptic jar like that used to store the organs of a Pharaoh. This one appears to be formed from two such jars with one atop the other in an upside-down orientation. It looks like a truncated 3D vesica piscis shape. It contains the hearts of the King and Queen it seems. It has the frontal view shape of the six-sided Lantern of the Telesphoros.
Coptic Jars Lantern.jpg
Coptic Jars Lantern.jpg [ 42.8 KiB | Viewed 1 time ]

Now I am observing a close-up view of the disk on the money clip seen earlier in this post. Except now I see its interior which has a complicated pattern of red, green and yellow lines on a whitish background. The circumference has a black jagged line as if a gear track. Thus, the overall image suggests the disk has an electronic clock innards.

Then in the darkness across a room I observe an empty bed whose covers are pulled back. A resurrection from a modern self-imposed tomb?


Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. 1 Corinthians 6:19

Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:40 am
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