The phallus of the Queen and its symbols
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Author:  fox [ Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  The phallus of the Queen and its symbols

The phallus of the Queen

Remo Roth : << I apply the idea of the archetypal flow, i.e., the energetic view, also onto the Holy Wedding archetype, the unio corporalis of Hermetic alchemy, in which the queen and the king create a new world with the help of sexual intercourse. If looked at as an energetic phenomenon, the unio corporalis can in a symbolic language be described as a process, in which the old king has to enter the uterus of the queen, in which – in contrast to the biological process – he dies and dissolves into his smallest parts. These parts are symbolized by the atoms, the seeds or the sperm of the king. As vegetative seeds they create or become the contents of the phallus of the queen, of the dea abscondita (the hidden goddess) – Jung’s phallus in the grave of his childhood dream – out of which the new or renewed young king is incarnated. It is this creation out of the queen alone, i.e., without the help of the masculine principle, without causality, which represents the main content of the unio corporalis.>>

The Lance of Longinus

Remo Roth :<< This phallic symbol corresponds to the phallus of the queen, the dea abscondita, and it brings us back to Jung’s childhood dream of the phallus in the grave. It is this deepest symbol of mankind, the Eros Self and the Hermetic alchemical unio corporalis, which is so intensely constellated in the young psychiatrist.
The lance is the tool with which the Eros ego can liberate the Holy Blood, the content of the Grail vessel. The lance is believed to have magic power, which shows us that the process connected to the thrust into the heart of the God-man/God-woman, the Anthropos living in the intermediate world of the unus mundus, belongs to the Hermetic process deeply repressed since at least 350 years. >>
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Marie-Louise von Franz :<< Lance is not only the cause of the wound of the Grail king, but like Escalibur Arthur's sword, it heals the wounds it caused >>


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