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Author:  Rob [ Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  World Soul Dream? / Question

Dream: I am laying down on my bed, dozing. From an open window a cat jumps down on to the bed. I feel her footsteps. She jumps from the bed and now is in the room. I raise myself and call her. I realise that I am blind and reach out for her. She comes to my hands.

Dream: I see the Earth, or at least the upper half of it, as if from space. A great cataclysm follows, earthquakes, great rifts appearing across its surface. Now more close up, I see people and buildings falling into the rifts. Now more close up again I see a young girl, a toddler. She is toddling away from one of these rifts as it encroaches towards here, looking back at it, perhaps fearful, perhaps amused or bemused. I sense she is or will be the only survivor. There is a “voice-over” in the dream which says “the Earth takes back.”

Question: Now I see the cat as my anima. And I suspect the girl is connected to the “world soul” I have seen mentioned on this site. But actually this idea of “world soul” is a bit strange to me. I am not sure if I understand it. Am I to understand that my own soul, my own anima, is actually one small part of a greater soul, greater anima, the world soul?

Thoughts welcome


Author:  fox [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Soul Dream? / Question


I think in your dream it was the World Soul because she is linked with the earth.

Rob wrote:
Am I to understand that my own soul, my own anima, is actually one small part of a greater soul, greater anima, the world soul?

Gregory Sova wrote:
Fox wrote:
Is the anima different from the World Soul?

Remo writes that Jung’s anima concept reflects “symbolic thinking” and is therefore connected to the integration of the Logos Self via “active imagination”. The anima is seen by Jung as an intermediary figure between the ego and the unconscious (Logos Self). In Remo’s theory, as I understand it, in order to integrate the Eros Self one establishes a direct relationship to the feminine principle – to the source itself known as the World Soul, the anima mundi - via “passive imagination”. Remo speculates that the latter challenge is easier for a feeling type. I could not locate a quote from The Return of the World Soul for the latter concept.

I would like to stress that a further result of the depth psychologist’s overcoming his crisis was the discovery of the Anima. As I show in the above text, we can translate this term as ‘symbolic thinking.’ Thus Jung’s progress consisted of the transition from his scientific and medical (and thus concretizing thinking) to symbolic thinking. He calls this process the integration of the Anima. Roth, Return of the World Soul I, p. 14


Sang wrote:
On p.116 of The Return of the World Soul Part I, Remo writes:
I define:



anima mundi= Psyche

We will use Psyche with capital P for the world soul. Since Psyche is a metaphysical term, I will later replace it by the observable bipolarity of the spirit psyche and the matter-psyche. This way I emphasize that Psyche can be observed on the one hand as spirit-psyche, i.e. physical energy or objective psychic energy, on the other hand as matter-psyche, parapsychological, i.e. magical energy.

277 In a neutral language I call this aspect of Jung’s collective unconscious the feminine spirit-psyche. It is personified as the Anima term and corresponds to symbolic thinking. As I show in the digital publication The Holy Wedding, http://paulijungunusmundus.eu/hknw/holy ... ntents.htm, Jung defines the Anima in this way in his work Psychologische Typen in 1921 (Psychological Types; CW6).
(I corrected the link to Remo's new web site, Roger)

I can't find where but, if I understand correctly, Remo said that feeling types (close to Eros Consciousness) would experience Anima as if it were part of their ego or something like this. I guess that they have more natural access to ‘symbolic thinking’?


www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com

Author:  Rob [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Soul Dream? / Question

Hello fox

Thanks for that, and choosing those pointers for me.

I have dodged it for a while but I have now ordered Remo’s book.

I like the video, little bit chilling for me, as today’s dream had the plane (in Patrick’s post “Meeting Jung” come down. I have posted it there.



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