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 Half smile Trickster dream/ Coniunctio as Collective 
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Post Half smile Trickster dream/ Coniunctio as Collective
Please, just indulge me a little here with one simple question, on the following dream, which I have posted here before, and addition/amendment.

Dream: I see my immediate manager. He is on his back, pinned to the floor by a clown (evil faced clown). The clown makes comment to him “Oh, you have soft shoulders.” The clown also takes a lipstick and proceeds to paint clown-like lips on him (smile or frown, or evil grin, I am not sure) My manager, I see, has dropped a clipboard onto the floor. It is near his right hand.

[Addition/Amendment: The clown took the lipstick from my manager’s left breast pocket. The painted smile/frown was not a full one. It was incomplete, a half smile, the right side of the mouth only, upper and lower lips. I am tending in my memory to see it as having been smile, not a frown.]

I am most of the way through Edinger’s “The Coniunctio” at the moment. I see how he relates that individuation is sometimes a collective event. Thus Matswin’s original reply to my post makes a lot more sense to me now.

Matswin wrote:
I suppose it is objective, although the boss could partly be a projection of yourself. The clown is a demon that has intruded into your workplace and proceeded to paint your boss as a "buffon". When people's shadows are stirred, they often become infantile, defensive and touchy, etc. A workplace can turn into a hornet's nest for no good reason at all. Often it is an infantile aspect in the unconscious of the boss that stimulates collective infantilism, I would say.

However, why does the trickster, an autonomous archetype of the unconscious, lend his energy to the infantile aspects of personal psychology, in order to create turmoil? That's a more interesting issue, for us people not particularly interested in the intricacies of workplace sociology.

Could it be that it assists individuation by making the situation unbearable to mature people, so that they take measures to change their lives? I reason along similar lines in my Thanatos article (here), where I argue that the unconscious destructive urge is activated in social and societal situations where a psychological motherly dependency threatens the vitality of ego consciousness. It seems like the directionality and "manly" power of ego consciousness must be defended at all costs, as it is imperative to individuation. The ego must not metamorphose into a Caspar Milquetoast (here). The light of consciousness must be safeguarded against the Cimmerian shade of the motherly realm, even at the price of societal destruction. It seems like the force of individuation is ruthless in this sense. It is better to live in destitute conditions and to be a man, than to be a milquetoast leading a good life on the surface.

Mats Winther

My question then is specifically about the incomplete half smile. Can you relate this to the Coniunctio (as per Edinger, as collective) in any way?, relate to Matswin’s observations?

Thoughts welcome


Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:49 pm

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Post Re: Half smile Trickster dream/ Coniunctio as Collective
And following this, I just had a nap and short dream. A figure very reminiscent of the Betty Boop cartoon figure walked towards me. I focused on her lips. I’m not sure how I would read those lips.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZnJN2i ... re=related

Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:22 am
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