Third Part (?) in Blood Pressure Test
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Author:  Rob [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Third Part (?) in Blood Pressure Test

My neighbour Kath’s daughter Ruth has stolen a postal delivery van. She opens the back door of the van and together we take two pizzas from an upright box which looks like a document holder. The van driver is slumped unconscious in the back of the van and slips out of the opened doors as we do this. Ruth says “don’t worry about him.” I sense that Ruth has herself bashed him unconscious. One of these pizzas is plain, the other has toppings, vaguely square, rectangular.

I am with a doctor who is reviewing results from a blood pressure test I have taken. He tells me that both my systole and diastole results are fine, but the third reading (whatever that may be?) is slightly high, slight cause for concern.

I am in Kath’s house with Kath and Ruth. I see two painted pictures on the walls which, I believe, I have painted myself. I recall one as having four roughly squares/rectangular patches at top and one underneath, these on a white background. The patches are different colours, light pastel shades, vaguely, red, green, blue.

Association: Kath is a widow. I meet Ruth rarely.

Association: I have recently shared two pizzas with a male friend. One had extra chile. I had one slice of this, it burnt my mouth. I quenched the burning with yoghurt and honey.

Additional: Possibly a second dream. I see three male figures. Each is wearing an eye-patch over the right eye. These eye-patches are white like medical bandage material.

Thoughts welcome


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