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 To dream and to write. The dreams of books. 
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Post To dream and to write. The dreams of books.
My unconscious wants me to "publish" my dreams . This is what I do on this forum. But it seems that it also wants that I develop ideas. Difficult. Maybe one day I could do the same thing Gregory does. I have some doubts.
But some dreamlike informations are not accessible to me because I must be in the "Eros consciousness" state and I can't do this for the moment.

My unconscious gives me a method in a recent dream : I dream that I'm sleeping in nature (in the USA?). I dream of a voice that speaks to me of a native american method to write. I see a giant skull(on a little "hill"): it must be pushed / down a little lower.

To illustrate, some indications of recent dreams ( = "books"):

- I saw a book of CG Jung. If I remember correctly, the title was "Big dreams about the land of the dead"
- I saw the Red Book.
- I saw a book, its title : "Castaneda"
- I read an old book by Castaneda : I read the beginning: the author expresses his doubts about its success in exams (to be a doctor?) The title of the book : "The clan of the clans"
- Dreaming of a film seems to have the same meaning: I dreamed this morning about a bluray movie "Indiana Jones" but also a video game.

To illustrate, some indications of old dreams :

- I remember an old dream some years ago where I saw a book by MLvF about Indiana Jones.
- Some weeks ago, I had this dream : I was at the table with a group of people. Annick de Souzenelle ( Author, specialist of the Bible) talks about one of her dreams: me and a woman had also the same dream . This dream has two themes:one of them is the Red Book. Maybe the second theme is the Apocalypse. In the second part of the dream, I am "locked" in a church and it seems that I must speak. (That could suggest that I must develop ideas about the unconscious.)
- Some month ago, I had a dream about Remo : we were in a bus, I was sitting behind him, a book in hand. He asked me if I finished reading his book. My interpretation: I have to look at some of his dreams. That's what I did (but before this dream I think ...)

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:47 am

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Post Re: To dream and to write. The dreams of books.
Hi, Fox, Some associations? Maybe a picture of the big skull in the little hill would help, becase my feelings are about the skull: is too big for that litte hill. But it's only my reaction.
The natives sure give you a very good method! And you have to write! Too many books of others in the previous days! It's something ancient and collective like the Jung's work in the Red Book.
There are also doubts in two previous dreams concerning ending. And there is an adventurer: here comes the hero theme. As Indiana, the hero has to find the treasure of his own unconscious and comeback to life with it. Gilgamesh came with the plant of inmortality, but he lost it...int the end.
The pushing action for the big skull, is difficult to know his intentions: maybe it has to be in the land of the dead, below the earth, i don't know. The Mother Nature is also a symbol of the Unconscious, so this could be the land of the dead too, and you have to write what you see, what you listen, what you thinks, what you feel there. Jung did it in order to avoid that the strenght of the contents of the Unconscious destroy him.
It's curious, but this afternoon I was reading one case where a young woman try to dig in a cementery because he heard the voice of childs shouting they were alive. Later he saw skeletons everywhere.
I rememember now one of my dreams a year ago where I found an skull that was occult behind a brick wall. The skull was big and was deformed and i gave it to a psiquiatric hospital. A mad man use it as a mask and shout with it. My analyst said me that the big skull was the archetypical world, and the one who use it as a mask, as a way to comunicate with the world (Persona) would go mad.
Why natives? They still know the voice of nature; you know: the connection with the instint.

Maybe this can help you.

Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:47 pm
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