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 Jung's NDE 52-84 
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Post Jung's NDE 52-84
This message is a reaction to Jan's post on Crop Circles 2009, titled
ZORN GOTTES (wrath of god)

It made me immediately think of Unica Zürn, a German writer who made anagram poetry, which she called Hexentexte, 'Witch's texts'. Needing to quote Jan I had to look the number of the message
and it struck me because of the numerology of Zürn's name (A=1, B=2...):
UNICA ZURN = 48 79
ie an anagram of 7849.

I know perfectly these numbers because 'Unica Zürn' is for me a 'golden name', ie a name of which values of first name and surname are in golden ratio. Well paying attention to such things is probably madness, but it is MY madness, and that's to ME that happened what made me come back to Jung :
On last September 8th, I woke up very early with the recollection that Morris West's The World is Made of Glass (1983) gave a wrong birthday to Jung, actually mine (July 6th).
I immediately thought of Unica Zürn, for a friend of mine, a Lacanian psy, wrote an article named Unica Zürn, Bellmer & Perec, where she gave Zürn the wrong birthday of July 16th. Being a native of July 6th I know perfectly Zürn was another native of the day.
I noticed the similitudes between the two names, Jung and Zürn...
I can't explain how, it came then to me that the only date Jung gives in the episode of the disease of 1944, april the 4th (4/4/44 !, see Visions in MDR), should be at the 4/5ths of Jung's life. I got up to check Jung's dates, and that happened to be right, he lived 4 times 6272 days from his birth on 7/26/1875 to 4/4/44, and 6272 days from 4/4/44 to his death on 6/6/1961.

Some days later, I thought an alternative spelling for Zürn is Zuern. Following this,
JUNG = 52
ZUERN = 84
These numbers are in golden ratio, actually they are 4 times numbers 13 and 21 from Fibonacci sequence, related to the golden ratio.

The abstract story of 4/4/44 is that Jung, being between life and death after his infarctus in February 1944, had a NDE. He flew far away from earth, and met 'Doctor H' who told him he had to come back, being needed on earth. Getting better he thought that if he saw Doctor H in the other world, it could mean the doctor was in danger. He tried to warn him, was not heard, and on 4/4/44, the day Jung was allowed to sit on his bed, Doctor H fell ill, and laid on a hospital bed from where he would never get up again. He died on 30th June, maybe the day Jung came back to Küsnacht.
I learnt the name of this doctor was Haemmerli (or Hämmerli), with numbers equalling those of Zuern/Zürn, then the two doctors that met in the other world were too in golden ratio :
JUNG = 52
The really wild coincidence comes now. In the Old Testament, there are two people who didn't die, and were called back to God on horses of fire. They are Enoch and Elijah, and these names, according to Hebrew gematria, have again the values 52 and 84 :
(Elijah) אליהו = 52
(Enoch) חֲנוֹךְ = 84
Wikipedia (Enoch): In a parallel with Elijah, in sight of a vast crowd begging him to stay, he ascends to Heaven on a horse.

I wondered which was message 5284 on UM, and found it was one of Gregory Sova about an UFO apparition in Stratford-upon-Avon :
The quite amazing thing is that Gregory gave here a wrong date to the apparition, probably confusing it with the day the topic began. And this day is Jung's birthday !
For me, the connection that it was Shakespeare who was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon where this UFO sighting occurred on 26 July 2007, bore a priority.

The sighting was reported on 25 July by the Daily Telegraph, I suppose it happened on the eve.
Another funny thing is that these "UFOs" seemed to move like the summits of a tetrahedron. Yesterday, not suspecting that, I discovered by chance the logo from SIME was a rotating tetrahedron
See the animation there :
http://www.tiburon-tv.com/2008/06/27/si ... lm-sweden/
and notice the date, 06/27 anagram of 07/26...

Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:13 pm
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Post Frankenstein Quaternity
Remi - Your Quaternities came to mind when I was watching Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein with my kids tonight. I'm sure you could see it on the big screen at the Cinematique in Paris if you get to those parts - I used to go there every night. This is the most fascinating Quaternity as it indicates how golem & homunculous theater and fiction are "silence of God" myths. The Father/Dr. Frankenstein, the Son/Monster-golum, Trickster Spirit/Igor and Inga/Psyche the hottie assistant. As I recall, Igor and Inga are not in the Mary Shelley classic. The story tries to recall or recreate the Self/Son/Christ when the spirit has left House/castle that is Europe and you can see that same language today in Scientific American and other popular science press ("We are just about to find the original force . . . we are almost there") this same striving.

Interesting that this picture turns up most if you Google Young Frankenstein:


It is virtually the Sacrifice of the Mass suggesting the Father (Abraham) about to Sacrifice Son (Isaac). But in our time in the golem homunculous myth we try instead to reanimate the Son. Sort of astonishing.

From top left Father (Gene Wilder), Igor (Trickster/Spirit), Son/Pseudo Son or Son Substitute/Monster/golum bottom center (Peter Boyle), and Anima/Psyche (chose a face, light or dark):


As von Franzand Jung say about folk tales, the most naive and innocent the most purely archetypal. Mel Brooks is about as innocent and unpretentious and can be and in his regard, these images may be more pure than the original.

Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:13 am
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Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:59 am
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Post Jung's NDE 52+84 = 136
So many coincidences happening that it's quite hard to choose what to begin with.

So Jan 'is' Enoch-Idris, and, looking at CC2009 for the 'alien apparition' of July 26 I saw next posts speaking about Elijah, actually rather the modern 'Sons of Elijah', but the Hebrew prophet was there too...

Bernie, I began watching 'Jung Frankenstein' (that might be the German title of Mel Brooks') on a streaming site.
Well I don't suspect you did it on purpose, but I found meaningful that the values of Jung and Haemmerli were 52 and 84, and Frankenstein is 136 = 52+84.
This can be checked there
I.e. dr Frankenstein who built life is in numerical relation with dr Haemmerli who made dr Jung come back from the dead, and maybe Haemmerli died instead of Jung. In Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein falls violently ill after being accused of a crime committed by the monster he created, but he recovers. He dies near the North Pole trying to destroy the monster.

This is quite astonishing as I planned to share my inquiry about Hebrew names with Hebrew gematria 136, and I didn't consider to explore the field of our alphabet, for it would have been pure chance to find such names there, and here it is...
It is much easier in Hebrew (when you know Hebrew of course) because words have few letters, and some gematria databases are quite helpful.
It's this way I found Hezekiah, the 12th king of Juda, 136 = חזקיהו
I learnt something about him that might be related to Jung. Hezekiah fell deeply sick, and was close to death when God saved him and allowed him 15 years more to live. That's near the 17 years Jung lived after the 1944 infarctus, and it seems to me quite a peculiar event in the Bible. The only thing alike I can think of is the 70 years God added to Job's life.

Another biblical name of gematria 136 is Mahalalel, מהללאל
grandfather of Enoch.
Bible says nothing more, except his lifespan, and when I studied Bible about 25 years ago I found a pattern between the lifespans of the lineage covering the Torah, from Adam's creation to Moses' death. The lifespans of all the men from Adam to Moses are all given, and they add up to exactly 12600 years.
This was seen too recently by some scholars, which made me put on my blog a short account of what I found, with an English abstract:
I didn't have Jung in mind at that time, and the essential thing I saw was related to numbers FIVE and FOUR, and the Hebrew names for these numbers give in the same way the names of patriarch Shem and Eber.
Shem lived 600 years, 5 times Moses' 120 years, the ideal age in Jewish tradition.
Eber lived 464 years, the nearest age to the ideal average 480 years of the remaining 25 patriarchs.
Gematrias of Shem and Eber are 340 and 272, 5 and 4 times 68 (gematria of word hayim, 'life').
It's quite strange that these numbers are too 4 times the actual Jung's 85 years, and the 68 years he would not have come over if Haemmerli didn't save him.
In the Hebrew Bible only two persons went back to God alive, Enoch and Elijah (84 and 52, like HAEMMERLI and JUNG). The main Jewish tradition tried to dismiss Enoch because of the sectarian writings attributed to him, so they imagined other personalities that are not sleeping in the other world, waiting for the messianic times.
Shem and Eber are among these happy few, going on in the other world on studying Torah, as they're supposed to have run in this world an Academy for studying Torah, where studied Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:44 am
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Post numbers...
Hey Remi,


And did you by any chance notice that your post above was # 14, and that you posted it at 11:44 am?



"The tomb is not a blind alley; it is a thoroughfare. It closes on the twilight. It opens on the dawn." ******* (Victor Hugo)

Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:27 pm
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Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:45 am
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Post 66+88... 112+154... 96+120...
Dear Kristin,
I noticed after posting the time 11:44, and wondered if it could be shared by everyone, as it was just my local French time.
I was not really aware it was my 14th post...

Dear Jan,
Again you make me tie together things I wouldn't have thought to connect.
To begin with the easiest, your equation of Christ + Antichrist = rep8 + rep6 = rep14 is astonishing, as the first use of Latin gematria was found in the 4th century for the word ANTICHRISTUS = 154 = 11x14 (quoted by Dornseiff). I checked the Latin text in the Patrology where I found 2 possible interpretations of what the author was thinking about :
DOMITIUS NERO = 105 + 49 = 154
CAESAR IMPERATOR = 45 + 109 = 154
I cannot find this text on the web, but looking for it I found another text written in 438, giving ANTICHRISTUS = 154 = the fourth of the alternative number of the Beast in Revelation, 616 (= 4 x 154) and the author managed to give this result on paragraph 616:

616.Sed haec ad certum computationis numerum discrepare videtur, iuxta quod alii doctores de numero bestiae tractaverunt. sic enim ait sanctus Victorinus episcopus: numerus eius, ait spiritus sanctus, nomen hominis est et numerus nominis eius DCXVI, id est Antichristus.
616.But this seems to differ with the established number of the computation according to what other teachers have written about the number of the beast. For, the holy bishop Victorinus says this: “His number, the Holy Spirit says, is the number of a man” and the number of his name is 616 (Rev 13:18), that is, Antichrist.

And according to this author, the Antichrist will come
when the two witnesses of Revelation 11, identified by the author as Enoch and Elijah, will return to earth from paradise.

What the Hell !

Anyhow CHRISTUS + ANTICHRISTUS = 112 + 154 = 266 and it has been noticed 266 was the gematria of
DAS WOHLTEMPERIRTE CLAVIER using the 24-letters alphabet allegedly followed by Bach (i-j stands for 1 letter, so does u-v), and that this 24-letters title for a work totalizing the 24 tonalities was perfectly harmonized in 12+12 letters:
I didn't find that, but maybe I'm the world specialist of Bach's numerology, although I do not try to publish my work, my synchronistic view about it seeming hard to accept by most people. I translated years ago a bit of it in English there :
I didn't know the alchemical symbol for As (Arsenikos = male), but I know Bach's fugue in As (A flat major) which was my favorite in WTC1. It's got a very simple theme of 7 notes, which in the German notation are
as es c as f des es = 120 still using the 24-letters alphabet allegedly followed by Bach.
The second voice gives right after this theme at the 5th (dominant es), and that's
es as g es c as b = 96, the 4 fifths of 120.
120 is too Moses' ideal lifespan in Jewish tradition, and my work on patriarcal genealogy led me to a striking result, with the Hebrew names from Shem to Moses, the 16 patriarchs after the Deluge. Remember that Shem (in Hebrew SM, "name") did live 600 years, and the ages decrease slowly to Moses' 120 years (Hebrew MSH, backwards H-SM, 'the Name', used for the Holy Name YHWH = 26, forbidden, and Moses is the 26th Patriarch, and these names of men who lived 120 and 5 x 120 years can be related to the 2 forms for the word 'five', hMS and hMSH).
So using the name 'Israel' instead of 'Jacob', we have :
- 16 names from Shem to Moses = 5568 = 16 x 348, gematria of hMS, 'five'.
the four fifths of 16 is best 13 and
- 13 names from Shem to Levi = 4368 = 16 x 273, gematria of ARBO, 'four'.
- 3 last names = 1200 = 3 x 400.
These 3 harmonies are again true with the numbers of letters in the names :
- 58 letters in the 16 names and 5568 = 58 x 96
- 48 letters in the 13 first and 4368 = 48 x 91
- 10 letters in the 3 last and 1200 = 10 x 120
So these last 10 letters, among them the 3 letters of Moses who lived 120 years, belong to 2 harmonies where they get as well the average value of 120 as 96, the two main forms of the Themes of Bach's Fugue in As (BWV 862), and 5 and 4 times 24, the number building the WTC (not to confuse with World Trade Center).
Here's the only take I found with only the Fugue :

That Jan compares As symbol with the two pyramids, therefore with the two castles of WeWeL-SiSaK, is again quite full of echoes, so full I'll come back to it later.

17:00 I forgot a little think in the relations on the 13 names above, of which total value 4368 equals too 13 x 336.
Thinking about this made me find that 4368 is too 52 x 84.
52 and 84 which are the Hebrew values of Elijah and Enoch, or the modern values in our alphabet of Jung und Haemmerli, who maybe were the two witnesses announcing the coming of the antichrist... soon before the return of the christ !

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Sat Aug 29, 2009 1:37 pm
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Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:57 pm

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Post Mel Brooks
Remi - As the Christ brought Rite of Entry to the age of European Christendom, Golem brings Rite of Exit - Golem is the Christ in absence (but did the Christ decline at end of age or did the people leave the Christ - Michaelangelo sent him to the sky away from Mother Earth/Notre Dame). It is interesting that this story, Young Frankenstein, is told this way by a prominent American Jew, Mel Brooks, who's comedic work is filled with yiddish schtick & who more than anyone brought a Jewish sense of comedy to America. Because here in Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks is Rabbi Loeb trying to conjure the Golem and return him to life much like Rabbi Loeb.


And by the picture below, clearly there is a reference to the Sacrifice of the Mass identifying Golem/Frankenstein with the Christ.


Jung is very prominent in Mel Brooks's work and in Men in Tights Brooks actually plays a rabbi.


In Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Dr. Jack Seward, Van Helsing's helper, is clearly based on C.G. Jung (Harvey Corman here in this picture).


Brooks himself plays Van Helsing. Here, upper left, holding the cross:


Dracula here can be seen as the Shadow of the Christ; likewise a "rite of exit" - an "empty tomb" or Silence of God myth rising again at the end of Christendom (Frankenstein first pubisehd 1818, Bram Stoker's Dracula first published 1897) - Dracula rising fro what used to carry the Christ.

Persistence of memory here is European illustrating the rabbi (Introvert) as the inner force of the external agent, the Christian Soldier (Extrovert), as in the 11th century Ivanhoe story: the Christian Soldier (Templar) find the center through Jewish anima, the daughter of the rabbi; rabbi is the Self in the center of Christendon - Mary Shelly's husband wrote likewise as I recall.

Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:58 pm
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Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:24 pm

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Post Mel Brooks and John E. Mack
Should be noted that Mel Brooks' attempts to reanimate the golem is not the final word in the folklore. John E. Mack who wrote and talked about abduction experiences and UFO dreams and visions runs in opposition. Mack, like many great men in the past including Emerson, was scorned by Harvard and was almost fired for his studies. Just before he died he referred press inqueries on to Remo as I recall.

In New York back in the late '70s there was an on page two of the New York Times every day for years put in by the Hasidim who had not long before come to Brooklyn from Russia. It warned New York Jews against moving to Israel, saying it was in opposition to the scriptures. This is the ancient biblical riddle: should people stay in the same place or move on? The Hasidim at that time said to move forward in America. They have since moved to Israel. In effect, Mel Brooks says to go back, Mack says to go forward.

William Butler Yeats' most famous poem, The Second Coming (Slouching Toward Bethlehem), seems to suggest Golem heading to Israel at the end of the world "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold".

That twenty centuries of stony sleep
were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast [golem], its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

This is an Aquarian vision considering the passing of the Christian age. This " . . . vast image out of Spritus Mundi [Spirit of the World]
Troubles my sight . . ." he writes.

Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:31 pm
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Post Crop Circle 1970
I spent some hours watching Steven Spielberg's Taken (actually entirely written by Leslie Bohem).
It struck me with strong echoes to my obsessions about Jung's April 4 1944, about triangular crop circles, about Fibonacci sequence.
I saw last month 1984, the 1984 movie, and reported on Crop Circles 2009 how I was bewildered to see Oliver's Castle in this movie, the place where appeared in 1992 a triangular CC with strange mental events reported, and where was shot the hoax in 1996 (at least what almost everybody admits now as a hoax). And the movie began on April 4 1984, in a scene shot on 4/4/84.
There is an unique CC manifestation in Taken, at the beginning of episode 4, and it happens on April 4 1970 :

Of course there were no such elaborated patterns in 70, this one reminds me of the 1992 Barbury Castle CC, maybe the first sophisticated one.
The colonel in charge of the UFO Project thinks it's a landing area for UFOs and wants the President to come at once, but a flight over the zone shows another CC which is an evident hoax, and he's dismissed of the Project.

Here appears the CC patterns, in the article that caused the colonel's eviction, written by his enemy Tom Clarke, who is maybe behind the hoax.

This Tom Clarke writes books to debunk the Image
UFO phenomena, like this A modern Mythology, but comes to turn his mind as his brother is half-ET...
Despite he wrote A modern Myth (Ein moderner Mythus), Carl Jung believed (some) UFOs were real.

Another funny thing is episode 7, God's Equation, where it is discovered the aliens follow the Fibonacci sequence.

I'm sorry not to be able to explain the whole thing. I even can't do it in French on my blog where I'm a bit blocked.

Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:16 pm
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Post April 4, 1944
Remi - Not that I know your personal circumstances of presume to make a personal suggestion but your preoccupation with the date April 4, 1944 may relate to some kind of inherent memory or collective memory or karma. There could not have been a worse time to be a European in France and environs. France and Hungary were under Nazi occupation. Bucharest was bombed on April 4, 1944 and when I glanced up at the top picture you posted above it appeared to be an image of a huge bomber pointing in at the crowd in the center of a wheat field. ON April 1, even Switzerland - Schaffhausen, near Lake Constance - was bombed accidentally by American bombers. It caused great contention between the Americans and the Swiss. These bombings brought the end of Europe, the end of the Jewish, Christian traditions in Euopre, the end of civilization as we knew it, the end of the Age of Pisces, virtually the end of the world.

This is a photograph of the Bucharest bombing on April 4, 1944.


I had fairly brief experiences in warfare when I was young, but what happened in Europe in that era was a human devastation on a scale almost unimaginable. As Jung pointed out, the poets - Yeats and Maude Gunn - of the early 1900s had precognition of the approaching devastation. Possibly the fin de siecle poets of the late 1800s saw it coming as well. This might be considered post-cognitive; a bitter and tragic residue in the collective unconscious of the destruction of Europe. Freely ignore these observations.

Here is the picture I am talking about Photoshopped:


It looks like one of those children's games - "Find the hidden B-17 in this picture."

You Europeans live so close to ancient memory while we Americans are so far away and possibly broken from it entirely. But when I visited Paris as a young man I felt "at home" there more than I do here in the U.S. My maternal ancestors moved from France to Ireland in the 12th century then here to the U.S. 100 years ago. Possibly we never leave mother until we find another mother.

Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:46 am
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Post Karl off, Jung on
I watched Young Frankenstein, and too Son of Frankenstein, the 1939 movie which was the base for the plot of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder.
Complete here on YT
The main actors in this movie are Boris Karloff, as the creature, and Basil Rathbone, as Young Frankenstein, curiously named Wolf von Frankenstein. It was released in Jan 1939, just before another wolf (Adolf) created the monster (WW2) that would destroy him (notice the "jew" in the URL).

Brooks' idea of an exchange between the 2 main characters gives meaning to the original actors names, thinking of the exchange between Jung and Haemmerli. Karl(off) and Jung(frankensteen) of course, but Basil is significant as well, while the two doctors met in the other world in their primary states of 'basileis of Kos'. And RATHBONE played THE BARON (anagram)...
It's great to see the monster, now gifted with the doctor's brain, coming to help Young Frankenstein. And there is the tremendous moment of the waking up, will Gene be wilder than the original monster Peter, now a good Boy(le) ?
That helped me to wonder about this : Haemmerli did probably save many lives before he came to heal Jung. Maybe some of the people he saved had NDEs, but didn't come back from the other world with the strange idea that the doctor who healed them would die instead of them. Would Haemmerli have died if Jung didn't identify him with Asklepios, thundered by Zeus because he brought back people from Death land ?

I thought too about the role of thunder in the Frankenstein theme. In his visions of 44 Jung said he went to a place where was celebrated the hieros gamos between Zeus and Hera. Name 'Zeus' is coming from Sanskrit dyaus meaning sky, German Himmel, and HAEMMERLI allows this cross anagram:

Actually Greek Hera is written with 3 letters, ÊRA, another form of AÊR, air.

Sorry Bernie to have been so long to post this. I was lost in some numerical developments which go so far that it is better to forget about the whole of it.
I'll just say that during the night of Sept 8, the anniversary of my discovery of Jung's life schematic pattern, which was too the first day of the 136th year of the Pataphysical Era (Jarry being born on 9/8/1873), I found a logical way to rearrange the letters of
FRANKENSTEIN = 136 (with A=1; B=2...)
Letters appearing just once are
Letters repeated are

Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:39 am
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Post Soul survivor
I was wondering about sharing this, but Jan's post about his car crash made me feel I had to.
On last Saturday I watched first episod of Medium, season five.
The principle of the serie is that Allison has dreams helping to solve murders, but her dreams always need to be interpretated.
In this episode, Soul survivor (warning spoilers), Robin Aaronson is killed. She was the sister of Gabrielle, who was the wife of writer Nathan Cafferty, who died 2 years ago in a car crash involving another man, Joel Tiernan. Joel, wounded at the head, saw Nathan dying, and pretended to have received his soul. He knows so well everything about Nathan's life that Gabrielle is abused and marries this crook, believing he is her reincarnated previous husband.
First, Allison dreams of an old TV program about the case of Phineas Gage, whose brain was crossed in 1848 by a rod of metal, who survived 10 years to this terrible accident.
It's a real case, but the explanation to his change of mood after his accident is fictitious : in the infirmary he laid besides a dying bandit, Cyrus Ames, and the hole in Phineas' head allowed him to received Cyrus' leaving soul...

In this dream Allison sees Phineas with Joel's face.

Another dream allows her to guess that Joel stole after the crash Nathan's autobiography, a manuscript nobody knew he had written. That's how he fooled everybody but Robin, with whom Nathan had an affair, that he didn't mention in his autobio done to be published. So when Robin told Joel that if he didn't know that, then she was going to reveal he was a crook, he had to kill her.
There is an interesting quaternity, with the 2 sisters and the double husband/lover, but what puzzles me is the transfer of soul, related to the transfer in Mel Brooks' Frankenstein, which I relate to Jung-Haemmerli exchange, related otherwise to Elijah-Enoch.

To do it short, Enoch was an important figure in the early trend of Jewish mysticism called Merkabah, where he has other names like Metatron or Yehuel.
This last name is same as Joel, meaning YHWH (is) God, and it is spelled with same letters as Elijah, meaning God (is) YHWH...
So Jung might be God-YHWH, while Haemmerli would be YHWH-God.

The quite weird thing is to have a lien between a real Phineas and the fictitious Joel and Aaronson sisters. The biblical Phineas (or Pinhas) is the grandson of Aaron. His best known action is to have killed a Hebrew and a Madian woman having a forbidden relationship. The tradition states he stabbed them through their bellies while making love, so that everyone could see their mixed genital parts.
This is read in the synagog every year in the paracha (weekly reading) Pinhas, followed by a haftara (additional reading) concerning Elijah, because tradition assumes Elijah is Pinhas, maybe reincarnated, maybe for a similarity in their deeds, that's not quite clear...
So we have a Joel (same letters as Elijah), coming 160 years after a "real soul survivor" Phineas, who stabs an Aaronson sister because she had a forbidden relationship, and the episode is directed by Aaron Lipstadt...
To go just a bit further, I've been for long quite interested in this relation Pinhas-Elijah because their Hebrew gematrias are 208 and 52, and 208 = 4 x 52, while 52 itself is 4 x 13, gematria of ehad, "one". I might give many such relations involving sacred and profane, main of them being
The tree or life = 233 (in Hebrew)
The tree of knowledge of good and evil = 4 x 233
In the Cabbala these trees are too Tiferet and Malkhut, whose union was watched by Jung during his 44 visions, at the knot of his pattern of life 4+1.

OK I'll stop there to come to a personal synchronicity. On Friday, the day before I saw Soul survivor, I explored the web about a double plane crash in 1948, on a mountain near my place (actually the mountain where are supposed to have landed UMmits in July 1950 - not people from UM forum but ETs). I found information on the site of JOEL MARTEAU. The noun 'marteau' means 'Hammer'.

Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:52 pm
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