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 Britain Releases Secret Papers on UFO Sightings 
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Post Britain Releases Secret Papers on UFO Sightings
Hi All, Again, this is not one of my huge obsessions, but I do like to keep track of the claims of types of sightings. Are these things happening in our "consensual reality" or not? Are these things material manifestations as we know them, or are they from some other dimensional reality and/or representative of psychic processes? This first part of the story has some elements that we have discussed before... (an amusing error happened in the date for this item - what should be Feb. 18 was turned into a sun happy face with a pair of dark glasses on somehow... haha.)
(Feb. 18) -- The minister in charge of domestic law enforcement and passports in Britain is used to close scrutiny. But the government figured it was worth an extra look when six witnesses swore they saw a UFO hovering over his house.

That was one of more 1,600 "unexplained aerial sightings" reported in the U.K. from 1994 to 2000 and described in more than 6,000 pages of formerly secret papers released today by the British Ministry of Defense.

The 1997 incident was taken seriously enough that the Royal Air Force began an immediate investigation of what witnesses, including two firefighters, reported as a large, triangular "humming" object seen over a house owned by then-Home Secretary Michael Howard.

The object was described as being much bigger than a plane, with lights around the outside and a disc on the back, fitting a classic description of UFOs reported around the world.

"It was so peculiar," one witness told a local paper, "it all felt really odd, and I heard this humming noise. After a few seconds it shot off, leaving in a flash of light." It then returned, flashing off again three or four times, she added, before disappearing altogether.

The RAF concluded that nothing unusual had happened and no military activity had been reported in the area, in Folkestone, Kent, overlooking the English Channel.

Other examples are in the continued article here at this link:
http://www.aolnews.com/world/article/uk ... 2F19363335


Dr David Clarke, an expert in UFO history,
guides us through the highlights of the UFO files
at The National Archives, released in February 2010.


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Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:01 pm
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Post ...
Hi, Suzanne...

Here's something that struck me right away in the video... The narrator mentions a couple of times that those who spoke about their experiences said there was NO SOUND... This is in line with what my friends and I experienced in '08. There's no doubt that what we saw had to have been massive, considering how it 'scaled out' from our perspective on the ground. But yet, it was gliding through the air effortlessly. One thing that I did not mention in my post about this was that although 'it' moved 'as though on a predetermined vector', it made 45 degree moves (forward and to the right), as though it was correcting its course... (?)

Still puzzled...

kind regards,

Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:39 pm
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Post Opening a huge can of worms...

You ask if the manifestation of "UFOs" take place in consensus reality and whether they possess a material component.

I quote from a previous entry of mine (Flying Saucers 101) whereby I address these very issues:

" ...In general, humans are good witnesses. They may not be able to identify what they see, but they usually provide sufficient information for experts to do so. More importantly, there is very little room for misinterpretation when an object approaches within a hundred yards of a witness, illuminating the scene and occluding more distant objects. When the same event is observed by multiple independent witnesses, the case is even stronger. And when traces such as burns, swirled grass, and indentations are left behind, it is possible to derive from direct measurement parameters such as weight and energy output.

Such measurements indicate that the landed UFO is an object between 15 and 100 feet in diameter, most commonly under 30 feet; it weighs between 30 and 60 tons; it emits visible light energy when airborne ranging from a few kW to hundreds of mW. It emits invisible electromagnetic energy at the high frequency end of the spectrum, including UV and soft x-rays, as shown by the many cases of skinburn and eye irritation. It occasionally emits harder radiation, which have led to symptoms of radiation sickness in witnesses who have closely approached the objects. However, lasting radioactivity, which would indicate the presence of radiation in or beyond the gamma band, have rarely been found at landing sites.

In flight, the UFO has no aerodynamic characteristics. It has no wings or visible propulsion systems, and, with few exceptions, makes no more than a soft humming or whining sound. In darkness, it is frequently observed to emit a colored luminosity which is both global and localized. It usually emits that luminosity in a shape which depends on its current maneuver. Though sometimes described as "flames", close observations have shown that this luminosity does not have a high temperature, and it probably represents an ionization of the local atmosphere similar to what occurs in a neon light.

Most UFOs are symmetrical objects with spherical, lenticular, elliptical, or cylindrical shapes. Some UFOs have a equatorial ring and are referred to as having a "saturn" shape. There are also flat bottomed disks and disks with domes. Some UFOs are very small (inches to feet) and some are very large (hundreds of feet). All of these forms have common flight characteristics. Sometimes, what may be the same object has been observed, and even photographed at different times and places, as described in a recent paper.

All UFOs are capable of incredible speeds. Reliable radar observations (in some cases with multiple sets at multiple frequencies) have documented speeds as high as 10,000 mph within the atmosphere, as long ago as the 1950s. High speeds alone do not distinguish the UFO, since such objects as meteors can attain similar speeds. But profiles of speed and altitude based on radar measurements and backed up by visual observations indicate that UFOs can and do undergo radical changes in both speed and altitude simultaneously. Other observations indicate a disregard for normal orientations, where the UFO is observed to hover on edge, flip upside down, or spin while hovering. A particularly characteristic maneuver is the "falling leaf", where the object swings like a pendulum from side to side while descending. This maneuver to lose altitude was first used in human flight by Paul Hill, the NASA engineer who invented the flying platform.

UFOs appear to be able to interfere with electrical systems, and seem especially interested in interfering with and disabling automobiles. The Levelland case is a classic among these cases; several cars across a wide area were stopped during close approach to a luminous UFO landed on the road in front of them - these encounters were witnessed within a short span of time by multiple independent witnesses. Television and radio interference have also been reported.

Extremely close observations of UFOs also yield reports of odors near UFOs. These odors are often reported as "ozone" or "formaldehyde", and in most cases are highly irritating.

UFOs do have solid surfaces, as has been shown by reports where witnesses have struck the objects with hands, rocks, or bullets. Interestingly, one case directly demonstrated the presence of a force field of some sort, when the witness noted that a thrown rock was deflected to the ground at a distance of about fifteen feet from a hovering UFO.

UFOs do land, and when they do so, they sometimes simply hover at a very low altitude, producing swirled grass, subsoil burning of plant root systems, and unusual effects on the exposed plants (usually changes in the chlorophyll). In other cases, they extend landing gear of some sort, usually legs with footpads. It is these landing gear which have left marks amenable to pressure analysis, and from which we have been able to derive the possible weight of the UFO.

Thus - the UFO: A solid object with weight, emitting energy, sound, and odor. In some cases interfering with automobile engines and electrical systems, in other cases affecting humans and animals with radiation, chemical, and / or sonic emissions.

So, yes... The UFO does manifest and operate in consensus reality. They can be observed by dozens or even hundreds of witnesses similtaneously and in some cases can be picked up and tracked on radar as well as photographed on film. Their presence can influence the material and electromagnetic environment. In one Russian incident where a large saucer "landed", pressure analysis of the soil yielded a weight of several hundred tons.

However, while exhibiting all the characteristics of a solid material object, the UFO also displays behavior that is distinctly nonmaterial and more like a holographic image. UFOs have been witnessed splitting into multiple objects and then merging back into one again. They can vanish and instantly reappear several hundred feet away. They can change shape (polymorphism) while in the air or on the ground. This has given credence to the theory that the UFO is of a "higher" multidimensional origin and nature

But the strangest facet of the the UFO is its psychic component. While maintaining a material presence, the UFO can also distort the perception of reality of the witness by profoundly altering their consciousness in bizarre and inexplicable ways, inducing the onset of poltergeist-like phenomena and "out-of-body" experiences. This aspect was brought to light by the pioneering French UFO investigator Jacques Vallee who dismissed the extraterrestrial-origin theory as being extremely naive and narrow minded given what little we know of the nature of the phenomenon and how long it has interacted with humans.

This only addresses the behavior of the UFO as a physical or quasi-physical entity as it manifests and operates in our consensus reality. I do not go into the problem of contact with the alleged entities that have been observed emanating from landed UFOs which only opens the already huge can of worms even further.


If you like to keep track of sightings, bookmark this page: http://www.nuforc.org

Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:55 am
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