Solstitial heart of gold
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Author:  rémi [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Solstitial heart of gold

I never thought any CC had a non-human origin, yet on UM I discovered it was an interesting phenomenon, involving a lot of syncs.
This made me write msgs
and start the topic
To sum it up there's a quite intricated net involving
Babel-lebab (reversed Babel means "heart" in Hebrew)
Babel-Sesak (the word Babel coded in a reverse alphabet)
Wewel-Sisak (the two triangular castles still standing up in Europa)
Jung-Haemmerli, who exchanged their destinies during Jung's heart disease in 1944,
52-84 their gematrias, sum 136, 4 times
13-21, Fibonacci numbers, an obsession of mine, sum 34 = Hebrew Babel.

I discovered in Jan 2008 a strip about Babel when my Babel-Wewel enquiry was raging, but the strip was disappointing, despite the name of the author, COR... ("heart" in Latin). I had a look at his other strips, one was about CC's, and it was faked CC's coding "Fibonacci word", but at this time I had no interest in CC's, and at first sight the Fibonacci trick seemed nuts.
I had forgotten that strip when I discovered in June 09 the "Sisak's Castle" CC's. As my study involved 6-summit SoS and its center as a 7th point, and as it was close my birthday on 7/6, Jul 6, I published it on my French blog on my 59th birthday.

Image Image
On last Jun 8, I saw by chance the strip by COR... at the public library, and thought I had to take a real look at it. I discovered it was not at all nuts, and that the author spent many hours to imagine how to code in 5 CC's the 60 first letters of the Infinite Fibonacci Word, a real mathematical object which constitutes the sequence 5614 in Neil Sloane's online tool known by everyone interested in maths:
There was 2 syncs there :
A comment by a friend of mine, Eric, sent on 7/6/05, 5 years before my 60th birthday coming, the day I chose to publish the case. Believe my word, 60 = 55+5 is prominent from a Fibonacci point of view.
The other thing was the number of the sequence, 5614, where I see a quaternity, 56 = 4 x 14.
Believe me too, 56 and 14 immediately mean to me two Hebrew words, yom zahav : "day of gold".
About at the same moment, I learnt a CC was discovered on Jun 21, and it was coding for Golden Ratio, 1.61803399, like a CC coded for Pi =3.141592654 in 2008. It appeared close to a heart made of 1000 bushtrees (by a landlord in love once upon a time).
All this, Golden Ratio, heart, Neil Sloane, reminds me of the song Heart of gold, by Neil Jung, of course.

The expression yom zahav doesn't appear in the Bible. I have a software to find ELS sequences (Bible Code), in which I see another privileged access to syncs, and the first skips to get 6 letters of yom zahav are of -6 and -7 letters (next one is 21), suggesting my birthday 7/6.
Skip 6 is interesting, as it begins on the first letter of the first verse of Isaiah 38, where Isaiah comes to see king Hezekiah, sick to death.
Looking for 136 in the Bible (= 52+84 = Jung Haemmerli), I found Hezekiah in Aug 2009, and noticed his recovery was a bit alike Jung's case.
It's this way I found Hezekiah, the 12th king of Juda, 136 = חזקיהו
I learnt something about him that might be related to Jung. Hezekiah fell deeply sick, and was close to death when God saved him and allowed him 15 years more to live. That's near the 17 years Jung lived after the 1944 infarctus, and it seems to me quite a peculiar event in the Bible. The only thing alike I can think of is the 70 years God added to Job's life.

So the Golden Day sent me first (skip 6) to the event I saw as the nearest of Jung's recovery, and the skip 7 was in II Chr 28,9-10, about Achaz father of Hezekiah.
The initials of words yom zahav belong to names Isaiah and Hezekiah, who played Haemmerli and Jung's parts in their time.
I hear again of this 15 years given to Hezekiah on my 60th birthday's eve, 60 = 15 x 4.
Yom zahav = 70, as the 70 years given to Job.

I wrote that on my French blog on 7/6, and for my 60th birthday my friends of a French constraint writers group sent me a booklet of 76 pages. It happened to be the 15th booklet of this kind (BLO 15). The title sounds like a scale DEFGABCD in French notes and means ""Rémi facing the golden net".
I notice this 76 pages (7/6) while writing this msg, which is my 76th post on UM.
There was a big something by the Eric who wrote a comment to Neil's sequence 5614 on 7/6/05, about what he calls "Schulz equalities", when additions are true arithmetically as well as gematrically. His last example is about number 60, and each of these sets of numbers written in French leads to gematria 240 = 60 x 4 : 25+35 = 19+41 = 13+47.

Sorry if this is a bit intricated, but that's far more intricated actually, and giving only a simple aspect of it would be wrong.

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