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Post Reconnection
Hi everybody...

It's been a while that I haven't written or even been on this forum...
We all have our experiences and inner understandings... I just followed the way...
After beeing a healer and reconnecting to various paranormal abilities such as going and recieving teachings from other dimensions in consciousness, being able to remember past lives and understanding and remembering many other "mysterious" things from various lives, wisdom, all that on my own with my husband... I gave back all those abilities which are nothing, to be able to go deeper. Ego and power bllind and manipulate human beings, everything here is illusion...
I finally found the way back ... the Great Way which enables us to go back to our personal origin... I advise you, but only your heart can decide and guide you, to read Zhuan Falun. To read this book you should cast off any limited human notions....
I now practice Falun Dafa, everything is free... Go to this website: Web Page Name, choose your language and then go to the books page, you will be able to download Zhuan Falun.

I have experienced many things that might appear strange for an "ordinary" person, in this book and in other conferences of Mr Li Hongzhi, I found what I had previuosly understood and been through. Most things that belong to the "other side" can't be explained or described with human words..; it doesn't work the same way,it's not the same rules and laws... You need to understand that everything is multidimensional and everything is also different with different planes and time spaces... Those are things you can only understand with experience... no human thinking... anyway, most things works through telepathy, it's like vibrations which enlightens your heart without words everything becomes clear....The key is to never become attached to anything you think you know, see, understand as the real disciple keeps on sublimating and transcending each truth and states that he goes through....

Excuse my English, as I am French, it's been a few years I haven't been abroad and talked english....

Nevertheless, here is a little poem of mine....


I have been waiting
For such along time
To finally reconnect
To this Land of Purity,
Free of 'I'
Free of forms, notions, and thinking.
I belong to the Source,
Its origin has no face,
Its wisdom has no limit,
It encompasses everything.

I have been waiting
For such a long time
To tell you,
Dear friends,
The only way back
To the origin
Is Dafa.

We 've come down,
Layer by layer,
Density depriving us of our true nature,
But, in our heart,
Never did we forget
Our sacred pledge,
Help rectify the universe
And accompany Master
Till the final step.

Earth means nothing to me,
Nor does this flesh body.
Out of there,
I am wide and silent,

Land of Purity,
I know thee,
In my heart,
In my soul,
You've been pushing me,
Up and up,
Helping me to transcend all worlds,
To enter the sacred state of Divinity.

I once was
But a dash of light
In the sea of Unity.
Division does not exist,
It's an illusion,
Don't be deceived,
When you look beyond,
In the depth of wisdom,
It all comes clear
And you can remember
Who you really Are.


Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:07 pm
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Post Falun gong
Thanks, Eliane - you seem to be experiencing this described by the Buddha in Dhammapada: "Better than a hundred years not seeing one's own immortality is one single day of life if one sees one's own immortality." I occationally receive mail usually from women who practice and and follow the Falun gong method because thousands of practisioners are being imprisoned in China they say. We see them in meditaiton circles in Ann Arbor and in Boston Common - impressive in their dedication.

http://fiddleferme.blogspot.com/2008/08 ... think.html


Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:10 pm
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Post Inner Faith
Unfortunately, you are right, Falun Dafa has been persecuted since July 1999. It's a pity people mix Dafa and the persecution...
To me Dafa is a cultivation way. The more you stay upright, abide by the universal principles Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance) the more you awaken to mysteries that, to this point, an "ordinary" human being cannot grasp a single thing.
When it comes to the CCP, they will get what they deserve and this type of Karma is fatal. Nobody should do so much harm.

Dedication.... I call it inner faith... but it has nothing to do with religion, Dafa is not a religion, it's the Way. It belongs to each person to be responsible for himself, to look within and to cultivate... Everybody belongs to a different level of being and has a different way and pace of awakening... As it's written in Zhuan Falun: "cultivation depends on oneself, gong depends on the Master".
This faith has always been there, within me, around me, everywhere I exist, it's pushing me to go back and find the way back to my origin...Now, that I have found the Way, it would be pure madness to turn my back to Dafa...
What is death? nothing! What are human notions? nothing! What are the human beings fighting for? ego, power, money... all that is nothing compared to the gigantic and vast limitless consciousness that creates all... compared to who each of us really IS! The human body and his way of thinking are just a pyjama! We are soooooo much more than this tiny little brain, even earth is, to me, as I have already experienced it, just a littlle tiny cell in the universe...even our universe is tiny... It's all a question of perspectives...when we look at things on a new perspective, we get another vision and another understanding... so it's important not to get attached to our own thinking as, eventually, one day, we might enlighten to another truth... truth is not absolute... When I was in my twenties (I am 32) the inner voice said to me:"your only truth, from now on, is change" meaning you will always get a newer perspective and there is a different truth at different levels...nothing is absolute. This is, of course, just a part of my understanding to this point of my cultivation.

Elaine :D [u]

Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:20 pm
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