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 Anyone familiar with Whitmont ? 
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Post Anyone familiar with Whitmont ?
here is a review by Christian de Quincey (JFK Univ,Walnut Creek,Ca.) of Whitmont's Alchemy/healing:


DeQuincey describes the hard problem of consciousness as follows.Perhaps the acausal/experiential BCI approach after remo is on the road to a solution or restatement of the "problem":

De Quincey:

"I focus on the mind-body problem, referred to variously as “the hard problem,” or the “world knot.” This is perhaps the major philosophical or ontological issue of our time (for the past four hundred years since Descartes established the dualism of body and soul).........

"How is it that mind/consciousness exists in an otherwise physical universe, and that both mind and matter causally interact?...............

[tom's note - or perhaps more importantly,Acausally interact]

"The mind-body problem is the famous “world knot” described by Schopenhauer in the 19th century; and, more recently, the “explanatory gap” identified by Joseph Levine. It is the “hard problem,” as identified by Max Velmans and David Chalmers, and discussed so vigorously in the past few years by some of today’s leading philosophers and mind-body theorists............

"the true ontological problem of explaining how real minds interact with real bodies. Yes, that is the only “hard” mind-body problem I recognize. .........

"We can’t conceive, even in principle, how to solve this problem. It thoroughly baffles the powers of rationality and intellect to even begin to know how to solve it—unless we at least make the counter-intuitive paradigm shift from substance- to process-thinking. (Which is what Whitehead did. His process approach seems to offer the best that reason can provide: It switches thinking about the mind-body problem from a relationship that occurs in space to one that occurs in time [see my JCS essay, “Past Matter, Present Mind”].) .............

"the “hard” mind-body problem is conceptual and logical. We don’t have the conceptual categories that would allow us to bridge the explanatory gap—because the “gap” separates two ontologically incompatible domains. (In Whitehead, because his mind-body solution is temporal, there is no “gap.” Instead, there is the temporal continuity of the present moment [where subjectivity is] inevitably slipping into the past [creating objects for the next moment of subjectivity].).........

"Because the “hard” mind-body problem is conceptual (created by our categorizing minds), its solution should also be conceptual—and, if concepts fail us, then ultimately its resolution must be experiential. ......

"It’s not merely transrational knowing that may help us out of the mind-body “snarl” but extrarational knowing—and this may be either somatic (“pre-“) or mystical (“post-“) forms of prehension or feeling.....

"However, (and this is a point I emphasize in my JCS paper), a full “unsnarling” of the world knot will likely involve both rational/mental and feeling/somatic disclosures—simply because we are, after all, dealing with the mind-body problem. We need to feel the solution, as much as think it..............

"From the perspective of reason, neither the somatic feeling solution nor the transrational mystical solution can be fully grasped. Both are extrarational...........

"I also make the point (in “Consciousness: Truth or Wisdom?”) that “clear” or “grounded” reason (i.e., reason that has not lost touch with, or has reconnected with, its somatic-feeling origins), as distinct from “distorted” or “abstract” reason (lost in the short-circuits of its own abstractions) can take us to new levels of rational insight and wisdom. It is here, using the wisdom of both body and mind, that we may find an answer to the mind-body problem.........."

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Post Whitmont's and my theory

Thanks a lot for this link. I'm quoting the essence (as much as I see):

When illness strikes, it is an indication that the dynamic flow of in-formation has been blocked in some way (psychologically or physiologically). The healing process begins when we identify the “form” of the illness (revealed in a constellation of somatic, personality, and social patterns) and introduce its “similar” or resonating form (for instance, homeopathic remedy or dream image pattern) that shakes up the system and opens the way for the stuck form to unfold according to its natural flow.

In my Body-Centered Imagination the "similar" is the image realized in the state of the Eros consciousness. It is the deeply corporeally experienced complement to the symptom (eg a pain), and it seems that observing this image (or inner movie) in the state of the Wu Wei corresponds to the healing process.

The first time I experienced this healing process with a woman with multiple sclerosis (chronically progredient form). She experienced a total recovery which dures now more than 10 years.

One of the most important differences to Whitmont is my acausal approach. It seems that Whitmont's theory is based on David Bohm's implicate-explicate order interpretation of quantum physics. The trouble is that the transformation from the implicate to the explicate order in David Bohms view is causal. I however propose a "singular acausal quantum leap" corrresponding to the (singular) radioactive decay. The latter is not observable with the help of physical instruments, however in the state of the introverted Eros consciousness, of the Wu Wei.


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