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 Alzheimer and Body-Centered Imagination 
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Post Alzheimer and Body-Centered Imagination
I'd like to open a new thread in the Healing forum about Alzheimer with Ryan's remark below. I hope that other people can add their experiences, since I instinctively feel that BCI could help in dealing with this problem.

from http://unus-mundus.fr/viewtopic ... ight=#2156


You said:
I do not know if the term "incorporation" has the same meaning as the German "Einverleibung." (My dictionary gives "assimilation.") What I mean with the above is that Jung reduced the unio corporalis to the realization of the result of the unio mentalis, the latter the potential individuation process.

You are correct, 'incorporate' into your present 'reality' or 'understanding'. There is no completely 'new'. There is no throwing of the 'wallet'. Interesting note: Alzheimer's patients fear typically that someone is trying to 'steal' things from them specifically their wallet. My wife's grandfather displayed this exact behavior, my Grandmother too began to forget who she was as she approached death.


Thus, Alzheimer patients feel robbed. Robbed from their energy (money). I guess that this is what I call the matter-psyche, the energy of the unus mundus. They are not able to enter the belly anymore (or never have been), and like this feel that something very important is missing.

However, in a process of concretization they project this missing energy onto the money.

My observation is that a very important symptom of Alzheimer is the fact that they very fast loose the orientation in our three dimensional space. This could be a hint that they should have a relationship with "the other space," "the spaceless space" of the psychophysical reality. Such a relationship one can however restore with the help of the "belly method," BCI.

Does anyone have other experiences with Alzeimer patients?


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Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:04 am
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Post The Spirit of St. Louis

For some reason people close to me have had relatives who have suffered from Alzheimer's. To mention again the Grandfather of my Wife, he for his entire life was obsessed with his car, but more so than what is typical in today's time. Everyday he nurtured it in some manner, paying attention to it. Cleaning it, checking the fluids, giving it exercise! Daily he would look out the window to make sure it was still there and Ok (even before alzheimer's) .

When time came to sell the car, the shop that bought it said it was in better condition at 20 years than some cars only 5 years old! He was very extoverted and good with children as well, but he spent most of his working time very preoccupied with money and how to earn more for his family. His transition to the disease was at times violent and his body became very tense. He was very strong and at times completely difficult to be with.

When the disease began to set in, it was typical for him and I believe other patients, to go walking! Like this they sneak out, almost catlike without anyone noticing, only to be found much later, typically 'searching' for something. (Which reminds me of the time you stepped out of your house in the eros state and almost got hit by a car)

Now this eros consciousness and our body, seems to be our vehicle. And though this is a new experience for me, I find myself looking inside feeling around, seeing what is going on. And somehow this is enough, it always brings me back to myself and some sort of path, even if that path is sleeping, or laying quietly like a tiger in an African plain as I was shown recently. These inner images say everything, but without the noise.

In another example, a grandfather of a close friend of mine developed alzheimer's as well, he was a very creative man who taught himself and worked the majority of his adult life in design. Yet his transition to Alzheimer's was peaceful, because he was childlike, and he entered dream states frequently, and was prone to narrating and following the images right up to the moment he died. He was very lucky to have a patient family that was willing to follow and listen to him!

I remember one story he kept retelling, of Lindbergh and his flight to Paris! in the 'Spirit of St. Louis'! This shocked me, because the plane was built in San Diego by Ryan Airlines! In someway I felt he was trying to say something to me. His last image that I remember, he shared on his death bed, was being on a boat floating out to sea. What a difference! Soaring high in the air or floating gently out to sea! Again in the book the Sufis, a big deal is made of swimming and using a boat to break free of limitations, while Lindbergh was know as 'The Lone Eagle': i.e, The American Spirit, if not of St. John and Christianity.

I also find it curious, that the 'external' sight tends to disappear, that bright lights tend to hurt them, they want to communicate, but it seems that they fall into an inner wordless world. This has been my experience.


Ps: I am reminded of the advice Roger gave me so long ago, about using the 'eyes of a Tiger'. I am perhaps beginning to experience this...Thank you.

"Let us go then, you and I,
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Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:56 am
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