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Author:  pascal b [ Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:21 pm ]
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Feeling inspired lately, perhaps even verbose :)

I wrote something yesterday while I was feeling pretty energized. I sat myself down and let the feeling be. At some point I really felt the urge to write, I mean, I scoured my desk for a pencil because I didn't want to miss something.

I ended up posting it on a closed group that I am a part of on FB. I posted a reply to show where I was coming from, after seeing the time that I posted it I think I rolled my eyes a bit... "As if!"

Still don't know why, and if I add up all the things where I'd say "still don't know why" I could summarize that there's a bigger picture. Something of a positive distraction while nature works at her pace.

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Author:  pascal b [ Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:56 pm ]
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there's another curious thing that happens when I get worked-up or feel like I am getting pulled down. It's likely that I've mentioned this before. Songs play in my head, very specific songs with lyrical content that (though subjective and absolutely biased :) ) speak to my exact situation. I'd be worried if the hints were negative, but they are always trying to life me up. I think it's pretty cool and it makes me smile.

I don't anticipate it because by the time I'm in either of those spaces they take up my concentration. Once my focus is in focus it focuses in on focusing :o

"And he's gotten so close and he won't let it fade
And the reasons still haunt you for the mistakes you made
She says let it go, 'cause it's time for a change
But he's still a little boy trapped between pages
Time to walk away from him
She said "I'll take you some place where I know it will change"

(Tom Cochrane)

Author:  pascal b [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:42 am ]
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"Arise, remove your earth, shake off your dust, raise yourself, that you may travel in company with the spirits, for your wings are those of a falcon, your gleam is that of a star..."

- R. O. Faulkner
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts

"[…] the Hermetic 'way' accepted the human condition, sought our transformation through the elevation of the spiritual element within us, and handed the responsibility directly to the individual and to his own conscience:

'It is man's duty not to acquiesce in his merely human state, but rather, in the strength of his contemplation of things divine, to scorn and despise the mortal part which has been attached to him because it was needful that he should keep and tend his lower world.
(Hermetica, Asclepius)'

Moreover 'keeping and tending the lower world' in the Hermetic scenario is not a repulsive and humiliating imprisonment in matter but a sacred responsibility with a vital role in the cosmic scheme of things that can only be fulfilled by man. The texts speak eloquently for themselves:

'Man is a being partly divine and partly mortal; not that he is to be thought the lower because he is mortal in part; we ought rather to regard him as exalted by his mortality in that he is by such a lot more fitly and effectively constituted for a purpose preordained. For since he could not have met the demands of both his functions if he had not been made of both kinds of substance, he was fashioned out of both, to the end that he might be able to tend the earth and to do service to the Deity.'


'If man takes upon him in all its fullness the function assigned to him, that is, the tendence which is his special task, he becomes the means of right order to the Kosmos, and the Kosmos to him.'"

- Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval
The Master Game

- open citations from
Walter Scott

Author:  pascal b [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:38 pm ]
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Hi Suzanne,

I am pasting something Roger wrote to Jan because it fits well with my previous post. I was looking at older posts and found this. I also found one where you mention basically what is happening right now with the US and Syria. Sorry if this moves about in too many directions but I feel the need to post it in this way.



Let’s be a little provocative: to me, a grown up human being is someone who naturally relates to the ‘Unus Mundus’ because doing this has become a fully integrated function corresponding to a bilateral or reciprocal need: the need to consciously feel one’s working belonging to the universe, and the need for the universe to be consciously recognized in its living relatedness, Eros.

As a target situation for humankind, I guess we are far from the account. Suffice to look at who the living heroes of the western culture are (I don’t mean the fiction figures of our books or movies there): the cunning banker, the sociopathic ruler and the forever lying politician, for instance. Suffice to look at the turmoil of projected tensions. Suffice to look at how gathering themes as environmental issues are just hijacked to make more money out of make belief. And so on…

Naturally relating to the Unus Mundus is exactly what you describe when you write:

So paradoxically in the culmination of 'amour-propre', self-love, where we in some ways seek nothing but our own good and own well-being, the ego and its will principle become so 'immersed' and unified with the greater field of energy, that they 'vanish' alltogether, because there is nothing egoic that 'stands out' anymore, and the sense of self-ness becomes condensed to its most basic form of simple 'being'.

As any natural growth process, Unio corporalis requires time. It also requires conscious acceptance.
What I mean by ‘natural relation’ is that the relating process has become integrated, that is to say ‘works’ as a ‘natural function’, another ‘sense’.
Of course the personality shift it implies is the fruit of this progressive growth process. On this path paved with abandoned ego desires, the (pavlovian? :D) wish for bliss eventually finds its place as something else unfolds.

The ‘crystal body’ is not the exclusive treasure of some people considered as ‘holy hermits’. (If they are ‘holy’ it is because they are “whole-y”, and no saint at all by the way). It also permeates, filtrates through, and finally gilds the surroundings of the life of ‘simple beings’ as you put it. It is, and incarnates in the acts (not necessarily ‘deeds’) of the individuals concerned.

When the motive for your actions does not come anymore from the narrow point of view of the ego but follows the breath of some unexplainable inner life source, what can you say? that you are the right man for yourself, sure. But society doesn’t give a shit. However, the stars sometimes are bloody bright when you watch them…



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Author:  pascal b [ Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:21 pm ]
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Was reading something of Remo's work tending to the Child archetype.

I had to laugh a bit, seems I was setup (life conditions) to have to deal with it.

My impression was that out of two images the child appears, yet split, and is the next image to contend with.

*I'm putting my own words to that to give a description of what it feels like. "Image"

Edit: I had the chance to speak with my parents about being adopted. Many interesting things came from that. In the conversation I explained that this heartbeat that formed me I had no choice to become unfamiliar with regardless of how much love they gave me when I was young. It's not their "fault" that I have things to deal with in that regard, I said. My dad said "you were our chosen son".

This morning (in the shower!) I remembered the gift I received from them on my 1st birthday, a drum (a new beat).

Thinking about this on the way to a family breakfast this morning I parked near a vehicle with a vanity plate - RAYRE1

*edit: just read (today, Monday) that everything in nature is dual - 4.

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Author:  pascal b [ Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:51 pm ]
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"So maybe Hillman was right. We don’t have to ground the puer out of fear for his extravagances. Wait a while, and life will bring him closer to earth."

Oy :)

Author:  pascal b [ Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:30 pm ]
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How's this for a type-o?


Lapis Philosophorum: Also known as the ultima materia, aqua permanens (=its libido aspect), rubedo tinctura, filius macrocosmi or philosophorum, quinta essentia, panacea, medicina catholica, rotundrum, elixir vitae, lapis exilis (stone of no worth), everlasting food): the Philosopher's Stone, prized goal of alchemy. According to legend, the Stone, a freed form of the spirit of Mercurius trapped within the prima materia or initially unprocessed raw material, grants immortality, heals all disease, and transforms base metals into gold. Jung saw it as a Self symbol--one compensating Christ--and the goal of individuation.

Author:  pascal b [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:38 am ]
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Breathe, just breathe.

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Author:  pascal b [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:59 pm ]
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Zeus was heavy-handed at times, as a result I had difficulty in storms because I was afraid to get hit by lightning.

Might not be good to carry that with me, or maybe I should just to let it clear. i am unsure about that.


Author:  pascal b [ Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:41 am ]
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Might as well keep the ball rolling.

There are a couple of people who helping me with an intense time. I feel pretty blessed in a lot of ways.

One song sent me on a search and I ended up here.

Call me crazy, go ahead, nothing can take this away from me.

http://www.cgjungpage.org/learn/article ... the-operaq

Author:  pascal b [ Fri May 26, 2017 3:51 am ]
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I wrote on a FB group page that I've wept what felt like blood on my drums. I just read this page and I guess it makes more sense.

That, and I've read about Michael Harner, Jesus...


*btw, I'm tired of talking about them.

Author:  pascal b [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:14 pm ]
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this morning I was wondering if individuation was the culmination of Romanticism, it was a totally random thought - I've never really studied Romanticism. I started to search that idea and found some really (really) cool stuff.

"Parallel alchemistic insights occur through Shelley and Wordsworth. Wordsworth affirms the autonomous instinct to unify and harmonise when in The Prelude he states:

Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows
Like harmony in music; there is a dark
Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles
Discordant elements, makes them cling together
In one society. [31]"

https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/ron/ ... /005734ar/

Author:  pascal b [ Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:46 pm ]
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Hi, I hope everyone who still reads here is doing well.

quote-there-is-no-theory-you-have-only-to-listen-pleasure-is-the-law-i-love-music-passionately-claude-debussy-56-42-99.jpg [ 84.28 KiB | Viewed 3711 times ]

Author:  pascal b [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:19 pm ]
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Hi, Suzanne.

I decided recently to teach myself guitar, and to my surprise I can get ideas and rhythms across :o

I have an interface that allows me to play into my computer and record the random stuff that I am trying to process. Anyway, the other day I was playing and looking at the guitar strings vibrate. At that time I was playing something I thought was pretty cool, and thought that I should stop the recording and make a note about it. I stopped the recording at the 137th bar (I didn't see the screen, just reached up and pressed the space bar). This is meaningful to me because I felt really good about what I was playing!

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Author:  pascal b [ Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:59 pm ]
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Hi Suzanne,

there's something I wanted to write about on the day it happened but I've let it sit for a while. Just now I felt compelled to write about it.

I often read Gregory's posts and find some ideas in there that are very similar to things I may have been contemplating at the time, etc. Well, this last one was pretty vivid. I was walking my dog and kind of laughed at a random idea that came up. I was thinking of some kind of peg leg person playing some kind of pirate music. I don't know why but I felt it was comical, and I could visualize it pretty well.

Shortly after that day I came across Gregory's post talking about the golden peg leg. Ok, fine, similar theme. Why the hell would I think about it in time with that post?

I've looked at it a bunch of ways and I still just have to let it be. Not sure what to make of it, if anything at all.


Author:  Suzanne [ Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Pascal, I am glad to see you posting about complex and deeply meaningful synchronicities. I have been experiencing lots of them many times a day for several months. Other people I know in person or online are also having visions and encountering new people in their every day lives who are also surprisingly having deep spiritual aspirations recently arising in them. I have been thinking frequently of our deceased blog mate Ann Elliot. She wrote mystical books that are still posted online by her family. I think there is one I read a few years ago... and in a recent dream I heard an inner voice say that I will discover answers to some of my deepest concerns from Ann in a very specific book... I will recognize when I go to see again what it might be. Thank You for your continuing participation all these years in preserving the Ann/Suzanne Blog. I have two wonderful daughters nearby where I live... but you in effect are like a wonderful son at a distance who shares all of our similar devotion to knowing we have a purpose in our lives now and most likely will be in the same afterlife locale together.

Author:  pascal b [ Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Hi Suzanne,

thanks for a being like a mom at a distance! I can't even describe how much I have learned from you and this forum, it's pretty amazing.

For instance, again, Greg's posts. I recently wrote the words PANIK to you in a message about an event I attended (that word was part of a synchronicity). Now I read his latest post and laughed out loud.

I suppose I just have to settle in to the fact that it's all connected.

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Also, for the record, I didn't want to respond to your post too fast because it was neat to see your name in the index again :lol:

*edit: after submitting my post I read it. The image fit so perfectly with the idea of a "mom at a distance"!

Author:  pascal b [ Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:40 pm ]
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Today I read the most recent post in Gregory's thread. I swore, I got up, and I walked away from my desk.

Why o why, that's all I can say. I don't mention mana for I don't know how long and there it is.

I posted on FB this morning on a thread by a Jungian named Craig, it was about Elijah and Mana.

I know where I'm stuck. Why? The only song I've ever recorded and put spoken word to is a song I named THESEUS. I had no idea what Theseus was about when I named it.


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Author:  pascal b [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:45 pm ]
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There is [in man] an imago not only of the mother but of the daughter, the sister, the beloved, the heavenly goddess, and the chthonic Baubo. Every mother and every beloved is forced to become the carrier and embodiment of this omnipresent and ageless image, which corresponds to the deepest reality in a man. It belongs to him, this perilous image of Woman; she stands for the loyalty which in the interests of life he must sometimes forego; she is the much needed compensation for the risks, struggles, sacrifices that all end in disappointment; she is the solace for all the bitterness of life. And, at the same time, she is the great illusionist, the seductress, who draws him into life with her Maya-and not only into life's reasonable and useful aspects, but into its frightful paradoxes and ambivalences where good and evil, success and ruin, hope and despair, counterbalance one another. Because she is his greatest danger she demands from a man his greatest, and if he has it in him she will receive it.[The Syzygy: Anima and Animus," CW 9ii, par. 24]

Author:  pascal b [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Just read another thread, I wonder if the forum will close?

Author:  fox [ Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Hi Pascal :)

I hope not but it is a possibility. You must feel a little lonely now on the forum.

Author:  pascal b [ Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog


A little, but it’s ok, we have our reasons. For the past couple of years I thought to let it go, but this magical life keeps offering reasons to stay.

It’s weird, I just thought to post here because of a song lyric that I am listening to. I debated it because - not sure why.

The last lines are “how the light gets in, I hope you work it all out.”

Sounds 137-y.


Thanks, Fox

Author:  Suzanne [ Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Hi All, Actually it was not us but Remo who started the Ann-Suzanne Blog. He clipped it off from an earlier thread. Of course many of our old faithful posters here and throughout the rest of Unus Mundus no longer post. Some reasons have been that they were moving into work situations and would not be making personal experiences and opinions open to be read by folks wandering in who do not become posters. One of the largest reasons for less devoted posting is, that sadly to us who loved them, many have died over several years mostly from old age. Some of those persons were among our most spiritual as well as intellectual posters. A few people in my personal life have asked me about the forum. I trusted them to come and read. They all replied that this is an amazing forum with wonderful posts that are superior to many new age books about the esoteric topics we have created and maintained I suppose for about 10 years now. I call all of this forum, not just Ann-Suzanne, but instead -- THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WORLD SOUL. One person in my family says it has so much astonishing information that the individual comes by once in awhile and reads more pages. However I do not think that any few people I might know are the ones bumping up the number of readers of our present Ann-Suzanne. Just a very few months ago, I commented to two family members that I expected the number of drop-in readers to reach over 200,000 soon. The number is now actually more than that. Every time we two post, there is a kind of surge of readers. I do not know who they are or why they are likely coming back and not just brand new viewers. Once in awhile I go to various entire forum topics and read some of the very oldest posts from when there were mostly then only a few members and then more coming in and joining in for months or years. It is actually a very fast surge within a day or two of new posts. Perhaps somebody may post who and why they come after reading my comment here. Actually every day and every night, I use the belly brain meditation method that Remo taught us all in the beginning of this wonderful gathering place. It has been a blessing to me and many old friends who were here years ago even if they are not with us any more. If there is a real afterlife, Ann and I wrote emails about probably meeting again over there in the dimension suitable to our mutual ideals and devotions.

Author:  pascal b [ Tue May 01, 2018 3:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Today I realized that it is good that I don’t want to excomunicate the church from me. Christ is the pure light, Mercurius is its complement. If it takes over the light, then, I suppose it is a false light.

Revealing itself in self-discovery. I asked recently “what is the subtrate onto which my thoughts are placed” - it is Mercurius.


Author:  pascal b [ Wed May 02, 2018 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

Not sure where to post this.

In the past 36 hours or so I feel like Neo in the matrix. I’m tired from the info. Yesterday morning when I was coming out of sleep I heard a very loud popping sound, like snapping out of something, vacuum-like.

Tired, but not exhausted, keeping my limits as best as I can.

Edit May 2: “Mercury has cast aside
The signs of intellectual pride,
Freely offers thee the soul:
Art thou noble to receive?
Canst thou give or take the whole,
Nobly promise and believe?
Then thou wholly human art,
A spotless, radiant, ruby heart,
And the golden chain of love
Has bound thee to the realm above
Margaret Fuller in: Julia Ward Howe Margaret Fuller, marchesa Ossoli, 1883, p. 228
Know this: I, Mercurius, have here set down a full, true and infallible account of the Great Work. But I give you fair warning that unless you seek the true philosophical gold and not the gold of the vulgar, unless you heart is fixed with unbending intent on the true Stone of the Philosophers, unless you are steadfast in your quest, abiding by God’s laws in all faith and humility and eschewing all vanity, conceit, falsehood, intemperance, pride, lust and faint-heartedness, read no farther lest I prove fatal to you. For I am the watery venomous serpent who lies buried at the earth’s centre; I am the fiery dragon who flies through the air. I am the one thing necessary for the whole Opus. I am the spirit of metals, the fire which does not burn, the water which does not wet the hands. If you find the way to slay me you will find the philosophical mercury of the wise, even the White Stone beloved of the Philosophers. If you find the way to raise me up again, you will find the philosophical sulphur, that is, the Red Stone and Elixir of Life. Obey me and I will be your servant; free me and I will be your friend. Enslave me and I am a dangerous enemy; command me and I will make you mad; give me life and you will die.
Patrick Harpur in: Mercurius, Or, the Marriage of Heaven & Earth, Blue Angel Gallery, 2007, p,17”

65A6440A-1207-4ABB-9649-064CF2913067.gif [ 2.54 KiB | Viewed 2662 times ]

Author:  pascal b [ Thu May 03, 2018 4:15 am ]
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No words.

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Author:  Suzanne [ Tue May 15, 2018 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

This will be a shorter reply tonight. I will add more tomorrow. Where I live near Washington DC, we had an alert this afternoon that a serious tornado was coming our way. That ended for some hours what I wanted to write about the topic right above here from my blog mate. If World War Annihilation takes place sometime soon, because of the insanities going on among many nation leaders and religious leaders who literally want to have the "End Times"... even though supposedly predicted in ancient times... come true specifically in our current time. I was very young just out of high school when I started college in Washington D.C. We young people in the Girl's Apartment house were terrified. It was the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. There was a famous movie called "On the Beach" that portrayed a rather small group of people who had not been blown up like the rest of our world but were gathering together on the open sand areas while waiting in horror that the clouds of radiation would soon come their way and kill them. There was also the grim song that "we will all go together when we go... as there would be no living humans anywhere else on our blasted and poisoned planet. With all the far more powerful nuclear weapons that are horded by several nations, once the first attacks begin, all the other leaders who have their own nukes will join in the launches.

THE END OF US ALL. Well, I started reading about history, religion, what happened in earlier centuries and why can't we figure out how to prevent this heartbreaking end of various men, women, and children who were at least sometimes capable of love, kindness, helping others, and at least trying to understand about the other races, religions, and numerous political fanaticisms. I still have hundreds of books that I was reading from around age 15 and trying to figure out if there was any purpose to our lives at all. This week in my Senior Residence, I am seriously trying to get rid of piles of old documents and letters, but I keep on finding and wanting to hold on to the ones that gave me some concepts of faith and caring about people of all backgrounds. Today I got an email that is offering new additions to one type of books that I studied in a Edgar Cayce group where I lived some decades ago. For now I am only pasting in here what the email said just before I was on my way to a safe room to hide from the tornado that of course tends to stir up fears of an abrupt end of our lives while we still want more time with our children and grandchildren.

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and your place in the universe? Decades ago, a group of ordinary individuals were seeking the same answers to life’s questions that are still sought by many of us today. What the Edgar Cayce readings had to offer was a broader view as seen from the perspective of our higher selves—where there is no division, no separation by religion, only oneness. This view incorporates the philosophies of the world into a practical daily application for living that brings hope and profound change into the lives of those who apply it.

Author:  Suzanne [ Tue May 29, 2018 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

TWO EMAILS FROM 2008 by Ann and Suzanne

Hi Suzanne, What I wanted to ask is: have we talked about Carl Rodgers. Maybe Rodgers is one of the many interested in whatever we seem to be getting more deeply involved in. I got fascinated with the Urantia material today that I had heard of before but never taken the time to try and understand its origin or purpose and today why Wieman's ideas would be incorporated in it. If as they say it was written or compiled for a time after the present crises through which civilization is passing then this would suggest that his ideas which were probably too far ahead the more popular 20th C theologians (for instance Tillich and Barth) his Process concepts are right for the universal perspective of the future.
with love, Ann

Hi Ann, I think we are on to something with Wieman and Carl Rodgers for instance that is at least very important to our own spiritual progress but will probably be helpful to others too. Also at some point, maybe it would be the time to add the Wink material, as the disciples' feeling of Jesus' continuing presence possibly can be tied into the notion of the "communion of saints" in which love and inspiration can still be shared between those of like mind and heart whether still alive or deceased. Offhand, I think Wieman, Russell, and others probably are aware of our efforts. In my last E-mail to you I gave an example about the others who may be helping Lee and Bob in their communications with us.

Quote: Who are these many? He (Lee) said that my learning to understand about the often symbolic and synchronistic nature of our communications, which can lead to misunderstandings at times, is an ongoing process, and we will get better at it as we go along. I asked again, who are the many, who are some of them? He replied, do you remember who was always talking about how we are all in an ongoing process in our development? I thought about it... Dana Roblee (the professor who was Lee's best friend) used to say, we are in a process of becoming, the outcome of which we cannot know and which is probably infinite. Yes, Lee replied, Dana is one of the many with me. But, who else I asked? He said, listen carefully now, you will hear who else. I thought I heard a faint tune, but it seemed to me a song without words. I could not think of any words. Since I was alone in the room where I was, I began to imitate the tune softly out loud, lalalala-lala-lalala-lala... well, at that I suddenly burst into tears... and I said, Jack! (my half brother from my father's first marriage who was born in 1919 - 24 years older than I was). He used to whistle that tune when he came over to see our father when I was little. It was "Lili Marlene", the song that German and American soldiers both loved. Jack had been in World War II and accepted German surrenders because he knew German fluently, and later he was a noted professor who had written about the rise of Hitler. In late 1979, I had a dream that I should send a birthday card to my brother Jack, his and my birthdays were one day apart, but he had lived far away all my adult life and I had rarely ever seen him. I sent the card. He wrote back and for the first time mentioned our father's funeral and some other personal things we had never talked about. The next July 4th, Jack died suddenly at age 60, in 1980. So, Lee, said, yes, your brother is another one of the many who are with me.

Author:  pascal b [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ann's and Suzanne's experiences' blog

I was searching info on the transcendent function and saw this as I was scrolling. This is something I should have read long ago considering that I post about it here.

Unus mundus: "one world" -- the physical-psychological, transcendental, "third thing" continuum underlying all existence. Metaphysical equivalent of the collective unconscious. Mercurius. Original, nondifferentiated unity of the world, where all is connected. In the view of Jung and physicists like Wolfgang Pauli, the collective unconscious, a psychoid realm somewhere between physical and mental reality, underlies both, manifesting in one reality as the psyche and in the other as quantum operations and the physical reality built up from them. (Beyond this concept, hinted at earlier but described in Jung's book Mysterium Coniunctionis as the final stage of alchemy, where body, spirit, and soul unite with it, Jung felt he couldn't go. It meant a perfect synthesis of conscious with unconscious.)

Author:  pascal b [ Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:51 am ]
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“Soul as distinguished from an Intelligence - There may be intelligences or sparks of the divinity in millions - but they are not Souls till they acquire identities, till each one is personally itself. Intelligences are atoms of perception - they know and they see and they are pure, in short they are God - how then are Souls to be made? How then are these sparks which are God to have identity given them - so as ever to possess a bliss peculiar to each ones individual existence?. . . I will put you in the place where I began in this series of thoughts - I mean, I began by seeing how man was formed by circumstances . . . and what was his soul before it came into the world and had These provings and alterations and perfectionings? - An intelligence - without Identity - and how is this Identity to be made? Through the medium of the Heart? And how is the heart to become this Medium but in a world of Circumstances?”

Author:  Suzanne [ Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:48 am ]
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Hello Everybody, As usual I have been busy with practical matters in my everyday life. Now since I am well settled into my new residence, it is much easier for me to be organizing the esoteric material from my old hand-written notebooks going back to from the 1960s to the late 1990s. My Blog mate Ann Elliott, when she was still alive and posting here for several years, used to exchange private emails with me about personal and family topics, or if either of us was sick or traveling, but we usually did not plan specific topics because that would ruin the "meaningful coincidence" of the Blog and some other topic threads on the rest of the forum. She knew from my telling her by email who Lee was and, as mentioned here before a few times, she received dictation communication from her deceased husband Bob Elliott who had studied to be a Shaman with Michael Harner. At first her husband reported that he knew of Lee's work with others in the Beyond but that he did not know Lee because they were on a different level. This below is a copy of her post from 2008. First for any forum newcomers, I should mention that Ann and Bob had met Lao Russell, widow of Walter Russell, in person when Lao was visiting and lecturing in California near to where Ann and her husband lived. Lao and Ann wrote many letters to one another for quite a number of years. Many of the vibrational sound combined with color healers of today derived part of their inspiration from Dr. Russell who was a classical organist himself and from his scientific charts and psychedelic cosmic paintings -- well before the hippies and other young interdimensional travelers were reporting such experiences widely in our American culture. I live in Virginia only several hours away from the beautiful Swannaoa Palace in Waynesboro Virginia where the Russells lived for several decades. I have been there many times over the years and had talks and walks with Lao Russell in person without being in a group visit. Since Lao passed on, there are some but not many of us older people aged 60 to 90 years old who knew her. Later this year, I am planning to meet up with some of those oldsters and the middle aged and much younger folks who know of and admire the teachings of Lao and Walter. With all the present fears about the possibility of worldwide nuclear war in our time, the Russell 1950s book Atomic Suicide is being read by newer generations. Finally below is the complete post that Ann wrote here in 2008. She is of course now wherever Bob is on the other side or in what ever higher realm they have moved to since then.

Quotes from Bob by dictation through Ann who had also been Bob's secretary during his years as a lawyer. START: I have had no direct contact with Suzanne's friend Lee but I am aware of his presence here and the importance of his work and contribution. So much more can be accomplished when there is a conscious and deep love--such as we have—connection . She can and is assisting him and the larger work he is part of. I can tell you very little, both because I know little, understand less, and would not in any event be permitted to. However, she has the ability for direct communication with him and it should be through writing down what he instructs her as to how she can help him. Tell her about your work in Scotland in establishing the triangle. It is such a small piece of the puzzle we were given to work on/with. . . .

Write this down: The Murray Creek Labyrinth is the center of a triangle. The grid of which both the clan territory in Scotland and Murray Creek are part of and are connected by their centers. Sound—frequency—are important as to how the connection is made. And this is something Remo might pick up on. There is the mathematics involved both in the establishing of a gird made up of triangles[in this case] approximately of 20 mile sides and 60 degree angles. This is also part of the Leonardo/Walter Russell collaboration and in the level here—much higher, finer in frequency, than that in which I/we are working. END

Later Bob dictated to Ann that he had met Lee finally because of a musical connection that they had acheived. Interestingly, someone else on the forum wrote to me privately and described a vision of a very specific scene without knowing who Lee was and described a healing experience from past trauma comprised of colors and sounds. Another of our forum friends from Europe wrote to me in private message and wanted to guess who Lee was. It was incorrect but kind of close in regard to location and occupation, but only a few months ago I was stunned to find out that the guessed one was someone Lee probably would have had a very close indirect connection with during probably the 1940s to 1970s. If there is some kind of collaboration going on in the Beyond, by now I know quite a list of the names of who would be involved...Tesla, Walter Russell, John Hays Hammond Jr, and on and on... I will make a complete list with references and evidence about these probable co-workers in the Beyond. As to Bob telling Ann that the historical Leonardo has something to do with this... I can safely say that the Lee I knew had the scientific background as well as the very precise skills to actually build some of Da Vinci's inventions IF he had been provided with enough funds and had lived long enough in good health to try. However, I am not particularly sad that he never had such an opportunity. There was something else which was more of a unique sympathetic vibration device that he was working on in secret for humanity. END

Author:  pascal b [ Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:44 pm ]
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Hi Suzanne,

I hope all is well.

There are a number of things I'd like to write about but I was searching some stuff in my computer just now and realized that I had a copy of Holy Wedding.

A footnote caught my attention and begged this question:

-what is the deeper significance of synchronicity? Remo says it is BCI. Ok, well, I have a lot of them. Ridiculously meaningful ones.

I want to know what to do with them, if that makes any sense. Follow them, yes, but mine are related to things that I do not fully understand. Perhaps I have gained some understanding of the qm subject along the way that I did not have before, but it's not like I'll make a career out of it. Anyway, synchronicity is incarnation in the mind, and bci incarnation in matter..

There are times that I'd like to taunt the gods in return :)

Author:  pascal b [ Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:33 pm ]
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This might be for future reference.

https://scholar.google.ca/scholar?q=psy ... T2An02M-EJ

Author:  pascal b [ Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:02 pm ]
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Edit: I guess there are times that I’d like to thank them as well.

“The word philosophy was coined by Pythagoras and comes from the Greek word philein (brotherly love) and sophia, wisdom. He was the first person to call himself a philosopher, which he defined as one who is attempting to find out. Before Pythagoras (6th c. BCE), wise men called themselves sages, meaning those who know. (Manly P. Hall, An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic Hermetic Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Philosophy, LXV).”

“One who is attempting to find out”

-someone could have told me this, you know :)

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