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I'd like to present here (once again) my son Simon's "Maturaarbeit" [he had to write for getting the diploma of the high school (Gymnasium)], since it shows in very few pages the roots of the trouble of today's politics:



PS: I did not contribute one word to this work.

'Here stands the mean uncomely stone,
Tis very cheap in price!
The more it is despised by fools,
The more loved by the wise.'
(C.G. Jung, MDR, p. 253)
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Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:29 pm
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Post Thoughtful, kind, perceptive
Thoughtful, kind, perceptive. The American religion Simon describes is really an indigenous form of Christianity which I lobbied House of Commons members about at the beginning of the war on Iraq. The brilliant Southern writer W. J. Cash’s book “The Mind of the South” gives the beginnings of a look at how this was formed through Pentacostalist itinerant preachers in the Appalachians and African-American influences from Africa . . . . In 1955 President Eisenhower ordered England’s Anthony Eden out of the Suez. Eden used the phrase, “Over to you . . .” submitting England to American’s post-war mantle and ending England’s role in the world. Bush has brought England back into the Middle East, rescinding Eisenhower’s order. This can be seen as a 50-year power arc rising and receding of what Jung called “ . . . the American tempo.” America has different new influences on Europeans and Asians and others who come here. We Americans leave our “old soul” behind and are perhaps compelled to extroversion as our inner paths are yet found (the Masked Man is the most important American myth: lost in the desert and “born again” by the Indian shaman, with no recollection of who he was – Who is the Masked Man? we were asked weekly in the ‘50s. We are the Masked Man, our identity not yet revealed, even to ourselves.). Jung made the point that American Indian and African-American influence are pervasive influences in American consciousness and this has become a cornerstone of African-American studies (John Hope Franklin). American’s best writers (Emerson) have urged us to find our way on the new continent “in nature” with American-Indians as our “spirit” guides (Cooper, Emerson) and considered it a default to “return” to Europeanism. But in the post-war rise to power since ’55 America has been an idea rather than a place and has become detached from place and from the earth. When the arc recedes we will return to places (New England, Texas, the South) – first visions of North America were as a mandala between East and West. In fact, Canada forms such a mandala today. Europe will form its own mandala – has been doing so at least since the 13th century & into antiquity and today Europe sings with one voice (and sings a German song, Ode to Joy). The U.S. poet of the 1920’s Delmore Swartz said “the most important part of America is Europe.” But America has lost its European memory. In three generations it is gone with any new immigrant group. When Germany refused to follow the U.S. into Iraq a new Europe was awakened – perhaps the circle, which Yeats declared broken 90 years back had healed or grown another ring - (had Condi Rice waited one more day to announce her new “preemptive’ policy which resounded with the language of Wilhelm, [grand son of Victoria who, so very much like Bush, honored the Teutonic warrior ancestors and hated his peaceful parents) the German election would have gone differently and Bush would have had his way – (but unlike Eisenhower, who asked Jung for help in post-war Europe, here at the end of the power arc they are not so clever). This is good for Germany and good for Europe. But it is bad for England. How can England survive today, an outcast of the Continent and locked in hand and hand now with America’s destiny? And at that, a destiny that has lost its center, lost its integrity, lost its way? America see England now as our Gurkhas, tribal warriors ready, eager and willing to go to war where ever they are directed by Washington (as the Ghurkhas gave Victorians proof positive of themselves not as conquerors but as deities, so does England’s submission to Washington today). On recent TV news who the host asked 12 well-known correspondents how many thought Bush would recover his lost popularity (down to 29%). Only the BBC Katty Kay cheerfully supported this Lost Cause. The most troubling thing is the arrested manhood condition and Wilhelm also suffered from this. Bush is often portrayed as a little boy in a cowboy hat to emphasize the immaturity of his order. But he is himself an arrested development and appears to have no male friends his own age. And since he has been reelected, this is a collective condition, which indicates that the current power arc is brittle and the U.S. has entered an unnatural and an unhealthy state. The sad story of the child girl cupie doll model who was murdered by a madman has become the symbol – it is a symbol of arrested development and twisted, freakish and undeveloped Anima left behind in the rise to Power, turning a side show carnival story into a representative American issue. She is America’s Anima today. Her murderer is considered a celebrity. We learn even in our gnarly mountain newspaper today here in New Hampshire that he “Dined Well in Flight” from Thailand to trial (in the headline). And that he “ . . . sipped champagne and ate fried king prawns . . .” on board. Nothing good can come of this.

Mon Aug 21, 2006 12:38 pm
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Post New Europe
Footnote: consider as well Barbara Hannah’s comment (if I recall it correctly . . . von Franz perhaps) in the Jung film, “Matter of the Heart” in which she said, “ . . . the desire to save the world is childish.” Is a condition of invincibility (Infantilism - thus the Child Anima) which afflicts the strong; England and America are currently cursed by it; indeed, attempt to retrieve desire of empire under the guise of charity. Consider Europe as a vision similar to Andre Malraux’s, from Alsace-Lorraine region, who saw his personal Europe as a French/German mandala of Christendom (France/Germany, YinYang, Wave/Particle). The center of that age passing was Ile de la Cite of the Yin Platonic Month, Pisces. The center of that mandala since ’46 (between Platonic Ages) shifts to the broken line between East and West Germany, Berlin. The restoration of East Berlin is a significant awakening of consciousness for Europe. We read here (New Hampshire) that West Berlin today falls into disrepair and East flourishes. Away from One World, we are rising now to a tribartite world; East, West, and North America. . . . the rise of a Bavarian Pope who took his name from a pre-1914 prelate should be significant s well. As we “return” to earth we do so in retro time; that is, we return to a state already in existence in our consciousn4ess – we see frequently on dream forums today very secular people dreaming of 12th century conversations with a Pope; “gold coins from the Pope,” etc. . . . the line which divided Germany in the Cold War is the same line which divided Catholic from Orthodox in 11th century and back to 3rd century & again divided Rome Empire between Constantinople and Rome binary parts . . . but shifts dominance now since the liberation of East Germany to Berlin, auspiciously restoring Germany and repairing Europe to pre-1914 health perhaps . . . perhaps the Euro astrological cycle was not 2000 years but will be 24,000, the full Sun cycle.

Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:33 pm
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