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 My Theory in Short 
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Post My Theory in Short
During the last days, in a letter to a famous synchronicity researcher, I was able to write on three pages a summary of my theory. Here it is:

My Theory in Short:

To create my new psychophysical theory I am using the epistemological insights of quantum physics, especially of Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli, and the results of Carl Jung's depth psychological research. After a long hesitation I was eventually forced to violate Occam’s razor principle [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam%27s_razor ]. The basis of my theory is therefore an extension of the energy term, which follows when one translates the alchemical Axiom of Maria Prophetissa (see http://unus-mundus.fr/viewtopic ... tissa#4613 ) into a modern language. Already some years ago I saw that we have, using the neutral language of Pauli, to define two different energies: The spirit-psyche and the matter-psyche. The spirit-psyche is itself divided into two: Outer spirit-psyche or physical energy, and inner spirit-psyche, or what Carl Jung calls objective psychic energy. The matter-psyche is some sort of parapsychological energy, especially a psychokinetic one, which is behind the Pauli effect, behind UFO encounter and abduction, and behind crop circles (if one accepts that most of them are not man-made). This other energy is “inner/outer” and thus it transcends the subject/object barrier, the split into an inner and an outer world, into depth psychology and physics. Like this it also overcomes the complementarity between physics and depth psychology, defined by Pauli and Jung in Atom and Archetype. It is, so to speak, the energy of the unified psychophysical reality or of the unus mundus. I guess that physics reduces the psychophysical reality (matter-psyche) to the quantum field and gets then the discrepancy between the vacuum energy and the cosmological constant [see Krauss, L. M.: Neuer Auftrieb für ein beschleunigtes Universum, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, March, 1999 (and some months earlier in Sc. Am., I guess.], which seem to consist of the same energy (matter-psyche).

I root the further parts of my theory in the Hermetic alchemical coniunctio archetype. This archetype has some very specific attributes. The most important ones are: The bipolarity of “god” (king and queen), which is, besides the above Axiom, the background of my bipolar energy term. Further the coniunctio, the sexual intercourse of the god and the goddess, which happens however not in Heaven, but in an intermediate world between spirit and matter (Heaven and earth). I translate this archetype into the so-called twin process mentioned below, which includes also the so-called exchange of attributes of Hermetic alchemy (see below). The result of this sexual intercourse of the god and the goddess in the intermediary (subtle!) realm, [the latter the first goal of Hermetic alchemy: the lapis, the philosophical gold, or the Seal of Solomon] is the infans solaris, the red (!) tincture [of which Mr. Red (Roth) has to write about ;) ], and the quintessence, all symbolizing the second goal. All these last products of Hermetic alchemy correspond to an event, which is observable. I call it the singular inner (acausal) quantum leap [Since today in a common language the term quantum leap is mostly used to explain causal jumps, I mostly stress the acausality, though like this we get a pleonasm.] Such phenomena are observable with the help of an introverted method I developed: Body-Centered Imagination (BCI). I will explain it later. Here I just like to stress that the necessary precondition for the use of this method is an altered consciousness, in which thinking is consciously abandoned. Like this one can enter what I call the belly brain, the gut brain (experimentally discovered about 25 years ago by Michael Gershon). The results of this mere observation – this is why the method is different to Active Imagination – are mostly images or series of images (visions), sometimes also auditions. My experience as a healer shows me that it is exactly the mere observation of these images, which heals. It seems that UFO and crop circle phenomena happen according to the same principle.

I’d like now to explain the theoretical background behind these processes. I use the above exchange of attributes to define a so-called twin process. It is exactly this twin process, which goes beyond quantum physics as well as depth psychology. The definition is as follows:

The first process:

{spirit-psyche > matter-psyche with potentially increased negentropy}

The second process, which is in fact synchronous:

{matter-psyche with potentially increased negentropy > spirit-psyche with realized increased negentropy}

[I discovered the twin process since I tried to realize the meaning of a dream of July 14, 1984, in which I got from Marie-Louise von Franz the task to do research concerning “synchronous synchronicities,” what term I of course did then not understand. Today I call it the above twin process.]

The first is only a potential process, comparable with the wave function. Only when such processes are observed, they become reality. This is why we have to observe them consciously, for example in the case of a disease (and perhaps of the disease of our planet, since such processes are what I call psychophysically nonlocal: If they have happened in one human, they have also happened in their surrounding (multiplicatio of Hermetic alchemy!), or even in the whole universe. This is what happens in BCI, in which the singular inner quantum leaps are observed, the above double transformation, the twin process. It corresponds to the second goal of the Hermetic alchemical opus, the liberation of the red tincture out of the lapis, the gilding of the surrounding by the philosophical gold (multiplicatio), the birth of the infans solaris in the intermediary world as a resul of the coniunctio of god and the goddess, or the creation of the quintessence out of the Seal of Solomon.

The necessary condition for the observation of the twin process is the change of what I call the Logos ego into the Eros ego (conscious abandoning of thinking). It is the conscious aspect of creating the intermediary realm. Since I was not able to do this in my early childhood, but was forced to become a thinker -- in Neoplatonic alchemy symolized as the extraction of the spirit out of matter and its installation in Heaven --, I got sick with a bone tuberculosis. In UFO encounter and abduction the victims are unconsciously thrown into this state, into the Eros ego. Like this what I call the World Soul (the Goddess containing the matter-psyche) forces them to enter the necessary observational state for the observation of these incarnation processes. Since such singular quantum leaps are creation and incarnation acts, I am convinced today that UFO phenomena are real (on a more subtle level than physical matter). Since people who experience UFO encounter and abduction unconsciously feel the energy that I call matter-psyche, they often become healers [in which profession they can use these “other energies” (matter-psyche)]

Today, the above first process is “constellated” very much. Without trying to explain this here, I am convinced that this constellation is a direct effect of the artificial fission of the atom in nuclear bombs and in nuclear power plants. Like this we “fill” the unus mundus or the psychophysical reality (Pauli) with matter-psyche, which is itself a magic, mostly a psychokinetic energy. This is why more and more individuals are forced to do BCI. With the help of the latter we can help these energies to be incarnated. In a mythological language I call this process the (acausal) self-fertilization of the World Soul with the help of conscious observation [or (passive!) participation, if you like].

There is still a term I have to explain: Negentropy. You surely know that Erwin Schroedinger introduced this term in his little booklet What is Life? (1944). He writes there:

"The remarks on negative energy have met with doubt and opposition from physicist colleagues. Let me say first, that if I had been catering for them alone I should have let the discussion turn on free energy instead. It is the more familiar notion in this context. But this highly technical term seemed linguistically too near to energy for making the average reader alive to the contrast between the two things. He is likely to take free as more or less an epipheton ornans [a dispensable term] without much relevance, while actually the concept is a rather intricate one, whose relation to Boltzmann's order-disorder principle is less easy to trace than for entropy and 'entropy taken with a negative sign' [i.e., negentropy; RFR], which by the way is not my invention. It happens to be precisely the thing on which Boltzmann's original argument turned." [What is Live, Cambridge, 1955, p. 86; the 1st edition is of 1944; emphasis mine.]

For me the most interesting aspect here is the fact that one can derive the term negentropy from Boltzmann himself. This means that it is possible to trace back my term “spirit-psyche (physical energy; objective psychic energy) with realized increased negentropy” to thermodynamics. After Schroedinger, however, no physicist dealt with this term anymore, since it is a qualitative one. It means higher order, and higher order one cannot describe mathematically, since mathematics is completely quantitative (as is physics). In my definition the term means that after a singular quantum leap in nature (or in the human body in BCI) a higher order is incarnated. However, only when we observe such processes consciously, they become constructive. Otherwise they become destructive.

This is my theory in short. With it one can explain synchronicity, however also all the other phenomena, which cannot be explained according to the synchronicity principle, since there is an energy exchange (According to Jung and von Franz in synchronicity there is no energy exchange): The magic Pauli effect, healing, UFO encounter and abduction, crop circles, and psychokinetic events in general. One has however to accept as an axiom that the energy term must be bipolar. In 1928 Physics (Paul Dirac), however, reduced the energy term to a unipolar one by replacing the bipolar energy term by the bipolar matter concept. As I wrote elsewhere ( http://www.psychovision.ch/synw/gslecture_rome_e_p2.htm ), this hypothesis of Dirac is completely metaphysical, thus Pauli said to him ironically: "There is no God, and Paul Dirac is his prophet“

In exactly this year 1928 physics did the decisive step into a one-sided direction. This we have to correct today. I hope we can do this before WW III has destroyed mankind.


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