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 The third type of natural laws (W. Pauli) 
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Post The third type of natural laws (W. Pauli)
[I have copied the post below from another thread (3rd Type of Natural Law overcomes old-fashioned Creationism) since I would like to continue with the argument about a third type of natural laws besides the ones in classical (causal) physics and the statistically causal laws of quantum physics Pauli entered into the scientific discussion.]

Pauli adapted from Jung the idea that every quantum physical observation is “an act of creation” (AaA, p. 55). The quantum physical observation is described as the (acausal, ie cause-less) collapse of the wave function, since we do not know what effect results. Or the other way round: There is no cause for the "effect" observed in the quantum physical observational process.

Also the single radioactive decay is a collapse of the wave function. Since it is acausal in time and place, one cannot observe it with the help of a physical experiment. This is why physics observes a mass of atoms and defines the so-called half-time of the decay. This is the time after which half of the atoms of a substance have decayed. For the different sorts of uranium it is for example between 704 Million and 4.464 Billion years !!!

If my hypothesis is true that we can also observe “inner radioactive decays,” namely in the case that the ego becomes itself “radioactive”, ie, observes accidentially (acausally) in time and space – what according to my hypothesis happens in BCI – we can conclude that also such an observation (as stressed above: not possible in physics) is “an act of creation.”

Thus, in BCI/SST, when such a spontaneous image or a vegetative inner sensation emerges [observed with the help of the (introverted) vegetative sensation function], creation acts happen that we can also call incarnation acts into our world (out of the psychophysical reality or unus Mundus or the Beyond or the world outside the space-time cone of Einstein (see Interpretation of the Chernobyl/Pilgrim Synchronicity ).

Wolfgang Pauli seemed to have anticipated something like this. In his Klavierstunde (Piano Lesson) [English translation in Psychological Perspectives, Volume 38, Issue 1 Winter 1998 , pages 106 – 112] dedicated to Marie-Louise von Franz he writes about a “third type of natural laws.” I quote from Return of the World Soul:

If we briefly recall the discussion in chapter 4, of the conflict between the “infertile” Neoplatonic alchemy and the Hermetic chymic wedding with its offspring, the child (infans solaris), we see that Jung’s modern dilemma mirrors the old one: the Neoplatonic “causal” law versus the Hermetic “acausal” birth of the child . The task consists therefore indeed in the reunification of “Kepler” with “Flood,” which neither Pauli nor Jung was able to fulfill.

Actually, as we will see in Chapter 6, synchronicity as well as the material incarnation in Body-Centered Imagination happens according to what Pauli half consciously anticipated as the “third type of laws of nature,” besides the causal laws of Newton’s and Einstein’s physics on the one hand and the statistical causal laws of quantum physics. Without differentiating it further Pauli writes of this third law in Atom and Archetype "...that there is room left for a new type of law of nature with life phenomena." [Emphasis mine]. The German original – I checked the letter’s originals in the library of the ETH, the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland – writes: "...dass für das Walten u. Eingreifen einer neuen Art von Naturgesetzlichkeit bei den Lebensphänomenen ein Platz bleibt." Completely wrongly and like this turning the meaning in its exact opposite C.A. Meier writes: „… kein Platz bleibt,” i.e., ‘...that there is no room left for any new type of law of nature with life phenomena.’ [Emphasis mine]. This shows again that another Jungian, a physician and friend of Pauli and Jung was not at all able to follow the argumentation of the Nobel laureate.

This reversal of the meaning of Pauli's statement by C.A. Meier is of course crucial. Pauli is talking about life phenomena, in which a "third type of natural law" could be possible (besides the causal Newtonian/Einsteinian and the statistically causal of quantum physics). This is why in Chapter 6 I will develop Pauli’s intuitive idea further to the concept of the singular inner “radioactive beta decay” on a psychophysical level, the singular inner (acausal) quantum leap consciously observable in Symptom/Symbol Transformation and Body-Centered Imagination.

How intensely this idea was constellated in the Nobel laureate shows also in another place. Actually Pauli comes back to the third law in his Klavierstunde (Piano Lesson), in which he begins a "Vorlesung an die fremden Leute" (A lecture to the foreign people) . In it he unconsciously applies the third law to development biology by combining Neodarwinism with Larmarckianism. However, also here he cannot break through to the idea that observable singular quantum leaps in so-called dead matter or in the body of man could happen, which leads to an incarnation process.

The meaning of Pauli's statement (in my interpretation) is thus that there exist phenomena in which singular acausal or indeterministic incarnation – not only of spiritual-psychic life, i.e., synchronicities, but also of physical life, i.e., what, for the time being, I call "an incarnation of new living matter" – is possible. We will realize that in UFO encounter and abduction such incarnation happens, however not having a lasting effect. We will further realize that it is in Body-Centered Imagination, in which such incarnation on the basis of the Logos Spermatikos happens consciously and thus sustainably.

Thus, my idea of the "third type of natural law" is that there is a causal development as described by Neodarwinism. However, such causal development is acausally interrupted in the moment of the introverted observation of a spontaneous inner quantum leap in the state of the Eros ego. Since a singular acausal event -- thus an "effect" without any "cause" -- means new creation and incarnation, it is the human being who helps God (in fact it is the Goddess) in the incarnation process into our world. This way, Jung's remark on the so-called tikkun of Isaak Luria becomes understandable:

"Here the thought emerges for the first time that man must help God to repair the damage wrought by the Creation. For the first time man’s cosmic responsibility is acknowledged.”

This idea of the "third type of natural law" solves also the problem that creationists have with Neodarwinism. It is the tandem God/human being that in the process of BCI becomes the creationist of the 21st century.


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Post Re: The third type of natural laws (W. Pauli)
Yes, Remo, I completely agree with your post here. Simply put, the classical causal laws and acausal synchronocity/psyche laws will have their own "alchemical wedding", coniunctio, and their child will become the new set of laws for the new reality (unus mundus?). Any law, any principle is inseparable (in human's psyche) from the reality in which it works. So, bringing this new third set of laws into our consciousness will result in appearance (or even emergence) of this new reality for us.

And of course our own conscious will, coincided with energy of anima mundi, will be that power, that universal tool that will help us to repair and (re)create ourselves (our Self?) and our world in the age to come. And I'm glad to say that for me it is not some mystical "secret knowledge", it's plain and simple instruction, and I'm living my life (well, trying to, anyway) with accordance to it.

Alchemy is a dance of life.

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