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 Annick de Souzenelle and the Adam from the sixth day 
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Post Annick de Souzenelle and the Adam from the sixth day
1- Carl Gustav Jung citation

<< unfortunately I'm lacking any knowledge of Hebrew >> ( Correspondance 1955-1957)

"Answer to Job" has long been my favorite book. And I discovered the books of Annick Souzenelle that reconciled me with the Bible. And my interest in Jung had died. Resurrected this interest when I discovered the site of Remo.

2- Annick de Souzenelle

[ If I understand A. de S. , Adam, in the paradise, means "Humanity" ,his "wife" is his Adamah.( = unconscious) Adam, on earth, is the man and Eve, the woman. No Eve before the Original Sin ! so the Bible is not sexist]

Here, a text of Annick de Souzenelle, specialist of the Bible :

( tell me if the translation is not good )

Adam from The Sixth Day, still confused with her Adamah, bathe in the waters of unconsciousness, and the energies of these, endowed with independent living, playing in place of man and he does not know !

This describes the current situation of exile into which man is kept because it turns away from himself and God.

Adam from The Sixth Day (and that of the exile) is unable to work his Adamah. "There is no man to till the earth [Adamah]," says the Seventh Day.

Our translators were exiles deduced from this verse of Genesis, the absence of man, which had yet to be created on the sixth day, they concluded that this second chapter of Genesis was another Genesis, the first foreign , and historical criticism to go well!

However, this second chapter of Genesis describes a day when "Elohim withdraws [Shabbat]" to grow as YHWH, as a father to a son who is beginning to assert its identity as YHWH, I AM, is the identity true of Adam, whereby he may become conscious of itself.

As Seventh Day, a differentiation process takes place between Adam and Adamah; Man resonates with its core divine founder, it comes out of its collective being to become his own person and grow the tree.

Elohim said:

"The man cut himself can not be done" (verse usually involves:
"It is not good that man should be alone").

Elohim then introduces Adam to work in male himself, naming the animals (energy) of its Adamah to transmute their skin (dark) light (untranslatable puns Hebrew):

Elohim is "connect" with Adam himself in face-to-face "essential to its fulfillment.

Adam sought the face-to-face total, then it is "asleep" for a sleep that is really an awakening in the heart which God shows him all of his other side.

This "other side" was never a coast:

it is the side "unfinished" so veiled, of the Tree of Knowledge that is Adam in its entirety and is "prepared" by God, before that Adam, "wife", Ishah, which Adam is husband; Ish.

Ishah is another name of shamaïm the heavens, known as the mother Adamah depths and now Ishah, "wife" of Adam.

When Adam discovers his wife and she wears the divine child, he saw an ecstasy and exclaimed:

"This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" which in Hebrew means: "Here is one that is the substance of my substance [which is hidden beneath appearances] and the Image of God that I am."

Because the "flesh", basar, "sealed in the depths of the other side" is the image of divine founder, consisting of bar, "Son" (the shem) and a secret presence symbolized by the letter of the median word, the shin, the first letter of the word shem, name, whose original ideogram (arrow restraint after a drawn bow to the extreme) expresses the "spirit" which is in Man.

The spirit is the power of eros, which (from the arrow) makes it capable of carrying wires (the Greek logos).

The power of Eros is, in principle, that of the infinite desire of man for his God, which can result in a first time for his wedding with Ishah, and is a life instinct informational because it transforms the potential energies of Adamah in information - the conscious - and it increased the sap of the Tree of Knowledge that Adam will become the fruit:

Son-I AM - fully accomplished.

Grand'Oeuvre this is possible, since now "Adam and his Ishah are two, they know the way they have to do, they are no longer confused" this verse, at a first reading is translated by:

"They were both naked and they were not ashamed."

At this height of the myth comes in the midst of all animals (energy) inside of Adam, "the serpent, the shrewdest of all energies.

Here, the Hebrew root arom "cunning", is also that the word that comes to describe Adam and his Ishah and which was translated as "naked" in the previous verse.

The snake gifted knowledge and know-how is an emanation of Satan, the Adversary, he will try to destabilize Adam, addressing his wife Ishah.

Ishah takes the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that gives him the snake-devil, she gives it to her husband who eats it.

Adam then goes into the illusion of becoming full I AM, what "I" is illusory ego world of exile, which is then related to external things and Adam himself , but cut from the inside, cut Ishah of whom he believes has become its full light.

Reduced to the state animal of Sixth Day, Adam is only the man before the woman known only then Eve.

Eve becomes biological mother in the outside world while it was for him, Adam, becoming ontological mother, mother of the inside Son , I AM.


Adam eats the fruit BEFORE becoming this fruit = original sin
He has but he's not, like the Humanity of today.
Of course I'm not a specialist of the Bible. But with Annick Souzenelle, it seems a little less obscure

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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