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 Mysterium Iniquitatis 
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Post Mysterium Iniquitatis
~ The mystery of evil ~

Abstract: Shadow projection, as the transference of personal
inferiority, and the related concept of 'sin transference', lie at the
heart of the mystery of evil. Destructive projection does not depend
on "misunderstandings" in the micro-social context, nor on instinctual
predatory instincts. It is an archaic method of ego emancipation by
which the transgressor's unconscious suffering is transferred to the
victim. It aims at maintaining ego firmness. Intellectuals often
become subjects of shadow projection as they are capable of
questioning the established order, due to their ability to think
freely. It is analysed as the projection of 'Promethean guilt'. An
answer to the machinations of evil has been formulated in Christian
theology. The ego's suffering is laid on the shoulders of Christ, who
carries the sins of the world. The Christ figure is understood as the
spiritual awareness of the 'inner self' ("Christ liveth in me"). A
regress to a pre-Christian cultural mentality implies the massive
return of scapegoat psychology, as exemplified by the collective
shadow psychology of the Third Reich. The Western world is undergoing
transitions that undermine our notion of, and our awareness of, the
spiritual self. If the sins aren't carried by Christ anymore, then
they must be carried by other human beings, with foreseeable

Read the article here:

Mats Winther

Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:22 pm
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Post pure energy - a paradox
Hi Mats,

I didn't see this post until today but I'm glad that I have.

In reading what you've posted a mental picture of the yin-yang came about. In Christ we lay our shadow, yet 'he' is pure. For 'someone' to carry the sins of the world on his shoulders he must be 'caked' with evil by now. Seems a bit like the lotus and not being touched by the dirt. Though taking on all of those sins, he is not weighed down. The energy remains the same, and that is pure, or, beautiful. So in this picture I see our evil carried by something that is not at all evil of its own accord...then to carry a burden like that with a smile? I don't know if the intellectuals can compute this idea, and it's obvious that most people 'use' it and don't understand it. So it would seem that Christianity paints a good picture of transmutation at it's root. Take the pain and smile (as much as is 'humanly' possible - then there's less evil).

...tons of branches stemming from this thought now.

-from your link:

"Forethinkers are believed to be disturbed geniuses of the Dr House type, having a severe emotional "wound", and that's why they are being shunned and oppressed. Truth is, they are generally harmonious, not rebellious but often rather conservative. They don't throw tantrums, but are emotionally stable. They suffer this projection while they are thought to be one with their intellect. Thus they acquire the Luciferian dimension of a being a rebel against divine order. People become afraid of them, thinking they have an inner urge to be destructive. However, to the intellectual himself, his own intellect is merely a function he makes use of now and then, it is not "him". He uses the intellect only when it befits the problem at hand. In all other respects he is a perfectly orderly individual who has no wish to compromise the stability in his surrounding. When he goes shopping at the super-market, he doesn't start questioning the products, or the arrangements, resorting to his superior intellect. No, he has for the time being closed down his intellect and goes with the flow. He is slightly rebellious only when he sits down with a paper and a pen, or a keyboard and a screen."

I feel it would important for many people to get this.


Each of them is one with the other two.

Wed May 11, 2011 2:46 pm
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