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 Cold War v2, and the death of Hercules? 
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Post Cold War v2, and the death of Hercules?
First, a bit of history. I was born at the start of the nuclear age and until 1990 was a Cold War anti-communist warrior and therefore carried and identification with Cold War attitudes and Americanism. But in the 1990's I saw the US supporting fascists and jihadis in its attack on Yugoslavia, the bombing of schools, churches, and marketplaces, and immense disinformation targeting the Serbs with accusations of genocide. Being Armenian I take the issue of genocide very seriously but to my shock determined that it was mostly disinformation which all parties in Yugoslavia shared in the guilt for that terrible war.

The contradiction of American ideals in my head versus the reality of its actions blew up my Cold War attitudes. I have spent the last twenty five years reconfirming what I first saw in the early 1990's which I now see as becoming conscious of the coniunctio of the opposites on a worldwide scale (East/West, left/right, conservative/liberal, etc.).

Last year the US completed its subversion of Ukraine with hundreds of NGOs, five billion dollars, and with the muscular backbone of Svoboda and Right Sector Nazi groups trained in the Baltic republics. In the US all the networks are beating the drum for arming Ukraine and the US Congress has passed a bill that should be understood as a call to war with Russia. NATO generals are ranting about the Russian army crossing into Ukraine without a shred of satellite evidence and even when the OSCE is there and not seeing any Russian army crossing the border.

All around me in the US I feel the march to war, that a kind of madness is descending on the country. For me, I feel the pressure to go back to Cold War attitudes and it makes me almost physically sick. I cannot, I will not re-cloak myself in those attitudes now that I know how the Cold War was used to manipulate all of us.

The image:

The image I have of this (as it comes to me) is that the US is leading the West into putting on an old coat without noticing that it is dripping poison. After imaging this several times I am thinking that the West is acting out the myth of Hercules. The poisons are the attitudes that are projected onto the hated object which are then reviled in the object, a kind of self-hatred. The US is leading the West into a psychological regression (the restarted Cold War). Nature is saying that it was not enough to just defeat evil in WW2, we have to realize the psyche is real and therefore evil in the psyche is real. But the West (especially the US) cannot make that step. It still wants to put all evil somewhere else and see itself as only pure and good.

If the West doesn't look into itself and come to terms with its own evil it will poison itself to death. This is the message that I am getting from the unconscious.

Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:34 pm

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Post Re: Cold War v2, and the death of Hercules?
I don't know much about world politics. But I have been studying American and Canadian culture. Specifically, I have been analysing Gothic fantasy from a Jungian perspective, which suggests that these fantasies are portraying our decadent culture in a metaphorical form. You can find my blog by doing a search on Google using the keywords: jungian analysis of the walking dead
There should be an entry on the first page of results under The Queen of Wonderland.

Yes, there is a deeply rooted problem of mass delusion in American and Canadian culture. You cannot believe anything the authorities say, be it the educational, psychological or political authorities. They are a cult of misinformation that is unconsciously aimed at self-destruction.

Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:43 pm

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Post Re: Cold War v2, and the death of Hercules?
Malcolm, I submitted the post on March 21 2015 and since then you are the only person to comment on it. In the US I have tried to discuss it with Jungians in San Francisco at the Jung Institute but the response is no interest. They have internalized the demonization of objects the media put into their heads as well as into the general public.

I ask myself if Jung, von Franz, or Edinger were alive today would their thinking only parrot the media? I think not. It seems that the general dumbing down of the Western mentality extends even into the ability of Jungians to think or listen to the unconscious outside of their general western preconceptions which is an insufferable automatic mix of 'indispensable and exceptional' lunatic attitudes that they carry within.

Even the murder of over three millions by the US military (a river of blood) since 1990 is of no interest. Jung said in an interview 'what if something goes wrong again with the psyche'? (this is from memory). Well, I think something has obviously gone wrong with the Western psyche as Jung warned could again occur and it is happening in our time.

As you can probably tell I am beyond disgusted with the West and am giving up on it. Not on Jung, von Franz, or Edinger, for except for them I would not be able to see beyond the containing medium of illusions that deflects us into battling with illusions. I am looking elsewhere.

Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:44 pm

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Post Re: Cold War v2, and the death of Hercules?
Thank you Arius for replying to my reply. First, I must mention that I am not political because adhering to any strongly held belief system automatically excludes one from the possibility of understanding psychic reality as well as from attaining individuation. So I mostly ignore politics because it is all childish nonsense anyway. Instead I follow the fantasies produced by our culture because they contain metaphors for what is actually going on. That may sound like nonsense, but creative individuals are always inspired by the unconscious to place symbolic messages in their art work, writings and film productions. I have spent several months working on analysing The Walking Dead TV series because it contains metaphors what is going on in the psychic background of our culture. In my book project I analyse the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and the Twilight series because these Gothic fantasy stories contain metaphors for the sort of mental disturbances that girls and young women are experiencing in our culture, speciffically anorexia nervosa.

If you go to my web site at [url]thequeenofwonderland.com[/url] and click on the link to my blog site, you can read my analysis of several characters from The Walking Dead and what they represent, not as people, but of what is unconsciously transpiring in the psychic background of actual people in our culture. Although I am not an Jungian Analyst, I have be studying Jungian psychology since I was 19yo. I have put together a database of Jung's Collected Works and about 50 other books related to Jungian Psychology and self-harming behaviour. I also have a database of about 11,000 concepts from those books, which is linked to those books. This is why I am able to easily produce a long list of quotations and references on my blog essay.

You must contact me by going to my blog site and click on "contact" and send an email to me. I have an old essay that I had on the Internet web page, but took down when I decided to write The Queen of Wonderland. I took that essay down because it was inflaming the one-sided masses of Everyman. I started to experience problems on the Internet after I published that essay, actually two essays.

As I said on my post on this forum "I need help:" "Jungian analysts cannot help because they are constrained by the international Jungian association to keep within guidelines designed so as not to upset the [politics of the] academic community, which, by the way, represents a serious ethical dilemma within the contemporary Jungian organization." In other words, modern Jungian analysts are no more competent that conventional therapists, which ain't saying much in their favour.

Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:11 am

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Post Here is what Jung said about politics:
"As a psychologist I am deeply interested in mental disturbances, particularly when they infect whole nations. I want to emphasize that I despise politics wholeheartedly: thus I am neither a Bolshevik, nor a National Socialist, nor an Anti-Semite. I am a neutral Swiss and even in my own country I am uninterested in politics, because I am convinced that 99 per cent of politics are mere symptoms and anything but a cure for social evils, About 50 per cent of politics is definitely obnoxious inasmuch as it poisons the utterly incompetent mind of the masses. We are on our guard against contagious diseases of the body, but we are exasperatingly careless when it comes to the even more dangerous collective diseases of the mind." C.G. Jung, C.W. Vol.18, paragraph # 1301

Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:47 pm
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