Who pulled out all of Jung's teeth?
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Author:  Malcolm [ Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Who pulled out all of Jung's teeth?

From what I have been gathering lately, it seems as if all of Jung's teeth have been pulled out in order to make Jungian psychology harmless and conform to the dictates of the psychological authorities who rule the waves of our collective consciousness. Years ago Jung was the subject of character assassinations by prominent people in the educational system in order to discourage anyone from taking up the study of Jungian psychology. Since that time it appears that Jungian psychology has been rendered toothless in order to make it acceptable in American universities.

For the past seven years I have been in an intensive study of self-harming behaviour and have finally found the missing piece to the mystery puzzle of anorexia nervosa. However, I feel that I am up against a brick wall because nobody wants to hear anything about it. Apparently there is a taboo against going against the official theories, e.g., that it is caused by a brain chemistry imbalance, and if psychoactive drugs can't cure the disorder, then it must be defective genes. But none of these explanations can explain why an extremely rare disorder like anorexia nervosa became an epidemic starting about 40 years ago and continues unabated in the present. I have talked to several Jungian analysts about the inability of Jungian analysts to understand what anorexia is in itself, and they seemed upset that I made them conscious of the problem because it opened up a moral dilemma with them. My web site is at [url]thequeenofwonderland.com[/url] which explores the mythology behind anorexia nervosa, but, unfortunately, I am perforce leave out the missing piece of the puzzle.

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