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 The Dismemberment of Jung 
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Post The Dismemberment of Jung
I keep finding sources telling us that Jung was wrong about this and that. So I decided to look into this. It turns out that Jung is being dismembered by miscellaneous individuals and groups of one-sidedly developed persons. If we made a compendium of all the accusations against Jung, it would nullify just about everything Jung said about psychology. The worst of the lot are the Hillmanites who pretend to agree with Jung, quoting Jung, and then surreptitiously dismember Jungian psychology by making their argument sub rosa into a political diatribe using Jungian language and idiom to give the impression that it is about Jungian psychology. The psychological dynamics of this phenomenon can be explained, in a somewhat complicated-to-understand manner, by a very careful study of Jung's commentaries on Carl Spitteler's Prometheus and Epimetheus (C.W., Vol.6), which explains the problems caused by the psychological conflict involving an interaction between extroversion and introversion in the same individua. An individual whose main functions are sensation and feeling is going to focus upon soul, body, instinct, materialism, participation mystique, mother, while denigrating or distorting those introverted and intuitive impressions that are about spirit, Self, Logos, father. According to Jungian psychology, an individual needs to be consciously adapted to both soul and spirit. But Hillman's concept of spirit involves a state of unconscious participation mystique, not a conscious adaption.

Ever since the industrial revolution began, it became necessary to encourage people to develop their minds in a one-sided fashion in order to service the economy more efficiently (also explained by Jung in the previous chapter of Vol.6). Because almost everyone develops a one-sided state of consciousness, they see the opposite side to their lopsided development as wrong if not evil. Although this in the normal state of affairs, it isn't a psychologically ideal one. This is because the part of their personality that remains undeveloped becomes a shadow factor that is in opposition to consciousness. Because Jungian psychology is about the total psyche, one-sided individuals are going to find things in Jungian psychology that appear to their lopsided state of mind as wrong if not evil. I have created a web page at: The Art of Tragedy: Hillman essay to explain how Hillman bowdlerizes Jungian psychology. I have just revised this web page on 15 August 2016 with some important changes. I changed the focus of the essay from that of typology to an analysis of his writings. I will continue to add new stuff and revise it over a period extended into next year. So please bookmark that web page if you have a sincere concern for the fate of Jungian psychology.

Does anybody out there have any actual understanding of Jungian Psychology? From a perusal of the so-called Jungian forums, I get the impression that there are no Jungian forums---except maybe this one that hardly anybody pays attention to---on the Internet because nobody really understands what Jungian Psychology is about. Example: The so-called Depth Psychology forum isn't about depth psychology, but about catering to ego placating psychology, i.e., the same sort of stuff involved in salesmanship. Almost all salesmen, politicians and educators are extroverts who see themselves as winners and regard introverts as losers, so please read very carefully Jung's commentaries on Carl Spitteler's Prometheus and Epimetheus (C.W., Vol.6) where Jung explains the problem that many extroverts have with understanding psychic reality. Admittedly, introverts can be just as destructive, e.g., the brooding terrorist for example. By their very nature, extroverts rule the world, so the world, Nature, suffers from their extravagances and their disregard for Nature and human nature, except, that is, when they want to use Nature or human nature as a political issue to exploit for gain.

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