The living, the dead and reincarnation
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Author:  fox [ Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  The living, the dead and reincarnation

I try a translation in English ...

Etienne Perrot, "Les rĂªves et la vie" :

<< Dreams show us how easy we have to familiarize ourselves with the dead and let them revive in us. There are currently around me a number of experiments of this kind, people who have suffered the death of a loved one, or simply a relatively close person whose death hit them for one reason or another. Naturally, they feel invested with a mission home and, one might say, of passage. We told them verbatim in dreams they can help them move, ie to achieve a more mindfully consciousness. I think it is easy to explain without resorting to large metaphysical theories, theological or psychological. The unconscious, as we have said, this is beyond us, exceeding our individuality, ie time and space .. So the dead pass through this area that is not our staff. If this field, we pay attention, if we entered ourselves alive, it is normal that we find the dead. These dead, through the love that binds us to them, can help us to enter, we move on and at the same time, as they have been relatively unconscious when they are passed, we can help, by our own progress towards consciousness, increase in them and in us a consciousness that is both theirs and ours. This is perhaps one aspect of reincarnation. >>


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