Giving Birth to the Kitten [and Reincarnation; RFR]
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Author:  Gone [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Dream of the Blood Child

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Author:  Jess Marks [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Thread synchronicities


Author:  Gone [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:34 pm ]
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Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Avatar Blues

Here is an interesting development. I wonder if these people also sense it will take Jan's above mentioned "Death by a Thousand Cuts" experience to reach Pandora?

Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues

Some fans say they have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the beauty of the alien world Pandora.

On the fan forum site "Avatar Forums," a topic thread entitled "Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible," has received more than 1,000 posts from people experiencing depression and fans trying to help them cope. The topic became so popular last month that forum administrator Philippe Baghdassarian had to create a second thread so people could continue to post their confused feelings about the movie.

"I wasn't depressed myself. In fact the movie made me happy ," Baghdassarian said. "But I can understand why it made people depressed. The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed."


Author:  Gregory Sova [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Avatar Blues

Opps - got submitted twice.

Author:  Suzanne [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Amusing synchronicity about Dante and Kittens

I am over at my daughter's house on her computer. I read the latest on this KITTEN related thread. Then I went directly to use BING to search for more images and info about Dante and Beatrice in The Divine Comedy for the latest exchanges at the Ann-Suzanne Blog. Would you expect to find a kittens' picture quickly that way as a "meaningful coincidence"? Nahhh, how could such a silly thing happen?



Here is the Bing results link to show you all how it really happened:
http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=dan ... form=QBIR#

Plus, just as I was trying to save the cat pic to the computer to send it up here to the forum, the new kitten in this house suddenly came into the room and jumped into my lap and up onto the computer desk. It is a little gray and white manx -- a tail-less kitten -- which is also how the kittens in this picture above were described.

Our New Christmas Kitten


Quite a "kitty coincidence"! Suzanne

Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:00 am ]
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Author:  Remo Roth [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thread synchronicities

Jess, Sang, Jan, All

Jess Marks wrote:
He says, "Being up a tree... colloquially suggests a difficult situation, echoing shamanistic initiation rituals, which were sometimes pictured as taking place in a tree, and on an archetypal level pointing to the theme of the world tree or axis mundi-- a frequent symbol of the centering process in the individual psyche..."
This seems to confirm that the Eros ego belongs together with being (in) the center of the world. Further, it is the motif of the axis mundi or of the ombelico del mondo (see #5486 ), which belongs to the initiation of the shaman.
So the meaning of Habronattus is "pretty jumper", which my mind automatically wanted to change to "beautiful jumper" and sing to the tune of the song "Beautiful Dreamer". Then I returned to the UM forum and continued reading this thread, and Sang's post which said:
Until you mentioned it above, I did not quite make the connection to your dream in December of MLvF about 'saltos'... Amazing connections :shock:

Sang wrote:
ps. Here's quote from MLvF's book The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redepmption about somersault from p.111

Very often in fairy tales, a somersault is a way to transform. It is also a ritual of resurrection, for instance at the Egyptian funerals. You find in the tombs paintings of dwarfs turning somersaults, doing all sorts of gymnastics but especially somersaults, and that was to help the resurrection of the king. The idea is that resurrection is a kind of somersault. You go down and then you come up again in a new form. It might also have to do with the fact that, as you know, the baby in the mother's womb, if it is born normally, often makes a somersault before birth and comes out head first. So the somersault can denote a birth process, and possibly the observation of this fact led the Egyptians to have clowns and clowning dwarfs--probably they were bushmen prisoners really--do somersaults along the route of the funeral procession of the king, which according to the texts was meant to support the king's resurrection process.

These are two very important synchronicities, and Sang's amplification is also very important. In Joan Halifax’ Shaman, the Wounded Healer, Thames & Hudson, 1982, p. 84, it reads:

The Centre of the Word, the Axis Mundi or world axis, the ‘unmoved mover’ of Aristotle, is the threshold place between space and spacelessness [the latter the unus Mundus, which is also timeless; RFR], between multiplicity and unity, between mortality and immortality [here the motif of resurrection/reincarnation comes in; RFR]. It is said of this cosmic centre that it is everywhere [It is the unus Mundus; RFR]. And yet peoples of all times and places have found and created finite representations; even the ‘solarized’ shaman with nimbus is a manifestation of this. Eliade has noted that the peak of the ‘Cosmic Mountain’ is not only the highest point on earth, but the earth’s navel [Ombelico del Mondo; navel of the world; RFR] , the origin of creation. The Cosmic Mountain allows the seer a vantage point of all-seeing; and its ascent is associated with loftiness of spirit. The World Tree, like the Cosmic Mountain, is the point of contact between heaven and earth. Tree and mountain both intersect the three realms of existence: the Underworld is penetrated by the roots of the Tree [See the above image posted by Jan; RFR] and is in the belly of the Mountain; the Middle World is transected by both and the crown of the World Tree and summit of the Holy Mountain are both received by the heavenly realm.

Here the motifs of the axis mundi and the World Tree, in my interpretation of the unus mundus, come together with creation, incarnation, reincarnation, resurrection. In Ancient Egypt the latter seems to be symbolized by the somersaults during the funerals.

In my interpretation the somersaults are a symbol of what I call the twin process: Physical or psychical energy transforms first into the magic energy of the unus mundus (or the magic energy of the World Soul), and transforms back into physical and/or psychical energy of higher order. Neither of them obeys the 'normal' laws, what means that they create effects of higher order. On the psychical level synchronicities that show us new aspects of psychic life, on the physical level healing. Already Paracelsus had formulated this with his idea of the vita longa, the idea that healing happens on two levels: The one is the personal level of psychical and/or physical "resurrection;" the other one is the otherworldly vita longa, the long life in the Beyond. It seems to correspond with a healing of the world and of the universe. Of course all this reminds us of the phenomena described in the thread Marie-Louise von Franz' Reincarnation .

I think that Jess' synchronicities show us exactly this higher order symbolized by the axis mundi and the somersaults.


Author:  Remo Roth [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  Jess' Synchronicity and my work

For some days now I try to formulate the above with the help of the interpretation of my dreams and imaginations presented in this and in the thread about Marie-Louise von Franz' Reincarnation. Since the symbolism is so dense, I did not really succeed. With the help of Jess' synchronicities I think that I was able to formulate a first part.


Author:  Remo Roth [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Reincarnation of CGJ and MLvF

Remo Roth wrote:
In my interpretation the somersaults are a symbol of what I call the twin process: Physical or psychical energy transforms first into the magic energy of the unus mundus (or the magic energy of the World Soul), and transforms back into physical and/or psychical energy of higher order. Neither of them obeys the 'normal' laws, what means that they create effects of higher order. On the psychical level synchronicities that show us new aspects of psychic life, on the physical level healing. Already Paracelsus had formulated this with his idea of the vita longa, the idea that healing happens on two levels: The one is the personal level of psychical and/or physical "resurrection;" the other one is the otherworldly vita longa, the long life in the Beyond. It seems to correspond with a healing of the world and of the universe. Of course all this reminds us of the phenomena described in the thread Marie-Louise von Franz' Reincarnation .

I must specify this a little more: When such quantum leaps in the first twin process -- the transformation of matter-psyche in the unus mundus into higher order -- happen, the 'always/everywhere,' the omnipresent eternity (C.G. Jung), the unus mundus has changed. I mean this when I say that eternity, timelessness, and omnipresence, spacelessness have got higher order. Since the unus mundus/Beyond is psychophysically nonlocally connected with our world, also in our world higher order has been created.

It seems that all this is connected with what my dreams and imaginations express as the reincarnation of Marie-Louise von Franz and Carl Gustav Jung: Since they worked so much for their individuation process, they remain individuals in the Beyond, and by the work of specific humans get higher order. This seems to mean that they also incarnate into our world, more exactly into the vegetative nervous system (of some people? of all people?).


Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:18 pm ]
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Author:  Remo Roth [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Jumper / Ann Arbor / UMich / Center of the World

Junis wrote:
After writing this post I do not feel any 'hyperarousal' anymore. Instead I feel considerably 'calmed'. This shows me that I seem to have done something 'right'. If one shares 'too much' or shares it 'to early' and in an improper form, from my experience this is alway indicated by an imbalanced manifestation of 'hyperarousal', which can reach as far as shutting down one's computer or central nervous system, etc.

Yes, Jan; this I feel sometimes in your posts. I can understand your 'hyperarousal,' since these contents are highly archetypal, or even more: they concern the psychophysical reality. Touching this deeper reality causes mostly such phenomena. If this happens to me, I lie down and do some BCI.


Author:  Patrick Booker [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:50 pm ]
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Patrick wrote:

I had this dream last night, with a sort of mirroring between my father's state and mine:-

'I am at home, and there are others present. I go to bed, and so does my (deceased) father. I see him in my bed, with a small cat – it might be a kitten. I have a tiger standing upright behind me, which wraps its huge paws around my neck. I am frightened – I sense that it might just kill me. I move its paws slightly away from my throat. It seems so powerful that I am uneasy, but it is not hostile.'

I had forgotten the kitten in this earlier dream. There is this inner order in the dreams, with so many connections that you sometimes miss them. Here the kitten energy develops into a related form of expression from the unconscious, where my father is looking after it.


Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:08 pm ]
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Author:  Remo Roth [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Patrick's father's reincarnation


It seems to be the dream you posted in

http://unus-mundus.fr/viewtopic ... tiger#8816

Before you had posted the above, I thought that I would like to express my fear that perhaps I use your dream too much for the explanation of mine. Now, however, I see that also your dreams bring reincarnation (of your father) and the kitten together. Thus, amplifying the kitten with the center of the world, out of which incarnation and reincarnation happens, was not too bad an idea.

It seems that the kitten grows up to a tiger since you were not yet too conscious about the fact that you are confronted with your father's reincarnation.


PS: Ooooh, how intense all this is!!!

Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:34 pm ]
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Author:  Matswin [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:58 pm ]
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Jan, that was a remarkable dream (The Blood Child). The leopardlike Mammon child could be a complement to the Christchild. Thus he could be akin to Merlin. Catholic encyclopedia says:

...But Mammon was commonly regarded as a deity in the Middle Ages; thus Peter Lombard (II, dist. 6) says, "Riches are called by the name of a devil, namely Mammon, for Mammon is the name of a devil, by which name riches are called according to the Syrian tongue."

The mammon child could signify the principle of natural darkness that is missing in our modern age. In a sense it' s a vampire child as it lives on blood. The Mesoamerican gods also lived on blood, and this is where the leopard stems from. The 11 terrorists could mean that the unconscious has adopted a "terrorist standpoint" of sheer destructivity while collective consciousness simply refuses to listen. It probably means that we are approaching a collective neurosis. On the personal level, your unconscious expects you to live "closer to nature" in order to nurture the principle of the nature divinity.

To sacrifice blood is to sacrifice the life principle. It could mean that time and life must be sacrificed to the god, and that one must leave behind one's own conscious undertakings in life. Your wife ends up in the perifery, in this dream. My guesswork.

Author:  Patrick Booker [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Kitten Jump

I just saw the animation you posted, Jan. Earlier this morning and before I saw it, I remembered a very old dream involving my cat and a bird, which I looked for but could't find. I have just found it - according to my dream records, it occurred in June 1997:-

'I am in my bedroom, with a song bird (Page of Swords?). My cat is frightening it away (a fear of any influence causing me to reject psychic guidance?). My cat is a sort of psychic guardian in this context. Perhaps this suggests there is an indiscriminate protection, or protection against the wrong targets.'

The above includes associations that I noted at the time. The cat is Tasha, now dead and to whom I have referred in other postings.


Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:41 pm ]
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Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:26 pm ]
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Author:  Gone [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Gryphon / Descendent's Estate in Lifetime

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Author:  kristin [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:12 am ]
Post subject:  a cat dream

Well everyone what an interesting thread this has turned out to be, there are some very interesting things coming out of this discussion. As Remo said above it does seem as if the 'cat' is constellated here on the forum, and "in some way tries to unify our "life threads"". Thus as promised, I will post some particulars regarding my most recent cat dream here.

Each of the 'cat' dreams I've had specifically relate to the return of my little female cat (in real life deceased) back from death, from the beyond or unus mundus. Through this repetition of her 're-appearance' in dreams it seems she seeks to 'gesture' to me in some way, but what she can mean in particular is not completely known to me. However, I associate in each case (from three such dreams within one months time) the understanding that the beyond or 'other side', lies close, like through a mere 'veil' which we, however, cannot see with our 3D sight alone. In dreams however we can almost 'touch' this other location, and can also get information 'from' it via the return of the deceased.

I will only concentrate on one of these dreams here, as the other two follow a very similar pattern, with only one difference, and that is that in this most significant one the return of the deceased cat is associated with the appearance of UFO's in the sky overhead.

In this dream (as also in the other two), the little cat is sensed to be 'missing', as if she has just run away from home or become lost. I am agitated, looking out the front door to see if she is out there. It is usually either twilight time or nighttime in each case. In this dream it is the darkest nighttime. I go outside, and discover her collar on the ground, discarded. Whereupon suddenly a ghostly presence appears. It is a friendly ghost, a sort of 'cat/dog' figure, very strange, almost like a cartoon. It says to me telepathically that it 'speaks to me FOR my cat ' (ie. in her place), and I 'know' this ghost as an emissary then, and just as suddenly that my cat is actually dead. However, at the very same moment, I also know that she is still 'alive', and somewhere very close, however not in this reality. Meanwhile out on the street at the same time a woman sits in the middle of the street wrapped in a blanket selling bread rolls. It is very cold but yet she sits there right on the ground [association: a very natural person, indigenous, like a Native Indian for instance, grounded, non-dramatic/ & rolls = sustenance, basic nourishment].

I go back into the house, and looking out the window up in the attic now see an unusual circle of white lights appear on high. This set of lights appears from out of the stars themselves it seems, out of a constellation of stars that I am watching in fact, which is like a cloudy patch in the sky [association: the center of our galaxy in the Milky Way]. Now I call my brother to come and see this, and he does, accompanied by yet another deceased, in the form of his best friend who was killed in a car accident as a teenager. Most significant, as it seemed to me in the dream. Now there are many of these lights 'blooming' in the sky above just like fireworks, fireworks that do not disappear however, but continue instead to just hover there. The deceased friend remarks "should we tell anyone else to come and see?", at which my brother says, "no one will believe us". Just then a much older woman is suddenly also there watching with us, a foreign woman who is someone we know who has in fact been sleeping in the bed in the attic all along but awakens when we call [association: wisdom].

Suddenly there is confusion in the skies, and we see that there appear to be stealth bombers up there shooting at these many UFO's, while to the right of this scene a commercial airliner plummets from the sky in flames, apparently hit by mistake by one of these bombers. We have a feeling of horror. It seems there is a 'war' being provoked by these bombers, but I think to myself, there are HUNDREDS of these UFO's so very high up, it is so incredibly foolish that 'we' attempt to harm them, in fact impossible (n.b. I do not associate with these bombers, instead think of them myself as 'the enemy' it seems..). The UFO's do seem IMPOSSIBLY magical to me even in the dream, spectacular, and so very OTHER than us and our earth life here...

Here I need I think to add that earlier in the evening on the night I dreamed all of this, I had a significant BCI experience while listening to some Native style music, which included many natural sounds, such as the chirping of distant crickets and occasional howling of coyotes. It was a very non-commercial piece of alternative music, thus it had a most trance=like effect on me, and I simply dropped into the BCI motif naturally and immediately when it began to play, even though I had actually been on the computer working at the time. All of this world then vanished and I felt suspended in time with this music playing on, very otherworldly. I could in fact 'sense' the usual world going on anyway around me, watching it from this other location even while suspended in this way. It was in fact a really liminal experience, quite extraordinary. I should note too that I did not 'feel' my head to be there when I was in this 'non-location' but instead had only a 'totality' of sensation, and no thinking at all occured while in the dream time. When the music finished I felt refreshed in every way, it is impossible to express, but every part of my body felt healthy and 'relieved'. I don't have this kind of experience very often, if at all, usually only when I am lying down (here I remained sitting..somehow!), and then only when I have been in that position for awhile and with the 'thought' to enter a BCI perhaps... so this was a new sort of thing for me (except when out in the wild natural places, where one naturally enters a state of altered time very often...).

If I can think of anything in the other dreams that I might have missed I will report back.

best to all, as ever,

Jess: the grey cat motif, amazing! (and named Lucy and Sylvie, very magical names, imo --see the etymology...of the 'light' and of the 'woods', I believe...). These small grey female cats seem quite particular (yours sounds lovely, bless her). I could never get over that Lucy and her most unusual and rare 'ways', though I had another great cat, a male tabby, as well. They were completely different. Lucy was hugely 'pixilated', as they say, yes so I just 'know' she is still with me from time to time, a psychopomp. The cat as a witches 'familiar' rings very true for me. In fact, previous to these cat dreams I have been dreaming recently of being spoken to by two witches, both who tell me point blank I am one of them and in so many words must enter that state now openly, in the face of the world. An initiatory rite/ experience of guiding dead souls to the other side while 'underwater' follows this part of the dream...

Cats are without doubt 'guides' and also 'protectors'. The fact they cannot finally be completely 'tamed' is the whole story. They remain elemental, existing both here, there and 'between worlds'. Thus they are a force for healing (their purr has been 'clocked' at the same rhythm and frequency as the hearts' natural rhythm and the earths resonant beat I believe). Cats signify then some return to the omphalos, and confer a sort of an 'entrainment' in the 'out-of-time' or liminal sensiblity, that is when connects with them deeply but non-sentimentally..

(ps. and I loved the picture of your very fine Manx Christmas kitten, Suzanne -- so handsome and spunky!)

Author:  Patrick Booker [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:08 pm ]
Post subject: 


When I look at my own dream records, I am amazed at how often my cat Tasha appears, particularly since her death. I was looking for a dream about my mother, that I intend to post shortly, and just below it was a dream about Tasha (June 2009). Here it is:-

'I was present in a wood, apparently quite a long way from where I live. I think that it was a different town, although it was not a place that I recognise. I found my cat Tasha – in the dream I assumed that she had run away rather than died. Later I was discussing her with someone, and then first one, then another cat came out of the undergrowth. Eventually, a third cat emerged. The three cats were all small and dark, and looked a bit like Tasha, but I accepted the third. In truth, none of them were an exact likeness. The third cat came to me, and I picked her up. Then she began to struggle.'

As in your dream, I thought that she had run away. Your cat's collar was discarded? Tasha was a very timid cat, and came from an animal rescue centre. She was normally very mild tempered, but I could never get a collar on her, and in the end I just gave up. I suppose that she wasn't used to weaing one.

I read somewhere quite recently a personal account of animals (not sure if it referred to cats or dogs) being able to enter other worlds safely that humans can't, and hence being able to protect them. I cannot remember where, though.



Author:  Gone [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:06 pm ]
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Author:  Gone [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:44 pm ]
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Author:  Gone [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:37 pm ]
Post subject:  VITA LONGA

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Author:  Patrick Booker [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  My Mother Returns from the Dead

Patrick wrote:

I was looking for a dream about my mother, that I intend to post shortly

I have dreamt of my mother returning from the dead at least as often as my father, and it occurs to me that if my father has indeed rencarnated, why not my mother? I usually dream of them separately, although once they were together. My father died 50 years ago, and although I was close to him, it seems quite remote now. My mother died 20 years ago, and it feels more immediate.

Here is my dream from May 2009:-

'I was in my front room with my sister, and we were waiting for my mother. I didn't seem to be aware that she was dead. I greeted my mother at the door. She seemed smaller than in life, and I could not distinguish her features. She seemed insubstantial, and wrapped in a shroud. I embraced her, and I wept.
There is another image involving a Tarot spread. I was doing a Celtic Spread, and the central card came out reversed. I turned it over, and it was Strength.'

My feeling was that she had returned from a distant world.


Author:  Sang [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Some connections, associations...
It seems to me indeed, The Tale of the Cat featured in MLvF's book The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption belongs here. Towards the end of the book one reads about motif of cutting off the cat's tail (see Suzanne's synchronicity and picture of tailless kittens!) and later its head. There is also the motif of fighting the old Emperor, who tries to marry the Cat/Princess himself. For me, Jess' association and the synchronicity of jumping spider (significant, as Remo mentioned) also reminded me of the theme of Shamanic competition (motif it seems in the movie the Jumper which Jan mentioned). It is the Cat/princess who instigates the fight between the dummling and the father/Emperor, according to MLvF. MLvF mentions about the motif of magical competition in the book "Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales" in the section called I believe 'The Nucleus of the Psyche' (starts from p. 296), --another great book! MLvF also mentions the motif of the 'new wine in old bottles--needing new wine bottle/skin' (motif related to the 'new house' Jan mentions) in her book The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption.. Could one say that perhaps all this points again to 'resurrection' of MLvF? :shock: :D


Author:  kristin [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  cats, the VNS, and a momentary detour...

Patrick, thanks for the comments regarding Tasha your cat, who also comes to you in dreams. Have to say that my cats collar was in fact an 'issue' when she was alive, yes. She also seemed to be able to 'lose' her collar on many an occasion. This has much to do no doubt with the feral aspect of the VNS, as I am associating, wherein 'She' (Eros Self) will not be 'owned' but only naturally 'encountered', and on Her own terms. Hmm. The shamanistic/fool aspect is very much a part of this -- suddenly I think again of my own association to the short form used for the vegetative nervous system -- the VNS as "vines" (green, supple, connective, never-ending...), which makes me see the connection with Jack and the Beanstalk (found in another post, which Jan mentions and illustrates) again, in fact with all fairy tales in some sense (the forest of vines that grows up around Sleeping Beauty's castle and etc. etc. -- in fact, the forest itself as connective, impenetrable, as in Hansel and Gretel and etcetc). With your discussion of the appearance too of deceased humans, particularly your mother and father, now, we see all of this as one luminous 'inner/outer' landscape I think. The cat just seems to move us INTO this sensibility, as it can when sitting and purring upon our laps, just 'doing it's thing', without necessary personal relation to us at all... Something most profound is moving between us all here as we grapple with these important inner/outer matters, truly...

Jan, your remarks, both anecdotal and otherwise, are all so valid and weave a dense and most interesting fabric of associations. At the moment you do 'fribulate' or 'oscillate' ,as it seems, very strongly, which I feel attests to the intensity of the constellation of these topics both in you and in the collective. But as it seems to me now, trying to tie the myriad threads together is such a monumental task and perhaps one could even say that this effort is not our particular need or function anymore in this life, for those of us who are marked with this odd gift of 'responsiveness' to the wu wei energies, something which appears almost a mutation, those energies perhaps of a 21st C modern mystic.

Such an understanding is something I came to eventually, much like 'hitting the wall', awhile back now, whenever I felt that most unbelievable pressure (and then afterwards accompanying but only momentary fulfillment) posting here on the forum. What I finally gleaned was that it is like searching for Eldorado in the jungle to follow always the sudden (and constantly recurring) sensation to amplify or to connect up the images/ideas/feelings that one encounters here. You have pointed out that this is a philosophers skill, so to speak, and I would very much agree. For those of us who have this skill or yearning (which comes hand in hand with a skill that is natural to us) to classify or to connect, the feeling can be very beautiful when one finds the 'river running through' some discussion, is able to create a map of sorts out of this landscape. It is as if the map were always tantalizingly urging to be corrected or added to, there is no end to the making of it. Gratification is always just beyond reach where it comes to an attempt at a categorical unification of all of these deep things, yes. My sincere feeling is that this is at once a gift and a curse, to be a person who is it seems fated to make or reveal the connections so clearly and meticulously, also so graciously. Thus I would only say that you for instance also can afford to give yourself a break from this task that you feel to offer from time to time, Jan, that is if you feel moved to retreat (and I know that you retreat, or you would not be the person that you are, able to say the things that you do!).

One comes eventually, as such a collaborative type of person (I am the same type, an introvert who is collaborative/connective in sensibility, a very strange combination), to a sort of forced standstill. But it seems to me this was the lesson I had to continually learn, and the forum and it's members have taught me much in regard to the sense of urgency around this very intense inner process we all feel and suffer (v.s.) the associated urge to post. Especially Roger has said it so well many times, as he too is a primo primo natural born philosopher type, who nevertheless discovered, through much suffering, another way to 'digest' his thoughts and visions than to require his vigilance at the keyboard.

Well to me it is in fact much like a winnowing process, striking the balance that lies between coming to an understanding and actually 'stating' something regarding the understanding one so manages to achieve. I guess I've learned to function at a grounded frequency level more now, perhaps with age (which does help it seems). I drop down purposely in fact each time I feel that sudden uplifting urgency now, whenever I sense the zone of new and fantastic corrrespondences arising in relation to the material I encounter on this amazing forum. It does in fact seem that one finally, after much work and effort, like in fact with a thesis or a book, exhausts all recourse to 'producing' as it were the 'happy ending' one would like to create (ie. creating that/those summary statement(s) that will suffice as the most meaningful and astute in relation to the material).

I just want to add that as a conscientious fellow member of this crazy virtual 'profane monastery', there is the earnest desire to follow the correspondences we find here with all of our hearts, and I certainly feel there ought to be no limit to the authentic emotions we all share, as this is what helps us to discover new worlds, and to navigate outside the box thus freeing ourselves of many tired old constraints (that old king motif..). This process of trust comes from facing fears in the open, and through such bravery we discover a reciprocity of 'being' and 'loving' we could not have hoped for, much like the outcome of an unexpected quantumn leap.



Author:  kristin [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  the aspect of darkness

Feel to add here that darkness can only be 'conquered' as representing a place of fear by associating it both slowly and consistently with the beauty of a great and abiding PEACE.

That 'silence' and 'depth' which darkness presents is meant as a place of respite. Nighttime is metaphorically an 'unwinding' or "un-doing", a NOT seeing or knowing in the usual wakeful' sense. It seems that when one agitates regarding the aspect of darkness, constantly gropes therein for answers, (= being TOO awake) one comes to the end of one's rope very quickly. Such is the danger of overstimulation. In the nighttime Nature knows what the darkness is for, which (except for some active night creatures) is actually to rejuvenate the body through giving oneself completely over to it. Nighttime is like the 'cat', it is unknowable and undefinable. It is the Mystery, which we must not 'rape' with our continuing aggravated assaults of the thinking function. We need to take our cue from the VNS, which IS after all, Nature, and learn to 'lie down' with the darkness.

This insight goes along with Jan's summary above regarding the "new house", which is just right, imo..


Author:  Jess Marks [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:54 am ]
Post subject:  Tasha

Since Kristin mentioned the meanings of our cats' names (Lucy and Sylvie = light and woods), I wondered if Patrick knew the meaning of his cat's name. I looked it up...

Tasha, short for "Natasha" and related to "Natalie", means "birthday", usually the birthday of Christ.


Author:  kristin [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  cat 'games'!

hey Jess, and Patrick,

you know I was thinking the very same thing regarding Patrick's kitty, wondering about her name -- . Your post is right on, Jess. When I read it, I had another association, which is that the word 'natal' is always used in relation to 'place', thus when someone is 'natal TO a place' it could be said that one is in one's first and therefore perhaps also most 'natural' location...?


(and btw, Patrick -- did you by any chance name your lovely cat after one of the female 'Avengers' characters, Patrick McNee's second sidekick on the show I believe after the wonderful Mrs. Peel (who often sported a most amazing catsuit)? What a stylin' and groove-worthy program that was...the women were presented as independant entities, yet still co-creative/co-resonant with/to the male characters, which I really liked, and in a very low-rez, undramatic sort of honest way, instead of the trumped up over logos-independant, harsh often self-derisive female characters we sadly often find on t.v. nowadays)

Author:  Gone [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:49 am ]
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deleted on request

Author:  Christopher [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:31 am ]
Post subject:  NAUGHTY KITTY!



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