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 Fish Recipe 
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Post Fish Recipe
I see an in-store chef. He is preparing a fish for oven-baking. I am immediately unsure if it is a bass or a mullet. I ask him “Is that a mullet?” I get no answer but I am now sure that it is. The chef slices off the head and continues slicing down the body in narrow sections. Now the fish skin is still whole, and inside the fish I see uncooked minced meat. I sense that the slicing was also the mincing process. Also, surrounding the mince I see what immediately looks likes viscera. I assume that the chef will remove and discard it. He does not do so. And now I see that the viscera is actually animal liver, mulched, and part of this recipe. The final touch in the preparation is a tomato sliced in half and the two halves placed on top.

Associations: In my sea fishing days I would fish for bass, not mullet. These two fish look similar.

I guess I should read Aion again.

But, thoughts welcome.

Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:24 pm
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Post Light From The Darkness
Your mullet fish ready to be baked has been extremely well differentiated (minced). It is a “banquet” being prepared for you. Did it come with chips? If so what kind would you prefer? A fish is of course connected to an unconscious content that one needs to catch and digest, i.e., assimilate it into one's own substance and thus into consciousness. To the extent it is a fish you have not caught or eaten before, as your association suggests, it seems to indicate it is a “new content” in the unconscious that wants to come into consciousness.
Mugil_cephalus Mullet.jpg
Mugil_cephalus Mullet.jpg [ 54.01 KiB | Viewed 2110 times ]

Interestingly, mullet feeds on detritus - the bodies or fragments of dead organisms as well as fecal material. This caught my attention because of the important role shit and piss plays in Remo’s opus – they are the increatum new births of the World Soul – births that She would like to see in our world. Dogs and other animals will eat shit because all food is not completely digested and thus excrement retains some nutritional value. Animals instinctively know this. Of course the digestive tract must make an effort to extract the remaining nutrition – an allegory for the need to use the hands as vehicles that can help incarnate unconscious contents.

I guess it is Remo’s opus that has helped to break new ground and like this help “mince” the fish for you. Others on this forum that have shared something of their opus may have also been helpful in furthering reciprocal individuation as MLvF notes can happen in a community of like souls – something I shared previously in a post to Fox in Unio Corporalis Pink Instant Decaf Coffee – 7 Sept. 2012. It seems all you have to do is be a good scribe and make the effort to digest the images.

The Ideal Psychological Group
Bonds with other people are produced by the Self and these relations are very exactly regulated as to distance and closeness. One might describe this as the social function of the Self. Each person gathers around him his own “soul family,” a group of people not created by accident or by mere egoistic motivation but rather through a deeper, more essential spiritual interest or concern: reciprocal individuation. Whereas relations based merely on projection are characterized by fascination and magical dependence, this kind of relationship, by way of the Self, has something strictly objective, strangely transpersonal about it. It gives rise to a feeling of immediate, timeless “being together.” The usual bond of feeling, says Jung elsewhere, always contains projections that have to be withdrawn if one is to attain to oneself and to objectivity.

Objective cognition lies hidden behind the attraction of the emotional relationship; it seems to be the central secret. Memories, p. 297.

In this world created by the Self we meet all those many to whom we belong, whose hearts we touch; here “there is no distance, but immediate presence.” Von Franz, Projection and Re-Collection, p. 177.

I guess the following amplification on tomatoes might be helpful since your fish was being prepared using this “garnish”. It comes from MLvF’s Eulogy and like this she psychically “comes back” to attend the wedding of the Black Madonna with creation

Dream of MLvF (no date) She is near a farmhouse; many people in black are there. A young farm worker digs a hole for the coffin. Out of the coffin comes an old man who suffers the same illness as she. He absolutely wants to live. The fellow argues with him, saying that he belongs back in there, throws him in the coffin and shuts the lid. She herself takes no part in it and thinks: "This has nothing to do with me." In the yard stands a tree. She thinks that it is a horse-chestnut. But it is a marvelously beautiful tree with dinner-plate sized passion flowers which she herself had once planted. In each blossom is a little tomato. She plucks one, eats it and knows that it is the "cibus immortalis," the food of immortality.

Comment: She said that the old man was the will to live that will not give up, but only extends her suffering. The worker believes it is time to die. Years later as it became harder to eat because of her illness, she said that she wanted to eat because the will to live is generally the strongest drive in life. She added that in Austria tomatoes are called " paradises." And tomatoes are often taken to be the "love fruits" from the Tree of Knowledge. In the summer of 1994 she had this dream:

She is working in the laundry at the cloister in Einsiedeln. She is given to understand that Jung would come down from heaven to the wedding of the Black Madonna. Marie-Louise is among the one hundred elect who are permitted to take part in the wedding.

Comment: She said that the unconscious was indeed preparing a remedy for the world and a union, to be sure not one "above in the spiritual realm," but a union of above and below, a union of spirit and matter. Very early on the Virgin Mary was thought to be "the earth;" the Black Madonna was a nature goddess. And yet the union comes about in a Christian framework, which she (Marie-Louise) never could accept. But still the dream filled her with the highest happiness.

Since the tomato is sliced in half one should examine that image as well. Interestingly, tomatoes have come up rather often in my material. I have noticed that they are red on the outside, have some white in the flesh on the inside and a bit of yellowish-greenish color around the seeds. Further it seems the “Batman” Logo seen over Gotham is inside these "paradises" – suggesting introversion leads to receiving “Light From The Darkness” because "Santa Claus" has come to town.



Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:09 am

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Post Re: Fish Recipe
Thank you, Gregory,

My recollection is that the best sea-fishing technique for catching mullet is float-fishing, using a float and a short length of fishing line to the hook, i.e. mullet as surface feeders rather than bottom feeders (like bass). This seems at odds with detritus usually being thought of as below rather above. I’m guessing, then, that the mullet represents a deeper level of unconsciousness which has risen to higher level.

The quote from Marie Von Franz is interesting. I have recently seen it happening around me to a small extent, having vaguely telepathic moments between close friends.

Twice now you have mentioned that I should be a good scribe. I sense that I am missing the full meaning of what you are actually saying. Put extra effort into amplifying my own material? Write by hand rather than type? If you can add nothing more here, no matter, “be a good scribe” now imprinted.

I have possibly made an association to this dream: I recall a joke I made once, one I hardly realised that I had made, but which provoked laughter, which I then continued. I had been to the staff restaurant (often criticised) and ordered “Mediterranean Beef.” I returned to my work-station and a colleague asked what I had had for lunch. Something like this:

Margaret: What did you have for lunch, Rob?”

Rob: Mediterranean Beef.

Margaret: Oh, that sounds nice, what was it?

Rob: Beef with an olive on the top. [And that was pretty much all it was.]

Margaret: (Laughs)

Rob: Well actually, there was a bit more to it. But I wasn’t sure what it was, it was a kind of oranegy green globby thing … I didn’t quite fancy that bit… looked like it might have fallen out of the chef’s nose.

M: (Laughs again)

On that occasion the olive was whole and black. I think the globby thing was probably some kind of Mediterranean vegetable.

For context, and sorry to get into my domestic matters again, I have narrowed these down to me having had, shall I say, “ingested” a “psychic contamination” through a “mind game” – in my workplace some months ago. Seems relevant.


Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:30 pm
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Post Re: Fish Recipe
Rob wrote:
Twice now you have mentioned that I should be a good scribe. I sense that I am missing the full meaning of what you are actually saying. Put extra effort into amplifying my own material? Write by hand rather than type? If you can add nothing more here, no matter, “be a good scribe” now imprinted.

Basically write down as precisely as possible whatever comes up without letting your thinking intefere with the recording. But before that, if you BCI don't interfere, observe and follow the stream



Fire over wood:
Thus the superior man consolidates his fate By making his position correct.
The fate of fire depends on wood; as long as there is wood below, the fire burns above. It is the same in human life; there is in man likewise a fate that lends power to his life. And if he succeeds in assigning the right place to life and to fate, thus bringing the two into harmony, he puts his fate on a firm footing.

I Ching #50

Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:42 pm
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Post Re: Fish Recipe
Thanks Roger, will endeavour.

And how about this: I have just had a visit from a friend (an ex-chef) who related that, for a recent meal, he favoured beef cubes over beef minced meat, did not properly slice the fat from the beef, poached the beef cubes in tomatos, and the meal not turning out well, later considered that he might have done better to use liver instead of beef.

Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:28 pm

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Post Re: Fish Recipe
Dream: I see my works manager, hooded, in rain gear, seems panicky. I feel sympathy for him as I know he is in big trouble (real life, mind-game coming to surface). [Solution is: Make the unconscious conscious]. He seems to take something orange from a postal letter box and sandwiches it between items on the back of an open delivery van or milk- float. I say to him “There is a solution, you know.” He doesn’t seem to want to know.

Now I see a piece of cooked liver before me. I prod it with a fork. It has three sections or onion-like layers. The left section separates as I prod it. The two others do not separate and this part seems correctly cooked.

I am vaguely sensing that the viscera/mulched liver in the mullet recipe as not mine, did not belong, and maybe so for the whole fish. But I ingested it. My psyche reacted as one’s physical system does in order to expel a contaminant. Thus I have cooked the whole thing, and separated the gross from the fine.

Association: Orange: I have used this colour in drawing recently as “false gold”, false lips. I also sliced oranges in two recently for a juice drink.

Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:28 pm
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