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 The New God-Image 
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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

The V theme reminds me of the hebrew letter Vav - symbol of the spinal medulla as a womb for incarnating/gestating more subtle bodies. Your “building a wooden ship” is similar symbolism, I think, - building an ark, a vessel in which to incarnate the new subtle body. Somewhere I recall this as especially connected to the heart chakra.


I am attending college with all these young people as if I am just starting my freshman year. I am not very organized as I cannot find my text books, my class schedule or where they are being held on campus. In the midst of all this anxiety my attention is suddenly drawn to a bright white light shinning from out of the NW in the darkness. I now realize that I am dreaming.

End of Dream

Comment: The dream reminded me of what if was like to start to work with the unconscious for it is like going back to college. Forty years latter (a wandering in the wilderness of my soul for 40 years) I have learned the ropes so to speak. The dream says this kind of uncertain process is going to incarnate in the NW with its guiding light to help.”

Your dream and observation reminds me of tarot key “the Fool”.

The sun behind the traveller is at an angle of forty five degrees in the eastern heaven, as Swedenborg says the celestial sun never reaches the zenith, for from the zenith it would have to descend, and the idea here intended is that infinite energy can never reach a point in manifestation whence it must begin to decrease in power. On this account, too, the Fool faces North-West, towards a direction which…has for millenniums been symbolic of the unknown, and of the state just prior to the initiation of a creative process.” [Paul Foster Case]

Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:20 pm
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Post Rob's Amplifications
Great amplifications.



Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:25 pm

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

A few extra thoughts:

The scissors as sword, phallus, intellect, open scissors as double edged sword, ida/pingala? Male/female, Tree of Knowledge? And reference to angel at door to garden of Eden? Referenced also in Book of Revelation, I recall? The cylindrical vessel as shushuma? Or as spinal medulla at the heart/maybe throat chakra?


Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:47 am
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Post The Worrisome Birth
Tues. 2 Feb. 2016

I see the Lantern of the Telesphorus. I have the impression that Green is for the VNS and Red is for the CNS on the two sides of the wormhole for the chakra’s HeartLight.
Lantern Telesphoros Device Man Color.jpg
Lantern Telesphoros Device Man Color.jpg [ 100.61 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]


I am helping people interpret their dreams. Then JG comes on the scene and implies he can do a better job. He mentions that he went through Advent school training that involved learning from teachers in Afghanistan and another country. I indicated that I had never heard of that approach to dream interpretation and asked him to speak the details into my voice recorder which he did but so softly that I knew I would never be able to make out what he was saying.

End of Dream

Comment: JG is a childhood acquaintance who was a few years older than myself. He chummed with my older brother. I never felt comfortable around him as he seemed overbearing and on the mean side. I used to deliver the Daily Tribune to his parents home and he would sometimes come outside and threaten me with physical harm. He lived a chthonic lifestyle involving heavy drinking and sex.

Advent - the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event; the coming or second coming of Christ.

I see the tail area of a large black bird in an aft view as it sits on the top middle of a wide rectangular metal gate made from tube steel that protects the entrance to a vast rural landscape. No other sign of civilization is in the view.

I see plain concrete stairs on the outside of a white stucco building that leads to a door on the second storey of the two storey building. A plain tan plywood enclosure surrounds the stair which has no guardrail.

I am looking down at the SW corner of a snow covered metal roof that has a circular “dimple” in the snow at that corner.

I see a man standing on a wide dirt road between buildings that is holding a long heavy black hose with a metal pump. It reminds me of the one used to deliver propane from our Blue Gas provider. We use a propane fueled fireplace to warm the house during the winter where fireplace is a connection to hearth and thus the heart chakra.

In the darkness I see the white palm side of a right hand facing me.

I see a whitish galvanized metal pail set inside a larger dark green pail.

A white woman, with her back to me, stands a ways in front of me. She wears a dark green loose fitting full length dress. It’s a color code connection to the white pail set inside a green pail.

In the NE of the view I see a rectangular color picture of the upper body of six men facing the camera. They are in two rows of three.

I am standing on a cement porch looking over its edge at the black earth by its base where I see several American quarters lying in the dirt on a wet drizzling overcast day.

I am looking down at a close-up view of a butter knife lying on a Blood Moon table cloth. At the tip of the knife sits a small flute shaped glass filled with water which reminds me of the style in which a single long stem flower is normally placed within.

I am recalling the anxiety dream in Becoming The Teacher’s Pet - where I was facing the daunting task of writing a PhD thesis for a degree in theoretical physics.

I see the head of a man swimming in place near the edge of a river that is mostly covered in a thin layer of snow covered ice.

I see a fresh trail through deep snow.

A man says, “You cannot come in here” as he stands in a room having a low ceiling and windows all around the walls as I view him with the NW corner behind him. Outside it seems troops are approaching.

I am looking at an outdoor rural scene where I see the huge backside of a gray dinosaur lying on the ground that is in the NW of the view.

I am recalling how I let go of pursuing a lucrative consulting career in order to devote the rest of my life to the inner work.

In the darkness I see the lower portion of a person standing facing me a short ways away – holding the handle of a dark whip in their right hand whose length lies on the ground – reminding me of Indiana Jones and the whip connection to Abraxas.

I am looking down at a close-up view of a Harvest Moon colored ripe peach whose skin looks a little roughed up.

In the darkness along the West side I see a white human figure invisibly suspended as if “standing” upside down. This figure is in the NW of the view.

I see a large circular gold coin fastened to a Blood Moon colored door jam. I immediately recall how captain Ahab nailed such a coin to the mast as a reward to the first man who spotted Moby-Dick. In the vision as in the movie the nail was wedged shaped (a V-shape) piece of metal and the coin was a gold doubloon. Comment: I later recall how the blood of a lamb was smeared on the door jam in Egypt that protected the first-born of the Jews.
Doubloon.jpg [ 33.94 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]

The 1956 Warner Brothers film "Moby Dick" has a famous scene where the captain of a whaling ship nails a gold coin to the mast as a reward for the seaman who first spots a "special" whale.

I see a close-up view of the NW area of a portable dark red wood teller window that has a business card attached to its customer side face. Its appearance indicates that the teller window is closed.

I am inside a dark room looking down a short flight of cement stairs that leads to a massive old style closed wood door. Suddenly the door opens a crack and a man’s head is peeking in from the outside daylight. He looks Jewish and has a well groomed face hugging black beard.

In the darkness I see a cigar invisibly suspended in a horizontal manner whose reddish lighted end is mostly not in the view. As I type this in I recall the cigar shaped UFOs.

I am looking down at the snow covered tip of a black boot as I stand in the 2nd driveway near the street.

I see the East side of a 17 inch laptop screen that is filled with white noise.

I see a close-up view of an aluminum encased brick sized object having black glass that covers on face.

I hear counting as I look at a young man facing me a ways away in a room. I hear, 31, 32, and the young man says, 33 and I say 34. The young man is standing next to the East side of a large blue screen having white symbolic text on its surface as if equations.


After many years I have returned to my engineering work environment. I do not know why I have entered this place again. I don’t even have a badge but the guards did not notice. The huge place seems almost deserted as I see no one as I walk through long empty corridors.

I find the meeting room and sit with a few other men all in a row and in front of a row of managers and industry representatives sitting at abutted conference tables in front of us. Manager RT sits directly across from me. He looks very old and gray and wore out. He wants to know what I offer to the project and I tell him that I will evaluate aerodynamic and heat transfer aspects. He then invites me to go on a week long business trip but I declined.

I leave the meeting and as I walk in the long, darkened corridor I see a silhouette view of PS walking along in front of me.

Later I find out that the company is not able to obtain any more contracts and are in the midst of dissolving the company.

End of Dream

Comment: A large business enterprise has come to an end. The dream reminds me of how my Aerospace career has slowly fled from memory as my retirement years wear on. But here I wonder if the 17 year onslaught of visions and dreams are coming to an end is meant.

I see a large white refrigerator being tipped forwards to a 45 degree angle. Strange, but a layer of liter sized soda bottles filled with a dark liquid are neatly arranged in several columns such that they cover the back of the unit – being stacked bottom on top of the other. The arrangement reminds me of a rocket launcher. Comment: Liter sized Pepsi Cola bottles comes to mind as I type this in. Its logo contains the colors of the American flag and like this suggests that operating out of a United State is an enlightening experience.
Rocket Launcher.jpg
Rocket Launcher.jpg [ 60.74 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]

I see workmen have finished the construction of a home and are now leaving.

I see a line of blacks approaching me. They are looking for work.

In the darkness I see the front portion of a large snake whose body sticks out of a black wall on the East side in the view. The body of the snake bends towards me at a 90 degree angle a short ways from the wall such that the head of the snake is facing me a short ways away and its mouth is wide open. The shape of the snake suddenly reminds me of the handle seen on a witches crook. I recall that the “crooked” end on the Blood Moon colored Ebola virus has been connected to a witches crook.

I wake up from a dream in which I was repeatedly being challenged on how to ensure the best strength in a structural design. The configuration reminded me of how carbon atoms form strong bonds with each other in the buckyball.

In the darkness down below I see a right side view of the open mouth of what reminds me of the dark mother creature seen in the movie Alien. A double row of upwards pointing V-shaped triangular teeth line the narrow spaced jaw.


I am in what reminds me of an engineering workplace filled with occupied short cubicles arranged in neat rows. Suddenly, I hear Remo say, “Have you submitted your article to Harvest magazine.” He sits in a cubical next to a white wall and is not visible as he seems to be within the wall.

End of Dream

A middle aged woman floats towards me in the SW from out of the NW in a bright white scene. Her head is not visible. She wears a loose fitting white blouse and sky blue skirt. These colors suggest a connection to those in NW and that the lower three chakras of the feminine principle brings enlightenment to the heart chakra.

Fri. 5 February 2016

I am a member of a Mafia operation. I, along with a couple of other men have tried to keep some of the money that should have been turned into the leaders. We are unwilling to give the money back and all are shot in the head except for our ring leader who gave us up.

End of Dream

I see a dark dormant tree that has a conical shaped pile of snow surrounding the trunk all the way up to the start of the branches for the canopy. A snowcone/lightcone connection seems meant. Since snow is frozen water mixed with air it is an image for the excluded third, i.e., new consciousness that comes from the VNS.

I see the blue metal panel on the open drivers door in a car or truck as if I sit in the driver’s seat. The color reminds me of my first car, a 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix.

I see a huge heavy weight man facing me that has blond hair and looks like our youngest son. He wears a mostly blue full length Japanese gown composed of alternating vertical “thunderbolts” of lighter colors. His stature reminds me of a Sumo wrestler. Comment: This son is my exact opposite psychological type as he is NF in his psychology. The image indicates that my individuation process centered in the unus mundus has benefited this unintegrated aspect of my psychology.


I am visiting a wealthy man as a guest in his lovely home. I look out a window and standing on the grass in a side yard is a pale looking RR.

I then see RR standing on the top of the wide stairs in this home and being glad to see him again I gave him a big hug.

The scene changes and now standing on those same stairs is his son who informs me that his father died last night. Surprised, I say to the young adult son that I just greeted him here last night.

End of Dream

As I was waking up from the dream I heard, “We hear that RR was a pretty smart fellow!”

Comment: RR is a Spanish man I partnered with doing Aerospace engineering consulting in the aftermath of our retirement. He is NF in his psychology. His death indicates that I have withdrawn my inferior functioning projection onto his person. This is a connection to the NF Sumo wrestler aspect having been incorporated more consciously in my psychology.

I see a dormant tree whose branches form a fist punching skywards.

Lying on a cement surface down below I see about a dozen long wavy “hairs” that loosely form an animals tail. They are green along the last half and red along the first half of their length - a connection to the colors of the HeartLight.

I see a wall plug in a home at an oblique angle where I can make out a small red rectangular part of it – a GFCI plug (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) used in an area where water can be present and cause electrocutions if not safe guarded by such a plug.
GFCI.jpg [ 13.97 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]

Sun. 7 February 2016

I see a new plain black bicycle. The view changes with a close-up oblique view of the black bicycle seat as if its shape is being emphasized. A top view I find on the Internet reminds me of a Hershey candy kiss shape (also one half of a dumbbell hand weight) – as if it is one-half of a wormhole. Comment: I recall that in Seppuku Birthing – 13 January 2015 Miss Gulch (aka the Wicked Witch of the West) was seen riding a bicycle with a red and white checkered cloth covered picnic basket mounted on top of the back fender. It seems this picnic basket contains the new birth. I also recall that when riding a bicycle farting Blue Gas is an acausal occurrence. A mosquito emanating from out of the hidden dimensions was connected to being a carrier of this new birth.
Bicycle Hershey Candy Kiss.png
Bicycle Hershey Candy Kiss.png [ 4.65 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]

Worrisome Birth.jpg
Worrisome Birth.jpg [ 36.02 KiB | Viewed 4377 times ]

The Worrisome Birth


PS. I see that the Zika virus is not the only thing that can cause microcephaly of which there were 25,000 in the US in 2014 or less than 1% of the 4 million births. Radiation amongst other factors are in the list. Consciously helping to release the psychophysical radiations of the World Soul can better proportion the subtle body matter seems meant.

Microcephaly is rare, and it has many other causes, including infection of the fetus with rubella (German measles), cytomegalovirus or toxoplasmosis; poisoning of the fetus by alcohol, mercury or radiation; or severe maternal malnutrition and diabetes. It is also caused by several gene mutations, including Down syndrome.

Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:07 am

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Some immediate thoughts:


I am helping people interpret their dreams. Then JG comes on the scene and implies he can do a better job. He mentions that he went through Advent school training that involved learning from teachers in Afghanistan and another country. I indicated that I had never heard of that approach to dream interpretation and asked him to speak the details into my voice recorder which he did but so softly that I knew I would never be able to make out what he was saying.”

“Voice recorder” as the throat chakra – receptive to the “quiet inner voice”?

“In the darkness along the West side I see a white human figure invisibly suspended as if “standing” upside down. This figure is in the NW of the view.”

Reminds me of the tarot key “The Hanged Man”.

“I see a large circular gold coin fastened to a Blood Moon colored door jam. I immediately recall how captain Ahab nailed such a coin to the mast as a reward to the first man who spotted Moby-Dick. In the vision as in the movie the nail was wedged shaped (a V-shape) piece of metal and the coin was a gold doubloon. Comment: I later recall how the blood of a lamb was smeared on the door jam in Egypt that protected the first-born of the Jews.”

The object associated to the Hebrew letter Vav is “nail” – also means “and”. I am also reminded of Jonah and the Whale and of Odysseus tying himself to the mast of his ship on approaching the Island of the Sirens:

An excellent audio lecture on the Odyssey here:


Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:18 am
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Post Becoming A Savior of the World
Sun. 7 February 2016


BP has returned to the engineering work environment. He is his usual large Buddha belly self except now he has a full head of pepper and salt curly hair that gives him a “fuzz ball” hairdo appearance like Sai Baba. Then another man comes into the place as I sit working on an old style computer terminal.

The scene shifts and I am riding in the SE area of a red wood square flat bottom shape that is moving along in a stream of water that is about to disappear into a cement archway’s black rectangular opening. It reminds me of the underworld ride at Disneyland called “Pirate’s of the Caribbean.”

End of Dream

I see a triangular shaped metal arrowhead lying horizontal and pointing West in the darkness.

A man comes up behind another man and puts the barrel of a pistol to the back of his head. Comment: President Lincoln was shot like this.

I see a man approaching me – a sweaty dirty worker wearing a filthy black dirty tee shirt as if a worker in a coal mine. He carries a tiny, white truncated paper cone cup like that seen in elder care or hospital settings that hold daily medications. He does this as if it is a most precious substance that he brings to me.

In the darkness in silhouette I see a broccoli head “standing” on its head on a dark earth. The stem is angled slightly towards the NW in the view. It’s colors have been connected to VNS radiation effects on Eros Christ consciousness. A broccoli head has been connected to an atomic bomb mushroom cloud shape which is filled with the bomb’s nuclear radiation. I recall the white man seen “standing” invisibly on his head in the darkness in The Worrisome Birth. Further, I am reminded of the pepper and salt “fuzz ball” hairdo on BP in the dream at the start of this post whose colors indicate that he has attained a union of spirit and matter in his consciousness. It is another way of saying that the head is in the belly.
Broccoli.jpg [ 32.75 KiB | Viewed 4366 times ]

I see a steak knife cutting into something out of the view as the tip of the knife faces towards the NW.

A white right hand is stretched out in the darkness over the top of the front seat in a car as it reaches towards the driver’s side door.

I see a man pushing along on the ground a human sized ball of red yarn. He fastens the yarn coming off the ball to things stuck in the ground as he moves it along.

A former engineering manager is seen moving a huge refrigerator on a dolly down a hallway as if to remove it from the building. He says, “I have come to take this refrigerator. I hope nobody minds.” I am immediately reminded of all the Pepsi Cola bottles aligned in perfect columns on the backside of a refrigerator (where normally the cooling heat exchanger is located) in The Worrisome Birth.

I see a man holding a hand sized silvery covered cube shaped open box that is filled with dark tan coated cooked bird egg shaped pieces of cooked chicken. Chicken nuggets prepared from Abraxas it seems.

I am in a classroom involved in doing an English homework assignment.

I am looking down at the base of a tree that has half of its trunk removed for about a foot of its height. Stacked up against the exposed trunk half is a configuration of sliced in half green bell peppers that form legs and feet and hips of a small “Green Man.”

In the darkness a short ways away I see a white woman’s closed left eye as if she is looking at me through a darkened peephole.

I see the left side of a middle aged casually dressed man carrying a filled tan paper supermarket shopping sack. He is leaning over the East side of a four foot tall empty tan paper shopping sack and placing the smaller sack into its NW corner.

I am standing in an empty darkened room’s NW area looking at an open white French door in the due North or Doomsday Hour location. One of the doors is off its hinges and leaning against the other closed door. A closer view is given as I now stand in front of this due North location. The unhinged door is gone and I am looking down at the dark tan wood floor where the base of the French door had covered and see rub marks as if this door had been opened and closed often in the past. It is daylight outside and the tops of green vegetation mostly block the doorway – indicating I am on the second floor in this building. Strange, but there is no balcony. Comment: In Time Will Blink – 30 August 2015 the three storey 551 Lemwick Lane home in Yachats had a second floor that was connected to being the heart level of the home.

I am looking up at the underside of a reddish-brownish wooden wide wooden eve as if I am observing at the French door opening level but invisibly suspended out side the home a few feet. Comment: Eve seems to be the operative word. As if opening the door to the Spacetime side of the heart chakra is meant in a creatio continua incarnation connection.

I hear, “The president wants…”

In the darkness I see a thin glowing white line as if an electrical heating filament that is slightly waving.

I am in the front passenger seat of a vehicle that my oldest brother is driving. We are descending a slight hill in a city and approaching an intersection when suddenly a fire truck enters the intersection from the NW in the view and turns 90 degrees onto the street we are traveling on. It passes us on my side of the vehicle. Dust and dirt are flying off the back of the fire truck as if a gardener was using the back of the truck to store its equipment. Then a second fire truck does the same thing. A two alarm fire it seems.

I seem to be in a Post Office waiting in line to be served. A machine is here that allows you to put your letter in and it decides the amount of postage it will need and automatically applies it

I see a close-up view of a dark color image on the screen of an iPad that is in a vertical position in the NW of the view. A large black region is pointing into the NW area (a buffalo it seems given what comes up a bit later in a vision). I cannot make out the image but I can make out one word in the large bold white font sentence across the top of the black part of the screen that reads jaked. In the aftermath of observing this image I hear people talking about their troubles. From the Internet I see that the following words are the most common first words that come to mind when hearing “jaked.” See: http://thinktrunk.com/search.php?w=%27Jaked%27

Jaked – muscles, stiffed, screwed, hosed,…

On the NW corner of an open black laptop I see a dinner fork lying next to a white paper napkin. Comment: I use such a laptop to journal my inner life. This suggests that my journaling incarnates the Wisdom of the Eros Self.

In a darkened room I dimly see the left aft portion of an adult buffalo standing with its head out of the view into the NW corner of the room. Comment: The American buffalo or bison in my visions was the Plains Indians God-image slaughtered to almost extinction. This caused terrible suffering to the Native Americans. Such a buffalo appears on the American buffalo nickel that was minted starting in 1913 and ending during the beginning of the Great Depression. Jung began his Night Sea Journey in 1913 which sparked his individuation. The Native Americans underwent a very destructive individuation experience when their God-image and way of life was destroyed aka “Walking the Black Road.” “Five pennies to wish on” is an individuation song. This all points to an individuation process facing humanity in which their present God-image will be destroyed in favor of a new one that arises from the psychoid level of the archetype, from the unus mundus level of the unconscious that is a reconciling, paradoxical God-image such as the Seal of Solomon and the buckyball.

I am looking at a close-up view of the top NW area of the shelf in one of my bookcases where I see a colorful book sized box having a pattern of blue and white with gold streaks that is lying at an angle towards the East. Comment: I have three four shelf glass door enclosed wood book cases in my office. In one of them on the top shelf I have Plato and Archimedes model and construction kits I purchased in 2004 in order to explore the physical space of the buckyball.
Archi-Forms.jpeg [ 8.73 KiB | Viewed 4366 times ]

I see a toy – a young couple within a clear plastic shield that is on the right hip of a person. Comment: I recall such a toy couple has been seen on a wedding cake. Further, the “Holy Wedding” seems to be what is being born out of the person’s right thigh.

As I was waking up on 2/11/16 I saw the 410 gauge shotgun shells seen in a vision in the Derringer like that used to shoot president Lincoln in the head. Those shells contained fine shot – small black spheres. In rapid fashion I then saw a blackberry (a cluster of small black “spheres” – seeds “of light” from the darkness of the lower 3 chakras is meant) and finally to the black sphere seen rolling around on the edge of a “bowl of individuation” which I assumed was a model for an electron in a hydrogen atom. Electrons sense our world and interact with it to form or transform substances into new compounds – a metaphor for creating new consciousness. It’s a “Midas Touch” brought to Earth by an E.T. HeartLight effect. A cartoon strip seems to characterize this “logic”… As I finished the above description I heard Her often repeated refrain, “You will see that I am right. You are the Savior of the World.”
Shotgun Electron.jpg
Shotgun Electron.jpg [ 35.75 KiB | Viewed 4366 times ]

Atom ET Effect.jpg
Atom ET Effect.jpg [ 45.28 KiB | Viewed 4366 times ]


PS. Gravitational waves from fusing black holes detected. A metaphor for "Black Head" fusing with belly "Black Hole?"


Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:42 pm
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Post The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum
Fri. 12 February 2016

I see a NE view of an adult elephant that is inside a white draped overhang that is being pulled away as if it was a huge cape covering it. As the white cloth is being removed I see the back feet quickly pick up off the ground and flick something black it was wearing as “shin” protection from off its hind legs. The scene reminds me of a boxer about to get into a ring and fight.

I am looking down at a large stained cereal bowl sitting on a black floor. As I observe the empty bowl the tan streaked stain quickly disappears leaving the bowl perfectly white. The “bowl of individuation” has been “scrubbed” clean.

I see a flag style sign supported by a human high black rod that is stuck in the large front green lawn of rural home having mature coastal very tall pine trees whose canopies are mostly out of the view. The black rectangular “flag” has a thin border of a red line followed within by a thin white line. White hand written text of two words, one above the other start from the flags NW area. The leading word I can mostly make out. I guess it says Elements. Comment: Another layering of metaphor that includes a reference to NEWTOWN, APOCALYPSE, the World Soul’s rectangular shaped monk spot, and “the writing is on the wall.” The flag reminds me of the one’s bicyclist’s use in city traffic except those are triangular. It also reminds me of the black flag meaning in car racing which signals the drivers to return to the pits. Finally to the flag of ISIS.
Bicycle Flag.jpg
Bicycle Flag.jpg [ 38.84 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

I see a large TV screen showing city lights at night from a distance. Two words, all in caps and of cyan-blue color are near the top center and they are moving towards the viewer – becoming more and more out of focus as they do so. I am unable to read them but their color suggest a connection to those in AVATAR.
City At Night.jpg
City At Night.jpg [ 63.78 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

In the darkness I dimly see the open cage structure of a buckyball having a large yellow glow mostly filling its interior.

Down below I see what looks like a clump of skin and flesh and what looks like could be an eyeball in its midst. It looks to be parts from a plucked slaughtered chicken.

In a daylight shaded view I see a the large dark trunk of a central tree having about a dozen smaller light tree trunks that uniformly surrounds it in a circle about 3 of their diameters radially away from the surface of the larger tree trunk. A man rests his back against the larger tree with his feet pointing towards the SE or towards the 4:30 o’clock position. A smiling woman (that looks like my oldest daughter) sits with her back resting against the front of him and her shorter legs over the top of his as if she is the hour hand (Note: their bodies are in a "L" shape - a possible connection to a HEX wrench shape and the numeral 7 shape). He has his arms around her. To find the exact time the following formula is used: (from http://www.coderanch.com/t/35405/Progra ... inute-hand) Comment: Clock hands have come up several times in the visions. Here it is clarified that the masculine principle denotes the minute hand while the feminine principle denotes the hour hand. This helps clarify the image of the Doomsday Hour clock involving Pope Francis (minute hand) and the yellow wood pencil with the red eraser (hour hand). The red eraser indicates new subtle body matter is affecting the consciousness of the Pope – something that emanates into his view via Eros ego consciousness via the hexagonal heart chakra which is a color code connection to the Harvest Moon FireTornado seen emanating from the masculine side of the heart chakra as this effect incarnates into Spacetime as an Avatar purifying effect on one’s worldview. An Avatar colored FireTornado emanates into the Beyond as if a deposit to the Great Treasury Barn. Like this Man and God are affected by one’s opus due to a bipolarity of the psychophysical energy term.
Clock Pencil Spirit Pope.jpg
Clock Pencil Spirit Pope.jpg [ 53.94 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Let X be the number of the hour. Let t be the minutes past the hour.

So the time is X:t [GJS: which reminds one of the edge of the circle of time at a black hole event horizon 11:11 or Lo:vE in which the clock face hands looks like a backward numeral 7 or a HEX key.]
Clock 11 11.jpg
Clock 11 11.jpg [ 31.42 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Let H be the position of the hour hand. Let m be the position of the minute hand.

H = X + t/60 where t is divided by 60 since there are 60 minutes in an hour.

m = t/5 where t is divided by 60/12 = 5 since there are 12 hours in 60 minutes.

Now to find the time where the two hands cross, we need to know when H = m.

t/5 = X + t/60

Multiply each side by 60 yields,

12t = 60X +t

11t = 60X

t = 60X/11

For X=4, t = 240/11; t = 21.81818181… minutes or 21minutes and 49.090909… seconds.

So the overlapping clock hands occurs at 4:21:49 or more precisely at 4:21:49.09090909… The infinitely-repeated digit sequence (090909…) is called the reptend. It can be converted to a fraction involving two integers and is equal to 1/11. So the clock hands numerical value reads: 4:21.49+1/11 and points approximately to the SE of a compass rose which has been connected to being the location of the 2nd chakra..
Clock 4.21.49.jpeg
Clock 4.21.49.jpeg [ 49.64 KiB | Viewed 4340 times ]

I am standing on the green grass in a large front yard while looking due North at the acre sized front yard and the mansion sized house with white smoke coming out of its chimney that floats up into the blue sky towards the due North or the Doomsday Hour. Comment: I notice that the white smoke on a blue background is a connection to the colors of NW as if the NW is connected to the Doomsday Hour. White smoke has been connected to meaning that a new Pope has been elected.

In a twilight scene I see the backside of a slender young woman wearing a full length loosely fitting white silk dress as she walks directly away from me into the NW. She is carrying something I cannot see. She walks past a man sitting on her left side as he faces East. Only the intense right profile view of his reddish face is in the view. The woman is about at the 9 o’clock location of the circle of humans in silhouette that sit about a camp fire to her right. The woman shape shifts and becomes a white flying bird that looks like an owl that is approaching my location in the SW.

I hear, “Now in an effort to strike this not even an ounce results.” As this is being said I am looking down at a top view of the SE area of an office desk like in my office where I see an empty bluish-whitish water glass.

I enter into a dark room as if from the door from the garage of our home with Lollypop.

I see a man sitting with his back to the NW wearing a cyan-bluish “Avatar” colored suit as if the clothes on a futuristic space traveler. Suddenly, at the due East or 3 o’clock hour another man similarly dressed bursts into small fragments. But only his clothes seemed to do this.

In the darkness I see a snowy TV screen showing a bust view of a middle aged woman with long black hair that is looking down as if she is reading and speaking from a podium.

I see a black dumbbell hand weight resting on one end on the due South of my office desk. It has disk shaped ends as if a connection to the Wheels of Ezekiel is meant. Comment: It rests on its chthonic end (VNS wood end) with the spiritual end pointing skywards. I exercise with such hand weights. Hands help create consciousness.
Weights.jpg [ 21.83 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

In the middle of a large TV screen, as if indicating the 6 o’clock hour, I see an image of a long vertical, narrow blue rectangular “controller” having all these white numerals that mostly cover its surface that constantly flash into other numerals as they scroll upwards and change. This device slowly drifts to the West side of the screen such that its top is in the NW and its bottom is in the SW.

I see a left profile view of a slender young woman that is dressed in black whose body is in a squatting position (defecating or urinating position seems meant). Her shins are angled towards the West at about a 45 degree angle while her thighs are at about the same angle but sloped towards the East. Her upper body faces at about the same angle with her head towards the NW. She wears a winter garment with hood up and who’s salt and pepper fur lining is seen peeking out of the front of the hood. The following stick human diagram depicts her posture and consists of two opposing narrow V-shapes. “A thorn in your side” comes to mind.
Stick Human.jpg
Stick Human.jpg [ 15.42 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

I see the bust area of a tall thin man facing me as he puts on a black hat with a wide brim such that his head is in the NW of the view.

In the distance in the NE I see the cartoon character “Little Orphan Annie” wearing a her standard red sweater with a fluffy head of blond hair from her SE area as she bends over looking at something towards the ground in front of her. Comment: She is an image for the World Soul whose consciousness would like to incarnate - a color code connection to a FireTornado and to the Harvest Moon.
Annie.jpg [ 29.33 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Her cartoon character has her leading the life that wanders like an innocent vagabond through a corrupt world.

Along the East side in a daylight scene I see a cut-away view of the contents of a brown back pack hanging almost vertical off the side of a high cliff. In it are all these eggs – some cyan as if black bird eggs and others white. In the distance is a city.

I see a transparent glass bicycle seat whose rear is towards the NW in a room as it sits on the West side of the NW corner of an office desk. A black bicycle seat
Bicycle Seat Transparent.jpg
Bicycle Seat Transparent.jpg [ 21.59 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

I see a man walking along the North side towards the NW corner of a sliding glass door. He wears a white baseball cap and a blue shirt.

I am looking at a desk from its SE corner in a dark room and hear, “sexual abuse.”

In a dark room I see a group of men sitting around a table. All are wearing heavy winter clothes.

I see a smiling middle aged man facing me wearing a black pull-over cap that covers his head to his eyebrows. The shape is reminding me of the end of an index finger as well as a sewing thimble shape.

I hear, “Project A move.” Comment: I recall "hearing" in a vision some years ago, "A is for Apocalypse."

In a dark space I am looking over the left shoulder of a woman that is peering into the throat of a duct or large diameter pipe at the man who stands on the other side in a much larger diameter pipe.

I see a raised “labyrinth” on the West side of a table that is cyan in color. It looks like two ? marks facing each other.

I see a 1940’s style purple baby carriage.

I see the back of a pickup truck with the tail gate lowered. The truck bed is filled with garbage and two men lay on the tailgate who are dressed in heavy winter clothes in a snowy winter scene. I have the impression they are heading for a garbage dump and that they are working under cover and that they would escape before they got there.

I see a left profile view of the sweating head of a young, gaunt black man along the West side who is leaning his head towards the NW.

In the darkness in a circular opening I see the youthful face of a child with blond curly hair.

I hear, “That is Florida cooking” and see that I am holding in my right hand a silvery cell phone sized object. It seems to be wrapped in this kind of paper.

I am looking at the back side of a black computer monitor and by its NW corner on the North edge is a silver metal chain that is pulled taunt and that extends off into the blackness.

All the winter clothes are reminding me of the expression, “It will be a cold day in hell before I make lovE with you.”

The face of a young blond woman is facing me as I look at her image on a TV screen. Her hair is very neatly groomed as if a TV narrator. Her head is at the due North location. She turns her head such that a left profile view is seen. Her bust view indicates that she wears a modest tight fitting black dress. She reminds me of all the beautiful women in #007 James Bond movies.

I am looking at the NE area of the top shelf of one of my wood book cases where I see a neat stack of white cassettes like the ones containing lectures on the various aspects of the Charismatic Renewal.

I see down into a large open box along its West side. I pull out a long rectangular box that is mostly black with orange color in its middle.

I hear a woman’s voice say, “She is very fond of you.”

In the darkness I see a small tree whose trunk is Y-shaped.

I see the top of a Popsicle stick shaped opening at an oblique angle on an opened white clothes hamper where there lays hanging over the SE area lip two side-by-side used sweaters as if ready to be washed. One is blue and the other is red. Wash them together in hot water and you will obtain purple sweaters.
Clothes Hamper.JPG
Clothes Hamper.JPG [ 25.48 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

I see a large branch hanging down into the view from out of the NE. Its vegetation has turned mostly brown as if frost conditions have done this. Strange, but large clusters of concord grapes hang from the branch in various locations. The vegetation on the branches reminds me of the shape of the green-yellow cedar boughs. I immediately recall Jung’s thrice repeating nightmarish dreams just before the start of World War I in which a great cold descended onto the world – something which ultimately allowed him to pick grapes from trees to feed to the waiting crowds and was referred to in Black Cube Effects Loom -19 Feb. 2014 as was blackberries growing in clumps and having the sheen of concord grapes which was connected to “grapes of wrath” in a 11 Sept. 2011 vision and was characterized as “a gift to the inhabitants of the Earth.” See snippet in book title ”Jung In Context: Modernity and the Making of a Psychology”, p. 79. In his dream an Artic cold wave descended and turned the land to ice (recall that ice is frozen water with trapped air bubbles and thus a union of the opposites) – all green living things were killed by frost. The third dream had an unexpected end. In it there stood a leaf bearing tree that Jung referred to as his tree of life. The frost had transformed the leaves of the tree into sweet grapes. Jung plucked the grapes and gave them to the waiting crowds. Comment: The colors indicate production of Eros Christ consciousness and “grapes of wrath."
Grapes Concord Cedar Tree.jpg
Grapes Concord Cedar Tree.jpg [ 93.73 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Comment: Thrice repeating came up in UFO’s And The Coming Apocalypse Of LovE – 4 April 2015 when I was prompted to say, “ABRAKADRABA” (Has 11 letters and means “create as I say”) three times – each one louder that the previous - as if "thrice repeated" will cause magical manifestation. It is a connection to “the third time is the charm.”

In Macbeth the witches repeat things three times. The rule of three refers to the idea that there is magic in things happening three times. Just by saying something three times, or saying something happened three times, Shakespeare has cemented it in the audience’s mind.

In Christianity the number 3 is a spiritual number. It represents the Trinity, the completeness of all Persons of God--Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, and, thus, completeness.


It is the next to the last day of my engineering working career. I have completed turning in all company documents and supplies. The only thing left to do is to sign my retirement documents tomorrow.

I spend the day passing the time and interacting with some other workers. As I finally leave for the day I notice all these strawberries on display. They have been placed in tiers on several levels in various shaped containers on either side of the aisle. They are perfectly ripened large strawberries with green stems still attached which suggests they are finger food that could be dipped in melted dark chocolate.

Then a woman walks past the front of me as I continue to move towards an exit. She is very well suntanned and says something to me. She wears a low cut white sweater that bares her shoulders and her upper back. I notice a large “circular” black splotch on the backside of her right shoulder as if a tattoo. She is lean, trim and muscular almost like a man. I guess she works out in a gym a lot.

End of Dream

Comment: Working out in a gym is a metaphor for working on the building up of the subtle body matter, enhancing one’s consciousness.

I see a woman come running out onto a white stage from its NW area and into its center. She is dressed in dark blue casual clothes and is all excited about something.

Now I see in the center of the view a close-up view of a flood level flow of murky water with a standing wave rushing past from East to West. The view is confined to a narrow rectangular vertical “slit” as if a connection to the Doomsday Hour is meant.

I see half of a dumbbell hand weight. It is lying in the street. Comment: It needs a hand – from someone in Spacetime to complete the formation of the wormhole, the center of which is the unus mundus.
Dumbbell Half 10#.jpg
Dumbbell Half 10#.jpg [ 14.92 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

I see an orange disk shaped pill leaning against a vertical dark wall along the East side in the distance.

I see the upper part of the J-shaped curved handle of a cane (walking stick). It looks like the J-shaped curved end of a wrecking bar with its V-shaped claw hammer aspect. Comment: This is the kind of walking assistance humanity can expect – something that is going to have a wrecking effect on their one-sided Logos ego worldview. The shape also reminds one of a HEX key and an elongated numeral 7 – the number of the Apocalypse.
Wrecking-Bar Cane.jpg
Wrecking-Bar Cane.jpg [ 17.58 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Valentine LovE.jpg
Valentine LovE.jpg [ 31.92 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Valentine Lo:vE
Black Hole Merger.png
Black Hole Merger.png [ 833.58 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

Mind-Melding AKA Fusion Creates The “Round” One
Plato Creation Myth Sphere Color.jpg
Plato Creation Myth Sphere Color.jpg [ 45.39 KiB | Viewed 4345 times ]

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Post On Becoming A Heart-Throb
As an idiom it means, “a man of great physical beauty who is attractive to the opposite sex.” Subtle body beauty seems meant.

Mon. 15 February 2016

I see a gray weathered L-shaped wood piece lying on the ground. The long part of the L lays flat on the ground – reminding me of the couple sitting with their backs against a tree and their legs stretched out on the ground in The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum as they face the SE; suggesting the SE is the source of this transpersonal radiation. Sticking out of the vertical part of the L-shape is a helical shaped wire that reminds me of the helical shaped antenna that was “a simple device that would save the world” because it could communicate an evolutionary quantum leap in consciousness characterized by FireTornado transpersonal fire. This is a connection to the “HeartLight” acoustic “Fat Man” bomb shaped image that emanates from a helical antenna seen in The Unbounded Fiery Power of God – 30 December 2014. I notice that this L-shape when orientated differently would look like “the number of the Apocalypse”, 7, or the shape of a HEX Key.
L Helical Antenna.jpg
L Helical Antenna.jpg [ 34.43 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

Heart Light.jpg
Heart Light.jpg [ 80.2 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

Next, I see the long neck on a dinosaur as if its cylindrical shaped neck is a connection to the cylindrical helical antenna in order to represent a transpersonal flow of dragon breath FIRE. The vision of the vegetation shaped dragon whose maw blew rainbow colored fire at the NW corner of our garage in our front yard also comes to mind. A flow from the reptilian psyche is meant. I also recall the vision of the long neck of the Black Dragon seen sticking up through one of the pentagon openings in a buckyball in a January 2007 vision as if that neck emanates from the center of the heart chakra of the divinely proportioned man that stands in the pentagon. This implies that the Black Dragon is the inhabitant at the empty center of the buckyball. The World Soul said I had to ask the Black Dragon something and that it would do my bidding. I said to the Black Dragon, “Heal our world.” Apparently, the psychophysical flow of Her creatio continua “big bang” heart-throbbing action will accomplish this magical feat.
Dragon Black Buckyball.jpg
Dragon Black Buckyball.jpg [ 50.51 KiB | Viewed 4329 times ]

I see a close-up view of fingers holding the tip of a pen to paper at an oblique angle as if writing and scratching out words and adding new ones as it goes.


I am giving a seminar that was summarizing my visions. I see my friend HAL (=’s 11) is with me. I was noting that a being of semi-transparent white light was a part of the visions and that Edgar Cayce’s book, “There is a River” is involved.

End of Dream
Light Being.jpg
Light Being.jpg [ 19.2 KiB | Viewed 4323 times ]

I awaken three times during the night from anxiety due to repeating dreams that all focused on hard economic times that are about to overcome the world. More Lo:vE coming into our world seems meant – a psychic debt that will bring the potential for much new psychic wealth if it can be integrated.


I have a falling out with a young engineer I used to work with. He keeps coming by my work area. He endlessly pesters me with his concern that the company server’s are being hacked because the computing hardware and routers have firmware that siphons off the companies secrets.

Everything was being recorded even voice conversations – so he warned me to be careful what I said.

This concern went all the way to the top of the organization. The company executives said they would look into it be did not believe it was true.

End of Dream

Comment: I recall how Chinese computer equipment that competes with Cisco American manufactured equipment has systematically been denied contracts in the USA because of such built-in firmware hacking possibilities.

I see two upside down rusty fish hooks partially overlapping each other. They form a cul-de-sac shape.
Fish Hooks Overlapping.jpg
Fish Hooks Overlapping.jpg [ 22.67 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

I see a top view of a crystal style glass container that reminds me of those that Italian salad dressing comes in. It is filled with a clear pale yellow liquid which reminds me of olive oil. Comment: The color olive is a union of green and yellow – suggesting that eating of the VNS (salads) is connected to attaining Eros Christ consciousness. Further, a top view of such a container has a Popsicle stick cross-sectional shape while a front view has half of an oval emphasis in the glass.
Salad Dressing Container.jpg
Salad Dressing Container.jpg [ 37.83 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

I see about 1/4 of a black oil drum standing on one end that does not have a lid. It has steam coming out of its top. Comment: Looking for an image I see that half an oil drum is used to construct a barbecue. Such an “oil drum” has been connected to being an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Further, barbecuing a chicken on a square cross-sectional metal spit has previously come up in my visions.
Barbecues.jpg [ 145.55 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

I see a dark horse in the blackness running from the due North to the NW in the view.

I see a plain rectangular box standing on one end. A series of white plastic gears are slowly turning, all on the same shaft, and touching each other as they stick out of its East side at the NE corner.

I am recalling the expression, “the third time is the charm.”

In the darkness I see a mostly left profile view of a man in silhouette holding a pure white foot long object in each hand. Comment: Recently I had the occasion to use my Aboriginal Australian “click-sticks” again – something not used since my shaman training in 2002. They are made out of hard wood and decorated. They are turd shaped. They helped me to yield to Eros ego consciousness which opens one up to the new births in consciousness (turds) of the World Soul.
Click Sticks.jpg
Click Sticks.jpg [ 59.58 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

In the darkness I dimly see in the NW of the view a yellowed very used baseball. Comment: A baseball is normally white with a double pattern of red stitches. The globe of the Earth has red magma stitches that surround its ball shape like that seen in the mid-Atlantic ridge. Those “stitches” allow the crust to pull apart – forming new matter – a connection to making new subtle body matter is meant. Using Eros ego consciousness helps this process as well as hands whose oils have apparently turned the ball slightly yellow. The human skull has “stitch” ridges that permit its growth.
Baseball.jpeg [ 63.57 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

I see a woman approaching a white door in the West side in the NW of the view. She is dressed in heavy black clothes as if for Winter (aka a cold day in Hell). The focus is on her pullover heavy cotton hat that is red on its left side and blue on its right side.
Pullover Cap.jpg
Pullover Cap.jpg [ 26.08 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

I am standing by the NW corner of our lot in front of our home while holding a black garden hose having brass fittings (matching the color of the neck on the Black Dragon and its yellow-gold eyes). A large “tubular” stream of clear but turbulent water is issuing from the end of the hose. The stream is flowing along the length of the front yard where the long neck of the vegetative dragon shape was seen in a 2007 vision. This is a connection to the long neck of the Black Dragon seen sticking out of the heart chakra in the man in the pentagon in the buckyball shared earlier in this post – connecting the transpersonal flow of FIRE from its maw to the flow of aqua permanens.

The divine water, aqua permanens, is that which we might call the liquid version of Self. It is the primal water which contains all four elements. Man's inner life is the "secret place" where the aqua permanens et coagulens, the panacea, the spark of the light of nature, are to be found. The alchemists put their art on the level of divine revelation and regarded it as an essential component of redemption. C.G. Jung

Now I am standing in the street by the NW corner of our lot looking at the trees vegetation blowing violently about as if they are experiencing hurricane force winds.

I seem to be looking at all the greenery being reflected back to my view by a pattern of closely spaced mirrors as if I am inside a buckyball paneled with such mirrors. In the midst of the greenery I see three identical middle aged women wearing full length loosely fitting shoulderless black evening gowns who all have long black hair. The women say, “We love you.” They also inform me that they are pregnant.

I see a young Chinese woman with black hair saying, “rumi” as she stands looking directly at me. Comment: I guess she calls me Rumi – one who learns from the Wisdom of the Eros Self.
Rumi.jpg [ 63.49 KiB | Viewed 4331 times ]

Rumi (1207-1273) - was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. Rumi's influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Iranians, Tajiks, Turks, Greeks, Pashtuns, other Central Asian Muslims, and the Muslims of South Asia have greatly appreciated his spiritual legacy for the past seven centuries.


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Post Judgment Day Effects
Sat. 20 February 2016

I am looking into a cube shaped interior having thick white walls and an open lid at 45 degrees suggesting it is a well insulated chest freezer. At the center inside sits a much smaller identical looking cube whose outer surface is black. Its lid is also open at a 45 degree angle and inside at its center sits a white bottle having a small green twist-on cap. Comment: This chest freezer reminds me of those used in bio-medical research. Further, “chest” reminds me of the location of the heart chakra as does the green color of the twist-on cap. The freezer within a freezer suggests the heart of a HermAphrodite is meant that brings "It will be a cold day in Hell before I make Lo:vE with you” experience. The 45 degree angle of the lids indicates a connection to the semi-vertex expansion angle of a light cone. I guess the bottle contains a special brew of “Lo:vE Potion Number Nine” - something that will incarnate and have a chilling effect on humanity that will lead to a quantum leap enlightening coniunctio experience. Given the following amplification on Potion Number Nine it seems this white bottle with a green screw-on cap contains Lo:vE Potion Number Ten. (Potion - A liquid dose, especially one of medicinal, magic, or poisonous content.)
Chest Freezer Double.jpg
Chest Freezer Double.jpg [ 43.82 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

The song describes a man seeking help to find love, so he talks to a Gypsy who determines, by means of palmistry, that he needs "love potion number 9". The potion, an aphrodisiac, causes him to fall in love with everything he sees, kissing whatever is in front of him, eventually kissing a policeman on the street-corner, who breaks his bottle of love potion.

In one recorded version of the ending of the song, The Clovers used the alternative lyrics:

"I had so much fun that I'm going back again,
I wonder what'll happen with Love Potion Number Ten?"


I am approaching the entrance to a parking garage while walking on an asphalt road. On the right side of the asphalt lane leading into the garage I see a wind strewn streak of long grass piled along that side as if it had been torn out of the ground and blown here. I immediately flashback to a 1980’s dream of being in the huge garage of an automobile repair shop at night with my first wife where we made love while we waited for our car to be repaired.


I am in my engineering career work environment sitting in a recliner with my first wife by my left side. It is located along the West wall very near the NW corner of the room. In the NW corner my boss sits at his desk while facing SW. I see some of the workers are leaving. They have been reassigned to a different part of the company. In fact our group is dissolving – slowly being reassigned. Then I see that an airport check-in station has been put in place with the waiting area being the NE area of the room. One boards the flight through a dark open doorway in the North side of the NE area. A woman announces that flights on Alaskan Airlines are now available. Comment: As I transcribed this dream I was recalling the airplane part of the dream about “The Simple Device that Saves the World” (a helical wound communication antenna) for in it airplane travel was involved that confirmed the device worked.

End of Dream

I see a dark rug’s NW area. Along its North side is a border of cyan color that is wavy and this cyan color covers the rest of the rug surface in the view – all except for a small region in the NW area. A bust view of a middle aged woman with long black hair is at the due North location. As I type this in I recall the spread of the cyan surface on the globe of the Earth in a January 2007 vision – something caused by a cyan impact at the South Pole of the planet and was about to cover the NW. This image was followed by seeing six sided crystals with pointed ends sticking up out of a sea of yellow-red medium that covered the NW area of the planet. The crystals have a reddish-yellow color variation that goes through them.
Earth Coating.jpg
Earth Coating.jpg [ 28.39 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

I see a man from his SW area and above as he sits on a black motorcycle (A Hog Rider) whose front wheel is in the NW of the view and the rear wheel is in the SE. I immediately recall the June 2007 vision of a Wedding Band (a ring torus) partially sticking up out of a concrete surface as seen below. It’s a “bridge” connecting the NW (Logos ego consciousness with the SE (Eros ego consciousness). This golden ring torus reminds me of the golden ring seen about the head of the Black Madonna. The Hog Rider is also a bridge whose wheels have been connected to the “Wheels of Ezekiel”.
Ring Bridge.jpg
Ring Bridge.jpg [ 65.26 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

I see a man with his back to me along the West side that is holding a basketball in his left hand as if he is going to make a left handed hoop shot in the NW of the view. I immediately recall the dream image of the basketball backboard and hoop that reminded one of being a nuclear explosion in The Red Fruit Slurpee Health Drink – 1 January 2015
Basketball Backboard.jpg
Basketball Backboard.jpg [ 30.13 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

The shape of the basketball backboard looks like a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud of matter-psyche. A basketball has been connected to a pumpkin and to a Harvest Moon. “Shooting a hoop” is a possible connection to Black Elk’s great healing herb flowering tree vision that showed all the nations of the Earth gathered together within one great hoop (of understanding) as shared in Her New Olympic Games 18 January 2014. Since the hoop is 10 feet above the floor it seems to suggest a “quantum leap” is involved in triggering this “big bang.” Later I had the impression that the dream figure TC reminded me of Elliot in the movie E.T. The black box dream image aspect reminded me of the one involved in the alien abduction of Dr. Karla Turner of Denton, Texas as discussed in Alien Abduction Image Analysis. Finally, the red line that defines the hoop rim seems to be a connection to the red and white concentric rings seen emanating from my location on the black earth image that suggested a radio or TV broadcast beacon communication was meant. “Ah, the kiss I’m gonna give ain’t ever gonna fade away.”

A terrier dog breed of medium size having tan fur on its back and white on its belly is looking at me with its haunting black eyes – as if those eyes are a pair of black holes. A dog of the underworld. I recall that terrier has been connected to “terror.”

Something about $500.

I see two car sized black tires with rims slowly rolling along on the side of an asphalt road – one just in front of the other. The inside of the rim area is seen on the first tire while the outside is seen on the other. “Two sides of the same coin” comes to mind.


I am at the front of a church standing in a short line in the aisle on the left side (The Virgin Mary side). I am my present age of 75 and see that I am wearing a black leather jacket as if I am a Hog Rider like in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” I am suddenly reflecting on why I should be receiving Holy Communion of the Logos Christ kind since I am committed to receiving the substance of the Eros Christ kind (the cannibalistic eating of one’s Eros Self). But I stay in line and soon openings to kneel at the altar rail appear and I kneel at its extreme left end and notice that I have a hard time keeping my balance – as if weaving left to right a little bit. The smiling priest approaches with circular white host in hand. I have trouble opening my mouth but then seem too but sense nothing touch my tongue.

End of Dream
Terminator 2.jpg
Terminator 2.jpg [ 56.06 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

I am looking down at a close-up view of a pair of hands as if my own. The fingertips are pressed into the 90 degree corner of two flat surfaces of barren brownish earth having a small flat region between them. The hands seem to be trying to pull open a wider gap that would leave an empty gap to be filled in by magma (new subtle body matter connection) if it were in the mid-Atlantic seam of the tectonic plates.


My oldest brother and I are in a math class in which the instructor is leading a discussion on a proof. The instructor looks like the one I took physics from in my freshman year in college. The focus is on the meaning of a parameter CBS and how to solve for it. My brother says that he thinks he finally understands it as we continued to look through our carefully kept huge amount of hand written notes. We were sure this parameter was going to be on the final exam but I had nothing on it in my notes.

End of Dream

I see a wafer thin heart shaped piece of what looks like a slice off a large piece of yellow-gold cheese. The way the light shines through the heart shape causes it to appear more and more reddish as its center is approached. Comment: Holy Communion from the flow out of the heart chakra is meant. What will help create a further Heart-Throb effect. Recall that these colors were connected from the masculine side of the snake eye on the snake shedding its skin and was connected to the numeral 11 via the one-eyed Jack of Spades and to the 11 points on a Canadian maple leaf as seen in The Nuclear ‘Hole In The Heart’ God-Child – 22 October 2013. It’s a connection to the FireFox Valentines Day image seen towards the end of The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum.
Heart Throb.jpg
Heart Throb.jpg [ 21.25 KiB | Viewed 4314 times ]

In the blackness down below on a dark surface I see a safety pin along the West side whose head is South and aft end is North. I immediately recall that my parents used such pins to fasten a diaper on a baby. Heart-throb flow as new birth in consciousness is meant.

Repeating Dream

It is almost final exam week. I have a test setup I have been working on that is performing well. A fellow engineer WL approaches it but I warn him not to tinker with it as it all set to go. He agrees to help me when I try it again in a few days after the fluids have been replenished.

I have a lot of anxiety about passing the other half of my class load.

I then find myself sitting on a woman’s lap such that my back is to her right side and my feet are on her left side. I suddenly realize I must be heavy and as I get up to leave I hear her say to someone she is talking with on a cell phone, “he was heavy.”

End of Dream


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Post When Gamma Rays Burst Forth
Mon. 22 February 2016

I have the impression, “The physical Big Bang that created our universe has a psychophysical counterpart.”


I have filled a wall sized blackboard with a solution to the behavior of a perfect gas over an extreme temperature range. The resultant curve looks like a downwards pointing parabola. RR reviews the result in a peer review during which I inform him that this solution is the leading term.

End of Dream

Comment: Difficult mathematical problems can sometimes be partially solved using matched asymptotic expansions. Normally the leading term will capture about 90% of the solution.

I see a Blood Moon hardcover book slide out onto a dark wood table from its NE corner that has a black font all capitals title that reads CIVILIZATION. That title is at a 45 degree angle across the NE corner. As I transcribe this material I suddenly recall Jung’s book “Civilization in Transition” which came up in Unsung Heroes – 19 March 2015 when a white flaming Fire Sower image stood in a dark doorway in the NW. The image has been connected to the vicious attack of “Black bird against White dove” that took place in Saint Peter’s square on 26 January 2014. At our time in history a chthonic holy spirit influence aka yin seeking to go to higher yang - is highly constellated. The color of the book reminds me of the plain covered pocket sized version of Edinger’s “Archetype of the Apocalypse” lectures which has been connected to helping one become “An Apostle of the Apocalypse” where an Apostle is one who pioneers an important reform movement, cause, or belief.
Firelady.jpg [ 66.77 KiB | Viewed 4299 times ]

The picture (of the Fire Sower) is a kind of message to modern man, admonishing him to meditate on the signs that appear in the heavens and to interpret them aright. Jung, CW 10,Civilization In Transition, § 734.


I sense that a nuclear explosion is about to occur nearby. I hurry my wife and I down to the lake behind our home and we enter the water. Submerging ten feet is the only way we will survive the compression effect of the blast wave (which would collapse the chest) and create a barrier against the initial release of extreme levels of gamma radiation.

End of Dream

Comment: Entering the water chakra saves.

I see a close up view of an open pocket matchbook having a single Blood Moon colored match in the middle of its width as if it is a middle finger (the fickle finger of fate) pointed up at me as I look down on it. In ’Heart Brain’ Blood Sacrifice – 15 August 2015 a Blood Moon curved and rubbery stick match was seen to form a clock reading 8:30 [= 11; the symbol of Tao, the unio corporalis, since it is a combination of # 5 (masculine principle or yang) and # 6 (feminine principle or yin)]. When ignited, such a match emits beta, alpha and gamma ray colors.
Stick Match.jpg
Stick Match.jpg [ 17.33 KiB | Viewed 4299 times ]

Match.jpg [ 21.55 KiB | Viewed 4299 times ]

In the darkness down below I see a black felt tip pen lying on gray bare earth. The top of the pen is into the NE while the other end is into the SW. The writing of CIVILIZATION “is on the wall” seems meant.


Three old men and a young woman are singing and trying to hit a certain note. After much practice they would briefly accomplish the feat. This long process was repeated because “hitting the note” again was not so easy but was done again. Now they are trying to do it for a third time.

End of Dream

Comment: The third time is the charm returns. It’s a connection to Jung’s thrice repeating European blood bath dream which culminated in frost killed leaves becoming clusters of grapes he fed to the waiting crowds. ABRAKADRBA has been repeated three times. Singing is a connection to vibration and like this to the “sound of creation” produced by Lord Shiva’s drum. As I prepare this post I am reminded of the buckyball article I submitted to Psychological Perspectives as if that article is “a sound of creation.”

I am having the impression that cats know when the karios arrives for they know when to pounce.

I see a galvanized piece of “chicken” wire arranged in a cylinder. Half of a tall wood box is then seen as if it has the NW and NE corners only and the wire cylinder is stood vertical inside this box. I immediately recall the cylindrical nanotube hexagonal wire mesh that surrounds the buckyball in the glass laser art sculpture called a bucky peapod. Comment: The half box in a vertical orientation reminded me of half of a chimney. It’s as if the other half of the chimney is psychophysical, i.e., subtle. Rising as if a spark from the unus mundus is a fiery buckyball comes to mind.
Bucky Peapod.jpg
Bucky Peapod.jpg [ 58.5 KiB | Viewed 4299 times ]

I see a man directly in front of me reach into an open outdoor food display and grab a couple of dead adult muskrats by their tails and hold then up in front of me as if they are cooked food to eat despite still having all their fur.

I see buckyballs appearing in the sky at different places around the world as if they are UFO sightings.

I am looking down at the top of a dog standing in front of me with its head facing me. The focus is on the coloring and pattern in the fur. Mostly the head has red lines of fur on its otherwise white fur. On the body broader regions of red with yellow regions dominate the white fur background.

A man in a white jacket as if a doctor comes up to a man in a wheelchair as if to help him.

In the darkness I see what looks like angled tree trunk structures in the center of the view. Large “circular” openings of blackness occur on either side as if tunnels.

I see a flimsy red cylindrical hexagonal mesh as if looking into a tunnel where in the blackness in the distance I see a small yellow region.

I see a woman holding in her left hand a foot long stick having slightly curled up portions coming off its top and bottom that are in the shape of small bananas.

I see a man sit in a lawn chair on green grass on the NE corner of a residential area. A large mature Juniper tree is in the center of the lawn and the man sits in its SE area. He holds a dark open wine shaped bottle in his right hand.

I am standing at the SE corner of a long rectangular wood table covered with a white lace table cloth. A man standing at the due South end of this table is facing my direction and is holding a wine shaped bottle – a Lo:vE potion it seems. He says, “I have a lot of it. Let me pour you some.” At first he was going to pour me a water glass full but then decided a shot glass full would do as it is a rather potent beverage as if it is “Lo:vE Potion Number Ten.”

In a residential neighborhood I see a row of three new homes having a mature stand of costal pine trees behind them. They are built as if from mostly brown with some yellow Lego’s. Suddenly, the last home at the right slides top first towards the right so that it is on a diagonal as if to show the homes are built from layers of Lego’s.

Down below on a concrete surface I see a close-up view of a few small beige colored rough stones.

I am looking down at a close-up view of aerated water flowing out of a kitchen faucet.

I see the NW portion of a slice of sweet onion having a purple skin.

I see a cluster of miniature (baby) sized peanuts in their shells.

I am having the impression that the bipolarity of the energy term could be characterized as physical and psychophysical – a connection to matter and anti-matter seems meant.

In the blackness of the NE and facing me I see a human left eye in black jet black skin. The eyeball is yellow and has a faint transparent circular iris. It blinks.

I see a pocket knife lying in the NE area of a refrigerator on the top of the crisper. The blade is open with its tip to the North and brown handle to the South.

Fri. 26 February 2016

The white bottle with the green twist-on cap (Lo:vE Potion Number Ten) is color code connected to comet Lo:vE-Joy. The focus is on a comet bring the basic building blocks for life.

I see a large black numeral 5 on a white background.

In the blackness I see a semi-transparent vertical whitish band approaching my face and disappears as it reaches me, over and over again.

I see a small black cross-hair in a small circle of white. It is moving above a Blood Moon irregular surface. Comment: Thanks to Rob's following post I add the following comment for I was reminded that the black cross-hairs in a "sea of white" is a connection to a pepper and salt (yin > higher yang) style of Holy Communion - a connection I have never made before. So, thanks Rob for your amplification.

Now I see a Blood Moon surface transforming into an open grid that stretches and can take on different shapes. Finally, in a close-up view I see the lower portion of this grid hanging down into the view as if it covers the upper body of an invisible human – from the shoulders down to the waist. It reminds me of the red pattern of spider web seen on the custom of Spiderman.

I am looking down into a large open tan paper shopping bag where I see the bottom third is filled with various food and household products.

In the darkness down below I dimly see a double row stack of yellowish cylinders in the shape of AA batteries having four in each row.

I see a couple of new metal cans adjacent to each other right next to a white stucco wall. Other materials are in front of them – blocking the view of their side – and thus unable to identify them. Their tops have a rectangular shape with a U-shaped handle in the middle. It reminds me of a can of lighter fluid for a barbecue.

I am along the SW side of the aft end of an airplane. I am looking at the trailing edge flap area of the left wing and see that it is a motley pattern of red and yellow.

I see a cluster of small trinkets. The ones is focus are rope like strands of silver with a small rectangular clasp at one end.

I see a close-up view of a scattered cluster of downward pointing stick matches. They seem to be in a bluish-cyanish liquid and like this take on its Avatar color. Some of the match heads appear to be slowly rotating as if “drills” moving slowly downwards.

I see a beagle puppy that comes running happily towards me from out of an open tan cardboard box that was lying on its side on the floor. A yellowish glare is seen in its otherwise black eyes. Comment: I guess this puppy is the one we named Butch in the litter our hunting dog Queenie had because it had a big belly and that was connected to it being a Buddha. Apparently the glare color is emanating from myself as if I am in this kind of colored subtle body which reflects its Eros ego state – reminding me of the similar colored aura surrounding the dark Virgin of Guadalupe.

I see the contents from a large shopping bag strewn on the floor while a woman sits by their NE area. In their midst I see small rectangular pieces of cardboard in red, white and blue colors. Comment: As I typed this in I suddenly flashed back to how my first wife, when in the manic “I can do anything phase”, would max out our credit cards on shopping sprees. I would come home from work in the evening to find her sitting like this in the midst of all the clothes she had purchased that were laid out on the floor.

In a dark room I see the back side of a man standing a short ways in front of me as I stand behind is left shoulder. He is holding up an unopened transparent bottle of water in his left hand. In the background is an Avatar color and the water takes on those colors. He places the bottle in an empty semi-transparent 3 gallon sized rubbery looking pail on the floor on the West side. The pail also takes on the Avatar colors.

I see the front tire on a motor cycle from its NW area. It has a white leather tire cover on it that has red stitches on its right circular side – reminding me of the cover on a baseball. The red stitches have been connected to “growth” due to new subtle body matter. A tire is a ring torus and has been connected to being a Wedding ring and to the ring torus halo about the head of the Black Madonna in this renewal of Spacetime making process.

I see a luminous white cross-hairs on a dark background – a connection to the slaughter of the innocents colors in NEWTOWN.


A large group of engineers and managers have gathered together from various companies to discuss the results from APAS (Aerodynamic Preliminary Analysis System). The summary result of our discussion I put to the group was that there is too much uncertainty in nature as the result of turbulence and non-linear effects to be able to accurately capture its moment-by-moment behavior in APAS.

End of Dream


PS I see that a gamma ray burst was detected 0.4 seconds after the LIGO gravity wave measurement of the merging Black Holes in the same area of the sky. Psychologically speaking this suggest that when the individual soul merges with the World Soul enlightenment is released.
Black Hole Merger.jpg
Black Hole Merger.jpg [ 66.73 KiB | Viewed 4299 times ]

http://phys.org/news/2016-02-ligo-twin- ... -born.html

On September 14, 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detected gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes 29 (= 11) and 36 (=9 as if 9/11 is meant) times the mass of the Sun. Such an event is expected to be dark, but the Fermi Space Telescope detected a gamma-ray burst just a fraction of a second after LIGO's signal. New research suggests that the two black holes might have resided inside a single, massive star whose death generated the gamma-ray burst.

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

This jumps out at me:

"I see a small black cross-hair in a small circle of white."

The following link might amplify: See diagram and translation on page 17:

"Raw mineral. Primary substance of all bodies. Niter and salt united."

https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/ ... edir_esc=y

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Post A Unio Corporalis Storm Is Coming
Mon. 29 February 2016

I see a close-up view of a right hand grasp a flat dog treat that is in the shape of a rectangle and having a horn torus cross-section on each end.

I am looking into an open bottle lying on its side. It is partially filled with different solid colored small spheres – a blue one is in focus. They look like candy but are being dispensed for medical reasons.

I see a strong wide red nylon fabric belt attached to the NW corner of the rear open window frame in the SW corner of a car. It looks like that kind of very strong belt used to hold something in place with a ratchet and it is being pulled out through the back window opening in a taunt manner.

I see a puppy down below having a motley red and yellow patterned fur.

I see a large diameter aluminum spoked rim rotating rapidly on a shaft on the right side in my view. It has a wide flat rim on which turns a wide green nylon belt. I have the impression that there is another such wheel opposite it on my left that is out of sight. I guess it is pulling the red nylon belt seen just above out of the rear open window in the car. These belts have the colors of the HeartLight seen in the heart chakra wormhole in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. Further, these “Wheels of Ezekiel” were connected to being the VNS and the CNS sides in the heart chakra wormhole in The Worrisome Birth – 2 February 2016 13.12
Lantern Telesphoros Device Man Color.jpg
Lantern Telesphoros Device Man Color.jpg [ 100.61 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]

In the twilight I see the head and neck of a duck in silhouette from its SE area. As I type this in I suddenly have the impression this is a “witches crook” cane handle. I recall that a duck is the master of two realms, air and water.

In a dark scene I see what looks like a frosted square glass window pane as if in a door. Across its bottom in red capitol letters curved downwards on a circular arc I see the following word. Comment: It reminds me of the growing numbers of “Trump Haters” as he continues towards becoming a possible presidential nominee in the 1 March super Tuesday primary election results.
Haters.jpg [ 27.95 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]

Something about the reaction to an out of control BOT. This reminds me of the dream in The Crabapple Jihad – 25 January 2016 in which nano BOTs were changing peoples behavior and making them more tolerant towards new behaviors.

A dog that looks like my daughter Amy’s new puppy comes playfully up to me as I look down at its very triangular shaped head. It is red and white like Lollypop – but with the head being entirely red. In reality this puppy is mostly black with a white chest. The all red head and its triangular shape suggests new subtle body matter from the lower three chakras is meant.

Suddenly, I notice that “a grape of wrath” reminds me of the shape of the Fat Man atomic bomb.
Fat Man.jpg
Fat Man.jpg [ 27.47 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]


I am spending time with a female high school classmate BB. We sit on a piece of lawn furniture – a covered swing set in a backyard. We are warming up to each other.

End of Dream

In the darkness I see a black face that mostly blends in with the darkness. Only the “eyes” are highlighted. Rectangular “eye glass” frames cover the eyes. The have a broad red rectangular frame with a narrow rectangular interior filled with whiteness. I recall the Marvel cartoon image of Galactus - a god-like figure who feeds by draining living planets of their energy. Comment: Planet Earth psychologically represents one’s Logos ego.
Eye Glasses.jpg
Eye Glasses.jpg [ 16.48 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]


I am in a darkened room with many others. I am carrying a green folder or 3 ring binder of work papers as if I am in an engineering environment. A middle aged matronly woman walks past in front of me carrying the decapitated head of Mike W (a former engineering manager) in a fluffy white cloth with face looking upwards and blue eyes open. She lays it along the North end of a long narrow (N-S sides) rectangular dark wood table. Just then MC (has Buddha belly) came walking past my front saying, “MW was playing Santa Claus and he fell off a long catwalk.”

End of Dream

Comment: Playing Santa Claus means bringing gifts to others. The colors match those of the “seeing” of Galactus.

I see a pair of black gloves lying in a heap on top of a piece of red and white cardboard that lays in the next to the top step of a short set of cement stairs.

On a whitish background I see a black hand drawn line that ends with a curved section pointed into the SW. It has a hook style end. It reminds me of a “finger of god” apocalyptic sky image I saw in a 1999 dream.

I am fussing with attaching a series of six small white lights that are evenly spaced around the circumference of the soles of each of my shoes.

A man has advised me to install a new porch light fixture on my smooth blood moon colored wall home. The porch is cement and painted and has a roof with a high arch entrance. A dark circular hole is in the apex of the wall on the porch – ready to receive the light fixture. My wife is here and she says, “The porch light would be better than putting them on your shoes.”

I see a light pink flowering hollyhock plant that has three equally spaced planar stalks splayed out from a common stalk as if a chicken’s foot pattern is meant. Its 2-D cone shape is also a connection to the light cone. Pink is the color of the coniunctio.

I see a small wagon in a garden nursery like children play with except this one has a square bed filled with much light green vegetation. Each clump of vegetation sprouts a light purple trumpet flower that has a dark purple center.

Outside in the shade next to a Blood Moon stone building I see one corner of a massive light brown poster bed whose post has been roughly hand hewn.

I am looking down at a small collection of small slipper shoes like a child would wear. They have sparkling dark purple uppers in the form of sequins. They remind me of the ruby red shoes worn by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. They have white soles.

I observe a man and woman in their dark “underground” place of business. It is filled to the brim with various kinds of merchandise. I see a wind chime and fancy yellow-gold labeled wine bottles.

I see a three foot tall plant whose rubbery limbs are Blood Moon colored. It has begun to sparsely produce thick juicy pale green desert plant looking buds.

I am looking down into a cookie jar of clear glass. The lid is off and it has a large circular opening in the top for a hand to be able to use. I see that it is 1/3rd filled with semi-transparent murky water having small short objects floating in it. Suddenly, I realize mosquito larva are the floaters – reminding me like this of the Zika virus which causes shrunken heads and brains in newborns.

I see a close-up view of a budding large yellow-gold flower in pale green vegetation. It is a blooming desert flower on a cactus plant it seems.

Down below I see a child’s rocking horse that looks like Trigger – Roy Roger’s movie horse – that was tan with white highlights.
Trigger.jpg [ 54.13 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]


I am with some others involved in trying to complete a task. We are bird hunting with shotguns. I am down to my last 410 gage shell and shoot a human sized, human looking bird body in the back as it stands directly in front of me. It is mostly covered with long black feathers except for the back of the torso which has tan skin and very human looking. A bird-man it seems whose head is bowed down towards its chest so I cannot see it.

End of Dream

Comment: The emphasis was on the body or the unio corporalis stage of the opus. The wings and head or the unio mentalis is black feathered suggesting this aspect has been dimmed – a connection to the 410 Derringer shell that shot president Lincoln in the head. As I typed this material into the computer I kept flashing back to the black eagle carrying Pauli’s World Clock on its back. The dream suggests the clock was attached to the back of a bird-man – over the heart chakra area. Like this Pauli’s challenge was to become the bird-man.
World Clock Pauli.jpg
World Clock Pauli.jpg [ 76.35 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]


A car needs to have an air conditioner that can provide cooling without using any of the car’s engine power for a period of up to 25 minutes. A pre-cooled liquid reservoir was sized to be able to provide the cooling.

End of Dream

In the distance of this daylight clear day scene I see the dark green canopy of a tree between buildings on an empty lot violently blowing about. A storm is coming.


I am sitting in a room with one of my daughters who sits on a red sofa on my right. I may have fallen asleep and when I awake a man is holding me against my will. I look over to where my daughter was sitting and instead see a left profile bust view of a man sitting where she had been. His looks reminded me of the Native American Indian that appears on the American buffalo nickel. She has been kidnapped.

I then watch in horror as another man tortures a couple of young people by slashing their arms with the sharp blade of a long knife. He does this until he breaks them psychologically and makes them his helpers.

End of Dream

Comment: Again the unio corporalis is being emphasized.


P.S. I see that the Hubble Space Telescope has found a galaxy at a red shift of 11.1 – a number that reminds one of 11 – the symbol of the Tao, the unio corporalis, (5+6) which came up recently in When Gamma Rays Burst Forth.
Big Bang Universe.jpg
Big Bang Universe.jpg [ 35.88 KiB | Viewed 4272 times ]

Early Universe Galaxy Discovered

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Post Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain
Gregory wrote:
In the darkness of the NW on a white background I see a capitol V with a subscript of 5; or V5. I immediately have the impression of Version 5 or a fifth aspect of what V entails. So far I recall four versions for V: Veronica’s veil, Victim, the alien TV series V, and arrowhead shape >.

Another aspect :

Peace.PNG [ 97.23 KiB | Viewed 4256 times ]

MGS V.PNG [ 481.85 KiB | Viewed 4258 times ]
V shape.PNG
V shape.PNG [ 274.65 KiB | Viewed 4258 times ]

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )
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Post The Phantom Bomb Pain 'Birth'

Phantom Bomb Birth.jpg
Phantom Bomb Birth.jpg [ 32.56 KiB | Viewed 4246 times ]

V is for Virgin birth
Fox, thanks for your interesting V amplification. It reminded me of the Buddha having been born out of his mother’s right side as seen in the following image Maria Faglin shared with me some years ago. It was a connection to a vision I had of a naked woman on a beach whose pubic hair was located along the right side of her abdomen – something that came up in The Oracle of Delphi’s Dump – 11 January 2014 and also in an August 2013 vision as follows.

I see a hexagonal cross-section (yellow?) wood pencil stuck into the flesh on the right side of a slender human’s naked body just below the rib cage - the shirt has been pulled up. This is the location where a naked woman’s genital area was located in a 2006 vision – something that was eventually connected to being a “new Buddha birth” center from a modified 2rd chakra.

Thanks for sharing.


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Post On Incarnating An Effect Into Spacetime
Tues. 8 March 2016

As I fall asleep I suddenly sense a nice energy “embrace” me. In the midst of this experience I “hear” Her say, “It’s coming. I will show you.”

Then in the darkness I see Her left profile in the NW of the view wearing the full body drab gray garment. Behind Her is another similar figure closer to the NW corner that is facing in the opposite direction – a 180 degree rotation of Her image it seems. This reminds me of how the image of Dr. Jung rotated 180 degrees in the black fence in the dream of the person that announced Jung’s death as shared in Devoted To God – 24 August 2015. Like this the World Soul shows me how She is coming – how She is going to incarnate an effect into Spacetime.
Jung Fence Animation.gif
Jung Fence Animation.gif [ 685.61 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

I appear to be sitting at a Blood Moon colored wood table where I see to my right side is a crystal water glass filled with clear water with some ice in it as if it is the start of a place setting. The shape of the glass looks like one in which whiskey is normally served. The shape also reminds me of the lower half of a truncated 3D vesica piscis like that found in the center of a spindle torus.
Whiskey Glass.jpg
Whiskey Glass.jpg [ 25.52 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

Now I am looking down and see to my left a rectangular end table. By its NE corner area on the ground between foot square beige stepping stones is a top view of a circular yellow-gold flower.

In a dark room I see a picture of a cat in a square frame hanging on a dark blue North wall near the NW corner.

I am looking out along the length of a dark dirt road that extends from the SW to the NW in a dark scene. Along its West side grows many large 3 foot diameter clumps of what looks like sea grass that curves down towards the ground like water squirting up out of a water fountain does. They are evenly spaced along that side of the road. A man is here indicating that this is a specialty food ready for harvest but must all be harvested in the same day or it will spoil. He manages to harvest a few when his male neighbor comes by and is offered to harvest for himself as much as he can. The neighbor works through the entire night harvesting most of the rest for himself to consume in the long winter to come.

Now I seem to be giving a lecture at the Jung Institute in LA. It is a silent lecture in which I simply show some of the images that have come up over the years about the empty center. The first image that appears is of the horn torus with its Point A empty center that is the source of the creatio continua “big bangs” of the new births of the World Soul. Then I see the woman wearing the green dress pouring out gold teardrop shapes that seem to be connected to her heart chakra – the green-gold of the opus. This is followed by the transparent football containing the dark Virgin of Guadalupe with the World Clock in front of Her. Then I saw the touching thimbles that connect them to the “creation of consciousness” image of God touching Adam in the Sistine Chapel image. On and on like this.

I see a man take two aluminum sauce pans with aluminum handles and pour their “Blood Moon” colored contents into a larger cauldron style aluminum pot resting on a dark surface.

I am looking down at a new square concrete pad like that used at the entrance to a home. On its SW corner are the four hoofs from a deer.

I see a small empty tulip shaped wine glass sitting on the NW corner of a small Blood Moon colored wood end table. A white lace table cloth covers the table. A crystal whiskey glass was seen on its SW corner but disappeared when the wine glass appeared. A partial view of another empty crystal glass as if a water glass is seen in the NE area.
Wine Glass Tulip Shape.gif
Wine Glass Tulip Shape.gif [ 25.91 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

I see the pregnant woman actor as she appeared in the last episode of Downton Abby. She is smiling broadly at me as she stands in the NW of my view.

I am recalling the 1972 mystical experience of Ed Fisher from Florida I happened to read on the Internet yesterday. The focus is on how he sensed he had become a human 4th of July sparkler. (See: http://evolution-involution.org/samadhi ... flash.html) I noticed how his hands are held over his heart chakra.
Ed Fisher Sparkler.jpg
Ed Fisher Sparkler.jpg [ 23.98 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

I am having the impression that “fission” is a Logos ego activity while “fusion” is an Eros ego activity with the later producing gravity waves.


I am with a group of college aged males and see that RM is amongst them. They have heard about my buckyball paper and wanted a copy of it. I decided the best way to respond would be to post it on a website and give them the link. They all thought that was a great idea.

End of Dream

In a daylight scene I stand outside the entrance to a cave that is almost completely overgrown with green ivy. Suddenly, in its SW dark interior I see many small flashes of different colored lights as if from fire-flies. Comment: An entrance to a cave is symbolic for the entrance to the womb of the feminine principle, the VNS side of the heart chakra wormhole it seems. The fire-flies immediately reminded me of the term “fuel-fleas” that was used to describe the radioactive mess left behind on the landscape at Fukushima.

On a dark landscape in the darkness I see a whitish image of a commercial jetliner shape projected onto the top of an upside-down black Lincoln style top hat. The left wing of the airplane is drooped down into the top hat opening along its due North or Doomsday Hour side – suggesting that yang entering yin (the Black Hole) is meant.
Lincoln Top Hat Airplane.jpg
Lincoln Top Hat Airplane.jpg [ 23.35 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

I am standing in an aisle of a major store like Macy’s looking at a neat rectangular stack of folded sweaters. They are all multicolored in a square checker board style pattern. Comment: The multi-colors seem to indicate the incarnation of the psychophysical radiations of the World Soul via the heart chakra.

I see a newspaper headline that reads, “Ambassador Ruthlessly Finished” and then I see a NW view of a middle aged man neatly dressed in a fine suit that reminded me of a movie actor.

I see along the east side of a sidewalk different shades of purple.

There are complaints about the adequacy of air filters keeping out radioactive material.

I see a man that appears to be my younger self from his SW area as he stands with his backside to me. The head of an adult beagle is peeking around to the backside of his head from the right side and is licking his monk spot. It seems to be Queenie, the Buddha making dog.

I am struggling to find a short circuit in a maze of electrical wires. It is important to do so because the overall device will not work until this problem is solved. Comment: The heart muscle only works properly when a steady electrical pulse is supplied.

Down below I see a pink left hand as if underneath a clear water surface. The palm of the hand is facing upwards at about a 45 degree angle to the water surface. The middle finger is touching the water surface from beneath – causing a series of concentric ripples to emanate outwards as if a pebble had been dropped its calm surface. Comment: An effect from the fickle finger of fate looms – the pink color indicates a connection to the coniunctio.


I am encouraging a male high school student to sell drugs and introduced him to the leader of a local dealer. But in the end it did not work out so now I tried to counsel the young man on a career choice but he did not seem mature enough to know how to proceed.

End of Dream

I am inside an old building observing through one of its dusty windows a car parked just outside that is covered with orange dust or sand.


I am in a foreign country trying to negotiate a safe passage through its borders. I soon find out that there is no easy way to do it. One of the guards wants me to give him my pullover hat but if I do that I realize that I will never be able to leave the country.

End of Dream

In a sunny bright day I stand in the shade of a very large covered driveway that leads to the entrance of a very modern and fancy home. I am standing next to a four foot high white pedestal having a large white square marble top. On its top is a large gray WASP nest that is upside down – revealing a rather large circular black hole opening. A man stands by its South side and is pouring out a glass of water near it and onto the driveway.

Comment: The black hole opening is reminding me of the black hole opening seen in the Lincoln top hat where an airplane image was seen as if it had a connection to a Batman logo. Entering the WASP nest (black hole) is connected to entering the black hole of the Lincoln top hat – both imply a dimmed Logos ego.

I am out on Lake Shastina behind our home in my 11 foot long aluminum row boat with electric motors attached and operating. I am in about 40 feet of water observing the bubbles coming up to the surface from where water is seeping into an underground lava tube on the bottom that connects to Hidden Lake about half a mile away. Suddenly, a whirlpool begins to develop and I am caught. The electric motor propeller thrust of 95 # is not enough to overcome the strength of the vortex and I slowly sink deeper into it. Then suddenly the vortex ceases as if the lava tube had become blocked once again.

I see a close-up view of shallow flowing water coming out from underneath a flat mass of black earth. As I observe the water slowly erodes the black earth into a 2D pattern for a huge left foot. Big Foot is coming it seems.

In the darkness I see many large dark block numeral 4’s having a few whitish highlights that are arranged one behind the other as if looking into a mirror that reflect this image like this using another mirror directly behind me.

I see a close-up view of a middle aged man’s ashen face as if he is deceased. His eyes are closed and he has a full head of brown hair. His appearance reminds me of a classical Logos Christ figure.


I stand on the top of a high narrow platform in a daylight scene and miss-step off the North side at the Doomsday hour – falling towards the ocean. I am wearing a baseball cap.

The there is something about DDD (operates out of his Logos ego only) having to go to Dubai (a desert region).

End of Dream

I see a two foot high rectangular cement foundation having rounded corners and a cement bottom – a shallow swimming pool it seems. It is raining.

I see a large multicolored buckyball rolling towards the North end of a black bird cage.

I am looking inside a small portable cooler’s white interior. Lying underneath a layer of clear shallow water are cans of Campbell soup. Comment: I consume this brand of chicken noodle soup.

I see a close-up view of the left side of a white woman’s large bare thigh. The shin area of her left leg lies over the top of the thigh of the right leg with the knee bent at 90 degrees. A top view would see a square outline.

I stand in the darkness on a Blood Moon painted covered wood porch where I see light from inside shining through a window onto the porch along the North side of its NW corner.

In the darkness I am looking out along a concrete walkway and a line of palm trees. White light is waving in the scene from my left side.

I am looking up the length of a long flight of wood stairs in a wide stairwell as in a fancy home. A large sombrero is tossed like a Frisbee up the stairs and lands on the upper landing.

I see a close-up view of a white woman’s right thumb whose fingernail is covered with a dark pink fingernail polish. Comment: Pink is the color of the coniunctio, the Holy Wedding.

I take an oval shaped piece of pizza up to my mouth as if to take a bite. I see that two of the toppings are some green basil leaves covered with some slices of ripe tomato– reminding me of the heart chakra wormhole VNS and CNS colors.

I see a large golden brown deep fried chicken drumstick in a close-up view in front of the right side of my face.

Something about, “Vote for Donald Trump.” Then I see white daises with yellow centers growing in the NW area of a residential lot.

I see the cartoonish face of an older man that has a strange surprised look.

I see a man gathering some of his things together while saying, “I’m going to a wedding.”

In a black and white view I see the left side of a car axle having its new black tire half-way submerged in water. The surface of the water appears white as if due to reflecting white light. The view is such that it appears in the NW area of the view.


I am in a darkened Chinese restaurant. A disturbance is taking place on the other side of one of the many room dividers. Some Chinese men hold and torture a man in a strange manner. I go to investigate and I become their next victim. They inject something into my back at various places that causes it to become puffy.

End of Dream

Comment: As I awoke from the dream I recalled the dream of the bare back on the “Black Bird-Man” in A Unio Corporalis Storm Is Coming - his back made bare in order to attach/carry Pauli’s World Clock seems meant. That my backside became puffy reminds me of how Botox cosmetic body treatment causes local puffiness as the toxin weakens facial muscles and like this reduces wrinkles. This seems to be a connection to the effect of the 410 gage shotgun blast I delivered to the backside of the black bird-man as if both effects have to deal with dimming the Logos ego. Botox in fact uses botulism toxin. Severe botulism leads to a depressant effect on the brain that leads to coma and death if left untreated. What it takes to become a black bird-man.

I see a large aluminum bolt that has been inserted into the opening at the end of a rod.

Then I see in a black and white view the upper portion of the blade of a sharp knife whose V-shaped tip points into the NW of the view. I immediately recall the dream shared at the end of A Unio Corporalis Storm Is Coming in which young boys were being sliced by the blade of such a knife until they conformed to the demands of the Native American Indian as seen on the American buffalo nickel in an unio corporalis ordeal of the Apocalypse seemed meant. It reminds me of the expression “death by a thousand cuts” that has been a frequent refrain in my visions as well as to the “mark of Zorro” and to “scourging at the pillar.”

In the darkness I see a close-up view of the upward curving tines on a dinner fork.

Briefly in the darkness I see an empty cyan water glass that appears to be made from a spongy opaque substance – suggesting its contents are for an effect on the subtle body.

I am recalling Donald Trump’s latest characterization, “Islam hates the West.” Also his example of how ISIS cuts off heads or places Christians in cages and then drops them into water to drown. The latter example reminded me of how witches were “dunked” (submersion of head in water) in an ordeal by water (a 2nd chakra connection). Comment: Trump summarizes that there is something “wrong” in Islam that needs to be fixed. He is too unconscious to understand that his concern goes all the way back to the problem of the “hostile brothers” Able & Cain, Isaac and Esau, Logos Christ & Eros Christ consciousness; aka the “Ordeal of the Apocalypse” in our time.
Dunking.png [ 292.81 KiB | Viewed 4233 times ]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... 384#t=5080

I am looking down at a semi-transparent two foot tall plastic container having a square cross section. The “door” is open and inside along its right side I see a couple of long knives having yellow-gold painted wood handles. One of these knives is being removed. Comment: The yellow-gold colored handles suggest a color code connection to Eros ego consciousness as if it is this kind of consciousness that lends itself to “death by a thousand cuts.”

I see a stack of dinner forks – the top one is made from silver.


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Post Releasing The Dogs of ISIS
Mon. 14 March 2016

I see the thumb of my left hand resting on the West side of the top of a wood desk while the rest of the fingers are hidden down below. I wonder if the left index fingertip is also pressed against the wood as that would suggest that it is the VNS that is uniting with the individual soul for its further enlightenment.


I am eating oranges. AvH (an earthly type) is here and I see that he is expert at interpreting dreams.

Then I am with my older brother (an earthly type) and together we also are able to interpret dreams.

End of Dream

A person standing in front of me holds identical white coffee cups – one in each hand. The cups are tipped at a 45 degree angle such that I can see the outside bottom area. They are white and have a truncated cone shape. A wavy bluish smear surrounds the mid height outer surface of the cups. A centrally bluish splotch with a smaller central red splotch is on the bottom of the cups – the latter contains the colors of the American flag. Comment: It’s as if left and right have joined together to produce enlightenment.

I see my brown hair comb whose teeth are stuck middle-lengthwise in a hair brush. Comment: In the following image the comb is shown stuck cross-wise in the brush.
Comb Brush.jpeg
Comb Brush.jpeg [ 20.21 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]


I am near end of my career when some college aged males approach me in my office. One of them is very gifted. I learn that he is working on a special project for one of his classes that involves much need for high end computer time. When he sees my workstation he indicates that he really likes the 2000 model (I was using Model 1546). So, I offer him the use of my workstation which is very powerful and he gladly accepts.

I then realize that the company I work for should hire this guy when he graduates and in the meantime give him access to the extremely powerful mainframe super computer with which he can carry out his research. I learn that his computer model software for the problem he is researching would require one day on the mainframe to do just 1% of the required computing effort.

End of Dream

I am looking down at a top view of a used tablespoon. Then I “hear” something about “The Dogs of ISIS.” Comment: This expression reminds me of the book and movie titles “The Dogs of War.” A Holy Wedding Jihad seems meant. Further to the Logo of the US Marines whose caption underneath a bulldog breed (a devil dog) is “Release The Dogs of War”. Such a dog has been seen in a vision as for sale in a bakery as a sugar coated pastry. Sweets are a connection to the alchemical operation of coagulatio. Coagulatio belongs to the symbolism of the element earth. Coagulatio is the process that turns something into earth. For a psychic content to become earth means that it has been concretized in a particular localized form; that is, it has become attached to an ego. Yin > higher yang seems meant.

The source of the title, The Dogs of War, is Act III, scene 1, line 270 of Julius Caesar (1599), by William Shakespeare: Cry, 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war.

I see tall green sea style grass growing in the long ditch by the NW corner area of the lot of our home.

I see a small clear glass coffee cream pitcher filled with a semi-transparent purple liquid. This suggests that the white color of cream represents a union of the opposites.

I see a bare left leg held up above me as if my own and as if I lay on my back. A thick pink pasty line of what looks like salt water taffy wraps around the leg starting at the ankle and up onto the length of the shin. Comment: Since the shin is held up towards the sky it is a coniunctio between heaven and earth.

I am looking down along the side of a blanket having a black background mostly covered with jagged “lightening” colors. In one area about half way down its length I see a splotchy region of white spider webs adhering to the blanket.

I am recalling the vision of Lollypop whose right eye was replaced by a black sphere. Comment: The left brain controls the seeing of the right eye suggesting that a dimming of the Logos ego is meant.


My older brother has made BC (a feeling type) pregnant and she has just given birth. I saw the infant briefly.

But now there is a gathering of the family for some reason as if in a church setting to have the child baptized. BC approaches me and is almost in tears when she hears that I will not attend. In the aftermath of that encounter I head off to my place of work riding a bicycle in a nighttime setting but never arrive due to a series of delays.

End of Dream

Comment: I wondered what happened 9 months ago. I will have to look through my July 2015 material to see if something about pregnancy is involved.

A short ways away stands a slender person favoring their right leg in the NW of my view that is facing me. The legs and hips only are in the view – revealing that the person wears black pants. Comment: Observing the blackness comes to mind as if that influences one’s standpoint.

I see the back of the head of a black retriever dog breed. Comment: A black retriever has been connected to being Anubis.


A college instructor is trying to get a printer to work. I take a picture of it for some reason. Then I see that my high school sweetheart approaches the printer and fetches something she has printed out. I approach the printer and retrieve something I had printed out. I see some of her printing is still in the tray. They are images of different wrapped candy bars. One rectangular bar is wrapped in Avatar colored paper.

I could sense that she was more friendly towards me. It was then that my youngest daughter when aged six and my high school sweethearts sister of the same age were noticed standing in front of me and seemed to be playmates.

End of Dream

I am observing a large flowing river in the midst of green shoreline and trees. There is something magical about the view.

In a dark view I see a very large diameter tree and the limbs supporting the canopy mostly out of the view above. Suddenly, a limb breaks on the due North side of the tree. Comment: For some reason the “tree of life” comes to mind.

When I heard on the nightly news that Red-green color deficiency is the most common form of color blindness I immediately flashed back to the heart chakra wormhole exit and entrance HeartLight in the Lantern of the Telesphorus.

In the blackness of the NE I see a white check mark.
Checkmark.png [ 4.55 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

I have the thought that something is ready to incarnate.

My high school class secretary informs me something about death.

A man in a daylight view approaches me from out of the NW carrying a white cereal bowl in his left hand that has it rotated out to his left side. Like this I easily see into the bowl as he passes by on my left – it has a layer of light green chunks of melon lightly covered with some melting tan substance that reminded me of brown sugar.

In the rain I see a commercial airplane ground crew at work about the aluminum aircraft having a long thin red line painted on its surface in the view. It immediately reminds me of the colors in the AMERICAN AIRLINES Logo. Comment: White (enlightenment) is the excluded third fused between the opposites. Left, right and middle. Better psychological balance when operating out of the Logos ego seems meant – a connection to operating out of a United State. Unfortunately in the outer situation I see in the morning news on 3/22/16 (a day after I had submitted this post) that two ISIS suicide bombers have stuck at the American Airlines terminal check-in area in Brussels – fissioning the opposites. Suicide bomber attacks AMERICAN AIRLINES check-in desk at Brussels Airport...
American Airlines Logo.jpg
American Airlines Logo.jpg [ 20.19 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

I see the right index finger on a right hand as if my own. The nail has been mostly covered with lead pencil graphite – giving it a gray color. Lead in a pencil has previously been connected to nuclear fuel pellets. It seems the Jnana Mudra gesture has done this. The individual soul has been influenced by the radiations of the World Soul. Gray color indicates the imparted contents are at first unconscious to the individual soul.


I am in a men’s store doing some late evening shopping when I notice that Obama enters the store with a couple of men. He holds his hands out towards me with fingers in the Jnana Mudra gesture.

As I get ready to leave the store I see a black rectangular wallet lying on the NE corner of an empty white conference table. I immediately wonder why I left my wallet on the table like this. I pick it up and tuck it into the inside coat pocket on my right side and leave the store. As I head to the parking lot I suddenly realize this is not my black wallet but Obama’s (my black wallet in reality is square in shape) and head back to the store to return it to him. As I do so I see that he is already out of the store coming after me with the two men – one of whom is Lester Holt – a prime time news anchor for NBC (=’s 6+2+2 =’s 10 or quantum leap). I return his wallet and leave.

End of Dream

Comment: I have managed to gain light from the darkness and like this have a president of a United State identity. I have become “A black life that mattered.”

I see the transparent football containing the images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pauli’s World Clock. In the same moment I am recalling Edinger’s early 1970’s dream that involved a reference to a football.
Virgin Football World Clock.jpg
Virgin Football World Clock.jpg [ 40.38 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

A special ritual must be performed in order to allow the consecrated host of the communion meal to touch the ground. This is necessary because in the midst of the communion ceremony, a group of terrorists is going to burst into the church and massacre one-third of the congregation. And when this happens, at this point, the officiating priest must drop the host to the ground and drop to the ground himself and protect the host with his body - the way a football player protects a fumbled football. And this must be done to protect the host from the possibility of blood falling on it during the massacre. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse, p. 84

The dream indicates that the sacred food of the Self (the host) must be grounded. Ordinarily, it would be a disaster for the host to be dropped during the communion ceremony. But the dream suggests coniunctio symbolism – a union of spirit and matter at the psychoid or unus mundus level in the psyche. Further, the dream says that there is danger to the host if the blood of the massacre should fall on it. The implication is that the sacred entity would dissolve in a solutio of violence – that there would be some kind of catastrophic dissolution of the psychic core. The way to prevent that from happening is to fall on it as if it were a fumbled football – cover it with your heart chakra in other words. I recall that the spindle torus was seen in a vision surrounding the heart chakra and like this has a “football” shaped opening for a “hole in the heart.” In Western alchemy the fenestra aeternitatis (window into eternity) plays an important role. It can be thought of as being a hole in the spacetime continuum which connects with the unus mundus, the psychophysical reality as previously seen in the following hyperspace wormhole between worlds image. Opening a window into eternity will release the dogs of ISIS it seems as an inner peak nuclear Holy Wedding Jihad. Hopefully this instead of Suzanne’s outer End of the World in our Lifetime? legitimate concern.
Hyperspace Wormhole.jpg
Hyperspace Wormhole.jpg [ 73.51 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

In the darkness I see a silhouette view of a right hand holding up its middle finger whose upper region is in a yellow-gold glow. The finger is pointing to the Doomsday bewitching Hour. I then have the impression that the left middle finger of the feminine in the HermAphrodite is within the right middle finger of the masculine. Her finger is shorter and corresponds to the hour hand while the masculine finger corresponds to the minute hand. The fickle fingers of fate are imaged as indicating Eros ego consciousness will produce a peak nuclear Apocalypse.
Middle Finger.jpeg
Middle Finger.jpeg [ 15.87 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

I then recall the New Olympic Games torch held by the Columbia Pictures woman as being connected to the Eros ego which came up in Darwinism Approaches -23 July 2015. This image was also connected to the “Really Big One” – the mega quake and tsunami that struck Japan on 3/3/11. I guess it is Zika virus mosquito infested popcorn time for Her IMAX movie opening.
Columbia Pictures Lady Torch 3.jpg
Columbia Pictures Lady Torch 3.jpg [ 99.07 KiB | Viewed 4208 times ]

I see a close-up view of the ground having a strong wind blowing across its surface. A black hole in the ground is in the view.


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Post Needing Humanities Help With The Twin Births
Tues. 22 March 2016

I see a dark wood oval shaped dinning room table as I observe its North end from its West side. A single armless casual wood chair having a round seat covered in a beige open diamond pattern of leather fabric sits at its North end. Comment: The chair looked like the ones used in the home of my first marriage.

I am looking up at the NW corner of the roof while standing in the back yard of the home I grew up in. A few dormant tree branches are in the view of the large tree that grows in that area. In is in this place where I had raised pet rabbits. Comment: Rabbits are fast breeders and are symbolic of New Creation – incarnating in the NW seems meant.

I see a close-up view of the right side of a young man’s head. The focus is on his greasy wavy spiked black hair that sticks up as if it is a long butch hair cut style. Comment: Butch is the name we gave to one of the beagle pups our hunting dog Queenie had and that pup had a Buddha belly that would almost drag on the ground. Observing the blackness in the belly brain is connected to the right brain knowing - the mana (a supernatural force believed to dwell in a person) of the right side of this young man’s head.

A man approaches me from out of the NW and then stands over in the NE. He carries a yellow-gold Styrofoam takeout lunch container like that used by Panda restaurants. He opens the lid and inside I see a dark ball of yarn lying on a couple of long rectangular dark items. Comment: As I transcribed this vision I suddenly recalled the three fates, the Greek Moirai. – especially the one that cuts the thread whose length determines how long you will live - Lachesis (allotter).

Lachesis is the measurer of the thread spun on Clotho's spindle, and in some texts, determines Destiny, or thread of life. Lachesis was the apportioner, deciding how much time for life was to be allowed for each person or being. She measured the thread of life with her rod. She is also said to choose a person's destiny after a thread was measured. In mythology, it is said that she appears with her sisters within three days of a baby's birth to decide its fate.


Inside a room I am sitting at a white plastic picnic table along the middle of its South side in the view. A man sits on my left and a woman on my right. On the other side is the same arrangement of male and female. The woman sitting next to the man directly opposite me asks him, “Are you staying at Mary’s now?” He replies, “I think so.” Finding his response to be so uninformed I say, “That’s a lost soul.”

End of Dream

I see a pint sized clear plastic container having black vine design on its cylindrical surface is open at the top – revealing that it is filled with a semi-transparent green liquid. It is sitting along one side of a square tan wicker basket having cords attached to its four corners as if it is the basket attached to a hot air balloon.

I see dark purple ribbon fabric wrapped in a tight spiral manner around a long small diameter cylindrical object – I have the impression the object is an index finger. The color of the fabric reminds me of the color of cloth that drapes statues in Roman Catholic Churches during Lent. Comment: Purple has been connected to Holy Passion Week.

I see a pair of female purple lips as if flat paper cutouts – lying on the white palm of a left hand. Again, the shade of the purple reminds me of the color of the cloth that drapes the statues in church during Lent. I later have the impression that a kiss is being “blown” towards creation – by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Lips Purple.jpeg
Lips Purple.jpeg [ 5.51 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

Ah, the kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away

I see a couple of side-by-side long horizontal small diameter brown branches having small pale green leaves emerging along their length. Hanging in an evenly spaced pattern from the branches are pale green chardonnay grapes as if so many teats on the belly of an animal. I recall that chardonnay wine is used to celebrate a rite of passage.

In the darkness I see a vertical clear glass tube filled with a semi-transparent luminous whitish medium that has a purple tinge to it in places. The tube is wrapped with a spiral wound green electrical cord sprouting red holly berry XMAS lights. A light pole it seems or a test tube brew for a new creation in consciousness. I recall that Holly Berries are poisonous. The red-green combination reminds me of the HeartLight colors of the wormhole in the heart chakra of the man seen in the Lantern of the Telesphorus. In summary the VNS is connected to being electrical and it illuminates the CNS with new subtle body matter, new consciousness – which is poisonous to one’s existing worldview.
Light Pole.jpg
Light Pole.jpg [ 32.37 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

I see a NW view of a young man with his mouth wide open as if he is yelling. He wears a blue Lincoln top hat as if he is a Democrat – cheering for his candidate at a political rally? Comment: Lincoln was a red state Republican – so it seems an exchange of attributes has taken place.
Top Hat.jpg
Top Hat.jpg [ 25.87 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

I see the left buttocks of a woman wearing tight fitting blue Levis. She just sat down on a plain round bar stool like the Oracle of Delphi has been seen using in my visions.

Then I see side-by-side luminous “spear points” – yellow on the left and red on the right – that are pointed towards my right side. They have a shaft of dull dark colored material. Comment: The spear points are color connected to those in Harvest Moon – FireTornado - Betelgeuse - Apocalypse…

I see reddish limbs forming a Y-shape.

I see a cylindrical shaped piece of yellowish wood stripped of its bark that is spiral wound with a piece of green wire. I recall the helical wound antenna – the simple device that saves the world. This “antenna” communicates Eros Christ consciousness.

I see several different sized containers at a 45 degree angle across the NE corner in the view with the smallest one by the North side. They all are of the same design. The screw on top is yellow which has a short aircraft wing protruding from its top. The container is almost spherical shaped and made from semi-transparent brown glass. All have a clear liquid inside.

I am looking down into the right side of a double stainless steel sink where I see a row of semi-transparent orangish cruets in which the sacramental wine and water are brought to the altar in the traditional Latin Mass.
Cruets.jpg [ 30.41 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

I see a frost coated plumbing line having a plain black rubber tube attached in its area.

I see a colorful image on a widescreen monitor having an inset square window of the same colorful image near its West side. The scene is of a home with its cluttered green yard of yellow Autumn leaves and material stuff.

I see a man carrying a child. A strong wind blows from the South. He is walking around behind a parked car and heading for the driver’s side. This is taking place in the driveway of the house I grew up in. The man reminds me of my older brother when he was in the Army for the man wore a butch haircut.

I see a store display. The white wire rack is in the shape of the upper quarter half of a 3D oval. It is filled with personal sized water bottles of Sparklets brand. They lay on their side as if they are wine bottles.

I see the left side of a white neck on a person that wears a black shirt.

Something about a second Ranger cleared.

I see the end of a purple tree limb having the blade of a knife growing out of its end. “Death by a thousand cuts” from the VNS of the Eros Self is meant. I recall that the “foot” on a spider leg has knife claw shapes.
Spider Foot.jpg
Spider Foot.jpg [ 43.64 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

I see a woman cleaning used dishes and cooking pots that fill both sides (left and right) of a double sink. I am standing by her right side observing.

I see the NW portion of the upper half of a white 2D oval archway in a home between rooms. The wall in the room behind it in the distance is yellow-gold having rays of white emanating from a center not in the view (a projected arc opening center it seems).

I am looking down at the NW area of my office desk as if I stand by its SW corner. On the surface are many opened greenish wine bottles with stoppers in their tops. Chardonnay wine comes in such green colored bottles. It’s the fruit of the vine which produces Eros Christ consciousness.

I see what looks like a left hand made from long tentacle looking black tree roots that is reaching into the view from the SW area in a dark scene.

I see a dark pink ribbon (light purple) wrapped around a cylindrical object.

I see the thumb of a left hand. It is gripping the above wrapped object.

In the darkness I am looking up at a hollow white structure that looks like a plaster casting for a left arm and hand that extends out into the view. I stand near its SE shoulder area. It is decorated as if it were a XMAS tree ornament having silver icicles and red decorations.

I see the “doll” faces of a man and woman that are “kissing”. I stand next to the SE side of the woman as she faces the man in front of her. Her mouth and face is cone like in shape whose apex is inside the man’s mouth. The man’s cheeks are bloated as if he is blowing on a white trumpet.

I see a dark rusty pair of household pliers like we have in our kitchen drawer that I used recently to tighten a loose nut on the kitchen sink faucet.

I am standing on an uncut green “lawn” next to an asphalt road in a rural residential area. I am looking out along its length from its NE area towards its NW area. Near the “curb” lies an old upside down galvanized wash tub along with some other discarded debris and some tall mature pine trees in the distance.

I am in the 2nd story of a home looking at its light fabric covered walls and then into the next room through some picture windows to the outside in its NW corner whose walls are also covered in hanging light colored fabric. The picture windows make a 90 degree angle to each other and like this leaves an open outside square cross-section for the NW area as if a “hidden room”.

I see a swiftly flowing stream of water having white water in places it flow so rapidly. It has just begun to flow and already it has stripped the green grass and sod away exposing an orange colored earth below as it flows between a couple of pine trees on its downhill journey.

I see a middle aged man walking out of a two story commercial building through its double glass doors. The building has a flat black marble façade.

I see a large purple bow tie lying on the neck area of an unfolded light purple shirt. It is laid out as if made ready to be worn.

I see the right side of a woman sitting on a long “bench seat” of clear glass supported by three equally spaced long strands of steel cable.

Along the West side of a room I see a sitting woman wearing a garment having a black background with a series of snugly stack V-shapes each of a different color as if in a rainbow. The V-stack starts at her crotch and extends to her neck along the centerline of her body.

I see a purple fabric in the shape of a spearhead. It is pointed into the NW of the view.

I am looking into my light purple daily pill box that has the Thursday lid opened.

I see an old, large, tarnished silver metal pitcher sitting in a display case in the center of the view.

I see a left profile view of my mother’s head that is wearing a white scarf.

I see the top part of a white sheet of letter sized paper. In the center of the paper at the top is a bust view of Hillary Clinton who is looking down at a letter sized piece of white paper in her right hand.

I then seem a bust view of my oldest sister (hospice care provider) in the top center of a letter sized white piece of paper.

I see a frontal view of the face of a middle aged man. His black hair is long and extends out from the aft right side of his head. He has the look of a pirate.

I see a man in the pose of a dark numeral 7 in the center top of a letter sized white piece of paper.

Something about “wholeness” is involved.

A woman says, “Sorry about messing up.” Her image was on the top center of a letter sized piece of paper.

I am under clear water looking up as a man and woman descend feet first from my right side. I surface and see I am in a large room near its NW corner and looking at the North wall in the corner where I see an indentation in the beige colored stone surface that is in the shape of a 2D piece of letter sized paper but many times its size. The writing is on the wall it seems.

I see the image broadcast on the nightly news of the 3 suicide bombers pushing their luggage carts in the airport in Brussels. I have the impression that their rectangular luggage is their “babies”, their new births in consciousness.

Long Dream

I am in a workplace overtaken by sex. Many different kinds of chthonic sexual acts are being exchanged amongst it members in private encounters. Unusual sexual activity of every kind is taking place. It breaks out here and there quite spontaneously.

End of Dream

Comment: It seems the coniunctio[/b] archetype of the 2nd chakra has been unleashed. We will either be united in a mutual mass consciousness or in a mutual mass destruction.

I see a bald eagle standing facing me with its wings partially outstretched. It is statue like in its appearance.

I am looking at the West side of a two story beige stone home having a left side bust image of a man in its apex roof line.

I see a floating balloon shape made of beige lace.


My former engineering secretary Wilma (a spinster) and I are interacting and she shows me a diamond broach composed of many small dull looking diamonds. She washes the broach and all the little diamonds fall out in a heap – revealing like this that it is cheap paste jewelry. She is attracted to me and makes a pass at me which I ignored. Undeterred she approaches me and plants a long kiss – making it clear in no uncertain terms that she wanted to be intimate.

End of Dream

In a white square cereal bowl I am being served cut green beans.

I see a semi-transparent light purple light fixture attached to the underside of a white beam. It has a parabolic shape. The light fixture has a rotating light as if a warning light.

LUMINEX in black font is seen on the side of a tan cardboard box as if it is a name brand for laundry detergent.

I see a dark brown sauce as if A-1 meat sauce is poured on round hamburger patty which rests on a white microwave dinner plate.

On a white dinner plate I see three thin slices of ham having a small green maple leaf on its 7 o’clock hour location. It’s another CNS – VNS connection.

I am looking down at the ground in a daylight view where I see a slow moving stream of clear water as if from a spring leaving land and entering a larger body of water.

I am looking out along the length of an index finger shaped peninsula of land as if it is a model for a landscape development. An asphalt path loops out to its tip and back again – passing between what looks like a line of palm trees with brown trunks along the shoreline and in the center of the loop. A strong wind is blowing the long green hanging leaves of the “palm” trees about.

I am viewing a torrential downpour in a rural poor looking setting. The water falls straight down.

Now I apparently see a wider and longer view of this downpour – with palm trees and an ocean in the distance.


I am part of a 3 man team in an annual stock car race. We all sit in the front seat and I sit in the passenger seat by the car door. To fit in I had to actually lie on my side with head resting on the dashboard and legs on the top of the car seat.

There are over 60 races producing 6 winners.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I have the impression that there were 3 invisible females sitting in the back seat as if to suggest the car can be thought of as configuration consisting of a Logos ego (front seat; upper three chakras) and Eros ego (back seat; lower three chakras). Further, my curved body reminded me of being one end of a Popsicle stick.

I am flashing back to the destructive aspect of the Holy Wedding Jihad seen in Brussels. Psychologically the outer is a reflection of the inner. Their are wars without because there are wars within. So, projecting an inner unconscious condition into the outer situation is bound to be destructive and can only continue to fission relationships - which mirror the fissioning of the inner situation - the individual soul's unconscious relationship with the Eros Self. If the individual could consciously understand that the inner imperative is to fuse, mind-meld with the Eros Self then such an individual would automatically meld in harmony in outer relationships. This reminds me of Edinger’s comment,

What usually happens is that the individual is not able to contain this "warring" within one's own self, and the conflict of opposites spills out into the outer world by way of projection. And it is then that the constellated opposites live themselves out not in the vessel of the individual psyche, but in the vessel of society as a whole. This is precisely what is happening today. The (paradoxical) God-image is living out its oppositeness in the bitter factional disputes breaking out all over the world: at this writing, among warring clans in Somalia; between Tutsis and Hutus in Rawanda; Serbs and Bosnians in Yugoslavia; Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East; not to mention our own fanatical political-action groups at war with each other on the American political scene. The list could go on and the names might change from year to year. But this troubling short list of "conflicts," which is so easy to compile, reminds us of Heraclitus's remark, "War is the father of all." These many factions are what Jung refers to as the wretched "isms"-and yet all are part of the phenomenology of the Apocalypse.

…on a vast collective scale - humanity begins to experience world-wide apocalyptic events…: "Why is this happening? Who is responsible? What does it all mean?" And those questions take on increasing urgency the more desperate circumstances become. In contrast to the conscious process of individuation, the answers to these questions are dealt with collectively in large-scale regressive phenomena: the atavistic return to religious Fundamentalisms; the disintegration of complex social structures and reversion to more primitive social arrangements; massive collective shadow projections leading to factional wars and violence of all kinds on all social levels (from the family, to the neighborhood gang, and on up to the national level); and by widespread despair leading to increases in suicide and to addictions of all kinds. In general, there occurs a disintegration of social and psychic structures and values which have been the architecture of the collective psyche - no longer "contained" by an operative religious myth. And I see these tendencies as potentially being so wide- spread that they generate vast waves of psychic contagion tending to infect even those who might otherwise have sufficient consciousness to resist them. Vast collective psychic moods have immense contagious power.

The "coming of the Self” is imminent; and the process of collective "individuation" is living itself out in human history. One way or another, the world is going to be made a single whole entity. But it will be unified either in mutual mass destruction or by means of mutual human consciousness. If a sufficient number of individuals can have the experience of the coming of the Self as an individual, inner experience, we may just possibly be spared the worst features of its external manifestation. I cannot state that possibility with certainty but merely as a hypothesis for which we do have, as already noted, some psychological data. Yet this is how we might lessen the dynamic urge in the collective psyche to manifest the "Apocalypse" collectively and concretely in its most extreme form. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse, pp. 174-179.

I see a young male wearing a red tee shirt approaching me from out of the NE while carrying a huge block numeral 7 on his left shoulder (as if it is part of a cross whose other invisible side is Avatar in color) that is yellow on its face and red on its sides. It has a square cross-section as if it is also a variation of a HEX key and a witches crook.
Cross 7.jpg
Cross 7.jpg [ 23.66 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]


I am sitting in the SW area of a room looking over at my high school sweetheart (at the age of 17 when I last saw her 59 years ago) that is sitting in the NE area and who is steadily looking at me. She wears a full length dark blue robe with hood up – leaving only her white face visible. She is advising me of her situation which involves needing help with raising her two children – almost begging me to help her. I am quite taken with her sudden interest in me for it is no longer an avoidance approach. I say nothing but am weighing if I want to become involved.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I noticed that her blue robe and white face coordinate with the colors for the NW. Further, I have the impression that she wants help so that a conscious carrying of her new births into spacetime will take place. Something few in the collective will be able to do. Nevertheless, Her next stop has got to be the incarnation of these new births (a paradoxical God-image) in the NW.

I see the right side of a totem pole in which only the right side of a yellow painted wavy piece of a wood in the shape of a bird wing is seen. I immediately realize wave-particle duality is meant as if this wing is for the subtle body in the realm of the unus mundus, the psychophysical realm.
Totem.jpg [ 20.46 KiB | Viewed 4190 times ]

In the darkness I dimly see the calving face of a glacier in a black and white view.

In the distance I see the left side of a Chinese woman dressed in a pink dress while lying confined to a bed with a wide pink piece of cloth that goes over her chest and underneath the bed. Her hair is black and worn in the style of Cleopatra. The bed is vertical against a North wall in the NW of the view as if she is in a “crucified” position.

I dimly see the two sided blade of an axe whose tips fade into the blackness.


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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

Two recent dreams:

I see an octahedron, opposite faces are yellow and green. [I make models of such. My own is painted yellow]. Next I see a dodecahedron sitting in a lotus flower – all green [Mine is green].

I place new batteries into the back end of a torch lamp (one I own, red, no actual back slot). I shine the torchlight onto one friend’s head, then another’s. They both seem to have blonde/green hair (neither has in real life) and somehow as if they are twins.

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Post The Ice Man Cometh
Sat. 26 March 2016


I am interacting with a woman who is talking about having a football.

End of Dream

As I was awakening from the dream I saw in the blackness the right side of a hovering blue humming bird by the left side of my face. It had a red elongated teardrop shape that started almost circular on the right side of its head which covered its eye and thinned to a needle like point as it extended along and onto the length of its beak. Comment: Underneath the red I presume is yellow – the teardrop color seen “flowing” from the right eye duct of the woman with an Avatar colored iris. A humming bird has been connected to the infinity symbol or a horizontal numeral eight which its wings motion traces out as it hovers – connecting its “hole” penetrating needle beak to the notion in Western alchemy of the fenestra aeternitatis (window into eternity) - a hole in spacetime that leads to a 5th dimension and the eternal realm of the unus mundus, the psychophysical reality. “Nectar” from the seeing of the Eros Self seems meant – as incarnation of new subtle body matter.
Humming Bird Teardrop.jpg
Humming Bird Teardrop.jpg [ 24.28 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

Something about a cowboy and then in the darkness I see a pistol.

I see a close-up view of red hair with yellow tips on the right side of a head – as if so much mana.


I am sitting along the West side of a square card table while my father (as if he were in his 70’s) sits at the North side. I say to him, “How old are you these days?” He replies, “I don’t know what that means.” (As if age is meaningless in the Beyond.) The east and south side of the table are also occupied.

Then I see a woman working away at something in the SE of the room. She is the daughter of the Clark family to whose home I used to deliver the Daily Tribune. I was thinking about asking her to marry me but then I realized I was my present age (75 years old). Then I looked at my father and he was my age so it was rather confusing.

End of Dream

Comment: I became attracted to her when I was about 11 years of age. Her father ran a dry cleaning business. My father sits at the Doomsday Hour.

I am recalling the scene in the movie The Black Robe in which an enemy of a hostile Native American Indian tribe (Iroquois – specifically Mohawks on Lake Huron) liked to skin its enemies alive.


I am flashing back to holding a rainbow Earth in my hands while saying, “May all the love that is in my heart flow through my hands to you” – as if this is my contribution to “raising the soul of mankind.”

I am holding a tablet looking at its illuminated screen that is black on the right side and has the faces of some people in its SW area.

I am down in a illuminated basement looking at a blue clothes bag sitting on the floor at the start of a red stairs that starts at the due North wall and ascends to the ground floor in the NW corner. Comment: Ascending red stairs suggests adding subtle body matter which incarnates in the NW – a possible connection to a later vision concerned with the delivery of “The Red Book.”

I see a clear, shallow, rectangular cooking glass dish filled with a frozen entry.

I see a white check mark in the blackness of the NE.

Something about the delivery of “The Red Book” as a reversed capital red E such that it appears in a black square with the spine of the E at the due North and the other top end at the NW. I suddenly have the impression that this is a normal looking capitol E when rotated 180 degrees into the NE during were it becomes cyan in color. Further, the reversed “E” reminds me of a block numeral 3. I recall the large yellow-gold 3 seen in the flame of the torch of the Columbia Pictures woman which came up recently in Releasing The Dogs of ISIS. This is a repeating 180 rotation emphasis and is connected to Jung rotating 180 degrees in the black fence as seen in On Incarnating An Effect Into Spacetime as well as the numeral 7 seen doing this in Needing Humanities Help With The Twin Births. Also, I am recalling the two nozzles in the heart chakra – as if rotation is also meant. The Columbia Pictures woman movie leader “brings more light into the world” from the lower 3 chakras is meant. She first appeared in a 25 May 2000 dream and then in a 2 June 2012 dream as shared next.
Three Rotation.jpg
Three Rotation.jpg [ 25.79 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

Dream of 2 June 2012

I am being very friendly with a middle aged woman with blond hair (she looked like the VM clothed woman in the Columbia Pictures Logo – called “the torch lady” that brings more light into the world – the same looking woman who had said “I have let you too close” as she stirred a man’s left eye with a small stick or wand – helping to unblock its ability to see in a 2000 dream). We stand with our backs against the West wall in a crowded restaurant in subdued lighting. The left side of my face is against the right side of hers (as if a hermaphroditic pose).
Columbia Pictures Logo.jpeg
Columbia Pictures Logo.jpeg [ 7.65 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

Just then I happened to notice that a young man was stealing a wallet out of the inside left pocket of the black leather jacket I am wearing (the wallet would have been located over the heart). I chase the fellow and manage to retrieve the large black wallet. I open its paper money pocket and see that large wrinkled bank notes are inside - British banknotes of old as seen in the following King George V note. These wrinkled notes immediately reminds me of what happens to paper money if accidentally left in one’s pocket when put in a washing machine.
British Bank Note One Pound.jpg
British Bank Note One Pound.jpg [ 94.05 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

End of Dream

I flashback to the Popcorn (movie) Time business which came up in a 4 February 2010 vision which was connected to the collective having the same dream (the same inner movie). The Columbia Picture woman appeared in a 2000 dream inside a hemispherical dome structure - a containment vessel for a nuclear power plant. It seems the stealing of the wallet in the dream (a wallet is symbolic of ones identity for it contains your I.D. papers) draws attention to a change in identity – apparently to the role of a new King or the renewal of the old King it seems. The one pound note suggests a connection to a pound of flesh from the heart.

On 6 September 2012 I saw in a vision a left hand in a daylight scene holding a large gold numeral 3 surrounded by a circular glow of white rays on the background unus mundus forum color. It’s a connection to the lady holding the torch in the Columbia Pictures movie opening “Logo” as if the torch light contains this image for Her IMAX DVD movie intro. I recall the MLvF dream in which I made the numeral 3 too big when writing it in her planner. Another connection to the meaning of the yellow snake wrapped around the arm of the woman on the feminine side of the hermaphrodite in alchemy and to the Goose that lays the Golden Egg.
Columbia Pictures Lady Torch 3.jpg
Columbia Pictures Lady Torch 3.jpg [ 99.07 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

I see a square shallow clear plastic container sitting on the NW corner of a desk. It holds a partially consumed dark tan square shaped sweet cake.

I see a young woman in a two piece pink bathing suit standing on a large gray weathered dock entrance in a daylight view with a large blue lake in the background.

I see a pink headed pocket book match down below that is curved. Igniting it will unleash the coniunctio archetype.

I hear a man say, “It is like butter calculus.” (When trying to understand the visions.)


I see LL (a former boss and vice president of an Aerospace firm) in pink trousers interacting with some others on a stage.

I am baking a pastry that has cinnamon in it but am having trouble with the heating.

End of Dream

I see a view of a major city at night with some of its skyscraper lights on here and there. Suddenly side-by-side skyscrapers become illuminated – one whose surface is outlined in a wire frame grid of blue thin lines and the other in a grid of red thin lines as if they are a “couple.”

I am holding a large square transparent “window” bound by a broad black square border – moving it around while looking down below at various things on the surface of the earth.

In the darkness I see a close-up edge view of a small red disk having groves – reminding me of a poker chip. Comment: When growing up I used to play money free poker with my siblings using bicycle cards and the following colored poker chips.
Poker Chip.jpg
Poker Chip.jpg [ 45.85 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

Then I see a close-up view of a decapitated red chicken foot having a yellow band color on its upper end.

I am looking out at the huge surface glare of bright white light emanating from the Western ocean surface as I stand on the 2nd story (heart chakra level as noted in Time Will Blink – 30 August 2015) deck of 551 Lemwick Lane in Yachats, OR (where 551 ='s 11). I cannot see the sky but it seems the sun must be very close to the ocean to produce such a large area glare. I wonder if a meteor has entered the atmosphere.
551 Lemwick Lane.jpg
551 Lemwick Lane.jpg [ 148.24 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

I am recalling the ice sculpture of Al Gore I saw some years ago. I have the impression it was an image for a subtle body since ice is a union of the opposites (air and water). Comment: A connection to what happens when you follow the acausal way (gamble and win white poker chips). Recall that the middle finger (of the apocalypse) was seen recently bathed in a yellow-gold glow; the colors connected with Eros ego consciousness – as if that is what enabled the creation of “The Ice Man.” What incarnates in the NW given the colors in the image.
Ice Sclupture.jpg
Ice Sclupture.jpg [ 41.76 KiB | Viewed 4170 times ]

It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell Before I Make lovE with YOU!
I see a rectangular piece of white folded paper with black text hidden on its underside. It lays next to the right thigh of a man sitting meditating in my office recliner.


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Post Ready To Put The ‘Screw’ To Humanity
Thurs. 31 March 2016

I see a close-up view of a white letter sized piece of paper with fuzzy blue font text as if produced by using a sheet of blue carbon copy paper. I am able to read three words in the middle of a sentence, “a collective view”… Comment: This is a color coded connection to incarnation in the NW. That it is a carbon copy suggests replication of an individuation process.

I see the south side of an asphalt road. Growing in the gravel shoulder of the road are three evenly spaced clusters of long green leaves that belong to the lily flower plant (produces a six petal flower).

I see a close-up view of a square piece of white glossy paper whose upper 2/3rd is black while the lower 1/3rd is white. It reminds me of a handout, a flier given to one on a street corner.


I am sharing with a woman doctor dressed in pale blue clothes about a blood test that reveals the % of carbs and protein needed in one’s diet for healthy living.

Later I sit down at the south side of a square card table. RM sits along the West side. A woman doctor dressed in pale blue sits on the East side. I place some pocket change on the table in front of me; two quarters and a dollar silver coin whose vintage looks to be from very early in American coinage or possibly a foreign coin, whose size is about that of an American quarter and whose image was not clear. Then I place a couple paper bills on the table ($5 and $100). I placed a large metal bowl on the SE corner of the table and the doctor dipped her left index fingertip into the contents in order to then taste it.

End of Dream

Comment: The metal bowl looked like the one we use to make salads in. The bowl seemed to be filled with melted chocolate as if fondue.

I am looking down at a long gray metal screw whose head is painted cyan. I assume the cyan covers a blue color – linking it to being an Avatar Maker. Comment: I recall how the young lady in the 7th grade held out a screw towards me while inquiring, “Do you want a screw?” Suggesting like this that the World Soul would like to penetrate Her creation with her psychophysical radiations in order to raise the soul of mankind.
Screw.jpg [ 22.58 KiB | Viewed 4145 times ]

I see rectangular pieces of green grass sod down below moving right to left on a white surface. Strange, but purple ribbon appearing clumps appear attached to some of the surface of the sod.

On a dark surface I see a single layer of loose pocket change as if a stream flow created this pattern. Many pennies and some silver quarters are in the view.

I see what looks like a handle for something made from compressed brown sugar.


I am in the midst of other humans caught up in a vast mosquito infestation. I am looking out over a flat lush green terrain filled with countless stagnate puddles of water as if it rains here a lot. The puddles are breeding locations for the mosquitoes. No one knows how to stop their multiplication and it looks like everyone is going to get bitten.

End of Dream

Comment: On awakening I thought of the brain shrinking effects of the mosquito spreading of the Zika virus. Only the female mosquito bites.

I see small snow flakes that have started falling from underneath a new brown wood understructure like that seen on an outdoor deck on a home. Comment: Snow is a more aerated version of ice. It falls from wood (read: the wisdom of the VNS).

I recall the visions over the years of dandelion snow – something connected to the creation of Eros Christ consciousness – the consciousness associated with the shadow of the Logos Christ.

I am recalling a news item about a man who has twice died and was twice resuscitated. He reports it was all blackness and concludes that there is no God, only nothing. Then I “hear” Her say, “I do not abandon those who have not abandoned me!”

Patient who ‘died’ says there is NOTHING after death
Death NOTHING.jpg
Death NOTHING.jpg [ 29 KiB | Viewed 4145 times ]

I have always been an atheist, but I have always had a part of me that hoped there was a God or Heaven or something greater than us. I mean, who wouldn't want there to be a Heaven?

I am still an atheist, and now I know that there is no such thing as God or Heaven. At least not for me.

I hear, “A man who had a country.” And then in the darkness I see a view of a man’s left shoulder from his NW area. He wears a dark blue pin stripped suit. I immediately recall a similar view of Iron Man’s left shoulder which emphasized red, yellow and a white glow. “The making of iron from earth” – a connection to making gold from lead in alchemy. Like this the man has to find a new country – one that will allow him to live his new worldview. Apparently carrying the numeral 7 on this shoulder, the number of the Apocalypse will help him.

I am looking down into a semitransparent plastic container. A yellowish vegetative growth is in the foreground but resting on the bottom is a heart that looks like one from a rabbit.

I am standing under the roof of a pole barn where I see open wood framing and much hay.


I am driving a car full of men at night through a hilly city. Slowing down as the bottom of the hills are approached becomes more and more problematic as the brakes are slowly failing. We are going to a political rally. Finally I notice that brakes do not work.

End of Dream

Comment: A wavy landscape implies that the realm of the unus mundus is meant.

I appear to be looking down the length of my body that appears to be underneath green water. Strange but I have bluish-whitish lizard skin. The bluish hue reminds me of Lord Krishna for Avatar’s are said to have bluish colored skin. The color of the skin is color code connected to those in the incarnation location of NW.

In Hinduism, an avatar is a deliberate descent of a deity to Earth, or a descent of the Supreme Being, and is mostly translated into English as "incarnation", but more accurately as "appearance" or "manifestation".

I hear a woman say, “Sign it. Sign it. Sign it. Be careful.” Then I see the mostly upper part of a tree trunk with its canopy that appears flat (2D) and having the beginning of green leaves emerging. A woman stands nearby looking up at it.

I see a long mathematical solution to a complicated equation for a certain class of problems. A computer algorithm is generating this equation. In a summary equation I make out a part of one expression that reads “Curl”. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curl_%28mathematics%29

In vector calculus, the curl is a vector operator that describes the infinitesimal rotation of a 3-dimensional vector field. At every point in the field, the curl of that point is represented by a vector. The attributes of this vector (length and direction) characterize the rotation at that point.

The direction of the curl is the axis of rotation, as determined by the right-hand rule, and the magnitude of the curl is the magnitude of rotation. If the vector field represents the flow velocity of a moving fluid, then the curl is the circulation density of the fluid. A vector field whose curl is zero is called irrotational. The curl is a form of differentiation for vector fields. The corresponding form of the fundamental theorem of calculus is Stokes' theorem, which relates the surface integral of the curl of a vector field to the line integral of the vector field around the boundary curve.

I see a frontal view of the head of a baby that stares me in the eyes as if it lays on my chest (a connection to the lizard skin I saw on my body in the previous vision). It appears against a blue background and has some yellow font writing next to it as if I am looking at a poster child.

Then against a white background I see the face of a middle aged primitive looking man whose skin is red and who has a full head of long, straight, black hair and beard. His face appears where the child’s face above had appeared suggesting that the new birth (child) seen exiting the heart chakra cone gives rise to the New Red King.

I see a man peel a long, narrow green strip off something and toss it a way in front of him on the down side of a hill. A toddler standing in front of him goes after it and picks it up. It has the appearance of being a 2D green snake.

I see a woman standing in front of me along my left side. She holds an old style clothes iron and uses it to press the 2D green snake shape over the top of a line of green bell peppers that lay underneath. Bell peppers as “peas” in a pod comes to mind. Recall that green bell peppers have been connected to the heart chakra.

I see a close-up view of tanned skin on the chest of a slender human body as if my own. Thick, pale green, wavy shaped vegetation (as if from a desert plant that stores water in its leaves) is beginning to emanate from out of the skin in a large circular pattern that covers the heart chakra.

Something about, “critical solution.” And then I see laying on a blue carpet in a home some long thin barren branches in a heap. Some have the emergence of short, pale green vegetation from the ends of the branches.

I see a close-up view of a thin semi-transparent rectangular piece of whitish flesh as if crab meat being pulled out of a reddish much larger object. This was seen as if I was looking down along the front of my body – as if this flesh was coming out of my chest.

I am looking out at the mostly calm blue lake surface behind our home and between the Spearpoint shoreline where I see two large side-by-side circles sparsely and randomly populated with small floating objects having different colors.

Then I see a close up view of the NW portion of what appears to be a cake frosting decoration having a large white circular opened “trumpet” flower adorned along its circumference with small unfolding Blood Moon (menstrual blood) colored flowers with a yellow center. A flowering heart chakra comes to mind.
Cake Frosting Decoration.jpeg
Cake Frosting Decoration.jpeg [ 26.45 KiB | Viewed 4145 times ]

Down below in the darkness in the SW of the view I see an Army Jeep enter the view. It tumbles, spins and flips and exits along the East side.

I see the top of the left ear of a man as I view from his NW area.

I stand behind the left shoulder of a woman while peeking over the top of that shoulder at a young pale gray skin ape having Avatar colored eyes. She cradles the ape in her left arm. Comment: Gray color I have noticed over the years indicates something that is largely unconscious. This suggests that the “new birth” has many aspects to it that I am not yet conscious about but will unfold into view in the time ahead.

I see a person folding into large square shapes some clear plastic sheets of material.

I see a man walking along the left side of a woman who is riding a bicycle on an old cobble stone street. They are approaching my location. They walk in the shade between a large, tall white stone building on their right and a row of tall shade trees on their left.

I am standing in the living room on the lower level of our home looking out through the sliding glass door at the lake behind our home.

I see men and women dancing in the street of what looks like downtown Zurich.

Then I see Our Lady of Guadalupe in the NW of the view with Her hands folded in prayer. Incarnating an effect from out of the “football” shaped hole in spacetime seems meant for the dark Virgin of Guadalupe was seen inside a football.

Something about, “I made Trump to do this.” Comment: Trump has helped to unleash the mightiest force of the 21st century: nationalism. Psychologically, he wants to build a wall (a temenos at the center of which resides the God, the World Soul). His brand of politics is a metaphor for humanity needed to individuate.

I see chopping block sized pieces of pine tree trunk lying on their side all in a row as if a tree trunk was chain sawed while lying on the ground. I have the impression that Wisdom from the VNS comes into view in bits and pieces. Tree trunk is connected to the chakra tree.

I am looking up at the canopy of a pine tree that is partly broken off.

Something about a human body being patterned using slices out of a tree trunk.

In front of a white home with pink trim I see a pink heart shape floating invisibly near it.

I am looking down along the front of my body where I see what looks like a pond covered with pale green circular lily pads.

I am standing underneath the shade cast by some large trees while looking through the openings in the vegetation that appears in silhouette. Through the openings I see white glare coming from off the surface of a sparkling river that flows past a small green lawn of a park.

I see a young, lovely, suntanned, woman descending the last flight of three long gray stone flights of stairs on the outside of a huge gray stone building having Greek style pillars that line its front in a daylight view. She has long, wavy yellowish-orangish hair and wears a flowing pink with white undergarment slip style dress. A wind blows from her left side to the right and sweeps the lower portion of her dress to the right – revealing like this most of her left leg and part of her right leg. A man stands on the sidewalk of this city waiting for her. Comment: As I typed this material in I kept having the impression that this woman was Aphrodite. Comment: The long flight of stone stairs later reminds me of those seen on Aztec Pyramids from whose altar the sacrifice of a beating human heart occurred.

I see a fork covered with some thin fleshy looking food dripping with moisture that was just removed from out of the top of a circular container. I seem to be doing this and holding it as if I am about to consume it.

I am viewing the SW area of a young woman’s head. She has long, straight gray-brown hair.

I see a man standing in the NW of my view that is facing towards the NW. He has his arms outstretched with the palms of his hands facing down towards a small dog sized dark brown animal. His fingers are spread wide and his gesture seems to indicate that he is holding a large invisible sphere.

In a dim dark view I see the left shoulder of a man from his NW area. He carries a young naked woman over the top of his left shoulder such that her legs extend out in front of his left side while her hips rest on his shoulder. Her torso and upper body are mostly hidden behind his head and neck such that only her belly area is seen. Like this her lower body appears to be a numeral 7 (like that seen on this shoulder recently in Needing Humanities Help With The Twin Births) – a connection to the witches crook, the HEX Key, Iron Man and the Ebola virus.

I see food items on a food market checkout station that are partly sticking up out of a large semi-transparent white plastic shopping bag that has some blue font text printed on it. I recall the carbon copy blue text on white letter sized paper seen earlier in this post.


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Wed. 6 April 2016

The color of urine has recently come to my attention as being connected to that of the solar plexus chakra given the location of the kidneys in the human body. Further, the flow of an effect from the lower three chakras into the heart chakra comes to mind and seems to be a connection to the green lion eating the sun – the sun being the solar plexus as noted in The Lo:vE Fest – 16 Oct. 2015. The unio corporalis stage of the individuation process involves the “eating of one’s Eros Self” in a Zombie Apocalypse effort. Fox had a dream of eating the entrails of a sheep as noted in Animal Sacrifice – January 2014. The green lion eating the sun in alchemy is meant – giving it a color code connection to what is involved in Eros Christ consciousness as seen in the following Rosarium Picture #18 in which the blue-white sky has been modified to blackness to indicate that the black hole of the belly brain is meant.
Lion Green Eating Black Sun.jpg
Lion Green Eating Black Sun.jpg [ 33.02 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

Eating The BLACK Sun
I am looking down at the wide open stainless steel door in a kitchen dishwasher like we have in our home. Suddenly a deep green truncated cone shaped garden “salad” bowl (like the white ones we use in our home for salads) drops down from above onto the middle West side of the door. Unlike our salad bowls it has a circumference of long narrow V-shaped sunburst “teeth” and a gradually yellowish colored center. It’s a connection to the image of the alchemical green lion eating the solar plexus sun above and to another aspect of what it means to embrace the bowl of individuation and the “eating” of the VNS abdominal lower three chakra “innards” of the Eros Self. It’s the role of the shadow of the Logos Christ to do this, i.e., it is an Eros Christ activity. I am reminded of the dark Virgin of Guadalupe in the agave plant for it has such a color combination as does an avocado. A top and side view looks as follows.
Bowl Garden Sunburst Views.jpg
Bowl Garden Sunburst Views.jpg [ 46.2 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

Virgin of Agave Plant.jpg
Virgin of Agave Plant.jpg [ 64.84 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

Virgin in a maguey
The dark skin Virgin of Guadalupe has also been "acclaimed goddess of the maguey (agave)" plant and pulque (not Tequila) was drunk on her feast day (Her Predator blood =’s the new “wine” with the new “flesh” for the new Eucharist). A 1772 report described the rays of light around Guadalupe as maguey spines (Her crown of thorns).


I see my first wife (who appears as middle aged) with a woman friend who is helping her. She is unable to afford housing and I am being approached to pay for it. A “dark” skin man is here who has all these evenly spaced red “dots” that cover his face as if he has measles. He is intent on helping my first wife pay for her housing. I warn him that this will be a life-long obligation.

The scene shifts and now I find that I am giving my daughter Amy (who appears as a five year old) a ride on a bicycle. She sits just in front of me on the main frame. It is a daylight scene and I am approaching a shallow ramp to climb between houses. As the bike begins to ascend suddenly the front wheel lifts vertically off the ground and we climb rapidly high into the sky. Amy exclaims, “Something shot us straight up!” In a blurry view I then saw a yellow flower on a green stem lying on a surface.

End of Dream

Comment: Riding a bicycle is a bipolar activity. My first wife developed a bipolar mental disorder which eventually broke up an almost 20 year marriage. The dream indicates that the World Soul resides at the unus mundus or quantum level in matter which can exhibit wave-particle (bipolar) duality. She would like this condition to become integrated in the subtle body of humanity but needs their help, their money =’s psychic energy. The vertical leap in the bicycle ride suggests a quantum leap in consciousness and reminded me of the movie E.T. bicycle ride across the face of the silvery moon. Measles came up in The Weaver’s Sewing Thimble Psychophysical ‘Big Bang’ – 2 February 2015 in which it was noted that it is the most infectious disease on the planet – infecting 90% of those that come in contact with an infected person. It is 10 times more infectious than Ebola. Another amplification on the potency of the Ebola-like psychic infestation of the Holy Spirit that accompanies the “Return of the World Soul” in the hopes of making the red man, the New Red King. The pattern of a measles infection resembled the occupation pattern of ISIS in the Middle East and was understood to be a destructive living out in an outer world projection of the activity of the Holy Spirit in the individual soul instead of that Holy Spirit activity taking place within the vessel of the individual psyche.
ISIS Outbreak.jpg
ISIS Outbreak.jpg [ 55.95 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

We will either be united in a mutual mass consciousness or in a mutual mass destruction
I am looking at a large square shape that covers most of a large covered patio surface which is covered with a single sheet of aluminum foil and is being built for my first wife.

Amy (my youngest daughter) and I are together and I see a spider is with us. A Spiderman duo image comes to mind.

I see something blue being placed underneath yellow sand and have the impression that this will unify the opposites.

I see a woman approaching me from out of the darkness as she rides on the aft end of a dog sled – both are in silhouette. When they emerge into the light I see that she is dressed in scant summer clothes.

I see a close-up view of a hand grasping for the black leather wrapped hilt of a sword.

I see an air hose coupled to a wet-suit worn by a man.

I have the impression of a union of the opposites. Then I see a white business aircraft on a runway having electrical or phone wires between us in the view.

Then I see a NE view of the nose of an old aluminum airplane that reminds me of the Enola Gay – the atomic bomber that dropped the first nuclear device on Japan.

I see a huge robot “walker” in silhouette carrying a human. It reminds me of Star Wars.

In the darkness close-up down below in front of my chest area I see two overlapping cream beige dinner plates having Blood Moon red rings on its outer rim. A broader inner one and two or three thinner ones near the circumference. The overlap forms a 2D vesica piscis opening like that found in a spindle torus. The one from the left (shown semi-transparent) is above the one on the right.
Dinner Plates.jpg
Dinner Plates.jpg [ 46.25 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

I see a few year old luminous white elephant from its left side.

I see a large white poodle going down the stairs to the lower level in our home.

Then I see in silhouette a left side view of a giraffe.

I see a silhouette view of the backside of a left hand that has its index finger extended skywards.

I am recalling Her refrain, “You will see like no other. I promise you that.”

I see a tan goat approach a man in a park setting. It entered from the desolate rocky desert wilderness on the West side into the green park setting. I recall the Blood Moon colored scapegoat seen wandering in the wilderness – as if until it reached the promised land. This kind of goat came up most recently in STORM – 27 July 2015 when a question arose, “How many scapegoats will it take to bear the sins of the world?” I heard, “144,000.” (a symbolic number whose actual numerical value cannot be known). This goat was connected to the heart chakra.
Scapegoat Blood Moon Color.jpg
Scapegoat Blood Moon Color.jpg [ 80.92 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

Scapegoat - One that is made to bear the blame of others; Bible. A live goat over whose head Aaron confessed all the sins of the children of Israel on the Day of Atonement. The goat, symbolically bearing their sins, was then sent into the wilderness.

I see an edge on view of an Apple TV remote controller being held by a left hand. Comment: We use such a controller. A TV controller has often come up in my visions and are connected to pointing to the eight directions – where eight is an individuation number. But this controller can point to only 4 Compass Rose directions. An apple has a spindle torus shape containing the seeds within its 3D vesica piscis shaped center. They are creatio continua “seeds of renewal” for the Christian archetype in a new Genesis experiment.
Apple TV Remote Controller.jpg
Apple TV Remote Controller.jpg [ 27.99 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

Spindle Torus Apple.jpg
Spindle Torus Apple.jpg [ 41.39 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

I see a close-up 45 degree angle “top” view from its NW area of a thick, clear glass water pitcher filled with steaming water.

Then I see a right hand of a child extended out in front of my right side as if my own. The index finger is pointing into the blackness.

I see a circular arc of large several uniformly spaced long green stems each of which has a large white flower on its top. They are growing up out of a shallow pool of water.

I see three large diameter but thin oatmeal cookies in a close-up view that are in a clear plastic Zip-Loc sandwich bag.

Suddenly I am experiencing the sensation of throbbing discomfort in the big toe on my left foot. It was a penetrating sensation of pain.


RM (my high school valedictorian) has swallowed a micro camera that is somehow connected to a coffee pot. Then in his area I see a hovering coffee pot. RM approaches me and pours coffee onto the top of my head while saying, “I baptize you.”

End of Dream

I see my large coffee mug (Bronze side with black top and bottom) being inserted into the area of a coffee maker that is supposed to contain the filter and coffee.

I see a letter sized purchase statement on white paper and black text. I see at the bottom a charge of $55.00

Something about hunting a moose. Then I see I stand on a well used orangish dirt footpath cut through green grass that is next to a housing complex that surrounds a large green lawn open area for their back yards. The footpath has a Y-fork just up ahead – the left path leads into the NW while the right path leads into the NE. I am heading for the NW.

In a dark scene I am standing next to the front legs of a moose that is lying mostly buried on its back. I grab its NW leg (which is sticking full length vertically up out of the ground) and move it towards the rear of the animal as if I pulled on a lever.

I am standing on a dirt footpath and standing directly in front and facing me are two rows of ceremonially dressed Native Americans – three in each row. They have enormous straight black hair styled in the shape of my large coffee mug.

I am recalling that the Buddha was born out of his mother’s right side – where the kidney would be located. Comment: A kidney has been connected to Eros ego consciousness because of the color of urine. Further, the kidney is at the solar plexus level in the chakras.

I see a gray modern convertible on a long wood dock that faces me as I stand facing the water on the dock closer to shore. It has a Blood Moon top that is up. The style of the car reminds me of a Mercedes Benz. Comment: As I found the Logo image its three pointed star (a trinity of lance points) suddenly reminded me of Nicholas von Flue’s wheel image that Remo has analyzed in The Wheel Image of Nicholas von Flue. The three outward pointing “lance points” signify the deified breath body for life after death. As I look at the triple crown King image I keep having the impression that this is a Holy Communion host.
Wheel Images.jpg
Wheel Images.jpg [ 49.79 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

The Mercedes-Benz emblem is a symbol for the company's plan for world domination.

Remo Roth wrote:
…this wheel image corresponds to a renewed image of God in which the World Soul -- the objective psyche or the collective unconscious of C.G. Jung -- is redeemed by humankind, and along side the World Soul, the principle of synchronicity, takes the place of the Christian God. The empirical human being experiences the inner, microcosmic liberation and redemption of the divine World Soul from matter in the process of the introverted transformation of drive energies which serve in structuring the deified breath body for life after death. …the countenance carried a "terrifying expression, full of anger and threat", and consequently was early on associated with the Christ of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 1: 13ff)

I hear, “Donald Trump.”

I see a new multistory building going up on a hill. It is a long rectangular style composed of connected cube shaped apartments. The framing uses Blood Moon colored fire retardant foam sprayed steel I-beams with yellow metal panel siding in a very sturdy appearing construction. Comment: “Built on a hill” reminds me of the New Jerusalem that descended from heaven onto a hill.

I see a narrow rectangular blue video screen showing a clockwise rotating yellow-gold numeral 5 along its west side which then comes to rest.

I am standing on the street in front of the empty lot on the West side of our house while looking East where I see something moving along the driveway on the lot to the East side of our home that is approaching this street.

I see a close-up view of a square push button as I view it from along its SW to NE corner in the NW of the view. The upper part of the push button is white and dimpled while the lower part is black. It is bordered by a broad stainless steel enclosure. Comment: The shape reminds me of a cube – upper half white, lower half black – another connection to the New Jerusalem seems meant. A push button in my visions has been connected to being a “bombs away” – like that which happened during the nuclear bomb drop on Japan during World War II. Further, pushing white down into black (fusion of the opposites) reminds me of yang entering yin (the black hole in the womb of the World Soul) – such that yin > higher yang becomes possible.
Push Button White.jpg
Push Button White.jpg [ 19.46 KiB | Viewed 3982 times ]

I see a white chicken egg rolling along on a dark surface towards my location. Suddenly next to its right side appears a Roaring Twenties black Ford car that is also approaching my location. This style car has been connected to the Great Depression. Comment: The white egg appearing on a black surface suddenly suggest to me that it is new higher potential yang that has emerged from yin. World Soul as a dumb animal (chicken) comes to mind – only the conscious co-creating effort of a human will allow potential being to become actual being – something that requires a “Great Depression” of psychic energy.


I am in a classroom with JM and JS (two smart undergraduate roommate males with which I attended college in 1959). I keep seeing a close-up view of the right side of JM’s head which is held at a 45 degree angle towards the NW in the view. I address JM saying, “It has been 56 (= 11) years since I last saw you.” (I always envied him for his sharp mind and nearly straight A grades – which fit well with his nice guy personality.)

Then I see that JS is planning on obtaining a new computer (yin > higher yang).

Then I realized that I had completed all the courses for the PhD program except for a couple of humanities classes. Since I had done my undergraduate degree at this same university I suddenly realized that course requirement may be transferable.

End of Dream

I am flashing back to having just ordered a new Dell XPS 15 laptop with WINDOWS 10 (quantum leap) professional on 4/4/16. I then decide to email my Jewish computing consulting friend HAL (=11 using the phone home code) and inform him of my purchase while adding, “I guess this computer will last me until my “End of Days.”

I am looking up while slowly walking backwards. I am inside a huge cathedral like Notre Dame and see the connecting infrastructure that attaches the huge high ceiling to the wall. Comment: Seeing the supporting structure between yang and yin it seems.


I am evaluating using large water tanks on my property in which to store rain water.


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Sun. 10 April 2016

I am looking down at a left foot as if it is my own. It wears a white stocking and a shiny black business shoe. I immediately flashback to the vision of the white dimpled push button in a black surface as shared in A Plan For World Domination. Comment: The enlightened standpoint of the left pushes the “bombs away” button it seems.

I see a large light orange smooth shaped surface that reminds me of a shoe insert. It lies on a square white footstool (a Trojan Horse) in the midst of other elegant furniture.

I see a partial view of one of the ends of a reddish “turd” shaped sausage lying on a kitchen countertop. Its color suggests this new birth in consciousness comes to make the Red Man.

Then I see in the blackness a toilet bowl plunger located in the NW of the view that is in a vertical position as if ready to “plunge” a backed up toilet. It has a Blood Moon hemispherical dome shaped rubber plunging end mounted on a yellow wood stick. The Avatar Maker is ready to release a flow. Comment: Such a plunger was seen in the darkness in the SE of the view Effects From The Apocalypse of lovE – 20 May 2015. It was a side view of the end of a “Blood Moon” toilet bowl plunger that was facing towards the West. Its hollow “hemispherical” shape reminded me of the “bowl of individuation”, the hemispherical dimple in the top of the cyanide canisters used in the holocaust, and a skull cap all at the same time.
Toilet Plunger.jpeg
Toilet Plunger.jpeg [ 13.7 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

But now this plunger has appeared in the NW – the incarnation location in my visions. (This could be accomplished by a 90 degree counterclockwise rotation followed by a 180 rotation as if it were in the black fence Jung rotated within) It has the colors of those seen in Fire Tornado, Snake Eye, Betelgeuse, Harvest Moon and the Apocalypse to mention a few. These are the new births in consciousness that the world does not want to see – but they are coming anyway. It’s all that disagreeable stuff repressed during the Christian eon. Edinger puts it as follows in his discourse on the plagues described in the Book of Revelation where God’s anger with humanity reminds me of the angry face seen in Nicholas von Flue’s wheel image as shared in A Plan For World Domination.
Toilet Plunger.jpg
Toilet Plunger.jpg [ 13.68 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

We now turn to chapters 15 and 16 where we learn of the “seven bowls of plagues”:
After this, in my vision, the sanctuary, the tent of the Testimony, opened in heaven, and out came the seven angels with the seven plagues, wearing pure white linen, fastened around their waists with belts of gold. One of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls filled with the anger of God who lives for ever and ever. The smoke from the glory and the power of God filled the temple so that no one could go into it until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.

Then I heard a voice from the sanctuary calling to the seven angels, '”Go, and empty the seven bowls of God's anger over the earth.” Rev. 15:5-8; 16:1 (See figure 7.2)
Dragons Vomiting Frogs.jpg
Dragons Vomiting Frogs.jpg [ 137.7 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Figure 7.2 Dragons Vomiting Frogs. 15th Century, Miniature from the Liber Floridus, Musée Condé, Chantilly

Then, one after another these seven bowls of plague and divine rage were emptied onto the earth. It is quite remarkable that these loathsome contents should be contained in “golden bowls.” In a later chapter of Revelation, a golden cup appears in the hand of the Harlot who rides the Beast – another startling contrast between the feature of precious “gold” and the vessel’s contents. As far as empirical psychology is concerned, a “golden bowl” represents the Self in its containing aspect with “gold” in particular representing supreme value. And that symbolism was explicit in alchemy. Thus, a devastating “plague” carried in a “golden bowl” is a paradoxical combination of opposites.

Now if we just look at this imagery, clinically and objectively and separate ourselves from the horror of it, the emotion of it, what we are seeing is that heaven is being cleansed of a lot of disagreeable stuff. (Laughter) And being turned over to the earth to be dealt with. Psychologically, this is an image of very negative contents in the collective unconscious (“heaven”) being poured into the ego (“earth”): and that indicates that there has been a build-up of disagreeable contents in the unconscious which has led finally to an “overflow.” I think it is often relevant to consider psychological issues in this fashion – as if they were almost mechanical - in order to complement the tendency to project “punitive purpose” on the unconscious, something that is done frequently in the Book of Revelation. Ordinarily however, the unconscious does not have a punitive purpose; instead, the unconscious tends to react to the ego the way that the ego reacts to it. And if the unconscious is used as a “depository” for everything disagreeable from the ego’s point of view - as is so commonly the case – then sooner or later that depository will overflow! If we think in this mechanical way (in the way that we think of the law of gravity, even though that is not the whole story) we correct our tendency to interpret in overly-punitive terms.

It follows, then, that a psychological “overflow” can arise after a prolonged and profound neglect of the unconscious which has allowed the build-up of problematic libido the ego has disposed of by way of repression. In Judeo-Christian mythology, this same dynamic is put personally as the neglect of God's prerogatives, as failure to pay him the attention he is due – for which one is then punished. But I would say it's worse than a “sin”: it is a mistake, a psychological mistake. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse, pp. 125-127.

I am looking down and along the right side of my oldest sister’s head where I can make out that she is smiling.


I learn that some relatives would like to meet me who are visiting my parents house. On arriving inside their home I see it is crammed full of people – mostly college aged adults who all greet me for the first time. They all seem quite interested in meeting me and my oldest brother as well. A large family reunion but I did not know any of them. On occasion I heard my older brother talking about Donald Trump with some of the young people.

End of Dream


I am in a major city when I become aware that I should pay a visit to my parents house. So I ride my motor cycle with my oldest brother (Hog Rider) across this huge metropolitan sprawl of a city and finally arrive at their home. I go inside and see that they are watching TV and in the top shelf of a built-in wall book shelf I see a double row (four in each row) of stacked white paper bags having about eight rows of wavy black lines along their length. They are filled with popcorn which we are to take with us.

Later I taste some and find that it doesn’t taste like normal popcorn. It was rather chewy - not crunchy and I like crunchy food. Further, it had a slight sweet taste.

End of Dream
Popcorn Bag.jpg
Popcorn Bag.jpg [ 38.01 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Popcorn.jpg [ 32.48 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Zika Threat.jpg
Zika Threat.jpg [ 51.99 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Comment: Popcorn has been connected to the hidden dimensions and has been shown to be infested with mosquitoes whose hypodermic needle has been connected to spreading dangerous life threatening viruses – making it the most dangerous animal in the world. The wave pattern indicates it comes from out of the unus mundus. The taste of the popcorn reminded me of the mana that fell from heaven on the members of the Jewish Exodus. By watching (inner) TV one gathers and eats of one’s “daily bread” from out of the hidden dimensions seems meant as if it is a “bread of life” and whoever ate this bread would never die.

Mana, is an edible substance that, according to the Bible and the Quran, God provided for the Israelities during their travels in the desert.

Exodus states that raw manna tasted like wafers that had been made with honey. The Israelites were instructed to eat only the manna they had gathered for each day. Stored manna "bred worms and stank."


I have an interview with the head of a college Aerospace Engineering Department. The purpose of the interview was to establish whether I should be accepted into their PhD program.

I enter his office on the day of the interview and see that an older woman (my present age of 75) is also here and she sits in the NW of my view while the professor doing the interviewing sits in the NE of my view. The interview with the woman takes place first and soon realizes that she is not a suitable candidate. She leaves the room. Then it is my turn and I announce that I have changed my mind about pursuing the degree program for I realized I could not handle the cognitive demands of such a program (too much Logos ego activity would be required)

End of Dream

In the darkness in the NW of the view I see two yellow daffodils with red centers on long green stems. They are bent parallel to the ground and facing towards the NE.
Comment: Yellow daffodils with gold centers on long green stems came up in March Madness – 15 March 2015 where it was noted that the plants biological name is Narcissus and is sometimes called the “Lent Lily”. The name is thought to have come from the Greeks who saw the plant bent over (like the two in my vision) towards streams it was seen growing by. Since the images observed in the water chakra come from the World Soul it is clear that Narcissus is seeking Eros Christ consciousness by looking at his own reflection in the water surface but as with all encounters with the unconscious one struggles with the prospect of being “drown”, i.e., becoming possessed (inflated "Logos ego" or deflated "Eros ego"; manic or depressed, i.e., suffer from a bipolar condition). It is this Logos/Eros effect that wants to incarnate into our world from the NW and like this all are “asked” to become Narcissus.
Narcissus.jpg [ 58.57 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus. He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died.


I see a man going to confession to a priest in a natural outdoor setting. The priest asks him two questions: “What is your age?” “How long did it take him to acknowledge his 2nd sin?” The man answered both questions correctly and was therefore absolved of his sins.

The man then went out into the world to live again. After some time he came back to the priest but this time there was no need for a further confession of sins.

End of Dream

Comment: When the man was asked about his 2nd sin in the dream I immediately thought of my 2nd Baptism in the Holy Spirit experience as if that visit required a further effort at redemption from sin – something that has now taken 40 years of wandering in the wilderness of my soul to consciously understand that I “missed the mark” by not having gained Eros Christ consciousness in my soul.

I am looking down at a close-up view of a cluster of tiny white flowers having five petals clustered about a small central little circular yellow region all growing up out of the dark earth on green plant foliage. Comment: I have seen this kind of flowering weed for it grows in our area. This reminds me of an image I have seen of a green garter snake having a white belly. Also of the Holy Spirit white teardrop shape seen resting on the green covered footstool – which was characterized as being the Trojan Horse of the World Soul so that She could make Her enemies Her footstool. Like this I understand the flower vision to mean that out of the VNS comes enlightenment when one enters an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. A further addition to the crown chakra seems meant as a result of Her Trojan Horse (which came up in The World Soul’s ‘Cry Me A River’ Jihad – 15 Nov. 2015
White Flowering Weed.jpg
White Flowering Weed.jpg [ 128.64 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Making My Enemies My Trojan Horse
I am holding and rotating a heart shaped red and green variegated colored apple in my two hands in a daylight close-up view as I look down at it in front of my right side. I immediately recall the Lantern of the Telesphorus having such colors for its Heart Light and Neil Diamond’s song “Turn on your Heart Light.”
Apple.jpeg [ 21.96 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

Then I am looking down at two entwined silver strands of metal along the side of a vertical dark brown cylindrical lamp post as if it is Kundalini energy rising from the lower three chakras.


PS When I read the following article on 4/11/16 about the newly discovered effects of the Zika virus on the CNS I was surprised by the next image I saw of a young Muslim woman (The World Soul is Muslim in Her psychology) holding up her purple stained index fingertip (in a May 2006 vision I saw the World Soul anointing the members of the unus mundus forum using Her right index fingertip) as I continued to read the morning news on the Internet. Once again I was reminded of the angry renewed God-image vision of Nicholas von Flue as shared in A Plan For World Domination for its trinity of outward pointing lance points signified the deified breath body for the long life after death in the Beyond.
Fury.jpg [ 22.03 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

FURY Seeking A United State
Brazilian scientists find new Zika-linked brain disorder in adults
Black Death.jpg
Black Death.jpg [ 14.72 KiB | Viewed 3961 times ]

The 'Temple' of Black Death
The new discovery now shows Zika may provoke an immune attack on the central nervous system as well.

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Tues. 12 April 2016

In a rural scene I see a newly made square fenced in area having a few young trees in the view. Eight foot high bare yellowish wood posts support an open square grid of galvanized fencing whose squares are about a foot on a side. A couple of humans are working within the enclosure.

In a rural scene I stand next to the gray trunk of a young tree whose canopy is mostly out of sight above. On a lower branch I see a few vesica piscis shaped dark green leaves and large white many petal flowers. The flowering of Her Trojan Horse is meant - a connection to the green covered footstool supporting the white teardrop shaped Holy Spirit which came up again in my previous post FURY.

I see a close-up view of a flimsy white Valentine heart shape as if substance from the petal of a flower. The V-shaped end of the heart is in focus as if a reminder that “V is for Veronica’s veil.”

I am looking down at a “grave” sized rectangular plot of freshly disturbed earth that is enclosed by galvanized fencing and plain raw wood posts. I recall that the World Soul has a rectangular monk spot.

In the darkness in the NW of the view stands a woman facing in my direction in the SW. Her white bare left shin is prominent in the view.

I am looking down at a young girl sitting on a toy a ways in front of me. She wears a dark green sunburst as if a halo about the backside of her head – giving her the appearance of being like the Statue of Liberty. I immediately recall the “sunburst” virgin in an agave plant and the potted plant container having Eros Christ colors as shared in A Plan For World Domination.

I am recalling that in horse racing there is a feat known as a “Triple Crown.” I then recall the triple crown on the angry face of God in von Flue’s wheel image. Comment: Over the years I came to appreciate that the World Soul has “picked” many horses and placed many bets in order to try to accomplish Her purpose in the further evolution of consciousness in humanity. This triple crown is the contribution of the lower three chakras to consciousness in addition to those of the upper three chakras.

Triple Crown - an award or honor for winning a group of three important events in a sport, in particular victory by one horse in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes.

I am recalling that the vesica piscis has been long recognized in religious art framing Jesus or Mary as a portal to another dimension. This is a connection to Western alchemy’s concept of their being a “window into eternity.”

I see a young girl sitting on a green lawn in the NW of the view. She is partly leaning towards the West and is looking intently up at me. Two 3 inch in diameter gray bark tree trunks “stand” over her as if a human with legs spread above her in an inverted V-shape. Comment: The VNS has given birth to her seems meant. I recall the white flower tree that had a similar looking gray bark tree trunk seen in FURY.

In the darkness a ways away I see an intense “ball” of sparse connected lines exhibiting intense luminous white light as if it is a filament in a light bulb. It hovers just above the seat cushion in a sofa chair or recliner.

In the darkness I see a black numeral 6 having a thin white border around its shape. It appears about where the above vision of the sofa chair occurred was in the due North of the view.

I am introduced to a man who is able to hear you breathe using his right ear.

In the darkness I see a portion of a skinny black snake whose head is bent such that it forms a witches crook shape with its body. It has a luminous white object in its mouth. The small size of the snake reminds me of Apophis. This demon is a destroyer of worldviews.

Apophis:Demon of the ancient Egyptian god's it is said that the god of all creation Ra battles it every night to keep it from drinking from the Nile and destroying all creation.

As I observe the darkness a central region begins to appear like a pattern of small open squares as if a black fish net is surrounding something light gray. The view zooms in as if I am looking through an atom resolving microscope and like this see a light gray highly convoluted smooth surface into whose strange smooth openings I seem to be entering. The shape reminds me of popcorn and so I realize that the hidden dimensions are meant.

I see a woman’s left hand pick up an old style black clothes iron from the white cloth surface of an ironing board.

I see on the back of a man’s right hand which is extended towards me a light cream colored cube shaped object that has most of the material from some of its faces missing – revealing like this a thin walled structure that is empty inside. It has some smooth contour shape still attached to a corner – suggesting that this New Jerusalem object emerged from the hidden dimensions.

In the darkness down below in a close-up view I see a white capital block letter L partially sticking up out of the black earth. I immediately have the impression it belongs to the word “Love” but later realize that it could be a numeral 7 or a witches crook, or a HEX Key connection.

In the darkness I see a quart sized frosted surface glass container filled to the brim with orange juice. It sits on the due North edge of my office desk. A tremor is seen on the calm surface of the liquid in the shape of small ripples and immediately reminds me of the ripples in the pot hole of water caused by the approaching T-Rex in Jurassic Park movie. The reptilian psyche approaches the Doomsday Hour.

I am recalling the image I made of the luminous white left insect eye that was peering at me.

I see a wolf approaching from out of the NW and passes by my left side as it approaches something that is behind me. It has black fur on its back and sides and white underneath on the belly and chest area.

I see a “strike anywhere” stick match having a red head and a white tip.

I see a close-up view of the round top of a bush that is shedding purple leaves.

In the darkness I see a close-up view of the black fishnet with square openings. It looks like the material I am using for netting around the apple and peach tree cages.

Suddenly I become aware of a growing warmth sensation in my chest.

I see Lollypop down below grabbing at the black fur on the front of the chest of a large black animal – a black retriever comes to mind – a dog connected to Anubis.

In the darkness I appear to be adhering to the right side of the body of a huge black insect where I see up ahead by its head skinny black feelers or antenna curling and moving about.

I see a small light yellow mound in the shape of a woman’s breast in the midst of green lawn as if it is a landscape model. It has the colors of Eros Christ consciousness.

Then down below in the darkness I see a rather top view of a small plain wood cross made from small diameter cylindrical pieces whose outer surface is orange and whose cross-section is yellow.

I see the top of a gray metal object that is a small sphere as if attached to something underneath. A clasp is attached to the top of the sphere as if a pendant for a necklace.

I hear, “They don’t know what to do with the evidence” and then I see a small dark green square metal shape of thin thickness that looks to have been attached to a light gray tree trunks left side by a large circular head galvanized nail. I immediately recall how Captain Ahab attached a gold doubloon to the mast of the whaling ship Pequot in the hunt for Moby-Dick.

Now in the darkness directly in front of the left side of my face is the huge snout of a creature whose large upper row of bared teeth are visible. The maw of a snarling dragon or T-Rex comes to mind.

I hear, “Greg, where is that relaxation coming from?” Then as I look down at the ground I see a litter of some several week old dogs having gray fur are moving about. They seem to be wolves.

In the darkness and extended out in front of me down below I see a dark green fish net of square openings that looks like the black netting I used to protect our fruit trees.

I see the base area of two light gray tree trunks right next to each other in the SE of the view. They appear to be uprooted and are being moved into the NE of the view.


My older brother and myself invite RD (who goosed me in the 6th grade) to go fishing. My brother fetches two brand new black fishing rods without the rods. Large diameter black woven fabric in the form of cord is attached to the handle on which the reel is mounted. We put on warm clothes as it is windy.

End of Dream

In the midst of much tall green grass I see the SE area of a large pale green pig leaf plant. Comment: When playing far from home and having to make a dump I would wipe myself using pig leaf. This seems to be a connection to RD goosing me.

I see a large dark brown earthen caldron shaped pot held together by roots. It is tipped towards its SE area and reveals inside a pile of fresh fruit in the SE area of the pot. A few bananas were seen on the top of the pile.

Lying on the ground is a fresh cut green stem having several yellow-gold trumpet flowers growing along its length.

I see a pig leaf plant again – only two opposing large pale yellow fragile looking decaying leaves as if a frost killed them. Comment: Wiping the butt of the Eros Christ did this it seems.

I see in the darkness an old style milk bottle filled with milk and having a long white appearing straw sticking out of its top that leans 45 degrees as if it is barely into the milk. The straw is apparently filled with milk as if something invisible or black like the darkness is draining out the milk. The configuration is in the Doomsday Hour in the view suggesting the straw is a hand on a clock pointing to the bewitching hour.

I see a portion of a horse standing in the shade of a thicket of small trees. Sun light shins on the side (chest area?) of the animal revealing its fur as being reddish-yellowish in color.

I see a male figure standing in the darkness in the NW of the view having a yellowish “beams” or “flows” emanating downwards from out of each nostril – forming an inverted V-shape. I flashback to the new God-image of the angry God in Nicholas von Flue’s wheel image as shared in A Plan For World Domination. Further, I have since realized that the fabric in the crown is Blood Moon in color – matching the convertible roof color of the gray Mercedes seen in my vision and represents new subtle body matter added to the New Red King. Consuming this Holy Communion host means that the triple crown will be the effect of the knowing of the lower three chakras on the crown chakra – the unio corporalis uniting like this with the unio mentalis.
Wheel Images.jpg
Wheel Images.jpg [ 49.79 KiB | Viewed 3942 times ]


My daughter Amy has suddenly died. I am sharing some remarks at her eulogy. I am filled with much feeling as I do so and the words came freely from those feelings – noting what a lovely woman she was and so filled with regard and kindness towards others. I even make some comments about how I loved my first wife and the pain that loss caused me.

End of Dream

Comment: I awoke filled with the warmth of the feelings that were occurring during the dream. Something not normally experienced being a thinking type. I projected onto these two women a relationship I should have had with the inner feminine. The outer figures perish because the projection has been withdrawn. As I awoke from the dream I was also recalling a couple of dreams Amy told me when she was just six years of age. The first one was a nightmare in which she came running through the hallway into our bedroom. She said lying on the floor were snakes in a ring torus shape whose bodies were alternating bands of black and white. She carefully stepped into the center of each snake like a football player does in inner tubes when physically training. The other dream was about strawberries growing on green leaf plants as if they were vines producing grapes. These dreams indicated that she would have to undertake the individuation process during the course of her life. She has already made some effort in that regard. The strawberry dream is of course about the creation of subtle body matter for the new Red King. The football training is a connection to being able to enter the unus mundus which is a 3 D vesica piscis “football” shaped intermediate realm.

I see the backside of a man standing in front of me in the darkness. He wears a plain King’s crown having a band of gold that goes up around its sides which supports a small plain gold crucifix at its top center The fabric in the crown is Blood Moon red in color. I immediately recall the angry God-image triple crown seen in the vision of von Flue.


Tricia and I are ending our marriage. We are dividing up our possessions. She returned the watch I used to wear when I retired 14 years ago and had not worn since. I notice that the face crystal is missing and that a gear has popped onto the clock face. I politely ask if I could have the crystal face back. But she just said, “I don’t know what I am going to do without you. I love you so much.” I also felt the need to mourn the sudden loss of our relationship but knew it was over and strangely did not resist.

I enter the electric car we own. She was able to enter and take some things away such that the electric car would not work.

End of Dream

Comment: Time has stopped. (This reminds me that about 10 days ago I was winding Tricia’s grandfather clock when suddenly the central weight over wound and now needs repair as this pendulum mechanism no longer worked. Time had stopped I now realize.) The “heart” of the electric car has stopped. Like with Amy in the dream above another projection onto the feminine has been dealt with.

I am recalling the yellow flowering tree of my next door neighbor whose limbs are covered with these flowers and small green "vesica piscis" shaped leaves. The canopy is about ten feet tall and supported by a central cluster of six small diameter tree trunks. Bees were buzzing all around and in the canopy. The "flowering" of Eros Christ consciousness is meant.
Tree Yellow Flowering.jpg
Tree Yellow Flowering.jpg [ 192.97 KiB | Viewed 3935 times ]


PS The follow solar eclipse image by NASA struck me as being a connection to Avatar Making 3rd eye “Cyclops” Seeing which enables the seeing of the opposites as ONE/ONE.
Avatar Making Seeing.jpg
Avatar Making Seeing.jpg [ 67.26 KiB | Viewed 3942 times ]

The blue part of the image shows the total eclipse from the ground, with the central pupil created by the bright sun covered by a comparatively dark moon. Surrounding the blocked solar disk is the tenuous corona of sun imaged in white light. The red section was viewed from space, acquired by the sun-orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft.

The eye of the universe

PPS From the CDC (Center for Disease Control) I learn the following new information about the spread of the Zika virus. Its anticipated spread in the USA reminds me of a tsunami wave that builds highest along the East Coast. It’s “popcorn time” - for inner movie observation.
Zika Range.jpg
Zika Range.jpg [ 58.33 KiB | Viewed 3942 times ]

A Is For Apocalypse
It is the first time in history that a virus transmitted by mosquito bite has been found to cause birth defects.

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I am in a work environment when I enter a room and find Woody (the shin kicker) just finishing up giving a technical briefing to three NASA representatives as he stands with chalk in hand in front of a blackboard covered with complicated white mathematical symbols (yin > higher yang). Woody calls me over and introduces me and brings up a subject on which they would like my help which would draw on my PhD studies.

The scene changes and now I am in a room with three middle aged women who are involved in helping me on the project. I am waiting to hear the details on the project they seem to have become privy too. I can sense sexual energy building between us.

I leave and enter another room where I see the three NASA guys. Two are sitting on the floor with one behind the other while the one behind is rubbing his genital area through the clothes of the man in front of him. The other man says to me, “Don’t interfere.”

End of Dream

Comment: He was trying to masturbate the man to a climax which understood psychologically would mean a release of creative Eros Christ “radiations.”

In the blackness I see a huge yellow block numeral 4 and as I observe it begins to take on a green hue.

In the NW I see a silvery moon in a night sky that is just above the silhouette edge of the roof on a home. Comment: A white lama with Avatar eyes was seen in a field of yellow-green grass and on a 45 degree inclined snow covered roof in 2007 visions. Its beautiful jewel-like eyes were looking at me in a most inviting manner. The “fur” looked like a fine white silk like that seen on the new pope’s garments as if to suggest the making of a Dali Lama is meant. There was something “sexually” provocative about the way that animal lay there with those “flashy” eyes looking at me – acting as if it is in heat.
Lama.jpg [ 69.09 KiB | Viewed 3898 times ]

I see something very white that is rapidly rotating clockwise on a watery colored table surface. It stops rotating and I now see it is a plain gold crucifix whose top is pointed to the Doomsday Hour. I suddenly am recalling the TV program “Wheel of Fortune” which involves spinning a wheel to see how much money you could win. Further, the plain crucifix reminds me of the one on the triple King’s crown in the “Holy Communion host” of Nicholas von Flue’s wheel image. Given the vision of the gray Mercedes convertible with the Blood Moon top and the Mercedes Logo containing the Blood Moon color I notice that taking those two colors together match the color of the “flow” of psychophysical energies from out of the heart chakra aka Harvest Moon – FireTornado - Betelgeuse - Apocalypse…
Vision.jpg [ 55.68 KiB | Viewed 3898 times ]

In dim twilight I see a field filled with random, sparsely separated yellow-gold flowers on green stems. I have the impression that those long green stems are like hypodermic needles that will inoculate with Eros ego consciousness radiations – a potency apparently connected to the (A is for Apocalypse) Aedes aegypti mosquitoes spreading the Zika virus.

I am looking down at what appears to be lizard skin in the midst of a green hue that fills the space above and around it.

I hear, “The archetype of the city failed.” Then I see a man standing in the darkness a ways away having the palm of his right hand resting on the top of the head of a large gray metal art piece about three feet tall. There is a small horizontal rectangular white light built into the crown on the side of the goose head. The size of the bird suggests it is a large goose (the goose that lays the golden egg comes to mind). Comment: The man looked like the star in the TV miniseries “Arrow” (see Logo) who was committed to “saving the city” (Starling City; where “starling” reminds me of the black bird of that name which has red feathers in the leading edge of its wings – reminding me of Jung’s comment that red and black are the colors of the underworld) which had become overrun with crime and corruption – another “wicked city” like Gotham. Eros Christ consciousness is a connection to the archetype of “The Wicked City” (an Eros centered city in the lower three chakras) in need of integration into consciousness. Taken together with the unio mentalis development of a Logos centered city we have a “Heavenly City” the New Jerusalem on a hill. In dreams the city represents the Self as a ordered, structured, totality that amounts to a temenos and at the unus mundus level in the psyche this city is Logos/Eros bipolar.
Arrow_TV_series_logo.jpg [ 15.88 KiB | Viewed 3898 times ]

Arrow is an American television series. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter.


I am eating from a 3 inch thick, 2 foot square Blood Moon colored slab of extremely lean red meat (whale meat it seems) in a city that has crime problems (a wicked city). I am carefully slicing off another large meal sized piece for consumption (which adds to the subtle body matter of the New Red King when properly digested).

I meet a young woman who said to me, “You look like a dentist.”

End of Dream

Comment: A dentist helps people to maintain good teeth. Teeth give one a “good grip on life” for they allow one to chew which aids in the digestion of food. In this case it helps to assimilate whale substance as new subtle body matter – adding to one’s worldview from the point of view of the Eros Self.

A man in an ice cream parlor has ordered four ice cream cones. He says, “You will have to pay for them later.” Comment: Over the years a conical shaped waffle cone (a yellow-gold medium filled with square depressions signifying incarnation into our 4D world) supporting a white sphere of ice cream was meant. I notice that in 2D it is a V shape supporting a circle (a symbol for wholeness). The integration of the four functions is meant.
Ice Cream Cone.jpg
Ice Cream Cone.jpg [ 22.3 KiB | Viewed 3898 times ]

I am examining the base area of a gray metal pillar that is square in cross-section and which has a partially embedded gray metal sphere in each corner.

My paternal grandmother is here and she rapidly kisses me several times. She appears to be in her eighties.

Then down below I see MT with a woman. They stand by the SE area of a giant bald eagle that is standing upright like a man with its wings spread. Briefly appearing along the centerline of the dark brown feathered covered body are three gray metal pillars standing one on top of the other that span the length of the eagle’s body as if it is its “spine.” The pillars are identical and look like the one seen just above. The lower three chakras representing the integration of the unio corporalis seems meant while the wings would represent the integration of the unio mentalis. It’s another bipolar image for the New Jerusalem and for a new God-image. The triple pillar is a connection to the new consciousness represented by the triple crown on the new God-image in von Flue’s wheel image.

I see a close-up view of the upper part of a woman’s Blood Moon colored shoulder strap sized hand bag. Comment: Since a purse would carry her identification papers its color suggests that identity is the new subtle body matter of her knowing being added to the new Red King.

I see a young couple taking off on a bicycle with the young man sitting behind the young woman on a two seat bicycle. They are in the shade just in front of the white double garage doors of a single family home on a high hill.

I see a white man on my left being confronted by another man in front of me with a fencing sword aimed inches from his chest. The sword man says, “The black man had nothing to do with this but the white man did.” Comment: His remark seems to suggest that opening a hole in heart chakra is something that must first be initiated by the individual soul willing to enter Eros ego consciousness.

Now I am looking down at a close-up view of a large gray bark covered tree limb that has had a smaller limb cut off along its length. The stub of the smaller cut-off limb is hollow and joins the also hollow larger limb. The hollow stub reminds me of the opening on a car’s gas tank. A man begins to urinate into this opening. Comment: Eros ego consciousness empowers new births in Eros Christ consciousness from out of the VNS seems meant.

I stand in a dark room looking at a feminine form lying on the floor a ways in front of me in the NW of the view. She is wrapped in white veil fabric like a wedding dress is made out of. The end of an ointment tube is seen sticking out of her chest area as if its business end is pressed deep into the flimsy fabric covering her chest.

In the darkness in the NW of the view I see a young woman sitting in a 3 foot long triangular shaped dark wood boat (spearhead shaped) with her back against the broad backside. It was just launched from the West side into a wide stream of flowing water heading towards the NE. The boat had high sides as if to suggest it was also a bathtub.

I see a man facing me. With each hand by his side he grabs a man on his right and a woman on his left and yanks them forwards – causing the to roll head over heel’s in front of him onto the ground while letting them go in the process.

I see a tan colored chiwawa in a pond of water in the darkness. Only the eyes and snout stick out above its surface.

Two men are standing by the edge of a pond. One grabs hold of the other and during the struggle both fall into the pond.

I see the upper part of a candy cane lying on a dark surface in the darkness a ways in front of me. The curved part of the cane is rather straight reminding me of the witches crook.

I am looking at a computer display screen in the darkness. I see a small rectangular white boxes with a multi digit number in each – the numbers are changing as if a random number generator is doing this.

In a daylight view I see a man and a woman approaching me on my right side as the walk along on a wide sidewalk in front of a line of small connected shops that appear to be in a foreign country. The shops have a red tile roof and white stucco siding.

I see a right profile view of a young white woman having long wavy red hair – facing a man standing in front of her. A galvanized three gallon pail is sat on the ground between them.

I see a SW top view of a woman’s head wearing a strange shape fashion hat that looks like a 45 degree ski slope. I immediately recall the Winter Olympics held last year in Russia at its new ski resort called Sochi (sow chi).

I see a pint sized cool whip container having a blue background and white bold lettering whose colors agree with those of NW.

I see the backside of a white hand pressed down on a dark wood surface with only the middle finger extended. The image seems to be a connection to yin > higher yang – making higher yang the fickle finger of fate.

Vivid Dream

There is a new kind of Olympic Game whose rules must be strictly followed for the sake of protecting the participants. It involves “swallowing” a short, white, slimy, very toxic snake that moved like a worm.

I observe the six anxious teams and one team had Hillary Clinton as a member. The moment of truth arrived and all the teams were eliminated except the one which had Hillary Clinton on it and it seemed she would be the team representative. I am at the front of the crowded dimly lighted gray room that is observing this contest when suddenly I am thrust into the “limelight” for I will be the team representative (signaling an exchange of attributes with Hillary Clinton?).

The poisonous snake is somehow introduced into my intestines (I guess via the rectum) and shortly afterwards I experience the sensation of its bite. I don’t know what to expect the physical response of my body will be so I am filled with anxiety and hope I don’t pass out. All in the room watch me silently as I wait for the snake to crawl through my intestines and up out through my throat. It never bites again and soon I sense it approaching my throat. The snake is retrieved and its toxicity is quickly tested. It is found to contain several poisons – all except the most feared - the Zika virus. I have won the contest and great relief filled everyone although I sense that their would be lifelong lingering effects from its bite.

End of Vivid Dream

Comment: An acceptance of the inner world and a conscious understanding of its message inoculated me with the Zika virus. Like this I now "wear" the triple crown colors of the King in von Flue’s wheel image. Hillary Clinton has been connected to being the Great Whore of Babylon who pours out the filth of her fornications as seven plagues onto the earth. That I am suddenly taking her place in the Olympic Game suggest she pours the plagues out into my being, into my ego as visions and dreams to be consciously understood such that they will poison something of my existing worldview and cause me to appreciate Her new worldview for humanity. The horrible, undifferentiated whiteness of “Moby-Dick” has been assimilated into consciousness. The short “grubby” looking snake reminded me of the white caterpillar looking “horned worm” seen exiting a hole in a black sphere in a 1999 vision. Its compartment (segmented) body was prominent. Further, this “snake” reminded me of the “peace snake” dream Edinger shared in his book on the Apocalypse Archetype.
8 Nov. 1999

A Horned Worm Emerges From A Black Sphere
I see something coming up out of the surface on the black bottom. It looks like a worm or something that is wiggling around as it is trying to come out of the bottom. This creature has a single horn off its nose and it has black eyes on either side of its head. The eyes look more developed by far than the body. This creature is looking at me and now I can see that it has crawled out of a hole in a black sphere. It has a white body and rather like a worm or a caterpillar. And now I am going down into the hole from which this creature has just exited. The creature stays out there looking into the blackness of space.

From Dream Seminar, pp. 233-240 - paraphrasing.

Worm – has no brain, just a sympathetic nervous system – the most primitive form of nervous life.

Worm – has life in segments, in compartments, is disconnected life. No synthesis.

When a worm comes up, then the absolutely unconscious form of life comes up, and it may be most destructive for our consciousness because the worm will dominate our psychology, and life will be lived in compartments as it occurs in schizophrenia.

When people first touch the collective unconscious they are afraid a worm might get into their brains or that they must eat something very impure. That means one has to assimilate the brainless animal – something like the worm (p. 235) - to eat instinct and thus to follow the impulses of another kind of knowing.

The sympathetic nervous system is connected with a form of “seeing”, is actually an organ of perception, comparable to the eye or ear. It has a modality connected with the unconscious, just as the capacity of the eye to see is connected with the brain.

The nervous system always makes an attempt to relate centers and the plexus solaris plays the role almost of a brain – a sort of counter-brain. The first beginning of differentiation is the beginning of destruction.

The worm appears in the Garden of Eden and ruins it. That throws some light on the nature of the worm.

A plant has not even a sympathetic nervous system, so there is no relation between that form of life and any nervous life at all. But the functioning of that vegetative condition, that grows from nowhere – from absolute unconsciousness, produces fruit (a living organism) that serves as food for the worm, for our sympathetic nervous system.

A plant corresponds to that very early stage of human existence, then there is a stage of dim mental life, not capable of consciousness, and in that stage trouble begins because the worm begins to live inside and off of that plant and destroys the innocent condition. The beginning of mental life, psychic life, is, according to the symbol, the beginning of evil. It is conflict, the breaking up or separatio as in the Garden of Eden.

Metaphysical worms – is there a deeper meaning then just destruction and suffering? Is there a certain aim? Is there intentionality? If you decide that consciousness is wonderful then the worm is welcomed. It seems as though nature tries very hard to produce consciousness in us. The worm eats to produce consciousness in the long run. No matter how destructive the worm seems in the beginning it will be your greatest benefactor, for it will bring you the germ of life. C.G. Jung, Dream Seminar, p. 239

I see a dead pine tree trunk lying on the ground. All the vegetation has long since decayed and even the branches have fallen away. A patch of white fungus has started to grow up out of the bark at the top end of the tree. Comment: The toxic effect of the white snake bite has killed the “old growth worldview” chakra tree but a growth of white fungus now begins to overlay the crown chakra.

I am looking out at a treeless landscape covered with green-yellow grass and having a deep trench carved into its surface which exposes the black earth. Then I am looking down into a V-shaped trench partly filled with water. Miniature floating docks line either side of the trench as if miniature humans thrive in that place. One such dock I recall as being white and whose rectangular perimeter was red.

I am recalling that my wife recently ran into a STOP sign with the NE area of our electric car. I have the impression that this incident is connected to the white snake dream shared above. A STOP sign in my visions has been connected to “stop all wars.” New subtle body matter inspired by the white snake it seems will accomplish this feat. Comment: This is the second time my wife has “wrecked” a car I purchased for myself. As shared in Climate Change Of The Psychophysical ‘Big Bang’ Kind – 4 Dec. 2014 - she totaled my Lexus when hitting a deer and that incident became connected to the World Soul “bagging Her buck.” This latest incident took place in broad daylight and caused minor damage to the NE part of the car – including flatting the tire (a ring torus). I begin to wonder if my wife is participating in an exchange of attributes with me as if to mean she is an involuntary exponent for the purposes of the Eros Self - a tag-team arrangement. Wars are stopped in the outer when inner wars cease. Individuation helps tame inner wars.

I am looking down at a close-up view of a complicated mechanical device having a square mechanism that “fires” projectiles as if it is a rail gun. Comment: In my visions a Rail-Gun in orbit was seen firing cyanide coated buckyballs at the surface of the earth. It has a “hypodermic” or mosquito needle looking “barrel” shape.

I see a lone, quivering, white spherical head of dandelion pollen in the midst of a green lawn as if it is in the presence of a slight breeze. I recall that dandelion pollen has a spear shaped end which attaches itself to its host as it spreads its seeds. Further, the white and green colors reminds me of the white teardrop Holy Spirit shape seen resting on the green fabric covered footstool aka Her Trojan Horse.

I see a close cropped view of a man and woman standing next to each other as they face in my direction. They are holding hands such that their arms form a V-shape. The man stands in the darkness of the NW and the woman stands towards the NE and she wears a blue dress with large white poka dots.


I am in a transportation vehicle of some kind – like an airplane – sitting in a window seat made of deep blue fabric enclosed in a silver metal frame. Sitting next to me in the aisle seat is my high school classmate James Barber. A young woman (James’s sister?) is sitting on the NW corner of my seat with her legs spread while I am stimulating her clitoris (when she climaxes she will release psychophysical radiations into spacetime – a result of having observed visions and dreams from the unus mundus level for 17 years now – a mighty long time to be engaged in foreplay) James says to me, “I know of a good Mexican restaurant.”

The scene changes and now JB and I are in a kitchen. I am glad to see him and greet him with a hug. He collapses part way to the floor while saying, “Oh, that hug made me feel faint.” I inquired, “How’s your blood pressure?” It was then measured to be 93/65. He then wrote a word that was in Arabic. It was then that I noticed he had four arms.

End of Dream

Comment: When I hugged him that pressed our chests together. That seemed to impart the Zika virus colors of the von Flue King’s triple crown into his subtle body knowing. A sudden change in worldview can cause a fainting reaction as a defense against such a new consciousness. The ego needs time to absorb and adapt. His last name seems to be a connection to having a haircut - a butch it seems - for that would connect him to the Buddha belly of Queenie's pup named Butch.


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Post The Crowned Maiden
Mon. 25 April 2016


I am in a pew attending mass in a large church with JS (my first cousin) seated on my right. A collection plate is approaching and I struggle through some paper money which is mostly dollar bills (George Washington is on this bill) – trying to find a $5 dollar bill (Lincoln is on this denomination) to contribute. By the time I found a $5 bill the collectors had passed behind me.

The scene changes and now I see that JS is taking a college class that involves tracking the commerce in a small town. He has a couple of helpers who lay out a large rectangular map of the region on the wood floor of a large room. Further, there is a several foot high granite formation along the West side in the SW area of the room and the map lay next to the stone and towards the NW of the room.

End of Dream

Comment: A rectangular region has been connected to the shape of the monk spot on the World Soul.

I see a chess board covered in all white chess pieces that is invisibly held just above and angled downwards towards the surface of a plain wood chair in a living room. The pieces are tipping and falling towards the chair. Two more plain empty chairs face it. Comment: Strange that the two sides played the same color chess pieces – as if they are on the same team. I guess that yin > higher yang has occurred. I notice that there are 32 pieces in play at the beginning of a chess game – a number that matches the number of “windows” in the surface of a buckyball and the symbolism of the images in those “windows” reflect the purpose of the “god” that resides at the empty center in the buckyball (a temenos).

I am looking at a close-up view of the end of a hub on an old fashion wheel having flat rectangular metal spokes like those seen in my 1999 vision of the Wheels of Ezekiel. Covering the end of the hub is a white porcelain surface whose shape reminds me of a Chinese soup spoon. A day after having submitted this post I read this part again and had the impression that I was looking at the underside of a porcelain toilet in this vision – suggesting that the new births of the World Soul “grease” the Wheels of Ezekiel.

I see a dark green pail filled with fennel green plant vegetation – I see no yellow flowers in the vegetation. Comment: The various colors suggest a potential flowering of Eros Christ enlightenment.
Fennel Plant with Tuber.jpg
Fennel Plant with Tuber.jpg [ 41.73 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Fennel - A Eurasian plant having pinnate leaves, clusters of small yellow flowers grouped in umbels, and aromatic seeds used as flavoring. Florence fennel or finocchio is a selection with a swollen, white bulb-like stem base that is used as a vegetable.

As a further amplification on the above colors I later happened to read the following color changing behavior of the 1006 AD supernova (SN) as reported by an Arab scholar of that time period. Supernovas are known to be prestigious producers of gamma rays – psychologically interpreted as enlightenment.

Colorful Tale
While SN 1006 (7,200 light years away) was relatively well documented at the time, the newly discovered text adds some detail not seen in other reports. According to the team’s translation, Ibn Sina (980-1037) saw the supernova start out as a faint greenish yellow, twinkle wildly at its peak brightness, then become a whitish color before it ultimately vanished.

Finally, I note that Rob has made a post following this one in which he draws attention to an amplification that Prometheus (means Forethought) brought the fire of enlightenment to mankind in a fennel stalk.


Airline ticket costs are being reimbursed for some reason (a canceled flight?). I was handed the mass of paper money that would be used to pay the passengers and crew. I see that the passengers like myself would each receive $1,400. The remaining money consisted of two $5,000 bills and two very used $40,000 bills. The larger amounts I assumed was for the pilots and the lesser for the crew.

End of Dream

I see a Blood Moon colored plastic square netting material surrounding a cluster of long tree trunks that seem to be dangling like limp tentacles from the canopy above. Comment: Later in this post pink tentacles will be seen emanating from a tree trunk. Their color connects them to that of the coniunctio and thus to the heart chakra.


I see the brother and sister I went through high school with (a brother-sister pair stands for the unconscious or for some essential content). They were one year ahead of me and were in my older brother’s graduating class. I immediately find that I am attracted to the sister. I sense that she is especially talented. Many here are preparing to travel to a site where something great was going to happen. Each of us are collecting our various computer programs and hardware and soon leave the building. In short order we arrive at the flat stone edge of a chasm and down below is swiftly flowing emerald green water. I am off to the right of the others and see the sister and others standing at the edge and ready to jump into the river. I make the leap and find that I drift like a leaf or a feather in a breeze (I am in my subtle body) in the direction which the river flows about sixty feet below. I drift towards the shoreline up ahead on the same side I jumped off from. I gently touch down into the ankle deep shallow water at the shoreline edge where there is a wide cement walkway that leads across the top of the river – it is on the outskirts of a city which I see in the distance.

Suddenly, the dream ends.

End of Dream

Comment: As I was recording the above dream I saw fennel looking vegetation above me in the shade and mostly in silhouette – as if it were growing out of my crown chakra. I was immediately reminded of the fennel that filled a dark green pail earlier in this post. This seems to be a connection to the “Crowned Maid” which comes up later in this post. She is the mother, the giver of new births who is identical with the tree.

I am experiencing the sensation of warmth in the heart chakra.

I am standing in the shade under the low canopy of a pine tree whose first branches are just above my head – my back is to the tree trunk. Comment: I once again have the impression that these branches grow out of the crown chakra as if horns – reminding me of the fennel plant vegetation seemingly doing this just above. It’s another connection to the “Crowned Maid.”

In a daylight view I am looking down into a pale yellowish circular pool of water contained by what looks like the top of dark red volcanic stone enclosure that looks like the top of a castle tower stairwell on one of the corners of a castle wall. Floating on the surface are about a dozen similar sized but different colored flat tubes having round end caps like that seen on ointment tubes.
Ointment Tubes.jpeg
Ointment Tubes.jpeg [ 35.45 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Now there is an add-on to the brother-sister pair dream shared earlier in this post. Something about the FBI and electrical needs.

I am up in a tree standing on a branch next to the tree trunk while looking out at the silhouette view of the naked limbs – some of which are pink, smooth tentacle shapes that are moving as if an alive creature is nearby but whose main body is out of sight and connected to the tree trunk just above me. Comment: The color is a connection to that of the coniunctio – suggesting I stand at the heart chakra level in the chakra tree. Further, the tentacles reminded me of Melusina – “that aspect of the mercurial serpent which, in the chthonic spiritus vegetativus, rises from the roots into the branches, and then more specifically because it represents the tree-numen which appears as Melusina (CW 13, §415).” Note: The tree trunk is the woman’s body and refers to Mercurius in his feminine role of wisdom, who in his masculine aspect is symbolized by the figure of Mercurius Senex or Hermes Trismegistus.

I see a silhouette left side view of a crocodile whose maw is wide open – forming a V-shape. I immediately recall that those whose heart did not balance the weight of an ostrich feather in Egyptian mythology were fed to a crocodile. They became possessed by the reptilian psyche in psychological terms – a disaster. But those whose heart was as light as a feather (enhanced their subtle body) attained eternal life. Comment: Being “light as a feather” came up in the brother-sister dream earlier in this post.

Down below I see the head and shoulders of a large gray colored bear having its front legs resting on a flat stone surface as if its body is in the water by a shoreline.

I see many young women standing on a dark wood deck with guardrail on a third level of a structure. Down below while looking over the top of the guard rail I see two other decks, each wider than the one above. Comment: This triple deck reminds me of the triple crown on von Flue’s paradoxical “Holy Communion Host” God-image.
Von Flue God-image.jpg
Von Flue God-image.jpg [ 50.65 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

I see the tail of a lion sticking out of a crack in a vertical stone surface in front of me. The end of the tail is pointed at me. I suddenly realize that the tail is a shaft and the tuff at its end is in the shape of a “spearpoint” – as if it is aimed at my heart.

I see a young woman lying down below. She wears a full body single piece garment of tight fitting purple which has evenly spaced black circular bands along the length of her torso as portrayed in the following rectangular image. It’s as if this “body shape” is a connection to the rectangular monk spot shape on the head of the World Soul – meaning it contains the effects of the “knowing” of the unio corporalis stage of the opus.
Torso.jpg [ 15.77 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Down below I see two groups of men in a sword fight as they stand on a large flat area of stone by a river’s edge. I recall that crossing a river psychologically means one is moving into a new aspect of their psychology and that is bound to create conflict within the individual soul parts.

I see a close-up view of a long wood screw that is partially covered with wood fragments as if it has been pulled out of a piece of wood. I suddenly notice it has a long very narrow V-shape as if it is a connection to the hands on the Doomsday Hour clock indicating “seconds from disaster” as well as to my 7th grade experience with the young lady that sat in front of me and offered me a wood screw by provocatively saying, “Do you want a screw?” I recall that a subtle body matter enhancing screw came up recently in Ready To Put The ‘Screw’ To Humanity – 31 March 2016

In a daylight scene I am walking along on a dirt path bordered by tall yellowish-green grass on the steep edge of a high cliff heading towards a lovely home just up ahead. A can of WD-40 (a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray that comes in a blue and yellow can with a red cap) lies by the side of the path.

I hear, “We are the same as the Donald Trump supporters in NY.” As that was being said I see a container that reminds me of a large white paper coffee cup without a lid – it is filled with Chinese fried rice. I immediately recall that rice is 3D oval or vesica piscis “football” shaped. The rice in the container was stained tan.

A large volcano is ready to blow its top – something that will produce an Apocalyptic lava flow. Then I see the sharp edge of a steak knife having a tan wood handle.

Within the center of a large enclosure formed by a circular arrangement of surrounding shade trees I see a ten foot high green bush with a random sparse manifestation of small yellow flowers. A strong wind is blowing the trees and vegetation about.


There is a man on the loose who gives “the kiss of death” to other humans. When he “kisses” he uses the tip of his tongue (which is V-shaped and sharp like a steak knife) to slash away the lips and surrounding flesh. Somehow, this kills the victim. Somehow this is connected to integration.

End of Dream
Christ of Apocalypse.jpg
Christ of Apocalypse.jpg [ 43.87 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Comment:His sharp tongue reminds me of the sharp two edged sword that came out of the mouth of the Apocalyptic Christ in the Book Of Revelation. It’s a “kiss of death” to one’s existing worldview.

From his mouth came a sharp sword to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod. He will release the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty, like juice flowing from a winepress. Rev. 19:15

I see a tomato plant sprouting small Avatar colored flowers instead of the normal yellow-gold flowers. Comment: I recently placed a couple of tomato plants that have just begun to produce a couple of yellow-gold flowers in the cage structure containing the apple tree I planted last year along the entrance driveway to our home. Ripe tomatoes have been connected to being “paradises” and “lovE-fruits” so it seems the message is that tomatoes are new subtle body matter produced for Eros Christ consciousness and like this the VNS produces Avatar Making lovE-fruits that will STOP all wars.

I am looking down at a small pine tree planted in the earth. Its long limbs are rotating 360 degrees clockwise and then 360 degrees counterclockwise. The limbs behave as if tentacles made from rubber and the way they bend forms a dynamic helical spiral along the length of the tree. Its movement immediately reminds me of a whirling Dervish. Later this movement is connected to von Flue’s wheel image of the triple crowned renewed God-image.

In an outdoor setting I see a young ten foot tall tree having long slender graceful branches lined with yellow-gold leaves. The branches are pointing skyward in a V-shaped pattern. Suddenly a line of mixed late adolescents come walking past the West side of the tree from its SW area and are heading into the NW. Their heads brush past the yellow-gold leaves. Comment: Jung notes that, “The golden tree in the eighth circle shines, “like lightening.” Lightening in alchemy, as in Jakob Bohme, signifies sudden rapture and illumination (CW 12, A Study in the Process of Individuation, pp. 295ff). Note that in the following image the torches are held pointing to the earth as if to suggest it is the enlightenment of the lower sun, the wisdom of the lower three chakras that are at play. Further, the woman stands in two hexagonal shape castle tower tops that are like baths - reminding me of the vision earlier in this post in which a castle tower top was filled with a yellowish medium contained in dark red lava rock tower building materials.

As the seat of transformation and renewal, the tree has a feminine and maternal significance. The tree-numen is Melusina. In Pandora the trunk of the tree is a crowned, naked woman holding a torch in each hand, with an eagle sitting in the branches on her head. On Hellenistic monuments Isis has the form of Melusina and one of her attributes is the torch. Other attributes are the vine and palm. Leto and Mary both gave birth under a palm, and Maya at the birth of the Buddha was shaded by the holy tree. Adam, “so the Hebrews say,” was created out of the “earth of the tree of life,” the “red Damascene earth.” According to this legend, Adam stood in the same relation to the tree of life as Buddha to the Bodhi tree.

The feminine-maternal nature of the tree appears also in its relation to Sapientia. The tree of knowledge in Genesis is in the Book of Enoch the tree of wisdom, whose fruit resembles the grape. In the teachings of the Barbeliots, reports Irenaeus, the Autogenes finally created “the man perfect and true, whom they also called Adamas: With him was created perfect knowledge: “From (the perfect) man and gnosis is born the tree, which they also call gnosis.” Here we find the same connection of man with the tree as in the case of Adam and the Buddha. A similar connection is found in the Acta Archelai: “But that tree which is in paradise, whereby the good is known, is Jesus and the knowledge of him which is in the world.” … CW13, §418

Reusner Pandora 1588.jpg
Reusner Pandora 1588.jpg [ 27.11 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Crowned Maiden As The source of von Flue’s Triple Crown image
As the giver of new birth, the mother is identical with the tree. In the 1588 edition of Pandora the tree is shown as a naked virgin wearing a crown. The abor philosophica is a favorite symbol for the alchemical process, and when Ripley speaks of the “Crowned Maid” (virgo redimita) we at once recognize the anima mundi, the feminine half of Mercurius. CW 12, 499


I meet a man who is interested in Jungian psychology. He has a question for me, “What does the number 8 mean in his material?”

As if it were my material I reply, “Eight is an individuation number.”

But he did not seem impressed. Later I observe him adding holes to a wood structure in the back of his pickup truck. He uses these holes to mount tools. While he is doing this I kept having the impression that this activity has to do with the meaning of the number eight.

Then there is something about politics. Further, about their being a main part and a vesical piscis shaped subpart that fitted into the main structure at various places in a 2D surface (holes in the spacetime continuum it seems – a possible connection to the sphere of the fixed stars). The vesica piscis “openings” were not the same and they appeared as a dotted outline in the 2D plain white surface as if to be “cut-outs”.

End of Dream

Comment: An ogadod and an octagon (STOP sign shape as well as the tile shape Saint John of the Apocalypse was seen standing on) are previous references to the number eight in my visions and dreams. There was also the image of the eight stages of the opus in the process of individuation seen in the text of Komarius to Cleopatra which came up in The Red Fruit Slurpee Health Drink – 1 January 2015 – suggesting through color that individuation enhances the subtle body.

In Egyptian mythology the Ogdoad (the eightfold) were eight primordial deities. The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs (a double quaternity). The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes.

The Ogdoad (a symbol of the alchemical transformation process) is associated in shamanism with the world-tree: the cosmic tree with eight branches was planted simultaneously with the creation of the first shaman. The eight branches corresponded to the eight great gods (Eliade, Shamanism, pp. 70-187).

The number eight plays an important part in Gnostic systems, and it is necessary to distinguish the different forms in which it appeared at different stages in the development of Gnosticism. The earliest Gnostic systems included a theory of seven heavens and a super celestial region called the Ogdoad. Astronomical theories had introduced the concept of seven planetary spheres with an eighth above them, the sphere of the fixed stars.
Planetary Spheres.jpg
Planetary Spheres.jpg [ 93.61 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

In this coniunctio image Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest heaven
In the system of Valentinus, the seven heavens, and even the region above them, were regarded as but the lowest and last stage of the exercise of creative power. Above them was the Pleroma, where were exhibited the first manifestations of the evolution of subordinate existence from the great First Principle.

The ancient astronomy taught that above the seven planetary spheres was an eighth, the sphere of the fixed stars. In the eighth sphere, these Gnostics taught, dwelt the mother to whom all these seven archons owed their origin, Sophia or Prunikos.

I am taking a drink from a water fountain in the brightly lighted corridor of a modern building. While doing so I was preoccupied with what the further meaning of the number eight could mean. Just then out of my left eye I see a vision of Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace attire. She has Her hands folded over Her chest as if in prayer. I turn to face Her and mirror the praying hands gesture. Comment: Hands are the vehicles that produce consciousness.

Then I see a close-up view of a tiny white baby left hand having its index finger partially curved towards the thumb as if to make the Jnana Mudra gesture.

Now I am outside between two buildings and standing on a wide path of white earth. A tan wood totem pole stands in the view on my right side by the wall of that building. The totem pole has eight segments and looks like a segmented tree trunk.


PS I took an interest in the following article when I realized that this full scale replica of Noah’s Ark is ready to “set sail” on a tour of the Americas… Psychologically speaking the need for an ark would portend a vast solution experience is coming – a dissolving of an old worldview in favor of a new one. To survive one must have a container (that involves a paradoxical God-image – something that includes spirit and matter, Logos and Eros, Noah and Animals) on which to ride on the surface of the unconscious (read: sea). That container is the alchemical opus. Johan Huibers’s compulsion to build a physical ark instead of a subtle body “ark” indicates that he projected this inner imperative into the outer situation.
Noahs Ark.jpg
Noahs Ark.jpg [ 53.25 KiB | Viewed 3836 times ]

Noah's Ark replica could travel to US and Brazil this year

How did Johan Huibers get the idea for such a project? ‘We live very near the sea, and about 14 years ago, I was watching the waves hammering the local dike during an impressive storm. That night I dreamt about it. During that week, I was renovating the interior of a bookshop and saw a book about Noah’s Ark by Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet.

‘It was while reading that book that I realized: “I am going to build an ‘Ark’!” So I started gathering information. I had to find out about building regulations, shipping regulations, the dimensions of our waterways. I kept on thinking about it and talking about it—the conviction the “Ark” was going to be built stayed with me, all those years. I can now see that I really needed those years of preparation.’

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

Did not Prometheus bring fire to man in a fennel stalk?

Sun May 01, 2016 2:11 pm
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Post A Prometheian Gift

Thanks for your great amplification of which I was not aware. "Transpersonal FIRE from the Gods that leads to Enlightenment" - YES!

It's what happens when one is able to yield to the Eros ego altered state of consciousness and mind-meld with the World Soul.

Rob wrote:
Did not Prometheus bring fire to man in a fennel stalk?


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Post Understanding Weasel Wording
Mon. 2 May 2016

I see a close-up side view of two side-by-side bunches of grapes in the NW of the view. The chardonnay bunch is in the NW corner while the red grape bunch is just towards the NE. It’s an Apocalyptic “grapes of wrath” that leads to increased subtle body matter seems meant.

I am sitting at my office desk looking out through a window in my adjacent bathroom. The window appears larger than the one in reality. Further, a grid of black lines outline squares that are about 3 inches on a side that covers the window – reminding me of the smaller squares seen in the black and more recently red garden netting. Pale green leaves are pressed onto the window from the canopy of a tree.

In the darkness towards the NE I see a white traffic diverting cone sitting on the dark surface. Comment: Normally such cones are orange. It seems diverting the dimmed Logos into belly brain traffic has caused enlightenment. Traffic cones are also known as Witch’s Hats and suddenly reminds me of dunce hats – an article of discipline used in schools to divert one’s worldview to a greater good. Further, the Ku Klux Klan headdress (a “dunce” hat) was connected to carrying out white supremist terrorism on the blacks in the Southern states of the United States. It now seems “being white” is going to receive a crucifixion “purification” treatment from the Black Hole. I notice that the KKK emblem shows white emanating from a black background in the cross as if yin > higher yang is meant. Further, that the white diamond shape in the center of the cross symbolically indicates a union of masculine and feminine energies in the heart chakra - something that involves a red teardrop shape of suffering in order to produce new subtle body matter.
Dunce Hat.jpg
Dunce Hat.jpg [ 26.72 KiB | Viewed 3812 times ]

KKK Connection.jpg
KKK Connection.jpg [ 45.36 KiB | Viewed 3812 times ]

In the Doomsday Hour of the view I see a light pink Mercedes facing towards the NE. The triple crown of “Crowned Maiden” consciousness awaits inclusion with Logos ego knowing which will involve a coniunctio experience via a Holy Inner Wedding.

In reality I am watching the Nightly News on TV when all of a sudden superimposed on my seeing is the blade of a sharp steak knife. The sharp edge was towards the NW. As I type this in I flashback to the 2010 vision of a steak knife slicing up Libya as if it were so much lunch meat.

I see a cloud of black flies hovering about a large white carcass lying on the ground in a daylight view. Comment: Based on the colors one could say Yin (Lord of the flies) > higher yang.

Down below in a deep ditch in a daylight view I see the open end of a vertical white plastic pipe about six inches in diameter sticking up out of the earth. It is wrapped in thick tan paper and adheres to the pipe with a layer of black tar.

I see a chipmunk (a squirrel) running along a cement sidewalk which then crosses a cement driveway apron as it goes from the SW to the NW in the view.

Suddenly I am experiencing the sensation of a sexual urge. Comment: A coniunctio encounter is meant.

I see a black wide screen TV with a black plastic stand sitting on a rectangular kitchen table that is covered with a white plastic table cloth.

I see a man standing in the Doomsday Day hour in a daylight view holding a long tan rope in his right hand that has a plain white crucifix hanging off by his left thigh. I immediately recall the KKK wearing a white dunce hat having flaming white crucifixes (as if it is yin (dark wood of cross) > higher yang) in the image shared earlier in this post.

In a daylight view I see a Saint Bernard dog trotting along on the shoulder of the road as it moves from out of the NW and into the SW of the view. Comment: Such a dog has been connected to rescuing people caught in snow avalanches – where snow is a union of frozen water and air and whose combined colors would mean purple snow is meant – a connection to Holy Passion Week.

I see a movie sized placard standing on a sidewalk in a city as if an advertisement for a movie. I see only the lower part which is of a woman’s dress that is reddish-orangish up to the waist where the color then changes into yellowish flames. It is color code indicating the source of the Apocalypse.


I enter a small town grocery store late at night and see a bushel basket mostly filled with small sized apples that are red on the flowering end and white on the stem end. I purchase four of them.

Later I bite into one of the apples and find it has been largely hollowed out inside by something small and black and a black substance coats the interior of the apple. I cut open another of the apples and see that it also has been hollowed out and that tiny little black insects were crawling out - miniature black flies.

I then see BvH and one of his relatives along with my older brother. They go to the same store to purchase beer.

End of Dream
Apple Maggot.jpg
Apple Maggot.jpg [ 82.06 KiB | Viewed 3812 times ]

Comment: When eating apples from wild apple trees in my youth I would occasionally bite into such an infested apple. The small size of the apples suggested that they were crabapples – something that came up in The Crabapple Jihad – 25 January 2016. Such an apple species (called the Malus apple or wild apple) came up in Create As I Say – 23 Feb. 2015 and eating of them will be injurious to your existing worldview. This latter aspect was connected to human reaction to out of control nano BOTs which were changing people’s behavior and making them more tolerant towards new behaviors. Normally insect larva as maggots infect the fruit – reminding me of the white worm with a segmented body that came up recently in Integrating The New God-image. Recall that Jung said of such a worm that it would be destructive (to your existing worldview) but it would also be your greatest benefactor. Further, nano BOTs were the destructive means the alien visitor to our planet began to use in order to destroy all traces of humanity in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still (the Earth stood still because all electrical power was lost at noon, the Doomsday Hour, as a demonstration of the alien’s power; a connection to earth symbolizing the Logos ego whose Logos has been dimmed).


Malus - bad, evil, wicked, injurious, destructive, mischievous, hurtful.


I am in a strange office environment. A row of manager offices is along the North wall with secretaries sitting outside next to an aisle. A three foot high wall is next to the aisle. To the South is an open area filled with three columns of light tan plastic bench style seating that do not have an office table surface. I sit in the middle column a few rows back from the front.

I see a young attractive woman fancy dressed in chiffon avatar colors, as if she is going to the opera, enter the center manager office secretary area. Just then a man a few rows behind where I sit passes forwards a lunch menu with samples of the lunches attached. The top two are hamburgers. The one in the NW corner has a sphere of cooked hamburger between the bun while the one in the NE corner has three patties of the fried hamburger meat. This was billed as a deeply discounted lunch menu for it celebrated the opening of the new restaurant.

End of Dream

Comment: As I was recording the dream I suddenly had the impression that the young fancy dressed woman was not only going to hear an opera but that it would also include hearing the FAT LADY SING. This immediately reminded me of the vision of April 2009 which was connected to “When the Fat Lady Sings It Is All Over.” This came up when I saw a rotating hurricane symbol that filled the view and Susan Boyle was connected to being the Fat Lady that sings. Further, to Her comment, “this is not going to end until they (nuclear plants & bombs) are all shut down” – a possible metaphor for the need for humanity to dim the harmful radioactive psychophysical activity of the Logos ego so that it can mind-meld with the Eros Self in the unus mundus. In 2009 this expression was also connected to when the 144,000 are finally gathered up, then the fat lady will sing and that singing was connected to the sublime harmony produced by Pauli’s World Clock.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings is a proverb, essentially meaning that one shouldn't assume the outcome of some activity (frequently a sports game) until it has actually finished.

I see a man discussing with some others how a lightning strike can be good for you.

I see Hillary Clinton announcing how one can become involved in “lightning strike” activity.

I see a man standing along the side of a cliff – just below its top. He is tossing buckets of sand onto the beach down below by the ocean.

No one has received the number of electoral college votes to become the next president.

I see a huge background featuring the chest symbol of Superman that has in front of it terrified fleeing people. It reminds me of a 1987 dream in which I saw of a carousel of Evil for the images on the carousel panels showed humanity fleeing in terror from the scene of the creation event that brought them into existence – a connection to Adam & Eve being kicked out of the Garden of Paradise because their worldview was changed in the aftermath of having eaten of the forbidden fruit – from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
Superman.jpg [ 47.49 KiB | Viewed 3812 times ]

I see a black weasel in the NW corner of a dark jail cell. It jumps up onto a man’s head standing in the center of the cell and wraps itself around his head as if to form a turban headdress like the Muslims like to wear. Comment: On 5 May 2016 I had this vision. On 1 May 2016 Remo had noted to me in an email that on 30th April 2016 the following event happened: “the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN shutdown because of an electrical short caused by a Weasel that got lost in the electric system.” From this event he concluded that the Logos observation of the physical world (the outer world) using the LHC needs to be replaced by the Eros ego observation of the psychophysical world of the unus mundus (the inner world) in order to participate in the Holy Wedding Jihad of the World Soul.

Kamikaze Weasel Shuts Down the Large Hadron Collider
Weasel Black.jpg
Weasel Black.jpg [ 60.86 KiB | Viewed 3812 times ]

In some cultures a weasel is called a “polecat”. In Greek culture, a weasel near one's house is a sign of bad luck, even evil, "especially if there is in the household a girl about to be married", since the animal (based on its Greek etymology) was thought to be an unhappy bride who was transformed into a weasel and consequently delights in destroying wedding dresses.

In North America, Native Americans deemed the weasel to be a bad sign; crossing its path meant a "speedy death". According to Daniel Defoe also, meeting a weasel is a bad omen. In English-speaking areas, weasel can be a disparaging term, noun or verb, for someone regarded as sneaky, conniving or untrustworthy. Similarly, “weasel words” is a critical term for words or phrasing that are vague, misleading or equivocal.

I am in a large kitchen for a large facility. A widow is wide open in its NW corner of the North wall that is above a green with white specks countertop. Rain is blowing in from the outside.

I see a frontal bust view of Donald Trump’s campaign manager (Paul M) in a large square image that fills the view. He disappears and a bust left profile view of a blonde woman with short straight hair appears where he was.

I see a close-up view of a Microsoft Word document page having the unus mundus background color. Suddenly a square highlight appears in the text of the leading paragraph in the NW corner of the page.

I see a mostly right profile view of a lovely young white woman having long wavy red hair that is wearing a tight fitting one-piece pink dress that is standing by a curb in a city street. Her hair is gently blowing about in a wind. The way the hair blows about suddenly reminds me of how the white dress of Marilyn Monroe blew up in a wind. The colors suggest that the coniunctio enables the mana of her knowing to become new subtle body matter for the new Red King.

Then I see a large sculpture of the dark V-shaped head of a spear on a long white shaft that is stuck almost vertically into the concrete surface of a wide sidewalk area in front of a commercial building that reminds me of how the bronze sculpture of a bull stands on the wide sidewalk in front of the NYC stock exchange. Punching a “hole” in the heart of the feminine principle seems indicated.

I see sticking up out of the ground the black threaded end of a hollow tube having a washer by the end of the treads at ground level. It reminds me of a part of a drip watering system as if this will flow water. This “fitting” is inside the East side of the caged apple tree in our front yard.

I see a mostly frontal view of a red youthful face whose mouth is wide open as if crying a scream. A “circular” blonde hair formation of mostly straight hair sticks out from the sides of the head as if a sunburst is meant. The head is slowly rotating left and right.

I am looking down over the edge of the seat cushion on my office recliner where I see three evenly spaced naked dandelion flower stalks in front of the recliner. The head on the stalk is small and white like they appear after all the white dandelion pollen has been swept adrift by the wind. Eros Christ enlightenment effects from the lower three chakras is seeding the earth.

I hear, “A witch has broken a dish that contained water” – something being said by my neighbor across the street named Mary McChrist who wrote the book “Magdalene’s Black Rose: The Love Story of Christ and His Beloved” - the colors indicate those used on the cover of the book (purple background with black text and black rose image).

I see a portion of a white wall that is invisibly connected to the unconscious. Then I see that on the other side of the wall there is a room (a hidden room).

I see a close-up view of the top thumb and index finger area of a right black hand. The index finger is prominent.

I see down inside an open peanut jar that has had its contents carefully scooped out. I recall the peanut jar having a green lid as if to suggest the nourishing contents “flowing” out of the heart chakra has been consumed.

I see that there are two small Heinz ketchup containers sitting on the pantry countertop in our home.

I see a large bible open to its middle lying on a red surface. A tan leather cover that covers the binding of the bible is like the one I own. A white conical beam of light shines down onto the bible from above – a light fixture having a conical light shade. Comment: A balanced union of the opposites as a tanned “Word of God” it seems – they are the new scriptures to live by.

A giraffe places the end of its snout into the open mouth of a woman as I look down at this from over her right shoulder. I have the impression that the giraffe sticks its tongue out – like it does when feeding on vegetation.

I keep recalling what Donald Trump reported he would say to Putin if one of Putin’s fighter jets buzzed a US Naval vessel or did a barrel roll over a US aircraft when he was president. “Don’t do it again.”

http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/29/politics/ ... rce-plane/


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Post ‘Bomb’s Away’ - The Death And Rebirth Of The God-image
Fri. 6 April 2016

In a daylight view I am standing on a large concrete pad when suddenly the shin and feet area of a huge being land in front of me and appear to be in the NW of my view. The individual wears a tight fitting blue garment like that seen on Superman. The feet wear shiny silver or aluminum metal cowboy boots. Comment: Normally Superman’s boots are red. The red boots are being connected to new subtle body matter as if a giant enlightening quantum leap in consciousness now affects his conscious standpoint. The blue shins and white “feet” are color code connected to those in NW which is the incarnation location of the new births in consciousness in my material.

I see a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a fancy modern white sports car as I stand by the driver’s side door area. The windows are deeply tinted and have a pattern of black lines that form vertical orientated diamond shapes. I see him wiping the inside of the driver’s door window (moisture condensing on the window?).

I see a small sphere stuffed in towards a circular opening that is shared by a small diameter rod of wood.
Circle Shpere Rod.jpg
Circle Shpere Rod.jpg [ 25.89 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I see a man sitting at the NW area of a white picnic table in the NW area of a room that is filled with such tables abutted to one another forming rows and that are filled with people eating food. His rectangular food tray has a yellow bottom that blends its color to become like the green shallow rim on the tray suggesting that the people here are involved in digesting Eros Christ consciousness. The arrangement of the tables reminds me of a 22 October 1986 dream in which I showed Jung a room filled with conference tables abutted to each other like these picnic tables. The conference tables were covered with white table cloth and on either side of each table were rows of thick manuscripts and on the top of each was placed a large silver medallion. Jung was very interested in all these old “coins” which had images embossed on their surface. Comment: Recall that the monk spot on the World Soul was rectangular.
Food Tray.jpg
Food Tray.jpg [ 28.66 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I am looking down into an empty whitish semi-transparent container that is square in cross-section. An index fingertip is pressing a thick square white shape about four times the size of a postage stamp against the top area of the North wall in the NW corner of this container. Further, there are thin short white line shapes angled 45 degrees that seem to be protruding from the edges of this shape in places as if some kind of crystalline growth.

In the darkness I see a close-up view of a white left thumb – its fingerprint side – that is centered in the view as if it is an hour hand on the Doomsday Clock. Comment: Touching the index finger tip (minute hand) to this thumb would complete the clock hands pointing to the Doomsday Hour.

I am flashing back to the small circular opening having the small sphere in it as seen earlier in this post. I then recall seeing the small white sphere moving along through the index finger of a woman’s left hand in a September 2010 vision. This is a connection to this finger touching the left thumb in the previous vision which forms the Jnana Mudra.

I see a black and white dog the size of a beagle like Queenie. It is humping the left shoulder of a person as if trying to have intercourse with that shoulder. I recall the Iron Man left shoulder image having white rays emitting from between the red and yellow metal plates in the structure.

I am recalling the time in my early college years when I dated a young woman (PB) only once. She was so introverted that I never dated her again.

I see a young girl down below in a squatting posture on a dark surface. She is looking up at me and wears a white dress. She is mumbling something. Her squatting posture reminds me of how a woman goes to the bathroom when out in Nature.

I see a portion of a blue sky with some faint white clouds and in the midst of this is an oval shape region that appears semi-transparent; revealing a black square garden netting on the other side and the darkness behind it. It reminds me of the spiritual pilgrim peering behind the veil of creation. The square netting suggest that the hidden dimensions are orthogonal to spacetime and the opening is a portal between worlds through which incarnation can take place.
Oval Net.jpg
Oval Net.jpg [ 82.5 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I am looking at the leafy canopy of a small tree about ten feet tall. A band of leafs about the lower periphery are Blood Moon red while the dome leafs are yellow-gold. Looked at from a top view one would see a hemisphere whose center is filled with yellow-gold color while having a Blood Moon circumference. On rendering the image it reminds me of a dinner plate.
Dinner Plate.jpg
Dinner Plate.jpg [ 45.2 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I see a man carrying across the front of his chest a long limb filled with branches that are filled with green maple leaves (which have 11 points). Comment: The green leaves are color code connected to that of the heart chakra. As I type this in suddenly the palm of my left hand becomes itchy. Four crucifixion nails bent 90 degrees were seen emanating from a Black Hole in the palm of this hand in a 2008 vision and was connected to “lovE-ution”…


There is a contest and each of the participants must demonstrate a solution to a battery of different problems. Each problem involved a geometric pattern of vegetation being transformed into another configuration and back again. This one man was able to do this.

End of Dream

I see a young tomato plant growing at the base of the apple tree in our front yard.

I am floating vertically in the ocean and am in danger of drowning from exhaustion. Just then I see down below a “spherical” shaped iceberg about five feet under the surface. I manage to stand on the top of the iceberg and like this keep my head and neck above the water surface. Comment: The upper three chakras are above the water while my body is submerged. It seems like this the unio mentalis and unio corporalis unite and are supported by a white sphere of ice – the latter being an alchemical union of air and frozen water whose mixture would be an alchemical purple sphere.

I hear, “Now is the time to get involved” – in the individuation process it seems.

Then I see the white curved lower handle of a pair of pliers sticking into the blackness in the NW of the view. Comment: I assume that the head of the pliers are in the SW. I recall a box wrench was used to grip a HEX nut on the end of a fireplace flue as if opening the flue (letting loose a flow of transpersonal fire from out of the heart chakra) is intended.

I am up in the canopy of a weeping willow tree with my back to the tree trunk like I used to do when playing in such a tree in my youth. I am looking down at the yellow-green branches that are mostly in silhouette. I guess I am at heart chakra level in the tree.

I am standing in the 2nd driveway that leads to our home – by the cage structure holding the apple tree while looking out towards the street. I am noticing the line of daffodils growing their green vegetation that lines the raised bed of this island of land. The daffodil vegetation has yet to produce its yellow flowers.

I see a man walking away from me along my left side. He carries a wood rod over the top of his left shoulders behind his neck while gripping the rod with each of his hands and holding the middle finger erect. It’s the left and right middle finger of the Apocalypse salute.

I seem to be up in the canopy of a peach tree. Suddenly a huge Harvest Moon colored peach the size of a basketball falls through the leaves and onto the ground below – too ripe to adhere to the branch anymore.


Three professional men each wanted to purchase a home. But each could only afford a monthly mortgage payment of $300 a month. The only homes available in the area required a $900 a month payment. The three men were trying to decide if they should all live in the same home with their families.

End of Dream

I am standing near the left side of a large tall woman in the darkness as she bends over and picks up a couple pieces of baby clothing (shirts) at the front of her feet. One has yellow crossing lines that form squares on a white background while the other has red crossing lines that form squares on a white background. Then the view changes and in the darkness I see a raised block numeral red 5 on a yellow background – suggesting that the quintessence is the essence and heart of the Apocalypse.
Heart Quintessence.jpg
Heart Quintessence.jpg [ 52.74 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

As I was recording the above vision I saw in the darkness above and in front of me the canopy of a tomato plant as if I was the stalk and it was growing like a crown of vegetation out of the top of my head – a connection to the “Crowned Woman” image that came up in my post The Crowned Maiden. Her VNS crown effect was connected to the triple crown seen on the head of the renewed God-image in von Flue’s wheel image. Comment: It's as if I have transformed myself into a plant and now draw my food from earthly (feminine principle) surroundings.
Reusner Pandora 1588.jpg
Reusner Pandora 1588.jpg [ 27.11 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

Crowned Maiden As The source of von Flue’s triple crown image
As the giver of new birth, the mother is identical with the tree. In the 1588 edition of Pandora the tree is shown as a naked virgin wearing a crown. The abor philosophica is a favorite symbol for the alchemical process, and when Ripley speaks of the “Crowned Maid” (virgo redimita) we at once recognize the anima mundi, the feminine half of Mercurius. CW 12, 499

In a column formation in the center of my view in the darkness I see three metal canning jar lids. One is brass (yellow-gold). All have short snake movement (wavy) pieces of yarn or rope that emanate from out of the side of the lids to the various compass directions.

I see a close-up view of a black metal study desk top and on its central surface is a small cyan disk and on top of that disk is a thicker red disk that looks like a screw on cap from a can of WD-40 (the latter came up briefly in The Crowned Maiden; it is a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray that comes in a blue and yellow can with a red cap and was seen lying by a footpath at the edge of a field of yellow-green grass). The overall appearance reminds me of the “bombs away” button – suggesting like this that the “bombs” are the revelations from the teachings of the World Soul learned via an altered state of Eros ego consciousness.
Student Desk Bombs Away.jpg
Student Desk Bombs Away.jpg [ 38.99 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I see another study desk but now instead of it being a solid black surface it is instead a white surface covered in crossing blue lines that form a square pattern – a color code connection to NW – the area where incarnation manifests.
Desk Color Pattern.jpg
Desk Color Pattern.jpg [ 83.57 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I see a black and white terrier dog breed go running from the NW corner of my office recliner into my office bathroom. It’s white tail is curled forwards and suddenly it is connected to being a scorpion “stinger” tail. Comment: In previous visions this dog breed has been connected to being a “terror” dog. What makes for “terror” is to unite the opposites.
Terrier.jpg [ 14.74 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

I stand on a Blood Moon concrete pathway having a long snake movement shape that is lined by a single line of equally spaced six foot tall Xmas trees on either side

I am looking down at a plant that has long thin straight strands of vegetation sticking out from its main trunk. The red growth of these strands is 180 degrees from the green growth taking place on the opposite side of the trunk – a color code connection to the red and green wormhole ends seen in the heart chakra of the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros and like this to the Heart Light.

Now I am looking out at a “field” of white traffic cone sized objects that cover the ground in front of me. They are “smoking” a plume of semi-transparent streams of red, yellow and white color.

I see a close-up view of the skin on a left hand by where the index finger base connects to the hand. The leading V-shaped edge of two small green leaves are emerging from the finger base and seem to be at a 90 degree angle to each other. One is emerging from the NW and the other from the SW.

I see a few anti-acid disk shaped tablets scattered on a dark wood bathroom floor. They are a solid color and I notice that one is blue and the other pink.

I am standing underneath the canopy of a tree near the base if its trunk while looking up into its dark limbs where I see black vine growth as if tentacles wrapped in a helical spiral pattern around the limbs as if from the heart chakra level.

As I make my morning coffee I notice that the time on the coffee maker clock reads 11:11.

From her SW area I see a woman carrying a salt and pepper colored terrier dog (appearing as light gray) underneath her left arm. The dog has a leash on it.

I see a frontal close-up facial view of a very happy middle aged black woman.

I see the index finger on a right hand that is curled like the tail on the terrier dog – suggesting that its touch is poisonous like the stinger on a scorpion.

I see a cropped view showing only the legs on the folding metal chairs as well as the shins of some black people walking through the area. The chairs sit on a dark wood deck attached to a white wall.

I am experiencing the sensation of having swallowed something that has become stuck in my throat. It turns out to be a door key. Comment: The throat reference reminds me of Her repeating refrain over the years in my visions, “All that you speak, becomes.”


PS I found this endorsement of Donald Trump by black singer Alezia Banks interesting because of the black heart tattoo on her right side which is where the Buddha birth has been seen to take place in The Phantom Bomb Pain ‘Birth’. Further, her colorful “EARTHY” language suggests the return of the chthonic aspect of Eros Christ consciousness. Trump’s and Azelia’s raw language reminds me of what Edinger said in his book “Archetype of the Apocalypse” about the return to sender of all that was rejected during the unfolding of Logos Christ consciousness for that content from the golden cup of the Great Whore of Babylon is what promotes the death and rebirth of the God-image. It is the modern task to assimilate all of those contents that have been relegated to the shadow for they were considered to be despicable in the Christian dissociation. All of this “stuff” is being projected into the outer situation as raw language, sexuality, drug usage, corruption, etc. instead of an encounter with the inner “EARTHY” feminine via an Eros ego altered state of consciousness where one’s worldview can be “corrupted” with a new wiser one. Interestingly, both approaches try to achieve a United State – an unconscious outer one vs a conscious inner one.
LovE More Azealia Banks.jpg
LovE More Azealia Banks.jpg [ 97.64 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

Azealia Banks Endorses “Asshole” Donald Trump for President
Whore of Babylon.jpg
Whore of Babylon.jpg [ 94.16 KiB | Viewed 3766 times ]

PPS Even the right wing Hindus are in favor of Trumpism – in the hope that he will be able to save the world from Islamic terrorism. “Return of the World Soul” comes to mind.
Hindus For Trumpism.jpg
Hindus For Trumpism.jpg [ 67.81 KiB | Viewed 3765 times ]

Divine intervention? Indian Hindus ask gods to help Trump

"The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it," said Vishnu Gupta, founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist group. "Only Donald Trump can save humanity."

Edinger and Jung had some comments on the wretched -isms… - which came up in Needing Humanities Help With The Twin Births – 22 March 2016.

What usually happens is that the individual is not able to contain this "warring" within one's own self, and the conflict of opposites spills out into the outer world by way of projection. And it is then that the constellated opposites live themselves out not in the vessel of the individual psyche, but in the vessel of society as a whole. This is precisely what is happening today. The God-image is living out its oppositeness in the bitter factional disputes breaking out all over the world: at this writing (1995), among warring clans in Somalia; between Tutsis and Hutus in Rawanda; Serbs and Bosnians in Yugoslavia; Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East; not to mention our own fanatical political-action groups at war with each other on the American political scene. The list could go on and the names might change from year to year. But this troubling short list of "conflicts," which is so easy to compile, reminds us of Heraclitus's remark, "War is the father of all." These many factions are what Jung refers to as the wretched "isms"-and yet all are part of the phenomenology of the Apocalypse.

What are we to do? Let us listen again to Jung at length from Answer to Job:

The only thing that really matters now is whether man can climb up to a higher moral level, to a higher plane of consciousness, in order to be equal to the superhuman powers which the fallen angels have played into his hands. But he can make no progress with himself unless he becomes very much better acquainted with his own nature. Unfortunately, a terrifying ignorance prevails in this respect, and an equally great aversion to increasing the knowledge of his intrinsic character .... We can, of course, hope for the undeserved grace of God, who hears our prayers. But God, who also does not hear our prayers, wants to become man, and for that purpose he has chosen, through the Holy Ghost, the creaturely man filled with darkness-the natural man who is tainted with original sin and who learnt the divine arts and sciences from the fallen angels. The guilty man is eminently suitable and is therefore chosen to become the vessel for the continuing incarnation, not the guiltless one who holds aloof from the world and refuses to pay his tribute to life, for in him the dark God would find no room.

Since the Apocalypse we now know again that God is not only to be loved, but also to be feared. He fills us with evil as well as with good, otherwise he would not need to be feared; and because he wants to become man, the uniting of his antinomy must take place in man. This involves man in a new responsibility. He can no longer wriggle out of it on the plea of his littleness and nothingness, for the dark God has slipped the atom bomb and chemical weapons into his hands and given him the power to empty out the apocalyptic vials of wrath on his fellow creatures. Since he has been granted an almost godlike power, he can no longer remain blind and unconscious. He must know something of God's nature and of metaphysical processes if he is to understand himself and thereby achieve gnosis of the Divine. (CW 11, § 746)

This ordeal of the Apocalypse - beginning now and to which all of humanity is being subjected - corresponds to Job's ordeal in the Bible yet even more pertinently to Christ's ordeal. Christ was the first attempt of the God-image to incarnate and transform itself. Now, the second time around, humanity as a whole and not just one person is going to be the subject of that process. God is going to incarnate in humanity as a whole and in that incarnated form offer himself as a self-sacrifice to bring about his own transformation - just as he did with the individual Christ. The matter is put clearly if densely by Jung in his classic letter to Elinid Kotschnig in June of 1956:

Christ ... was up against an unpredictable and lawless God who would need a most drastic sacrifice to appease His wrath, viz. the slaughter of His own son. Curiously enough, as on the one hand his self-sacrifice means admission of the Father's amoral nature, he taught on the other hand a new image of God, namely that of a Loving Father in whom there is no darkness. This enormous antinomy needs some explanation. It needed the assertion that he was the Son of the Father, i.e., the incarnation of the Deity in man. As a consequence the sacrifice was a self-destruction of the amoral God, incarnated in a mortal body.(Letters, Vol. 2, p. 213)

This passage can be applied precisely to Yahweh's second act of incarnation in humanity as a whole. Humanity is now in the role of the "son of the God." And God is bringing about his own transformation by another self-destruction while incarnated in the "mortal body" of humankind. There will follow necessarily, archetypally, the same sequence of events as occurred in the life of a single individual but now in a larger arena. And this second act of incarnation likewise will bring about the same goal, a transformation of the God-image. The image of a totally good God - albeit pestered by a dissociated evil Satan - is no longer viable. Instead, the new God- image coming in to conscious realization is that of a paradoxical union of opposites; and with it comes a healing of the metaphysical split that has characterized the entire Christian aeon.

This is what can happen potentially. But the process of transforming the God-image can take place only if its human participants are conscious of what is happening, because consciousness is the agency of transformation for God and man. There is, of course, no transformation of the God-image if we end up with nothing but a heap of ruins and a group of savages having to make the laborious climb to civilization all over again. But the God-image can incarnate in a way that averts massive destruction if there are enough individuals aware of the unfolding archetypal drama that is before us. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse, pp. 175-177.

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Post ‘Evil’ Is Winning
Fri. 13 May 2016


Students are having a difficult time learning chemistry. In the last scene our youngest son suddenly stands up and makes a brief speech to the class and parents in attendance saying, “No one knows what will happen if Vitamin C no longer exists but it will cause humans and animals to die.”

End of Dream

Comment: Vitamin C helps avoid colds and most animals naturally produce it which is thought to be one of the reasons they do not get colds. When I was sharing this dream with my wife I suddenly recalled that in the movie “War of the Worlds” the way the alien invasion that was destroying Earth was stopped was because the aliens caught a cold and they perished. As I was typing in the dream I was recalling that this son is NF in his psychology and represents my inferior functioning (which I can encounter in the unconscious by entering the Eros ego). These amplifications, when taken together, indicate that humanity can stop the “alien” invasion of the unconscious by entering the Eros ego and like this “die” to their existing worldview as they encounter a wiser one.

I see a young blonde hair woman that looks like Hillary Clinton when she was that age. She wears a red and white horizontal striped tee shirt and blue jeans – which I immediately notice contain the colors of the American flag. Hillary Clinton, in my material, has been connected to the Great Whore of Babylon and being the former Sectary of State she was seen in the role of being the ambassador to the nations of the world. The color codes of her garments means that the Great Whore of Babylon as presented in the Book of Revelation is in the role of helping humanity to achieve a conscious inner United State. In contrast the outer Crooked Hillary Clinton is a destructive, distorted incarnation.

I see a “crescent” moon shaped slice of a Golden Delicious apple. The core part of the apple has been removed (the seeds of renewal) – leaving the white flesh with the yellow-gold skin – suggesting that the latter is what the seeds of renewal has brought to humanity for its consumption which can be had by entering the Eros ego and become enlightened “by the light of the crescent moon” (an Islam symbol).
Golden Delicious.jpg
Golden Delicious.jpg [ 21.91 KiB | Viewed 3717 times ]

I see a mostly side view of a cereal bowl that is white on the inside and highly decorated with intricate tiny designs yellow in color on a Blood Moon background. It sits on a Blood Moon table surface. The designs remind me of those seen in Tibetan Buddhism.

On a large white surface I see a black Russian Cossack style fur hat (which are typically made from mink – a member of the weasel family). I later realize it is made from black weasel fur – like the one that wrapped itself around my head in Understanding Weasel Wording.
Russian Cossack Hat.jpg
Russian Cossack Hat.jpg [ 27.17 KiB | Viewed 3717 times ]


There is much discussion about the flow of milk under pressure. The concern is that the discharge coefficient for the nozzle is higher than expected – meaning that the flow rate would be slightly less than expected and this could cause it to back-up somewhat.

End of Dream


It is near the very end of a World War like that which happened in WW II. The evil Nazi’s have won.

I am in the midst of this event. A young girl wants to try to survive in the aftermath. She asks to be confined to a narrow space under the floor boards and between the 18 inch supports in an 8 inch high space – basically she was buried alive. She takes much printed information with her in an attempt to have a record of what happened.

In another instance of trying to save a record of the events which transpired invisible writing is placed inside the bottom of boots. When the foot is inserted and presses on the writing it is transferred to the bottom of the foot. But that method was discovered and destroyed.

Soon all is in ruins and killed off. The young girl is found too late – she is still warm to the touch but has apparently died.

End of Dream

Comment: In this war “evil” wins. The chthonic realm of the lower three chakras have their “voices” heard. This allows for the demonized feminine principle to be incorporated into the opus and like this forms the New Jerusalem – something which came up in A Plan For World Domination – 6 April 2016 when a cube shaped push button (“bombs away” connection) was seen that was white in the upper half and black in the lower half. Further, in Integrating The New God-image – 17 April – saving the evil city was connected to incorporating the archetype of the evil city, like Gotham, in the opus.


I am in an old house. I soon discover that there is a problem with the sewer holding tank for it is in danger of overflowing a white milky medium because it is not being pumped out fast enough like it should by the discharge pump. Then to one side I see used milky water full of clothes that were being washed in the laundry part of the house but that is now overflowing out of the house and onto the concrete sidewalk as I stand outside observing all these problems.

End of Dream

Comment: Backed up “Virgin’s Milk” – a connection to the earlier dream in this post in which the flow resistance of a discharge nozzle was being emphasized.

Virgin's milk, in alchemy, is the pure white texture created by the albedo and which could transform based metals into silver. The term is also applied to the white philosophical mercury--mercurial water or "water of life"--known as Mercurius. The chyle, called Virgin’s Milk, is in the intestinal area, an unctuous, oily substance, one of the means whereby the blood is supplied with energy derived from food.

I see a pile of freshly laundered and folded white tee-shirts inside of a transparent torus shaped container which filled its bottom half - it is hovering like a car tire in a vertical orientation in the sky.

A middle aged dark skin Hispanic woman wearing a reddish-pink dress just stepped out onto the entrance from a house through its red door. She is heavy set and her dark brown hair hangs straight down from her head. She may be a prostitute.

I am looking behind a couple of white stucco single story buildings having dark red roofs. The buildings are surrounded by a concrete surface. The aft roof of the building farthest from me has a large darker red square patch in the center of its dark red roof.

I am looking through a black square mesh in the upper part of a wood red fence. Beyond it is a backyard with shade trees underneath of which stands a man who right hand is elevated chest high in front of himself and holds an off white (silver?) chalice as if he is offering its contents in a mass. Comment: This vision reminded me of the transubstantiation moment in the Roman Catholic Mass – when the host and wine in the chalice are pronounced transformed into the body and blood of Christ. During the Age of Pisces the Mass reflected Logos Christ consciousness (read: unio mentalis) communion but during the Age of Aquarius the Mass reflects Eros Christ consciousness (read: unio corporalis) communion seems meant. It’s a connection to unio mentalis and unio corporalis stages in the opus, respectively. In other chalice visions in years past I saw a top view of a chalice that was made from silver on the outside and gold on the inside and this chalice held a red liquid. See the following top view.
Chalice.jpg [ 25.84 KiB | Viewed 3717 times ]

I see the left top shoulder area of a man wearing a new dark brown business suit.

I watch a man learning how to play a board game as another man looks on and gives him pointers. After the training session the man is given his first challenge. He is immediately confronted with a repeating of just one word “FIRE” and this word is in the form of six sliding wood pieces on the board game and their tops are covered with shinny silver metal in large italic font that spells FIRE. I immediately flashback to the milky water overflowing the sewer and laundry rooms in a home in the dream shared earlier in this post. The Virgin’s milk seems to be a connection to the “secret fire” of alchemy. Further, this silvery FIRE apparently emanates from the FIRE of the heart chakra color coded sign on Superman’s chest.


A Chinese couple I know has had a new daughter who they named Elizabeth (but they call her Liz). When I meet with them I see the child is already about a year old. The girl immediately wanted her mother when she saw me up close. The mother was surprised that her daughter refused to accept me. There is an illness going around and I was advising the father how to escape the dense packed building of humans and those in the city that they live in.

End of Dream

Comment: I see from the Internet that toddlers under 18 months of age may have anxiety like this when in the presence of a stranger. It is most intense between 7-10 months of age. It is considered to be part of a normal development and is connected to separation anxiety. The child’s anxiety in the dream suggests I should look in my journal for what was going on in terms of a new birth 7-10 months ago in order to help understand what her birth could point to.

I see a household hammer down below whose “smashing” head is approaching a dark surface. I immediately recall such a hammer being used to strike the chest area of a man as if it were a piñata full of multi-colored candies. Releasing a flow from a black heart comes to mind.

I see the leaves on a blackberry vine leaning into the blackness of the NW in the view.

I see a black apple sitting on an architectural display between two display homes. It sits at the top of a white “water” slide between the homes and in the Doomsday Hour of the view. I recall such an apple in the shape of a glass teapot that was filled with coffee.

I am recalling Jung’s comments about Hitler. They are being connected to the dream about the Nazis shared earlier in this post that won the war and like this evil (the demonized World Soul as the chthonic aspect of the opus) was able to be incorporated into the opus. This is a connection to my post Hitler In The Role Of Supporting An Anti-Christ – 8 January 2015. In that post I shared the following amplifications on Hitler.
Second Coming.jpg
Second Coming.jpg [ 71.47 KiB | Viewed 3717 times ]

In my August 2012 vision I saw MLvF who said to me, “We have gathered in this darkened room to be with Hitler who thinks that you are his son. You must act crazy or he will not accept you.” In reality I later shared this comment with my wife. She said, “What happened to being Gandhi’s son?” I then recalled the dream that took Jung 20 years to accept – “that Hitler was God’s instrument”. Something that brought the world’s attention to the Norse God, Wotan, which Jung characterized as “breaking through the thin veneer of Christianity that cloaked the German psyche”. Like this Hitler was a destructive manifestation of the chthonic side of the Self because it received a poor reception (a very unconscious reception). See Birthing 'The Holocaust' From Her Left Thigh – 19 Oct. 2012 which explored this connection with Hitler.


A train is about to leave the station. It is my only ride home.

As I am about to board the train I see it is like I am a Hobo catching a “free” ride on adjacent flat railroad cars that are already slowly moving. I climb aboard the SE corner of one of the flatbed cars. I notice that the railroad cars are made from pure silver. Just then I help a man trying to board and as he gets ready to sit along the NE side of the railroad car following behind he misses the edge a bit and tumbles over backwards off the car and underneath the wheels in the SE corner of the railroad car. It lurches upwards. I motion to the occupants of the car in front of me where I see my friend HAL sitting in its SW corner and his car has a red wooden cover like most railroad cars. He is laughing and having a good time. I try to get him to stop the train by passing the message forwards that a man has fallen off and been killed. But it looks like that will not happen.

End of Dream

Comment: In previous dreams and visions a train has been connected to being a “death train.” My friend HAL has letters in his name which sum to 11 (the center of a circle or the place of no space and no time aka the eternal realm) as if to reinforce the “death train” conclusion. Further, he sits in the SW area which has been connected to being the location of the “temple of black death.” The red wood structure suggest new subtle body matter is in the offering when one enters the unconscious.

A priest has become upset with me because I used water instead of wine in the communion ceremony. Comment: This is another connection to Virgin’s milk for the term is also applied to the white philosophical mercury--mercurial water or "water of life"--known as Mercurius.


PS I found this “Hand Of The Philosophers With Its Secret Signs” that I happened to see recently to resonate with my visions over the years. I especially like the thumb (World Soul) and index finger (individual soul) symbolism when applied to the Jnana Mudra. Like this the individual soul is anointed with Seal of Solomon consciousness or heart chakra consciousness. Further, the “lower sun” psychophysical radiations have often been characterized as being “peak nuclear middle finger of the Apocalypse.”
The Hand Of The Philosophers With Its Secret Signs.jpg
The Hand Of The Philosophers With Its Secret Signs.jpg [ 146.94 KiB | Viewed 3717 times ]

Thu May 19, 2016 7:36 pm
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Post Re: Atomic mushroom
Gregory Sova wrote:
In my August 2012 vision I saw MLvF who said to me, “We have gathered in this darkened room to be with Hitler who thinks that you are his son. You must act crazy or he will not accept you.” In reality I later shared this comment with my wife. She said, “What happened to being Gandhi’s son?” I then recalled the dream that took Jung 20 years to accept – “that Hitler was God’s instrument”. Something that brought the world’s attention to the Norse God, Wotan, which Jung characterized as “breaking through the thin veneer of Christianity that cloaked the German psyche”. Like this Hitler was a destructive manifestation of the chthonic side of the Self because it received a poor reception (a very unconscious reception). See Birthing 'The Holocaust' From Her Left Thigh – 19 Oct. 2012 which explored this connection with Hitler.

Dream of yesterday :

Hitler is in the space above the Earth. He let go of a nuclear bomb on Earth. A dark (mad?) prophet comments the scene with enthusiasm. I don't remember exactly what he said but for him the atomic mushroom is the beginning of Something new. This dream seems connected with the post apocalyptic video-game "Fallout 4".

fallout 4.PNG
fallout 4.PNG [ 109.67 KiB | Viewed 3704 times ]

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

Sun May 22, 2016 5:28 am
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Post The Tooth Fairy Cometh
Fri. 20 May 2016


It is night and a shotgun blast at close range has struck the left side of my face and neck. I collapse to the ground. Surely I am dead but strangely I am able to perfectly understand what happens in the aftermath. The man who shot me comes up to my body and bragging to other men standing nearby says, “Look at this!” He grabs me by my head from behind and jerks it apart from my body and holds it by the hair up in the air as if it is a trophy.

End of Dream

Comment: A double barrel shotgun, using a red shotgun shell and a green shotgun shell has been connected to the Holy Wedding and the casing colors are a connection to “Turning on your Heart Light. It is the custom amongst Hillbillies in the South of the US to impose a wedding on a man who has impregnated a young woman. A double barrel wedding occurs when the pregnancy has produced twins – a connection to the bipolarity of the unus mundus.


I am down in a pit about 30 feet deep. Everything is pure white and I soon see that the floor and walls are covered with brilliant white towel fabric. I peek underneath the hanging wall towel and see a white silver metal corrugated roofing covers the surface. I manage to climb up the fabric to the rim where I hear men’s voices. I sense that they are threatening and quickly slide back down when they peer over the edge with guns in hand. I then manage to escape around a corner – all except for my right foot which I know will be shot.

End of Dream


Charlie H is giving me a haircut. As he does so he gradually falls asleep and leans against the back of my left shoulder.

End of Dream

Comment: This man was my mentor in the ways of the Holy Spirit in the immediate aftermath of my Pentecostal experience of 1976. It seems this is now an aspect of myself doing this – adding to the knowing of the mana of my head while leaning against my left shoulder which has been connected to Iron Man colors or red, yellow and white – which are also the colors flowing from out of the masculine side of the heart chakra.


Al K (my first Jungian analyst) has come to visit with me. My mother is involved as well except she has Cleopatra style blonde hair and wears a white poka-dot dress having a pale green background.

Al is going to make a remedy for my cold (Vitamin C connection).

End of Dream

Comment: In ’Evil’ Is Winning Vitamin C was no longer available and so all would eventually die from a cold. Apparently Jungian analysis (raising one’s consciousness) is a remedy for any colds.

I see a freshly cooked yellow corn kernel having a white “root-like” base (looks like a tooth – a possible connection to the Buddha and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka which is supposed to shelter a tooth relic of the Buddha) which has behind it a thin piece of dark tan cooked “stringy” meat in a horizontal manner as if it is a piece of wood (stuck behind the tooth) – forming a “cross” shape. This configuration is somehow connected to the opus. Then I see a white electric car like the one I own. I grip a small crescent moon protrusion with my right index finger that is on the NE fender. Then I see the thin cooked piece of meat come out of the hood emblem – out of the silver ring on its right side which also has a gold ring that was on the left side of the larger silver circular shape in the center of the emblem. Comment Jung’s feet hovered 3,000 miles above this temple when he found himself in outer space above the Earth during his NDE experience of 1944 as shared in Communing With The Ancestral Realm – September 2014. Feet psychologically represent one’s psychological standpoint – suggesting Jung was entering the realm where Eros ego consciousness prevails.
Car Emblem.jpg
Car Emblem.jpg [ 25.65 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

In the 3rd story of a barn like structure open to my view I see a thick stack of large rectangular or square pieces of aluminum metal that is known to be a heat exchanger. They seemed to be located in a chimney outline.


I am in a classroom setting in a “circle” with about six others and see that my PhD committee chairman is sitting in the NW of my view. His wife sits next to him towards the due North and expresses that she has a large interest in shamanism.

End of Dream

I see a teaspoon scooping up some finely chopped pieces of red and green bell pepper. I immediately recalled the Heart Light colored wormhole in the heart chakra of the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. Further a teaspoon was seen in the Nazi helmet “bowl of individuation” – the shape of the bowl being connected to the blond haircut seen on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Our Anti-Bomb Suitcase Nuke – November 2014.
Fairy Boy.jpg
Fairy Boy.jpg [ 52.08 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Individuation Teaspoon.jpg
Individuation Teaspoon.jpg [ 60.57 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

An apprentice waits yonder, in ye fair tower of ivory;
come hither quickly, no time to tarry.

Do not so much dither; there is much work in the fight,
to subdue all creatures that dare to slither deep in the night!

The monsters have gathered, your Grand Wizards Book in hand,
what will you do if they refuse your commands?

You will scream, you will screech, you will cajole aplenty; you hope to avail?
But the monsters do not respect one who has not yet prevailed.

A sorcerer’s apprentice will take over the tiller,
but power now resides beyond, to a more productive miller!

A witch from the East works at a cauldron; incantations spoken,
to send forth a mist, a poisonous fog, cheap peddler tokens.

Lower wages, layoffs, pensions no more! Deflate! Deflate!
A chorus of screeching demons spate for those who labor and create.

The witch of the East, residing in her growing tall tower,
knowing her book (of images?) is a match for the former power.

The cauldrons fog grows denser as it goes forth, a Grim Reaper knocks?
A villager emerges, willing to walk a few short blocks.

The villager says, “What further harm this knowledge can bring, I pray?
I will go with this reaper to learn of my future dismay!”

I see an athletic looking young woman that is kneeling. She wears a loose fitting white blouse with vertical lace while her shorts are red stripped. Her full head of black hair is shoulder length and curls up at its ends.


I see a young white goat of which I am to be a part. The way you entered their domain indicated your role.

End of Dream


I am with my daughter Amy who appears to be around seven years of age. We are in the midst of a huge parking lot filled with people and tents as if a festival of some kind is taking place. Amy says, “I have to be there at 9:30” – at a departure location in this parking lot. I take her by the hand and head towards the departure area. An older man overheard our conversation and says, “This is what we do for them when that happens isn’t it.” I knew that he meant “when a loved one is dying.”


Comment: The projection of Eros ego consciousness onto my daughter Amy is dying because I have slowly been able to integrate that aspect into my own psychology. Developmentally, when someone reaches the age of seven they are considered to have reached the age of reason. The hands on a clock face showing 9:30 appears to be a distorted numeral 7. Amy’s death came up in a dream shared in Psychic Deaths -12 April 2016.

I see an old woman standing in front of double glass doors in front of a commercial building. She has a full head of white hair and wears a long royal blue coat – reminding me of the 90 year old Queen Elizabeth.

I hear, “Enlightenment stares at you” while I am looking up at the tops of a cluster of mature tall pine trees against a blue sky. The focus is on the huge brown log configuration forming an X shape whose ends are attached to adjacent tree trunks at the heart and belly brain chakra height it seems. As I type this in I recall the double XX in the Great Seal image seen on the Flag of Jefferson that originated in our area. The double side-by-side X shapes were connected to being a “double cross” in Creating A Breakaway Civilization – December 2014.

Double Cross - To break a promise in a way that harms the person with whom the deal was originally struck. To double-cross is to back-stab and to two-time.

In genetics – it is a genetic cross in which both parents are first-generation hybrids from single crosses.

I hear a woman talking about going somewhere. I say that I will stay here – sitting on the old cement landing at the top of some cement stairs which is next to the end of a manicured shrub having small Blood Moon leaves. A small trimmed twig is invisibly suspended by the stairs that is covered in these Blood Moon leaves.

Out of the darkness above me I see a small stream of water approaching my face.

I am rooming with a Chinese man whose name is Quan. It was simplified to K2D2.


I observe a discussion about the importance of aligning two voices such that they are in perfect harmony.

End of Dream

Comment: This seemed to create a perfect resonance and later reminded me of Lord Shiva’s drum which symbolized “the sound of creation.” Like this I then recalled Her refrains, “All that you speak, becomes” and “All that you see, becomes.” The former was connected to saying “ABRAKADABRA” an 11 letter word that means, “Create As I Say.” I see from the Internet that it has received much amplification in Magic Words & Symbols Spotted in the Wild. I include the following amplifications. I have the impression that such a word is being connected to “Hate Speech.”
Pentacle.jpg [ 129.59 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

Abrakadbra Bridge.jpg
Abrakadbra Bridge.jpg [ 34.71 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

When Spoken - ABRAKADBRA Is Like An Acoustical Bridge Between Worlds
I see a young girl about ten years of age. She wears a tight fitting blue tee shirt. Her hair is Blood Moon colored and sticks out from the head in a radial fashion as if she stands in the midst of an electrostatic field. Further, her hair reminds me of how dark red volcanic ash erupts into the atmosphere from an erupting volcano. The mana of her knowing seeks to incarnate as new subtle body matter in humanity as if in accordance with yin > higher yang. Comment: I later recall the red Blenheim spot in the sea of white on the crown of Lollypop's head.


PS A population boom heading to 10 billion suggests trouble. To animate place mouse cursor on MENU in the upper right area and click on “Watch the video”… Notice how the population growth halts and reverses when the Black Plague hit.
World Population.jpg
World Population.jpg [ 75.22 KiB | Viewed 3690 times ]

http://worldpopulationhistory.org/map/1 ... or/1/0/25/

PPS Fox, thanks for sharing your Hitler dream. That an effect comes from outer space reminded me of how “The Second Coming of Christ” (the coming of Eros Christ consciousness, the hostile brother, is meant) is noted in the New Testament – that he will descend from above. I amplify with my 1999 vision having a similar motif.

Sun. 8 August 1999 Vision @ 4 am while at the wilderness camp in Canada

Satan Prays Over Me For The Baptism In His Earthly Spirit
I see directly over me and high above a protrusion swirling down out of a gray cloud bank in the form of a funnel like that of a tornado - it is stretching down toward me.

The view changes and now I see in front of me the tops of gray clouds and to the right slightly, a black cloud about 30 feet away that sits on top of the gray clouds. [GJS on 24 May 2016: An archetype often appears as a cloud and generally holds a divine or mythological figure. Clouds are also connected with the activity of the devil who wants to create the mist of the unconscious which brings confusion and at other times hides the divine mystery. It represents a content of the unconscious still very much a potentiality and completely indefinite, something in which consciousness cannot yet find its orientation. See MlvF’s lectures on von Flue at https://independent.academia.edu/RemoFRoth] Out of the black cloud emerges what I perceive to be is the Anti-Christ as a full sized man. The same man who identified himself as Satan in previous visions (he also will later appear in the center of a buckyball as if he is the “god” that resides at its empty center). I knell and bow my head before him and now all I see is the flowing of his black cape near his feet. There are points of white light contained in the blackness of his cape (as if stars – a connection to the comment of the Logos Christ who said he saw Satan fall to earth from out of heaven and swept 1/3rd of the stars in the sky down with him). He speaks in a strange tongue – like he is praying in tongues over me – just like I used to experience in Charismatic prayer meetings. I wait for the translation to come into my mind so that I may understand what is being prayed for. Suddenly the words begin to be spoken into my inner hearing and they say,

Satan: I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the…
GJS: But why do I have to fill in the words – Earthly Spirit?
Satan: Because you have to choose!
GJS: I have chosen to know your truth, to be an advocate, a conscious carrier of your spirit, to let it incarnate in me.

In the aftermath I muse; So, as before, with the Holy Spirit, one waits for the Earthly (chthonic) Spirit’s timing to initiate the actual experience of that baptism and the empowering it will bring to one’s consciousness.

Regarding the “Star light from the blackness of his cape”…

I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven (Luke 10:18), and in the book of the Revelation Satan is seen as “a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth” (Revelation 9:1).

We are also told that one third of an “innumerable company of angels” (Hebrews 12:22) chose to rebel with him. John saw this great wonder in heaven, “…an enormous red dragon (GJS: which will incarnate new subtle body matter)…His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth…the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray (GJS: leads the whole world into a new worldview). He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him” (Revelation 12:3-9).

A star announces the birth of an outstanding personality as instanced in the Bible where the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of the Logos Christ to the three wise men. In many civilizations you meet the idea that the human soul was a star before birth and becomes one again after death

Tue May 24, 2016 2:15 pm
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Post Dark Photonic lovE
Wed. 25 May 2016

I see a young man facing towards my location as he stands in the NW of my view as he talks with a young woman just to his left. He is dressed in a couple of shades of purple. The darker purple covers his chest and back while the sleeves and trousers are lighter and almost white. The garment style reminds me of the way the people of the King’s court dress in the 867 CE period of England in the mini-series “The Last Kingdom” set in the Saxon Wessex area of that time. The theme is about uniting the whole kingdom as ONE.
The-Last-Kingdom.jpg [ 76 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

I see a large whitish block capital letter T in the darkness in the due North of the view. “T is for tribulation” (as if yang > yin) comes to mind as I prepare this post.

Tribulation - a state of great trouble or suffering.

I hear, “You have a way with knowledge. You could not have said it better.”

I hear, “Dying with her child.”

I see a sitting old woman who has a large, empty, dark tan, bushel basket on her lap. Inside on the lower wall next to the right side of her body I see a red smear as if from blood. As I type this in I recall that the Buddha was born out of the lower right side of his mother – suggesting like this that the Buddha birth (the Buddha received his enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree) is being connected to vegetation (VNS connection) for a bushel basket is used to collect crops. Further, the red smear reminds me of the smear of lamb's blood on the door posts of the Jews in Egypt that spared them from suffering the death of the first born. If you do not have the smear of blood marking your door post then it means your first born ego adaptation must die in order for you to be born again with a new worldview using the Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

I see a man approaching me as he is about to step off a curb in a residential area. He is carrying a couple of limp green plants having a long stem having a long stem flower on each whose heads were bent towards the ground. One stem has a yellow flower while the other has an orange flower on its end. The view shifts to a blurry one of just the yellow flower. I immediately connect the colors to the 2nd and 3rd chakras as if Eros Christ consciousness is being connected to a union of effects from the 2nd and 3rd chakras – suggesting that the mixture of yellow and orange is a yellow-gold color. Comment: In a vision of October 2010 I saw a stained glass window in a cathedral having a double flower in 8 yellow and 8 orange petals. Normally a rose window (wheel window) is in such a location. The origin of the rose window may be found in the Roman oculus. These large circular openings let in both light and air, the best known being that at the top of the dome of the Pantheon. Further, The German art historian Otto von Simson considered that the origin of the rose window lay in a window with the six-lobed rosettes and octagon which adorned the external wall of the Umayyad palace Khirbat al-Mafjar (an Islamic site) built in Jordan between 740 and 750 CE. This theory suggests that crusaders brought the design of this attractive window to Europe, introducing it to churches.
Flower Orange Yellow.jpg
Flower Orange Yellow.jpg [ 48.45 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

I am recalling “The Hand Of The Philosophers With Its Secret Signs” image for a right hand as shared at the end of a recent post ’Evil’ Is Winning. The focus is on the lantern above the wedding band ring finger on that hand. That lantern is being connected to the Lantern of the Telesphoros as seen in my visions. Further, the key above the pinky finger is being connected to the key used to open my footlocker where I kept the love letters from my high school sweetheart. The key above the left hand’s pinky finger would be the green wooden Xmas tree that would be the “key to the heart of the World Soul.” I overlay these modern secret signs that I have observed in my visions on these "Hands of the Philosophers." Further, I replace the six pointed stars with those of the Seal of Solomon that also appeared in my visions over the years. Interestingly, the fish being cooked in the palms of the hands are pointing in opposite directions - reminding me of the Sign of Pisces - as if their further "cooking" in the water chakra in the Age of Aquarius is meant.
Hands.jpg [ 87.37 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

In the darkness in the center of the view I see an area that is yellow and in the shape of a shield as if for a coat of arms. In its center is a large plain red crucifix.

In a twilight view along a shoreline I see military armored vehicles suddenly breaking up through the surface of the sea and come on shore. Their headlights are on and are approaching my location. I clearly make out a tank.

In the darkness in a close-up view I see the hilt-blade portion of a shiny two edged sword blade.

Standing in the center of my view and towards the due North I see a young naked woman bent over at the waist such that her rear end is prominent in the view. An emphasis on feces and urine comes to mind and to the saying “we are born between feces and urine.” I then also realize that the shiny two edged sword blade just seen is connected to her increatum new twin births in consciousness. Comment: A sword coming out of the mouth of the Apocalyptic Christ came up as a result of a dream in The Crowned Maiden – 25 April 2016 in which a sharp V-shaped tongue tip was cutting an “oval” shape in the flesh surrounding the mouth – where “oval” is a connection to the 3D vescia piscis shape in the center of a spindle torus. The sword was connected to His second coming in the Book of Revelation. The sword coming out of the mouth of the Son of Man has in some pictures the addition of a staff with flowering lilies on it – lilies have six petals and thus a connection to the heart chakra and the Seal of Solomon. Interestingly, in the following painting showing the Apocalyptic Christ sitting in judgment, the sword issues from the left side of his mouth as if to reflect the Logos ego functioning of the left brain while the staff with flowering lilies issues from the right side of his mouth as if to reflect Eros ego functioning of the right brain. Further, the tip of the blade on a sword is V-shaped.
Sword Lily Face.jpg
Sword Lily Face.jpg [ 100.8 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]


I meet a slender middle aged man going to “night school.” He mentions that he is in the 6th grade of his studies to become a teacher. He wants to borrow a lantern (the Lantern of the Telesphoros it seems) I have. I have just finished a college degree.

End of Dream

In the blackness in the NE of the view I see an orange “circular” region at the center of a larger light yellow “circular” region. A whitish dimming region surrounds the “circular” center as if composed of tightly packed concentric rings. As I observe this I hear, “Donald Trump.” Comment: These yellow and orange colors reminds me of the “rose” flower seen earlier in this post – something connected to producing higher consciousness (read: the inclusion of Eros Christ consciousness).

I see a right profile view of a luminous white male looking head whose top is strangely shaped in the form of a “cone” and resting on the top of the cone is a white sphere that is partially submerged into the surface as if the cone is a volcano with a caldera holding a sphere. Comment: This reminds me of the young girl seen at the end of The Tooth Fairy Cometh – whose dark red Blood Moon hair radiated outwards radially as if a volcano exploded fine volcanic ash – something connected with yin > higher yang.

I see a close-up view of the left side of an old Chinese man’s head as if I am peering at it from just above his left shoulder. His white hair is not combed and appears to have been blown about by a wind.

I see a close-up view from above a growth of circular clusters of ripe wheat. The long stalks with the heavy heads of wheat seem to be quivering as if so many “tuning forks” vibrating in a slight breeze. I immediately recall the visions of seeing “stick matches” surrounding the base of a tree. One concentric circle had red heads while a second inner circle had yellow heads – containing like this the colors of the Apocalypse. It seems eating wheat (that rises from the grave of Osiris) leads to an experience of this color coded apocalypse.

Now I see a small red rectangular surface on the ground and something is “blowing” a series of parallel openings into the surface – moving along from its far end towards me as if invisible “saw” blades are doing this. Tiny “ash” like particles of fabric as being blown into the air above this red surface.

I see a young Hillary Clinton walking along the left side of a man as they approach me from out of the NW in the view. They just left the edge of a green field and stepped onto a wide concrete walkway on which I stand. Hillary is looking intently at the SW in the view as if something is coming up behind me from that location.

I am flashing back to the “bridge” image for the acoustical sound pronunciation of ABRAKADRABRA (create as I say). I have the impression it also shows an inverted V-shape as well as a witch’s hat shape.
Abrakadbra Bridge.jpg
Abrakadbra Bridge.jpg [ 34.71 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

Then I hear, “You cannot make yourself.” Comment: It requires help – apparently by wearing a witches hat. It is important to wear the proper hat kind and size for it reflects on the kind of consciousness one “wears”. There have been many different kinds of hats seen in my visions, including a Lincoln top hat and one that had a sewing thimble shape or the shape of spacetime. I immediately am reminded of the wonderful amplification on hat symbolism given by Jung as quoted below.

… the hat would suggest that part of a man's attire which covers his head. The head is the seat of consciousness, of the conscious mind, and anything that comes from the conscious mind is a general idea. Also the hat may designate the general ideas we have about the function of a man. For instance, if he is a very prominent individual, then he is "crowned." He has a peculiar kind of hat, the sun hat, the crown of a king; and the crown of a king is the sun's halo with the rays. The king is that human individual who is transformed into the sun. As the sun is in the heaven, so is the king upon earth. As the sun is radiant, so the king is radiant. As the sun is ruler of the universe, so the king or emperor wears the mantle covered with stars, just as the universe wears the celestial mantle. So the Roman emperors, and also the old Babylonian kings, wore mantles bedecked with stars like the medals or orders of today. This is the last remnant of the idea that an individual can be made into a cosmic being into a sun. Also a doctor's cap or hat is used to designate that particular individual as a scholar.

So you see when the dreamer gets a strange hat it means he is not under his own ideas. A strange idea has caught hold of him. His unconscious has given him a new idea under which he is now. This has been made use of by a writer, Meyrink, of whom you may have heard. He wrote a book, Golem, in which he describes the case of a man who by mistake picked up the wrong hat. On examining it he found in it the name "Athanasius," which means "the immortal one." This would mean that he has put on the hat of an immortal one; he is under the idea of an immortal one. Then Meyrink goes on to describe what happens to the man who put on the strange hat, the hat of the immortal one. He is involved in a series of extraordinary events of a mystical nature. He is invaded by the collective unconscious.

In our case we can assume that by putting on that hat the dreamer will pass under a peculiar influence, presumably the influence of the unconscious and will enter a new world of experience, namely, the experience of the collective unconscious. That is, he will be surrounded, invaded, influenced by ideas or events that come up from lower levels, up from the basic structure of the mind. Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process (1936), C. G. Jung, p. 11. (unpublished)

I seem to be laying on a floor while looking at a naked Oriental young woman kneeling next to the left side of a young white man sitting on the floor. She leans over kisses him. I am immediately reminded of Her repeating refrain, “Ah, the kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away.”

I am looking out at a stark white and barren scene as if from just inside a cave. Suddenly, a view of the lower portion of a man’s right leg (up to the knee – an emphasis on the shin it seems) pounds down onto the surface just in front of me. Then the view changes and in the distance a close-up view of three side-by-side slender middle aged men appears wearing multicolored garments (as if these 3 men are "the wise men" witnesses to the embodiment of the infernal trinity in Christ consciousness). They are cheering and waving their arms about as they look over in my direction – apparently cheering the arrival of the man-giant.

I am looking down into an open tan paper grocery shopping sack where I see the rectangular bottom is covered in a thick layer of yellow-gold metal pieces including a crown. Sitting in the middle is a black crown as if made from “black gold” – a Queen’s crown it seems.

I see a young woman wearing a blue skirt and a plaid blue and white coat. She moves into the NW corner of the room and sits down in a computer chair and begins to type while facing the West wall.

I am sitting at the SW corner end of a small white rectangular table surface in a well lighted room. A man approaches from out of the NW of the room holding a large roll of white paper towels like one might use in a kitchen. He unravels a few sheets which shows they have been pre-cut to form what looks like exterior castle walls having that rectangular wave-form top like those that surround a castle. Such a wall is a connection to the temenos, the sacred space, at whose empty center would be the Interior Castle.
Castle Wall.jpg
Castle Wall.jpg [ 34.58 KiB | Viewed 3655 times ]

I see a man and a black woman sitting directly across from each other. She sports an Afro style hairdo. Suddenly the man slaps her along the left side of her face – causing her to look 90 degrees to her right and to where I stand observing the scene.


I have returned to work after a short vacation. A couple of weeks pass when I become aware that I have not received a time card used to record hours charged for work done. I then realize that my work area had moved when away on vacation and so this is why my time card had not found my desk yet.

Then as I was walking through the building to find my time card I came to an area were the floor was covered in black earth and growing up out of it was a large green leaf plant that was about to sprout large yellow flowers. (Color code for Eros Christ consciousness.)

End of Dream

Comment: In 2006 I had a time card dream that was connected to listening to 45 rpm (9) record music (soul music) and to making a lot of money (read: accumulating psychic wealth) by simply making love to women (psychological love is meant, i.e. to become psychologically intimate with them by mind melding with their knowing) a few hours a week.

Sun. 29 October 2006 Dream

I am attending some kind of large convention in which various displays of “goods” are shown. The place is crowded with people and I have yet to see a booth. Just then I meet a man who comes up to me and I express an interest in his arms full of music CD’s. I look through them and he shows me one he really likes (don’t remember). He asks me to wait and goes off to fetch some more. He comes back holding a sampling of all these old “45 rpm” records with the “oldies” on them. It was like he had a superstore of music somewhere nearby. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of music he had available to him. He tells me he will charge for each one I want to listen too but he would not sell any of them. I didn’t take any of them.

Now I see this same man in line with other men to get paid for something. I see his weekly work sheet that recorded the “hours” worked. He was about to collect $67,000 for one week’s work. And I see that some days he didn’t even work as he had put a 0 in the column. Further the most he ever worked in one day was apparently 3 “hours” as that is the highest number I saw on his time card. I wondered what could possibly pay so well and was shocked to find out it was for making love to different women.

End of Dream

My long time association to the meaning of money in a dream is that it has to do with psychic wealth, with psychophysical energy or wealth in our language. A tremendous release of psychophysical energy happens when this man makes love to women, i.e., is psychologically intimate with his inner feminine.

Lying on the floor is a colorful reddish metal rectangular plate that looks like a miniature of the side of a red brick building with windows. A plain wood stick having a “spherical” shaped head (as if for beating a drum) was just dropped and vibrated on the plate with the spherical end next to the open window frame in its NW corner.

I see a young woman walking through a formal dining room while approaching the NE area of the long wood rectangular table where I stand by its SW corner. She is looking at a letter sized piece of white paper held in her right hand as she walks past.

In the blackness of the NW I see a white right hand and forearm waving with palm open as if from out of an open window not seen.

I see rectangular multifolded paper pamphlet that is white with bands of blue and blue font.

I see an older man approach a younger woman standing at the head of a line of adults. It is known that she is a movie producer.


I sense movement along my lower spine – between my body and my black tee shirt. The sensation is like that from a wiggling snake. Suddenly it crawls up along the right side of my spine and just past my neck by my right shoulder. I have my left arm held outwards and pointing towards the NW in the darkness. The snake continues its journey by crawling across my neckline and out onto my left arm until its head is in the palm of my left hand. Suddenly the snake strikes the SE area of my neck by whipping its body around behind my back and biting that area of my body. It repeats this action several times which awakens me.

End of Dream

Comment: The SE in my visions is color coded to mean 2nd chakra and introversion. Thus the snake is connected to not only coming from the 2nd chakra but also transmitting an effect from that area on the neck – the latter joins the head with the body. That the left hand was held towards the NW in the view indicates that this effect will incarnate. In the aftermath of this dream I recalled my deep sad feeling reaction to the movie “Michiel de Ruyter” I just watch before retiring. It was about the life of a famous 17th century Netherlands admiral who ultimately gave his life to save his country and is remembered as not only the national hero of Holland, but a man who is almost solely responsible for uniting the Republican and Orangish parties and this allowed for the continued existence of the Netherlands as a sovereign country. My “kinship” feeling for his sacrifice seems to suggest that Gregory’s naval encounters in the water chakra have created an inner United State, thanks to the effect of many snake bites (effects of Her knowing).
Sailing Ship.jpg
Sailing Ship.jpg [ 37.54 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

I see a woman dressed in mostly blue with white trim standing on the top of an “oval” shaped boulder that is hovering next to a wood platform high up on the side of a cliff with a valley far down below. They slowly drift away as if the stone is a blimp. Comment: The “weightless” stone indicates a subtle body connection is meant. It has incarnated. It reminded me of the one Jung was next too 3,000 miles up in space above the earth during his NDE. I amplify with the following on the psychological meaning of a stone.

The stone has become an image for immortality because of its durability.

The stone can be looked upon as a symbol of the inner Christ, not Christ as an established dogmatic figure. The stone does not replace the image of Christ; it is rather the crowning touch to what Christ began. We could not put the symbol of the stone in opposition to the image of Christ, to which the alchemists would have objected, but could say that their idea transcends the idea of Christ by extending the idea of salvation - as though Christ had only touched humanity from above and this would go a step further into our reality and be adapted to our situation.

The alchemists compared the philosopher’s stone with the glorified body; they said that by making the philosopher's stone they made the glorified body which outlasts death. We can say that the stone carries the qualities of the star, but is nearer the earth. According to many alchemist, the philosopher's stone contains a spirit which dwells in it - a pneuma or a soul - and this soul substance, called the medicina catholica, was compared with water or oil or the elixir of life. MLvF, The Dreams and Visions of Saint Niklaus von der Flue, p. 9 (unpublished) For PDF file see: https://independent.academia.edu/RemoFRoth

I see a man in a COSTCO style supermarket shoving along a large Eskimo style sled loaded with goods on a main aisle. Suddenly, snow is added to the scene and now he is pushing it along on the surface of snow. Then I see a snowball the size of a baseball held in a right hand. Comment: Snow as a union of air and frozen water represents a union of the opposites. It’s spherical shape indicates wholeness. Her refrain, “It will be a cold day in Hell before I make lovE with you” returns.


PS Strange, but today I noticed on 29 May 2016 that my winning percentage when playing the card game on my laptop called “Hearts” is 66.6% (162 wins out of 243 games). Comment: In “ET Phone Home” numerical code I noticed some years ago that 666 could be characterized in letters as MOM which can be color coded using red, yellow and white to indicate the psychophysical radiations of the World Soul. Further, this number has been connected to the vision of Dark Photons of "light" emanating from a NE region (as if yin as 666 > higher yang) and like this to Her Dark Matter fine structure constant α = 1/666 = 0.0015 or 1.5 x 10-3.

Hearts.jpg [ 51.3 KiB | Viewed 3658 times ]

PPS After I had submitted this post I read about a new theory that could explain where Dark Matter is coming from NASA --"Dark Matter is Made of Black Holes Formed During First Second of Our Universe's Existence". The 2nd chakra has been connected to being a “Black Hole” that one observes - occasionally seeing quantum leaps. A synchronicity it seems suggesting that Dark Photons come from Black Holes.

The failure to find Dark Matter particles has led to renewed interest in studying how well primordial black holes -- black holes formed in the universe's first fraction of a second -- could work as dark matter.

A further article comes out on 5/29/16 titled NASA/Goddard: "All Galaxies are Embedded Within a Vast Sphere of Black Holes" and offers further details.

”This study is an effort to bring together a broad set of ideas and observations to test how well they fit, and the fit is surprisingly good," said Kashlinsky. "If this is correct, then all galaxies, including our own, are embedded within a vast sphere of black holes each about 30 times the sun's mass. [GJS: Our galaxy is estimated to have about 10,000 of these smaller black holes in its vast sphere which is about 10 light years in diameter.]

Dark matter is a mysterious substance composing most of the material universe, now widely thought to be some form of massive exotic particle. An intriguing alternative view is that dark matter is made of black holes formed during the first second of our universe's existence, known as primordial black holes.

Sun May 29, 2016 2:46 pm
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Post To LovE Is To Speak From Your Heart
Mon. 30 May 2016

I see a long white cardboard box of square cross-section. It is a mechanical part for something. One of its parts needs to be replaced.

Comment: Although much longer this box reminded me of the one I saw in a vision some years ago which was brought to the front door of a modest home. It contained long stem flowers like roses. Further, the shape reminds me of the white square post holding up a STOP sign – the post was broken off near the top so the STOP sign had fallen to the ground. “Stop all wars” seemed to be the message. The sacred inner marriage is represented as the coming together of red and white in alchemy.

I see in silhouette a large stag with a nice rack of horns in the distance in the darkness that is facing towards the NE along the North side in the center of the view. The head is slightly turned such that the horns favor a side view as if to suggest they are the hands on the Doomsday Hour clock pointing to the doomsday hour. Comment: This animal represents the renewal of the Christian archetype – a renewed God-image. The poise of the animal in the vision reminds me of the Hartford Insurance Logo which I see has now preferred to show it not in “silhouette” but in Blood Moon red and white. The large rack of horns suggests the potency of the enhanced “knowing” of this renewal in this "coming together" of red and white.
Hartford Logo.png
Hartford Logo.png [ 7.37 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

In reality as I work on the laptop I suddenly have my thoughts turn to my deceased father and how I have been privileged to advance my consciousness much further than he was able. Then he appears off to my left as a subtle body apparition. He says, “We need you.” I immediately know this is a call to take time and look within. Comment: My father would be 101 years old on 31 May if he was still alive. As I look at the number it strikes me as being a symmetrical mirroring of the numeral 1 about an oval shaped center as if the center is the unus mundus. 101 is the 26th prime number.


I am working in a shopping center. I am unfolding a Blood Moon red flannel sheet. Then I see a Blood Moon red bedspread. RM is here asking for help with some of his stuff.

It is later and I notice that the sheet and bedspread had a large black smear mark along their length.

End of Dream

Comment: As I was recording the dream I saw a mostly folded up agave plant which had the appearance of being a large green flower vase with white trim. I recall that an agave plant has been connected to being the “crown of thrones” of the World Soul. Like this the red sheet and bedspread reminds me of the Red Robe – his garment that the soldiers threw dice for to see who would get to keep it.

I see a close-up view on the NW corner of a castle gray colored two story stucco home. Flower beds are in places on the porch. I have the impression that the interior of this home was very luxurious and that RM lived here. The “interior castle” comes to mind.

In the blackness I see a yellow black hole gravity well. As I add the following image I notice that it reminds me of an upside-down witch’s hat. Comment: In a March 2013 vision I saw pope Benedict wearing a black sombrero that had this “shape” – suggesting that the pope part of Gregory is doing this. In general, I guess it meant to reflect what would be involved in accomplishing a renewed God-image in humanity. Interestingly, in February of 2013 Pope Benedict chose to resign from the office of the papacy and spend the rest of his days in prayer. At the time I read this news article A signal from above? Lightning hits St Peter's hours after Pope Benedict stuns cardinals with first resignation in 600 years. I understood the lightning strike as an omen from the Earth God, the Eros Self (recall that a lightning bolt formation actually begins from the earth). I immediately flashed back to the business of “The Last Pope” that has repeatedly come up in the visions. It seems everyone must learn to become their own highest religious authority by forging a mind-melding relationship with the World Soul. This pope has a secret connection to Valentine's Day - something I noticed when reading Vatican says that pope had pacemaker, battery secretly replaced 'a few months ago'.
Vatican.jpg [ 68.37 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

Lightning indicates sudden, unexpected, overpowering change of psychic condition. CW 9i, §533

Gravity Well.jpg
Gravity Well.jpg [ 26.79 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

Sombrero Black Pope.jpg
Sombrero Black Pope.jpg [ 35.64 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

I seem to be in outer space with white streaks rushing past as if I am in the process of “jumping” into hyperspace using a warp drive. See How NASA might build its very first warp drive – something that involves using a ring torus shape. Comment: In my visions a ring torus has been connected to being a “wedding bands” – suggesting that the warpage of Spacetime creates an intermediate realm (an unus mundus) which one enters and can mind-meld with the World Soul. The following "wheels" image reminds me of Ezekiel's wheel vision and also of Niklaus von Flue's wheel vision of the terrifying face of God.
WARP Drive.jpg
WARP Drive.jpg [ 49.19 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

In the blackness I see a large human female figure with her back to me. The hair is yellow-gold and hangs down in a smooth curved manner to touch her upper back (the back side of the hairdo is in a “flattened” shape of the lower part of the above gravity well). She wears a semi-transparent black garment that seems to have small white points of light here and there within it – a subtle body it seems. Comment: Her “cloak” reminds me of the one seen in a vision on Satan as shared at the end of my recent post The 'Golden' Tooth Fairy Cometh.

I see a man wearing a green sweater talking to a woman wearing red that is standing next to the passenger side door of a red pickup truck.

I see a dark green blanket lying on the floor whose length is the width of the reddish highboy furniture in front of it.

I am riding along on a black road when I hit a bump that floats me into the air a ways and gently I land. Traveling on a “wavy” road it seems.

I see a man kissing a young woman who has a head of fluffy blond hair in a dark highlighted scene. They turn and move into the North of the view.

I see a few foot length of black stove pipe about six inches in diameter lying on the floor.

Something about a man being very optimistic about his green colored blanket.

I see a tiny blue velvet pillow which is squeezed. From the center of its square shape there begins to flow a cylindrical shape of semi-transparent white gelatin looking substance as if an ointment that reminds me of antibacterial ointment.

I see a side view of the fingernail end of a human thumb. The fingernail appears to be in need of a trim. Something about meditators having trouble like this. Meditators using the Jnana Mudra it seems.

I see a black man sitting along the East side of the NE area of a wide brown rectangular table. He is looking at me as I stand over by the NW corner on the West side.

I hear a woman say, “Donald Trump can make a deal with these people.” Comment: One of the “strange” things about Donald Trump is his openness to negotiate with some of the enemies of the United States; Russia and North Korea in particular. He says he believes he can “make a deal with these leaders.” Psychologically, this would mean he feels the need to integrate something of his shadow side. This should be done within the psyche of the individual, not something to be accomplished through projection onto an outer situation. It seems the Donald Trump part of Gregory is involved in a process of trying to “make a deal” with some of his shadow aspects and integrate them within his psyche.

I see the left front wing of an eagle sailing through the sky in a dark scene as if I am the eagle looking over at that wing.

I see a man eating spaghetti from a small round gray (pewter metal?) plate.


A lovely middle aged woman (who looks like the CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash who has yellow-gold hair) has invited me to attend a Transcendental Meditation lecture. We sit as we wait outside the meeting room and she sits by my right side such that she is in the NE of my view (at a 90-degree angle to my way of facing). I feel attracted to her and silently reach out with my right hand to hold her right hand. A very lovely energy filled with desire to be together builds between us. More and more mixed adults are soon about – all waiting to enter the lecture room. A man in the area is overheard to say, “A famous teacher is coming to give the lecture.”

End of Dream

Comment: I see that for my age my suggested TM mantra would be Shama (an Urdu word which means “a candle or a lamp that burns”).

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a technique (using mantras) for avoiding distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed awareness. The late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi derived TM from the ancient Vedic tradition of India.

In the NE of the view I see a large yellow-gold flame (as if it is connected to the color of the hair of the lovely young woman in the above dream) that is surrounded by a large bright white region.

I see a heavy set man that reminds me of a weight lifter. He stands with his back to a white background. In front of him is a large vesica piscis shape opening that has an eyebrow over it suggesting it is a right eye. He bends forwards 90 degrees and sticks his upper body through the opening as if to suggest he is going to completely flop through. I recall that the right eye is connected to the one-eyed Jack of Spades and is color code connected to the Harvest Moon Apocalypse emanating from the masculine side of the heart chakra.


I am in the later years of my first marriage and talking with my wife. I have the strange impression that she did not terminate the renting of the apartment we lived in in the aftermath of moving into our home. I then learn from her that for the last eight years she has paid $380 in rent because she was concerned about termites and did not want to have any problems with the owners.

I then leave her and enter a darkened room where I see my father and my next youngest brother (both deceased) standing along the West side of a room behind a couch in the NW corner area. My oldest brother sits in a sofa chair along the North wall. I told them what I just learned from my first wife.

End of Dream

Comment: Termites eat wood (read: destroy the VNS). Somehow by continuing to rent the apartment when not even living there protected the place from termites. That the rent is $380 (=’s 11) suggests that it is an aspect of the subtle body connected to the World Soul that needs to be integrated (I projected having that relationship onto my first wife). 11 of course is the number of the Tao, the empty center of a circle. Voltaire said, “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere.” According to the Chinese being "in Tao" is the experience of the totality of the cosmos. When such an archetype is constellated, there are generally all sorts of synchronistic phenomena and thus the whole cosmos actually ties in, there is a oneness in the whole reality which is in a meaningful eternal connectedness beyond sidereal time and place. What happens when one is able to enter the unus mundus (Gregory’s shadow side). Eight is an individuation number. When I am with my father and two brothers that is four male aspects which apparently are involved with four hidden female aspects and that would mean wholeness and a connection to eight which is an individuation number – reminding one of the following Plato sphere image of uniting the split off halves which came up in The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum -13 February 2016.
Plato Creation Myth Sphere Color.jpg
Plato Creation Myth Sphere Color.jpg [ 45.39 KiB | Viewed 3625 times ]

I’m sitting along the East side of the dark wood rectangular dining room table in the home where I was raised. I see my father, dressed all in black, standing by the West end of this table. He approaches my location by rounding the NE corner and standing close to my right side. He calls my attention to his large erection which I see pushing out underneath his pants. Comment: I immediately recalled the discussion about the 3rd leg in one of Edinger’s books. Such an erection is connected to being in a creative phase – perhaps as in writing and most certainly when in communion with the World Soul.

I’m recalling the image of the Apocalyptic Christ having a staff of lily flowers and a sword sticking out of his mouth as seen in Dark Photonic lovE. Then I hear, “To LovE is to speak from the heart” – reminding me like this of Her repeating refrain, “All that you speak, becomes.”

I see a white poodle standing next to the SE area of a white lamb – at an angle of 45 degrees to that animal. The poodle lifts up its hind left leg (SW) and urinates on that area (SE) of the lamb.

I see a dark barren mountain top that is mostly snow covered. The top has the shape of a dog’s head whose eye sockets are mostly covered in snow as is the lower face like the snout and mouth. The dog reminds me of a blood hound breed. Comment: Observing yin > higher yang comes to mind.

Then I hear, “We have been winning those people” – those attributes of the Eros Self.

I see a waist down view of a couple of young white women exiting a large wooden rectangular opening in the side of a large building. The one near the West vertical brown timber wears a blue mini skirt which appears to have the shape of a truncated cone like that seen on a lampshade. Comment: Lower chakra enlightenment whose image is color code connected to NW.

I see an orange cat running low to the dark weathered plank surface towards the front door on a U-shaped entrance of wood porch. Sneaking fast forwards as if prey is up ahead.

I see a close-up frontal view of Cozy’s face whose black eyes are peering at me.

I am looking up along the left thigh of a young white woman wearing Blood Moon slacks. Her luminous white upper body is bare and her left breast is in the view. Comment: It seems I am being born again from out of her left thigh. The wisdom of the Eros Self is imaged as providing whiteness and redness. It’s a connection to the twice born Dionysus in Greek mythology. The colors involved reminds me of MLvF’s discussion on Niklaus von Flue’s 3rd vision when she wrote,

The last stages of the philosopher’s stone are the albedo, whiteness, followed by the rubedo, redness, and the heavenly marriage is represented as the coming together of red and white, and this same symbolism is expressed in the red and white garments of Christ and St. Niklaus. MLvF, The Dreams and Visions of St. Niklaus von der Flue, p. 80

I see a man lying on the floor while examining the neck line of a skeleton that has a “bridge” bone attaching the left rib cage with the right rib cage. He has a household hammer and is tapping the bridge bone which causes a bit of the surface of the bone on the top left side to fall off. Underneath is a gray area that looks like the liquid steel I use to glue difficult to bond surfaces together in reality.

I see a large white chicken having the red fleshy head with yellow eyes. It is standing as if hovering in the top of a few foot in diameter green spherical shaped leafy canopy of a few foot high tree that is in the midst of a green lawn.

I see the tip of a freshly sharpened red wood pencil having black lead. It is pointed down towards the SW in the view.


Woody (the shin kicker) is encouraging me to get involved with a young child. Later I see this child is now a young girl of about 5 years of age. She approaches me and we hold hands. She swings our arms side to side as if we are rocking a baby invisibly held on the tops of our arms as if our arms were a cradle. As the arm swing ensues I hear music and the following lyric being sung, “Tell them where they are from.”

End of Dream

Comment: Tell the new births in consciousness that they are from MOM (666) comes to mind.

I seem to be in a basement having a low ceiling and dim lighting. It is a restaurant for I stand next to a square card playing size table for four that is covered with a white cloth. On its center sits a transparent white spray bottle filled with a green liquid. The white nozzle is pointing to the NW corner of the table as I stand by its SW corner.


Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:59 pm
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