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 The New God-Image 
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Post The Journey That Changes Minds
Sun. 5 June 2016

I see a close-up view of a clump of long reddish hair like that seen in Lollypop’s fur – reminding me of her monk spot in which yin > higher yang.

I see a long straight piece of black drip line tubing held by a whitish metal set of “pliers” – I immediately have the impression that the configuration mimics an electrical powered welding rod. It is pointed downwards at something out of sight. Comment: Whitish water (aerated water – color code connected to LovE) would be gush out of this tubing. This mimics the white flashing of the end of a black welder’s rod which is another metaphor for yin > higher yang and that effect binds one to a new mindset.
Welding.jpg [ 36.47 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see a row of two story homes made of red brick with white mortar and which have black roofs. They are still in the shade of the line of tall green poplar trees on a nearby hill, behind which is a rising sun. The focus is on the three horizontal equally spaced straight strands (no sagging) of black electrical wire that is strung above the roof line to each of the homes where they are attached to a pillar style Blood Moon electrical insulator. The pattern of the wires suddenly reminds me of the series of five horizontal lines seen in a recording of notes in sheet music. Soul music from the lower three chakras is being “piped” into these homes it seems in order to help enhance the subtle bodies of the collective.
Sheet Music.jpg
Sheet Music.jpg [ 20.25 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see a dead black humpback whale lying on a whitish surface as if it beached itself (yin > higher yang). Then I see another humpback whale underneath a shallow sea by its bottom. It seems to be “pushing” another whale its size, that is not swimming, towards the shallow shoreline. Comment: I recall having a December 1999 vision of being inside the belly of a whale (Leviathan - a connection to the biblical Jonah being in the belly of a whale – “The Hero’s Journey” that changes minds) and that whale eventually beached itself. I then found myself standing on a black beach and watching as an enormous purple dehorned dragon-snake animal studded with many jewels of different colors came ashore – as if the whale had transformed itself into a hybrid “lungfish”. Its purple color indicated a union of the opposites and the jewels highlighting it showed it was something of great value.
Jonah.jpg [ 71.34 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

Leviathan As Transformed Jewel Covered Purple Dragon.jpg
Leviathan As Transformed Jewel Covered Purple Dragon.jpg [ 56.11 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see the handless round whitish metal face of a woman’s watch. Small sparkling diamonds mark the location of the hour locations. The watch band is also made of whitish metal. The ring of 12 stars about the head of the Virgin Mary comes to mind.

I see the face of a middle aged black woman whose head is in the NW of the view. She is crying. Tears wet the region underneath her eyes. Tears of happiness it seems.

I see a remotely piloted miniature version of the space shuttle whose surface is covered in large squares of different colors – giving it a patchwork quilt appearance. Comment: I am familiar with such a space craft – it is called the X-37 and is a reusable unmanned vehicle.
X-37.jpg [ 68.01 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see a toddler being held by another toddler as they stand in the NW of the view.

I see a middle aged white man wearing a white dress shirt and blue slacks standing in the NW of the view.

I see two dust pans each having a “triangular” lip shape in the form of a Xmas tree. A yellow one is slid part way behind and underneath the red one. Lying between them and on them to the right side is a closed olive green soft pouch containing an object not seen. I immediately recall the black pouch seen in a 2008 vision that held a Gem Supreme – a diamond octahedron. Olive color is a combination of green and yellow – connecting it to the colors of the Eros Christ. The dust pan colors are a color code connection to the masculine side of the heart chakra which indicates a Harvest Moon Apocalypse.

I see the enormous naked upper body of a muscular white man whose head is very small – reminding me of microcephaly, the severe brain and shrunken head malformations caused by the Zika virus that is spread by mosquitoes. The upper body with an expanded muscular chest has a downwards pointing truncated triangle shape and the head has a much smaller upwards triangle shape. An emphasis on the “knowing” of the lower 3 chakras seems meant.

I am observing the SW area of the head of my father when he was a young man. I see that he has neatly combed black hair.

I see a couple of green Jacks (has six protrusions) like what one uses in “The Game of Jacks.” They are held at the right end of double separated planes of black material as if they are somehow connected to Zero Point Energy as detected by Casimir plates. Jacks have been connected to being “stars of creation.”
Jacks.jpg [ 20.7 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

In the darkness I see the NW area of a horizontal rectangular digital clock face. Two numerals in yellowish-white color are mostly in the view and reads 56.

I see an old style “Roaring Twenties” Ford leaving my location and heading into the NW.

I see a middle aged man wearing a green coat and blue jeans. He has a toothbrush sticking up out of his right rear pocket.

I see a right side view of a “birds” beak in the darkness that is gripping a “cylindrical shape in its mouth.

In the darkness I see the upper part of a young white woman’s face having red hair. Her black eyebrows are highly curved upwards in parabola shapes. She is looking at me. I recall that a parabola is formed when a cone is cut by a plane surface at a 45 degree angle. The “light cone” of our universe is meant and the parabola means something is incarnating into Spacetime.

Then I see a NE view of the above woman’s face. She is smiling as she looks with her face angled towards the NW or at a 45 degree angle to my view of her. Comment: Her eyes are being connected to the Parabola God which can incarnate more “light” into our world. This “God” has come up many times before as in Walk A Mile In My Shoes – 29 January 2015 when a parabola shaped molecule of carbon (C70) was the football shape seen at the center of a spindle torus in the heart chakra.

I am looking down at the floor where I see a large white bowl covered with a white dinner plate. Lying on the plate is green leaf vegetation and a few large Blood Moon red roses – color connecting them to the heart chakra wormhole seen in the Lantern of the Telesphoros.

I see a young man with a beard who has his head laid horizontal. His chin area is in focus = an emphasis on the “Billy Goat” beard aka a “Goatee” seems meant.

The style dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, where the god Pan was traditionally depicted with one. When Christianity became the dominant religion and began coopting imagery from pagan myth, Satan was given the likeness of Pan, leading to Satan traditionally being depicted with a goatee in medieval and renaissance art.

In the darkness I see a large vertical oval shape in the center of the view. It is filled with mostly a purple color except for the black part. The overall impression is of a purple blanket wrapping a dark entity whose features are not seen. The colors reminds me of the color coding used in the book title Magdalene’s Black Rose: The Love Story of Christ and His Beloved.

I see a close-up view of the SW neck area of a young woman. I see a small torus ring metal clasp for a metal band necklace.

I am looking down at a top view of a woman’s naked right breast. Then I see in the distance the naked right side of a young woman having her right arm and hand held above her head by her right side. Her posture reminds me of the Statue of Liberty holding a torch. This posture has also been connected to the New Olympic Games torch held by the Columbia Pictures woman as being connected to the Eros ego which came up in Darwinism Approaches -23 July 2015. This image was also connected to the “Really Big One” – the mega quake and tsunami that struck Japan on 3/3/11. I guess it is Zika virus mosquito infested popcorn time for Her IMAX movie opening.
Columbia Pictures Logo.jpeg
Columbia Pictures Logo.jpeg [ 7.65 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see a top view of a naked white man with a hairdo like that on a Christ. He lies on his left side and on his right side I see a pair of arms – the left one is aft and the right one is forward of his torso. The configuration forms a white crucifix in which the hands on the arms are limp and hanging “downward.”

I see a young lad sitting across from me at a table. He holds a huge round sandwich – the diameter the size of his chest - in a hamburger bun filled with Blood Moon cooked meat (a Sloppy Joe aka Toasted Deviled Hamburger). He is about to take a bite.
Sloppy Joe.jpg
Sloppy Joe.jpg [ 8.31 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I see a bust view of a young lady from her NE area who has her face towards me. Her eyes are closed and the back of her head rests against a chair. She wears a pink coat that is slightly unzipped – revealing that it has a white liner.

I see a close-up view of a scar in the ground – revealing some surface layers. The top layer is black, followed by white and then a wide red band.

I am about to descend the nine white painted wood steps on the home we are renting in Oak Bay in Victoria, BC. I suddenly realize that this home is located in the Pacific Northwest – or where I saw a huge floating yellow circle mandala earthquake “flower” in a March 2008 vision.

I see an almost empty tulip shaped wine glass having a little white wine left. It sits in the NW area of a black car mat on the driver’s side.

I view a patchwork “quilt” pink and blue painted Jeep Wrangler from its SW area. The colors immediately reminds me of those seen in the cosmic ‘egg’ or WMAP data of the microwave background radiations and have been connected to reflect a twin birth in consciousness.

Now I see a portion of the back street where I grew up. Some of the old homes are gone and in their place the lots have been converted to a lush green growth of cattail plants in a marsh like setting of stagnant water in which I see a black duck swimming along its North side. The fruit of this plant is not present but when it is it looks like a corn dog on a stick and when the fruit matures it spreads white puffy cotton hairs with seeds attached much like a dandelion does. This plant can be cooked and eaten.
Cattail Plant.jpg
Cattail Plant.jpg [ 8.41 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

I am recalling the yellow circles on the rim of the black sombrero hat Pope Benedict was seen wearing. Those yellow circles are being connected to the yellow circles in the mandala earthquake flower seen earlier in this post

On my morning walk as I readied to enter through the archway into Anderson Hill Park in Victoria, BC where we are on vacation – suddenly a raven (divine messenger) landed on it. I immediately thought its landing was an omen and suddenly “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe came to mind. This poem, first published in January 1845, is often noted for its musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man's slow fall into madness. Sitting on a bust of Pallas (a goddess of Wisdom), the raven seems to further instigate his distress over his lost love, with its constant repetition of the word "Nevermore".
Anderson-Hill-Park.jpg [ 148.36 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

In a dark black and white view I see a young woman standing and looking at me while her mouth is silently moving in a determined manner. Then I see in a daylight color view the right profile of a young smiling woman looking downwards and then I see she holds in her right hand and forearm a baby as she stands directly in front of me – in front of my chest.

I see a bust view of LW (a female high school classmate) whose fluffy blond hair hangs downwards. She is looking to her right as she stands in front of me.

I see dinner fork whose tines are suspended off the NW corner of a tan surface. Then in place of the fork I see side by side tan buttermilk donuts which have a slight green hue emanating from their empty ring torus centers. Comment: Later while going about my day I suddenly flashed back to the image of the dinner fork tines suspended of the end of the flat surface and that surface was connected to the upwards thrusting of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone. The side-by-side donuts reminded me of NASA’s Warp machine seen in the previous post.

I am looking down at a large bag of dog food sitting on top of another such bag which are located at the entrance to a garage and a pair of bicycles is just ahead of them.

I see a portion of some lovely landscaping featuring a short tree with a spherical green canopy that is blooming a surface mostly covered by purple flowers fluttering in a wind. I make out small yellow centers in these flowers.

I see a horizontal blue oval with a thin white border surrounding it. In the center of the oval is the white font word FORD.

I see a white sphere having pale luminous green stitching like the normal red stitching seen on a baseball. It is coming out of the end of a dark brown bottle that reminds me of a beer bottle. A message in a bottle seems meant. It’s as if underneath the red color in the stitching is a green color – a connection to the wormhole colors of the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros.


PS I see that Steven Hawking has made a further pronouncement on the behavior of a Black Hole (a metaphor for the belly brain in psychological terms and thus of the behavior of the World Soul when it comes to communicating with Her creation).
Black Hole Escape.jpg
Black Hole Escape.jpg [ 72.63 KiB | Viewed 7295 times ]

No Escape From Black Holes? Stephen Hawking Points to a Possible Exit

“They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought,” Dr. Hawking said in his famous robot voice, now processed through a synthesizer. “If you feel you are trapped in a black hole, don’t give up. There is a way out.”

Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:08 pm
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Post Being A Savior Of The World
Wed. 8 June 2016

I see a motorized wheelchair that is mostly in silhouette. It has all terrain Army vehicle tires.

I am pulling clumps of grass out of white soil. As I do so I have the impression I am pulling it out of a communion host. Comment: Later in this post a clump of grass is connected to the avatar colors of the flame in a gas stove burner. Like this “grass” or the VNS is connected to Avatar making.

I am recalling the scripture (John 14: 12-14) about doing greater works than the Logos Christ. Then I am recalling “The Second Coming” – known to be that of the Eros Christ in my visions and dreams (not of another coming of the Logos Christ) – as if integrating that 2nd aspect is a “greater work.”

I see a close-up view of three very rusty nails. The nails look like that used to build a house - they lay in a vertical stack. Behind them I see a chaotic pile of many more such rusty nails. Because of their rusty condition I immediately connect them to being involved with the water chakra. I recall that water in my visions is shown to be aerated (a mixture of water and air) and thus like the word LovE is color coded as water.

Water represents psyche (the anima mundi or the World Soul) which the alchemists saw as half-spiritual and half-material. Psyche is the so-called vinculum amoris, the band of love that was able to unify the masculine with the feminine.

I see the back side of a salad fork in the blackness in the center of the view with the four tines pointing vertically – a hour hand on a clock face pointing to the Doomsday hour comes to mind.

In the NW I see a close-up view of a beach ball sized vegetative object composed of pale green vesica piscis shaped leaves on small dark branches that seems to grow from out of its empty center. This object is at head level and now is seen rapidly approaching my face as the vision disappears. Comment I was left with the impression that it surrounded my head. A vegetative birth from out of the Planck Length vesica piscis spindle torus Big Bang creatio continua “empty center” seems meant. This image would also be a connection to the August 2007 vision of the naked man seen meditating in the temenos, the buckyball which was embedded in a triangular shaped UFO emitting avatar colored arcs of electrical discharges and a yellow-gold flame off its top. At the center of a temenos there is a “God.”


I am in a work environment and approach a black woman who is approaching me. We almost bump into each other. To avoid this I have to fall backwards onto a sofa. As I fall I say to her, “What are you doing? Are you trying to lay me?” She gets a surprised look on her face. I get up and find that I am now looking down at her right thigh as she is now laying at my feet.

Then I see that I am carrying my red and white step ladder from out of this workplace where I had been using it for some time. I have finished using it at work and now am going to return it to my home. I see that my wife is with me as we are about to exit out the back door of the building.

End of Dream

Comment The step ladder reminds me of Jacob’s ladder which allows one to travel between heaven and earth. The colors of the ladder suggest its use promotes HermAphrodite formation.

In reality I am working at my laptop when suddenly Donald Trump flashes into my inner awareness. Then I hear within, “What rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.” I recall that in To LovE Is To Speak From Your Heart Donald Trump was able to “make a deal” with his shadow.

I am looking down at a circular cluster of green grass growing up out of bare black earth next to the West side of a white square stepping stone like one might see in a garden. The blades of grass lay flat against the ground except for their tips which curl towards vertical. Their configuration immediately reminds me of the Avatar colored flames of a burner on a gas stove.
Grass Flames pattern.jpg
Grass Flames pattern.jpg [ 51.15 KiB | Viewed 7280 times ]

Then I see a close-up left side view of the upper front of a young man’s head. His black butch haircut and left eye are prominent in the view. The avatar colored left eye is looking intently at me. I wonder if his right eye has the yellow with red iris “snake” eye appearance.

I see a young black woman standing directly in front of me. She wears a long white dress. A few randomly spaced long thin branches with buds along their length grow horizontally out of her belly towards me. I recall seeing a witch having four dark heart shapes emanating from her waist area that pointed to the four cardinal directions - suggesting like this that the influence of the water chakra will affect the heart chakra.


I am sitting in the front passenger seat of a car waiting for the traffic light to change in order to cross an intersection when a car pulls up alongside of me. The driver is my high school sweetheart and appears at the age I last saw her when she was 17. I immediately sense a strong attraction to be with her. Then a nun seems to be hovering above the intersection in front of us and is complaining about my older brother who wants to mine the minerals in the stars glowing in the heavens that the nun has recently discovered. These are her stars since she discovered them and like this indicates that my brother should cease his interest in them.

The view of the black heavens with a few white glowing stars ceases and now I am looking over at my high school sweetheart sitting behind the wheel of the car next to me. I see that she wears a white blouse and as she pulls into the intersection in front of the car I am in I notice that her breasts are prominent. She makes a left 90 degree turn in front of me.

End of Dream

Comment: That my high school sweetheart makes a left turn suggests I should follow her and continue to move to the left, into the feminine principle. As I was waking from the dream I had the impression that I was not to “mine” a particular book I had been reading this past week. I noticed in doing so I have been too tired to meditate and like this I have not recorded many visions like I normally would have. My older brother represents my extroverted sensation function and would thus be against introverted sensation and entering Eros ego consciousness which is apparently where I need to continue to spend most of my time – for the rest of my life it seems; a form of “bondage meditation”. What it takes to become a savior of one’s inner world, a savior of the light trapped in one’s matter. Stars psychologically are “luminaries”, each shinning forth the light contained in an individual soul. Saint Niklaus reported having visions when in his mother’s womb and had seen a small star in heaven which had illuminated the whole world. It is a connection to the old idea that the soul of man begins as a star in the sky and after death becomes a star again.

I see a white band above an orange band on a triangular shaped hat.

In an outdoor darkened patio I see a long rectangular tiled dinning table having a pattern of small squares that are blue on the edges and transition to red in their center. The color combination reminds me of that used with LovE (11:11). Further, the color pattern of the table top reminds me of windows in a home.
Table.jpg [ 16.46 KiB | Viewed 7280 times ]

In a top view I see the tops of four opened brown beer bottles held in a square shape by a white band of circles connected together.

I am looking at a dinner plate covered with different foods. The focus is on an elliptical shaped slice of sausage having a reddish skin and white sizzling fat on its surface. It lays on the 6 o’clock hour in a vertical direction.

I see a close-up frontal view of the face of a young man whose face is very close to the surface of a dinner plate that is heaping full of cooked stained rice (football shapes) as if he is about to gorge himself on the food.

I see in the darkness above along the West side in the view a line of shields having different coat-of-arms on them. I move towards the NW and past the endless line which has now changed to small, highly decorated circular bowls having vertical sides as if hand cups or chalices of old. The colors suddenly remind me of the colorful tattoo I saw on a young woman’s chest recently.

In the darkness I see a right profile view of the slender, shapely, young body of a white woman from her neck to her thighs. She wears a one piece, tight fitting, red bathing suit. The image suggests new subtle body (unio corporalis) matter for the new Red King emanates from the white Queen.

I am eating one sweet pastry after another.

I am at my present age of 75 and see that I am still working as if I will never retire.

I see a frontal view of a young female nicely dressed as she sits looking down as if quietly contemplating.

I see three young men with arms and legs extended as if doing Thai-Chi. They stand on a wide cement white walkway bordered by green lawn having a modern white home above on a hill. They wear tight fitting gray clothes which shows off their young muscular forms.

I see a lovely green lawn covered hillside having gray pebble stone footpaths.

I see a frontal view of a lovely young woman sitting close by in the NW of my view. She has blond hair and deep black eyes – including the eyeballs. She wears full white dress studded with sparkling white diamonds with a matching crown – as if she is a Queen or the member of a Royal family. Her black eyes leave me with a feeling being penetrated. Her left arm and hand are raised vertically along her left side as if she holds an invisible torch – a “Statue of Liberty” connection except in previous visions a Columbia Pictures woman was seen doing this and the torch flame had a yellow-gold block numeral 3 in its midst – suggesting like that that the effects on consciousness from the lower three chakras is meant due to one being in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

Then, immediately following the above vision I dimly see in the darkness a frontal view of a lovely, young white woman’s face whose eyes are closed and who is “looking” downwards. She seems to be in quiet meditation.

I hear, “Now you will see.”

I am looking down at a miniature outdoor landscaped area as if for an architectural model. I lay a normal sized branch with green needles on it in this landscape.

Then I see in the darkness a close-up frontal head view of an animal whose right yellow-gold eye is open and looking at me from along the flat side of its head. The head is black and the long snout reminds me of that on a horse or like that seen on the Black Dragon. The frontal view of its head immediately reminds me of the frontal view of the lovely young blond woman Royal with black eyeballs and irises as seen earlier in this post – as if the two images are connected. The Black Dragon came up most recently in On Becoming A Heart-Throb - 15 February 2016 – when its long neck and head with yellow-gold eyes was seen sticking out from the center of a purple buckyball; connecting it to the transpersonal flow of FIRE from its maw to the aerated flow of aqua permanens[/b] aka LovE and 11:11 or the enabling of a “State of Tao.” Jung writes, Tao is “The state in which ego and non-ego are no longer opposed”, “the middle way”, and “the irrational third”, thus it is tied into his idea of the transcendent function and the resolution of the tension of the opposites. The workings of Tao are vast and often beyond human logic. In order to understand Tao, reasoning alone will not suffice. For our purposes, Tao is that condition in which psyche and nature, or mind and matter, are no longer perceived as opposites but exist in a continuum.

In a daylight view I see Lollypop down below as she stands on a gray weathered wooden deck. She is pursuing a baby carrot lying in the crack between the deck boards. Then I see just in front of her a circular flat pattern of green grass (like the shape of the burner flame on a gas stove) somehow growing up between the deck boards which are feet above the ground down below. Growing up out of the hidden dimensions seems meant.

I am standing with my right side next to a large gray spherical shape having irregular openings in its surface. I can see through one of them and notice that this object is in a park setting of green lawn. Its shape reminds me of the globe of the world which has only the land masses in solid form on its surface.

I see a close-up view of the NW area inside a black cast iron frying pan where I see it is covered with very well cooked eggs whose white surface has been sprinkled with black pepper. I immediately have the thought that potential being has been cooked and is now actual being.

In a daylight view I see a right hand holding two side-by-side strawberries covered with red glaze between the thumb and index fingers. Strawberry – the product of the Jnana Mudra in which the World Soul (the White Queen) has merged with the individual soul (the Red King) and like this has produced the HermAphrodite.

In a very white filled view I see the back of a kneeling woman that is “grooming” a short whitish stone wall in front of her. The wall is attached to tall whitish stone structures that soar out of sight above. I immediately have the impression that she is working on an Interior Castle. The feminine figure is hooded and seems to also be made out of stone or marble – reminding me of the stone Pieta sculpture in which Mary held the dead body of the Logos Christ on her lap.

I am looking down at a few dark red ripe cherries growing off long green stems. The view is in the shade and I seem to be in the tree looking down at a branch of this fruit. The green stem with the red cherry reminds me of the green-red wormhole underneath the heart chakra of the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. The VNS gives birth to new subtle body matter is meant.

I am recalling Remo’s idea that the future of Jung’s psychology will not be for the use in furthering psychotherapy but rather in the service of a new worldview in which magic energy plays a role in the transformation of consciousness. This reminds me of the “magic energy” of the white teardrop shape (Holy Spirit) that entered my shins in my 1976 Pentecostal experience for it has managed to trigger the transformation of my consciousness.

I am having the fantasy that a young niece will be the one to carry my ball further in terms of writing further papers on various topics which my inner life has stressed. I see that I will have to mentor her in these new avenues of consciousness.

I suddenly have the impression that the buckyball is a double strength capsule of medicine for enhancing the strength of the subtle body, the diamond body. Comment: A buckyball is made from carbon atoms as is diamond and thus a metaphor for the "diamond body". But a buckyball is over twice as strong as diamond and thus its symbolism is richer and thus able to enhance the strength of the subtle body beyond the Logos ego or the unio mentalis stage of the opus.

On the end of a large green leaf tree branch I see the decaying remains of a couple of purple and white flower petals – one at the noon and the other at the 6 o’clock hour.

I see the hemispherical black head area of a small nail sticking up out of some yellow-gold flesh like pineapple. The flesh of that fruit has been nailed to the door lock area of a white door. Comment: As I transcribed this vision I flashed back to Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick who nailed a gold doubloon to the mast of the Pequod – a reward to the first man who spotted the great white “teardrop” shaped whale.

I am looking down at the Navy gray metal bottom of a ship hold it seems where I see a rectangular depression in the bottom of the ship on either side of the keel. A plastic open grid crates like that used for transporting milk cartons - filled with food fills each depression. In one I see what looks like all the colors of bell peppers.

I see a narrow honey wood colored shelf table (food bar) connected to a blue wall with white trim. GP sits at the far or North end of the table while I stand by its South end. He reaches for a large unopened jar of dark mustard using a white ribbon which he lasso’s around the neck of the jar.

In an outdoor daylight view, I see a man fussing with the end of one of the large radial ribs of a huge patio umbrella that has no fabric attached. A close-up view of the end of the rib shows it to be highly polished reddish red wood.

I see a line of small diameter green wire strung out above a series of open semi-transparent shopping bags. More of this wire drops down into each shopping bag and has a light bulb attached that is partially hidden in the view. On one of the bulbs I see it could have a heart shape or a corn kernel “tooth” shape. The bulb starts our red then transitions to yellow and then to white. The overall arrangement reminds me of Xmas tree lights. Further, I am reminded of the green stems attached to the red cherries seen earlier in this post – where cherries have been connected to Buddha (heart wormhole) enlightenment.

I hear, “You are the savior of the world.”


PS I see that “Bondage Meditation” is a new growing cottage industry in the US in order to help Logos ego stressed out individuals enter an altered state of consciousness.
Bondage Meditation.jpg
Bondage Meditation.jpg [ 51.3 KiB | Viewed 7280 times ]

The growing trend of stressed workers who are using BONDAGE to relax

“Bondage is about pushing you to other states of consciousness,” says Chris Donaghue, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist, sex therapist and author of Sex Outside the Lines. She said: “You let go and the rope provides you with something to focus on. Some people need the rope to get into this state.”

Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:25 pm
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Post Birthing A Dark Sun-God
Sat. 18 June 2016

I stand on a distant shore looking out over a calm sea having a large egg shaped stone protruding above its surface a ways off shore.

I see a man walking towards me who is carrying what looks like a large old black lantern by its wire handle using his left hand. The bottom of the lantern almost touches the ground.

I see seagulls circling in the sky in the distance. Behind them and rising out of sight into the above is a tall black cliff. Comment: In a 2008 vision sea gulls were connected to the coming of Apophis – the destroyer of worlds (psychologically – the destroyer of one’s worldview). It’s as if out of the black stone (yin) emerges seagulls (yang).

Apophis was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra.

Then in the blackness I see white evenly spaced points which are slowly rotating about my head it seems as if these points of light are stars.

Something about a spider bite which makes one woozy in the head.

In a vision I see a frontal face view of the head of an avatar colored statue whose head is in the sky in the view. A “ring” of blue hair surrounding a cyan head is seen. If you invert these colors you obtain the sun god Ra colors.

I see a woman from her SW side that is dressed in white flowing garments. She leans forwards and bends at her waist 90 degrees as she pets the left side of the head of a large short hair red dog. The dog looks very happy.

I see a man using a hacksaw to cut through the middle width of a square block which has a thick blue surface on either face which surrounds/sandwiches a thick cyan inner layer.

On Father’s day as I was working at my laptop I suddenly recalled the January 2007 vison of a black beetle. I had connected it to Egyptian scarab symbolism and to rebirth meaning. But now I look for an image of the ancient Egyptian scarab and notice it is connected to the sun god Ra. Interesting that the sun god Ra is imaged as being red surrounded by yellow-gold. Those two colors are prominent in my material and indicate the new births of consciousness emanating from out of the heart chakra due to the influence of the lower three chakras! These colors have also color-coded certain words. For example, Harvest Moon, Fire Tornado, Apocalypse, Betelgeuse, Snake Eye etc. Further, in ’Evil’ Is Winning – 13 May 2016 a vision of a top view of a silver lined gold chalice filled with a red liquid was seen – connecting it to Ra being held above the head of the black beetle. The “rolling” of Ra across the sky is connected to a dung beetle rolling dung – connecting its activity to the increatum turds (food) of the World Soul that can produce new births in consciousness, new subtle body matter from the feminine side using Eros ego consciousness. It's Hell-Fire that comes to purify one's consciousness, one's worldview.
Beetle Chalice.jpg
Beetle Chalice.jpg [ 66.62 KiB | Viewed 7261 times ]

In ancient Egyptian religion, the sun god Ra is seen to roll across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. Beetles of the Scarabaeidae family (dung beetle) roll dung into a ball as food and as a brood chamber in which to lay eggs; this way, the larvae hatch and are immediately surrounded by food. For these reasons the scarab was seen as a symbol of this heavenly cycle and of the idea of rebirth or regeneration. The Egyptian god Khepri, Ra as the rising sun, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or as a scarab beetle-headed man. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khepri renewed the sun [GJS: enhanced one’s heart consciousness] every day [as if one’s dreams and visions are “daily bread” which enhance heart consciousness] before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.

Something about a spider bite which makes one woozy in the head.

In a vision I see a frontal face view of the head of an avatar colored statue whose head is in the sky in the view. A “broad ring” of blue “hair” surrounding a cyan head is seen. It reminds me of a night view of the head of the Statue of Liberty seen in NY. If you invert these colors you obtain the sun god Ra colors aspect. The psychophysical avatar colored radiations of the lower sun radiations for the heart chakra in the subtle body is meant.
Sun Gods.jpg
Sun Gods.jpg [ 34.13 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see a woman from her SW side that is dressed all in white flowing garments. She leans forwards and bends at her waist 90 degrees as she pets the left side of the head of a large short hair red dog. The dog looks very happy.

I see a man using a hacksaw to cut through the middle width of a square block which has a thick blue surface on either face which surrounds/sandwiches a thick cyan inner layer. Comment: As with the above statue image one has a color inversion being indicated. The Avatar Making “sandwich” produces a Ra sun god “sandwich” effect in the NW. Or are these national flags for Spacetime and the Beyond.
Sandwiches.jpg [ 17.82 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see the right side of the head of an eagle. Its raptor claw shaped beak is in focus.

I see my wife holding a gray kitten on her lap.

I see a support post for a roof that covers the gray stairs that enter a commercial building. It sits atop a gray stone wall that borders the stairs. It has identical fancy gold bases at either end of the black Greek style pillar. Comment: Its shape reminds me of a scepter – a baton representing authority or divinity connections.
Greek Pillar.jpg
Greek Pillar.jpg [ 19.48 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see a man wearing a blue jean set of clothes. He also wears a massive red hat/mask – an imitation of the red flesh on the head of a rooster. Comment: Abraxas comes to mind as does all the golden brown pieces of chicken meat I have seen in my visions over the years. It seems with the help of the dreams and visions I have “cooked” and digested something of the meaning of Abraxas - an early symbol for the bipolarity of the energy term for it represents a union of all the opposites and thus resides in the unus mundus. Chicken nuggets in a red and white box were seen in Becoming A Savior of the World – 7 February 2016. It’s as if the golden fried chicken body pieces (unio corporalis) is united with the new subtle body matter produced by the lower chakras to form the coniunctio of the masculine and feminine principles in the heart chakra and like this Ra, the sun god, is being carried on the head of the black beetle as if yin > higher yang. This color code combination was also seen in the June 2013 Fat Man atomic bomb shape centered in the heart chakra which represented the acoustic signal strength of a helical antenna operating at Eros ego meditation frequency (a simple device that will save the world). Taken together they produce a “Ra Bomb” effect emanating from the masculine side of the heart chakra. I notice that the colorful beetle wings appear to form a “heart” shape that has a hole in it.
Ra Bomb.jpg
Ra Bomb.jpg [ 80.66 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see a cut-away view which shows a cylindrical opening in a white medium that is above a clockwise rapidly rotating black sphere as if it is a black hole emanating an invisible beam that punches through the white mist that surrounds it.

I see a piece of tan weaved material having a 2D parabolic bowl shape. It has been placed on the South end of an oval shaped table such that the top corners are in the NW and NE of the view. The weave is a series of horizontal rectangles. The table looks like our dark wood, well used family dinner table
Parabola NW NE.jpg
Parabola NW NE.jpg [ 20.44 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see a white piggy bank sitting on the SE area of a round end table and by the base of a table lamp. I see small dashes of colored lines that highlight its facial features.


A teacher is questioning a group about their belief system. A man sitting in a study desk in the SE of the room talks about his wilderness experience and describes a substance he has created that would reveal another's belief system. I am sitting in the SW area and ask the man to demonstrate this substance on me.

End of Dream

I am sitting at the South end of a long rectangular table when I see a large, tall, heavy built man approach the SE corner from out of the East. He wears a sky blue tee shirt and white shorts. He stands just South of the SE corner and bends at the waist 90 degrees towards me. With one of his hands he places what looks like a flat thick chunk of yellow “custard” looking medium that could be cooked whipped scrambled egg (soufflé) in front of me as if I am to eat this. Comment: I have seen my wife prepare scrambled egg like this by adding milk to the mixture.

I am standing behind the SE area of a young shapely woman who is wearing a multicolored hip high jacket that reminds me of the pattern of colors in the wings of the black beetle in the ancient Egyptian scarab. She wears blue jeans.

A man facing me holds a leash attached to a large black and white short hair dog that is directly in front of me.

I see a view of huge ocean swells as if I am head high in its surface. Like this the sky and waves only are half and half in the view – suggesting a union of heaven and earth.

Something about “thriving by eating softer foods.”

I am looking up at a Statue of Liberty in a dark sky.

I am looking down at a light colored golden retriever lying partly on the NE area of a tan square piece of carpet with its rear hind quarters while the rest of the dog lies on a white kitchen floor at a 45 degree angle to the SE corner of a rectangular table.

I am looking at a black mountain range along the East side in the view when suddenly the top of one in the NE of the view explodes with a large “spherical” burst of lava into the blue sky background. Yin > higher Yang aka Ra is meant. I immediately flashed back to the vision seen earlier in this post of the red fleshy rooster head on a man wearing a blue Levis garment on his body. Both images refer to new subtle body matter from the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio.

I see Donald Trump standing facing me a short ways away. He wears a blue business suit and a red tie. He has his left hand up along the left side of his face.

I see a black and white dog in the NW of the view.

I see an open square shaped, semi-transparent, white plastic container filled with chunks of different kinds of cakes and pastry – reminding me like this of the expression,”What Coagulates Saves.” I immediately recall that I eat popped corn out of such a shallow walled container. Further, that a mosquito was seen “exiting” the surface (hidden dimensions) of a piece of popped corn as if the mosquito will infect one with lower chakra worldview.

I am looking down at the backside of a large collie dog breed standing across the front of myself with its head in front of my right leg. Comment: Such a dog has been connected to Lassie – the dog that could find its way home over a long distance.

I see the top area of a turbulent (aerated) water fall that has a right angle straight edge and a long straight edge. The right angled portion is reminding me of a numeral 7, the Witches crook and a HEX key.

I see a man holding a pancake or large cookie sized crispy looking light yellow form that immediately reminds me of “WHISPS” – parmesan cheese crisps that are usually quarter or communion host sized pieces.
WHISPS.jpg [ 34.72 KiB | Viewed 7263 times ]

I see a middle aged man with his back to me. He stands on the first step by the guardrail of SW area of the stair - of a white carpeted set of many stairs as if ready to ascend them. He is dressed in Navy blue colored clothes.

I am looking down at the backside of a Blood Moon colored Billy Goat that is looking up at me. Its underbelly is white. Comment: Such a colored goat has been connected being a scapegoat and to Baphomet – indicating like this that one must become their own scapegoat.

I see a middle aged man walking away from my location. Suddenly a bright whitish wagon wheel is seen superimposed on the backside of his right leg or on the SE area of his lower body.

I see the East side of a two story modest residential home on the corner of a block. Its wood siding is painted in light orange and the trim is painted green as if a connection to Eros Christ subtle body colors are intended.

I see a very tall and slender white woman standing in a white area in the NW of the view. She wears a dark wide band of fabric in an X-shape across her chest which is pulled towards her left side and like this exposes her right bare breast. I recall that banditos like to wear bullet laden gun belts in an X-shape across their chest. Comment: A vertical stack of X-shapes (a zipper shape) has been connected to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone – something that will, psychologically, produce a psychic mega quake and mega tsunami.

I see oval egg shaped cherry tomatoes like we purchased recently. I see three of them uniformly separated and deppressed into snug folds of a black leather surface which holds them as if they are LovE fruit bullets in a gun belt. The shape of the black leather is in a parabola as if it were a baby’s high chair food tray suddenly comes to mind.

I am standing by the NW corner in a room whose North wall is white. I see a man standing facing me in the NE corner. He is looking at the wall which has a large “map” in the shape of the United States that spans the distance between us. The map is composed of small square shapes mostly blue in color except for some interior regions which are red.

I see a middle aged man chasing after a black and white patterned soccer ball on a large stadium lawn.

I see a black and white frontal view of the bald head of an older man. He moves his head in jerk fashion to the right and then to the left repeatedly all the while making small grimacing expressions. I have the impression that this is an inner figure.


I am in a large classroom having several different subjects being taught – each in their own space. I see that my PhD advisor and chairman is leading one of the classes that my oldest sister is attending. All seem eager and engaged. One of the classes was teaching dance lessons as I saw a chorus line of mixed adults doing a smooth graceful pattern on the dance floor that traced out the boundary of a 2D egg or oval shape – over and over again and all in perfect harmony. The vertical axis of their bodies made an oscillating NW to SE motion.

Then the view shifts and I hear my sister’s husband yelling at someone across the Cheboygan River at Moonlight Bay while saying, “My wife told me to not leave home without my tie because we are going out to dinner and I have to pay.”

End of Dream


PS As I awoke this morning (23 June 2016) I once again saw the four curved tines of a salad fork in the center of the view in the darkness pointed vertically upwards as if an hour hand on the Doomsday clock. Another reminder about this “symbol” as a stand-alone vision left me with the sense that something was coming due. It is a connection to the vision at the beginning of this post in which a huge egg shaped stone was protruding above a clam ocean surface - as if potential being was incarnating as actual being in the waters of the Pacific Northwest where one sees such unusual shaped massive stone formations protruding above the water surface.

In The Journey That Changes Minds – 5 June 2016 a BENT fork’s tines were connected to the thrusting of the subduction zone plates of the Pacific Northwest and to Eros ego consciousness portrayed by the yellow circles in the mandala flower seen floating above on its waters. Further, a pair of side-by-side buttermilk donuts were seen instead of the fork and they were connected to a WARP drive propulsion system. Something is about to “give” it seems.

On an inner level this would mean my opus is maturing. It could mean that the mega quake and mega tsunami of dreams and visions have had their effect on my psyche and that a state of Tao begins to manifest - where Tao is that condition in which psyche and nature, or mind and matter, are no longer perceived as opposites but exist in a continuum. Tao is “The state in which ego and non-ego are no longer opposed”, which implies that “the middle way”, “the irrational third” has been realized and this amounts to a resolution of the tension of the opposites.

On an outer level my individuation struggles remind me of BREXIT - where to vote REMAIN is against taking a leap into a Black Hole as seen in the following newspaper cover while voting LEAVE is characterized as something your country needs in order to celebrate its Independence Day. This opposition has reached its Doomsday Hour. Choose your bondage comes to mind.
BREXIT.jpg [ 117.55 KiB | Viewed 7257 times ]

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Thurs. 23 June 2016

I am recalling the vision in my previous post of how the huge egg shaped stone (vesica piscis or football connection) was seen part way protruding above the ocean shoreline surface as if something is incarnating. The shape is now reminding me of the end of a bullet which has the shape of a parabola – and like this to the Parabola God shape seen in the head of E.T. whose signature line was “Phone Home.” I then recall how the blunt end of green bell peppers were seen superimposed on the yellow mandala circles that floated on the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Northwest in Being Beaten To Death – 5 October 2015 – something connected to a mega quake and mega tsunami which would affect the heart chakra. In Birthing A Dark Sun God - three ripe egg-shaped cherry tomatoes (an effect from the lower three chakras and known as Paradises or lovE-fruits) were seen mounted in a black leather surface as if bullets in a gun belt to be worn in an X-shape across the chest. But these were in a parabola shaped piece of black leather that was connected to being the food tray of a baby’s high chair.
Stone WATER.jpg
Stone WATER.jpg [ 38.77 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

In the darkness I see a silhouette SW view of the left side of a head of a rhino. I see no horn. Comment: In Towards Potential Being Becoming Actual Being – 3 July 2015 the medicinal potency of a rhino horn was connected to integrating Eros Christ consciousness. It was noted that in traditional Chinese medicine rhino horn powder when added to boiling water could cure snakebites and “devil possession.” Also, that the demand for rhino horns have pushed their price up to $300,000 per horn. It seems the cost per horn in psychic energy to deal with the psychic infestation “devil possession” by the Holy Spirit is meant. Recall that psychic infestation came up in The Reign of the Master Crystal Skull Looms, The Weaver’s Sewing Thimble Psychophysical ‘Big Bang’, Endeavoring…, Joker’s Are Wild, The Fatal Blow Is The Cost, and The Keeper of the FLAME Beelzebub Effect to name a few. During the time of that post I saw the following article in the news Does The US Need A Nationwide Exorcism?

I hear, “The time has come. It is midnight.” Comment: In my visions “midnight” is the Doomsday bewitching hour. This seems to be a reference to BREXIT – who chose to leave the EU and according to the following image on the British newspaper this would portend entering a Black Hole. See the PS of my previous post where this event is connected to the unleashing of a psychic mega quake and mega tsunami whose potency has been connected to that which could be generated by the movement of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone.
BREXIT.jpg [ 117.55 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

I see a partly unwrapped piece of wrapping paper that seemed to have held a click stick shape like that seen in On Becoming A Heart-Throb- 15 February 2016. The wrapping paper is mostly Navy gray (water chakra connection) at one end and has a region of red on white background pattern on some of the paper’s opened other end. This click stick was noted to be turd shaped (and whose ends are bullet or missile shaped). Interesting that the opened end of the wrapping paper has a red pattern on a white background – as if to say that the birth into day of this “turd” unleashed Cs-137 Gamma and Cesium psychophysical radiation effects from out of the Beyond.
Click Sticks.jpg
Click Sticks.jpg [ 59.58 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

I see a short length of a semi-transparent green rubbery substance (the rubbery aspect suggests it connects the pearls to the subtle body) that has 7 white pearls embedded in it – the central one is twice the diameter of one of the others which were all the same size – suggesting that the central one represents the heart chakra and is “The Pearl of Great Price.” That is the title of one of the parables of the Logos Christ in Matthew 13:45-46 and illustrates the great value of the Kingdom of Heaven. This pearl configuration is attached to the end of a tapered object wrapped in a pattern of blue on white paper (a connection to the click stick shape it seems), as if it is a talisman. This parable is a metaphor for explaining the benefits of the strivings of an Eros Christ it seems. When I look for an image I come across the following peapod containing pearls. It suggests that the “pearl of great price” is the result of a vegetative birthing process.
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg [ 21.94 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

Eternal life, the incorruptible inheritance, and the love of God through Christ constitute the pearl which, once found, makes further searching unnecessary. Christ (GJS: consciousness) fulfills our greatest needs, satisfies our longings, makes us whole and clean before God, calms and quiets our hearts, and gives us hope for the future. The “great price,” of course, is that which was paid by Christ for our redemption. He emptied Himself of His glory, came to earth in the form of a lowly man and shed His precious blood on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.

Talisman - an object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm.

In the construction of a talisman, care should be taken to make it, as far as possible, so to represent the universal forces that it should be in exact harmony with those you wish to attract, and the more exact the symbolism, the easier it is to attract the force.

In the blackness I see the silver metal handle ends of two pair of pliers – one positioned parallel above the other – which have their handle ends facing my location in the South and the other ends to the North. I then notice that each curved handle reminds me of the motion of the body and head of a snake - suggesting they represent the Kundalini in the masculine and feminine sides of the HermAphrodite.
Pliers.jpg [ 16.43 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

In the blackness I see a plain red crucifix having behind it the repeating outline of a Gem Supreme which starts out white where it is centered behind the heart chakra and then transitions to yellow and then to red.
Cross Gem Supreme.jpg
Cross Gem Supreme.jpg [ 22.23 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

I see an empty woman’s shoe down below in a mostly top view. Growing up out of the inside flat heel area of the dark purple leather bottom is a long red stem on the end of which is a pink-white flower that is moving about as it grows as if in time-lapse photography. It has at least 4 petals. I recall the comment of the World Soul in a 2008 vision about green predator blood being her only Achilles heel. The length of the stem is about the length of the shin bone.

In the darkness I see a glowing white octahedron (a Gem Supreme) having a plain red crucifix suspended inside its clear form. Another talisman comes to mind.
Octahedron Crucifix.jpg
Octahedron Crucifix.jpg [ 73.59 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

I see a soaking wet Lollypop approaching my location with her head down. She was standing by the SE base of a small young tree having a slender trunk. She was in the water chakra it seems.

I see a close-up view of a dinner fork scooping up a small portion of spaghetti with a small chunk of red bell pepper – all in a light yellow sauce – from the West side of a white dinner plate. Comment: The red bell pepper chunk and yellow sauce are color code connected to the purifying Hell-Fire energies of the sun God Ra. In [url=http://unus-mundus.fr/viewtopic.php?p=16006#p16006]Towards Potential Being Becoming Actual Being[/ur] – spaghetti took on a potent psychic infestation aspect when it was seen in the shape of the Ebola virus. Spaghetti has been connected to being a white cord in the shape of Popsicle outlines seen on the black Lincoln Memorial plaque.

I am recalling the comment of a British man, who was in favor of REMAIN in the BREXIT referendum. When asked how he felt about the LEAVE election result he said, “Winter is coming” – a line made famous in the TV HBO mini-series The Game of Thrones. It implies that a new ruling king was coming. It reminds me of the repeating refrain of the World Soul, “It will be a cold day in Hell before I make lovE with you.” “Winter is coming” is a metaphor for the Old King being replaced by the new Red King seems meant as entering the Black Hole, the Athanor (in alchemy a furnace used to provide a uniform and constant heat for alchemical digestion), begins.

As I meditate I begin to realize that I must have fallen asleep but am now beginning to barely awaken. In the darkness I see a very bright white light shinning down from above as if from my 3rd eye area. The light slowly begins to detach from my forehead and slowly ascends directly above me and into the blackness above.

Now, in the darkness, I see what looks like steam rising from the black earth next to my location – as if I stand on heated earth from lava beneath.

I hear, “Buddha nod, internal flavor.”

I see a divine child on my left side in the darkness that is playing with a flat flimsy vegetative substance like sea weed in its left hand. As I observe the child’s little hands mixes up the substance as if making dough.

I am looking over at a black wood object held in my left hand. It has four open cylinders connected together to form a square configuration. It reminds me of a quiver for arrows. Sticking up out of the SE cylinder is the blurry ends of silverware – with the backside of the tines on a dinner fork prominent in the view.

I am looking up at the left side of a slender middle aged man standing next to a black wrought iron guard rail on a concrete landing at the top of a flight of stairs that lead down to ground level on the front of what must be a commercial building. He wears tan slacks and a blue blazer. He is looking out at the green lawn and trees on the other side of the roadway in front of the building.

Then a ways away I see the wide inverted V shaped roof of a single story building that is completely covered by wrapped cylindrical objects lying side by side. The tan wrapping paper reminds me of that used to wrap coins except here the diameter of the cylinders are way to large for any coin.

I am having the experience of the sensation of a penetrating high frequency anxiety. It is strange because I am in my entire core being very relaxed and at peace inside. This anxiety sensation has been a growing phenomena which started a few hours ago and continues to persist while I meditate. I also notice an elevated sensation of warmth in the heart chakra. I have come to know this sensation as meaning the closeness of the Self. It is anxiety producing because the coming of the Self is a worldview purfying Apocalyptic event brought on by a psychic infestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit – the premise for the title of Remo’s book “Return of the World Soul”.

I am standing on a narrow cement city side walk located at the NE corner of a block. Next to my left side, as I face North, I see a six foot high gray stone block East facing wall. I see the North face of this wall has an array of equally spaced black vesica piscis metal spear heads with shafts sticking horizontally into the North towards the cement sidewalk in that area. It looks like the North wall is about six feet wide. The spear point shape indicates it can open up such a shape in the heart chakra.

I stand in the shade as do several nearby well suntanned middle aged slender humans who are dressed in a long flowing white one-piece garment that covers their feet. The stand randomly spaced on a large green lawn. The man who is prominent in the view is a Christ looking figure. A very peaceful and graceful looking setting.

I am looking down at the front of a red used brick home with white mortar and white concrete roof edge trim – giving it the appearance of being a smaller version of Fort Knox (where US gold reserves are held) – suggesting like this that the alchemical opus enables prima materia conversion into an incorruptible substance; subtle body matter which unites the Red King with the White Queen. Comment: As I typed this in I was suddenly recalling the children’s story “The Three Little Pigs.” Only the house made from red used brick and white mortar could not be blown down by the Big Bad Wolf.
Three Little Pigs.jpg
Three Little Pigs.jpg [ 110.03 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

I see a middle aged man standing above in front of me as I observe him from his SW area. He wears a tight fitting black futuristic looking uniform as if a Star Trek actor representing “The Force.” He does not wear a hat and his long smoothly combed hair flows down like a steep ski slope to the back of his head – giving it a look of a “duck bill” – the reverse of the frontal shaped hair seen on Donald Trump comes to mind. Comment: A duck is a master of two realms; air and water – a metaphor for the union of the opposites and of the four elementals in alchemy.

I see large smooth different pastel colored river rocks that have been cemented together to line a shoreline of a riverbank.

I see a slender middle aged man sitting on a long black wrought iron bench seat made from evenly spaced rods. Behind the seat is a black wrought iron fence. He wears a large broad rimmed black hat and a long black winter coat and clothes. He holds a long wood small diameter stick having a black line hanging vertically downwards that goes out of sight. He is fishing. His style of dress reminds me of how the early settlers of the colonial states in the US dressed – perhaps like the Quakers.

Now I see a portion of a close-up view of a side of a dark dirt steep slope on a larger hill having some buildings here and there. The slope is partially covered in large river rock cemented together such that it has the cross-sectional shape of a thin crescent moon. A runoff erosion control “channel” it seems.

I am still having the presence of a penetrating high frequency anxiety kind of energy that now seems to be intensifying further as if something is approaching. Suddenly I have a vision of a semi-transparent vertical oval shaped mist that appears above me some ways in the distance in the NW of my view. I dimly make out the blue and white dressed form of the Virgin Mary who is looking down at me. I sense that this anxiety generating is a penetrating high frequency energy coming from her presence. But as noted earlier in this post my core being is very calm and peaceful – so it is a strange blanket energy effect that seems to envelope me. The coming of the Eros Self into conscious realization is an anxiety producing Apocalyptic event – the World Soul incarnating this effect in the NW in the form of the VM. She appears superimposed onto a country side earthly scene in the shade where I am located. In the background I see to her right a row of tall slender Roman style trees and a large entrance driveway of black asphalt below her. To her left in the distance is a hill of green lawn with green trees mostly hiding a large white home on the top of the hill.

I am looking down at the NW area of red brick with white mortar fence topped off by an embedded row of vertical black wrought iron spears having vesica piscis shapes. An asphalt surface is enclosed by this fence which appears on the NW corner of a city block. I recall the six by six-foot wall filled with horizontal evenly spaced black metal spears noted earlier in this post that was in the NE corner – as if those spears have incarnated as a row of vertical spears.

I continue to experience the anxiety producing energy from the presence of the VM.

I see the back side of two young short women standing side-by-side in front of a black wrought iron fence with some trees by their left side. They look Asian and wear heavy winter coats having a tweed pattern to the fabric.

Down below inside a large stone open building, as if in a cut-away view, I see along its floor on the East side three large diameter cement circles slightly raised above the smooth stone floor. The circles are completely filled with the tops of gray hexagon stone patterns like that seen in Devils Postpile National Monument in Mammoth Lake, California – a byproduct of a massive lava flow a 100,000 years ago. Like this the World Soul likes to say that the purifying effects of Ra will be connected to the heart chakra.

Walking on a red brick roadway lined by light yellow curbs is a large tan stag that is slowly heading up towards the top of the hill not too far away. Freshly mowed green lawn lines either side of the roadway. Comment: This is another image for what the Ra flow through the heart chakra will accomplish – the renewal of the Christian archetype.

I am looking down at dark earth where I see what looks like the foundations of an old evacuated site. Lying intact is the fuselage and wings of a white metal airplane that has no windows. The surface of the craft is covered in a uniform pattern of rectangular shapes as if a grid of metal pieces that make up the aircraft skin. A union of spirit and matter seems meant – something that has been newly discovered in an archeological dig.

Down below in the darkness I see a whitish old style tall clay water jar with large attached handle sitting on a dark circular end table or barrel.

I am looking between a row of green bushes that line a path to a delicate looking fence composed of tall slender stalks having a delicate spherical array of small pink flowers on their ends. Suddenly in the midst of that fence I see superimposed as semi-transparent tulip shaped pink-white glass.


I am attending a class with a group of adults. The instructor is a middle age man. I am sitting on a bar stool along the West side in the NW of the room while the instructor stands in the SE area. A middle aged woman with black hair and dark complexion approaches my right side. She wears a knee high tight fitting skirt. She faces me while straddling my right thigh and briefly sits on it. She puts her arms around my neck and standing between by legs embraces me by bringing her head next to the right side of mine. I was meditating when I “saw” her do this and the energy was wonderful. She said something that I did not understand.

End of Dream

Comment: The oracle of Delphi sits on a bar stool in my visions – as if I am in that role according to this dream. The woman briefly straddling my right thigh suggests she is going to give birth to a Dionysus effect (a Ra effect seems meant) from out of that thigh.

I see a folded newspaper which exposes the latest editorial column. As I was about to read it the vision suddenly faded.


PS I recently came across another natural way to tan hides besides using the brains of the slain animal – something the World Soul in the past has been fond of highlighting using the expression, “every animal has enough brains to tan its own (too white) hide.” Urine (a more fluid version of turds and thus another increatum means for new births in consciousness) is full of urea, which degrades into ammonia. Ammonia in water acts as a caustic but weak base. Its high pH breaks down organic material, making urine the perfect substance for ancients to use in softening and tanning animal hides. Soaking animal skins in urine also made it easier for leather workers to remove hair and bits of flesh from the skin.

Being born between feces and urine takes on more meaning and is connected to the expression “Were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.”

PPS This image of the “Eros Christ” over looking the venue for the Rio Summer Olympics reminded me of the expression “Yin > Higher Yang”. A possible reference to the effect of the Zika virus on the brain size of reborn humans.
Eros Christ Yin Higher Yang.jpg
Eros Christ Yin Higher Yang.jpg [ 109.4 KiB | Viewed 7244 times ]

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Post The Messiah Worm
Mon. 27 June 2016

On a barge looking surface I see many neatly stacked white rectangular shaped boxes. Each box has a large lower case text word printed along the center of its long axis.

I see the upper body of a young grimy looking man wearing a black muscle tee shirt. His dirty, sweating face is turned to his right and his mouth is “eating” white foam off the top of his right shoulder.

I see a middle aged female NBC news reporter looking at me through an oval glass portal like that on a cruise ship. I am inside and she is outside. She is flicking her right index finger at me – from off the end of her thumb; as if invisible psychophysical radiations are being “flicked” at me. Comment: In Releasing The Dogs of ISIS (the dogs of war) – 14 March 2016 there was a dream in which president Obama was seen using the Jnana Mudra and like this represented the “going black” part of Gregory which won him “light from the darkness.”

I see Lollypop in silhouette as she lays on the floor in the doorway of the room where I am meditating. Comment: The location of the dog suggests that meditation is a “crossing the threshold” experience.

I see a close-up view of a young man holding a rifle in his right hand. A white cloth is wrapped around his head and is tied off at the back of his head.

In the darkness I see the tip of a freshly sharpened wood pencil. The lead is brilliant red as is the pencil color.

Then I awake from a dream in which I saw a similar shade of red on a cylindrical object as the red on the above pencil – a vermillion (cinnabar) shade of red (227,66,52). Comment: As I was typing this in I had the impression “cinnabar” – it is the color of Remo’s mandala. The name originated because it had a similar color to the natural red dye made from an insect, the Kermes vermilio which the ancients called a worm. The shape of the object was a short cylinder having two different diameters and was somehow connected to the 1st chakra. This scarlet looking color is aka The Messiah Worm. This reminds me of the World Soul saying that she is a worm. Worm amplification was shared in Integrating The New God-image – 17 April 2016 using quotes from Jung’s Dream Seminar lectures.
The Messiah Worm.jpg
The Messiah Worm.jpg [ 63.53 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

Remo Mandala Removed Yellow Aging Enhanced Cinnabar Lighter Silver.jpg
Remo Mandala Removed Yellow Aging Enhanced Cinnabar Lighter Silver.jpg [ 65.03 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

Vermilion is a brilliant red or scarlet pigment originally made from the powdered mineral cinnabar, and is also the name of the resulting color.

The word vermilion came from the Old French word vermeillon, which was derived from vermeil, from the Latin vermiculus, the diminutive of the Latin word vermis, or worm. It has the same origin as the English word vermin. The name originated because it had a similar color to the natural red dye made from an insect, the Kermes vermilio.

On the navy gray step next to the top of a flight of stairs I see a tan wood carving of what looked like a mouse whose body was in the shape of a sphere – sitting in the NW area of that stair.

I am descending into the depths of a metal structure’s NW corner in a dark view.

I see a woman bent over 90 degrees at the waist from her SE area as she stands on an asphalt surface. She holds a straw witches broom whose straw end rests on the floor outside of her left foot. She is looking down at a cinnabar colored rectangular layered piece of material in front of her.

Then I see the wide inside of a navy gray concrete surface in the shape of an archway (a parabola shape) that has protruding from an area on its surface a large circular hemispherical dimpled dark green push button. Comment: A vegetative birthing “bombs away” button of the Parabola God comes to mind – something whose green color is seen on the left side of the heart charka wormhole in the Lantern of the Telesphoros.

I see a close-up view of a white rabbit sitting in the midst of red earth.

I see a human right foot whose inside portion is lying face down on the ground.

I see an old style small red car (reminds me of a Renault with cinnabar color it seems – connecting this color to that of the new Red King) with occupants inside that are approaching my location on an asphalt road having no other cars or people in the view. Old gray weathered wood buildings are seen in places as if an abandoned town. All this in the midst of much greenery – like trees and other vegetation. Comment: The following “octahedron” logo shape of Renault cars is a connection to the Gem Supreme in my visions
Renault Logo.jpg
Renault Logo.jpg [ 42.49 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

I see the right side of a black and white cow having a male fleshy extension hanging off the aft area of its lower belly. The focus is on the long dark hair(s) that hang off the fleshy extension and that drag on the ground. A HermAphrodite version of a milk cow seems meant.

I see a red with white glow around the vertical narrow end of a rectangle.

Something about taking the “recorded winnings” from 2016 and compare them with the winnings of 2017.

I see the black shadow of a large raven or sea gull sized bird moving across a white surface.

I see a semi-transparent whitish tube like the smallest size I use in a drip watering system. Its open end is hanging down into the open top of a large clear glass “cookie jar” which as some of its interior fogged with condensed water vapor.

I see a large area of old concrete partially stained black that has short evergreen trees growing out of its raised surface in places.

I see a close-up view of the NE area of a wood wall having a cinnabar board border color and a blue interior whose surface has a gouged pattern of “lines” in it.

I see a series of side-by-side white pearls all the same size in a strange pattern. Suddenly, I realize it is in the shape of the Ebola virus – a very deadly virus which is a metaphor for the potency of the infestation of the Holy Spirit and its ability for “demonically” possessing people with a deadly bleeding out effect (read: creation of new subtle body matter). I recall the peapod image seen in Winter Is Coming - which had seven pearls inside in which the heart chakra had a double sized pearl. The Ebola configuration also reminds me of a modern energy efficient light bulb like the one seen in A ‘Shit-Storm’ of New Births Approaches Spacetime – 21 December 2015 which had three spirals having a square cross-section length of cinnabar colored wood inside their hollow enclosure. Kundalini enlightenment from the lower three chakras of the VNS seems meant.
CFL Bulb.jpg
CFL Bulb.jpg [ 29.3 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

Down below I see the entrance to a modern stone surfaced home whose approach walkway is made with large square cinnabar colored tiles having light gray square pillar bases on it that support circular Roman style pillars.

I see a whitish cement object in the shape of a garbage can sitting on freshly mowed green lawn.

I see water flooding rectangular flower boxes on the front porch of a home.

I am high up inside what looks like a multistory hot house covered with semi-transparent white covering. I am looking down at the bottom where I see black earth having a uniform pattern of rows of something planted but the plants are covered with a long semitransparent white plastic covering like farmers do when trying to protect a crop from frost.

In the blackness I see coming at me and moving past underneath is a fast moving stream of lava. After some time passes the flow lessens and now the flow is cinnabar only in color. Finally, it fades as if the eruption has ceased. Ra psychophysical radiations of new subtle body matter has begun to enter spacetime.

In the darkness in the distance of the NW I see a solitary Xmas tree on a small parabola shaped jut of tan earth whose broad end is attached to the West side. Then where the tree was located I see instead a large tan stag whose head was at the West side and whose rear faced East. The renewal of the Christian archetype is to be accomplished using Ra psychophysical radiations.

I seem to be a short ways underneath the surface of an ocean as I see in a dark view the shallow wave motion of the sea moving past overhead. This movement reminds me of a slow beating heart as if that of a whale. Comment: I see from the Internet that a Blue Whale has a heartbeat of 6 per minute.

In the darkness I see a side view of a gold ring backlit by a large circular whitish glow in the blackness. I make out that the face of the ring is circular and “disk” shaped – reminding me of the new Pope’s ring seal having a kiwi bird engraving on its surface. The long beak of the kiwi bird is being connected to the hole in the heart chakra as if to suggest that the three horizontal lines in its belly representing the three lower chakras are an effect that flows into the heart chakra from the feminine side in the HermAphrodite. Comment: Interestingly, the ring seal typically left its impression in the cinnabar colored wax stamp on letters – suggesting a color code connection to Ra.
Ring Seal.jpg
Ring Seal.jpg [ 38.27 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

In the blackness I see a close-up view of the top of my left thumb that is apparently pressed against something not seen since the fingernail appear white like it does when all the blood has been squeezed out due to pressure. Then briefly I see the white face of an infant from its left chest area and it is sucking on its left thumb. The Jnana Mudra of thumb (World Soul) pressing against the tip of the index finger (individual soul) comes to mind – an activity that transmits Her Wisdom to the individual soul. Here it seems thumb as nipple nourishes a new birth in consciousness.

I see the end of a whitish-gray tunnel as if made from clouds. The sealed off end has a large crucifix opening in it where I see blackness and points of white on the other side as if it is the realm of Spacetime and I am viewing this from the realm of the unus mundus.

I am sitting at the North side of a card table playing in a game of poker with my father along the East side, JG (JoeyG) along the South side and my older brother along the West. Strange, but I then notice that I seem to be at the NW corner of the table and JG at the SE corner. Further, JG has a tendency to “pick on me” like he did when growing up.

I see a dinner fork stuck vertically into a piece of fried chicken (from Abaraxs).

In the darkness in the NW I see the human glowing white form of a man standing and having a whitish circular area in the background behind him. He is slightly bent forwards towards his right side and holds a large transparent water jar filled with bluish-cyanish water. His left hand holds the bottom end up and his right hand holds the top down towards his right foot – suggesting the flow of the water will be in front of his right foot. Comment: The image reminds me of the sign of Aquarius – the 11th astrological sign which spans the 300 – 330 degree segment in the zodiac. Its Avatar Making colored waters are noticed. The waters being poured out by the right foot suggest this will produce a Ra enlightenment effect.
Aquarius.jpg [ 67.63 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

Ra Ra.jpg
Ra Ra.jpg [ 22.43 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

In the darkness I see a man slowly crawling towards my location as if it is a struggle to do so. He holds a small lighted candle having a white flame and this illuminates his face. Then I see the entire view in front of me is filled with such men doing this. Their slow progress was difficult to observe.

I am in darkness looking down and see a gap between the raised floor and the next floor. In the gap I see the surface of yellow-gold colored lava underneath these floors.

In the darkness a ways away in front of me I see a man in silhouette facing in my direction. He touches an object by the side of his left leg and it begins to glow white and has the shape of an old style lantern. Suddenly, near the lantern there appears a dinner fork.

I am looking at a close-up view of the top edge of a glass display case like that seen in old style stores. The focus is on a quart sized dark brown empty beer bottle having a wide white label with black text that wraps almost all the way around the bottle. The gap are not covered by the label is in the center of the view. I have the impression that this gap is important – as if space has been curled back onto itself in order to produce a quantum leap (in consciousness).

In the darkness I seem to be holding in my right hand a crusty surfaced clump that reminds me of very pours volcanic rock (aerated earth – a connection to aerated water seems meant). My left hand is breaking small pieces from off its surface as if it is so much bread.

I see carefully stack black boxes in the shape of cereal boxes. On each front is a centered vertical oval that extends 2/3rds of the way from the bottom towards the top. In the white oval is an image of a food item that emerges from the bottom of the oval part way up into its height is the impression.
Box Oval.jpg
Box Oval.jpg [ 16.68 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

I see a car tire lying horizontal in the darkness of the NW corner of a room.

Lollypop is walking from East to West directly in front of me. I seem to by lying on the ground and with my right hand I tap her on her left side just behind her left front leg as she goes past (where her heart would be located it seems).

In the darkness I see the thighs of a slender adult kneeling towards me. The thighs are at a 45 degree angle – suggesting the person is sitting on their heels. Superimposed on the left thigh is the upper jaw of an alligator or crocodile whose maw covers the length of the thigh. The person’s thighs are spread open in a V-shape; suggesting that the crotch area is the throat of the alligator. Comment: As I prepare this post I wondered if the image meant that the alligator was going to regurgitate something it had eaten (in Egyptian mythology it would be the souls of the departed whose heart balance failed when weighed in the balance).

In the darkness I see a “key” like that used to open a can of SPAM that was school lunch meat for sandwiches I had when growing up.
SPAM Key.jpg
SPAM Key.jpg [ 37.61 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

In the darkness in the NW of the view I dimly see the head of a cat like a mountain lion. Its eyes are yellow-gold and its fur appears reddish – suggesting that observing the feminine principle with the Eros ego one is able to obtain new subtle body matter and this links it to the colors in Ra consciousness.

In the blackness of the NW I see two vertical white wax candles burning with white flames. The candle closest to the NW is a bit shorter than the one closer to the NE – suggesting it has been burning longer.

I seem to be observing from the SE area of a square metal duct in the darkness. A large silhouette region is in front of me and just beyond its top area I see the white illuminated NW corner of this metal duct.

In the blackness I see a horizontal line of individual wide screen rectangular images as if a film strip that extends across the width of my view down along the bottom side. In one of the images I see the colorful decorated interior of a room. Each image was different.

In the darkness I see the claw end of a household hammer.

I see the base of a wine glass – something connected to being the entrance to a wormhole.

I see a man move a long lever downwards on a wall in a room. He stood in the center of the room at its Doomsday Hour and did this. The center of rotation of the lever was in the NW corner.

In the darkness I see a man’s closed right hand in the NW of the view. White light is shinning out of it between the fingers and palm.


I have become attracted to a petite young woman of small stature. She has black eyes and hair and wears white clothes. She is with my high school classmate CT (Casimir T; connected to the Casimir effect) – they seem to be close to each other as if a budding relationship is trying to take place.

The scene changes and I see that I am sitting in a recliner with my left arm around this young woman who is sitting on my left thigh. Casimir sits along the left side of the recliner. The recliner keeps tipping backwards such that our legs are almost vertical. A delicate balance that is easily tipped back to normal position (as if our legs point to the Doomsday Hour). The young woman inquires if I am going to attend something at 10:45 PM at the Cheboygan Daily Tribune.

We leave the recliner and walk outside where I see that I am about to walk across the main street in my hometown of Cheboygan. It is dark and to my surprise many people including children were walking the sidewalks and crossing the main street as if no cars were allowed. All are dressed in Winter clothes. There are no street lights or storefront lights on. The only light I see comes from an approaching car to the South. I notice that the row of commercial store front “row houses” are all done in used red brick with white mortar. I head over to the Cheboygan Daily Tribune entrance and notice it is accessed as a square concrete tunnel that has a down ward slope under the building. As I approach the entrance I kept realizing it has been almost exactly 70 years since I first entered this premises.

End of Dream

Comment: The stature of this petite young woman reminded me of Sister Killion – the Sister of Mercy nun that slapped me about the left side of my head in the first days of the first grade because I was not able to read up to her expectations.

I am with the young woman in the above dream. As we walk along I see in front of us a very semi-transparent whitish veil on which is a reddish pattern of vegetation. Suddenly in the midst of the vegetation there appears a large white five pointed star.

I see in the darkness the left rear side of a small white pig with its curly tail prominent in the view.

I am being distracted by a black fly – something that has been connected to “The Lord of the Flies” or Evil.

In reality I then read Internet news and see that there is a rise is demonic possession in the US. Interestingly, the image that comes with the article in the Washington Post has the priests as white people wearing cinnabar red robes. The “demonic” possession seems to be the activity of the Holy Spirit in its infernal or lower three chakra aspect, for it enables one to speak in tongues (foreign languages) and can in extreme cases impart levitation (psychologically understood levitation indicates subtle body development, enhancing one’s consciousness is at hand). I once again include this paranormal phenomena because it is connected to the psychic infestation being heralded by the World Soul in my visions when She “talks” about the potency of Her coming (Return of the World Soul – in Remo’s language) using the Ebola and Zika virus infections as Her standard bearers. HOW TO SPOT A DEMON Psychiatrist who works with exorcists reveals the tell-tale signs of satanic possession
Demonic Possession.jpg
Demonic Possession.jpg [ 58.11 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

Writing in the Washington Post, he detailed a list of tell-tale signs to decide if someone is possessed.

He said: “A possessed individual may suddenly, in a type of trance, voice statements of astonishing venom and contempt for religion, while understanding and speaking various foreign languages previously unknown to them.”

He added: “The subject might also exhibit enormous strength or even the extraordinarily rare phenomenon of levitation.

“He or she might demonstrate “hidden knowledge” of all sorts of things — like how a stranger’s loved ones died, what secret sins she has committed, even where people are at a given moment.


I am in high school dating young women at my present age. I finally settled on one young woman named LW (Leona W who is one of my high school classmates). We shared an interest in spiritual matters.

At one point I find myself standing in darkness trying to read the black text on a white a semi-transparent wall in an enormous building. I was drawn to this because I sensed its message would resonate with my soul. This sensation of soulfulness was reaching a crescendo as the dream ended.

End of Dream

Comment: Trying to read reverse text reminds me of trying to understand dreams and visions. One’s higher Self is mirroring one’s soul but how to understand the meaning. LW was a petite young blond woman when I knew her in high school but we never dated.

In the darkness of the NW I see a silver mug.


PS I have recently written a paper on one of my more important individuation symbols which can be downloaded from https://independent.academia.edu/GregSova
VNS Woman Hell-Fire.jpg
VNS Woman Hell-Fire.jpg [ 199.69 KiB | Viewed 7231 times ]

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Post Messianic DOOM
Messianic - relating to or having the qualities of a messiah.

Sun. 3 July 2016

I am walking in a dark enclosed area as if I am playing a video game. I am walking on flat metal surfaces.

I see a man standing in a darkened old style library that has dark red patterned carpet on the floor. He throws up his right hand and arm towards a balcony as if he tossed something.

I am standing in an outdoor setting that looks wet from a recent rain where I see some trees between myself and a home.

I see two side-by-side cars parked up on grass and dirt were normally a sidewalk would be by the curb. One of the cars is an old style cyan Renault. If you invert this shade of cyan (127,255,255) it seems you obtain Maroon (127,0,0) – the color of the flying Renault which comes up next.
Renault Logo Maroon Cyan.jpg
Renault Logo Maroon Cyan.jpg [ 40.77 KiB | Viewed 7215 times ]

I see a man in a new small maroon (128,0,0) (Blood Moon) colored car that has four equally spaced helicopter blades mounted off the center of its roof. The outer half of their rectangular length is painted white while the inner half is black. Further, the black post supporting blades is tipped forwards – as if the car is committed to forward motion. A flying car it seems.
Flying Car.jpg
Flying Car.jpg [ 36.76 KiB | Viewed 7215 times ]

In the darkness down below and out towards the North in the view I see a ball of light manifesting from out of nowhere whose surface is green and is emitting green rays into the blackness. A partial cut-away view reveals it has a glowing white interior. This ball begins to rise up from above the wide dark metal surface it appeared on and like this I begin to see a luminous white man appear who is standing on the dark surface. Comment: The metal surface reminds me of those that appear in the computer game DOOM 4 which has cinnabar and Blood Moon colors enveloping a white DOOM as its logo. Cinnabar and Blood Moon (Messiah worm colors) are being connected to Hell colors in the game play which has the hero wearing a green-gold metal suit (Eros Christ attire) as he fights with demons in Hell. The way the luminous white man appeared out of the ball of green-white energy reminds me of how the action hero in the movie TERMINATOR appears to manifest into spacetime. The green ball with a white interior reminds me of comet lovE-joy which came up in HermAthena (HermAthena) – and was connected to a “vehicle” that can seed the earth with basic building blocks for new life on the planet with its Logos Spermatikos influence.
DOOM 4.jpg
DOOM 4.jpg [ 134.07 KiB | Viewed 7215 times ]

I am looking down at a snow covered icy surface that has an area open to the water that is in the shape of a right side bust view of Alfred Hitchcock (the master of suspense) whose shape was connected to Dr. Jung in the black wall dream that rotated Jung’s green profile view to a black profile view when he died. Hitchcock’s profile form always introduced the start of his TV series to the music of Funeral March of a Marionette. It seems the World Soul likes to use Hitchcock as metaphor for Her psychodrama unfolding.

I am underneath the surface of water and an action figure dimly is approaching me.

Something about a hand guard. And then I see my left hand pressing against an electronic control panel’s NW corner area where, in a square panel, there are levers and a toggle switch at its Doomsday Hour. I throw a toggle switch.

On a book sized object, I see the top front area of its white surface which has large black text on it.

In the blackness I see a hemispherical shaped explosion emanate from out of the NW corner (of no-space, no-time) that is white and which moves at a 45 degree angle as if towards the SE in the view.

I see a middle aged black man facing me that wears tan khaki clothes and no hat. He reminds me of a military man that is a leader of a country or region.

I see a cone shaped mountain top covered in snow. Where the snow ends on the down slope there starts a barren tan sloped desert looking landscape. The upper half of a huge upside down dinner fork lies in the snow while the handle lies on the desert looking tan earth.

In the darkness I see a narrow shallow arched metal bridge like in a PC action game like DOOM. Two side by side six-foot-long avatar colored flames issue from the side of the bridge at its center span.

I see a woman standing in front of a gray/white granite kitchen countertop (like that in the home we rent in Victoria, BC) that is covered with unprepared foods of various kinds.

I see that I am writing the first name of my first wife on a piece of white paper using a blue ink ball point pen while I stand on an isolated sandy beach at ocean edge. Comment: I projected the relationship I should have been nurturing with the World Soul into my first wife who is now an image for what wants to incarnate in the NW.

I am recalling the Inquisition’s use of a thumb screw (has a vesica piscis shaped opening) which came up in my July 2008 visions. The device is being connected to the role of the thumb (as World Soul) in the Jnana Mudra – which figuratively speaking can be understood as “putting the screws” (with great psychic pressure) to the index fingertip (the individual soul) with its worldview. This device was known to help bring humans to heel/heal.

Helping Humans Learn To “Heel”

I am a part of a mysterious group of mixed adults who are all on similar quests – to fulfil a spiritual yearning. After decades of searching and learning we finally have gathered together for a deep encounter by sharing our findings in this darkened place. The year is 1385.

A man approaches me and gives me a square folded piece of cloth. I unfold the cloth and see it is a light pink semi-transparent square piece of fabric intricately decorated around its borders with small square wavy images of flags – each of which has a colored image on them. In the center of this pink “veil” is a man lying on his back on a cube shaped altar. The man’s belly area is covered by a pile of fish. The man who gave me the folded cloth (as if it were a folded flag like that given to the family of a fallen soldier) says, “You are the fish, you are the sacrifice.”

The man who gave me the folded cloth then said to me that he had hurt his finger (shows me his right index finger) and wanted me to heal it right away. But I told him that there is no magic I can muster that would do this – so he should just wait to see what kind of healing might spontaneously manifest.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I slowly realized that all the people in the dream were parts of myself seeking wholeness – my inner family – and that our quest would continue until the day I would die. The fish are unconscious contents to be redeemed from the darkness of matter in the belly brain – sacrificing the Logos ego in order to do so. Healing the man’s right index finger later reminded me of my having had a drop of baby urine attach itself to that fingertip when I helped an old street woman dressed in filthy black rags who was pushing a shopping cart covered by a colorful quilt that had a new baby with a wet diaper underneath.

In the darkness I see a cut-away view of an Avatar colored flow moving through a large diameter pipe.

In the darkness I see a metal rod centered on one of the faces of a small cube. Then I see many more such “rods” that are able to bend and move like they are tentacles.

I see an intricately adorned white wall having a collection of different embossed sculptured objects scattered on its surface. One such item is a small number of used red brick stuck together with white mortar.

A middle aged man and woman are in a discussion.

I hear, “It takes some getting used to eating farrow.” Farrow – is a litter of pigs - of a sow that has given birth to piglets.

I see a person carrying a huge piece of folded bread that is filled with cooked vegetables – a huge vegetable burrito it seems. Everybody in the room wanted some to eat. Comment: It seems giving birth to piglets is being connected to a vegetative birthing process as indicated in the peapod with the seven pearls inside.

I see a left profile view of the long neck and head of an ostrich. I immediately recall the Egyptian ritual of weighing the heart in the balance against that of an ostrich feather.

I see a man descending Blood Moon and cinnabar colored stone stairs in front of me as I stand on the landing at their top. He wears a back sombrero that is not on the top of his head but is vertical and along the back of his head (a 90 degree rotation from its normal location). The oval protrusion at the center of the hat in which one’s head would normally be placed seems to be over his monk spot as if that shape coincides with the vesica piscis “football” shaped empty center of a spindle torus.

I hear, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates (the lover of wisdom)

A skunk (an image for the World Soul as a union of the opposites) lies next to my left side with the left side of my face next to the friendly looking side of the skunk’s right face. Suddenly I sense the urine from the skunk spraying on my backside as I lay on my front side.

I am looking into a white room devoid of furniture except for a small end table having a thick square clear glass top mounted on a white wood pedestal that stands next to a white wall.

I kick open a white door and looking into a white room in the basement of a building where I see two large white containers with black handles whose shape reminds me of those containing liquid soap.

I hear, “My husband.”

A happy man is serving me across a counter. I have apparently asked him for my favorite pastry – an apple fritter. He says to his staff behind him, “Make it fresh. Make it large.” Comment: Eating more fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil contained in a sweet which makes its consciousness easier to integrate.

I see a black man who is preaching. “The less change you gotta do…” The further words then appear as black text suspended in the air above us.

I see a dark red square tiled roof. A small portion of the sloping roof is lifted up and seems to form the partial length of the end of a helicopter blade that is two tiles wide and several tiles long. Comment: In my previous post a helicopter blade was white along its outer half and black on its inner half – suggesting enlightenment and dark red are connected.

I hear a man say to another man, “What do we expect from this? Another war?”

In a nighttime view I am looking down at a whitish band of moonlight illuminating the waters by a large wharf. Moon consciousness is being connected to the 2nd chakra.

I see a young couple sitting side-by-side at a raised white countertop that are facing me on its other side. The man has a long shaggy full dark beard and a very happy face – appearing to be Chinese but as he is Confucius. He is obviously very charmed by the young woman.

Down below I see the heads and necks of two side-by-side horses – one black and the other white. They seem to mirror the woman and man sitting at the countertop.

I am looking up at an overcast sky where I see a flock of dark raven sized birds flying overhead.

I hear, “I don’t remember - but it was certainly metal.” While this was being said I see a dinner fork stab into the NW corner of a double square slice of pizza.

I hear, “My purpose in you is to accomplish…” and while this was being said I see a young woman who looks up at what looks like the top white deck with black trim on a boat she is on. Just then a black helicopter is seen flying into the open area of that deck.

In the darkness I am looking out along the highlighted length of a long asphalt single lane path that seems to extend to infinity. It is lined by tall slender trees on either side. I immediately have the impression that “walking the black road” is going to be a very long enterprise.

I am in a dense wood where I make out a narrow footpath that makes a right turn. It is as if I am looking at a NW corner of this path.

I see a young woman bent over at the waist 90 degrees as she looks down at a spongy moss covered forest floor. A few of my white cylindrical medicine containers are seen lying on the ground. She picks up one and then another while reading their labels.

I see a huge black-blue human shape against a white sky background. It is a very muscular looking creature like a Green Hulk.

I see a Chinese cherry tree with a full canopy of dark red leaves. It is leaning over a sidewalk while a breeze is blowing some of its loose leaves around underneath.

I see a sewing needle being pushed into flesh.

I see green fennel stalks growing in a circular cluster out of a white surface. Laying scattered underneath the plant are many fresh ripe strawberries.

I see a cherry tree filled with dark red cherries that is growing by the NW corner of a navy colored house having white trim.

I see a sewing needle has been pushed into the hinge openings of a locket.

I am recalling the Ra vegetative woman image shared at the end of The Messiah Worm. I suddenly have the impression that her roots are fed by an avatar colored energy and that energy field can be obtained by inverting the color of the leaves in the canopy. “That which is below is like that which is above…” comes to mind – the 2nd of 14 Emerald Tablet precepts signifying a recipe for the union of the opposites. Comment: Interestingly, there are also 14 stations of the cross as if that process of transformation for the Logos Christ mirrors that one in Hermetic’s for the Eros Christ.

The Emerald Tablet is a compact and cryptic piece of the Hermetica containing 14 precepts reputed to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation. It was highly regarded by European alchemists as the foundation of their art and its Hermetic tradition.

The layers of meaning in the Emerald Tablet have been associated with the creation of the philosopher's stone, laboratory experimentation, phase transition, the alchemical magnum opus, the ancient, classical, element system, and the correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm.

The 2nd precept reads, “That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.”

Ra Woman.jpg
Ra Woman.jpg [ 167.18 KiB | Viewed 7215 times ]

The Ra/Ra Woman


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Post Underworld Growth Beckons
Thurs. 7 July 2016

I see a young woman wearing a light pink sweater.

Then I see a young woman wearing a cyan shirt. She is bowed 90 degrees at the waist towards me such that I see the top of her head which shows that she wears a black bicycle riding helmet.

In the blackness I see a close-up left profile view of a young Oriental woman’s left eye area – she looks straight ahead.

I see the end of a dark, long, rectangular cracked, old piece of wood siding for a home with the focus on its NW corner. It is sticking out from a neatly stacked pile of such wood.

Then I see a man’s dirty hand holding a small thick metal disk that has a long rubbery and semi-transparent vertical purple tentacle sticking up from out of its Doomsday hour location. It could be a tentacle from an octopus for it appears partially lined with circular suction cups.

From her NE area I see a beautiful middle aged woman wearing a full length blue garment with a white piece of fabric covering her head. She stands in a small enclosure of tent fabric and immediately reminds me of the Virgin Mary but as I type this in I have the impression she is Maria Prophetissa - an early alchemist who is known from the works of the Gnostic Christian writer Zosimos of Panopolis. In her writings the divine child is considered to be the image of two becoming three; the sacred inner marriage having created a third thing.

See Maria’s Axiom and Individuation

I see my father facing me in the center of my view. He appears to be in his early 20’s. His head is angled 45 degrees towards his right.

Now I see a large muscular drawing of a man as if from the times of the Roman empire that is facing me. He holds a sword in his right hand such that the blade is horizontal and in front of his belly area. He has a full dark beard and massive head of black hair.

I am standing directly in front of a cluster growth of tree trunks – peering between a gap – where I see on the other side a few Oriental middle aged men naked from the waist up.

I see a double side-by-side open stainless steel metal “railing” whose exterior bars end in the shape of a sphere that is about three times the diameter of the bar diameter. On the end of this “railing” by where I stand I see two basketball sized fabric spheres – a white one hanging off one railing and an emerald green one hanging off the other railing.

I see a young Oriental woman wearing a massive black garment studded with white diamonds whose shoulder area reminds me of the shoulder pads used by a football player. The garment looks to be made from thick leather. Her head is held backwards and reveals that a thin white mist covers her mouth. Comment: The throat of the hyperspace wormhole in the heart chakra is “football” shaped.
Football Oriental Woman.jpg
Football Oriental Woman.jpg [ 39.47 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

I see rows of adult women standing almost shoulder to shoulder in a low ceiling and “cramped” area that reminds me of the Chinese terracotta army. They all seem similar and wear pastel or faded colored garments.
Terracotta_army.jpg [ 100.03 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

I stand in the midst of a darkened merchants trading area like that in Asia. I look down at the dark concrete floor where I see that an open tan leather pouch, that is yellow on the inside, has spilled out about half a dozen dark red “coins” that have an irregular embossed pattern stamped onto their surface – reminding me of poker chips.

A man stands by the NE corner of a rectangular wood dinner table with the mug he holds raised up while saying, “More dinners.”

I am looking at the top of a whitish garment with a dark crease along its top. The fabric is across the left shoulder and chest as I observe from the front right side of the right shoulder area.

Now I see a gray colored fabric on the left chest area of a person having a red poppy flower in the pocket. The fabric color reminds me of the uniforms used by the South during the American Civil War. Comment: A poppy is a remembrance flower. The use of the poppy was inspired by the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields". Its opening lines refer to the many poppies that were the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers' graves in Flanders. Remembrance day uses red poppies when commemorating war dead. Comment: Jung said that the colors of the underworld are red and black.
Poppies.jpg [ 36.55 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

I see a close-up view of the left side of a young woman’s face whose lips are moving. Her lips are very close to those in the right side of the face of a man.

I see a dark red circular raised pattern of “fabric” a few inches tall on the side of the top end of a cyan cylinder. The red fabric and its pattern reminds me of the “poker chips” seen earlier in this post.

I see inside an old cramped space filled with rectangular raw yellowish wood tables. Many people, including children sit around these tables for four. They sit on a gray wood stage floor next to what looks like a basket ball court.

I hear, “A prisoner’s private guard – not spoken.”

I see crowds of people rushing towards someone standing on a stage.

I see a right profile view of an older woman. She is laughing in a distorted or sinister sort of manner. I hear, “He needs to have a talk with her.” And then I see a man and woman exit a car on a residential street that reminds me of where we are vacationing.

I see three children exit the back of a station wagon and greet their mother.

I see a black male prosecutor who says, “There are cases ahead.”

I am looking at tall snow covered pine trees against a mostly dark sky with a full moon in it. A huge white sphere moves through the scene.

I see a couple of men working under a low ceiling. One is much taller than the other.

A man jumps into waist high water holding the reins of a horse that stands in the water with him. He seems to wonder what to do next.

I see a vertical vesica piscis dark brown leather shield having Mongolia warriors standing on either side behind it.

I see a tan dress shoe on a man’s right foot hanging in the air.

On a black and white stone surface I see three women.

I see a young man acting like a greeter as he stands by a white door – ready to open it. He has a strange look on his face and holds his left hand by the left side of his face with the index finger held vertical.

I see a man sliding in to a train over the top of an opened window. He changes into a woman as he does so. Once inside she throws something out the window that lands on the platform.

I am looking at a dark city street in nighttime where I see a stout man walking away from me who appears enveloped in a several story tall transparent teardrop shape. He wears a small white straw style hat having a black band and a round brim – reminding me of Dr. Jung who wore such a hat in a picture I saw of him when at his home on the lake. Baby urine, which produces enlightenment via Jungian individuation, stalks the lonely streets of modern civilization who do not recognize its coming. Comment: After rendering the following image Jung's luminous body reminded me of a portion of a filament in a light bulb.
City Teardrop.jpg
City Teardrop.jpg [ 89.98 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

I see a couple of men standing in front of a garage door inside the garage which has a tent fabric for its construction.

I am looking down at a few very young black and white ducks on a dark cobble stone city street in a farmer’s market area.

I see a young woman walking past my left side from her SE area. She has long, straight black hair. She just stepped off a large machine surface.

I see the frontal view of the face of a young George Washington having black hair. His eye lids are reddish.

I see a billboard like one sees along a highway. It is covered with portions of colorful segments of advertisements.

I see a young lad from his NE area who has a dirty face and messy hair – looking a bit unkept. It looks like he is going to cry.

I see an intricate wood carving having others sitting on its central circular surface.

I am standing on the dark forward deck area of a ship looking at the vast ocean ahead. A woman stands on the deck a short ways away and walks from the NE to the NW in the view.

I see a young Asian woman from her NW area that has her head arched backwards.

I see a standing young woman from her NW area holding a lit cigarette in her right hand.

I see a right profile view of a young black woman.

From behind I see a young man walking away from me wearing an olive green Army uniform. He is inside a store and getting ready to exit out through a door. I recall that olive is an equal mixture of green and yellow which connects it to the Eros Christ.

I seem to be inside a church looking out through a large vertical window into the night. A plain crucifix outlined by neon light bulbs glowing white fills the window.


My ex-brother and sister in laws own a large expensive building in which I own one unit. My brother-in-law interacts with a large black bat like creature that reminded me of a sting ray. The stingray stood on its tail end with “wings” spread wide – revealing a vertical small green-yellow marked baby sting rays that clung to either side of its torso. It used sign language to communicate with my brother-in-law that it was hungry. But my brother-in-law refused to feed it any more that its daily portion. I suggested that since it had “nursing” babies it needed more food.

I then find myself having trouble making love to this young woman.

End of Dream

I see my high school sweetheart who appears to be at the age of 17 (when I last saw her). She wears a light pink chiffon dress that immediately reminds me of how young women dress when attending a high school prom. She walks past on my left side and continues on behind me – all the while looking intently at me with a smile on her face. Comment; It seems like the inner coniunctio, the inner mind-melding, has succeeded – for the union of the Red King with the White Queen produces pink. This is in contrast to the failed outer coniunctio with this young woman, for on the night of my senior prom she broke off having a relationship with me.

On the horizon I see a huge yellow-gold flame extending vertically into the blue sky as from out of white clouds that hug the landscape.

In the darkness I see a glistening human doll sized figure. From its form hang all these sparkling Xmas tree icicle decorations – giving it a look of being a shaggy looking Big Foot creature.
Big Foot.jpg
Big Foot.jpg [ 40.35 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

I am looking up at a close-up view of a dark olive metal surface. I have the sudden impression I am in a coffin and looking up at its lid. Comment: Olive is a union of an equal mixture of green and yellow – a color code connection to Eros Christ consciousness.


I see Cozy standing at the North end of a narrow rectangular table. With a grateful warm heart I give her a big hug. I see that she belongs to a young girl.

End of Dream

I see black dog paw foot marks on a light tan round chair covering – Cozy’s it seems.


I observe two men having a disagreement over the importance of the heart chakra in a modern opus. I identify with the man who holds up its importance. The other man says that the crown chakra must be reached.

End of Dream

In a dusty or foggy view I see a dinner fork coming and going as the medium increases and decreases its opaqueness.

In the darkness I see an irregular dark red small diameter “pedestal” apparently made of stone or metal. It is glowing red at the top and white at its center. A capital white letter H is at the top and is mostly enveloped by the red glow. The “pedestal” reminds me of the shape of an underwater hydrothermal vent on ocean bottom. Or is it a truncated artery emanating out of a fleshy bottom in a heart – where H is for heart.

Then I see the head of a small creature in the darkness that reminds me of a frog with prominent bulging white eyes.

Now I see the heads of several small “beings” that have faces with short elephant trunks.

I see an East portion of a metal ring that looks like it is a gear in a clock.

I see a young woman emerging from out of an aluminum covered surface as if a sleeping bag. She holds a voice recorder in her left hand.

Then in the darkness I see the body of a slender person from the neck down that wears a dark red shirt and blue Levis.

In the darkness I see a human figure moving about. A strange green-white vegetative colored hat that tightly covers the head gives it the appearance that the skull has been removed and one is looking at the brain. Where the folds are located is where white appears – otherwise a transition to green is seen.

On a dark honey wood floor I see an elongated purple 2D diamond shape.

I see the metal teeth on the end of a hair trimmer.

I see clusters of green, tall stem shaped plants of different species.

I see angular sculptured green lawn landscape with many right angles.

I see an electronic device having a black casing punctuated by evenly spaced small hemispherical white bumps with white lettering underneath. An integrated circuit device.

I am looking up at a heavy canopy of green vegetation as if underneath many trees. Then I see the edge of this forest and the canopy partly lays against the red tile roofs of rows of houses. I recall the Lantern of the Telesphoros having the green and red wormhole ends in the heart chakra. I suddenly wonder, “What color does an equal mixture of red and green produce?” I later see that it produces olive -which appears as an equal mixture of green and yellow; a color code connection to the Eros Christ – as if to say green and red are its wormhole heart chakra colors. The importance of the heart chakra is affirmed – an answer to the two men arguing about it earlier in this post.

I am looking up the green canopy above again. I make out the left shoulder area of a huge human figure as if a Green Hulk.

Down below I see three identical side-by-side white plastic gallon sized truncated cone shaped containers having yellow markings on the exterior and a small leftover of cooked oatmeal with blueberries in the mix. Comment: Oatmeal comes from wheat which apparently springs from Osiris’s grave. Blueberries are avatar colored – suggesting they are connected to the growth of wheat. Three containers suggest a connection to the lower three chakras. Yellow font surrounded by white reminds me of a cross-sectional cut through a hard boiled egg – something seen as the head on the chakra tree as last shown in The Enhanced ‘Diamond’ Body – 15 December 2015.
Chakra Tree Colored.jpg
Chakra Tree Colored.jpg [ 61.77 KiB | Viewed 7202 times ]

Dream Fragment

There is a high speed car race taking place. I see that someone is driving my first car – a dark blue 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix – which must have its performance upgraded up because it turns out to beat every other car in the race including one driven by Woody and another by myself.

End of Dream


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Post AH!
Tues. 12 July 2016

I see what looks like a line drawing of a left profile view of an old man sitting at a small desk with pencil in hand. He immediately reminds me of Leonardo de Vinci and his drawing of the Vitruvian man (the divinely proportioned man).
Leonardo de Vinci.jpg
Leonardo de Vinci.jpg [ 53.43 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

I see a white naked boy bent over 90 degrees at the waist while standing in a square metal opening between rooms like those seen in the game DOOM. He has his rear toward me and there are two white lines through each diagonal and where they meet is exactly over the top of his anus. Comment: The child of the coniunctio, the excluded third – will produce turds that will incarnate new creations in consciousness.

I see that president Obama and I are getting along like we are old friends.


Two sets of airfoil cross-sections have been given to me to study. What is the difference in the lift that they will produce? Strangely I conclude they will each perform the same. Then Woody (a senior aerodynamist) looks at the design and says nothing but I can tell he is confused for there is no way they can produce identical lift curves.

End of Dream

I am flashing back to the Charismatic Renewal (Pentecostal movement) and am wondering, “What does its understanding of the coming of the Holy Spirit mean to them after decades of its pouring out into many millions of lives?” Suddenly, I have the impression that I should teach them about the meaning of the coming of the Holy Spirit. This is followed by a deep sense of grief and a verging to tears. The latter comes it seems because it is not my calling to become an activist and teach about the deeper meaning of the coming of the World Soul.


I am with an older looking blond woman who was the young woman I dated once in 1962 when she was studying to be a nurse. I see her left profile view. She is very quiet – saying nothing. I feel attracted to her.

End of Dream

Comment: As a young woman she was open to make love but I was too much into my thinking function to experience a physical coniunctio with her. But now it seems the deeper meaning behind that failed coniunctio was the psychic coniunctio I was destined to have with the World Soul.


I am at an elementary school working with a young adolescent on a school project. But the project does not seem to want to come together right.

I then see one youths project he has completed – it is a model of a futuristic space vehicle showing a cut-away view of its center (the “heart”) where there is a Blood Moon colored WARP drive engine. I immediately recall all the equations that would have to track the energies involved in order to design such an engine.

Then I see a 25 foot tall plank made from rosewood (heart colored wood) that was the first of many that would line the centerline at the center of a new wood ship to be built.

End of Dream

I see a stream of urine flowing down into the blackness – as if it issues from myself.

I see a left profile view of a young Asian woman who kneels on a large red pillow in the NE area of a room. She faces a man in the NW corner of the room who is facing her. He indicates that he would like to have sex – a coniunctio experience with her. The view changes and where the man stood I see instead the tines of a dinner fork whose handle is in the NE of the room.

In the darkness I see a series of black lines that cross each other – forming a square pattern on a white background.

I see a long purple rug folded in half along its width side. One end lies by the SW area of a large tree trunk while the other end is at my feet. The carpet has a pattern of some unrecognizable design.

I seem to be acting like a drone as I find my view of the landscape is slowly changing as I rise higher into the air. I am underneath the canopy of many trees.

I see a small human demon looking form (like one of the radiation sick creatures in DOOM) in the darkness of the NW. It is holding a square metal box at a 45 degree angle with one end resting on the ground. The box is larger than the demon and it is closer to the NW corner.

In the darkness I see a glowing white flow that appears to be issuing from a mouth fount.

I see a white porcelain baby crib that apparently functions as a crib and a bath tub for the child. Some of the porcelain has chipped off along one of its edges – revealing it is black underneath. It sits on a honey wood colored floor.

I am seeing a close-up view of the tip of my left big toe and see that all the toe nail fungus is gone. I trim the toe nail and it is soft and “rubbery” – indicating it is very healthy. Comment: The rubbery behavior of the nail suggests it is a subtle body aspect. In The World Soul’s ‘Cry Me A River’ Jihad 15 November 2015 – a rusty Philips head screw was seen screwed into this toe nail on my left foot. My association to the big toe is that it is very important in allowing one to stand and walk with a steady balance. Like this the World Soul means to say that “screwing Her” by being psychologically intimate with Her by entering the 2nd chakra and letting Her “screw you” i.e., penetrate you with her mind-melding radiations will help you have a balanced conscious standpoint.

A bald eagle was seen sitting on the top line of three horizontal and parallel power lines (the influence of the lower three chakras seems meant) attached to the yellow siding of a home that had white trim. I then see that the eagle has caught a raven in its talons – but suddenly the raven manages to escape.

I am suddenly aware that Lollypop is no longer in the room with me as I meditate. (We gave her away to a “re-home” place here in Victoria – she was getting old and was becoming too much work to care for her.) I am in the process of psychically saying goodbye to her all the while missing the pleasure of her company.

I am walking along in darkness of a 90 degree curving, large metal tunnel – approaching an intense, illuminated cross-section which reveals that the tunnel is hexagonal in cross-section. A thin red border is followed by a thick light yellow portion and ends in a broad white center. I immediately have the impression that I am in an episode of DOOM. Further, as I type this in I keep having the impression of “waveguide” - a metal tube or other device confining and conveying electromagnetic or sound waves. Comment: The heart chakra comes to mind. The tunnel seemed about 10 times my height or about 60 feet. The 90 degree bend suggests something is incarnating from out of the 5th dimension – the start of the hidden dimensions which are orthogonal to Spacetime.
Waveguide Hexagonal.jpg
Waveguide Hexagonal.jpg [ 33.1 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

A waveguide is a structure that guides waves, such as electromagnetic waves or sound waves. They enable a signal to propagate with minimal loss of energy by restricting expansion to one dimension or two. This is a similar effect to waves of water constrained within a canal, or why guns have barrels that restrict hot gas expansion to maximize energy transfer to their bullets. Without the physical constraint of a waveguide, signals will typically be radiated and decreased according to the inverse square law as they expand into three dimensional space.

There are different types of waveguides for each type of wave. The original and most common meaning is a hollow conductive metal pipe used to carry high frequency radio waves, particularly microwaves.

The geometry of a waveguide reflects its function. Slab waveguides confine energy to travel only in one dimension, fiber or channel waveguides for two dimensions. The frequency of the transmitted wave also dictates the shape of a waveguide: an optical fiber guiding high-frequency light will not guide microwaves of a much lower frequency. As a rule of thumb, the width of a waveguide needs to be of the same order of magnitude as the wavelength of the guided wave.

Some naturally occurring structures can also act as waveguides. The SOFAR channel layer in the ocean can guide the sound of whale song across enormous distances.

I am standing on a metal surface in a dark place while looking at the reddish-yellowish naked lower legs of a huge human being that is sitting on a surface as if a hidden black throne that blends in with the darkness. I immediately think it is a demon like in the game DOOM but later realize Baphomet is meant. The long shins are in focus – the place where the large white teardrop shape entered my being during my 1976 Pentecostal “born again” experience. Notice the emphasis on the lower three chakras in the following image and the Ra vesica piscis “eye” of the heart chakra. The penis head appears heart shaped and points to the three abdominal muscle patterns.
Baphomet.jpg [ 66.58 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

Baphomet is thought to be connected to the Gnostics via the Knights Templar who gave the name the meaning of “Baptizer of Wisdom.”


I see my first cousin JS and bump into his left front chest area. I then inquire, “Did that interfere with your 5 volt charger?” He replies, “I don’t know what the voltage is.”

End of Dream

Comment: The voltage charger for his heart chakra is meant. In Out To See A Movie – 8 January 2014 an electric motor was connected to a “thermocouple” and to a voltage difference of 5 volts and like this to the “Sacred Hearts” in the HermAphrodite. I recall the dream in which MLvF’s heart registered 5 volts. In the thermoelectric effect the voltage difference between metals is proportional to the temperature difference between the metals. 14.03
Sacred Hearts.jpg
Sacred Hearts.jpg [ 52.84 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

In the darkness I see a glowing naked man walking like a zombie. Then I see a couple of similar looking human forms in silhouette outline in red.

I see the hip area of a sitting woman in the darkness. She wears glowing yellow shorts.

I see a wood A-frame poster display which show a large dark green capital H on one side. The H is covered with a growth of vine vegetation that appears as delicate small growth as if mowed grass. It reminds me of a movie “poster” prop one might see at the entrance to a large movie theater like an IMAX (where popcorn is served). Taken together the capital letters spell “AH” – reminding me of Her often repeating refrain, “Ah, the kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away.” A is for Apocalypse and H is for Heart.
A-Frame H.jpg
A-Frame H.jpg [ 25.31 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]


PS I see the following Ra colored crystal ball image used in an article about the CIA’s use of a team of clairvoyants. CIA uses team of clairvoyants in order to try to discern future events. It seems the World Soul seizes on this CIA enterprise to accentuate Her prophetic discernment of future events as seen in the visions and dreams of those that can enter the Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
CIA Crystal Ball.jpg
CIA Crystal Ball.jpg [ 53.18 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

PPS I see that Zika is in the news again as another vector for its transmission has been confirmed. A woman infected with the virus has infected her male partner by having sex with him. Interestingly from a psychological point of view is the fact that Zika is primarily transmitted by the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti – as if the color yellow is connected to the Eros ego altered state of consciousness – something that allows the individual soul to become infected with the worldview of the World Soul in a more constructive encounter.

First Case of Female-Male Transmission of Zika Is Recorded

PPPS The new movie “Birth of a Nation” has a poster that shows a black man with a hangman’s noose around his neck which uses an American flag. It struck me as being a metaphor for the new inner nation made possible through an inner United State created by diming the Logos (going black, i.e., becoming acausal via the Eros ego).
Birth Of A Nation.jpg
Birth Of A Nation.jpg [ 47.33 KiB | Viewed 7184 times ]

Birth of a Nation

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Post The Illusion of Love
Wed. 20 July 2016

In a daylight view I see a 2-D image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the dark virgin) hovering at the East side of the dark entrance to a wide rectangular old dark concrete pedestrian tunnel in a major city. Her image is highly pixelated and blurry as if a very tiny image has been greatly enlarged. Comment: Pixels appear square when they become visible – suggesting She will incarnate from out of the hidden dimensions. Her feet appeared near the SE corner while Her head was up by the NE corner of this tunnel. Further, I recall the image of Her monk spot being rectangular.
Our Lady of Guadalupe.jpg
Our Lady of Guadalupe.jpg [ 57.65 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]

I see a man standing in the darkness who appears mostly in silhouette except for his legs which are partly glowing white. Comment: Observing the blackness has apparently enlightened his conscious standpoint. The glowing whiteness of his legs reminds me what happens to a demon in the game of DOOM – something I started playing about three weeks ago and now the Eros Self is seizing on its imagery to help convey Her message. When a demon has been sufficiently weakened by bullets or radiation weapons it is near death and begins to glow like this. It saves ammunition to do what is called “a glory kill” to finish it off using a sudden death blow to the head. This man’s (Gregory is meant) Logos ego demonic outlook has been enlightened with higher consciousness via the Eros ego observing the images of the World Soul in the unus mundus. Comment: I find the following YouTube video showing a bluish-whitish radiation blasting weapon (NW colors) weakening a demonic possessed soldier and once he begins to glow reddish-yellowish-whitish (the healing radiation colors in beta decay) a blow to the head finishes him off as if in a coup de grâce (an action or event that serves as the culmination of a bad or deteriorating situation)

https://youtube.com/v/3gcx6DjjRGA?start ... &version=3

In the darkness stands a huge bulging muscular human form in silhouette that towers above me. Whiteness peeks out here and there as if from folds in his flesh. Comment: This human apparently is a weight lifter to have such developed muscles. An enhanced subtle body is meant.

In the blackness of the NW corner a large capital cyan colored metal Y just rotated 90 degrees into the view from out of that corner. It has a whitish stainless steel border. When cyan is incarnated it becomes red (which has been connected to being cinnabar – the color in Remo’s mandala). Together the red one occupies the NW area while the cyan one occupies the NE area – forming a rectangular shape that reminds me of Our Lady of Guadalupe image in the rectangular tunnel above. Comment: In an October 2006 vision I saw a large tree whose trunk formed a Y-shape; something called a crotch. In the crotch was a stainless steel cube (also known as a hexahedron in the Platonic Solids) as if to suggest that the crotch represented the 1st chakra which has a square shape in Eastern mysticism. Something born out of the “vagina” of the VNS that is meant to influence the heart chakra seems meant. Later an image of the sling-shot came into view; something I used in my youth to shoot stone projectiles as if to suggest the crotch birth will have a new subtle body matter impact on the philosopher’s stone.
Crotches.jpg [ 40.48 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]

I see a large human figure in silhouette walking down stairs in the darkness.

I see a slender human form in silhouette walking like a zombie (zombies have yellow-gold eyes) as it approaches my location from out of the NW in the view.

I am recalling the large white “teardrop” shape that first entered my shins during my 1976 Pentecostal experience. I suddenly realize that this “swollen” teardrop form indicated that it was pregnant. Further, I have seen leaves with this shape – connecting its activity to the VNS and thus to subtle body development.

I am looking down at a rectangular shaped white cardboard box. A cut-away view is given along its North side by the NW corner which reveals that the cardboard is tan on the underside and that the box is partially filled with a flat surface of white sparkling foam. As I observe the foam gradually subsides and reveals that it was floating on a layer of clear water. Comment: I realize that the vision suggests that air bubbles are escaping from the water as if to say yin > higher yang is meant. Further, my visions have been occupied with the need to “tan my too white hide.” Given this cardboard image it seem an inner tanning is meant.

In the darkness inside a massive metal structure I see two large green “lizard” hominids looking creatures approaching my location. Their arms are held out from their sides about 20 degrees as if in a warrior stance like the Mancubus (powerful human devastators) in the game of DOOM.

In the darkness down below I see the naked body of a person lying face down – their hips and legs only are visible.

I see a huge muscular man in silhouette that is in the warrior stance of the “lizard” men seen approaching me in the vision above. He is surrounded by Ra colored FlamesHell Fire seems meant. Comment: This “purifying of the worldview by transpersonal FIRE” apparently does not consume this man because he has become consciously aware of his Logos Christ shadow, i.e., of his Eros Christ consciousness nature – a connection to Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego who did not perish in the Babylonian fiery furnace because they were conscious of their shadow (which was their pagan nature despite their Judeo beliefs). I notice that in the image of Baphomet shared in AH! - that the eye in the chest for the heart chakra was Ra colored and like this is the color of the eye in the one-eyed Jack of Spades that was on the masculine side of the heart chakra while the one-eyed Jack of Heart was on the feminine side and it had the Avatar colors – as noted in The Nuclear ‘Hole In The Heart’ God-Child – 22 October 2013.

I see Lollypop lying on her right side along the North in the view. Her head is into the NW while her rear is in the NE. A large gray rabbit lies along the East side with its head in the NE and its rear mostly in the SE. The configuration reminds me of the numeral 7, the HEX key and the witches crook shapes – suggesting like this that the fast breeding “new creations” of the rabbit will manifest a HermAphrodite creation in the NW which will have the “LovEing” disposition of Lollypop.

I see an older woman that is reaching up underneath the knee high dress of a younger woman as if checking her vagina opening. The young woman says, “How did you know? How did you find out so fast?” (That she was pregnant and was dilating)

I am walking down a wide gnarled metal walkway surface that is gradually sloped downwards and which curves 180 degrees to the right up ahead. The walk way reminds me of those used in the computer game DOOM.

I see a left profile view of an enormous, muscular, hominid that is in silhouette. I stand facing its left ankle area.

In the darkness I see a gold open cage structure of the buckyball that is tightly embracing a dark green spherical crystal (much darker than shown) that is emanating a lighter luminous green color. It’s a symbol for the Eros Christ. A “Gem Supreme” representation for the heart chakra it seems.
Buckball Sphere.jpg
Buckball Sphere.jpg [ 50.02 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]


I have given my wife permission to take bids for doing the work on the concrete foundations of the home we are building.

I return home and see that she has hired multiple contractors that are busily working on steel reinforced concrete foundations for a massive home whose extent was not fully in the view. I thought, “The cost of this work will exceed our entire budget for just the foundation!”

I see that in our present home the two car garage floor has been dug out and redone in a large square shape of new steel reinforced concrete – only a two foot wide border of the original concrete was left in place. The workers then push a large yellow-gold five point star part way into the center of this newly pour concrete floor center.

End of Dream

Comment: The five pointed star has an Eros ego color suggesting that the Eros ego has observed images in the 5th dimension and this new incarnated consciousness has imprinted its seal on this new concrete floor in our garage to support our everyday incarnated Logos ego functioning anew. Further, I am reminded of Max Zeller’s great dream of working on a pillar on a massive temple foundation which Jung described as being the foundation of the new religion. It seems, however, that my wife (the World Soul) is working on an expanded foundation; one that is bipolar.

In 1949, Zeller, who had spent time in a concentration camp and later became a Jungian analyst, told Jung this dream:

A temple of vast dimensions was in the process of being built. As far as I could see–ahead, behind, right and left–there were incredible numbers of people building on gigantic pillars. I, too, was building on a pillar. The whole building process was in its very first beginnings, but the foundation was already there, the rest of the building was starting to go up, and I and many others were working on it.

Jung said, “Ja, you know, that is the temple we all build on.
We don’t know the people because, believe me, they build in India and China and in Russia and all over the world.
That is the new religion. You know how long it will take until it is built?”
I said, “How should I know? Do you know?”
He said, “I know.”
I asked how long it will take.
He said, “About six hundred years.”
“Where do you know this from?” I asked.
He said, “From dreams. From other people’s dreams and from my own.
This new religion will come together as far as we can see.”
From The Dream: The Vision of the Night. edited by Janet Dallett. (1975)

I see a long narrow grate (a French drain) in the concrete surface by a large building. I am pulling up on the grate – it seems I want to go into the opening of the concrete underneath the grate.

I see a large concrete rectangular structure that seems to be for a two car garage. (A connection to the Y Y arrangement in a rectangle seen earlier in this post)

I see a view underneath a completed foundation – it has cement stairs. The foundation surface is circular and paved over.

I see a huge King Kong gorilla in the NW of a building.

I see a left profile view of a Doberman Pincher.

I see a home with a concrete foundation that is built out over the edge of the ocean.

All these views of the sturdy foundations have produced a sensation of well-being.

I see a Royal bath and on one side is a large square hot pool.

From his SW area I see a sitting large man in silhouette. He seems to have no neck – reminding me of how the head of a gorilla is closely coupled to its massive body. He has a butch haircut. Comment: A union of the unio mentalis with the union corporalis seems meant. One “body”, one mind.
Gorrila.jpg [ 7.39 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]

Return Of The Planet Of The Apes
In the darkness I see a black vertical two prong modern arrowhead whose sharp cutting edges appear “white” as if to indicate a connection to the V-shape and to yin > higher yang. Comment: When looking for an image I came across the following A-shaped Logo of a modern arrowhead – reminding me of the “AH” frame seen in my most recent post titled AH! I have seen modern hunting arrowheads hollowed out like this to reduce the weight of the arrowhead. A – is for a bipolar heart lancing Apocalypse.
Arrowhead_Logo.jpg [ 23.92 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]

I am having the impression, “Nature uses the illusion of LovE to promote the continuation and the evolution of species." Comment: Lo:vE (11:11) is differentiated to show that love is bipolar, i.e., Logos/Eros in its functioning.


PS I see in the news that another destructive coniunctio attack has occurred in Normandy, France as an 85-year-old Roman Catholic French priest was slain (his throat was slit) while in the midst of saying mass. His slayers then gave a sermon in Arabic from the altar. The “Return of the World Soul” continues to infest the human psyche with its inner imperative to mind-meld with Her in order to counter our Logos ego demonic tendencies that are being projected onto the outer situation. This incidence once again reminds me of Edinger’s dream (See Releasing The Dogs of ISIS – 14 March 2016) of being in a church when terrorists struck and he had to fall onto the communion host as if it were a fumbled football in order to prevent the host from being dissolved in the blood of the victims of the attack. Further, to Edinger’s comment in his book “Archetype of the Apocalypse” where he noted, “The world will either be united in a mutual mass destruction or in a mutual mass consciousness.”
French Priest.jpg
French Priest.jpg [ 38.13 KiB | Viewed 7163 times ]

During Mass ISIS Knifemen Forced French Priest To Kneel And Filmed Themselves Slitting His Throat In Horror Attack

Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:30 pm
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Post Mother Jones As Eye Of The Goddess
Thurs. 28 July 2016


My first cousin JS and I survive a massive layoff at the company we work for. He then approaches me with the news that he just found out he received a 9.3% pay raise. I was stunned because we hadn’t received any pay increases for years. Finding it hard to believe we go to the middle aged dark skin woman who is in charge of salaries. She confirms JS’s rate increase. When she checks mine it is even higher at 9.7%. Further, she says this kind of pay rate increase will be typical in the time ahead.

We then go our separate ways and as I walk along through the complex and pass a woman walking in the opposite direction they would reach out with their hand and touch me on the arm or shoulder in a gesture of warmth and regard. I could not understand why strangers would treat me like this.

End of Dream

Comment: Money in a dream represents psychic wealth (new consciousness). Touching me on the arm and shoulder suggests hands are connected to the realization of this wealth, i.e., they are the vehicles that produce consciousness using the material thrown up by the images and dreams from the World Soul. I then recall the rule of thumb about how long would it take to double your money at a given interest rate. The rule says that to find the number of years required to double your money at a given interest rate, you just divide the interest rate into 72 which would mean it would take less than eight years for the 9+% wage increases. Eight is an individuation number and seven is the number of the apocalypse.

I am suddenly recalling that in DOOM there is a red sphere surrounded by a blackened silver metal shrapnel design – a SIPHON grenade – which drains energy from its target and gives energy to the thrower. It reminds me of the buckyball surrounding a green sphere seen in The Illusion of Love. Psychologically it means this "Ra eye“ heart effect grenade weakens the old worldview while strengthening the new one.
Siphon Gernade.jpg
Siphon Gernade.jpg [ 27.06 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]


My father has come up with a system that detects if there is contaminated water in a home. He finds that there is such water in a home having a toxic chemical in it. The water coming into the house is fine but once there it becomes contaminated.

Then I see my older brother using his feet to smear a thick dark gray substance along the length of the floor as if a sidewalk in shape. He is trying to get rid of this toxic substance.

End of Dream

Comment: The “waters of salvation” are pure – but when they enter an impure setting they become contaminated. It’s as if the new worldview the unconscious brings from the water chakra is contaminated by the old worldview whose transformation is sought.

I see president Obama standing just outside of the window in a home. He sees the toxic stuff inside the home above and is trying to figure out how to deal with it.

I see a pair of scissors in a wide open V-shape next to the side of a huge index finger of a right hand as if trying to snip it as if it were cutting a ribbon that celebrates the Grand Opening of a place of business. Comment: This index finger has been connected to carrying a drop of baby urine (a color code connection to Eros ego consciousness) on its fingertip. Further, this fingertip has been seen anointing the foreheads of people as if it were administering ashes on Ash Wednesday – a connection to the prayer that says, “Remember man that thou art dust and into dust thou shalt return.” As I enter this I suddenly connect this dust to the toxic gray substance in the home in the dream shared just above. The toxic dust of one’s worldview seems meant. This reminds me of the dream Edinger reported in his book “Archetype of the Apocalypse” which involved a snake and peace dust.

I am looking at the city street space between two red brick buildings with white mortar in a city – standing on the roof of the shorter one. A cresting wave on the smooth surface of very deep water is seen flowing between the buildings. Comment: This “channeled” flow of water reminds me of that used in the Oregon University tsunami wave simulation experimental facility which predicts damage to buildings struck by such a wave. Further, it reminds me of the mega tsunami that struck Japan on 3/3/11 as it flowed between some buildings like this.

I see a man stacking large rectangular blue and white patterned boxes in the wide hallway of a large commercial building. The boxes immediately remind me of those used for containing Bicycle Cards which came up in The Ice Man Cometh – 26 March 2016. Such cards have been connected to gambling and to riding a bicycle – of being suspended between worlds in the unus mundus.

Then I hear, “Donald Trump.” Comment: He is a real estate mongrel whose “gambles” in that market place has had mixed results. He has accepted the nomination to be the presidential candidate for the Republican Party – and like this is connected to the quest for achieving an inner United State.

I see a lemon cake in the shape of a pie which appears and disappears in the darkness a few times.

I hear, “Mother Jones” and then I see a woman that is happily leading a wavy line of kids walking along on a city sidewalk. Comment: I asked my wife if she knew anything about “Mother Jones” and she said that she was about love and caring for others. I then responded that it seems the World Soul is identifying with Mother Jones but I believe love is being thought of as EVOL!

Mother Jones (abbreviated MoJo) is a politically progressive American magazine reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture.

In the darkness on the floor by a whitish wall I see single semi-transparent whitish teardrop shape as if a flame.

I hear a woman say, “A double come.” Sexual language is meant.

I see a droid floating along above the surface of the ground. A small yellowish object in the shape of a cylinder is hoovering next to the droid.

I see a woman that has been betrayed by her husband. She is having trouble moving on because of her grief.

I see the left side of a woman standing on a black rubber floor mat on a large yellow painted metal frame like that seen for large construction equipment. She is dressed in black tights and has her left leg angled out to the side.

Several people come “shooting” out of a doorway and fall onto an elevated metal ramp that has a metal guard rail. I have the impression that this is a staged event used to create a diversion form another event taking place.

I see the upper right side of a man from his NE area that is wearing a white hoody sweat shirt.

In a dark scene I see a man standing near the SE area of a park bench when suddenly all these white lights flicker into view from out of nowhere all around him – as if emanations from out of the hidden dimensions.

I see a woman washing dishes who just sat a shallow rectangular dish down onto the surface of a countertop. The dish had a pattern of small white circles on a background of blue – a polka dot pattern.

I am recalling Lollypop and how easily she adapted to another human that is now looking out for her.

I see what looks like a dark umbrella held in a horizontal manner – it is partially opened into a slender conical V-shape.

I see hands towel drying a desert plate and placing it into the cupboard of the home we are renting in Victoria BC.

I see a rectangular structure of cylindrical members forming an open “cage” structure. The members are united by blue spheres as if they are the atoms in the structure.

In the darkness suddenly a “circular” region of yellow-gold briefly appears.

I see fine water droplets spraying all over a large dark green bush in a landscape in a dark scene. The view expands, revealing a scene filled with spraying water droplets on a vegetative landscape. It’s highly aerated water.

I am recalling Edinger’s comment, “Consciousness is the agency for transformation in both humanity and the divine.”

I see a short middle aged white woman approaching my location. Her breasts are unusually large for her medium, trim, shapely body size. Her hair is black and full and worn pulled up from the neck. Her facial features remind me of those with Native American heritage. Her presence is reminding me of “opening the door” – as if she came through a portal from out of the unus mundus. Further, her shortness reminds me of that of Sister Killion who slapped me around in the first days of the first grade because I did not read up to her expectations – showing me like this the other face of love (EVOL).

Then where the above woman was I am now looking over at a flat area on a cliff top that is by water. A bluish-whitish medium hovers over its surface as if an energy field of ZPE. The above woman is this energy field seems meant.

In the darkness I see the white electric kitchen stove in the home we are renting in Victoria BC. Comment: I use the stove tops SW heating element to cook two eggs sunny side up. A sunny side up cooked egg has been used as an image for the head of the HermAphrodite as if to say that Sol is in front of the full moon, Luna – an image for Moon consciousness is meant.

I see a “quartet” of older men all dressed the same – wearing casual light blue shirts and light gray slacks. Quartet singers it seems.


I am doing a favor for a woman who is the mother of three young boys. They are at a child counseling center where I go to be with them. They are typical high energy boys and unruly as I find them in the waiting room jumping on furniture. I wait for the counselor to come out and invite me in for her assessment of the boys. But that never happens. Instead I finally open the door and enter a large room filled with blue cloth cut to be pieces in a pattern for a repeating production of a garment of some kind. White sewing thread is also noticed. An adjacent room is similarly cluttered. This place tailor fits its children with clothes (persona).

I use the bathroom and then finally approach some adult females with whom I hope to learn about the progress of the young boys. One of the women looks down at my crotch area and my eyes follow hers. I see that my pants are unzipped and that my penis is hanging out. I forgot to zip up my pants after going to the bathroom.

End of Dream

Comment: Urine has the color of the Eros ego – suggesting that the observations of all the new births the World Soul would like for our world has begun to manifest.

I see an old rusting white car mostly covered with loosely tossed clothes. I remove the clothes tidy up the area that has long been unused.

I am looking at a gray scene in which a huge gray woman is partially buried in the gray sand on a beach. Her black hair is done in a “crown” – pulled up around the top of her head. I immediately recall the movie scene in “The Planet of the Apes” in which the Statue of Liberty was seen partially buried in the sand of a shoreline. Comment: In that movie scene the male hero said of it, “God damn you! God damn you all to Hell!” (Destroyed the world with nuclear weapons) Psychologically, it means that an old worldview has been overcome by a new one brought on by a Ra effect. Comment: The other day I met a middle aged woman in Saxe Point Park who was practicing Tai-Chi. She wore a gold ring that had a two stones in a divided heart shape. The one on the right was dark pink or “reddish” while the one on the left was green. It reminded me of the hole in the heart colors seen in the Lantern of the Telesphorous. So, in this arrangement we have a green stone surrounded by a “ring” of gold metal on the feminine side of the heart chakra and a “reddish” stone surrounded by a similar gold “ring.” Suggesting that Eros Christ consciousness gives rise to Ra consciousness. I wonder if something in the course of her life caused a “hole in her heart” to develop. Further, the gold buckyball surrounding a green sphere takes on a more refined role as does the SIPHON grenade in DOOM since a buckyball surrounds the center of the heart charka. The colors remind me of those used in coloring Xmas. Interestingly an Xmas tree has the shape of a serrated stone carved spear point – as if it is a connection to the renewal of the Christian archetype. The “Ra” eyes are connected to the one-eyed Jacks and thus are a kind of bug eye “Eyes of Ra”. Finally, as I look at the following heart it reminds me of the head on a Mantis and of Sir Laurens van der Post's book “A Mantis Carol”. My favorite line from that book is what the African man told him, “'And always mantis would have a dream,' they told me in the desert, 'and the dream would show him what to do.’”
Ring Heart.jpg
Ring Heart.jpg [ 31.29 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]

Buckyballs.jpg [ 45.84 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]

Ra 2.jpg
Ra 2.jpg [ 26.71 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]

Xmas Tree.gif
Xmas Tree.gif [ 1.72 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]

The Eye of Ra is a being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra and a violent force that subdues his enemies. The Eye is an extension of Ra's power, equated with the disk of the sun, but it also behaves as an independent entity, which can be personified by a wide variety of Egyptian goddesses, including Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet, Wadjet, and Mut. The Eye goddess acts as mother, sibling, consort, and daughter of the sun god, Ra. She is his partner in the creative cycle in which he begets the renewed form of himself that is born at dawn.

In the darkness I see a glowing white thick metal pail filled with a glowing white medium as if molten metal.

I see a white luminous Hell Knight (a demon in DOOM that is huge and muscular with a short neck like a gorilla) in the darkness. His right arm is raised high such that his hand is in a 2D plane of plasma energy above him that is a mixture of yellow and red (lava colored). His stance reminds me of the Statue of Liberty. Hands as vehicles that produce consciousness seems meant.


I am spending the night in the home of a wealthy couple. The woman had just purchased an old electronic device that used AA batteries. I was helping her unpack it and get it running. She sat the box on the top of a modern white washing machine. I noticed that the box of batteries that came with the device were at least 20 years old and some were leaking a yellow-green acid liquid over the SE part of the washing machine. The acid spilled onto her new clothes she also purchased – ruining the yellow and white horizontal stripped shirt. When the device was activated it immediately went into creating a status record of itself which took over three hours. Strangely, I am dressed only in white underwear.

End of Dream


PS As I was preparing to submit this post I saw the following “Evil” Ra eyes in a Laughing/Smiley face image in the erupting volcano in Hawaii. When my wife saw it she said that it reminded her of something I said in 2007 (a comment made by the World Soul in a vision) – “Close Your Eyes And Wish Me Well For I Am Coming Out Of HELL.” In a 2012 dream a young women inquired, “What’s the importance of six?” – to which I responded, “It is an infernal number.” It’s a connection to the 1999 vision of seeing the “Gates of Hell” open and seeing spirit forms rising from the depths. I recall that I immediately said, “Who shall greet them that rise from out of Hell?” An astonished booming voice declared, “You shall greet them!” Paranormal Eye of Ra (eye of the goddess) DOOM phenomena it seems.

Infernal - Of or relating to a lower world of the dead; Of or relating to Hell.

Hell Happy Face.jpg
Hell Happy Face.jpg [ 47.44 KiB | Viewed 7148 times ]

Smiley Face
Mysterious 'Smiley Face' Appears in Hawaiian Volcano During Eruption

Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:09 pm
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Post Re: The New God-Image
Dream of today:

I'm in New York. I head to the statue of liberty. There remains only the base. The statue is in a cruise ship, docked not far from the base. I want to get on the boat to see the statue but I hesitate. I feel fear. If I remember correctly, the statue will be lend to France.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post Enlightening the World
Wed. 3 August 2016


I am with my wife in our home. She has invited a young man over and they visit in the living room while sitting on the couch next to each other. At first I think nothing of it but as the days go on this becomes a regular occurrence. Finally, I ask her if she is planning of leaving our marriage. She says something to the effect that this is not to be unexpected and that I will adjust. I was quite upset and became more upset when one evening my oldest daughter and another woman with her was in our living room with my wife and this young man.

The dream scene shifts and now I am making love with my wife as if in an unusual 69 position. I seem to be penetrating her chest (hole in the heart chakra) while at the same time fondling her clitoris with my right hand. The lovemaking sensations are as real as in real life. Suddenly I sense increasing pressure surrounding my penis that comes in a rhythmic manner suggesting that she is climaxing. I, however, do not experience a climax.

End of Dream

Comment: My real wife is not promiscuous so in the aftermath of the dream I realized that the inner feminine, the World Soul, is meant as she is promiscuous as She is “the lover of our souls!” – seeking psychological intimacy with our souls. The foreplay with the inner feminine required to produce a climax (of Her colorful psychophysical radiations) has taken 17 years as the onslaught of dreams and visions began in June 1999. The focus is on helping her climax and thus releasing her enlightening radiations – not on Gregory having a climax as well. As I was transcribing the above dream I suddenly flashed back to the little drawing I made of a 27 October 1999 vision of a purple penis shaped object passing through a narrows. This penis shaped object reminded me of the 10 September 2003 flood of visions while on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean while heading into the Saint Lawrence Seaway for the seaway shape reminded me of a vagina. A metaphor for the throat of the wormhole in the heart chakra is meant given the above dream.

10 September 2003 Vision while On the Atlantic Ocean off Canada

I journey into a very white tunnel with the World Soul (who appears totally covered in a whitish full length garment that also covers her head). I am feeling miserable in my physical body from the effects of a cold and a congested lung infection. The inner figures do not seem at all concerned about my personal state of affairs. They are just business as usual. Comment: Our cruise ship was approaching the Saint Lawrence Seaway at the time. It is a long channel as if a birth canal that narrows to a neck, its narrowest point, at Quebec, Canada where my 10th generation paternal grandfather immigrated from Lebourne, France in 1656. In this way it is like yang trying to find its way into yin so that the coniunctio of the divine couple can consummate the Holy Wedding. The unconscious “climaxes” with a “flood” of its imagery on 9-11-2003 when we reach Quebec as if to try to convey through the outer circumstance of geography the sexual union of the divine couple.
Penis Tunnel.jpg
Penis Tunnel.jpg [ 18.06 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

As I meditate and observe the blackness suddenly there begins to appear light from a small white circle at the edge of the peripheral vision of the left side of my left eye. This white light brightens the otherwise darkness.


I see what is immediately known to be an image of the energy of the Holy Spirit moving towards an artistic pancake shaped wood carving of the frontal view of a man as if dressed in much shaggy fur. Then a second source of energy – that from a man - is seen moving towards the wood carving. Together they penetrate the wood carving and somehow transform it.

End of Dream

I am recalling the connection of the journey of the sky god Ra to the feminine influence that occurs during the Night Sea Journey for in that part of its journey it is called “Eye of Ra” which is the “eye of the goddess.” Like this it seems the “Eye of Ra” is color code for effects imparted from the 1st and 3rd chakras – suggesting that new subtle body matter comes by observing with the lower sun (color code for Eros ego consciousness). Like this the old King is enhanced and becomes the New Red King at sunrise.

In the blackness I see a yellowish outline in the form of a heart shape whose center is mostly filled with a reddish glow. The “Eye of Ra” effect takes place in the heart chakra and like this the “knowing” of the New Red King manifests on its masculine side. Like this “thinking with the heart” is born. The further evolution in consciousness means being centered in the heart chakra. When Jung met with a Hopi elder in Taos, New Mexico in the 1920s he was surprised to learn that they “thought with their heart.”

Ochwiay Biano said, “See how cruel the whites look. Their lips are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by folds. Their eyes have a staring expression; they are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something; they are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want. We do not understand them. We think that they are mad (read: mentally ill).”

I asked him why he thought the whites were all mad. “They say that they think with their heads,” he replied. “Why of course. What do you think with?” I asked him in surprise.

“We think here,” he said, indicating his heart. C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p.247-248

I see the green barrel of a Gatling gun as if I am holding it (as I stand in the unus mundus, the intermediate realm). Comment: The Gatling gun was first used in warfare during the American Civil War (had six barrels using 58 caliber bullets). That Civil War was about preserving the union, preserving an inner United State psychologically is meant. Its green color suggests it will create a hole in the heart. I have colorized the following image to reflect the masculine principle, feminine principle and heart chakra colors. Notice that this weapon is in the intermediate realm (unus mundus) between the Wheels of Ezekiel. It is also a connection to “riding” a bicycle and learning how to become a "Hog Rider".
Gatling Gun Six Barrels.jpg
Gatling Gun Six Barrels.jpg [ 98.77 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

I see a narrow footpath cutting through an overgrowth of bushes on either side. Steam is rising from this scene.

I am looking down into a white toilet. Someone has used it as I see urine and floating turds. As I observe the toilet is flushed.

I hear Gracie (the lady we are renting from in Victoria BC) say, “We have sold our other home.” Comment: She has moved from an old worldview to a new more enlightened worldview.

In the darkness I see the top of a man’s left wrist area which has a circular arrangement of what looks like toothpicks sticking up vertically out of its flesh. Suddenly a flash as if from a flame occurs within that circle – burning away the toothpicks and making the skin black.

I see in the darkness a concrete wall having two side-by-side vertically oriented gold rings partially protruding out of it – as if they have been imprisoned in concrete. Comment: I later suddenly have the impression that on the other side of the wall these gold rings also partially protrude and support a “diamond body” – the gold buckyball surrounding a green or red spherical crystal. A birthstone ring for the ring finger on the right hand(s) on the HermAphrodite it seems. Further, I notice that an equal mixture of red (255,0,0) and green (0,255,0) produces yellow (255,255,0) as if their combined color is connected to arising from Eros ego consciousness which is supported by the yellow-gold rings.
Ring Birthstones.jpg
Ring Birthstones.jpg [ 42.83 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]


A man’s fingers have to be surgically trimmed in order for them to smoothly conform to the newly smoothed and asphalt paved shoulders of an asphalt (black) road. A few fingers on each hand had to be shortened and their tips then reattached.

End of Dream

Comment: Adding some finishing “touches” to Her imagery seems meant.

I see the left front hip area of a young slender woman wearing blue jeans.

In the darkness I see a pile of dark tree bark that is beginning to smoke and then a slight reddish glow is seen peeking through.

Mostly filling the darkness is a yellow-gold spherical region that exhibits a diffuse mist or “radiation” of that same color. It is surrounded by about 12 equally space lines of similar color as if hour markings on a clock face. Radiating effects from the lower sun or the solar plexus chakra which has 12 petals seems meant. Comment: In my youth I was punched in this region of the belly which caused a temporary difficulty in breathing – something known as “having the wind knocked out of you.” “Wind” of course reminds me of the Holy Spirit that moves about where it pleases as if it is the wind. But here I had the thought it was the feminine being released from its entrapment in matter. Eros Christ consciousness has enhanced Ra consciousness aka Logos Christ consciousness.
Glowburst.jpg [ 32.95 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

I am looking at where the ceiling intersects with a wall. A partial view of a shark swimming in water is seen in that exposed 90 degree vertex. Comment: A shark is a connection to one’s shadow for they are considered to be the scavengers (feed primarily on unwanted stuff) in the sea.

I see a backslash (/) that leans to the right in the NW of the view. Comment: I guess what will incarnate in the NW is “backlash”…


I am at a car wash and the manager tells me it costs $23 (2x3 seems meant or the bipolarity of the heart chakra). As I enter the line of cars suddenly my brakes fail and I slowly bump into the SE area of an old red Studebaker in front of me which bumps into the car in front of it and like this for one more car (three cars in front of me get bumped). The Studebaker pulls out of the line and drives away. The other cars that were in front of me have disappeared around the corner just up ahead as they continue to progress into the start of the car wash. Nobody was concerned about damage which must have been nonexistent as all went about their business.

End of Dream

Comment: In my youth I was very attracted to the 1959 bullet nose design of the Studebaker as it looked very futuristic. The bullet nose located in the intermediate space between the two front wheels is a connection to the Civil War Gatling gun on wheels seen earlier in this post.
1959 Studebaker Bullet Nose.jpg
1959 Studebaker Bullet Nose.jpg [ 55.16 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

I call my oldest daughter (who is estranged from us) and get her answering machine. I leave a short goodbye message as I am dying (not in reality). I tell her I love her and always will and hope the experiments she has chosen in life work out for her.

In the darkness I see an intricately designed candle holder. It is made from thick red fabric sewn together with heavy black thread. Its over all shape has many flexible legs as if they are tentacles on an octopus. The legs attach to a central short hollow cylindrical part also made from this fabric. I later wonder if it will hold a green candle which will produce a yellow teardrop shaped flame.

In the darkness of the NW I see a right profile view of a young white woman having shoulder length and straight black hair. She immediately reminds me of the woman cop who starred in the 2nd season of the TV miniseries “In The Line of Duty”. In her role she betrayed a witness in a witness protection program for money.

A man is watching a young boy and girl playing in a daylight scene. The girl suddenly calls out and the man goes to her and finds out that her left index fingertip is bleeding. The man leaves and goes about his business leaving me to deal with the situation.

I see a huge yellow-gold 3D capital letter A in the darkness on a stone block surface. A is for an Eros ego Apocalypse seems meant.

I see a mirroring of the love word which appears as LOVE | EVOL


I am with some few others in an underground bunker – a listening post - used to detect nuclear explosions anywhere on the planet. The instruments are so sensitive that vibrations of human activity can also be detected. Suddenly, something happened because all human activity ceased. Everything has become quiet and nobody on the surface responds to our communications. It is like everything has come to an end. A couple members of our team decide to go to the surface to check it out.

I am allowed to take a peek out of the portal at ground level where I see that it is night and that a strange purple mist as if radioactivity is hovering over the rubble of a city landscape. Then I see an ape enter a nearby open portal to a bunker and disappear inside.

End of Dream

Comment: The ceasing of all activity reminds me of the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” – something that came up in Understanding Weasel Wording – 2 May 2016. (The Earth stood still because all electrical power was lost at noon as a demonstration of the invading alien’s power; a connection to earth symbolizing the Logos ego whose Logos has been dimmed.) Purple has been connected to Holy Passion Week. At the beginning of this post purple was the color of the penis making love to the hole in the heart chakra of the World Soul who climaxed – apparently releasing a world-wide radioactive purple mist. Purple is the union of red and blue – of masculine and feminine principles.



PS I see that a new scapegoat (the people are mentally ill) is increasingly being used to dismiss radical Islamic terrorism.

New mantra to deny Islamic terror: 'Mental illness'

Immediately after the attack happened (that knifed to death an American woman and injured five others in Great Britain), British authorities said that the attacker had serious mental health issues and no link to terrorism. Now his neighbor has come forward and revealed that he had no mental health issues but a big interest in the Islamic State (ISIS). The British (and U.S.) authorities try to obscure the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists every time there is a jihad attack. They are doing everything they can to keep their people from getting the idea that there is a jihad threat at all. This is a grave disservice to Britons and Americans, and the ignorance and complacency this strategy fosters endanger us all.

PPS Fox, you have had other instances of a Statue of Liberty in your material. I recall that I amplified on one of them (see: World Soul As ‘Statue of Liberty’ – November 2013) using a vision image of my own in which a torch on a Statue of Liberty was radiating Avatar making colors. Notice that if you invert the Avatar colors you obtain “The Eye of Ra” colors which are also present in lava – something the DOOM 4 Hell Knight was seen holding his right hand up into the 2D layer of yellow and red plasma seen in my previous post in Mother Jones As Eye Of The Goddess. The Statue of Liberty of your dream resides on Ellis Island where all the legal immigrants pass through before entering the United States. "The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States in 1886 and now for some reason is being lent to France (lent to your psyche) in your dream. I see that in terms of the statue’s colors one could say that the statue is a Goddess that is in the role of “Enlightening the World” though Eros Christ consciousness as one undergoes a Night Sea Journey. Since the World Soul is Islamic in Her psychology and since She comes into the soul of the many you have the ongoing challenge to carry the message of this inner Holy Wedding Jihad like myself and many others who are trying to consciously carry Her purpose. Further, like this, we infected ones are all mentally ill. It all depends on whether or not this “calling” will be a constructive manifestation of Her purpose or a destructive one as seen in radical Islamic terrorism. We all struggle to suffer through the consequence of having been infected with the “Return of the World Soul” – and are asked to continue to do so as if so many beasts of burden who are challenged to consciously carry the message of Her coming. I guess that your fear is appropriate, as if you sense that the LOVE | EVOL worldview that She brings will be upsetting and destructive to that found in the collective.
Statue Of Liberty.jpg
Statue Of Liberty.jpg [ 33.59 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

Fox wrote:
I'm in New York. I head to the statue of liberty. There remains only the base. The statue is in a cruise ship, docked not far from the base. I want to get on the boat to see the statue but I hesitate. I feel fear. If I remember correctly, the statue will be lent to France.

Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:59 pm
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Post Re: Avatar making colors
THanks Gregory for your answer.

Dream of July 14 : I feel to be both at a cocktail party and my home because I am in my bed. Others are standing. I decided to talk about the importance of the blue color with a woman ( perhaps to seduce or impress her) My demonstration is totally improvised . I tell her about the movie Avatar. I notice that on my pillow is designed a goddess with blue skin . She may reflect a golden scepter . Maybe she wears gold on her. At the end of the dream, the woman's skin with whom I talk turned blue . it reminds me of the creatures of the movie Avatar.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:13 am
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Post I lovE You!
Tues. 9 August 2016

I am standing on a long, curving to the left, wide asphalt “sidewalk” next to the curb of an asphalt city street. It is covered by the shade of large trees that line the side of the road. It is raining and water is dripping off the tree canopy onto the sidewalk. The leaves appear to be turning as if from a lack of rain.

I see a woman in her 40’s who reminds me of my youngest daughter. I ask her if I should come in through the front door of the store she owns. She indicates “yes” but alerts me to not step in the poop droppings left by a dog on the white cement surface in front of the door. The droppings are peculiar as they each have the same pattern of a thin layer in the pattern of a red ring with six small red circles inside – as if they were “blasted” onto the surface as if so much 58 caliber “buckshot” fired from a Gatling gun. Comment: This reminds me of a 2011 vision of a Weiner dog whose belly had the shape of the barrels on a Gatling gun that was firing farts and turds from out of the unus mundus into spacetime as its belly bridged worlds. The animation along with the red poop suggests new subtle body matter for the new Red King aka the sky god Ra has incarnated (rising sun) from its Night Sea Journey where it was exposed to the Avatar making psychophysical radiation colors of the World Soul in Her Statue of Liberty form. A new version of Holy Communion is meant.
Poop Marks.jpg
Poop Marks.jpg [ 34.16 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

Bridge Weiner Animation.gif
Bridge Weiner Animation.gif [ 23.71 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

I see a mostly naked black man sitting in a lotus position in front of a gray weathered grass hut in a village of such structures. He wears wide yellow-gold plain ring bands around his wrists, neck and ankles. A large plain yellow-gold ring band stands upright in front of him which blocks out a view of his head. Strange, but his legs and torso appear reddish as if he is connected to being the new Red King.

I am about to leave a church but a woman needs to check my ID. I look into the inside pockets of my jacket and notice there is blood on it as if from my chest. From a pocket I managed to retrieve a small postage stamp sized painting of a NE view of my face when I was about 20 years of age. Comment: I was in my Junior year of college at this age – still licking my heart “wound” over the loss of my relationship with my high school sweetheart.

In a dark tunnel some ways away I see a standing right profile view of a large naked muscular human looking man. A white semi-transparent “shield” surrounds his otherwise dark body. The body shape reminds me of a DOOM Hell Knight. Strange, but the top of the head has a red color that seems like the fleshy part on the crown of a chicken as if a crown chakra of this color is meant. The head blends in with the torso like that on a gorilla. I immediately recall Abraxas as if this creature has taken on its attributes.

In the darkness in the distance of the NW I see a large white “coin” shaped stone object slowly rotating counter-clockwise while suspended above a larger dark flat circular surface. I immediately am reminded of how “power-ups” do this in the game of DOOM. They can grant Quad Damage, or Invincibility, or Regeneration, or Haste temporarily to the user.

I see an Xmas tree in silhouette in the NW that has behind it a dull circular white region as if yin > higher yang is meant. I immediately recall the serrated parabolic sculptured Xmas tree aka a spear point shared recently in Mother Jones As Eye Of The Goddess. Creating a hole in the heart leads to this increase in yang is meant. I recall that a parabola shape has been connected to a Parabola God which is also the end shape of the head on E.T.
Xmas NW.jpg
Xmas NW.jpg [ 19.46 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

In the darkness I see a white skull from mostly a top view but with a hint of the eye sockets visible. I seem to be lying on my back while this skull hovers above my belly or chest area. The viewing angle gives it a demonic appearance as if it is the skull of Baphomet – the Goat God.

I am involved in a project supporting a man who is in the process of building a luxury home. He has hired several teams of thermal analysts to perform detailed analysis of the infrared body temperature signature given off by his grown daughter. An analyst says his thermal model will have a grid of 10,000 lines in each direction in order to provide a detailed resolution of her radiance. Such a grid density would mean there will be one trillion cells in the grid.

I suddenly have the thought, “Three times is the charm” – which is immediately connected to the fact that I have been married twice in the outer situation and now apparently once in the inner situation.

I see the Lantern of the Telesphoros on a clock face in an orientation that indicates it is 6 o’clock.

In the darkness I see a steel cable which fills the view. It is in a helical wound shape with a couple of helical turns visible. I immediately recall “the simple device that saves the world” – a helical wound antenna. Further, as I type this in I also recall the “yin & yang” dance of circular polarized light. I guess the hexagon cross-section (1x7) is of interest. This helical cable has also been seen in the heart chakra as shown in the Heart Light image which came up in On Becoming A Heart-Throb – February 2016.
Cable Designs.jpg
Cable Designs.jpg [ 74.76 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

Any flaws in the wires making up a steel cable are compensated as the other wires easily take up the load. Friction between the individual wires and strands, as a consequence of their twist, further compensates for any flaws.

Heart Light.jpg
Heart Light.jpg [ 54.07 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

Turn On Your HeartLight
In the darkness I see an Imp (the first Hell monster encountered in DOOM) that has its back to me while looking at me over the top of its left shoulder. It seems to be holding a vertical gold “staff” in its right hand in front of its right side. In DOOM the palm of that hand can generate fireballs consisting of red and white light at the player which causes health damage to the player. This fireball is being connected to a gold staff – suggesting that beta and gamma radiations are beneficial to the opus.

I see a top view of a right hand whose fingers are partially hidden in a flames and which has below the hand a sea of lava colored fire. The hand of an Imp is being connected to a human hand as if the human hand can dispense Hell-Fire. Hands as vehicles that produce consciousness seems meant.

In a black and white close-up view I see a pair of hands as if “wringing” each other. Then I see a closed right hand as if my own that is extended out and below it a moving blurry surface is seen passing underneath. I flashback to the image of Superman flying like this with his right hand closed and held out in front.
Superman.jpg [ 54.21 KiB | Viewed 7086 times ]

I see a dark surface that is partially covered with condensate that one may see on a bathroom surface when one takes a shower.

Suddenly there appears a desolate darkened landscape which issues from out of the dark earth a column of black smoke having red glowing peeking out from its center – as if a volcanic eruption or Hell-Fire from the underworld.


I meet a middle aged man named Steven. Then I meet his father who resembles me at my age. I have the impression that they are into psychology which he confirms. I learn that Steven has accomplished the first and most unique thing – he has integrated his heart chakra.

It then became my quest to figure out what it was that produced Steven’s accomplishment. While searching for that answer I suddenly had to urinate. I did so standing on the top of an old outdoor shed that had a black roof. I did not realize that the “flow” was obstructed by my pants and so some got on me. But it felt so good to relieve myself it was like being in ecstasy.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of this dream I suddenly recalled that yesterday I had experienced a mini life review of some of the heartbreaking events I suffered through starting with my high school sweetheart, then the divorce process from my first marriage. I realized that the high school sweetheart event “hole in the heart” chakra put me on the path of being a spiritual “seeker.” This became more amplified with the divorce. Then on 14 August 2016 I met a man in a local breakfast place (John’s Place – as if “Dear John” heart break letter connection is meant) visiting from Florida. The wonderful energy that flowed from his being touched me and I wondered if he was a psychologist. I later found out that he had a life changing event that involved his son who lost his right leg to bone cancer. He said he bargained with God that if his son’s life was spared he would change his ways (get his head screwed on better). Interestingly, his last name is Kaplan which reminded me of Remo’s Kappa synchronicity which led him to further insights about the negative energy of physics on a psychophysical level. Further, this man Kaplan is the CEO of his sportswear company called Ksport. It seems Gregory has had his version of the Kappa synchronicity. Kappa is connected to negative energy or that produced by Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

Kappa is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet, has the numerical value 20 and comes from the Phoenician expression for "." (point). Number 11 I knew further as the symbol of the union of yin and yang, i.e., the Tao, in Taoism. A circle around the empty center represents in general the most original God-image we know. Kappa is a symbol for negative energy.


I am dreaming when suddenly I have the sensation of a strong cramp in the calf of my left leg. I try to massage the rock hard muscles and while doing so I wake up with the literal physical sensation of a strong cramp in the calf of my left leg and reached to massage the discomfort but it quickly passed.

End of Dream


It is night and I am headed back home – walking along to where I was born and raised. My consulting job did not require me so much anymore so I took the free time to make this trip. I enter a large place of business – a bar and restaurant complex. I learn that my parents put their home up for sale the day before I arrived and a day later someone had purchased their home. I immediately thought that they must have priced the home too low for it to have sold so quickly for $321,000. The next day I drive past their home (it was not the home I literally knew, but a “dream” home) and see it has a huge backyard and front yard of tall green-yellow grass with no trees. It seemed that the home was out in the middle of the Great Plains of the USA. There are some minor repairs required as part of the sale agreement.

I then go to a place in town where I see in an outdoor setting that many companies have set up displays for different kinds of food. People are raving about what they called “fluffy” – folded chicken skin on half of a hamburger bun that is covered with a creamy orange sauce. It did not look very appetizing to me.

End of Dream

Comment: The color of the grass that surrounded this home indicates it is centered in Eros Christ consciousness. The “fluffy” sandwich reminded me of how a “Sloppy Joe” is prepared using ground hamburger meat cooked in a red sauce. A hamburger in a bun has had that meat connected to being a pound of flesh taken from the heart to pay a debt. Now a pound of chicken skin (from Abaraxs – or Her “skin in the game” where skin equals soul) is used to indicated how that debt is paid. The debt is thus revealed to be “an evolution in consciousness.”


I see a man sitting in a car that has a vertical pipe underneath the bottom center of the car (as if the car is in a garage being serviced on its hoist like they do when performing an oil change). All is in one cyan color. He is being cleansed of some problem.

End of Dream

In the midst of some boulders I see a Pinky (a DOOM demon that is pink and likes to head-butt its enemies – with its knowing psychologically understood) that is glowing with an AVATAR color in the midst of a white radiation. Comment: Pink is the color of the coniunctio in my visions.

I see the sharpened tip of a yellow wood pencil that points to the West along the west side while the other end is towards the East.


My wife comes up to me and gives me a peck on my left cheek while saying, “I love you!” It woke me up.

End of Dream

Comment: My inner wife, the World Soul, is meant. She gives inner lovE and that will “wake you up!” when you smell that coffee. This reminds me of the words in the first prophecy I ever spoke during a Charismatic Prayer Meeting in early 1977, “I am the Lord your God and I love you very much!” And what an enduring lovE that has been during these almost 40 years since.


Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:48 am
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Post A Special Nighttime College
Sat. 20 August 2016

I walk in darkness along a dark stone path and as I approach the stone stairs that lead down below I see that a couple of long heavily laden branches from an apple tree block the way. A prestigious number of apples whose skin has a motely pattern of green and red cling to the limbs. Comment: The skin on an apple surrounds the white “enlightening” soul matter within. The skin emphasizes green (vegetative) sensation and red which has a lot to do with feeling. That I encounter these apples in the dark indicates that introverted sensation and feeling functions are involved in gaining access to new consciousness (it’s a body-centered approach to enlightenment). Further, it has been noted in Enlightening the World – 3 August 2016 that an equal mixture of green and red produces yellow which has been connected to Eros consciousness which involves diming the Logos. In other words, one can mind-meld with the Eros Self by introverting sensation and feeling functions while diming the Logos and like this eat of the inner white contents of the apple, the soul of the Eros Self. There is more information packed in these colors for in previous visions it has been noted that a green apple is connected to a Granny Smith (VNS connection) variety and a red apple to the Red Delicious (CNS connection) and they reside on either end of the wormhole in the heart chakra as shown in the image of the Lantern of the Telesphoros as if to show the bipolarity of the Self in the heart chakra. Their union produces the Golden Delicious (came up in ’Evil’ Is Winning – 15 May 2016)) which resides in the intermediate realm between them which confirms that one is involved with the Eros Self in the unus mundus where all the opposites are united as one.
Green Red Apples.JPG
Green Red Apples.JPG [ 46.31 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

Apple Three.jpg
Apple Three.jpg [ 24.1 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

Lantern Telesphoros.jpg
Lantern Telesphoros.jpg [ 48.45 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

Then I see in the darkness a hiking boot that has a glowing white pattern of different sized squares that cover its surface – each separated by black lines. It appeared like that shown in the following image except the white areas were different sized squares. The journey into the unus mundus produced enlightenment that has impacted the conscious standpoint.
Boot White Squares.jpg
Boot White Squares.jpg [ 30.92 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

I see a white flat surface that mostly fills the blackness. There are various colored lines as if outlines for troop battle formations and encampments. Comment: This configuration reminds me of images I have seen of the battle campaigns in American Civil War maps.

I see a close-up view of an evergreen bush like we have by the SW corner area of our home. The branches are surrounded by a light tan substance while the ends of the branches have the green pine needle bottle brush configuration of needles. The tan substance reminds me of turds that have melded together. Comment: This images suggests that the births of the World Soul come from the VNS and reminds me of the following image from C.W. Leadbeater’s 1927 book on “The Chakras”. Further, the way the limbs were covered reminds me of how a corndog looks.
Seven Chakras sm.jpg
Seven Chakras sm.jpg [ 91.22 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

I see an old white painted wood sign that has a long rectangular shape that is supported by a large boulder sized stone behind its long axis along the ground. Some red text is in its NW area and I am able to read one word which says, “BUY”. Comment: Pay the price for earning your philosopher’s stone seems meant. A rectangular shape has been connected to the monk spot of the Eros Self.

I hear, “A special nighttime college. Working together at any time.”

I see more rectangular wood signs in the darkness. One painted blue stands out that is in the NW of the view.

In the darkness I am looking into the open square white Styrofoam food takeout container I hold in my left hand that is about 90% heaping filled with a mound of dark food. Only a narrow band along the NW-NE end of the container is empty. Comment: That the food is in a light weight Styrofoam container indicates this is food for the subtle body. Dark food in a white container suggests yin > higher yang.

In the darkness I see the top portion of a white page having black text (giving it a rectangular shape). I have the impression “yin > higher yang” is meant. Comment: This portion of the newspaper mirrors the empty portion of the above Styrofoam container. A lot more yin is in need of reaching higher yang.

I see a worn, weathered length of a thick piece of wood that is mostly buried as if it is being used as a railroad tie. Comment: A railroad tie is 9 inches wide 7 inches high and 8 feet long – another rectangular shape – connecting it to the wood signs previously seen. Railroad tracks have been connected to the Auschwitz death camps and thus to “death trains” that carried the people.

A woman is seen pointing with a long wood rod in her right hand at a large wide black TV screen as she stands lecturing behind a long white rectangular sign with black text just in front of her.

I am looking through an opening in dense vegetation where across the river I see a 1900 vintage darkred stone home having a black roof that is on a slight hill near the other side of the river.

In the darkness in the due North I see a small cylindrical cyan-white glowing object lying on the dark surface.

I see a middle aged man and woman walk up to a modern storefront having a glass door combined with floor-to-ceiling glass windows on either side. She knocks on the glass door a few times as if seeking entry.

In the darkness I see a narrow vertical rectangular display of illuminated horizontal lines on a black background. An index finger is seen dragging its tip along the West side of the display from its North end. It stops half way down.

I am in the bottom floor of a multistory parking structure.

In the blackness I see a horizontal white rectangle.

In the darkness I see a woman dressed in black with head covered. She walks through a woods and by its edge she stops by the side of an old dark cement wall about three feet tall. On the other side of the wall is a river right next to it.

I am experiencing the sensation of warmth in my chest area.

I suddenly have the impression that LOVE : EVOL mirroring is another example of the bipolarity of the Self as is the numerical “phone home” conundrum 11:11.

Then I see the face of E.T. – having that flat oval shape with a “rectangular” middle part. The parabolic ends on the right and the left sides is also of interest for they identify the “football” shaped face as the Parabola God. The symmetric mirroring of the parabolas is also an indication of the bipolarity of the Self – having left brain (Logos) and right brain (Eros) functioning.
E.T..jpg [ 31.31 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

I am recalling the green with yellow brass trim footlocker in which I kept the love letters from my high school sweetheart. I now notice that the colors of that footlocker are color code connected to Eros Christ consciousness. This reminds me of the fact that “falling in love” is a temporary manifestation of living in an Eros ego altered stated of consciousness. Interestingly, a yellow brass key would open the lock – a connection to the colors of being in the Eros ego. Her letters would be a connection to receiving messages from the VNS or the Xmas tree key shape that looks like a serrated spear point whose tip is red because it is the “blood” (feeling) created by the messages that pierced my heart.
Footlocker.jpg [ 24.99 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]


I am interacting with a man named Steve. He was willing to kill off all humans around him in order to have a relationship with my wife. I was trying to reason with him that he just can’t take over everything like that. But he could not really go there. After a long struggle I see that he has become more docile as if he finally integrated something.

End of Dream

Comment: I guess this is the Steven part of myself that came up in the dream in I lovE You! – which indicated that he had integrated his heart chakra.

I see the underside of a yellow flower with a long green stem lying on an outdoor whitish hand hewn stone surface having three steps. It lays on the top landing that is part of a long wide foot path as if someplace in ancient Greece.

In the darkness I see a white index finger of a right hand sticking up through the black mist as if it is “the fickle finger of fate.” Comment: In reality I have contracted a mild intestinal flu resulting in diarrhea. Previously, such a fingertip was seen with a small teardrop of baby urine on it. But now “all Hell has broken loose” seems to be the message.


I am attending a high school at my present age. I have a face-to-face meeting with a small nun, a Sister of Mercy, (reminds me of Sister Killion who slapped me around because I did not read up to her expectations) as we sit in study desks. Suddenly, she gets up and disappears. Later she returns. I immediately wonder if she has diarrhea.

Later, in similar manner, I meet with Fr. Heyer (the high school principle). He complains of having diarrhea. Suddenly he leaves. I was there to be reprimanded for doing something the nuns did not approve of.

End of Dream

Comment: Lots of new births taking place.

I see a cinnabar colored head on a match stick that is angled downwards at 45 degrees.

I see Superwoman doing somersaults as she flips along down the side of a white stone wall along the west side in a room below. I observe from the SE area.


RM and I are walking towards my parent’s home. My mother has passed away a few years ago. When we reach the house I go in but RM continues on his way. I find to homeless young families have occupied the home. I don’t even have to ask them to leave as they seem to slowly begin getting ready to leave. They have a pet goat.

End of Dream

In the darkness in the NW of the view I see a massive built human form whose huge chest glows a dark cyan color. This hominid seemed to have just “spawned” in that location. It reminds me of how demons in the game DOOM spawn from out of a red flash of light on a surface. It also reminds me of how the Terminator incarnated into our world in a ring of fire. Comment: In I lovE You! a dream showed a cyan colored man in a cyan colored car. He was being cleansed.

It is dark and I am journeying ever downward just above a dirt pathway that is in a barren landscape devoid of color and vegetation – as if descending into a dark pit of “hell.” As I meditate this journey continues non-stop for about 20 minutes when I decide to end the meditation.


PS I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the periodic bounce universe theory which says that the universe has always existed but it undergoes cyclic contraction and expansion (which reminds me of a beating heart). In my visions this cyclic expansion and contraction seems to correspond to the following jet exhaust plume image which came up in The Lo:vE (11:11) ‘Heart Beat’ Conundrum – 12 September 2015. Our portion of that universe is within one of the diamond pattern shapes. Our local part of this long cyclic pattern is known to be 13.8 billon years old – suggesting that the sum total age of the universe is unknowable.
Jet Engine Exhaust Plume.jpeg
Jet Engine Exhaust Plume.jpeg [ 43.2 KiB | Viewed 7050 times ]

http://www.startalkradio.net/show/cosmi ... ultiverse/

Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:27 pm
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Post What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought
Wrought – beaten out or shaped by hammering.

Fri. 26 August 2016

I hear, “Talk with Susan B. I will get the gentleman to walk into it.”

I see four short gray standing legs whose knee area is obscured by a black rectangle. The animal I “know” to be a rhino. Comment: A rectangle has been connected to being the monk spot on the World Soul. In Towards Potential Being Becoming Actual Being – 3 July 2015 the medicinal potency of a rhino horn was connected to integrating Eros Christ consciousness. It was noted that in traditional Chinese medicine rhino horn powder when added to boiling water could cure snakebites and “devil possession.” Also, that the demand for rhino horns have pushed their price up to $300,000 per horn. It seems the cost per horn in psychic energy to deal with the psychic infestation “devil possession” by the Holy Spirit is meant.

Then I seem to be looking through a hazy window. Along its top area is a Blood Moon colored rectangle and below it the hazy window is completely Blood Moon colored.
Window Blood Moon.jpg
Window Blood Moon.jpg [ 21.55 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

I see a Blood Moon rectangle again and it is curved up at one end leaving me with the impression that it is a toboggan. Comment: A toboggan is used to ride on snow. Snow is a union of the opposites for it consists of frozen water in which exists trapped air bubbles. Her monk spot naturally creates snow seems meant.

The view is filled with a vertical white cloud bank. Suddenly, a heart shape opening appears in its center. This reveals a moving scene of old buildings having long and high flights of stone stairs that lead up to their entrance. The scene moves from right to left. Comment: Climbing stairs is a metaphor for ascending to higher consciousness.

I see a middle aged woman dressed in a full length garment with head covering sitting on a stone bench or altar in a pillar supported temple (like an acropolis) over in the NW area of the view. Suddenly, there appears next to her left side a DOOM demon called a Summoner. The woman fights briefly with this demon and quickly throws it out of temple. Comment: Throwing it into the NW – the place of incarnation in my visions. A vast “demonic” psychic infestation seems meant. Comment: This reminds me of a 1999 vision in which the “Gates of Hell” were opened and I soon learned that “I was to greet them, those that rose up from out of Hell.”
SUMMONER_2.jpg [ 30.47 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

The Summoner is a cunning adversary. When a demon-horde swarms the individual that has approached Hell, the Summoner sustains the battle by opening a rift to Hell and calls forth reinforcements. To prevent being overrun by the relentless horde, the Summoner should become a primary target in any battle strategy.

When directly challenged in combat, the Summoner is capable of channelling Hell energy into a powerful reddish wave. Although this wave kills most humans, an occasional victim will be transformed into The Possessed.

Surviving a wave attack is extremely unlikely and does not appear to be random. There is evidence that the Summoner selects the most resilient of combatants for induction to the army of Hell.

I see an open can of vegetables. Looking down at it in a 45 degree angle I see that it is filled with cut green beans and yellow corn kernels. Strange, but the cylindrical surface of the can is transparent as if made from glass or plastic. The colors indicate nourishment for Eros Christ consciousness.

Filling the view is a frontal view of the head of what seems to be a large insect or is it a new Hell demon. A tiny man jumps up onto the top of the right eyeball that is suspended on a cylindrical stem from the surface of its face. A curved line of small yellow-gold spheres, all the same diameter, appears next to the man as he stands on the eye. The view changes and now I see the right side of the flat head on this insect or demon as if I am that little man standing on the top of its eye while looking in this direction. A tight spiral pattern of yellow-gold spheres is seen and surrounding those spheres is a continuation of that tight spiral pattern but now made of green spheres.

I see a pattern of green and red on the skin of an apple.

Then I see a rather top view of the flowering end of a Golden Delicious apple whose top center is mostly covered in red. I immediately recall the eye of Ra for it has this kind of color pattern. On rendering the following image it reminded me of how the sweet red pepper sticks out of the end of a stuffed olive (olive color is a mixture of green and yellow). Comment: The idea seems to be that new subtle body matter issues from out of the flowering end of this spindle torus apple.
Apple Stuffed.jpg
Apple Stuffed.jpg [ 31.62 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

I see a young woman with her mother. The young woman approaches me and stands next to my right side while placing her left arm around the backside of my hips and holds me close.

Something has hit me and I explode into pieces.

On a white background I see a lady bug in the NW of the view.

I see a wood mallet like a judge uses. The hammering portion is glowing white. It is being swung downwards as if a verdict has been issued.

I am looking up into a large mechanical device that is green in places.

I see a man holding a red and white helical spiral candy cane in his right hand. Comment: A crutch to help one with their standpoint seems meant.

In the darkness I am looking down at a large plain gold crucifix lying in a black net of square shapes. I immediately recall Jung’s dream of him falling into a gold net and a voice saying, “Do not be afraid for you are protected.”

I see a horizontal flat dark iron metal surface over on the left side in the view and on it is a little doll like figure – a Doomguy collectible like that seen in the game of DOOM. Finding the secret location of these “dolls” can increase one’s protective suit - a subtle body enhancement seems meant.
Doom Collectible.jpg
Doom Collectible.jpg [ 49.15 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

I am looking up at a massive dark iron girder that has a gold rectangle adhering to its surface. The girder reminds me of that seen used in old style railroad bridges.

I see a pear having a motely green with red skin. It is invisibly horizontally suspended and rotating about its long axis over on the left side in the view. It’s another fruit that can be found in the Garden of Eden. I see that it has a slightly asymmetrical elongated spindle torus shape.
Pear.jpg [ 35.95 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

Now I see the flower end of a pear that has yellow filling in the center area and red otherwise – like that seen along the right side in the above image. This pear has four colors: red, green, yellow and white – suggesting that eating of its enlightening whiteness requires introverted feeling, sensation and intuition comes to mind as I prepare this post.


My high school sweetheart has Raynadu’s disease.

End of Dream

Comment: My present wife suffers from this disease as she ages. Her hands and toes are affected. The ends of the fingers become white due to a lack of blood flow. Wearing gloves is one way to avoid tissue and nerve damage.
Raynauds.jpg [ 26.53 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

In medicine, Raynaud's disease or Raynaud's phenomenon is excessively reduced blood flow in response to cold or emotional stress, causing discoloration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally other areas. The phenomenon is believed to be the result of vasospasms (constriction of blood vessels) that decrease blood supply to the respective regions.

In the darkness in the due North of the view I see the tip of an arrowhead whose face is green and whose sharp edges are yellow. It’s another V-shaped image for what it means to enter into Eros Christ consciousness and reminds me of the tip on a clock hand as if a connection to the DOOMsday Hour.
Arrowhead.jpg [ 20.21 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

The entire view is filled with a flat gray surface at a 45 degree angle that is at least half filled with small yellow filled oval shapes.

I hear Her say, “You don’t know what you have.”

Then I experience the sensation of increasing warmth in the heart chakra.

I see a close-up view of the left side of the head of a middle aged blond woman that looks like Hillary Clinton (The Great Whore of Babylon in my visions). The focus is on her deformed left ear which sticks out above the hair that is combed to allow its appearance. The trailing end of the ear has a partial heart shape in appearance as if lovE is meant. This reminds me of the biblical teaching that conveys “it is through the hearing of the word of God that we are born again.”
Ear Heart Shaped.jpg
Ear Heart Shaped.jpg [ 35.19 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]


I am sitting in the SE area of a large round table with about 10 others. To my right about three adults away sits my aunt Alma at the NE area of the table who appears as a lovely middle aged woman. I move my location and sit in front of her as she rotates her seating to face me. Strange but my left hand rest underneath her dress in the crotch area. I address her saying, “I hear that many are saying that you will live to 100 and even beyond.” She smiles at me and says, “Oh, I don’t think so” but her daughter Judy is seen seated by her right side (at the due North or DOOMsday Hour) nodding her head in a “yes” gesture. I reply, “Well, your mother lived to be 94 so it is possible.” I then see that my deceased father (deceased at 92), as he was in his seventies (my present age), appears over the top of her left shoulder behind her. My aunt speaks saying, “I had a dream…” which is never mentioned and I am left hanging in the air as I wanted to hear it. I wanted to hear it so intensely that it woke me up from the dream instead.

End of Dream

Comment: A family reunion is taking place – a sign of increasing wholeness in Gregory. My aunt (presently 97 years old) seems to be an aspect of the World Soul who dreams about the future evolution of humanity. She is the last and youngest of my father’s siblings to still be alive. She is a petite Frenchwoman whose stature reminds me of that of Sister Killion who slapped be around in the first days of the first grade because I could not read to her expectations. Further, I am reminded that the World Soul told me years ago in a vision that I would live until 2040 or to when I would be 100 years old.

Then I see an artistic capital letter L shape done in stainless steel on a dark wall in the NW of the view that is angled such that it looks like the minute and hour hands on a clock that read 7:00 o’clock. Comment: L – is for outer Love, indicating that incarnated lovE is meant.

I am looking down at the top of a right hand holding a metal object that reminds me of the end of an air hose one uses to inflate a car tire (a ring torus). The index finger is pushing down on this object and it issues a turbulent stream of aerated water that shoots down into the darkness below.


I am involved in an interview when I see Cozy (my deceased black and white King Charles spaniel). I motion to her to jump up and sit next to me. But she does not do so – and at this point I suddenly realize I am dreaming.

End of Dream

I am looking into the open top of a 50 gallon green barrel while noticing many cigarette butts lying snuffed out around its base.

In the blackness I see a huge pair of steel scissors.

I hear, “What are you trying to do, fill that church with all those people?”


PS A few days ago I happened to come across the 13 predictions cited in the following article by the blind European mystic Baba Vanga (1911-1996; See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Vanga). They strike me as being very accurate, especially when understood on the inner level from the point of view of Jungian psychology. I make a cryptic attempt to understand them in my added comments. The predictions seem to be a prescription for the process of individuation that mirrors many aspects of what I have seen in my own process. As a clairvoyant, and herbalist, she spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains of Bulgaria. Millions of people around the world were convinced that she possessed paranormal abilities.
Baba Vanga.jpg
Baba Vanga.jpg [ 48.43 KiB | Viewed 7020 times ]

Mystic Baba Vanga’s World Predictions

Born as Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, in Strumica, Macedonia (then in the Ottoman Empire), Baba Vanga, mysteriously lost her eyesight when she was 12, during a massive storm. She went missing for a few days, and it is during one of these days, that she had her first vision. Baba Vanga rose to popularity as she started to make predictions, and developed a healing touch, during World War II. Several dignitaries visited the mystic during the years that she was active, including the Bulgarian tsar, Boris III. Before she died in 1996 from breast cancer, she had said that her gift would be passed on to a blind 10 year old girl, living in France, who will then take on from her. Her house has since been converted into a museum.

Here are 13 predictions that the Blind Baba made for 2016 and beyond:

1: Barack Obama will be the last president of the US: Baba Vanga had predicted that the 44th US president would be an African American, but she had also added that he would be the last one [GJS: The last black president? (We all have to become our own highest ruling ego authority over the nation within.) Reminds me of the prediction of Pope Francis being “The Last Pope” (We are all to become our own highest inner religious authority – achievable by forging a relationship with the World Soul.) as noted in ‘The End of the World’ As We Know It? – 12 June 2015]. According to her, he would leave office at a time when the country would be in [GJS: psychic] economic ruins, and there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states – as was the case during the American Civil War. [GJS: The USA is as polarized as I have ever seen it in my lifetime. The union of the opposites, of the Red and Blue states, loom once again in the hope of realizing an inner United State – a Superman demanding effort.]

2: Europe will cease to exist: According to Baba Vanga, the continent will cease to exist by 2016, and all that would remain will be empty spaces and wasteland, nearly devoid of any form of life. [GJS: This reminds me of Jung’s death-bed dream/vision in which he saw vast swaths of the Earth destroyed – something that he suggested would take place in about 50 years or in 2011.] She is reported to have said that chemical weapons would be used by extremists against Europe. [GJS: On the inner level alchemy and its process for transformation is all about chemistry – as a weapon for creating higher consciousness on the inner level.]

3: Muslims will invade Europe: The blind mystic had also predicted that Muslims will invade Europe, and there will be widespread destruction by extremists, which will go on for many years, until the continent ceases to exist. She had also predicted that a Great Muslim War will begin in Syria. [GJS: On the inner level it is the Muslim World Soul that wages Jihad in humanity through infection with Her Holy Spirit.]

4: China will become the new super power: As per her predictions, China is set to become the new superpower in 2018, bringing an end to the United States and its economy. According to her, the exploiters (the developed nations) will become the exploited (the third world). In 2011, the International Monetary Fund had also predicted that China’s economy will overtake that of the US in 2016, emerging as the new superpower. [GJS: In the economy of the psyche the World Soul, the Chinese woman in Wolfgang Pauli’s dreams and visions, is the new psychic economic power on the inner level which is in accordance with the title of Remo’s book “The Return of the World Soul.”]

5: Hunger eradication: Baba Vanga has predicted that hunger will get eradicated sometime between 2025 and 2028. [GJS: Inner hunger for something greater than oneself will be satisfied with “The Return of the World Soul.”]

6: On Venus: Humans will travel to Venus, according to the Baba, in search of new energy sources. They might even set up a colony there. [GJS: The goddess Venus as an image for the World Soul will be visited by humanity and in this way get in touch with new sources of enlightenment.]

7: Rome as the capital of the Islamic caliphate: Islam will finish invading the whole of Europe by 2043, and Rome will be the capital of the new caliphate. [GJS: In my visions a massive meteor impacting Rome was seen. The World Soul is Muslim in Her psychology.]

8: Ice caps melting: According to the Baba, ice caps will melt by 2045. The rate at which the ice caps are melting already due to global warming, does seem to suggest the same. [GJS: Ice is a connection to Logos ego functioning. That its hardness softens suggest the presence of Eros ego functioning.]

9: Cloning of organs: As per Baba Vanga’s predictions, body organs will be cloned in 2046, and that would be the easiest method of treatment. [GJS: The building up of the subtle body would be an inner aspect of this prediction.]

10: US attacking Muslim dominated Europe: By 2066, the US will attack Muslim dominated Europe using a climate change weapon, and will try to retake Rome and bring back Christianity. [GJS: Logos ego functioning is hard to keep in check. A mini Ice Age will return.]

11: The return of Communism: By 2076, communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world. [GJS: Eros ego consciousness eventually wins. In my visions Communism is noted to be “not Love” – but apparently it is lovE.]

12: Underwater Civilizations: By 2130, civilizations will learn how to live under water, with the help of aliens. [GJS: The alienated World Soul entices civilizations to live out of the water chakra.]

The death of the Earth: By 3797, everything on Earth will cease to exist. However, humans will be advanced enough to move to a new star system. [GJS: The old worldview will cease to exist by 3797 (or in about 1,780 years from now – reminding me of Jung’s comment that it would take about 600 years to build the new temple, i.e., to transform the human psyche into a new worldview. Human beings becoming new stars - a metaphor for humans becoming stars, i.e., emitters of light (consciousness) of a new worldview. A star announces the birth of an outstanding personality as instanced in the Bible where the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Christ to the three wise men. In many civilizations you meet the idea that the human soul was a star before birth and becomes one again after death – MLvF on the Dreams and Visions of Nickolas von Flue.]

PPS Turning on his Heart Light Trump heads to Mexico. Note: The Mexican flag consists of three vertical bands of different colors - red, white, green. White seems to be to be the excluded third (enlightenment) and reminds me of the Lantern of the Telesphoros with the red and green wormhole colored ends in the heart chakra - suggesting that an enlightened heart is the excluded third.
Heart Light Trump.jpg
Heart Light Trump.jpg [ 63.8 KiB | Viewed 7013 times ]

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Fri. 2 Sept. 2016


JP and I are in a line to catch a bus to go home. Our wives are around somewhere and they were supposed to catch the bus with us. JP becomes disoriented and figures we are in the wrong line and heads off in the opposite direction to find the right line. I follow him but we end up finding out we were in the right place before.

End of Dream

Comment: JP is my age and a very collective fellow. Seems like a part of me is acting like him. At our age we could “go home” at any moment.


I see an older man with a younger man out in the field doing telephone line maintenance. The older man begins to climb the telephone pole (wood – a VNS connection) but then gets down as it makes him dizzy to do so. He informs the younger man, who he was mentoring to take his place, that he will teach him what to do but he will have to climb the pole from now on. The younger man was now eligible for increased compensation because of increased personal risk to do his job.

End of Dream

Comment: Telephone pole (climbing the VNS) in my visions is connected to “Phone Home” – a E.T. movie metaphor used by the World Soul who wants the individual soul to engage in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness with Her so that one can learn from Her Wisdom. It seems the heights of those revelations are making me dizzy in my old age. Time to hand off the baton…

I see a tall thin man from his SW side who is wearing light blue clothes. His waist area is in the view. He says, “I don’t like being a loser.”

I see a woman checking to see where the water came from that is on the floor in the SE area of a home. Comment: SE in my visions is the location of the water chakra and its letters are color coded. Black means one is in an introverted state (as in meditation) while orange is the color of the 2nd chakra.

I see four women that look like my present wife - wearing similar summer dresses that have a white background but each having a different solid colored pattern on the dresses. They stand in the four directions (Noon, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock locations). The one at the Noon location walks to the center.

I hear, “Let me count.”

I see a barbeque spit that has very close side-by-side figures on its shaft. This spit was inserted between several others as if a tabletop board game of some kind is about to be played. Comment: It seems many parts of myself are involved in playing this “back and forth” board game.
Football Board Game.JPG
Football Board Game.JPG [ 50.37 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

I see a large white cylindrical container having a porcelain finish with some of the paint chipped off – revealing the black surface underneath. The container is about 2/3rds filled with a boiling liquid. It sits in a larger container.

I see a large suspended boulder and see something underneath it is hoovering.

Something about a man on a ferry pulling out of South Hampton that is located along the New England coastline.

I see a man who has been shot in the chest.

I see two long garden style hoses lying on the ground in front of me which extend out into the North of the view. There is an orange one on the left and a black one on the right.

A reddish sauce is being mishandled – it is being thrown at different people. It splattered on walls and floors.

A group of musicians play a short repeating piece using percussion instruments like drum sticks. The repeating sound sounds like “ta-doom.”

On a white circular dinner plate, I see a heaping mound of “food” in silhouette that contains a wood pencil.

I see a man from his SW area that has long kinky black hair. He wears old casual dark clothes.

Inside of a large building’s NE corner I see a huge zebra colored human that seems to be dressed up like a clown. It grips something like handle bars as if working out on a tread mill.

I see down below against a white background a pair of dark, slender, long, wavy bull horns that emit rainbow colors along their length.

I see a cut in half red delicious apple. The viewing angle (45 degrees) gives the illusion that its white interior has a heart shape. I have the impression it is to be joined with a cut-in-half green granny smith apple; forming like this the colors seen on the wormhole ends on either side of the heart chakra in the Lantern of the Telesphoros image. I see from the Internet (http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/devon/hi/pe ... 275570.stm ) that such an apple is a once in a million natural occurrence in Nature. This two-tone apple is a connection to the colors in the Mexican flag and perhaps to the heart of the dark Virgin of Guadalupe it seems. Further, this suggests that the heart chakra is a spindle torus which has come up many times over the years in my visions. Comment: Turning on your Heart Light (Neil Diamond’s E.T. inspired song) means one has an enlightened heart chakra. I am reminded of the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” as if apples are good for your heart.
Apple Two-Tone.jpg
Apple Two-Tone.jpg [ 30.09 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away Humans, and all animals, have complex antioxidant defense systems (quercetin is an antioxidant in apples), but they are not perfect in fending off stress; oxidative damage will occur. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are thought to be in part the results of oxidative stress, so foods like apples and other fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, may be especially helpful in warding off these diseases.

I see a silhouette view of heavy machinery in a large building.

Then I see a series of reddish circular glowing regions appear at different places on the floor of a large industrial building. I immediately recall how demons appear in the midst of such glowing areas in the game of DOOM.

I see a large diameter clear plastic pipe containing a blue spiraling wide band of fabric.

I see a large teardrop shaped tongue of red fire in a red outlined circular region on a floor as if a demon has spawned in the game of DOOM. Comment: The Logos Christ eon was launched with a Holy Pentecost experience from above. The Eros Christ eon will be launched with an Infernal Pentecost infestation experience from below – introducing effects from the lower three chakras on the knowing of the heart chakra via the Night Sea Journey Ra effect.
Tongue Of Fire.jpg
Tongue Of Fire.jpg [ 40.27 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

A shapely young woman wearing a tight fitting knee high black dress with shoulder length straight blond hair approaches my left front side and whispers in my left ear saying, “Can we get together. F u c k me!” As I continue to observe the darkness that immediately returns in the aftermath of her appearance I experience a growing sensation of warmth in my heart chakra. This reminds me of my strange 69 lovemaking posture in the dream with my wife in which I was making love with her heart chakra when she experienced a climax as noted in Enlightening the World. Comment: Sexual intimacy is once again seen to mean psychological intimacy for the building up of the subtle body.

Eventually I see in the blackness, in a close-up frontal view at eye level, a flat, thick yellow-gold parabola shape having red streaks along its sides. Comment: The Parabola God comes to mind as I prepare this post. Recall that this shape is the result of a 2D plane cutting the light cone at a 45 degree angle – suggesting that this is the incarnation angle into spacetime from the entrance to the start of the hidden dimensions or in the unus mundus.

I am sitting in the shade at the base of a tree trunk peering out through the low hanging weeping willow vegetation at green farm fields with some lines of green trees here and there. The green leaves and yellow branches of the weeping willow tree are prominent in the view.

In the darkness I see a vertical yellow-gold “pillar” made of several strands of wood that spiral upwards around each other – forming a “tree” trunk - as if it is a connection to Jack and the Bean Stalk that unites heaven and earth.

In the darkness in silhouette I see a SW close-up view from below – of the V-shaped open maw and long snout on what could be a dragon. Its teeth are V-shaped giving it a ferocious appearance.

I see a small black animal moving around like the hominid Imp in DOOM. It is in the midst of a lot of modern machinery in a very large, clean, modern basement.

In the darkness I see the top half of what seems to be a gunsight. It has the following shape – suggesting it is the upper half of the Seal of Solomon – as if to put a “hole” in that portion of the heart chakra.
Gun Sight.jpg
Gun Sight.jpg [ 16.49 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

In the darkness I have a close encounter with my brother Philip when he was about 7 years old. He is all smiles as he jumps up and puts his arms around my neck and holds the left side of his face close to the front of mine. Comment: This brother was a feeling type in his psychology. Some more family reunion it seems.

I suddenly have the impression (on reading Paul Levy’s link: http://www.awakeninthedream.com/writing-magic/) that the connection of the upper three chakras with the lower three chakras in the heart chakra is a weak one. This reminds me of the strange result that only matter survived during the creation of our portion of the universe (which according to my visions is a multiverse within one universe as seen in the jet nozzle exhaust plume metaphor). Scientists suggest that there was an asymmetry between matter and antimatter production and matter won out. My visions suggest that matter and antimatter were separated during the Big Bang – each flowing in opposite directions as seen in the following heart chakra image. Also in my visions the communication from the lower three chakras that influences the heart chakra and the upper three chakras comes from Black Hole Hawking Radiation (psychologically, the belly brain Wisdom is meant). A Black Hole of one Solar mass can require 1067 years (see: http://www.physicspages.com/2013/12/10/ ... hole-live/) before it radiates all of its contents, “its knowing.” Like this the two realms are very weakly coupled and will require a very long time before a black hole communicates the enormity of its knowing. This “weak quantum effects coupling” reminds me of that between the micro-world (quantum effects) and the macro-world for quantum effects have a limited range of influence – the buckyball being the largest known object to exhibit wave-particle duality. Anything larger exhibits particle behavior only. Thus, the two worlds barely touch each other as would need be the case between matter and antimatter for if they were more strongly coupled they would completely annihilate each other in a destructive release of light (photons) in short order. What is true for matter is also true for psyche for they cannot be so different from each other as Jung noted in his writings.
Heart Chakra Combo Full.jpg
Heart Chakra Combo Full.jpg [ 192.76 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]


I am staying in a dark brown and white striped large modern camper pulled by a truck having a swivel mounted in its bed. It is located in a field on a farm next to a dirt road. A long metal guard rail protects the camper from road traffic. A huge “ocean liner” sized white semi-tractor enclosed trailer truck (about twice the height and length of a normal truck) is parked across the dirt road and perpendicular to the location of my camper. To my surprise I see that Hillary Clinton is in the driver’s side of the cab on that truck. She pulls out onto the dirt road and has to swing very wide in order to make the 90 degree left turn. This requires her to slowly plow into my parked camper – pushing it sideways about 10 feet while also demolishing the guardrail for about a 100 yards along the side of the dirt road. I stand observing this along the side of the dirt road towards where she is heading. She pulls up and rolls down the cab window on the was in my way.” I was furious and said, “You did that on purpose!” She simply pulls away and continues on her journey. The farmer comes out of his home just across the road. I complain about what just happened and decide to call the police so that an “accident” report can be filed.
Camper Trailer Collision.jpg
Camper Trailer Collision.jpg [ 32.06 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

Camping Trailer.jpg
Camping Trailer.jpg [ 42.03 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: Hillary, as the Great Whore of Babylon in my visions, enters spacetime from out of the unus mundus which is orthogonal (at 90 degree angle) to spacetime and impacts my subtle body with a quantum leap (pushes my camper 10 feet) in consciousness. She assumed that I would get out of the way (make room for this increase in consciousness) but I feel it is a violation of my space and against the Logos laws of the land. The double sized semi-tractor trailer suggests a union of masculine and feminine principles is being carried in its cargo for the collective. It also reminded me of the white Ocean Liner which came up in a 2009 vision and that ship was linked to Moby-Dick, to another 9/11 Ground Zero Nears and to Anubis (who conducts the dead to judgment).

In the darkness I see a semi-transparent whitish streaking flow entering a circular opening. A flow from the lower three chakras into the heart chakra comes to mind. Then I see a close-up view of the flow near the edge of the circle and underneath the flow is an upside-down teaspoon whose spoon end is by the circular drain.

In a daylight view I see a young woman from her NE area approaching me as she rides an old style bicycle on the street. She is dressed in an all-white flowing dress that seems to be from the early 1900’s. Her bicycle is of similar vintage as its wheels are rather large in diameter but skinny as is the ring torus tire on a modern bicycle.

In a daylight view I see the frontal right side waist area of a middle aged white man standing directly in front of me. He is naked except for the pale green jock shorts he wears. He has a sparse distribution of black body hair.

On a green background I see a man in the center of the view that has a wide green rectangle down by his feet. The rectangle is “pushing” the man upwards towards the top of the view. The monk spot of the World Soul is “raising” this man’s consciousness and reminds me of the dream shared earlier about Hillary Clinton’s huge truck pushing my camper sideways.

I see about a dozen different denominations of American paper money slowly drifting around in a breeze on the ground down below. They eventually collect all in a heap in the due North in the view.

I am looking down into the length of a long white tube having an open grate on its far end.

I am inside a large space station where I see an astronaut in a spacesuit getting ready to exit the station.

Something about undeclared water specials.

I see the long rectangular steel blade of a bread knife in a sheath of wood.


PS I was reminded of the following image when I saw the following news article headline about the Zika virus on the Internet. Holy Spirit “tongue of fire” infected teardrops or Ra making is psychologically meant.
Eye Teardrop.jpg
Eye Teardrop.jpg [ 47.98 KiB | Viewed 6986 times ]

Zika virus can live in TEARS which could spread the devastating disease even further

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Post The Peacekeeper Cometh
Thurs. 8 Sept. 2016


On a nice bright sunny day I am holding onto a long black cord that seems to be the 25 foot length of a dog leash as I ride on a bicycle being towed along by a couple on a motor cycle in front of me that is going very fast. I felt like letting go as it was dangerous to be moving along so fast on this asphalt road (“walking” the black road connection) out in a desert looking country side. As we zoomed along we weave between other very overweight “bikers” - couples riding motor cycles – some of which have lost their balance and crashed - sliding along one their side on the road or eventually off the road and onto the dirt shoulder. They certainly will have a serious case of “road rash” from sliding along on such a rough sandpaper like surface.

End of Dream

Comment: I am being pulled along by the inevitable forces of the coniunctio archetype. The enantiodromia of the Logos Christ eon continues.

In the darkness I am looking up between the spread white legs of a naked woman as if lying on the ground - where I clearly see dark pubic hair covering her vagina. The view changes and where the pubic hair was located I now see an eyelid for a right open eye having a white eyeball and dark iris. She is birthing a Hermetic way of seeing – one connected to yin > higher yang.

I see a man about to enter a building that has a futuristic sliding glass door like those in the game of DOOM. He says to another man nearby, “Is there anything else you would like to add?” (Meaning from more visions.)

Then I see the tip of a right index finger in the darkness that is pointing into the due North of the view.

I enter into what looks like a spacecraft launch preparation room and jump up or float up to the top half floor in this building without hardly any effort. I look into a long rectangular thick walled container. But forget what I saw inside.

I see a close-up view of the right side of the face of a pretty, young, well suntanned woman with dishwater blond hair that reminds me of my oldest sister (who has been connected to working with the dying). Comment: Death and resurrection from out of the unus mundus seems meant.

I see a young woman smiling and reminding me of my oldest sister. She was born with this kind of very positive outlook it seems.

I am going from room to room in a very large multistory home. The room colors alternate between being either blue or red. After a rather complete examination of the home all the rooms become a light pink in color. Pink in my material is the color of the coniunctio.


Remo has come into town to attend a lecture somewhere. He is now back from the lecture visiting with us for a while until he leaves later on for his flight back to Zurich.

As he visits he does a long monologue, in excited almost ecstatic fashion, about a lecture he heard while in Zurich on one of Jung’s works. With great emphasis he talks about how the guy first elucidated so brilliantly on a dream from Chapter 3 that completely blew away the analysis of any previous work before he went on to lecture about Chapter 4 which he thought was fantastic. As he talked he laid back against the NW corner (in my visions the NW is the place incarnation takes place) in a well-lighted room while sitting on the floor. Remo appeared middle aged and sun tanned. The most striking feature was his large head and unusually large gorilla sized jaw that gave his overall head the appearance of having a mountain gorilla feature. As I observed this I found myself thinking “he has the jawbone of a Jackass.”

Remo then wants to leave for another place nearby. He has his old electric bicycle he brought from Zurich with him. I drive the bicycle while he rides on its back dark red (Blood Moon colored) rectangular metal seat (the monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular in my visions). As we go along I notice that the front white wall tire (ring torus shape) is going flat. Further the electric motor in the hub of the front wheel is overheating. By the time we arrive the front tire is destroyed as is the electric motor which glowed white on its cylindrical outside which then partially fell away revealing a black cylindrical core underneath. (In my visions and dreams a motor is the “heart” of a vehicle and a ring torus has been connected to being a wedding band. It seems the weight of the two of us over whelmed the carrying capacity of the tire and the strength of its motor which would require they be replaced with more enhanced ones.)

We enter a well-lighted room and stand around talking about various things when suddenly Remo says, “I’ve missed my return flight to Zurich.” I looked at the old style school clock hanging on the wall above the open doorway and it read 11:35. His flight was scheduled to leave at noon (the DOOMsday Hour in my visions). My brother Philip (who is deceased and not in the view – a voice from the room) assuredly says “He can make it.” At this all began to make a hurried effort to help Remo reach the airport in time.

End of Dream

Comments: This dream is about Gregory’s opus but it relies heavy on the findings of Remo’s opus. I associate “the jawbone of a Jackass” to the biblical figure Samson (means “man of the sun” a connection to the Egyptian sky God Ra it seems) who slew God’s enemies (read: the enemies of the Eros Self) with the jawbone of a Jackass. Further, Samson pulled down the pillars that supported a pagan temple – which seems to mean the temple of the Logos Christ establishment. In my material the renewed, resurrected Ra emerges in the East from the masculine side of the heart chakra in the aftermath of its Night Sea Journey.
Samson.jpg [ 48.27 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

Samson meaning "man of the sun" is one of the last of the judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Book of Judges chapters 13 to 16).

According to the biblical account, Samson was given supernatural strength by God in order to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats such as killing a lion, slaying an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass, and destroying a pagan temple. Samson had two vulnerabilities—his attraction to untrustworthy women and his hair, without which he was powerless. These vulnerabilities [GJS: happy faults] ultimately proved fatal for him.

A bicycle in my material has been connected to the “Wheels of Ezekiel.” Being suspended between them while riding it indicates one is in the unus mundus – the intermediate realm. The front wheel represents spacetime or the masculine principle while the rear wheel represents the chthonic or feminine principle. The heavy message trying to incarnate in spacetime is very heavy - causing the tire to fail as well as the electric motor (heart chakra connection) - indicating that an enhanced subtle body will be required to endure the psychological impact of the message from the Eros Self.

Because Remo appeared so strongly in this dream I asked him to take a look at it. I was in the process of proof-reading his Chapter summaries for a book he would like to publish in 2017. I had read the Chapter 1, 2, and 3 summaries. A Chapter 4 was coming next when I had the above dream. It turns out that the important thing to emphasize in his Chapter 3 summary is that the deceased can reincarnate in the VNS of those that can enter the Eros ego altered state of consciousness. It has always been a conundrum for me to understand this aspect of his theory since it seemed to me that when I encounter a deceased relative like my brother Philip in a vision as shared in my previous post it was about integrating my feeling function (In the aftermath of this dream I was drawn to a further detail about the encounter with my deceased brother - he held the left side of his head across the front of my face - suggesting he was so happy because he now became conscious of the bipolarity of the Self via my VNS). But now, with this strong dream wanting Remo to emphasize something he had not yet emphasized in Chapter 3 – we are led to the importance of the dead being able to reincarnate in the living via their VNS. A kind of “resurrection of the dead” that has become such a phenomena in movies about zombies that has gathered a huge following to programs like “The Walking Dead.” It's a connection to MLvF's dream of Jung needing to reincarnate in order to attend the wedding with the Black Madonna - something apparently taking place in Remo's VNS. Over the many years of visioning I have had encounters with Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Stalin and other horrible people who sometimes indicated they were being helped by my opus. It seems that the unconscious would like us to realize that the negative karma of these people is being healed via their having access to our consciousness in a nonlocal manner. It’s the “tikkun effect” that Remo emphasizes in his writings as noted in his Chapter 2 (now Part 2); “Luria’s Kabbala was the so-called tikkun: ‘repairing the world’ (or ‘healing the world’) which suggests humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world.” Like this Gregory “stands on the shoulders” of Remo’s opus and enhances his consciousness further. I see that Remo is sharing the Chapter 1 summary on the Internet, see: Summary of C.G. Jung – A Life Meandering Between Neoplationic Psychoanalysis and Hermetic Magic.

In the aftermath of the dream I had the following three visions.

I see a black pair of Florsheim business shoes. Then in their place I see a Blood Moon colored pair of Florsheim business shoes. Comment: I used to wear this black style shoe during the early years of my career. It seems observing the blackness has changed my conscious standpoint – red tincture has tinctured it - as it prepares the subtle body of a new Red King.

I see a huge numeral 6 that is in silhouette and has a background of white light streaking out from behind its center in the blackness. I have the impression that the numeral is Blood Moon in actual color.

Then I see a man clinging to the SW side of a huge buckyball that rests on the SW side of a huge dome. The buckyball’s open cage members are black while the interior of the buckyball is filled with white light. Comment: The dome reminds me of those on an Islamic temple. The way the man clung to the side of the buckyball reminded me of the posture of a sitting rabbit (rabbits are fast breeders and are connected to being bearers of new creation).

I am looking down into the shallow cardboard box that used to contain 24 cans of vegetables but now only about five cans are seen in its NE corner area. The tops of the cans are silvery white. Comment: A full moon is said to have a silvery white appearance – connecting Eros ego consciousness with the VNS. In a recent vision I saw the top of an open can of vegetables which contained cut green beans and yellow corn kernels – a color code connection to what has become known as Eros Christ consciousness.

A large stuffed pink poodle fills the view and is close-up to my face.


I am descending a flight of stairs on my way to the cafeteria for lunch. As I reach the food line I notice that a man in a white chef’s garment has a large dark gray rectangular tub shaped container from which he just served someone a white dinner plate full of steaming stir fried mixed vegetables. I realize he may have now run out but ask him for a serving which he gives to me as well as a small strip of cooked steak and tells the nearby woman cashier that it costs $1. The cashier says there should be no meat in the serving – just the taste of the juices from the meat. So the man removes the meat. I notice that one of the vegetables is broccoli.

End of Dream

Comment: A one dollar bill in US currency has the image of George Washington on it. He was the first president of the United States. In my material those latter words are colored in order to indicate that a United inner State is being sought (of Eros and Logos ego functioning which are being compared to the Democratic and Republican colors assigned to states during a presidential election). Like this one is challenged to become the president of the bipolar nation within. It is obvious that the emphasis is on the VNS aspect of this presidency. Broccoli has a mostly green color with some yellow peeking through. Green is for VNS and yellow is for Eros ego. It is a connection to learning from the Eros Self using an Eros Christ consciousness. In the aftermath of this dream I had the following vision.

Suddenly, a DOOM game health object that is Avatar colored just flipped up from below and into my being it seemed. The inversion of the Avatar colors gives the Ra colors – suggesting that increased health or healing of our world is connected to increasing consciousness. Comment: Avatar colors are connected to the feminine principle in the unus mundus. In my material this is taking place in the vesica piscis shaped center of a spindle torus in the heart chakra. Whatever is "born" or manifests from that center flows into the Beyond and also into Spacetime. Thus I interpret this "health bump" to mean increased health or healing of the subtle body in both worlds. It is a connection to the tikkun effect - repairing the world or healing the world.
Doom-4 Health Pickup.jpg
Doom-4 Health Pickup.jpg [ 24.27 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

I see a close-up view of the right front shoulder, neck and head area of a middle aged sun tanned white woman wearing a fancy, dark gray silk dress. I have this impression that this is Hillary Clinton.

A naked woman waits for my lying on a bed in the NW of the view. I am approaching her with a large erection.

I see side-by-side circles as if they are “owl” eyes on an object lying on a surface down below. These “eyes” are composed of alternating black and yellow concentric circles. Comment: After this vision I suddenly remembered my brother Philip (deceased) was given the nickname “Owl” because he had large eyes. Further, I was told by a Greek Orthodox priest who studied the meaning of names that my last name “Sova” means “Owl.” The alternating pattern of black and yellow reminds me of that seen on the body of a Wasp and like this of Wolfgang Pauli’s “Wasp phobia.”
Owl Eyes.jpg
Owl Eyes.jpg [ 36.41 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

I see some people who are carefully integrating the surface area of an object using drawing tools.

I see a mostly end view of a rolled up length of sod in he NW of the view. The “spiral” aspect is prominent in the view. Comment: Circumambulating about an archetypal core comes to mind – the heart chakra it seems.
Sod Spiral.jpg
Sod Spiral.jpg [ 25.2 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

Rolling Out The Carpet – For the Green Road
Something about the psychic sufferings of my first wife that never found any relief by a greater consciousness. As that thought penetrates my being I suddenly see three 30 foot tall poplar trees equally spaced along the West side of an asphalt road next to the ocean on that side. The sun shine from the West out over the ocean and its white light is bathing the wind rustling leaves on these trees – giving them the appearance of being all these little reflectors of light that glint into my eyes. Comment: I have the thought come “It’s an Appian Way” (known as the “queen of the long roads” in ancient Rome). Three trees – suggesting the VNS connection to the lower three chakras influence. I then recall the huge poplar trees that grew along the back road behind the house I grew up in (to the west). The focus is on the “archetypal moments” I had with those trees in my youth during the summer months when in the daylight sun their leaves would rustle in the breeze and the sunlight would glint off their leaves. It would stop me in my tracks – I would be very still and listen and watch – I sensed God was talking to me but I knew not the language.

Something about using illegal immigrants – the most unprotected. And then I see a couple of adults walking down a wide expanding concrete walkway in the shade of some trees which leads into a large green park area expanse with just a few trees. They have to go around something that reminded me of the wireframes of a grocery shopping carts.

I see a hand reaching into a large opened plastic bag having blue and white colors with some yellow text. I have the impression the bag contains potato chips. Comment: In my visions a potato was seen thinly sliced and deep fried golden yellow. The potato (white) had a human body shape. A differentiation of the meaning of the unio corporalis seems meant.

I am inside a tall cylindrical shaped structure having irregular painted wall and murals – looking up through its open top where I see blue sky in its east half and green oval shape leaves in its west half.

My wife says, “It the government. And now you have to say this back to me.”

I am standing in the darkness of a large empty modern basement of a large building.

I see the top frontal area (eyebrows up) of the head of a young man that reminds me of my oldest brother.

I see people dressed like clowns. A couple of horses with mouths moving and facing each other come up to them as if talking to each other.

In a daylight view I see a small orchard that is located in Grenada, CA (a poor town of about 350 people about 10 miles from our home which does not contain an orchard).

A man says, “There is going to be mayhem.”

I see a bicycle standing upright all on its own on the SW area of a pile of discarded items. This is located at the entrance to a concrete tunnel. I have the impression these objects will be “shot” out through the tunnel as if it were a barrel of a gun. Comment: Items that will enter into spacetime through the hole in the heart chakra comes to mind.

I see the display on a ringing phone like the one we have in our home that shows the caller’s phone number. It is a call coming from area code 805. Comment: After some checking on the Internet I found, with some luck, that the military uses this area code on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands where they tested the “Peacekeeper missile” in 2005. E.T. is phoning Earth – giving us a heads up on some incoming highly radioactive psychophysical emissions seems meant.
Peacekeeper Missile.JPG
Peacekeeper Missile.JPG [ 85.24 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

A Peacekeeper missile system has been tested at the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. One Peacekeeper can hold up to 10 [GJS: a quantum leap number] nuclear warheads, each independently targeted. Were the warheads armed with a nuclear payload, each would carry with it the explosive power of twenty-five Hiroshima-sized weapons which is equivalent to around 400 kilotons of TNT.

I see a backside of an upside down dinner fork that is aligned such that the four tines are pointed into the NW of the view.

I see a young woman dressed like an action hero in bumpy black metallic material having avatar colors peeking out around the square shaped bumps of what is body armor. She is facing me and suddenly her entire right arm is surrounded by a yellow glowing medium while her arm has a red color. These are Ra colors – a connection to the contents of the Peacekeeper missiles above seems meant.

I see a female lion lying on its back with all four legs pointed straight up into the air.

I am standing on a beach by the edge of the ocean. Directly in front of me and between myself and the ocean is a long horizontal tree trunk that curves up at one end into the leaf structure of a palm tree. Stacked on top of its length is a long pile of colorful stuff – like fabrics and merchandise.

I see a Mancubus demon – one of the more powerful demons which happens to have a “Buddha belly” in the game of DOOM – standing in the distance in a mostly left profile view. Comment: This demon shoots deadly, corrosive environmentally damaging spheres of a greenish (olive?) liquid medium. They are color code connected to Eros Christ consciousness.
DOOM Mancubica.jpg
DOOM Mancubica.jpg [ 32.08 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

I see the legs and feet of a man descending the light gray trek deck stairs on the backside of a home and towards a large nursery garden area acres in size in a daylight view. He wears light gray slacks and brown swede shoes.

I see the east side of an old gray wood ship. On one of the uprights where a guard rail should attach I see sitting on the top of that post the handle portion of a brown metal coffee mug from times of old. Comment: As I typed this material into my computer I suddenly recalled the shamanic journey I had on 9/11 2001 in which I was accompanying my father-in-law on a similar colored large wooden sailing ship as it drifted across a foggy covered, calm water surface with torn white sails hanging limp. He stood at the bow and peering intently into the ahead as if trying to peer through the fog. It turned out he died that day. I was in the role of being a psychopomp accompanying him across the river Styx it seems. I was out of town in Sacramento, CA attending a core shamanism workshop at the time of the vision during one of the drumming sessions and later learned from my wife that her father had died.

I am flashing back to the many times over the past years of the visions in which the World Soul parsed the “love” word (Lo:vE, 11:11, etc).

The Goddess is with us.


PS When I saw this light beam from the WTC image I took a closer look and noticed that the face from which the light is reflected is a truncated downward pointing triangle or truncated V-shape. Its truncation reminds me of the lower portion of the “Lantern of the Telesphoros” image in my visions – as if the light effects from the lower chakras manifesting in the heart chakra beckons. Like this one could say that the 9/11 event seeks humanities attention to the light that can come from the darkness through an encounter with the lower three chakras in the heart chakra. This V-shape feature also impresses me as being a hand on a clock face that is emphasizing that it is 6 o’clock – a connection to the double triadic structure of the heart chakra and to all the DOOMsday Hour chatter in my visions. Surely a glint off this building face has been seen before – but not as a pronounced beam of light penetrating spacetime – something thought to have been made visible by the high humidity conditions in NYC right now – from the after effects of hurricane Hermine having penetrated into this area recently.
WTC.jpg [ 39.22 KiB | Viewed 6968 times ]

Striking ray of light beams off World Trade Center days before 9/11 15th anniversary

Ben Sturner said he looks out at the World Trade Center from Long Island City in Queens each morning - and hasn't seen anything like he saw at 7:11 a.m. on 8 September 2016. The self-professed amateur photographer described it as a "weird, reflective light." It was there for about 10 minutes.

PPS Hillary's 911. While attending the 9/11 memorial in mild 77F temperatures and mild 41% humidity Hillary Clinton “falls” (Zombie Apocalypse like) for the 1st time on her way to the White House as she tries to become the president of a United State.


PPPS Just when you think that an eon long one-sidedness could not get any worse I read that a brain boosting drug is a hit with Steven Hawking. Enhanced Logos ego functioning confirmed. A further one-sided Logos development is sure to further unbalance the bipolarity of the Self and ensure a massively strong enantiodromia (a tendency of things to change into their opposite) towards Eros ego functioning.

Stephen Hawking Predicts, 'This Pill Will Change Humanity'

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Post Re: The Peacekeeper Cometh
Gregory Sova wrote:
But now, with this strong dream wanting Remo to emphasize something he had not yet emphasized in Chapter 3 – we are led to the importance of the dead being able to reincarnate in the living via their VNS. A kind of “resurrection of the dead” that has become such a phenomena in movies about zombies that has gathered a huge following to programs like “The Walking Dead.”

Dream of this night :

I see my grandfather (deceased) watch on TV a US news channel. I'm happy he watches such a modern program.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post The Rise Of The New Red King
Mon. 12 Sept. 2016


My Jewish friend HAL (=’s 11 in E.T. Phone Home code) is moving into a new residence but says he got “ripped off” because the moving cost labor rate was $4.09 an hour and the move took an unusually long 29 hours using an unusually large number of 8 people to do so.

End of Dream

Comment: $4.09 x 29 = $118.61 x 8 = $948.88 = 37 = 10; the cost of a quantum leap in consciousness seems meant. 29 hours is an unusual number since it is more than a day – I guess 29 = 11 is meant; a connection to the unus mundus, the spaceless and timeless realm. Eight is an individuation number, a connection to the number of survivors on Noah's Ark.

I am recalling, as I meditate, that I recently saw the following soccer ball image (looks like a buckyball). I suddenly noticed that it has a repeating pattern of a black pentagon surrounded by a “sea” of white hexagons as if yin > higher yang is meant. The old king has previously descended into yin (yang > yin) and now yin is tincturing him to be the new enlightened King which manifests his new enlightenment in the heart chakra. A pentagon is five sided and is known as a pentagram (the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes) which would be a connection to the Bethlehem Star that announced the birth of Logos Christ consciousness but this time around the star announces the birth of Eros Christ consciousness and blends that influence on the opus with Logos Christ consciousness in the heart chakra. Further, a pentagon contained an outstretched “Vitruvian man”, a divinely proportioned man as shared in my paper on this major symbol in my individuation process; See: https://independent.academia.edu/GregSova for a free download of the article. A buckyball is a temenos (a sacred, protected, isolated place). At the empty center (the unus mundus =’s 11) is the God (the old King) who has “sexually” (psychologically) united with the Goddess (the Holy Spirit), forming the HermAphrodite, which was imaged as a man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros in my material – a six-sided coffin shape that came from a truncated Gem Supreme (an octahedron). A star, we learned from the Dreams and Visions of Nikalus von Flue, represents the radiance from one’s individuation – and that at our birth we each carry within a certain amount of radiance that would need to be freed from its entrapment in our corporal matter. We are temples of the Holy Spirit in other words and when we become aware of that Greater Personality within ourselves then we are faced with a great challenge, a moment of deadly peril, as Edinger discusses in the following video for now we are incumbent to help the greater in ourselves release its knowing and that “knowing” will inform us about our shadow which can be pure gold when consciously redeemed.

Soccer Ball.jpg
Soccer Ball.jpg [ 26.92 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

In a gray scene I am underneath shallow water as if resting with an eye-level view on its sandy bottom. Short seaweed clings to the bottom in places. As I continue to observe the view zooms onto a sandy patch which slowly begins to show faint vegetative gray growth on its surface in 2D as if writing – filling more and more of its surface.

In the darkness I see an open rectangular (widescreen) briefcase this is filled with 32 evenly spaced white eggs (4 rows in 8 columns) standing on end in dark gray egg crate sculptured protective foam. I immediately recall the briefcase containing Russian launch keys for nuclear tipped missiles that came up in a 2011 vision which could authorize a nuclear strike if used. Further, to the carton of 18 eggs (a 666 connection – the number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation. It is beastly because it is the neglected acausal, spontaneous, indeterministic nature of the feminine principle’s lower three chakra effects which has been demonized) seen hovering in the NW corner of the ceiling of our kitchen in a January 2006 vision. These egg shapes have been connected to the WMAP egg shaped image of the microwave background for our universe suggesting like this potential new creations of consciousness will be unleashed. I see that one egg is missing at the center. Comment: The buckyball has 32 “windows” in its surface that reflect what is trying to incarnate from its empty center. This “nuclear strike” potential is a connection to the quantum leap nuclear tipped missile strike title of my previous post The Peacekeeper Cometh.
Egg Message.jpg
Egg Message.jpg [ 28.23 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

I hear a man say, “I think you are a valid presidential candidate, but it doesn’t stop there.” Comment: The long hard inner work remains.

I see a middle aged man mostly dressed for a “black bowtie” outing. The black bowtie hangs off to the left side of his starched white shirt that is tucked under his black slacks. He tosses a crumpled sheet of white paper into a truncated cone wastepaper basket off the SE area of my office desk. Comment: Ready to attend a black tie event. “Black tie is a dress code for social functions that start after 6 p.m., and basically translates to “this party is fancy and men should wear tuxedos.” Comment: Interestingly, a bowtie has a wormhole cross-section shape suggesting that the throat chakra is the “sound of creation” that will confirm Her repeating refrain in my visons that, “All that you speak, becomes”, i.e., will incarnate as new consciousness in reality.
Black-Tie.jpg [ 18.67 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

I hear Her say, “Why write about it when you can live it.”

I am looking out through the picture windows in the top floor of a home. The view to the outside suggest this home is like a tree house for it has the view mostly filled with muted green pine tree shapes that have small muted red circles here and there in the crown area of the “greenery.” Comment: These are Heart Light colors and they remind me of Xmas hollyhock with its poisonous red berries – suggesting like this that the knowing of the VNS produces a red tincture that is destructive to one’s existing worldview in the heart chakra.


I see my Uncle Ed interacting with some young people who are advising him about religious beliefs. I think to myself, “Good luck with that having any influence on him” since in the aftermath of his having witnessed the carnage in Germany during WW II while serving in the Army he returned to the United States apostatized (abandoned his religious faith).

He approaches my left side and with the right side (Eros ego side – VNS side) of his head close to the left side (Logos ego side – CNS side) of mine (A Heart Light effect) saying, “I learned the meaning of the tan color.” He then shared a few words which describe in a most succinct manner the psychological meaning of that color. I quickly forgot what he said and I immediately opened my black laptop computer widescreen to look up the meaning of the tan color. But the screen remained filled with a dark gray moving cloud cover like that seen when about to launch the game play of DOOM 4 – indicating one is descending into Hell. Comment: The 6th chakra, the so-called 3rd eye is about seeing the opposites as one. Interestingly, the optic nerve in our eyes connects to the brain's left and right side - such that the right eye is mostly connected to the left brain and the left eye mostly to the right brain as I recall. The progression of this Heart Light up the chakras comes up again later on in this post and the 2,4,6 chakra progression began to occur in 2005 material which was mentioned in Justifying The Ways Of God To Men - 5 March 2015. In my April 2012 material I came across a young Mexican woman artist engaged in making a Demon Goddess “birthing?” a six pointed star Heart Light whose skull holding hands were positioned that replicated the 2,4,6 chakra locations which I thought showed the rise of the influence of the matter-psyche of the feminine principle on our consciousness. I have colored the skulls to show the Heart Light color ascension to the 3rd eye – something described earlier in this post which indicates the colors in the scarab beetle “Eye of Ra” image for the VNS and the CNS.
Demon Goddess Heart Light.jpg
Demon Goddess Heart Light.jpg [ 70.86 KiB | Viewed 6930 times ]

DOOM Clouds.jpg
DOOM Clouds.jpg [ 16.84 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

My uncle Ed was intensely interested in the tan definition I wanted to show him as he looked with interest at the screen. Eventually the screen showed an image of a white sheet of paper that filled the screen on which were widely spaced tiny black letters that spelled words (like on the soccer ball this is yin > to a “sea” of white). I managed to read the description of the tan color. It said something like, “tan is surrounded by six shades of tan” with the total consisting of 7 shades or the number of the Apocalypse (recall that skin = soul; where the new scriptures are written – further, the dark Virgin of Guadalupe has a “suntanned” colored skin suggesting like this that the knowing of Her soul (skin = soul), Her consciousness, is being transmitted to one whose skin is too white). I immediately recalled the six helical wound strands of steel cable that surrounded a seventh of equal diameter that came up in I lovE You!. At this I awoke from the dream basking in its afterglow like I did in the dream about Remo who had the “jawbone of a jackass” as shared in The Peacekeeper Cometh.

End of Dream

Comment: This uncle came up in a vision in the following quoted context taken from my post Lord, Wash Away My Iniquity And Cleanse Me From My Sins – 25 September 2014. At one level he seems to function as that part of myself who suffered from a similar wound. For I too had abandoned my religious faith (almost) in the aftermath of my earning a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and Aerospace engineering for I had concluded that science (the Logos ego) could eventually explain everything. But this dream seems to indicate a deeper effect happening as the result of my opus observing the psychophysical realm in the unus mundus – something that has enabled the split-off deceased part of my soul regulated to the Beyond, the unconscious (my Uncle Ed part) to reincarnate in my VNS and like this update his conscious outlook. But this story line now has taken on a strange larger aspect because of the emphasis on reincarnation/revitalization in my Remo dream – as if my uncle Ed has literally been able to reincarnate in my VNS and have his consciousness updated as well – something previously hinted at when Remo’s Chapter 3 summary text for his 2017 book was being highlighted as needing more emphasis on reincarnation of those in the Beyond. Like this “all are saved” in the economy of the psyche – no matter who they are or how lost they became in their Earthly sojourn. Like this “the harm that creation has done” as it fumbles along in an acausal manner hoping for further evolution of the species - is healed because of the tikkun effect of one’s opus which also came up in my previous post The Peacekeeper Cometh. Like this it seems Gregory also has the “jawbone of a jackass” with which to slay God’s enemies for his “words” (his black bowtie “wormhole” throat chakra connection) heals just like Remo’s such that Her repeating refrain “All that you speak, becomes” is realized. All those who can use the Eros ego altered state of consciousness to observe the new births emanating from the Eros Self in the unus mundus are nonlocally released for they happen “everywhere and always” suggesting a good prognosis for our world whose consciousness has become fissioned by an adherence to a one-sided Logos ego point of view. These emanations will therefore heal since they will lead others to fuse with the Eros Self and like this one’s ego learns to live a bipolar psychic lifestyle. I should also note that the vision of my happy Aunt Alma in What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought (who prayed for her husband, my uncle Ed, for about 70 years now because of his WW II experience and its impact on his religious belief) with her oldest daughter Judy and my deceased father seems to have prefigured this reincarnation revelation. My Aunt was happy apparently because my opus was an answer to her prayers. “Everyone has enough brains to tan their own (too white Logos) hide” is meant even though one has not been able to do so during their lifetime. Now that is a hint at the “Amazing Grace” that underlies creation and gives evidence to the scripture “He (the Apocalyptic Eros Christ) will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. (Rev: 21:4)” Further, I recall my Aunt Eva who committed suicide in her early 70’s. I encountered her in a shamanic journey and retrieved lost soul parts for her which made her very happy in a 2001 shamanic journey.

I see a battered, galvanized wash tub with its bottom missing lying in the gravel alongside of a cement highway in a daytime view. I immediately recall that my mother would use such a tub in the 1940s to 1950s time period to wash our clothes using a scrubbing board as well as to give us baths (cleaning our skin).

I see a long slender white right hand with index finger extended as if my own. It is pointed almost into a circular, barren, dark ground area where I see short black dashes leaping up off the ground about a foot (quantum leaps of radiations from the Eros Self). I immediately am reminded of “fuel fleas” and the “Dead Man Walking” fuel flea man animation. I recall that fuel fleas are radioactive hot particles that can be inhaled into the body where they can cause genetic damage - it was amplified on in Zombie Apocalypse NOW!.
Flea-Man-Lg.gif [ 49.92 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

Nuclear fuel fleas – they are charged so they “jump”. They are (air borne) hot particles that are so insidious because they cannot be detected by a Geiger counter (unless one hits the detector). But they are eventually deadly to anyone who inhales or absorbs them (psychologically, these radiations are harmful to one’s existing worldview for they bring elements of a new worldview). Arnie Gundersen, Fairwinds Associates.

I see a right profile view of my uncle Ed (deceased) as he walks from West to East inside a dark home. He appears middle aged and healthy but has gained a lot of weight – giving him a Buddha belly. Strange, but he is wearing glasses – something I never saw him do in earthly life. I recall my association to him – that he became apostatized (abandoned his religious faith) in the aftermath of having witnessed the horrors of the second world war in Germany where he served. It seems he has found “corrective lenses” for this condition in the Beyond – a possible connection to Gregory having found a “corrective viewpoint” once he spent time in the Eros ego state of consciousness – to correct his peak nuclear PhD apostatized outlook.

I see the legs of skeletons walking along away from my location in a dark view. Perhaps I have X-ray vision or am observing Zombies, “Dead People Walking”…

I am looking up into the corner of a ceiling – where the three wall creases meet. There is a small opening in the shape of a Valentine heart in this place of “no space and no time.” More lovE comes into our world from the unus mundus is meant.

I am recalling that the overall plot of the “Game of DOOM” is to undo all the man made problems caused by their willfully having released “Hell energy.” This release created demons. Comment: Seems to mean that man has stolen too much fire from the Gods since he does not have the proper amount of consciousness to deal with its impact - it possess him – makes him feel he is “God Almighty.”

I see the actor that stars in the TV miniseries “The Blacklist” standing in the basement of a large abandoned building. Comment: This starring criminal turns in a list of criminals he has developed relationships with over the preceding decades in order to help the FBI stop their evil activity. This seems to be a further amplification on the role of one in the Eros ego who is able to observe the unus mundus and nonlocally help others “repent” in the Beyond.
The_Blacklist.jpg [ 40.9 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

I hear Her say, “You are the savior of the world.”

Faintly in the blackness I see a large gray numeral 7 along the left side in the view.

I am experiencing the growing sensation of warmth in the heart chakra.


I am sitting between a middle aged couple – the woman on my right and the man on my left. We are shoulder-to-shoulder as I review a document. I say, “We are a snug little group here.” And she replies, “Yes we are.” I sense a growing attraction towards her.

End of Dream

I see a pint sized semi-transparent bluish square food storage container.

I am recalling how the “belly brain” Egyptian goddess scarab beetle holding the “Eye of Ra” in its Night Sea Journey ends with the sunrise of the renewed sky god Ra. Comment: The beetle, a symbol of death and rebirth, holds in its wingtips the Sky God Ra as it makes its “night sea journey” where it is tinctured with the knowing of the Eros Self (the Wisdom of the unconscious at the unus mundus level of knowing) and like this is able to become the renewed Old King which in alchemy is called the new Red King. Notice that the beetle stands on green (= growth) while holding by the top of its head in wingtips the red sun (= Ra); a color code connection to what produces the Heart Light in the 2nd chakra that manifests in the 4th or heart chakra as well as in what seems to be the 6th chakra as seen earlier in this post when the right side of the head of my uncle Ed approached the left or CNS side of mine. Even numbers are feminine in Chinese number symbolism as if to confirm just where the enhanced subtle body is coming from.
Ra.jpg [ 69.21 KiB | Viewed 6939 times ]

I hear, “If you strike it on its back, it yelps.” It seems where the pain is (one’s unconscious side) – is where the healing needs to come from.


I see my high school sweetheart at the 17-year-old age when I last saw her. We are on a huge college campus attending mass in the cathedral style church at the far due Northern end of the campus. I find myself sitting between her younger brother and sister in the filled church. The young girl is very friendly.

End of Dream

I am looking down onto the flat, old concrete walkway surface that has a line of repeating double holes in the cement. There is a sinister reason for their presence. Suddenly, I realize that they representing a repeating pattern of the yin/yang symbol.

Something about, “persisting in the Peacekeeper task for one’s Self.”

In the darkness I am looking down at a left forearm – the hand is closed.

In a daylight scene two carloads of people drive from out of the left side on a dirt road and into the center of the view which is in the front of a home on a large estate in the country side.

I hear Amy say, “For their sake they may have two underlining purposes.”


I am in a learning center with many others studying a laptop motherboard design that sits on a plain wood chair. I leave the area for a while and when I return I see that the CPU, memory and some other components have been stolen – removed from the motherboard – it has been stripped of any component that can be sold on the black market it seems. I was working with TP (my high school salutatorian) who on seeing what happened said, “Hail Low – the Devil wanted it.”

End of Dream

A medical doctor shows me a new product for sale. It is made from clear plastic and is in the shape of a young person’s body from the waist down. The legs are mostly covered with red and yellow patterned paper while the circular top had a white circular label with black text on it which he pulls off and like this reveals that the “container” is filled with refried beans. I immediately recall the childhood nursery rhyme we used to chant on occasion titled “Beans, beans the proper fruit – the more you eat the more you poop – so let’s eat beans for every meal.” Comment: The production of new births is meant. The red and yellow color pattern covering the legs (the new conscious standpoint) is a color code connection to those of the Sky God Ra.

I am recalling how over the years Wolfgang Pauli, MLvF, and Carl Jung would suddenly appear by my left shoulder and look at the computer screen as I entered material into my journal. I now begin to believe that this is a sign that they were learning something through my VNS as I attended to my opus.


PS Fox, nice to hear that your Grandfather is helped by your opus. Thanks for sharing.

PPS After I had submitted this post I read the follow news article. It is about the growing protests of black NFL football players who are demanding justice for black lives lost to “murdering” police. The unus mundus resides within the infinitesimally small vesica piscis “football” shaped region of a spindle torus where the Black Madonna aka the World Soul resides. The police (Logos ego) brutality against blacks is a metaphor for what prevents one from entering the Eros ego on the inner level is meant – something previously characterized as being “Black Lives That Mattered”, i.e. for those who were able to “go Black” and enter the unus mundus in an Eros ego. The outer level suddenly seems to have the problem of the coniunctio highly constellated in football players as the new Red King rises in the East.

NFL HELL Week As Eagles Plan Demonstration For Social Justice

Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:52 pm
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Post The New Easter Bunny Is Not White
Sat. 17 Sept. 2016

I am recalling Saint Thomas who said he would not believe in the Logos Christ’s resurrection unless he could place his hands into his crucifixion wounds. I’m having an ominous impression, “be careful of what you wish for”; as if to say – get ready to do the Eros Christ “crucifixion” opus.

I see a man being interrogated under the suspicion of abducting a woman and keeping her imprisoned. I am in the room standing behind him as he sits at a honeywood rectangular table across from the interrogator. I place my right hand on the back of his right shoulder and immediately have a vision in which I see where this man lives. In the vision I enter the basement and discover that in its NW corner there is a movable 4’x4’ portion of the north concrete wall that is about a foot thick. Behind it in a hidden room he keeps the abducted woman. I hear a feminine voice yelling, “Help Me!” Comment: I immediately recalled the 2007 vision of the “peashooter” being in this area – it could shoot yellowish filled (Eros ego consciousness enabling) buckyballs into or from out of a restaurant behind the wall or where the woman crying for help is located. See my post For The Christification Of The Many – 13 December 2014 for the lengthy description of the implications the “peashooter” represents for effects incarnating into spacetime. I guess the woman yelling for help would like to call my attention to need to set free these cyanide coated and Eros ego filled buckyballs so that they can enter spacetime. Not sure what freeing them would entail so we have to wait to see how that will happen. I also notice that the 18 egg crate was along the North side of the NW of the ceiling as shared in the previous post The Rise of the New Red King. So it is potential being hoping to become actual being that is “imprisoned” and needs help from humanity to set the purpose of the World Soul free in spacetime and in the Beyond. My dream at the end of this post touches into this challenge.

I am having the thought, “The new Red King may have arisen in the East but he is now regulated to the sorry state of acausal affairs” – meaning we have to “trust but verify” the results as we wait on the kairos.

I am looking out towards the SW (the location of the inferior function and the unus mundus in my material) from my office in this vision – where I see a mostly calm lake surface that has gently shallow long wave “ripples” emanating from its far SW end. They have reached to almost the other end or the SE end of the lake. Strange, but the vast shallow “rippled” surface area (pebble dropped onto a ponds surface metaphor) appears in apocalyptic (a Ra connection) colors as if so much lava of red and yellowish colors. The sky is all light blue so it is not an atmospheric coloring reflection. Ra effects from the water chakra, the belly brain, is meant. The undisturbed color of the lake surface had an Avatar color.

In the darkness over in the East I see a black and white view of a smoking cigarette that has a very long gray ash end barely hanging onto the unburnt portion of the cigarette. I have the impression that when the ash falls it will be equivalent to “bombs away.” Recall that a cigarette has been connected to being a nuclear fuel rod and smoking has been connected to “extracting spirit from its entrapment in matter” – meaning more light is coming into our world. Since Ra rises in the East the two images are being connected.


I am observing, on a TV screen in the NW, a very excited Donald Trump standing on a wide red carpet in the main aisle of a packed cathedral. He wears a dark blue suit with white shirt and red necktie. He has both of his arms raised giving his body a Y-shape gesture. He is so very happy about something and appears to be yelling “Yahoo!” Women are beginning to pour out of the pews embracing and kissing him. My wife, who is sitting by my right side, is watching this as well. I say to her, “The DNC is actively soliciting any and all dirt people can find on Donald Trump and they are willing to pay for it.” We were left quietly wondering when the dirt would tank his campaign for the presidency for it only seems to be empowering it.

End of Dream

Comment: In stercore invenitur – in the dirt you find the lapis! I guess there is such great joy because Trump has managed to turn on his “Heart Light” all the way up to the 6th chakra – a connection to his “heading” to Mexico in What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought. He did this by embracing his own dirt. Even his followers "embrace their pain" by accepting Hillary’s characterization of Trumps supporters as being “Deplorables” and have parlayed it to being connected to Les Misérables – the story of a French peasant, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his sister's starving child. Half the USA embraces Trump because he is politically incorrect – shows his dirt, his earthiness. Whereas Hillary comes across as being Mrs. Clean. It’s all about what the God’s want and on the inner level they want a Trump presidency - something that is able to accomplish an inner United State. I guess the reader knows who Gregory identifies with. It reminds me of Jung’s comment,

God…wants to become man, and for that purpose he has chosen, through the Holy Ghost, the creaturely man filled with darkness – the natural man who is tainted with original sin and who learnt the divine arts and sciences from the fallen angels. The guilty man is eminently suitable and is therefore chosen to become the vessel for the continuing incarnation, not the guiltless one who holds aloof from the world and refuses to pay his tribute to life, for in him the dark God would find no room. C.G. Jung, Answer to Job, §746.

Heart Light Trump.jpg
Heart Light Trump.jpg [ 63.8 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

Les Deplorables.jpg
Les Deplorables.jpg [ 66.01 KiB | Viewed 6884 times ]

I hear, “Do me a solid.” Comment: According to Urban Legends this means, “Do me a favor.” Psychologically, it seems to mean “produce a turd” aka help the World Soul birth new creations in consciousness. In the turd you will find the lapis!

In a gray scene I see the NE “frontal” view of a white truck whose turned off headlights are each enclosed by a black protruding ring.

Slowing in the blackness their appears a growing, brilliant pure white light that eventually fills the view. I immediately recall the Demon Goddess and the ascending 2,4,6 matter-psyche influence on the higher chakras with particular emphasis on this influence having reached the 3rd eye.

In a gray dark view I see all these evenly spaced white dots that extend in 3D and form cube outlines.

I see a dinner plate that has three thick, round, servings of what looks like Thai food on it. The view zooms in and in the NW area of the plate I see a dark green leafy looking piece lying on top of a thick round bed of white rice. The green leaf reminds me of how parsley is used to decorate a food serving. Comment: Rice reminds me of the 3D oval vesica piscis shape which has been connected to a football shape; the negative energy center holding open the throat of a wormhole or representing the center of a spindle torus. An egg also has an “oval” shape. I recall the color code in comet Love-Joy as if these colors connect the role of a comet (that brings the seeds or building blocks of life to Earth) with the green leaf lying on the bed of white rice.

Then I see a close-up view of a white flower – a carnation which has that complicated flowering pattern in its “petals.” A possible structural connection to the hidden dimensions – out of which Her enlightenment flows seems meant. Popcorn has also been seen in my visions in this role. Both suggest a VNS role is involved in the opus.
Carnation.jpg [ 4.39 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

I see a dinner fork in silhouette in the darkness of the NW whose four tines are pointed vertically upwards.

In reality when I read the following article about a “debt jubilee” (world-wide debt forgiveness) I recalled the November 2008 vision (at the height of the 2008 worldwide economic meltdown) emphasis on such a jubilee. Like this it seems the effects of those who can enter the Eros ego and observe the new births are a part of the “karma debt jubilee” as people in the Beyond psychically reincarnate in their VNS and have their negative karma changed.
Jubilee Word.jpg
Jubilee Word.jpg [ 18.14 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

Jubilee – to raise a shout of joy.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the jubilee is a year of rest to be observed by the Israelites every 50th year, during which slaves were to be set free, alienated property restored to the former owners, and the lands left untilled.

Fear of greatest debt jubilee in history…

I am near the end of my life. My wife has already passed. I am living out the remainder of my days in a small one bedroom apartment in a connected row of apartments in a cheap area of town. I am having trouble keeping up the place and cooking for myself. I go for a walk outside and come across a young woman in a tight fitting black dress sitting on a curb crying. She has lost her job and has no family connections. I offer her to share my place if she would keep up the house chores and she accepts. She eventually wants sex and so like this our shared lives seem to work okay. Then one day she leaves with the car and does not return for several days. When she does she is with another man who bangs on the door to be let in.

Something about “not wearing a tie” anymore. Comment: I guess the bowtie is meant – something that came up recently which was connected to “All that you speak, becomes.” It seems I have stopped wearing that tie and that has the obvious implication that I no longer speak like the new Pope, i.e., infallibly. Need to let in some new higher consciousness or recognize that the Heart Light has risen to the 3rd eye - a connection to the man banging on my front door. I guess that higher consciousness has arisen to the 3rd eye such that Her repeating refrain, “All that you see, becomes” is realized.

I see the top bunk of a cheap black metal tubing constructed bunk bed covered with a dark olive wool Army blanket as it sits along the West white wall in a room in its NW corner. It reminds me of “boot camp” barracks bedding in the Army for new recruits.

I see a woman saying, “Take your pick” as she shows huge cartoon images. I see one of them has a colored drawing of a sail boat - of an old style sailing ship (like the Mayflower that brought the spiritual Pilgrims to the New World) in the midst of heavy seas on a clear day.

In the darkness I see a large whitish capitol letter T – a shape that has been connected to being a telephone pole.

As a woman walks past looking at me I hear her say, “You probably will have to move out.” And then I see her hauling boxes filled with stuff as if she is in the process of moving.

I am in a woman’s home where I see the woman sitting on the North end of a couch along the East side while her young 7 year old daughter lays on its South end.

I see the left profile view of a small nun wearing a black habit. Sister Killion it seems.

I see a man from his left side that is dressed like a priest. He is wearing a white over-shirt – like a priest does when in the process of putting on the garments necessary to say mass.

I hear, “Do Zillow for me.” Comment: Zillow is an Internet site that allows one to see what the worth of over 110 million homes are in the USA. Comment: In my material over the years I noticed that the price of the outer house was an indication of the cost of paying for one's subtle body, one's inner house.

Down below lying on a white surface I see a J-shape. It is a candy cane whose spiral color pattern is of green hollyhock with its poisonous red berries. J – is for Jesus comes to mind as I prepare this post.

A three or four-year-old Amy (my youngest daughter) is sitting on my lap in a public setting in a recliner. She is talking about a Huckleberry Finn character.


Amy and I are sitting in a car outside. I leave to go into a dark house. I see JA is here carrying a small tray of different Mexican salsas. He says, “Come and join me.” I said, “I have left my young daughter Amy out in the car – I will have to go get her. I go to the car and hear Amy saying, “Help Me.” I then notice that a woman is kidnapping her. Just then all the lights go out and it is totally dark so I could not help her. So I yell out HELP! – hoping someone nearby could help. It woke me up.

End of Dream

Comment: It seems Amy does not belong in my car with me. She recently shared a few dreams with me that shows her individuation challenge is similar to my own.

I see that that an index fingertip has two different writing fonts on it. Comment: This fingertip has been used to anoint people on their 3rd eye area – as if opening their third eye to see the opposites as one.

I see a beautiful artistic heart on a white background. A Blood Moon red tube outlines the heart as if it is made from crystal. The interior of the heart is mostly filled with yellow-gold curved tubes also made of crystal. Some pink straight objects stick out of the center of the heart – one looks like a pencil. The colors emphasize Ra emanations.

In a NW corner I see red font text on a white background. I make out one word JESUS.

I hear, “It is 18 minutes to 6 o’clock.” Comment: That makes it 5:42 = 11.

I see the NW corner of a piece of white paper. A “try square” metal carpenter tool is positioned about that corner. A “try square” is so called because it is used to “try” the squareness of an object.
Try Square.jpg
Try Square.jpg [ 22.5 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

I see a close-up view of several horizontal side-by-side golden French fries having green tinged edges. Suddenly, one end of them is pinched together and they now appear like a bunch of slightly green bananas whose edges are tinged with green. Comment: Bananas are one of the Buddha’s foods. They have a skin that is yellow-gold when ripe but can appear to have greenish edges when near ripe. Inverting the slightly green banana color yields an Avatar colored skin with pink tinged edges – connecting them to WMAP colors. Greener bananas are better for helping in weight loss. The list of benefits for eating bananas is remarkable long. See: Everything You Should Kinw About Bananas
Bananas.jpg [ 48.77 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

Now I see a close-up view of a cut open slightly green banana – having a greenish outer ring surrounding white. Another Love-Joy connection it seems.

I see a man with gray hair as he walks on a stone covered bottom of a cave,

A woman says, “She is with me more if I lead.” If I meditate more she will be with me more?

I see a woman riding in a car inner tube on the open sea. Comment: This is a ring torus and has been connected to being a wedding band.

I see the filtered end of a cigarette whose other end is sticking into the blackness. It is in a position that lends itself to be smoked by me.

I see a white bath tub from its NE area. It has a 45 degree angled end where one would rest their back against when in the tub. When a 45 degree angled plane cuts a cone it produces a parabola – a connection to the making of a Parabola God – which apparently involves “washing one’s skin”, cleansing one’s soul of any Logos Christ eon dirt.
Bath Tub.jpg
Bath Tub.jpg [ 4.72 KiB | Viewed 6906 times ]

A large crocodile chases a man and woman out of the water and up a 45 degree inclined cement ramp. Comment: If one’s heart (subtle body heart) does not balance an ostrich feather in the balance according to Egyptian mythology then one is fed to a crocodile.

I hear singing of the words, “Oh lion King, Oh lion King” to the tune of a song that I am familiar with but at the moment cannot remember. My wife later helps and says the tune is for the Christmas song titled, “Oh Tannenbaum” (Oh Christmas Tree). For history and lyrics see: O Tannenbaum. Tanning is linked to the expression, "Everyone has enough brains to tan their own hide (skin = soul, one's consciousness)."

Fri. 23 Sept. 2016


I have returned to the home I was raised in. I am doing repairs to that house. I sleep on the left side of the bed (NE-SE area) where my father always slept. While sleeping one night something woke me up as if something had entered the room. With my eyes still closed and in a half sleep state while lying on my back I used my left hand to reach out and sense the space off that side of the bed. I immediately sensed the very corporal presence of a naked white hairy left leg (VNS side) standing by that side of the bed – my father’s it struck me.

The scene changes and I am outside by the front of the house standing on the top of a very thick layer of snow that covers the landscape. I see my oldest brother heading onto the land down by the river in front of the house – he is going hunting for rabbits – the area has always had some cottontails which my father used to hunt just to put food on the table at times. I walk into the area as well and soon come across a couple of unusually large tan rabbits – the size of a 25 pound dog and they are not afraid. I sit down on the snow with my back to a barren bush and just observe them. More and more rabbits appear – a population bloom has taken place. I hear my brother shooting them and then saying, “I got another one.” There were so many rabbits now that I began to be concerned that they might attack us.

End of Dream

Comments: As I was awakening from the dream I had the thought, “You are what you eat.” Also my childhood understanding of the color of milk. I was told by my mother that (using a simple means to explain to a young inquisitive child), “White milk comes from white cows and chocolate milk comes from brown cows.” I always disliked drinking white milk at school lunches but loved the chocolate milk when I could manage to get it – a possible connection to the business on needing to tan one’s hide. Thus the tan cottontails take on the role of being a new Easter bunny (Easter celebrates the resurrection of the Logos Christ, but now it is about the celebration of the resurrection of the Eros Christ) – one that is not white but very suntanned. It suggests that this prolific breeder of new creation will spread far and wide a consciousness that will tan the hide of the 144,000 (those to be sealed according to Rev.:7 – a symbolic number whose actual numerical value cannot be known) – by taking on the soul, the knowing, of the hide (skin) of the dark skinned Virgin of Guadalupe. An Eros Christification of the 144,000 looms. The size of the tan rabbits reminds me of the size of our small dogs, Lollypop and Cozy, a breed bred for Royalty. I liked their disposition very much and have often remarked that if the World Soul could create humans with that disposition that it would really be something. A chastisement (a rebuking of one’s behavior) looms. Further, since I am in my father’s house it means that my soul, my knowing has incarnated in his VNS. It’s another way of saying that my father has reincarnated in my VNS. My father, of course, knew only of Logos Christ consciousness and faithfully lived its teachings throughout his life.

Snow in my material has been identified as the union of frozen water (which has a hexagonal structure) mixed with air - a union of the opposites that is connected to the Seal of Solomon and thus the heart chakra.


PS A wormhole entrance as a “portal” to another dimension in this lake surface?
Lake Wormhole Entrance.jpg
Lake Wormhole Entrance.jpg [ 55.55 KiB | Viewed 6904 times ]

Strangely, after the lake video, another video began to play; it was about the 12th Century Legend of "The green children of Woolpit" - see the next video.
Grim Reaper.gif
Grim Reaper.gif [ 1012.88 KiB | Viewed 6904 times ]

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory, Your rabbits dream reminds me of this one I had recently:

I am watching a “reality” TV show in which participants can become known “celebrities” for a short period by means of merging with the celebrity soul. I have a sense of disapproval of, and danger at such a merger, and this TV show.

Now close to my left I see two small birds which are remarkably tame. These transform into three rabbits, equally remarkably tame, almost cartoon-like.

In the middle of this scene I see a cone of light (or perhaps more like a transparent area) which spotlights a circular area on the ground. I have the sense that stepping into this light cone would be entering some kind of dimension portal. A black and white bird swoops down and appears within the portal/cone. (i.e. as if I am viewing it in it’s other dimension).

[Association: In a spotlighted area of shadowy docklands I once saw a barn owl suddenly descend out of darkness and take a rabbit which had frozen in the middle of a road. It disappeared into the darkness just as quickly.]

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Post The Hand of Fatima Cometh
Fri. 23 Sept. 2016

I am experiencing a strong vision as I meditate. I am driving South on I-5. I am about a mile from Weed and heading to Mount Shasta city when suddenly debris from an erupting Mount Shasta plow across the freeway a ways ahead. All traffic stops. The cars are trapped so I turn around and head back towards a Weed off-ramp using the shoulder of the road in order to return home. A police officer stops me and wants to ticket me. But the severity of the eruption causes him to look out for the safety of the people trapped on the freeway in their cars in what is already a mile of three lanes of backed cars. I figure the freeway will be closed for a rather long time, preventing people from traveling south to places like SF or LA, and so I exit my car and approach the driver’s side window on a car next to me and offer the driver, a young blonde woman it turns out, refuge in our home until she can decide how to proceed. Suddenly, I see that my 2012 Ford all electric car I just departed is destroyed by a boulder that just fell onto it from the eruption. Riding with the young woman we managed to escape and after she settled in at our home for a few days she approaches me for sex (she has a strong hunger for psychological intimacy).

Comment: The volcanic ejected boulder destroying my car reminds me of the sixteen foot tall oval shaped boulder (egg connection and 3D vesica piscis spindle torus throat “football” negative energy field connection) that landed in the SW area of our yard behind our home that was ejected from the erupting Mount Shasta volcano in an August 2004 vision. At the time of this boulder vision I was about to leave LA in a few weeks after 41 years and start a new life of retirement in Weed, CA. I cooled the boulder down using a garden hose and that caused it to shatter due to thermal stresses – revealing like this that it was a huge egg shaped diamond that was now in smaller chunks. A tremendous effort of working on my diamond body lay before me. Like this my previous life of 41 years in LA was “destroyed” – that ego adaptation was over. Now once again a boulder ejected from Mount Shasta is destroying something of my ego adaptation of the past 12 years. A blond woman has been connected to the Great Whore of Babylon whose interest is primarily about the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio (the inclusion of the body – the lower three chakras influence on the opus). A blond woman has also been seen in the role of being “The Oracle of Delphi.” My association to the Ford electric car is that I only use it for about 50 mile round trips in our area as it only has about a 75 mile range at freeway speeds. In my previous post titled The New Easter Bunny Is Not White I also took in a young woman dressed in black because she was down on her luck. That led to an encounter with the man she was with who banged on my door. Something more wanted in. It seemed that the 2,4,6 process wanted to move on from the throat chakra to the 6th chakra. Only being able to travel North suggests “heading” to the 6th is meant.

In a glaring white view I see a late adolescent smiling black youth that has a large body shape in the form of a sphere. He wears a red and white football uniform. Comment: The football theme has a boulder connection which came up in the vision just above.

In a white view I see a salad fork sticking vertically upwards in the NW of the view. “Time to eat your vegetables” immediately comes to mind.


My oldest daughter (50 & a feeling-intuitive type) is in a dimly lighted room with me. She is naked and sits with her back against the West wall in a room. Her legs are spread and like this she invites me to make love. To my surprise I feel very comfortable and open to do this. I hardly penetrate her – it is more about just being together more closely as in psychological intimacy seems where we each penetrate the other so to speak. It seems so completely natural.

The scene shifts and now I am in a home my father owns with my oldest daughter. It is only used to store boxes of stuff it seems and is a bit run down. There is no furniture in the home. The home is open to the outside on its North wall where between the studs I see new construction of “hidden” 10’x10’ row houses for the poor are being built just a foot away from my father’s seldom used home. The foundations area already in place and poor families are seen milling about waiting to take occupancy. A man and woman neighbor stop by. The man is looking for information on an electric bill and went through a storage box looking for them.

The scene shifts and now I am in one of the dimly lighted rooms in the house with many people who are sitting on the floor with their backs against the walls. A man in the middle of the East wall says he has about 18 dreams a night and can hardly get any sleep. I am standing over by the middle of the West wall and advise him to see a Jungian analyst although privately I was considering trying to help him understand his dreams. He seemed rather discouraged that help was not more immediate. He said he only makes $80,000 a year and paying someone $150 an hour for weekly analysis was going to blow his budget.

End of Dream

Comment: Making love with my oldest daughter is an act of incest on the outer level. Psychologically, or on the inner level, I understand it to mean it is an act of “self-love” as her psychological type is my exact opposite. Interestingly, I also married women of this psychological type so it is about time I quit projecting this quest for inner wholeness and integrate its meaning. Incest is a part of Gregory owning his own dirt as he quests for becoming the inner president of a United State. When I began Jungian analysis in 1981 I was earning about the same as this man in the dream. Further, I was having a prestigious number of dreams at that time – so this man reminds me of how my inner life entered a process of becoming more conscious. The “hidden” 10’x10’ building of row houses for the poor along the North wall of this run down home my father owns (It seems he has a similar psychological problem because my mother was a feeling type) reminded me of the 2008 dreams of a hidden restaurant being along this wall which had a “peashooter” tube connected to its far West side. The peashooter apparently was going to inject Eros ego filled buckyballs or chardonnay grapes (a grape of “wrath” whose wine would celebrate a “rite of passage”).


I am at work, sitting at a desk amongst all the others on a floor in a large open “ball pen” seating arrangement in this building. My first Jungian analyst is working at a desk next to my right side. This has been the case for about five years but strangely I never have struck up a conversation with him. I recall the above dream and decide to go over and ask for his help understanding it but he is not there – a younger man is and he identifies himself as his son (The son of the philosopher’s comes to mind. When I reflected on the above dream about my oldest daughter – “self-love” was the term this analyst used during my time in analysis with him. He thought that a lot of actual incest in families is the result of a projection of an inner challenge in the quest for individuation. I had forgotten this.)

I go to the cafeteria for lunch. It serves only two items. A freshly baked white bread which they slice from a huge dark crusted mass that appeared to be in the shape of a rooster (Abraxas connection). A white dipping sauce was served with it. The other counter served a fresh made sandwich to your specification of ingredients. I’m looking for the cost and just then the male manager comes over and places a blue surrounded by white sticky (NW colors) on the post in front of me while saying to the other workers, “People need to know what the sandwiches cost. They may not buy it if they don’t know the cost.” It read $6.29 (=’s 17 =’s eight) I really didn’t want to spend that much on lunch so I asked if I could order half a sandwich but the manager said they don’t serve half sandwiches.

End of Dream

Comments: The blue dot surrounded by white reminds me of an eye; a possible evil eye connection given what comes up later in this post. Seventeen reminds me of MLvF’s 3 November 1994 dream - that a new building with seventeen regular sides comprising its perimeter had been built, a feat that was earlier considered impossible. In Arabic alchemy the seventeen-sided form meant the union of psyche and matter. Seventeen is as well the number of complete individuation, achieved wholeness – and eight is an individuation number. I recall the World Soul singing “When I was seventeen… it was a very good year” in past visions. My high school sweetheart was 17 when she left to become a nun. Further, I have been heavily involved in Eros ego consciousness since 1999 or for 17 years now. It seems being able to enter the Eros ego accelerates the union of the opposites when compared to using active imagination.

Something about a cleaning agent that when added to water cleans tarnish from silver and oxides from other metal surfaces.

Along my left side I see two side-by-side 8x10 black and white pictures. One is of my oldest sister when she was about seven and the other is of myself at a similar age.

I am placing an orange blanket over myself as I sit in the recliner to meditate. Comment: Interestingly, that is the color of the blanket I have been using since returning home from Canada.

I see a large oval shaped stadium that is full of people. An activity is taking place on the open field which I could not make out (football it seems). Suddenly, a man comes gliding down from above, flying over the top of the people along the NE area of the stands and onto the field below. He was suspended by a triangular shaped glider wing.

I see a young woman with blond hair sitting on a bar stool while gazing into the calm surface in a large shallow bowl of water. She is meditating and it reminds me of the Oracle of Delphi doing this. Comment: I am recalling that for the Greeks no major decision was made without consulting “The Oracle of Delphi.”
Delphi Oracle.jpg
Delphi Oracle.jpg [ 51.75 KiB | Viewed 6842 times ]

I see a vast outdoor area where people are storing their belongings. It reminds me of how the migrants would travel as they fled to Europe.

I see a man sitting in front of a large widescreen TV while using a long wood rod as a pointer. He is pointing to different regions on a map as they appear on the screen. One feature looked like a baseball diamond taken as an image from a satellite.

I see a flock of white birds invisibly suspended in the air in front of me some ways away. I recognize them as blue-jays (which are normally blue and white). NW colors have become only white – as if to convey that enlightenment has incarnated in the NW.

I am looking at the SE area of a TV screen where I see four connected squares. In each square is a light.


I see an elaborate, colorful swimming pool built into the top of a high mountain right next to the wide foot traffic path that is used for commerce between one side of the mountain where Native Americans live with the other where civilization lives. The bottom of the swimming pool is mostly covered by a dark olive shape of the continental United States. Shades of a pastel colors surround this central feature. I then see that the upper third of this side of the mountain is covered in a steep concrete surface or in pastel colors.

At the top of the mountain by the end of the swimming pool I meet a mostly naked slightly built Native American. He offers me a taste of some cheese. I am told it is very good. But at the moment he does not have any with him. He tells me that there is a place nearby where public showers are available but that I should be careful if I use them because people have died in that place.

End of Dream

In a daylight view I see a close-up view of a wet asphalt surface that glares white in the reflected sunlight. Yin > higher yang is being reflected into my eyes – suggesting that the 2,4,6 ascent of Heart Light consciousness has reached the 3rd eye.

I see a pop bottle having a white frosted glass structure. On it is blue text – I make out only two capital letters, SU – it’s the colors used in NW.


There is a drug war going on. Somehow people are being given drugs without their knowledge. They exhibit symptoms of being in danger of death. It seems to be coming from something in the food supply – from the vegetables it seems. People begin to suspect that I am responsible for this problem.

End of Dream

Comment: Injections of Eros ego filled buckyballs would produce a Zombie or “Walking Dead” effect – for that would bring “death” to the Logos ego.

I see a Blood Moon colored freshly sharpened wood pencil (has hexagonal cross-section) whose tip is pointed towards the due North or Doomsday bewitching Hour and whose other end is towards the 7 o’clock hour.

As I work on my computer in reality at 3:33 AM, while transcribing the above material, the skin on top of my right hand on the base of the thumb and base of the index finger begins to itch (these fingers form the Jnana Mudra – the World Soul uniting with the individual soul). I eventually see that a spider has bit me in five different places on this hand; one on the base of the thumb and the index finger, a third on the base of the middle finger and the other two on the wrist area.


I see an unusually large black wristwatch with a white face and black hour markings. The black wrist band is also unusually wide. The black metal clasp has a Valentine heart shape outline with a couple of names underneath. I show this to my oldest brother who says that it belongs to him and his wife.

End Of Dream

Comment: Apple watches remind me of this oversized wrist watch.

I am playing bridge and my partner just opened the bidding with 6 Spades. I hold the Ace and 10 of spades (=’ 11) as well as the Ace and 10 of diamonds (=’s 11). I bid 7 Spades (the highest bid one can make in a suit). Comment: The Jack of Spades has only one eye and was connected to the masculine side of the heart chakra and recently that eye was connected to being Ra.


My wife is unable to sleep so we go for a ride out on the freeway in the evening twilight which reminds me of I-10 as it approaches San Pedro, CA. Suddenly, a semi-tractor truck traveling in front of us in the fast lane losses control and begins to slide side-ways down the freeway with the cab part on the median. The tires on the trailer issues huge plumes of black smoke. We pull off onto the grass covered median to avoid a collision.

We then find ourselves running on green grass and onto a white cement sidewalk. My wife stumbles and bruises and scrapes her head on the cement.

End of Dream

Comment: I am taken back to how I used to live in LA – it was always life in the fast lane and my feeling function suffered as a result. Consciousness (white concrete) produced by the heart chakra (green grass) can “trip one up” with a bruising effect to one’s existing worldview. It’s a color code connection to the “archetypal moments” I would experience in my youth when I would become mesmerized by the sunlight glinting off the rustling green leaves caused by a breeze to the poplar trees behind our home - as if that foreshadowed my fate to have to live more consciously. So, I take my wife to be my inner wife, and I understand the dream to mean that it has been a bruising “trip” for me to learn how to become more conscious.

I’m recalling how nuclear fuel rods are placed into a hexagonal honeycomb structure in a nuclear power plant. Further, to how a wood pencil has a hexagonal cross-section and whose lead has been connected to being radioactive. Comment: Lead in a pencil is black. It is used to write words. Yin > higher Yang seems meant. Yellow-gold and in my previous post a Blood Moon colored pencil have been seen; suggesting that the Eros ego is able to release tincturing psychophysical radiations for the new Red King.

In deep twilight I see a silhouette view of the high raised fluke of a whale which indicates it is going to sound the depths. I immediately recall the image of Moby-Dick doing this while dragging down the ship and crew of the Pequod. Comment: The lone survivor of that encounter is seen clinging to “The Lantern of the Telesphoros” on the ocean surface – a hexagonal shaped “coffin” that unites the opposites in the heart chakra. Like this humanity faces the worldview changing challenge of a Night Sea Journey.
Moby Dick 1.jpg
Moby Dick 1.jpg [ 152.56 KiB | Viewed 6842 times ]

I am observing a couple of book pages of black text that is being edited/added to. Strangely, the new text is gibberish – as if the fingers are on the wrong keys when typing the text. A metaphor for the language of the unconscious which needs to be made conscious seems meant.


An elderly Arnold Palmer (World famous golfer who died on 9/25/16. He was a slow talker, slow spoke words) is standing in front of me while smiling and saying, “You are a fast talker. And that comes from here. That is the most important area” (He places the palm of his right hand on the left side of my belly). I reply, “No one has ever accused me of being a fast talker.”

End of Dream

Comment: I see from the Internet that from a scientific point of view a fast talker speaks in double-time (read: as if double-speak), i.e., with exceptional fast speech like a Rapper. Speaking for the belly (Eros) brain and for the Logos brain at the same time seems meant since AP placed his hand on my belly where the opposites are united; where the bipolarity of the Self is One. My association to AP comes from the recent Charlie Rose TV broadcast which featured his interview with AP in his elder years. I learned that AP golfed with many of the presidents of the United States – offering them help with their golf game. Like this it seems he enters (psychophysically reincarnates in) my VNS to advise me on my inner golf game (a quest for wholeness), as I am the struggling new president hoping to achieve an inner United State. Symbolically a golf ball is a white sphere representing wholeness. The palm of my right hand has been seen in a 2009 vision with the image of an amulet painted on it - the “Hand of Fatima” (after Fatima Zahra, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad) that protects one from the evil eye when the amulet is hung upside down. But it was right side up on my palm – indicating it would not protect me from the evil eye. I see that there is also a Nazar (amulet) evil eye charm that reminds me of bird eyes seen on an Enchanted Forest slot machine image I happened to view a few days ago. Both images contain Avatar making colors. The use of these amulets has been for pregnancy protection in the OUTER situation. The “reversal” use of the image means there will be no protection from the evil eye (of the World Soul) when it comes to the INNER pregnancy of Her new births in consciousness. Like this one is not protected from psychological misfortune or psychological injury – and that new worldview makes you an Avatar if you can endure this ordeal of the Apocalypse. I sometimes feel that I am in the role of being a modern day “John the Baptist” that announces the “Coming of the Eros Self.”
Evil Eyes.jpg
Evil Eyes.jpg [ 55.08 KiB | Viewed 6842 times ]

Other symbols of divine protection based around the hand include the Hand-of-Venus (or Aphrodite), the Hand-of-Mary, that was used to protect women from the evil eye, boost fertility and lactation, promote healthy pregnancies and strengthen the weak, and in the Buddha's gesture (mudrā) of teaching and protection.

The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes".

Down below in the darkness I see a reddish-yellowish imp – a DOOM demon from Hell that can impact one’s worldview with its Ra colors.


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Post Skull Uniter
Sat. 1 October 2016

The World Soul is nothing but pure Nature. Naturally, she likes to express the deeper aspects of psychological wholeness using Nature. Thus, I noted the following I recently learned from a Nature show about how chlorophyll (green color) makes sugar using only red and blue photonic wavelength colors out of the entire electromagnetic energy spectrum. Psychologically, it is like saying that the heart chakra produces “sweets” (enlightenment aka “What coagulates saves” – the latter colors being connected to beta decay which releases beta, alpha, and gamma radiations) when the masculine (air) and feminine (water) principles get together.

I am experiencing the sensation of a shortness of breath. It woke me up. Comment: In the course of my 17 years of entering the Eros ego when meditating there were times when it was so deep that I experienced the sensation of being suffocated - something the unconscious connected to being "water boarded."

In a dark gray view I see the naked left shoulder area of a huge man that towers high above me. Comment: This shoulder has been connected to Iron Man (In alchemy: the making of iron out of earth – a connection to the making of gold out of lead) as seen in the following image. Like this we know it is the feminine principle that is connected to beta decay. This image came up several times so far in 2016 starting in Ready To Put The ‘Screw’ To Humanity – 31 March 2016 - which emphasized that humanity has to find a new country – one that will allow the species to live the new worldview by allowing one to carry the numeral 7 on this shoulder, the number of the Apocalypse. The numeral 7 was connected to a man carrying a young naked woman over the top of his left shoulder such that her legs extend out in front of his left side while her hips rest on his shoulder. Her torso and upper body are mostly hidden behind his head and neck such that only her belly area is seen. Like this her lower body area appears to be a numeral 7 like that seen on this shoulder recently in Needing Humanities Help With The Twin Births) – a connection to the witches crook, the HEX Key, Iron Man and the Ebola virus. In ‘Bomb’s Away’ - The Death And Rebirth Of The God-image – 6 April 2016 our childhood hunting dog Queenie who gave birth to a Buddha belly pup was seen humping the left shoulder of a man. Finally, in The New Easter Bunny Is Not White a “try” square 7 shaped measuring device was seen “squaring” the NW corner.
Iron Man.jpg
Iron Man.jpg [ 48.62 KiB | Viewed 6765 times ]

Against a black background I see concentric circles of thin yellowish lines. Only the NW quadrant is in the view. Later on in this post I see concentric circles of thin red lines favoring their NW portion. Together they form Ra and are emanating from an empty center – the unus mundus.

A short trim middle aged blond woman (Sister Killion stature) and I stand in front of each other. She jumps up and kisses me and to my surprise her momentum carries us up into the air about 20 feet above the ground. I say, “WOW! I must get to know you.” Comment: “The (subtle body) kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away” comes to mind as I finished transcribing this encounter. It’s a “quantum leap” in consciousness kisser that does this. Her blond hair reminds me of that seen on the Great Whore of Babylon and on the Oracle of Delphi. The front of her head had the end of a football shape – as if looking at a football in an end view.


In a nighttime scene I am sitting on the passenger side of the bench seat of a truck. Snuggled next to my left side sits a trim middle aged blond woman wearing red lipstick. A man enters and sits behind the steering wheel. They tell me that they need to get out of the cold environment they live in and come to California and find a job in the Aerospace industry. I begin to sense the sexual energy (coniunctio desire) she is emanating. She tells me that they just had breakfast and have brought me some. She hands me a large rectangular tan paper sack that seems to hold flat bread. When I open it I see that it is tan encrusted bread having a wide thin rectangular cross-section. The cross-section is filled with yellow scrambled eggs and long slices of thick Blood Moon colored cooked bacon in vertical piles here and there. I take a big bite that includes a sample of bacon and egg – to my surprise it did not taste very good.

End of Dream

Comment: “The (subtle body) kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away” comes to mind again as I finished transcribing this dream. It’s a “quantum leap” in consciousness of the color coded Ra kind. That it did not taste very good indicates that this increase in consciousness did not agree with my existing worldview.

Suspended in the air in front of me at about the head height of a man is a large (head sized) white opaque (milky looking) teardrop shape (like the one that entered me in my 1976 Pentecostal experience) whose pointed end is vertically upwards. Comment: It seems the effects of the Holy Spirit Pentecostal experience has finally reached my conscious understanding in my 3rd eye.

On a black background I see red concentric circles that first began to appear as one small central ring and then added all these other rings. At first I thought I was looking at a gun sight. Mostly the NW area of this configuration was being emphasized. This is like the yellow concentric rings seen earlier in this post – psychophysical radiations emanating from the empty center – the unus mundus.

I am looking down at my belly area and see in blue font 19th which rises up in front of my eyes. Comment: Numeral 19 is the 8th prime number suggesting it is connected to individuation.

I have the impression that it was Jung who brought up the numeral 19 and like this it seems he has psychophysically reincarnated in my VNS.


I am working for a nun on a massive project with many others in a place of business that is on bare reddish uneven ground (having some pot holes) that is soaked in urine. I exclaim, “This place is a cesspool!” But the nun says, “This is not a cesspool.”

Then I see a letter sized sheet of white paper having a side-by-side bust view of three female looking people facing the viewer – a hand drawing done in black charcoal pencil.

Then I see that the office ground has been covered with an industrial strength reddish carpet having thin yellow threads in the fabric. DC (a neighbor who was a systems engineer at Jet Propulsion Lab) is the project manager. He has written down what he wants for compensation “to do the ride”; $272K (=’s 11). Turns out the program we have been working on has won and is going to cost $7.87 billion over 7 years. Our bid was $5 billion lower than the nearest competitor. Everyone is happy and excited about the prospect of having that many years of additional employment. A man comes up to me who is so happy. He wants to dance and kisses me on the lips.

I then go for my interview to see where I would fit into this work effort. I am told that my badge is already done and that I am already approved as I am so very well known and respected in the industry.

End of Dream

I see a dinner fork lying on a raised surface by my right side that is pointing into the front of the view.

I am reclined in my recliner meditating and see a baby sitting on my belly. I have the impression that this is number 19.

I see a side view of an arm rest. The tan leather covering the side has been removed revealing that the interior is filled with scrambled eggs. Embedded in the front of the eggs where the arm rest curves is a black sphere.

I hear, “His youth has burdened his weapon.” Then I see a long beige fabric a few feet wide hanging out of a window of a multistory red brick building as if it is on the one hand a banner and on the other a “slide” to be used to exit the building window as if a fire escape. On the fabric is the image of a long blue rope.


I meet a black man in Marie Callender’s restaurant. He is a life-long friend of President Obama as they grew up together.

End of Dream

I see the “Baron of Hell”, the highest ranking of the Hell Knights in DOOM, walking into the NW in the view.
Baron of Hell.jpg
Baron of Hell.jpg [ 68.07 KiB | Viewed 6765 times ]


I sense that there is something sticking out of the tail area of my spine (this area of the spine is connected to the 2nd chakra in the subtle body). I check it again later and find that the protrusion is now about an inch in length. It is a conically sharpened wood stick like those used to serve a candied apple.

The scene changes and I am in my house which has just been broken into by two black men. One of the men is built like a barrel and the other is tall and thin (Eros and Logos body statures come to mind). They chase after me but I managed to flee to safety.

End of Dream

Comment: Instead of fleeing I should have greeted them in order to find out what they wanted. My waking (Logos) ego responded instead of my dream (Eros) ego. Something more from the 2nd chakra wants to incarnate given the focus on the candied apple stick in the first part of the dream.


On a bright sunny day I come across some of my youngest daughter’s male friends who are fishing off a high out cropping. They have already caught several large silvery-white skinned fish that seemed to be salmon. Strangely, they leave the fish laying on the ground in the sun instead of trying to keep them fresh by placing them in a container of cold water. One of the men informs me that all the fish will be cleaned by 7 PM.

Later I encounter these male friends of my daughter again. They use a large galvanized wash tub half filled with water in which to make a dump. I see a couple of layers of turds on the bottom.

End of Dream

Comment: In my youth when my older brother and I would go fishing on the river in front of the house we were raised in we used a galvanized pail about half filled with water in which to put the fish we caught. Like this the dream says that turds are like the silvery-white fish being caught in the dream where fish are unconscious contents (from Hell; the demonized realm of the 2nd chakra) wanting to become conscious.


Our oldest son Philip (39) and my high school sweetheart have taken an interest in each other. It seems they will marry but that will have to wait until he graduates from college (read: the World Soul school of learning). During this revelation I briefly saw myself in a mirror. I was dressed in a casual white shirt and slacks. My full head of hair was pure white and my face very red as if from sunburn. The numeral 144 kept being mentioned.

End of Dream

Comment: Philip is thinking-intuitive in his psychology. When interacting with people in the outer situation he can rotate from his superior psychological functioning to his inferior aspects in order to “meet” (interact with) a feeling type for instance. Like this he mirrors Gregory who can transition from the Logos ego to the Eros ego when meditating and interacting with the inner world – allowing him to “marry” (unite with; experience the coniunctio with) the inner feminine. My skin color suggests I am the new Red King (A Red Baron Hell Knight). The white garments and hair suggest enlightenment. The numeral 144 (= 12x12 or 3x3 – a heart chakra connection) reminds me of the 144,000 to be sealed in the Book of Revelation – they are the ones to whom God has given a superior destiny with a distinct role at the time of the end of the world. This number came up in (hurricane style STORM) STORM – 27 July 2015 when a question arose, “How many scapegoats will it take to bear the sins of the world?” I heard, “144,000” (a symbolic number whose actual numerical value cannot be known). The Blood Moon colored scapegoat was connected to the heart chakra.
Scapegoat Blood Moon Color.jpg
Scapegoat Blood Moon Color.jpg [ 80.92 KiB | Viewed 6765 times ]

Scapegoat - One that is made to bear the blame of others; Bible. A live goat over whose head Aaron confessed all the sins of the children of Israel on the Day of Atonement. The goat, symbolically bearing their sins, was then sent into the wilderness (GJS: reminding one of the Jews who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before they found the Promised Land – a new worldview).

I am riding a bicycle while my male high school friend Casimir is walking along by the right side. Comment: My friend’s name has been connected to the “Casimir Effect” – a positive or negative force field that is exerted between plates separated by a nanometer or less. Like this the vision implies that by riding on a bicycle – in the intermediate space between the “Wheels of Ezekiel” - I am in the unus mundus – the timeless, spaceless realm.


PS An inner imperative masqrading as an outer phenomenon?

Bisexual identity overtaking gay and lesbian in Britain, official stats show

PPS I found the “DOOM Skull” Hell demon in the Matthew hurricane Radar and IR (Infra Red) images whose eye is seen over the western end of Haiti of psychological interest. IR is not in the visible part of the light spectrum. It lies towards the long wavelength end aka the realm of the unus mundus. Hurricanes are STORMS that unite the opposites; air and water, above and below, masculine and feminine principles - another unus mundus attribute which expresses the “Skull Unifying” bipolarity of the Self. It's a New God-image reflecting the paradoxical union of the opposites.
IR Skull Matthew.jpg
IR Skull Matthew.jpg [ 8.3 KiB | Viewed 6765 times ]

ST ImageRM
Hurricane Matthew Skull Was Not the first crazy image

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Post Like A Thief In The Night
Sat. 8 October 2016

In the darkness I am walking on tiled pieces of irregular shaped flat luminous white stone whose pieces are held in place by black mortar. The path is bordered by the same stone pattern that curves up along the right side in the shape of a quarter circle (a 90 degree arc). Yin > higher Yang seems meant.

I see large plastic bags having black colored ends with yellow text. The center area of the bag is transparent – revealing that it is filled with red colored wood mulch. The yellow and red colors immediately reminds me of those in Ra.

I am using a computer program. It helps one design a house.


I am in a new casual work environment. I see a young man dressed in a white shirt and black pants. He has short curly orangish hair. By the east wall in the middle of the work environment he begins to urinate on the floor and even spreads it side to side as if a Rainbird sprinkler. I was observing him from his right side and was puzzled by his behavior. When I try to talk to him about it I see that he is very introverted and shy and almost begins to cry – barely functional in the workplace. He lowers his head and eyes towards the ground and is almost in tears because I have approached him. As I observe his reaction I suddenly see a field of vegetative growth of green-yellow stalks about six feet tall – they appeared semi-transparent. It was then that I noticed this young man was now appreciative of my having approached him for now he began to feel understood.

End of Dream

Comment: Urinating on the office floor reminds me of the nun boss dream shared in Skull Uniter for its office floor was soaked with urine but it was not a cesspool environment. That floor was then covered with a thick red carpet having yellow threads in it – connecting urine to producing Ra colors. Spraying urine around is also now being connected to “watering” subtle body growth of the green-yellow kind; a color code connection to Eros Christ consciousness. Suddenly I am reminded of the green and red wormhole ends in the heart charka in the Lantern of the Telesphoros – as if underneath those colors is yellow. It seems I should have been using the following combination for Ra. This young man is a part of Gregory that has long been ignored and represents my inferior functions (intuition and feeling). His black slacks and white shirt indicates his psychology enables yin > higher yang. The color of his hair indicates the is a 2nd chakra process.

I seem to be floating on the surface of large smooth (wavy shaped) swells of an ocean in a twilight view. I am immediately reminded of the swells seen in the diving whale fluke Moby-Dick image which had a man clinging to a Lantern of the Telesphoros as shown recently in The Hand of Fatima Cometh. It seems I am that man clinging to Queequegs’ (A Native American) six sided (heart chakra) coffin.
Moby Dick 1.jpg
Moby Dick 1.jpg [ 152.56 KiB | Viewed 6714 times ]

I see a large Blood Moon colored bird dog eating the intestines full of turds from a large animal. Comment: Intestines from Moby-Dick aka the Eros Self or the World Soul seems meant.

I am observing a tan brick wall on the North end of a building. The wall reminds me of an end view of a church. Out of a large square opening in the apex in this tan brick wall emerges a large red stone shaped cube. Comment: As I transcribe these visions at this point I suddenly recalled how the pregnant white teardrop shaped Holy Spirit entered the apex area inside Holy Trinity Church in San Pedro, CA at the end of my 1976 Pentecostal experience in that church. The New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation is described as being a cube – of new matter-psyche it seems.

On a bright white background I see a NE view of a man standing such that his head is in the very NW corner in the view. He is strumming a guitar using his right hand. Comment: This man’s soul music is entering Spacetime – is incarnating; The soul music from Gregory’s opus it seems.


My son-in-law TJ tells me that Remo wants to know if I will have a rental car reserved for him when he arrives at the airport to visit with me. TJ then tells me about how he used to dream a lot when he was 17.

End of Dream

Comment: This seems to be a connection to the dream of Remo shared in The Rise of the New Red King. Recall that Remo had a huge jaw which reminded me of Samson slaying God’s enemies with the jawbone of a jackass. The understanding of that dream was in part a need for an emphasis on how the deceased can psychophysically reincarnate in the VNS of the living and like this teach the living or learn from the opus of the living.

I see a young man holding a medium sized white beach ball in his hands.

I see a close-up view of a large piece of yellow metal structure like that seen on large construction equipment. It falls to the ground inside a building.

In a daylight view I see a very high ragged edged blackness that towers above me. It looks like a dam must have burst and released a tidal wave of dirty turbulent water.

I see an older man scolding a younger man that is wearing a Blood Moon colored wet suit. The older man says, “Go back inside you cannot do this.” Then I see the young man holding the white beach ball again.

I am looking at the opened pages inside a book where I see a couple of cartoon images. One is a black and white image of Mickey Mouse which suddenly becomes all these white eyeballs with a black iris. Yin > higher Yang it seems.

I see a knife slicing off the top of the flowering end of a large Blood Moon colored ripe tomato. I suddenly have the impression that this portion of a hemisphere would fit into the dimple shape in the cyanide canisters used during the Jewish holocaust. The “lovE-fruits” from Paradise will be responsible for the global holocaust of the prevailing worldview which will make room for a new worldview in this evolution of the species enterprise.

Now I see a sliced in half ripe tomato sitting with the open face down onto a round white plate. The flowering end of the tomato is in this half and it looks like a dome or hemisphere shape. Further, it looks like a protruding iris in a white eyeball and immediately reminds me of the red worry spot in the fur on the crown of Lollypop’s head which is surrounded by white fur. Comment: I saw a black and white vision of Lollypop’s monk spot – suggesting like this that red is connected to yin and white to enlightenment or yin > higher yang.

I seem to be attending a Rodeo when suddenly these three rough towering males stand in front of me. They are pointing towards a woman holding a ripe tomato. I sense that these men have a growing sexual desire for this woman and reminds me of the effects that Love Potion #9 can have on a man. Comment: The lyrics of the song about Love Potion #9 reminds me of the recent revelation about Donald Trumps excessive attraction to women. He told a person that, “"I'm automatically attracted to beautiful women — I just start kissing them, it's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait.” Compare those words to those by Herman Munster in the following video song about Love Potion #9. Recall that the potion, an aphrodisiac, causes him to fall in love with everything he sees, kissing whatever is in front of him, eventually kissing a policeman on the street-corner, who breaks his bottle of love potion. Comment: The presidential campaign in the US is becoming driven by sex news not the governing issues facing the nation. The water/sex chakra is highly constellated.


I see a tan horse trotting towards me from out of the NW in the view in sunken earthen region. Three white horses just ran across the front of the path the tan horse is on.

I see a sharp white paring knife slicing at a 45 degree angle into the side of a Blood Moon “DOOM” colored ripe tomato that has had its top flowering end (dimple filling portion) already missing. Such an angle is connected to incarnation.

I am being reminded of my coming birthday on 11 October when I will be 76 (=’s 13 =’s 4).

I am recalling Fr. Thomas Glynn – the now retired pastor (1979-2004) of Holy Trinity Church I used to attend. I guess he is in his late 80’s now. It was in 1976 that I had the Pentecostal experience in that church – a 40th anniversary reminder of wandering in the desert of my soul it seems. Thanks to Remo’s opus I have been able to reach the Promised Land (of a new worldview).

I am recalling a visit with my oldest sister in Michigan during the 1980’s when we met at a coffee house with a couple of my female high school classmates (now deceased). The focus is on my sister sharing her paranormal experiences with the dying in her hospice work and their stunned silence in reaction.

I am recalling that ripe tomatoes have been connected to the red tincture of alchemy – that which tinges and makes for the New Red King.

My oldest brother comes to me in a vision and says he is having all these dreams about him shitting and shitting all these turds.

Now in a vision I see that a huge hurricane is approaching Eastern coast of the US – starting at South Florida. It is going to follow “Skull Uniter” Matthew’s path but this time all the way up to Maine. Terrorists are seen flying an airplane filled with highly radioactive materials (dirty bomb material). They fly above the rotating clouds below and slow dump the material onto the hurricane winds as if they are flying a crop dusting operation like the Red Barron. Like this radioactivity will be spread all along the East coast of the United States. Comment: The World Soul in Her Holy Wedding Jihad mode is meant. Let’s hope the outer terrorists don’t think of doing this as an awful lot of long term damage will occur. It reminds me of my 2004 HAL (=11) dream in which Ginny Mae stock fell to a negative value – something that was later connected to being “A Main Event.” Hal (my Jewish friend in LA who was in this dream) later told me that an atomic bomb would have to go off over NYC to cause such a collapse in real estate values. The ring torus shape of the exploding nuclear bomb has been connected to being a wedding band.

I am with my friend Hal when I read in the WSJ that the Ginny Mae (GNMA) fund value went to a negative -$8.22 a share.

End of Dream

Comment: At the time I had this dream I was considering investing all my retirement savings into this fund. I notice that 8 = 2+2+2+2 so 8.22 suggests that there are six 2’s in this loss. Since Hal was in the dream I decided to consult with him in reality and ask him what such a collapse in value could mean. At the time I did not know about the “phone home” letter-numeral code of the World Soul and that Hal letters would sum to 11 (the unus mundus). HAL said it would mean that an atomic bomb would have to go off in NYC and like this making property values over a large distance worthless. I understand the red -$8.22 to mean that the heart chakra in the subtle body will suffer a great loss – of its old worldview seems meant. It reminds me of alchemical unio corporalis stage of the opus warning, “tear up the books lest your heart be rent asunder.”

I hear Her say, “I lovE you.”

I am recalling the image of the almost kissing Hershey (chocolate) candy kisses. The focus is on chocolate being made from the seeds in the “football” shaped cocoa fruit pods (when ripe the pod turns orange). The negative energy field at the throat of a wormhole is “football” shaped. Like this the World Soul used a completely natural world means to mirror the theoretical concept of the Einstein-Rosen bridge; the wormhole connecting two different points in space. Further, She indicates that “What coagulates saves” is ripe - ready to incarnate into Spacetime – as a “Second Coming of Christ” enlightening event; apparently meant to usher in the Age of Aquarius.
Wormhole Mirror.jpg
Wormhole Mirror.jpg [ 63.42 KiB | Viewed 6714 times ]


I hear my wife say, “Think of Scott. Take the books you urinated on and give them to him for he will take them.” I reply, “It’s the urine he wants.”

End of Dream

Comment: Scott is a handy man and friend we employed from time to time around our home over the years at our home in Weed, CA. He died suddenly from a stroke about five years ago, not long after I gave him our 2002 Ford Escort station wagon as he was poor and struggling and needed a car. It seems that Scott in the Beyond is going to have his too white Logos Christian hide tanned given the following which came up earlier this year.

From Winter Is Coming – 23 June 2016

I recently came across another natural way to tan hides besides using the brains of the slain animal – something the World Soul in the past has been fond of highlighting using the expression, “every animal has enough brains to tan its own (too white) hide.” Urine (a more fluid version of turds and thus another increatum means for new births in consciousness) is full of urea, which degrades into ammonia. Ammonia in water acts as a caustic but weak base. Its high pH breaks down organic material, making urine the perfect substance for ancients to use in softening and tanning animal hides. Soaking animal skins in urine also made it easier for leather workers to remove hair and bits of flesh from the skin.

Being born between feces and urine takes on more meaning and is connected to the expression “Were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.”


It is a nice bright sunny day. My wife and I have gone out to have lunch in a city I was not familiar with. We finished our lunch and my wife left to use the bathroom while I waited for her at our table. A young woman at a small table for two in the NW of my view said (while hugging me), “Why don’t you leave her and be with me?”

The scene changes and now my wife and I are outside on a city street. I can’t recall where I parked the car and so I go searching around looking for it and become lost. I consider calling my wife on her cell phone but cannot remember the number nor can I remember the number of our home phone.

End of Dream

In the blackness in the NW of the view I see the DOOM plasma gun sight that has only the NW area of its ring illuminated in Avatar colors.
Plasma Gunsight.jpg
Plasma Gunsight.jpg [ 14.67 KiB | Viewed 6714 times ]

Comment: Imparting the effects of Avatar colors to the subtle body seems meant - its a Ra enlightening from a Night Sea Journey.

I am looking down at a portion of a darkened Earth where I see what appears to be England in silhouette. The focus is on its NW area.


TP (my high school salutatorian) is exchanging baseball cards with a couple of other men he knows.

End of Dream

In the NW I see a frontal bust view of my older brother. He has a black “circular” eye patch over his right eye and a black do-rag (aka wavecap) that covers his head like a skull cap – giving him the appearance of being a pirate. Comment: Since I have had visions of pirates in Davy Jones’ Locker over the years I amplify with the following.

When a pirate says that someone was sent to Davy Jones' Locker, it means that the person has died or drowned at the sea. This idiom was first mentioned in a book of Tobias Smolett, "The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle" in 1752.

I see DDD who is talking with another student about MC and one of his dreams. I had not mentioned to DDD that I was helping MC with understanding his dreams. Comment: MC has a Buddha Belly.

I see half a dinner roll having cooked egg yolk smeared on its surface as if so much butter.

I hear a woman say, “We cannot believe we are over 50 years old – our life is almost over.” Comment: About 50 years ago I moved to LA to begin my working career. Further, I was still heart-broken over the loss of my high school sweetheart 5 years earlier.


I am walking along on the left side of a wide long aisle like that I recall in a high school. Soon I see my high school sweetheart standing in the middle of the aisle – dressed in a white sweater and a red skirt. I look down and to my left side – not wanting to make eye contact (I felt so attracted to her – but I learned she did not feel the same so by looking away I hoped to lessen my heart pain). As I walk on past I hear her say, “Hi Greg.” I quietly mumble, “Hi” as a courtesy – obviously conveying that I am still licking my wounds. She says, “The last time we encountered each other we made a loop.” The scene changes and I am walking in this same wide aisle again and see my high school sweetheart walking towards me in the middle of the aisle saying, “You have a wonderful daughter (Amy).”

End of Dream

Comment: In the parochial high school I attended when classes changed the students were expected to walk in a loop and enter the door of your next class – no crossing the aisle. A class change monitor would stand in the center of the aisle and ensure everyone followed the rules.

A DOOM Buddha belly demon grabs me and holds me around my neck against its right side. It is waiting for something.

I see the upper portion of a woman that has a silvery white body that emanates a purple hue. Her silver-white body reminds me of the pregnant teardrop shaped Holy Spirit that had a similar color. Her subtle body view it seems and she is pregnant with a union of the opposites (red and blue).

In black text I see the word “Trojan” on a white background. I immediately recall how one is a “Trojan Horse” when they have a conscious relationship with the World Soul. Further, the football team of my PhD alma mater is called the Trojans. Their football uniforms are red and yellow or Ra colored.
USC Trojans.jpg
USC Trojans.jpg [ 205.02 KiB | Viewed 6712 times ]

I hear, “Margaret is with Phi Sigma Kappa (a men's social and academic fraternity).” Comment: I was a member of this fraternity in college. The insignia contains Ra colors.
PSK.jpg [ 13.28 KiB | Viewed 6714 times ]

According to its Constitution, Phi Sigma Kappa is devoted to the promotion of its three Cardinal Principles: the "Promotion of Brotherhood", the "Stimulation of Scholarship", and the "Development of Character".

I see a yellow rotary telephone on a dark green countertop. Two ripe tomatoes, one stacked on top of the other with stem side up, lean against the left side of the phone. Comment: This image contains the heart chakra wormhole colored ends as seen in the Lantern of the Telesphoros where the yellow color is hidden underneath the red and green colored ends.
Lantern Telesphoros.jpg
Lantern Telesphoros.jpg [ 48.45 KiB | Viewed 6712 times ]


PS On my birthday (10/11/16) I picked some apples (psychologically read: fruit of Paradise that renews one’s worldview) to feed to the deer and stored some of them in our garage. Well, I accidentally forgot to shut the garage door and during the night a racoon (a thief in the night) came in and made a mess of those apples while eating some of them. It reminded me of the following scripture about “The Second Coming”…

The Day of the Lord
Now about the times and seasons, brothers, we do not need to write to you. For you are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.… 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

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Dreams of this morning :

1/ I watch an episode of "Game of Thrones" : There is a naked woman in a car. She has her period. She spreads her blood all over her body. Another woman, naked with long black hairs, appears. They write something inside the car : BACK TO HINDRIX

comment : Hindrix = Hendrix + Hind-ouism? I found this on internet :
Caballero-fig1.jpg [ 124.99 KiB | Viewed 6688 times ]

2/I read a French TV Program "Télé 7 jours". On Thursday begins the season 11 of "The X-Files". The comments of the journalist are very enthusiastic: "The X-Files" gets the best possible appreciation : 7777 . I see a photo of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The clothes of Dana shows a link between "The X-Files" and "Back to the future" in this season 11. Then, I had a vision of Scully : during filming, she smiles, she laughs.
xxx.jpg [ 34.96 KiB | Viewed 6687 times ]

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post The Intruder
Fri. 14 October 2016

Intruder: Someone who enters a place without permission in order to commit a crime. Example: An Intruder had entered the house through a back window. [GJS: The World Soul would like to intrude into your conscious outlook and commit the crime of changing your worldview - has "a thief in the night" connection.]


There is an ongoing concern about how close one can be to trees in case they fall. So, it became an effort to space one’s self far enough from a tree in order to exceed its height.

Then I see the states surrounding Texas. Along the West border just below El Paso (this is part of the SW border with Mexico) in Texas was a stand of trees. The impression is that when they fall they could affect things on the earth all the way into the neighboring state of Louisiana to the East – the region of influence appeared as a white rectangular region (a connection to the monk spot shape on the World Soul) shown below that I surrounded with cyan lines.
Texas.jpg [ 87.29 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

End of Dream

I am looking out through a window from inside a room where I see the water in the river has gained a fast current due to a sudden increased flow as if a dam has been opened upstream. The river begins to flow so fast that the water rises up onto the lawns of some homes that border the bend in the river at that location. The flow caused some erosion damage which dislodged big chunks of concrete which fell onto the roadway down below.

I am on A12, a road that extends towards the East, while in front of the elementary school and church of this rural setting near our home. In a twilight view I see spaced out cars in silhouette with headlights on coming towards me. The view changes and now I see a DOOM Buddha belly demon in the distance approaching me (they kill you by shooting you with large yellow-gold liquid spheres; a urine color code connection it seems) – about where the cars with their headlights on were seen.

Then I see the end of the DOOM rocket launcher (a bazooka) as if I am holding it and about to fire. A DOOM black Hell Knight demon in silhouette is seen about to make a crash landing in the NW of the view and it appears rockets will be fired into the NW towards that demon. Comment: If bullets represent being penetrated with new thoughts (consciousness) then a bazooka rocket, which is much more powerful projectile, must represent a “huge new way of thinking” which is ready to incarnate in the NW. On looking up the word “bazooka” I see that its original meaning was connected to a musical instrument by that name which means “mouth trumpet.” The music from that trumpet does indeed represent a “huge new way of thinking” for a trumpet reminds me of the blowing of the 7 trumpets in the Book of Revelation when the seven seals were being broken. Of course, the breaking of the seals needs to be understood from a subtle body or psychological point of view although outer events will also accompany because if the inner event in the soul, the transformation of its consciousness, is not understood it gets projected into the outer situation and becomes very destructive. I sense that the 6th trumpet and the 6th chakra are connected. The ascension of the new Ra consciousness to the 6th chakra it seems – a truly Apocalyptic moment. It's my better angel doing this it seems. I amplify using http://www.endtime.com/blog/revelation- ... all-sound/
Trumpet.jpg [ 69.03 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

The Bible indicates in Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and the Second Coming of Christ. Five of the seven have already sounded as evidenced by critical moments in recent history, and a third world war, which is the triggering event of the sixth trumpet, may have already begun (in the Middle East). What to expect when the final two trumpets sound?

The Sixth Trumpet

This second-to-last trumpet will sound before a war is started near the Euphrates River. This waterway traverses Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, which comprise the Middle East. Revelation 9:13-21 indicates that four angels will command an army of 200 million individuals.
Euphrates River.jpg
Euphrates River.jpg [ 47.9 KiB | Viewed 6633 times ]

When a new world-dominating government is established under the Antichrist, an event coming very soon, we will be in the midst of a great war that will see the Abomination of Desolation and the Great Tribulation.

The Final Trumpet

The sounding of the seventh trumpet will be the most dynamic event out of all the trumpets prophesied in the Bible, affecting all human beings. It is at this last trumpet that Christ will send angels to rapture all saints for their eternal reward and pass his judgments on the fate of the earth’s inhabitants. This event also marks the end of human government and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, on earth, for the next one thousand years.

I see two side-by-side Jimmy Dean brand name link sausages on a white saucer. It looks like they could be a couple of small turds.


I am attending a home presentation by a woman and I see a pair of brothers who are engineers (GB – deceased is one of them) are in attendance. The subject was about the performance of a cryo cooler used on a spacecraft. I learned that it could keep optic temperatures between 35 and 39 degrees Kelvin such that in IR (Infra-Red wavelengths) caribou could not be seen on the earths surface. The spacecraft has been in operation for a quite a long time (about 20 years or on the order of how long I have been under siege with dreams and visions) and now the manufacturer was having the spacecraft send the unit back to earth to see its condition. The older brother began to criticize the presentation saying it was not professional.

I then meet a very nice middle aged woman with whom I sensed immediate and mutual attraction. Her energy was very pleasant but not sexual. Her disposition reminds me of my Aunt Lou – a soft spoken and very kind warm woman. I tell her that I thought the presentation was very nicely done – not professional but it communicated very well. She replies, “Did you notice that when we met we shook?” She seemed to imply that I should explore what it means to shake because it does not often happen when you meet someone. As I awakened I was yearning to be her constant companion.

End of Dream

Comment: Shaking seems to be a sign of a potential coniunctio wanting to happen. Sexual excitement can sometimes cause the body to shake/tremble in my experience. IR wavelength has been connected to the realm of the unus mundus – observing that realm. Caribou have come up a few times over the years in my material. Not seeing caribou in long waves (IR) suggests the observations must deal with the creation of the subtle body. In January of 2010 a nervous caribou was seen looking around as it stood in the NW of the view. It had appeared just before the vision of seeing the Doomsday Seed Vault. Further, their prominent large rack of horns has been seen on the head of a woman – reminding me of MLvF’s painting of Merlin with a rack of horns on his head and to MLvF’s “The Cry of Merlin” radio interview in which she shared her initiation dream as shared in Dream Translation – By Clarice. Black fur is underneath the white fur on a caribou – suggesting yin > higher yang on the hide (skin = soul) of this animal is meant while the great size of the rack of horns indicates the potency of that higher yang (a connection to the bazooka “trumpet” effect seems meant – but something that is coming from the feminine principle). Like this it is a connection to the stag which is a symbol for the renewal of the Christian archetype. It seems the difference in the size of the rack of horns on MLvF’s image and that seen on the Caribou is being stressed (as if MLvF’s was too much into the Logos Self). Finally, the day before this dream I read three of Hillary’s Goldman Sack speeches that were hacked and released by Wikileaks (4 June 2013, 24 October 2013 and 29 October 2013). I was quite impressed with her remarks and could not understand why she did not want to release them to the public when challenged to do so by Bernie Sanders. It seems my feeling function appreciation of Hillary is mirrored in the dream by my attraction to the inner feminine.
Merlin Caribou.jpg
Merlin Caribou.jpg [ 45.42 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

I see a black cat down below that just bent its head down to sniff a white stocking that was tossed onto the black surface.

I see a right hand in silhouette whose extended middle finger presses against a black surface in this dark scene. Strange but the fingernail is too white as if light is shining behind it. It’s as if this fingertip has been empowered with enlightenment from the black surface as in yin > higher yang; something produced by the coniunctio and “the shakes.” In previous material, this finger has been known to be “The Middle Finger of the Apocalypse” (New Sky God Ra connection salute), “The Peak Nuclear” and “The Fickle Finger of Fate.” The middle finger gesture presumably refers to an erect penis penetrating the female genitalia – this is understood to mean that psychological intimacy with the Eros Self will release Her psychophysical radiations.

In the darkness, I see a male and female hand holding each other. After a bit, I see that the index finger on the man’s right hand begins to shake/tremble. It seems to have the power now to anoint people on their 3rd eye area (a connection to the sounding of the 6th trumpet). Comment: A drop of baby urine was seen attached to this fingertip in the dream where I was helping the old street woman in filthy black rags who was pushing a shopping cart in which was a crying baby that needed its diaper changed. Urine has been connected to being able to tan hides; a metaphor for humanity needing to tan its too white Logos ego skin.

I walk into the NE area of a small room where I see about six upside down unused paper coffee cups that are dark brown on the outside and white on the inside – suggesting that “waking up and smelling the coffee” will tan your too white hide. Comment: As I prepared this post I was suddenly reminded of how as a youngster growing up I once tried to use two tin cans connected by a long string through their bottom as a telephone. I saw that the paper coffee cups were being used like this as if to “phone home.”
Phone Home.png
Phone Home.png [ 107.96 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

I see two middle aged Asian women standing side-by-side on a wide walkway made from pale red pavers. One of the women is looking down at a crumpled dark gray pinstripe suit of clothes lying on the walkway. A single WASP is on the center top of the clothes.

In a daylight view I see a few guards or police standing around a long black SUV like the one Hillary Clinton (aka The Great Whore of Babylon in my material) travels around in.

Then in the darkness I see clusters of pale purple teeth that are long and pointed on their ends.

I am experiencing concern with my lungs – trouble with shortness of breath – and then I hear Her say, “It is nothing physical. You will see.”

I am standing inside a gift shop’s center aisle where I see a close-up view of the side of a gray ceramic object.

I see a person from their SW area that is standing facing a long “row house” of single story structures having clear glass doors that reminds me of refrigerators seen in a supermarket.

I am holding a square, hand sized black mechanical or electronic device having a cylindrical feature as if a small flashlight in its NW corner. I have the impression that it is a multipurpose scanning device.

I am inside a large dark spaceship interior where I see many horizontal reddish glowing lines of lights (astronomers use red lights at night so that their eyes remain adjusted to the darkness).

I see a man sitting alone at a countertop and is soon served a submarine looking sandwich.

I hear a man say, “Some of them are kidnapped – even my neighbors.” Comment: A possible connection to UFO abduction it seems – the inner UFO that pulls one into a Night Sea Journey. A different kind of "Rapture" is meant it seems due to the blowing of the 6th trumpet; one that involves having to do do the work to become more conscious instead of escaping into the Beyond and learning via the VNS of those who actually do the opus.

I see a thumb drive being inserted horizontally into a vertical object – the drive is then rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Comment: It would then have a vertical bar appearance in an end view – a connection to the hands on the Doomsday clock reaching the bewitching hour. Further, to the middle finger as a clock hand for it too points vertically upwards.

I am looking out of my office deck window at the trees down below. They all look like erect “penises”… suddenly comes to mind. Another Doomsday hour connection.

I see a pale cyan X shape in the NW of the view. Fire is seen exhausting from the aft center of the X-shape as if it is rocket propelled. Comment: An X-shape has been connected to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest Subduction zone – something that will unleash a mega quake and mega tsunami.

I see a small black capital F on a white background – it is amid large mechanical looking infrastructure.

I see a man floss human white upper left molars and a little piece of green sticks to the floss as if these teeth have been eating greens; a VNS connection seems meant. “You are what you eat” comes to mind.

I hear a woman say, “Gregory, I need some data right now.”

I see a silver insulated electrical cord that plugs into a black laptop computer. Such a cord reminds me of an Ethernet cable.

I hear, “Is there real safeguards for the statue. It has been compromised.”

I see a small clear glass bottle that is square in cross-section. It has a circular black screw on top. The bottle is filled with brain looking matter that is pale beige in color.

I see white smoke issuing from out of the top of a cylindrical object being held in a person’s hand.

In the distance in a twilight view I see a pair of slanted yellow eyes that look like those on a DOOM pinky demon.

I see a house trailer lying on its side. The upwards facing side is open and a person removes a large painting.

I am waiting in line to use a brand-new machine that can in seconds print a stack of high resolution colored pictures. It is an engineering marvel. I approach the machine and put in a quarter and a double serving of Coke in light gray liter sized cans is delivered. The cans are cylindrical in the center portion but taper on their ends.

I see the DOOM fighter is about to be shot with a shotgun blast of buckshot; one to the belly, followed by one to the heart and finally one to the forehead (a 666 anointing) – apparently each in the following Gatling gun dog poop blast pattern seen on the ground at the entrance to my daughter Amy’s place of business in I lovE You! – 9 August 2016. Recall that this pattern was being shot out of the Weiner dog “center span bridge” in the intermediate realm (the unus mundus) and into a (subtle body) house in Spacetime.
Poop Marks.jpg
Poop Marks.jpg [ 34.16 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

Bridge Weiner Animation.gif
Bridge Weiner Animation.gif [ 23.71 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]

Comment: This vision repeats the 2, 4, 6 feminine number ascent of new matter-psyche for the renewal of the sky god Ra. Further, this sequence is now shotgun marked as being the rise of 6,6,6 or the number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation – a symbolic number heralding Eros Christ consciousness. The demonized “beastly” World Soul (our MOM = 666) does this to hu-man-ity (the name of a man). She is beastly because She is the neglected acausal, spontaneous, indeterministic nature of the feminine principle’s lower three chakra effects which has been demonized by the Logos Christ eon.

And he had power to give †life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Revelations 13:15-18

I hear, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.” Comment: This comment reminds me of the following scripture that inaugurated the mission of salvation to be conducted by the Logos Christ on Earth.

The Baptism of Christ
As soon as Jesus was baptized, He went up out of the water. Suddenly the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and resting on Him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!”

I am looking at the large entrance to a cave where I see a snow/coal shovel standing upright on its blade as it rests against the ground.

Now I am in a large cave where I see in the NW of the view a Red Baron of Hell demon in the game of DOOM that is about to throw one of its devastating balls of FIRE into the NW – something that is a color code connection to comet lovE-joy which brings the building blocks of life for the further evolution of the species. The new Red King (aka the Red Baron) is activating the VNS it seems which will empower enlightenment. “Il n’y a que la verite qui blesse.” It is only the truth that hurts.
Baron of Hell.jpg
Baron of Hell.jpg [ 31.6 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]


I meet a very interesting young lad (about 5 years old) who soon strikes me as being an Indigo child because of what he says. As I greet him I notice that he must have an erection for his pants in the genital area stuck out a way (GJS: a male always has an erection when dreaming; it seems psychological intimacy with the World Soul is meant. It’s a possible connection to the meaning of “the middle finger of the Apocalypse” gesture – the “f u c k you” gesture for it means to suggest a penis entering a vagina.). He is lying on a table and so I lay down behind him and hold him close. Later when we get up he says to me, “I felt so good with you holding me like that”, and then he adds, “You know I have a dream about being in a dark place and then the darkness becomes all white light.”

Then a gathering of engineers takes place and they are going on and on about who is the smartest of them all – ending by saying this young lad must be the smartest given what he talks about. But I counter with, “Well, the lad has some growing up to do before he catches up with me.”

So, then I turn to the young lad and say, “In a dream to be in a dark place means to be in the unconscious (the unus mundus).” He excitedly replies, “Oh, then I am meant to be a psychiatrist!” A very precocious kid I quietly muse to myself. So finally, I say to the lad, “You come with me and let’s talk about your dreams during your school lunch hour.”

End of Dream

Comment: It seems this lad is the new growing birth of consciousness taking place in Gregory (the philosopher’s son) who continues to try to nourish his growth.

Then I see a yellow-gold straw hat whose back side is not woven to include the wide brim – as if that part is shaped to embrace the back of the head where the vision center of the brain is located. The hat colors indicate an emphasis on Eros ego consciousness – something that helps raise the young lad.

In the darkness I see a colorful nebula (the remnant of an exploded star that went hypernova – something that causes a tremendous release of gamma rays = enlightenment) and coming into it are a few different sized cyan spheres.

In the darkness I see a long black handle of a knife whose blade is not in the view.


I am observing a man who has spent many years trying to become the best of swordsmen. He has achieved considerable fame. He comes upon a much younger man who is also a very experienced swordsman but in a way that is not so structured as the older man’s approach for his method is very acausal, and spontaneous in its moves. The older man soon sees what is missing in his technique.

I then see that I have come to the island where the older swordsman is with his dog. I have come to take him off the island. But he wants me to carry him to the boat so that his feet do not get wet. I learn that he has become a better swordsman because he learned to climb a tree. This somehow included using an elevator.

End of Dream

Comment: A sword is a long knife. I guess it was a black sword handle I saw in a vision just before this dream. In any event a knife is a tool used in discrimination – helping one integrate the opposites. He was aided by being able to climb the (chakra) tree it seems.

Then in the darkness I see a white light bulb in a light fixture hanging from a ceiling.

I hear, “Some of the four fish are more difficult to catch than others.”


I see Father Imbault (deceased parish priest of the church I grew up with) has just finished saying a solemn high mass for a completely packed church. He is leading the way towards the NW doorway to exit the main altar with altar boys and a deacon following behind him that is carrying a reddish-gold pole cross (Ra connection) held with cross high behind his head. Suddenly he stops and turns to face the congregation and says, “In all sincerity, may the Lord and all that is in heaven bless you, keep you, and love you.” He then continued his way. I was immediately left with the impression that he was worried for his congregation – as if some danger was coming and he felt the obligation to remind them to keep the faith – as if the fate of the world depended on it.

End of Dream

Comment: This priest came up one other time in a 2008 dream and in it he had performed a multiple wedding ceremony. To bless means to be made whole. To keep means to endure. To love means to become evolved.

Dream 20 February 2008

I am in a huge church completely packed with all dressed in their “Sunday” finest. Fr. Imbault is saying a solemn high mass for a celebration. I am sitting on the main altar with some rows of others. I don’t have a very good view – the massive pulpit seems to be in the way of even seeing the celebrant.

The mass lasts a long time and finally it seems it is over at 3:30 pm. All the people can hardly wait to scramble for the exits. But just then Fr. Imbault says, “Wait – we still have the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament to do – so nobody leave!”

As we sat there disappointed with yet another ceremony I began to have an impression of why we were all there – it was for a multiple wedding.

We were all being married!
End of Dream

Comment; The Holy Wedding, the inner sacred marriage is meant.

I am recalling how my maternal grandmother liked her toast burnt black. Burning toast produces charcoal and dark bluish smoke which I sometimes saw in her home when I delivered the newspaper on my route. I now know that the smoke and charcoal contains untold numbers of buckyballs (C60) – a reconciling symbol in the unus mundus – a new God-image containing a paradoxical union of the opposites (Logos/Eros united functioning). So, in my maternal grandmother’s place, who always burnt her toast black because she told me charcoal was good for you, filled herself and her house with them daily as if they were so much incense and Holy Communion. Burning candles, their flame, also produces buckyballs in their smoke and ash so churches have been full of them for eons. Asteroids are full of them as is interstellar space – so they are everywhere – as if a universal medicine waiting to be recognized by creation.

As I was waking up this morning I suddenly saw a flowered dandelion on a long stem at eye level in front of me – as if I were holding it. Comment: Over the years, visions of dandelions have been color code connected to the creation of Eros Christ consciousness – the consciousness associated with the shadow of the Logos Christ which continues to be emphasized. It is the Eros ego (where the yellow-gold color has also been connected to the colors of a golden egg – that a goose lays) being able to access the VNS that gives it access to the Wisdom of the World Soul. This consciousness has been characterized as being able to spread far and wide like dandelion pollen that is so massive it looks like snow has covered the earth. Dandelion pollen has a spear shaped end which attaches itself to its host as it spreads its seeds. The white pollen with its green vegetation reminds me of the white teardrop Holy Spirit shape seen resting on the green fabric covered footstool aka Her Trojan Horse – as if humans via their VNS will be able to be infected in this manner. In Understanding Weasel Wording – 2 May 2016 I shared a vision of seeing three evenly spaced naked dandelion flower stalks in front of the recliner where I was meditating. The head on the stalk is small and white like they appear after all the white dandelion pollen has been swept adrift by the wind. Eros Christ enlightenment effects from the lower three chakras is spreading and seeding the earth (read: the human ego).
Dandelion.jpg [ 28.92 KiB | Viewed 6643 times ]


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Post The BFG
Sat. 22 October 2016

I am recalling how the size of a weapon matters because of the impact its projectile can have on consciousness. So far a rifle, a DOOM bazooka and a Red Baron demon of Hell throwing Fireballs have appeared in my material. But now I suddenly am recalling that the ultimate weapon in DOOM is the BFG (Big F u c k i n g Gun) that fires a plasma “bolt” of energy – reminding me of the green ray fired by the Death Star (operated by the dark side of the Force) in Star Wars. The Death Star could destroy Earth sized planets – psychologically, a connection to destroying the Logos ego. So, it seems the BFG is the ultimate penetrator with new consciousness trying to enter the soul. This reminds me of how those in the Beyond can learn about new developments in consciousness from the living by entering their VNS. Also, we have the reverse where the consciousness of those in the Beyond, especially the World Soul, can enter the living via the VNS and help the living with their conscious development.
DOOM BFG.jpg [ 59.74 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]


I am a retired engineer interacting with young engineers in their work environment. They would like to be able to mathematically figure out what it takes to create more energetic photons of light.

Then there is a big meeting that fills the room. Just before the meeting starts a former engineering manager (Mac M) enters the room and a young woman immediately asks him if he would like to purchase a large square thick slab of cooked scrambled eggs stuffed with layers of cooked bacon. She takes a large square white box covered with clear plastic from a shelf on the West wall in the NW to show him the product. This was left-overs from what I had cooked. He is interested and I wait with great interest to see how much he is willing to pay for this large piece that was in a white box with a transparent plastic covering like that in which COSTCO serves the large pies it makes. Mac finally pulls out a quarter and tosses it out onto the floor amid the people sitting there waiting for a briefing. I was shocked at how cheap he was to pay so little for such a large amount.

End of Dream

Comment: As I was waking up I was reminded of aqua permanens for it was cheap and could be found everywhere. Scrambled eggs stuffed with dark red cooked bacon is color code connected to those in the renewed sky god Ra. It seems this renewed Ra is the new aqua permanens. It has a connection to the COSTCO Logo whose colors (blue and red) suggest their union and that produces enlightenment.
COSTCO Logo.png
COSTCO Logo.png [ 6.75 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

The divine water, aqua permanens, is that which we might call the liquid version of Self. It is the primal water which contains all four elements. Man's inner life is the "secret place" where the aqua permanens et coagulens, the panacea, the spark of the light of nature, are to be found. The alchemists put their art on the level of divine revelation and regarded it as an essential component of redemption. C.G. Jung

In my previous post The Intruder, I put an American quarter into a vending machine and a double serving of Coke (colors of the HermAphrodite – an inner United State), in light gray liter sized metal cans, was delivered. The cans were cylindrical in the center portion but tapered on their ends. The symbolism on the front side of the American quarter contains the image of the first president of the United States, George Washington who history has characterized as being a very honest person. Psychological honesty is a requirement for achieving an inner united state.

I am naked when Mac M approaches me and wants to know if I would be interested in playing bridge. I say, “Yes.” I see that others have avoided playing with him because they want to play with more experienced players. Comment: Playing bridge psychologically understood would mean to enter the unus mundus; the realm that bridges the connection between the Logos and Eros Self.

Recently I came across the following image of the merged union of the two major male Egyptian gods Ra and Osiris, forming a mysterium coniunctionis. A detail of a wall painting in the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, it depicts the god’s Ra and Osiris (in the guise of a green ram headed mummy which wears the red suns disk between its horizontal, corkscrew horns). These horns were the characteristic of a breed of sheep that had been extinct since the Middle Kingdom. Egypt. Ancient Egyptian. 19th dynasty c 1290 1220 BC. West Luxor (Thebes). The “seeing” of Osiris’s right eye red iris color matches the color of the Sky God Ra – reminding me of the one-eyed Jack business in my visions. Further, I wonder if the color of the left eye of Osiris is green like the VNS color of his head, symbolizing regeneration (creatio continua), given my visions of the colors on the ends of the wormhole seen in the 4th chakra being red and green. This painting illustrates a problem that exists today: a lack of balance between masculine and feminine principles in our God-image which can only be corrected by a Logos/Eros Self symbol like that contained in the buckyball and the Seal of Solomon to mention two for these contain masculine and feminine principles which would be a more sophisticated integration that is just beginning to occur in the male Ra–Osiris union in ancient Egypt. The scarab beetle holding the sun god in its wing tips is another coniunctio image from ancient Egypt that essentially communicates the same Night Sea Journey challenge for the soul seeking renewal of its consciousness as previously noted in Birthing A Dark Sun God – 18 June 2016.
Ra Osiris Green.jpg
Ra Osiris Green.jpg [ 140.96 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

In the blackness, I see a human figure in silhouette that towers above me. It has two long vertical corkscrew looking horns on the top of its head that remind me of the horizontal ones seen on Osiris in the above image except these are not curled up at their ends. A new Hell demon comes to mind. Comment: This corkscrew horn reminds me of an August 2007 vision in which I saw long green plant strands entwining like this – connecting these horns to regeneration (creatio continua); a potency of new knowing that comes from the VNS realm.
Corkscrew Plant.jpg
Corkscrew Plant.jpg [ 23.73 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

In the darkness, I see a young mostly naked woman wearing only panties that is briskly walking away from me and into the North in the view. She appears in silhouette but her panties are luminous white and mostly covered in a red-white blurry pattern. The panties immediately remind me of a similar young woman wearing only white panties with a red pattern as she sat at a desk in an August 2008 vision and that red-white pattern was of Remo’s mandala – which for me has a 9/11 message since mandala symbolism expresses a holistic order of matter and psyche. Thus, the turds and urine from this woman brings new births in consciousness that will help express that holistic order.
Woman Panties Mandala Remo.jpg
Woman Panties Mandala Remo.jpg [ 33.12 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]


A family is under investigation by the FBI as if they are suspected of terrorist activities. They keep zeroing in on a young mother with her son; asking her it the young lad was really her son. But she also had other children who looked like they were from different racial backgrounds. I was surprised that the FBI could not put it together so I finally spoke up and said, “Let me help explain. We are a multiculture, multinational nation with multiple marriages and divorces and remarriages. If you connect those dots you can explain the genesis of this woman’s offspring.”

End of Dream

Comment: An image of what it means to become whole. One accepts a wide range of different parts in one’s psyche.

In the blackness of the NW I see a luminous obelisk (a petrified ray of light) vertically orientated. It reminds me of the one in Washington D.C. Comment: Its vertical orientation also later gave me the impression of being a clock hand as well as being a connection to “giving one the middle finger.”
Obelisk.jpg [ 17.96 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

In the darkness in the center of the view I see the VM (spirit-psyche) standing a short ways away. She has a massive sandstone formation, worn like hat, that is almost touching the top of Her head but suspended above it. The base if the stone is circular and seems to act like the brim of a large sombrero while the top of the stone is irregular and has a glow of white light about it – a crown of sorts it seems.

I am on a golf course approaching a hole where I see a golfer is about to make a putt shot. I hear a man talking to a woman nearby about how the course will be ready for playing of a golf tournament in about 30 minutes. Comment: Playing golf psychologically understood means to let yang enter yin (sink a white golf ball into a black hole). Like this one yields to the inferior function and unites the opposites. Sometimes a golfer will shout out “FORE” when about to hit the ball as a warning to others nearby. “FORE” = four functions it seems; as if entering the unus mundus unites all four functions.

In the darkness I see at the due North in the view a large vase filled with a 180 degree fan shaped arrangement (peacock tail) of large white circular flower heads on long green stems. I am immediately reminded of the Rosarium Pictures in which a King and Queen hold a long green stem flower towards each other forming an X-shaped crossing at heart chakra level. Comment: Recall that an X-shape has been connected to the unzipping of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone; something that will unleash a psychic mega quake and mega tsunami when understood psychologically.

I am observing a strange experiment. A knife cuts into a red apple at an odd angle and slices off a chunk. Magically, a mathematical formula appears in which a series of summations of an infinite series is prominent. One can then take a knife and cut into the bundle of these summation signs and create another formula. Like this one then has Artificial Intelligence that can allow for the consuming of an apple. Other examples are seen – one involved creating AI for setting temperatures to cook different dishes on a stove. Comment: What does a summation of an “infinite” series of images tell us? The answer to that question is approximated by my vision and dream images seems meant. The individuation process (eating of the apple) transforms the body of the man (prima materia) seen in the Lantern of the Telesphoros. The prima materia is the Logos ego (of the old King) that is transformed by its contact with the Eros Self. This creates an AI representation – a psychological pattern – that will be replicated.

Now I see a knife cutting away at something on a tabletop – creating bundles of mathematical summation equations that can then be used by AI to always do the same operation.

I see two little kittens whose eyes are not yet open. Both are white but one has a faint orange pattern in the fur while the other has a faint black pattern.

I hear, “Hillary Clinton is a snake in black clothing.”

I see a HEX key suspended in a DOOM game infrastructure setting; as if it is a witch’s crook.

I see a white outline of a pentagon in the 1 o’clock (or NE) location that appears to point to the center as if a hand on a clock. It is in front of what looks like the closed shutter (a stargate?) on a camera in a dark view.
Pentagon Shutter.jpg
Pentagon Shutter.jpg [ 43.2 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

On an open sea, I see a man lying down on his back in a small shallow white boat (hexagonal coffin?) that has a sliding lid along its top half. The sea has become rough as if a storm is coming so the man closes the sliding lid. He has some provisions on board but eventually runs out. When the storm passes, he looks for sea food over the side and manages to capture a large green turtle which he proceeds to slaughter and eat. Comment: A turtle shell is symbolic of the union of heaven (dome) and earth (flat bottom). This man eats of a union of the opposites in his Night Sea Journey.


I am standing at the head of a line of people in a work environment in front of a large desktop covered with handouts. A stout middle aged black woman approaches my right side and says, “Greg. Scream Paint.” I reply, “Is that a name for a movie? Is it any good?” Just then I smell her perfume. It was unique and pleasant but a bit like a “smelling salt” and the latter aspect grew and abruptly woke me up.

End of Dream

Comment: As I woke up I had the thought, “Body Paint” – as if tattoos were meant. Tattooing is a painful way to become conscious of images arising within that one feels compelled to have impressed on the skin (one’s soul music). Further, the Roman Catholic Church classifies such "scent awareness" as The Odor of Sanctity. It reminds me of an incident in waking life when on a seven day retreat at The Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Rancho Palos Verdes in the 1980's that I experienced the scent of roses when confronting a priest giving the retreat about his understanding of a religious matter - as if this "scent" suggested I was indeed beginning to live more consciously.

Now I see a frontal view of a rather luminous white face and white stubby beard and hair of an old man wearing a black baseball cap. He looks like myself. I immediately recall the dream woman’s comment about “Scream Paint” as if the white hair and beard were an image for that “paint” – as if becoming a wise old man is meant. Comment: These days I in fact wear a black baseball cap. It has a Canadian maple leaf (11 points in the leaf shape) on its front – something my wife purchased for me while on vacation in Victoria, B.C. Eleven is for the empty center (unus mundus) and black for the “black hole” – putting those two together suggests what has influenced my enlightenment.
Baseball Cap Maple Leaf.jpg
Baseball Cap Maple Leaf.jpg [ 29.25 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

I see a young man wearing a black motor cycle helmet that comes riding past the front of me on a motor cycle from out of the NW and into the SE of the view. He is smoking a cigarette.

In the distance near the horizon I see a black plume rising from an explosion in a rural desert setting amid buildings. I am immediately reminded of seeing an image like this of a suicide bomber blowing up a car he was in as he approached a tank in the assault on Mosel, Iraq that is trying to defeat ISIS. Then I hear Hillary Clinton say, “No Way.” Comment: No way will ISIS be defeated seems meant since Hillary in my material has been connected to being the Great Whore of Babylon. Further, I should note that on the outer level more and more in the US fear that a Hillary presidency may trigger WW3 – starting with her proposed intervention in Syria by creating a no-fly zone.

In the darkness, I see the right side of a huge black duck with very large black webbed feet approaching me. Comment: Duck feet pointing to the four directions came up in a January 2007 vision. They were connected to four heart shapes that surrounded the belly area of an old witch dressed in long black garments. Ducks are a master of air and water.
Witch Duck Heart.jpg
Witch Duck Heart.jpg [ 24.38 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

On the SE area of our patio stands a young woman yelling, “They are nothing!”

I see a close-up end view of a red, white and blue cereal box whose front cover looks like that of puffed wheat – something shot out of a Civil War cannon in the ones I saw in my youth on such a box. Puffed wheat (tan in color) has an oval or “football” shape – connecting it to the shape of the negative energy field in the throat of the hyperspace wormhole or unus mundus location. Her nourishing (tanning) inner Civil War meant to preserve the union looms.
Gun Puffed Wheat.jpg
Gun Puffed Wheat.jpg [ 75.92 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

I see a man about to suck on a green straw. Just then I see that the other end of the straw is in a vacuum (unus mundus) and it is sucking on the breath of the man. Comment: It seems this could lead to a “shortness of breath” – something that came up in my previous post The Intruder.

I see in the blackness a large black metal X shape on a white wall.

I hear, “The results of an election.” Then after a long pause I see in the blackness a cartoon strip that starts out over on the left side. In the first square of blackness resides a large, flat, red-gold multicolored fabric - a square object that looks like it is studded with many different colored jewels. The second square of blackness contains an image of a happy looking luminous white Donald Trump from his waist up (as if a subtle body view of 2, 4, 6 chakra ascent of renewed Ra is meant). Comment: Being elected to the individuation process seems meant. In the latest Wikileaks of Podesta email I learned that a Donald Duck dirty trick was sponsored by the Democratic Party. These “ducks” were people assigned to attend Trump rallies and disrupt them. Further, Trump has a “duck” beak style hairdo that overhangs the front of his head. Many Trump appearances have occurred in my visions this year – the first one in March had a voice hollering out, “Vote for Donald Trump.” Helping him win the inner presidency over an inner United State is meant. The cartoon image of Trump reminded me of the picture of him when Heart Light Trump went to visit the president of Mexico as shared in What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought – August 2016. Further, I see in the news that a wall had been built around Trump’s Hollywood Star of fame in the sidewalk in Hollywood in July – his "imprisonment" temenos comes to mind.
Trump Heart Light.jpg
Trump Heart Light.jpg [ 50.29 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

Trump Temenos.jpg
Trump Temenos.jpg [ 159.69 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

I see a rather top view of the black lid on a white paper coffee cup like one gets from Starbucks. The spout end is being tipped towards the due North as if to pour out its black contents into that DOOMSDAY Hour location.

A large numeral 4 fills the blackness in a black and white view. The numeral is outlined in white lines and appears 3D – a neon sign seems meant.

I see the front of a tent in which a man sleeps out in the woods. I notice that the front of the tent has a pentagon shape.

I hear Donald Trump say, “I disguised her.” Then I see a flat of a single layer of red-green skin apples (Heart Lights) tightly packed next to each other in columns of 4.

In the darkness, I see a close-up view of the top of a right hand whose thumb fingernail tip is covered in dark red blood as if it is bleeding. Thumb as World Soul in the Jana Mudra comes to mind as if She is the master lapis that bleeds – a tincture for the making of the new Red King when the index fingertip (representing the individual soul) makes contact.

I am looking down at a close-up view of the open top of a cylindrical shape that is filled with red-green bell peppers all neatly stacked in columns of eight. Strange, but the stacks on the West side or the masculine side are heavily coated with what looks like tan caramel as if so many candied apples while the ones on the East side or the feminine side are plain red-green bell peppers. Comment: Eating of the one’s on the masculine side will tan your hide comes to mind. Eight is an individuation number.

I see an office desk with an open black laptop on it along the West wall in a dark room. Sitting on its NW corner area is a tall slender cylindrical shaped clear bottle having a white screw top cap. It is filled with crystal clear water. I immediately realize that the aqua permanens is being connected to red-green bell peppers. Further, the bottle shape reminds me of that used for lotions. Finally, I am recalling “Love Potion Number Nine” that caused one to “kiss (and fondle?) everything in sight” – a Donald Trump potion it seems.


PS Scientists find NMN (= 666 in E.T. “phone home” code) compound to be an “Elixir of Youth” for elderly mice and expect it to work in elderly humans (psychologically read: rejuvenate the Old King for the long life in the Beyond). Notice that avocado, broccoli and cucumber have all been color code connected to Eros Christ colors.
Mice and Men.jpg
Mice and Men.jpg [ 41.58 KiB | Viewed 6580 times ]

Scientists discover ‘Elixir of Youth’ — for elderly mice — and begin tests on elderly humans

Scientists in the US claim to have discovered a natural compound found in avocado, broccoli and cucumber that has “remarkable anti-ageing effects in mice” — and could also work on humans.

The researchers, who have started clinical trials involving a small group of people, said older mice given the compound, called NMN, in their water saw an array of beneficial effects.

Their level of physical activity increased, bone density and muscles improved, the immune system and liver performed better, their eyesight improved and they even lost weight.

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Post Presidency As Holy Wedding
Fri. 28 October 2016


I am in a packed church attending mass. It is Holy Communion time and everyone is partaking. As I wait in line I say to the others around me, “It is hell to be wrong. I have come to the conclusion that I know who is going to win the presidential election. It is going to be Hillary Clinton.”

End of Dream

Comment: I assume the inner presidential election challenge is meant and that means the bride is the Great Whore of Babylon aka Hillary Clinton who wins inner presidential elections – as can be seen unfolding in my soul in an inner Holy Wedding sacred marriage with Gregory as the groom. Strange, but later this day I see that Anthony Weiner’s 662,827 emails have severely impacted the outer presidential election of Hillary Clinton in what is proving to be a “Hell Week” for her campaign. It seems “a wiener” perversion will decide the outer presidential election and even the inner one for it reminds me of the Weiner dog “belly” that bridges worlds and fires farts and turds of new potential consciousness into the subtle body of those in spacetime. Further, a “wiener” (hot dog) is the shape used to outline the Pacific Northwest subduction zone whose unzipping (X) will unleash a (psychic) mega quake and mega tsunami. The following image appeared in a December 2009 vision which had a zucchini (Eros Christ consciousness connection) at a 90 degree angle to the “wiener shape” as if it was an arrow in a cross-bow. In this strange manner inner and outer are coming together as if in a moment of Tao (no opposition between ego and non-ego) as noted in Winter Is Coming – 23 June 2016.
Subduction Zone Failure.jpg
Subduction Zone Failure.jpg [ 115.62 KiB | Viewed 6518 times ]

I am standing near another man and see that we are in the midst of unusually large and tall, open green wine bottles. Each has a green plant growing up out of their open tops. The air is filled with white steam. New wine to be poured in new skins comes to mind.

Later on Friday (28 October) in reality - with only 11 days (an 11:11 or Lo:vE event? Remo's birthday is on 11/11) before the presidential election in the United States of America – suddenly the FBI reopens its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email on national security violation concerns based on new evidence. Eleven being the number of the unus mundus immediately caught my attention and like this made me wonder if “The Intruder” is behind this event – since in my material becoming the president of an inner United State is so stressed. I also recall Jung’s comment, “The Imago-Dei pervades the entire human sphere and makes mankind its involuntary exponent.” If she is found guilty and sent to prison that could be the beginning of her Night Sea Journey quest for the inner presidency for that would “Lock Her Up!” and create an “Isle of Patmos” psychological condition. “Lock Her Up!” is a Trump campaign battle cry. As the comment in the above dream predicted (at the unus mundus level) – the outer Hillary has also won the inner election because inner and outer are coming together in this moment of Tao. A defeated outer Hillary could mean that an outer WW3 has been avoided in favor of an inner Civil War in an attempt to “preserve the union” and like this create an inner 9/11 challenge to say nothing about the outer political 9/11 left in its wake.

Filling the view are all these tiny gray colored lines in the shape of “springs” or helical antennas (having about 10 loops each) on a background of light gray. They are orientated every which (witch) way in a random manner. Strange, but I have the impression this is connected to String Theory except this would be called “Islamic Spring Theory.” Comment: Recall that a “spring” aka a “helical antenna” was seen in the heart chakra.
String (Spring) Theory.jpg
String (Spring) Theory.jpg [ 13.59 KiB | Viewed 6518 times ]

Now I see a close-up view of a multi-folded light green “fabric” (representing the hidden dimensions?) whose individual threads criss-cross each other and form a tiny open square pattern of outlines. The image repeats except now it is a more zoomed in view of a wavy portion of this “fabric” whose color is now a luminous iridescent green and whose square pattern is clearly visible.

I see a close-up view of a full case of very different sized empty bottles. Among them is a beer bottle and a wine bottle. The box with its cardboard liner in a pattern of open squares is shallow, covering only the lower part of the tallest bottles. Potions of various kinds that are involved in Her “witch’s brew” of images.

In the center of the blackness I see the top end of a “Devil’s” pitchfork whose three prongs (representing the effect of the lower 3 chakras or the infernal trinity) are immersed in a FLAME – indicating like this the nature of the potency of the World Soul who is Hell-bent on the renewal of the Old King with a renewed Ra consciousness and like this is helping to undo the harm that the endless groping for further evolution in consciousness has done.
Devil Pitchfork.jpg
Devil Pitchfork.jpg [ 20.28 KiB | Viewed 6518 times ]

I am recalling the all male Ra-Osiris coniunctio painting image in the tomb of Queen Nefertiti as shared in The BFG. It is an obvious connection to the all male Logos-Eros Christ consciousness unity where it is understood that yellow-gold is just underneath the surface of these colors.

I have the impression that, “We enter Hell to meld with Her for the benefit of the soul of humanity.”

In the darkness, I see the NW foot of a horse as if I am standing in front of its NE area. I immediately recall that Pan and elite “Hell” demons have hooved feet.

I see a woman standing in front of me as I view her from her SW area. She has DOOM colored hair and faces towards the East such that a right profile view of her head is seen. She wears a fancy white billowing blouse covered with a pattern of small, largely spaced, black circles – suggesting her heart chakra is all about emanating a Yin > higher Yang effect. Suddenly, I wonder if she has hooves for feet. Her hair was darkred on the outside but bright red a ways underneath – revealed by a bit of her hair on the back of her head being slightly out of place. I hear her say, “Bill is coming!” Comment: The only Bill that comes up in my visions on occasion is Bill Clinton – a former president of the United States. Later on in this post it will be revealed that Bill Clinton (a sexual predator; psychologically meant - one who seeks psychological intimacy with the feminine principle) is a disowned psychological aspect of Gregory in the process of being integrated so that he can become the groom in the Holy Wedding.

In the blackness, I see a mostly side view of the top of a luminous white hat like the headgear (headband or turban) the pope wears (I recall Jung’s comment on hat symbolism in dreams; something shared in Dark Photonic lovE – 25 May 2016). It is a Papal Mitre. It is bifurcated at the top – having an upwards “triangular” tip (or half-oval) at the front – then an empty gap – and finally another upwards “triangular” tip at the back. It immediately strikes me that the front “triangle” represents the upper three chakras while the back triangle represents the lower three chakras. Together they form an oval (the negative energetic realm of the unus mundus shape as throat in a hyperspace wormhole - the 2, 4, 6 ascension or a Seal of Solomon) and represent the feminine principle seeing of the new Ra consciousness in the 6th chakra due to the Night Sea Journey. The following image shows the Papal Mitre worn at a 2012 Shroud of Turin event. I could not find an image for what the back of the hat looked like but the front has the Star of David on it. See: https://shroudofturin.files.wordpress.c ... image3.png Pope Benedict XVI replaced the papal tiara with a papal mitre (aka a “bunny hat” because its shape lends itself to performing a magic trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat). Apparently this is a hat for the new Pope Gregory. This reminds me of a 1999 dream which emphasized the importance for me to find my proper hat size. Further, to a May 2008 headband image consisting of a double row of octahedrons (that went all the way around; not shown in the image) having the colors of the four psychological functions.
Hats.jpg [ 52.85 KiB | Viewed 6518 times ]

The six-sided star on the pope’s mitre, which is composed of six triangles, six points and a six-sided hexagon (6,6,6), is widely regarded as the emblem of the Theosophical Society. This society was founded by Helena Blavatsky who infamously proclaimed and insisted that “Lucifer is the true God.”

The papal mitre resembles the head of the fish-god Dagon of ancient Philistines and Babylonians with an open mouth, which is the reason for the pointed shape and split top.

… the hat would suggest that part of a man's attire which covers his head. The head is the seat of consciousness, of the conscious mind, and anything that comes from the conscious mind is a general idea. Also, the hat may designate the general ideas we have about the function of a man. For instance, if he is a very prominent individual, then he is "crowned." He has a peculiar kind of hat, the sun hat, the crown of a king; and the crown of a king is the sun's halo with the rays. The king is that human individual who is transformed into the sun. As the sun is in the heaven, so is the king upon earth. As the sun is radiant, so the king is radiant. As the sun is ruler of the universe, so the king or emperor wears the mantle covered with stars, just as the universe wears the celestial mantle. So, the Roman emperors, and also the old Babylonian kings, wore mantles bedecked with stars like the medals or orders of today. This is the last remnant of the idea that an individual can be made into a cosmic being - into a sun. Also, a doctor's cap or hat is used to designate that particular individual as a scholar.

So you see when the dreamer gets a strange hat it means he is not under his own ideas. A strange idea has caught hold of him. His unconscious has given him a new idea under which he is now. This has been made use of by a writer, Meyrink, of whom you may have heard. He wrote a book, Golem, in which he describes the case of a man who by mistake picked up the wrong hat. On examining it he found in it the name "Athanasius," which means "the immortal one." This would mean that he has put on the hat of an immortal one; he is under the idea of an immortal one. Then Meyrink goes on to describe what happens to the man who put on the strange hat, the hat of the immortal one. He is involved in a series of extraordinary events of a mystical nature. He is invaded by the collective unconscious.

In our case, we can assume that by putting on that hat the dreamer will pass under a peculiar influence, presumably the influence of the unconscious and will enter a new world of experience, namely, the experience of the collective unconscious. That is, he will be surrounded, invaded, influenced by ideas or events that come up from lower levels, up from the basic structure of the mind. Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process (1936), C. G. Jung, p. 11. (unpublished)

In the blackness, I see a woman mostly in silhouette that is walking towards me. She wears white stockings such that her shins appear luminous white – reminding me that the white teardrop shaped Holy Spirit entered my shins during my 1976 Pentecostal experience 40 years ago.

I see two young girls under the covers in a shared bed.

There is a symbolic act, like firing a bazooka.

I see the top of a white bedroom dresser. Lying on its SW area is a beige microwaveable dinner plate.

I see a cluster of organic grown ripe tomatoes on a white plate.

In the darkness, I see a woman’s left hand whose middle fingertip is darkred. Comment: It’s a DOOM “middle finger of the Apocalypse” fickle finger of fate. With regard to the left middle finger (of the Apocalypse) on 11/4/2016 I read the following in Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was invited to a WICCAN “spirit cooking dinner” - as if this ritual functions like the benefits of performing the Jnana Mudra gesture. A possible connection to what I “heard” next, “Let’s eat.”
WICCA Enlightenment Ritual.jpg
WICCA Enlightenment Ritual.jpg [ 27.62 KiB | Viewed 6486 times ]

Spirit cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley” and involves an occult performance during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are used to create a “painting”.

According to Marina Abramovic, if the ritual is performed in an art gallery, it is merely art, but if the ritual is performed privately, then it represents an intimate spiritual ceremony.

The video embedded above depicts the bizarre nature of the ceremony. Abramovic mixes together thickly congealed blood as the “recipe” for the “painting,” which is comprised of the words, “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand eat the pain.”

The ceremony is, “meant to symbolize the union between the microcosm, Man, and the macrocosm, the Divine", which is a representation of one of the prime maxims in Hermeticism “As Above, So Below.”

I hear, “Let’s eat.”

Then I see the DOOM shotgun guidesight like that which appears when requesting an “explosive shot” – something that shoots an explosively charged projectile that explodes on impact – releasing a brilliant white explosive burst (of enlightenment like a “supernova” of gamma rays). It is a connection to Her double barrel shotgun Holy Wedding metaphor – a double barrel meaning the woman is pregnant with twins. Strange, but the guidesight’s white lines are horizontal - rotated 90 degrees (towards the left or counterclockwise?) from their normal position. This reminds me of the shotgun red “poop marks” blast pattern of six red dots in a red ring (coming from the anus of the Weiner dog in the middle of the bridge). A rotated white line would connect two of the horizontal red dots. The hidden dimensions are orthogonal (at a 90 degree angle) to those in spacetime is being reflected in this shotgun blast image - as if to indicate this "blast" comes from out of the unus mundus (5th dimension or numeral 11). Four-ought buckshot is 38 caliber in size (= 11) as if the four functions creates this effect. I guess a 410 gauge shotgun shell would contain 3 such sized pellets – reminding me of the double barrel Derringer like that used to kill president Lincoln with a shot to the head which came up in my visions which had a red shell in the upper barrel and a green shell in the lower barrel which came up earlier this year in Becoming A Savior of the World – 7 February 2016. Green (Osiris) in the lower barrel and red (Ra) in the upper barrel is indicated with the yellow-gold brass casing indicating the color hidden underneath the green and red colors.
Shotgun Blast Pattern.jpg
Shotgun Blast Pattern.jpg [ 42.29 KiB | Viewed 6480 times ]

I see that the window in my office bathroom is closed. The view is of its SE area. Comment: It is closed at the moment because it is raining outside. The SE area in my material is where the 2nd chakra (water chakra) is located.

In the blackness, I see a horizontal white burning cigarette having about 1/3rd of the tip being ash. The ash end is in the NW of the view. Extracting spirit from matter where a cigarette has been connected to being a nuclear (read: psychophysical radiation) fuel rod.

I see a man dressed in a tight-fitting slick blue outfit with black trim (racing car outfit?) as he sits in the driver’s seat of a car with the door open. He says, “You are doing fine.”

I am standing outside on a balcony about ten stories high – in front of a black metal railing. Immediately in front of me is a very tall white large diameter cylindrical object in a vertical direction that is just on the other side of the balcony railing. I am looking down along its length. It extends above and the rest is out of sight. Comment: A “tower” of enlightenment?

In the blackness, I see in the center of the view what looks like a cooked egg. Strange but the yolk part is black and flattened into a “circle” about twice its normal size. Another image for yin > higher yang seems meant.

I see a layer of fresh, moist baby carrots lying on a dark green cloth that covers a dinner sized plate.

I see two young women with DOOM colored hair swinging on swings. One is by the young ponderosa pine tree by the start of the 3rd driveway entrance to our property while the other swings by the young apple tree I planted two years ago. Their back and forth swinging reminds me of the pendulums swung by the four little men (representing the four psychological functions) on Pauli’s World clock (a tiiiick-tooock motion or unus mundus timeless realm hint).


I am with a select group of people apparently responsible for helping a man get elected to become the new president of the United States. Part of my contribution to this effort was to recommend that a new heating system be installed in the White House. I see that this work is already in progress and strangely consists of running underground insulated pipes to the white house as if using ground heat was the heating method. We are all gathered together and I finally meet the new president – a tall, slender old man with a full head of white hair (Bill Clinton looks like this). A general meeting is now about to start in another part of the building but I decide it must be for his cabinet members and other more important people so I do not attend. Just then a person says that there is plenty of seating so I should attend but I do not do so since it felt like I did not belong there (having a hard time accepting the presidential Bill Clinton part of myself).

As I prepare to leave the building I am given a large beautiful bouquet of pink flowers on long green stems. I do not recognize the variety but the flowers grew along the upper length of the stem in the shape of several small trumpets (7 on each stem it seems; a connection to the blowing of the 7 trumpets in the Book of Revelation). The flowers are placed on a countertop but I could not reach them because I was now a midget. Just then four men approach me; one in a bullying manner. He makes mock homosexual love to me by pushing himself against me with his genital area. I grasp his left forearm and ask him to stop. Strange but his forearm was bending in my grasp as if it were rubber (subtle body is meant). He relents. I was surprised that such a person would be in such close company to the new president. Just then I notice that my bouquet of flowers has been placed in a large pink pot and it now hangs from the ceiling. I decide to leave it there for all the people who helped the new president get elected to enjoy.

End of Dream

Comment: The homosexual “mock attack” psychologically understood means that I need to become more psychologically accepting of a previously neglected part of my masculine side. These four men are apparently connected with the four psychological functions. It seems becoming a midget got me in touch with a neglected masculine part and that suddenly reminded me of the Telesphoros - a hooded “midget” (a little man) who carried a lantern in his left hand through the dark regions (see Jung’s stone carving) - he brings healing (to one’s worldview). Pink in my visions is the color used on the word coniunctio. It seems the new president is being connected to Bill Clinton; the male part of my psychology that can win an inner United State like Bill Clinton was able to win the presidency of the outer United States. On a personal note I should share that I have never cared for Bill (a sexual predator; psychologically on the inner level - one who seeks psychological intimacy with the feminine principle) and Hillary Clinton (a corrupt "Ambassador to the World"; but accepted on the inner level would be that aspect of the World Soul who functions in that role) - I found their outer opus to be too unethical. But on the inner level their opus would be constructive if psychological understood. So getting in touch with these parts of me that can perform on the inner realm is essential for it leads to the Holy Wedding, the Sacred Marriage. My demand for ethical behavior was correct not only on the outer level but also on the inner level when properly understood.
Telephorus Stone Jung Bollingen.jpg
Telephorus Stone Jung Bollingen.jpg [ 103.47 KiB | Viewed 6439 times ]

On a nearby gray shelf I see a pile of freshly laundered men’s tube stockings like I usually wear. Most of them are white except for a couple of pair of pink ones.

I see a close-up bust view of the right profile of a middle aged black woman wearing fluffy pig tails. She wears a dark blue “cowboy” style hat and a white blouse (NW colors).

I see an upside-down gray plastic water glass on a dining table. The focus is on the small dark blue flower shaped Logo (a trademark) at the center on the bottom of the cup. Comment: In my visions gray is the color of unconscious contents. Since this cup holds water – the aqua permanens – it holds a healing potion.

I hear a man say, “He made it for all of us.” I immediately flashback to the meeting the new president was holding in the dream and that I really should attend this meeting.

I am seated in a first-class aisle seat on an airplane. Something dropped onto the floor. I reached down and picked it up and gave it to the person who dropped it – Hillary Clinton.

I see business cards lying on a surface. They all say “Health Advisors” and are done in yellow font on a green card.

I see a view of the map of the US that fills the view. It is a hand drawing which outlines the continent with a heavy dark blue line while the interior is all white. Sliding down into the US from out of Canada is a large square card containing coins - about seven rows of seven across. I later recall how I purchased a set of presidential coins like this in the 1960’s; each coin had the image of a president of the US on it. The center of the card seemed to head towards Yellowstone (a super volcano) and partially covered the Western portion of the country (the region most likely to be covered in a thick layer of volcanic ash if the super volcano erupted).


I am with a gay man. He is interested in me. I become unusually sexually excited, I “burned” for him, which awoke me.

End of Dream

Comment: This is a further amplification on the homosexual encounter dream shared earlier in this post where it was understood that Gregory was involved in an act of self-love with a presidential male part of himself that he had long disowned; his Bill Clinton part seems meant, however on an inner level. Thus, we have Gregory in his Bill Clinton groom aspect involved in an inner Holy Wedding with the World Soul in Her Hillary Clinton Great Whore of Babylon bride aspect taking place.


I am seated in a church pew on the VM side. A mass is about to begin. Someone just entered the pew behind me. I “know” it is a nun. Then I become aware that I am wearing my black baseball cap that has the 11 pointed Canadian Maple leaf on its front as shared in The BFG.

End of Dream

I see a right profile view of Hillary Clinton. She is smoking a cigarette. More psychophysical radiations (potential new births in consciousness) are being released. Comment: This is the World Soul in Her Great Whore of Babylon Hillary Clinton inner aspect. On the outer level I just saw in the news that Wikileaks is about to make a Phase 3 dump of more Hillary related emails that will continue to show her dark side. It also seems that Donald Trump dirt may also be in the mix.

I see a grid of orange line outlines as if for counties in a state in the US. They are moving around over a landmass along the West Coast of the United States that reminds me of the Vancouver area in the NW as if they are for Washington State.

I overhear two women talking about the new birth. One is a favorable inner birth while the other is a destructive outer birth. The helpful redeemed inner dark feminine versus the unredeemed outer dark feminine seems meant.
Huma Hillary.jpg
Huma Hillary.jpg [ 62.38 KiB | Viewed 6518 times ]

The ‘Christian’ (light) and Muslim (dark) Outer Destructive Birth
I am experiencing a mini-life review of the various times over the last 17 years of visions in which my high school sweetheart appeared. I am wondering if they will ever end.

I see a young lad about 2 years old. He wears the same clothes I did at that age as seen in a picture from 1942. He is playing with a luminous white Teddy bear toy that is as large as he is. Comment: Teddy bears have become a popular Xmas present for youngsters. Such a bear to a child of this age apparently would turn on his Heart Light.


There is a man who has taken an interest in preserving a part of an old air humidifier/cooling industrial sized machine built between 1910 and 1930 for large buildings. He wants to install a small functional part of the machine in his home. I see that my father is here.

End of Dream


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In darkness, I am looking down at the black face of a gold wrist watch on my left wrist. Bursts of green concentric rings emanate outwards from the clock hands crossing center into the darkness as if a radio or TV antenna is beaming out a repeating signal. I see a partial view of the starting ends of the gold clock hands but cannot tell what time it is. It reminds me of the red-white beacon emanating from the dark sky in the NW area of the US (where I live?) which appeared in a Dec. 2007 vision.
Radio-Tower-Signal.gif [ 57.09 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

Radio Signal Dark Sky.jpg
Radio Signal Dark Sky.jpg [ 62.83 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]


I am sitting in the back of a movie theater or lecture hall in the middle of a row of three seats in the due South of the view. My wife sits in the front row in the NE of the view. I have a modern black assault rifle with scope laying across my lap. A large black man comes and sits in the seat on my right. After a while he moves and sits in the seat on my left. Strange, but in that seat, he begins to swing as if all three seats are invisibly part of a swing set.

End of Dream

Comment: This reminds me of the young girls swinging by the apple and pine tree in my previous post. Also of the pendulums swung by the four small men in Pauli’s World Clock; a clock that Jung said indicated the production of new Spacetime.

A man is out shopping to purchase a home. He begins by looking at homes costing $200,000 but soon is looking at more expensive homes because he wants all these special features. He is now looking at a home that will cost $1.5 million.

Something about a 5th dimension having something acting on it that will cause the 5th dimension to destroy our world.

I dimly see a numeral 1 in a chunk of wood burnt black as if by a forest fire. As I observe the numeral becomes more and more visible – revealing that this numeral is a middle finger.

As an old person, I have returned to my undergraduate college campus. It is very crowded with young students everywhere – just like it was when I was in that place 56 years ago – struggling in hope to make something more out of the life I would eventually live.


I am observing a game of football being played by a few young people in a rural neighborhood like I used to be involved with at times when growing up.

End of Dream

In a daylight view I see a brand new black 1920’s style Ford – observing it from near to its NE area. It is from the Roaring 20’s. The focus is on all these white colored small flying insects hoovering around the NE tire area. Comment: A car tire is a connection to a ring torus and in my material – a connection to a wedding band. Insects are a connection to the Eros ego. In Remo’s material, he notes that Quantum Physics was discovered in the Roaring 20’s; something that clearly showed matter had an acausal behavior at the psychoid level of the archetype. This discovery would be helpful in understanding the bipolarity of the Self as Logos/Eros in nature.

My first wife and I are in counseling with Remo. With his help, I feel the conflicts between my first wife and I are being resolved.

My oldest sister and I are about to go on a walk. She stands on my right side. I hold her left hand in my right hand.

In the darkness, I see one of our dark tan wood dining room chairs that does not have arm rests. I stand just off its NE corner area. This gives the appearance that the chair is in the NW of my view with its back to the West.

I see clusters of green grass growing up along the edge of an old cement driveway.


I am with a woman that looks like Huma Weiner. I feel close to her, and want to be with her. She is very quiet and has not spoken a single word. When it is time to board a large school bus she sits at the front and I sit at the back.

A man carrying a baby stands next to me in the now crowded bus. The child is drooling a lot as if it is teething. Just then a man I know from Holy Trinity parish (sold real estate) hands me a white cassette tape with yellow label on which is hand written in lead pencil the word Shakespeare. The tape is short and very red – indicating it must be about a two-minute snippet from a play. I have the impression of “tragic comedy.” He says, “I think you will enjoy this.”

End of Dream

Comment: The cassette contains the colors for beta, alpha and gamma radiation.

I see a plain yellow-gold metal cross. It is for two black snakes – one for the vertical member and the other for the horizontal member. I am immediately reminded of the long black hair on the head of Huma Weiner. I hear, “She takes all the right and left positions.”

I am backing out of a cave like structure that penetrates the first few floors of the front of a modern glass skyscraper. It was inside this cave that I saw the above cross.

I am on a darkened bus looking at a middle aged white woman wearing a lovely dark green party dress. She has long reddish-blond hair. She looks Irish.

I see a middle-aged man dressed in a tan suit that is looking in my direction. His black hair is short and appears to have a Marine Corp butch haircut. He looks somewhat like the movie actor Tom Hanks.

I am with my youngest daughter, Amy, when she was in late adolescent. She is with a couple of her similar aged friends. They are free spirits – laughing and just being silly. We are on our way to catch a bus ride home. I have a little animal on a leash – a squirrel.

A man stands a short way away while facing me. He holds up a full water glass in his right hand that is extended out towards me as if he is about to drink a toast to me. The clear glass has a Pepsi-Cola label that wraps all the way around it. Comment: The following Pepsi-Cola Logo suggests a union of the opposites for an inner United State. This soft drink is carbonated (aerated) – meaning it is a mixture of colored water filled with fizzing air bubbles (a union of the opposites) – giving the drink a color code connection to aerated water and to lovE (aka lo:vE and 11:11). Apparently it is wavy at the edge of the circle of time/no-time. The color coded “lovE” word came up most recently in Like A Thief In The Night. Remo will be 74 (='s 11) on 11/11/16.
Pepsi Logo.png
Pepsi Logo.png [ 63.92 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

I am with a man who has been on a long journey. He is about to be eagerly greeted by all these older women from different cultures as I see them moving as a group towards him. They just departed a commuter bus.

In the darkness, I see a man sitting at the end of a narrow rectangular thick wood table in the NW of the view; having his back to the West wall in the room. He is eating a green salad.

I see a young white woman from her SW area. She wears a thick blue sweater. Her black hair is nicely groom and is shoulder length and curled at its ends such that the tips face towards her neck.

In the darkness, I see the large left portion of a rack of animal horns like those from an elk. It is as if those horns are on my head the way they appear in the view.


Carl Fisher (my father’s best man) has come to visit with my father. My father is driving our old 1992 white Ford Escort Station wagon. I am standing behind the vehicle’s SE area with the rear loading hatch door open while fussing around arranging stuff stored in the back of the car. I hear voices coming from inside the car that indicates the back seat is full with three passengers. I go to sit in the front passenger seat while Carl Fisher sits between my father and I. Somehow a pair of scissors I am holding pokes Carl in his left back side near the very left side just below shoulder blade level. It pokes a hole in his dark clothing. I do not see who sits in the rear seats.

End of Dream

Comment: This car had bucket seats in the front so it is very unusual to try to seat three across. The total of six passengers is of interest to understand since it seems to be a connection to the Seal of Solomon. I guess three females sat in the back seat. The Pepsi Cola Logo with its excluded third “wave rider” white glue region comes to mind.


My oldest brother is in the NE of my view. Two other men are also here; one is called Al Smith. They are all young men. I walk ahead of one of the men to go downstairs to find my younger brother’s (Phil – deceased) shoes that he tended to store in this area. A woman is here and she is going to help me find them.

End of Dream

Comment: Phil was a feeling type. Need to walk in his shoes it seems. A possible connection to a question that came up for me to ponder recently; “Are you a distorted feeling type?” In other words, did your environment force you to develop as a thinking type to the detriment of integrating your superior feeling function?

I descend many green metal stairs that lead into the ground.

A woman comes up to me and says, “Hillary thinks she is so good, but she is really just a cream puff. A caustic cream puff.” Comment: The World Soul in Her Hillary "Great Whore of Babylon" aspect is a caustic (worldview corrosive) cream puff.

I see a male high school classmate JR (deceased) eating half a sandwich having a slice of yellowish jack cheese with lunch meat.

I am sitting in a man’s office. He approaches me – wanting to know what I am doing there.

I see the following arrangement of oranges as if a 2, 4, 6 chakra tree is meant. Comment: This seems to indicate that an effect from the 2nd chakra ascends and effects the heart chakra, 3rd eye as well as the crown chakra. Seven is the number of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation. This reminds me of the 6 skulls held in the hands of the Demon Goddess image. A 7th skull would be Her head. It's a "Hillary" Great Whore of Babylon effect for the further enlightenment of humanity.
Orange Ascent.jpg
Orange Ascent.jpg [ 56.62 KiB | Viewed 6410 times ]

I see Donald Trump standing on a crowded stage. He is looking down and appears to be bumping something with his foot that is lying on the floor while saying, “Get up! Get up!”

I see a steel metal salad fork (four prongs) standing almost vertical inside an empty coffee cup as if it is a replacement for a tea spoon.

Down at the bottom of a black leather bag I see a side view of a peeled luminous hard-boiled egg. About ¼ of the left end of the egg is missing as if someone took a bite out of its right side according to my view of it – far enough in to reach the yoke. Comment: An egg has a “football” shape which is connected to a 3D vesica piscis or negative energy shape holding open the throat of a hyperspace wormhole. Truncating one end of the Lantern of the Telesphoros it seems. An end view of the bite end of the egg would match the head on the chakra tree seen in the modified version of Mylisus Philosphia Reformata #10. Later below a four-prong salad fork is seen as if ready to penetrate a white luminous object not clearly in the view – the peeled luminous hard-boiled egg it seems – suggesting like this that wholeness is connected to the colors revealed by the fork taking a bite out of the egg. The colors suggest a Sun-Moon chakra tree consciousness and is the new rising “sun” – a Ra connection.
Chakra Tree Colored Masculine Feminine.jpg
Chakra Tree Colored Masculine Feminine.jpg [ 58.89 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

I see the four metal tines of a salad fork resting on the top of a white luminous object – the hard-boiled egg it seems.

I see a trim young man wearing a red shirt and blue Levi’s - contains Spiderman and Superman colors.

I appear to be looking into an open septic tank. Inside I see a DOOM imp coated tan from the liquefied excrement.

In the darkness, I see three tall male hominid looking beings that seem to be robots. They each have a large white cube about six inches on a side laying in the open palms of both hands. A white sphere about four inches in diameter is seen about 2/3rds of the way emerged from out of the circular opening in the top of the cubes. Hands as the vehicles that produce consciousness returns.

I am meditating. It is the morning after the US election and just before I sat down to meditate I learned that Donald Trump won the election for the presidency of the United States – something characterized as an earthquake and seismic shift (a connection to the mega quake and mega tsunami potential of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone?) in the politics and policies of a Trump led government. This was on my mind as I slowly began to let the “monkey mind” ease into the Eros ego altered state of consciousness. About thirty minutes later I suddenly was recalling the Jung-made-famous-story of the Rainmaker that he often liked to repeat when about to give a lecture. I hesitate to enter this into my journal because the implications could be viewed as an ego-inflated reaction to Trumps election. But when the Rainmaker recall happened I was in the Eros ego and so to not acknowledge the “Rainmaker” implication would also be an inflation - a negative inflation. So, staying with my commitment to a “no holds barred” sharing of my inner life on the unus mundus forum, I acknowledge the Rainmaker story being a metaphor for the election of Donald Trump. Gregory has been connected to having achieved an inner Donald Trump presidency but now the Rainmaker story suggests that because Gregory was in Tao the outer Donald Trump was also able to win the outer presidency. Well, this is how I understand it – the two events are linked. The outer had to happen in just this way, not because I deemed it so but because I was in Tao and the right thing had to happen in my country. Being in Tao helps me to accept that this is Nature's choice and that I should not be against it. Because of this I believe an outer WW3 has been avoided because Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton who would have continued to ramp up sanctions and other “hostile” acts against the Russians and Syrians, was willing to work with the Russians and not meddle in their shadow problems. Already Putin has extended an olive branch towards the USA. See: Russia 'ready to do its part' to rebuild US ties with Trump: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Moscow is ready to contribute to rebuilding relations with the United States with Donald Trump as president.

“We have heard the pre-election statements by then-candidate (Trump), which were directed at rebuilding relations between Russia and the US," Putin said during a speech before several ambassadors in the Kremlin.

"We understand that this will not be an easy path considering the unfortunate degradation of relations," he said. "But Russia is ready and wants to restore full-fledged relations with the US."

"We are ready to do our part and do everything to return (US-Russian) relations to the trajectory of development," he said.

"This would be in the interest of Russian and American people and would positively affect the general climate in international relations, considering the special responsibility of Russia and the US for ensuring global stability and security."

The Rainmaker Story
There was a great drought where Wilhelm lived; for months there had not been a drop of rain and the situation became catastrophic. The Catholics made processions, the Protestants made prayers, and the Chinese burned joss sticks and shot off guns to frighten away the demons of the drought, but with no result. Finally, the Chinese said: We will fetch the rain maker. And from another province, a dried up old man appeared. The only thing he asked for was a quiet little house somewhere, and there he locked himself in for three days. On the fourth day clouds gathered and there was a great snowstorm at the time of the year when no snow was expected, an unusual amount, and the town was so full of rumors about the wonderful rain maker that Wilhelm went to ask the man how he did it. In rue European fashion he said: “They call you the rain maker, will you tell me how you made the snow?” And the little Chinaman said: “I did not make the snow, I am not responsible.” “But what have you done these three days?” Oh, I can explain that. I come from another country where things are in order. Here they are out of order, they are not as they should be by the ordnance of heaven. Therefore, the whole country is not in Tao, and I am also not in the natural order of things because I am in a discorded country. So, I had to wait three days until I was back in Tao, and then naturally the rain came.” Taken from Vision Seminars, pp. 333-334

This story implies that we are dealing with some very mysterious material when we talk about psyche and nature. The story gives the sense that there is a confluence between “inner” and “outer” realities and that psyche extends into both. In modern culture, we are indoctrinated to think of psyche as an inner phenomenon, and nature as an outer phenomenon, but, according to this story, psyche extends to all things and nature is inseparable from psyche.

In his commentary about the Rainmaker story, Jung writes: “…but if one thinks psychologically, one is absolutely convinced that things quite naturally take this way [speaking of the rainmaker’s ability to create rain]. If one has the right attitude then the right things happen. One doesn’t make it right, it is just right, and one feels it has to happen in this way. It is just as if one were inside of things. If one feels right, that thing must turn up, it fits in. It is only when one has a wrong attitude that one feels that things do not fit in, that they are queer. When someone tells me that in his surroundings the wrong things always happen, I say: It is you who are wrong, you are not in Tao; if you were in Tao, you would feel that things are as they have to be. Sure enough, sometimes one is in a valley of darkness, dark things happen, and then dark things belong there, they are what must happen then; they are nonetheless in Tao”.

Jung offers a pretty radical idea that if one is in Tao, right things happen. The question is, what does it mean to be in Tao? Tao means literally "the path" or "the way of nature."

Tao does not imply a passive acceptance, rather as Jung writes, Tao is “The state in which ego and non-ego are no longer opposed”, “the middle way”, and “the irrational third”, thus it is tied into his idea of the transcendent function and the resolution of the tension of the opposites. The workings of Tao are vast and often beyond human logic. In order to understand Tao, reasoning alone will not suffice. For our purposes, Tao is that condition in which psyche and nature, or mind and matter, are no longer perceived as opposites but exist in a continuum.

Pepsi Logo.png
Pepsi Logo.png [ 63.92 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

Wave Rider = being in Tao (the excluded third)
I see two side-by-side three story homes on large lots in a residential neighborhood in the midst of huge mature trees. The house on my left is pink stucco while the one on my right has variable tan colored siding. Comment: The coniunctio with the inner feminine (left house) has been able to manifest in Spacetime the outer house; a tanning of the too white Logos ego.

Along the West side in the view I see two columns of electric burners (having a metal spiral shape) having three in each column. On some of the stove-top burners is a pot or pan. Comment: This is a connection to the six oranges and to the pair of three story homes. I guess the 7th is in the NW and a connection to the hard-boiled egg cross-section.

I see an industrial restaurant beaker of black coffee being poured into a pale green coffee cup from along its East side.

I see myself when I was a senior in college. I have a white dress shirt on and am standing in the backyard of the home I grew up in. Comment: I wore such a shirt at this age when I was about to attend the BS graduation ceremony.

I see the man who is the lead star in the TV miniseries SHIELD - as its director. He sits near the SE area of a table as I observe him from its NE area. The table is covered with a red and white checked cloth. He leans the right side of his face at a 45 degree angle towards his right - on his right hand whose elbow rests on the table - while looking directly at me. Comment: The SHIELD mission is to protect all the peoples on Earth.


A large contract is lost by an Aerospace company I work for – impacting the other companies across the nation that also were hoping to benefit. The companies involved all try to limit the job losses that would need to follow. I see that GB (Woody and GB are both deceased workers from the company I used to work for). GB inquires if I was familiar with the document on how contract bidding was done. Just then the view shifts and now I see my eyeglasses held up towards the sky as if I am checking them for smudge marks.

End of Dream

I am recalling the Ginny Mae dream in which their stock value fell to -$8.22. A subtraction of subtle body matter is meant – a loss of something of the old worldview and was connected to an Apocalyptic event having to happen – like a nuclear bomb having gone off in NYC. Comment: In the news in the aftermath of the “Trump Triumph” I see the following magazine characterizes it as an apocalypse of nuclear bomb proportions which colors his head with Ra colors. Being a Rainmaker came up in a May 2008 dream when a woman gave me a new suit of clothes. Rainmaking was later connected to having a superheart (a Heart Light it seems). In my visions the masculine side of the heart chakra has Ra colors.
Trump Apocalypse.jpg
Trump Apocalypse.jpg [ 67.64 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

A Repeating Dream

I seem to be in Germany during WW2. There is a plan to nuke a huge dam somewhere in the country and I am already there. I see two widely spaced concrete channels on a flat expanse that is part of the dam. Fresh greenish water slowly flows through these channels and myself and some others are swimming in these flow passageways. I notice a young girl in the water who seems to be drowning so I rescue her. I soon discover that she has made a mess in her pants – excrement fills them and covers her lower body as if this has happened many times. I carry her into the water and managed to wash off most of it.

It is later and I, along with some others are in the channel flow once again. I see large fish, about the size of my Canadian wilderness camp lake trout record catch that weighed 11 pounds. There are many of them and soon the water in the channels begin to slowly back up. The fish have blocked the flow downstream. At the moment I am neck deep in the water when suddenly a pure whiteness fills the scene as if a nuclear bomb went off.

End of Dream

Comment: This dream kept repeating in part during the night. It seems the young girl’s turds are the cause of the new psychophysical release of radiation (gamma rays) – they nuked the dam – releasing the dammed up matter-psyche to put it in Remo’s terms. The fish weighing 11 pounds connects them to being unconscious contents from the unus mundus realm, the realm of the Tao. The two flow channels seem to be a connection to the heart chakra. Interestingly, a few days ago I was prompted to pull together a cluster image showing the various images of the past three years that color code connect to the Lantern of the Telesphoros wormhole Heart Light colors.
Heart Light Cluster.jpg
Heart Light Cluster.jpg [ 139.37 KiB | Viewed 6428 times ]

Now I see several long folded yellowish corn stalks stuffed in the outside exit area of a wall mounted air conditioner.


PS A Quantum Physics Argument For Why Our Souls will live a long life in the Beyond.

Soul Searching: Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death


http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/7 ... tinue-SOUL

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Post Dancing To The End Of Love
Fri. 11 November 2016


My high school sweetheart is open to making love as I see her spending time with another man. But I also see that she is indicating openness to being with me. The impression is that she wants to become pregnant. And then she wants to become a nun.

End of Dream

Comment: Pregnancy via psychological intimacy it seems for there was no sex in our two year high school relationship.


I am being trained in the use of a medical workstation that has access to my medical records. Three other men are in the room doing the same. We are representatives of a sample population being used to check out the newly developed medical software. Our workstations are widely separated – each is in one of the corners of the room. As I begin to interact with the screen an instructor leads us into understanding the two small icons that appear in the NW of the black screen.

End of Dream

I have the impression that the Hillary Clinton aspect of the World Soul is “waiting in the wings” for the right moment to enter the Spacetime; bringing like this Her “ambassador to the World” role and the Wisdom values of the feminine principle (the fornication contents of the golden cup carried by the Great Whore of Babylon) rejected by the Christian eon. The World Soul has Her own glass ceiling to break in other words. Comment: Near the end of this post the “ambassador of the World” motif returns with further details.

In the darkness, I see Cozy lying next to the left side of my left thigh like she used to do when I was meditating in the recliner. Then, in the darkness where Cozy was seen there now is a woman’s left hand facing me from out of the NW. It is giving the middle finger of the Apocalypse salute. The hand appears black and the tip of the middle finger appears blacker – a connection to the dried darkred blood seen on such a woman’s left middle fingertip in Presidency As Holy Wedding. This blood was connected to the WICCA ritual of “eating the (blood) pain” involved in the union between the microcosm, Man, and the macrocosm, the Divine; a union of the opposites just like that seen in the black and white fur on Cozy.

I see a man’s gold wedding band lying on the NE corner of a slab of white marble. It looks like the one my second wife gave me – my inner marriage to the World Soul seems meant.

In the darkness, I see a long, black, slender horizontal rectangular display screen in which a long series of red glowing numerals are being added. I have the impression that the president is inputting a nuclear launch code. Comment: Such a string of numbers have also been observed on the left wrist – a connection to the tattoo’s given to the holocaust victims of WW2.

On a sign in the darkness I see the words, “In blood Her Message Written.” The sign rests on the dark stage floor and a woman stands off to its right side at the center of the stage. She holds in her left hand a modern microphone like a singer might use. The microphone immediately reminds me of the one the black singer Whitney Huston was seen with in a January 2012 vision. It’s a connection to the saying, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” New subtle body matter released by the nuclear launch code authorization seems meant. The wavy red bands on the sphere were connected to the World Soul’s repeating refrain, “Aha - this KISS I give, it's never ever gonna fade away.”
Microphone Winged Sphere.jpg
Microphone Winged Sphere.jpg [ 28.66 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

When The Fat Lady Sings It’s All Over
In the darkness over in the NW of the view I see a woman’s right hand holding an upwards pointing glowing white metal triangle made from cylindrical stock. It immediately reminds me of the old west chuck wagon dinner bell I saw in an August 2008 vision – it was seen in the midst of an Apocalyptic background sky. She holds a rod in its apex.
Triangle Chuck Wagon.jpg
Triangle Chuck Wagon.jpg [ 24.56 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

In the blackness, I see a Pinky Hell demon (that likes to use its multi-horned head to butt one to death) from the game of DOOM. It is in the due North of the view. This demon is color code connected to the coniunctio archetype.

I am looking out at the length of a craps table from one end where I see in its semi-circular other end a huge black queen chess piece having glints of white light emanating from its surface. I then notice that the top view of this craps table matches that of a Popsicle stick. Gambling (a game of craps) is being connected to what is required to achieve an inner United State.
Popscile Logo.jpeg
Popscile Logo.jpeg [ 14.08 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

I see two human figures dressed in tight fitting slick white fabric like a ballet dancer might wear. They hold each other such that a side view forms what looks like a recliner in a reclined position.

I am recalling that Trump said he would appoint Supreme Court justices that would uphold the constitution of the United States in contrast to the liberals who wanted justices that would interpret the constitution in a modern-day setting.

I am recalling the Trump University real estate scandal in which students felt pressured to use credit cards to pay the full $35,000 for the entire course. Comment: 35 = 8 = an individuation number.

In the darkness, I see a white “V-shaped” tail of a T-Rex dinosaur in the NW of the view. Its pointed end is in towards the NW corner. Comment: Dinosaurs have been used as an extinction event metaphor. Further, they are connected to the VNS and like this to the reptilian psyche. The V-shape has been connected to the Doomsday clock hands. The apex of those clock hands are now in the NW corner – the incarnation location – a connection to the bursts of green concentric rings seen emanating from the apex of the clock hands on the black-gold wrist watch on my left wrist as shared recently in A Rainmaker Effect. It’s a “beacon of hope” that will create an effect from the Wisdom of the reptilian psyche that will incarnate in the VNS of humanity.
T-Rex.jpg [ 19.26 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]


People are breaking into old cars. My friend HAL (=’s 11) complains to me that his old car was also broken into and an old computer program worth $10,000 was stolen. The thieves intend to hack the software and make use of it again.

End of Dream

Comment: Computer program = Logos ego it seems. The “hack” job seems to mean an Eros ego influence will be included.


A group that includes my father and one of his close friends who has a lot of money are with me in this place where we are working on a project. His friend has an electric car which he purchased as a gift for my father. The project becomes a success after we complete an aluminum structure that looks like a long ladder that is used as a bridge across an abyss. My dad’s friend begins to leave the area on a bicycle (leaving the electric car gift behind) and my father says to him, “Check in once in a while.” His friend responds, “I will.”

Then I am with my youngest sister who has been watching a young girl of about 5 for a friend. The girl has wandered into the streets of a dense residential area. My sister takes our electric car (2012 Ford) and goes looking for the girl. Luckily she finds the girl and returns home with her.

End of Dream

Comment: My dad’s best friend was his best man who came up in a dream in the previous post. A bridge has been built between spacetime and the Beyond – allowing communication. My youngest sister had a Pentecostal experience while on a high school retreat. It scared her so much that she was never the same. She suffers from many bodily problems such as a bad back that has required parallel steel rods to be inserted through her vertebrae in order to try to manage the enormous back pain caused by compressed nerves. I guess she may have lost touch with the young feminine side of herself that wanted to become included in her opus as a result of her Pentecostal “born-again” experience which was “potential being” hoping to become “actual being”.

I am looking out of the mid-level bathroom window at the green lawn in our front yard – it looks like it does at this time of year. Strange, but a few clusters of individual clover flowers having a conical shape are growing here and there in the grass around the base of the juniper tree where a huge male elk with a huge rack of horns was seen lying in a 2009 vision. I see dark purple, light purple and white cone shape flowers. Comment: Clover has three heart shaped green leaves. Effects on the heart from the lower three chakras seems meant.

On a black ground their stands upright a black shield as if from knights of old. The background is white. The image immediately leaves me with the impression that yin (as shield) > higher yang; where SHIELD has been previously connected to the global secret organization whose charter is to protect the peoples of the world – something which came up in A Rainmaker Effect when the director of SHIELD appeared in a vision.

From its NE area I see an older style vehicle in the shape of the discontinued Ford Bronco model. The roof is white while the rest is olive (olive being a mixture of green and yellow – a connection to Eros Christ consciousness). The vehicle colors reflect its “pioneering” ego adaptation design.
Bronco.jpg [ 64.64 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

I am looking inside the West end of a chest style freezer which appears empty except for the single line of frozen food along its West end. A man holding an opened olive colored bottle of wine (chardonnay; rite of passage wine) is pouring it out onto that remaining amount of food. On the top of the NW corner of this food is a large red apple. Comment: Chardonnay wine has a yellow color. Combining it with a red skinned apple is a color code connection to the Egyptian sky god Ra and to the often repeated colors in Apocalypse. The new wine skin is that of the red apple. The impression is that the food remaining in the freezer is meant for humanity to consume in order to help it achieve Eros Christ consciousness. It is the “bridge” (unus mundus) between the SW (Beyond or inferior function) and NW (Spacetime or superior function).

I stand next to the left side of a man who is either very tall or as if I am a midget (the Telesphoros). As I look up along his left side I see that he wears a white suit of clothes. I have the impression that he is the leader of a nation. He is standing under a large car port roof covering that reminds me of that in front of the White House. He just put a yellow-gold deep fried potato chip in his mouth as if it is a communion host. Comment: As I was typing in this vision I was flashing back to the following Dr. Manhattan [a man who became radioactive (read; psychophysically radioactive) due to a nuclear “accident” (recall that the wicked witch of the East said that she could cause accidents too) – it left him with super human powers] October 2011 vision image – as he approached the Washington Capitol in the midst of a “dark sky”. The pink colored capitol suggests the elected Democratic and Republican members have experienced a coniunctio - learned to operate in a United State. A potato has a tan skin (hide). It is white on the inside. Consuming a deep fried yellow-gold slice from a potato suggests it is Eros ego consciousness that has tanned this potato man’s hide.
Capitol Manhattan.jpg
Capitol Manhattan.jpg [ 89.07 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

I am suspended outside the SW corner area of a tall building by its South side. A row of picture windows line the South side. Inside I see Hillary Clinton seated at a computer while facing the West wall in the SW corner of the room. Donald Trump is standing in the darkened NW corner area. A large widescreen monitor hangs from the top middle area of the West wall. Trump just placed a big sign on that wall near Hillary which was honoring her in her Secretary of State role. Comment: The World Soul in Her “Ambassador to the World” role as imaged with Hillary Clinton is meant. Of course, close behind, is Hillary in the role of being the Great Whore of Babylon – read: who wants to have the Wisdom effect of the lower three chakras included in a renewed consciousness.

I see a very happy Bobby vH (deceased) as he stands in the NW. My association to this man from my youth is that he very much lived the chthonic aspect (lower 3 chakras) in his outer life and thus is a connection to the inclusion of the lower 3 chakras in my opus hell-bent on renewing my consciousness.

In the darkness, I see a red-yellow glowing Hell Knight – whose glowing colors indicated it is “Glory Kill” ready.

I keep “hearing” the words “Dancing To The End of Love” repeating in my mind. Comment: Dancing in my visions was connected to the Whirling Dervishes who dance with their invisible partner (the Holy Ghost) and like this to “squaring the circle.” Comment: I connect this phrase to Leonard Cohen’s song, “Dance Me To The End of Love” – outer love is meant. I take the repeating words I heard to mean that dancing towards inner love is meant so that one can evolve. It’s as if that movement supports Her remedy for our world. See my PS for an amplification on Leonard Cohen’s music.


An artificial heart has been developed because of the materials and electronic advancements in nano technology. Further, an artificial kidney has similiarly been developed whose blood supply is artificially connected to the heart by plastic tubing. An impression of future developments will eventually transform the inner workings of the human body (subtle body seems meant) which will lead to very long life spans as a bionic age matures.

End of Dream

On the SE corner of a wooden surface in a dark view I see two white dinner plates stacked one on top of the other. They have have a narrow red ring on their outer periphery. Some food crumbs suggest these plates held a large amount of sweets that have now been consumed. Comment: Sweets served in the 2nd chakra since the SE is that chakra location in my material.


PS Leonard Cohen (82) died on 7 November 2016. He was a Canadian poet-musician (11 pointed maple leaf connection?) who wrote and sang his own “soul music” which I always enjoyed. An album was released a few weeks before his death titled “You Want It Darker” which poetically talks to our predicament as incarnated human beings having to suffer the vicissitudes of this world. The singers considered judgment is that if things seem dark (a “sky is dark” quest), the governing authority (the World Soul) must want them that way. The song is a further amplification on his “Everybody Knows” which was about the terrible state of the world using the metaphor “the dice are loaded”. For me this music is a connection to a 2003 vision in which an alien invasion was about to destroy the earth. However, if the sky was dark they would retreat; meaning if humanity embarked on a Night Sea Journey it would be saved. When I recently heard another of his songs “Dance Me To The End of Love” I was torn between spelling the word “Love” or “lovE” as the song played. But either way when psychologically understood it is all about uniting (dancing with the opposite, aka squaring the circle – of the “wavy” edge of the circle of time/no-time) 11:11 aka Lo:vE.
Dancing Love Away.jpg
Dancing Love Away.jpg [ 47.43 KiB | Viewed 6381 times ]

Dance Me To The End of Love
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGorjBV ... GorjBVag0I

You Want It Darker
If you are the dealer
I’m out of the game
If you are the healer
Means I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory
Then mine must be the shame
You want it darker
We kill the flame [GJS: Of our Logos ego]

Magnified, sanctified
Be Thy Holy Name
Vilified, crucified
In the human frame
A million candles burning
For the help that never came
You want it darker

Hineni Hineni
I’m ready, my Lord

There’s a lover in the story
But the story’s still the same
There’s a lullaby for suffering
And a paradox to blame
But it’s written in the scriptures
And it’s not some idle claim
You want it darker
We kill the flame

They’re lining up the prisoners and
The guards are taking aim
I struggled with some demons
They were middle-class and tame
I didn’t know I had permission
To murder and to maim
You want it darker

Hineni Hinen
I’m ready, my Lord

Magnified, sanctified
Be Thy Holy Name
Vilified, crucified
In the human frame
A million candles burning
For the love that never came
You want it darker
We kill the flame

If you are the dealer
Let me out of the game
If you are the healer
I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory
Mine must be the shame
You want it darker

Hineni Hineni…..this line repeated
I’m ready, my Lord

Everybody Knows

Everybody Knows
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died
Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long-stem rose
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you've been faithful
Ah, give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

And everybody knows that it's now or never
Everybody knows that it's me or you
And everybody knows that you live forever
Ah, when you've done a line or two
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton
For your ribbons and bows
And everybody knows

And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
Everybody knows that it's moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it's coming apart
Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows

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Post Spooky Action At a Distance
Wed. 16 Nov. 2016

In this vision, I see that I am working on my dream journal when all of a sudden I sense an energy manifest in my being which brings a wonderful sense of wholeness. It lasts for a few seconds and then slowly fades away.

I see a young couple standing on the West edge (at the edge of the circle of time/no-time) of a large circle of gray stone covering the ground. A single gray pillar is next to them and another one is directly across on the East side of the circle of stone. The young woman, who stands by the left side of the young man, is gleefully jumping up and down as if she is standing on an invisible trampoline. Comment: The young woman is signaling quantum leaps of consciousness is emanating from the edge of the circle just like virtual particles escape from the edge of a black hole according to Steven Hawking. Gray in my visions has been connected to being the color of unconscious contents.

I see a dinner fork picking away at the edge of a very large, thick, cooked roast.

I hear, “Becoming a 45th…” Comment: Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This number is also the incarnation angle.


A large party is being held in my home as if for celebrating Thanksgiving. But I see no relatives – rather mostly neighbors. It is a pot luck as I see one person brought long big loaves of French bread; dark crusted white bread in long white paper bags. A column of three of them are held horizontally in a stainless steel wire rack. I consume half of an end piece (the extra crusty heel) of this bread. I am helping with preparing a stew that was in a pressure cooker. (Typically, a stew is made with a large thick piece of beef, baby potatoes, baby carrots, onions and mushrooms.) I asked the man helping with the stew, which was going to be for dinner, what he was having for lunch. He said, “I’m going to have a snack of hard boiled eggs.”

End of Dream

Comment: Hard boiled eggs have been connected to the head on the Sun-Moon chakra tree. So, this man was into eating higher consciousness and that is worthy of a Thanksgiving celebration.


I ask a middle-aged priest (dressed in black with a white collar), “What do you make out of the Trump presidency?” He talks around the question but I eventually have the impression that he is vaguely in favor of it.

End of Dream

I am standing on a high balcony on a clear day. Down below I see a walking middle aged barrel shaped tan man not wearing a shirt – a woman wearing a yellow shirt is walking along his right side. They are having a conversation.


I am raising a late adolescent daughter. She has become involved in a scheme with a couple of young boys. They have made a deal, with a woman in an adjacent city 400 miles away, to direct buses of tourists to her restaurant. I felt this collusion was illegal and had to come to an end. She quietly sobs as I hold her.

End of Dream

Something about, “The fires of finis (The End) is necessary.”

In a dark place, I see my elderly father sitting in the NW of the view. He is leaning towards the West as if peering at something through the very thick glasses he wears. Comment: My father wore glasses but not this thick – suggesting he needs very strong corrective lenses in order to see the new births incarnating in the NW; the new worldview and its effects.

Lying on a light-colored granite kitchen countertop are two back-to-back capital L-shaped formations of three bananas each (reminds me of this mathematical symbol ╩). I immediately connect the shape to be HEX keys. L – for Love also comes to mind. Bananas have been connected to Buddha enlightenment.

In the NW of the dark view I see a huge block numeral 7 that is rather thick. It is riddled with porous features throughout its substance as if it is material carved from a volcanic flow of lava or from a meteor that impacted the Earth. It’s a “cruel” looking thing that has apparently been forged in fire. A slight reddish hue seems to emanate from the stone.
Seven.jpg [ 20.7 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see a heavy gold necklace whose front centerpiece is a curved narrow “rectangle” of light blue stone. It has been placed around the neck of Donald Trump such that the blue stone (about the width of a human heart) hangs over the center of his chest. I have the impression that this stone is meant to be connected to a breastplate. Comment: In the Bible, the word 'breastplate' is used figuratively to describe protecting oneself from unrighteousness.
Necklace Blue Stone.jpg
Necklace Blue Stone.jpg [ 21.58 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see what looks like a series of intercontinental ballistic missiles moving at high speed high in the atmosphere. Suddenly it is like I am watching a movie and it is now being run in reverse – showing these missiles returning into their silos. Comment: Brought to the brink but like in the quantum world – time can run backwards. This reminds me that Remo has felt that in the time ahead paranormal phenomena will prevail. Later I have the sudden knowing that the BLACK SHIELD did it – caused the ICBMs to return to their silos. This is a reference to the vision of a black shield seen sticking upright in black earth against a white sky in Dancing To The End Of Love; interpreted as yin > higher yang.
Titan_II_launch.jpg [ 36.99 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see several human figures in dark green silhouette on a yellow background on a magazine cover. The dark green silhouette image of Donald Trump is along the binding edge (West side) of the cover. Like this his head is in the NW of the cover. Together the colors are those for Eros Christ consciousness.
Donald Trump.jpg
Donald Trump.jpg [ 20.58 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see a few very long baguettes wrapped in white paper sticking up out of the inside of a white cylindrical stone container such that they cross each other – forming like this X-shapes. Comment: As I finished typing in this vision I suddenly had the impression that a baguette has the shape of a chromosome. From the Internet I see that during cell division an X-shaped chromosome pair form as described below. It’s as if the effects of the opus have taken place at the cellular level (cellular level intervention comes up again later in this post when Grant Ward as Hydra in SHIELD is on a mission to infect all humans and like this ending all wars because they now become inhuman and each has a superpower ). Previously an X-shape has been connected to the mega quake and mega tsunami potential of the Pacific Northwest subduction zone – a metaphor for the size of the effects of the opus on the consciousness of the individual soul. The helical feature reminds me of the “simple device that saves the world” – a helical antenna connection. Just as I finished typing this in I suddenly had to stretch my upper body and arms and spontaneously said out loud, “Atlas Shrugged” as I did so; reminding me of the following image of a tanned man carrying a huge white sphere on his back which came up in June 2009.
Atlas Entertainment.jpg
Atlas Entertainment.jpg [ 36.36 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

Atlas Entertainment – Carrying the Ball of Individuation
During most of the duration of the cell cycle, a chromosome consists of one long double-helix DNA molecule (with associated proteins). During S phase, the chromosome gets replicated, resulting in an X-shaped structure called a metaphase chromosome. Both the original and the newly copied DNA are now called chromatids. The two "sister" chromatids are joined together at a protein junction called a centromere (forming the X-shaped structure).
Chromosome.jpg [ 44.29 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see a couple of apples lying on a surface. Their green side only is showing. I see the beginnings of redness as if they have a red side that is in contact with the surface.

I see a men’s black hair comb like I use. It is angled 45 degrees across the NW corner on a white background. The backbone of the comb is towards that corner. Comment: A comb is used to straighten out one’s hair, the mana or knowing of one’s head. This suggests that whatever is incarnating in the NW will have this effect on one’s consciousness.

I see a white cereal bowl filled with cut mixed vegetables as if a can of such vegetables have been emptied into this bowl. The focus is on a yellow corn kernel lying on top of this heap which has the shape of a Valentine’s Day heart. Comment: Recall that the heart chakra wormhole had a red end on the masculine side and a green end on the feminine side in the Lantern of the Telesphoros image. The yellow heart shaped corn kernel indicates that yellow is underneath these colors. This additional piece of information completes the color code picture having wormhole ends of Ra/Christ consciousness.

Then in the blackness I see a right profile view of the head of an animal in silhouette except for the two white horns which stick up off the top of its head that are in the shape of bull horns.

In darkness, I see a horizontal red cylinder having a helical wound wire surrounding it that is luminous white and sparkling. Comment: This configuration is used in a solenoid valve in order to open and close the valve – as in a water sprinkler system. I am most familiar with such transducer devices that convert energy into linear motion. I recall that such a helical wound wire was seen in the heart chakra and in the simple device that saves the world. I characterize the source of the electrical energy as being from a VNS battery. This device is apparently being connected to facilitating new subtle body matter-psyche flowing through the heart chakra.
Solenoid Movement.jpg
Solenoid Movement.jpg [ 29.45 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

I see four golden trumpets standing upright on their mouth pieces on a dark surface; one to each of the four corners in a square.

I hear a heavy set middle aged blonde woman in a cyan loose fitting dress say, “Fruit of my fruit.” Comment: She reminds me of an overweight Hillary Clinton aka the Great Whore of Babylon and the Ambassador to the World. Her cyan dress is a close color to the bluish curved rectangular stone seen in the necklace on Donald Trump earlier in this post that protects one from unrighteousness. “Fruit of my fruit” reminds me of the expression, “The apple does not fall far from the tree” – meaning a mother’s children are much like the mother. Further to the scripture,

Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so can you identify people by their actions. Matthew 7:20 (NLT)

I see a late adolescent male wearing a white tee shirt. I am standing behind him when I see him throw a baseball into the due North of the view. He has a baseball glove on his left hand.

I am suddenly recalling Donald Trump giving high ranking posts in his coming presidency to all these far right “Law and Order” types. They will easily be approved because of a Republican held congress – allowing almost immediate action of campaign promises. Then I see a baseball being pitched very hard into the NW of the view – a fast ball it seems. I am then recalling how the white leather skin on a baseball is sewn together by red thread stitching – something that has been connected to being a skull sewn together by bone growth and by the spreading tectonic plates on the globe of the earth which allow for further growth of the renewed “skin” that covers the earth’s surface. Those “stitches” allow the crust to pull apart – forming new matter – a connection to making new subtle body matter is meant; as if a Trump presidency of “Law & Order” and following the constitution of the United State by insuring the sovereignty of its borders will help accomplish this. Diversity though national uniqueness will be the result; as if inner and outer mirror each other.

I see an egg bagel sandwich having a large green leaf of lettuce visible on its top inner layer. The bagel appears closed in its center suggesting it has a spindle torus shape. The Lantern of the Telesphoros is in the “football” empty center of such a Sacred Geometry shape. The lettuce suggest a VNS influence emanates from this heart chakra center. It reminds me of a hamburger bun being connected to the Wheels of Ezekiel with the hamburger patty being a pound of flesh from the heart – something needed to pay a debt.
Bagel Egg Sandwich.jpg
Bagel Egg Sandwich.jpg [ 54.34 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]


I see myself being slapped around in the first days of the first grade. Then I am confronted with having been sexually abused by a priest (not in reality). Then I am with the wife of my brother-in-law in dark places. I mention the priest abuse to her and she was very understanding and was open to making love. As we walk in the dark suddenly Grant Ward (an alien Hydra terrorist demon creature that stars in SHIELD) appears in his human form and seized me as if I am to be made an inhuman having superpowers.
Hydra.jpg [ 52.05 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: The SHIELD Hydra Logo is informative with its six tentacles connecting it to the heart chakra. The black and white image suggests yin > higher yang while the color version has the colors of the apocalypse and those in beta decay. In Greek mythology Hydra lived in a lake (2nd chakra). Under the lake was an entrance to the Greek underworld, which it guarded. The Hydra is a nine-headed serpent like snake. The middle hydra head breathes fire. Earlier in this post there was a dream involving a priest dressed in black and wearing a white collar. Yin (as unio corporalis) > higher yang seems meant and that could be characterized as a psychic rape.


I am a psychiatrist working in a hospital helping people with mental disorders. My suspicion is that they have all been infected by the Hydra demon, Grant Ward.

End of Dream

Comment: More infected humans on their way to becoming inhuman; each with a different superpower.

In the darkness, I see the palm of an open left hand facing me in front of my right side. It is mostly in silhouette. The focus is on the dull reddish “circular” glow in the center of the palm. I recall having seen crucifixion nails sticking up out of a black hole in the palm of this hand in a 2008 vision. It seems this hand now bears stigmata (from the sufferings of the Eros Christ).

I see a large transparent ZipLoc food storage bag filled with fresh chopped vegetables. It lays on the floor at the entrance door to my office.

On a floor, I see cases of square cross-section liter sized transparent water bottles filled with bluish water in the color of the bluish stone curved rectangle seen on the necklace about the neck of Donald Trump.

I see a bust view of a middle-aged man facing me, looking at me in an astonished manner as he stands in the NW of the view. He has a full head of yellow-gold fluffy hair.

In the darkness, I see the writing tip of an old style ink pen on a black wood handle. Comment: I am reminded of the Old Testament incident of “The writing is on the wall” – indicating that the leaders of the nation will have their kingdom taken from them and ruled by an invading force.

There are clear signs that something unpleasant or unwelcome is going to happen. "The handwriting was on the wall for the old system."

I see a used red eraser on the end of a yellow wood pencil (Ra colors – which erase something of the old worldview in favor of a renewed worldview).

In an overcast view (as if it is going to rain), I see a residential view of a neighborhood whose streets are lined with mature trees whose leaves are in yellowish-gold Fall colors. The central image is the court house made of red brick and white mortar surrounded by a large lawn of green grass like that seen in the town I grew up in six days a week for eight years as I delivered the Cheboygan Daily Tribune on a bicycle.

I see a family in a backyard green lawn setting. The adults sit at a picnic table eating. The young children are playing. A gray cat comes up to a young girl who greets it.

I hear, “misogyny.” (a hatred of women)

Inside a courthouse looking building I see a reddish wooden piece of furniture that is wall mounted to a black corner – giving the top of the furniture a L-shape.

I see a potato chip sized plastic bag covered in a design of red and white. It is filled with light yellow deep fried rectangular tortilla strips.

I see a middle-aged man sitting with his young adolescent daughters – one on either side. The one on the left side has long black hair and is broadly smiling as she looks at me observing them.

I see a white rectangular business card having dark green font lettering with a large dark green numeral 4 in its top center (due North) location.


I meet a tall thin man, a banker (he looks like the man who starred as a psychic in the paranormal movie The Dead Zone). We are in a place where bets could be placed. I overhear him make a 1,000 pound sterling bet which would pay 400,000 pounds if it won.

The scene changes and now I am seated high in a stadium where I see that there is hardly anyone here. Soon two men approach me – the banker is one of them and the other is the man who took his bet. The bet had to do with picking the seat number where I was seated. The bet then involved another seat 1,200 seats away. Whatever those two end seats held was the crux of the bet. But the details of the meaning were not revealed. I was quite surprised that I just happened to be seated in the starting seat of this bet.

Later, I meet with Remo and tell him about this incident – suggesting that it is an omen indicating that finally something is going to happen in our world as a result of observing the visions. But Remo was skeptical. Others were here as well but nobody wanted to say, “You are right.”

End of Dream

Comment: The interesting thing about this psychic is that he learns that he can change the future through the visions he sees. Everything in a dream belongs to the dreamer, is some aspect of the dreamer. So, I take it that this dream comes to let me know that my visions can change the future. The ICBMs returning to their silos for instance. He won 40 times the value of his bet – reminding me of the 40 years the Jews took before they reached the Promised Land (of a new worldview). The 1,200 seats between where I sat and the final seat in the bet seems to suggest a quantum level effect; a spooky action at a distance – but whatever that effect was is not shown.

It is later and as I go about my day I suddenly hear, “You are the savior of the World.” Comment: Of Inner and Outer worlds with more saviors continuing to be added as Her purpose ensues – something like this came up in Becoming A Savior of the World -7 February 2016 and involved being shot in the head with a double barrel Derringer using one red and one green 410 gauge shotgun shells. Being a savior of the world seems to be the spooky action at a distance (due to quantum entanglement of a pair of particles, "read: an entanglement of consciousness; of Ra/Christ consciousness" – aka a nonlocal effect).

As I was waking up on 2/11/16 I saw the 410 gauge shotgun shells seen in a vision in the Derringer like that used to shoot president Lincoln in the head. Those shells contained fine shot – small black spheres. In rapid fashion I then saw a blackberry (a cluster of small black “spheres” – seeds “of light” from the darkness of the lower 3 chakras is meant) and finally to the black sphere seen rolling around on the edge of a “bowl of individuation” which I assumed was a model for an electron in a hydrogen atom. Electrons sense our world and interact with it to form or transform substances into new compounds – a metaphor for creating new consciousness. It’s a “Midas Touch” brought to Earth by an E.T. HeartLight effect. A cartoon strip seems to characterize this “logic”… As I finished the above description I heard Her often repeated refrain, “You will see that I am right. You are the Savior of the World.”
Shotgun Electron.jpg
Shotgun Electron.jpg [ 35.75 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]

Atom ET Effect.jpg
Atom ET Effect.jpg [ 45.28 KiB | Viewed 6339 times ]


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Post Re: Dancing To The End Of Love
Gregory Sova wrote:
From its NE area I see an older style vehicle in the shape of the discontinued Ford Bronco model. The roof is white while the rest is olive (olive being a mixture of green and yellow – a connection to Eros Christ consciousness). The vehicle colors reflect its “pioneering” ego adaptation design.

I don't know if it is interesting but i associate OJ Simpson with the Ford Bronco. I started to watch American Crime Story on Sunday.
About your "invisible trampoline", I associate a recent "joke" I heard at my work : "What is the name of Trump Daughter? Pauline ... because "Trumpauline" (trampoline)

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post By Our Eros Christ Wounds We Are Healed
Mon. 21 Nov. 2016

I see a view of a portion of an apple. It has a red skin with hints of yellow peeking out from underneath the red. Comment: Once again, vision color code information indicates that underneath red is yellow; something not seen in the red end of the wormhole in the heart chakra of the Lantern of the Telesphoros.


I see the cockapoo dog breed (with whitish-gray hair) like our family had during my first marriage. Its name was also Lollypop. The dog is playing with a neighbors small black poodle. I call to it – for it to come home.

End of Dream

I am looking up along the right side of a woman as if I am a midget. The focus is on her red face and her black rim eyeglasses. A tear leaves her right eye and runs down her cheek. Comment: She sees something that makes her tear; shed a teardrop shape.


I am attending my first class in nuclear physics. The female professor begins with some short oral quiz questions designed to test how well prepared the students are for taking this class. She begins by standing at the blackboard drawing a ring with white chalk. She then makes a series of jagged line connections to the ring that reminds me of an electrical resistance diagram one sees in an Electrical Engineering 101 class. I realize I have forgotten how to analyze such a diagram. She then turns to the class and inquires, “How much does electricity weigh?” Before anyone can respond she asks more such questions that seem to have no answer. Finally, she asks some students to come to the front of the class and she proceeds to talk about radioactive decay. The students could give all this detailed information about it. I had no idea how to answer the questions and as my anxiety increased I realized I would have to drop this class – it was too advanced for me. I apparently did not have the proper prerequisites needed to take this class.

End of Dream

Comment: Wanting to know the weight of electricity clearly indicates that this class is about psychophysical nuclear physics - a subtle body concern. This would explain my lack of prerequisites for in the dream I was not reacting with my dream ego (Eros ego) but rather with my Logos ego.

I am looking out at a beautiful scene of very tall palm tree trunks whose canopies are almost out of sight above. The grow in the midst of a very green lawn and a man is running towards me from this scene. He is looking back over his left shoulder as he does so – as if he is running away from something not seen. I seem to be very tall or standing on a cliff.


I am at Casimir’s home which has stuff lying around everywhere. So, I begin tidying things up a bit when Casimir enters the living room. I inquire, “Is there anything else I can do to help?” He responds, “Yes, you can catch the mice.” Just then an orange and white striped cat approaches the lower backside of a red velvet covered recliner like the one I always used in the home of my first marriage. It is after a mouse hiding in the undercarriage of the recliner. Further, Lollypop (the cockapoo from my first marriage) comes into the room carrying a dead mouse in its mouth. The house definitely has a mouse infestation problem.

End Of Dream

Comment: Casimir has been connected to the “Casimir effect” – a Zero Point Energy (ZPE) effect that is thought to be an infinite supply if it could be harvested. Mouse holes are parabolic in shape – meaning they are incarnation portals. Thus, the implication is that this house has access to ZPE.

I see water gently flowing out of the end of a garden hose being held up vertically over the top of a tall square wooden pillar supporting a covered porch – the water flowing onto the exposed square wood surface.

In a dark room I see a square rectangular flat TV screen. On the East side of the screen I see black mice running around. A man and woman in a place of business are observing the mice doing this on the TV screen.

I hear people say, “Everyone is talking about it. I don’t know why.” Comment: More emphasis on mice invading homes it seems.

Something about, “Fires in NY.”

I see a man wearing a green baseball hat having white lettering on its front. I am looking down at him from a balcony.

In the darkness, I see the upper portion of the Star of David. The triangular points are red with yellow trim. Comment: After rendering the following image I suddenly have the impression that this is a hat. A new style Papal Mitre it seems.
Star Of David.jpg
Star Of David.jpg [ 21.18 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

A bald-headed man just placed a black mouse on the left side of his head.

I see a Jefferson nickel in the open palm of a hand.

I see branches sticking up through a honeywood colored bench seat in a park.

I see an ambassador walking on green grass through a corridor roped off from the crowds like one sees on a golf course to keep the fans movement restricted. He approaches the rope and a donkey pushes its head between the people and greets the man.

I am recalling the naked woman seen in front of a ICMB being launched in my August 2009 vision. It seems that vision is meant to be connected with the vision of the ICBMs returning to their silos in Spooky Action At A Distance – as if to say that it is the World Soul who has created a “spooky action at a distance.”
ICBM Woman.jpg
ICBM Woman.jpg [ 102.86 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

In August 2009 I quoted Marie Louise von Franz in order to amplify on the above vision. MLvF suggests that Mother Nature would erupt with Her psychophysical radiations if humanity continues to push for a one-sided existence on the planet. Pursuing "shadow problems which are not our own" are exactly what we are doing today, on a megalomaniacal scale. This will rebound and give rise to an evil on an equally grand scale. Von Franz exemplifies this notion in The Feminine In Fairytales. Her comments contain the prospect of a counterbalancing Rainmaker effect due to one’s opus as well.

A Deeper Morality
But such Themis (Themis means "law of nature" rather than human ordinance, literally "that which is put in place") revengefulness in nature brings us to a very serious situation, one of the greatest present-day problems of our world: namely, that created by the great improvement in medicine due to the rational and technical development of the white man's civilization. This is basically due to the domination of the white races. Pretty soon the world will be hopelessly overpopulated; in a couple of hundred years the situation will be absolutely hopeless, but the United Nations and other organizations continue to improve hygienic conditions in India and other Eastern countries and to help overpopulate the earth. Possibly nature will invent a new virus - and a virus is capable of fantastic mutations - or bring about such a state of irritation that Russia or the United States or some other country will use the atom bomb, because somehow humanity has to be reduced.

All the well-meaning charitable enterprises in the world are built up on a 'Weltanschauung' that does not take the dark side of Mother Nature into consideration. They are based on Christian ideas. But if one ignores a goddess, she manifests herself again. At one time nature and her dark side were in harmony, but from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries onward - as can be seen for instance in mythology, in poetry, and in religious movements - natural compensation was no longer on the lines of the one-sided light attitude. From that time onward, there was a wrong persistence in an attitude that had hitherto been right. There was no realization that a further evolution was necessary, that an alteration was required and an awareness of the dark side. Instead there was a stiffening on a general scale throughout Europe; what had been right developed into a neurotic attitude, and defense mechanisms were set up against the unconscious compensation." (p.41)

She continues:

Jung once went so far as to say that goodness which is beyond instinctiveness is no longer good, and wickedness, which is anti-instinctual cannot succeed either. If I try to be better than my instincts permit, I cease to do good. If I want to do evil in order to survive, this is only possible as long as my instinct goes with it. If I do more evil than my instinct allows, then I destroy myself. Instinct, or the animal, is the final judge, for that is what gives my good or evil intentions the right measure. (p.208)

The crux of Western consciousness, von Franz argues, is the total disregard of the dark side of the feminine principle, the darkness of the Earth-Mother, in fairytales portrayed as the witch Baba Yaga, for instance. The repression of dark nature creates an inability to accept suffering as an integral part of life, and it also makes us deny the inner darkness of our own nature.

The whole of natural life is based on murder. That is a terrible thing to realize, but, at the same time, if one is not very morbid by nature, such a realization brings acceptance and, strangely, the wish to live and the desire to accept one's guilt individually, for that is the guilt of living and living is guilt, in a certain sense. The realization of destruction and the wish to live are very closely connected. (p. 205)

But how, then, can evil be countered? She says:

Once at a Fastnacht, Jung made up a wonderful verse about the poisonous dragon, to the effect that if a poisonous dragon appeared, one should not get upset, for the dragon had only forgotten his own fate: that he had to eat himself - the uroboros! So you must just remind the dragon of his duty, and he will say, "Oh, yes," and will eat himself up! But you have to remind him, that is, bring a little bit of consciousness into the situation. It doesn't mean letting things go, but putting a little drop of consciousness in and then retiring. (p.204)

Von Franz also discusses the healing effect of the unconscious archetype, in terms of 'synchronicity':

The analogy in alchemical writings is referred to as the problem of 'multiplicatio'. They say that at a certain moment when the philosopher's stone is made, the vessel is opened and the stone begins to emanate a transforming activity, and every metal touched by it is transformed into gold. The analogy is that the philosopher's stone is made inside a vessel, where it goes through dissolution in the darkness and then resurrects. The vessel is opened and the stone develops into an activity which was called the process of multiplication. The psychological analogy seems to have to do with the fact that when one succeeds consciously and positively to relate to an archetypal constellation, there is a widespread effect. If the rainmaker, or the medicine man, gets in touch in the right way with the powers of the Beyond, rain falls over the whole country. Confucius said that if the noble man sits in his room and has the right thoughts and writes down the right things, he is heard a thousand miles around. The Taoist philosopher Chuang-tzu always comments on the point that as long as the ruler of the country tries to do the right thing, actively making good or bad laws, the empire will get worse and worse. If, on the contrary, he retires and gets right inwardly, then the problems of the empire are solved by themselves too. (p. 179)

In a daylight view I am looking at the right side of an apple tree where I see many large spherical (wholeness emphasis) shaped apples. Two side-by-side ones are in focus; a red one and on its left side a golden delicious. The red one is a little larger in diameter. I immediately recall the following image which was connected to the Heart Light. It is a more differentiated example of how the color codes come together to produce the Ra/Christ consciousness colors. On the Ra side of the heart chakra we therefore have the three colors connected to beta decay (new subtle body matter from Eros ego observing which brings enlightenment). It’s an image for what produces a “spooky action at a distance.”
Apple Three.jpg
Apple Three.jpg [ 24.1 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

In the blackness in my left eye only I see a centered vertical band of yellowish-whitish light. As it moves to the left it curves and on reaching the end of the view it has the curvature of the eyeball. It then vanishes from the view. This scene repeats over and over again.

I am looking down at the ground out in front of me a short ways. I seem to be standing in a field of dead vegetation golden in color. It is tall stalk like vegetation as if flowering weeds of some kind.

Directly in front of me in the darkness sits a young girl facing me as she sits at a table. Her image is black and white. She has long dark curls in her hair that hangs from the sides of her head – reminding me of the young girl who had her picture taken with me for the cover of the Cheboygan Daily Tribune Xmas edition – where we were pretending to sing Christmas Carols. On her face are three broad vertical marks as if made by a yellow-gold marking pen. One in the front right side of her face, another in the middle and the other on the left front side of her face.

I see an Asian woman sitting at the controls in the cockpit of a large aircraft’s left side which immediately reminds me of the one seen in the TV miniseries SHIELD also flown by an Asian woman. She wears a Snoopy dog Red Baron style brown leather aviator’s helmet (hat) – connecting her to crop dusting. Comment: Crop dusting came up in Like A Thief In The Night - when I had a strong fantasy that radical Islamic terrorists were going to seed a hurricane passing over the United States with dirty (radioactive) bomb material.
Snoopy Red Baron Crop Dusting.jpg
Snoopy Red Baron Crop Dusting.jpg [ 10.95 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

I see a stage coach pulling up in front of a row of buildings in the style of that seen in the Old West. As it does so a DOOM demon imp drops down into the view from out of the NW.

I hear, “The only aspect was that the woman graduated from college and made something out of herself.” Then I hear, “TWIG!” I immediately recall the human form in reddish-yellow Ra flames on a cross for he was known as “The Wrath In God.” But now these letters I hear mean, “Trump Win Involves Greatness.” In E.T. “phone home” numerical expression TWIG = 8944 = 25 = 7 or the number of the Apocalypse. The image shows the value of being crucified “for God’s sake” = “changing the future.” It is an archetypal pattern playing out for it reminds me of how the sacrifice of the Logos Christ also changed the future. But here the TWIG would be a connection to vegetation – the burning bush on Mt. Saini comes to mind – a “chip of the old block” so to speak which brings Eros Christ consciousness.
TWIG.jpg [ 25.33 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

In the darkness, I see a right profile view of a tall thin man walking along while holding his right arm extended out in front of himself with the index finger pointing into the darkness. His legs and feet are naked.


I am on a college campus. I approach a multistory building and begin to ascend its height using the sloped cement walkway on its outside (reminds me of how the pyramids were built using such "ramp" pathways to move the stone blocks) on a clear day. I eventually reach the top which is square in shape. The building seems to be one huge container for the top of the structure appears as a deep open “pool” of emerald green water. I then notice that the building is leaning a bit. Just as I was about to jump into the water the building begins to increase its leaning. I jump off to the side as the building comes crashing over onto its side. I find myself caught in a tidal wave as the water floods the surroundings in this “dam breaking” event.

I eventually find my way back to the campus and meet a man. He says, “This is the first time this has happened (dam breaking) and it is the first time that Zeus has had a woman on the program.” He then quoted a line from Shakespeare which was about “the fates.”

End of Dream

Comment: Over the years there have been several references to Shakespeare. I guess that a review of them will help understand the remark the man made in the above dream but which I forgot. In several of Shakespeare’s tragedies, including Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear - the focus is on how the power to rule a nation is won (a connection to winning the presidency). Thrice repeating came up in The ‘Thrice Lo:vE’ Conundrum – February 2016 and earlier in UFO’s And The Coming Apocalypse Of lovE – 4 April 2015 when I was prompted to say, “ABRAKADRABA” (Has 11 letters and means “create as I say”) three times – each one louder than the previous - as if "thrice repeated" will cause magical manifestation. It is a connection to “the third time is the charm” and to Shakespeare’s Macbeth when the witches repeat things three times. The rule of three refers to the idea that there is magic in things happening three times. Dam breaking came up recently in Like A Thief In The Night – 8 October 2016, The Intruder – 14 October 2016, and finally in A Rainmaker Effect – 3 November 2016 when a dam in Germany was nuked.

Then I hear, “If fate be your only concern…”

I am recalling that recently when my son-in-law made an avocado mix it was over spiced (too hot to the taste).

I see a man next to a large black cube about 2 feet on a side. It has all this black material clinging to its surface as if fungus growth. The surface of the cube is very moist and seems to either be oozing or condensing clear, pure water. The man was collecting this water and it was hoped that this water would end the violence against the feminine. Comment: A cube is the shape for the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation and has been represented as a union of black and white in my visions; a union of spirit and matter.

In the darkness, in the due North of the view I see a side view of a luminous white glowing gold crown. The apex of the triangular shapes has a small sphere covering it. Comment: The triangular shapes remind me of spear points or arrowheads. The Lance of Longinus comes to mind – something which pierced the heart of the Logos Christ. It is as if the “piercing” of the heart of the Eros Christ has now led to a measure of wholeness.
Crown.jpg [ 26.03 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]


I am in a large full basement like that underneath Saint Mary’s Church in Cheboygan, MI or that in the Sacred Heart Church in Riggsville, MI (the church of my high school sweetheart). I am sitting on the SW end of a long row of adjacent conference tables having a country style family dinner with all the others who completely fill the available seating. The table is along the West wall in the room. The others sitting around my end of the table are talking about the presidential-elect Donald Trump and the one-sided bias of the news media, like CNN’s Anderson Cooper, on the negative coverage of his candidacy. Someone notices that Anderson Cooper is sitting at the SE end of our long narrow rectangular table. I suddenly stand up and in a loud voice for all to hear say, “Anderson Cooper welcome to the State of Jefferson.” I then look towards the SE of the table (which is in the NW of the room) about ten conference tables away and see Anderson is now standing and looking at me in a surprised manner.

End of Dream

Comment: The “sought for” State of Jefferson is a part of the area where I live in Weed, CA. It came up earlier this year in the following context where the colors of the flag are a connection to the Eros Christ colors:

From The Tooth Fairy Cometh – 8 May 2016

I see an old woman standing in front of double glass doors (a double-cross connection?) in front of a commercial building. She has a full head of white hair and wears a long royal blue coat – reminding me of the 90 year old Queen Elizabeth.

Then I hear, “Enlightenment stares at you” while I am looking up at the tops (the crowns) of a cluster of mature tall pine trees against a blue sky. The focus is on the huge log configuration forming an X shape whose sides are attached to adjacent tree trunks at the heart and belly brain chakra height it seems. As I type this in I recall the double color coded XX image seen on the Flag of Jefferson that originated in our area. The double side-by-side X shapes were connected to being a “double cross” in Creating A Breakaway Civilization – December 2014.

Double Cross - To break a promise in a way that harms the person with whom the deal was originally struck. To double-cross is to back-stab and to two-time.

In genetics – it is a genetic cross in which both parents are first-generation hybrids from single crosses.

In the darkness, I see a Valentine heart shaped lance tip on a long black shaft whose tip is pointed into the NW of the view. Suddenly, I flashback to my first wife who continues to suffer from the effects of a bipolar mental disorder that erupts out of control. The sufferings of my first wife is a “gift that keeps on giving” – as if our outer hearts continue to come together during this long time of sorrows; joining with the inner hearts of Gregory and the World Soul as we continue our individuation dance. Outer and inner seem to be coming together in a moment of Tao it seems. I then recall the words of an inner voice (of the Holy Spirit) that said to me almost 40 years ago, “If you stop smoking your wife will never be sick again.” Comment: If I stop the “willful extraction of spirit from matter” (a Logos ego activity) my inner wife will be healed of her bipolar swings seems meant. Strange, but I then recall my recent comprehensive physical exam - the results for my 11/14/2016 Echocardiography exam which were shared with me by my personal physician on 11/23/2016. Everything was normal but now I am being focused on the diameters of the heart valves that were measured during the testing. The Mitral valve (on the left side or feminine side – the pumping side) had a size of 38 mm (=’s 11) and the Aortic valve (on the right side or masculine side – the low pressure return flow side) had a size of 34 mm (=’s 7; the number of the Apocalypse).

In reality on Thanksgiving Day I went on my usual morning walk. But today I carried a large bag of wild reddish-yellow apples I had picked recently and began to distribute them in a shallow ditch near our home – a Thanksgiving Day present for the deer in the area. Suddenly, my left foot “accidentally” stepped on one of them causing my left ankle to buckle (no injury) and I soon found myself lying on my right side on the ground; eyeball-to-“eyeball” with those Ra colored apples. When I got up I was experiencing a burning sensation along the right calf (shin) area from the knee down almost to the ankle – something which immediately reminded me of where the Holy Spirit first entered me during my 1976 Pentecostal experience. Such apples were seen raining from above in a January 2011 vision. My skin-grounded wound suddenly is being characterized as, “Not by the wounds of the Logos Christ are we healed, but rather by our Eros Christ wounds we are healed.” A dream about a Thanksgiving celebration came up in my previous post Spooky Action At A Distance. Now, as I continue my walk again in reality, I hear the gurgling sounds of a raven as it flies overhead reminding me of the poem, “The Raven” which came up earlier this year in The Journey That Changes Minds – 5 June 2016 where I learned…

This poem, first published in January 1845, is often noted for its musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man's slow fall into madness. Sitting on a bust of Pallas (a goddess of Wisdom), the raven seems to further instigate his distress over his lost love, with its constant repetition of the word "Nevermore".

Ra Apples Pentecost.jpg
Ra Apples Pentecost.jpg [ 82.83 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

Being “skin-grounded” in such an unceremoniously manner reminded me of what the Carmelite nun Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) said in the aftermath of “a belly spill.”
As she founded and visited convents, Teresa often traveled the rugged roads of Spain. One time her saddle slipped, and she found herself head down under the belly of a donkey as she crossed a stream. Complaining to the Lord of her treatment, she heard him reply, “Teresa, whom the Lord loves, he chastises. This is how I treat all my friends.” She replied tartly, “No wonder you have so few!”

I see the left side of a slender person (woman) wearing washed out blue jeans. The focus is on the black belt with its large bronze buckle for the buckle is worn centered on the left side of the pants – a counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees. This suggests that the effects emanating from the belly brain are at a 90 degree angle to spacetime. Comment: As I prepare this post I have the sudden impression “black belt” as if the rank of someone practicing karate is meant. The word "karate" was originally a way of expressing "martial art from China." Further, this belt represents the “edge of the circle of time/no-time” for it surrounds the black hole, the belly brain.

I see a man who looks like myself at my present age – wearing a blue and white baseball hat. I view the hat and head from its SE area. At the due East location on the hat I see a large blue image on a white background that reads $5. President Lincoln is on a $5 bill. He was the president that managed to “preserve the union” of the red and blue states. Its location on the right side of the head indicates that it was being in the right brain, in the Eros ego that does this.

Fri. 25 November 2016


My high school sweetheart and I are spending more and more time together as if we are both slowly testing whether a committed relationship will work for us. We sit next to each other in the midst of other sitting people and then keep moving and sitting at other locations in this setting. Finally, it happens. She reaches out to me and with an embrace signals “we are good.” There is no difference in the ego and non-ego. We are in harmony, in Tao. It seems that Gregory has finally learned the value of the line from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's narrative poem The Charge of the Light Brigade; “Mine is not to reason why, mine is but to do and die.”

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of waking up from this dream I had the impression that since I was now able to accept the (outer Trump)/(inner Trump) presidency Rainmaker effect that further Rainmaker effects will also be able to happen. This reminds me once again of Remo’s sense that a time of Paranormal activity will occur on our planet when the World Soul is ready to act in our world.

I see a fleshy looking heart shape lying on a white surface – it has a mostly reddish surface with hints of yellow peeking through. It’s as if someone left their heart lying here.


PS When I saw the following outer destructive Ra colored images I felt they belonged to the Apocalypse and thus should be included in my journal. A “sign of the times?” as Arabs celebrate as Israel burns.
Israel Burning.jpg
Israel Burning.jpg [ 63.53 KiB | Viewed 6289 times ]

Tel_Aviv_Is Burning

Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:10 pm
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