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 The New God-Image 
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Post A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears
Tues. 21 February 2017

I see a strange image that seems to be one of the alien alphabet characters of the alien occupied 3D vesica piscis shaped UFO in the movie Arrival (2016) which began showing in American theaters on 11/11/16 and which came up briefly on XMAS day in The Story of Your Life. In the complicated end located in the SE of the alien character for DEATH I see an eyelid opening that is filled with Avatar colors. Comment: I have not seen this movie. On 25 February 2017 I happened to see the following article Steven Hawking's Is More Convinced Than Ever That We Are Not Alone. He projects the inner relationship he should have with the intelligence of the World Soul into the cosmos – looking for intelligent “life” out there. Interestingly, in this article the DEATH alien alphabet character from “Arrival” is used to convey that intelligent alien life could be discovered “out there”. Given the odds of intelligent life evolving in the universe it seems to me “we are it”.
Arrival Character.jpg
Arrival Character.jpg [ 25.29 KiB | Viewed 6084 times ]

Then down below on my left side I see a top view of my left thumb – as if a “DEATH message” is what the World Soul is communicating to the individual soul in the Jnana Mudra – a sacrificial temporary “death” of the Logos ego seems meant – so that it can enter the Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

Now I see my wife standing close to me in the NW of the view. She wears a lovely full length dress composed of a "shard" pattern of Blood Moon or white colors; the colors of the HermAphrodite.

I see a close-up view of a tree trunk having dark gray bark. Sticking into it is a 2/3rds buried silver metal stake whose top end has been mushroomed by the blows of the hammer which pounded into the tree. The mushroomed end has six evenly spaced semicircles on its circumference – suggesting it has been driven into the “heart” of a Sun-Moon vampire tree – creating like this “a hole in the heart” chakra (allowing the blood of the masculine and feminine principles to mix). Comment: I see from the following Artemis myth (a Greek moon goddess) that silver does not kill but burns the skin (= soul; tan the too white hide). The long story involves Selene (a moonlight goddess) which came up in my visions in June 2007. Selene, at first a mortal, was immortalized by the first vampire which drank her blood. Their combined blood could create their "children", essentially turning any human who drank their combined blood into an immortal vampire - each able to become a Sun-Moon chakra tree. A careful reading of the following links is worth the effort to fully understand exactly what the World Soul is trying to reveal by the meaning of the silver stake in the heart chakra. I had not been aware of this “origin of the vampire” story before – being only familiar with the Dracula Legend as my wife has long liked to read modern novels about them for their romance (coniunctio) aspect. She also notices that in movies vampires eventually tire of being immortal because they are constantly faced with changing worldviews over the millenniums. This latter aspect seems to mirror what I have read in Jungian psychology about the long-life in the Beyond – that it is most probably not Paradise but a place where one’s worldview is constantly being renewed as the endless uniting of the opposites continues. The torment never ends.
Silver Stake.jpg
Silver Stake.jpg [ 15.15 KiB | Viewed 6084 times ]

How To Kill A Vampire With Silver
The curse of silver begins before the first vampire became a vampire, when the Greek goddess Artemis cursed the first vampire so that his skin burned when it touched silver.

Also read The Vampire Origin Story in Greek Mythology

Then I see a hand over the top of this tree trunk and it moves off to the right side of the tree. I have the impression this is a human-tree hybrid. And then I am looking down along the trunk as if I am this hybrid tree (my subtle body) and see it has divided into two human looking legs covered in smooth gray bark. I am then flashing back to the walking trees in the movie “The Lord of the Rings.”

I see a left side view of a tan bobcat walking into the NW of the view along the North side. It has a few different colored furs on the belly region. It has its head close to the ground by its front feet as if looking at something it will catch.

In the darkness, I see a close-up view of the unlit end of a cigar that is partially sticking into the view from the West side (my left side) such that it appears in the NW of the view. I immediately recall the tradition that cigars are given out in celebration of a new birth.

Wed. 22 February 2017


I am with my first wife. But she resists becoming physically intimate with me. I try to find out what the problem is but she is evasive. I suspect she has a lover.

End of Dream

Comment: She is FN in her psychology so naturally she would not find it psychologically intimate to unite with Gregory who is TS in his psychology.


My older brother and I are walking around looking for something in a large building. We encounter a very passive man who would not share much. My brother walks away in frustration. Later I see my brother and it looks like honey has been spilled all over the immediate area he is in. A “puddle” is sitting below his crotch which now suggests it is a puddle of his sperm stained by urine. My daughter Amy (about 6) and her friend Jill are here. I have some of this “honey” on the index fingertip of my right hand. The “honey” is stuck to the ground and as I pull up my finger a long thin thread of its substance connects the two regions. Jill says to Amy, “It looks like good protein.”

End of Dream

Comment: A man’s sperm is said to be pure protein. The colors in this “honey” contain those in the cross-section of the hard-boiled egg seen as the head on the Sun-Moon chakra tree. Like this it seems the dream says this “semen” can impregnate others – another angle into the Sun-Moon vampire tree effect. The long sticky thread of this substance is reminding me of Jung’s comment, “the fate of the world hangs by a thin thread – the psyche of humanity” which came up recently in It’s A Cold Day In Hell Experiment.

I see a close-up view of alternating layers of blue or white ribbed feathers on a peacock’s tail. As I observe this it begins to “vibrate” as if an earthquake has struck.

I see the yellowish end of a clear plastic tube.


I walk from room-to-room in darkened rooms in a huge place of business. I see rooms full of office desks, each piled high in paperwork.

I see a short man with dark skin in a gray pinstriped business suit. He wears a black off-center cone shaped hat that immediately reminds me of a witch’s hat.

End of Dream

Comment: This connects to an article I read later about a global witch HEX on Trump as shared in the PS below.

I am looking into the NE corner of a room where I see a small portion of the West side of a greenish sphere.


My wife and I are walking along on a city street like that seen in Victoria, BC. Two young women are walking just in front of us. They help lead us through a complicated area. I said to the one young well suntanned woman, “Helping this old couple is something you can put on your civic report which will help improve you grade." She replies, “I’m just hoping I can meet a man that will pay all the bills and take care of me so that I don’t have to do anything.” I say to her, “A sign should be painted on you that says, ‘Avoid at all costs'.”

End of Dream

I see a youth carrying a folder that contains a red slip and a green slip. The youth is receiving energy from a man.

Fri. 24 February 2017

In the darkness, I dimly make out a man riding in the front of a four wheel “scooter” that is surrounded in yellow-gold fire having flaming red edges. I cannot see his face. He is rapidly approaching the NW in the view from out of the NE. “A chariot of fire” comes to mind, which immediately reminds me of Ezekiel’s vision in which the wheels were covered with “eyes”. The following image of Ezekiel’s vision suggests that the anima mundi is “behind” all this enlightening lovE for our soul. In the scripture, the four living creatures have four faces; three of which are of animals with the other of a human – suggesting in Ezekiel’s time only one of the four psychological functions had been humanized. In modern humans up to three of the faces are now humanized (become conscious) according to Edinger’s experience of having seen some of their dreams.
Ezekiel Chariot of Fire.jpg
Ezekiel Chariot of Fire.jpg [ 123.56 KiB | Viewed 6084 times ]

As I looked, a stormy wind came out of the north: a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually, and in the middle of the fire, something like gleaming amber. In the middle of it was something like four living creatures. This was their appearance: they were of human form. Each had four faces, and each of them had four wings. Ezekiel 1: 4-6


PS In a spiritual war of “magic” I see that outer witches are gathering around the world against Trump and his followers. They do not understand that the problem is the shadow problem in the psychology of humans. This reminds me of seeing Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace garment standing next to the East side of planet Earth with a huge HEX key pointed to Her shins as seen earlier this year in Grim Reaper As Rainmaker Effect. In that post the HEX key was connected to creating a Ra effect – something that would reconcile the hostile brothers (aka Logos/Eros Christ or West/East or USA/Russia). The following Trump Russian flag joke points to this. Interestingly, white TRUMP letters on a blue background match the colors of NW – the incarnation location. An inner Trump presidential quest is meant.
Witch Trump HEX.jpg
Witch Trump HEX.jpg [ 68.1 KiB | Viewed 6084 times ]

Witches Gather Globally To HEX Trump Presidency

Men and women from around the world are planning to gather and cast a spell at midnight on Friday (2/24/17) that will stop President Trump from doing harm while also possibly banishing him from office.

PPS I see that there is an uptick in “Trump issues” because more and more people are seeking psychological counseling. Unfortunately, these therapists don’t understand that it is a shadow problem that needs to be dealt with. As can be seen from my dreams and visions this rabbit hole goes very deep and “Band-Aid therapy” is not going to resolve the imperatives of the World Soul.

Why therapists are having such a hard time talking about Trump

PPPS Incredibly I read about Obama being recruited to run for president of France and have the sudden thought intervene, “Hope without change.”

French Voters Call On Obama To Run For President To "Give French People Hope"

Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:45 pm
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Post How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’
Sat. 25 February 2017

In the aftermath of submitting my most recent post A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears I “hear”,

Whomsoever shall read this shall be delivered from evil – if thou makest the effort to comprehend the language of the unconscious and the message contained herein.

I see a long, yellow-gold “ribbon” of fire having some reddish regions within. It is invisibly suspended against the blue sky and snaking back and forth (like a waving flag). Dragon tongue fire comes to mind. The scene changes and now I see this snaking pattern on the surface of calm water as if it is an “oil” slick (an influence coming from the water chakra). Comment: On 10 March I see the following Women's Day poster image used in Germany in 1914. The waving flag and the colors remind me of this vision. Red, yellow and white are color codes for new subtle body matter, Eros ego altered state and gamma rays (enlightenment) in my visions.
Womens Day 1914 Germany.jpg
Womens Day 1914 Germany.jpg [ 59.39 KiB | Viewed 6003 times ]

I see large rectangular wooden crates like one uses to ship produce. They sit on bare black earth by the NE corner of a single story white home with a black roof.

I see a beige recliner like we have in our mid-level living room that faces the fireplace – except this one is in the Victoria, BC condo we are going to rent. The focus is on the object sitting on the floor by its left side which I cannot clearly see.

Now I see a person holding a large bowl shaped tan wicker basket that has a tan wicker lid. A sealable “bowl of individuation” it seems – a connection to an alchemical retort.

I see a colorful water sinkhole. It reminds me of the Glory Hole of the Montecillo Dam in Northern California. It can drain almost 15,000 cubic feet of water per second. The Glory Hole is used to drain water when the dam reaches full capacity. Comment: This device would represent a constructive manner in which to release damned up matter-psyche for the new Red King by entering the water chakra; the antidote to the destructive release due to a potential Orville Dam failure which caused 200,000 people to be evacuated as noted in The Wolf of All Metals. I guess this is an image for one who is willing to learn the answers to a Marriage, Family, Child Counseling (MFCC) degree exam from the World Soul School of Learning - which comes up later in this post.
Monticello Dam Glory Hole.jpg
Monticello Dam Glory Hole.jpg [ 105.66 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

Individuation Quest - Entering Her 'Glory Hole'
I see about a dozen ammo cartridges for a large caliber pistol – Clint Eastwood’s “Peacekeeper” 45-caliber it seems. Comment: Clint Eastwood has come up from time-to-time in my visions which highlight his movie Dirty Harry and the use of his 45-caliber “Peacekeeper”. The reddish oval end (half a football shape and one end of the oval office shape) of the bullet combined with the yellow-gold brass casing of the cartridge contain Ra colors and reflect that which incarnates in Spacetime from out of the hole in the heart chakra. The rectangular shape of the cartridge box suddenly reminds me of the white rectangular monk spot seen on the head of the World Soul; Her penetrating worldview changing thoughts is meant.
Bullet 45.jpg
Bullet 45.jpg [ 29.3 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

I see a man holding a rifle aimed forward who has just entered a gun store - threatening like this the fellow behind the gun case counter. Comment: I guess he is eager to obtain a Peacekeeper pistol.

I see a yellow with black trim toy car (a WASP colored scooter it seems) a child could ride – that is in the NE of the view. Next to its right side in the NW sits a larger blue “rectangular” object having white text on its surface. Comment: A child-sized ego adaptation to the imperatives of the Eros Self incarnates in the NW as the enlightening message from the rectangular monk of the World Soul.

I see wide clear tape being used to seal the long East edge of a clear plastic rectangular shape.

I am outside looking over at the base of an old dark gray tree trunk surrounded by yellow-green grass on one side.

I see Kellyanne Conway (counselor to president Trump) standing in the NW of the view. I hear Trump say, “I don’t know what she looks like.”

Then I see president Trump sitting behind the oval office desk. Comment: The inner Trump presidency is informed, while in the “oval” office, by an invisible World Soul who is in the role of “counselor to the president” like the outer Kellyanne Conway is to the outer Trump presidency. That Trump sits at one end of the oval (or football shape) is reminding me of the 45-caliber bullets seen earlier in this post. It is as if the inner Trump presidency is at the leading edge of the imperatives of the World Soul.

I see a woman holding in front of her chest a thick stack of white letter sized paper in a dark brown wrapper. It looks like it could be a book manuscript and I see it is rectangular in cross-section in this end view. Comment: This over-sized “book” reminds me of a bible – new scriptures for a new age. A summary of my dreams and visions from over the years it seems.

Then I see a close-up view of a fingernail/toenail clipper in the shape of small scissors having red handles and stainless steel construction.

I see people ascending stairs. A man at the top of the stairs shoots one of them (to help them on their journey it seems; where a bullet is a penetrating thought). He yells, “Hey!”

I am viewing from ground level a man’s dark tan left shoe on a shiny (polished) gray concrete surface from its SW area. Comment: In my material gray is the color of unconscious contents and here it is being conveyed that this content provides a tanning, solid standpoint for one’s consciousness.

I see a stainless steel (whitish) dinner fork that has scooped up a large pile of freshly crushed avocado.

A young woman with a blond hair done in a Cleopatra hair-style walks past me. She is a school teacher. I approach her left side and with my mouth close to her ear say, “Hi!” I recall that the “Oracle of Delphi” has such a style haircut. Further, Selene (who became an immortal moonlight goddess) was the sister of the Oracle in Delphi. Comment: Today (27 February 2017) I learned that MOONLIGHT won the best picture in the Academy Awards. It is based on the play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.

I see a right profile view of a young woman who holds a large black sphere in her two arms in front of her chest. I have the impression this sphere is made from black Styrofoam (a union of spirit and matter or Logos and Eros). Comment: Yang entering Yin seems meant – reminding me of seeing the Eros Christ rolling black bowling balls into Spacetime. The "weightlessness" of Styrofoam indicates this is about subtle body development which will unite the opposites at the heart chakra level. This sphere also seems to be a connection to the 8 ball which comes up later below.

Then I see a cartoon looking black cat coming towards my right side in front of me. Gold colored “upward triangle” flames surround the monk spot on its head as if a “crown”. The cat passes a green tree on its right side.

In the darkness, down below I see a “comic book” strip of small square images that start at the 6 o’clock position with a bust view of a black woman with a round face wearing a green dress - her eyes are closed. The three other images continue on to the SE corner in the view. Comment: A tiny black woman in a silk wind swept green dress was seen in a 2007 vision standing in the throat of a wormhole.
Wormhole Hyperspace Tunnel Woman.jpg
Wormhole Hyperspace Tunnel Woman.jpg [ 38.63 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

I observe, from the SE location of a pool table, some young men playing pool. A youth holding the pool stick stands by the NW corner of the pool table as if ready to take his turn. I could see most of the table but no balls were in the view suggesting they may be playing “a game of eight”. The last ball to be sunk would be the eight ball in order to win the game. From the way he stood it looked like he was aiming for sinking the ball in the SW corner pocket (the location of the inferior function). The colors on an eight ball suggests the need for Yang to enter Yin. Comment: It seems the woman holding the huge black Styrofoam sphere to her chest earlier in this post may be a huge 8 ball. An 8 ball, in the drug world of cocaine, is 1/8 of an ounce of cocaine. A magic 8 ball is used in a divination game to “answer life’s questions.” In psychology 8 is an individuation number.
Eight Ball.jpg
Eight Ball.jpg [ 22.37 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

My wife approaches me with her right side in a side-stepping “limping” motion from the NW corner of my office desk while facing North as I sit working on my laptop at its due North location (the Doomsday Hour location). She wears an ankle length cyan silk nightgown. She says, “I’d like to f u c k!” Comment: Her opposite colors would be that of a black woman wearing a red silk nightgown – the colors of SW; or a repeat of the message of the above vision of an "8 ball" having an effect in the NW being able to manifest because of an event happening in the SW. Further, my wife's side-stepping motion reminds me of a ticking second hand on a clock... She (read the World Soul) is in pursuit of psychological intimacy – apparently considering this to be a “Doomsday coniunctio event” for humanity.

Down below on a table surface I see a freshly sliced in half and black toasted “everything” bagel of ring torus shape. Comment: I prefer to consume “Everything Bagels”. A ring torus has been connected to being a wedding band – I guess because such a torus is a product formed by two circles – one that rotates 360 degrees around the circumference of the other as indicated in the following image. A circle is an image for wholeness. On a personal note, I was almost denied a highly-classified consulting job in the Aerospace industry in 1997 because I failed a drug test exam – which indicated I had recently consumed heroin. I had to have my female physician write a letter that said I had consumed two “Everything bagels” just before the urine sample was taken and the poppy seeds would produce a faint signal of heroin use. Fortunately, the Boeing company doctors accepted this explanation. At the time, it deeply disturbed me because it felt like some malevolent “force” was against me. Now I know it was the World Soul trying to communicate a need for me to enter Eros ego consciousness. When I finally was able to do so I became inundated with dreams and visions that have persisted for 18 years now – something I have characterized as, “round and round She goes, when She stops nobody knows.” Circumambulating an archetypal core until it is “cooked” (understood) is meant.
Torus Ring.png
Torus Ring.png [ 118.37 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

An everything bagel has a coating of poppy, caraway, and sesame seeds, plus salt, garlic, and onion.

Briefly in the darkness of the NE in the view I saw a purple glow from a sphere that immediately reminded me of the Quad Damage power-up purple sphere in the game of DOOM. Using this power-up enhances the penetrating power of all weapons by a factor of 4 for a short period of time. It seems this effect is also going to incarnate into Spacetime in order to help humans to become penetrated with the imperatives of the World Soul – a skulldrudgery (a crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it) DEATH to an outdated worldview in favor of a renewed one that incorporates a new God-image. Comment: The colors involved reminds me of how water and LovE words have been color coded.
DOOM Quad Damage.jpg
DOOM Quad Damage.jpg [ 28.45 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

Then I see the Buddha belly DOOM demon that fires devastating spheres of green-yellow corrosive gook. It’s as if this demon is being connected to the effects that Eros Christ consciousness has on your existing worldview. In the game this demon is hard to kill. If you can it releases Avatar colored healing upgrades.

I see what looks like a ripe tomato on a tan stick that is rather rubbery. I am immediately reminded of an apple on a stick (candied apples) that have come up from time to time in my material. Like this lovE-fruits from Paradise (the unus mundus) is meant for the enhancement of the (rubbery) subtle body.

Sun. 26 February 2017


I am playing cards with my older brother. Strange, but the cards are young carrot looking plants having an immature white baby carrot on the end of long green leafy vegetation. I shuffle the “deck” and accidently cause some of the “cards” to flip out of a “tops up” order. I use a blue 3-ring notebook binder to individually place all the cards into their proper orientation so that the game can proceed. I then transfer them to a black box machine having four slots – as if this device will automatically deal them out. I am almost done doing this when my Aunt Alma comes by the NW corner of my desk and picks up the blue binder and walks away. I go after her saying, “Wait, wait – I need all the cards!”

End of Dream

Comment: I used blue 3-ring binders in which to store computer code listings I wrote during my Aerospace career. The green carrot tops with immature white baby carrots is color code connected to those in comet lovE-joy – something that brings the building blocks of primitive life to Earth. Mature carrots have the color of the 2nd chakra. The cards my Aunt Alma “took” suggest a connection to her psychological type is meant – as if she represents my inferior function of feeling. As I was speaking this dream into my voice recorder the inner view was filled with a diffuse whiteness that slowly faded to blackness.

Then above me I see what looks like a clear glass ceiling having a circular arrangement of about 8 large flower petal green leaf shapes with white veins lying flat against the glass surface. Hillary’s presidential “glass ceiling” for the feminine principle comes to mind. Recall that Hillary has been connected to being the “Great Whore of Babylon” as well as the “Ambassador to the World” – roles the World Soul intends to play in our world for She has her own “glass ceiling” to break; one that fosters an inner Trump presidency.

I see three “diced” chunks of bell pepper – two green and one yellow.

I am experiencing the strong sexual sensation of the need to impregnate.

Then I see in the dark NW corner of the view the top area of a couple of green tomatoes. I suddenly recall the following May 2008 image of such tomatoes positioned at the base of a purple penis shaped eggplant; as if becoming impregnated with lovE-fruit tomato seeds is meant – something that includes a balance between masculine and feminine principles in the heart chakra via a renewed worldview. A sliced in half green tomato reveals an Eros Christ consciousness colored purpose. Comment: Later I notice that the opposite colors in the green tomato face have the colors of the Quad Damage Power Ball seen earlier in this post – suggesting that this arrangement is a “Wholeness Breeder”. All the attributes of “balls” – including the 8 ball, the black Styrofoam sphere and Civil War cannon balls are meant.
Eggplant Insemination.jpg
Eggplant Insemination.jpg [ 46.42 KiB | Viewed 6073 times ]

Wholeness Breeding
I see people in a church who have come to take a Marriage, Family, Child Counseling written exam. Comment: Passing such an exam qualifies one to become a MFCC therapist – to one’s own soul is meant. As an amplification, I mention that I earned a Master’s Degree in MFCC in 1985 but never completed the 3,000 hours of supervised counseling (managed to reach 2,250) so I never was able to take the State board exam for this licensure. I undertook this program because my first wife (also meant: my inner wife – the World Soul) had developed a manic-depressive (bipolar) disorder and I wanted a deeper understanding of how to work with her condition. But on completion of this degree the outer marriage coniunctio failed. It was only in the long aftermath that I have realized that this degree would ultimately be very helpful to consciously realizing the sacred inner marriage for that would ultimately require working with a bipolar God-image.

Now I see that a therapist (the World Soul) has all the answers to the MFCC exam questions and is eager to share them with humanity.


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Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:15 pm
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Post When lovE Rules the World
Tues. 28 February 2017


I see a new Jungian therapist who sits at the Doomsday Hour of the table while I sit at its SW corner. A younger man sits at the SE corner. We are both here to talk to the therapist about the Trump presidency. The therapist talks about the oligarchy being a young man’s disease but one cannot pursue being an oligarch when older. He then talks about a presidency as being related to a manic-depressive situation. Then he hands out piles of colorful images which seemed to be of ancient Greek and Egyptian figures. In front of me I had a several inch thick stack of my journal notes. In the aftermath I was looking for a quiet room in which to create more journal notes.

End of Dream

Oligarchy (from Greek meaning "few to rule or to command") is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people might be distinguished by nobility, wealth, family ties, education or corporate, religious or military control. Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist. Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as a synonym for rule by the rich, for which another term commonly used today is plutocracy.

Comment: It seems in the first half of life one necessarily follows the development of the superior function – it rules your worldview; a young man’s disease. To achieve an inner Trump presidency (when lovE rules your world) one embraces a constructive bipolar dis-order; in which a Logos ego/ Eros ego duet furthers consciousness seems meant.

I am looking down at the NW corner of a dark wood table where I see many clear glass bowls. I pick up one that has half of an oval shape (a 45-caliber bullet shape connection it seems or half of a presidential oval office). Strange, but along the top rim of the bowl are eight evenly spaced semicircular openings like that used in a cigarette ashtray. Comment: The bowl of individuation takes on further attributes while 8 is an individuation number.

Then I see a man holding a large white octagonal shaped dinner plate in a restaurant as he stands next to a dark red leather booth. He is helping himself to several different types of Mexican food from a tray a waiter holds.

In a daylight view I see a tall well-built middle-aged white man wearing a white tee shirt. The focus is on his dark blond hair which is in a mess – having lot of it standing up and giving it a look of being a “birds nest” – a “hat” whose ideas he is now under. The colors reminds me of the hard-boiled egg on the head of the HermAphrodite. He approaches me from out of my NW in the view.

I see a man and woman who appear dressed to be married. The woman wears a lovely white wedding dress with a half crown of white lace that flows behind her head. They stand in the midst of college students.

I see a silhouette left view of a large silverback gorilla who stands facing North with his back at a 45 degree angle towards the NW in the view – while resting the knuckles of his hands on the ground.

I see a large ape sitting on a rope style swing with the feet on the ground. It slowly rocks between the NW and SE directions – in a pendulum like motion. Comment: This motion suddenly reminds me of how the pendulum on our grandfather clock ticks away the motion of the second hand on the clock face. This reminds me of the vision of my wife approaching me with a side-step while I was sitting at the Doomsday Hour of my office desk as if she were the motion of a second hand on a clock
ticking off the final seconds before the Doomsday Hour as noted in my previous post in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’.

In the darkness I see a black Valentine’s day heart shape having whiteness behind it. The heart is made from black carpet.

I see my maternal grandmother standing in a large shallow dirt octagonal shaped arena like that in the game of DOOM. I stand at the top of a few stairs in front of her. Suddenly I see the ends of her two parallel arms reaching out towards me. She appears in her old age (died at 77) but her hands and arms appeared young.

Wed. 1 March 2017


I observe some engineers performing a hand calculated structural analysis. But now this task has been taken over by an AI computer program. This allows for a more comprehensive approach for not only is the structural design completed in rapid fashion but so are the parts able to be produced by numerical controlled machines. Further, the machine can even assemble the parts. I see that the numerical machine approach found four levels of design details were involved. Three of the levels were all about the same in size while the fourth was tiny – almost dot sized.

End of Dream

Comment: The “dot sized” inferior function is found in the timeless, spaceless realm of the unus mundus. Alien Intelligence (AI) is able to differentiate to this level of detail.


I see my oldest daughter (FN type) in the formal dinning room of the home I grew up in. She is at her present age. She shows me a dream she had recently but the details were never revealed. I ask her if she would like my comments on her dream. She mumbles something which I cannot make out. Finally, I say to her, “We have been estranged for quite a while so I guess it will take time to know and trust each other again.” While saying that to her I noticed a narrow band of white pus was underneath the skin of her left top eyelid by the eyelid hair – but otherwise no red inflammation. Then she starts to cry because she broke off having a relationship with me. A young Oriental fellow came up behind her and was trying to comfort her (someone she went to high school with). During this she says to me, “Well, I want to come back to be with you again.”

End of Dream

Comment: This dream indicates that my inferior function “seeing” is infected with shadow problems – just like this daughter is suffering from in her personal life with her involvement in an “End Times church.” My ongoing “winning” of an inner presidency is illustrated in a recent shadow projection (See the PPS) into something that was “too good to be true” in an outer situation. When will I ever learn? And that is the point it seem – the shadow is never integrated – it is an ongoing approximation in this quest for wholeness. But it must be done – it’s a Widow’s mite offering to withdraw one’s shadow projections from the outer situation.

In the darkness, I see an open package of unfiltered cigarettes partially pulled up out of the package. They are angled 45 degrees towards the NW in the view. Comment: Incarnating Her new birth “radiations” will be helpful in dealing with our shadows.
Cigarette Package.jpg
Cigarette Package.jpg [ 17.95 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

I see the backside of my right middle finger in the darkness – the “peak nuclear Apocalypse” is meant.

I am looking down the front of myself in the darkness and see that I am wearing my usual black clothes. Standing just in front of me in a whitish radiance is my oldest daughter who is wearing a lovely red dress (I see her from the neck down). Red and Black are the colors of the underworld or SW in my visions (where the inferior function is located i.e., the shadow of the superior function).

I see a woman’s head band with white veil attached – like the one the woman was wearing with the white wedding dress seen earlier in this post. A curved ripe banana is attached to the center of the headband such that it hangs down over the back of her head (over her monk spot). Recall that a banana was connected to Buddha consciousness.
Wedding Headdress Banana.jpg
Wedding Headdress Banana.jpg [ 27.06 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

I hear, “The light which did not know the body.” Comment: In biblical language “know” means “to be intimate with”; as in “Adam knew Eve and produced Cain.” It’s as if the message is “the light of Her banana knowing is not psychologically intimate with the body of my Judeo-Christian psyche.”

In the darkness, I see the blade of a chainsaw pointed upwards at a 45 degree angle into the NW corner in the view. The chain is moving rapidly – indicating it will be pruning the old growth canopy of the Judeo-Christian worldview in order to foster “weeping willow” canopy growth in support of a new worldview. Comment: I recall the vision of the heavily pruned tree in The Case For A Second Winter and Wolfgang Pauli’s comment, “Out of the older comes the newer.” As a further amplification on a weeping willow tree I planted two of them in 2005 in the shoreline lakebed behind our home. Such a tree loves lots of water and they will grow rapidly under those conditions. Psychologically understood it means that “VNS knowing” is enhanced by being rooted in the water chakra.
Chainsaw Blade.jpg
Chainsaw Blade.jpg [ 23.7 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

I hear, ”Donald Trump is no savior.” Comment: The outer Trump projects his inner Trump presidency quest into the outer situation by claiming he can “make America great again” (read: make the outer United State great again).

I am looking down behind our property while standing by the NW corner of the garage. I see a new structure has been built in the water by the shoreline behind our home. It has a 12’ x 12’ square viewing platform with guardrail. This platform is elevated a couple of feet above the water surface on many large diameter wood pilings – four on a side. A man made “island” having 144 square feet of surface area. Comment: One of the 144,000 to be sealed on their foreheads comes to mind.

In the darkness I see a NW close-up view of a white woman’s face whose nose is primarily in the view. I suddenly recall the story about the wooden puppet Pinocchio whose nose would grow very long when he lied. Since this woman’s nose is of normal size it seems she is not overstating her intentions for our world. The Holy/Infernal Spirit is the spirit of truth.

I am recalling my 1997 dream about Ginny Mae shares becoming worthless because of widespread radiation damage to homes and land as if a nuclear bomb was detonated. I now understand this dream to mean that the psychophysical radiations of the knowing of the World Soul will severely relativize my existing Judeo-Christian subtle body. Another way of saying old growth forests will be severely pruned. Aborting some of my too white Judeo-Christian values is meant. Comment: This reminds me of how I tithed 10% of my income during my Charismatic Renewal years to various good causes – like “Feed The Starving Children of the World”. I have since learned that I projected an inner imperative to help the starving, suffering inner new births in consciousness trying to take place in my soul into the shadow problems of the poor nations in the world. Such contributions, I found out many years later, only fostered more suffering, more starving babies and children for the young girls who were saved by my contributions grew up and had children they could not support and now they all needed support.

Thurs. 2 March 2017


I see that the ruling King of a nation is in trouble. There is a plot afoot to kill him.

End of Dream

In the darkness, in the due North of the view, I see a freshly cut end of a limb – the rest of which extends into the NE. Pruning old growth is being connected to a Doomsday Hour consequence.

Suddenly, I experience a sharp discomfort in my right testicle area which immediately reminds me of the two green tomatoes with the phallic eggplant image shared in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’.

I am looking down at a sawed off log piece fit for a fireplace as it floats against the shoreline on the lake behind our home. On the shoreline is a spade style shovel moving black mud up against the log.

I see John Travolta running towards me in a daylight scene. Something about a movie followed by hearing, “Lots of Luck”. Comment: His most famous movie is titled Saturday Night Fever which was based on an article titled "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night". The movie is about seductive, champion "dirty" dancing to disco music.

I see a woman sitting in a tight-fitting cockpit that could be for a scooter. Then I see her standing at the base of a ramp that leads from the SW to the higher location in the NW. When your index fingerprint is scanned that starts the scooter on its journey.

I see a close-up view of a right angle corner formed by two pieces of reddish-brown lumber joined along their 45 degree angle cut. This configuration is in the NW corner of the view.

Then I see a chainsaw blade along the West side and pointed towards the NW corner. The chain is rapidly moving and the blade is slightly rotating side-to-side. I am reminded of the image of the clock face seen in Doomsday Hour As lovE Time – 27 January 2017 which had a very narrow (micro-second) V-shaped Planck Time opening as if the Doomsday Hour is very near.
Doomsday Clock Yang.jpg
Doomsday Clock Yang.jpg [ 19.78 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

Something about the blood supply of John Travolta. And then I see an opened, white (Lucky Strike?) cigarette pack whose top is angled 45 degrees in the NW corner of the view. A few of these unfiltered cigarettes stick up out of the pack like those seen earlier in this post except in the following orientation. Comment: The Logo has a Blood Red Moon SW color connection it seems. Further, the tobacco is not sun-dried but is toasted – reminding me of tanning the too white skin of the Judeo-Christian psyche – by Her psychophysical radiations.
Cigarette Package Lucky Strike.jpg
Cigarette Package Lucky Strike.jpg [ 40.04 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

Then I see a huge package of these cigarettes carried over the right shoulder of John Travolta who is facing the NW corner.

Now I see what looks like the bottom of an upside-down scooter whose base is rectangular and whose front spoked wheels are prominent in the view that is angled 45 degrees across the NW corner.

In the darkness at a 45 degree angle across the NW corner I see the curved top of a Crusader’s shield that is dark green with yellow-gold trimmed edges.


PS I see that an African lunar eclipse of the sun shows a “ring of fire” about a black moon. A possible connection to the need to dim the Logos ego in order to produce such Lord Shiva dance in a “ring of fire”.
Moon Ring Of Fire.jpg
Moon Ring Of Fire.jpg [ 19.37 KiB | Viewed 6058 times ]

PPS I see that Oprah Winfrey (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2 ... -president) is contemplating running for the president of the United States. Her rational, “She has no qualifications, just like Trump.” It’s a sign that the shadow, the need to earn an inner presidency of an inner United State looms for the collective. Anybody can do it!

On a personal note regarding the shadow – it seems I continue to “lead by example” on the unus mundus forum; both on an inner level and now on an outer level. My wife and I just got scammed trying to rent a condo in Victoria, BC using what we thought was Airbnb. The rental price of $990 USD per month was “too good to be true” but we (our shadow side – our too Judeo-Christian psyche could only believe that there are good people in the world after all for the unit was worth at least $2500 a month for rent). We sent $1980 USD for the first and last month’s rent on a one year lease. We now know we were scammed after we check on the Internet for Airbnb scams. We could not let in the dark side of human nature. We could only see the “light” of the Logos Christ shinning into the hearts of others. It was heart stopping, “targeted psychotherapy” which cost each of us $990 USD for the sessions. This is what is instructive about the visions saying “Trump is God’s Instrument.” He comes to tell us that he projects his shadow problem into the slogan “Make (the outer) America Great Again” when he should make his inner United State “great again” for he has not won the inner presidency. For my wife and I it is clear that further tanning of our too white hide was necessary.

The Holy/Infernal Spirit is the cancer that infects the human body. It defeats our psychic immune system and the only antidote is to form a conscious relationship with the unconscious and integrate our shadow which can be thought of as the need to integrate our inferior function for it is in the shadow of our superior function. In this regard I made the following post on the “Awakening in the dream” forum by Paul Levy who wrote a recent article about “Trump issues” using cancer as a metaphor. Paul seems to recommend that the Left needs to become activist, to become the activated immune system that will push back against the cancerous Trump presidency. This is not the solution the unconscious seeks from the individual soul. The conflict of the opposites needs to be contained within the vessel of the human psyche – not acted out in the outer situation through activitism.

Healing Our Collective Sickness

Paul, Thanks for your effort to help the world at large live more consciously.

There are wars without because there are wars within the soul of humanity. The unresolved inner war is projected out onto the plane of human history in a destructive “acting-out” manner. Better to keep these shadow problems contained within the vessel of the human psyche and do the inner work required. According to alchemy the inner work requires a hermetically sealed vessel.

I have had many Trump dreams and visions during the past 18 months as well as many Hillary dreams and visions. During this time period, I won an inner Trump presidency of the United States; in other words, I “won” (GJS on 1 March 2017: It’s a work in progress) an inner United State – something that transcends the warring opposites of Left and Right by achieving the excluded third; consciousness. As George Orwell put it, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

Strangely, during this inner struggle to unite the opposites I was reminded of the dream Jung had about Hitler – a dream which took Jung 20 years before he could accept its message. In the dream, Jung was told that “Hitler is God’s instrument.” In my inner struggle, I was eventually faced with the message that “Trump is God’s instrument.” At the close of one millennium and the start of another the unconscious confronts humanity with a shadow problem of such magnitude that it could have destroyed the world in WW 2 and that prospect looms large again. Trump has been compared to Hitler and rightfully so. Both figures stirred up the shadows of the too Judeo-Christian psyche that needs to integrate evil (aka 'Trump issues'). It becomes an inner Civil War that soon is projected into the outer situation.

So, the question becomes, “What is our shadow? What is the evil we need to integrate?” Keep in mind that the shadow is often a “bright shadow”, i.e., it is pure gold if it can be redeemed. At one level, it could be characterized as the differences in our personal equations (our psychological types). At a deeper level, it could be characterized as the need to integrate our inferior function (the shadow of the superior function) – something that can only be accomplished by experiencing a deep encounter with the unconscious; like a Night Sea Journey to which Jung found himself conscripted - starting in 1913.

Perhaps it would be of some help to others to read the 15 pages of my ongoing inner life struggles with wholeness which I began posting on the unus mundus forum in Zurich starting in 2013. The material is in the thread titled “The New God-image”. See: viewtopic.php?p=15409#p15409 In them you will see that there is a great emphasis by the unconscious on the need to “Turn on your Heart Light” – for all the world to see, according to the song “Heartlight” by Neil Diamond.

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Post Re: When lovE Rules the World
Gregory Sova wrote:
The Holy/Infernal Spirit is the cancer that infects the human body. It defeats our psychic immune system and the only antidote is to form a conscious relationship with the unconscious and integrate our shadow which can be thought of as the need to integrate our inferior function for it is in the shadow of our superior function.

Currently I (re)watch the tv series Breaking Bad. It is about shadow.
breaking bad.PNG
breaking bad.PNG [ 362.91 KiB | Viewed 6033 times ]

I had a recent dream where I saw an American family: they all seemed happy but I was shocked to see that they did not dine together on Christmas day.

Dream of this night : The movie "Dance with wolves" was associated with these (English) words: "Relationship with the universe"

viewtopic.php?p=16162#p16162 : in my recent dreams, concentric circles are linked with love (and one of them
makes a parallel between a drawing showing concentric circles and a more complex ( "3d"?)drawing showing some vesica piscis)

Yesterday, I saw on internet painting by Katy Betz :
heart.PNG [ 279.75 KiB | Viewed 6033 times ]

This night, I had a dream where I saw through hands that formed a heart something very dark, I don't remember what.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post On Becoming A Helpful Narcissistic Personality
Fri. 3 March 2017


I meet several women who I have known over the years – one is Jacqueline K from high school and another is Betty T. A reunion of sorts. All are of the age I last saw them and all require that I hold them around their waist for one reason or another for a short time (as if the belly area connection is meant). I asked JK if she had any children and she said, “just recently – a 3 year old girl.” Then I meet another young well suntanned tall woman I figured I knew but could not remember her. So, I asked what her name is. She responds with a gesture of looking over at the ceiling in the NW corner of the room and says, “I am from there!” At one point she falls backwards a bit and I catch her by placing my hands on either side of her waist area. The sensation of her flesh was quite noticeable as it was for the others.

End of Dream

Comment: All these women I was attracted to at one time or another - apparently finding in them qualities of the feminine that needed to be integrated in Gregory – something that should manifest in the NW in my material. A psychological intimacy I first unconsciously projected into the outer feminine instead of the inner feminine.


I am seated at the back of a packed, darkened, long rectangular lecture rooms’ SE (2nd chakra) area. Just in front of me is seated Dianne C (Edinger’s significant other). All I can see of her is the ankle-heel area of her left foot which wiggles a little in the high heel shoe she wears. Just then Edinger (a tall, slender middle-aged, well suntanned man with a full head of black bushy hair – not at all like what Edinger looked like) enters the room and asks me if I would help him bring in some materials he has in his car. I said, “I would be glad to help. It is always good to ask for help because in my experience we are all only working with a half a deck so together we make a whole.” People in the room laughed (where laughter is – there the shadow also is). At this, I held up my right thumb (a gesture Donald Trump likes to use to show his approval) to the laughing audience. So, we go to the rear of his dry mud covered station wagon and on opening the hatch I see there are two shallow, rectangular metal tool boxes, one longer than the other and arranged in a V-shape as if two hands on a clock, in the SW (inferior function) corner area of the car. They are very worn but some of the red paint that initially covered them was still visible. All these little tools of indescribable nature filled the rectangular areas. I carried them both into the lecture room – they were quite heavy. Edinger inquired if I wanted help in carrying them but I sensed I could manage the weight.
Tool Box Portable.jpg
Tool Box Portable.jpg [ 30.99 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: It seems I have integrated an Edinger part of myself. I have managed to learn how to use the “tools” of understanding presented by the World Soul’s dreams and visions She has been sharing these past 19 years (from the knowing of Her rectangular monk spot) – such as the use of color codes. A thumb represents the knowing of the World Soul – which She transmits to the index finger of the individual soul in the Jnana Mudra. On 7 March I come across an image of George Orwell and realize that Edinger in the above dream looked very much like him. His dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) about the Big Brother police state is my only association to him. The World Soul’s “police state” seeking inner Trump presidencies comes to mind.

Sat. 4 March 2017

Down below I see some men standing with their horses in a forest of pine trees. The focus is on a captive with long pepper and salt hair whose head is bowed in my direction as I view him from his NE area. An iron collar is about his neck with a large link chain attached. He looks under duress. Comment: The neck connects the head to the body; suggesting an emphasis on uniting the opposites in the heart chakra.

I see a white plastic hair dryer “gun” whose business end is next to the end of a cylindrical black object directly in front of it (one end of a wormhole?). I have the impression the end of the hair dryer will be inserted into the black object.

I am looking down into a white oval shaped plastic wastepaper basket this is about 1/3rd filled with spoons (tablespoons and teaspoons). Suddenly, the spoons are gone and now $1 bills loosely fill 1/3rd of the basket. Comment: A teaspoon was seen lying against the West side of “the bowl of individuation”. Now those spoons are being connected to the 1st president of the United States; indicating like this the goal of individuation is to achieve an inner United State. An oval shape has been connected to the “football” shape of the center of a spindle torus and like this to the Lantern of the Telephoros and to the man seen lying inside.
Wastebasket Oval.jpg
Wastebasket Oval.jpg [ 18.4 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

I am looking down at a close-up view of the face of a chipmunk sitting on the ground while looking up at me. I immediately recall an early vision of a man doing a “low five” with the hand of a chipmunk. Comment: From the Internet I see that this rodent’s activities of harvesting and hoarding tree seeds play a crucial role in seedling establishment. I focus on this aspect because just yesterday while on my morning walk I saw some pine cones in the roadside ditch and buried one – in the hopes that it would sprout a seedling like one did in 2006 when I did the same thing. I’m in the role of fostering new VNS births seems to be the message. Like this I guess I am that man with pepper and salt hair “in a neck chain” seen in the pine forest vision earlier in this post.
Chipmunk.jpg [ 8.54 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

Down below I see a top view of the backs of many mice. Some are black and others are white. All are feverishly rubbing the earth with their mouths feeding on small morsels – grass seeds it seems – by the black cylindrical leg of a table having a glass top.

I hear, “Get the halo into my body.” Then I see a traumatized man lying on his back who raises his lowered head and shoulder’s a ways as I view him from his right arm area.

Now underneath an avatar colored water I see a man swimming down into the depths while wearing frog feet.

I see an older woman with a full head of long white kinky hair from her NE area as she stands facing a male adolescent directly in front of her. She is rapidly motioning her right arm back and forth out to her right side (at heart chakra height like the fairy does in the following image). Her hand holds a black object that reminds me of a wormhole shaped dumbbell hand weight. She appears to be admonishing the youth. Comment: I later recall the 2009 vision of a white fairy queen “instructing” a male adolescent youth as seen in the following image. He was to become “the Sorcerer’s apprentice.” It requires a disciplined, persevering commitment and a willingness to accept “admonishment”.
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
I see bust NE views of three smiling Russian men having pepper and salt colored hair. Comment: The lower 3 chakras are being connected to containing a “Russian influence” effect on one’s worldview. The color of their hair suggests a union of the opposites.

I am recalling MLvF’s comment to me in a 2012 vision as shared in ’Evil’ Is Winning – 13 May 2016, “We have gathered in this darkened room to be with Hitler (a failed destructive attempt to incarnate Eros Christ consciousness) who thinks that you are his son. You must act crazy (abandon the Logos ego; ignore facts ‘like Trump does and trust your intuition’ and like this enter the Eros ego) or he will not accept you.”

I am looking down along the left side of a young woman wearing a faded red dress with some orange colors mixed in.

Lying on a kitchen countertop I see a strangely distorted “everything bagel” whose shape reminds me of the Calabi-Yau manifold which tries to visualize the extra hidden dimensions. The black poppy seeds on the bagel were prominent. Comment: The wedding band bagel is being connected to the hidden dimensions – wedding Spacetime to the hidden dimensions is meant.
Calabi-Yau Manifold.jpg
Calabi-Yau Manifold.jpg [ 27.4 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

I am looking down at a large white sheet with some black streaks on it. Suddenly, the sheet is pulled to one side and reveals a man standing underneath. I am looking down along his left side.

In a dark view, I see several picture postcards attached to a black surface. The focus is on one having a frontal view of an old woman with a round face and white unkempt hair – reminding me of a shaman.

I see a powder keg lying on its side in the darkness. I recall the powder keg (a truncated 3D oval shape – a connection to the oval waste paper basket seen earlier in this post) with the Lantern of the Telesphoros inside as seen in Our Anti-Bomb Suitcase Nuke – 7 November 2014 – something that would be used to burst a dam (releasing the dammed up matter-psyche for the new Red King) and was connected to an Allied forces operation using a barrel shaped explosive for bursting dams in Germany during WW II called Operation Chastise.
Powder Keg Lantern.jpg
Powder Keg Lantern.jpg [ 33.15 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

Then in the darkness along the West side down below I see the East half of a hamburger. Comment: It seems eating a hamburger is connected to blowing up a dam – thus connecting matter-psyche to something that influences the heart chakra.

I see a strange tall dark green plant whose long leaves are partially unfurled. They are growing in an arc formation in our backyard as if so many curved backwards tall teeth on a lower jaw.

I see a priest in a white robe with some black streaks on it. He is talking with a man who just approached him. Then, as the man walks away, the priest ruffles up his dark blond hair – making it look like sticks in a birds nest.

I am flashing back to the Lucky Strike cigarette Logo. The red moon aspect strikes me as being an end view of the glowing end of a lit cigarette.

Down below in the darkness I see a rubbery black numeral 7.

I see a vegetative propeller shape as if a seed from a tree. Comment: A Norway Maple tree produces such seeds - http://www.ehow.com/facts_7836352_kind- ... seeds.html Their leaves are a connection to the 11 pointed Canadian maple leaf. Further, a native of China “Tree of Heaven” produces yellow-green flowers on female trees which produce winged seeds in vast quantities from late summer through early fall. A “winged seed” is also known as the 3rd eye chakra – suggesting like this that Eros Christ consciousness is connected to 3rd eye seeing. Since the World Soul is pure Nature She naturally likes to use Nature to express Her messages.
Winged Seeds.jpg
Winged Seeds.jpg [ 59.96 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

I am flashing back to the old woman with the long white hair – as if her instructions to the adolescent youth involves 3rd eye seeing.

I see a WD-40 can of lubricant sitting on a dark wood round table surface at its 7 o’clock hour. Comment: In a December 2011 vision WD-40 was connected to lubricating the tin man in the Wizard of Oz – who lamented to Dorothy that he lacked a heart.
WD-40.jpg [ 24.64 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]

I see a dirty peasant woman in loose hanging light tan burlap looking clothes. Her two palm open hands are clutched in front of her belly and are holding 6 white eggs.

Suddenly I am experiencing the strong urge to impregnate.

I see a tall young pine tree having a sparse number of limbs along its length. It is growing along the shoreline in the lakebed behind our home as it blows in the wind on a sunny day.

I see a photographer and a group of black people following a man pushing a bicycle backwards along the West side of a square asphalt parking lot – approaching me in the SW. The man strikes me as facing the shadow in the SW that wants to incarnate as new consciousness in the NW.

I see a man clipping the toenail on his left foot’s big toe.

A man and woman pull up to the curb in front of me in a pickup truck that is hauling all these tall white containers that are square in cross-section.

I see a close-up view of a large circular golden clock face like that on our grandfather clock. A left profile view of a man dressed in black is in a square image below the 7 o’clock hour. He has a pregnant looking “Buddha” belly.

Something about an eruption of Mount Etna. Comment: This is the tallest active volcano in Europe and in the past has partially collapsed – producing a tsunami. In Greek Mythology, the deadly monster Typhon was trapped under this mountain by Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder and king of gods, and the forges of Hephaestus (who knows how to make iron from earth; a connection to alchemy which knows how to make gold from lead) were said to also be located underneath it.

I see a man’s left profile view shadow cast on the ground. A machine gun points out from his throat area.

In a black and white scene as if from a 1940s movie I see a man leaning against the NE corner of a used brick building wearing a Lincoln top hat.

Sun. 5 March 2017

In the darkness, I see a dark wood carving of a man dressed like those in the founding of the United States. The figure was laying down on its back and invisibly rotated 90 degrees to stand upright.

I see a small light brown curly furred dog from its SW area that is looking into the NW of the view. Comment: I later realize this small dog is a terrier breed. Such a breed came up in Judgment Day Effects – 20 February 2016 and it had tan fur on its back with white fur on its belly. An off white terrier dog was seen in Nurturing A New Jerusalem - 27 December 2015. Its too white hide has been slowly tanned over the years seems meant.

I hear, “She thought I had a lovely hand.” Comment: Lovely because hands are the vehicles that create consciousness.

I see a backside of a large black bear walking directly away from my location into the North in the view.

I hear, “What do you think you could be doing that isn’t in your life right now.”

I see a cut-away view of an underground pipe within a pipe.

In the darkness in silhouette I see a couple of long slender “rods” that seem to be chicken legs walking from the West and into the East – Abraxas it seems.

I see a stack of six clear plastic lids like those used as covers on COSTCO’s cherry pies which are located by the NE corner of our mid-level kitchen sink.Comment; Buddha enlightenment is connected to cherries.

I see the mostly submerged willow tree trunk in the water of the lake behind our home – indicating that Lake Shastina dam is at capacity (33,000 acre feet).

I see two men interacting. I have the impression it is the Logos Christ and the Eros Christ. Comment: A reconciliation of the hostile brothers it seems.

I see a woman playing a musical instrument as she faces into the NW.

I see a four blade propeller on a small white plane. Comment: All four functions were involved on the making of this white airplane seems meant.

I see a close-up view of a black drill whose cutting end is pointed towards the NW. A man’s fingers holding the drill are rotating it clockwise. Comment: Putting a hole in the heart chakra seems meant.

Sticking out of the NW corner in the ceiling corner of a room in the darkness I see a long green stem having a flower bud that has just begun to open at its tip. The yellow tip of the flower can be seen. It is pointed towards the SE in the view. A yellow-gold daffodil it seems. It represents the emergence of Eros Christ consciousness in the NW. Such flowers can have red centers and thus is the VNS genesis for producing a renewed Ra consciousness. Comment: Such flowers have appeared many times in my visions over the years. Yellow daffodils with gold centers on long green stems came up in March Madness – 15 March 2015 where it was noted that the plants biological name is Narcissus and is sometimes called the “Lent Lily” (1 March – 13 April 2017). The name is thought to have come from the Greeks who saw the plant bent over towards streams (as if the flower were “worshiping” the water) it was seen growing by. Since the images observed in the water chakra (an Oracle of Delphi “divination” connection) come from the World Soul it is clear that Narcissus is seeking Eros Christ consciousness by looking at his own reflection in the water surface but as with all encounters with the unconscious one struggles with the prospect of being “drown”, i.e., becoming possessed (inflated or deflated; manic or depressed, i.e., suffer from a bipolar condition). It is this effect that wants to incarnate into our world from the NW and like this all are “asked” to become Narcissus. Becoming an inner Narcissistic “personality” is a constructive quest for wholeness.
Daffodil-bulb Yellow.jpg
Daffodil-bulb Yellow.jpg [ 16.74 KiB | Viewed 6028 times ]


PS Fox, working with our shadow (Eros Christ consciousness) certainly leads to uniting the opposites in the heart as your sequence of reflections indicate.

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Post The Democratic VNS Chooses Presidential Leaders
Mon. 6 March 2017

Something about the heated inside of the bowl of individuation. Then I see the reddish-yellowish leaves on the top area of a tree’s canopy that is partially hiding silhouette views of three bird nests.

I see a row of 6 freshly cleaned beige microwavable dinner plates in our mid-level dishwasher.

Tues. 7 March 2017

In this vision, I find myself saying to a woman unseen, “If we become any more psychologically intimate I am going to want to 'jump your bones' (make love)". Suddenly, standing directly in front of me is the lovely CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash (a Democrat). She looks me in the eye and says, “You are welcome to do so at any time.” At this we share a passionate kiss and I find myself experiencing the sensation of all this sexual energy and saying, “Oh my God.” Comment: Dana came up briefly in a dream in To lovE Is To Speak From Your Heart – 30 May 2016. We were attending a TM lecture. “Oh my God” reminds me of the chemistry exam joke ending in which such an expression proved that there was a Divine being as shared in It’s A Cold Day In Hell Experiment – 3 February 2017. Like this it seems the sacred inner marriage was consummated between Gregory (a registered independent who voted Republican) and a Democrat. At the end of this post I see a vision of 3 sets of 3 vegetative donkey (a donkey is the mascot for the Democratic Party in the US) lawn sculptures (topiary - the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes). The VNS of the lower three chakras of the feminine principle are imaged as being Democratic (a governing system that chooses leaders by voting). Like this I have won an inner Trump presidency and Donald Trump won the outer presidency via a Rainmaker effect.
Donkey.jpg [ 59.48 KiB | Viewed 5995 times ]

I see a left profile view of Donald Trump’s head which appears “bathed” in white light. Shining down onto the top of his head are several randomly spaced narrow (laser?) beams of white light. Comment: He has been enlightened by the VNS – a lovE-Joy process.

In the darkness, I see a dark velvet “bowtie” piece of fabric that could be a part of the top of a woman’s dress over her breast area. Comment: A bowtie appears to have a 2D wormhole shape. The vision suggests that a breast is underneath either end of the “wormhole” – indicating that the “milk of a virgin” nurtures the renewal of the Old King at the heart chakra level which has its genesis at the belly level given the image of BT wearing an Avatar colored bowtie centered fabric belt on her white wedding dress as seen later on in this post. The bowtie has replaced the black tassel seen hanging from the black belt on Our Lady of Guadalupe – which meant She was pregnant.
Black-Tie.jpg [ 18.67 KiB | Viewed 5995 times ]

In the darkness, I am looking at a close-up view into the opening formed by the curled fingers of a hand.

I see hands picking up a cube shaped weathered wood box with an open top from off a countertop.

I see a black hand carved numeral 4 engraved into a bronze looking flat surface. Black gold comes to mind.

I see a large golden, truncated cone, shaped bowl studded with red jewels in a random manner. It is behind some wood frame construction that is in silhouette. The bowl of individuation displaying Ra colors it seems.

I hear, “The president is firing spaceballs into outer space.” Comment: I see there is a video game called “Spaceballs” whose play is to match an image in one of the corner squares of 9 squares using a “spaceball”. The square reminds me of how in my material a square is used to track the progression of image meaning to an incarnated state.

The object of the game is to match a pattern displayed at the corner of the game screen from a grid of squares where blasting squares can turn it white or turned off. There is a time limit involved and obstacles that will make it challenging over the course of 15 different levels.


I am urinating and see that the urine falls in small “Jell-O like” clumps onto the length of the bottom center of a white bathtub. I have the impression that they have a connection to the making of subtle body matter.

Wed. 8 March 2017

I see a graphic sexual image of a penis in a woman’s vagina. Consummating the sacred inner marriage comes to mind.

Now I see a narrow valley with some mature naked trees. A yellow color fills in all the empty spaces as if it backlights the trees.


In a bright sunny day a profusely sweating JS (first cousin) approaches me and inquires, “What is your anniversary name?” I say to him, “Gregory Sova.”

End of Dream

I see a left sunburned hand that is mostly red but having splotchy regions of yellow. I immediately realize that the renewed Ra colors are meant and they emanate from the feminine principle.


I am in a supersized open space mall. I play a gambling machine using quarters (25 cents = 2+5 = 7) on a North wall in a NW corner on a 2nd level ledge. I come back later to play the machine again but two young men are here and they are about to take their turn playing the machine. I say, “The 3rd time is the charm” (an influence from the lower 3 chakras seems meant). I then notice that we are on a University campus.

End of Dream

I see cars lined up as if representing two hands on a clock face. Then I see a clock.

I am looking down at a dark scene where I see a dull dim colored “bird’s” nest looking at a clutch of ripe spherical shaped cherry tomatoes sheltered in a nest composed of large curled up dark green leaf. Love-fruits from Paradise in a Heart Light color configuration immediately comes to mind.


I see Betty T (high school classmate; deceased) standing in the NW of the view wearing a lovely white wedding dress with cyan fabric belt having a large cyan fabric bowtie belt buckle over the front of her belly. She speaks with a lovely soft voice and has a graceful way about her which made her very attractive.

End of Dream

Comment: BT in the NW with her brother CT in the NE came up in a dream in A Black Spring – 1 May 2015. CT has been connected to the Casimir Effect (an infinite Zero Point Energy source). BT had a crush on me in high school. Further, in the game of DOOM when one increases one’s health using an Argent Cell the 100% blue colored bar-line indicator for health is over-ridden by a cyan colored bar-line to increase one’s health in increments of 25%. Like this it seems underneath the cyan fabric belt color is a blue color. The belly brain supplies Avatar health (world teacher health) to the subtle body. It seems the blue colored N in NW should be an avatar colored N or NW. Finally, in the 2000 time frame visions I saw a mother with her young daughter who both were dressed like this except the bowtie color was blue and located in the breast cleavage area of their white dresses. They were located in a city that was very dark and ruled by black men who were their pimps.
Health Bar.jpg
Health Bar.jpg [ 23.97 KiB | Viewed 5977 times ]

I see a brown paper shopping sack. Inside it is a large white Styrofoam food takeout container. I open it and find aluminum foil cut into long narrow rectangular strips (like “icicle” strips used to decorate Xmas trees). Underneath these aluminum foil strips, my focus is drawn to chopped celery pieces having a dab of white mayonnaise on them. Comment: Green and white are the colors of the comet lovE-Joy which comes to seed the planet Earth with primitive life. Celery is one of the 8 vegetables used in making V8 vegetable juice. Eight is an individuation number and V has many aspects such as the shape of an arrowhead, or Veronica’s veil which shows the face of the suffering Christ, etc.
V8.jpg [ 39.43 KiB | Viewed 5995 times ]

I see the backside of a man from his shoulders down to his calves who is walking away from my location and into the North of the view. He wears bluish-whitish “blue” jeans and a buttocks covering tan suede jacket. Tanning of the body seems meant.

Thurs. 9 March 2017


I meet a young, lovely, suntanned woman wearing a red one piece (modest) bathing suit by a calm pool of water. She is very friendly and I immediately would like to have a relationship with her. She clearly indicated she would like to have my company.

End of Dream

A man comes up to me and says, “You seem to believe that to be whole you need to be with a woman.”

Then I hear a voice cry out as if in shock or pain, “Oh!”

In the blackness I see a ball of red-white energy as if fired by a possessed soldier in the game of DOOM that moves from the NE to the NW in the view.

I see side-by-side dark green velvet eyeglass cases in a vertical direction. The one on the left in the view moves to be on the right of the other.

I see a robin walking along on a white surface – going from the West to the East in the view.

I see a stem side view of a dark green apple.

In the darkness I see the right half of a horseshoe having a line of nail heads through its material. Previously, a line of white diamonds was seen in these locations in The Case For A Second Winter – 17 February 2017.

I see a man wearing a slick, tight fitting colorful body garment of many colors.

I see a man pulling on the bridle of a tan donkey.

I see a man standing by the NW corner of the fender on a car that is pointed into the NW corner. He pushes on the car fender causing the car to rotate 90 degrees clockwise such that the car is now pointed due East.

I see a reddish-pinkish heart shaped stone. The tip of the heart jumps up and approaches my mouth as if I am to swallow it.

I see a vertical right arm pointed to the due North in the view. The hand is bent 90 degrees and the index finger points to the NW in the view. Comment: This gesture forms a numeral 7 seems meant - or a HEX key form.

I see a woman emerge from a large flat dark stone cave like opening. She is flamboyant in her flowing pieces of American flag colors of red, white and blue in her dress and large hat. She emerges from the East and heads towards the West where there is a waiting crowd.

In the darkness I see a small red pointed fingernail pointed to the North that is in a white glow. A chicken toe it seems.

I see a large pair of cone shaped cyan binoculars sitting on a dark floor. Comment: Apparently blue color is underneath the cyan. Comment: Binoculars enable one to bring distant objects closer – suggesting they allow one to see the future; to see what is coming.

Fri. 10 March 2017


I am standing in NW corner of a room which is my study desk area cubical on a university campus – the partitioned cubicle’s line the walls. My older brother’s is next to mine towards the NE. It is the start of the school year as if during orientation week.

I see my brother leaving the area with Paul M (a high school classmate of his) to go out to dinner. I over-hear Paul say, “I am going to marry soon.” I then notice that a plate of French fries is on his study desk.

Later I am in a professor’s office and he is informing me about the need to know author’s names and something about them. He gives an example using an author of a math book whose name is Vses and whose theory is called “Vses Policy.”

End of Dream

Comment: The French fries suggest the education will involve tanning the too white skin (= soul) of the “potato man”. In “E.T. phone home code” Vses = 8737 = 25 = 7.

Sat. 11 March 2017

I see a man approach his remote treeless property that seems to be a marsh land. He becomes disappointed on seeing the dead grayish vegetation that surrounded the landscaping forms of 3 donkeys located in a small, shallow, black earth, lower half of an oval shaped pit whose pool of water has dried up. Another cluster of three such “sculptures” is seen on either end of the oval. The left end (NW in the view) of the oval has three mature donkeys covered in partially alive vegetation while on the right end (NE) are three young donkeys covered in such vegetation. I immediately have the impression – these are the mascots for the Democratic party.


PS The following podcast of 2 February 2017 is about how people are saying that the outer Donald Trump is Narcissistic. It reminded me of the inner Narcissistic Trump presidency sought for by the World Soul (which came up at the end of my previous post On Becoming A Helpful Narcissistic Personality when a budding daffodil flower was seen) who is the “Narcissist in Chief” for She is extremely Eros Self-centric. Her campaign for more inner Narcissistic Trump presidencies is a counter balance against outer Narcissistic Trump presidencies (historically, as far as I can see, all outer presidents exhibit a Narcissistic trait for it is all about their worldview when they govern). Like this ordinary people are projecting their inner Narcissistic Trump presidencies onto outer presidents.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psychology ... rcissistic

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Post The Wholeness Breeder Cometh
Sun. 12 March 2017

I see the back side of a man standing on a countertop in a huge mall style building. He wears a black leather jacket and blue jeans. His right arm is out to his right side and bent at the elbow 90 degrees such that his forearm is vertical. It seems he is flexing his bicep muscle like body builder’s do when exhibiting their physical development. Comment: The strength of his subtle body development is meant. The black leather jacket reminds me of the movie Judgement Day for the motor cycle riding body building star (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wore such a jacket. The enormous size of the shopping mall indicates the size of the body-building wealth of the knowing of the Eros Self – as if it has hardly been explored. Finally, black always means acausal – confirming that Eros Self Wisdom has enhanced this man’s subtle body in a psychologically “bruising” black and blue manner.
Bicep.jpg [ 5.05 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

Then in the darkness I see a lovely Avatar colored human eye.

I see a man using a flat rectangular stainless steel voice recorder in the shape of a fancy cigarette case (like that seen in Hitting Speed Bumps Is Good For The Heart – 10 January 2017 when mingling with the public. He intends to use the information to commit crimes (an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law). Then I see another man goes after him with the intention of destroying his voice recorder.
Cigarette Case.jpg
Cigarette Case.jpg [ 33.86 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

Mon. 13 March 2017

In the darkness in the NW of the view I see the upper body of a man in silhouette who is angled with his back to the NW at a 45 degree angle. He is leaning backwards and holds a long rod in his right hand with arm outstretched to his right side while the other arm is doing the same. His hair is arranged to look like a tongue of fire that appears to sit on the top of his head (has the shape of the flame in the torch of the Statue of Liberty as seen in Enlightening the World – 3 August 2016). I immediately have the impression that this is Neptune holding a trident in his right hand. Further, his leaning backwards reminds me of the women in the dream shared in On Becoming A Helpful Narcissistic Personality doing this. I would grasp them with my hands about their hips to keep them from falling backwards – a gesture which suggests “hands as the vehicle that produces consciousness” - which was obtained from their belly. Neptune is now the carrier of that knowing. Neptune, as producer of floods and earthquakes, needs to be understood as a psychic phenomenon he could unleash. Comment: A white diamond studded horseshoe was seen in my material as noted in my previous post The Democratic VNS Chooses Presidential Leaders. Now that Neptune (God of the sea) has appeared I am reminded of my frieze relief above the NW corner door in my office at the 3rd level in our home of the gilding of Neptune’s 7 horses (7 is the number of the Apocalypse) in the cusp of a breaking wave (the collapse of the wave function is meant – potential being becomes actual being). This image came up in a September 2007 vision. The horses would represent the libido that powers the archetype of the Apocalypse. One of these horses will be seen pulling Ezekiel’s chariot later on in this post. The trident is a fish spear of Greek origin and its use in my material suggests learning from unconscious contents in the lower three chakras.
Neptune Posedion.jpg
Neptune Posedion.jpg [ 58.92 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

In myth Neptune (Poseidon) strikes the ground with his trident to produce a horse for mankind. The trident of Poseidon is a magical artifact with destructive powers in Michael Livingston’s 2015 historical fantasy novel The Shards of Heaven.

Tues. 14 March 2017

I see a person’s hand holding what seems to be a black nozzle shape that is blowing out into the NW of the view all these “postage stamp” sized square pieces of paper with text and the color of images on their surface. Comment: A white hairdryer nozzle was seen blowing into one end of a black nozzle that was thought to be one end of a wormhole in On Becoming A Helpful Narcissistic Personality. Pneuma is blowing the meaning of Her visions into Spacetime (our 4D world) in bits and pieces as if from a large shredded document. Their helpfulness will have to be resolved by somehow connecting these pieces together. I see that this begins to happen more and more now in my material gathered over the past many years as can occasionally be seen in this post.

I am standing behind a high white counter top of a display case like that which displays butchered meat products that are for sale. My right hand rests on the top of four large wrapped packages that sit on top of the right side of the counter (from my point of view) as if for a customer standing on the other side (the customer would view the packages as being on his left side) who is not in the view.

In a daylight view a middle-aged man stands directly in front of me. His face has a well-trimmed full black beard with mustache. His face is making a strange gesture that has his mouth open a ways – reminding me of how a vampire bat does when about to bite or like the face on a hissing cat. On top of his head lays a square shaped, drooping white “pillow” that mostly covers his head. Comment: A six “sided” mushroom headed silver stake driven into the heart area of a tree trunk was seen in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears – 21 February 2017 and was connected to a man who could make one immortal with his bite. A white pillow filled with toxic abdominal spider hairs has been seen in 2009 visions – suggesting the nature of the consciousness under which this man is operating.

A long, dark, straight stick was just tossed into an open shallow box where I see a couple of rows of yellow plastic oval containers with a touch of green on their tops that look like lemons. About 7 such oval shapes are seen. Comment: Lemon juice can be purchased in such containers – something used to season cooked fish seems meant. Fish are unconscious contents swimming in the waters of the unconscious. Catching and cooking them for consumption using lemon juice suggests that when these contents are made conscious they enhance Eros Christ consciousness. The “oval” shape is a connection to the 3D “football” shape of the unus mundus at the center of a spindle torus. As I look at the following image it reminds me of a hand grenade – a possible connection to the SIPHON grenade used in the game of DOOM which siphons health from the adversary and gives it to the thrower as shared in Mother Jones As Eye Of The Goddess – 28 July 2016. The adversary is the demonized unconscious.
Lemon Juice Container.jpg
Lemon Juice Container.jpg [ 16.66 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

[The God] appears at first in hostile form as an assailant with whom the hero has to wrestle. This is in keeping with the violence of all unconscious dynamism. In this manner the God manifests itself and in this form must be overcome. The struggle has its parallel in Jacob’s wrestling with the angel at the ford Jabbok. The onslaught of instinct becomes an experience of divinity provided that man does not succumb to it and follow it blindly but defends his humanity against the animal nature of the divine power. C.G. Jung, CW 5 Symbols of Transformation, §524.

On a dark wood rectangular shaped table surface I see a couple of rows of tall, colorful oval shaped ceramic containers whose open tops are splayed out into six triangular leaf shapes as if a seed pod has opened up. The leaf shape reminds me of those on the Maguey (agaves) plant (which is connected to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Her crown of thorns) and the vase shape reminds me how the eggs in the movie Alien hatched.
Alien Eggs.jpg
Alien Eggs.jpg [ 38.78 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

I see the end of a “pull cord” which has a white cord in a hollow cylindrical piece of red colored wood that is attached to the hood on a whitish hoodie sweat shirt. Comment: This "pull cord" helps the hood to cover the head - dim the Logos is meant. And this will help in the coniunctio of the Red King with the White Queen.
Hoodie.jpg [ 17.94 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

I am looking down at two flat, heavy gauge, stainless steel metal legs that seem to be part of a four legged mount support. A black metal base is attached to its top where I am located. I am immediately reminded of how a portable telescope uses a tripod from which the scope can view distant objects – suggesting that I am such an instrument whose visions and dreams have perceived future events in the role of being a “God’s instrument” seems meant.

Something about the sequence of three images. Then I see 3 bluish-white water glasses filled with clear water in a V-shape formation that are sitting on a white cloth (blanket?) on a wood table surface. Divine water from the lower 3 chakras that are destined for the NW.

I see a long protruding intricately carved beige sculpture attached to a wall that projects out as if a phallic instrument. It is a lovely carved horse pulling a chariot and is attached to the East wall in my office where I have a bookcase containing my journals. I immediately recall the Neptune’s horses protruding from a wall as seen earlier in this post. When Neptune struck the ground with his trident it gave a horse to mankind. A chariot of fire has been connected to Ezekiel’s chariot vision in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears.

I see a large black “wine” bottle having a stopper in its top that has a round hand wheel end shape (a hand wheel has 3 spokes – a radiation symbol connection). The stopper is being removed. The wine from the first days of creation it seems.

I see a new black rubber tire (ring torus shape) the size that would fit the wheels on the “chariot of fire” vision. I am taking care of these tires and have the impression that it is important that I do this.

I see a black iPhone lying on the surface of a beige carpet in a store. I pick it up and see a man is approaching me. Comment: An iPhone screen has shown an image of Ra colored Hell-fire, the same colors seen surrounding the “chariot of fire.”

I hold a letter size invoice on white paper with blue borders. My focus is drawn to the black numeral 13 in its NW area. I immediately recall that Our Lady of Fatima appeared for six consecutive months to the three children on the 13th of each month.

On a clear day I see three adolescent youths that are riding in a white vesica piscis shaped canoe on a fast-moving river where I see sparse residential buildings in this rural area. I immediately recall Edgar Cayce’s book There Is A River. Comment: I recall earlier visions of canoes and their paddles.

I see 3 large clear glass wine bottles having white font etched letters in a label that begins with a capital S – the name looks German. They are filled with chardonnay wine.

I am sitting on the NE area of a king-sized bed inside a “Bed & Bath” store.

I am looking down at a top view of all these different sized soda bottles. A couple of liter sized Squirt colored bottles are in the view.

Something about meeting with different aspects of the unconscious. And then I say to Van Jones (an Obama supporter and CNN political commentator), “Does this mean there are now going to be protest rallies against me doing this?”

I see a black WASP crawling out from the NW corner of the wood frame holding a screen. I immediately recall that a wasp has one Helluva a painful sting. Black always means acausal – it’s a lingering effect from “going Black.”

In a nighttime harbor scene with distant shoreline building lights I see that I am standing on the empty deck of a ship whose surface is marked by a white line on either side of its black surface (a black road connection). Then I see a demon possessed DOOM soldier standing behind the long end of a rectangular shipping container in a huge building. I walk around the container’s NW corner area to see what is going on and find the demon standing there. Comment: This demon shoots red and white spheres of (worldview) health robbing energy.

Down below in a whitish cylindrical open container I see dark red sliced “green” beans occupy the left half of the NW-SE imaginary diagonal through the can’s circular top view while yellow sliced “green” beans occupy the right half of the can in the view.

I see a wide, fast-moving, river having clusters of ducks swimming on its surface. “There Is A River” comes to mind once again – apparently one that supports those who can be a master of two realms; air and water.

I see a man pick up three long arc shaped rectangular windows whose frames are beige. Their cross-section appears to be one-half of a vesica piscis shape. Suddenly I am flashing back to the following December 2006 dream of standing on the top of a cyan “twin tower” building – a overlapping double cylindrical configuration (has a spindle torus cross-section). It fell over to the left – reminding me of the collapse of the 9/11 towers in NYC. As noted in my previous post The Democratic VNS Chooses Presidential Leaders underneath cyan is blue which indicates that such a 9/11 tower is an Avatar maker in a collapse of the wave function it seems.
Towers.JPG [ 5.65 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

I see a black threaded cylindrical object that is strangely known to be able to destroy concrete.

I am looking over at the end of the Elk Ridge peninsula behind our home that juts out into Lake Shastina and see it is covered in blooming cherry trees like those seen in the following Washington DC image. Inner and outer Trump White House locations seems meant. I recall the vision of the pink landscapes that covered the land masses on the World Map in an April 2011 vision. Pink is the color one obtains when the Red King unites with the White Queen. The coniunctio archetype activity indicates that it has become a global event. What heals/heels our world comes to mind. As a word of caution, I note what Edinger had to say about such an event in his book Archetype of the Apocalypse,

The ordeal of the Apocalypse is now beginning, to which all of humanity is being subjected and corresponds to Job's ordeal and even more pertinently it corresponds to Christ's ordeal. The Self, the God-image, is coming, it's visiting the earth, it's visiting humanity, it's visiting the individual ego and it's coming for the purpose of incarnating itself just like it did in Jesus. Yahweh wants to become man. One way or another the world is going to be made a single whole unity. It will either be unified by means of mutual human consciousness or it will be unified by mutual mass destruction.

World Map Flowering.jpg
World Map Flowering.jpg [ 67.31 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

Now I am experiencing the sensation of a building inner excitement as if coming from my inner partner. As I type this in I suddenly have the impression, “a global Rainmaker effect looms.”

I see a hand pick up a dark cylindrical shaped “coffee” cup and hear clinking sounds as if from three ice cubes inside.

I hear someone say, “Look at all those faces.” Then I see a tall, intricately carved, curved beige building with large windows having a double pattern of small rectangular highlighted slightly depressed areas that wrap each floor. One side of the new 9/11 “twin towers” seen earlier comes to mind. The arc shaped windows seen earlier in this post apparently are used in this building.

I see a man standing near the door to the boathouse behind our home by lake edge. He holds a long black electrical cord taunt and horizontal above the ground which has its other end inside the boathouse where I keep car batteries and electric motors for the boat.

I hear, “Trying to pull you out.” And then I see a small white circular desert plate covered with about six small carrots with their green tops still attached.

I see a young man kneeling on bare earth while facing my direction as I view from his NW area. He has his hands cupped behind the back of his head like a captive prisoner is forced to do. Comment: The back of the head he covers includes the monk spot as well as the visual center of the brain. Like this he is being forced to observe the inner movie that plays up the spinal cord from the belly brain and learn from the monk spot of the World Soul’s Wisdom. Hands are the vehicles which “produce” consciousness is differentiated further.

Wed. 15 March 2017


I sit at the end of a long narrow rectangular table filled with others seated on either side. The large room is filled with such fully occupied tables. It is a meeting which includes several large organizations all of which are involved in highly classified activities. An older woman with white hair in a blue dress sits by my left side along the West side of the end of the table. She says to me, “I am the Vice Chairman of the Strategic Tactical Command (STC). We are here to give a report on the status of our operations just like the other organizations here.”

End of Dream

Comment: STC is a command structure used by emergency services such as in natural disasters. Jung has noted that the unconscious is pure Nature – so it seems the coming emergency will be psychic in nature.

In the darkness, I see the fingertips of a left hand pushed into the view from out of the NE corner.

I see the naked back right side of my older brother standing in front of me. He is wearing blue jeans.

I see a round bathroom hand mirror attached to the tree trunk by the SW corner of our home. The mirror faces due East and its white reflecting surface indicates it is reflecting the white rays of the rising (Ra) sun in the East. The mirror appears to be attached at about heart chakra height. A Sun-Moon chakra tree it seems.

I see a red circle on the left buttocks of a person wearing blue jeans as if from a red laser.

I suddenly have the urge to impregnate. Comment: This urge comes from the VNS as indicated by the phallic shaped purple eggplant with two green tomatoes for testicles. The impregnating urge stems from my inner partner is meant. I guess the tomatoes are now ripe lovE-fruits from Paradise.
Eggplant Breeder.jpg
Eggplant Breeder.jpg [ 66.45 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

The Wholeness Breeder

Invisibly suspended in the NW of the view I see a spent 22 cartridge casing (22 = 4) orientated at a 45 degree angle. It reminds me of the one I saved that was used to kill my King Charles Spaniel to put it out of its misery in the aftermath of having suffered a poisonous rattle snake bite to the chest area (heart chakra).

I see a black Hell Knight from the game of DOOM walking through a desert landscape into the NW in the view.

Thurs. 16 March 2016

I see my office Blood Moon cylindrical wastepaper basket tipped at a 45 degree angle in the NW of the view.

I see two parallel pine tree trunks standing right next to each other. They are in the shape of two elephant legs including elephant feet. Comment: It seems the Republician-Democratic Sun-Moon chakra tree hybrid has four legs to stand on – two have elephant leg shaped tree trunks and two have donkey leg shaped tree trunks. I recall the four-legged mount on which I was positioned as if a telescope as reported earlier in this post.


PS The following images are another example of how the square pieces of paper blowing into the NW that came up earlier in this post have recently come together in a “cartoon strip” when I noticed how an “Afro” hairball generated by a Van der Graff static electric field was connected to the hair raising on the Halloween black cat and to the raised hair on the fuel flea in “Moon beam consciousness” and to Sai Baba’s Afro. The moon flea hair raising image is a connection to “fuel fleas” generated by the Fukusall Fukushima nuclear meltdowns on 3/3/11 for free floating products of nuclear radiation are called fuel fleas. With this image the World Soul means to convey that "moon beam consciousness" (Eros ego altered state of consciousness) can release Her psychophysical radiations which will enlighten our Eros Christ consciousness. Like this Afro “hairball making” (going black) and “Avatar making” (world teacher making) are connected.
Hair Ball.jpg
Hair Ball.jpg [ 36.41 KiB | Viewed 5966 times ]

The piloerection hair-raising reaction on the cat is involuntary and a result of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS; the lower 3 chakras in the subtle body seems meant). The SNS is also known as the VNS (Vegetative Nervous System). The reflex is started by the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for many fight-or-flight responses. Adrenaline causes the muscles to contract, and the hair straightens away from the body as a result. I have had the hair on my arms stand up – called “Goose bumps”. They can arise when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, anger, euphoria (including mystical experience) or sexual arousal. Sexual arousal reminds me that when a man dreams he always will spontaneously have an erection. Penis and hair (mana of the head or one's knowing) are linked.

Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:50 pm
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Post Opening Pandora’s Box Is Act of Psychic Terrorism
Thurs. 16 March 2017


It is night and I am about to attend mass at a local church in a city at 8 PM. As I walk along the city streets I suddenly see a full-grown elephant without tusks with a several year-old elephant straddling its back (left legs hanging over the left side and right legs hanging over the right side) as if it is its baby. The female is running at full speed for some reason. Then I see a bull elephant with two large white tusks chasing the female with its “baby” riding on its back. The left tusk manages to prod the left buttocks of the female. There is already a bruise in this area from previous prods. The female and male elephant begin to face each other in a fight threat. The “baby” is now on the ground and is buffeted by the fight but not seriously hurt.

End of Dream

Comment: It seems the bull elephant is in musk. The bruising pokes to the left buttocks reminds me of the large bruise I have on my left buttocks which I recently accidentally caused by backing into the blunt end of a wood guard rail on stairs in our home. The VNS has caused a few year-old new birth in Gregory who won the inner Trump presidency. It seems more pregnancies are in the cards.

In the aftermath of this dream I hear a kind feminine voice instructing me on how to “fill it up.” I soon see that I am urinating into a semi-transparent whitish-yellowish empty container in the shape of the front part of an elephant’s head – including the trunk. A very nice energy sensation accompanied this encounter.

I see the bare healthy yellowish with hint of green branches on the canopy of a weeping willow tree. It is ready to sprout green leaves it seems.

I am out in front of a large ranch style home which has a red tile roof and pink stucco walls.

Fri. 17 March 2017


I am on vacation with my family at a “Christian” wilderness campgrounds it seems. To my surprise, I see that Bill & Hillary Clinton are also here with their two children. Our two families gather together for a common meal in a clubhouse like room having a lovely blood moon colored hardwood floor (Rosewood it seems). I ask Bill if he would lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving for the food we are about to eat. He does so, but he now appears as an adolescent sitting at the SW corner of the table. He holds hands with the others not in the view as the two families sit around a picnic table in the NW corner of a room; the Clinton's on the West side and mine on the East side. Bill begins to sing a song I do not recognize. Hillary and I stand on the floor next to each other while facing the SE corner of the rectangular table. She is on my left. The singing begins and Hillary loudly joins in while I try to hum the melody. We are dancing in sync with each other in a side-by-side “dance in place” movement in which we lean slightly to the left and then slightly to the right (an inverted pendulum tick-tock motion) – over and over again and in keeping with the melody.
pendulum.gif [ 14.79 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]

Towards the end of the song Hillary suddenly reaches out with her hands and places her right hand along the left side of my head and her left hand along the right side of my head. I sense a heightened presence of “energy” and during this I have a vision that I am standing in a huge empty wood dance hall building that has a low ceiling and a shiny hardwood floor. I am looking at the North wall while mostly facing West and see most of the West wall with a regular spacing of windows. The building fits what one would find in a wilderness campgrounds. Suddenly, I see a huge ignited stick match about the length of a human moving horizontally above the dance floor at about head height from out of the NW and into the SW. It passes by my left side a short distance away. The head of the match was enveloped in yellow fire and a large vertical “teardrop” shaped white flame emanated from the upper side of the match head whose lower portion started out yellow. It was as if an arrow, or spear or torch had been “shot” towards me at head level like this (the flame colors are found in cross-section of a hard boiled egg).
Stick Match.jpg
Stick Match.jpg [ 18.48 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]

The Eternal Flame
The singing and dancing soon stops. Hillary says to me, “Well, I hope that helped you.” I replied, “When you held my head I had a vision.” I start to share it with her and what I thought it might mean (saying that sometimes stick match heads have red tips on a blue base) – but she just walked away and sat next to Bill (it was as if my speaking – a Logos activity - drove her away).

End of Dream

Comments: As I was awakening I was recalling that one should be careful where they strike their matches – don’t waste them in places where their light will do no good for one only has so many matches. Igniting them on the inner level seems to be the quest and like this let their light enlighten one’s soul. Don’t strike them in outer arguments about politics or in activism. The Democratic World Soul in Her Hillary role (as being the Great Whore of Babylon ambassador to the world who wants to break the glass ceiling by being able to promote many inner Trump presidencies) dances with Republican Gregory in his inner Trump presidency role in a dance step that has our heads and bodies moving back and forth in a “tick-tock” movement as if inverted pendulums on a clock. This movement clearly indicates that the “pendulum of change” swings left and right as an approximation which seeks to govern from a united center. Our “pendulum dance” suggest we are in Tao – no difference between ego and the imperatives of non-ego. It reminds me of the four “pendulum swinging” black hooded little men seen standing on Pauli’s World Clock (union of the four psychological functions; see http://www.fdavidpeat.com/bibliography/ ... divine.htm) in the pregnant belly area of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the dark Virgin) standing in a “football” shaped vesica piscis “Big Bang” creation of new consciousness center of a spindle torus (the location of the unus mundus). Maintaining inner psychic balance promotes balance in the affairs that takes place in the outer world. The great empty dancehall reminds me of the “last dance” dream I had with my first wife of 19 years – a dance that clearly indicated the end of our marriage due to unreconciled differences (our personal equations were completely opposite; my wife FN/Eros and Gregory TS/Logos). Hillary’s hands holding my head shows that her unus mundus (one world) psychology is able to unite the opposites in my conscious 3rd eye “seeing” using a united left brain (Logos) and right brain (Eros) bipolar activity. This red/blue (Lo:vE or 11:11) “match head” can then produce a yellow-white flame which enlightens via the use of an Eros ego altered state of consciousness (a version of the colors in the hard-boiled egg cross-section seen on the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree). Like this one becomes a Sun-Moon white stick “tree” or a Longinus “spear of destiny” (the holder of which is invincible in battle) or a “light unto the nations” like the torch flame held by the Statue of Liberty.
Pendulum Chakra Tree Torch.jpg
Pendulum Chakra Tree Torch.jpg [ 63.48 KiB | Viewed 5923 times ]

In a dark room’s, NW corner, I see in the North wall a sun whose disk is almost entirely in silhouette but whose circumference is glowing red. Then where the dull glowing red/black sun was located I see the right side of the head of a housefly which is black except for the right faceted eye which is darkred.

I am recalling the late 1999 vision of the binocular beams of white light emanating from the eyes of a man’s head that penetrated the darkness. Comment: Seeing distant things closer up suggests telescope like activity which psychologically means being able to see the future in a bipolar God-image manner.
Eye Beams.jpg
Eye Beams.jpg [ 26.03 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]

I see an opened rectangular box that is blue on its outer edges and white in the center. It lays on its side on a countertop and the open-end points to the due North. Pandora’s box suddenly comes to mind.
Pandora Box.jpg
Pandora Box.jpg [ 50.66 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]

Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology, which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only "Hope" inside once she had closed it again.

I hear, “Abortion is a sacrament in the economy of the psyche.” Comment: Aborting any further development in a too one-sided worldview seems meant.

I see what looks like an end wrench except the end of the wrench is a wide-open pair of arc shaped scissors (claws). Comment: Dinosaur raptor claws have been seen on occasion in previous years. It's going to be a "heart wrenching" transformative encounter with the reptilian psyche.

Sun. 19 March 2017

I see a plot for a turbulent flow velocity profile next to a surface whose velocity variation line is cyan colored. Comment: My background in aerodynamics gives me an understanding of this type of flow diagram. It has a very thin rapidly changing boundary layer region (inner region) and a very large (outer region) that is almost uniform. The inner region seems to be for the unus mundus while the outer region is for Spacetime; showing how the inner perturbs the outer. The use of cyan to color the velocity profile is understood to have blue underneath – another way to show that the “Avatar maker” unites the opposites.
Velocity Profile.jpg
Velocity Profile.jpg [ 20.69 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]

I see a soup ladle being removed from a large tall yellowish clay pot (half an oval shape it seems). The stainless steel hemispherical “spoon” end is partially filled with a mostly clear liquid having a fatty chicken soup appearance. The long handle is made from a light-colored wood rod.

I see the canopy branches on a leafless tree in silhouette against a background of a green hill.

Mon. 20 March 2017


I am in a huge cafeteria on a college campus where seated rows of student filled rectangular tables are busy eating. I see my oldest brother and am surprised that his white face has many red bumps on it as if he has measles (a very contagious disease). He did not seem concerned about his condition.

End of Dream

Comment: His skin (= soul) has been “written” on – with new matter-psyche. Since they appear on his face it seems new matter-psyche has affected his persona.

A letter sized, black leather bound volume is handed to me. The cover has some large bold gold font text which I cannot read. Comment: My very first journal notes (1977) are bound in such a book.


I am attending college with some others. We just completed some problem-solving exercises that involved finding our way through a landscape so thick with chest high brush that you could not avoid needing to push your way through which I managed to do without too much difficulty but everyone was sweating because of the exertion required.

My first cousin JS is here and he says, “I couldn’t find my way in.” Everyone started to laugh.” I say, “JS you have to choose your words more carefully in this school.” Myself and the other students understood the brush to be hair surrounding the vagina.

End of Dream

Comment: I recall MLvF saying that The Tree of Life is surrounded by a heavy thicket of brush (=’s one’s shadow problems) and to reach it one must first deal with their shadow.

I see the year 2028 scribbled on a wall. It has to do with death it seemed.

Then I see the home plate area of a baseball diamond. A square outline is formed by brown logs of the infield except for the equivalent of the 2nd base. In that area, there was instead a large diameter black curved pipe that connected to the logs on either end. I observed this arrangement from the 2nd base area. Comment: Home base seemed to be the 2nd chakra or SE. 2nd base seemed to represent NW.

A man wearing white Levi’s and white tennis shoes is approaching my location.

I see a hot air balloon which carries people high in the air. The people then jump out of the basket dressed in a glide suit and glide to the ground.

I see four wide brown belts like that used in a saw mill to power a saw blade. They are wrapped around something that gives the appearance of forming a rectangular enclosure.

Wed. 22 March 2017


In the darkness, I see a lovely young woman with long black wavy hair who is committed to creating an act of terrorism using some kind of weapon. She is accompanied by a man (not seen) who is her “bomb maker.” She has been tracked down but had to be let go because of a lack of evidence.

In the darkness, I encounter this woman. She accepts my embrace and I hold her close with the left side of her face pressed against the right side of mine as we stand at a 45-degree angle to each other. I say to her, “If it slays, it stays.” Then, standing with my arms out to my sides and held above my head while leaning backwards I add, “Behold your creature.” (As if I am a product of an act of her terrorism.)

Then I see three other men who have gathered here as if they somehow amplify on the meaning of her terrorism message. They hold a several page commentary on what her plan is.

End of Dream

Comment: His stance reminds me of the Neptune man doing this in The Wholeness Breeder Cometh. The three men seem to be a connection to the lower three chakras “voices”. An act of psychic terrorism seems meant.

In the blackness, I see a cluster of three long green stems sprouting a yellow flower (a daffodil). Each stem is of different length. Comment: Her act of “psychic terrorism” is to help humanity find their way into an inner Narcissistic Trump presidency.

I see a green lawn covered in randomly spaced yellow dandelion flowers. A summary of the meaning of this flower came up at the end of The Intruder – 21 October 2016. It is color code connected to those of the daffodil. Since a dandelion produces airborne white pollen seeds with lance tipped ends – the “harpooning” production of enlightenment is meant. This is the “weapon” the woman intends to unleash in a psychic act of terrorism. It reminds me of what Jung said about individuation; “I confess that I submitted to the divine power of this apparently insurmountable problem (the meaning of crucifixion) and I consciously and intentionally made my life miserable, because I wanted God to be alive and free from the suffering man has put on him by loving his own reason more than God’s secret intentions.” (from an unpublished letter)
Dandelion.jpg [ 28.92 KiB | Viewed 5929 times ]


PS In the aftermath of having made this post I see that a destructive act of outer terrorism has occurred in London near Parliament. This is a stark contrast to the constructive inner Pandora's Box act of terrorism the World Soul would like to help humanity achieve in their consciousness.
UK Parliament Terror.jpg
UK Parliament Terror.jpg [ 126.36 KiB | Viewed 5923 times ]

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Post UFO Tricycle Rider Abduction
Thurs. 23 March 2017

I am looking down at a top view of the extended index finger of my right hand. Then I see this finger pointing as if in a teaching gesture. Comment: Recall that the index finger in the Jnana Mudra is the individual soul that has been informed by the Wisdom of its contact with the World Soul (thumb) – it’s an image of “Black Gold" union of the opposites using an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.
Jnana Mudra Gold.jpg
Jnana Mudra Gold.jpg [ 27.28 KiB | Viewed 5873 times ]

I see a small wood row boat having me sitting in the bow area and a couple of small animals in the center of the boat. The image is on a large tapestry which shows the waves being alternating jagged bands of black, green and white.

I see green vegetation that shapes itself into the head of a green dragon.

In a field of green grass I see a cluster of three yellow daffodil flowers on green stems arranged in the shape of a triangle that are being blown about by a breeze. The winds of the Holy Spirit are rising it seems – hoping to blow the seeds of Eros Christ consciousness worldwide.

Fri. 24 March 2017

I see a bottle of Heinz ketchup (read: ketch-up) and suddenly its white rectangular label is removed. The Blood Moon ketchup color and parsing of the word ketch-up helps me to realize that this is new subtle body matter. The ripe tomato “testicles” on the eggplant represent the renewal of the Old King seeded with new subtle body matter-psyche.

I see a tree trunk whose branches are barren except for what looks like a dry yellowish-green moss covering their surface.

I see two slender white legs at a 45 degree angle as if from a sitting youth - stretched out towards shoes on the floor.

Then down below I see the left side of the head of a young boy half merged with the earth.

I see a kissing young man and woman in silhouette as they stand next to a bar in a dark setting. The woman wears her long hair in a ponytail. I immediately recall that Neptune gifted humanity with a horse. Comment: In a 2011 vision I saw a Drysdale horse that farted.

I see a young woman with long, straight dishwasher blond hair approaching an open rectangular doorway between rooms. The wall is covered with mirrors – as if to say the two rooms mirror each other.

In the darkness down below I see a top view of a thumb. Where the fingernail would normally be located I see instead a small white triangle. In the Jnana Mudra, the thumb represents the World Soul whose union with the index finger (the individual soul) communicates Her purpose emanating from the feminine principle of the lower three chakras; a connection to the pointing index finger seen earlier in this post that was gesturing as if teaching. Comment: On 29 March 2017 I see the following red and white tricycle UFO abduction image taking place over the top of a distant bridge as if in San Francisco, CA (See: http://www.sfgate.com/local/article/Cal ... 033725.php). Such a tricycle came up in Black Panther Consciousness AKA Black Holes Have Hair – 23 January 2015 where I noted that I had such a tricycle when growing up. Then I graduated to a regular bicycle. It is as if psychologically learning to unite the opposites (the coniunctio of the Red King with the White Queen) is a gradual process of maturation involving the lower three chakras that takes place in “baby steps”.
UFO Tricycle.jpg
UFO Tricycle.jpg [ 30.46 KiB | Viewed 5873 times ]

In a dark view, I see a long black curved insect antenna as if it is hanging down into my view as if from the top of my head.

I see a small fish in the darkness that is pointed to the left in the view. Comment: The fish pointing in the opposite direction in the sign of Pisces it seems.


I am in a huge work environment filled with adults that reminds me of the arrangement of individual desks used in my engineering career. A young man comes up to me and says, “A young man from a technical firm that is involved in this project is here.” So I go to a restaurant to meet with him. He proceeds to tell me a dream he would like to understand. I immediately thought he is going to tell me a dream I already had.

The scene changes and now I am seated on a couch whose back is against the East wall in a square empty cubical style room whose walls are about four feet tall and has no ceiling. I sit at the due East area while a young petite woman in a black dress with shoulder length dishwasher blond hair sits towards the NE area. Her voice is so delightful and soothing that I am immediately sexually attracted to her (reminds me of Betty T having the same effect in the dream shared in The Democratic VNS Chooses Presidential Leaders – 6 March 2017).

The scene changes and I meet once again with the young man who is going to tell me a dream. He says, “A woman has a note that is tucked underneath her breasts. Further, she farts.” I immediately realized that the woman he was talking about was the young blond woman seen just above. I was going to tell him that he has a very lovely anima. At this I awoke.

End of Dream

Comment: The farting (read: release of increatum new births in consciousness by the World Soul) reminds me of the woman with the ponytail hairdo and the farting horse of Neptune.

I hear, “All the anxiety” and then I see a small boat half sunk in water by a shoreline.

I see a black hairy left forearm (as if my own) whose water submerged hand is bent downwards at 90 degrees.

On a sunny day, I see a man standing on the reddish volcanic boulders along the top of Stone crest Rd in our area. He is looking down at the view of our home and the very full lake.

There has been an accident on a freeway and paramedics are rushing about. I see that a young man’s legs have been paralyzed.

I am standing behind a naked young woman who is bent 90 degrees at the waist – leaning her belly area over the top of a wood railing at the end of a boat dock.

Sat. 25 March 2017


I see the palm of a man’s left hand (as if my own). It has three small pinkish-reddish “pimples” on the skin in the area of the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Suddenly, I see a tiny white worm squirming out of the top of one of the pimples. I immediately recall a 2001 vision in which the World Soul said that She was a worm.

End of Dream

Comment: The effects of the Wisdom of the lower 3 chakras seems meant. Worm meaning came up in Integrating The New God-image – 17 April 2016 when the following amplification was shared. I should note that the Eros ego altered state has many traits of schizophrenia. In this manner like can unite with like.

8 Nov. 1999

A Horned Worm Emerges From A Black Sphere
I see something coming up out of the surface on the black bottom. It looks like a worm or something that is wiggling around as it is trying to come out of the bottom. This creature has a single horn off its nose and it has black eyes on either side of its head. The eyes look more developed by far than the body. This creature is looking at me and now I can see that it has crawled out of a hole in a black sphere. It has a white body and rather like a worm or a caterpillar. And now I am going down into the hole from which this creature has just exited. The creature stays out there looking into the blackness of space.
From Dream Seminar, pp. 233-240 - paraphrasing.

Worm – has no brain, just a sympathetic nervous system – the most primitive form of nervous life.

Worm – has life in segments, in compartments, is disconnected life. No synthesis.

When a worm comes up, then the absolutely unconscious form of life comes up, and it may be most destructive for our consciousness because the worm will dominate our psychology, and life will be lived in compartments as it occurs in schizophrenia.

When people first touch the collective unconscious they are afraid a worm might get into their brains or that they must eat something very impure. That means one has to assimilate the brainless animal – something like the worm (p. 235) - to eat instinct and thus to follow the impulses of another kind of knowing.

The sympathetic nervous system is connected with a form of “seeing”, is actually an organ of perception, comparable to the eye or ear. It has a modality connected with the unconscious, just as the capacity of the eye to see is connected with the brain.

The nervous system always makes an attempt to relate centers and the plexus solaris plays the role almost of a brain – a sort of counter-brain. The first beginning of differentiation is the beginning of destruction.

The worm appears in the Garden of Eden and ruins it. That throws some light on the nature of the worm.

A plant has not even a sympathetic nervous system, so there is no relation between that form of life and any nervous life at all. But the functioning of that vegetative condition, that grows from nowhere – from absolute unconsciousness, produces fruit (a living organism) that serves as food for the worm, for our sympathetic nervous system.

A plant corresponds to that very early stage of human existence, then there is a stage of dim mental life, not capable of consciousness, and in that stage trouble begins because the worm begins to live inside and off of that plant and destroys the innocent condition. The beginning of mental life, psychic life, is, according to the symbol, the beginning of evil. It is conflict, the breaking up or separatio as in the Garden of Eden.

Metaphysical worms – is there a deeper meaning then just destruction and suffering? Is there a certain aim? Is there intentionality? If you decide that consciousness is wonderful then the worm is welcomed. It seems as though nature tries very hard to produce consciousness in us. The worm eats to produce consciousness in the long run. No matter how destructive the worm seems in the beginning it will be your greatest benefactor, for it will bring you the germ of life. C.G. Jung, Dream Seminar, p. 239

I am looking down and see that my right foot is wearing a brown penny loafer style shoe. Comment: It as if the unconscious says that my conscious standpoint involves the meaning of a penny for it has “tanned” (browned) my standpoint. Lincoln is the image on an American penny – suggesting that the resolution of an inner Civil War has affected my consciousness. Further, there was the individuation song “Five Pennies To Wish On” and it was an autobiographic set of lyrics based on one man’s earthly sojourn.

I see the base area of two young white birch trees that are close together – suggesting their roots are intertwined. Then I see that they have been partially uprooted with the trunks at a 45-degree angle with the ground. Sure enough the roots are intertwined. Suddenly, the way the image appears in the view gives me the impression that these trunks are my two legs (my conscious standpoint). Comment: Birch trees periodically shed their bark (skin) in order to make room for more growth. This is a VNS connection to a snake (image for the reptilian psyche) that periodically will shed its skin. We live in a time involving the transformation of the gods and as Edinger notes, “consciousness is the agency of transformation in God and in man.” Finally, I am reminded of the two side-by-side elephant legs that looked like trees standing on the ground as seen recently in The Wholeness Breeder Cometh. My Republican voting psyche has been grounded with the Democratic earth of the World Soul.

Sun. 26 March 2017


A former young engineering associate (Mitch of Greek ancestry) is sitting at the Dooms Day hour directly across from me at a rectangular wood table. He is smiling broadly. We get into an argument because of my comments about his being such a ladies man but has never married or had a long term relationship. I apologize for my comments and while doing so notice his normal hairdo is a fuzzball.

End of Dream

Comment: The Mitch part of Gregory in his inner “ladies man role” is meant. This young man was “Happy Go Lucky” and very handsome. He could charm the pants off most any woman he met without even trying. It seems I am on better terms with this aspect of myself on the inner level. The fuzzball hairdo is of course a connection to Sai Baba’s and thus enabling Avatar Making.

I am standing by the NW corner area of a neighbor’s home and see a red sedan passing by on Big Springs road – traveling from the NE to the SE (Mt. Shasta in the view). There are four men in the car – suggesting four functions are involved in creating new subtle body matter.

I learn that a woman who lives in a home is artistic. Comment: Artistic people operate out of the right brain or Eros ego.

I see my wife in a daylight view standing in the NW corner with her back to that corner. She brings her fingers up to her two eyes and rubs them as if they are Aladdin magic lamps. She blinks and blinks as if something has irritated them. Comment: See my further amplification on Superman eyes at the end of this post.

I see an old-style hand cranked drill like my father had in his carpentry tool box. It is being used to drill a hole in the due East side of a square plywood piece in the NW corner of a room.

I see a man in a wheel chair interacting with a young man in a daylight scene. Then in the darkness I see a dinner fork whose tines are pointed into the NW along a diagonal.

Briefly, I see a silhouette side view of a mushroom on a stem growing out of the Earth in a dark scene. It is leaning at a 45-degree angle towards the NW.

I see a man standing in a front yard of a home. He is looking across the street at 3 trees by a home. The tree in the center had yellow leaves while the one on his right had red leaves. The one on the left was in silhouette but I assume it has green leaves.

I am lightly kissing my adult daughter Amy as we stand at a 90 degree angle to each other. It is not a sexual energy kiss. Comment: Amy is FN in her psychology – something I have struggled with for a long time to incorporate in my psychological functioning. With Remo’s help starting in late 2002 I realized that the only way to operate out of all four functions is to be able to enter the unus mundus via an Eros ego altered state of consciousness and like this include my inferior function.

I see a human forehead that has a small vertical gold fish whose head is partially pushed into the skin. Red lines are seen in the skin of the goldfish suggesting Ra seeing is meant.

A couple enters a room from its NW corner – mostly hidden by tall rectangular dark objects on a desk. They appear to be very happy with each other.

Mon. 27 March 2017

I hear, “Translate the darkness.”

I see my wife in a daylight view standing in the NW corner with her back to the corner. She is looking over behind her right shoulder into the NW. This suggests that the unconscious side of the World Soul is manifesting as new incarnation in the NW.

I see a close-up view of the right side of a police officer wearing a cyan-blue shirt and dark blue trousers. He holds a black Glock style pistol pointed downwards in his left hand and the weapon rests on his left buttocks – the one the bull elephant prodded with its tusk on the female as seen in Opening Pandora’s Box Is Act of Psychic Terrorism.

I see the face of an old man with a full head of long white hair curved up at its ends as if a collapsing wave. His mouth is wide open as if yelling something. His head is turned towards his right side.

In the NW of the view I see three propane cylinders of different heights in the darkness. It looks like 3 fingers; the 3 fingers of the Iranian Apocalypse.
Iran Three Fingers of the Apocalypse.jpg
Iran Three Fingers of the Apocalypse.jpg [ 27.45 KiB | Viewed 5873 times ]

In the SE corner of a painting I see a curved V-shape. The signature of an artist it seems.

I see a middle aged woman with black hair and wearing a white dress having a wide blue belt around her waist. She is walking from the SE area (2nd chakra color) of the apricot tree in our backyard towards the NE. At the moment she stands next to the sprinkler system control box. Comment: This system uses solenoid control valves (contain a helical wound coil) – a connection to the helical antenna that has been connected to being the simple device that saves the world.
Solenoid.png [ 73.17 KiB | Viewed 5873 times ]

I see a top view of a white left thumb that is pressing down on the lip of a dark open cylinder in the SW.

Tues. 28 March 2017

In the darkness, I see a vertical wormhole in the shape of clear crystal glass in the NW of the view. A “diamond body” maker connection it seems.

In the darkness of the Doomsday Hour I see a teaspoon pointed vertically upwards as if an hour hand on a clock. My left thumb is rubbing from the bottom area of the spoon portion to its top – suggesting that the Wisdom of the World Soul has been transferred to the individual soul in a “bowl of individuation” process involving the rubbing of Aladdin’s “lamp.”


PS When I saw the following car wheel “four eyes” image I was reminded of the head of Superman with binocular light beams shining into the darkness – reminding me of his X-ray vision powers acting as a discriminating power like a sword or knife since he could see more than skin deep beauty. “Although called X-ray vision, this power has little to do with the actual effect of X-rays. Instead, it is usually presented as the ability to selectively see through certain objects as though they are invisible or translucent in order to see objects or surfaces beyond or deep to the affected object or material.” Seeing with four introverted functions seems meant. As noted in the white worm amplification earlier in this post this Eros ego consciousness operates out of “The sympathetic nervous system which is connected with a form of ‘seeing’, it is actually an organ of perception, comparable to the eye or ear.” The following Superman quote came up in the Season 3, episode 10 of "Criminal Minds".
Four Eyes.jpg
Four Eyes.jpg [ 44.71 KiB | Viewed 5873 times ]

Superman is, after all, an alien life form. He’s simply the acceptable face of invading realities. Author Clive Barker

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Post Take Away My Sins (SHADOW)
Thurs. 30 March 2017


I am standing in the SE area of a basketball court. The bleachers are full. I see “the new young pope” sits at the floor level along the due East area. Later, he tells me he wants all the data – with nothing held back. He repeats this comment. I assure him that I will present all the data.

I then see that the data is presented on a square grid that covered the basketball floor.

End of Dream

Comment: The new young pope advises me to include “all the data” – stuff from my early journals seems meant as this information comes up in the following post. Shooting hoops scores points in basketball. This activity has been connected to the release of psychophysical radiations because of the mushroom cloud shape of the white backboard to which the red hoop is attached. Enlightening “gamma rays” builds up matter-psyche for the subtle body might be one way to translate the color codes involved; something that promotes wholeness (the circular hoop) in the HermAphrodite.

Now I see a slow-moving green and yellow streaked medium – flowing from the West to the East – as if so much lava.

Fri. 31 March 2017

I see a very long yellow spaghetti strand lying in a haphazard wavy manner along with a very long red spaghetti strand that lies in a similar manner with it on a flat surface. Comment: In a September 2008 vision a woman was seen dangling a long length of yellow spaghetti down her open mouth and into her throat – something that was later connected to being the “Sword of Damocles”. Red and yellow are the colors of the renewed sky God Ra. Spaghetti took on a potent psychic infestation aspect when it was seen in the shape of the Ebola virus. Spaghetti has been connected to being a white cord outlining the shape of 3 Popsicle sticks (effects from the lower 3 chakras) seen on the black Lincoln Memorial plaque. Finally, later on in this post the temporary uniting (its throat "shaft") of the "Wheels of Ezekiel" connect spaghetti to this "shaft" - meaning Ra colors are passed through the wormhole (shaft) from the chthonic realm of the lower 3 chakras.
Spaghetti Dangling Eating.jpg
Spaghetti Dangling Eating.jpg [ 67.69 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]


I see my father, when he was middle-aged, standing on the top of a flat railing that is inches from the surface of clear cyan-blue water below. He wavers as he bends over to retrieve something floating in the water by the railing and gives it to someone sitting in the bleachers at the edge of the water by the railing. I walk up behind him on the railing and hold him from behind and steady him. A middle-aged woman enters the water and climbs on the railing and stands in front of him. The railing is weaving side-to-side from all the weight. The movement settles down and we slowly walk off the railing.

End of Dream

Comment: Becoming my own father now requires a union of the opposites in the water chakra.

Sat. 1 April 2017


I show a huge buffalo nickel (silver dollar size) held in a clear plastic holder to my high school classmate, RD. He immediately takes it and places it in his right front pants pocket and walks away into the NW of the dark room.

I then walk over to my large rectangular wood office desk and stand in front of the desk chair. A man standing in front of the desk places a pile of letter sized papers (my journals?) in front of my left side.

End of Dream

Comment: A buffalo nickel began production in 1913 – something connected to the start of Jung’s Night Sea Journey. RD is associated with having “goosed” me when in elementary school – something that has psychologically traumatized my ability to urinate in a public restroom. It seems that anal “goose” which constipated my outer functioning has been able to function normally through inner co-creative new births in consciousness.

I see my son-in-law standing in the NW of my view. He is wearing a blue and white checkered shirt. His upper body build gives him the look of being in a football uniform that is hidden underneath the shirt. Something about drinking beer as he places a can on a table. Comment: I see that Bud Light comes in a blue and white can and is the beer often advertised on TV during NFL football games.

Then I see a stocky built man walking away from me. He wears an olive colored tee shirt and bluish-white jeans. He holds his right hand behind his back such that it is over the center of his buttocks. Comment: His right hand seems to suggest a connection to being a pony tail – meaning that the farts and turds which emanate from underneath this tail are the new births in consciousness the right hand implements in the role of being a vehicle which produces consciousness.

Sun. 2 April 2017

I see in the darkness of the NW in the view a campfire having a teardrop shaped tongue of cyan colored fire emanating from the top of a circular arrangement of split firewood. I immediately recall that underneath cyan is the color blue when the health meter in the game of DOOM exceeds 100%. Comment: This health meter can reach 200% during the last stages of playing DOOM – suggesting that the subtle body, the diamond body – is able to achieve twice the strength of normal diamond by including the effects of Eros Self enlightenment. A bipolar God-image allows for this possibility – an attribute of the buckyball. A fart (new increatum birth in consciousness) when ignited burns with an Avatar colored flame – connecting farts with Avatar Making – a psychologically healthy endeavor.

In the side of a shallow flash-flood ditch of reddish-yellowish desert – I see a white skeleton animal head has been partially uncovered. The shape suggests it is from a deer or elk. Comment: An enlightened skull surrounded by Ra colors – a lower 3 chakra effect on my consciousness after wandering in the desert of my soul for 40 years.


I am in a long building with many doors and rooms. At the moment I am in a small, secluded area with a lovely young maiden with black hair wearing a red dress. She never looks at me – always keeping her head looking downwards. She wants to explore her sexuality. Foreplay ensues and soon I see a very erect penis angled 45 degrees that seems to be pointing towards us from out of the Doomsday Hour location on a black background.

End of Dream

Comment: Red & Black are the colors of the underworld and of SW – the location of my inferior function.

In a nighttime view in the NW I see many white flag poles about human height – each waving a red (as if on fire) triangular flag blowing towards the West. The flags outline a huge oval shape in a “ring of fire” arrangement. I have the impression that underneath the red is yellow – signaling Ra colors. It seems the young maiden’s red dress in the above dream also has yellow underneath. Comment: Since an oval is connected to a football shape and the shape of the negative energy holding open the throat of a wormhole this vision indicates the renewed sky-God Ra emerges from this unus mundus region.

Mon. 3 April 2017

I see MG (my ex-mother-in-law; deceased) in the NW of a well-lighted room. She appears middle aged and very healthy. She wears a 1950’s style black and white checkered dress in this left profile view. Comment: MG was diagnosed as schizophrenic during the last 10 years of her life which resulted in a destructive upheaval in all around her. It seems Gregory has made contact with schizophrenic traits which allows him to have a constructive Eros ego relationship with the Eros Self – something that has incarnated (square or checker shapes) a union of the opposites.

In the darkness, I see two “hat” shaped roof tops – one behind the other on either end of a black shingled roof. The roofing on the “hat” shaped ends (inverted V-shapes) have tan asphalt shingles and the eve’s are dark green. Comment: His & Hers synchronized Christ consciousness it seems – a connection to the black and white checker dress of MG.
Roof.jpg [ 32.32 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]

Tues. 4 April 2017


A long reoccurring dream during the night about a complicated repeating numerical pattern that is difficult to predict. It was finally connected to being related to prime numbers. As one’s soul development proceeds the pattern becomes more complicated.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I was recalling that the inverse of 137 (which is the 33rd prime number) is the fine structure constant for our universe. Thirty three = 3+3 - a connection to the bipolarity of the heart chakra and to the bipolarity of the God-image. Further, the spindle torus becoming an approximation to the horn torus in the limit of Planck’s Length gives the “Point A” in a horn torus a connection to the “big bang” location that created our universe. All these connections came flooding back in.

Wed. 5 April 2017

I see a pale gray cone having a vertex angle of about 20 degrees whose apex touches a plane along the West side in the NW corner of the view. I suddenly have the impression that the North wall will eventually “cut” through the cone - creating a hyperbola. Comment: Such a shape is defined as F(x) = 1/x which form a pair of hyperbola as shown in the following image. This reminds me of the Schwarschild Wormhole animation which shows movement through a wormhole and which first came up in my December 2007 material. Like this the World Soul indicates that an incarnational flow can take place from out of the unus mundus between worlds via a "candy" kissing process between masculine and feminine principles (AKA uniting the Wheels of Ezekiel).
Hyperbola.png [ 54.95 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]
Schww.gif [ 69.09 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]

I see right thumb in the darkness down below as if it is my thumb. It is pressed onto something not seen – the “Bombs Away” red button in a white surface it seems. A Rainmaker effect from the opus of the HermAphrodite seems meant.

I see a small stream of turbulent (aerated) water pouring down into the view in front of me as if from a watering can on the top of my head. It’s the aqua permeans – the divine water that dissolves all substances.

I see a gold doubloon (meaning double) being placed in the throat or Adam’s apple area of a man’s shirt. It reminds me of the following Spanish doblòn. The term, doubloon, was first used to describe the golden excelente either because of its value of two ducats or because of the double portrait of Ferdinand and Isabella. A union of the opposites in the throat chakra of the wormhole seems meant. The gold coin seen looked like the obverse side of the following coin. I am reminded of the World Soul’s refrain, “All that you speak, becomes!”
Doubloon.jpg [ 60.57 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]

I see what reminds me of the butt end on the hilt of a sword. It is a black cylindrical shape having a dome shaped end. The central area of the dome is red and seems to be stamped with a fine detail – of the obverse side of the pattern on the above doubloon. The “Sword of Damocles” it seems. This end was angled at 45 degrees across the NW in the dark view.

Thurs. 6 April 2017


I give my youngest daughter Amy a water glass filled with ice (a union of air and frozen water). Fr. Heyer (he has been connected to promoting the coniunctio) is here.

End of Dream

I am looking across Lake Shastina and over at Elk Ridge where I see by each home a huge “flat” cyan rectangular shape that has two side-by-side indentations as if for huge feet. They seem to be waterboards – something towed behind a speed boat for water skiing.

I see a portion of a left thumb – its fingerprint side. Two small touching side-by-side rings of slightly elevated flesh are seen along one edge. I am immediately reminded of a horn torus for it would be formed by the revolution of such touching circles. Recall that a horn torus has a “Point A” big bang creation location where the circles touch. This indicates that the World Soul using the Jnana Mudra can impart such a “big bang” creation of consciousness in the individual soul.

I see a man standing on the porch by the front door to our home which is slightly opened. My wife stands on the inside of the house by that door and she is naked. The man offers her a handful of crushed ice. He tosses it up over the top of the door (has a parabolic trajectory) and it lands on her and falls to the floor. I hear her say, “Oh, shit.”

I am looking at the windows on my office deck. A new set on the inside has been added in wide brown wood frames. Comment: The house I grew up in had such “storm” windows but they were mounted on the outside of the home (a hermetic seal?) – not on the inside like on my office deck. This suggests that the storms created by conflicts within my own soul are being confined within the vessel of my own psyche – my own subtle body. This is the antidote to the expression, “There are wars without because there are wars within the psyche of humanity.” Leading a highly introverted life in my elder years with much of my time devoted to journaling my inner life seems to be the right attitude.

I see a very excited man as he talks about the enlightenment he senses coming from all the strawberries that fills the rectangular surface of a table. Further, he looks at his 3rd eye area and sees a red dot on his white skin.

I see a hand trying to open a red square shaped metal case that immediately reminds me of a cigarette case (something that holds white cigarettes). This configuration is color code connected to those in a strawberry. A similar cigarette case was seen in Hitting Speed Bumps Is Good For The Heart – 10 January 2017 and was connected to the rectangular shape of the monk spot on the World Soul.

I am walking behind family members that seem to be heading to church. As we do so all these sweet looking jelly filled pastries and many different sugar coated donuts are seen. As I was recording this I saw a hand painted 5x7 rectangular piece of cardboard. The image had a large yellow region emanating from the NW corner and it was surrounded by red; Ra colors. Some unreadable black text covers the image. Comment: This painting reminds me of Betelgeuse – a variable red supergiant star near the right shoulder of Orion. This star is nearing its death via a hypernova explosion which produces gamma rays (enlightenment). Like this it contains all the colors in the Apocalypse. Further, I am reminded of the December 1982 watercolor painting I made that showed a tree trunk having the buttocks of a woman along its length and a similar renewed Ra sky God next to it as if it was produced by the turds and farts of the feminine VNS as a lower sun effect.
Ra Images.jpg
Ra Images.jpg [ 25.32 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]

In our front yard on the dividing island between our 2nd and 3rd driveway I see large green V-shaped leaves like that on an Iris plant. Within each cluster of leaves in each plant is a single purple flower – as if to say the VNS unites the opposites in a Holy Passion Week process.

I see a young woman from her SE area. She wears a long black sweater that covers her hips. A faint red stitching of “flowing dashed lines” bracket the spine starting at the neck area and widen as they “flow” down to her hips along her backside. She is bent over a bit as she looks into a refrigerator. Comment: Red and black are the colors of the underworld and are the colors of SW where my inferior function is located. Further, I recall the May 1983 vision of a huge black hairy demon (my shadow) using a huge sword to sear a black, bleeding cross in my back during a 1983 contemplative retreat as shared in Seppuku Birthing – 13 January 2015
Taw Cross Shadow.jpg
Taw Cross Shadow.jpg [ 62.74 KiB | Viewed 5839 times ]
Take Away My Sins


PS I found a collection of Jung’s comments on the SHADOW as I was preparing to make this post. See: http://psikoloji.fisek.com.tr/jung/shadow.htm They all are well worth reading – I include one of them as seen in the following quote. Edinger noted in his writings that it does no good to rail against this or that evil (Trump) in the world. The only demons that one can make peace with is to become conscious of that which is tormenting your own soul. Like this we are all deplorable, “Trumpsters” now. Such souls have the potential to win an inner Trump presidency and thus can become redeemable.

No, the demons are not banished; that is a difficult task that still lies ahead. Now that the angel of history has abandoned the Germans, the demons will seek a new victim. And that won't be difficult. Every man who loses his shadow, every nation that falls into self-righteousness, is their prey.... We should not forget that exactly the same fatal tendency to collectivization is present in the victorious nations as in the Germans, that they can just as suddenly become a victim of the demonic powers. C.G. Jung, "The Postwar Psychic Problems of the Germans" (1945)

PPS I see the NW United States is becoming a haven for “End of the World” preppers. An outer unconscious attempt to integrate the Apocalypse archetype in the NW it seems.
NW US.jpg
NW US.jpg [ 30.91 KiB | Viewed 5837 times ]

http://www.news.com.au/world/north-amer ... d581636fee

Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:32 pm
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Post Re: The New God-Image
I just read an article on a French website that speaks of an astrophysicist Lord Rees.
An English link : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04 ... stronomer/
"Robots could replace humans within the next few hundred years, Astronomer Royal predicts "

Recently I had two apocalyptic dreams, identical : The scene takes place in Lyon, In my parents' apartment, and I look out the window of my old bedroom. I see giant robots, which measure several hundred meters. They are hostile and I decide to flee. And if I remember correctly, one of those robots was slightly smaller and had a feminine look. I tell myself that it is the World Soul.

robots.PNG [ 324.45 KiB | Viewed 5833 times ]

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:36 pm
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Post Re: The New God-Image
Dream of this morning :

The scene takes place in Lyon. I'm sitting at the back of a classroom. The windows are located on the left and through you can see Fourvière. Looking through the window, I have a vision but I do not really pay attention. Then again, the same vision is repeated a second time: below the Cathedral of Fourvière, I see Holy Virgins (a dozen?), one next to the other, standing. I can see them from the front. They have blue skin. They are identical, with the exception of the one in the center, which looks towards the sky and whose face expresses devotion. I need to talk about this vision to someone in the class but I realize that the vision continues. On my right beside me is the Holy Virgin with blue skin. (Maybe we touch our hands / my right hand)

comment :
- Yesterday I Watched the last trilogy of the X-men.
blue.PNG [ 136.76 KiB | Viewed 5824 times ]

"There have been a few characters over the years whose faith has been made explicit. Daredevil, the blind superhero who will be played by Ben Affleck, is Catholic. Nightcrawler, a member of the X-Men who may make it into the next movie, is considering becoming a Catholic priest. " : http://www.adherents.com/lit/comics/Nightcrawler.html
night.PNG [ 393.06 KiB | Viewed 5824 times ]

night 2.PNG
night 2.PNG [ 461.28 KiB | Viewed 5824 times ]

- Tomorrow is my mother's birthday ( I don't know if it is interesting)

fourviere.PNG [ 382.41 KiB | Viewed 5824 times ]

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:46 pm
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Post What The World Needs Now Is lovE, Sweet lovE
Sat. 8 April 2017

I see Donald Trump. I have the impression that he is not to be despised but integrated, i.e., his shadow. He is the poster child for all of us as we try to consciously integrate our own shadows.

Then I see a man holding in his left hand a shallow, square shaped, semi-transparent whitish plastic container filled to the brim with large ripe pale green chardonnay “grapes of wrath” that have been connected to being the “rite of passage” wine. Such “wrath of God” grapes from the “first days of creation” have been seen in January 2007 visions moving through the throat of a wormhole. The man is walking along the North side of a rectangular table and curves around its NW corner and heads South towards my location in the SW.
Tunnel Grapes.JPG
Tunnel Grapes.JPG [ 12.41 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]

Rite Of Passage Chardonnay Wine
I see a circular, shallow whitish plastic container that is filled with a yellowish pasta and sauce along with some green peas. Eros Christ consciousness incarnating in the NW is meant.

I see long lengths of shredded cheddar cheese in the shape of pasta. Lying in its midst are green bell pepper spears. All this lies piled up along the North side of a whitish shallow rectangular plastic container.

I see a flat shinny whitish stainless steel metal piece. It rotates back and forth around its long axis (the back and forth rotation reminds me of the “tick-tock” motion of a pendulum). It looks like a spear having a heart shaped spear point. It is pointed into the NW corner in the view.

In a shallow whitish plastic rectangular container I see a hand toss several small whitish cube shapes into its NW corner. They look like white (goat?) cheese.

In the center of the view on a small circular dark green background I see a gold square shape standing on one of its corners – giving the appearance of being a diamond shape. Then the view changes and now in the center I see an opened shallow circular can held by its SE edge with a thumb and index finger tip. The interior of the can is coated yellow-gold on its inside as if a bronze metal is meant. It reminds me of a tuna fish can. Squaring the circle using integrated unconscious contents seems meant.

I see the top of a pine tree that has been cut off. It is as if I am hoovering by the top of this tree and see that my arms are actually long dark wings extended out in front of me as if I am trying to land on the “stump” shape at the top of this tree.

I see a glob of dark red jam fall off the side of some food held in a right hand.

I am recalling that matter and anti-matter when combined produce a tremendous white glowing release of energy (enlightenment). Connecting the Wheels of Ezekiel with a shaft wormhole throat would produce such an effect is meant – suggesting that Spacetime is matter and the Beyond is anti-matter.

I see large breast shaped piles of manure with some straw mixed in.

Sun. 9 April 2017


I find myself standing on the top of a whitish balloon with my older brother (extraverted sensation type) who owns the balloon. Eventually we land and encounter my youngest brother (feeling type). I sense that I have not treated my younger brother right is some way. Then my older brother and I depart once again on the top of his balloon. We move along “clipping” the cloud tops – giving us spectacular views. My brother likes it up here because you travel faster (20 mph). Soon we begin our descent to a snow covered base of a snow-covered mountain like Mount Shasta looks at this time. Comment: Siblings appearing in dreams and visions refer to aspects of one’s shadow. My older brother comes up again later on in this post and reveals just what my unintegrated shadow is that he carries.

End of Dream

Comment: Mount Shasta is to the SE of our home. It seems I am to color code this mountain peak as being SE – as if to say, “out of the mountain peak comes enlightenment from the 2nd chakra”. Yin > Higher Yang would be another way of putting it. Mt. Shasta is an active volcano.

I hear a man playing a guitar and singing a Civil War song.

I see a snow-covered mountain top having a couple of parallel orange cloud streaks above its peak and a single white cloud streak below these.

I see two pair of naked white legs lying on a flat dark surface. The smaller pair (woman’s) are between the larger pair (main’s) – as if the woman is lying on the man. A coniunctio image it seems.

I keep hearing over and over, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love…” - a 1965 popular song with lyrics by Hal David and music composed by Burt Bacharach. Comment: Love spelled backwards (Evol) seems meant. My visions and dreams provide a sharp contrast to the hopeful utopian lyrics from this song shown below.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

Lord, we don't need another mountain,
There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb
There are oceans and rivers enough to cross,
Enough to last till the end of time.

Following the above I watched “Risky Business” a Season 5, Episode 13 of “Criminal Minds” and the following quote is used at the end as if to summarize the lessons learned in this episode.

Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn. C.S. Lewis

Tues. 11 April 2017

In a dark black and white scene, I see a vertical shaft in the center of the view that has a ship’s propeller resting on the bottom and slowly rotating counterclockwise as if trying to “drill” down into the dusty surface. Movement into the unconscious is meant – as the Night Sea Journey continues. Then a left foot wearing a man’s swede boot is seen sticking into the center of the view from out of the East side.

Now I am looking down at a close-up view of a few strands of shredded cheddar cheese laying on a plain white paper towel. I recall the orange cloud streaks vision earlier in this post that were just above the snow covered mountain peak – something that suggested SE > SE was meant. It is as if to say that the 2nd chakra brings enlightenment in bits and pieces as if so much Morse Code.

On the SW corner of a white page I see a black pencil sketch of a small tree with canopy.

I am with my wife when I see a wild gray cat that looks like a smaller version of a house cat along the South side in the view which is facing East in the SW of the view. I extend the side of my right index finger down next to the left side of its head. The cat is friendly and rubs the side of its head against the finger as if it pets itself. I have the impression it wants to be adopted. I later have the sudden impression its head is like an Aladdin’s lamp which will grant one 3 wishes. Further, it is empowering the anointing this index finger has been seen doing to the foreheads of others in 2006 visions. Comment: This gray cat reminds me of the larger one my daughter Amy had in 1985. It wanted to be fed one day when I came home from work and I shooed it away with my foot. I later saw it peeing on my pillow in the master bedroom. It seems I am on better terms with the feminine these days. Gray is the color of the unconscious.

I am inside a large building looking down at the floor which has long wide orange strips (cheddar cheese color) arranged side by side and separated by long dark wood ribs – giving the impression that this is roofing material. Comment; Rubbing the left side of the gray cat’s head seems to have produced this 2nd chakra colored roofing material. A roof is connected to the consciousness of the subtle body – something the anointing of the index finger imparts seems meant.

In a black and white scene I see the left hand of a woman whose fingertips seem to be gathering up some loose material in a little pile on a black surface. This is taking place at the Doomsday Hour in the view. I have the impression she is gathering together some shredded cheddar cheese that was lying on the white paper towel.

I see a frontal view of the left side of the face of a lovely young Asian woman who is smiling at me. Then I see the right side of the head of a middle-aged man wearing circular glasses (like Pope Pius XII does as seen later on in this post) – as if I am “an angel” kneeling on his right shoulder viewing him. He appears to be looking down at the face of the Asian woman.

Down below I see a miniature Bengal tiger that is in the NW of the view. I recall the 2007 vision of having a “tiger by the tail” as I stood by the outside SW area of our home. It is as if the “power” of the tiger has been transferred to Gregory after these many years of “wrestling” with its animal nature – the knowing of the feminine principle via the 2nd chakra seems meant based on the colors in a tiger’s hide – a connection to SE > SE seems meant.

I am looking up at the night sky and see a colorful “star burst” that immediately reminds me of the “Star Birth” image in the following article I read recently; ALMA captures explosive star birth. A multiplicatio release of psychophysical radiations is meant. It is a connection to Nickolas von Flue’s “memory” while in the womb – as if he was a star being born; something shared near the end of What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought – 26 August 2016. Briefly, Human beings becoming new stars, i.e., emitters of light (consciousness) of a new worldview. A star announces the birth of an outstanding personality as instanced in the Bible where the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Christ to the three wise men. In many civilizations you meet the idea that the human soul was a star before birth and becomes one again after death – MLvF on the Dreams and Visions of Nickolas von Flue. It’s a connection to the (diminished) miniature Bengal tiger seen earlier in this post – as if to say something in the unconscious has incarnated as new consciousness.
Star Birth.jpg
Star Birth.jpg [ 51.4 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]

I see a “cubic” chunk of ripe tomato lying at the center of a gray earthen footpath. Love-fruit from Paradise has incarnated.

I am watching an old time black and white movie. A door suddenly closes in a room.

In the darkness, I see the index finger on a woman’s hand down below that seems to be my left hand.

In the darkness above I see a huge, black right wing as if on a huge black bird. I recall the black eagle carrying the World Clock on its back. Further, I suddenly recall the pulsing movement of that clock as if that pulsing movement is connected to the dream of the “tick-tock” dance-in-place movement Hillary Clinton and I were doing while singing a song as shared in Opening Pandora’s Box Is Act of Psychic Terrorism – 16 March 2017.

I see a wide piece of aluminum foil that curls downwards above the top edge of a window in a bathroom.

In the darkness, I see a SW view of a bent over man dressed in a black suit. He is looking down at something I cannot see. He is slowly backing up as if he is unraveling something.

In an outdoor garden setting I see a long, large concrete design that looks like the hilt and blade on a sword. A garden pathway design.

I see a middle aged heavy-set woman dressed in black. She is with a trim, young woman on her left also dressed in black. The are about to enter the right side of a black car parked by a curb – the larger woman in the front passenger seat (NE) and the other in the SE passenger seat.

I am looking down at an open empty vegetable can that is coated with bronze metal on its inside. I immediately recall an article I read a few months ago about the the bacteria-fighting super element, bronze, that’s making a comeback in hospitals. See: Bacteria Fighting Super-Element It is as if to say the VNS protects one’s subtle body health from infection.

I see the right side of a young man’s head as if looking at it from the top of his right shoulder. He holds a used match stick in his mouth. The brunt black end is partially consumed as if it is a cigarette. Striking matches sparingly in order to raise one’s own consciousness is meant. This came up in Opening Pandora’s Box Is Act of Psychic Terrorism.

Thurs. 13 April 2017

I see a partial view of a man dressed in white undergarments with a crimsoned outer robe like a pope might wear. He is sitting and reading something in the adjacent room. He reminds me of Pope Pius XII (who declared Mary’s ascension, body & soul, into heaven – something Jung placed great emphasis on since it meant a union of spirit and matter; a connection to the wedding of the Black Madonna with the elect according to a 1994 dream of Marie Louise von Franz). Then the scene shifts to seeing a close-up view of the shins and shoes of what must be a peasant for his shoes are muddy but of very good quality and his dark gray pants looked dirty. A common laborer it seems. Comment: An Eros Christ pope it seems. An image for Gregory. I recall the circular eye glasses seen on the man earlier in this post that match those worn by Pope Pius XII. It seems I am one of the 100 elect that is allowed to take part in the wedding.
Pope_Pius_XII.jpg [ 37.34 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]

Marie Louise von Franz is working in the laundry at the cloister in Einsiedeln. She is given to understand that Jung would come down from heaven to the wedding of the Black Madonna. Marie-Louise is among the one hundred elect who are permitted to take part in the wedding.

Comment: She said that the unconscious was indeed preparing a remedy for the world and a union, to be sure not one “above in the spiritual realm,” but a union of above and below, a union of spirit and matter. Very early on the Virgin Mary was thought to be “the earth;” the Black Madonna was a nature goddess. And yet the union comes about in a Christian framework, which she (Marie-Louise) never could accept. But still the dream filled her with the highest happiness.

Fri. 14 April 2017

I am recalling the head on the Sun-Moon chakra tree that looks like a sliced in half hard-boiled egg. Then I recall the vision of seeing two eggs cooked sunny side up in a black frying pan. Like this I realized the HermAphrodite has an oval-shaped “egg-head” (reminds me of a July 2006 vision of a youth with a Down’s syndrome exaggerated “egg-shaped” head) is meant indicating mind-melding taking place between masculine and feminine principles. Further, it seems Abraxas has impregnated this egg and like this has “hatched” an enlightened chicken (which seems to answer the age-old question; “Which came first; the chicken or the egg”). Further, I flashback to the dream of standing in a golden sphere (an egg yolk connection it seems) on an airplane about to crash into the Pacific Ocean.
Egg Head.jpg
Egg Head.jpg [ 50.8 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]

In the darkness, I see the two wheels of a bicycle invisibly suspended in front of me as if a huge set of circular eyeglasses. Comment: The Wheels of Ezekiel are meant. Seeing the opposites as one.

I see the face of my older brother in a bathroom mirror as if it is me standing there looking at myself. He holds a white tissue up to his right nostril as if he has a nose bleed. Comment: As I prepared this post I suddenly recalled what my first cousin, JS, said to me in the summer of 1958 when I was faced with no money but wanted to start my freshman year in college. He said, “Stick your finger up your nose and keep plugging.” I was so struck by that simple suggestion that I have never forgotten it. In fact, just a few days ago JS sent me an email that reminded me of his 1958 comment (almost 60 years ago) and so I wrote him and reminded him of his strange way of encouraging me forwards. That “plugging” has required an extraordinary amount of blood (libido) in this four Blood Moon Apocalypse. My older brother is a shadow part. He was the black sheep amongst my siblings for he “whored around” - projected onto outer women a hunger for physical intimacy instead of seeking psychological intimacy with the inner feminine. We are an image for “the hostile brothers”; a Cain (Eros) and Able (Logos) duet. All this despite the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in which he was raised that included 12 years of parochial education. I have the same background but chose to follow the religious teachings. Integrating this shadow part meant learning how to have psychological intimacy with the feminine principle via an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. Interestingly, I then have a vision of a large pile of what looks like sheep droppings. A clump of black ones attached to the top of a huge pile of white ones. Yin > higher Yang in a multiplicatio manifestation (as if a dark stone meteor breaks up into a cascading multiplicatio of glowing white fragments – a connection to Pauli’s meteor synchronicity after his discussions with Jung on the incarnatio; See: Wolfgang Pauli’s incarnatio synchronicity, the alchemical multiplicatio and psychophysical radioactivity)
Sheep Droppings.jpg
Sheep Droppings.jpg [ 88.65 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]

I am walking along in the main aisle of a mall when a woman comes past pushing a tall food cart with many open shelves loaded with large cooked sausage. She stops and says, “Would you like one?” I selected a serving ($2.75) that was in an open white paper rectangular container and handed her $3. She handed me the pork sausage (shaped like a slightly curved large turd) as well as 4 pieces of over-cooked bacon on a square white paper napkin. It seems she was not able to give me any change so the 4 pieces of bacon were worth 25 cents (25 = 2+5 = 7). Comment: Consuming “cooked sow” seems meant (from lower 3 chakras). An American quarter has the image of the first president of the United States on it. I then recall having seen a yellow rose on a green stem in years past – a rose being an image of the Eros Self and thus of Eros Christ consciousness is meant.

I am recalling the following animation which show the throat formation and detachment between Spacetime and the Beyond. The focus is on the yellow arrows which show that a two-way flow exchange takes place between these two realms – as if both realms are being updated from the coniunctio of the King & Queen taking place in the unus mundus (throat aka the Einstein-Rosen bridge).
Schww-90.gif [ 69.09 KiB | Viewed 5790 times ]


PS When watching an episode of Season 5 on “Criminal Minds” about Dracula (vampirism) I suddenly recalled the dream I shared in Twas The Night Before Christmas – 2 September 2015 about how only certain key men who have become HermAphrodites are the only ones who could give birth.

5 March 2003

Certain Key Men Have Become Hermaphrodites
Something happened in the world that caused a great shift. From now on only men are able to give birth. The way children are born into the world has been completely altered. I don’t know how this was accomplished but women were taken right out of the loop.

Somehow men now had women’s eggs in themselves and the eggs were impregnated within themselves. But only certain key men had this ability. Such a man could empower another man to have a child but only through a ritual. This ritual involved the key man spraying other men with his stream of eggs and sperm. As soon as any of the streams touched another man he was impregnated and would eventually give birth to a child. It was not clear if these new men could empower other men.

Those men who could not or would not allow themselves to be so empowered became homosexuals and lived out their lives in this way.

End of Dream

PPS The following article reminded me of Remo’s book title, “Return of the World Soul”. Be sure to read the comments which are all male biased. Dealing with our shadows means dealing with our demons – which if redeemed are pure gold, i.e., higher consciousness.

Italian man granted divorce after claiming wife 'possessed by devil'

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Post Re: The New God-Image

For your information, perhaps a week ago I dreamt of a Bengal tiger cub. It was in my home and appeared to be sick/wretching. Someone tried to lead it to the door and outside to vomit. I saw that it did not want to go, so I stopped them. The tiger, now larger, made its way to the NW corner of the room and lay hunched in to itself. It was very injured/poorly and simply needed to be left alone to recover.

I also stroked a greyish cat in dream this morning 17 April. Vaguely, this cat too had recently been poorly and was now recovered.


Some years ago, in dream, I was about to purchase a toy tiger in store. Someone told me “Not yet.” I refrained.

I have a friend who had a back injury when a boy scout and lifting a chest. The chest was a war artefact from a Tiger tank. He is very much agitated by current political events and often rants/projects. I very much see him as struggling with what you call an “inner Trump presidency”. He also knows a little about Jungian projection. On Thursday 13 April he began a little rant and had to immediately stop due to a heavy nose bleed. I suspected at the time that he knew he was about to project, and so stopped himself.

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Post Effects From the Return of the World Soul
Mon. 17 April 2017

I see many palm sized gold teardrop shapes as if made from gold paper. They lay around on the ground in a random manner as if dropped by a recent rain. I pick one up and am careful how I handle it because its blunt end has a sharp saw tooth pattern of various sized V-shapes that could cut one like razor blades. I hold the blunt end surface between my right thumb tip and index fingertip (Jnana Mudra gesture) and rub my thumb around on its golden surface (an Aladdin Lamp activating movement). To my surprise the gold comes off – revealing a thin semitransparent whitish plastic medium underneath. It’s as if a thin layer of gold leaf material covered this otherwise plain whitish plastic teardrop shaped material. Comment: Later, I notice this image has the appearance of the 1980 video game character in Pac-Man – which can eat its enemies. Further, it was a teardrop shaped Holy Spirit that first entered me at my shins during my 1976 Pentecostal experience. The Pac-Man aspect of the Holy Spirit is being emphasized. Ideally, this means that when it touches you that part of your worldview that does not line up with the imperatives of the Eros Self is eventually hunted down and consumed and the worldview of the Eros Self takes its place. It’s a V-shaped, Veronica’s veil, arrowhead heart rendering piercing experience that will enhance your soul, your subtle body. The flame on the stick match comes to mind as well.
Pac-Man.jpg [ 31.71 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

I see a man walking on a wide yellow sandy beach in a remote natural setting on a sunny day. Much green vegetation is seen in the interior. Suddenly, a large clump of green vegetation consisting of grass mixed in with black soil tumbles up to his feet.

On a white background I see a black “cloud” like mass rising up from the horizon in the distance and soon mostly blocks out the white background – as if black earth is becoming airborne.

In a snow covered scene I see a large whitish wolf walking directly away from me as it heads into the NW in the view. It is dragging a dead animal half its size on the ground as if it holds it in its teeth. The “Wolf of all metals” is purifying one’s animal nature seems meant.

I am looking down at black earth and sitting on its surface is a clump of black earth that has the black numeral 33 depressed on its top surface in a circular depression as if a branding iron did this. Comment: The black earth “dust storm” vision just above seems to be connected to this black earth vision. Since 137 is the 33rd prime number and since 1/137 is the fine structure constant for our universe I draw the conclusion that a new creation is “blowing in the wind”. In this regard, I suddenly recall the Ash Wednesday (Day of Ashes) prayer, “Remember man that thou art dust and into dust thou shall return.”
Ash Wednesday.jpg
Ash Wednesday.jpg [ 26.69 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

I see what looks like the remains of a head of cauliflower that someone has been consuming. Only a hand sized V-shaped piece of white cauliflower mostly coated in molten dark chocolate as if dipped in chocolate fondue remains. I recall that the surface of cauliflower has the appearance of being like the folds in the human brain. The knowing of the other center of knowing, the belly brain, is meant. A head of cauliflower on a green “stick” was seen in an August 2015 vision as shared in Gene Drive – 1 August 2015 - as if it were a candied apple.
Cauliflower.jpg [ 27.97 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

I see a black numeral 7 whose base is stuck into the earth. It is inclined at a 45 degree angle towards the North.

I am looking up at the edge of the canopy of a tree whose many slender black limbs bear no vegetation like what one sees in winter time.

In the darkness on my left I see my father at middle age – he is looking at me.


I am interacting with a man who is talking about “Vera”. It seems her husband just made a deposit towards an investment. I then recall another “Vera” that was connected to Edwards Air Force base. At the moment, however, I have a conversation with the woman Vera. She is rather funny and talks about her bobcat that eats pizza. And then something about a coyote.

End of Dream

Wed. 19 April 2017

In the darkness I see a dark left hand whose thumb is held vertical upwards such that its fingertip is in the very NW of the view. The World Soul as thumb is ready to unite with the individual soul as index fingertip is meant.

I see a close-up view of the left side of a white human’s jaw as if viewing it from the level of the left shoulder. Strange, but their appears to be a distinct upper flesh part as if a curved gill above the normal curved jaw. The feminine side of the HermAphrodite as fish in the unconscious to be caught and made conscious it seems.


I see my first cousin JS as a young man standing by my right side while another young man I know stands by my left side. We are attending a seminar and one by one we perform various exercises in a project. At the moment I hold a chemistry lab test tube about 2/3rds filled with a milky substance that reminds me of sperm. I hold the test tube above our heads in my right hand and using the dispersion device on the test tube manage to spray a mist that descends on us. Then I saw a young lady holding a toy stuffed animal.

End of Dream

Comment: Getting in touch with the impregnating spray of the lower three chakras seems meant. Reminds me of the woman with the blue dog which sprayed me with its semen in a 2007 dream.

In the center of the view I see a large flat black square having three different colored curved “blades” emanating from a common center of the square and rotating clockwise. One of the colors was cyan as seen in the observed location in the following image. It reminds me of a boat propeller and further of propeller seeds produced by certain trees. A radiation symbol also has three equally divided regions. An effect from the lower three chakras it seems – coming from the feminine side of the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree is meant whose colors are the opposite of those on the masculine side of this chakra tree.
Propellers.jpg [ 40.63 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

I see a cave entrance that is awash in a glow of white light as if something numinous is about to be birthed from that cave.

Then I hear my wife say, “So now we move along the boundaries that say you lovE me.” As this was being announced I had a close-up view of her abdominal area which showed that she wore a lovely beige dress embroidered with a pattern of fabric filled with empty circular openings. The beige color immediately reminded me of the many visions of our beige colored circular dinner plates as if “dinner” served from the feminine principle is meant.

I am in an engineering environment sitting on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me while behind the chair of my office desk. On my right leg is a large rectangular block of melting ice in the shape of an Egyptian sarcophagus - whose far end over my foot slides down to the floor giving it a slight inclined angle relative to the floor (half of a V-shape inclination seems meant). This “cold day in Hell” creation is melting as it incarnates as new creation seems meant.

Beginning in the 11th Dynasty boxlike sarcophagi of wood or limestone were in use in Egypt.

I see the frontal right side of a middle-aged man’s face that reminds me of my father’s. His right eyelid is closed.

I hear, “Weed is a special place on the Earth because it can survive a certain cataclysm. It is the only place that could do this.” On looking up the meaning of cataclysm I recall the following radio beacon of a March 2010 vision that seems to emanate from Weed, CA on the globe of a dark earth (the sky is dark). An APOCALYPSE is meant. Comment: “Weed is a special place” seems to mean that it is a “psychic space” where the “sky is dark” (Logos ego has been dimmed) and where one lives out of a profane monastery (like I have in this high desert location for the past 13 years) in order to endure the activity of the Apocalypse Archetype in my soul.
Beacon Diamond.jpg
Beacon Diamond.jpg [ 78.73 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

Cataclysm: A momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition. Broadly – an event that begins great changes.

Sat. 22 April 2017

I seem to be a midget standing by the front left leg shin area of a huge man in silhouette in the darkness. I am looking towards the NW as I view the large wrecking bar (crowbar) he holds in his left hand. Comment: Such an iron bar is used in home modification work. Such a device was mentioned most recently in If I Had A Hammer – 18 January 2017 where it was concluded a “wrecking bar” (aka a crowbar, a jimmy, a pig’s foot) is a kind of Witches crook “walking stick” effect humanity can expect – something that is going to have a wrecking effect on their one-sided Logos ego worldview. Its shape reminds one of a HEX key and an elongated numeral 7 – the number of the Apocalypse.
Wrecking-Bar Cane.jpg
Wrecking-Bar Cane.jpg [ 17.58 KiB | Viewed 5729 times ]

Then I see a household hammer swinging down towards the earth as if driving a nail. Recently a mushroomed head on a silver stake was driven into the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree at heart level – something that immortalized the World Soul in the subtle body.

Sun. 23 April 2017


I am in the home of a Mafia crime boss. I became on good terms with his daughter of about 5 years of age and her friend of same age. Because of this the father spared my life and gave me a large bundle of paper money. I was then allowed to leave his home.

End of Dream

Comment: Being on good terms with the feminine principle means I am on good terms with my instincts – not so vulnerable to the dark side of life in everyday matters for example.


PS In Season 7, episode 21 of “Criminal Minds” I learned that 11 is the number for Lucifer (means: Light Bringer) in the Satanic cult. Comment: 11 is also the number of the empty center of a circle. See Number symbolism for 11 for further amplifications. In my visions 11:11 spells Lo:vE in Her E.T. phone home code.

The Number 11 is a Sacred Number in the Occult, Witchcraft, and Satanism…

September 11, 2001, (the World Trade Center), and March 11, 2011, (the Japan Earthquake). What is Going to Happen on the Next Date with an 11 in it?

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Post The Thunderbird Effect
Sun. 23 April 2017

I seem to be viewing an old-time black and white cartoon movie that is showing two black and white cats mating. This is followed by seeing in the NE a clockwise rotating black and white "cube" shaped object on the top of a black lamppost of square cross-section. The "cube" shaped object has a black four sided pyramid on its top and four transparent glass faces on its cube shaped sides – an old-style street gas lantern it seems whose interior is filled with a glaring white glow. Comment: Such a lantern would emit an avatar colored flame if it wasn’t contaminated with impurities (Logos ego activity). Enlightenment from the avatar colored flame seems meant.
Gas Lantern.jpg
Gas Lantern.jpg [ 42.04 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

I hear, “The power of the unconscious is with us.

I see a sharp and rather flat curve bone whose tip is pointed directly at me. Reminds me of a cat’s claw.

In the blackness of the NW I see a human hand with an extended middle finger.

Tues. 25 April 2017

A brand new red VW beetle with black trim pulls up its NW corner to my left leg as I stand in a street. Comment: A beetle is a symbol for death and rebirth in Egyptian mythology. Red and black are the colors of the underworld or SW in my material where my inferior psychological function is located. It seems I have a very good Eros ego adaptation to this world – something that is very helpful to the transformation of my consciousness. It reminds me of the old, rusty and completely wore out yellow VW beetle with black trim I saw on a beach shoreline in the aftermath of the last dance with my first wife as if my intuition on how to work out that relationship was all used up (NE location).

I see a young lad on all fours playing in the dirt along the wall of a line of single story apartment buildings. He wears blue jeans and a white sweatshirt. Comment: Enlightenment from the feminine principle has reached the heart chakra.

I see a stand of mature pine trees.

I see an adult tiger that has alternating yellow and black stripes – a connection to the colors on the body of a WASP comes to mind and to Pauli’s WASP phobia (reluctance to enter an Eros ego altered state of consciousness). It stands at the back edge of a truck having a dark olive canopy like that of an Army vehicle – as if this tiger is about to exit the vehicle.

I see a couple of text sentences on a computer screen. The second sentence starts out with a bold capital I.

I see a woman feverishly using her hands to look into a clump of vegetation growing in her garden.

I see a sentence that begins with “He…”

I see a man placing a white cube shaped opened cardboard box into an open trashcan lined with a large black garbage bag. Comment: The New Jerusalem is cube shaped. What was the object contained in this box becomes the question.

I see a NE side view of a gold crown whose “triangular spires” are the peaks of a smooth rounded waves having deep smooth rounded troughs. In between the waves I see the white face of a baby as if it sits in the circular opening on the top of the crown. A new birth in consciousness is meant.

I am experiencing the sensation of my left sinus aching.

In the darkness I see the legs of an upside down animal that reminds me of the legs on an elephant.

I see an older man making love to a young woman who lays on her side in front of him. It is his psychological intimacy approach to the unconscious side of the feminine principle.

On a one-way road, I see a new red van with black trim. It is stopped and its rear end is next to a large crack in the asphalt – as if it “teeters’ on the edge of an abyss. A yellow vehicle with black trim faces the front end of the red van.

I am in a prison observing a guard in a double shade of blue uniform set a white cube shaped box on a rectangular stainless steel inspection table surface. A young woman is observing as well. Comment: It’s as if imprisonment has helped this man find the New Jerusalem (cube shaped white box). The contents of the box are not known.

I view the right face of a young white woman as if from her right shoulder. Her lips are in focus – they look pursed as if she is purring.

I am observing our 3rd driveway from Shoreline Drive in front of our home and see a cluster of 3 large blue flowers on long green stems growing in the center of that driveway. They are two shades of “blue” – connecting them to being Avatar colored flowers. They are blowing about in the wind.

I see two side-by-side large red plastic bags with large white text that are sitting on a honey wood hardwood floor – potato chips it seems; the tanning of my too white hide is meant.

I see a light tan piece of fabric folded over onto itself – covering a hidden object between the two layers.

I hear, “You think I had to live under the same roof?” This was being said as I observed a car backing away from a tall slender middle aged woman in a nighttime scene. The woman wears a black tight fitting dress and is standing on a huge lawn in front of a wide white mansion that reminds me of a supersized White House.

In the NW corner of the middle enclosed deck of our home, that my wife uses for her office, I see a double set of large rectangular computer screens – the larger one above the lower one. A colorful page from a biblical style document is seen on each screen as if pages from a fancy choregraphed scripted bible – like the Gutenberg Bible (the first mass produced printed bible). Comment: The smaller lower screen (input from the lower three chakras) augment the scriptures in the upper three chakras seems meant in this ongoing evolution of consciousness. The pages also reminded me of those choregraphed scripted ones seen in Jung’s Red Book. New scriptures from the feminine principle incarnating into the NW.

Wed. 26 April 2017


I see a tall middle aged slender blond woman wearing a long plain blue dress. She has kidnapped hundreds of children who look to be 12 or 13 years of age (start of puberty). I am negotiating for their release. When I meet her we are immediately attracted to each other and we make love.

Then I see my father is here and we are eating pancakes with much syrup.

Then I see a huge blue and white industrial sized vacuum cleaner in the design one would normally use to clean a house.

End of Dream

Comment: The woman looked like the emotionally disturbed mother, due to the death of her husband, in Season 8, Episode 4 of “Criminal Minds”. She believed that only Nature could heal her maladies. Strangely, I recall the following dream. It has to do with the body and its emotions. It seems the body is ready to return and be united with the head. Pancakes in my material are what is formed from the collapse of buildings during mega quakes. Digesting old structures makes room for new “psychic” structures seems meant.

10 September 1988 [Dream]

I'm older and meet with these six or seven young men of about 12 or 13 years of age. We are underneath a building on an otherwise vacant lot. The young men are ordered into these individual, but large plastic bags which are filled with remnant material that one might find left over when a brick and mortar building is tore down. The material (chips of brick & concrete) completely surrounds them and only their necks and head remain exposed. As they close off the top of the bag with a tie one of them object and says, "I'll suffocate.” But the man says it’s up to you. Either the bag or I'll shoot you. So the young man does not object further and later punches a hole in the side of the bag and sticks his nose out to breathe (as if a hatching chicken pecking a hole in the egg shell). Later he frees himself.

End of Dream

My analysts’ comments: A dream about the mind/body separation. Happens in the course of ego development (12). Lose some feeling in favor of being able to rub up against the concrete = thinking. Welcome the body (feelings) back in later years. Shows how/when your childhood ended at the start of puberty. Child part was thrown out with the refuse. In interest of your further development this part gets lost. By 12 or 13 kids can keep selves from crying. Can't control this before puberty. Develop ability to suppress emotions. Part of development is to be able to control our natural tendencies. But once you learn how to do that a further development is to work w/them again.

In the blackness, I see an arc of whiteness descend into the SW area of the view. It does this over and over again.

I see a medium sized dog with a black back and white belly that is lying on a surface. I am by the left side of the dog and as I pet its head it turns it to the right and exposes an eye located in the SW area of its head. This eye rolled up and looked at me. Comment White light in the SW of the blackness is being connected to instinctual seeing. The SW is the location of my inferior psychological function (feeling).

Suddenly, I have the impression that my feelings are now included in the white cube shaped box seen earlier in this post. Comment: The New Jerusalem for Gregory is to have access to his inferior feeling function it seems – something that unites the opposites as seen on the dog.

Now I see the tall slender middle-aged blond woman (who wore a blue dress that kidnapped all the children in the dream shared earlier in this post) that was behind the separatio of head and body is sitting by my right side. But now the woman wears a white blouse and black slacks. I sense that my body is being charged up (with feeling?) Comment: The colors of her garments suggest it is the standpoint of yin that supports an enlightened heart with the return of feeling in this head/body heart chakra union.

Fri. 28 April 2017

I woke up this morning in the midst of a strange repeating dream that has been occurring these past few days. I mention it now because its strangeness makes me realize it is talking about the strangeness of the quantum world. In this latest dream I recall how the location of things were uncertain and when one went to retrieve an object it did not appear to be in the same location but was nearby. Further, objects like a clock hand would suddenly flip orientation – reminding me of how time can run forwards or backwards at the quantum level in matter.

A five-pointed star fills the blackness. Then I dimly see the aft portion of a large scorpion in a dim black and white view. Comment: The five-pointed stance of the Vitruvian man (the divinely proportioned man) standing in the pentagons on the buckyball comes to mind. This man unites the opposites in the Seal of Solomon hexagons with his head, hands and feet. Like this he represents a mind/body union. Further, I recall the star meaning in Nickolas von Flue’s material. Finally, I recall the image of the Blueberry King in Oxford, Nova Scotia which came up in a vision of February 2007 – it has a wave-like five-pointed crown. In addition, blueberries were seen mostly covering a buckyball (which surrounds the wormhole throat or the intermediate realm of the unus mundus). I recently came across a dream of September 1988 in which I was urinating a stream of blueberries – indicating something of my instinctual and emotional life was being redeemed (Avatar making) since normally urine is a waste product of the body and in psychology is considered a shadow aspect when urine appears in a dream and if redeemed is a new birth in consciousness.
Blueberry King.jpg
Blueberry King.jpg [ 10.49 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

I see a mouse (represents instincts) down below in the SW of the view in the blackness. It is headed towards the NW.

I see four young people (woman and three males) dressed as if from the times of the Crusaders as they walk through a forest (a natural setting; in touch with their instincts, their emotions). They are soon greeted by some middle-aged adults.

I am looking into a pint sized “cylindrical” food container made of semi-transparent white plastic. A thin layer of yellowish pasta with fresh flat cut green beans covers its bottom. A final helping of this food is being consumed. Comment: Eros Christ consciousness is connected to the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio – the inclusion of the body in the opus not just the head (mind). Flat green beans reminds me of “Jack and the Bean Stalk” that reached from the earth into the heavens – as if an image for the Ego-Self axis.

I see a child riding a red and white tricycle on the cement driveway of a home. He is wearing a pink cone shaped birthday party hat. Comment: Pink is the color of the coniunctio in my material representing the union of Mr. Red and Mrs. White (the Red King with the White Queen). The tricycle seems to represent the youths involvement with the lower three chakras (wheels).

I am looking down at a close-up view of some new wood cut into lengths that have a 4”x4” square cross-section. A cube (4”x4”x4”) of this wood lays on the top. Materials for part of a building project of the New Jerusalem it seems.

I am using a steak knife as I cut a thin ring of material from a green bell pepper. Comment: A heart chakra “wedding band” representing the effects of the lower three chakras seems meant. The “bell” aspect reminds me of the book title “For Whom the Bell Tolls”; and to the message, “Do not ask for whom does the bell toll, for it tolls for thee.”
Bell Pepper Rings.jpg
Bell Pepper Rings.jpg [ 40.74 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

I see the caption: DANGEROUS DIAGNOSIS. It is underneath a picture sized blank region on a piece of beige paper.

I see a left profile view of a sitting tan mouse with ears raised that is posing as a dog.
Mouse.jpg [ 7.21 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

Sat. 29 April 2017


I am in a dimly lighted large room filled with a gathering of detectives. Dr. Reid from “Criminal Minds” TV series is among them. They are endlessly recounting various criminal cases they have solved. They are not aware of a crime (a mercy killing) that I have recently committed – I killed a woman acquaintance my present age, BP, with a long needle through her heart. I decide to tell Dr. Reid what I have done when he agrees to keep it quiet. But from then on, I kept having the impression that all these detectives were able to pick up on the crime and began to explore amongst themselves various questions. I began to realize these detectives were parts of myself sensing my soul’s secrets.

Then I seem to be with another group in a very similar setting. This group was connected with the arts and were reciting poetry and lines from famous plays. They were touching me, sensing me with their hands as if that gave them information about me. I become concerned that they were also able to sense my mercy killing crime. Sure enough some leading questions began to be asked. At first I said nothing but eventually I admitted my crime for I knew it would be better for my heart (my peace of head/body). I figured that this would cost me my life and that would be fair since I took BP’s life (every crime requires a just punishment). I also sensed they were parts of my soul and they deserved to know of my deed. The revelation of my crime to the others led to the deciding moment of the punishment I should receive for my crime. But strangely the punishment would require that a marriage take place.

End of Dream

Comment: During the dream I sensed much energy and by its end a wonderful sensation of this energy was experienced as if to say a positive outcome had been achieved because of this crime against the feminine. I put a hole in the heart chakra of BP and I put a hole in my heart chakra by admitting my guilt in having taken BP’s life. BP is a woman I projected my spiritual longings onto in the early 1980’s and like this we shared much psychological intimacy. This eventually wanted to express itself in sexual intimacy which BP initiated. But I declined this outer physical contact and this seems to have “put a hole in her heart.”

In the blackness of the NW I see a very white babies right hand with palm facing towards me and with fingers spread. Comment: This “new birth of consciousness” hand gesture seems to suggest “greetings.”
Hand Gesture.jpg
Hand Gesture.jpg [ 17.08 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

I see a left side view of a yellow-gold (Eros ego color; what gives access to the inferior psychological function) convertible in the blackness of the SW. It looks like a model car of the modern Ford Thunderbird.
Ford Thunderbird.jpg
Ford Thunderbird.jpg [ 49.4 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

Bird Pteranodon.jpg
Bird Pteranodon.jpg [ 38.98 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

The name Thunderbird comes from the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico [States located in the SW of the United States], where, according to Indian legend, the Thunderbird was a divine helper of man. Its great flapping wings, invisible to the eyes of mortal man, created the winds and the thunder, and gave the Indians water to live on in the dry wilderness where fate had flung them.

Sun. 30 April 2017


I seem to be back in the Aerodynamics group I retired from in my Aerospace career. I sense I am very near retiring and further that I have nothing more to offer this group in terms of advancing the science in this field. Just then a very dejected Woody (my supervisor) returns and sits down by my left side at a long rectangular table. He says nothing but then writes down a foreign set of symbols – some of which appear to be from the Greek alphabet – symbols that I have seen used in mathematical equations. He carefully writes down seven lines of them and some of the symbols in each line have up to three symbolic exponents. He says some of their strange alien names. He is dejected and in one sentence complains that he does not feel he has the support of the company to allow him to solve these “equations”. To solve them would mean a great advancement in this field of study. But we all knew this would not be. It was “a place too far.”

End of Dream
Man Holy Ghost.jpg
Man Holy Ghost.jpg [ 31.02 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

Comment: Woody (the shin kicked part of Gregory) has been connected to the Holy Spirit that first touched my shins when it entered me during my 1976 Pentecostal experience. That experience eventually led me into Jungian psychology. The ensuing 41 plus years in that “field of study” has had their accumulated effect on my soul. But the further unfolding in Spacetime of the imperatives of the Eros Self has apparently come to an end in terms of my contribution to this ongoing effort. It is near time for me to retire from this field of exploration it seems.


PS I see in the news that there is growing concern that North Korea has managed to miniaturize a nuclear warhead that will fit on top of an ICBM. It will lead to a very destructive “enlightenment” for all it seems for if I know Trump there will be a confrontation.
Nukes.jpg [ 57.24 KiB | Viewed 5670 times ]

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Post Re: The New God-Image
Hi Gregory,

I wonder if the following might be relevant and amplify for you:

Compare your old-style street gas lantern with the Hermit Card in the tarot deck.

Your dream of 26 April 2017 very much reminds me of Fritz Lang’s (very psychological/alchemical) film Metropolis. There is a re-mastered version in two parts on youtube with a good commentary:


Perhaps jump to approx 34/35 minutes in part 2:


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Post Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye
Sun. 30 April 2017

I am in a residential area observing a single story red brick home using white mortar. The home sits on the NW corner of the block. Further, a mature pine tree grows at the very NW corner (by the corner the sidewalks make). I immediately recall the story of the “Three Little Pigs”. The “Big Bad Wolf” will not be able to blow this house down – meaning the “Wolf of all metals” has managed to produce a New Red King whose subtle body has been sufficiently enhanced by the White Queen.
Three Little Pigs.jpg
Three Little Pigs.jpg [ 61.13 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

Mon. 1 May 2017

I see a close-up daylight view of a dinner fork whose four tines are held between the left thumb and index fingertips in an upward vertical position in the NW of the view. The Jnana Mudra provides Wisdom for consumption by the individual soul – something that provides wholeness since four tines are involved. Comment: An image for what is to be consumed is connected to urine (=shadow stuff) which comes up in a dream later in this post. Individuation is a form of cannibalism, i.e., an eating of one’s Self.

I am looking down at a close-up view of the tip of a thumb having some “flayed” white semi-transparent skin peeling up off its surface. The World Soul has Her “skin” in the game of wholeness is meant; psychologically understood skin = soul = consciousness. Comment: Apparently the skin is peeling because of all the rubbing Her thumb has been doing on the surface of Aladdin’s magical lamp (the golden “Pac-man” teardrop shape that "eats its enemies", i.e., an outdated worldview) as seen in Effects From the Return of the World Soul.
Pac-Man.jpg [ 31.71 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

In a daylight view I am looking down at the right side of a young girl of about five years of age. She has a full head of brownish-golden smoothly combed hair. She is smiling and seems very happy. An image for my anima it seems.

I see a large green leafed bush which has a central circular (spherical) area whose leaves have turned yellow-gold.

I see an all-electric car sitting in our 3rd driveway – where a cluster of bluish petal flowers on green stems was seen in the previous post. Comment: The “heart” of a car is its engine. The electric motor in this car is being connected to Avatar making of “flower power.”

Tues. 2 May 2017


My wife and I are scheduled for a dinner “date” with another couple who have been having an on-again/off-again relationship. We wait for them at a restaurant while being seated in a dimly lighted area (whose left side is filled with church pews as if this restaurant serves food related to receiving Holy Communion, i.e., the eating of one’s Self in an act of individuation). We sit by the aisle in the 1st pew by the door that leads into this dark room. A middle-aged man soon enters. He sits by my right side in the pew while my wife sits by my left side. He is a tall and slender very muscular man who wears a dark suit. Soon his middle-aged fiancé wearing a black lace tight fitting dress on her tall, slender but shapely form enters the room. She walks into the dark interior down the aisle a way and stops to turn to face us – giving her the appearance of being half in total darkness and half in semi-darkness (she stands at the terminator, i.e., between night and day). With my left hand, I reach out and grasp the back of the upper left arm of the man sensing his very muscular (= strong subtle body) and say to him, “You haven’t seen her in a while – aren’t you going to kiss her?” They laugh. I add, “I guess she wears the pants in the family!”

End of Dream

Comment: As I awoke from the dream I realized this couple were here to get married (the inner marriage of the subtle bodies is meant). They represent my subtle body – the HermAphrodite. Further, I had the impression that the man was a “crime fighter” – a possible connection to the several references to the TV series “Criminal Minds”; as if he waged war within himself in order to fight the criminal mind of an outdated worldview in favor of achieving an updated one.

I see what appears to be a darkened mission control panel like that used to launch a rocket. A long slender tanned right hand that is alien looking extends its long fingers out of the view but they are angled downwards as if the index fingertip is about to press on something; a launch button it seems. Comment: A nuclear tipped missile it seems – something that will release Her psychophysical radiation in the kairos.

Wed. 3 May 2017


I stand on the top of a 100-foot-tall sand dune next to the ocean on a beautiful clear day (Such dunes can be seen along the Oregon coast in Florence, OR). Green sea grass grows in patches on the top of the dune (yellow-gold sand plus green sea grass are the colors contained in Eros Christ consciousness). Some surfers are waiting on the calm ocean water for the next set of waves. But then something strange begins to occur – the calm water is rising and pushing onto the beach like it does when a mega-tsunami hits as seen in Indonesia in the aftermath of the 2004 XMAS mega-quake that produced a mega-tsunami. Then I see it – a huge smooth cresting wave is approaching the shoreline. It crests slightly higher in places than the height of the sand dune I stand on. Some water flows over the other side and down onto the asphalt road that is along that side. [Walking the black road of suffering connection – a reference to the medicine man and holy man of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) - Black Elk (1863-1950) whose people walked the black road of death, suffering and persecution by the white man.]
Wave.Collapse.jpg [ 55.57 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: Psychologically sand is understood to represent an unconscious condition. The Jews entered the desert sands in the Exodus in hopes of reaching the Promised Land (read: a psychology free of the trauma of enslavement caused by their experiences in captivity in Egypt). The 100-foot-tall wave in the dream collapses over the sand dune (potential being becomes actual being) – suggesting the collapse of the wavefunction produces a quantum leap in consciousness as it releases stored up shadow material in the unconscious. It’s Her (thumb) “skin in the game” being transmitted to the individual soul in the Jnana Mudra. It’s the teardrop shape of baby urine that attached itself to the tip of my right index fingertip when I helped the filthy old street woman dressed in black rags who was pushing a shopping cart covered by a square patterned colorful quilt underneath of which was a crying baby needing its wet diaper changed. An underwater mega-quake or underwater landslide can produce a mega-tsunami like that which happened in Fukushima on 3/3/11. Urine is waste matter produced by the body (the unio corporalis stage in the coniunctio) and is psychologically understood to be shadow matter. If consciously redeemed it becomes new matter-psyche - new subtle body matter for the new Red King. Trumpism has released a mega-tsunami of shadow material comes to mind (Note: only in the darkness of the belly brain is no shadow produced). It’s what’s involved when trying to create a better world for all. Interestingly, yesterday after I urinated in the toilet a drop of the urine-water came up and hit me in the left eye duct when I flushed the toilet – an extremely unlikely event (A Black Swan event like the financial meltdown of 2008 due to the housing market collapse). More of my shadow material wanting to be redeemed came to mind. It reminds me of what the Logos Christ said, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. (Matthew: 7:5)” Given that I eventually urinated blueberries in my 1988 dream (avatar color – like the iris of the eye in the following image) it seems I finally was able to “see” (incarnate) the meaning of urine. This has a connection to the Milky Way Galaxy - Earth union and the Ra colors seen at the end of this post.
Eye Teardrop.jpg
Eye Teardrop.jpg [ 47.98 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]


I am in a large restaurant filled with people of all ages. I am standing facing the North wall in the NW corner and have to urinate very badly. I look along the North wall in that corner and see a "tiled" row of pinkish-whitish (the color of cherry blossoms) square shaped flat pieces of porous volcanic rock looking material line the floor by that wall - between it and the carpet on the floor. I think these stones are like the perfumed ones that are placed in male public urinals to absorb the foul scent of urine. So, despite being exposed to the public I try to urinate along that wall and when I do so the urine comes out with such force it is a spray of droplets as if coming from a fire hose and it gets all over the place – including on the people sitting and eating. I go and go there is so much.

End of Dream

Comment: On awakening I recalled the vision shared earlier in this post about the Jnana Mudra grip on the 4 tines of the dinner fork held into the NW corner of the view. It is the World Soul returning to sender all the shadow stuff created by the Logos Christ eon – which has been characterized as being Her “skin in the game.” Further, it reminds me of my role as the “new young pope” who was anointing people (in the NW) on the forehead with the tip of the index finger on my right hand containing a smear of shit in an August 2006 vision. Integrating the shadow is a never-ending process. Finally, it reminds me of the heart chakra characterization of the green bell pepper which intones “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”
3 Anointing Index Finger Right Hand.JPG
3 Anointing Index Finger Right Hand.JPG [ 4.43 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

I hear, “I see that I am in the role of being a referee between the combatants.” Combatants = between the World Soul and the individual soul.

I see dead leaves under a few inches of clear water in a remote natural setting as if something is causing a flooding of this area. Comment: Dead leaves have been connected to the brief “flowering” of the individual soul on the plane of human history. Immersion in the water chakra is their last chance to make a contribution to “raising the soul of mankind.”

I see long stem lengths of yellow-green grass being arranged side-by-side as if the 6 strings on a guitar. Soul music emanating from the empty center of the unus mundus seems meant. This reminds me of a recent image in which the four central strings on a guitar were removed in a vision of a man I am trying to help understand his dreams (a musician). The Shadow soul music of the Eros Self is meant.

Guitar Strings.jpg
Guitar Strings.jpg [ 24.72 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

I see a white man naked from the waist up who wears a tan gorilla suit that covers his legs and abdomen – an influence from the lower 3 chakras of the feminine principle on the evolution of consciousness on the planet of the apes is meant.

Something about a man stuttering as he speaks in public. Comment: Stammering is a speech impediment often caused by a trauma to one’s instinctual self. This reminds me of how I was Goosed (index finger poked into my rectum while I was urinating) by a young man, RD, when in the 6th grade – something that caused me to have butterflies in my stomach whenever I did public speaking and would cause my speech to be irregular and tinged with emotion.

I see a left profile view of a middle-aged man’s head that is singing into the NE of the view and it then rotates 180 degrees where I see a right profile view of this head singing into the NW of the view. His image reminds me of Frank Sinatra. Comment: He sings the incarnation process of his soul music comes to mind – his emotional shadow stuff. In the world of “criminal minds” - “to sing” means to tattletale on the crimes of criminals.

I suddenly have the impression that I am a modern “John the Baptist” crying out in the wilderness of the desert of my soul about the need to integrate my shadow. It’s a call for a need to repent as in the times that announced the coming of the Logos Christ. Only in the darkness of the belly brain do we cast no shadow and thus it is the means for which the individual soul has the prospect to integrate the shadow in a union of the opposites enterprise.

I am suddenly having a flashback to the thumb fingertip rubbing on the “Pac-man” eating its enemies golden teardrop shape in a rubbing of a new “Aladdin’s Lamp” enterprise. The skin on this thumb being worn in order to show the World Soul’s “skin in the game of wholeness” She would like to see take place on the plane of human history.

I am having the impression that my inner president Donald Trump is a poster child “March of Dimes” shadow integration representative.

Thurs. 4 May 2017


I am walking with someone who is telling me about how Saint Charles Church I attended in my youth in Cheboygan, MI has been sold. The middle-aged priest (who wore only maroon shorts) that was assigned to this parish has a place of business in this modified church building. It has a large picture window at the front of his store. The emphasis was on the piano he owned. I felt the back-side of his left arm (like I did to the man earlier in this post) with my right hand and found it to have a large by softer muscle. His entire body looked rather muscular. A body-building priest I thought.

Then I noticed the priest had a life sized human looking stone figure that was wavy in appearance. It was mostly green with circular yellow regions as if like the holes in Swiss cheese – an Eros Christ connection.

End of Dream

I see a man in silhouette walking into the NW corner of the view. His body is outlined by a luminous white cord – which immediately reminds me of the three outlined Popsicle sticks using a white cord that was attached to the black Lincoln Memorial plaque. A walking “neon sign” comes to mind.

I see a man leaning his right side against a “pregnant” black vertical pipe. The pipe starts out on the top of a smaller diameter and quickly expands to the larger diameter. The man leans against this larger diameter “cylindrical” pipe which reduces its diameter to the size of the entrance pipe diameter. Comment: A flow from the lower three chakras seems meant given the 3 Popsicle sticks in the previous vision.


PS A volcano appears to erupt into Milky Way Galaxy (a new creation) is psychologically meant – something having a new fine structure constant. Strange but the red-yellow Ra eruption seems to take place in the right “eye duct” of the “eyelid” formed by the heavens and the earth in this image. Urine transforming to Blueberries upon integration of instinct transforms to Ra colors upon incarnation seems meant.
Volcanio Milky Way.jpg
Volcanio Milky Way.jpg [ 44.59 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

PPS When I saw the following blueberry image recently I suddenly had the thought “another LovE-fruit” like the tomato of which Marie Louise von Franz noted that in Austria tomatoes are called " paradises" and tomatoes are often taken to be the "LovE-fruits" from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Apparently blueberries are good for the heart chakra.
Blueberry Heart.jpg
Blueberry Heart.jpg [ 51.96 KiB | Viewed 5604 times ]

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Post Forgiveness Enlarges The Future
Sat. 6 May 2017

As I awoke this morning I saw a vision in the darkness of my mind’s eye of the top of a totem pole showing a Thunderbird whose right wing was held close to the body and appeared curved downwards (reminds me of how a wet bird might hold its wing in order to dry). The left wing was not seen because it was in the darkness. Comment: The totem Thunderbird stands at the terminator it seems - like the woman in the church/restaurant dream who was ready to undertake the inner sacred marriage in Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye. Given my spontaneous connection to the image being of a wet bird drying its wing I amplify on this aspect using the following snippet from Thunderbird totem symbolism as if a connection to having entered the water chakra is meant.
Thunderbird Totem.jpg
Thunderbird Totem.jpg [ 10.77 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

The Thunderbird symbol is also regarded as the harbinger of life sustaining water. Elaborate rituals are prepared and enacted to ensure that local agriculture thrives and there is access to an uninterrupted food supply. During these ceremonies tribesman would create beautiful headdresses from the feathers of Eagles. They would come together and dance as the spirit bird who was always at war with a gargantuan water serpent. During these epic battles, in a gambit to protect humans from the water serpent, the Thunderbird would enter the water and defeat the serpent, which would spark turbulent rapids and devastating storms.


My wife and I are attending a Jungian seminar. Part way into the seminar a dream of former President Obama is shared. The dream reveals certain “clues” such as Obama having received a toy train. One by one the meaning of each dream clue was discussed. In the dream when the toy train came up I quietly thought to myself, “Obama needs to have more meditation time.” In many ways that seemed to be what Obama was now doing.

End of Dream

Comment: In my material a train has been connected to being “the death train”, i.e., the need to journey into the unus mundus and observe the inner movie in an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. The Obama (black man part of Gregory) seems meant.

Sun. 7 May 2017


In a darkened room I meet a young white man who is homosexual and who stands in the NW of my view along my left side. His lover stands over on my right side. My father enters the scene from out of the due North. I am pleased to introduce him to these lovely people.

End of Dream

Comment: My father did not look like my earthly father. I guess this “father” is an image for my having become “my own father now.” In this role, I am able to psychologically reconcile the “hostile brothers” within my psyche, the Eros/Logos selves are meant. In Reconciling The ‘Hostile Brothers’ – 12 January 2017 this was characterized as a Putin/Trump reconciliation in which there was an accepting of a previously neglected part of my too masculine side. It’s an Eros/Logos Christ consciousness embrace in this "Second Coming of Christ" event.
Trump Putin Kiss.jpg
Trump Putin Kiss.jpg [ 44.88 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

Making US Great Again
In a black and white view I see a close-up view of the eyes on a young white woman’s face. The left side of her face is at a 90-degree angle to the right side of my face – almost touching it. She is looking at me with her right eye. I keep having the impression of “inner sacred marriage.”


Dr. Jung (does not look like Dr. Jung but does look like a movie actor that is ape-like in appearance) has the right side of his head next to the left side of mine at a 90-degree angle. He begins to rapidly breathe in and out. I sense his warm breath and its odor passing in front of my nostrils and lips. I have the impression that I should breath in and out some of his breath and so I do. Like this he was also breathing some of my breath.

End of Dream

Comment:Reciprocal individuation comes to mind in this “breath body” exchange. Jung’s opus has influenced my subtle body and my subtle body is influencing his subtle body – enhancing it seems meant. Given the 90-degree angle involved it suggests that Jung in the unus mundus is able to receive and transmit subtle body effects via the VNS according to Remo’s understanding. Further, my vision of the woman’s face at a 90-degree angle to mine on my right side suggests that psychically I am in the unus mundus and she is in Spacetime. M-theory suggests that Spacetime is at a 90-degree angle to the 5th dimension or the intermediate realm of the unus mundus.


I am sitting at a rectangular table with a woman (movie actress Helen Mirren, who starred in a movie I saw last night titled “The One Hundred-Foot Journey” – an American comedy-drama film featuring a “battle” between French and India cuisine) sitting next to my right side. Helen says, “Oh look, you have an erection” (she could see my pants bulging). I said, “Well, sitting next to you could do that.”

End of Dream

I hear, “It’s a generational change” and then I see a cat in a gray view standing on a large flat rectangular surface as if a table. It stand along the South side and is looking towards the SW.

Mon. 8 May 2017

I see a bust view of a young white nun dressed in a red garment having a white garment underneath as if in the habit of a Sister of Mercy. Comment: She brings new matter-psyche as new subtle body consciousness for the new Red King. The white garment is in contact with her skin = soul. I recall the red delicious apple that is red on the outside but white on the inside. Normally, this order of nuns wears a black outer garment. This suggests yin > higher yang is meant – much like the red crown “worry spot” on the top of Lollypop’s head which was in a “sea” of white for it was understood as being “a worrisome birth” in an August 2008 vision.
Nun Lollypop.jpg
Nun Lollypop.jpg [ 34.19 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

I recall a dream fragment. I see six 3-D sculptures arranged on a white surface having black lines that outline three rows of two squares arranged in a vertical direction. I forget all the pieces except for the two in the middle squares. A white dove on its right side and a white horse (Pegasus?) on its left side in the following image which immediately reminded me of a portion of the Sun-Moon chakra tree. I have the impression that the dove and horse are connected to the hole in the heart chakra which means the white dove incarnates on the masculine side.
Checker Board.jpg
Checker Board.jpg [ 27.89 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

Tues. 9 May 2017

In the darkness I see a polished dark tan wood walking assistance cane (crutch) having a semicircular hand held shape. It is inverted and has a green bowtie (XMAS present) on its shaft just below the semicircular hand held-shape. Walking with a limp is being emphasized. A Shepard’s staff has this shape.
Wooden cane crook.jpg
Wooden cane crook.jpg [ 14.13 KiB | Viewed 3699 times ]

Briefly I see a swede “cone” shaped hat that immediately reminds me of that worn by hillbillies in the Southern states of the US. They tend to live a very natural (Eros ego) life style. A lifestyle needed to further the individuation process it seems. Comment: The man is under “hillbilly” ideas now. The hat shape reminds me of a witch’s hat.
Hillbilly Hat.jpg
Hillbilly Hat.jpg [ 3.86 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

Hillbillies are often considered independent and self-reliant individuals who resist the modernization of society.

Wed. 10 May 2017


I am trying to decide whether to attend an evening lecture or spend the time with my family. In the dark I am walking along on city streets that appear as long corridors. I soon come upon an old-style wagon sized street cart that is angled 45 degrees across the sidewalk – blocking my way. A graying trim black man owns the cart (Obama “Eros ego” connection) and my attention is immediately drawn to him as he is cooking a large, thick slab of meat on a modern rectangular flat metal grill surface. The steak appears seared blackish-gray (searing seals in the meat juices) on the top while the other side is now being seared in a similar manner. The end of the meat appears mostly raw at this point. The meat has been cut into three rectangular shaped pieces that are angled side-by-side at a 45-degree angle on the grill.

I continue on my way and as I do so I notice that the street cart has a skinned whale sized length of raw red flesh as if it is the carcass of a whale about 30 feet in length. I then realize the black man is slowly cooking the flesh from this Leviathan.
Whale Carcass.jpg
Whale Carcass.jpg [ 33.42 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: Consuming (digesting) the contents of the belly brain is meant where a whale is the symbol for the 2nd chakra. More meat here than one individual could possibly consume. Reminds me of the promise of a Messianic Banquet serving the flesh of Leviathan and Behemoth to the pious “at the end of time”. This dream seems to be connected to my activity of the past few months for I have been slowly proofreading my dream journals and converting them to PDF files. I started with 1977 and have gone through all the years up thru 1991 at the moment. Have found the experience most illuminating given my 2017 perspective on how to understand these early unconscious contents – especially the color coded aspect and the Eros ego aspect.

I hear, “… working on the stone.”

In a dark room I see a dismembered long middle finger lying on the floor whose fingertip end is curled into a “semi-circle” – something that immediately reminds me of the shape of the wood XMAS decorated crutch that came up earlier in this post. A middle finger has been connected to being the “fickle finger of fate” and to a “peak nuclear apocalypse” and has appeared pointing upwards at the Doomsday hour location.

In the darkness, I see a man cooking. He has a green color band that outlines his body while his body appears olive (green-yellow mixture) on the interior. The colors of the black man cooking Leviathan it seems.

In the darkness, I see a small bird in silhouette holding its wings out to its sides. It has bat wings and immediately reminds me of the Thunderbird and the dinosaur Pteranodon “terror bird” image shared recently in The Thunderbird Effect.
Bird Pteranodon.jpg
Bird Pteranodon.jpg [ 38.98 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

I see a large white circular piece of cardboard having words in black text arranged in radial lines that emanate from its center. A wide empty space from the center exists before the radial lines of words begins. It seems to be a list of “abilities”. A middle-aged male lawyer holds this apparatus and rotates a radial hand attached to this circular piece from the Doomsday hour counterclockwise to the 3 o’clock hour. It reminds me of circular “calculator.” The owner of the apparatus is not satisfied with the lawyer – not accomplished enough. Comment: Monitoring the incarnated results from the edge of the circle of time/no-time it seems. A psychic “warrior” is needed to operate this apparatus.
Calculator.jpg [ 44.98 KiB | Viewed 5531 times ]

I see a man standing in the darkness of a NW corner that has been evacuated about 6 feet below a flat surface (forming an empty cube shaped opening). Suddenly, a narrow V-shaped shard of clear whitish crystal comes in from above along the West wall in this corner and sticks into the surface just behind the man.


I am working side-by-side with many black men in many different mines.

End of Dream

A woman opens a door into the dark room along the North side in the NW corner. As she enters she says, “dark leaves.”

I see a woman carrying a sack full of presents as if a new kind of Santa Claus.

I see a young, tall, slender, middle-aged man sorting through a large square open tan cardboard box. He pulls out a large stuffed toy. He is happy and laughing as he does so.


PS I heard the following quote recently on Season 9, Episode 13 titled “The Road Home” on Criminal Minds. I immediately recorded it as it seemed important to do so. I guess it wanted to be part of this post. I have the impression it is the World Soul who says this to humanity. When I first heard the expression, I thought of how I had not totally forgiven my first wife for the horrible divorce process she put us through because of her bipolar mental disorder. I guess the World Soul is also meant for I projected the relationship I should have had with Her onto my first wife – and like my first wife the World Soul is a bipolar God-image.

Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future.

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Post The Incarnation Of Vishnu And The 'Conversion' Of Russia
Fri. 12 May 2017


I am in a home and see Spence from the TV series Criminal Minds” (Logos ego) along with another man who is obviously a drug addict (Eros ego). It is a lovely modern home. I am standing by the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard which is very flooded – the waters rise to the level of the first floor in this home but not high enough to enter the home (flood – the solutio phase of the Alchemical opus; something that dissolves worn out ego adaptations). I see a package sitting out on the top of the back porch. I have the impression that it contains a miniaturized nuclear device – like that which could be used on an ICBM.

Now it seems I am in the home I was raised in. A massive fire suddenly breaks out in the living room and in my parent’s master bedroom. I find myself saying, “Let it burn!” (As if the Logos ego adaptation learned in this house needs to be sacrificed.)

End of Dream

On a white background I see the back of the head of a woman whose head is white and is covered in a square hairnet including the back of her neck. Comment: Incarnation of her knowing into our 4-Dimensional world is meant. This is a connection to the incarnation of Vishnu which comes up later in this post.

I see two congressmen sitting side-by-side in a jury box. Comment: A Republican and a Democrat it seems.

Sat. 13 May 2017


I am visiting a couple of families who share a strange huge (bipolar) living arrangement in a housing structure the size and rectangular shape of a double-wide, double-length football length field it seemed; all underneath a common roof arc shaped roof (reminds me of the structure recently built to cover the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear reactor). Each family lived on the opposite end of the “field” and shared a common open middle “play” area. It was always dim lighting such that all was colorless (black and white with shades of gray). I had the repeating impression that my high school sweetheart was about.

I meet and briefly interact with one family which were all adults. Then I meet the other family that had six children ranging in age from 3 to 15. The three year-old was a male and built like a barrel and full of energy. I played with him and some of the other three younger ones. I then talked with the 15 year-old and learned that he was not taking any of the art classes but filled his schedule with science classes as these were the only two options you could choose from. I quietly thought to myself, “He is fleshing out his superior function of thinking first” – a proper psychological choice to make. Strangely, this 15 year-old had a full black and white goatee. As we walked along I put my arm around his shoulder’s in a rather “fatherly” manner. A 13 year-old male walked with us.

End of Dream

Comment: A family reunion of various parts of myself it seems.


In a darkened encounter, I am interacting with two women and a man. I learn that we are all into meditation. The others begin to wonder how to help the world. They seem to want to pursue “activism” but I suggest that quiet meditation without forming intentions that one would like to see “acted on” be the proper course. This suggestion became our common purpose.

End of Dream

Comment: My inner selves are coming into greater alignment and finding a common purpose – to observe and learn from the World Soul is the right attitude.

In the distance in the blackness I see a whitish cylindrical object approaching as if a missile. The nose is conical and its leading edge is a yellow-gold circle (hemisphere it seems). Comment: A nuclear tipped missile bringing Eros ego (alpha) radiations. “Incoming” seems meant – where the frontal view of the approaching missile had the appearance of being the head colors on the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree. Mother goose has laid Her golden egg.
Goose.jpg [ 20.67 KiB | Viewed 5475 times ]


I am driving my 1963 Deep Blue Pontiac Grand Prix in dark overcast Winter conditions in a city heavy laden with deep fluffy snow (the fluffy aspect is a possible connection to dandelion pollen ='s Eros Christ consciousness). To my surprise I am able to park by the West side of the NW corner of a city block in snow as high as the car. I exit the NW area of the car and enter a door in the West side of the NW corner of the tall single story white building.

I walk and walk into this open building in dim lighting which caused everything to be colorless (black and white which produces shades of gray). I see many different places of business as if in a huge mall. I eventually find myself seated by the center aisle in a pew on the right side of an enormous church that is completely filled. A woman sits by my right side and the pew is filled with many others on her right. For some unknown reason the young woman with long curly black hair and wearing a long white winter coat turns and kisses me gently on the lips. I gently returned her sweet sensuous and very tactile affections and inquired if I could have her telephone number as I would like to see her again later-on. She declined as if to indicate this was a “one-off” encounter. I then gently kiss her in various mild erotic ways and she accepted my affections.

Suddenly the service was over and she passed in front of me and exited the pew and headed towards the exit on the left side (West side) of the church. I tried to follow her but the aisles soon filled to overcrowding and I lost sight of her.

End of Dream

Comment: I’m driving the first car that I ever owned which I purchased new on graduating from college in 1963 with a MS at age 23 (when I was heavily committed to maturing my Logos ego in the outer situation, my superior function which is thinking). Snow (Her subtle body Lo:vE enhancement) as previously noted in The Cost of Making Progress – 2 January 2017 is a union of frozen water and trapped air as if to say incarnated Wisdom from the water chakra has "concretized" in the NW as new Logos ego consciousness. These early manhood years was a time of life when dating various women was so exciting because it was so easy to unconsciously project a “love” connection – much like in the dream – as if I was going through that experience again. But this time the projection is onto the inner feminine and thus my soulmate. The wonderful sensation of wholeness that accompanied this subtle body kissing stayed with me for at least 30 minutes before I drifted back to sleep again. Kissing often involves “breath exchange” – suggesting we are enhancing each other’s “breath body” (subtle body) as in the dream in which Jung and I were exchanging breaths as shared in my previous post titled Forgiveness Enlarges The Future.

Sun. 14 May 2017


RM (valedictorian of my high school class) comes to me and says, “You don’t happen to be a computer guru do you?” I replied, “I was at one time but those days are forever over.”

End of Dream

Comment: The Logos ego has long since reached the zenith of its trajectory. Now, as I descend into the West part of this trajectory, Eros ego consciousness rules.

Mon. 15 May 2017

A very wealthy middle aged woman stands in the darkness in the NW (location of new incarnations) of the view and Arnold Schwarzenegger (body builder) wearing a deep blue suit and white shirt stands with his back to her in the due North (Doomsday Hour) of the view. Arnold is being recommended to be her chauffer and body guard. She is considering the offer. Comment: Arnold is the “subtle body builder” representative part of Gregory who is characterized as being in the role of helping the imperatives of the World Soul incarnate in the NW. Arnold, as chauffer, will be in the NW part of the car while the woman sits directly behind him in the SW (inferior function) part of the car comes to mind. A house in a dream represents one’s subtle body, one’s consciousness. On the outer level a couple of weeks ago our real estate person had a drone video taken of our three-story tan home on Lake Shastina. She just sent it to me this morning in the aftermath of this vision. I hope it means that inner and outer beauty are being equally reflected, in a state of Tao (no difference between ego and non-ego). A “synchronous” synchronicity?


Then, I am recalling Her alpha-numeric phone keypad code and how it converted my friend HAL’s name to the numeral 11. HAL appeared in my 1997 dream about how real estate home prices went bankrupt when Ginny Mae shares went negative – something that came up most recently in When lovE Rules the World – 28 February 2017. HAL thought the only thing that could cause such an event would be if an atomic bomb went off and the radioactive fallout did this. I now understand this dream to mean her psychophysical radiations emanating from out of the unus mundus (11) would do this to one’s subtle body home because Her worldview would very severely relativize one’s existing worldview (“destroy” pre-existing home value).

In black and white I see young people eating and having fun. They grow into teenagers as I observe and now everything is in color and they are still eating and having fun. Comment: Color emerges because these youth are in touch with their feelings, their emotions.

Tues. 16 May 2017

I see two tan clay fired jars invisibly suspended about chest height in the distance of the NW. A white painted ring, rings the side of the upper lip on these “water” jars. Comment: These jars reminded me of the canopic jars Egyptian's use to hold the heart and other internal organs of the person to be mummified - as if one is for the masculine side of the chakras and the other for the feminine side of the chakras comes to mind.

Then I see four figures in the darkness. Two are bust views of young humans; one a woman and another a man. A third “figure” is a wavy sheet of blue in vertical orientation that is moving from due North into the NE. A large white horse is in front of these three and headed into the SW. Comment: At the start of this New God-image thread Bernie Quigley made a 2013 post showing (subtle body builder) Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a white horse. He made the comment, “Jung said at the beginning of an age Vishnu appears riding a white horse.” It seems Gregory is being herald as a poster child for the individuation process which must occur in humanity. Gregory is not the Avatar Vishnu – he is just a mouthpiece (a scribe) for the Avatar (world teacher), the World Soul, who parades him as a Her representative for Her purpose.
Vishnu.jpg [ 40.02 KiB | Viewed 5475 times ]

White horses have a special significance in the mythologies of cultures around the world. They are often associated with the sun chariot, with warrior-heroes, with fertility (in both mare and stallion manifestations), or with an end-of-time savior.

Wed. 17 May 2017

In the darkness along the West side of the view I see a woman’s white left hand reaching towards the East. Her index fingertip is pointed down onto a dark rough surface where the terminator between dark and light meet near the NW in the view; it is dark by the West side and bright by the East side. I recall the long alien tan hand whose index fingertip was pointed downwards onto something in the NW of the view in Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye – 30 April 2017.


I am in my home town taking a class at a university. I am out shopping and on returning to my car (1985 tan Buick I purchased during my divorce) I find that I have locked the keys inside. Eventually I phone my youngest sister who comes to help in this bright sunny day. She uses a cane in her right hand to help her walk as if her right leg is weak (reminds me of the inverted XMAS cane - the cost of turning on one's Heart Light) that came up recently in Forgiveness Enlarges The Future. She almost falls as she “limps” towards me from out of the NW in the view. She had been food shopping at a nearby Savon Supermarket.

I am frustrated. I realized I was now 77 years old and have become forgetful. What am I doing taking a university class? It is all too much for my psyche to track. I will have to make changes. It is a sad moment to realize my limitations. But the truth is that I am behind in my homework and my first cousin, JS, writes the paper for me. It starts out talking about the history of the 1500’s.

End of Dream

Comment: Siblings represent aspects of one’s shadow. My sister walks with a cane at this point in her life. My association to her is that she had a 1966 Pentecostal experience at the age of only 15 and it scared her. She has struggled in the aftermath all her life. I have also struggled to understand my 1976 Pentecostal experience (when I was 35 years old). This “struggling” suddenly reminds me that before Jacob could cross the Jabbok River (read: move from one psychological state to a new one), an angel attacked and fought with him and that struggle left Jacob wounded with a limp. Jacob came up briefly in The Wholeness Breeder Cometh – 12 March 2017 when I shared the following quote that was connected to the appearance of a lemon juice container (hand grenade shape). Lemon juice is used to season cooked fish (read: digesting unconscious contents in order to raise Eros Christ consciousness, which can be a real struggle).
Lemon Juice Container.jpg
Lemon Juice Container.jpg [ 16.66 KiB | Viewed 5475 times ]

[The God] appears at first in hostile form as an assailant with whom the hero has to wrestle. This is in keeping with the violence of all unconscious dynamism. In this manner, the God manifests itself and in this form must be overcome. The struggle has its parallel in Jacob’s wrestling with the angel at the ford Jabbok. The onslaught of instinct becomes an experience of divinity provided that man does not succumb to it and follow it blindly but defends his humanity against the animal nature of the divine power. C.G. Jung, CW 5 Symbols of Transformation, §524.

Something about my face being on a coin. Comment: Archetypal images often are used on coins.

In the darkness, I see purple points of light that outline star shapes. A five pointed star is in the SE of the view while a six pointed star is in the SW.

Something about my youngest sister obtaining fresh loaves of bread from a store connected to the SE.


PS I see that a new liberal documentary is in the works on Trump. It employs the reverse of Fahrenheit 9/11 and is called Fahrenheit 11/9 (as if the two films are bookends on an unpleasant theme; recent Republican presidents). Why is it so easy to see the speck in your brother’s eye and not the plank in your own comes to mind. But it always does for all of us because our personal equations (our psychological type) rule our outlook, our worldview.
Trump Takes Power.jpg
Trump Takes Power.jpg [ 44.13 KiB | Viewed 5475 times ]

The anti-Trump film refers to Nov. 9, 2016, the date that Trump became president-elect of the United States. 11/9 also offers a palindromic bookend to 9/11, which took aim at the George W. Bush administration and the Iraq War (9/11 referred to the date of the 2001 terror attacks that served as the pretext for the Iraq War).

PPS Outer anointing of destructive creations came to mind when I saw these images. I use “The Conversion of Russia” caption on the Time’s cover because it reminds me of how as a Roman Catholic I was raised to pray the rosary for the conversion of Russia (to Western Logos Christ values) as did my parents and grandparents as mentioned recently in Grim Reaper As Rainmaker Effect – 9 January 2017. However, it is an invasion of Russian or the chthonic side of the Self, the Eros Self or the lower 3 chakras in the feminine principle aka “The Second Coming of Christ consciousness”, i.e., Eros Christ consciousness, that have relativized my too Logos ego worldview and enabled the wining of an inner Trump presidency. It’s a connection to Islam refuges invading Europe. A “Rainmaker” effect seems to be taking place in the outer Trump presidency. As Love was read backwards as Evol so is "conversion" to be understood as invasion it seems. The union of the “hostile brothers” can be either constructive or destructive. The reddening of the White House if done in an equal mixture of red and white would produce a pink color; the color of the coniunctio – reminding me of the glowing whitish Dr. Manhattan seen approaching a pink glowing Capitol in an October 2011 vision and shared in Dancing To The End Of Love – 11 November 2016 – just after Trump won the outer presidency.
Index Finger Outer Power.jpg
Index Finger Outer Power.jpg [ 63.08 KiB | Viewed 5475 times ]

Russia White House.jpg
Russia White House.jpg [ 55.75 KiB | Viewed 5457 times ]

The 'Conversion' of Russia and Creation of a New Red King
If, as seems probable, the aeon of the fishes is ruled by the archetypal motif of the hostile brothers, then the approach of the next Platonic month, namely Aquarius, will constellate the problem of the union of opposites. It will then no longer be possible to write off evil as the mere privation of good; its real existence will have to be recognized. This problem can be solved neither by philosophy, nor by economics, nor by politics, but only by the individual human being, via his experience of the living spirit…" C.G. Jung, Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self (1950), § 141-42.

I’m hearing Frank Sinatra singing, “When I was Seventeen it was a very good year.” In Arabic Alchemy Wisdom builds a 17-sided house as if this celebrates such a building occurring in the year of 2017; the starting date for the Age of Aquarius. The conscious carrying of the waters of the unconscious is meant for the union of the opposites in the individual soul.

I hear,

All is ready
All is good
For the coming
Of Robin Hood
Robin Hood (read: VNS) robs from the rich (the too rich Logos ego) and gives to the poor (the impoverished Eros ego).

PPPS On Friday 19 May 2017 I see that “The Rock” (another Arnold Schwarzenegger “subtle” body building type whose “name” suggests a connection to the Alchemical Stone) is gripped by the idea of wanting to become the 2020 President of the USA. “Presidential fever” seems to be sweeping the psyche in the USA as I read the other day that there are now 47 (='s 11) individuals thinking of running for the office in 2020. "Learning to read the signs of the times aright" comes to mind. The inner presidential quest for wholeness is being projected into the outer situation. It's a normal psychological sequence, the first step - but which must be withdrawn and taken on as an inner imperative called individuation if the projection is to be made conscious.
The Rock.jpg
The Rock.jpg [ 18.46 KiB | Viewed 5456 times ]

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
All restraints are loosened, all self-discipline trashed. There’s no cure or even treatment for Trump Derangement Syndrome, a disease as wild and as swiftly lethal as anything imported from the Ebola River valley of the dark continent.

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Post The Colors Of Hell
Sun. 21 May 2017

In the darkness, I see a pocket stick match having a splotchy red and yellow head that is pointed into the NW in the view. I recall the red (Mercury) and yellow (Sulpher) Kundalini snakes of Alchemy. Comment: Previously, only a red head pocket stick match has been seen and they were connected to Edinger’s book Archetype of the Apocalypse. Now the World Soul says in this latest vision that there is yellow underneath the red much like there is blue underneath cyan. In any event it is clear that Kundalini rising will be a main feature of the Apocalypse rising from out of Hell; a color coded word which has its meaning amplified by the use of other such color coded words such as Betelguese (a red giant star about 600 light years from earth that could go supernova at any time). The following image came up in The Mightiness Of All That Is – 29 July 2014 and was connected to a vision of February 2007 when I saw a mass of breeding entwined snakes of yellow or red color – connecting them like this to a “Fire Sower” as seen in the FireTornado which was connected to the Fire Sower. The colors of Hell given what I hear next.
Caduceus Alchemy Snakes.jpg
Caduceus Alchemy Snakes.jpg [ 43.22 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

The caduceus is the magical staff of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods and revealer of alchemy. The staff is entwined by two serpents representing the solar and lunar forces. Their union is the Conjunction of alchemical principles and their offspring, if it lives, is the Stone. This Stone is represented as a golden ball with wings at the top of the caduceus. Two serpents represent the opposing masculine and feminine energies of the Work or the principles of Sulfur and Mercury.

I hear that there is going to be a lecture by Jerry Regan on “The colors of Hell” and how to be able to enter that place. Comment: This reminds me of Jung’s response when asked how he could live with the knowledge he had recorded in his book Answer to Job; See Marie Louise Von Franz, Jung: His Myth in Our Time, Page 174. "I descended into my deepest Hell from which I could fall no further." Edinger noted in Archetype of the Apocalypse, “If you understand Answer To Job you understand what the archetype of the Apocalypse has in store for humanity."


I meet a man who has meditated for a long time. He has become discouraged because no results have appeared in the outer situation. I advise him to remember the psychoid aspect of the archetypes. That examining the root area of a human hair under a microscope might give him an image on which to meditate for at that level the opposites unite in the unus mundus. He was immediately very grateful and asked me to go see another man committed to the benefits of meditation. He then talked about needing to understand the length of the flame of the Holy Ghost.
Hair.jpg [ 33.94 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: The above image of a human hair folic reminds me of a human sperm or of the Holy Ghost with a long tail – the Logos Spermatikos. Hair as “mana of Her knowing” has often come up in my material over the years – “proving” like this that the man’s meditations have affected the outer situation. The shape of this hair folic reminds me of the shape of the alchemical snakes.

Logos Spermatikos was conceived of as material, and is usually identified with God or Nature. The Stoics also referred to the seminal logos ("logos spermatikos"), or the law of generation in the universe, which was the principle of the active reason working in inanimate matter. Humans, too, each possess a portion of the divine logos.

Logos [Greek: “I say”] had long been one of the leading terms of Stoicism, chosen originally for the purpose of explaining how deity came into relation with the universe.

Mon. 22 May 2017


I am in the kitchen of an old small house that reminds me of the one bedroom home we rented last year in Victoria, BC. I see a large gray cat lying on the floor and a young gray kitten lays on the floor a short ways behind its mother. The mother seems to have urinated a large puddle on the floor. I reach down with my right hand and tickle the kitten on its chest area with the tip of my index finger. The cat rolls over on its back as I do so – apparently enjoying this “heart chakra” stimulation.

End of Dream

Comment: In the aftermath of the dream I recalled the 1984 incident of my daughter Amy’s gray cat that urinated on my pillow because I did not feed it when it wanted me to as shared in What The World Needs Now Is lovE, Sweet lovE – 8 April 2017 when I was petting the left side of the head of a similar sized gray cat with the side of my right index finger.

I am putting away my clothes (read: attitudes) that have been cleaned by a teacher (an older woman). I notice my heavy gray stockings are among the clothes.

Tues. 23 May 2017

In the darkness, I see a pattern of unconnected red lines that seem to surround the heart area on a black surface in the center of the view. Six of the red lines have puffy tan “smoke” in cylindrical shape surrounding some of the length at their ends. On drawing the vision of just the six lines it seems the red lines surround an “oval” shaped area as if the negative energy shaped throat of a wormhole. The fluffy tan medium reminds me of the fluffy medium surrounding a black hole. Also, I recall that the head of a cattail, when matured, becomes fluffy like this for it has become pollen – something I saw in my youth. Comment: A cattail has been connected to being a cat-of-nine-tails, a connection to the scourging device used by the Romans on the Logos Christ, in THEHOLYGHOSTCOMING – 31 January 2014 when the head of a cattail was pressed against yellow-green grass. But here it is being connected to the psychic scourging of the Eros Christ that ensues with the release of its white-tan enlightening pollen.
Heart.jpg [ 18.5 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

Cattails.jpg [ 43.46 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

These plants have many common names. They may be known in American English as cattail, catninetail, punks, or corn dog grass,


I am walking along and see that I am carrying a small white box of fried chicken. I enter a bookstore and steal a book titled, “The Glenwald Ice Shield” which was published in May 1916 or 101 years ago. The book cover was filled with a snow covered Arctic looking scene which included blue water as if NW is meant. I exit a second story window and see everything is covered with much fluffy snow. The elder woman operating the bookstore is coming after me.

End of Dream

In the darkness, I see a tan long right hand that has half the length of the end of the fingers glowing yellow like that seen on the index fingertip of E.T. Comment: E.T.’s finger restored a decaying flower to life; a metaphor for restoring the old dying King to the new Red King seems indicated. E.T. also had his heart chakra activated when touching Elliot on the 3rd eye area on departing. I recall the following “alchemical hand” image and how it seemed to be connected to my dreams and visions. Notice that the anointing of the index fingertip will turn on one’s Heart Light.
Hands.jpg [ 87.37 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

Murders are being committed that are connected to bands of red and yellow (Ra colors). Then I hear, “the remaining task.” Comment: Murder in a dream suggests the killing of part of one’s worldview that is no longer needed. It is a connection to the psychic scourging effect of cattails becoming pollen.

Suddenly, I am having the impression that the World Soul is a “Superpartner” to humanity (its shadow side). Comment: Psychologically speaking the World Soul is the bride. In particle physics, a Superpartner is a hypothetical elementary particle predicted by the theory called Supersymmetry which claims the need for the existence such a "shadow" particle. A Superpartner makes for a Superman or Spiderman comes to mind.

Thurs. 25 May 2017


A predictive riddle composed of four sets of four capital letters has been solved. I see that Dr. Spence (Logos ego) from Criminal Minds is here and has played a role in coming up with the solution.

End of Dream

I see an upward curved red headed pocket sized stick match in the darkness (like those that accompanied the small pocket sized book of Edinger’s Apocalypse lectures). The curvature of this pocket match immediately reminds me of the curved plastic pipe I used to cover the enclosure of the young apple tree I planted in the front yard suggesting that the Ra colored stick match is an Apocalypse flame that incarnates from out of the Garden of Eden. Comment: A similarly curved red headed stick match appeared in ’Heart Brain’ Blood Sacrifice – 15 August 2015. It was a Blood Moon headed on a rubbery stick match which formed a clock hand reading of 8:30 [= 11; the symbol of Tao, the unio corporalis, since it is a combination of # 5 (masculine principle or yang) and # 6 (feminine principle or yin)]. This match shape reminds me of a sperm shape and snake shape; both of which appeared at the beginning of this post and which are connected to the Holy Spirit bringing its enlightenment.
Stick Match.jpg
Stick Match.jpg [ 18.27 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]

Fri. 26 May 2017

I am looking down into a large bluish-whitish pool of liquid which fills the view. In the center of this view is the top of the head of a household hammer whose wood handle is immersed in what appears to be a large test tube filled with this bluish-white liquid. Some kind of chemical weapon comes to mind. Comment: The anti-war song “If I Had A Hammer” sung by Peter, Paul & Mary comes to mind as I typed in this vision. On looking for an image for this single I immediately see the following; which contains turning on your Heart Light color codes. It seems the lyric “Love between my brothers and sisters all over this land” is Evol kind of love.
Hammer.jpg [ 33.65 KiB | Viewed 5361 times ]



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Post Healing A Bipolar Disorder
Fri. 26 May 2017

In the darkness in the distance I see a white circular shining bright light that partially floods my eyes; more “enlightenment from the darkness” I presume. In the foreground I see tree canopy vegetation in silhouette that is gently blowing about by a breeze and the sky above is dark and slightly reddish. Then I see Dr. D. DeCroix (D cubed; who thought all could be solved by intellect) standing in the darkness in the NE of my view. He wears an Avatar colored shirt like I had purchased in the aftermath of the divorce from my first wife. His head disappears and moves around underneath the shirt as if his head is is now in the heart chakra. Mike (a young engineer) is next to him and near my right side while another young man is to the right of DeCroix. Mike has a present he would like to give to my youngest daughter, Amy (NF in her psychology), who is on the Berkley campus in CA. He wanted me to fly up with him from So. California to give this to Amy.

I see yellow or orange vegetables that look like bell peppers.

I see chest-high stacks of yellow plastic rectangular shapes with black text on there surfaces. The packages each contain a large thick rectangular book that appears to be the size and shape of Jung's Red Book - a summary of my dreams and visions seems meant. They seem to be in an engineering office environment.

I see a bowling pin that is tan on its upper 1/3rd and pinkish-reddish translucent on its lower 2/3rds. I recall the similar shaped nuclear bombs slung underneath an aircraft wing.

A young man presents me with a dark green string of XMAS lights on a large 2 foot in diameter clear glass platter. The unilluminated lights have an unusual pale white and yellow translucent color and are in the shape of baby bottle nipples that have been stripped of their base area; giving them the appearance of being bowling pins – a shape connected to aerodynamic designed nuclear bomb shapes. Comment: Later in this post the nipple ends are connected to an illuminated white light bulb.
Nipples.jpg [ 21.52 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I am standing on a dark wood deck where I see large circular white dinner plates on a rectangular shelf by the side of a home.

I see a bunch of crushed aluminum foil that fills a crescent moon shaped piece of yellow rind as if from a yellow squash.

I see a tall young woman standing behind a rectangular table like one sees in a Las Vegas electronics show. She picks up the table and rocks forwards and backwards.

I see a pentagon shaped pool filled with cyan colored water. Comment: In my buckyball Avatar a man stands in the pentagons on its surface in the pose of the Vitruvian man (the divinely proportioned man). Underneath the cyan colored water is blue water it seems - informing one that this cleansing pool bathed the Vitruvian man in Avatar colored waters in order to wash away his worn-out world view and like this helped him become a divinely proportioned man.

I see some freshly machined aluminum cylindrical shapes having threads on their surface.

I see a close-up view of a blackboard with white chalk hand written text on its surface that looks like equations using the Greek alphabet.

In the darkness, I am looking up along the right side of a white face with black hair and see the right eyelid is closed.

I see a man holding a wood club having the black hair from a woman covering its clubbing end. I hear, “I could have beat her to death.” It is a “victory club” comes to mind. Comment: This man has been empowered with the mana of the knowing of the World Soul – a connection to the Holy Ghost hair folic seen at the beginning of my previous post The Colors of Hell.

I see a tall aluminum metal cage that reminds me of an upside-down tomato cage I have used to help tomatoes find support as the vegetation becomes taller. Strange but this one is mostly closed off at its smaller diameter end as if the metal legs have been bent 90 degrees.
Tomato cage.jpg
Tomato cage.jpg [ 19.12 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I see black spindle shapes standing on end. The one in focus has a region of white light coming from its NW area near the center. Comment: The Wheels of Ezekiel comes to mind as I look at the image. The white light reminds me of the one discussed at the beginning of this post that was shining from out of the darkness. Light from the chthonic side seems meant.
Spindle.jpg [ 26.5 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I am looking up at a daylight view of a commercial airplane whose cockpit and other forward leading edges at the front of the aircraft are yellow but which transition to red. It seems to be made out of paper and has large flares from areas on its surface as if tree fungus shapes. A float for a parade it seems. Renewed sky-God Ra are evident.
Airplane.jpg [ 24.37 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I am eating a half-consumed large delicious hamburger with trimmings in a yellowish bun. Comment: A hamburger bun is connected to the “Wheels of Ezekiel”. The hamburger is connected to the pound of flesh from the heart. Individuation is the eating of one’s higher Self. DeCroix wearing an Avatar colored shirt with head in chest as seen earlier in this post comes to mind. The masculine side of the “sacred hearts” portrayed in the Seal of Solomon has Ra colors.
Snake Eyes Scapular.jpg
Snake Eyes Scapular.jpg [ 48.82 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

A young woman walks past on a city street that reminds me of Victoria, BC. She is shouting, “You are awake!”

I see a tablespoon dipped into a round bowl from its NW area. It is filled with a reddish medium that looks like diced beet. Beet greens have green and red Heart Light colors suggesting a beet is connected to the red flesh of the heart. The red colors reminds me of the colors in the Blood Moon and the Ebola virus.
Beet.jpg [ 9.34 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

Since Roman times, beetroot juice has been considered an aphrodisiac. It is a rich source of the mineral boron, which plays an important role in the production of human sex hormones.

Behind a garden fence I see what looks like a rectangular shaped lid as if on a grave. It has evenly spaced large whitish irregular shaped poop “stones” on its top as if “nail” heads that line the periphery of this lid.

I see a dull golden five pointed star in the darkness.

I see a liter sized bluish-whitish water glass filled with clear water resting on a surface next to the right foot of a man sitting and holding in his right hand a regular sized bluish-white water glass filled with clear water from which he is drinking.

I am recalling the scene in the TV series Fortitude filmed in a town along the East side of Iceland. In the scene a 10 year old girl touches the ends of a red wire to the end of a green wire in order to start the engine (heart) of a snowmobile since they did not have a key to the machine.

I see a huge red, white and blue Airbus looking aircraft flying low to the ground with its left wingtip angled down 45 degrees. It is curving its flight path like this. It reminds me of how airplanes are flown during an airshow.

I see a young woman’s white left hand with red fingernails holding a red apple (having yellow peeking out in places just like on the red-yellow head stick match) in a “fist” configuration (a hand grenade throwing gesture). The thumb and index fingertips touch and the green stem of the apple end protrudes out of this Jnana Mudra apparent gesture (Jnana means Wisdom). The Wisdom of the World Soul from out of the Garden of Eden is being transmitted to the individual soul is meant – something that influences the heart chakra by “turning on the Heart Light”. Comment: I am familiar with the expression, “Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away (since apples are good for the heart)”.
Mudra Apple.jpg
Mudra Apple.jpg [ 32.09 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

Sat. 27 May 2017

Suddenly, I experience the sensation of enhancement to my subtle body – as if it just became stronger. Comment: This sensation is a congruent "foreshock" foreshadowing the permanent residency of the World Soul in my subtle body as inner sacred marriage given the dream of my high school sweetheart which comes up at the end of this post.

Directly in front of me I see a tall vertical golden brown wood telephone pole (shin area of a chicken leg?) – its heart chakra height location. Comment: Golden-brown is the color of fried chicken. It's as if the knowing of Abraxas is being communicated.

I see a top view of a right thumb as if it is my own.

I see a hand reach out and grasp a few pieces of golden brown chicken. Comment: The golden-brown chicken (cooked aspects of Abraxas) is being connected to the heart chakra location on a golden-brown telephone pole (an E.T. phone home connection with the unconscious).

In the darkness, I see the following image – a Ra gun-sight communion host it seems.
Communion Host Gun Sight.jpg
Communion Host Gun Sight.jpg [ 34.22 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I see a ducted four blade fan that was slowly turning clockwise.

In the NW of the view I see a dinner fork (four tines) helping itself to a square piece of mostly blackened (over-cooked) meatloaf – reminding me of my maternal grandmother who liked to charcoal cook her toast because she believed that charcoal was healthy for you. Comment: Consuming C60 (buckyballs) seems meant since soot is filled with them.

I see a left hand grasp a short yellow limb having short vesica piscis shaped green leaves.

Sun. 28 May 2017

On my morning walk I have the sudden inspiration that when the wind blows from out of the SE and into the NW (as if the Holy Spirit blows new incarnations into the NW from out of the 2nd chakra) it can form a cornucopia (horn of plenty) cloud formation over the top of Mount Shasta which I happened to capture in the following photo of 5 February 2011 (I have seen this type of cloud formation only once in the 13 years we have lived here – an extremely rare event it seems for the wind to blow out of the SE). As below, so above; What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike according to occultism. Urine teardrop “Christification" rain from a cornucopia came up in Cornucopia Rain – 30 July 2013 – read that post for further pictures and amplifications on the evolving meaning of a cornucopia. Effects from the lower 3 chakras pouring out of the heart chakra seems meant in this Capricorn “horn of plenty” painting by a Russian artist.
Horns of Plenty.jpg
Horns of Plenty.jpg [ 68.75 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing (the union of the opposites). Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

The Capricorn “horn of plenty” has been connected to the “Point A” (Her Big Bang creation event) in the geometry of a horn torus.
Torus Horn Buckyball.gif
Torus Horn Buckyball.gif [ 117.14 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

In the darkness, I see the end of a pike (pole weapon) which pokes up into the NW of the view. The blade on its end has the shape of a crescent moon. Comment: In The Game of Thrones the heads of the defeated are displayed on pikes. It seems I made a “trade” – my head (my knowing) for her hair on a club (her knowing) which was seen earlier in this post. What it takes to forge an inner bipolar God-image and win the inner Trump presidency of an inner United State. See I Went Too Far… It seems comedian (where there is laughter, there the shadow is also) Kathy Griffin is a candidate for individuation. Her political incorrect behavior indicates that this is so.
Pike Head.jpg
Pike Head.jpg [ 53.73 KiB | Viewed 5300 times ]

This Ain’t No ISIS Gag
I see a white left bare foot from ground level and from by its SE heel area – while looking along its right side.

I see a Pinky demon (from the game of DOOM) descending a long flight of wide stone stairs that reminds me of those seen on a Mayan Temple. It seems to have just exited through the open doors of the furnace building at the top of the stairs and within that opening I see a large glow of yellow-gold flame. Pinky maybe a demon but it comes out of the refiner’s fire or the hearth (the heart chakra) and thus represents the colors of the coniunctio. This reminds me of the keys seen above the pinky fingers in the alchemical hands. Those keys were connected to opening the green-gold chest (of Eros Christ consciousness) where I kept the love-letters from my high school sweetheart 60 years ago. Slaying a pinky demon releases the lovE-letters of the World Soul from out of the heart chakra seems meant.
Hands.jpg [ 87.37 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

I see the bottom of a bottle that is upside-down. It is of clear glass (has whitish glints) whose side is mostly colored red.

Mon. 29 May 2017

I see a middle-aged Oriental man from his SW area who has a hair-cut like that seen on the leader of the North Koreans. He walks up to a large white “Popsicle” stick shaped countertop by its left side and looks down at something which I can now see is a small number of greeting cards. On the top is a colorful card of line drawings of playing children. Comment: Popsicle stick shape has been connected to Ra colors and to the Lincoln Memorial plaque. In Taking The Plank Out Of Your Own Eye – 30 April 2017 a man in silhouette was seen walking into the NW of the view who was outlined in a white cord like the Popsicle stick shapes was seen on the Lincoln Memorial. Like this the middle-aged Oriental man from North Korea is connected to the message of the meaning of the Popsicle stick.

In the darkness, I see a huge black teardrop shape in the NW of the view whose long “tail” points to the North. I suddenly have the impression that it is the black-gold; as if gold color is hidden underneath the black. Redeeming one’s shadow is like pure gold comes to mind.

I see a luminous white light bulb pointed into the NE of the view in the darkness. The partial view of the bulb suddenly has me recalling the similar shape of the top of a bowling pin and the baby bottle nipple as if its whiteness reflects the enlightening rays of the psychophysical radiations from the bowling pin shaped nuclear bomb.
Light Bulb.jpg
Light Bulb.jpg [ 14.88 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

Tues. 30 May 2017


I am with people who are evaluating their findings on a woman and a man. They are institutionalized because they are psychotic. But now it seems they have been able to integrate whatever it was that caused the psychotic break (a bipolar disorder it seems). A rectangular 4x6 cooked set of dinner rolls are about to be sliced in half. The upper half of the dinner rolls are to be given to the man and the lower half to the woman.
Dinner Rolls.jpg
Dinner Rolls.jpg [ 48.17 KiB | Viewed 5316 times ]

End of Dream

Comment: As I was waking up I had the impression that the sacred inner marriage was involved in this dream. The monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular. The making of bread involves crushing, pounding and grinding of wheat – a metaphor for the making of consciousness that can be digested via discrimination.

Psychosis is a serious mental disorder characterized by thinking and emotions that indicate that the person experiencing them has lost contact with reality. Sometimes psychosis is a symptom of a condition like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder or depression.


In a daylight scene, my high school sweetheart (as the 17 year old when I last saw her) is sitting very close to my right side on a long bench seat. I see a close-up view of the left side of her white freckled face along with her black hair and bluish (avatar colored) eyes. I inquire, “Does the sun increase your freckles?” She responds, “Sometimes. It depends.” She is happy and glad to be with me. It seems we are going to have a long-term relationship. What a change! And yet it seemed we had been very good friends for a long time.

It is later and now we are walking along together. She has two old bibles she no longer needs – one is full sized and the other a portable pocket sized one. Then she asks me if she could tell me some of her dreams. I immediately shared that I thought that would be very good for our relationship for it would create a lot of psychological intimacy.

End of Dream

Comment: The Queen always sits on the right side of her husband. It is Her worldview that is important. She sits on his masculine side suggesting that the influence of Her worldview has incarnated in his outlook. Sunlight (from the lower sun) has tanned the too white skin of my too spiritual inner feminine image I learned to embrace in my youth. Interesting that she no longer wants the old and new testaments as if her worldview has moved on.

Then I see a thumb in the darkness whose fingernail is glowing yellow – an E.T. fingertip glow connection it seems. Comment: E.T.’s index fingertip healed a decayed flower – a metaphor for the renewal of the old dying king.


PS I see that The Singularity Is Near (the artificial creation of a super intelligent human using robotics and AI) approaches as suggested in this article Godlike 'Homo Deus' (The God-man) Could Replace Humans as Tech Evolves. If Jung were alive he might say that an inner imperative trying to take place in the soul of humanity as higher consciousness is at first projected into the outer circumstance but if it is to be realized as higher consciousness the projection must be withdrawn. I would note that on the inner level a Black Hole (belly brain) is a singularity. As the Borg say, “Resistance is futile.”
Homo Deus.jpg
Homo Deus.jpg [ 35.23 KiB | Viewed 5294 times ]

If, as seems probable, the aeon of the fishes is ruled by the archetypal motif of the hostile brothers (fish swimming in opposite directions is the sign of Pisces), then the approach of the next Platonic month, namely Aquarius (which consciously carries the water of the unconscious), will constellate the problem of the union of opposites. It will then no longer be possible to write off evil as the mere privation of good; its real existence will have to be recognized. This problem can be solved neither by philosophy, nor by economics, nor by politics, but only by the individual human being, via his experience of the living spirit…" C.G. Jung, Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self (1950), § 141-42.

Singularity.jpg [ 38.9 KiB | Viewed 5294 times ]

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology is a 2006 non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil who also wrote The Age Of Spiritual Machines

On a personal note I have complained to my lawyer friend on our street that I often feel like I am living in the midst of Neanderthals because my consciousness is to different from most of my fellow human beings.

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Post Building A Mountain Using Humans Made From Clay
Clays are plastic due to its water content. Depending on the soil's content in which it is found, clay can appear in various colors from white to dull grey or brown to deep orange-red. According to the Qur'an, God created humans from clay.

Clay Humans.jpg
Clay Humans.jpg [ 34.22 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

Creating The Red Man
Wed. 31 May 2017

I hear, “You are privileged.” Comment: It is always a privilege to see another’s individuation content. It is also a privilege to see one’s own.

I seem to be standing next to the front of a stage floor that is at eye level, while looking up along the left side of the body of a shapely but heavy built black woman – from her left shin area by her NW area. She wears a beige jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath the jacket. Her hair is black, wavy and long. She holds a rectangular shaped microphone in her right hand in front of her open mouth whose red lipstick covered lips are prominent. I immediately have the impression “The Fat Lady Sings”. Comment: Later, on my morning walk, I suddenly recognized this black singer – she is a much heavier version (read: now has an enhanced subtle body) of the deceased Whitney Houston who died around 3 PM on 11 Feb. 2012 and had appeared in a vision around that time (on 13 February 2012 – Valentine’s Day). The vision of Her singing (her famous single hit song “I Will Always lovE You”?) suggests the outcome of my individuation process is now known (produced an inner sacred marriage) because of all Her soul music. In The Thunderbird Effect – 23 April 2017 the words “DANGEROUS DIAGNOSIS” was seen on a piece of beige colored paper – as if this color is a connection to the color of the garments the black woman wears in this vision. In Effects From the Return of the World Soul – 17 April 2017 I heard my (inner) wife say, “So now we move along the boundaries that say you lovE me.”. As this was being announced I had a close-up view of her abdominal area which showed that she wore a lovely beige dress embroidered with a pattern of fabric filled with empty circular openings. The beige color immediately reminded me of the many visions of our beige colored circular dinner plates as if “dinner” served from the abdomen of the feminine principle is meant.
Whitney Into The Light.jpeg
Whitney Into The Light.jpeg [ 4.95 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

Light From The Darkness
“It ain't over till (or until) the fat lady sings” is a colloquialism, essentially meaning that one should not assume the outcome of some activity (e.g. a sporting contest) until it has actually finished.

I seem to be on the roof of a single-story home looking down at the front lawn next to the home on a clear day. Lying on her right side on the lawn in a black dress is Leona W (high school classmate) whose long blond wavy hair is prominent. She has a stern look on her lovely face.

Thurs. 1 June 2017

I see a middle-aged white man with black hair from his NE area as he takes a shower. He is at the moment lathering his black hair with white foaming shampoo (as if yin > higher yang is meant). His hair is short as if in a butch haircut (a Buddha belly is connected to this style haircut) or as if he has the kinky short hair of a black man.

I hear a woman saying as she stands where the man was showering, “Oh ‘Justpat', they have fulfilled …” Comment; I immediately had the impression that Justpat had to do with evil, evil from the shadow within it seems. I see that “just pat” comes up in Dante’s The Divine Comedy.
Just Pat.jpg
Just Pat.jpg [ 53.06 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

Just (a back) Pat
At a signal to Virgil, Dante comes from out of his hiding place and rushes down the slope to his protector’s side. Seeing a living man in their midst, the Demons surround him. Grinding their teeth and waiting to raise their hooks and grapples – getting closer and closer one of them asks with a leer, “May I just pat him on the back. But “Evil Trail” stops him saying, “Quiet, quiet ‘Big Tough’”. Then assuring Virgil that he and his charge will find a grotto leading into the next den. He chooses ten of his devils to escort the two visitors along the edge of the boiling pitch. The Divine Comedy, p. 46.

Now I see what looks like the prow of an old sailing ship that is directly in front of me. On it is a golden head having a single gold needle nose protrusion emanating from its 3rd eye. The head/face is blurry so I could not tell if it was the head of an animal, a woman or a man. Comment: This “Unicorn Horn” reminds me of the “long tail” of the Holy Spirit that was pushing itself out through my 3rd eye area from inside my head during my 1976 Pentecostal experience.
Figurehead Ship.jpg
Figurehead Ship.jpg [ 59.97 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

The horn of a unicorn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.

This place on the forehead, then, indicates the seat of supreme consciousness, and that has to do with the process of individuation, because supreme consciousness and individuation are identical. As I said, as long as one is mixed up with objects, not separated, not individuated, one cannot have individual consciousness. The relationship our patient is realizing is closely connected with the problem of her own individuation, and at the same time it has the importance of the experience on the exalted level which would make of her a twice born, as they say in India. This particular place on the forehead is always marked on the statues of the Buddha, and it is usually the sign of the man with the awakened higher consciousness, the man who has undergone initiation. At the time, neither my patient nor I were conscious of all this, but when one tries to get into the real meaning of the symbolism, one sees that it belongs with such general ideas. This vision really contains the moment of complete initiation; that is, she is definitely touched and marked, like a criminal who has been sentenced and branded on the forehead. Or it is the mark of the chosen one. That fact should give an absolutely typical quality to her psychology.” C.G. Jung, Vision Seminars, p. 182.

I see a large, tall, middle-aged man standing by the NE door of a police car. Four police officers stand near the four doors. One of the officers holds a man by the chest area of his purple tee shirt (signals a union of the opposites in the heart chakra).

I am standing in front of a machine and my right hand is using a hand holding mechanical device such that only my right index finger is pointed outwards. There is a large room with windows in it in front of me – some kind of teleporting device it seems.


I bite into a small red & green apple. It is hollow inside. At its center I see its seeds are scattered about along with a metal key pointed into the NW of the view. The key has a black handle.

End of Dream

Comment: Previously an apple has been connected to a spindle torus. In the vesica piscis center of this torus is a diamond shape according to Sacred Geometry. Apple seeds and diamond body are being connected.
Diamond Body.jpg
Diamond Body.jpg [ 32.21 KiB | Viewed 5200 times ]


I am in the produce area of a supermarket where I see a contest going on and free gifts will be given away. I won a free apple because I approached an invisibly suspended golden head and got to it first. The contest seemed to be set-up so that I would win.

End of Dream

Comment: Eating of the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil leads to an incorruptible consciousness.

I see a middle-aged man leaning his body towards the East white wall in a room using his right hand which has its middle finger extended and angled 45 degrees against that wall. Comment: According to my visions this finger represents a “peak psychophysical nuclear apocalypse”.

I am standing behind the SW area of my office recliner looking down at the seating area where I see the cyan heating blanket is stuffed between the seat cushion and the left arm rest.

I am looking into an open tan cardboard box where I see three bottle caps, one red, one white and one blue that could be used to cover a spray nozzle on a bottle or can.

Something about “Whitney Houston” (the fat lady that sings I will lovE you always).


In the blackness at the end of a long corridor in the NW of the view I see a middle-aged woman wearing a full length yellow dress having black text on its surface (a connection to the large rectangular yellow plastic packages containing large, thick rectangular “Red Books”). She is leaning over towards the West wall and smelling something in that wall as if a flower is there but it is out of my view.

I see an animated hominid toy looking object whose right hand is extended towards me. The right hand is a black three prong plastic fork (a Devil’s pitchfork connection for eating of the lower 3 chakras comes to mind – like the pitchfork seen sticking in the “just pat” back in Dante’s Inferno image shared earlier in this post) like one gets with Chinese takeout food.

I see green vegetation growing up around the base area of a clear glass goblet held in the right hand of a middle-aged man. Suddenly a large yellow flower of several petals blooms out of the top of the glass. It’s as if this growth comes from the palm of the man’s hand. I recall that the Fatima evil eye was seen on the palm of a right hand.

Fri. 2 June 2017

In a dark rainy scene I see a small modern white car go speeding past.

I see a rain-soaked dirt street and dirt sidewalk in a poor area of a town. The sidewalk seems to have been dissolved by the rain as the puddle where the sidewalk used to be is now a long, shallow trench of rectangular length that is below the surrounding ground level as if the concrete that was there was removed. Comment: Concrete in a dream or vision represents solidified consciousness on which one rests their standpoint. A new worldview has dissolved a preexisting one in favor of a more natural (Nature’s way) one.

I am looking at the NW corner of a room and see some of the plaster board has been removed as if some remodeling is being done. The opening exposes the wood two by fours.


I see the strongman, Noriega of Panama who died at 83 = 11 recently, has approached me on my left side and threatens me with a knife while saying, “I have to get a family!” He jabs the six inch knife blade between my upper left arm and my left side. I had said something he did not like. He removes the knife but isn’t done yet. I sense his incredible (psychic) strength and sensed my helplessness and at the same time had the impression we were working on something together. There is no defeating him. He then thrusts the blade between my thighs and just missed my genitals.

The scene shifts and I am helping with the unfolding of a huge square black mat that mostly unfolded itself. It started with the NW corner and soon I was at its NE corner.

End of Dream

Comment: Noriega was convicted of drug trafficking and died in prison. It seems he is strongly in favor of supporting an Eros ego altered state of consciousness. In the dream I sensed that we were working on something very large. The black square mat seems to be a connection to integrating one’s shadow. In a May 2001 dream my upper left arm was broken. From that broken arm image I concluded that the feelings not acknowledged in many painful failures I have had with the outer feminine come from the intentionality of the Eros Self which continued to frustrate my outer life’s trajectory with the feminine in the interest of having me find a relationship with the inner feminine.

I see a top view of a pale cyan plant that reminds me of a Scottish thorn thistle (that produces red tipped with white shaft thorns that is growing in the midst of tall green grass.

Noriega is here and then I see half of a triangle appear, then half of a circle and then half of a square. I have the impression he searches for the other half of these objects for that would make them complete or whole.

Then in the darkness below I see a single cigarette lying on the dark earth. The focus is on its unlighted end – as if lighting that end will help Noriega complete the objects.

Sat. 3 June 2017

In the blackness, I see a rectangular piece of steel along the South area of the view. The long direction of the piece is along that side. In the center of it is a black numeral 1 that appears to have been punched through the metal.

In the blackness along the West side I see a large numeral whitish 5 that spans the distance between the SW and the NW in the view.

In the blackness, I am looking down at a black and white view of a middle-aged white man’s smiling face. He has bushy black and white hair (pepper and salt colored hair). He reminds me of singer Tom Jones. Comment: His best-selling single hit in the US was “She’s A Lady”. From the lyrics below I like the part “Help me build a mountain From a little pile of clay, hey hey hey”.

Well, she's all you'd ever want
She's the kind I like to flaunt and take to dinner
But she always knows her place
She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner
She's a lady

Well, she's never in the way
Always something nice to say, and what a blessin'
I can leave her on her own
Knowin' she's okay alone and there's no messin'
She's a lady

Well, she never asks very much
And I don't refuse her
Always treat her with respect
I never would abuse her
What she's got is hard to find
And I don't want to lose her
Help me build a mountain
From a little pile of clay, hey hey hey

Sun. 4 June 2017

In this long slow-moving vision, I see vast greenery with trees – so green (just like it is in Maui, HI (Paradise) where we are on vacation for a couple of weeks). In the midst of the green grass and lawns are many randomly scattered points of glistening white light. I see white letter outlines over the grass that spells “future scheduled museum”. Comment:Green is the color of the Holy Ghost, of life, procreation and resurrection (C.G. Jung, CW 14, §395). A vision of a star-studded firmament appears below – suggesting that the points of light in the grass are stars (to be born). A multiplicatio release of psychophysical radiations is meant. It is a connection to Nickolas von Flue’s “memory” while in the womb – as if he was a star being born; something shared near the end of What Paranormal Abilities Have Wrought – 26 August 2016. Briefly, Human beings becoming new stars, i.e., emitters of light (consciousness) of a new worldview. A star announces the birth of an outstanding personality as instanced in the Bible where the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Christ to the three wise men. In many civilizations, you meet the idea that the human soul was a star before birth and becomes one again after death – MLvF on the Dreams and Visions of Nickolas von Flue.
Mahalo Greg South Kihei, Maui Sm.jpg
Mahalo Greg South Kihei, Maui Sm.jpg [ 66.76 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

"Mahalo" is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects.

Then like the white letter outlining above I see a white outline of a Valentine heart shape. The white outline immediately reminds me of the white cord that outlined the 3 Popsicle stick shapes on the black Lincoln Memorial plaque – suggesting those two aspects are connected as is the green sparkling grass in the previous vision.
Valentine Heart.jpg
Valentine Heart.jpg [ 19.95 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

I hear, “It must be nice to see so many natural things affirm themselves about their beauty.” Then I see a family of small pine trees growing in the lawn underneath the canopy of a huge tree above that is mostly out of sight. A couple of five or six foot tall trees and about five smaller trees standing in front of them. A mother and father with their children comes to mind.

I see the yellow flowering heads of dandelions randomly spaced everywhere in a sea of green grass.

I see many points of white in the blackness as if stars. I immediately recall the many glistening points of white seen in the grass in the vision above.

In a dark room, I see a right index fingertip poked through a narrow vertical rectangular slot opening into the outside daylight. It pokes from the inner and into the outer world through a wood venetian window blind. Just this one narrow opening in the blind is visible. The fingernail is also rectangular and whitish-yellowish light can be seen underneath its surface. E.T. has phoned home it seems and now “mother” is responding. Comment: Green is the color of the heart chakra and the innumerable starry points of white seen in the grass comes to mind as if this “glowing” rectangular index fingertip is connected to those starry points; a response from the rectangular monk spot on the World Soul is meant.


PS Paris terrorist "Hammer-man" inadvertently forced an “Alleluia Chorus”…(Alleluia = Praise God) gesture in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.
Notre Dame Paris.jpg
Notre Dame Paris.jpg [ 63.97 KiB | Viewed 5222 times ]

’Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Innocents Huddle In Notre Dame During Islamic Terrorist Incident

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Post Going Green Has Consequences
Tues. 6 June 2017


I am taking a class taught by my older brother (we often had a “hostile brother” relationship; he was too much into Eros ego living and I too much into Logos ego living). He is handing out final exam results on submitted answers. I see that on top of the sheets of paper for my responses to the exam questions he has given me a grade of 94%. But then he looks again at my response to one of his exam questions and makes a mark on it. He then is ready to lower my grade. I object saying, “It is not fair to suddenly lower my grade due to an after-thought.”

End of Dream

Comment: Integrating the shadow is an unending task. There is always more. This reminds me of my recent post on Paul Levy’s website (http://www.awakeninthedream.com/what-wo ... ald-trump/) as noted below.

Dear Bevin,

Bevin wrote: I know full well how much work remains to be done on myself. Actually, I take that back. I have probably seriously underestimated the amount of work I must do on myself.

Double dittos on that assessment for it resonates with my personal psychic situation. It has taken 2,000 years to generate the Logos ego bias of the West due to the teachings of the Logos Christ so it is likely it will take another 2,000 years to sort it all out (by incorporating the point of view of the Eros Christ; our shadow stuff). This one-sidedness has inflamed the archetypal dynamic of the “hostile brothers” to an unimaginable degree. This dynamic plays out on the plane of human history in the Israel/Palestine conflict as Paul Levy has noted (see below). The shadow problem has now come home to roost (in the USA). No longer can we project it out trying to be “peace makers” by trying to resolve the Israel/Palestine conflict. It has come home to roost in American politics in the form of a psychic “Civil War” between Republican and Democrat states. How to consciously realize an inner United State of the feminine and masculine principles in Alchemy. The psychic infestation of the unresolved “hostile brothers” now engulfs not only American politics but also the ability to forge a less destructive relationship between Russia (Eros ego bias) and America (Logos ego bias). Psychic contamination is everywhere.

I see a clear glass canning jar that is more slender than usual as it sits on a nearby end table. It has a gray pewter looking metal lid and is filled with long dark green and slender whole fresh cucumbers (They are color code connected to those in comet LovE-Joy which could seed the earth with new creations. I see no liquid in the jar so they have not been pickled. They are meant to eat raw.

Wed. 7 June 2017


My aunt Alma and her husband Ed have a young lad they are caring for named Tommy. One day I take two young kids (boy and girl) I am in charge of to go play with Tommy. But my uncle and aunt object and I have to leave the premises.

It is later and I hear my Aunt beating on Tommy and driving him away from their home. I go over to their place and see my aunt now has a girl of two years of age with her. I pick up the child who is dressed all in white and carry her around. My aunt, who seems to be a foster parent, has invited two black men to come see the child as if it is up for adoption.

End of Dream

Thurs. 8 June 2017

I see a child of about a year of age in a close-up view of the left side from the NW. The skin (=’s soul) is suntanned and covered with splotches of nut fragments. I tasted a few of the nut pieces and they were very tasty. Comment: The splotches reminds me of how whales become encrusted with barnacles. The nut pieces remind me of the vision of a large cracked nut seen in the bottom of an old wood pail which seemed to be a chestnut which was connected to the following vision of June 2007.

June 2007 Vision

I see in a bright whitish scene in the NW a woman coming towards me on the right while swinging an old style wooden bucket in her right hand by the rope that goes through its top – as if waving it at me.

Comment: My immediate association to this bucket is that it would be used to fetch water from a well. A further association comes as I flashback to the appearance of a December 1999 vision of such a bucket containing a large cracked open chestnut. Nuts as we know are the “kernel”, the very essence of a thing and very rich in nutrients. The human chest, i.e., the heart chakra “nut” to be cracked open is meant in order to produce a flow of Her psychophysical radiations into our world – a connection to the Russian painting of the cornucopia Capricorn horn pouring out the golden teardrop shapes of urine from the heart – the return of Eros Christ consciousness shadow stuff produced by the effects of the Logos Christ eon.
Bucket Nut.jpg
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Now I see a fancy black with white triangle patterned robe held up before me. It looks to be of Japanese design.
Japanese Robe.jpg
Japanese Robe.jpg [ 24.15 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

I see a daylight close-up view of a very turbulent white-water that mostly hides the deeper green colored water of a sea. The sky background is sky blue. The view changes and now I am looking through murky green water and the lumpy covered bottom which is covered with a fine “velvet” looking growth of green algae that looks like a moss covering everything. Comment: On our vacation in Maui I notice that the coral reefs are dying and being washed up onto the beaches. Green algae covering the surface of coral (smothering it) are mostly the cause – something feed by fertilizer runoff and nutrients from waste treatment plants. The place is slowly being ruined. Paradise is being ruined. Green of course is the color of the Holy Ghost and of the masculine side of the heart chakra as seen in my visions of the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree. A very destructive smothering “growth” revenge of Holy Ghost effects is coming in a “Return of the World Soul” enterprise it seems when psychologically understood. It has the potential to produce much Green enlightenment – a color code for that contained in cucumbers.
Coral algae.jpg
Coral algae.jpg [ 68.2 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

Disgustingly, I hear “The young boys were raped until their assholes bled.” I’ll let the reader psychologize that one.

Fri. 9 June 2017

I am recalling the documentary The Gut: Our Second Brain (2013) I watched recently on Netflix. It is about the life-long research of Dr. Michael Gershon of NYC who Remo has often quoted. It is very well worth watching as it is so informative.


It's not just your stomach - it's a hub of intelligence. With billions of connected neurons, your "brain down below" holds the key to everything from personality traits to decision making skills.

I am on the 2nd floor on a balcony having a circular clear glass floor whose center is composed of a wide open empty circle without a guardrail. A black wrought iron guard rail surrounds the periphery of the balcony. I am seated in the SW area of this balcony (7 o'clock hour) at one of the several clear circular glass tables that line the periphery and notice down by my right foot a foot tall double fern plant. The fern in one black plastic truncated cone shaped nursery container that is furthest from my foot is dark green while the fern in the other same size black plastic truncated cone shaped nursery container closest to my foot is dark red and points in the opposite direction (Heart Light colors). I get up to move the plants but suddenly they tip over and fall over the edge (the edge of the circle of time/no-time - as if lovE-time has arrived) into the open circular interior of the balcony and crashes upside down onto the white concrete patio below. It’s as if simultaneously “grounding” the plants produces consciousness comes to mind. Comment: As I finished typing in the content of this vision I suddenly noticed that the tip of the green fern pointed to the Doomsday Hour while the tip of the dark red fern pointed to the 6 o’clock hour. Further, fern shapes remind me of a serrated arrowhead and XMAS tree shapes which also have a serrated arrowhead or spearhead appearance.
Fern Clock Hands.jpg
Fern Clock Hands.jpg [ 30.83 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

I am recalling what my female Jungian analyst (Edinger’s significant other) said to me during a 1992 analytic hour in response to a short dream I had about the 1992 presidential election (the last time I voted in a presidential election until Trump in 2016). It’s as if we should brace ourselves for the coming disintegration of our societies, our cultures.

Align yourself in a conscious way with what is happening in the world. You are seeing the breakdown of everything we all have worked for in this culture. You have to carry this consciousness as you go on in life. Carry it when you retire. Watch it die around you day by day. Experience the ending. Perhaps something new will come up. Nevertheless, this is your fate. Your meaning - to watch consciously the demise of our advanced nation. Not many can consciously do this.

Decapitation.gif [ 21.57 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

The Bowl of Individuation
Sat. 10 June 2017

I see a black ball point pen on a white background pointing vertically downwards as if it is a (minute?) hand on a clock face pointing to the 6 o’clock hour. The scene changes and now where the pen was there is instead a black numeral 4. Comment: Yin > potential higher Yang seems meant in this “the writing is on the wall” and will incarnate into our 4-dimensional world. In The Sound of Creation – 15 January 2017 a bread knife was seen cutting a crusty ring of bread in half starting at the 6 o’clock hour and ending at the 12 o’clock hour as it lay on a circular beige microwavable dinner plate. I recall that during Belshazzar's feast, or the story of the writing on the wall (chapter 5 in the Book of Daniel) the King was told that his kingdom would be divided and given to others (to Islamic nations) – as if Logos > Eros is meant. In Doomsday Hour As lovE Time – 27 January 2017 we learned that the 6 o’clock hour is the new Doomsday hour as characterized in the following V-shaped “guillotine” image (the blade of a guillotine is angled and the white region is a Planck time “second” past the 6 o’clock hour or 10-43 seconds – connecting it to a Big Bang creation event). In The Case For A Second Winter – 17 February 2017 we learned from the movie Ground Hog Day that the clock struck 6 o’clock once the star had learned how to become psychologically intimate with the his female co-star (Logos ego > Eros ego). This was characterized by showing the neck of the male star at the 6 o’clock hour on a clock face (heart chakra time).
Six Oclock.jpg
Six Oclock.jpg [ 45.95 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

Planck time is the time it would take a photon travelling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to the Planck length. This is the smallest measurement of time that has any meaning, and is equal to 10-43 seconds.

Daniel reminds Belshazzar that his father Nebuchadnezzar, when he became arrogant, was thrown down until he learned that God has sovereignty over the kingdom of men. Belshazzar had likewise blasphemed God, and so God sent this hand. Daniel then reads the message and interprets it: God has numbered Belshazzar's days, he has been weighed and found wanting, and his kingdom will be given to the Medes (ancient Iranian people) and the Persians (an Iranian ethnic group).

I am recalling a 2011 vision in which the World Soul told me that by 2023 the world would become very unstable – that is 6 years from now.


I have come to know a lovely young woman from India who is doing research. At the moment, we are standing in the darkness and I am holding her in my arms (I notice that my wife is standing behind us in the SW of the view). She has long flowing black hair. She rests her head on my right shoulder. We are in a chest-to-chest (heart-to-heart) embrace. My feelings for her are great and I easily let my heart chakra open its warmth to her. But for some reason she does not reciprocate. She tells me, “I have come to balance things out.”

End of Dream

Comment: She will balance things out with her psychophysical heart chakra radiations is meant. But not yet it seems. As I awoke I was recalling a May 2006 dream A Wedding Is About to Be Performed in a Cathedral – 20 May 2006 first referred to in An Electromagnetic Apocalypse Of lovE Looms – 7 July 2013. In this dream a young Hindu woman, my bride-to-be, had a red dot on her 3rd eye which indicated she had been initiated into supreme consciousness. It appears she has matured during this past 11 years to become the lovely young woman doing "heart" research.

Then I see a close-up vision of a thin slice from an orange as if it is covering my chest. I immediately wonder how many segments are in it. Comment: From the internet I see that an orange slice typically has between 10 and 11 segments. A quantum leap in consciousness from the 2nd chakra is meant – a 9/11 event connection.
Orange Slice.jpg
Orange Slice.jpg [ 41.69 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]


PS When I happened on the following “stock market crash” prediction on 9 June 2017 I was shocked for it was like I was being reminded that “Hell is coming.” Edinger often remarked that he thought that a global financial collapse would come – something that would cause a 40-year global depression. It almost happened in 2008 when the financial meltdown occurred. If it happens again there will be no stopping it according to Jim Rogers. Such an event would give many a chance to slow down and enter an Eros ego kind of consciousness. A forced decapitation so to speak that could begin in Planck Time.

Jim Rogers; The Worst Crash In Our Lifetime Is Coming
Guillotine.gif [ 19.18 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

PPS The following 2013 video explains why CO2 production by humans as well as other greenhouse gases does not contribute much to climate change. It is about science and facts – not alarmist media hype or political agendas. The climate change agenda I can support is how to stop making the earth a filth covered planet caused by about 6.5 billion too many people. The debate should be about stopping climate pollution for that would clearly make the decisions about the future as being about limiting human population and not about demanding a global carbon tax. If that were to happen a constructive “Greening of the Earth” would be realized.

The facts about global warming and climate change. Excellent presentation. Well worth the time to view.

Ra Colors.jpg
Ra Colors.jpg [ 41.48 KiB | Viewed 5137 times ]

A Constructive Embracing Of Ra Colors Will Save The World
As I finish preparing this post I hear Her say, “You will see that I am right. You are the savior of the world.” (All those who can embrace the coming of Ra colors seems meant. Going green has consequences.)

Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:31 am
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Post The “Enemy” Is Within
Sat. 10 June 2017

In this vision, a man in front of me in the darkness is complaining that something is biting him. Then I see a short, small glowing yellow rectangle on his bare back at about heart chakra height – as if the body of a mosquito. Comment: It seems that short “dash” rectangular sized body reflects the knowing of the rectangular monk spot on the World Soul [a mosquito coming out of the hidden dimensions (popcorn) has previously been identified as the most dangerous animal in the world in Sowing Apple Seeds – 5 June 2015 because it is a surrogate for the World Soul and would inject one with the Holy Spirit].
Popcorn Mosquito Emergence.jpg
Popcorn Mosquito Emergence.jpg [ 40.01 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

I see a gray metal pen tip (made from nickel it seems) of an old-style ink pen having a black wood handle lying pointing towards the SW in the view on a beige piece of parchment. If it were an hour hand on a clock face it would be pointing to 8:30 (= 11) it seems. Suddenly, the pen reminds me of the quill used to sign the Declaration of Independence in the USA on 4 July 1776. Comment: Such an old-style ink pen came up in Spooky Action At A Distance – 16 Nov. 2016 and it was connected to “the writing is on the wall”. The old system of inner government is going to pass away it seems. I then have the impression this image is connected to “going green” or Logos ego > Eros ego in order to mind-meld with the World Soul.
Declaration Independence.jpg
Declaration Independence.jpg [ 46.75 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

There are clear signs that something unpleasant or unwelcome is going to happen. "The handwriting was on the wall for the old system (GJS: of inner government)."

I should note that I suspect the old-style ink pen tip is made from nickel because I just happened to read a 1994 dream in my journal in which a 14-pound nickel meteor crashed to earth. Like this the two nickel events wanted to be connected as if reading this 1994 dream was a synchronicity - a meaningful coincidence.

17 October 1994

A Meteor Crashes To Earth
I am on an outing in a wood during early Spring with my two brothers (retired and Eros ego in their psychology). We are walking on a partly snow-covered ground in a thin wood near a creek when suddenly a meteor comes barreling out of the sky and crashing into the ground near us. Smoke rose from the impact site which made it easy for us to find. My older brother is the first to arrive on the scene. When I went to cross the creek to approach the crash site the ice gave way. I swam to the other side safely. By the time I reached the impact site my brothers had left to look for me. Soon they returned and with them they have a 14-pound nickel meteor. I figured the earth must be experiencing more meteor showers than usual for us to simply encounter one like this.

Reflection 1994: Meteor - like a message from the Gods. Brings metal from the unconscious. Our task is to see that it becomes incarnated/absorbed in this life. Metal of retirement. Metal for another way of knowing. Creek points to a boundary crossing, like the Israelis crossing the river Jordan into the promised land. May have had too rationalistic approach during the course of my life. A thawing of my attitude towards retirement. My brothers are much more at home with it.

Reflection 2017: Nickel is used in the 5-cent coin of the USA. In my visions and dreams of 2013 the buffalo nickel becomes prominent. It was first introduced in 1913 – the year Jung began his Night Sea Journey. 1913 was also the near the start of WW 1. Alchemy symbol for Nickel is shown below. The Alchemist’s symbol for nickel reminds me of Edinger’s drawing for the ego - Self axis but here it is as if it is for a Logos ego – Eros Self axis; for CNS (smaller top circle) & VNS (larger lower circle). It’s a connection to the head and tail sides of the buffalo nickel coin and thus represents a bipolar God-image. The difference in their sizes suggests the Gut-Brain is wiser. The alchemical symbol for nickel dates back to 3500 B.C. The minerals within are able to turn glass green. Morbi Videntur - translates to "Green appear".
Nickel Symbol.png
Nickel Symbol.png [ 139.17 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

Green is also the color of the Holy Ghost, of life, procreation and resurrection. C.G. Jung, CW 14, §395

I notice that the buffalo’s left profile view is shown in the tails view of the Indian head nickel. Like this I flashback to the rule in shamanism that one’s power spirit animal helper will present itself in a couple different views in order to confirm that it is the one being sought. The buffalo was the God-Image of the Native American Plains Indians – something the white man destroyed; a possible connection to the coming destruction/relativization of modern man’s God-Image – Logos Christ for Christians, Muhammad for Islam, and certainly Gregory’s one-sided Logos ego God-image. These two religious centers of knowing need to come together and form a bipolar God-image. The five-cent buffalo nickel has been connected to the individuation song The Five Pennies as noted in The Sacred Pipe – September 2013. Lincoln head pennies is meant and thus a connection to suffering and enduring an internal psychic Civil War which tries to form a bipolar (heads and tails – a Wheels of Ezekiel) God-image in Gregory.
Indian_Head_Buffalo_Nickel.jpg [ 54.83 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

I hear, “The white line outlives the prized possession.” Comment: A white line was seen recently in the shape of a Valentine Day heart.

Sun. 11 June 2017

On a sunny day, I see a shapely young woman walking away from me on a beach with hips swinging. She wears a black and white swimsuit. The white regions are very narrow triangular shapes which immediately reminds me of the man’s Japanese robe of similar design seen in my previous post Going Green Has Consequences. This “sliver” of white has been connected to being Plank time and the 6 o’clock Doomsday Hour and thus to a “big bang” creation event in the heart chakra. Effects from the new births in consciousness emanating from the “swinging hips” region.

Then in the blackness I see a brighter circular white region surrounded by a fainter white region that fills the view and is centered at the high noon Doomsday Hour. A “big bang” creation event looms it seems.

Now I see a left profile view of a suntanned young shapely blond woman moving past in front of me on a beach. She wears a multicolored one-piece bathing suit having a mostly white background. She has her hands in the air in front of her as if she is playing beach volleyball. When I saw the following image for a beach volleyball the colors and the repeating 3 stripes connected with the color codes of green and yellow and the lower 3 chakra effects referred to in my visions. New consciousness incarnating out of the waters of the unconscious is meant.
Beach_volley.jpg [ 37.58 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

In the darkness, I see the back of the head area of a young woman with a Cleopatra hairdo. She is mostly in silhouette but seems to be a blond. She reminds me of my youngest sister who struggled with the life-long effects of her Pentecostal experience.

Mon. 12 June 2017

I see a lovely, suntanned woman with long, wavy, black hair who is standing while facing me on a beach on a sunny day. The focus is on her knee-high one-piece casual red dress pattern on a black background. The dress is almost entirely red. The red region is punctuated by many randomly spaced horizontal short black frazzled dashes which immediately reminds me of the Planck time (10-43 seconds) needed for a photon traveling at the speed of light to travel a Planck length (10-35 meters). I recall that red and black are the colors of the underworld and of SW in my visions; where one’s inferior function is accessed. Comment: The Planck-time/Planck-length dashes reminds me of how information is radiated from a Black Hole (Hawking radiation). This radiation occurs at the edge of the circle of time/no-time. My visions and dreams are the content of those “radiations” seems meant. The boundary the beach makes with the ocean (unconscious) can be thought of as being the edge of the circle of time/no-time. The dashes also reminded me of the “tracks” left by radiation in the cloud chamber experiment that physics uses to visualize the movement of ionizing radiation. The following video shows radiation from a chunk of uranium ore.


Tues. 13 June 2017


I am in a bakery ordering some bagels for take-out. When I open them later at home I find out that they didn’t seem fresh. I take them back and complain. I see that a food inspector is on the premises. The owner denies that there is anything wrong with their bagels. On the way out the door I overhear someone saying, “The bagels have been poisoned.”

End of Dream

Comment: The bagels were classic “ring torus” shaped bagels – something that has been characterized in my material as being connected to a wedding band. The red circle sweeping out the ring torus when guided by the blue circle is the Sacred Geometry construct for a bagel – something which came up in How To Be Delivered From ‘Evil’ AKA ‘Trump Issues’ – 25 February 2017. In On Becoming A Helpful Narcissistic Personality – 3 March 2017 a distorted bagel was connected to the Calabi-Yau manifold which tries to visualize the seven extra hidden spatial dimensions thought to exist according to string theory – making our universe one of having 11 dimensions. Notice that the two circles (two wedding bands) are at a 90 degree angle to each other. The entry into the hidden dimensions begins at a 90-degree angle to spacetime. Like this “bagels” are poisonous “to one’s existing worldview” because the inner sacred marriage weds one to the knowing of the World Soul. It’s an Eros ego - Eros Self “axis” diagram.
Torus Ring.png
Torus Ring.png [ 119.89 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

Wed. 14 June 2017

I see President Trump, he is working late into the night while sitting at a desk in the oval office, with a single light on in the dark room. He is working hard on his agenda to bring peace and prosperity to the United States. It is aging him. Comment: Inner and outer presidential Trump efforts are mirroring each other it seems as Gregory also works in his darkened “oval office” (the vesica piscis ‘football’ shaped unus mundus throat in a wormhole that connects worlds).
Wormhole.gif [ 5.98 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]


I am with my daughter Amy who appears to be about 10 years of age (the age when her mother divorced me). We are near the top of a modern skyscraper and she has found a way to slip through a narrow parallel opening in the support structure and dangerously exits to the outside of the building. She finds a silver looking vertical rectangular support bar which she grasps and like this swings her body and enters another narrow parallel opening at a 90 degree angle to the previous one. Like this she is “playing”. I keep warning her to not do that and pull her back in. But she does not listen.

I then notice that I have lost my wallet. I don’t know where I am at. Strangely, I am hopeful that Amy will help me find my way back home. She has a cell phone with which she can help do this by “phoning home.”

End of Dream

Comment: “Out on a limb” comes to mind. Amy leads the way to higher consciousness. She knows the way back home. Amy is a representative of the Eros Self in my psychology as I project the Eros Self onto her in the aftermath of the divorce from her mother. She takes a lot of risks in the dream but the silver rectangular (World Soul monk spot shape) bar supports her.

In this vision, I am standing on the beach in South Kihei, Maui. I dig a shallow hole and place my sandals within and bury them so I can go for a walk along the shoreline barefoot in the surf. Later I return and when I reach through the sand sensing for my sandals I grasp the body of a large live snake instead that for some reason lies buried underneath. Comment: My standpoint is being supported by the reptilian psyche in this “Garden of Paradise” called Hawaii as it continues to feed me from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with all this information I continue to post on the unus mundus forum. “Getting out the evil within” comes to mind (my enlightening shadow information).

Now I am looking at the bare tan branches in the canopy of a tree as if I am in the canopy. I see some small green vegetation growing off the ends of the branches which strangely looks like a series of deer antlers that have melded together. Comment: I immediately recalled the large rack of horns seen on a stag in a June 2013 vision – something that was connected to being the potency of the renewal of the Christian archetype. The vision was of yellow with white poppy flowers growing out of the tips of such horns – indicating like this that it is the VNS wisdom that supports the renewal of the Christian archetype. Now I have the connection being made to this “flowering” from the tips of the horns to the dream of Amy and I being at the top of a skyscraper as seen earlier in this post. The colors in the poppy flowers match those in the hard boiled egghead on the Sun-Moon vampire chakra tree. Recall that poppy flowers are connected to remembering those who perished in WW 1 on Armistice day which took place at 11 am on 11 November 1918 (an 11/11/11 moment).
Stag Flowering Horns.jpg
Stag Flowering Horns.jpg [ 77 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

I am walking along on a sidewalk when I come upon a large green lawn having a few large black geese walking and pooping on the grass by the sidewalk. Comment: Green grass and white bird droppings are color code for cucumbers and the comet Love-Joy. Yin > higher yang is meant.

I see a left profile close-up bust view of a suntanned man whose mouth is open and head titled back. Suddenly an ice cube erupts out of his mouth and in a parabolic trajectory lands on his bare suntanned chest. Comment: This reminds me of the repeating refrain being heard over the years when in the Eros ego while meditating, "All that you speak, becomes." The New Jerusalem is cube-shaped according to the Book of Revelation. Ice (aka “hot ice” in my visions) is a concretized (incarnated) union of frozen water/earth and air/fire (the four elements in Alchemy); of feminine and masculine principles and thus supportive of an inner United State having been achieved in the heart chakra.

A suntanned man stands directly in front of me wearing a mostly red but with glimpses of yellow threads in a Hawaiian shirt open at the neck. Strangely he is using his right hand to pinch a metal clasp at chest height on the shirt. The clasp holds the left and right sides of the shirt together. Comment: We are using such metal clasps to hold close plastic bags holding potato chips and other items. The clasp forms a narrow V-shape opening when pressed between the thumb and index fingertips (Jnana Mudra action) – a connection to the narrow Planck time V-shape connected to the 6 o’clock Doomsday Hour. The man is being portrayed as releasing his Ra colored heart chakra colors. Recall that Ra is connected to when Betelguese (a red giant star destined to go supernova - releasing a deadly burst of gamma rays = enlightenment) - so "underneath Ra colors" is white.

I am recalling the news I saw on the Internet this morning of the shooting of the Republican House Whip in DC by a Bernie Sanders supporter. The problem of the “hostile brothers” continues but now the shadow violence has come home to roost in America instead of being projected onto foreign nations – we have found the enemy and it is within. More unresolved shadow problems are on display in a NYC Shakespearian play having a Trump look-alike “slain” in a Julius-Caesar (comedy-tragedy?) reenactment. The following article I read on 13 June 2017 also smells trouble ahead. The old system of government is going down.

Are We Nearing Civil War?

On a yellow West wall in the NW corner of a room I see a small green hemispherical “door bell” having a black ringer push button. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is meant in this Eros Christ consciousness quest – where enlightenment comes from the darkness in one’s being (from their shadow).
Door Bell.jpg
Door Bell.jpg [ 35.82 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee!
I am holding a green plant stem and on its top end is a clear glass flame shaped light bulb having a filament inside.

Then in the darkness I dimly see a green shaft having a green spearhead pointed into the NW of the view. I immediately recall Captain Ahab of Moby-Dick holding such a colored spear in a September 2008 vision. The quest for the Eros Self in all its undifferentiated horrible whiteness looms. His spear was tinged with Saint Elmo’s Fire (Holy Ghost color). Be careful for what you wish for. Trying to slay the Eros Self has consequences as was learned in my previous post Going Green Has Consequences because of the harm overpopulation is doing to Nature here in Hawaii. The Eros Self will do the “slaying” by opening a hole in the heart chakra and that has the potential to release enlightenment.
Moby Dick St Elmo's Fire.jpg
Moby Dick St Elmo's Fire.jpg [ 31.91 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

I am standing near the top of a long series of very wide cement steps as if those leading to the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on a sunny day (Such steps also reminds me of those on a Mayan temple where human hearts were sacrificed to their gods, one of which was Alom - a sky god and one of the creator deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity). I am looking down at a family of people ascending the steps very near to my location. A tall, slender, lanky adolescent girl with crooked “buck teeth” and wearing a solid blue dress is looking over at her father who wears a red with some yellow Hawaiian shirt. The young lady is smiling at him as he hands her something. She is obviously at the “ugly duckling” buck teeth stage (8-9 years old) in her physical development. “Bagging her buck” comes to mind. Further, ducks are the master of two realms; air and water or masculine and feminine principles. It seems my level of uniting those opposites are at a “ugly duckling” stage – suggesting that a maturing of that coniunctio will take more than a lifetime. A timeline on the order of “The Age of Aquarius” seems likely. Jung thought it might take 600 years for the transformation.
Ugly Duckling Stage.gif
Ugly Duckling Stage.gif [ 17.97 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]

Thurs. 15 June 2017

In the darkness of the NW I see just the open V-shaped beak of a bird. I immediately have the impression it is a stork. The back of the head is against the West side and the top side of the open beak forms a 45 degree angle to the NW corner in the view. Comment: Storks deliver babies (new births in consciousness is psychologically meant). Its V-shaped opening is a connection to the Planck time 6 o’clock Doomsday Hour that was connected to the movie Groundhog Day.

Then in the darkness where the beak was seen there is instead a huge white numeral 6.

I am looking at a dark ocean horizon having black clouds. In the foreground is a large anchored Naval vessel and behind it the clouds are glowing red (the sun is setting in the West on our civilization). I have the impression “Pearl Harbor” – a connection to the sneak attack by the Japanese in December 1941 on the American naval base (read: Eros attacks Logos - a "hostile brothers" embrace).

Now in the darkness I see what looks like my right hand with the middle finger upright and angled 45 degrees towards the NW in the view. It’s the “fickle finger of fate”, the “peak psychophysical nuclear Apocalypse” and “F u c k you/Up-yours” salute all at one time. I flashback to what I heard in my previous post Going Green Has Consequences - “The young boys were raped until their assholes bled.” Comment: We are at an adolescent stage in our conscious development.


I am riding a bicycle and on my way to attend a function at Saint Charles Church in Cheboygan, MI. When I approach the place, I see no cars or people and then remember that this church building was sold many years ago. I recall that a new place had been found back the way I came and near RM’s home so I head off in that direction and soon find a crowded site. I am to meet two young children there (grandkids?) and look after them. I enter the packed building filled with parents, children, and sacks of lovely wrapped XMAS gifts it seemed.

As I mingle I encounter some young women and one would like to have an affair with me. I notice BB (high school classmate who looked about 18 years old) is next to me. She is disappointed that I didn’t refuse the young woman on the spot. She informs me that she has always liked me. I turn and kiss her lightly on the lips. She objects saying that she did not give me permission to do that. I reply that, “You said you have always liked me, so I just figured it would be o.k.” With that I gently kissed her again and this time she did not object. I then notice the two youngsters in my charge and they were struggling with all these wrapped gifts. A dark green shopping bag with tan twine semi-circular handle is filled with many long rectangular boxes wrapped in white paper and tied with dark green string that formed a cross shape on the front and back.

End of Dream

Comment: In the dream I sensed I was my present age. I have not been able to find a good association for BB. I always knew she liked me in high school but we never dated. She dated many of the young men in our class. She had a life work of being a nurse. Maybe a Red Cross connection applies as I now remember that when I kissed her my head was tilted towards the left side of her face such that our lips formed an X-shape crossing. Further, the focus in the dream was on all these XMAS presents in white paper covered rectangular boxes (the monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular according to my visions) tied with green string as if to suggest that underneath green there is white just as underneath red there is yellow. The green and white colors are a connection to those in a cucumber and to those in comet Love-Joy - something that seeds planets with the ingredients of new life forms. Enlightenment from the VNS seems meant – something that produces an enlightened new Red King via a inner psychic crucifixion experience – it’s the colors in a red cross symbol.
Red Cross.jpg
Red Cross.jpg [ 5.41 KiB | Viewed 5019 times ]


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Post A Superhuman Effort
Fri. 16 June 2017

In the darkness of the NE of the view I see a large pale green “circular” opening and filling this is a 5-pointed star in a yellow outline. Comment: The entrance to the 5th dimension – the start of the hidden dimensions using Eros ego consciousness leads one to Eros Christ consciousness enhancement. Recall that the divinely portioned man, the Vitruvian man, as seen in the pentagons on my Avatar has this five-pointed star stance – connecting him to a “Ra” star is born as a “Quantum leap in consciousness” in the NW. The Lantern of the Telesphoros has the wormhole in the heart chakra as being red on the masculine side and green on the feminine side. This latest emphasis on green and red seems to indicate which shade of green produces the desired Blood Red color when its opposite color manifests. Underneath red is yellow and then white and underneath green is yellow and then white seems meant.
Star Birth Quantum Leap.jpg
Star Birth Quantum Leap.jpg [ 24.94 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

I see a middle-aged woman in a lovely full-length dress like she is from India who is slowly walking away from my location in the twilight and into the NW of the view. She walks on orange square tiles on the tiled surface of a patio. Her buttocks “bounce” as she walks due to her plump body. I recall that my Hindu bride was from India and had a red dot on her forehead which indicated that she had been initiated into supreme consciousness.

I am recalling the Mayan ritual of extracting the beating heart of their victim (an enemy King was preferred; reminds me of so many seeking to get rid of president Trump). The focus is on how the sacrifice was placed on his back on a convex stone altar in order to thrust the chest upwards. A convex shape reminds me of being part of a hemisphere and of the doorbell seen in my previous post The “Enemy” Is Within.
Sacrificial Stone.gif
Sacrificial Stone.gif [ 57.44 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

The sacrifice was stripped and painted blue, which was the color representing sacrifice, and was made to wear a peaked headdress. Four blue-painted attendants representing the four Chaacs of the cardinal directions stretched the sacrifice out over a convex stone that pushed the victim's chest upwards; An official referred to as a nacom used a sacrificial knife made from flint to cut into the ribs just below the victim's left breast and pull out the still-beating heart.

I hear, “We are in fixed shopping. There will be another 18 hours.” Comment: 18 = 3 x 6 or 666. The rotating “blue light” announcing shopping specials that appears later in this post seems connected.

Then I see head of a young lad from his NE area that looks like me when I was about five years of age. His head appears as if peering out through a gray metal surface in the blackness. The metal is nickel it seems. A new rendition of a buffalo nickel with my head instead of the Native American head comes to mind. Archetypal images often appear embossed on coins as if to say this metal is being absorbed/incarnated in my subtle body, my consciousness which unites the Logos ego with the Eros ego.

I am looking at a close view of a garden where I see a row of individual blackberry stalks having ripe blackberries. Each stalk is growing out of a string bean vegetable can. Comment: I am reminded of “Jack and the Bean Stalk” – something which united heaven and earth. Recall that blackberries look like fine shot used in a 410-gauge shotgun shell in the derringer that killed president Lincoln with a shot to the head. Blackberry juice is dark purple – suggesting that this effect unites the opposites; the masculine and feminine principles or the Logos ego with the Eros ego.
Blackberry Shell.jpg
Blackberry Shell.jpg [ 37.74 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

I see a small three-prong metal Hors d’oeuvre fork. Made from nickel it seems. A three-prong "Devil's Pitchfork" was seen recently stuck into the back of a man (lower three chakras) in Building A Mountain Using Humans Made From Clay - who appeared to be in Dante's Inferno.
Fork.jpg [ 2.34 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

I am in front of a large store countertop where I see a six inches tall two inch in diameter blue glass cylinder having a black base and black top. The object reminds of a portable rotating “blue light” - what store personal turn on when store specials are suddenly briefly for sale.

I see a left white hand mostly stuck underneath a horizontal black surface – my hand it seems.

Down below on a flat white surface I see two small, short, silver “cylindrical” objects sitting side-by-side. One has a mostly red colored top and the other a mostly yellow colored top (see following image – shown in the positions seen in the vision). Suddenly I recognize them to be the truncated top of the six-sided mushroomed head on the silver vampire killing stake through the heart which came up in A Sun-Moon Vampire Chakra Tree Appears – Feb 2017. Hockey pucks it seems riding on a six-sided ice rink. In The Crabapple Jihad – January 2016 a football was connected to a hockey puck. A tin of chewing tobacco has also been connected to the shape of a hockey puck. Tobacco leaves start out green and then turn green-yellow and then tan when drying to become tobacco. These colors connect tobacco to “tanning the too white hide of the Logos ego” via an Eros Christ consciousness. So, the hockey puck has to do with the attainment of heart chakra consciousness.
Silver Stake.jpg
Silver Stake.jpg [ 20.51 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

I am kneeling next to the left thigh of a young naked woman lying on her back along my left side towards the NW in my view. The smooth young skin on her thighs and abdomen are prominent – suggesting that “she bares her soul.”

Two short heavy set middle-aged women stand facing me. One wears a knee high casual red dress. They are looking for a speaker.

In a dark silhouette view I see a pine cone held by a hand that extends into the view from the West side. It has a briefly a small yellowish light appears at the tip of the vesica piscis cone end. A connection to the “oval office” and to the oval shaped throat of a wormhole.

I am standing on a large whitish round boulder in a wood as if trying to descend the slope in this place. But some dying blackberry vines block my progress.

I see a trim middle-aged man sitting in a chair in a rural setting. Suddenly from the head down to the start of his abdominal area he becomes covered in a gray scaly shaped metal surface as if knight armor from times of the Crusades. It has a lizard skin look. The metal is nickel it seems. Comment: Subtle body armor made from nickel protects it from harmful bullets (penetrating thoughts) from collective values. The benefits of absorbing/integrating the nickel metal which unites the Logos and Eros egos.
Knight Armor.jpg
Knight Armor.jpg [ 44.53 KiB | Viewed 4905 times ]

Then I see a tall manly built woman in a rural setting with her back to me as she stands by the SW area of the base of a mature pine tree. She reminds me of the woman knight that starred in The Game of Thrones. Her gray metal armor covers her abdomen and hips. Comment: The symbol for nickel in Alchemy is expressed in this last two visions for it unites the Logos – Eros axis.

I see a sitting, very heavy set earthly looking woman covered head-to-toe in an old piece of dull tan fabric – giving her a teepee appearance. She sits meditating in a wood and a young child plays near her NW area. A female Buddha comes to mind and a possible reference to “the fat lady that sings” her soul music.

I see a man sitting at a large dark wood table saying something about “20 more”. He is in an old-style chemistry lab.

I hear, “She is not completely out of the fire.”

I see a man wearing a white uniform that has a red crest on his chest area. He holds a small animal on a leash.

I faintly hear a voice talking as if from the Beyond. I sense that the veil between worlds is weakening.

I see a tan young woman from her left side as she walks past in front of me on the green grass in the shade of a tree in its NW area. She wears an early 1900’s football helmet and a yellow sweat shirt with blue sweat pants. I see what looks like a football goal post in the NE of the view. Comment: The following 1910 helmet is what she wore. It has eight leather spokes – eight is an individuation number.
Football Helmet 1910.jpg
Football Helmet 1910.jpg [ 33.13 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

I see a suntanned young woman wearing a red sweat shirt with white shorts. The sweat shirt is cut short and in tatters such that it is above the white shorts – this exposes her suntanned abdomen.

Down below in the SW of the view I see the sharpened tip of a yellow wood lead pencil that is angled 45 degrees towards the NE. I recall that such a pencil has a red eraser. Red (new subtle body color) erases no longer need subtle body consciousness which is being overwritten by “the writing is on the wall.”

In a glaring, white view in the NW I see the open top of a rectangular box of 38 caliber pistol ammo (police use a 38 special) that appears angled 45 degrees across that corner. Comment: 38 caliber bullets (3+8 = 11; the number of the unus mundus) in a rectangular box (the monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular). Bullets in the inner life refer to “penetrating thoughts” of new consciousness from the World Soul for the renewal of the old dying king. Notice the interplay of the Ra in the following image of 38 caliber ammo. The glaring white in the NW suggests enlightenment from the knowing of the World Soul.
Ammo 38 Caliber.jpg
Ammo 38 Caliber.jpg [ 44.65 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

Sat. 17 June 2017

In the darkness along the West side in the NW of the view I see a white line outline of a man who is in a crouched position next to a steep cliff. It seems he has just made a jump from the top of the cliff to the valley below (a quantum leap “jump”). His back is to the NW. I immediately recall the white line outlining a Valentine Day’s heart in the blackness seen recently in Building A Mountain Using Humans Made From Clay. Further to when I heard, “The white line outlives the prized possession” in my previous post The “Enemy” Is Within. Apparently the outlived and “the prized possession” was my Logos ego worldview.

In the darkness, I see the end of an iron rod poked into the view from out of the NE at a 45-degree angle. I immediately recall the scripture from the Book of Revelation. “Shatter them like pottery with an iron rod” suggests the iron rod will shatter their existing worldview. Mind-melding with the World Soul can do that.

And to the one who is victorious and continues in My work until the end, I will give authority over the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter and shatter them — like pottery just as I have received authority from My Father. And I will give him the morning star.… Rev. 2:26-28

I am looking out through the spa door window to the outside where I see some large bushes whose branches are bare except for the ends which are sprouting different colored flowers. I immediately recall the stag horns image doing a similar thing in The “Enemy” Is Within. It’s an 11:11 moment; aka a Lo:vE moment. In “The Grail Legend” when the seeker was able to enter the grail castle and answer the grail question, “Whom does the grail serve?” all the dying vegetation in the countryside began to flourish and flower once again because the renewal of the dying old king had taken place. Comment; Spa/bath is where one does deep cleaning of the pores in the skin (=’s soul = consciousness) – getting rid of an old worldview fosters the growth of a new worldview.

Sun. 18 June 2017

I am at eye level with the business end of a household hammer that looks ready to “smack” me on my forehead (3rd eye). I am lying on my left side looking at the circular head on the end of the hammer just inches from my forehead. Comment: My Hindu India maiden bride had a red circular dot on her forehead. I guess if the hammer hits me hard enough it will leave a bloody circular covered indentation in my forehead. A household hammer was seen striking the chest of a man in ’Evil’ Is Winning – 13 May 2016. This “strike” was then connected to the breaking open of a wedding piñata that was filled with many different colored candies. Striking my forehead suggests my initiation into supreme consciousness is meant.
Hindu Maiden.jpg
Hindu Maiden.jpg [ 65.63 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

Now down below in the blackness I see a narrow corridor in which a young woman in a red dress is running barefoot in yellow sand as if on a beach. The narrow corridor is aligned as if hands on a clock reading 6 o’clock. Comment: A narrow corridor suggests a union of the opposites on either side of that corridor. The crease on the top surface of the human brain between the left and right side of the brain comes to mind.

On a dark floor, I see a vertical stack (pillar) of white dishes that starts with four saucers and on top of them is four handless cylindrical coffee cups – in which a cappuccino might be served. Waking up and smelling the coffee is a four-function affair when it comes to gaining enlightenment from the darkness. “Pillar of Glory” symbolism also applies in this yin > higher yang image – something that came up in The Effects of the Self on the Development of Personality – August 2015.
Coffee Pillar.jpg
Coffee Pillar.jpg [ 18.12 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

The Pistis Sophia speaks of A Treasury of Light in which are gathered the particles of light that have been redeemed from their imprisonment in the darkness of matter. This treasury is a kind of intermediate collecting station which then transmits the accumulated light to a higher region, the World of Light, by means of a light stream called the Pillar of Glory. According to Manichaean doctrine the elect performs this redemptive function for the scattered light. A similar image occurs in the Manichaean eschatology. At the end of time the last “statue” (or pillar) appears:

All the light that can still be saved is united in the “Great Idea”… in the form of the “last statue”, which rises up to heaven…
Jung refers to the Manichaean “statue” and relates it to an alchemical text. He writes:

It is clear…that the statue or pillar is either the perfect Primordial Man…or at least his body, both at the beginning of creation and at the end of time.
From Ego and Archetype, by Edinger, p. 221-222.

I am in the SW of the view standing under the shade of a very tall tree whose top extends to the NW corner in the view. A bright white sun shines out of the NW behind the tree and from my vantage point the tree casts a V-shaped shadow (as if a sundial) – a connection to Planck time and the guillotine blade angle. The bright ground outside the shadow is covered in short dried vegetation. It seems rain has not fallen for some time.

Then I see a slender black V-shape object at a perpendicular angle poking out of the vertical white surface of a wall on the East side in the NE of the view. It’s as if effects of Planck time are meant. A dark penetrating “thought” it seems.

In the darkness along the West side in the NW I see a series of connected rods that are covered in a thin reddish substance – fleshy blood comes to mind.

Mon. 19 June 2017

I see a dove that is white on its underside and light gray (gray is the color of the unconscious) on its upper side. I immediately have a color-coded word connection of Spirit. What supported Spirit in the Logos Christ eon (a white dove hovered over the Logos Christ when he was baptized in the Jordan river) is now in the shadows (in the unconscious) during the coming reign of Holy in the Eros Christ eon. In other words, Eros Christ consciousness will be informing Logos Christ consciousness.

I see blue baseball hat having blurry yellow text.

I see a middle-aged man in silhouette standing along the West side in the darkness. His back and legs form an “arched backwards” shape (a connection to being sacrificed on the Mayan heart removal stone). Heavy rain is falling on him which suddenly reminds me of the poster for the movie Shawshank Redemption (1994). A prison escape involving swimming out through its sewerage pipe enabled a white and a black man to finally live a life of freedom together (read: a Logos and Eros union of the “hostile brothers”). The poster for the film reveals Ra consciousness colors.
Shawshank Redemption.jpg
Shawshank Redemption.jpg [ 43.82 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

Now I see a close-up view of a swamp having a green slime covered pond surface as if “birthing” from these Holy Ghost waters is meant.

I see a lovely middle-aged black female singer wearing a “spherical” fuzzball Afro hairdo as she stands in the NW facing towards me in the SW. She wears a one-piece full length sparkling white dress (gamma ray hint = enlightenment from her soul music).

Tues. 20 June 2017

I see a plastic chair in silhouette with its back to the West side on the West side. Comment: I see from the following image that the back support consists of six ribs as if to say a union of masculine and feminine principles does this.
Chair Plastic.jpg
Chair Plastic.jpg [ 4.42 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

Wed. 21 June 2017


I am at home when my wife asks me to examine the chairs in the living room. I enter the room and see that someone is hiding underneath a blanket in the first chair I Iook at. It is my oldest daughter (who in real life refers to herself as “the love-bug”) – she has come home to live because she is pregnant. She hugs me.

Then I notice another chair with something hiding underneath a blanket. It is two young unkempt males who look terrified of me (for making my unwed daughter pregnant).

The dream ends with this scene awaiting my reaction.

End of Dream

Comment: When I meditate I sit in a comfortable recliner covered with a blanket - suggesting that I meet inner parts of my soul in this manner. On an inner level I should have immediately welcomed them all into my subtle body (home). Which I was able to do on awakening from the dream. My oldest daughter is FN in her psychology and she would represent that part of my psychology I get in touch with when meditating. The two young men apparently made her pregnant and they would represent the “hostile brothers” aspect of my psychology (Eros & Logos coming together so to speak). So, the child my daughter (inner feminine) carries is a new birth of a unified heart consciousness, a psychology that embraces a bipolar God-image. Another angle into the Shawshank Redemption message.


PS The new Superman! Individuation requires a superhuman effort.
President Trump Heart Centered.jpg
President Trump Heart Centered.jpg [ 57.43 KiB | Viewed 4926 times ]

Winning A Trump Inner Presidential Heart Centered United State
Then I hear Her say, “It is my gift to you for a life well-lived.”

Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:13 pm
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Post The Exploding Heart Scenario
Scenario - a postulated sequence or development of events.

Thurs. 22 June 2017


It is dark and I am traveling on foot with a group of people who seem to be fleeing persecution from the North Korean regime. Walking by my left side is a lovely young Korean woman along with her mother. I eventually learn that she is an important diplomat that interfaces with the North Korean government. Behind us walk a couple of threatening men who are loyalists to the Kim Jong-un regime. At one point these men decide to kill us. But just then I noticed “Sphere” (wholeness) – a luminous white sphere with the gray outline of a human face on its surface – lying on the dark earth. I said to the men, “Good luck with killing us for I see Sphere is here and nobody wants to mess with Sphere.” Somebody had tried to kill Sphere but I knew it wasn’t dead and that it would protect us.
Sphere Head.jpg
Sphere Head.jpg [ 29.5 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

We continue to walk in the night. The Sphere protected us. I notice that the young diplomat seems to like me. Soon we are kissing. I say to her, “I will go with you into North Korea and we will have children.” She said, “Not now.” I then said, “I hope your talks go well with Kim Jong-un’s government for there are enough nukes involved to kill an awful lot of people.”

End of Dream

Comment: Sphere (head) obviously represents a “united consciousness” of Logos & Eros ego functioning and is able to rise above the warring opposites and promote an excluded third position. But the time for producing children with this kind of psychology in North Korea is not yet as the diplomat declines my offer. But kissing is connected to enhancing the “breath body”, the subtle body as was seen in the image of the Hershey candy kisses “birthing” a buckyball which is a bipolar God-image so the prospect of birthing more enlightened humans is a promising future event.
Hershey Candy Kisses copy.jpg
Hershey Candy Kisses copy.jpg [ 71.08 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Ah… the kiss I’m gonna give will never fade away
In the darkness at the top of a large cylindrical opening that is flush with the surface of the black earth I see a yellow clockwise swastika as if it has arisen from the depths. Comment: A manhole cover comes to mind as I prepare this post. The black and yellow colors have been connected to those of the eyes in a black panther and to Zombie eyes. Ascending consciousness from the Eros Self that is ready to incarnate in Spacetime.
Swastika.jpg [ 23.66 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

The swastika (as a character 卐 or 卍) is an ancient religious symbol used in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The name Swastika comes from Sanskrit, and denotes a "conducive to well-being or auspicious". The clockwise swastika is a sacred and auspicious symbol in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. In Hinduism, the clockwise symbol is called swastika symbolizing surya (sun) and prosperity, while the counter clockwise symbol is called sauvastika symbolizing night or tantric aspects of Kali. In Jainism, a swastika is the symbol for Suparshvanatha – the 7th of 24 Tirthankaras (spiritual teachers and saviors), while in Buddhism it symbolizes the auspicious footprints of the Buddha.

Thirthankara_Suparshvanath.jpg [ 30.63 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Fri. 23 June 2017

I am holding a small rectangular tan piece of cardboard in front of my chest.

I see a yellow-gold numeral 3 in the NW corner of the view that is superimposed on a background scene inside a large modern shopping mall. I am reminded of the same looking numeral being held by the Columbia Pictures lady partially wrapped in an orange garment covering a white dress (incarnated SE colors) where normally the light of the flame of a torch would be seen; as if to say it is “by the light of the lower 3 chakras” that one will be enlightened by Eros ego observing their inner movie playing. The woman in this image was connected to being an ambassador to the world and was also connected to being the Great Whore of Babylon that comes with her golden cup filled with her fornications (the shadow stuff of the Logos Christ eon).
Columbia Pictures Hillary.jpg
Columbia Pictures Hillary.jpg [ 45.32 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Now I see the head of a giraffe in the NW corner that is looking in my direction in the SW. The image immediately reminded me of the green “giraffe-headed” sea monster with a Russia-long continent tail that came out of Russia and underneath the Atlantic and up onto the shore of NYC while Unity (union of Logos and Eros Christ consciousness looked on) as shared in Creating A Breakaway Civilization – November 2014. Green giraffe looking dragons started to appear in Dec. 1999 in my visions and were accompanied by its dire warning, “If you know me (integrate me) you will survive if you don’t you will be damned (inflated).” This dragon represents an effect of the looming psychophysical “big bang” flow from the heart chakra.
Dragon Giraffe Green.jpg
Dragon Giraffe Green.jpg [ 35.36 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

I am standing on the West edge of a highway in a desert scene. Directly in front of me is a plain street sign with no lettering that is square in shape and Blood Moon red in color except for the thin white border. A right profile view of a young man dressed in blue is standing by the sign. Two large barren convex shaped reddish stone hills are also in the view (humps on a camel connection comes to mind). Comment: Items outlined in white have recently been connected to the Lincoln Memorial Plaque, a black Valentine Day heart and to a man making a quantum leap in consciousness.

I am standing outside a closed, four-foot high wood gate having a circular arc shaped top (a connection to the Mayan heart sacrifice stone shape for this chest level height gate) that is part of a red brick fence with white mortar on either side. Eleven vertical boards make up the width of the gate. I see a partial view of what is on the other side of the gate – it is pure whiteness. Comment: Humanity is at the gate that leads into the unus mundus which in this vision appears featureless – meaning it has yet to be explored. The horrible, undifferentiated whiteness of Moby-Dick awaits to be humanized, made conscious, in order to enhance one’s subtle body (their inner home).
Gate Wood.jpg
Gate Wood.jpg [ 41.01 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Now I see a close-up view of the top of a pale green cylindrical object that seems to be made from candy. A small yellow triangular shaped piece of candy is stuck to the top at the 6 o’clock hour (actually the point was slightly towards the SW area of the circle; suggesting a Planck time “big bang” in the heart chakra is meant). A green hinge-bolt for a gate comes to mind. Eros Christ consciousness supports the gate that leads to the future home (subtle body). Then suddenly a yellow five-pointed star appears over the NW area of this green cylinder top.
Hinge Bolt.jpg
Hinge Bolt.jpg [ 19.33 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Now I see a cluster diagram having a buckyball at its center. It seems I should pull together an image of what other uses of buckyball have occurred over the years.

Now I see the clear vertical football having Our Lady of Guadalupe standing inside on Pauli’s World Clock as first seen in The ‘Cloaking’ Effect – September 2015. But now the football lies on its side such that the head lies towards the Beyond and the feet towards Spacetime. The tassel about Her waist indicates that the Dark Virgin is pregnant and this posture suggests She is about to give birth into Spacetime of a bipolar God-image in a “Second Coming of Christ” consciousness event. Pauli’s World Clock has been connected to the creation of new Spacetime.
Virgin Football World Clock.jpg
Virgin Football World Clock.jpg [ 39.39 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

I see an Oriental man with his back to me as he walks into the NW of the view. His vertical cone-shaped head is shaved except for the very top which has a tuff of black hair. He wears a gray ankle length robe as if he is a monk. He is in an amusement park having yellow ride cars – bumper cars it seems. Comment: In visions that will follow a cone shaped mushroom that has the color of his cone shaped head appears as well as a similar colored V-shaped rooftop.

Sun. 25 June 2017

In the darkness, I see a black house cat with white feet as it walks out of the NW towards the NE. Comment: The dark feminine principle is grounded in Wisdom.

A police officer dressed in a cyan shirt and deep blue trousers stands in the NW with a black pistol hanging in front of his right thigh in his right hand as if he just fired it. In the NE is a tree trunk having the shape of a human (with arms and legs). The top of the tree is bent towards my view where I see it is a white circle – as if the tree has been decapitated. Comment: The VNS “body” has its own center of knowing. When it incarnates in the NW it is joined by the head (CNS) seems meant in this Avatar Ra making process. The police officer I noticed, stood where the black cat with white feet stood. It is missing “Sphere” which appeared earlier in this post.

I see an elderly couple interacting. The man becomes concerned because the woman is considering suicide (because the meaningfulness of her life has ended?). He is trying to understand why she wants to do this.

In the darkness, I see a nested stack of black frying pans of different sizes that are without handles. The top view gives a kind of telescopic look to the configuration in this “pillar of glory” arrangement. The top rim on each pan is stainless steel in color – giving the view the appearance of being a series of black or white concentric circles. A kind of “Black Bullseye” target arrangement comes to mind – where the goal is to enter the blackness and see the light that comes from the darkness. The largest diameter pan is on the bottom. Comment: As I typed in this vision I began to flashback to the double slit experiment which showed that light behaved as a wave; showing a pattern of alternating black and white bands. Like this all the frying pan images seen in my visions and dreams are connected to effects coming from the wave-like nature of the Eros Self, the feminine principle; the lower 3 chakras. “Seeing” into an archetypal core comes to mind; the apocalypse due to the Second Coming of (the hostile brother) Christ consciousness. It's an, “Out of the frying pan and into the FIRE” experience. This is one of the ongoing examples of how the Alien Intelligence of the World Soul likes to communicate with its creation.
Frying Pans.jpg
Frying Pans.jpg [ 41.93 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

In the darkness of the NW I see an old-style travel trunk having a portion of a circular arc shaped dark top and dark “copper” colored sides. Comment: This “chest” reminds me of the ones used on transoceanic ship voyages in which one stores their clothes. People approaching death often dream of wearing new clothes (wearing a new attitude for the life in the Beyond). But here it seems preparing for the Night Sea Journey is meant. Like the Sufi say, “You can die before you die.” The convex shaped top reminds me of the top of the wood gate and the Mayan stone on which hearts were extracted.
Travel Chest.jpg
Travel Chest.jpg [ 29.13 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

Down below I see a Hell Knight (from the game of DOOM) aggressively moving along on a empty city street of a large city in daytime.

I hear, “That was free of rain.” Comment: The Hell Knight scene above is “free of rain” comes to mind – indicating that the potential for a Shawshank Redemption is a possible future development for the city dwellers.

I see a man facing me who is wearing a dark blue, skin-tight Marvel action hero custom except for the chest area that has an “exploding” red region (the shape of a human heart with arteries it seems) which turns white as I observe. Comment: India's avatars have blue skin. This "action hero" has a heart that is going supernova; a connection to the red giant star Betelgeuse which is about 600 light years from earth that could go supernova at any time. It may already have - but it will take 600 years before becoming visible on earth. Reminds me that Dr. Jung said it would take about 600 years to build a new temple, in response to Max Zeller's dream, based on what he saw in the dreams and visions of his patients. Zeller’s dream was shared in The Illusion of Love- July 2016.
Heart Explosion.jpg
Heart Explosion.jpg [ 42.66 KiB | Viewed 4863 times ]

I see a man with a woman facing a wall on the West side having several doors in it. He opens door number 1 and the woman moves through – as if to protect her from something.

In the darkness, I see what looks like a large artificial mushroom that has a whitish-gray conical structure on a dark stem. The surface of the mushroom seemed to “sparkle”. Comment: This is a connection to the shaved cone-shaped head of the Oriental man in a monk’s robe seen earlier in this post. In real life mushrooms are known to be extremely good absorbers of nuclear radiation fallout – like from the Chernobyl event which dumped radioactive isotopes on Europe. Wild boars love to eat mushrooms and to this day such boars are not able to be harvested for food because of the high cesium-137 (Cs-137) radioactive content in their meat. Like this the World Soul indicates that “mushroom” concentrated psychophysical radiation effects from Her soul will illuminate the consciousness of humanity. Recall that 1/137 is the value of the fine structure constant for our universe. When Wolfgang Pauli entered the hospital in 1958 he was assigned room number 137. He said to a fellow physicist, “I’m not getting out of here alive.” Within two weeks he was dead at the age of 58 (= 13) from a very aggressive pancreatic cancer. The moral of that story is that 137 is a number not to be taken lightly. It is a number (sums to 11) that indicates humanity must integrate their shadow side. As the scriptures say,

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. Psalm111:10

In the NE see a bust view of a middle-aged Native American from his NW area. His chest is bare and his skin is deeply suntanned. His hair is black, long and braided into twin pony tails. His features are soft and pleasant to look at. Then another such Indian stands in front of him in the NW and he is wearing a splotchy white with blue garment.

I see a man struggling to open with his left hand only, the dark brown ceramic lid on a beige cylindrical jar like we have used to store ground coffee. A young attractive Indian maiden stands close by in the NW observing.

In the darkness, I am looking down at the gable end of the “sparkling” white-gray roof on a home. The V-shape is reminding me of the V-shape cone on the mushroom of similar color seen in the earlier vision.

In the darkness along the South side I see a small triangular or V-shaped yellow piece of ceramic pointed towards the SW and whose other blunt end is towards the SE. Comment: A yellow arrowhead it seems that will open a hole in the heart chakra and release a new births of enlightening flows into Spacetime. Such a small yellow triangular piece was seen earlier in this post on the green gate hinge of a wooden gate that leads into the Beyond, the unconscious.


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Post Re: Star Wars and Islam

"Yoda is, apparently, far and away the grand master of all the Jedi. He conforms to the Jungian archetype of the Wise Old Man. In Sufism, his direct correlate is the Sufi master, while in other paths he fulfills the role of the guru or spiritual mentor.

Some aspirants in the spiritual path who cannot find a Sufi master in the flesh are trained by Khidr, “the Green One” (after the color of his garments). Long ago, the tradition goes, Khidr drank from the Water of Immortality and was stripped of his human attributes. Now, he wanders the earth and helps those in distress who call out to him. In addition, he trains eligible students who cannot otherwise find a living master.

Now Yoda, too, has green skin, and his lightsaber is colored green (the color of spring, of nature, and of Islam). And while he is not immortal like Khidr, he has lived hundreds of years. So from a Sufic point of view, Yoda can be considered as both: either as a model of a living master, or else as representing Khidr."

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post The Miracle of the Ra Sun Rays
Mon. 26 June 2017

I am recalling the title of my previous post The Exploding Heart Scenario. Then I have the impression, “She Hunts!” (for the hearts of the old dying Kings).

I am looking down at a very large containment area filled from some unknown depth with flat pillow sized tan plastic bags filled with something like potting soil. Along the due West side of the “container” a bag is missing and instead I see an empty wrapper that is orange and white colored. Lying on it is a flat looking rough gray “circular” stone that reminds me of an oyster shell (pearls are found in oysters). A large stream of turbulent water is pouring onto the oyster shell. Comment: I recently purchased about a dozen such flat pillow sized plastic bags and they were filled with potting soil but those bags were colored green. “The pearl of great price” comes to mind given the presence of the oyster shell and the flow of 11:11/Lo:vE water onto it. Turning on your Heart Light has been connected to being such a pearl of great price as seen in the following talisman object (typically is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck) which was shared in Winter Is Coming – June 2016. The individuation parable reads as follows:
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg
Talisman 7 Pearls.jpg [ 20.84 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Matthew 13:45-46

I see a couple of men that appear to be inside a spaceship. They are shaking and yelling at each other as if the craft is in trouble.

I see a man looking into a mirror with mouth wide open saying, “AAUGH….” Comment: The failed football kicker “who winds up making a flying (quantum) leap” has been connected to the PEANUTS cartoon strip. Failure can be more enlightening than success when it comes to uniting the opposites.
AAUGH.jpg [ 40.52 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Football’s shining moment in the cartoon strip, of course, is the kicking gag, when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown.

I hear, “Jerry why don’t you take the cake to A-Straight.”


Supplies are being handed out to people in a mall like setting. I see that micro-cassette recorders along with blue and white colored rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with charger are being given away.

Then I see Steve (a young blond hair engineer who was very soft and kind I used to mentor) in the NE of my view. He has aging wrinkles on his face.

End of Dream

Comment: I use a micro recorder to record the dreams and visions when I meditate. This has helped me find a relationship with my Steve part (Eros ego) it seems. The rechargeable batteries and charger suggest a long process is involved but eventually the consciousness will incarnate in the NW.

Tues. 27 June 2017


On a bright sunny day, I am attending a large social function that seems to be centered around a graduation time. I never see people wearing graduation gowns, however.

People come up to me and say that I look very tired and should go home and rest. But I want to be a part of what is about to happen. I see D&B and others I know.

I purchase a golden brown roasted chicken to eat for lunch. I notice that I am wearing a large red hat that is made from woven vegetation that forms a rectangular patterned weave.

End of Dream

I hear, “Look! See - it is all being diminished.”

Coming towards me through a large horizontal rectangular opening is a Fatman (1st atomic bomb) looking object in this black and white scene. Comment: I notice that the shape reminds me of the negative energy “football” shape that holds open the throat of a wormhole – suggesting like this that our psychophysical nuclear bomb is doing this; i.e., Eros ego consciousness.
Fatman Bomb.jpg
Fatman Bomb.jpg [ 8.05 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

I see a man disembark from the top of a small square flying “saucer”.

I see a man sitting in a docket as if being tried in a court.

I am in a very large white kitchen. Then I see a Summonor (spawns demons in DOOM) – it is time for it to die. As if it has fed my soul with enough demon encounters.

I see a Hell Knight in the midst of making one of its devastating earth shaking “Quantum Leaps” and landings.

I see the backside of an old woman holding a water pitcher in her right hand which she places on a high shelf.

I see a white five-pointed star in the NW of the view in the darkness.

I see the underside of a four-prong dinner fork that is resting on the SW rim of a circular dinner plate filled with food – from the inferior function.

I see the backside of an albino middle-age male in the darkness. He just rose out of a sofa chair and is walking towards the NE in the view.

Wed. 28 June 2017


A long daylight centered dream. I am involved in noticing colors in various ways. For example, pictures were taken of different people’s eyes and the colors were to be noted.

BP has a sensuous sexual encounter with me that she initiates that did not involve penetration.

It was made clear that I was to become the leader of this community. An Asian woman began but a young man asked her to step aside and let Gregory assume the leadership as it had to be a man. At that moment, I asked the young man if I could use the bathroom in his home and when I went inside I could see that the home was “flimsy” (rubbery bent walls; the wave-like nature of the unus mundus seems meant) and soon realized it was made out of thick colored plastic sheets that reminded me of flooring.

End of Dream

I am standing underneath a freeway overpass looking out into the distance along the length of the four-lane expressway in a flat, treeless terrain like that seen in the great plains in Kansas. The focus is on the darkening overcast sky – suggesting a storm is coming. It could spawn tornados comes to mind. Comment: Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, was taken into the Beyond by a tornado where she learned many things such as there being Good and Evil witches and of a tin man that needed a heart.

Thurs. 29 June 2017

In the twilight in the distance I see a silhouette view of a snow free conical shaped mountain like those that are volcanic. It’s shadow V-shape suddenly reminds me of Planck Time; connecting a volcanic eruption (read: Eros ego “earth” building) to being a “big bang” creation event. Comment: In my material the Supervolcano at Yellowstone in NW Wyoming has been used to portray effects from the Eros Self using “clock-face” images such as the following silver tray overlay centered on the caldera in a July 2010 vision which had a Tabasco sauce located at the Doomsday Hour. A medicine wheel Mayan calendar overlay has also been a frequent image as seen in the March 2008 vision image – the latter now being connected to the Mayan convex stone used in heart sacrifice. A “football” (Fatman) shaped TV station “wholeness” controller that could select 8 different directions had a Mayan calendar in its center. I now realize that Our Lady of Guadalupe in such a “football” shape is connected to the TV (inner movie screen) controller as She is pregnant and wants to reveal Her new births in consciousness.
Yellowstone Birth.jpg
Yellowstone Birth.jpg [ 69.79 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

In the darkness, I see an old man’s bald head from its NE area in a close-up view as if the right side (right brain) is in focus. Suddenly, I see the man (Franklin Otis, deceased) who taught calculus and differential equations (math; Logos ego functioning) in my early college years. It seems this representative for Gregory is being used to convey Eros ego development is now in focus. This vision emphasizes the effect a Yellowstone eruption will have on the evolution of consciousness. Comment: Yellowstone has been in the news these past two weeks as noted in The Yellowstone Supervolcano Has Just Seen 878 Earthquakes In Two Weeks. The following “heart shaped” image is used in the article which shows one of the volcano’s hot water pools in its enormous 1000 square mile caldera. The Avatar water chakra colored center turns to heart chakra green-yellow (vegetative or feminine side) Eros Christ colors and then to yellow-red (masculine side) Ra colors.
Yellowstone caldera.jpg
Yellowstone caldera.jpg [ 79.66 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

A young woman with long blonde hair wearing a black pants suit walks past my left side through the NW in the view.

I see a housecat jump up onto a shelf containing a row of potted flowering plants and slides back down out of sight – tumbling the potted plant along on top. I am immediately reminded of the dream of sitting on the glass floor patio and tipping over the green-red fern by my right foot which fell onto the cement patio below as shared recently in Going Green Has Consequences.

I am in a large store peering down into an open chest style refrigerator where I see a black dozen egg carton having a tan top lying along its East side. I guess it has brown (tan) eggs inside. Potential being wanting to become actual being; something that tan’s the too white hide of the Logos ego seems meant.


Mass has ended and people in the thousands are pouring into the country side. On leaving I encounter my youngest sister (who has struggled life-long with the effects of her Pentecostal experience) who is carrying her young son of about seven years of age. He looks very malnourished. My sister says her right knee joint is so hurtful that she cannot continue. So, I offer to carry her but not her child – he will have to walk. But the youth cries and does not want to walk. He becomes very whiny. I start to carry my sister along the top of a high ridge along with a throng of others in a remote area that for some reason reminds me of Portugal where Our Lady of Fatima appeared in Her Queen of Peace garment of white with yellow gold trim (egghead colors on the Hermaphrodite of the Sun-Moon chakra tree) to the children and where the miracle of the sun occurred on 13 October 1917 (Tens of thousands had gathered to see the miracle of the sun). After carrying her a way I said to her, “This is too much for me as an almost 77 year old man.” So, I put her down and tell her that I will send someone to come help you.

Then I come across an old Irish man who looked like the movie actor, William Macy, with his wife and family (in real life he describes himself as a “Middle American”). He is carrying one of his children and has to put her down as it is also too much for him in his elder years. I told him how ironic this was because I just had to quit carrying my youngest sister.

End of Dream

Comment: The Miracle of the Sun is being connected to the renewed sky God of Ra consciousness given the colors of the rotating sun in the following stained glass image portraying the miracle that appeared in the sky that day; something which came up in December 2012 in my visions. It seems Our Lady of Fatima would like to repeat that miracle as an inner experience in the soul of humanity. The black and white photo of the event does not reveal the colors seen in the sky that day.
Fatima Miracle Of Sol.jpg
Fatima Miracle Of Sol.jpg [ 109.67 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

O Milagre do Sol
Then in the darkness of the NW I see a pair of hands folded in prayer and tipped 45 degrees towards my direction in the SW. The hands are formed by a glowing reddish-yellow outline as if for a neon sign and remind me of the prayer held hands on Our Lady of Fatima in Her Queen of Peace garments. These are vehicles that produce consciousness.
Prayer Hands.jpg
Prayer Hands.jpg [ 35.16 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

In the darkness, I see a small cyan colored bell (recall that underneath cyan is blue so this is a potential Avatar making bell that wants to ring). It hangs from underneath the NW corner of a large, thick, dark rectangular slab of iron (the floor of heaven is said to be made from rectangular iron plates according to Egyptian Witchcraft for the ladder amulet). It is parallel to another such slab below it a short way. The bell appears to be made from paper and looks like one that could be hung from a XMAS tree. Comment: I have had such paper bells hung from our XMAS tree when raising a family. They came folded flat and when opened (a 360 degree rotation is required; all seeing?) they took on the shape of a bell.
XMAS Bells.jpg
XMAS Bells.jpg [ 36.22 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Comment: Two rectangular “branes” about to bang together in the NW corner it seems. I recall that the monk spot on the World Soul is rectangular. Psychologically understood it is “Brains” from two different universes banging together; Logos Self and Eros Self brains. Banging branes are thought to have sparked the creation of our universe by cosmologists. Colliding branes has been connected to the spontaneous creation of foam when the tops of two beer bottles clink together and that foam has been connected to the inflationary expansion of our universe in A Berserker Effect Cometh – January 2016. When branes came up again in November 2016 I had an “intuition” that branes understood psychologically meant brains and factored that possibility into the title of that post When Branes (Brains?) Collide – November 2016. In A Flash Flood – December 2016 white spheres were seen moving through the throat of a wormhole held open by the divinely proportioned man as if it is the Vitruvian man in Eros ego consciousness (a connection to the small yellow ceramic triangular arrowhead that puts a hole in the heart that came up in my previous post) that rings the bell in his heart chakra and allows it to “explode”. Finally, I notice that the “colliding” hands above are another connection to “banging branes” as Logos and Eros sides come together to create a new worldview.
Brane Brains.jpg
Brane Brains.jpg [ 28.71 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee
Now I am flashing back to the stream of migrants seen flooding into Europe last year. And then to the Japanese “death march” of captured American soldier’s in WW II. This connects individuation as being migrants who are on a “death march” as they progress from one worldview to a new one. All this is a connection to the 40 years of wandering in the desert by the Jews in the aftermath of their release from Egyptian captivity before they could cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land.

Fri. 30 June 2017

I see a tan/white chihuahua (chihuahua is an ancient native Aztec or Mayan word thought to mean dry place) standing on my office desk such that it is looking directly at the empty blue chair where I normally would be sitting. I have the impression the dog’s body is a hand on a clock face pointing to 6 o’clock.

Then I see a 410-gauge shotgun shell with a red casing and bronze end invisibly suspended in a vertical direction in the center of my view in the darkness. The brass end points to the Doomsday Hour while the other end points to the 6 o’clock hour. The brass end is partially cut-away to show the black gun powder underneath. Comment: It seems that when the Doomsday hour second hand approaches high noon within Planck Time this will cause a “strike” to the top of the shotgun shell and send Ra colors into the 6 o’clock hour; something which will trigger the renewal of the sky god Ra. I wonder if there is a 410-guage green shotgun shell hidden behind this one since the Derringer that killed Lincoln in my visions held both colored shells.
410 Ignition.jpg
410 Ignition.jpg [ 43.44 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Then I see a huge, graceful, feminine looking, sombrero shaped roof made from many rectangular ceramic tiles that are red on one half and fade to black on the other half. The roof is supported by short, dark wood posts in the center of a park surrounded by green lawn; like this the roof is very close to the ground. The periphery of the sombrero is not curled upwards but instead is gracefully bent down such that the brim is like an undulating wave shape all the way around the hat’s circumference (see image). Comment: The tile colors are connected to those in SW; the location of the inferior function. The wide brim indicates that the Logos ego is dimmed in order to access the inferior function and the wavy shape indicates an Eros ego altered state of consciousness is needed in order to mind-meld with the “Black Hole” of the World Soul who is Eros ego in Her psychology. In terms of “hat symbolism” it reminds me of my 1999 dream which indicated I needed to find my proper hat size. Jung’s commentary on hat symbolism applies – something shared at the end of my post Star Wars Redux – 1 January 2017. Finally, I notice the sombrero reminds me of the classic flying saucer.
Sombrero Structure.jpg
Sombrero Structure.jpg [ 47.43 KiB | Viewed 4775 times ]

Zen favors intuition over intellect, and not surprisingly, the Jedi exercises are also based on cessation of mental activities and greater reliance on sensory and intuitive cognition, which means minimizing the interference and disturbances created by the (Logos) ego,... See: http://www.henrybayman.com/star-wars-and-sufism/


PS Fox, thanks for sharing your link about Star Wars. As you can see I read the piece and used some of its conclusions to amplify on the meaning of the female sombrero. The heart is key and it is informed by the knowing of the inferior function realm – where the lower brain resides. When I lived in Los Angles on occasion I interacted with folks from the movie industry when they would attend lectures at the C.G. Jung Institute. They were there to learn about the archetypes and how to incorporate their activity into films in order to obtain gripping psychological reactions from their audience.

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Post A Star Is Born
Sat. 1 July 2017

In the darkness of the NE I see a silhouette view of a spiral, cylindrical roll of some material I cannot make out. Comment: As I began to transcribe this I suddenly recalled the spiral rolled up length of sod in The Sound of Creation – January 2017 that was brown on the outside and yellow on the inside. Circumambulating about an archetypal core comes to mind – the heart chakra it seems. This is a connection to a vision of having to “walk the green road” which started in the SW and ended in the NW.
Sod Spiral.jpg
Sod Spiral.jpg [ 25.2 KiB | Viewed 4730 times ]

I am looking up through a large opening in white clouds and see the blue sky behind them. Something invisible created this opening it seems as if something incarnated in the NW is meant. Comment: This reminds me of a vision in which Unity (a union of Logos & Eros ego functioning) first appeared in a 1999 vision in white clouds with blue sky. Later on in this post a “star is born” in a Planck second – as if the gamma ray burst from that creation punched an opening in the clouds.

I see an older couple. She reminds me of a Jungian analyst I know (Marion Woodman). The man says, “There are Mayan’s nearby.” She replies, “If I was a Mayan…”

I am looking down at an olive colored bullet proof vest that is opened along its left side.

Down below in the darkness of the SE I see a black and white view of the NE area of the head of a woman having a half circular arc of different shades of gray over the front part of her head as if a crown for a princes.

In the darkness down below in the SE area I see a large solid white numeral 9.0. I immediately recognize this numeral to refer to mega quake. Further, to the color code of NEWTOWN where the slaughter of the innocents took place.

Again, in the darkness down below in the SE I see a saucer sized plate having some small objects on its surface including a used large diameter green candle at its 3 o’clock hour.

I see a knee-high style black dress on a young woman that looks to be made from velvet.

I see a large gorilla standing in a darkened room.

I see my wife walking away from my location and into the NW of the view. She wears a white silk negligee which reveals her skin to be nicely suntanned.

I see a woman about 30 years of age who is sitting at a small glass round table for two by its SE area. She wears a white silk dress and has dishwater blond hair.

In the darkness of the NW I see a white sphere having a double segmented white ring around it as if a planet Saturn connection is meant.

I see a hand picking up a large spoon. The backside is in the view and it is heart shaped.

I see a DOOM imp lying down on the backside of the head of a large red dragon.

I see a woman standing inside a stone block building while looking up into the tall belfry which is in the NW corner in my view where a nun is seen.

In the darkness, down below in the SE I see the backside of a man and woman standing side by side.

In the NW, I see a full view of the NE area of a large reddish elephant.

I see a cartoonish image of human having the head of a cat.


I am standing with a few mixed gender adult humans on the top of a green grassy knoll. We are anticipating a spiritual experience and then the wind begins to blow from out of the NW. The sensation as it flows over my body is uplifting and I raise my hands towards the heavens (in the backward curved heart sacrifice posture of the man in Shawshank Redemption) only to be greeted by a “rain” of dirt blowing onto me at a 45 degree angle from out of the NW. I loudly announce, “The (earthly) spirit comes.”

End of Dream

Comment: Shadow dirt from the Logos Christ eon.

I see my wife with some of her female friends. She is wearing a horizontal striped black and white Native American design dress as I view her from the NE area. She has a feather in her hair suggesting she is an unwed Indian Maiden.

In the darkness, I see a woman’s feet wearing slippers having a dull yellowish glow.

In the darkness, I see an adult walking by the side of a tall white building through a black wrought iron gate and coming towards me from out of the NW who is wearing a purple sweater and dark slacks. The focus is on the belly which seems pregnant with a child that is strangely at a 90-degree angle forwards from the way it would normally be carried. A subtle body birth it seems.


I am nearing the last days of my retirement at my present age.

End of Dream

I am traveling through a long horizontal tunnel that is black and white in the view. As I move forwards I am leaping upwards and slowly I float back to the surface (as if in the realm of very weak gravity – an indication I am in my subtle body) all while moving forwards. The pattern of leaping and moving forwards continues for a long time. Comment: Quantum leaps in consciousness is meant as I journey in the unus mundus.

I am looking down at the fingernail on my left ring finger where one wears a wedding band.

Sun. 2 July 2017

I see a close-up view of a dark opening that seems to be a wide-open mouth. A gently curved end of a rusty length of rebar is sticking out of the mouth and the other end is out of sight as it curves down into the darkness of the throat. Comment: A strand of yellowish spaghetti has been seen dangling down into a woman’s throat – see my comments on this aspect in Take Away My Sins (SHADOW) – March 2017. A “throat trick” has been connected to having the Sword of Damocles swallowed in the throat. In Learning To Carry The Weight Of Your Own Soul – January 2016 a man was seen sitting on the end of a length of rebar sticking up out of concrete (being impaled/reamed seems meant). Like this, new births in consciousness emanate from the woman’s throat that deal with each person’s shadow material (turds/urine) that are potential new births in consciousness.
Rebar Rusty.jpg
Rebar Rusty.jpg [ 20.45 KiB | Viewed 4730 times ]

In the darkness and in silhouette, I see a portion of a right profile view of a man’s head area. He is behind vertical hanging, but bumping into each other, rectangular shaped floor to ceiling “blinds” (colliding branes/brains?) like plastic ones used to partition a room. He is leaning forwards towards the East while he stands by the West wall in a room.

I see a tall, young blond woman from her SW area who is leaned over looking into a cloth cylindrical shaped bin and removes a large clear plastic triangular shaped bag filled with fresh prepared orangish fruit.

I am looking at the backside of a large sitting woman wearing a washed blue jean top and black female style sombrero whose brim is slightly convex and pulled down to about a 45-degree angle towards the shoulders – giving it an appearance of being a witch’s hat. The convex shape reminds me of the shape of the Mayan heart sacrifice stone. It is as if the brim dimming the Logos ego is a “heart sacrifice”.

I hear, “You are a child. Watch those savages exist.” Comment: This reminds me of the comment heard in Going Green Has Consequences – June 2017 - “The young boys were raped until their assholes bled.” This was connected to meaning that humanities conscious development is in the child stage.

In the darkness, I see a side view of a ripe beefsteak tomato with a green vine stem attached. The tomato is at an angle of 45-degrees such that the stem points to the NW in the view. Love-fruits are growing in the darkness out of the NW.

I see a rectangular piece of aluminum folded back onto itself. The unfolded piece was folded onto itself partway along both long sides and the folds had evenly spaced holes.

In the darkness I see a mostly silhouette view of a man sitting in a recliner. His luminous white left hand is in focus as it grips the left arm rest. Strangely, the hand looks like a long chicken foot (Abraxas connection).


I am walking along in a wide corridor in a well-lighted interior of a large building. A young, attractive woman, JP, wearing a loosely fitting red dress who has long, straight blond hair approaches my left side saying, “Hi Greg!” (We know each other as we were high school classmates and she appears to be around 17) I put my left arm around her shoulders but she quickly pulls away and goes over to a vending machine behind my SE area. She looks and then joins me again as if we are good friends. I said, “You pulled away. Was I being too personal with you?” But she says, “Oh, no! You can get as personal as you want. I was just checking the machine for a candy bar I wanted.” So, I embrace her with a hug and the sensation of energy that spontaneously arose was ecstasy.

End of Dream

Comment: Red covers her body as if to say her body contains new births in consciousness for new subtle body matter for the new Red King. Her yellow-gold hair indicates she operates out of Eros ego consciousness. Together these are Ra colors for the new Red King who is operating out of an Eros ego altered state of consciousness.

I see sixteen sharp, radial, narrow points – pointing to an empty circle just behind which is a glowing, brilliant star of white light on a sky-blue background (caelum - a universal medicine, the panacea, alexipharmic, medicina catholica, etc.). Suddenly, the white star instantly seems to have become a reddish-yellowish star off in the distance in the blackness. The narrow “spear” points remind me of a Planck second which implies the image is about the process of creation of consciousness. It begins with the birth of a pure white star which has blown off its yellow exterior layer which then “births” a Ra colored star. Comment: A result of a hole in the heart chakra it seems for I latter recall the following vision of three apples in A Special Nighttime College – August 2016 that were connected to the wormhole in its ends and center. Thus, the illustration shows the creation of Ra consciousness as if the outer yellow layer of the golden delicious apple’s white core was blown off onto the red outer layer of the red delicious apple. I guess a similar event occurs on the feminine side of the heart chakra which produces an Eros Christ colored star. It is as if the union of masculine and feminine in the Seal of Solomon has released this white star burst. It reminds me of what happens when anti-matter and matter come together.
Planck Second Stars Three.jpg
Planck Second Stars Three.jpg [ 49.07 KiB | Viewed 4691 times ]

Apple Three.jpg
Apple Three.jpg [ 24.1 KiB | Viewed 4730 times ]

In a huge modern mall, I see a man down below on the bottom floor standing next to an escalator that carries one up to the next floor. The man is made out of flames in the shape of tongues of yellow fire (teardrop shapes) which have a few red edges in places; a Fire Sower whose colors suggest “sparking/seeding” the Earth with Eros ego consciousness which empowers potential birthing of new subtle body matter.
Fire Sower.jpg
Fire Sower.jpg [ 25.71 KiB | Viewed 4717 times ]

Then in the darkness, I see a huge whitish stainless steel 7 in the center of the view that stands upright on a black surface. It’s another color code connection to NEWTOWN becoming ANYTOWN. Comment: “May the Force be with you” comes to mind.

Tues. 4 July 2017


It is a bright sunny day and as I stand outside I see water rising and flowing past me. Soon I am swept along with many others until it was like we were moving along on a wavy ocean surface. Eventually we came to a sandbar and was able to move off to the right side of the rushing waters.

I then see people looting a flooded wealthy home. I tried to stop them and was soon knifed by one of the young men over and over again. Strange, but I never died. I just kept experiencing the knifing.

End of Dream

Comment: On awakening from the dream I realized I should not have interfered with the theft. I recalled the Robin Hood rhyme that came up in my post The Incarnation Of Vishnu And The ‘Conversion’ Of Russia – May 2017. Apparently, the bursting of a dam (damned-up matter psyche) has unleashed a Robin Hood effect.

All is ready
All is good
For the coming
Of Robin Hood
Robin Hood (read: VNS) robs from the rich (the too rich Logos ego) and gives to the poor (the impoverished Eros ego).

In the darkness, I see long snake-like shaped wide lines of humans in silhouette that stretch out on the dark landscape off to the horizon. It immediately reminds me of the Muslim migrants flooding into Europe and to the “Death March” of American soldier’s captive of the Japanese in WW II – something now connected psychologically to mean it is an individuation death march destined to lead to a new worldview. This came up in my previous post The Miracle of the Ra Sun Rays after the vision of the avatar bell seen hanging off the NW corner of potentially colliding branes (brains of the feminine and masculine principles in the heart chakra it seems).

Then in the darkness, I see a close-up view of the NW area of a hairy black spider – a tarantula it seems. Comment: Toxic abdominal spider hairs have been connected to tarantulas. White pillow cases stuffed full of them has been seen hauled on large rectangular flatbed trucks. Spiders have eight legs – an individuation number. Dancing, as with the male whirling Dervishes who dance with their invisible, feminine (Holy Spirit) partner, has been connected to squaring the circle – the challenge of creating the philosopher’s stone in alchemy. The expression "squaring the circle" is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible since mathematically it is impossible.
Wolf Spider Dancing.jpg
Wolf Spider Dancing.jpg [ 43.93 KiB | Viewed 4717 times ]

Black Tarantula - a large black wolf spider of southern Europe whose bite was formerly believed to cause tarantisma psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance, prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th century, and widely believed at the time to have been caused by the bite of a tarantula.

Philosophers-Stone.jpg [ 122.12 KiB | Viewed 4730 times ]

This is the Stone of the Wise, the Philo-Sophia Stone, the Love-of-Wisdom Stone, the Stone of the True Care for Wisdom, the Wisdom of Right-Action. It is all about doing Right, living in Truth and Morality. That is the True Self. Self works through Matter towards Unity Enlightenment with Truth & Morality of the Higher Will. Unity Consciousness in Unity with Truth and Morality to get to Unity Foundational Living in the Aggregate Co-Creation.

In the darkness, I see what looks like the ends of black tweezers pushed against the lower part of the black hairline on the right side of a white human neck. I cannot see what the tweezers are trying to grasp. Comment Apparently, sleeping on a pillow stuffed with toxic abdominal hairs from tarantulas has managed to become imbedded in this neck. These toxic hairs serve the function of uniting Logos and Eros ego consciousness at the neck area. I use tweezers to remove wood splinters under my skin like what happened recently when on vacation in Maui when I stepped on a thorn branch and the tip of a thorn became imbedded in the ball of the bottom of my right foot.

In a dark view, I am looking down at a rectangular table top as if I sit by its NE corner area. I see a place setting of white dishes including a circular dinner plate with a focus on the white cylindrical shaped empty coffee cup that has no handle. Comment: A “pillar of glory” stack of four handless coffee cups were seen recently in A Superhuman Effort.

On a vertical black surface, I see a cluster of beige vesica piscis shaped seeds partially embedded in its surface. The thumb and index fingertips of a right hand are grasping at these seeds as if trying to pull one out. Comment: Again it is the union of the World Soul (feminine) with the individual soul (masculine) that is in focus. Holding a small “football” shaped seed suggests this union releases the white sun within the seed (matter) and this gives rise to Ra as seen earlier in this post.

I am outside looking up at the night sky. A man is with me and he stands in the NW of the view while I look at a pair of white stars at the Doomsday Hour in the sky. One of the stars is so bright and large I figured it must be one of the planets or another star has been born that is much closer to earth then the one on its left side in the far distance. I say to the man, “Is that the moon up there next to the star. It can’t be the moon because it is too small and yet it is too large to be a star unless it is very close to us and has just been born.” Comment: The angular separation of the two stars is apparently a Planck second. Stars reminds me of what Marie Louise von Franz said about them as shared in What The World Needs Now Is lovE, Sweet lovE – April 2017. Briefly, Human beings becoming new stars, i.e., emitters of light (consciousness) of a new worldview. A star announces the birth of an outstanding personality as instanced in the Bible where the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Christ to the three wise men. In many civilizations, you meet the idea that the human soul was a star before birth and becomes one again after death.

I am looking down at a large white rectangular surface. A blue object lies on its West side in the NW corner area. The blue object (no description) is removed and it leaves a blue stain.

On a black background, I am looking at the NW are of a graph. The vertical axis is a thin white line and white horizontal numeral are spaced along the axis. About midway I make out one of the numerals which reads 1772. The plot is a bunch of small whitish and sometimes reddish and sometimes yellowish circles as if star types came immediately to mind. Comment: 1772 = 17. This number has been connected to hearing the World Soul singing, “When I was 17…” and to Arabic alchemy and MLvF who dreamed of building a 17-sided house – something that indicated completed individuation. The American Revolution took place during this time (1765-1783) with a Declaration of Independence on 1776. I guess this is the range the numbers covered on the vertical axis while star types were on the other axis.

Now I am recalling an article I read just before meditating this morning which was about the EPA in the Trump administration relaxing methane pipe leak requirements. Methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas then CO2 and is thus a concern to global warming alarmists and climate change. I then recall what the World Soul said once some years ago. That there will be climate change but not the kind being concerned about in the outer situation. Inner climate change is meant.

In a daylight view I am looking down from above tree top height at a very large “green belt” in a city. A dirt footpath lines its center off into the distance. On either side of the footpath is a wide expanse of yellowish grass that transitions to green grass as it approaches the line of tall mature palm trees on either side.

In the darkness, I see a black capital letter T whose ends are arrowheads.

I am looking down into an opened tan cardboard box whose four rectangular top flaps are angled 45 degrees off towards the outside. A ceramic snake head of a decapitated woman is leaning backwards against the NW corner of the box – angled across that corner at a 45-degree angle. The top of the head is colored red and a mass of small red snakes form two large ram Devil horns (Capricorn and horn torus connection). The hairline is yellow and this color transitions to her white face. The slain head of Medusa it seems which has its monk spot towards the NW corner. She brings an effect from out of Pandora’s box comes to mind. Pandora (all-gifted, all-giving), was given a box which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened it and all the evils flew out, leaving only "Hope" inside once she had closed it again. Evil as the unintegrated shadow created by the Logos Christ eon is meant. “Trump is God’s instrument” comes to mind – something that came up in The Ural Mountains.
Medusa Pandora.jpg
Medusa Pandora.jpg [ 36.08 KiB | Viewed 4718 times ]

In Greek mythology, Perseus beheaded the Gorgon (female monster) Medusa and saved Andromeda (rescue of the intended victim allows for the celebration of the hieros gamos – the inner sacred marriage) from the sea monster Cetus (whale). In the cave, he came upon the sleeping Medusa. By viewing Medusa's reflection in his polished shield (by allowing the unconscious to reflect its knowing via dreams and visions), he safely approached and cut off her head. From her neck sprang Pegasus and Chrysaor ("sword of gold" = a petrified ray of light?).


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Post Wine From The First Days Of Creation
Wed. 5 July 2017

In the darkness along the East side I see a left profile view of a young man who has his back to that side. He wears an Army uniform covered with many metals as if he is a general who has fought many wars and won many metals for bravery and wounds. Comment: Psychologically this is pertinent when it comes to what is involved in individuation. The psychic landscape is in turmoil, a battle field of opposing forces.


I have moved into a house at the top of Rancho Palos Verdes and taken a new job. I have driven past the house only once and have not noted the address. My first wife is already settled in the residence but I have to check in with my new employer before I can settle in the house.

I go to my new place of employment. Everyone here is a work-acholic. The business is very modern and they have only recently moved onto using robots and other automation devices. I see that some of their work is repairing cars. I sense that I have a lot to learn. But my new boss, a middle-aged slender man is glad to have me on his team. He has heard good things about me and looking forwards to having another scientist on his staff. I see that they have project review processes and if you fail to measure up you are fired. It is a very demanding environment and already I am stressing out. The work-day is over and I should go home but I don’t know the address to my new house, nor the phone number. I don’t have a cellphone or a car to drive.

On the way out of the facility I see that my boss and co-workers stop to play a game called “TARZAN”. You take a piece of paper with this word on it and feed it into a machine while at the same time yelling, “Tar ZAN” with the emphasis on ZAN. I take my turn and say, “Tar ZEN” - failing to emphasize the pronunciation as “ZAN”. So, I try it again but fail to pronounce the word properly. My dyslexia is causing the problem it seems.

End of Dream

Comment: What it is like to start a new career. Inner journey work is meant. It never ends. Celebrating the hierosgamos – the inner sacred marriage – is merely a step across a threshold into a whole new world demanding a new adaptation. Not knowing the address to my new residence, nor the home phone number, etc. suggests this is something I need to earn in the time ahead. All I know is that I am near the top area of Rancho Palos Verdes – a city on a hill (New Jerusalem connection). Tarzan is about getting back to Nature – living a life in a treehouse (VNS) that honors the feminine principle. The emphasis on ZAN is interesting because I see in “phone home numerical code” it is equal to 17 – the house Wisdom builds.

Now I see a side view of a dinner fork that is leaning against the West side in the darkened view.

Something about room #109 – that is where the women are.

Thurs. 6 July 2017

I see for a long time many visions of beautiful scenes of trees, plants, and fancy landscaped gardens having glorious luminous lemon fruits on trees. It all seemed to be gardens for royalty. On and on like this for over an hour. I then suddenly recalled Jung’s NDE in which he was in the “garden of the pomegranates” seeing Zeus and Hera celebrating the hierosgamos, the inner Holy Wedding. This event is being celebrated within me I concluded as a union between CNS and VNS (Logos & Eros); as the Mysterium Coniunctionis.

…in this theater, the hierosgamos was being celebrated. Men and women dancers came onstage, and upon a flower-decked couch All-father Zeus and Hera consummated the mystic marriage, as it is described in the Iliad.

In the aftermath I hear, “We share the news. P has died. She now lives within you.”

Comment: The projection of my inner feminine onto my first wife, P, has been withdrawn. The inner marriage has become my new psychic state of affairs. The visions of the “garden of the pomegranates” were not an ecstatic, bliss-filled experience like Jung experienced in his NDE. It was like observing any of the many visions I have had over the years. It seems when something has been integrated/incarnated an “ecstatic bliss-filled experience” which acts like a scent of flowers or the odor of the Holy Spirit is no longer necessary for the goal of those attractors has been fulfilled. My 1976 Pentecostal "spiritual awakening" experience was an “odor of the Holy Spirit ecstatic experience” and after 41 years of struggling to understand its purpose the inner marriage has taken place.

The vision of the luminous lemon tree fruits is a color coded connection to the meaning of green vegetation and yellow skin lemons (which are “football” shaped); connecting them to heralding where Eros Christ consciousness is emanating from. Yellow-gold in my material represents Eros ego altered state of consciousness or “negative energy” which opens the throat of the wormhole in the heart chakra’s spindle torus shape. The following lemon grenade is a connection to the gamma radiations from an exploding heart. The container appeared again recently in The Incarnation Of Vishnu And The ‘Conversion’ Of Russia – May 2017 and was connected to Jacob struggling with the angel for God’s blessings. That struggle left Jacob with a limp. Struggling with the aftermath of the Pentecostal experience has my youngest sister walking with a “psychological limp” all her life. My Pentecostal experience also led to a “psychological limp” during this past 41 years. This struggle was connected to Jung’s description of what it is like to encounter the unconscious and to the form in which it appears, the slaying of Medusa.
Lemon As Grenade.jpg
Lemon As Grenade.jpg [ 16.65 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

[The God] appears at first in hostile form as an assailant with whom the hero has to wrestle. This is in keeping with the violence of all unconscious dynamism. In this manner, the God manifests itself and in this form must be overcome. The struggle has its parallel in Jacob’s wrestling with the angel at the ford Jabbok. The onslaught of instinct becomes an experience of divinity provided that man does not succumb to it and follow it blindly but defends his humanity against the animal nature of the divine power. C.G. Jung, CW 5 Symbols of Transformation, §524.

Down below in the blackness I see a vertical white cigarette.


I am in the woodshed attached to the back of the house I grew up in. I am standing at the top of the steps that lead to the door to enter the home. Water is at the base of the door and ready to flood the house. Somehow water is coming in from the back-side of the house. I open the door and see my two oldest brothers are redoing the flooring from previous flood damage. It is lined with aluminum foil!

End of Dream

Comment: Noah’s flood comes to mind. Something that dissolved an ego adaptation that no longer aligned with the imperatives of the Self. Eight were saved in Noah’s family and it has come to be known as the individuation number.

Something about an avocado and jeans. Comment: The pit in an avocado has been connected to being a testicle on a bull. The color of the flesh in an avocado is what inseminates new birth seems meant. Washed blue jeans have often come up in my visions suggesting birthing as new incarnation in the NW is meant.

Fri. 7 July 2017

I have married Rita (a woman who is very feminine and spiritual).

Our oldest son has purchased a $20,500 (= 7) kayak. He has just married. Comment: A top view of a kayak reveals it has a vesica piscis shape. Mind-melding with the World Soul in the unus mundus is meant; the inner marriage, the unio mystica, the location of the new creation in the heart chakra.
Kayak.jpg [ 22.02 KiB | Viewed 4633 times ]

I am looking out along the abdomen of a young naked woman and see her naked breasts as two graceful mounds like that on a camel’s back.

I see a large rectangular painting hanging on a white wall of a Christ figure from his NW area that has a halo.

I see a dark skinned young woman with black hair in a bun on the back of her head. She is walking towards me on a white cement sidewalk from out of the NW towards my location in the SW. She wears a knee-high black coat which she opens wide to reveal it is red on the inside. Comment: She cloaks herself in the colors of SW, of the inferior function. She walks on white cement which paves the path between the SW and the NW where incarnation of higher consciousness takes place. It’s as if SW > SW much like examples of SE > SE has occurred in my visions. A sense that the wisdom of the lower three chakras are becoming conscious; that the feminine principle is releasing its enlightenment.

Sat. 8 July 2017

I am observing a garden that has green lawn divided into rectangles of foot wide bare, black earth borders.

In a daylight view I am looking down at a large, new, eight story rectangular business building surrounded by skyscrapers in a large city.

I observe a young man walking away from my location on a sidewalk of a large city street. He wears black Levies and a blue and white checkered shirt; has colors of NW supported by a standpoint of black pants (black earth).

I see a young Oriental man from his NW area as he stands near the front of a large empty lot surrounded by a black wrought iron picket fence. Tall modern buildings surround the lot. He wears a hat that looks like a miniature pine tree (XMAS tree). Comment: This man is under the peculiar ideas attributed to the meaning of this hat which includes the notion that he should turn on his Heart Light.

Then I observe a “Confucius” looking Oriental man from his NW area that wears a cone shaped white hat having a base of eight outward pointing black triangular shapes that make a 90-degree angle with the cone base. Comment: As I prepare this post I suddenly noticed that if the triangular base pieces were bent downwards until their apexes touched they would form a downward pointing cone. The following attached cones has a 2-D diamond appearance which reminds one of the Sacred Geometry constructed diamond shape in the vesica piscis shaped center of a spindle torus. The black cone seems to represent the body while the white cone the head. It is another view of the “Lantern of the Telesphoros” and of yin > higher yang. Children being disciplined by a teacher are ordered to wear a “dunce hat” and sit in the corner of the classroom on a stool (The oracle of Delphi sits on a stool). The term "Dunce" is used in a pejorative sense to denote those who foolishly clung onto outmoded doctrine, i.e., an outmoded worldview.
Cones.jpg [ 35.84 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

In the daylight, I see a front profile view of a brown eagle sailing directly towards me. Comment: An eagle was seen on the side of a tan cardboard box (Pandora’s box) which had Mighty Mouse balloons rising up out of its open top in a 2007 vision and shared in Justifying The Ways Of God To Men – March 2015.
MM_Balloons.jpg [ 60.94 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

I see a daylight view of a woman’s head whose long blond hair is standing straight up above her head in twisted clusters as if so many “snakes”. Comment: a vertical wind from below seems to be creating this phenomena.

I see a man carrying bundles of paper money in his hands which he gives to another man while saying, “You need more security in this area.” They are in a train station.

I hear a young woman say, “I have been thinking about you for five years.” She looks like the NBC reporter.

Something about the Russians buying up the gas stations in the West that leads to accidents on the freeways.

I see a newspaper headline that indicated president Trump (inner) and Clark are taking a different road on something. Comment: Clark reminds me of Clark Kent who secretly is Superman.

Sun. 9 July 2017

In the darkness, the blurry view is filled with purple and as it comes into focus I see it is purple grapes having a woman’s white hands inserted into the pile from the left and the right sides giving it a layered fruit cake appearance. I immediately have the impression, “grapes from the first days of creation” come to mind. Comment: In my previous post A Star Is Born we learned that the union of the opposites in the heart chakra produced this result. Apparently purple wine (a union of red and blue) flows from the “hole in the heart chakra” is meant. God's wrath is the winepress that extracts the wine from the grapes, but it can also be the wine itself as evidenced in the phrase in Revelations 16:19 "...the wine of the fierceness of his (God's) wrath."
Wine Purple.jpg
Wine Purple.jpg [ 24.27 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

From Hitting Speed Bumps Is Good For The Heart – January 2017

…the 100 gallon wine “barrel-bomb” containing the wine preserved from the grapes since the six days of creation comes to mind – a wine promised to be served at the end of time at a Messianic Banquet. The last time this banquet came up was in ’Son of man’ – 1 January 2016 when a woman sat at a banquet table where a wine glass had the shape of a Spacetime diagram – connecting wine from the first days of creation to the Big Bang. The next prior appearance of the Messianic Banquet occurred in Walk A Mile In My Shoes – 29 January 2015.

In an outdoor setting, I stand near the top step of a dark pink stairs and dark pink concrete landing. Water is spraying onto the NW area of the landing as if from a sprinkler system. A young woman wearing a long flowing white silk dress has just ascended those stairs. Comment: Dark pink it seems could be understood to be a shade of purple.

In a daylight view I am observing the abdominal area of a heavy set woman wearing black clothes and a colorful apron that covers her belly which is basically yellow with many randomly placed small red dots. It is as if she indicates that encountering her belly brain using Eros ego consciousness is the Fire Sower source for the potential to produce a renewed Ra consciousness.

I see a large empty tostada shell in the shape of a truncated cone bowl. Comment: Such a truncated shape has been connected to being one end of the Lantern of the Telesphoros.

I see a young girl in a daylight scene. A man approaches and holding her by the hand says, “She has always been my little girl.”

I hear, “Can you ask why John Kennedy’s first job was so important?” While that was being said I saw the surface a large pile of mixed nuts. Comment: John’s first job after graduating from Harvard was commander of a patrol torpedo boat, the PT-109. Room # 109 came up earlier in this post and was connected to being where all the women are. A green torpedo has been seen in my visions – sinking the carrier of the existing worldview it seems. Like this it seems John’s first job was to integrate his feminine side. Further, nuts have been connected to a chestnut – cracking open the heart chakra.
Nuts.jpg [ 13.33 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

I see a close-up blurry view of a wood mallet that appears to be swung towards a flat surface in the NW corner of the view. I recall a judge uses such a mallet. A similar mallet was seen in The Sound of Creation – January 2017. Judgement Day looms.
Mallet.jpg [ 5.06 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

I am observing a young woman from her left side. She wears a purple tee shirt. I recall that the color purple has been connected to Holy Passion Week.

In the NW I see a close-up view of a pair of green-yellow (olive) sunglasses as if I just began to remove them from my face. These “rose colored glasses” have allowed me to experience Eros Christ consciousness. Such a pair of sunglasses came up in Twas The Night Before Christmas – September 2015.
Sunglasses.jpg [ 25.12 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

Something about a Russian speech and knowing about its content.

I see a pair of four-story “towers” having a square cross-section and a V-shaped red/black tiled roof made from half cylindrical shaped tiles. Something about the Russians.

I see a miniature hybrid animal that has the head of a baby elephant and the body of a naked chicken.


On a bright sunny day, I travel high up the steep, rock-strewn, talus slope (a slope formed by an accumulation of broken rock debris) of a mountain above the tree line. The place is covered with gray shards of stone.
Talus Slope.jpg
Talus Slope.jpg [ 57.05 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

I approach a house being built in a large stone cave. As I explore its construction I see the beginning of a “nest” enclosure having a portion of an upward curved wall and large, dark gray, rectangular stepping stones on which have been etched symbols. Just then I had to urinate and so I wetted some of these stepping stones with my urine. I had an oval shaped sculpture I was carrying and in the midst of painting in pink a black lined square grid on a white surface. Just then I noticed on the wall of the “nest” a rectangular stone carving of symbols (an alphabet) arranged in side-by-side vertical columns done in white stone – a wall sculpture. I used my paint brush to make a short black vertical line at the due North Doomsday Hour location. I have the impression this is a “Rosetta Stone.” Then I meet the woman building the “home”, it is V, an Iranian woman of Persian descent and psychologist who taught the class I took in Human Sexuality in the Master’s program for a degree in Marriage, Child and Family Counseling in 1983. She says she would like me to meet her parents. She wears tight fitting gray slacks and immediately embraces me – obviously wanting to become intimate. She immediately becomes the aggressor and begins having oral sex with me. As she does so in the darkness of the cave I notice that my penis is black and unusually long and slender (as if a black snake which reminds me of Apophis/Apep in Egyptian mythology who was chaos; “the destroyer of worlds” and enemy of the sky God Ra).
Apophis.gif [ 2.2 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

Apophis Hieroglyph
End of Dream

Comment: Recently in The Exploding Heart Scenario I mentioned that Jung felt it would take about 600 years to build the new temple. Apparently, it is connected to a “nest” being built in a cave. The oral sex is bound to release my semen which would impregnate one with Apophis "destroyer of worlds" effects on their existing worldview. I guess posting my dreams and visions on the unus mundus form helps in building this new temple.

I see a mostly side view of a fancy, cylindrical, stainless steel coffee cup having intricate dark blue circular designs on its sides. It sits on the SW corner of a dark brown wood table. The opening on the top appears to be Valentine heart shaped. Comment: Stainless steel coffee cups are usually double walled (insulating the hot coffee from the hand holding the cup). "Double walled" suggests a connection to meaning "a union of masculine and feminine" in the heart chakra.
Coffee Cup.jpg
Coffee Cup.jpg [ 26.67 KiB | Viewed 4636 times ]

Now in the darkness I see the business ends of various eating utensils that are pointed towards my left side.

I am having the impression that my dreams and visions have all been about peering into the contents of Pandora’s box. Then I see an orange with black stripes house cat (SE colors) sitting in the NE corner of an open tan cardboard box.

In the blackness, I see a side view of a small yellow flower in the midst of green supporting vegetation that is located at the Doomsday Hour. I have the impression that the flower has six petals. Comment: Six is the “marriage number.”

I am recalling what Dr. Jung said about the 3rd stage of the coniunctio, the unio mystica, in Mysterium Coniunctionis. See: Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul

Unio Mystica (mystical union) is the pursuit or experience of direct communion between a believer and an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God. Mystical theology, the school of thought which treats acts and experiences or states of the soul which cannot be produced by human effort.

So if Dorn sees the third and highest degree of conjunction in a union or relationship of the adept, who has produced the caelum, with the unus mundus, this would consist, psychologically, in a synthesis of the conscious with the unconscious. The result of this conjunction or equation is theoretically inconceivable, since a known quantity is combined with an unknown one; but in practice as many far-reaching changes of consciousness result from it - as atomic physics has produced in classical physics. The nature of the changes which Dorn expects from the third stage of the coniunctio can be established only indirectly from the symbolism used by the adepts. What he called caelum is as we have seen, a symbolic prefiguration of the Self. We can conclude from this that the desired realization of the whole man (Anthropos) was conceived as a healing of organic and psychic ills, since the caelum was described as a universal medicine (the panacea, alexipharmic, medicina catholica, etc.). It was regarded also as the balsam and elixir of life, as a life-prolonging, strengthening, and rejuvenating magical potion. … Above all, its incorruptibility is stressed: it lasts a long time, or for all eternity; though alive, it is unmoved; it radiates magic power and transforms the perishable into the imperishable and the impure into the pure; it multiplies (multiplicatio) itself indefinitely; it is simple and therefore universal, the union of all opposites; it is the parallel of Christ and is called the Saviour of the Macrocosm. But the caelum also signifies man’s likeness to God (imago Dei), the anima mundi in matter, and the truth itself. It has “a thousand names.” It is also the Microcosm, the whole man (Anthropos), a homunculus and a hermaphrodite. CW 14, § 770.


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Post The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse
Mon. 10 July 2017

A huge block numeral 7 fills the view as it leans towards me at a 45-degree angle. The face is red while the sides are white. Comment: Such a block numeral was seen in a January 2012 vision in the NW corner of the view. The 45-degree angle business becomes further clarified later on in this post. In the past, 45-degrees has been linked to the angle of the light cone for our universe. The numeral 7 has been connected to being a union of masculine and feminine numbers (3 + 4) and to it being the number of the Apocalypse being shouted at one in the Book of Revelation 49 (7x7) times. This numeral will now be connected to the heart chakra. The colors suggest a reference to Alchemy and to the marriage of the Red King with the White Queen.
Seven.jpg [ 18.99 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I see a man wearing a single piece cyan work garment that is lying face down on green grass and partially on a brown cement sidewalk – as if something knocked him to the ground. I recall that underneath cyan is blue – meaning that this man is commanded to learn from the Earth and the heart chakra, enabling him to become an Avatar.

I am sitting outside underneath some off-color vegetation. Next to my right side sits a lovely young woman who is showing me different things.

I see a young flowering plant or tree in the form of a single trunk or stem that has small purple transitioning to white flowers along its length. Comment: Uniting the opposites leads to enlightenment seems meant. Comment: A “trumpet” flower had these colors and was seen in the NW in Reconciling The ‘Hostile Brothers’ – January 2017. They are connected to Trump & Putin kissing.
Trumpet Flower.jpg
Trumpet Flower.jpg [ 39.79 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I see a close-up view of the right side of a middle-aged man’s very suntanned face who has curly black hair.

I see a frontal view of a large male face whose mouth is wide open – having an expression of terror it seems.

I am looking up at a piece of 3-D artwork on the underside of the dirty cement on an overpass. The focus is on the cluster ends of bananas.

I see a series of side-by-side wire frame children chairs, each of a different color, on a patio in the midst of well-placed vegetation.

I am observing a lovely setting of fancy circular glass tables having a blue circumference in a restaurant that seems to be in an aviary structure for it has a high clear glass ceiling. Couples sit around one of the tables on which are individual large servings of many different kinds of colorful fruits.

I see small circular opened containers which expose their contents which looks like refried beans.

I am looking up at colorful V-shaped party decoration of spiral shaped colorful paper ribbon. Each length is of a different color and are side-by-side; a numeral 7 Apocalyptic array of rainbow chakra colors it seems. Comment: A birthday party?
Rainbow.jpg [ 46.68 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I hear a long sorrowful cry as I observe people sitting on a patio by a river in a city in a daylight view. Comment: Psychologically river crossings are always difficult for one moves from one psychological state to a new unexplored one – like the Jews underwent by wandering for 40 years in the desert before they could cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land. The next several visions seem to make comments on what is involved in the river crossing journey. The hydrogen molecule dream is rather revealing.

I see a man lying face down a whitish cobble stone surface – he only wears a cyan shirt.

Something about the invasion of Iraq and how we are further and further away from why it happened.

Something about sports and playing football.

I see the head of an old man rubbing the front left side of his forehead. He parts his hair along the left side.

I observe a young woman holding a microphone in her right hand as if she is a singer. She has very large breasts and a stocky build. The fat lady sings it seems.

I see a left profile view of a tiny, slender woman who is wearing a black Lincoln top hat. Comment: She is under the peculiar ideas of Lincoln, i.e., let a Civil War decide if the union shall be preserved.
Woman Tophat.jpg
Woman Tophat.jpg [ 22.28 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I am looking at a modern race car from its NE area. It is wrapped front to back by a wide white plastic rectangular piece having some gold with blue lettering on it.

I see a black electrical cord strung at a steep angle from the ground to a high point on some free standing support. A woman standing on a walkway holds the wire.

I see a 1930’s style fancy car from its NW area that is pale green with yellow trim.

I see a large yellowish-orangish bottle of open wine that is tipped at an angle on a white table cloth.

I see people outside a building that are running towards its back door as if trying to sneak in on an important event.


I am with a woman who is the manager of a large multistory apartment building. She is talking about a man with a large family in unit #123 that is a three-bedroom apartment. She wanted the man and his family to leave and instructed me to tell him. So, we go together to see him and as we approach his apartment a foot-thick layer of snow lines the corridor floor. We meet the man who is mostly bald (has dimmed his Logos ego) and who reminds me of the TV mafia star in The Sopranos. The man says that he has expertise in fixing frozen hydrogen lines and the woman manager takes an interest because the building has such a problem. She now wants the man and his family to stay since he can fix this type of problem.

End of Dream
Hydrogen Metaphor.jpg
Hydrogen Metaphor.jpg [ 29.99 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

Comment: Hydrogen molecules (H2) becomes a molecular solid at very low temperatures and has an atomic structure in the form of hexagons. “It will be a cold day in Hell before I make lovE with you” seems meant. A hydrogen molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms whose covalent bond appears to form a spindle torus as seen in the above diagram. According to Sacred Geometry the vesica piscis shape contains an octahedron or diamond shape; a connection to what it takes to form a “diamond body” in other words. It is a metaphor showing what can happen when a human is able to enter the Eros ego and mind-meld with the World Soul; like unites with like. This can lead to a heart chakra coniunctio if the temperature is cold enough. One of the costs for being able to cross the Jordan River. The other image shows a January 2012 vision of the World Soul suspended next to what I now realize is meant to be an illustration for a hydrogen atom. The Eros ego “LovE” (nucleus = heart of the atom) between a King and a Queen forms H2 in these “bowls of individuation” enterprise.

Tues. 11 July 2017


I am in a huge home. The neighbors are very friendly. As we interact I find out there is a secret not being talked about. A woman has a child who I fathered. I eventually learn that I had made my high school sweetheart pregnant. Then one day I happen to meet a lovely young lady about 14 or so who is Asian but has American features such as large round eyes. She is our daughter. She has long black wavy hair and dark eyes. She is very quiet as if highly introverted. Her demeanor is graceful in speech and movement and these qualities reminds me of those in my daughter, Amy.

End of Dream

Comment: As I awoke from the dream a lasting sensation of wholeness was present. I recalled the V-shaped rainbow decorated “party celebration” vision seen earlier in this post and realized it was a birthday party for our inner daughter who was born about 14 years ago (2003). I then recalled that in late 2002 Remo had helped me understand a dream in which I was walking with my high school sweetheart who then morphed into a mature woman walking next to me. The latter was understood to be an image for the World Soul. Apparently, becoming conscious of the fact that I had been projecting a relationship I should have been having with my inner partner onto an external woman made my inner partner psychologically pregnant.

I am to ride next to the pilot of a blue jet fighter aircraft along with a couple other aircraft. Waves are crashing from above onto us. We stand our ground and soon the water and waves recede. We wait for the “flood” to pull back until the runway is clear.

In the darkness, in a close-up shadowy frontal view is the happy face of my first wife at her present age. Comment: When the anima figure appears old it means that the wisdom she wanted to share has been received. Something like that it seems.

It is night and I am observing the lights from a city in the distance as if I view from a high hill. A cyan glow comes from the center of the city and is surrounded by white lights that fade to fewer and fewer at the periphery.
City Lights.jpg
City Lights.jpg [ 62.4 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

In the center of the view in the darkness are two long irregular objects in silhouette that stick out above my eyes in front of my head. They separate with one moving horizontal to the left and the other to the right; leaving the center lane view clear into a faint dull whiteness. It is like two shish kabobs’ held at 3rd eye level were separated. Vegetable kabobs it seems.

I see a left profile view of a man in the darkness wearing an officer WW 2 style Army hat having a crescent moon shaped front brim (eye shade) in the center of the view (note: the hat has an olive color = green + yellow or Eros Christ colors).
Army Hat.jpg
Army Hat.jpg [ 38.82 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

Strange, but all of his body is not clearly seen in the view. It looks like an invisible plane surface at a 45-degree angle passes through his torso starting from above his right side. The left side from the chest area down is “hidden” in the view (covered by a bubbly plane surface sloping downwards. Comment It is as if a light cone cuts through this body. The idea seems to be that the left side of the heart (the Avatar maker side) does not reside in Spacetime, it is outside our universe. It is a part of the “Point A - everywhere, always” that Remo like to mention in his writings.
Man Light Cone Hearts.jpg
Man Light Cone Hearts.jpg [ 47.17 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

In a black and white view, I see a young woman with long swept back dark hair swimming underneath water towards my location as I observe her from a greater depth.
Woman Water.jpg
Woman Water.jpg [ 23.09 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I see a couple of very well-cooked eggs (hard yolk) that are sunny side up, but their yolks are glazed over with cooked egg white. Comment: I recall the hard boiled “egghead” on the Hermaphrodite. The present vision suggests it is a jumbo egg (a “football” shape) having a double yolk that has been hard-boiled.
Egg Hard Yolk.jpg
Egg Hard Yolk.jpg [ 25.46 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I observe a young woman in a red dress as she stands on a covered cement landing. Some children are descending the six cement steps and out onto the large green lawn in front of the long multistory rectangular building.

In the darkness, I am looking down at a dim view of a white sheet of paper whose NW corner area begins to form a wave shape ripple on its surface.

In the darkness on a dim white surface I see a small black container that is rectangular in cross-section (waste paper basket shape) lying on its side and having some small whitish object that has spilled out of its opening. Yin > higher yang seems meant.

In a daylight view I see a large dark gray dumpster with a dull red lid peeking out by the NW corner of a white building.

I am observing a young, tall, slender woman from directly behind her. She has long flowing dishwater blond hair and wears washed out blue Levies jacket and pants. Her hair is blown upwards. It seems she is in the process of landing from above in front of me in this daylight view.

There are three of us and we are about to leave in separate cars.

I see a casual brown lawn chair without arm rests as it sits on a green lawn underneath the shade of a small palm tree. The chair is by the NW corner of a square glass top table.

I see a SE view of a man’s sun burnt head that wears a tan baseball hat and round wire frame glasses. He reminds me of my son-in-law, T.

I see a SE view of a man standing a short ways away. He has a large dark brown bird with a white feathered head that is invisibly suspended next to his chest. A bald eagle. Comment: An eagle, as if a Phoenix bird, was seen on the side of Pandora’s box in the NW of the view in a February 2008 vision. Mighty Mouse balloons were floating out. I guess those balloons are floating out of the heart chakra and into Spacetime as psychophysical radiations.
Box Eagle Landing.jpg
Box Eagle Landing.jpg [ 36.4 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

I see the end of a DOOM shotgun as if I am holding it. “Bagging Her buck” comes to mind, i.e., bagging those involved in the renewal of the Christian archetype.

I see a small tan football suspended in whiteness in the darkness of the NW.

In the darkness, I see two DOOM demon imps running towards me from out of the NW. Their destructive “slapping” style attack will apparently impart their colors, i.e., a new worldview.

Thurs. 13 July 2017

In the darkness, I observe a left profile view of TB (Eros/chthonic in his psychology that I used to work with and who on occasion worked for the Mafia). Then I see in the darkness a right profile view of the front half of a whitish parked car.

Then in a black and white view I see a middle-aged Mafia looking man (Eros/Chthonic type) wearing a black sport coat and white shirt walking towards me. He has long curly black hair. Comment: It seems I have managed to become friendly with the Eros/chthonic "Putin" aspect in my psychology in a constructive way and like this overcoming the “hostile brothers” archetype.

Now I see a man who reminds me of the one seen just above, coming towards me in the darkness. His forehead is highlighted. Comment: The effects of the Eros Self have consciously reached the 6th chakra.

Then I see a rather top view of a tan/yellow ice cream cone filled with green mint or pistachio ice cream. Comment: The colors are Eros Christ connected. The sacred geometry aspect of an ice cream cone suggests wholeness (has spherical shaped serving of ice cream). It is emerging out of the future side of a “here and now” future light cone. This implies that the lower “past light cone” should have a red sphere ice cream shape. This would be a connection to the Planck Second stars and to the “light cone” (wormhole) in the heart chakra of the Lantern of the Telesphoros.
Light Cone Cluster.jpg
Light Cone Cluster.jpg [ 75.47 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

Taking The "Cream" Off The Top Of Creation
Past Behavior is the Best Predictor of Future Behavior.

I hear, “Imprisoned to help.” Then in the darkness I see a sculpture of four horse heads that appear black in this black and white view. The back of their necks are “connected” to a common vertical axis. They point to the four cardinal directions. The four horses of the Apocalypse seem meant; the ability to devote introverted libido to the four functions imprisons them to help with individuation. Comment: A witch with hearts to the four directions appeared in a January 2007 vision. Further, Superman, in February 2012, displayed a “diamond body” shape that was 90-degrees rotated from the light cones in the chakra body that appeared in a December 2015 vision. It seems that the “star birth” above effects two of the four directions with the CNS/VNS directions being displayed by Superman for that would align him to the man in the Lantern of the Telesphoros lying on the CNS/VNS colored wormhole ends. The human heart has four chambers.
Four Heart Chamber Horse Apocalypse.jpg
Four Heart Chamber Horse Apocalypse.jpg [ 38.53 KiB | Viewed 4565 times ]

Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse
I am recalling that the divinely proportioned man standing outstretched in the pentagons of the buckyball touch the opposites with the head, hands and feet. It’s is an indication that this quantum object resides in the unus mundus, the one world where all the opposites are united.

In the darkness, I see the West side of a large dark planet, as if observing it in outer space, that is rotating counter clockwise. A small lighted region rotates into the SW of the planet view and here the vision ceases.

I see a large black man with a bald head (dimmed Logos ego mana) who I see when looking through a screen door from the porch outside the house he stands in.

I see a new red SUV with black tires that is driving away from a curb along the West side of a street and headed away from my location. The car travels in the wrong direction on the wrong side of the street. It’s as if to say that the ego adaptation fostered by the inferior function (SW) goes against collective wisdom.

I am experiencing a heightened sensation of warmth in the masculine side of the heart chakra. Then in the blackness I see inside a dim white tunnel that extends out in front of me in the blackness.

I am recalling the light cone image that “cuts” through the heart chakra area of the man as seen earlier in this post. The masculine side of the heart chakra is in our universe which indicates that the “big bang” star creation in the hole in the heart chakra flows its effect into our universe while a similar effect flows into the Beyond which is outside our universe.

In a daylight view (I am conscious about what the meaning is of that which follows) I see a young woman wearing a dark blue knee-high skirt and white sweater. Her luminous white shins are in focus. She rides a skate board down the West side of the street from out of the NW and towards my location in the SW. Effects from the Holy Spirit which first entered my shins in my 1976 Pentecostal experience manifests from the standpoint of the feminine principle as enlightenment flowing out of the star born in the hole in the heart chakra; something which will manifest in the NW. Comment: I recall that the Silver Surfer rides a surf board. It comes to destroy the Earth (read: human ego adaptation; their worldview).

Once again, the sensation of warmth in the masculine side of my heart chakra is quite noticeable as if a flow is about to begin.

My maternal grandmother stands on a dark cement patio looking at me. I say to her, “Just think, in 10 years I will be 87 and you will be 92.” Comment: I later realized she could not be 92 in 10 years since she died in 1977 at age 77. Since she was born in 1900 she would have been 127 in 2027.

Fri. 14 July 2017

In the darkness, I see a highlighted stainless steel dinner fork lying on a black surface in the center of the view.


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Post Re: The Four Horse Heart Throb Apocalypse
Gregory Sova wrote:
Strange, but all of his body is not clearly seen in the view. It looks like an invisible plane surface at a 45-degree angle passes through his torso starting from above his right side. The left side from the chest area down is “hidden” in the view (covered by a bubbly plane surface sloping downwards. Comment It is as if a light cone cuts through this body. The idea seems to be that the left side of the heart (the Avatar maker side) does not reside in Spacetime, it is outside our universe. It is a part of the “Point A - everywhere, always” that Remo like to mention in his writings.
cone.PNG [ 103.5 KiB | Viewed 4527 times ]

I do not know if it's interesting, but a few days ago I saw these pictures (about the mother of Saint Eloi, who is announced the birth of her son)
eloi.PNG [ 165.41 KiB | Viewed 4527 times ]
(Cathédrale de Rodez)

Gregory Sova wrote:
My maternal grandmother stands on a dark cement patio looking at me. I say to her, “Just think, in 10 years I will be 87 and you will be 92.” Comment: I later realized she could not be 92 in 10 years since she died in 1977 at age 77. Since she was born in 1900 she would have been 127 in 2027.

My maternal great grandmother was born in 1900 and died in 1999. Recently I dreamed that I was speaking with her about Star Wars (In her old age, she reminded me a little of Yoda)

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? ( Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw )

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Post The Milk Of Human Kindness Cometh
Sat. 15 July 2017

I see a man eating out of a large thick bubble glass (semi-transparent) bowl filled with material from oranges. He sits along the South side of this “bowl of individuation”; eating of the contents of the 2nd chakra is meant from the 6 o’clock “Doomsday” hour.

Sun. 16 July 2017

In the darkness, I am looking down at what appears to be a steaming surface in this black and white view. On it lies a crucifix having a circular clear glass center as if a monstrance that displays the Eucharist. Within the glass enclosure is a black circle having a large white circular center. A black & white Holy Communion host it seems indicating a union of matter and spirit.
Crucifix.jpg [ 16.88 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]

Now I see in the darkness a stream of turbulent water issuing from the end of a garden hose held by a man as I view him from his SW area. He is moving the nozzle side-to-side; causing the stream of water to have a wave shape as it extends out into the distance in front of him and onto a large, dark disk shape which is dimly seen and is inclined at a slight angle towards the spray. A re-entry UFO shape being cooled off comes to mind.

I see a young couple standing by the West side of the dark tree trunk underneath the barren canopy of the tree. Her back is to me and she wears black clothes as does the young man. She has long blond hair that extends to the heart chakra area of her body. They are laughing and having a good time.

In the darkness I see a young naked couple about to make love. He sits on a sofa couch and she straddles his lap.

A young woman walks across the front of my view from my right to the left. She wears dark clothes and has the index finger pointing to something in the SW that is not in my view in the darkness.

In the darkness, I see a large rectangular wood table which has a large clear glass enclosed rectangular display case as if an Egyptian sarcophagus. A white woman’s decapitated head stands on its neck in the SE area. The head is titled backwards at a 45-degree angle and appears to be looking up into the SE corner. A dark metal piece of jewelry having evenly spaced embedded red gems forms a head necklace that surrounds her head starting at the front hairline on her forehead. Her black eyes are open. Another “Medusa” image it seems.

In a “light sky blue” color (the color of the sky at noon – a caelum connection; a Doomsday hour connection) above in a daylight view I see a large gray rat moving from my right to my left. A cyan colored short line (Planck Length seems meant) is in the fur on its back above the heart chakra area. Comment: Rats are chthonic animals which live in dark places and thus are connected to the Eros Self. They are prolific breeders of new births. It’s like saying Gregory entering the Eros ego altered state of consciousness has him in his “rat mode”. Further, the Avatar colors appear in the light cone on the backside of the “Chakra Man” in the following image. It’s an effect from the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio entering Spacetime which is added to one’s existing unio mentalis.
Rat Mode.jpg
Rat Mode.jpg [ 40.52 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]


I see a young lad with three gray rats all in a row. The middle one is about twice the size of the other two which were of the same size. They are in our home and so I put them in the basement and feed and water them until I can figure out what to do with them. On the 2nd day I forgot about them and when I checked on them the next day I fed and watered them. The big rat seemed unhappy about the treatment and suddenly bit through my clothes on my left arm opposite the bicep. My wife did not want them in the house and I see that she is with her small white dog that has a pronounced “goatee” and looked like a Norwich Terrier breed.

End of Dream

Comment: “Three rats in a row” suggest they are a comment on the nature of the three lower chakras in the feminine principle. The larger rat in the middle would represent the 2nd chakra and indicate its greater importance and seems it is connected to the rat in the previous vision. The Norwich Terrier (a rat eater) is an impassioned explorer and hunter. It is invariably geared up for challenges and impatient to chase small animals; digging up mice and rats to eat. I guess the latter aspect of the breed is why my wife did not want the rats in the house. The image of my wife in the dream I understand to be a representation of the World Soul who is the Holy Spirit (a union of matter and spirit). In real life the breed does not have a goatee. A young man with a goatee was seen in The Journey That Changes Minds – June 2016.
Norwich-terrier-white.jpg [ 8.12 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]

The goatee dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, where the god Pan was traditionally depicted with one. When Christianity became the dominant religion and began coopting imagery from pagan myth, Satan was given the likeness of Pan, leading to Satan traditionally being depicted with a goatee in medieval and renaissance art.

Mon. 17 July 2017


I see Keanu Reeves and am talking with him about the movie he made called The Verdict (none of the 68 he has done in reality). It has to do with him and another man that are slowly evolving their consciousness. Keanu shows me an opened book and has me read, “The one cannot proceed further than the other. Inner and outer must be done together.” (Keanu’s individuation process is in the outer while the other man pursues the inner way seemed meant.)

My oldest brother is here and he says, “I didn’t like the movie The Verdict. I’m not into this stuff.” (His extraverted sensation does not lend itself to introverted sensation and pursuing the inner way. At times, he lived a very promiscuous life.)

Keanu takes off his suit coat and in his white dress shirt lays down on the ground and I lay next to him. As I do so a putrefaction smell is noticed as well as some smelly used clothes which I throw away (a change of clothes indicates a change in attitude; more receptive to another way of being). He has several worn, small pocket-sized books, each of a different color. He also has several all caps four letter “words” that apparently the books will help him decipher as if an alpha-numeric code use is meant. The words were symbolically connected to the titles of the movies he has made.

End of Dream

Comment: The pocket sized books reminded me of the size of the red one in the 1999 dream which contained Edinger’s Apocalypse Archetype lectures. Further, they remind me of the one given to me for my first communion which contained the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. This dream seems to comment on my individuation process. First, I do the “inner work” of observing images, etc. from the unus mundus and then I publish them using titles (a connection to being movie titles is meant) along with some reflections as an “outer work” on the unus mundus forum. “Saving the world” is the theme.

A recurring character arc in many roles Keanu has portrayed is one of saving the world, as can be seen in the characters of Ted Logan, Buddha, Neo (The Matrix), Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine, and Klaatu (The Day The Earth Stood Still).

I hear, “Hey Greg! Do you mind taking off the tan coat so that we can wash it down with a hose?” Comment: A tan coat is a reference to “tanning my too white collective hide”. It seems some negative collective dirt (thinking) has contaminated my coat and it needs to be washed off. “Saving the world” seems to be the issue, which reminds me of Her repeating refrain, “You will see that I am right. You are the Savior of the World.”

Tues. 18 July 2017


I am sitting inside a dark, low ceiling, square bare wood shaped structure whose walls are lined with a continuous bench seat. I see a black man on the opposite side at the Doomsday hour while I sit at the 6 o’clock hour. I learn that his father has just died. He brings over to me a teaspoon sized serving of an apple spiced mixture with brown (tan) sugar on top and would like me to taste it. He placed it on the wood bench seat by my right side from the tip of his right index finger. Given the “dirty” way in which it was served I was reluctant to taste it.

Then his father’s body (a skeleton) is placed in the center of the room with feet to noon and the head to 6 o’clock. The skeleton lies on a large rectangular piece of opaque green plastic which immediately reminds me of the size of the burial shroud used to bury the Logos Christ. For some reason, I arrange the plastic “sheet” such that it warps the body as if for burial. Just the head remains uncovered.

End of Dream

Comment: The emphasis in the wrapping of the body is on the unio corporalis stage of the coniunctio since the head is left out.


Two men are near death. They seem to know each other. The wives are present. One man is accepting of his death while the other is a billionaire and teacher who refuses to believe he will soon perish. I am asked by the family to intervene. I reluctantly do so.

On visiting the man reluctant to die in his room he inquires about the meaning of a word (I now forget but it began with a b). I realize I should have recognized the word for it was from my youth but my long term memory is failing. He has prepared a lecture he would like to share with me on my next visit. I go along with his agenda seeing how committed he is to living. Eventually we meet again and he is intent on doing his thing.

End of Dream


I see a large outdoor gathering with opera singing and games taking place. A man comes up to me all concerned because Trump is considering action against North Korea. I agree with the man’s concern because everything I have read says it would create a local disaster. The man remains very concerned and we seemed to be forming a friendship because of our take on this issue. He then tells me he is at this gathering to meet a woman friend who is an international diplomat.

End of Dream

Comment: In The Exploding Heart Scenario I dreamed of a young female diplomat who was not ready to have children with me regarding North Korea. But she did kiss me as if to enhance my subtle body, my breath-body. I assume that there is something about my consciousness that is not compatible with having children with her. Something in me that does not unite the opposites on this issue properly.

On a bright day (means I am mostly conscious about what comes next), I see a right profile view of a new red pickup truck with black trim and tires having a large slivery aluminum front loader attached to the front end. It is mostly filled with 100-gallon sized slivery aluminum milk cans. “The milk of human kindness” (care and compassion for others) comes to mind; an expression that comes from one of Shakespeare’s plays and suggests that “the ordeal of experiencing the Apocalypse” produces this milk. Comment: In alchemy one encounters Virgin milk. It is the pure white texture created by the albedo and which could transform based metals into silver. The truck colors are those of SW, the inferior function location and it is the source of Virgin’s milk is meant. In the 12th Century Virgin’s milk was seen as "processed blood", and the milk of the Virgin to some extent paralleled the role of the Blood of Christ – which is said to have the power to cleanse, purify, heal, guide, and protect one from all evil, harm, sickness, and bless and make one as Holy (whole) as we can be. The 100-gallon milk cans remind me of the 100-gallon wood wine “barrel-bombs” that came up recently in Wine From The First Days Of Creation.
Shakespeare.jpg [ 25.46 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]

Yet doe I feare thy Nature, It is too full o' th' Milke of humane kindnesse. Shakespeare's Macbeth, 1605

Wed. 19 July 2017

In the darkness of the NW I see a vertical old-style ink pen whose tip is outlined with a glowing cyan line. Comment: “The writing is on the wall” and it is coming from the Avatar maker.

I see the upper right side of a human head from its SE area. The short “butch” haircut is black and of a man. The skin does not show for the head is mostly covered in a white burlap fabric as if wrapped in a “shroud” – allowing only the hair on the top of the head to show. I see the right eyelash moving through an opening in the fabric so the person is alive. Comment: Sack cloth and ashes comes to mind as well as mummification which reminds me of Osiris wrapped in white cloth. It appears the dead body has been reanimated, reuniting the soul with the ‘inanimate’ body. In If I Had A Hammer – January 2017 I reported a dream of a man lying on the black earth and wrapped in a white cloth. The head area of the human began to glow green and the 3rd eye area is yellow as if a yellow eyeball is underneath. The face dimly seen through the cloth on this human looked like that of a man and reminds me of the face seen on the Shroud of Turin. The head moved to the right a bit as if this man was coming back to life.
Shroud of Eros Christ.jpg
Shroud of Eros Christ.jpg [ 29.86 KiB | Viewed 4466 times ]


I am observing a hybrid boot camp training which helps prepare one to not only be a foot soldier but also one who can navigate water ways on white rafts. I see a young man who has long, wide noodle like hair made from cooked bacon that is undergoing this training. I like him and we have become friends.

End of Dream

Comment: Cooked bacon has Ra colors and has been connected to being “nuked” bacon as I like to cook it in a microwave oven. Psychophysical cooked pig (Great Mother/World-Soul connection) as new mana for the knowing of the head seems meant.

In a daylight scene, I see a man riding a Merry-Go-Round. I perceive that he is thinking about the bacon hair of the foot soldier who is also able to navigate waterways using a white raft (for crossing the river Jordan into the Promised Land it seems).

Thurs. 20 July 2017

In the darkness, I see a black and white side view of a toilet plunger whose handle points towards the NW in the NW of the view. I recall that a red toilet plunger having a yellowish wood handle appeared in FURY – April 2016 in this orientation. Such a plunger was seen in the darkness in the SE of the view in Effects From The Apocalypse of lovE – 20 May 2015. It was a side view of the end of a “Blood Moon” toilet bowl plunger that was facing towards the West. Its hollow “hemispherical” shape reminded me of the “bowl of individuation”, the hemispherical dimple in the top of the cyanide canisters used in the holocaust, and a skull cap all at the same time. Further, the Virgin Mary (The incarnated aspect of the World Soul, wearing blue and white garments = NW connection) was seen in a September 2007 vision going to the toilet on a potty chair as noted recently in Reconciling The ‘Hostile Brothers’ – January 2017. These increatum new births of consciousness have apparently plugged the toilet and are backed-up; needing a plunger to push them into Spacetime. Comment: The plunger shape as “skull cap” indicates were these new incarnations are to take up residence. Further, the red hemispherical shape of the plunger reminds me of the red ice cream shape on the “past light cone” seen in my previous post. Plunging that kind of renewed Ra consciousness into the “future light cone” seems meant. A lot of “backed-up” subtle body matter wants to be released (the shadow stuff from the Logos Christ eon aka the contents of the fornications of the Great Whore of Babylon). The “flow” of this consciousness has been connected to that coming from the dead body in the Lantern of the Telesphoros as noted next.
Plunger.jpg [ 40.87 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]

On a bright sunny day (means I am mostly consciously aware of what comes next), I see a man and woman next to a fire hydrant on the NW corner of an empty lot with mostly dead (yellowish-green) grass lawn in a rural neighborhood with no homes in sight. The left profile view of the slender man shows him standing facing west by the SE area of the hydrant and he wears a dark gray suit that immediately reminds me of how John Wick (as Keanu Reeves) dressed in the movie John Wick (about what it is like to be involved against a violent Russian Mafia; read, the chthonic Eros Self). The woman is seated on the ground by the NE area of the hydrant. I did not notice the colors she wore nor those of the fire hydrant but in Bleeding Announces That One Has the Power to Give Birth – April 2015 the following Eros Christ consciousness colored fire hydrant appeared and the flow of this divine water (matter-psyche) was connected to a flow from the dead body in the Lantern of the Telesphoros, which is located in the unus mundus. In the hours after this vision I continued reading Remo’s latest book Holy Wedding which I started on 17 July 2017 and soon came to the following quote.
Hose Soaker.jpg
Hose Soaker.jpg [ 51.6 KiB | Viewed 4471 times ]

(The unio corporalis stage is meant to) produce a physical equivalent of the substancia coelestis (GJS: that produced by the male spirit during the unio mentalis stage). Remo Roth, Holy Wedding, p. 80

In the darkness, I see the highlighted bust view of the naked backside of Keanu Reeves as if he just took a shower like shown in the movie. Washing clean his skin (= unio mentalis soul) of any contaminants from the collective worldview it seems.

In the darkness, I see a hand reaching into the view from the East side while holding a rectangular piece of white letter sized paper in the NW of my view. On the paper, I see several black prints and one pink one at the top or due North side of the paper. The large sizes suggest foot prints or palm prints it seems.

In the darkness, down below in the NW of the view I see a white cone shaped hat on a person’s head. It’s an inverted “ice cream cone” is meant; connecting the plunger shape to imparting a Ra skull cap effect.

I am standing inside a dark room looking over at a vertical rectangular window having the window drapes pulled back which shows the outside to be dark as well. Then I notice that the Venetian blinds are full open – giving the effect of seeing a fringe pattern on the window; an emphasis on the wave nature of light – as if this subtle body structure is connected to emanations from the World Soul.

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Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:24 pm
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